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Title: Rief's Story
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Note: This is a Clash of Smash based story, but I've deviated from the main premise enough that I think I can safely post it here. That and I want a bigger audience. :/ So without further ado, Rief's Story.

The Clash of Smash: Rief's Story
By Gaffit

Chapter 1
Rief stood on the tree branch, surveying the fortress that he was about to break into.

Let's see, basic defenses, a couple of relaxed guards on systematic patrols, windows unbarred, walls polished, and archer lookout points. Best of all, no moats. I hate moats. Rief said to himself.

Why didn't they just stick up a big sign that says ‘Free stuff. Come on in’”

Rief dropped from the tree branch and made his way out of the forest towards the castle wall, making sure he avoided the guards predictable patterns. When Rief got to the wall he looked up and spied a small balcony about 30 feet up.

“Perfect.” Rief told himself.

Rief took the bow from his back and made a quick search through his pouch until he found the grappling hook he was looking for. Rief attached the grappling hook to his bow and with pinpoint accuracy, he fired the hook onto the balcony’s rail. Rief placed the bow onto his back and made his way up the rope and onto the balcony. Rief managed to pull the rope up after him just as the guard turned the corner, a full 15 seconds earlier than he should have.

Rief made his way through the halls of the castle, searching for anything that might be of value. His name wasn’t really Rief of course, that was just a nickname he had given himself. The best thieves didn’t have names to be associated with, or at least, that’s what he believed, he hadn’t really met too many other thieves to be honest. And the ones he had met had been after his gear, not his conversational skills.

Having grown up on the street, he was used to having to steal to get what he wanted in life. He never knew who his parents were, they’d dropped him off at some nunnery when he was born. He had gotten out of there when he had enough smarts to know how to sneak.
Though he fended for himself most of the time, Rief was not above taking jobs. People wanted things, and they didn’t care how they got them. It also didn’t hurt his business that he was the only thief he knew of that wasn’t afraid of taking on jobs that involved magicians. This was one such job. Magicians were powerful yes, but through experience, Rief learned that they die pretty much the same as anyone else.
Rief knew that his current client wanted him to invade this magicians fortress and steal some statue that was supposed to endow the holder with the ability to breathe fire. Rief knew that the object must be somewhere in the center of the stronghold because that’s how magicians worked, they were beings of logic, and it was only logical to have your most prized possessions in the middle of your defenses. Rief enjoyed these missions because he was only assigned to take one or two objects, however, he was allowed to help himself to anything else that happened to catch his eye.
Rief himself stood at about six feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. His skin was tan almost brown form the years of living and sleeping outdoors. He wore a basic black tunic and a pair of brown pants that he’d stolen off a laundry line one day. He carried with him a bow and a quiver full of arrows, close to two dozen knives, and a pouch filled with things miscellaneous objects that he could use and for things he would take. Rief always made sure he had enough room in his pouch to store the large number of objects he’d relieve from his targets.
Rief turned the corner and walked straight into a surprised looking guard.
“INTRU-“ was all the guard managed to get out before Rief had knocked him out with the hilt of on his daggers.
“Stupid!” Rief told himself “Focus on the mission. Especially when magicians are involved! You don’t have time to daydream.”
Rief waited to see if any of the other guards had heard the shout, but when no one came, he began looking around for some way to hide the unconscious guard. Rief looked out the window and saw nothing of use.
“Damn. I wish they had a moat I could hide this thing in...”
Rief dragged the body into a nearby room and drew out one of his lock-picks to lock the door shut.
Making his way deeper into the fortress, Rief began hiding from more and more guards as he went behind curtains, pedestals, suits of armor, or whatever he could find. He couldn’t simply disguise himself as a servant because magicians didn’t have servants, they cleaned everything with magic, which made Rief’s job that much harder.
When Rief reached what he presumed to be roughly the center of the fortress, he unsheathed two of his finest daggers and made his way through the halls more carefully. Because a magician’s finest treasures are usually located in the center of their fortress, that usually means that so is the magician. Rief turned the final corner and came face to face with a very large brass door that glowed with magical energy.
“Found it.” Rief congratulated himself.
Rief opened the large brass door which was surprisingly unlocked. In the center of the room on a large golden pedestal was a small statue of gargoyle hugging its knees, standing at about half a foot high. Other than that, the room was filled with the usual gold, jewelry, a suit of armor and other such magician things.
Rief walked up to the pedestal and took the statue, feeling the magic of it seep into him, as objects that grant powers usually do. Rief let the feeling go as he stuffed the statue that supposedly let you breath fire into his pouch and began surveying the room for other objects of interest.
“And what pray-tell, do you think you’re doing?” The voice behind Rief was harsh, cold, and most worrying, logical.
Doing an about-face, Rief looked straight into the eyes of the magician on the other side of the room.
The magician’s beard was relatively short, and he seemed to have a good physical build, Rief guessed that this magician wasn’t particularly powerful, probably only knew two or three offensive tricks, but Rief was sure that he knew enough magic to give him a hell of an advantage in a fight.
“Who me?” Rief said while slowly drawing his hand into his pouch, feeling the magic of the statue enter his veins once again. “Well, I’m here to marvel at your fine collection of- EAT FIRE BREATH!” Rief shoved the statue forward and breathed out of at the magician’s direction.
But nothing happened.
Rief stood there, dumbfounded, stupidly shoving a useless statue into the magicians face.
“Now if you’re quite done wasting my time, I’m a busy man, and I don’t have a lot time, so I’m going to just kill you quickly and be on my way.” The magician said apathetically.
Rief barely had time to duck and avoid the oncoming fireball that the magician shot at him. Rief jumped from the floor and ran to take cover behind the suit of armor, fireballs hailing overhead as he went. Once he reached temporary safety, Rief pulled out his bow and knocked a couple of arrows, using his impeccable aim to fire three at the magician at the same time. One missed, but two hit the magician, one in each leg. The magician hit the ground hard and howled in pain. Rief, not missing out on an opportunity to avoid a fight, made for the door. The wizard charged a fireball in his palm and fired it off just as Rief shut the door behind him.
The brass door exploded behind Rief, sending him sprawling into the middle of the wide hall. It looked like the wizard had called for reinforcements, because Rief found himself surrounded by five guards who looked like they knew what they were doing.
“Damn” Rief had time to say before he had to roll away from one of the guards swords. Rief got to his feet and threw three knives into the guard that took a swing at him. The guard dropped to floor with a thump just as two more charged at Rief. Rief jumped over the two and drew two daggers from his sleeves, sending both of them into the guard’s backs. Rief hit the ground and counted two guards left, one in front of him and one behind him. Both of the guards swung at him at the same time, but he was already in the air. Rief stuck a dagger into the ceiling and held himself there with one hand while he rained knives onto the two remaining guards below with the other. After both guards weren’t moving, Rief pulled the dagger out of the ceiling and let himself drop to the floor, landing on two feet.
Rief knew it would only be matter of time before more guards were summoned, and he didn’t know if that magician knew how to heal himself. Spying a nearby window, Rief took his chances and threw himself against it. Rief broke through the glass and hit the ground with a thud. Getting up, Rief took a quick stock of himself and his equipment, Rief then bolted for the cover of the forest. Feeling a familiar heat on his back, he turned just in time to see the magician at the window hurling a very large fireball at him. On instinct, Rief shoved his hand into his pouch and felt the tickle of magic coursing into his veins. Rief breathed deeply and suddenly the fireball was sucked into Rief’s nostrils. Rief looked into his hand and saw the small gargoyle statue.
“Ha! Lets you breath fire. I get it!”
Rief ran into the cover of the forest as he heard the magician roaring angrily behind him. Rief laughed to himself the whole way back to town.

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Ah, so this is why everyone hates posting user storys.

Nobody cares...

