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Title: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 12 July, 2007, 04:02:04 pm
I have to post this here because sasori cant make me a spot.

I will be updating the story whenever i can and i apologize if i kill your character or your favorite character

Many years ago my brother,Mario became the king of Mushroom Kingdom and everything was peaceful.But three years later Mario was already becoming greedy and started to invade helpless countries and then he started a war with Hyrule and when that happened we knew what time it was........

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 12 July, 2007, 04:27:13 pm
Chapter 1-In Mario's Shoes

Luigi-This is getting out of hand,Mario!
Mario-I always knew you were weak...Wario dispose of Luigi!
Luigi-So your giving him the order to kill your own brother...so be it *gets in fighting stance*
Wario-hmmmmm *Gets in fighting stance*
*Link and a hylian army busts into the room*
Link-*draws sword* Mario, I have been ordered by the King of Hyrule to bring you to Hyrule.....dead.
Luigi-*sneaks out of the room and goes to bowsers castle*
Wario and Mario-*take out everyone except for Link*
Link-how are they that strong*....mario you win this round *retreats*

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 12 July, 2007, 04:35:55 pm
Chapter 1 pt 2-Scrubs is awesome!

*At bowser castle*
Luigi-Bowser...i know we aren't best friends but i need your help to.....kill Mario.
Bowser-Hehe,now your speaking my language
Jr-I wanna help too!
Bowser-Jr,go watch tv!
Jr-fine...*turns tv on and scrubs is on* Scrubs is awesome!
Bowser-Your not old enough to watch that!
Luigi-0_0 *what a controlling dad*
Bowser-sorry about that...well you wont be the only one trying to kill him everyone is,link,fox,samus there all making teams to kill him.
Luigi-Are you in?
Bowser-Sure...and so is Jr.
Jr-Hellz ya!
Bowser-what did you just say!
Liugi-This is going to be a long mission...

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 12 July, 2007, 05:04:00 pm
Ch.1 Pt.3-Bringin in the Hitman

Bowser-I know a guys that can help us out.
JR-Im sweepy.....
Bowser-His name is Kevin,he's a hitman of sorts
Luigi-Okay *calls kevin*
Luigi-We have to meet him in the lost woods
*gets in the helicopter and goes to the lost woods*
Kevin-How much are you going to offer??
Bowser-10,000 coins.
Kevin-Fine but the green guy needs a weapon *gives luigi a sword*
Kevin-Lets go
*in hyrule*
Link-Are we ready?
Ganon-Yes this is our hitman.
Danerd-So i have to kill a king...sounds like fun!
Midna-Oh god we got another idiot...

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Post by: k3v1ndud3 on 19 July, 2007, 07:31:21 pm

your too young to watch scrubs!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: k3v1ndud3 on 19 July, 2007, 07:31:44 pm
Damn i am cool already!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Mr_Mooooo on 24 July, 2007, 05:51:03 pm
"Oh god we got another idiot..."
Great line!!!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 14 August, 2007, 08:28:07 pm
Mario Vs Captain Falcon

Falcon-Goro,get in position....
*busts down the door to marios throne room*
Mario-Falcon...Waluigi kill them
Waluigi-*punches goro in the throught,then flips and kicks black shadow in the stomach*
Falcon-*falcon punches waluigi out of the room*
Mario-..*reveals a smash orb and uses his final smash to incenerate shadow and goro*
Falcon-what the f... *gets punched by mario*
Mario-*snaps and a gooey bomb appears and he throws it on falcons face then kicks  falcon out of the room*
*explosion from outside*
Mario-*gets back on throne* So it has started......wario gets on patrol and waluigi take the goombas and take out luigi.

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: k3v1ndud3 on 14 August, 2007, 08:37:38 pm

great story!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Judgment Angel Zero on 15 August, 2007, 01:55:57 pm
I think it's a good story. I love how corruptedly evil you made mario, it's also funny at a lot of parts.
The chapters and action scenes could be a little longer. ;_;

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Post by: Danerd on 15 August, 2007, 02:38:55 pm
Star Fox,Move Out!

