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Title: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
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This story takes place 3 months after the events of the Final Story.

EDIT: It IS canon. It's just seperate from the main storyline since, you know, it ended.

Ever since the end of the Alternate Earth crisis, Blue, along with Lilia and Jawo (still intent on having his duel) have taken jobs at a delivery service company in order to make enough cash to continue their travels.

We begin with the gang in the City of Kenta, one their way to make yet another delivery

Jawo: *carrying large boxes* Urgh, can somebody remind me why I'm always lugging the boxes?

Blue: Because, you're more physically built than Lilia and me. So stop your whining and let's go.

Jawo: Yeah, well I've had it!!!

*Jawo throws the boxes to the ground, shattering whatever was inside*

Lilia: Jawo! Pick up those boxes! What's wrong with you!?

Jawo: Uhm..yeah, sorry.

*Jawo picks up the boxes and the group continues through town. Later on, they arrive at the site of their delivery, the house of an old lady*

Blue: *knocks on door* Hello!? Anyone home!? We have some packages for you!!

*The lady opens the door*

Old Lady: Oh my, these must be the porcelain figurines that I ordered last week. Please, let me have them.

Jawo: Sure. Here you go, ma'am.

*Jawo hands the boxes to the lady*

Old Lady: Oh joy! I just have to look at them right now!

*The lady opens the boxes to find only the shattered remains of the figures*

Old Lady: Huh!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

*The lady collapses to the ground*

Lilia: Uhm...lady? Ma'am, are you alright? *poke* Aaah!!

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: She's...she's dead!!

Blue: Dead!? No way! Jawo, this is your fault!!

Jawo: Run now, blame later! Bye!

*Jawo takes off running*

Lilia: Blue, we can't just leave her here!

Blue: Oh yes we can! Come on!

*Blue grabs Lilia's arm and drags her with him. The group quickly flees the town*

Jawo: *panting* Shoo, that was close. You think anyone saw that?

Blue: I don't think so, but we've got bigger problems on our hands. Once Gene finds out that we botched another delivery, he'll have our heads.

Lilia: But..we can't get fired now! We still don't have enough money to leave.

Jawo: Aw, don't worry about it. Everything will be just fine, I guarantee it.

Blue: For our sake, I hope you're right. Anyway, let's head back.

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*The three leave Kenta City and returns to their place of work, Gene's Delivery Company. They tell Gene what came of their delivery, and as expected, he's none too happy about the results*

Gene: Okay, so let me get this straight. For some reason, the package containing the VERY fragile porcelain figurines drops, causing them to break. Yet knowing this, you still deliver it. And to an sickly old lady no less! I'm surprised she didn't just drop dead right there.

Jawo: *rubs head* Well, actually...she kinda did. Eheheh.

Gene: WHAT!?

Jawo: Ah! But it wasn't my fault!

Gene: Oh yeah? Then who's fault was it?

Blue: Yeah, Jawo. Who's?

Jawo: Shut up, Blue...

Lilia: (Think, Lilia...) Uhm..uhm...uhm....It was a big moose!

Gene: A...moose?

Lilia: Y-yeah! Suddenly out of nowhere, a big moose dashed out the woods, charged at Jawo and made him drop the package by accident! So you see, it really wasn't his fault.

Gene: You really expect me to believe that a moose, which don't even live in this region by the way, came out of the woods and attacked Jawo for no reason?

Lilia: Um..*looks around*...yes?

Gene: Fine. Have it your way. But it doesn't matter who's fault it is. Our company's policy is to ensure that packages are always successfully delivered in perfect condition, no matter the circumstances. By displaying just incompetency, you betray the policy, thus making the company look bad and eventually lose business. Do you understand?

Jawo: Yes, Gene...

Gene: Good. Now, I have another package for you to deliver.

Blue: Wait, does this mean we're not fired?

Gene: No, Blue. Not this time. But be warned, my patience is wearing thin. If you fail to make another successful delivery, I will have no choice but to let you all go. This company has no room for screw ups.

Lilia: Don't worry, Gene. We won't let you down!

Gene: Well I would hope not. Now then, about the package. I want you to take it to Aote City and deliver it to the book store. A new shipment of books just came in and they need them now. Luckily these won't shatter if Mr. Imaginary Moose of the woods makes Jawo drop them.

Lilia: *sweatdrop*

Gene: Aote City is just east of here, so get going. And I trust that there will be no untimely deaths this time.

Blue: You can count on us, Gene. Let's go, you two.

*Blue grabs the package and the group leaves the store*

Jawo: Alright, Blue. Hand it over.

Blue: Hand what over?

Jawo: Don't be daft. Give me the package.

Blue: Eh, I think I'll carry it this time.

Jawo: Are you trying to say you don't trust me?

Blue: All I'm saying is that I believe it would be safer with me holding onto it.

Jawo: So you ARE saying you don't trust me!

Blue: Well fine! That's exactly what I'm saying!

Jawo: I'll strangle you!

*Lilia steps between the two and stops the struggle*

Lilia: Stop it! What are you doing!?

Jawo: Well Blue started it.

Blue: Nuh uh!

Lilia: Who cares!? It's your bickering that caused us to mess up the last delivery, and I'm not going to let it happen again. Blue, carry the package and let's go.

Blue: Ha!

Jawo: *grumble*

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*Meanwhile, at the IL Guild, ILS has been enjoying his time off from bounty hunting, until he is suddenly called back by his boss, otherwise known as the Official*

ILS: Yo, Boss. You said you needed me for something?

Official: Yes. You see, I've done some thinking and decided, I'm going to put you back on the Blue case.

ILS: Really? Alright!!

Official: Hmm, you seem awfully excited to be going after him again.

ILS: Huh? Oh well, uhm...he's such a tough catch and all, I just think that it's great that I get another opportunity to prove myself. (Yeah, that works)

Official: Well at least you're enthusiastic.

ILS: Yeah, of course! Eh, if that's all, I'll just be heading out now.

Official: Wait just a minute! You haven't met your new team yet.

ILS: Wha--

Official: After that atrocious failure, you really didn't think I'd let you go alone again, did you? To ensure that you successfully apprehend Blue this time, I've assigned a team to work under you.

ILS: Aw, come on, Boss. I--

Official: No buts. Your team is outside aboard the Dragonship, now get moving.

ILS: *sigh* Yes sir. (Oh man..this can't be good)

*ILS heads outside of the Guild. There he finds the Dragonship (a large landcruiser vehicle) and aboard it are a group of younger, lesser experienced bounty hunters. One in particular, a young boy with short purple hair and glasses, departs and approaches him*

Boy: *adjusts glasses* Ah, you must be the Great ILS. My name's Collin. It's a pleasure to meet you sir.

ILS: Uhm...yeah! Nice to meet you two. Sooo...mind giving me a rundown here?

Collin: Oh yes. Of course! Erm...well let's see, I was assigned as your second in command. You know, kinda like your right hand man. Me and my other trainee friends on the ship are here to help with whatever you need. Just give us an order and we'll do it!

ILS: Hey dude, is something the matter? You're kinda really red in the face.

Collin: Ah, it's nothing. It's...it's just so overwhelming to be meeting a hunter of your stature. In all my days, I never thought I'd work under the great A ranked hunter ILS.

ILS: Yeah, I am great aren't I?

Collin: Oh oh, most definitely! But we've spent enough time gawking here. We need to go get that Blue! I mean, if that's okay with you sir.

ILS: Yeah, right...

Collin: Okay! I'm taking us to Aote City to start our search. You just sit back and relax until we get there, alright? This is gonna be so cool!

*Collin runs back to the Dragonship*

ILS: Geez, why do I have to be stuck babysitting the dork and noob friends? And while they're hanging around, I don't know how I'm going to avoid facing off with Blue and the others. This...could be a BIG problem.

*Collin comes back*

Collin: Did you say something sir?

ILS: Er, nope. Nothing at all! Come on, let's get out of here.

Collin: Right!

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*Blue, Lilia, and Jawo are venturing on the road to Aote City when they are confronted by three bandits*

Bandit1: Well look what we have here. Delivery chumps.

Bandit2: Let's say you hand over that box there.

Blue: There's nothing in here but a bunch of books. Unless you fancy some good literature, you're wasting your time.

Bandits3: Books? Grr, I don't believe you. Hand it over, that is if you don't wanna get hurt.

Blue: The obligatory bandit throwdown, huh? Jawo, hold the box. I'll handle them.

*Blue tosses the box to Jawo*

Jawo: Huh? Oh no you don't! You wanted you, you hold it! Urah!

*Jawo chucks the box at Blue's chest*

Blue: Wha-- Aaaah!!

*The force of the throw causes Blue to fall backwards*

Jawo: Leave this to me!

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword and runs towards the bandits*

Bandit1: You? What are you going to do?

Jawo: This! Eragh!!

*Jawo quickly draws his sword for its sheath and dashes right through the first bandit. He then sheathes his sword again*

Bandit1: Ha, are you blind? You didn't even touch me!

Jawo: Just a second.

Bandit1: What?

*At that moment, blood sprays from a devastating wound inflicted on the bandits abdomen*

Bandit1: Aaaarrggh!!! *thud*

Jawo: Who's next? You? Or maybe you? Heck, I'll take both of you at once!

Bandit2: You'd best not underestimate us, little man.

Bandit3: Or you'll find yourself on the recieving end of our axes! Let's get him!

*The two bandits charge Jawo at the same time*

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo, be careful!

Jawo: Don't worry about me, Lilia! I can take em!

*The second bandit approaches Jawo. He swipes with his axe, but Jawo avoids the attack by crouching under it. He then sweep kicks him, causing him to fall on his back. Jawo then finishes him off by plunging his sword into the bandits chest*

Bandit2: Aaaaaagggh!!

Bandit3: You'll pay for that!! Aah!

Lilia: Jawo, behind you!!

*Jawo outstretches his hand toward the bandit*

Jawo: Chaos...Control!!

*The bandit's movement is dramatically slowed*

Bandit3: W-what's happening to me!?

Jawo: Yah!!

*Jawo grips his sword with both hands and delivers an overhead slice clear across the bandit's body. Blood spews from his wound as he falls dead to the ground*

Jawo: *sheathes sword* Heh, that'll take care of them.

Lilia: Wow, Jawo. You're so cool!

Blue: Pfeh.

Lilia: What was that move you did? You know, the one that slowed down that bandit? That was amazing!

Jawo: Chaos Control. Using it, I can slow down the passage of time in a closed area, or warp instantaneously. It's a nifty trick, but I can't use it often.

Lilia: Awesome! Blue's magic can't do anything like that!

Blue: *steams* Oooooh....

*Blue storms off ahead of the others*

Lilia: Blue, where are you going!?

Blue: Aote City is just ahead. Hurry up or you'll be left behind.

Lilia: But...

Jawo: Don't fret over him, Lilia. He's just jealous because I'm cooler than him.

Lilia: That's not true! Blue, wait for me!

Jawo: Mmmmn. Blue...

*Lilia and Jawo follow after him*

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*The group arrives just outside the Aote City Gates. There they find the Dragonship already docked there*

Blue: Hey, would you look at that thing?

Lilia: It's huge! What could it be?

Jawo: Ah, it's a Dragonship.

Blue: Dragonship? Is it like an airship or something?

Jawo: Nah, it can't fly. It's used primarily for land travel.

Blue: Land travel, huh? I wonder who it belongs to.

Jawo: Beats me. But it's not really any of our business.

Blue: You're right. Let's get going.

*The group enters Aote City. Meanwhile, ILS and his crew have already occupied the city ahead of them*

Collin: What are you orders, sir?

ILS: Uhm...*scratches head* Okay...I want all of the grunts to split up and search the city for any traces of Blue. Report back to me if you find anything.

Collin: And what will we do, sir?

ILS: Collin, you're with me. Let's go.

Collin: Yes sir!

*The grunts set off in search of Blue, while ILS and Collin head off to the local pub to relax*

Collin: Uhm, ILS sir, why are we here? Shouldn't we be helping the others?

ILS: We should, but we're not. Not right now, anyway. You and me are going to chill out and relax.

Collin: Are you sure that's--

ILS: Come on! It'll be fine! Now let's get some drinks.

Collin: Erm, whatever you say, sir.

*Meanwhile, Blue and his friends have completed their delivery of the package without fail*

Blue: Alright, we pulled it off without a hitch this time.

Jawo: I think this calls for a celebration! A round of drinks on Blue!

Lilia: I second that motion!

Blue: Uhm, I don't think so. Besides, we need to get back. You know how Gene gets when we're late.

Lilia: Aw, don't be such a wet blanket, Blue. Surely we have enough time to get some drinks before we go.

Jawo: And maybe even a bite to eat. Let's go, Lilia.

Lilia: Yeah!

*Jawo and Lilia walk off, leaving Blue behind*

Blue: Ugh, wait! Oh man, you guys.

*Blue catches up to the two as they head into the same pub where ILS and Collin are. The group settles at a table, looking through the menu for something to eat*

Lilia: Hmm, what are you going to get, Jawo?

Jawo: I was thinking....a juicy steak with a side of roasted potatoes. And of course, I'll wash it all down with my favorite Sprite.

Lilia: That sounds great, Jawo. How about you, Blue?

Blue: Eh, just a glass of Lemonade for me.

Lilia: Nothing to eat?

Blue: Nah. I'm not very hungr--hmm?

Jawo: What's up, Blue?

Blue: Those two guys at the table across from us. One of them looks familiar...

Lilia: The table across from us....Oh! That looks like ILS! I wonder what he's doing here?

Jawo: ILS, who's he?

Blue: He's an old friend of ours. Come on, let's pass by and say a word to him.

*The group walks up to ILS and Collin's table and greets him*

Blue: Hey! ILS, it's been a while!

Lilia: Hi there, ILS!

ILS: *gasp* Blue, Lilia!!! Uhm...oh...

Blue: What brings you out here, huh?

Lilia: And who's your friend?

ILS: Oh gee. Guys, this really isn't a good ti--

Collin: *spits out drink* Ah! There he is, sir! It's Blue! We've found him!

*Collin blows a whistle, alerting the other members of the team. They quickly storm into the pub, and within seconds, Blue and the group are surrounded*

Collin: Give up, Blue! You're surrounded!

Jawo: Hey, what's going on here?

Blue: ILS, what gives?

ILS: *sigh* (Guess I have no choice) Drop your weapons and surrender, Blue. For your own good.

Lilia: ILS, what are you doing?

Blue: Now I see. You intend to capture me this time, don't you?

ILS: I'm afraid so.

Jawo: *grabs hilt* Well we're not going down without a fight.

Blue: Jawo, don't.

Jawo: What, why!? We can take these guys, easy pickings!

Blue: I know, but we can't fight in here. Innocents will get hurt. We'll just do as he says for now. Everybody, drop your weapons.

Lilia: Alright.

Jawo: Hmph, fine.

*Jawo and Lilia drop their weapons to the ground*

Collin: Yay! We've got em! What now, sir?

ILS: Restrain them and take em to the Dragonship. We're heading back to the Guild.

Collin: Yes sir!

*The grunts use sturdy rope to tie the group's arms together. They then begin to escort them out of the pub*

Blue: ILS, you betrayed us.

ILS: I'm sorry, Blue. I was only following orders.

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*After returning to the IL Guild with Blue and the others in tow, ILS takes them to a hunter to inform them of his success*

ILS: We're back.

Collin: And we've brought Blue!

Hunter: So you've finally done it, huh? But who are the other two?

ILS: His...accomplises. What should we do with them?

Hunter: Throw them all in the holding cell together. I'll inform the official and then he'll decide what to do with them.

ILS: Alright. Let's go, you.

*ILS escorts the three to a cell and locks them in. He then gives the key to a guard hunter and begins to make his way out*

Blue: ILS, wait!

ILS: What?

Blue: Why did you do this?

ILS: I already told you. I was only following orders. Nothing more, nothing less.

*ILS leaves the room*

Jawo: Damn him! I thought you said he was your friend!?

Lilia: He is.

Jawo: Then what the hell is his problem!?

Guard: Hey! Quiet down in there!

Jawo: Don't you tell me to quiet down!

Blue: Jawo, don't cause a scene.

Jawo: And why shouldn't I!? We make our first successful delivery in weeks, and then it all gets ruined because some **** decides he wants to betray his friends! How can you guys not be mad!?

Blue: Oh believe me, I want nothing more than to burn him to a crisp. But something inside of me is saying that he's still a friend.

Lilia: I feel the same way, Blue. I can't allow myself to believe that he'd just betray us without a good reason.

Jawo: Tsch, you two are so naive. I'm telling you now, if I ever get my hands on him, he's dead. It's as simple as that.

*The group hears footsteps approaching*

Blue: Someone's coming...

Hunter: Here they are, Official. ILS just returned with them not too long ago.

Official: Ah, I see. I knew sending him with a team would yield positive results. Now we've finally got Blue once and for all.

Hunter: But what of his friends, sir? Should we let them go?

Official: Hmm, well it's true that we only needed Blue. But perhaps we could profit from the other two as well. Run a check to see if there's anything worth turning them in for.

Hunter: Yes sir!

*The hunter runs off*

Official: Hahahaha! Blue, I've been waiting to get my hands on you.

Blue: Is that a fact?

Official: Yes. You are quite the important one, you are. Long and hard have we been searching for you.

*The hunter returns*

Hunter: Sir!

Official: What did your search tell you, hunter?

Hunter: The male, he's clean. There's nothing on him at all.

Official. Hmph fine. But what of the girl?

Hunter: Ah, the female. It says here that she's a member of a notorius pirate crew.

Lilia: Ah! Hey wait! T-that was a long time ago! I'm not with them anymore!

Official: Eh, no matter. We'll keep you anyway. I'm sure we can still acquire something from you. As for the other boy, let him out. He's free to go.

Guard: Yes.

*The guard hunter opens the cell and let's Jawo out*

Official: Give him back his belongings and send him on his way.

Hunter: Right away, sir.

Jawo: Well, good luck guys.

Blue: Hey, you're just going to leave us here?

Jawo: Well what do you want me to do? You go yourselves into this mess, you get yourselves out. I'm gone.

*Jawo leaves*

Lilia: Jawo! ...He left us...

Blue: ...

*The hunter gives Jawo his gear back*

Hunter: Here you are. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Jawo: Yeah, whatever.

*Jawo begins to leave the Guild, but instead of going out the door, he quickly ducks behind a pillar, unseen*

Jawo: *to himself* Now to rescue Blue and Lilia.