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I'll read it... eventually...

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You don't have to lie to me TBizzle. It's okay, I'm a big boy. I can take it.


Oh God! *Sobs uncontrollably*

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You don't have to lie to me TBizzle. It's okay, I'm a big boy. I can take it.


Oh God! *Sobs uncontrollably*

no ones gonna read it cause u posted too much at one time....its intimidating to people who feel that reading is too hard....u should delete 2 of the inserts and wait for peoples responses.....basic psychology can take u a far way Gaffit....

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You don't have to lie to me TBizzle. It's okay, I'm a big boy. I can take it.


Oh God! *Sobs uncontrollably*

no ones gonna read it cause u posted too much at one time....its intimidating to people who feel that reading is too hard....u should delete 2 of the inserts and wait for peoples responses.....basic psychology can take u a far way Gaffit....

That's what she said! Hi-oh!

But I'll prolly do that...

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Chapter 2:

Rief enter elaborate gates into the city of Gemini. Gemini City was an unusual place because the river that ran down the center of it gave the city life, but it was also the city’s downfall. The entire city was surrounded by towering walls which kept conflict both out and in. The city had two sides, a poor side on one side of the river and a rich side on the other. The two were in a constant state of flux over the course of the city’s history. Inevitably, the citizens in the poor side would become unruly and rebel against those in the rich half, a revolution would take place, a few heads would roll and the poor side would now be the rich side. Then the whole process would take place again a few years later.

Today Rief was visiting the poor side, where business was good and the guards were scarce.

Rief passed by the bakery he and his associate always discussed deals at and ordered a slice of sweet bread from a pretty waitress, paying in advance in case he had to make a quick get-away. Rief looked amongst the crowds until at last he spotted the friendly face of his business partner Jack Hawker. Jack was a big man with a hoarse voice and not a lot of muscle to him. He was basically the brains to Rief’s muscle, minus most of the brain. Rief stood for a friendly handshake before Hawker gave him a bear hug.

“Rief! Good to see you made it out alive!” Hawker lowered his hoarse voice as much as he could, “I hope you didn’t step on too many toes yeah? Bad for business.”

Jack let go of Rief, allowing him to slump against his chair while Jack took his own. Rief made a point of checking his pockets for signs of Jack’s loose hands before responding.

“Well, I lost some of my best knives taking out of group of guards, and I lost three good arrows to the kneecaps of the target, overall the mission was a success.”

Rief dug into his pouch and pulled out the small statue of a gargoyle hugging it’s knees.

“Excellent news!” Jack snatched the gargoyle from Rief’s hands with surprising grace and examined it closely. “So, you made sure to finish off the magician yeah? I’d hate to have a pissed off magician after me. There are only two ways to deal with magicians. The first is to make him unconscious, the second is to make him dead!” Jack laughed hoarsely at his own joke before quieting down.

“Nope, this one was a healer, I made it a point to get out of there as fast as I could. Don’t worry though, he didn’t follow me into the forest, I’m sure of it.” Rief assured him.

“Ah well, nothing we can do about that yeah?” Jack examined the statue more closely, feeling the magic in his veins to make sure the statue was legit. “You didn’t happen to grab anything else you’d like to show me did you?”

“I think you already know the answer to that after that bear hug maneuver you pulled on me.” Rief replied as a mischievous grin came on Jack’s face. “I had just grabbed the statue when the target confronted me, I didn’t really have time to take my pickings.”

“Aw, that’s a shame yeah? Well at least we have got the statue.” Jack tossed the statue back at Rief who stuffed it back in his pouch. “By the way, I almost forgot. I have another job lined up for you. A client recently discovered that a family heirloom he’s been looking for is in the possession of a powerful magician. He’s asked for help from the only thief brave enough to steal from one.”

Rief stared across the table at Hawker. Jack would only use flattery if he knew the mission would be dangerous.

“What’s the job Jack?” Rief asked bluntly.

“The client wants you to steal a magical artifact from Thaum Cigruta. The same client that’s paying us so handsomely for the statue.”

“No.” Rief said flatly. “You can’t honestly expect me to possibly be able to steal from Cigruta, he’s the best magician there is if the rumors are true. I’d be a dead man to take this job.”

“Rief.” Jack said, staring Rief down,” He’s offering you and I both enough money to retire and live luxuriously for the rest of our lives. Besides, rumors are just rumors yeah?”

Rief sighed. “What’s the job?”

A large grin came upon Jack’s face. “The client wants you to infiltrate Thaum Cigruta’s fortress and steal a shield that apparently grants the wielder flight or something. He said you should take the statue with you.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” Rief said irately pushing himself away from the table.

“I knew you’d come through for me! I know my partner yeah? When should I tell our client to expect delivery?”

“I’ll make the run tomorrow”, Rief replied. “I need to pick up some new daggers and arrows first.”

“You’re a good man Rief, take care of yourself yeah?”

“That’s gonna be difficult.”

The waitress came back with sweet bread to an empty table and a tip for her trouble.

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Chapter 3:

Rief made a quick check of his equipment before leaving his hideout that he always stayed in after he had pulled a job. Rief exited the alley and looked over the knives and arrows he’d stolen the night before from a couple of vendors. They were of average quality, Rief made it a point not to relieve merchants of their best wares. But he considered anything else fair game.

Rief made his way past the massive gates that marked the entrance to the city of Gemini, checking the map Hawker had provided him with and heading in the general direction of where Hawker though Thaum Cigruta’s fortress was.

“I can’t believe I’m taking on this mission. What the hell was I thinking? Since when do I listen to Hawker when it comes to doing my job anyway?” Rief looked back into the woods from which he came, unable to make out the buzz of Gemini City in the distance. “A little late to turn back now,” Rief lied to himself.

Rief reached the fortress at about mid-day. Surprisingly enough, Hawker’s map was spot-on. Usually half the mission was spent looking for the right place when it came to missions that involved magicians.

Climbing a nearby oak tree, Rief scouted the place, looking for anything that he should keep an eye out for.

“Hmm... No guards, no moat,” Rief sniffed the air, “No smelly guard dogs, not even a pet dragon...”

Rief consulted his map, making sure he was at the right hidden fortress, they were a dime a dozen in his day and age. Rief checked and double-checked, but the intel looked clean.

“This guy must be really full of himself to have no security whatsoever...” Rief watched the fortress for a couple more hours before concluding that there was in actuality, no guards to be found.

“Looks like this is as good a time as any.”

Rief lowered himself from the tree and in one quick sprint made it to the castle walls in the blink of an eye. Rief looked at the fortress walls and didn’t see any balconies, or any windows for that matter, in fact the entire fortress wall was smooth and seamless.

“There’s no way in except the front door? How the hell am I supposed to sneak into that? Who does this magician think he is making me work to steal from him!” Rief swore to himself.

Rief made a quick lap around the fortress, seeing not a stone or indent to climb onto. Eventually Rief reached the front door.

“Looks like we’re doing this the fun way.” Rief took the bow off his back and knocked an arrow.

The huge wooden door went flying inward from Rief’s powerful kick. Rief went in a few seconds later pointing his bow in all possible direction before deciding that no one was there. Rief relaxed his guard and looked around. The inside was a perfect as the outside with bright white walls and balls of pure white light floating over head.

Rief made his way down the hall to his left, hoping it would lead him to the center of the fortress. Eventually Rief put his bow away and unsheathed a couple of daggers as it was clear that he simply wasn’t going to run into any guards.

Rief made his way past the countless doors on both sides of the corridor, trying to get a feel for where the center would be. After a half hour of walking through countless corridors and endless flights of stairs, Rief felt he was getting close.

Walking down a hallway he was sure was close enough to the center, he felt something cold run down his spine.


Rief half-turned when he was hit as if by a brick wall with a spell. Rief discovered, much to his unpleasant surprise, that he couldn’t move.