Fox-Are you surewe dont need a hit man?
Falco-Im sure!
Wolf-Shut up and lets get moving
*spots movement*
Wolf-Its bowser!
*all three ambush bowser*
Wolf-you came alone to get mario,what a fool!
Bowser-no i didnt *whistles and jr and luigi appear*
Kevin-*draws sword* lets do this.
*luigi tackles fox*
*Kev fights wolf*
Wolf-*throws a paralysis bomb on Kev,jr,and bowser*
Luigi-*kicks falco in the face,upercuts him then throws a fire balll at him*
Falco-*punches at luigi but luigi grabs his arm and breaks it then elbows him in the face killing him*
Fox-Falco!!!!!!!!! *suddenly gets stabbed in the chest by waluigi*
Waluigi-Master sent me to kill you...goombas get wolf!
*genetically enhanced goombas jump on wolf and start devouring his flesh*
*paralysis bomb wares off*
Bowser-i so have to get some of those goombas...
Kevin-well....that sucks for wolf!
Luigi-*blasts the goombas*
Waluigi-*throws a tracker at luigi the burrows under his skin then teleports away*
*back at the castle*
Mario-Wario begin phase two!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: Danerd on 18 August, 2007, 11:03:45 am
Going retro!

Balloon Fighter-*over radio* eat seeker,im over the castle im going in,you and ice climbers make a distraction.
Eat seeker-okay
*g&w and balloon fighter land of the roof*
Wario-Not so fast! *grabs a dagger*
G&w-*charges with frying pan*
*wario cuts the frying pan in half and kicks G&W off of the castle*
Ballon Fighter.....*charges at wario*
*at the bottom floor*
Popo-I sense someone!
*waluigi appears and throws a bomb-omb at popos face killing him*
Eat seeker-Get out here
*anna runs to hyrule*
Waluigi-*throws a bomb-omb on eat seeker that will blow in one minute*
Eat seeker-Im taking you with me!
*cuts wluigi in half*
*bomb goes off and the building starts to collapse*
*back on roof*
Wario-*i have to get out of here*
B.fighter-*charges and gets stabbed in the chest by wario*
Mario-*charges out of his room* Get me out of here!
*wario and mario teleport to a new base*

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Post by: 5BASS on 18 August, 2007, 04:11:59 pm
not bad

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 01:18:00 pm
Ch 3.1
Team luigi gets a new recruit.........or not

*the team arrives at the ruins of marios castle*
Luigi-what happened....did someone finish the job?
Bowser-no.....his body isnt in the ruins.
*jr digs in the rocks*
Jr-holy........dad theres a hot lady in the rocks!
Kevin-Shes alive!
????-who are you guys?
Luigi-hey,your one of mario maids arent you!
????-Yes,your luigi right,my name is Bass!
Kevin-*kicks jr* thats not how you treat a lady!
Bass-I am also a trained fighter!
Kevin-*wow looks and skills*
Luigi-*she could be good help in the team*
Jr-*shes hot*
Bowser-*im hungry*
Luigi-We're after mario right now.
Bass-Him and wario teleported to his secondary base.
Luigi-could you take us there?
Bowser-*how did my son end up this way?*
*team heads towards kongo jungle*
*in the trees*
Dk-we have to kill these guys for master mario,but dont hurt bass!
Funky-*jumps down and charges at luigi*
Kevin-*i have to impress bass* *draws sword and stabs funky in the chest*
Diddy-my turn! *fire his and guns at jr*
Jr-*turns into shadow mario paints his face until he cant see then claws him to death*
Dk-no! *charges at luigi*
Luigi-*finds laser sword and cuts off dks head*
Luigi-that was easy!
*the team continues until they make it in mario new base*
Mario-well done bass
*doors lock*
Luigi-you betrayed us?
Bass-*teleports by mario* im sorry....
Wario-Time to die luigi!
Kevin-Man they story of my life,i end up falling for a girl and she ends up being evil!
Jr-Thats a weird story!
Bowser-*knocks down the door* you guys get out i'll take them down!
Luigi-you sure?
Bowser-yes hurry!
*the team runs*
Bowser-now where was I! *cracks knuckles*

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 04:11:08 pm
The ultimate sacrifice