*Jawo crawls off through the hunter base, making sure to remain undetected*

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Blue: Great. First ILS betrays us, then Jawo abandons us. Could this day get any worse?

Lilia: I know it looks bad, Blue. But we'll pull through somehow.

Blue: Well somebody's gotta be optimistic I guess.

Lilia: Oh, I know! Blue, use your magic to bust through the bars!

Blue: Hey! Good idea, Lilia! I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner!

Guard: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Blue: Oh yeah? Why not?

Guard: Those bars are made of a special magic resistant material. It won't do a thing.

Blue: We'll see about that! Fireball!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. Just as the guard said, the attack does nothing to damage the bars*

Blue: Damn, not even a scratch.

Guard: Hah, I told you. There's no way you're getting out of here.

Lilia: Blue, don't give up now!

Blue: It's no use, Lilia. Magic is all we have and this cell resists it. Face it, we're stuck.

Lilia: *sigh* But...

Guard: Hey! Who are you!?

*The guard leaves the area*

Blue: Huh?

Guard: You again, huh? Why are you back here? This area is for authorized personnel only.

Blue: Who's he talking to...?

Guard: W-what are you-- No! Aaaaauuuugggggh!!!!

Blue: What!?

Lilia: Aah! What's going on!?

*At that moment, Jawo arrives and unlocks the cell with the key he stole from the guard hunter*

Jawo: Hey guys, didja miss me?

Lilia: Jawo, you came back for us!

Blue: You...came back?

Jawo: What's with that look, Blue?

Blue: Nothing. I'm just surprised is all.

Jawo: Oh come now. You didn't really think I'd leave you guys here, did you?

Blue: Uhm well, yes actually.

Jawo: You need to learn to trust in me more. Well you can thank me later. We need to focus on getting out of here.

Blue: You're right.

Jawo: But first, here Lilia. I think these belong to you.

*Jawo hands Lilia her daggers and satchel*

Lilia: Alright! You're the best, Jawo!

Blue: Okay, let's get moving.

*The group begins to leave the cell room when they pass by the guard hunter's maimed and mutilated body*

Blue: Wow, you really did a number on that guy.

Lilia: Jawo, was that really necessary?

Jawo: Heheheh.

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*The group manages to escape to the entrance of the Guild unseen*

Blue: Phew, talk about cutting it close.

Jawo: We made it, let's get out of here.

Lilia: Yeah.

??: Stop right there!!!

Blue: Huh?

*The group turns around to see ILS, accompanied by Collin and two other hunters*

Blue: ILS...

ILS: I can't let you escape, Blue.

Jawo: I've had just about all I can stand of this chump. I'm going to tear him apart!!

Blue: Wait, Jawo. ...ILS, why do you still stand in our way?

ILS: It's my job. No hard feelings, but I've got orders.

Lilia: What's wrong with you? This isn't the ILS we know. He'd never betray his friends for some silly job.

ILS: You just don't understand...

Blue: What? What don't we understand?

ILS: Just forget about it.

Collin: What are we doing standing around chatting, sir!? Let's get em! Yaaaah!!

*Collin makes a mad dash towards Jawo, wildy flailing his arms*

Collin: Take this!! ....Huh?

*Collin is brought to a halt when Jawo stops him by merely placing his index finger on his forehead*

Jawo: Kid, you're not worth the effort.

Collin: Oh, I'll teach you to call me a kid!

*Collin tries to punch Jawo, but his short arms can't reach him. Jawo then takes him by the shirt and lifts him into the air*

Collin: Egh, hey! Let me go!!

Jawo: Heh, if you say so. Have a seat, junior.

*Jawo releases Collin, causing him to forcefully fall to the floor*

Collin: Ouch! Ugh...they got me. I can't...go on...*cough*

Lilia: Jawo, why did you pick on that defenseless kid!?

Jawo: What are you talking about? I barely touched him! Besides, did you forget that he's trying to kill us or what?

ILS: (Collin, you dork) Alright, that's enough. Surrender, Blue. Or I'll have to take you down by force.

Blue: So this is what it's come to, huh? I never thought we'd end up fighting like this.

Lilia: ILS, we don't have to do this!

ILS: No, Lilia. We do. Now come on, no more talking. It's time to fight.

*ILS brandishes his dual swords*

Jawo: You took the words right out of my mouth.

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Blue: ILS, last chance. We don't have to fight. I don't wanna have to hurt you.

ILS: You underestimate me, Blue. If anyone's going to get hurt, it's you. Now let's rumble!!

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Blue: Jawo, Lilia. Go after the two hunters. I'll handle ILS.

Lilia: Got it.

Jawo: Wait, but I wanted him!

Blue: Just do it.

Jawo: *scoffs* Fine.

*As Blue instructed, Lilia and Jawo head for the two hunters by ILS' side, while Blue goes for ILS himself*

ILS: Coming at me alone, Blue? That's a bold move.

Blue: Just fight already.

ILS: You asked for it! Take this!

*ILS slashes upwards, but Blue quickly leans back, dodging the attack. He finds an opening and delivers an elbow to ILS' gut*

ILS: Guagh!

Blue: Don't tell me that's the best you can put out.

ILS: Heh, I was just about to say the same thing.

*ILS grabs Blue's arm*

Blue: Aah!

*ILS takes Blue by the arm and throws him to the ground. He then attempts to follow up with a stab, but Blue rolls out of the way just in time*

Blue: Not bad, ILS. But it's going to take more than that to beat me.

ILS: Likewise. Show me what you got.

*Blue and ILS continue to clash. Meanwhile, Jawo is tackling the grunt hunter. He slashes overhead, making short work of the hunter*

Hunter: Aaaaaggh!!

Jawo: Man, that was too easy. How are you holding up, Lilia? Need any help?

*Lilia is using her daggers as a shield to stave off the hunter's relentless attacks*

Lilia: No way! I can take him! Watch this!

*Lilia finds an opening and attacks. She cuts the hunter twice, easily dispatching him*

Hunter: Aaaaugggh!!

Jawo: Nice going, Lilia! Now let's take out the big gun!

Lilia: Right!

*Blue and ILS are at a standstill, both fairly weakened from their struggle*

Blue: *panting* For all your posturing...you ain't..all that..

ILS: *panting* You talk a big game, Blue. But can you back it up?

Blue: You've seen what I can do, ILS. You don't stand a chance.

ILS: While you, on the contrary, haven't seen the full extent of my abilities.

*Jawo and Lilia arrive to Blue's aid*

Lilia: Blue, are you okay!?

Jawo: Rest easy, we're here to help now.

Blue: No!

Lilia: What..?

Blue: He's mine. You two stay out of this.

Jawo: What are you talking about? We don't have time for you and your matters of personal pride. We need to deck this guy and get as far away from here as possible.

Blue: But...

Lilia: Yeah, Blue. Jawo's right. Even if you can take him yourself, we're not letting you fight alone.

ILS: Heheh, what's wrong? Can't take me down on your own, so you have to team up on me?

Jawo: And besides, I'm so not leaving without getting a piece of him myself.

ILS: Time to kick things up a notch. Mana Charge!!

*ILS focuses his mana, increasing its output and spreading it through every area of his body. The Charge causes pure mana to flow out of his body*

ILS: Let's go all out.

Jawo: I don't care how much you power up. You're still getting a face full of dirt.

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*Jawo runs toward ILS with his sword drawn*

Jawo: I hope you're ready, because you just met your match! Hyah!!

*Jawo attacks, but ILS holds up his swords, defending against the attack*

Jawo: Why you...Aagh...

*Jawo applies more force, trying to break ILS' guard. ILS then pushes forward, knocking Jawo off balance. He takes that chance to slash Jawo's side, inflicting a terrible wound*

ILS: Hah!!

Jawo: *winces* Ergh...Damn it.

*Jawo falls to his knees and grasps his wound in pain*

ILS: Now we'll see who's killing who.

*ILS raises his sword and prepares to finish Jawo off*

Lilia: Aah! Hang on, Jawo!

*Lilia grabs a white bomb from her pocket and hurls it towards ILS*

ILS: What--

*The bomb explodes, releasing a mist that covers the area. Lilia then takes her chance to grab Jawo and pull him to safety*

Lilia: Are you okay, Jawo?

Jawo: Thanks. I owe you one...

*With Jawo safe from danger, the smoke clears, revealing ILS*

ILS: Hey, nice move, Lilia. But you can't run away from me forever.

Blue: We won't have to.

*Blue casts a spell*

Blue: Freeze Lancer!!

*A magic symbol appears in front of Blue. From it shoots several spears of solid ice. The shards of ice collide with ILS' mana aura, causing them to shatter on contact*

Blue: Damn!

ILS: *waggles finger* You're gonna have to do better than that, Blue. Let me show you a real attack.

*ILS plants his sword into the ground, causing a shockwave of energy to run along the ground towards Blue*

Blue: Wha--!

Jawo: Blue, out of the way!

*Jawo steps in front of Blue and blocks the shockwave with a swipe from his sword*

ILS: Not bad.

Blue: My magic...it can't penetrate his mana aura. What do we do?

Jawo: Don't fret, Blue. Take a closer look at that aura of his. Notice something different?

Blue: Hm...

*Blue inspects ILS'. He soon notice that it's decreasing in size*

Blue: It's...fading...

Jawo: You're a sharp one. He may've given himself a power boost, but it's all at the cost of his mana rapidly depleting.

Blue: So all we have to do is survive his attacks until his mana is fully depleted. And then...

Jawo: We go for the kill.

ILS: Are you two done talking over there? I'm getting pretty bored, you know.

Jawo: Blue, stay back. I'll hold him off. And once his mana is dry, you hit him with the finale. Got it?

Blue: Got it.

Jawo: Alright then.

*Jawo calls out to ILS*

Jawo: Oh, dont you worry about a thing. I'll keep you company!! Ragh!!

*Jawo runs toward ILS once again. This time with a different goal in mind*

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ILS: Back again?

Jawo: Yeah, because you see, things are gonna be different this time.

ILS: Is that so?

Jawo: Oh yes. I have a few techniques of my own. Allow me to show you one.

*Jawo holds up his sword and grabs the hilt with both hands*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Shatter!

*The blade of Jawo's sword shatters to hundreds of sharp pieces. They all hover around the air around ILS*

ILS: W-what...what IS this!?

Jawo: Attack!!

*The shards zero in on ILS and begin to pelt him relentlessly. He tries to hold up his arms in defense, but to no avail*

ILS: Ah! Aaaaggh!!

*After the attack completes, the shards return to the hilt and reform into the Crystal Sword*

ILS: *panting* Is that all you got?

Jawo: I thought you'd never ask.

*Jawo holds up his sword once again*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Enlarge!

*The blade of Jawo's sword grows in size, becoming similar to that of a Zanbato*

Jawo: Huaah!!

*Jawo winds back and swings the sword with all his might. ILS jumps back and dodges, but only barely*

ILS: Gah! One hit from that thing and I'm a goner! I better end this quickly.

Jawo: You're not getting off that easy!

*Jawo slashes overhead, giving ILS no choice but to go on the defensive. He raises his swords and guards against the attack*

Jawo: Not so tough now, are you?

ILS: Ergh, this isn't over yet...

*At that moment, ILS' mana fully depletes and his mana aura disappears*

ILS: Agh! My mana! It's..it's...!

Jawo: Hah, gotcha. Blue, now!

Blue: Flame Wall!!!

*Jawo leaps out of the way as wall of intense flames surround ILS, burning his body*

ILS: No! Aaaaagggggh!!!

*The flame wall dissipates, leaving ILS greatly wounded and his clothes badly burned*

ILS: Damn...heheh. I..messed up...

*Beaten and devoid of energy, ILS collapses to the ground*

Blue: Sorry we had to do that, ILS. But you left us no choice.

Jawo: Speak for yourself, Blue. I'm not sorry in the least.

*Jawo walks up to ILS' body*

Jawo: I'm going to end your pathetic life, so that you'll never bother us again!

*Jawo raises his sword and prepares to deal the finishing blow to ILS*

ILS: Ngh...*closes eyes*

Lilia: Jawo, NO!!!

*Lilia steps in front of ILS with her arms spread out, as if to protect him*

Lilia: You can't kill him. You just can't! He's still our friend. *sniff*

Jawo: Lilia, I--

ILS: Li-Lilia...

Lilia: Please, Jawo! I'm begging you! Blue, say something!!

Blue: *sigh* Jawo...put your sword away. We're done here.

Jawo: ...Fine. *sheathes sword*

Lilia: Thank you...

Blue: Now let's get out of here before reinforcements arrive.

Lilia: Right.

*Blue and Lilia begin to walk out of the building*

Jawo: You don't know how lucky you are. But I warn you, if you ever come after us again, I'll take your life regardless of their pleas.

Blue: Jawo, come on!

Jawo: Yeah, coming.

*Jawo runs to catch up with Blue and Lilia*

ILS: ...

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*The group flees the vicinity of the IL Guild, soon finding themselves in the middle of the countryside*

Blue: Well, this day was certainly eventful. Why is there even a bounty on my head anyway?

Lilia: How could you forget, Blue? Because you're the current ruler of Jahannam, people think you're a danger to society.

Blue: Man, just my luck. I was holding onto this thing as a memento of my change, but it's done nothing but cause me trouble.

*Blue takes out the Jahannam Jewel*

Jawo: Blue, you still have that old thing?

Lilia: How is that possible? I thought Mephiles and Iblis used that to turn back into Solaris...

Blue: They did. But he dropped it after we defeated him, and it's been with me ever since.

Jawo: Yeah well let's say we get back to Gene's, eh? I'm beat.

Blue: What are you talking about? We can't go back yet.

Jawo: Huh?

Lilia: Yeah, Blue's life is in danger. We can't turn a blind eye and pretend this didn't happen. We have to do something!

Jawo: Then what do you suggest we do? Kill every bounty hunter in the Kingdom? That's impossible.

Blue: No. We're going to find who's responsible for this bounty on my head, and force them to remove it.

Jawo: That's great and all, but what about the delivery place? We still have a job to do, you know.

Blue: I don't expect either of you to help me. You and Lilia go back to Gene's and continue your work. This is my problem, so I'll handle it.

Lilia: Blue, don't be silly. I said I was going to follow you wherever you go, and I meant it. I'm in, and I'm sure Jawo is too. Right?

Jawo: Mmn...

Lilia: Right Jawo...?

Jawo: Well, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I let you two go off alone. Besides, if you plan on taking on the man, you'll need my help. So I'm in! I could never pass up the chance to bust some heads.

Lilia: See, Blue? We're your friends, and we'll stick by you all the way!

Blue: Thanks, guys.

Jawo: Okay, now that that's settled, just who is the law in this territory anyway?

Blue: King Baldovain, of course.

Lilia: So, we're heading back to Baldovain City?

Blue: That's the plan.

Jawo: In that case, our first stop should be Huran City. It's not too far from here.

Lilia: Huran City...hmm...that name sounds familiar...

Blue: Alright, let's do it.

*The group heads on their way to Huran City, and thus begins a new journey for Blue and his friends*

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*The group arrives at Huran City, the first stop on the road to Baldovain City*

Blue: So here we are.

Lilia: Oh! Blue!

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: Look there! It's the Magic School!

Blue: Magic..School? *scratches head*

Lilia: Yeah yeah! Don't you remember? On our journey to find Mephiles, we stopped by here to try and look for a spell to reveal a shapeshifter. So that's why this place seemed so familiar...

Blue: Oh yeah! I wonder if whatsherface is still running things here.

Jawo: What are you two talking about?

Lilia: Jawo, you weren't with us. Back then it was just me, Blue and ILS.

Jawo: Oh. Him.

Blue: You really don't like ILS, do you?

Jawo: Well yeah, I'm not really fond of backstabbers, Blue. And you shouldn't be either.

Lilia: But, he's our friend...

Jawo: He's NOT your friend. Friends don't try to kill you to make a quick buck. In my eyes, he's just another enemy.

Lilia: But..but..!

Blue: Well, he does have a point, Lilia. But something just won't let me believe that.

Jawo: Tsch, I can't believe you guys.

Blue: Eh, no use pondering about it here. Let's get going. We still have a ways to go before we reach Baldovain City.

*As the group is passing by the Magic School, Lady Magalina bursts out of the school in a hurried frenzy. Not focused on her surroundings, she bumps into Blue and drops all of her papers*

Lady M.: Aaaaaaah!!

Blue: Whoa! Watch where you're going, pal!

Lady M.: Oh my, I'm so sorry! I just...I just...

Jawo: Hey, Blue. Didn't your mommy tell you to be nice to girls? Here, let me help you with those, miss.

*Jawo picks the papers off the ground and hands them to Magalina*

Lady M.: Thanks. And sorry about that little run in. You see, one of our teachers is out sick, so I've been having to pull double duty. I'm so exhausted...

Lilia: Huh? ...Lady Magalina, is that you!?

Lady M.: Excuse me? Have we met?

Lilia: You don't remember us? Me, Blue and another friend of ours came to your school a while back and asked for your help.

Blue: Yeah, and you kicked us out when ILS started acting up.

Lady M.: Oh. That slobbering mongrel. *shudders* I still have nightmares about it. I'm so glad you ditched him in favor of this strapping man here.

Jawo: Heheh, I aim to please.

Lady M.: But yeah, I didn't recongize you guys for a second there. It's only been 4 months, but you've grown so much.

Lilia: 4 months? But...it's been over a year since we last me--

Blue: *nudges Lilia* Lilia, remember that this place was frozen in time while we in Copy Earth. It may've been over a year for us, but to them, not a second has passed since from the time we defeated Solaris, to the time we defeated Kaixin and saved Earth.

Lilia: Oh yeah, you're right.

Lady M.: Uhm, did I miss something?

Jawo: Yeah, why don't you fill me in as well.

Blue: Er, it's a long story...

Lady M.: Speaking of long stories, I'm glad I bumped into you, Blue. You see, I kinda have a favor to ask.

Blue: A...favor?

Lady M.: Yeah, remember when I said that one of the teachers is out sick? Well this extra workload is really starting to take its toll on me and I was wondering if you could maybe...act as a substitute teacher for the class?

Blue: Uh, what!?

Lady M.: Please? It's only for tomorrow.

Blue: Well I appreciate the offer, but...I'm still a student myself, you know. I really don't think I'm ready to teach a class.

Jawo: Oh come on, Blue. You can do it!

Lilia: Yeah, I'm sure you'll make a great sub!

Blue: Erm...okay fine. I'll do it...

Lady M.: Thank you, Blue! You're such a sweetheart!

Blue: Just what exactly do I have to do anyway?