“Well, looks like I’m **** out of luck,” he thought to himself.

Rief heard footsteps coming down the corridor, but he couldn’t see that far behind him. The footsteps were sequenced, calculated. A figure entered Rief’s field of vision. A magician, obviously Thaum Cigruta himself, wearing a flowing blue robe and sporting a long black and graying beard. He looked frail, but Rief knew that he shouldn’t be deceived by his demeanor.

“So, you’re the great thief of magicians are you? What’s your name again? Rief?”

The magician entered full view and stood before Rief.

“I have to hand it to you kid, you must have a lot of courage to come in here and try to take what is mine, speaking of which.” Cigruta took a couple of steps towards Rief and dug into his pouch, pulling out the gargoyle statue and holding it before Rief, “I believe this also belongs to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Rief asked, surprised that he could use his voice. “I stole that just the other day from a different magician, who by the way, won’t be able to walk steadily for awhile, so I suggest you let me go before you get yourself into too much trouble.”

Suddenly Cigruta changed in appearance right before Rief’s eyes, becoming shorter and muscular, taking on the appearance of the magician from the other day.

“I believe I can walk just fine,” Cigruta said, changing back before a stunned Rief. Cigruta then pulled up his robe to reveal two small circular scars located directly below his kneecaps.

“It was you I encountered yesterday? That’s impossible.” Rief said in disbelief.

“You’ve been stirring up a lot of trouble in the magician community recently Rief, we don’t gather often but, you’ve been troublesome enough for us to decide that something should be done about you.” Thaum looked at Rief menacingly, “I contacted your friend Hawker anonymously and told him about a job. I must say, you put on a pleasant show the other day when you stole that statue, I was even surprised that you managed to get a couple of shots off on me. But when I was ultimately unable to capture you there, I decided to take another crack at it so to speak.”

Rief managed to wiggle his hand, it was a start, “So what? You’re going to kill me? What about Hawker?”

“Oh please, we both know that without you, Hawker will be nothing. A thief willing to take on magicians is quite rare, one only pops up every few hundred years. I think-“ was all Thaum managed to get out before a knife came whirling at his head.

Thaum ducked the blade thrown from Rief’s free hand having strained against the spell, but his concentration was broken and the spell he cast on Rief was destroyed. Thaum angrily hurled more stunning spells at Rief, but it was all in vain. Rief was ready for them this time. Dodging the blasts, Rief took his bow and knocked two arrows, sending them cleanly into Thaum’s kneecaps for the second time this week.

“GOD DAMNIT!” Cigruta howled as he thumped to the ground. He reached to pull the arrows out, and as soon as he healed himself and got to his feet, Rief was turning the corner at the far end of the hall, out of sight.

 “I love that shot,” Rief congratulated himself. Rief made his ways through the halls of the fortress, running at a full sprint. He knew magicians could use their magic to travel faster, but with his head start, Rief doubted it mattered.

Rief turned the corner into the entrance hall, but there was a strange blue field guarding the entrance across from the still shattered wooden door. Rief hurled himself against it, but he simply bounced off of it. Suddenly an alarm went off.

“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” Came a voice from nowhere. Suddenly two strange metal objects that looked like six metal poles strapped together dropped from the ceiling and aimed themselves at Rief. At this point, Thaum Cigruta turned the corner.

“What the hell is that!?” Rief shouted, pointing at the metal device.

“That my friend, is what we like to call a turret. And you should consider it an honor to be the first of this world to be targeted by one.”

The barrel on the turret started spinning faster and faster, when suddenly a bright light shot forth from it. And then Rief’s world went dark.

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Chapter 4

Rief woke up in a darkened room, he was heavily bandaged above the waist and was lying in a stuffy bed. Rief looked under the blankets to see that he was wearing bland white and grey clothes that were unfamiliar to him. He looked around the room to find his equipment was nowhere to be found.

“Ugh. If I ever get out of this, Jack is so dead.”

Rief tried to get out of the bed only to find that he wasn’t full healed quite yet. Making close friends with the floor, Rief looked around the dim room until he spotted the only door in the room opening. Rief quickly rolled under the bed as Thaum walked in.

“Get out from under there boy. The floor isn’t a good place to rest up and it certainly doesn’t help that I haven’t gotten around to sweeping under there in decades.” Thaum barked.

Rief rolled out from under the bed covered in a thick layer of dust. Getting up painfully, Rief hauled himself onto the bed in a sitting position, facing his captor.

“Well congratulations, despite the turret’s best effort, you’re still alive, and it took a lot of work on my part to keep you that way.” Thaum went on.

“Why didn’t you let me die?” Rief asked.

“Because I never intended to kill you you idiot.” Thaum replied sharply.

“What about that whole ‘We’ve decided something should be done about you’ crap?”

“We wanted you out of the way, not dead. Besides, you’re not allowed to die yet, I still require your services.”

Rief stared at Cigruta blankly.

“As I said earlier, a thief willing to steal from magicians is very rare. Not a lot of mortals are willing to take on an opponent armed with the supernatural. Someone with your courage could be very useful if utilized properly.” Thaum went on.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Rief asked.

“I’m offering you a job Rief. If a lowly thief who can steal from a magician is worth fearing, just think of what a thief with the help of a magician can accomplish.”

Rief looked at Thaum calmly, “You can’t be serious. What could you possibly need my help with?”

“That is to be revealed at a later date. As for now, get some rest and recover from those bullet wounds of yours.”


“Yes, bullets, those are what you got hit with the other day, it’s a small miracle that you’re still alive by the way, I’d just like to reiterate that. Anyway, I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard of them, those turrets were a gift from a friend of mine. Now then, if that’s everything for now, rest up. Advanced training starts tomorrow.” Thaum mentally turned off the lights and exited through the door. Rief didn’t have to try the handle to know that it was locked.

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Chapter 5

Rief woke in the morning to a bright flash that filled his vision. Rubbing his eyes against the light, Rief squinted to see the form of Thaum Cigruta standing before him, holding a ball of light to light the room.

“Stand up boy, there’s work to be done! Follow me.”

Rief sat up on his bed and pushed himself off, chasing after Thaum’s diminishing form, his eyes still partially blinded from his wake up call.

Thaum led Rief through the countless halls of the fortress until they entered a door that led into a sprawling courtyard somewhere in the middle of the castle, which seemed to Rief to be somehow bigger than the castle itself. Rief spied a sturdy wooden box near the door.

“This is where we’ll start your training,” Thaum announced.

“Training for what exactly?”

“Another time Rief, another time. Now then...” The wooden box levitated over to Thaum’s side. Opening it, Thaum revealed Rief’s familiar old shoes that he’d had for ages. “I’ve taken the liberty of making some modifications to your footwear, I hope you don’t mind,”. Thaum chucked the shoes at Rief who swiftly caught them. As he caught them, Rief felt magic flood into his veins, pouring into him more powerfully than any trinket he’d ever stolen. Rief put the shoes on his feet and felt the sweet embrace of magic hugging his legs.

“What did you do to them?” Rief asked in wonder.

“Well, one of the charms I added let’s you do this,” Thaum pulled an object out from within his robe. It looked like a miniaturized turret. Without hesitation, Thaum aimed the object at Rief and pulled the trigger. A bright flash shot forth from the gun as Rief threw up his arms in a fetal defense. After a couple moments, Rief realized that nothing was happening.

Literally nothing.

The sound of the wind had stopped, the wildlife was silent. Rief looked up to see a small silver ball heading towards him at a snail’s pace. As soon as Rief stepped out of the objects path the tree directly behind him shattered in  a shower of splinters. The sounds of the world were restored.

“I got rid of your bullet problem.” Thaum stated, smiling broadly at his own handiwork.