Mario-Wario and Bass,kill bowser!
Bass-Yes master!
Wario-heheh my pleasure!
Bowser-*charges at wario*
Bass-*holds out blade*
Wario-*jumps behind bowser and kicks him onto basss' sword making it go into his chest*
Mario-Finally bowser is dead!
Bowser-not so fast *a smash ball appears in his hand and he activates it turning into giga bowser*
G.Bowser-*grabs mario*
Mario-*eats super mega mushroom from nsmb*
Mario-*punches bowser*
g bowser-ahhh *grabs wario and crushes him*
Bass-*climbs up giga bowser and slams a dagger into his head*
Bowser-*turns normal* uhhhhh jr....avenge me......*dies*
Bass-*grabs sword from his chest*
Mario-*turns normal* Great job Bass
*Kevin walks in the room*
Kevin-I cant just run *sees bowsers body* Bowser!*charges at bass*
Bass-im sorry kevin
Kevin-i am too
*they both stab each other in the chest*
*jr and luigi run in the room*
Mario-Theres only one guard left.....*snaps*
Judgment-Yes mario?
Mario-teleport me out of here!
*they teleport away*
Jr-Theres a way to bring kevin back to life....the golden mushroom
Luigi-what,why dont we use it on bowser...
Jr-its what daddy would have wanted!
Luigi-where is the mushroom at?
Jr-It is either in dreamland or Yoshi island
Luigi-Lets check out dream land......

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 04:18:56 pm

Back in Hyrule

Link-so mario killed your brother
Anna-*knods yes*
Link-We will take you with us to kill him!
Midna-Thats all we need another person for me to babysit!
Ganon-Its fine with me.
Danerd-Lets head out!

Ike-not so fast *charges and cuts anna in half*
Sigurd-nice on ike! *attacks midna*
Marth-*charges at link*
Protoguy-*charges at danerd*

Link-why are you here?
Marth-to kill you!
Link-*cuts off marths arm*
Link-*cuts off his head*

Sigurd-*slashing at midna and gets crushed by twili magic*
Danerd-*cuts protoguy in half*

Ike-oh no
Ganon-Oh yes*punches a hole through ike*
Link-Team lets head to mushroom kingdom!

*In dreamland*
Luigi-we finally made it!
Jr-its not here.....its a trap
Dedede-*appears with kirby and meta knight*
Meta knight-*attacks luigi*
Dedede-*attacks jr*
Adam-*appears and waits with kirby*
Luigi-*punches meta knight steals his sword and cuts dedede in half*
Jr-*slashes meta knight*
Meta knight-*gets killed by a combo at from luigi and bowser*
Kirby-*copies luigi*
jr-*blinds kirby opens up his mouth and luigi launches a fire ball into it killing him*
Adam-.........shoot i failed you master mario.....*luigi cuts him in half*
*team heads to yoshi island*

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 05:00:59 pm
Ch-4.2-The battle with judg!
*they arrive at yoshi island and everyone is dead and judg is in the crowed of bodys*
Luigi-*sees 911 and his teams bodies along with link and his teams*
Jr-look judg has the mushroom!
Judg-*crushes it*
Judg-this is not a suitable battle field
*teleports them to the final destination field*
Judg-now *angel wings appear* you die!
Luigi-Judg.......*draws laser sword and charges at judg*
Judg-*lets luigi stab him* Death is just the begining *Laughing* *dies*
*they teleport in marios throne room*
Mario-So the time has come!
Jr-but...i have to avenge papa!
jr-*runs to bowsers castle*
Luigi-this is your final battle mario!

Title: Re: Mario Must Die
Post by: 5BASS on 19 August, 2007, 05:06:16 pm
I think it's a good story. I love how corruptedly evil you made mario, it's also funny at a lot of parts.
The chapters and action scenes could be a little longer. ;_;
otherwise good

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 05:11:34 pm

The final chapter!

Luigi-*cracks knuckles*
Mario-*gets beam sword*
*so does luigi*
*they both charge at each other and slash until their swords dissapear*
*two smash balls appear and then they mix together to make one big one*
Luigi-So this is what decides our fate a ball!
Mario-*charges at luigi* i dont need that orb to defeat you!
Luigi-hmmm-*trips mario and pins him against the wall*
Mario-let me go *Kicks luigi off of him*
Luigi-*punches mario*
Mario-*kicks luigi*
Both-ahhhh thats it!
*they both run for the ultra-smash ball*
*they get to it at the same time*
Luigi-this is the end!
Mario-for you!
*they both activate their final smashes which are the same*
Mario-*gets caught on fire*
Luigi-*gets caught on fire*
*the castle starts to collapse*
Mario-so this is how it ends!
*while falling*
Luigi-im sorry it had to end like this!
Mario-goodbye....my brother
*they both reach the botom and die*

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Post by: Danerd on 19 August, 2007, 05:13:57 pm
10 years later

Toad-king Jr....there is someone here to see you!
Jr-send them in!
????-Hello again!
Jr-no......it cant be!

The end???

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Post by: k3v1ndud3 on 20 August, 2007, 05:28:53 pm
XD Excellent!