Lady M.: Oh that's easy. Here are the lesson plans for tomorrow.

*Magalina hands Blue a portfolio full of papers*

Blue: THIS is tomorrow's lesson plan!?!?

Lady M.: Yup! Just make sure to look over it and you'll be all set! Oh, would you look at the time? Gotta run, bye!

*Magalina runs off*

Blue: Ugh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

Lilia: Aw, don't say that, Blue! It could be fun!

Jawo: Maybe me and Lilia could even attend the class. It's been such a long time since I've been to grade school. I can't wait!

Blue: Yeah well don't get your hopes up. Anyway, it's getting late, so let's head to the inn for tonight.

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*The group heads to Huran Inn and proceeds to purchase a room to get some rest. Later that night, Blue is still wide awake, trying to memorize the lesson plan for tomorrow*

Blue: Next, we study the basics of controlling elements, and then we...mhm..yup...

*Lilia awakens*

Lilia: Hmm? Blue, what are you still doing up? It's like, 2 in the morning.

Blue: I know, but I'm looking through this ridiculous lesson plan. Can you believe I have to have this all memorized and ready to go by morning?

Lilia: But Blue, you need your rest. You can't properly teach the class if you haven't gotten enough sleep.

Blue: Fine, I'll go to sleep in a little while. I just need to look over this a little more.

Lilia: Okay! And speaking of people being awake, where's Jawo? He's not in his bed.

Blue: Oh, I saw him heading out to the terrace not too long ago. He's likely still there. Why don't you go keep him company, huh?

Lilia: Yeah, I think I'll do that.

*Lilia walks onto the terrace to find Jawo, leaning over the railing and pondering the starry sky*

Lilia: Hey.

Jawo: Uh? Oh, Lilia.

Lilia: What are you thinking about?

Jawo: Eh, nothing really. I just wanted some fresh air. What are you doing up so late anyhow?

Lilia: I overheard Blue studying those lesson plans in there. *sigh* He's such a busy body. I know he's just trying to make everyone happy, but I worry about him.

Jawo: You must really care for him, huh? I mean, really really care for him.

Lilia: Wha-? Oh no! It's not like that at all! I mean, I do, but..no, it's not what you're thinking!

Jawo: Okay okay! You don't have to get all defensive about it. Sheesh.

Lilia: Hey Jawo, I was wondering...

Jawo: Yeah?

Lilia: Back at the bounty hunter base, why did you come back and save us?

Jawo: What kind of question is that?

Lilia: Well, me and Blue always got the vibe that you didn't like us very much. I mean, you did start travelling with us for the sole purpose of fighting him afterall.

Jawo: Oh, that. Heh, to be honest, I've forgotten all about it. And about me not liking you guys, that's not true at all. You two are my friends.

Lilia: Friends? That includes Blue as well?

Jawo: Yeah, of course. I mean, yeah, he gets on my nerves at times, but I care for the guy, you know.

Lilia: Hahah, wow. I never knew. The way you two always argue and bicker, I had figured you wanted to tear him apart.

Jawo: Just don't tell Blue what I said about him.

Lilia: What!? Why!?

Jawo: Because, if he found out how I really felt, he'd never let me live it down.

Lilia: Oh come on, Blue's not like that. I'm sure he feels the same way about you.

Jawo: You really think so?

Lilia: Think so? I know so! I've been with Blue for a good while; I can tell when he does and doesn't like someone. And I can tell, deep down, that he really likes you too. And like you, he doesn't want to show it either. You two are a lot alike, in that way.

Jawo: Heh, I guess we are. Just know something, Lilia...

Lilia: Huh?

Jawo: I'll never be like that ILZ, or whatshisface.

Lilia: ILS.

Jawo: Yeah, that. I'm gonna stick by the two of you to the very end. Any hardship we endure, we endure together.

*Lilia wraps her arms around Jawo and hugs him tight*

Jawo: Whoa!

Lilia: Heehee! You're such a great guy, Jawo.

Jawo: Hey, won't Blue get mad if he sees us like this?

Lilia: Blue, mad? Nah, he's not the jealous type.

Jawo: It's getting late. Well...later than it already is. Let's say we get some shuteye before morning sneaks up on us.

Lilia: Right.

*Meanwhile, just outside the inn, two bounty hunters wade in the darkness*

Hunter1: Heheh, this is place. Finding Blue was a snap.

Hunter2: Now all we have to do is nix him and take the bounty for ourselves.

Hunter1: Let's go.

*The two hunters dash and leap onto the roof of the inn*


Lilia: Hey...did you hear that? It sounded like footsteps.

Jawo: Smells like trouble. You got your gear, Lilia?

Lilia: Yeah, let's do it.

Jawo: Okay, come on!

*Jawo and Lilia head off in pursuit of the bounty hunters*

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*Jawo and Lilia arrive on the roof and confronts the bounty hunters*

Jawo: Hey!

Lilia: Stop right there!

Hunter1: Huh?

Hunter2: Who are these losers?

Lilia: We're friends of Blue.

Jawo: And we're most definitely not losers.

Hunter1: Heh, Blue's bodyguards, eh? We weren't expecting this, but no matter.

Hunter2: We'll just take you out first!

*The second hunter readies an arrow and fires it at Lilia. She quickly takes out her daggers and blocks the oncoming arrow*

Lilia: Nice try!

*Lilia dashes forward and attacks, but the hunter raises his bow in defense and guards against the attack*

Hunter2: Ergh...

Hunter1: Now you're mine! Yaah!!

*The first hunter comes up from behind and attempts to slash Lilia while she's distracted. But Jawo quickly steps in and guards the blow with his sword*

Hunter1: What?

Jawo: Your fight's with me, buddy.

*Jawo pushes forward and knocks the hunter off balance. He then takes a swing, but the hunter jumps back and avoids the blow. Meanwhile, the second hunter manages to escape the struggle*

Hunter2: You're tougher than you look, girl. This is gonna be fun.

*The second hunter takes out 3 arrows and fires them all at once, but even still, Lilia manages to knock them all away*

Lilia: Come on! Can't you do better than that?

Hunter2: Why you little... Take this!!

*The hunter takes arrow after arrow and continuously fires them at Lilia*

Lilia: Whu oh!

*Lilia runs and dodges the arrows while advancing on the hunter. Once in reach, she rams him with a powerful shoulder charge*

Lilia: Take that!

Hunter2: Aaaarrrgggh!!

*The force of the tackles sends the hunter flying over the roof and plummeting to his doom*

Hunter2: Nooooooooo!!! *thud*

Lilia: Heheh, never underestimate me! *pumps fist*

*Meanwhile, Jawo and the first hunter are still facing off*

Jawo: Oops. Looks like hunter fell down and broke more than just his crown.

Hunter1: Hah, you're a regular comedian, aren't you? It doesn't matter. It just means that I'll have all the bounty money for myself once I kill you all.

Jawo: You wish, chump. Playtime is over. It's time I finished you off.

*Jawo holds up his sword in preparation for another technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Shot!

*The blade of Jawo's sword begins to rapidly expand and grow, causing even more crystal formations to protrude from the blade*

Hunter1: Wh-what!?

Jawo: Ready for this? Fire!!!

*Jawo's sword explodes, shooting larges hunks of crystal towards the hunter*

Hunter1: Nooo! Stay away!!

Jawo: Too late to plead for your life now.

*One after another, the hunks of crystal pelt and beat on the hunter, leaving him a bloody broken mess*

Hunter1: Urgh...

Jawo: Hold on. We're not done yet. Here's a parting gift for you.

*The last hunk of crystal zooms in and bashes the hunter head on, sending flying off the roof to his death. With the attack finished, Jawo's sword reforms and he puts it away in its sheath*

Jawo: *dusts off hands* That was way too easy.

Lilia: Jawo, you did it!

Jawo: And so did you, Lilia! High five!

*The two share a congratulatory high five*

Jawo/Lilia: Yeah!!!

*Meanwhile, indoors*

Blue: Hey, who's making all that racket!?

*Blue throws a book at the ceiling*

Blue: Keep it down up there!! Some of us are trying to study here!

Jawo: Grr, Blue. Why you...

Lilia: Now now, Jawo. Remember what we talked about...

Jawo: Hmph, fine.

Lilia: Good. Now let's get to bed. At this rate, we'll never get any sleep.

*Jawo and Lilia descend from the roof and head back indoors*

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*Meanwhile at the same time, ILS has finally recuperated from his defeat at the hands of Blue and his friends*

Hunter: ILS has recovered and regained consciousness sir.

Official: Bring him in.

Hunter: Yes sir.

*ILS enters the room*

ILS: You wanted to see me?

Official: You simpleton.

ILS: Hoo boy, I already know where this is going...

Official: How dare you take that arrogant tone with me, you stupid fop. I cannot believe that you allowed Blue to escape our grasp a second time!

ILS: Hey, what happens happens.

Official: Hold your incompetent tongue. I know now that it was a mistake to have let you go after Blue in the first place. That is why I've taken different measures...

*At that moment, a very beautiful woman with dark brown hair, clad in a black skin tight suit and decked out in makeup enters the room*

??: Well well, it's been a while, Mads. Still need me to clean up after your messes I see.

ILS: Ooh, of all the people you could've gotten, why Rachel? I mean, come on!

Rachel: Because, unlike you, I don't make such amateur mistakes. I surely won't underestimate Blue's power as you did.

ILS: I didn't underestimate anything. I've seen first hand what he's capable of. He's no mere magician, that's for sure.

Rachel: Haha, so you're just inadequate is all. What a shame.

Official: That's enough out of you two. ILJ, you will be give the job of recapturing Blue. I trust that you can handle this task.

ILJ: Don't you worry about a thing. I will bring Blue back here. By force, if necessary.

ILS: B-but w-what about me!?

Official: You? For your failures, you are hearby on reprimand until further notice.

ILS: N-no way!!

Official: Yes way! Now get out of my sight!!

ILJ: Hahahaha, poor baby.

Official: Our spies have reported that Blue and his companions were last seen heading towards Huran City. Go there, seek them out, and bring him to me.

ILJ: Yes sir. I will depart first thing in the morning.

Official: ILS, what are you still doing here? I thought I told you to get lost.

ILS: *grumble*

*Both ILS and ILJ leave the room*

ILJ: Well, Mads. I guess I'll just have to show you how it's done.

ILS: Heh, are you kidding? You won't last a second against Blue.

ILJ: You forget, dear Mads. I am in a league way above you. Where you failed, I shall succeed. Once I return with Blue, I'll receive all the glory! And you'll be begging for my mercy! Ahahahaha!!

ILS: Grr, why you...

ILJ: Goodbye, sweetie. Mwah *blows kiss* <3

ILS: Ew. *wipes cheek*

ILJ: Oh stop. You know you want me. *wink*

ILS: (It's true! She's soooooo hawt!) I'll get you for this!

ILJ: Sure you will!

*Rachel walks off*

ILS: *to himself* Damn that Rachel. Always getting in my way with her smexiness. Heh, I know. I'll go see Blue's been up to. If I leave now, I should be able to reach him before Rachel does.

*ILS grabs his gear and leaves the Guild, making his way towards Huran City to join up with Blue*

ILJ: Hmm, now just where could he be running off to...?

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*The next morning, Blue and the group leaves the inn and begins to make their way to the Magic School to carry out his favor*

Lilia: So Blue, today's the big day. Did you memorize those lesson plans alright?

Blue: Yeah, for the most part, anyway. I think I'll do okay.

Jawo: Well just remember that we're here if you need any help.

Blue: I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

*Meanwhile, ILS is watching from atop a building as Blue and the others are walking down the city streets*

ILS: Ah ha! There they are! But if I approach them like this, I'm as good as dead. Hmm...think ILS, think.

*ILS looks around the city, upon his search, he finds spots a clothing store*

ILS: Bingo! I'll approach them using an elaborate disguise!

*ILS leaps from the building and crosses the street in to the clothing store. Moments later, he walks out wearing only an eye mask and a silly cape to conceal his identity*

ILS: Ha HA! This should do nicely! Not even the wisest man will be able to see through this hoax!

*ILS spots Blue and the others walking towards the clothing store*

ILS: Uh oh! Gotta hide!!

*ILS quickly runs down a back alley and leaps on top of the nearest building*

ILS: They're coming closer. I'll use this to get their attention. Go, Enchanted Sword!

*ILS takes one of his swords and chucks it off the building. It plummets to the ground and comes within millimeters of Lilia's head*

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!

Blue: Whoa! What the...a sword?

*strands of Lilia's hair fall from her head to the ground*

Lilia: Aah! It-It almost split my head in half!

Jawo: Geez, what kind of bozo just chucks a sword into the middle of a busy road? Aren't there laws against this kind of thing?

ILS: Now the stage is set, to make my heroic debut!! Here I co-oh Aah! W-whoa! Oh no!!

*ILS prepares to leap off the building, but instead, stumbles on his cape and falls face first to the ground*

ILS: Ugh, ouch...that could've went better...

Jawo: Hey guys, check out the clown. Isn't it a little too early for Halloween, kid?

ILS: *gets to his feet* Hey! I'm no kid! I'm-- (Wait, I'll blow my cover if I use my name. I better think of something quick)

Blue: Well? Who are you?

ILS: I'm...uhm...(I got it!) Sli! The devilishly debonaire do-gooder of...something else that starts with a D... (Oh yeah, I'm good)

Lilia: Okay erm...Sli. What do you want with us?

Sli: Well, my charming pet, I'm here to warn the Blue one of impending danger!

Blue: Impending danger? Like what?

Sli: A bounty hunter by the name of ILJ is on your trail as we speak. Take heed, for she is a formidable foe. Though not as formidable as ILS, because he's the coolest. And with that, POW, I'm gone!

*ILS runs off*

Jawo: Hey weirdo, you forgot your sword.

Sli: Oh yeah. Thank you, kind patron!

*ILS comes back, grabs his sword, then runs off once again*

Jawo: God, what a dingus.

Lilia: Well, he did say that someone was after Blue. Do you think we should listen to it?

Blue: I don't know. The whole thing seemed kinda iffy to me. I mean, who does that anyway? He looked like he crawled out of an 80's cartoon.

Lilia: Yes well, I guess his appearance was a bit...odd.

Jawo: Odd is an understatement. The guy is wearing a cheap halloween mask and a crappy polyester cape. The cheese is oozing out of his ass.

Blue: At any rate, I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out. The school is just ahead, so let's keep going.

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*Blue and his friends enter the Magic School and are soon greeted by Magalina, who's looking much more chipper than she was the other day*

Lady M.: Ah Blue, you're here. Excellent.

Blue: How about you show us to the classroom?

Lady M.: Yes, of course. It's right upstairs. Come along now, I'll introduce you to the children.

*Blue and the others follow Magalina to the classroom. Upon entering, there is a small group of children playing around inside.

Lady M.: Okay class, settle down.

Boy: Lady Magalina, who are those three people?

Lady M.: I was just getting to that. Ahem, today, instead of myself, Blue will be teaching your class. Say hi, Blue.

Blue: Uhm...hello. *waves*

Lady M.: And these are his friends, Lilia and Jawo. They will be serving as his aides.

Lilia: Hi there.

Jawo: Hey.

Lady M.: Now I want you to give them all a warm welcome and make them feel right at home. ...And if you give them any trouble...AT ALL, it's the bubbling curdled milk cauldron dip for all of you snotty brats! Is that understood!?

Children: Yes, Lady Magalina.

Lady M.: Well okay then! *giggles* <3

Blue: Just what is it with punishments and curdled milk?

Lilia: Is it really that bad? *scratches head*

Lady M.: Oh my yes. It's worse than you could ever imagine. I remember my first run in with it. There it was...standing there in the dark alley, that menacing carton! PAIN!!! AGONY!!1!

Group: *sweatdrop*

Lady M.: Well enough of my rambling. I've got to work to do, so I'll let you all take it from here. If you need anything, I'll be in my office.

*Magalina leaves the room*

Blue: Okay then, let's get started. Lilia, Jawo, take a seat, would you?

Lilia: Alrighty.

Jawo: Sure thing.

*Lilia and Jawo take seats amongst the rest of the class*

Girl: Hey sir!

Blue: Uhm yes, what is it?

Girl: What do we call you?

Blue: Erm, just call me Blue, I suppose.

Girl: But that's discourteous. Lady Magalina always says to address our elders with formality, even if they don't care for it.

Blue: Well, if I have to. In that case, call me....Mr. Simpson.

Children w/Lilia: Yay, Mr. Simpson!!!

Jawo: *nonchalantly* Uhm...yay...whoo... *twirls finger*

Blue: Okay, now that that's taken care of, let's begin class, shall we? Our first lesson for today is...Mana Focusing.

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Blue: Allow me to begin by saying mana focusing is the most fundamental basic to using magic. It's step one in the process and it's by far the easiest. Mana focusing is important in that it's what determines the level of spell that you wish to utilize.

Boy: Mr. Simpson, show us what it's like!

Blue: Alright then I will. Watch closely.

*Blue closes his eyes and focuses his mana. A light aura of blue mana energy forms around his body*

Children: Wow!!!

Blue: See, you can tell my focus isn't very stringent due to the size of the aura. This type of focus is for the use of level one magic spells. But watch, once I tighten my focus...

*Blue focuses further and the aura around him expands and grows larger*

Blue: My aura grows larger, and I become capable of using more powerful spells. This type of focus is for level two magic spells. And then there's one more...

*Blue focuses even further, and his aura increases to its safest maximum*

Blue: Now I'm fully focused, allowing me to utilize level 3, or advanced magic spells.

Girl: Can we do that, Mr. Simpson!?

Blue: Oh no, you guys aren't quite there yet. It takes a lot of hard training to get to this level. Even I can't maintain it for long.

Girl: Aww...

Lilia: Hey Blue! I mean er..Mr. Simpson!

Blue: Blue is fine, Lilia. What's your question?

Lilia: I was wondering, is it dangerous for you to focus too much?

Blue: Good question. And yes it is, in fact. If you go too far beyond your natural limit, your mana will escape your body all at once, leaving you unconscious, or possibly dead from mana deprevation.

Boy: Gee, that's scary.

Blue: Yes, it is a frightening thought. But worry not, for it's easy to determine with your limit is. So long as you don't push yourself and mind your limit, you have nothing to fear.

Jawo: Well well, look at the smart guy.

Blue: Eh, I dabble. Heheh.

Jawo: I think these kids wanna try mana focusing for themselves. How about it?

Children: Yeah!!!

Blue: Okay okay, you can try. But remember everything I told you, and no going past level one. I don't want anyone getting hurt.