“You did what?” Rief asked incredulously.
“Your shoes can now put your reflexes and speed into a hyper-state. Normally you have to activate the magic manually, but I theorized that your experience with magical objects would allow you to do it on instinct.” Thaum answered.

“And what would have happened to me if your theory was wrong?”

“Then my poor tree would be just fine right now.”

“Ignoring that, this is incredible!” Rief said while admiring his shoes, “Easily the most impressive charm work I’ve ever seen. And you did it in one day?”

“Well I did have to put in an all-nighter... I’d be careful with your shoes for now though, they put something of a strain on your muscles. Your body has never been put into a hyper-state before and it’s not fully used to it.”

Rief did feel a sudden wave of fatigue wash over him. “How long do the effects last?” Rief asked.

“For now, you shouldn’t use the hyper-state too frequently, but eventually your muscles will become used to it and you’ll be able to enter a hyper-state at any time with no ill-effects. Eventually, you won’t even need the shoes. Now then, onto the second lesson for today.”

Thaum mentally pushed the box next to Rief.

“Stand on the box Rief.”

Rief climbed onto the box. It was about two feet high, and looked like a generic wooden box.

“Now jump up and down.” Thaum demanded

“You’re joking.”

“I’ve never been more serious in my life. Jump up and down. Now.” Thaum demanded again.

Rief began jumping up and down. “How long do I have to do this for?” Rief asked.

“Give it a second.”

“Give what a second?” Rief asked, still jumping up and down.

“Alright, you can stop. Now then, look down.”

Rief looked down only to realize that Thaum had mentally pushed the box three feet to his left. Rief was standing on thin air.

“Should I be worried?” Rief asked, still floating two feet above the ground.

“If you want to. Not much reason to be though. I made another modification to your shoes. You can fly now.”


“Yes. Well, it’s more like hovering really...”

“At any time?”

“As long as you’re wearing the shoes, yes”

Rief hit the ground with a thump. “This is amazing!”

“Consider it an up front payment for the services you will be providing me. Rest assured that there is plenty more where that came from.”

“What more could I possibly need? With shoes that can let me run that fast and fly, I can’t imagine anything that can stop me”

“Trust me Rief. For what I’ll be needing done, you’re going to need more help than super-powered footwear for what lies ahead. Now then, I’ll leave you to your practices. Don’t try to escape though, you’ll just end up hitting an invisible wall about 200 feet up. We’ll continue with our next lesson tomorrow.”

Thaum opened the door leading back into the castle and took his leave.

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i forgot about this, gaffit...

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I've actually been thinking about getting back on this recently. I have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on, but once that's been cleared, I wouldn't mind continuing the story.

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An update for anyone who cares.

I'm working on this story and I want to finish it(Or at least get very far into it) before I start posting it. Otherwise I'm just gonna crap out half-way through.

I'm currently at Chapter 13, and the story is going to be a lot longer if it's completed.

Just FYI.

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post the other chapters!!!! i just started reading today and its an epic adventure. i'd love to read more! good story.

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Since I'm not gonna get a chance to continue this story for awhile due to other stuff, I'm going to put up what I've finished. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 6

Rief continued practicing over the next couple days. He had no trouble staying in the air, and he could stay in hyper-state for up to 30 seconds without being overcome with exhaustion. After a week of training, Thaum walked into the courtyard carrying his familiar bow, quiver, pouch and a chest surrounded by a strange aura that Rief couldn’t quite describe.

“Good to see you’re honing your skills. I’m pleased to say that you’ve been surpassing all my expectations lately.” Thaum said. “Now then, I’ve got something special for you.”

Rief jumped from the air and landed on the top of a tree, hopping to the ground with ease. “What have you got for me this time? I’m starting to get nervous, the more you give me, the bigger I expect this job to be.”

“Don’t kid yourself boy, what I expect you to do will be no small task. Now then, today I’ll be returning your equipment,” Thaum said as he passed Rief his familiar gear.

“What did you do to it this time?” Rief asked.

“To that junk? Nothing. Couldn’t improve it.”

“You said you’d be returning my equipment, where are my knives?”

“Those things? I got rid of them! Did you realized you’ve been fighting with such sub-par cutlery? It’s a wonder you’re still alive. So instead, I had to make these for you.” Thaum said he passed the strange chest to Rief.

Rief opened the box to find that it held a pair of sheathed daggers that looked long enough to be short-swords. Rief took one out of the chest and admired the sheath. It was intricately carved and yet looked simple with such a balance between the two that it couldn’t be mistaken for anything less than a master’s work. Rief unsheathed the dagger to reveal a blade that waved back and forth as it worked it’s way from the hilt to the tip. The hilt of the blade was short, made to be held in one hand.

Rief studied the blade, it was about a foot long and Rief found that it balanced perfectly, despite it’s odd shape. He also couldn’t help but feel the tingle of magic enter his arms as he held it aloft.

“Where did you get these? They look brand new,” Rief said, examining the entirety of the work.

“They should. I made them myself. These last couple of days have been very productive for me. I’m not used to working with weaponry, as a magician, I’ve never had a use for it. This has been something of a learning experience for me.”

“Alright,” Rief said getting to the point, “So what do they do?”

“Allow me to show you,” Thaum said while taking the remaining dagger from the chest and unsheathing it. Thaum then produced the now-familiar shape of a gun and pointed it directly at the blade. A shot rang out as the bullet hit the blade and bounced off, leaving it unharmed.

“It didn’t break.” Rief noted.

“And if I made it right, it never will.” Thaum said as he passed the other blade to Rief.

Rief put his bow and quiver on his back and sheathed his new daggers to his hips, getting used to their weight.

“I think it’s about time you told me what this is all about,” Rief said, “What am I supposed to do for you? You’ve had me training for days and now you’ve given me enough firepower to take down any enemy I could possibly come across. What is it you expect of me?”

“You claim you can defeat any enemy? Do you honestly believe that?”

“With this equipment? Yeah, I’m pretty confident in myself to be able to take on pretty much anything you can throw at me.”

“Very well then.” Thaum said, “If you can defeat any opponent, you should have no trouble with these.” With this, Thaum took a white powder from his robes and threw it across the courtyard, the powder shaping itself into a circle containing an intricate design. Rief knew enough about magic to recognize it as a summoning circle. The white powder began slowly changing color between red and blue, changing color each time faster than before.

Finally the colors combined into a violent purple, when what sounded like a bolt of lightning struck the ground, and a white light filled Rief‘s vision, forcing him to throw his arms protectively in front of his head. Rief uncovered his eyes to see two massive figures standing before him, both twice as tall as he was, one glowed red, with the air around him radiating with heat, while the other was composed of solid blue, the frozen air falling around his body.

Before Rief could blink the red being darted forward and brought down his fist on top of Rief. Rief entered hyper-state and jumped out of the way of the creatures strike, just in time to see the blue creature charge towards him, bringing it’s knee into Rief’s stomach in mid-air, and sending Rief flying into the courtyard’s wall.

Rief landed on the ground harshly and looked at his tunic, seeing that the area where the creature hit had painfully frozen over. Rief looked up to see the two beings standing before him. Waiting for him to get up so they could continue the fight.

“Screw playing fair.” Rief said to himself as he entered hyper-state and notcheded an arrow, sending it into the red creature’s shoulder. Rief thought he had hit the creature as his hand went to his shoulder, but then he saw the blazing embers coming from it’s massive enclosed fist. The red being put his fist in front of itself and opened it to reveal the burnt remains of the arrow as an ominous smirk spread across the creature’s face. 

“****” Rief said as the red creature ran towards him. Rief tried to defend himself, but the massive being overpowered him and tackled him into the courtyard wall, creating a large dent in it. The being held Rief there, it’s enflamed form burning Rief all over. The creature then wrapped it’s arms around Rief and held him tight against it’s massive chest. The creature then turned around to face the blue creature, who had a devious grin spread across his face. The blue creature hit Rief four times before he lost consciousness.