*The children begin focusing their mana. Everyone is pulling it off fine, except for Lilia, who can't seem to hold her aura*

Lilia: *focuses* Haaaaaah! *aura appears, but immediately fades* Argh, one more try!!

*Lilia focuses even harder, her aura appears, but explodes when she loses her focus*

Lilia: *panting* Why...why can't I do it...?

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: For some reason, I can't focus my mana right. I try and try, but my aura never stays up.

Blue: Well Lilia, since you lack the ability to use magic, I imagine it would be pretty hard for you to do.

Lilia: Then how come Jawo and ILS can do it!?

*Jawo's aura is at its max. His aura lashes out and whips one the children's behind*


Boy: Owie!

Jawo: Heheheh.

Blue: Jawo and ILS use mana for their techniques all the time. I could only assume that they've extensive training revolving around it. You, on the other hand, never utilize your mana to fight with.

Lilia: *sadly* Oh...

Blue: Hey, cheer up. You've come this far without it, don't let it get you down now. You don't even need your mana to be a help to us. That shows how strong you are.

Lilia: *giggles* Blue, you always know the right things to say. *hugs Blue*

Blue: Ack! Lilia, not in front of the kids!

*Meanwhile, ILS is sitting in a tree looking into the classroom through the window*

Sli: What's Blue doing teaching a magic class?

Girl: Aaah! Mr. Simpson!!

Blue: What's wrong!?

Girl: There's a peeping tom looking into the classroom! Aaah!! *points to ILS*

Blue: Peeping tom? Could it be another bounty hunter?

Jawo: Let's get him!

*Blue and Jawo walk towards the window*

Sli: Oh no! They're coming over! Aaah..aaah..*flails arms in a panic*

*ILS' panicing causes him to lose his balance and fall out of the tree, crashing to the ground*

Sli: Murgh....

*Blue and Jawo open the window and look outside*

Jawo: Do you see anybody?

Blue: No, but I thought I heard a crash....there! *points*

Jawo: Who!? Oh...it's him again!! Hey!!

Sli: Hn?

Jawo: What were you doing peeping at us, huh!?

Sli: Aaah!

Jawo: Don't make me come down there! Because I will! *shakes fist*

Sli: The jig is up!!!

*ILS takes off running with his arms in the air*

Sli: Sli away! *panting as he runs*

Blue: Man, what is wrong with that guy?

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Blue: Alright class, it's time for the next lesson of the day, which is Mana Expulsion. Mana Expulsion is the process of forcing mana out of your body, and the second step in using magic.

Boy: Show us, Mr. Simpson! Show us!

Blue: Okay okay. Watch closely...

*Blue cups his hands and concentrates. A ball of pure mana rises from his hands*

Children: Whoa!!!

Blue: See, it's as simple as that. Though it's not quite as easy as it looks. It's much more difficult than focusing mana, and it requires a lot of concentration on your part. So one who gets easily distracted will have a hard time expelling mana.


Blue: Oh, that must be the lunch bell. Alright, class is dismissed until lunch is over.

Children: Hooray!!!

*The children storm out of the classroom in a frenzy. Blue and the others soon follow after them*

Lilia: Hey Blue, you're doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

Blue: Yeah, but it's pretty exhausted having to demonstrate all of these steps. I'm glad I won't be the one who has to show them the actual spells.

Lilia: Oh, well maybe you'll feel better after having some lunch. I packed a special one just for you.

*Lilia hands Blue a lunch box*

Blue: Wow, thanks a bunch, Lilia.

Jawo: Hey! What about me!?

Lilia: Well gee, sorry Jawo. There wasn't enough food left for me to make you one...

Jawo: Damnit!

*Blue and the students arrive in the cafeteria. They all form up in the lunch line and prepare to recieve their food. Jawo lines up with them*

Blue: Okay guys, remember to stay in a single file line. And no cutting. ...That goes double for you, Jawo...

Jawo: Shut up, Blue.

Lilia: Ooh, I found a nice table over there. Let's go, Blue!

*Blue and Lilia go to a small table at the front of the cafeteria and have a seat*

Lilia: Go on, take a look at the lunch I made for you.

*Blue opens the lunch box and finds various potato dishes lying inside*

Blue: Hey, there's scalloped potatoes in here too! I haven't had these in ages!

Lilia: Hehe, I knew you'd like it. I spent all morning preparing it for you.

Blue: Thanks, Lilia. You're a real pal.

*Jawo walks over to the table carrying his school lunch*

Jawo: Mind if I sit?

Blue: Yes.

Lilia: *slaps Blue* Of course not!! Come sit with us, Jawo.

*Jawo sits down beside Blue*

Blue: So, how's the lunch?

Jawo: Well...it tastes like crap. With a mild aftertaste of sweaty socks.

Lilia: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Jawo.

Jawo: Nah, don't worry about it. So long as I have my trusty Sprite, I'm fine.

*Jawo opens a can of Sprite and chugs it down*

Jawo: Aaah...Limoney goodness...

*Meanwhile, ILS sneaks into the lunchroom. He grabs a tray and cuts to the front of the line, shoving the innocent children out of the way*

Sli: Make way! *push* Coming through! *shove*

Boy: Egh, hey!

Girl: You cutted!

Sli: What're you gonna do? Beat me up? Hahahahaha!!

Children: *sadly* No...

Sli: That's what I thought. Now scram!

*All the children in line walk away with their heads hanging low*

Sli: Okay! I'll have some of that, and one of those, oh and a ton of these!!

Lunch Lady: Hey, aren't you a little too old to be here?

Sli: Oh of course not! Didn't you hear? I have Isreally16butispretendingtobe10togetfreefood-itis.

Lunch Lady: My word! You poor thing! Here, take all you like!

*The lunch lady fills ILS' lunch tray full of food. ILS then walks away to find a table. When he turns around, he finds the students standing before him with rocks in their hands*

Sli: You again? Didn't I tell you to beat it?

Boy: Take this! Huh! *chucks rock*


Sli: Aaaaah! My leg! You'll pay for that you bra--

*All the children wind their arm back and prepares to throw their rocks*

Sli: Uh oh...

*Meanwhile, Jawo is attempting to expel mana from his hands*

Jawo: Come on...almost...got it...

*A ball of mana comes out, but it fades away*

Jawo: Damn, it's no use.

Blue: Jawo, you're trying too hard.

Jawo: Oh?

Blue: Yeah, while concentrating, you need to keep a clear head. No disruptions, no hesitation. Like so.

*Blue expels a ball of mana from his hands*

Jawo: Ah, I think I got it. Alright, let's try again.

*Jawo concentrates once more, and he also expels a ball of mana from his hands*

Jawo: Hey! I did it!

Blue: Awesome. Now if you had the gift of magic, you could take that mana, and change its form into that of the elements. Like fire, for instance.

*Blue changes the ball of mana in a small flame*

Blue: And that's all there is to using magic.

Jawo: I see now. Heh, you're fairly knowledgeable, Blue.

Blue: Well I kinda have to know all of this. I do take it into account everytime I use a magic attack.

Lilia: Aaaah! What's going on over there!?

Blue: Lilia, what's the matter?

Lilia: The students, they're beating up someone by the lunch line!

Blue: Oh geez. Let's hurry!

*Blue and the others rush over to the scene. Meanwhile, the students are punching and kicking ILS' grounded body*

Sli: Help me, I'm being mugged!!

Blue: Alright, break it up!

Lilia: What are you guys doing!?

Boy: That guy kicked us out of the lunch line!

Girl: So we're teaching him a lesson!

*Sli gets to his feet, adjusts his mask, and dusts off his clothes*

Jawo: You!!

Blue: Why do you keep hanging around us!?

Sli: *backs away* Oh...this is NOT good...

Jawo: You're damn right it isn't! Come here!

Sli: Sli away!

*Sli runs out of the lunchroom with Jawo on his tail*

Jawo: You're not getting away this time!

Blue/Lilia: *sweatdrop*

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Blue: Alright class, it's time for the last lesson of the day, Mana Conversion. This part is the actual casting of the magic. After you focus and expel your mana, you channel the power of an element and change it into that.

Girl: How do we do that, Mr. Simpson?

Blue: It's fairly simple. Say you want to cast...oh...a Fireball spell. You'll want to think about the fire, picture it in your mind. Embrace it, if you will. That goes for any of the other elements as well.

Boy: Show us! Show us!

Blue: Okay okay. But I'm gonna need a target if I want to avoid causing any harm. Hmm.....Jawo, come up here.

Jawo: What!? Why me!?

Blue: Why not? You're telling me you can't handle a little Fireball spell?

Jawo: Fine fine. But if you overdo it, I'll make you regret it.

Blue: You don't have to worry about that. I know how to control my power.

*Jawo walks up the the front of the room and braces himself*

Jawo: Alright, Blue. Lemme have it!

Blue: Okay, here it comes! *casts spell* Fireball!!

*Blue sends three Fireballs towards Jawo. They collide with him, and he barely flinches*

Jawo: Heh, not too bad.

Blue: Any damage?

Jawo: Nope. Except for a singed shirt, I'm fine.

Blue: Alright class, now that you've seen how it works, you can begin your practice. But to make sure that no one gets hurt, just focus on producing a flame, rather than casting Fireball.

Children: Yes, Mr. Simpson.

*The students begin practicing mana conversion. Everyone appears to be doing fine, except for one little girl who can't seem to get it right*

Girl: *sobs* Oh...

Blue: Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Girl: Because *sniff* Everyone can do it b-but me...*sniff*

Blue: Oh come on, that's not true. Let's try it again, and I'll help you this time.

Girl: *wipes eyes* Okay...

*The girl focuses and expels her mana*

Blue: Alright, you got the first two steps down. Now remember what I told you. Think about the fire. Imagine a roaring flame spreading across a forest.

Girl: B-but...I can't!

Blue: You can't? Well uhm...try imagining your mother preparing dinner on the stove.

Girl: Okay! That's easy!

*The girl follows Blue's advice and a flame begins to flicker*

Blue: You almost got it! Keep going!

Girl: .....

Blue: Yes...just a little more... uh..?

*The girl thinks too hard and from her hands, a wild flame bursts outward and torches Blue's face, leaving it comically charred*

Girl: Aah! Mr. Simpson! W-what have I done!?


Blue: Pwah... *puffs out smoke* C-class...dismissed...*cough* Ugh...

*Blue faints*

Girl: Oh no!

Jawo: Run along, little girl. We'll take it from here.

Girl: W-will he be okay?

Lilia: Yeah, we'll take care of him. You just go on ahead.

Girl: Okay.

*The girl leaves the classroom and joins her friends. After Blue comes to, he and the others pack up their belongings and prepare to leave*

Lady M.: Very well done, Blue. You did much better than I excepted.

Blue: Oh, thanks. It was a nice learning experience for me. Maybe one day, when I decide to settle down, I'll become a magic teacher.

Lady M.: Well you'd certainly make an excellent teacher. No prior knowledge of teaching, and you already have a knack for it. And the children love you!

Blue: Do they really?

Lady M.: Oh yes! So much in fact, that they just couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye first. They're waiting outside for you now.

Lilia: Oh wow, let's go to them, Blue!

Blue: Yes, let's.

*Blue and the others leave the building and find all the students together outside*

Blue: Well kids, I guess this is goodbye...

Girl: Aww, I wish you didn't have to leave...

Boy: Yeah, you've taught us so much.

Blue: I wish I didn't have to go either. But me and my friends have something we need to do.

Lilia: But don't worry. We won't be gone forever.

Jawo: That's right, and once we're done with our travels, we'll come back and visit. Isn't that right, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, definitely.

Lady M.: Remember Blue, you and your friends are always welcome here. Come back anytime you feel like it.

Blue: Thanks, Magalina. We sure will.

Lady M.: Okay students, let's give Mr. Simpson and his friends one last farewell.

Children: Goodbye, Mr. Simpson!!!!

Blue: Bye everyone!

Lilia: See you all again soon!

Jawo: Take care of yourselves. And stay out of trouble!

*Blue and his friends leave the Magic School behind, as the students stand there waving goodbye. Eventually, it fades from sight*

Blue: Well, I guess it's time to get back on the road.

Lilia: Where are we headed next?

Jawo: Baldovain City is just a short hop from here. If we leave now, we should get there before nightfall.

Blue: Alright, let's go.

*Blue and the others leave Huran City. Meanwhile, ILS is hanging by his underwear on a tree branch, courtesy of Jawo*

Sli: Gah, they've finally left! Thank God! Now to follow them. But....how do I get down form here!?!?

*sigh* I'm getting a wedgie...

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*ILJ arrives in Huran City, though it's much too late, as Blue and the others have already departed*

ILJ: Hmm, this is the place, so where could they be?

*ILJ spots a kid hanging around the schoolyard, and approaches him*

ILJ: Hey kid!

Boy: Yeah?

ILJ: Did you happen to see a young man around here? Dark skinned, short brown hair, wearing a blue vest? Ring a bell?

Boy: Was he with two other people?

ILJ: Yes, a girl and an older guy.

Boy: Oh, that's Mr. Simpson!

ILJ: Mr....Simpson?

Boy: Yeah! He was our substitute teacher earlier today. Man, he was the best! *sadly* But he left us after school was over...

ILJ: Ah, so he's gone. Did he say where he was going?

Boy: Nope. But we saw him leave the city from the northern gate.

ILJ: Northern gate, huh? Okay, thanks a lot kid. Here, have a lolly.

*ILJ gives the boy a lollypop*

Boy: Hooray! *licklick*

ILJ: Cute kid. Now to find Blue. He couldn't have gotten far.

*ILJ runs off in pursuit of Blue. Meanwhile, he and the others have reached Baldovain City*

Blue: Finally here.

Lilia: You wanna go get a room for the night, Blue?

Blue: Nah, we've got a few hours to spare. Let's head to the castle first before retiring.

Jawo: Sounds like a plan.

*Blue and his friends head towards the castle, with ILS trailing behind as usual*

Sli: Hm, what could possibly be at the castle? Whatever it is, I'll be sure to find out. Nothing escapes the eye of Sli! ...Hehe...that's rhymes.

*The group arrives at the Castle Gate. Upon arriving, they are halted by the gate guards*

Guard1: Whoa, buddy. As usual, the castle is open to guests, but you must state your business before entering.

Blue: Well uhm, we want to have an audience with the King.

Lilia: That's not too much trouble, is it?

Guard1: No, not at all. You may enter.

Guard2: Hey, wait a minute.

Guard1: What is it?

Guard2: The kid...he looks familiar.

Guard1: He does?

Guard2: Yeah, he looks like...hey kid.

Blue: Who? Me?

Guard2: Yeah you. You wouldn't happen to be THE Blue by any chance, would you?

Blue: THE Blue? Well, I'm the only Blue I know, so I guess that's a yes. What of it?

Guard2: You're really Blue!? It's a miracle!!!

Jawo: Mind telling me what's so special about him?

Guard1: We've been looking for Blue for months now!

Guard2: When we saw no trace of him, we had figured he disappeared forever.

Blue: You've been looking for me? But why?

Guard1: Come in! Come in! Head Magician Lunes will explain everything!

Lilia: Lunes? Oh yeah! I remember him! He was the second person we asked for help with the shape shifter revelance spell. It'll be great to see him again!

Blue: Yeah, I wonder what he's been up to this whole time. Let's head in.

*Blue and the others head into the castle. Soon after, ILS arrives and attempts to gain entrance*

Sli: Excuse me, my good men.

Guard1: Hold it. You have to state your business just like everyone else.

Sli: Uhm...I'm with them.

Guard2: You're with Master Blue? Well excuse our impertinance. Come right in.

Sli: Well-a here we go!

Guard1: Wait a minute...

Sli: *scoffs* What now?

Guard1: The Great Blue wouldn't hang out with a freak like you.

Guard2: Yeah! He's much too sophisticated for the likes of you!

Sli: What!? B-but..but I--!

Guard1: No buts. Now get out of here before I poke you with this lance.

Guard2: You better listen. Those pokes don't feel very good.

Sli: *sadly* Okay...

*ILS turns around and begins to walk away. A second later, pulls a fast one and dashes past the guards and into the castle*

Guard1: Hey! You little rat!

Guard2: Stop! Come back here!

Sli: Sli away! *pants while running*

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*Upon entering the Castle, the group is greeted by Lunes, head magician of the court mages*

Lunes: Blue! Lilia! Hello!

Blue: Lunes! How've you been!?

Lunes: I've been just fine, but I'm more concerned about you. Where've you been for these past 4 months? We've been looking all over for you!

Blue: Yeah, about that. Just what do you have to tell me that's so important?

Lunes: Ah, well let me get straight to the point. The bounty on your head, it's been officially removed.

Blue: Really? But..why the sudden change?

Lunes: You see, ever since the word spread that you've become the new ruler of Jahannam, people feared that you would use your authority to wreak havoc across the land. This fear is what urged the King to place the bounty on you. But we didn't want to act merely out of fear, so we waited until we had the chance to meet you. And that chance came some two years later.

Jawo: Yeah, so then what?

Lunes: Oh? Who might you be?

Blue: This is our companion, Jawo.

Jawo: Hey there.

Lunes: So, I see you've replaced the perverted one. Thank Heavens, he was a menace.

Jawo: Why does everyone think I'm just a replacement for that bonehead?

Blue: Don't worry about it. Anyway, continue, Lunes.

Lunes: Ah, sorry about that. Anyway, as I was saying, we waited to actually meet with you before we took action. That time I met you 4 months ago was actually the deciding factor in what we should do about you. We learned the truth. That you were really a kind and righteous person, and that you could never do any wrong.

Lilia: Heheh, that's our Blue!

Lunes: So soon after you departed, we made the decision to remove the bounty on you. We tried to find you and tell you of the good news, but we couldn't...

Blue: Well, no matter. Everything's okay now.

Lunes: That's right. Now you and your friends cam return to your travels. You have nothing to worry about anymore.

Jawo: Hold on a minute!

Lunes: What is it, Jawo?

Jawo: Something still doesn't add up. If the bounty on Blue was removed those 4 months ago, then why the hell are those bounty hunters still after him?

Lunes: Excuse me? You're saying that bounty hunters are still chasing after Blue?

Blue: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we came here to try and convince the King to remove the bounty on me so all of this would stop. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Lilia: There's no bounty on Blue, yet they still come after him. Do you think maybe they don't know that the bounty was lifted?

Lunes: That's not possible though. We notified all the bounty hunter organizations personally of it. There's no way they couldn't have known.