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Chapter 7:

Rief awoke in the familiar bedding, with fresh bandages wrapped around his body. Rief checked his wounds only to see that they were for the most part healed. Rief looked around and was pleasantly surprised to see his equipment in the corner.

Rief briefly considered taking the equipment and running, but he assumed the turret system would still be operational. Plus a small part of him did feel like he should at least listen to Thaum’s request. The poor guy must be pretty desperate if such a powerful magician had to call on the assistance of a simple thief. An even smaller part of him was even starting to grow on the old man.

Gathering his equipment from the corner of the room, Rief set out to find Cigruta. Passing through the halls of the fortress, Rief decided to look for Thaum where they had first met. Entering the fortress’ treasure hoard, Rief found Thaum rummaging through the countless chests within the room.

“Good to see you’re awake,” Thaum said without looking up, “I see your wounds have healed nicely, which is a good thing to because it looks like I have a mission for you.”

“Really? I don’t have to fight any fire-demons this time do I?”

“Not that I know of. There’s always a chance of running into them though isn’t there?” Thaum said while still rummaging.

“So what’s the job?” Rief asked.

“About two hundred years ago, a noble stole a crystal from me. Obviously he didn’t realize the importance of it, but he stole it nonetheless. I’ve heard rumors the noble passed it on to his son when he died and that the crystal still remains with the family to this day.” Thaum half-smiled, “Apparently they see it as some sort of show of superiority. I should have gotten the crystal back long ago, but now it’ll serve as an excellent test for you.” Thaum finished rummaging through his chest and pulled out a large white staff that was several times longer than the chest that held it.

“Alright, so where am I heading?” Rief asked.

“We are heading to Gemini!” Thaum said with a grin covering his face.

“You’re coming with me?”

“Well of course. It only makes sense that your performance should be graded. Plus you might need my help. After that show against two measly Elementals, I don’t doubt that I would be a great help to you.”

Rief thought about that for a moment, “Fair enough. So whose the target?”

“The ‘target’ as you so affectionately call him is Mr. Sterling.”

“Mayor Starling!? We’re knocking over the leader of Gemini City?”

“Yes, and I hate to rush this, but we do need to be somewhat quick about this, we don’t have a lot of time and we really do need that crystal.”

“Alright,” Rief said, removing his bandages. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Good.” Said Thaum while thumbing his staff, “Because the room left five seconds ago.” Thaum walked over to the treasure room door and opened it, revealing the bustling sights and sounds of Gemini.

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Chapter 8:

Rief looked out the doorway of the treasure room into the bustling center of Gemini City’s noble district.

“A Displacement Spell?” Rief asked.

“Yes, I’m surprised you know about them. I long considered it a dead magic.” Thaum replied.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, after all I’ve been in the business of working with magicians for awhile. I’ve had Displacement Spells used on me before, but I’ve never seen someone displace and entire room before.”

Rief and Thaum exited the room and closed the door behind them, replacing the inside of the bakery Thaum used with it’s usual store. Apparently no one noticed that a bakery held mass wealth one minute and then bagels the next.

“What’s the plan?” Rief asked, “Normally I just pick a rooftop and jump into the manor, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to keep up. No offense intended.”

“Well we could storm our way into the mansion and cause a big mess, or we could simply walk right through the front door.”

“I’m not following you.”

“You forget who I am. My mere presence here is enough to gain us entry. I’ll simply inform the guard at the door of my name I’ll tell him I wish to see Mr. Sterling. After the guard finishes trembling I’m sure he’ll let me in.”

“You’re sure of yourself. But what about me?”

“You’re my servant of course. Once we enter the castle you’ll be excused to wait in the servant’s quarters. From there you’ll be free to search the castle for my crystal.”

“How will I know which crystal it is?” Rief asked as they strolled through the streets towards the manor.

“It will be filled with magical energy. I highly doubt you’ll be able to mistaken it.”

At this, Rief and Thaum reached the castle’s front gate. Thaum leaned to Rief and whispered “Put your weaponry away boy. I don’t think they’ll accept a servant who is so heavily armed.”

Rief quickly stuffed his daggers and quiver under his baggy shirt. Unstringing his bow, he hid the string in his pouch and in a quick motion, shoved the rest of the bow down his pant leg, giving Rief the appearance of a hunchback with a limp.

“Well, that’ll have to do.” Thaum said knocking on the mansion door. A young guard came to the door and slid open the peephole.

“What is your business with the mayor?” The guard asked.

“My name is Thaum Cigruta, master magician, this is my poor dilapidated servant. I seek an audience with Mr. Starling. I am very impatient and filled to the brim with explosive magic.”

Rief had to hand it to Thaum, he was right, the guard did tremble hard enough to have trouble with the door.

“If- if you w-will please wait here s-sir, I’ll go get Mr.- I uh mean, Mayor Starling, uh sir.” And with that, the guard stumbled out of sight.

“This will be easier than I thought.” Thaum said to himself.

After a couple minutes of waiting in the luxurious room, the guard returned much more composed and in control of himself than he was a couple of moments ago.

“Ehem,” The guard said as he superfluously cleared his throat, “Mayor Sterling will see you now Mr. Cigruta.”

“If you don’t mind, it’s been a long journey and my poor servant is rather tired. Would it be too much of a bother to let him to wait in your servant’s quarters?”

“Not at all, the servant’s quarters are down that hall there.” The guard pointed without ever taking his eyes off Thaum. “Now then, if you’ll come this way.” The guard led Thaum out of the room, leaving Rief by himself.

“As it should be,” Rief grunted.

Rief headed down the hall while replacing his daggers to his hips and his bow and quiver on his back. Rief jogged down the hall and turned the corner to face a large regimen of armored men guarding the corridor. They turned towards Rief with various looks of surprise, paying extra attention to Rief’s large amount of weaponry.

“Everything looks good down that way,” Rief said while patting the nearest guard on the back and moving through the group. “Keep up the good work now!” Rief saluted as he passed the confused guards and turned the corner.

“Man, I almost forgot how stupid regular guards were.” Rief thought to himself. Abruptly a shrill shout of “Get him!” came from around the corner behind him.

“Damn,” Rief cursed as he bolted down the corridor. Turning the corner, Rief notched four arrows onto his bow and did an about-face, sending the arrows into the first four guards that turned the corner. Rief unsheathed his daggers and planted one of the blades deep into a guards chest, the dagger cutting easily through his chain mail.

Rief used his other blade to deflect the attack sent at him by another guard before wrenching his first dagger free of the other guard and plunging it into his attacker.

Unexpectedly, time froze around Rief. Realizing his instincts must have put him a hyper-state, Rief turned around to see one of the guards that had been hit with an arrow trying to put his sword through him. Rief jumped into the air and hovered upside down on the ceiling before consciously deactivating his hyper-state.

The guards looked around in confusion. To them, Rief was there one second, then gone the next.

“Hey!” Rief shouted from above, “Up here!”

The guards looked up in surprise as Rief cut the chain holding up a nearby chandelier, sending it crashing down on the remaining guards.

Rief dropped to the ground and looked at the mess. “Thaum‘s gonna be pissed.” Rief told himself as he bolted through the halls of the citadel, searching the rooms with a glance when came to a large study with a massive hearth at one end of the room. Rief looked at above the fireplace to see a strange yellow gem glowing faintly. It looked normal and indistinct, Rief could feel a mass amount of magic coming from the room. “It makes sense really,” Rief thought, “If you steal something from the most powerful magician in all the lands, why not put it on your mantle?”

Rief jumped into the air and hovered up the crystal. Rief unsheathed his dagger and cut into the wall beside the crystal, prying it free just a regiment of guards, much larger than the previous one, barged into the room.