Jawo: Then that must mean....they're after him for another reason...

Lunes: Are you certain of that?

Jawo: Well that's the only explanation.

Lilia: Do you think ILS is in on all of this?

Blue: I don't know. But we're going to find out. We're heading back to the IL Guild and putting a stop to this.

Jawo: Time for a house call, huh? I like that idea. Now's our chance to rough them up.

Lunes: Do you want us to look into this, Blue? We'd be happy to lend you a hand.

Blue: Thanks, but no thanks, Lunes. This is our problem, and we'll handle it.

Lunes: If you insist.

Blue: Alright guys, let's get going. And thanks again, Lunes.

Lunes: You're very welcome, Blue. And be careful.

*As the group is about to leave, ILS leaps from behind a pillar and confronts them*

Sli: Stop! I heard everything!

Jawo: You! *pounds fist* This time I'm gonna get you good!

Blue: Jawo wait. What do you want?

Sli: Everything, about the IL Guild, and the bounty, it's not true...is it?

Blue: It is true. Something's transpiring in there, and we're going to find out what it is.

Lilia: Why do you care anyway?

Sli: I..w-well..it's..I uhm...

*Just then, the guard comes up from behind ILS and restrains him*

Guard1: Ah ha! Thought you could get away from us, huh?

Guard2: Well you were wrong! Now you're ours!

Sli: Agh! No! G-guys! Please! Help me!

Blue: Hmm...all those in favor of helping him, say "I".

Jawo/Lilia: *whistles*

Blue: I thought as much. Let's go.

*Blue and the others leave the castle, leaving ILS at the mercy of the guards*

Sli: Wait! I promise I won't stalk you anymore! Come back!

Guard1: What do you think we should do with him?

Guard2: I think a good poking is in order. How about you?

Guard1: Ooh, I like that plan. Let's do it.

*The guards ready their lances*

Sli: Have mercy!!!


Sli: Aaaaauuuuuuuuuuggggh!!!

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*Blue and his friends leave Baldovain City. Later that day, ILJ arrives, but once again, she's too late*

ILJ: I've got you this time, Blue! Now where are you...?

*ILS leaps from a building and lands in front of ILJ*

Sli: So, you've finally caught up.

ILJ: Hn? Who are you?

*ILS takes off his eye mask*

ILS: Rachel, it's me, Mads.

ILJ: Mads? What are you doing parading around in that get up? And...why are there puncture wounds all over your body? Has someone been poking you?

ILS: I'd...rather not talk about it... Anyway, if you're looking for Blue, you just missed him. He and his friends left just a few hours ago.

ILJ: *gasp* I did!? Not again!! Ooh, I'm always late! Where are they headed?

ILS: They're going back to the Guild.

ILJ: The Guild? But why would they--

ILS: Because, they found out that there really was no bounty on Blue's head. Not anymore, anyway.

ILJ: What? You can't be serious.

ILS: It's true. We discovered that it was lifted months ago. The Head Magician of the Castle told us himself.

ILJ: If that's true...then why... No. That can't be right. This is probably just another one of your games.

ILS: Eh, take it how you will. But I know that something's going on with the Guild, and I don't like it. If you were smart, you'd stop pursuing Blue and join him instead.

ILJ: Join him? Never. I don't believe any of this. I'm going to hunt down Blue and put a stop to him once and for all.

ILS: Rachel, will you just face the facts? There IS no bounty on Blue. You're chasing after him for the wrong reasons.

ILJ: Just shut up! How dare you try to tell me what's wrong. One way or another, I'm going to take Blue down, and if you get in my way, I'll have to kill you.

ILS: Kill me? Rachel, I know you much better than that. You're too soft to ever slay anybody. Why do you think you're still a D rank hunter while I'm an A rank? You're a better fighter than me, but you've never killed a target. You don't have what it takes.

ILJ: So, you think you've got me all figured out, do you? Well I'll just have to prove you wrong once again. Goodbye, Mads.

*ILJ runs off*

ILS: Rachel, come back! You fool, you don't know what you're doing...

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*Meanwhile, the group has set off back on the road towards the IL Guild. Night falls, and it becomes too dark for them to continue traveling*

Blue: Hmm, it's getting dark out.

Lilia: Should we head back to town, Blue?

Blue: Nah, we've come too far out to go back. We'll just set up camp here for the night.

Lilia: Camp!? B-but that means...we'll have to sleep outside!

Blue: Is something wrong with that?

Lilia: Yes! I don't want to be out here with the bugs and dirt and wild, ravenous creatures! Please, let's go back to the city and get a nice safe room!

Blue: Stop being a baby, Lilia. It's too dangerous for us to travel at night. With it being so dark outside, we'll lose our bearings and end up getting lost.

Jawo: Yeah, and besides, it'll be nice to chill outside for a change. I can't even remember the last time I slept under a starry sky.

Blue: So that's settles it. Jawo, you roll out the sleeping bags while I set up the fire.

Jawo: Sure thing, Blue.

Lilia: *groans*

*Jawo sets up the 3 sleeping bags, while Blue uses a Fire Spell to make a fire for the group the sit around*

Blue: Alright, camp is set up. So what's next?

Lilia: *stomach rumbles* How about some dinner? We haven't eaten anything all day!

Jawo: Well then get cooking.

Lilia: Me!? But I cooked yesterday! It's someone elses turn!

Blue: Oh for crying out loud, Lilia! You know we can't cook!

Jawo: Actually, Blue, I wouldn't mind fixing us up a little something.

Blue: Oh yeah? What can you cook?

Jawo: My mother knows a recipe for a mean beef stew. Trust me, it's amazing.

Blue: Beef stew, eh? Okay, Jawo. It's in your hands.

Jawo: Alright! I'll get started right now!

*Jawo gathers all of the necessary ingredients and throws them into a pot. He places it over the fire and begins to stir it all together*

Lilia: Well, how's it coming along?

Jawo: Just a little longer, Lilia. *tastes stew* Hmm...it needs something, but what?

*Jawo shuffles through his belongings*

Jawo: Ah, there we go. This should give it the kick it needs.

*Jawo adds his extra ingredient to the stew. Several minutes later, the stew is ready, and he prepares a serving for everyone*

Jawo: Eat up, guys! I put my best into this one.

Lilia: Wow, it smells delicious! I can't wait to dig in!

Blue: Hmm, the bouquet is quite soothing, I'll admit. But can it stand to satisfy my sophisticated palette? I shall put it to the test!

Jawo: Just shut up and eat, Blue.

Blue: Hmph, no need to get testy.

*Blue and Lilia taste the stew*

Jawo: Well? How do you like it?

*Upon tasting the stew, Blue's eyes bulge in a comical fashion. His cheeks bulge as if he's about to puke, but he swallows it down to avoid doing so*

Blue: Blargh!!! Jawo, what did you put in this!? It's God awful!

Jawo: Uhm, I thought it tasted a little bland, so I poured in a can of Sprite for some extra flavor.

Blue: Sprite!? Are you mad!? Who in their right mind puts soda in beef stew!? It's inconceivable!

Jawo: Well I liked it. *twiddles thumbs*

Blue: Well of course YOU'd like it. You're a Sprite freak! You like anything with Sprite in it! My God, what is wrong with you!?

Lilia: Oh, I don't know, Blue. I think it tastes pretty good. Jawo's right, the Lemony Limoney twist of Sprite is just what that stew needed.

Jawo: Ha! That's two to one, Blue. You lose!

*Blue slams the bowl on the ground, shattering it*

Lilia: Blue! That was my good china!!!

Blue: Well I don't care! Mark my words, Jawo. You'll pay dearly for making me experience that monstrosity you call culinary cuisine.

Jawo: Blue, do you need a time out?

Blue: Don't toy with me! Hah!!

*Blue tosses a Fireball at Jawo's bowl, breaking it and causing stew to splatter all over Jawo's pants*

Jawo: Hey!!! *cracks knuckles* You're dead meat...

Blue: *gulp*

Lilia: Jawo! No! Don't hurt him! ....Uh..?

*Jawo puts Blue in headlock and gives him a noogie*

Jawo: Mega Noogie!!!

Blue: No! Stop! Please!

Jawo: Not until you tell me who your King is.

Blue: You're my King!! Now let me gooooo! *sobs*

Jawo: Heh, okay crybaby.

Lilia: *sigh* You guys... *sweatdrop*

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*The next morning, the group packs up and gets back on the road. Before long, they reach the entrance to the IL Guild base*

Blue: Okay, we're here. Let's go in.

Lilia: Blue wait!

Blue: What now, Lilia?

Lilia: You can't just go charging in there like that! In case you forgot, everybody in there wants you dead. We need a plan first.

Blue: A plan? Like?

Lilia: Uhm...well how would I know? You're the smart one, you come up with a plan.

Blue: Okay, here's a plan. We bust right in there and kick some ass.

Jawo: Now you're speaking my language, Blue. Let's do it!

Lilia: Uh! No! A plan that'll actually work! I was thinking maybe we could find another entrance and sneak in from there, as to avoid detection. Then we could put the squeeze on the man in charge, without all the nasty scrapes inbetween. Now doesn't that sound good? .......Blue? ...Jawo?

*Blue and Jawo are walking towards the main entrance, having completely ignored Lilia's words*

Lilia: Egh, hey!!

Blue: Sorry, Lilia. Wasn't listening.

Jawo: Yeah, we're too busy being men.

Lilia: Blue! Jawo! Come back! *sigh* They're such boys...

*Lilia runs to catch up with the others. Meanwhile, in her pursuit of Blue, ILJ has stumbled across their abandoned campsite*

ILJ: Hmm...a campsite. I wonder if it belongs to Blue and crew...

*Upon inspecting the area, ILJ finds some of Jawo's leftover soup and decides to help herself*

ILJ: Well speak of the devil! Leftover stew! And thank goodness too, because I'm starving!

*ILJ tastes the stew. She pauses for a second, then she immediately slurps it down with glee*

ILJ: Rapture! This is....stupendous! A gift from the Gods! Whoever prepared this magical dish is a culinary master! Putting Sprite in beef stew, such genius! I must have the recipe.

*ILJ packs up the rest of the soup in a canister and stows it away for later*

ILJ: But, I've regressed. I shall not let this most tasty treat distract me from my objective. Blue, you will be mine.

*ILJ leaves the campsite and continues on her way back to the Guild. Meanwhile, Blue and the others begin their infiltration, storming in directly from the front*

Jawo: Alright, which one of you goons is the one in charge!? Speak up!

Hunter1: Who wants to know!?

Blue: I do!

Hunter2: It's Blue!

Jawo: Yeah, you see, our buddy here is being pursued by you guys for no reason, and...his friends aren't too happy about that. So unless you wanna be eating crystal for lunch, you'll give us some answers.

Hunter3: You've got a lot of moxy invading our base like that. Well we'll teach you to mess with the IL Bounty Hunters! Get them!

*The hunter whistles, calling forth more hunters to join the fray*

Hunter3: Don't let any of them escape alive!

Jawo: Hah, it's your funeral.

Blue: Looks like it's time for another throwdown. You guys ready?

Lilia: Ready, Blue. *draws weapons*

Jawo: Heh, I've been waiting for this. *grabs hilt of sword*

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Blue: In that case, let's take em down! *engulfs hands in flames*

Jawo: Blue, wait?

Blue: What is it?

Jawo: You go on ahead. We'll handle things here.

Blue: But...are you sure you can do it without me?

Lilia: Yeah, we'll be fine. Just hurry and find the Official.

Jawo: Me and Lilia will cover you. Now go.

Blue: Alright. Be careful.

*Blue leaves the group to make his way through the base*

Hunter1: He's trying to get away! After him!

Jawo: Not so fast!

*Jawo plunges his sword into the ground, causing large crystal peaks to protude from the ground, blocking the hunters from pursuing Blue*

Hunter2: W-what the--!

Jawo: If you want to get to him, you'll have to go through us first.

Hunter1: You. Diiiiiiiie!!!

*The first hunter charges at Jawo with his sword drawn. He swings, but Jawo blocks the attack, and proceeds to knock the sword out of the hunters hand*

Hunter1: No!!

Jawo: Big mistake. Hyah!!

*Jawo brings his sword across, cutting cleanly through the hunter. Blood spews from his wound as his life fades away*

Hunter1: Guaagacck!!

Jawo: And there's more where that came from. If you ever hope to beat me, it's gonna take more than just one of you.

Lilia: Ah! Don't give them any ideas, Jawo!

Jawo: Relax, Lilia. Not even an army of these guys could take me down.

Lilia: Overconfidence breeds disaster...

Jawo: It's not being overconfident when it's all true! Come on! I'm ready for ya!

Hunter2: Cocky brat. We'll show you! Come on!

*The next three hunters charge at Jawo*

Jawo: Only three? Eh, beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Meltdown!!

*The blade of Jawo's sword liquifies and turns into a bubble of liquid crystal. It then slowly floats towards the hunters*

Hunter3: Hah, is that all you got? Well we'll just have to burst your bubble!

*The three hunters attack the bubble in an attempt to pop it. But instead, the bubble traps their weapons and begins to engulf them*

Hunter2: W-what's happening!?

Hunter3: I can't...get free!!

Hunter4: What kind of bubble is this!? Aaagggh!!

*The liquid crystal completely swallows the hunters. It immediately hardens, crystallizing them. Jawo's sword then reforms*

Lilia: Whoa, you really know some neat tricks, Jawo.

Jawo: Lilia, would you do the honors?

Lilia: Oh! Yeah, of course! Leave it to me!

*Lilia reaches into her satchel and pulls out a bomb. She flings it at the crystallized hunters, and it explodes. Sending the crystallized pieces of the hunters scattering everywhere*

Jawo: Not too shabby, Lilia. *thumbs up*

Lilia: Right back at ya, Jawo! *thumbs up*

Hunter5: Hey! You haven't won yet!

Hunter6: Yeah, don't forget about us!

Hunter7: Wait you idiots! If we go after that guy, we're toast!

Hunter5: Well then what do we do?

Hunter7: Let's get the girl!

Hunter6: Yeah!!

*The remaining hunters charge in, this time with their attack focused on Lilia*

Jawo: Alright, here they co--W-wait. They're not coming for me, they're-- Lilia! Watch out!

Lilia: Aaah!!

*The hunters close in on Lilia and prepare to attack. She makes a move and rolls past the hunters, avoiding their attack*

Hunter5: You can't run away forever!

Hunter6: Yeah, you have to face us sometime!

*The hunters charge after her again, but this time, Jawo steps in front of her, and they quickly come to a halt*

Jawo: Picking on the girl, huh? That's pretty low, even for you.

Hunter7: Aaah! It's him!

Hunter5: Game Over, man! Game Over!

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares another technique*

Jawo: Oh yes. I've got a special technique, just for you. You'll love it.

Lilia: Jawo, wait!

Jawo: Lilia?

Lilia: You don't have to do anything. I've already got it covered. *wink*

Jawo: Oh yeah? Well let's see.

Lilia: Gladly. .....Now!!!

*Just then, a beeping sound is heard. The hunters look for the source of the noise, only to find small objects attached to their clothes*

Hunter5: Hey, what are these things?

Hunter6: They look like....Aaaah!

Hunter7: What's the matter!?

Hunter6: They're...they're remote bombs!!!

*The beeping noise speeds up and stops. The bombs then detonate, engulfing the remaining hunters in flames*

Lilia: Yeah! I got em!

Jawo: Remote bombs? Heh, can't say I saw that coming.

Lilia: See, I can be clever too when I need to be.

Jawo: I never doubted you for a second, Lilia. You and me make a great team!

Lilia: Mhm! Now let's go find Blue. He probably needs our help.

Jawo: Right, let's do it!

*Having made quick work of the hunters, Jawo and Lilia set off to catch up with Blue*

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*Blue is running down the halls of the base, searching for the whereabouts of the Official*

Blue: Where could he be hiding...?

*Blue continues his search. Once he turns a corner leading down another hallway, he is sent flying when he's struck in the face with a powerful kick*

Blue: Uaaagh!! What the heck!?

??: Ha! How did you like that, Blue?

Blue: Wha-? Who are you?

ILJ: Me? Why I'm Rachel! Hunter Extraordinaire! But you can call me ILJ.

Blue: ILJ, huh? I can already tell that you're different from those other hunters we've been going up against. So tell me, why are you after me?

ILJ: Why do you think? To claim the bounty on your head, silly.

Blue: What? You mean you don't know that the bounty on me has been lifted?

ILJ: Ergh, not that again! Quit trying to mess with me!

Blue: What are you talking about? It's the truth! Now stop this foolishness and surrender.

ILJ: Well now, and if I don't?

Blue: Then I'll have no choice but to use force!

*Blue runs towards ILJ and throws a punch. She catches his fist, then pulls him forward and pushes him down. She then tries to stamp him with her heel, but Blue hops out of they way just in time*

ILJ: Goodness! You'd put your hands up against a woman? What kind of man are you?

Blue: The kind that doesn't give a darn what gender you are. I don't care if you're a girl, a baby, or somebody's grandma. If you're my enemy, you're going down.

ILJ: Ooh, you're so...forceful. I like that in a man.

Blue: *blushes* Egh..be quiet...

*As Blue and ILJ stare eachother down, Jawo and Lilia arrive on the scene*

Jawo: Yo, Blue!

Lilia: Blue, we found you!

Blue: Hey guys, I see you've made it out okay.

Jawo: No sweat, those guys were easy pickings. ....Uh? Hey, who's the chick?

Blue: That's ILJ, another bounty hunter...

Jawo: Oh yeah? Hm...she's pretty hot for a bounty hunter. Yes indeedy...

Lilia: Hn!? ILS, why you...!!!

*Lilia grabs Jawo's ear and tugs on it*

Jawo: Ow! Lilia, what's wrong with you!? I'm not ILS!

Lilia: Oh! Eheheh, sorry Jawo. Forcive habit. *rubs head*

Blue: Guys, stop playing around and give me a hand here.

ILJ: So, the three of you are going to come at me at once, eh? Heehee, sounds like fun!

Jawo: Sorry, Blue. No can do.

Blue: What? Why not!?

Jawo: I'll never ever hit a lady. It's just wrong.

Blue: You've gotta be kidding me. Didn't you hear? Chivalry is dead.

Jawo: Not according to the Code of Sprite Ethics it's not.

*Jawo pulls out a small booklet from his pocket*

Jawo: Here, it's states that "Ye who followseth the way of Sprite, must never attacketh the womeneth. Lest he be condemed to never quencheth his thirsteth again....eth." So you see, as a devout Sprite consumer, I'm strictly forbidden from raising my sword against a woman.