“And so the fun begins.” Rief muttered.

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Chapter 9:

Thaum was sitting in a luxurious conference room while staring across the table at Mayor Sterling who was trying very hard to fumble his way through small talk. Thaum was getting more than impatient with the mayor. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time left and he wished Rief would hurry up.

Mayor Sterling was just about to compliment Thaum on his robes and possibly talk about the weather when a crashing sound came from behind the door. With a sudden burst, the door split inward as several guards were thrown through the doorway and sent crashing into a table. Rief quickly hurled himself into the room landing behind the table with both blades drawn. Rief cautiously looked behind the table to see Thaum sitting next to a very dumbfounded looking Mayor.

“About time I found you! Do you have any idea big this place is?” Rief asked while catching his breath. “I’ve got the crystal thing, let’s go.” Rief said, tossing the crystal to Thaum who quickly pocketed it.

“Well Mr. Starling,” Thaum said to the still confused Mayor, “This has been a most profitable get-together, but I’m afraid that I must depart now,” Thaum said as he hit the Mayor over the head with his staff, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

“How are we getting out of here? Can you displace the room again?” Rief asked while watching the doorway for more guards.

Thaum concentrated for a minute before a tired expression came over his face, “I’m afraid I don’t have enough power left to displace this room. That last displacement took too much out of me,” Thaum finished, looking more haggard than usual.

“Then how are we supposed to get back?”

“The bakery! The residue from the last spell should still be there. I can use that to reverse the spell for us.” Thaum explained.

“Well between us and the bakery is a lot of guards.”

“We’ll deal with them. Let’s get moving. We don’t have a lot of time.” Thaum said as he moved out of the conference room and into the hallway. Rief followed him in close pursuit, entering the hallway in time to see Thaum engulfing a group of guards in a ring of flames. “Keep moving!” Thaum shouted over his shoulder.

Rief clutched his daggers and launched himself into the center of a group of guards and felled the group with a circular swipe of both blades. Thaum fired a stunning spell past Rief’s head and into a guard turning the corner, causing him to tumble mid-step.

A large batter of guards charged the two from behind as Thaum threw up a solid wall of red light across the corridor before them. The first couple of guards to hit the wall simply vanished from existence as the rest of the guards held back.

Rief turned the corner to where he remembered the entrance being and let loose a flurry of arrows from his bow, collapsing the guards that were stationed there. The two exited the castle as Thaum threw up a second red wall over the fortress’ entrance.

“Crimson Barrier. That should keep them back until it wears off.” Thaum mumbled.

Rief and Thaum were halfway back to the bakery when Thaum shuddered and collapsed to the ground. Rief picked the magician up and lugged him over his shoulders while bolting for the bakery entrance.

Bursting into the eatery to a group of surprised patrons, Rief gently set Thaum down on a nearby table.

“Thaum, I need you to cast the Displacement Spell,” Rief said as alarms began calling all over the city.

“I’m not sure that I have enough strength left,” Thaum muttered weakly. Rief looked over his shoulder through the window to the sight of what appeared to be a small army marching towards the diner.

“You seriously need to try harder!” Rief said hurriedly.

Thaum closed his eyes as a surge of energy ran through the room.

“Good man,” Rief said as he picked Thaum up from the table and headed for the door. Rief wrenched the door open to reveal the familiar walls of Thaum’s fortress beyond. Turning to the crowd of stunned civilians in the bakery, Rief announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you would be so kind as to forget our faces, we will leave you to your croissants,” Rief finished as bowed flashily and kicked the door shut.

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Chapter 10:

Rief carried Thaum into the courtyard of his fortress and leaned the weary magician against a nearby tree.

“Are you gonna be alright?” Rief asked.

“Now then, that depends entirely upon you Rief.”

“Does this mean you’re going to tell me what I’m supposed to be doing here now?”

Thaum let out a weary sigh before saying, “I’m old Rief. Much older than I let on. No matter how powerful I may be, it seems old age will conquer always,” Thaum took a minute to catch his ragged breath before continuing with, “Unfortunately old age happens upon magicians like myself rather suddenly. Probably as a punishment for our hundreds of years of youth. I’ve sensed my end coming only recently, and I’ve begun taking steps to prevent it. And this is where you come in Rief.”

“What can I possibly do about it?”

After a couple seconds of gathering his strength, Thaum replied, “There is a tournament. You must enter it and you must win. I would fight myself, but I’m afraid that my strength has already betrayed me. It is up to you now to take my place in the tournament and battle against foes unimaginable. Only then will you have the power to restore me.”

Rief thought for a moment before coming to a decision. “Alright, I guess I owe you, both for not killing me and for the gear. You can count me in.” Rief said firmly

A weak smiled crossed Thaum’s lips as he exclaimed, “Most excellent!”

“So when’s the tournament start?” Rief sighed.

“Not too far from now. A couple days at most. Of course our problem isn’t when, but where.” At this, Thaum retrieved the yellow crystal from his robe which was now shining brightly.

“So where’s the tournament then?”

Thaum opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a coughing fit. Finally Thaum composed himself enough to utter, “I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of strength left. This crystal is filled with very powerful magic which I can use to send you to a friend of mine. He’ll explain everything. Tell him Thaum Cigruta sent you, and that I want you to visit the other two before the tournament starts.”

“But what about you? I mean, will you be okay while I’m gone?”

“Once again, that depends on you now. But I should be able to survive long enough until the tournament is concluded,” Thaum said as he clutched the crystal close to him and began chanting to it.

“So where’s this ‘friend’ you’re sending me to?” Rief asked.

“In Sigma City.” Thaum replied between his chanting.

“Huh. Sigma City? I’m not sure I’ve heard of it. Is it-” Rief got out before the yellow crystal quickly expanded and enveloped him in the glowing yellow light.

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Chapter 11:

Rief traveled through the yellow tunnel of light, which stretched endlessly before him. Not really flying, but more floating comfortably. Rief had been pulled through the beam for what felt like half an hour before finally being spat out on solid ground. Rief landing sloppily, stumbling, missing and smashing the ground with his head.

Crawling to his feet through the disorientation, Rief stood up with extreme effort and attempted to vainly to get some semblance of bearings. It was night, and that was about all Rief was able to understand while looking at the site that stood before him. Massive, gleaming, metal buildings filled his view. Rief looked up to the obstructed sky to see metal vehicles ferrying passengers through the air. Taking it all in with a glance, Rief calmly took another.

“Alright,” Rief muttered to himself, “I obviously hit my head way harder than I though. I think the best option right now would be to find Thaum’s friend and get the hell out of here.”

Rief turned around to face what appeared to be the largest building in the city, towering over the ground at odd angles, the building appeared to be located at the edge of the city. A large sign made out of lights spelled out “Gamma Corp.” across the building’s face.

After coming to a decision based both on his thief training and the clear fact that he was certainly out of place, Rief concluded that the front door would not be the prime point of entry and settled for the roof instead.

Using his shoes, Rief hurtled himself into the air, flying high above the other buildings in the city beneath his feet before passing through a cloud and finally passing over top the Gamma Corp. building.

Rief let himself glide to the ground gently, but as son as he made contact with the roof, a ringing siren filled his ears as obnoxious red lights flashed through the building. A hole appeared on the roof next to Rief as a lift carrying several armed shining metal beings emerged from the complex. One of the being approached the confused Rief and said through a static buzz, “Please identify yourself.”

Rief looked the odd creature up and down in a second. The body was thin and the creature was too tall for a human to fit inside, Rief concluded that the being must have been entirely composed out of metal. Rief saw that the rifle it held was far more a advanced than what Thaum had used, which meant it was probably more deadly as well.

“Please identify yourself.” The metal man buzzed again after a moment.

“I guess you can call me Rief.”