Blue: You just made that up!

Jawo: Yeah, well so what if I did? I've made my point, and I'm sticking by it. You'll just have to do it without me.

Blue: Ugh, you're no help at all. Come on, Lilia. We'll take her ourselves.

Lilia: I'm with you, Blue.

ILJ: Aw, so it's just going to be the two of you now? And here I thought I was gonna have some fun. *sigh* Oh well...

Blue: I'd be worried if I were you. There's no way you're gonna take the two of us armed with only a combat knife.

ILJ: Hmm, you know what? You're right. The knife is a little much. Maybe I should throw it away.

Jawo: Oooh! Burn!

Blue: Damn her. You're not gonna make a joke out of me!

*Blue runs in for another attack. He throws a punch, but ILJ catches his fist. He throws a punch with the other hand, but she catches that one as well. With his arms tied, he ducks and attempts to sweep kick her, but she hops over the attack. Blue then throws a flurry of kicks from all over, but ILJ blocks them all with little effort. When the last kick is throw, she grabs hold of his leg*

Blue: Ergh...

ILJ: Hahahah, nice try! But not good enough!

*ILJ throws Blue leg to the ground, causing him to lose his balance and stumble. She then uses that opportunity to land a few punches on Blue's face, and then finishes the assault with a kick to the ribs, knocking him to the ground*

Blue: Gaaaaah!!!

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!

ILJ: Had enough?

*Blue rises to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth*

Blue: *panting* Not even close. There's no way I'm losing to a...weak female...

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ILJ: *surprised* Excuse me? What did you just say?

Blue: You heard me. I said weak female. I'll say it again if you need me to.

ILJ: Why Blue, you've got a lot nerve generalizing us women in such a crude manner. I'd like to know why you'd say such a thing.

Blue: Because, everyone knows that males are stronger, smarter, and just overall more capable than females. It's common knowledge.

ILJ: Well now! This is news to me! I'll give it to you that some girls are weak and pathetically dull-witted, but to say all of us are like that is just plain absurd. I mean, how could you with me standing right in front of you!?

Blue: Hmm, okay. I guess you're an exception. But I still stand by what I said! It'll be a cold day in Hell when a woman bests me in battle!

ILJ: Hmm...well now that you mention it, my tootsies have been feeling a little nippy as of late...

Blue: What are you, a wisenheimer!?

ILJ: *giggles* Calm down, Blue. I'm just trying to make conversation.

Blue: Make conversation? Make conversation!?!? *stammers* We're enemies!!

ILJ: Ooh, I know. But does that mean we can't have a nice little chat? I mean, you're kinda fun to talk to.

Blue: Agh! Idiotic woman! Well what are you waiting for, Lilia? Don't just stand there, help me fight!

Lilia: Oh, I'm SO sorry, Blue. I wasn't aware that you wanted help from a weak female!!!

Blue: Yaah! L-L-Lilia! I-I didn't mean you, of course! *nervous laugh* I just...I..I...

Lilia: Hmm, okay. I'll help you. But only if apologize first.

Blue: Fine, I'm sorry.

Lilia: ...I'm still not helping...

Blue: But you said--!!

Lilia: I lied. But you're such a big strong man, Blue! Surely you can take her without little old me. That is...unless you're wrong, and this woman can indeed beat you.

Blue: Ggh!!

Jawo: Blue, did you forget that your best friend is a girl, or are you just stupid?

Blue: Jawo, you are not helping...

ILJ: Hahaha! Wow, Blue. Your friends are really supportive!

Blue: *glares at Lilia and Jawo* Yeah, tell me about it...

Lilia/Jawo: *whistles*

ILJ: You know, Blue. You kinda remind me of myself a little. You and me are a lot alike, afterall.

Blue: What? You've gotta be--! ...Okay, I'll bite. How are we alike?

ILJ: Oh, you should already know that.

Blue: Actually no, I don't. Now tell me.

ILJ: Ah ah ah! I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to find out on your own.

Blue: I'm really not in the mood for games...

ILJ: What? This is no game, Blue! It's...it's a test. A test to see how strong our bond is.

Blue: Bond!? For the love of-- *facepalm*

ILJ: Oh just take a guess!

Blue: Alright alright. Hold on. ...Uhm...is it because...fight for...things?

ILJ: What? Are you even trying!?

Blue: Not really...

ILJ: Guess again. I'll give you another shot.

Blue: Uhm...is it because we...both have people we care for?

ILJ: Heheh, nice guess, but that's not it.

Blue: Okay, then I give up.

ILJ: What!? Already!? Blue, you're no fun...

Blue: The game or test or whatever it is is over. Now tell me how we're alike or be done with it.

ILJ: Well...I don't know..Eh..heheh. *scratches head*

Lilia/Jawo: *sweatdrop*

Blue: How can you say we're alike if you don't even know why!?!?

ILJ: Uhm, I know that we are, but I just don't know why...

Blue: Then the means we aren't!! I've had just about all I could stand of you, woman. Playtime's over. Time to finish this.

ILJ: Well, if you insist. It was nice talking to you, Blue!

Blue: Pffffbbtft! Whatever!

(Author's Note: The talk between Blue and ILJ was loosely based on an actual conversation that me and Bass (who is ILJ, for those who didn't know) had a while ago)

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ILJ: Okay, Blue. I hope you're ready for thi--

*But before ILJ can react, in a flash, ILS appears from behind and restrains her*

Blue: Wha-- It's him again!

Jawo: The masked loser!

Sli: I'm not a masked loser!

Lilia: What's he doing here!?

Sil: Hurry and find the Official, Blue! He's in the room just down the hall, now get going! I'll hold her off!

ILJ: Aagh! *struggles* Mads, what are you doing!? Let go of me!

Blue: ...No way. ILS, it's you behind that mask!?

Lilia: You're the one who's been following us this whole time?

Sil: Yeah, it was me. But I'll explain later! Just go!

Blue: Okay. Let's go, guys.

*Blue and the others follow ILS' orders and heads down the hallway*

ILJ: Egh, no! I have to stop them! Unhand me, Mads! Right now!

Sli: Not until you stop attacking Blue! I told you there was no bounty on him! Why won't you listen!?

*ILJ stops struggling*

ILJ: You mean...you're for real?

Sli: Well duh! Why would I lie about something like that!?

ILJ: Because I..I thought you were trying to fool me into giving up on capturing Blue, so you could get him and take all the glory for yourself...

Sli: That's crazy, Rachel. Blue is my friend. I would never do that.

ILJ: He's...your friend? Since when?

Sli: *sigh* Guess I better come clean. Remember how I said that Blue got away from me the first time I was sent after him? Well the truth is, I was traveling alongside him the whole time.

ILJ: Heh, Mads, you sneaky fox. I knew something was fishy when you left and didn't come back for over a month. You were just having a merry old time with Blue boy there.

Sli: I'm sorry for keeping it a secret from you all this time.

ILJ: Hey, don't worry about that. Besides, we've got more important things to tend to.

*ILJ runs off to follow Blue and the others*

Sli: Wait, where are you going!?

ILJ: We're looking for the Official, right? Well come on!

Sli: Uh..yeah!

*ILS follows after ILJ. Meanwhile, Blue and his friends have reached the room that ILS spoke of earlier. They open the door, only to find it completely empty*

Blue: There's...no one in here...

Jawo: Do you think he maybe he flew the coup?

Blue: I don't know. But let's search the rest of the building just to make sure.

Jawo/Lilia: Right.

ILJ: Blue, wait!

Blue: You. What do you want now?

ILJ: Relax, I'm not here to fight. That's all water under the bridge now. Did you find the Official yet?

Blue: No. We found the room, but he wasn't in there.

*ILS catches up with the others*

Sli: You said he's not in there? But...why would he leave...? This doesn't make sense.

Blue: We don't know. That's why we're going to look through the building to see if he's hiding anywhere else.

ILJ: Good idea, Blue. We'll help. Come on, Mads.

Sli: Yeah.

*The group splits up and scours the base in search of the Official. A while later, they regroup, but with no positive results*

Blue: I didn't find anything. How about you guys?

Jawo: Nope. Nothing.

Lilia: Same here.

Blue: ILS, ILJ, how about you?

Sli: I didn't find anything either.

ILJ: Same. It seems like the place is totally deserted.

Blue: Damn. Do you two know where he could've run off to?

Sli: Well, there is the main headquarters...

Blue: Okay, where is it located?

ILJ: That's the problem. None of us know where it is.

Jawo: Well that sure does us some good. What do we do now?

Blue: I guess we have no choice but to find the headquarters on our own. Any idea where to start looking?

Sli: Hmm...other than here, there are 3 more IL Guild bases in this region.

ILJ: Yeah, one in the northern reaches, which is where we are now, one in the east, one in the south, and another in the west. It's not much, but it's all we have to go on right now.

Blue: Well, it's a start, at any rate. I guess we'll head for the eastern base and begin our search there. Is that okay with you two?

Jawo: Whatever you decide is fine with me, Blue.

Lilia: Same here. We're with you all the way.

Blue: Alright. And what about you two? What will you do?

Sli: Well if it's not too much trouble, we'd like to accompany you. Isn't that right, Rachel?

ILJ: Yeah, I'm not one to stand by and watch an injustice like this take place. I don't know what the Official is up to, but I wanna help you stop him.

Blue: But...are you sure about this? I mean, you are going up against your fellow hunters afterall.

Sli: Fellow hunters? Pfft! I thought you knew me better than that, Blue! This is just a job I do to pay the bills! You guys are my true friends. If anyone messes with you, they mess with me.

ILJ: What Mads said, basically. I may've worked alongside them, but they mean next to nothing to me. Besides, you and your little band are much cooler than they are, Blue. *wink*

Blue: Then it's settled. Let's get moving.

Jawo: Hold on a minute.

Blue: What is it, Jawo?  

Jawo: Are you sure it's a good idea for us all to be traveling together in one big group? I think it'd be better if we split up, don't you think?

Blue: Hm, on second thought, I suppose you're right. If we split up, it would make finding the headquarters a lot easier. Plus it's safer to travel in small groups.

Lilia: But how should we split up, Blue?

Blue: *thinks* ...Okay, we'll do it like this. Jawo and Lilia, you two'll stay with me.

Jawo: Got it.

Lilia: Alright.

Blue: ILS and ILJ, since you're both technically one of the enemy, I think it'd be better for us if you two go together. Is that okay?

Sli: Crystal clear, Blue.

ILJ: You can count on us!

Blue: Good. In that case, we'll head for the eastern base, while you'll go for the western. Provided that everything goes well, we'll meet back at the inn at Awedon City and report our findings.

Sli: Cool. But first. Seeing as I don't need this anymore...

*ILS takes off his eye mask and cape, ditching the Sli persona and returning to ILS*

ILS: Ha! ILS is back in action!

Blue: Heh, I'm glad to have you back.

ILS: But..Blue. I feel I owe you guys apology. It was never my intent to capture you in the first place. It was just the heat of the moment and...and...

Blue: Don't worry about it.

ILS: What?

Blue: Despite what we may've thought during that time, we never stopped trusting you, ILS.

Lilia: Yeah, we knew all along that you'd never really betray us. We know you too well!

ILS: Aw, you guys. Sheesh, you're gonna make me cry!

ILJ: Heehee. Seeing you guys get all touchy feely like this makes me wish that I was apart of your little group.

Lilia: Well what's stopping you?

ILJ: Huh?

Lilia: You don't have to feel left out, you know. You can be our friend too!

ILJ: R-really?

Jawo: Yeah, the more the merrier, ain't that right, Blue?

Blue: Mmn, I guess...

Jawo: Hrmph! Blue...

ILJ: Haha! It's okay, Jawo!

*ILJ runs up and hugs Blue*

ILJ: I know that Blue and me will become the best of friends in due time!

Blue: *annoyed* Keep dreaming...

ILS: Really, I'd like nothing more than to catch up with you all, but shouldn't we get going right about now?

Blue: Yeah, you're right, ILS. We've got a long road ahead of us, so let's head out, everybody!

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*Meanwhile, in the IL Guild Headquarters, nestled deep in Southern Wastelands, the Official arrives*

Hunter: Official! Sir, you've arrived!

Official: Yeah, what of it?

Hunter: Uhm well, last I heard, the northern base where you previously were was conquered by Blue and his companions. Not even ILJ could handle them...

Official: I'm well aware of this.

Hunter: What should we do about this, sir?

Official: Send a messenger to every remaining base. Tell them all to be on the lookout for Blue. Their orders are to detain and capture him...alive.

Hunter: Every hunter, sir? But don't you think that's a bit extreme? He is but one man with one bounty. There are hundreds of others out there.

Official: Are you questioning my orders?

*The Official shoots the hunter a piercing glare*

Hunter: Aah! N-n-n-no, sir!

Official: Send a messenger to the eastern and western bases, and have him relay my orders, NOW!

Hunter: Yes! Right away sir!!

*The hunter sets out about his task. The Official then proceeds into his quarters*

Official: Heheheh, stupid hunters. So easily tricked.

*Suddenly, the Official changes forms, revealing himself to actually be Mephiles, the shape shifter. Thought to have been killed by Blue in the events that transpired 4 months (nearly 2 years to Blue and co.) prior*

??: Are you sure it's safe for you to take on your regular form?

Mephiles: Your shenanigans ever cease to annoy me. Stop sulking in the shadows and show yourself.

??: Fine fine...

*A mysterious figure rises from the ground, revealing himself to Agaranok, once again summoned by Mephiles*

Agaranok: So I assume everything's going as you planned?

Mephiles: Not quite. That Blue is an evasive one, he is.

Agaranok: Ah, I heard. He even managed to lay waste to an entire base of bounty hunters. Such is no simple feat.

Mephiles: Grr, I knew I should've destroyed him when I had the chance. Curse these bounty hunters. Weaklings, all of them!

Agaranok: Calm down. Surely he will not be able to defeat all of them. Yes, he is powerful, but their ranks far outnumber his.

Mephiles: Hmhm, yes. Perhaps you are right. But nothing is certain.

Agaranok: And while we're on the subject, care to remind me why you require my services again?

Mephiles: Just in case this does not work, you will be my contingency plan. A last resort, of sorts.

Agaranok: So you want me to clean up after your messes, huh?

Mephiles: I don't like your tone, Agaranok.

Agaranok: Relax. It is my duty to obey your orders, as you are the one who's summoned me. So, I may as well make the best of it.

Mephiles: Good.

Agaranok: And besides, I've been waiting for the opportunity to challenge Blue again. I wonder how far he's come since our last battle.

Mephiles: Enough! This will not be one of your silly duels of honor. You will defeat Blue by any means necessary if it comes down to it. Is that understood?

Agaranok: *groans* Yes, Master...

Mephiles: Now leave me, you worm! I have business to attend to.

Agaranok: Hmph. As you wish. *disappears*

*After Agaranok leaves, Mephiles resumes the form of the Official*

Official: Hahahah. Soon...soon, you will be mine, Blue. And then I will have my revenge!

*The Official leaves his quarters, afterwards, Agaranok resurfaces*

Agaranok: Hmm, I wonder... Show me how strong you've become, Blue. Show me your true power.

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*Meanwhile, we rejoin Blue and co. as they've split up and part ways to accomplish their goal*

(From here on, I'll be alternating scenarios between the two groups. For example, one chapter will focus on one group, while the following chapter focuses on the other, and so on until they come back together. Starting with the group of Mads and Rachel)

*Mads and Rachel begin their journey to the western base. We join them as they are traveling on the road*

Mads: Hm...I'm bored. I wish we'd find this base already so we can start kicking some tail.

*Rachel stops walking*

Rachel: Aah!

Mads: Hey, what's the matter? Why did you stop walking?

Rachel: Something's...happening to me...

Mads: Hm? Like what?

Rachel: I don't know. It's just...it feels like something is coming over me.

Mads: Uhm...are you sick? *scratches head*

Rachel: No, not sick. I feel...empowered!!

Mads: Oh! Now I see why!

Rachel: Huh?

Mads: You've got yourself a font color, Rachel! Congratulations!

Rachel: A...font color? What does that mean?

Mads: Gee uh...I don't really know.

??: Then allow me to explain it for you.

Mads/Rachel: Hunh?

*Just then, Bob appears in front of Mads and Rachel*

Mads: Bob!?

Bob: Oh hello, ILS. Long time no see.

Mads: What are you doing here?

Bob: You see, I couldn't help but overhear your little predicament, and I thought I'd make a short cameo to shed some light on things.

Mads: Uhm...okay...*scratches head*

Rachel: Who's he? Is this a friend of yours, Mads?

Bob: Ah, Rachel. I don't believe we've met. My name is Bob the Omnipotent, but you can call me Bob. How do you do?

Rachel: Hey, how did you know my name?

Bob: I know lots of things, Rachel. One of them being the answer to your feeling of "empowerment" as you described it.

Rachel: Oh yeah, why don't you fill me in?

Bob: Of course. Your new lime green font color is a symbol of your importance to the plot of this here tale.

Rachel: What? Plot? Tale? I'm not following you.

Bob: I expected that reaction. Ah well, may I continue?

Rachel: Oh yeah, of course. Go ahead.

Bob: Now that you've joined Blue and his friends, you are no longer an NPC, as well call it.

Mads: N...P...C? What's that?

Bob: ILS, an NPC is short for non playable character. Or in this case, is the multitude of people that are not Blue and friends, or the big terrible baddie that you must pummel.

Rachel: Oh, I think I get it now! NPC's are people like the civilians, or the generic bounty hunters we come across, right?

Bob: Exactly right. You're a quick study, Rachel. Since you are no longer one of the NPC's, you have gained your own font color. Like me and ILS.

Rachel: You guys have one too? What's your color, Mads?

Mads: Mine's Navy Blue, according to Bob.

Rachel: Navy Blue!? Aww, no fair!

Bob: Hahaha, don't not fret, Rachel. Lime Green is a splendid color, unique only to you. Embrace it, make it your own. For it is yours to behold.

Rachel: Really? Heh, I guess that's pretty cool.

Bob: I'm glad you understand. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave.

Mads: Wait, Bob! Since you're here and all, won't you help us out?

Bob: Well you see, I'd love to, but I've got to get back to Zeldafan and her story. I'm already late as it is.

Mads: Oh...

Bob: Don't look down, ILS. You'll be just fine without my help. Mephiles is no match for your combined might.

Mads: *surprised* Wait, Mephiles!? What does he have to do with this!?

Bob: Oops. I believe I've said too much. Gotta run. Good luck, you two.