An audible whir emanated from the being for a couple of seconds before it snapped back to attention and said, “That name is not in my memory stores. You are neither an employee or a guest. All intruders are to be apprehended on sight.”

The creature lunged for Rief with a mechanical quickness, but Rief was faster. Unsheathing his dagger, Rief slammed the blade into the machine’s head, causing sparks to fly as the blade went through. The other machines hesitated only a second as they took in this site before opening fire just as Rief activated his hyper-state. The rifles had fired a yellow glowing energy that was now slowly crawling towards him. Rief unsheathed his other dagger and struck the slow moving rounds, causing the energy bullets to fly back at the machines that fired them.

Deactivating his hyper state, the redirected ammunition tore through the metal guards, rendering them scrap metal. Stepping through the remains, Rief made for the lift. Unfamiliar with the controls, Rief cut a hole in the lift with surprising ease, using his dagger before jumping down into the shaft.

Rief stopped himself mid-fall and pried open a door leading into the facility, which appeared to be entirely devoid of life, both normal and metal.

“Those machines couldn’t have been the only people here,” Rief muttered to himself.

“Those machines couldn’t have been the only people here,” came his own voice from behind him.

Rief did an about face his put his dagger against the neck of what turned out to be himself. Before Rief stood another perfect copy of himself.

“What’s the matter?” The other Rief chided with a suddenly feminine voice, “Never look in a mirror before?” The other Rief threw a punch at Rief, when the arm suddenly multiplied itself, sending five punches into Rief at once. Rief was sent flying into a nearby wall with an incredible force. Looking up, Rief saw the copy of himself in front of him, now with 5 arms coming out on shoulder socket.

Rief activated his hyper-state and flew behind the other Rief, kicking him in the back hard enough to send hurtling through the wall he had hit a moment before.

“Son of a *****!” Came the female voice as the other Rief emerged from the hole, changing in appearance in front of Rief’s eyes into a young woman with pale green skin, flowing green hair, and covered with plant life for clothing, “That hurt!” She shouted at him.

“Who are you?” Rief asked threateningly.

“Whom am I? Who the hell are you? You’re the intruder here!” A barbed sword appeared in the green girl’s hands as she swiped at Rief, who could barely block the blow with his dagger.

“What’s up with the get up anyway? You trying to be some kind of modern day ninja or something stupid like that?’ The green woman taunted as she fired barbed thorns from her fingers. Rief dodged the thorns by launching himself to the ceiling and firing two arrows into the woman, causing her to scream in pain.

“What’s with my get up? You’re the one here that considers foliage to be normal wear. And what’s with your skin? It’s starting to make me nauseous,” Rief retorted as the woman tore the arrows out of her shoulders where they had landed and suddenly morphed into a tiger before Rief’s eyes. The tiger pounced on top of Rief as Rief brought a knife under it’s belly. The beast’s jaws were around Rief’s neck as his dagger was an inch away from piercing it’s heart. The two stood in stalemate.

Much to Rief’s shock, the tiger suddenly burst into a shower of leaves, which turned into ants as each one touched the ground. The swarm of ants moved to the other side of the room and piled on top of itself to take on the form of the green woman, brandishing her barbed sword and ready to attack. Rief launched himself to his feet and readied his daggers to defend himself, expecting anything.

A smile appeared on the green woman’s lips as her sword disappeared back into her arm. A hand came down hard on his shoulder as a friendly voice from behind his said, “Well, that was fun to watch, but would one of you please tell me what’s going on here?”

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Chapter 12:

Rief made a quick turn to slash whoever was behind him only to have his blade stopped mid-swing. The man before him looked to be in his twenties and was relatively average looking except for his glowing green eyes, whose iris appeared to be in constant flux. There was also the fact that he had caught the flat of Rief’s blade between his thumb and forefinger.

“You must be our guest,” The man said.

“Guest!? He’s an intruder! Did you even listen to your own alarm system?” The green girl shouted from behind Rief.

“Lotus,” The man said, addressing the green girls, “You don’t honestly think this man from around here do you?”

“Well, I guess now that I think about it, he is pretty weird.” The green woman replied, who Rief reasoned was called Lotus.

The man turned his attention back to Rief as he released his blade from his grip. “You might want to put those Kris away, they’re incredibly dangerous you know. You mind if I ask where you got them?”

“Kris huh? I didn’t know they had a name, I’m not familiar with the design.” Rief replied while sheathing his blade at his hip.

“They are quite unusual weapons, though you appear to be proficient with them nonetheless. But where did you get them?” The man asked again.

“No offense,” Rief said, becoming a bit annoyed at his ordeal, “But I don’t make a habit out of revealing my suppliers to strangers.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” The man said while clearing his throat,” My name’s Gaffit, I’m the owner and founder of Gamma Corporation, I’m also the current mayor of Sigma City, but that’s mostly just for fun. The green woman behind you is my assistant Lotus, and I believe you call yourself Rief.”

Rief was taken aback by Gaffit’s show of knowledge, “How do you know my name?”

“I gathered it from the data I salvaged from the robots you destroyed on the roof.”

“You took out the H-Kats?” Lotus shouted incredulously, “I gotta admit, I underestimated you.”

“Back on topic,” Gaffit interrupted, “Where did you get your weapons?”

“Why are you so interested?” Rief asked.

“Because the robots you diced were made out of titanium. The roof you just cut a hole in is six inches of purified adamantium, and the late robot’s blasters fire a special laser of my own design built to cut through just about anything. I’m pretty confident in saying that there isn’t a blade in our world capable of doing that, so you must have come from somewhere else.” Gaffit finished.

“Alright, you got me. I was sent here in search of friend of a friend of mine by the name of Thaum.” Rief replied.

“Thaum!?” Gaffit asked with a grin on his face, “Thaum Cigruta? I haven’t seen the man in… It must be about fifty years now! Where is he? Surely he wouldn’t have sent you here alone.”

“Huh,” Rief grunted, “Guess you’re my contact then. Look, Thaum’s dying of old age, he recruited me to fight for him in some kind of tournament where supposedly I can find the power to save him.”

“The Clash?” Gaffit whispered.

“Wait! This punk is gonna be fighting in the Clash? He won’t last five minutes in there. No offense of course,“ Lotus nodded at Rief, “Plus there‘s the fact that he has to be registered by now.”

“Not quite,” Gaffit stated, “If Thaum was with him, then he’d be an apprentice, and he’d have to be registered by now, but since Thaum isn’t, Rief can act as Thaum’s proxy and  simply take his place in the tournament. Those daggers should be proof enough that he‘s worked for Thaum.”

“It seems you people have more of a handle on this than I do then.” Rief replied sarcastically as the conversation veered beyond his comprehension.

“You mean Thaum didn’t tell you?” Gaffit asked.

“Thaum was too weak to explain anything when I left.”

“What the hell?” Lotus shouted, “The Clash stars in days and this idiot doesn’t even know anything about it. I’ve been working my ass off for years to get into this tournament and this guys gets a free ride to the from of the line?”

“Thaum never did pick an apprentice,” Gaffit mumbled, “Technically speaking, Reif’s entry is perfectly legal, albeit a bit unusual. Did Thaum say anything else to you?” Gaffit asked, snapping back to attention.

“Not really, before I left, he just said that you’d explain everything, and that I should tell you that I need to see the other two.”

“The other two? I don’t see why you would need to see them.” Gaffit muttered, “Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint an old friend. Why don’t you gets some sleep Rief? I have some preparations to make. I’ll explain everything tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” Rief replied, “I’ve had something of a long day, it’d be good to get some rest.”

“Lotus, could you show our guest to some spare quarters?” Gaffit asked as he left the room.

“Aye aye sir!” Lotus said in mock salute, “Yo, ninja boy, this way,” She called to Rief as she led him down a hallway. “So you’re Thaum’s proxy? I’ve heard of the guy. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him personally though. He quit the Clash long before I joined.”

“Thaum was in the Clash?” Rief asked, “I mean, I’ve seen him fight before, but he’s never come off as the competitive type.”

“Yeah, from what I’ve heard of him, I’ve gotten the impression that he’s pretty tough. Anyway, here are your quarters while you’re here.” Lotus said while gesturing to two dull nondescript gray doors, “If you need anything, there’s a comm on the wall there, if you need anything, just press it and a group of H-Kats will attend to your needs.”

“What? No kiss goodnight?” Rief asked with mocking indignity.

“You’re a smelly bag of monkey parts, I’m a photosynthesizing asexual reproducer, it simply wasn’t meant to be,” Lotus replied while returning the mock despair, “Goodnight!”

With that, Lotus sunk into the floor beneath her. Rief turned towards his door which opened automatically as he approached it. He eyed the bed with the utmost enthusiasm. Feeling a sense of fatigue rush over him, Rief was unconscious before he hit the sheets.

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Chapter 13:

Rief spent the next day touring the massive building that headquartered Gamma Corp. Gaffit leading the expedition and Lotus following the two from a distance.
“If this is a headquarters,” Rief asked, “Then where are all your workers? The only life I’ve seen around here are the robots, and I’m not quite sure they count.”

“I always give my employees the week off before the Clash. No one in Sigma City knows but Lotus and I. I’m not sure the people of Sigma City could handle the idea of it to be honest. Too much technological dependency to believe in the possibility of magic,”

“What exactly is the Clash anyway?” Rief asked, “I know it’s a tournament, but that’s about as far as my knowledge of it goes.”

Gaffit considered this for a moment before replying, “Alright, you’ve realized that your world isn’t the only one right?”

Rief looked around the high-tech room they were in dramatically, “Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good handle on that concept. There’s my world and then there’s this one right?”

“Yes, but there are far more worlds than that, we call them dimensions which are connected to one another by the Multiverse.”

“So how many dimensions are there?” Rief asked.

“Exact number is pending,” Lotus chirped in from behind, “There are some who say there are an unlimited number of dimensions, but Gaffit and myself think those people are full of bull.”

“And each dimension is exponentially different from the last,” Gaffit continued, “As you’ve noticed, your world in a medieval stage of development where magic is possible compared to our world which is a scientific utopia.”

“You haven’t answered my original question though,” Rief responded, “What is the Clash?”

“I was getting there,” Gaffit said, “I guess the best way to describe it is as a tournament between those dimensions. The tournament itself takes place in its own dimension.”

“Its own dimension? Isn’t that a little excessive just for a once a year tournament?”

“Normally I’d agree, but that’s the way it’s always been, well as far as we know anyway.”

“And how far do you know?” Rief asked.

Gaffit let out a sigh before responding, “Well the tournament is much older than any current participant. The same goes for the dimension it takes place in. The earliest records of the tournament are nearly impossible to find as well since all the old records were lost when the dimensions they were located in collapsed. Some theorize that the Clash may even be the first dimension.”

“Which I also think is a load of bull,” Lotus chimed.

“I think I’ve got it so far, but if there are so many dimensions, wouldn’t there be an infinite number of participants?”

“You’d think so, but the odds of sentience appearing in a dimension are exponentially small, about ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of all dimensions are just vast planes of nothingness. Then of course that sentience has to reach a stage of advancement where they’re capable of inter-dimensional travel. After all that, the average turnout every year is about two hundred or so participants.”

“Well that’s good for me,” Rief said while cracking his knuckles, “It means there’s not as much competition to take down.”

“Quality over quantity Ninja-boy,” Lotus interrupted, “Those that are capable of entering the competition are usually far more powerful than you can imagine.”

“That’s comforting,” Rief replied with more than a hint of sarcasm, “That reminds me Gaffit, the other night you said that you haven’t seen Thaum in fifty year, but you don’t look half that age.

“Very perceptive,” Gaffit replied, “That due to my ability.”

“What? Immortality?”

“Nothing so dramatic unfortunately, to make a long story exponentially shorter, about two hundred years ago I was fresh out of college, a young man who had made some bad decisions. After an experiment which involved linking neuropathways to a super-computer when awry, I found out I was capable of controlling machines with my mind.”

“But that doesn’t explain how you can live for two hundred years,” Rief stated.

“Well after I received this ability, I became something of an inventor. One of my inventions was a self-replicating nanobot powered by gamma radiation which could inhabit individual cells and keep them performing at their peak efficiency. As long as those nanobots inhabit my cells, I’ll never age along with a couple of other odd side-effects. A few years later I invented an inter-dimensional portal, discovered the Clash and the rest is history,” Gaffit finished.

“Alright, so what’s her story?” Rief asked as he pointed his thumb back at Lotus.

“Chemical accident,” Gaffit said simply.

“Accident!?” Lotus shouted.

“Excuse me for being blunt but that’s what it was,” Gaffit explained as he turned his attention to Rief, “It’s a long story listen, I hate to sound too harsh, but from what I’ve seen of you, I’m not positively confidant you’re capable of winning this tournament. Maybe in a few years when you’ve improved your fighting technique, but going up against supernatural odds in your first year and coming out ahead is very unlikely,”

“I’ll handle it,” Rief assured him, “I’m in this to win.”

“Gaffit stared at Rief in though for a couple of moments, analyzing him like an equation with his blazing green eyes before saying, “I’m wondering if you’d be willing to let me test you.”

Rief looked back at him suspiciously before replying, “What exactly do you have in mind?

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The next couple of chapters are handwritten. I'll type 'em up before posting them.

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I'm glad you noticed.

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Is Rief going to be fighting any of the clashers?

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Is Rief going to be fighting any of the clashers?

Most likely, or at least a cameo. I already have the plot outlined. Fleshing it out is the hard part. ;v_v

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*nods* Yeah, I know the feeling.

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*nods* Yeah, I know the feeling.

Oh well, this story is gonna get done some day. A couple more chapters in and I'll be halfway done. Then I can move on to my Dragoon story.

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I'm still waiting...

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Quote from: Videogamer
Missing data. Sending completion request.

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I have the next ten or so chapters in a notebook at home. If it's been unpacked during the move, I might be able to type it up in two weeks.

I'm actually surprised that people are still paying attention to this...

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>v> It *is* only clashers really at the moment.

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>v> It *is* only clashers really at the moment.

True that....


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Better than no audience at all.

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Better than no audience at all.
Also true.

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Better than no audience at all.


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Depends on what?

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Depends on what clashers.

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Depends on what clashers.
*pops in to ruin topic*

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Wow, after rereading these later, I made a bunch of stupid spelling mistakes the latest chapters.

I should fix them...

And post something new...


I'm a terrible person.

Seriousness: I do have chapters I swear to god, but there in my notebook somewhere in my house in a box. I won't be at my house til next weekend.

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Alright, news of the weird.

I went home this weekend and tore through the boxes in my house looking for that damn notebook with the next 6 chapters in it. After about an hour or so of searching, I opened my nightstand and there it was, the battered blue notebook that serves as my drafting process. I opened it up to gaze upon my work, and the pages were **** gone. Any page that used to have writing on it was missing, from Rief's Story to English assignments to the first couple rough outlines of Drake's Story. Both my parent's claimed to have never even seen the notebook before.

There are powerful forces at work here, comprised of those who don't want this tale completed.

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>v> No siblings? If not, your parents must  have taken them. Or you used them without realising? Sleeptore them out?

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No siblings who have visited since we've moved in. It's gonna be impossible to find those pages now, so I'm probably gonna have to start 'em over. I know what I wrote, it's just gonna be a pain to re-write it without a draft completed...

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*nods* Sorry to hear.