*Bob disappears*

Rachel: That guy was awesome. I hope we meet up with him again someday.

Mads: Yeah, knowing him, we probably will. Let's keep going.

Rachel: Right.

*Mads and Rachel soon arrive in the nearby City of Lahnzay, a large community one the edge of a mountainous region*

Mads: Alright, we made it.

Rachel: Hey, this is Lahnzay City, isn't it?

Mads: Oh yeah? It is, isn't it? In that case, I know where we should go first! Come on!

*Mads runs off into town, leaving Rachel behind*

Rachel: Mads, wait up!

*Rachel runs after Mads, eventually following him to the front of a large building named "The Shot Spot"*

Mads: Hey Rach, remember this place?

Rachel: Huh? Oh yeah! This is the club where we and the guys would always hang out. Wanna go in and check it out?

Mads: Yeah, I wonder if they're still hanging here. If they are, maybe we can dig up some info about headquarters from them.

Rachel: That's a good idea. Let's do it.

Mads: Oh, wait a second.

Rachel: What?

Mads: Look at the sign on the window. *points*

Rachel: Hmm..."Couples get 1/2 off the entry fee"...

Mads: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Rachel: Not on your life.

Mads: Why!?

Rachel: Because, you know full well that I'm already in a relationship. You're not going to pull a fast one on me.

Mads: But it's not like that! It's just to save us some cash down the road.

Rachel: I still don't like the idea. ...But when you put it that way...

Mads: Cool. Let's go!

*Mads grabs Rachel's hand and pulls her along into the club*

Rachel: Mads! W-wait!

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*Now we join Blue, Lilia, and Jawo as they make their way towards the eastern base. They soon arrive in the port town of Meisa*

Lilia: Where are we now?

Jawo: Hmm...*sniff* I smell the ocean on the air.

Blue: Wait, ocean? That can't be...

*Blue takes out a map and peers through it*

Blue: No!

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: According to this map, we're in Meisa Town!

Jawo: *sigh* It's a port...

Lilia: I don't get it. What's so bad about that? I mean, it's just a port town, isn't it?

Jawo: It is just a port town, but that's not the point, Lilia. There's nothing beyond here but the ocean. Meaning we've gone too far east. And it's all Blue's fault! *points*

Blue: What!? My fault! But how!?

Jawo: Meh. *shrugs* Just is.

Blue: Idiot. Anyway, let's turn back. We're not going to find anything here.

Lilia: Wait guys. Before we leave, we need to stock up on more supplies. We're fresh out.

Blue: Okay. Let's head to the general store first, then leave town.

*Blue and co. walk over to the local general store and stocks up on more supplies for their journey. They purchase their items and get ready to leave*

Clerk: Thank you! Come again!

Blue: Alright, we've got our stuff. Let's get out of here.

Jawo: Hold it, Blue.

Blue: What's wrong, now?

Jawo: We've got trouble. Take a look.

*Blue looks out of the window of the store. Outside, he sees a group of bounty hunters crawling around town in search of him*

Blue: Damn, bounty hunters again? Talk about rotten luck.

Lilia: What do we do, Blue?

Jawo: What do you think, Lilia? We go out there and kick their butts.

Blue: No, Jawo. We can't do that.

Jawo: And why the heck not?

Blue: Because, there are civilians out there too, you know. If we fight in the middle of town, someone's going to get hurt. Didn't we already go over this once before?

Jawo: Yeah yeah. Then what's your bright idea, huh?

Blue: Well we obviously have to sneak past them. But how...?

Lilia: Hmm...

*Lilia looks around the store until she eyes the paper bag carrying their groceries*

Lilia: Ah ha!

*Lilia empties the groceries from the bag and places it over Blue's head*

Lilia: There!

Blue: Egh, hey! What's the big idea, Lilia!?

Lilia: The bounty hunter's wont come after you if they don't recognize your face. With that bag over your head, you're pratically invisible!

Blue: Lilia, this is dumb...

Lilia: Never underestimate the anonymity of a brown paper bag, Blue! It's sure to work!

Jawo: Yeah, Blue. What've you got to lose?

Blue: Try my life.

Jawo: Oh yeah... Well look on the bright side, you've never looked better in your life. It's a real improvement, I'd say.

Blue: Why you...

Lilia: Okay, that's enough, you two. Let's get out of here and put this to the test.

Blue: Alright, let's go.

*Blue goes to walk out of the store, but instead smacks right into the wall*


Blue: Ow!!

Lilia: Oh, I forgot. I didn't make any eye holes...

*Lilia takes out a dagger and cuts two holes in the bag for Blue to see through*

Lilia: There you go!

Blue: Ah, much better. Now let's go.

*The group leaves the store, casually walking past the bounty hunters without a care*

Blue: I can't believe it. It's really working!

Jawo: Shhh, Blue! They know your voice! If you're too loud, you'll give yourself away!

Hunter: Hn! Who said Blue!?

Lilia: Ugh. Nice going, Jawo...

Hunter2: There! In the stupid paper bag! Get him!

Lilia: What now, Blue!?

Blue: Run for it!!

*Having been found out by the hunters, the group abandons their plan and makes a break for the town gate. But before they can make it out, they are completely surrounded by bounty hunters*

Jawo: Damn. There's no way out now. I guess we'll just have to cut our way through.

*Jawo raises his hand to place it on the hilt of his sword, but Blue stops him by placing his hand over his*

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: No, Jawo. I said we're not fighting here. We can't risk any innocents getting hurt.

Jawo: Then what do you suggest we do, Blue!? Get captured again!?

Blue: No...but..! One second thought...that's not a bad idea!

Jawo: Eh?

*Blue raises his arms into the air*

Blue: I give up.

Lilia: Blue, what are you doing!?

Blue: It's okay, guys. I have a plan. Just go with it.

Jawo: Hmpfh. this better work, Blue. For all our sakes.

*Both Jawo and Lilia surrender*

Jawo: Alright, you got us. Do what you will.

Hunter: Heheheh. I knew you'd say it our way. Round them up and take them back to the base!

*The hunters restrain the group and takes them aboard their Dragonship. It then takes off and heads for the eastern base*

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Oh yeah, I went back and edited the Mads/Rachel scenario to keep it more in line with the canon. I think it works a lot better that way.

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*We rejoin Mads and Rachel as they enter the Shot Spot to uncover information about the headquarters*

Mads: Hmm...do you see anybody, Rach?

Rachel: ...Nope. No one that we know.

Mads: Darn.

Rachel: Oh well. While we're here, let's grab a seat and get some drinks, yeah?

Mads: Yeah, why not. I could use a little break.

*Mads and Rachel walk up to the counter and takes a seat. The Bartender then comes to take their orders*

Bartender: Alright, what can I getcha?

Rachel: A lime martini for me.

Mads: Same.

Bartender: Okay, a lime martini for the lady, and a non-alc for the laddie.

Mads: Hey, what are you talking about? Yes, alchohol!

Bartender: Sorry, kid. You're not old enough.

Mads: No! Come on, Rach. Vouch for me.

Rachel: You're kidding, right? You know I can never condone underage drinking. I'm a model citizen.

Mads:*rolls eyes* Yeah right...

*The Bartender leaves to prepare the drinks. Meanwhile, 3 bounty hunters walk into the club. 2 male, one female. The walk over to the counter and have a seat next to Mads and Rachel*

Hunter: Hey Bartender! Over here!

Mads: Hey, I know that voice. ...Jerry, is that you?

Jerry: Uh? Mads!? Hey buddy! I haven't seen you in ages!

Mads: It is you, Jerry! And Liam and Pamela too!

Liam: Hiya, Mads.

Pamela: Oh look, well if it isn't Rachel. Still busy being a D-rank hunter? Kyahaha!

Rachel: Grr...Hello Pamela...

Jerry: What brings you two here? I wasn't expecting to see you in this neck of the woods.

Mads: Aw, we're just, you know, taking some time off. Right, Rach?

Rachel: Yeah, that's right. We're totally not helping Blue or anything.

*Mads bumps Rachel with his elbow*

Mads: Rach!!

Rachel: What?

Jerry: Ah, I see. Didn't you know that every hunter in the organization is on the lookout for Blue now?

Mads: What?

Liam: Yeah, we just got the order yesterday. There must be something really special about him if we've gotta ignore every other bounty out there.

Pamela: The three of us are looking for him now. We just decided to stop by here to have a little downtime before we get back to it.

Mads: Well good luck, and all of that.

Jerry: Say Rachel, you wouldn't happen to know where he's headed, would you?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Liam: Didn't you face off against him back at the northern base?

Rachel: Uhm, yeah, I did. But what does that have to do with anything?

Pamela: That would mean you were the last one to see him before he fled.

Rachel: I guess that's true...

Jerry: So, did you see him?

Rachel: Can't say I did. No.

Jerry: Are you sure...?

Rachel: Positive.

Pamela: *angers* Grr, stop beating around the bush! We know what you're up to!

Liam: Yeah, our scouts reported that they saw the two of you leaving the northern base with Blue and his companions!

Mads: Damn!

*Jerry rises from his seat and grabs Rachel by the neck*

Rachel: Ergh!!

Jerry: It was a nice try, but the jig is up. Tell us where Blue is, or I'll have to pop that pretty little head of yours.

*Jerry tightens his grip*

Rachel: Agh! L-let me...go!

Mads: Let her go! Now!

*Mads unsheathes his swords and strikes Jerry. Causing him to spring back and lose his grip on Rachel*

Jerry: Argh! Damn you! That cut deep...

Mads: Rach, are you okay?

Rachel: *panting* Hah..ha...yeah..I'm fine...

Liam: So you intend to fight us, huh?

Pamela: It's three against two. You don't stand a chance. Tell us where Blue is, and we may just let you walk out of here alive.

Mads: Alright, I'll tell you. He and the others are heading for the eastern base as we speak.

Rachel: Mads...

Mads: It's okay, Rach. These guys won't live to tell anyone else. They're not walking out of here. Ever.

Jerry: What!?

*Mads gets into his fighting stance*

Mads: Let's go!

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*Coming back to Blue's scenario, he, along with Lilia and Jawo have been captured once again by the bounty hunters. They arrive at the eastern base and throw into a cell. But not before being stripped of their belongings*

Hunter: Now sit in there and be quiet!

Jawo: You don't tell us what to do!

*The hunter leaves the room, ignoring Jawo's words*

Jawo: Heh, guess I told him off.

Lilia: Oh yeah, you really showed him. *rolls eyes*

Jawo: Anyway, what's the big idea making us surrender like that, Blue?

Blue: Isn't it obvious? Doing it saved us the trouble of having to find the base on our own. Now that we're here, the rest'll be a cakewalk.

Jawo: Ah, I see now. Pretty clever, Blue. I can only assume that you know how we're getting out of here too, right?

Blue: Well...not really...

Jawo: *facepalm* Figures. Leave it to Blue to not think things completely through before acting.

Blue: Well instead of complaining about everything, you could try helping to come up with a plan of escape.

Jawo: Alright fine. Just leave it to me.

*Jawo takes some time to think. A few moments later, an idea come to him*

Jawo: Ah ha! I've got it!

Lilia: What are you thinking, Jawo?

Jawo: Okay, here's the plan. Come over and listen up.

*The group huddles together as Jawo explains the details of the plan to them. Afterwards, they get into place and prepare to carry it out*

Jawo: Okay guys, are you ready?

Blue/Lilia: Ready.

Jawo: Okay, the guard's heading this way. Go for it!

Blue: *moans* Oooooh...my stomach...so..so hungry...

Lilia: Oh no! Blue!

Guard: Hey, what's going on in there? What's the matter with him?

Lilia: Blue hasn't had anything to eat in days! You see, we were running low on rations, and in a most selfless act, Blue gave his portion to me and Jawo so we wouldn't go hungry. But now, it's starting to catch up to him...

Blue: OOoooogh! Food... Give me...food...

Lilia: Please! Help him!

Guard: Well...the Official does want him alive... Okay, I'll bring him some food. Just hang on a little longer.

*The guard runs off to get Blue some food*

Jawo: Alright, you guys. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

Blue/Lilia: *smile and thumbs up*

*Several minutes later, the guard comes back with a full plate of food*

Guard: Okay, I'm back. Is Blue still alive?

Lilia: Yeah, he's okay. Just hurry and give it to us!

Blue: Oh the agony! Oh the pain!

*The guard slips the food through the small opening in the cell*

Guard: There, that should be enough to sustain him.

*Jawo picks up the food and starts to eat it himself*

Jawo: Mmm. Hey, not bad. *munch* Could use a little salt though...

Lilia: Jawo!? What are you doing!? That food is for Blue!

Guard: Yeah, hand it over!

Blue: My time...is growing near...

Jawo: Sorry, *munch* but Blue'll just have to go to the afterlife cafeteria to eat.

Blue: I see a light...*coughhackwheeze*

Lilia: No, Blue! Don't leave us! *feigns crying*

Jawo: *whispers* Hey, overdramatic much?

Blue/Lilia: Oh, sorry...

Guard: (No! If Blue dies under my watch, it's curtains for me!) Give the food to Blue, or else.

*Jawo spits chewed up food at the guard*

Jawo: Or else what?

Guard: Grr...or else THIS!

*In a fit of rage, the guard opens the cell and attempts to attack Jawo*

Jawo: Blue, now!

Blue: Right! Fireball!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. The guard is struck by several fireballs and knocked unconscious*

Blue: Yeah!

Lilia: Jawo, your plan worked!

Jawo: Of course. It was my plan afterall. Now let's split!

*As the group prepares to make their escape, an alarm begins to sound across the entire base*

Jawo: Damn, that was quick.

Blue: No matter, it was going to come to this anyway. Let's find whoever's in charge and squeeze some info out of him.

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*Back to Mads and Rachel at the club. They've been outted as traitors by their fellow hunters and are forced into a battle*

Jerry: Here I come, ILS!

*Jerry runs toward ILS, intent to attack. ILS reacts by positioning into a counter stance*

Mads: Watch for it...

*Jerry strikes, but ILS defends against the attack with his sword and knocks Jerry off center. He then follows up with two quick slashes in succession. And then finishes with a thrust through his abdomen*

Jerry: Gyaah!! H-how did you get so...strong...?

Mads: Traveling with Blue all this time has taught me a lot. I've not only come farther as a fighter, but as a person as well.

Jerry. Y-you! Urrrggh...

*Jerry collapses and dies*

Liam: Jerry! How could you do that!?

Mads: I wasn't the one who started this fight. But you better be sure that I'm gonna finish it.

*Meanwhile, Rachel is facing off against Pamela. They begin exchanging blows, and Pamela seemingly gets the upper hand*

Pamela: Hahahah. What's the matter, Rachel? Running out of steam already?

Rachel: Well actually, I'm trying not to hurt you too bad.

Pamela: You, hurt me too bad? You must be joking. You know I'm the better fist fighter, Rachel.

Rachel: I wouldn't bet my money on that.

Pamela: Then I'll just have to show you!

*Pamela runs up to Rachel and throws a few punches. Rachel moves swiftly and dodges the blows. She then repeatedly kicks Pamela in the face and follows up with an elbow to the gut*

Pamela: Aaagh!

Rachel: Now to take out the trash! Huuragh!

*While Pamela is stunned, Rachel picks up her overhead and throws her over the bar counter, into the various bottled drinks and glasses*

Liam: No! Pamela!

Mads: Time's up, Liam. So what's it going to be? Are you gonna go quietly, or do I have to take you down screaming?

Liam: Bounty hunters never surrender. Even if I can't win, I won't go down without a fight! Yah!

*Liam runs toward ILS in a futile attempt to defeat him. He prepares to strike, but is halted when ILS jabs his swords straight through him*

Liam: Ggh!!

*ILS pulls his sword from Liam's body and sheathes it. He then falls to the ground and dies*

Mads: Okay, Rach. We're done here. Let's go.

*Rachel stands there looking at the dead bodies of her former comrades*

Rachel: ...

Mads: Rach, what's the matter?

Rachel: Uhm, nothing. Come on. Let's get out of here.

*Mads and Rachel leave the club and head back into the city streets*

Mads: Well that didn't go quite as planned. What do we do now?

Rachel: I guess we have no choice but to go to the western base and try our luck there.

Mads: Okay, but it's getting late, so let's head to the inn for tonight. We'll leave for the base first thing in the morning.

*Mads and Rachel go to the local inn and purchase a room for the evening. Later that night, Rachel is sitting atop the roof, plucking random pieces of dirt and debris off the building*

Rachel: *sigh*

Mads: Hey Rach, what are you doing up here by yourself?

Rachel: Oh nothing. Just thinking about things.

Mads: Okay. Mind if I join you?

Rachel: No, not at all. *pats the ground next to her* Come and sit.

*Mads walks up to Rachel and sits next to her*

Rachel: Hey Mads...I've been wanting to ask you something...

Mads: Yeah?

Rachel: How is it that you can kill with no remorse?

Mads: What do you mean?

Rachel: I mean, how can you just take the life of another without even a second thought?

Mads: Well it kinda comes with the territory when you're a bounty hunter. Speaking of, how can you not do that?

Rachel: I don't know. I guess...I just don't have it in me. If I was ever to kill someone, I'd never be able to forgive myself for doing such a thing.

Mads: Even if that person meant you harm?

Rachel: Even if. I don't see how you can do it. It's not like you at all.

Mads: Yeah, you're kinda right. When I fight, it's like a whole different person takes over me. This person, he's ruthless and never backs down til it's over. He'll do whatever it takes to win.

Rachel: *sigh* I don't even know why I became a bounty hunter in the first place...

Mads: Uh? You mean you don't remember? It was because you wanted to raise enough money for you and Mike to get a house together. Speaking of, how's he been doing these days?

Rachel: *gasp* Mike!!!

Mads: Oh, Rach. Don't tell me...

Rachel: It's true! I haven't seen him!!

Mads: Since when!?

Rachel: Since I first joined the IL hunters!

Mads: But Rach, that was over 3 years ago!

Rachel: Oh God, I feel so terrible! I've been meaning to go back and visit, but with all the hunting and the failures on my record, I just lost track and eventually forgot all about it.

Mads: Rach...

Rachel: He never wanted me to go off and join the hunters in the first place. He probably hates me for what I've done!

*Mads put his arm around Rachel*

Rachel: Mads...?

Mads: Oh come now, don't think like that. I mean, even if he does hate you, you still have me.

Rachel: Mads, I--

*Mads takes the opportunity and moves in for a kiss*

Rachel: ACK!


Mads: Youch!

Rachel: Mads, what are you doing!? What's wrong with you!?

Mads: But...wasn't this supposed to be the romantic kiss scene?

Rachel: What are you talking about? We were just talking about my boyfriend of all things! Goodness!

Mads: Does this mean no kiss?

Rachel: ...I'm going to bed.

*Rachel descends the roof and head back to her room*

Mads: *sigh* Another night alone.

*Mads takes out a **** magazine and unzips his pants*

Mads: ...

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*Getting back to Blue's group as they make their way through the eastern base. They are attacked on all fronts by hunters, but Blue manages to defeat them on his own*

Lilia: Blue, are you okay?

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine. While you two are unarmed, I'm going to have to do the fighting for us.

Jawo: Okay, before we do anything else, let's find our gear. It's not safe to be walking around here with only one able fighter.

Lilia: Jawo's right, Blue. If something happens to you, we're going to be in big trouble.

Blue: Alright, then let's go.

*Meanwhile, as Blue and the others change routes to look for Lilia and Jawo's weapons, a hunter speaks to the lead hunter of the base*

Hunter: ILA, sir. We have a problem that needs your immediate attention.

ILA: What is it, runt?

Hunter: Blue and his friends have managed to escape. We're trying our best to stop them, but he's too powerful for us.

ILA: That's perfect!

Hunter: Hunh?

ILA: Now that he's escaped, I'll get my chance to fight Blue. Hehehe, if he was strong enough to best both ILS and ILJ, this will be a good fight indeed. Oh yeah, I'm pumped!

Hunter: Uhm, sir...

ILA: What now!?

Hunter: Ah! Uhm..what s-should the rest of us do?

ILA: Er, tell them to go take a break or something, I don't care. Just don't mess with Blue. He's mine.

Hunter: Yes sir.

ILA: Heheh, Blue. The prize we all seek. I can only imagine how powerful he must be. But no matter how strong he is, none is more powerful than me, the Great ILA!

*After a while of searching, the group manages to find where their lost weapons being guarded by two hunters. Blue makes quick work of them and retrieves the stolen possessions*

Blue: Did somebody order a Crystal Sword?

*Blue tosses the sword to Jawo and he catches it*

Jawo: Alright! *twirls swords and sheathes it*

Blue: Can't forget yours, Lilia. Catch!

*Blue tosses Lilia her gear*

Lilia: Nice going, Blue! *straps satchel and dagger holsters around her waist*

Blue: Phew. Now I don't have to fight alone anymore.

Jawo: Now let's find who's in charge and put him out of commission.

Blue: Yeah.

*In their search, the group heads outside of the base. Before long, a rather muscular man carrying a giant steel hammer descends from the sky. He causes a small quake upon landing*

Lilia: Ah! W-what was that?

Jawo: Who's this chump?

ILA: Hmph, so you're Blue, huh? But you're so...scrawny. I was expecting a man, not some...some kid! The others must be pretty weak if they lost to you.

Blue: Didn't you ever hear the saying "Dont judge a book by its cover"? I'm stronger than I look.

Lilia: Hey! Don't make fun of Blue!

ILA: Don't you raise your voice at me, little girl.

*ILA slams his hammer into the ground, causing a quake that knocks Lilia off her feet*

Lilia: Waaah! *thud* Oof!

ILA: Heheheheh. You're no match for me if you can't even stand through that. Get back in the kitchen, why don't you.

Lilia: Uugh...

Blue: Lilia, are you alright?

Lilia: Yeah...I'm fine. *rubs head*

Jawo: Hey man, are you gonna tell us where the headquarters is, or not? We don't have time for games.

ILA: So that's what you're after? Well I'm afraid my lips are sealed. That is unless Blue can defeat me.

Jawo: Forget Blue! He's got nothing on me! I'll defeat you right now!

*Jawo leaps into the air and slashes overhead at ILA. ILA stops his attack by grabbing his sword with his bare hands*

Jawo: What!? T-that's impossible! My sword cuts through everything!

ILA: Is that it? Don't make me laugh, little man. I'll show you a real attack. Rrrragh!!

Jawo: ...Uh oh...

*ILA swings his hammer with tremendous force, striking Jawo and sending him flying into the sky*

Jawo: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *Star KO*

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo!!

ILA: That'll teach him to try and mess with the big boys. Now come on, Blue. You're next. That is, unless you're too weak to stand up to my might.

Blue: Strength goes far beyond having large muscles, and I'll just have to prove it to you.

Lilia: You tell him, Blue! Let's do it!

Blue: No, Lilia. Leave this guy to me.

Lilia: But..are you sure...?

Blue: Yeah, it's me he wants. And besides, I haven't gotten to show off my skills at all yet. This should be a good way to test my new magic.

Lilia: Okay, just be careful.

ILA: Hmph, you've got spunk, kid. I like that. Too bad it won't save you from being knocked sky high like your friend there.

Blue: We'll see about that, big guy. Let's do this!

ILA: Heh, come on! Show me what you can do!!!

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*Time to rejoin Mads and Rachel as they awake the next morning and head back into the city streets, ready for departure*

Mads: *cheerfully* So Rach, you ready to go?

Rachel: Uhm, sure. But, why are you so chipper all of a sudden?

Mads: I released all of my sorrows.

Rachel: Released?

Mads: Yup.

Rachel: Hm...*thinks* ...Ew...

Mads: It's better if you don't think about.

Rachel: Too late...

*A voice calls out to them from the distance*

??: ILS sir!!!

Rachel: Hey, who's that?

Mads: Collin!?

*Collin runs in and screeches to a halt*

Collin: *panting* ILS sir! I'm so glad I found you!

Mads: Collin, what are you doing here?

Collin: After Blue's seige of the northern base, me and the rest of the novice hunters were relocated to the western base.

Mads: Okay, but that still doesn't explain why you're here by yourself.

Collin: Oh yeah. After you and ILJ were found out and branded as traitors, I was sent out on reconaissance duty and ordered to report back if I found you two or any of Blue's friends.

Rachel: Kyyah!!

*Rachel kicks Collin with enough force to send him spiraling into the side of a building*

Mads: Rach! What's the matter with you!?

Rachel: He's an enemy, isn't he?

Mads: No! Hang on, Collin! I'm coming!

*Mads runs after Collin to check up on him*

Rachel: *rubs head* Well he seemed pretty enemyish to me...

*Rachel runs after him. When they arrive, Collin manages to stand on his feet, but is wobbling in a daze*

Mads: Collin, are you okay?

Collin: *swirly eyes* Eeeee...uuuugh...

*Collin wobbles until he loses his balance and falls into Mads' arms unconscious*

Mads: Aw man. We should take him back to the inn until he comes to.

*Mads and Rachel carry Collin back to the inn, and lays him in bed to rest. A while later, he comes to, and the three sit at a table in the lobby to talk*

Rachel: Uhm, I'm sorry for attacking you like that, Collin. I hope it didn't hurt too bad.

Collin: Nah, it's okay. You were just being cautious afterall. I can't blame you for that.

Rachel: So you're really on our side?

Collin: Yeah, I don't really know what's going on, but I could never betray my hero, ILS. As his subordinate, I'll follow him always!

Mads: Heheh, Oh Collin...

Collin: So, where are you two headed, anyway?

Rachel: We're trying to find out where the IL Guild headquarters is.

Mads: Yeah, so we can confront the Official and put an end to all of this.

Rachel: You wouldn't happen to know where it's located, would you, Collin?

Collin: Oh, of course not. If you two don't know, there's no way that a grunt like me ever would. ...I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Mads: Don't worry about it. We'll just be on our way to the western base and find out for ourselves.

Collin: Wait, you're going to the western base!?

Rachel: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Collin: It's dangerous!

Mads: Don't you think we know that? But we have to go anyway.

Collin: No no no! You don't understand!

Rachel: What don't we understand?

Collin: The researchers at the western base, the same ones who built the Dragonship, are developing a battle weapon to combat Blue.

Mads: A what!?

Collin: It's a machine designed specifically to apprehend and capture Blue, while being able to deal with his magic abilities. It's still in the prototype stages, but it's still a force to be reckoned with.

Rachel: Gee, the Official must be desperate if he would go to such heights just to get his hands on Blue.

Mads: Yeah, no kidding. Let's go, Rach.

Rachel: Right.

Collin: What!? You're still going after everything I just told you!?

Mads: Well yeah. If we don't we may never find out where headquarters is. We'll just have just have to fight this battle machine ourselves.

Collin: But...

Rachel: You said it's still in the prototype stage, right? Then that should mean we have a fair chance of taking it down.

Collin: Perhaps, but you don't know what you're up against!

Mads: We don't, but you do, Collin!

Collin: Well yes. Yes I do.

Mads: Then you can help us fight the battle machine.

Collin: W-wait! I don't know about this..I-I mean..I..

Mads: No buts! You're coming with us! Let's go, Rach!

Rachel: Yeah!

*Mads grabs Collin's arm and drags him along. The three leave Lahnzay City and set out for the western base*

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*Back to Blue and co. as he faces off alone against the mighty ILA. Lilia stands on the sidelines and lends him her support, whilst Jawo is...er...*cough*

ILA: Get ready for this! Eragh!

*ILA pounds his hammer into the ground, causing a quake to lift the ground below Blue, sending him into the air*

Blue: Whoa!!

Lilia: Ah! Blue!

*Blue uses wind magic to slow his fall and regain his balance on the ground*

ILA: Nice trick, kid. But can it save you from this!?

*ILA stomps on the ground, causing boulders to rise from the earth*

ILA: Batter up!

*ILA begins to bat the boulders at Blue as if they were baseballs*

Lilia: Blue, watch out!

Blue: (Gotta think fast...) Maybe I can counter it.

*Blue casts a spell*

Blue: Atlas!!!

*A centralized vortex of air appears in front of Blue. The spell catches the incoming boulders and grinds them to bits with air pressure*

Lilia: Whoo! Way to go, Blue!

ILA: Hmpfh. Lucky shot. But let's see how you handle some close combat!

Blue: Agh!

*ILA runs up to Blue and begins taking swings at him. He ducks, sidesteps, and jumps, dodging any way he can*

Blue: (Damn, he's faster than he appears)

ILA: Haha! You can use your sissy magic if you're one the defensive. Face it, kid. You're finished!

Blue: (Rgh, he's right. One hit from that, and it's lights out for me. I can't dodge forever either)

Lilia: Blue! Do something! Anything!

Blue: (Okay...I don't know how well this'll work, but...)

*Blue takes an opportunity and punches ILA in the face. It doesn't do much damage, but it's enough to stop his attack*

ILA: Ergh...so the kid can throw a punch afterall...*wipes blood from mouth* This could be a good fight afterall.

Lilia: Good job, Blue! Now get him!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue casts a spell*

Blue: Aqua Laser!

*A beam of pressurized water shoots toward ILA*

ILA: Hah, is that it? Come on! I can take it!

*ILA braces himself for the spell. The Aqua Laser collides with him, but instead of knocking him over, he manages to hold it off*

Blue: What!? How is he doing that!?

Lilia: Blue, it's not strong enough on it's own!

Blue: I see. Maybe if I double the power!

*Blue casts another Aqua Laser spell. The second laser combines with the first making it twice as powerful*

ILA: What!? No!!!

*ILA is engulfed by the empowered Aqua Laser and run down. He sustains heavy injuries, but still manages to stay on his feet*

ILA: Gya ha ha! Pretty good! I need to watch out for you, kid. If I'm not careful, I could be in some trouble.

Lilia: What does it take for this guy to stay down!?

Blue: Stay calm, Lilia. I'm not up the creek yet. There's plenty more where that came from.

ILA: Take this!!

*ILA throws his hammer like a boomerang at Blue*

Blue: Gah!

*Blue is struck by the attack. He is knocked back and sent rolling a long distance along the ground and is left seemingly unconscious*

Lilia: Blue, no! Get up!

*ILA's hammer returns to his hand*

ILA: Sorry, girlie. But it's over. One good hit was all it took.

Lilia: No...

ILA: Heheh, I have to hand it to him though. No one's been able to hurt me like that before. The kid's a good fighter, but not good enough to beat me.

Lilia: You're wrong! Blue can defeat you! He's not down yet!

ILA: Are you stupid? Just a look at him! Lying on the ground. He can't even move! Face it, he's done.

Lilia: Then I'll just have to take you on myself!

ILA: You? Take me on? Hahahahaha! You're funny! Tell you what, I'll just let you go. Run along, girlie.

Lilia: If you think I'm gonna abandon my friends, you're wrong!

ILA: That's cute. The little girl thinks she can play hero. You're obviously no match for me, so just go on home. That's about all you can do anyway.

*Lilia grabs an object from her satchel*

ILA: Hunh?

Lilia: Well this bomb says otherwise! Hah!

*Lilia throws the bomb at ILA. But before it can reach him, A fully recovered Blue steps in and catches it*

Lilia: *gasp* Blue!! You're okay!

Blue: Didn't I tell you to leave him to me?

ILA: Blue!? How could you withstand a blow from my hammer!? You should ever be moving!

Blue: I told you before, I'm stronger than I look. Or maybe you're not as powerful as you think you are.

ILA: Grr, why you little...

Blue: Thanks for filling in for me, Lilia. I'll take it from here.

*Blue tosses the bomb back at Lilia*

Lilia: *panics* Wait Blue! That bomb's still acti--


Lilia: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! *Star KO*

Blue: Oops...

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*Back with the group of Mads, Rachel, and now Collin. After cutting down the entry guards and the hunter within, the group enters the threshold of the western base*

Mads: Hah, that was easy. Now where to, Collin?

Collin: Ah, right. If you're looking for the location to the headquarters, you may find some data on it in the archive room.

Rachel: Okay, take us there.

Collin: Right. Follow me!

*Collin leads the group to the archive room in the center of the base. There they find a multitude of shelves filled to the brim with hundreds of folders containing data on the Guild and everything about it*

Collin: Here we are. This is the archive room.

Mads: Wow, would you look at this place...

Rachel: Yeah, there's so many files stored in here, I bet we can find anything about the Guild if we needed to.

Mads: But right now, our main concern is the headquarters. Let's split up and look. If you find something, let us know.

*The group separates and begins to search through the archive files. After a little while, Rachel finds a particular file and picks it off the shelf*

Rachel: Hmm...Mads Andersen, eh? Let's take a looksee.

*Rachel flips through Mad's profile and begins to read it*

Rachel: Mads Andersen. Hunter name: ILS. Rank: A...

Mads: Hey Rach, what are you reading? Is that the file on headquarters?

Rachel: Eh, something like that.

*Rachel continues reading the file*

Rachel: "Hunter ILS displays exceptional combat prowess and ingeniuity."

Mads: Huh?

Rachel: "Would have been next in line for ascension to S rank if not for his incessant compulsive mastur--

Mads: Aaaah!!

*Mads steals his file from Rachel and rips it to pieces*

Mads: Phew...

Rachel: Mads! What did you do that for!?

Mads: What were you doing reading through my personal files!?

Rachel: Calm down, Mads. I was just taking a teensy peek.

Mads: No you weren't! If I didn't stop you, you were going to find out my deepest, darkest secret...

Rachel: Hmm, deepest darkest secret, huh?

Mads: No, I'm not telling you.

Rachel: Oh come on!

Collin: Hey guys! Come over here! I found it!

*Mads and Rachel run over to Collin*

Mads: What did you find?

Collin: It's the file on the headquarters!

Rachel: What's it say?

Collin: It states that the IL Guild headquarters is located deep in the Yanju wastelands.

Mads: Yanju Wastelands? But isn't that where the southern base is?

Collin: Yeah, it says here that the southern base and the heaquarters are both one and the same.

Rachel: Well that explains a lot. No wonder none of us we're assigned there after being accepted into the Guild.

Mads: Alright, I guess we're done here. Now let's get to that battle machine.

Rachel: Okay!

Collin: W-wait, what!? B-but we already got what we came for! C-can't we just leave quietly?

Mads: No can do, Collin.

Rachel: Yeah, we have to take it out now, before it's complete. Or else it'll be a real pain in the butt to us later down the road.

Collin: B-but..!

Mads: We don't have time for your insecurities, Collin! Now tell us where they're holding the battle machine!

Collin: A-alright. I'll tell you. The finished prototype is being held in the undergroud hangar just below here.

Mads: Okay, take us there, Collin.

Collin: Right. It's this way.

*Collin leads the group the underground hangar. There, they find the battle machine, a large robotic vehicle, decked out with cannons and other various weapons*

Collin: Here it is. The battle machine, codenamed: Annihilator.

*Mads unsheathes his two swords*

Mads: Stand back, guys. I'm about to tear this thing apart!

*As Mads nears the machine, the wires holding it in place snap off, and it comes to life*

Mads: What the--!?

*The Annihilator extends its robotic arm and strikes Mads, sending him careening into the wall*

Mads: Uuaaaagh!

Rachel: Mads!

??: Hahaha, you fools. Did you really think we didn't know what you were up to?

*A man with wearing an eyepatch walks from the back of the hangar room and stands beside the Annihilator*

Mads: *panting* ...ILU...

ILU: Ah, well if isn't ILS and ILJ, the traitors...

Collin: Aaah!

ILU: Collin, I'm disappointed in you. Though I can't say I'm surprised. That is why I had another hunter keep tabs on you, just in case you'd pull a stunt like this.

Rachel: So were being following this whole time?

ILU: That's right. And now that you're here, you three'll make good guinea pigs to test the might of the Annihilator.

Mads: Hah, that thing doesn't scare me!

Rachel: Me neither!

Collin: Uhm....

*Collin runs to a corner and cowers in fear*

Mads: Collin...

ILU: Hahahaha! Well, you can't blame him for being afraid. The Annihilator is our most powerful creation yet! And once its fully completed, we will have Blue and the rest of his friends begging for mercy.

Mads: Not on my watch, buddy! That Annihilator is gonna be scrap metal once we're through with it.

ILU: That's a laugh. Even if it's still just a prototype, it is more than a match for you two. The Annihilator cannot be beat!

*Meanwhile, in the Adventurers' Guild...*

Tobi: *gasp*

Link: Tobi?

Zeldafan: What's the matter?

Tobi: Somebody...somewhere just said that it cannot be beat!

Link: And what's so bad about that?

Tobi: Only Zabuza Sword cannot be beat!!!

Zeldafan: *facepalm* Tobi, you idiot. That was just a stupid commericial...

*Tobi looks at his plastic Zabuza Sword toy and quickly hides it behind his back*

Tobi: *whistles*

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*Back to Blue vs ILA. After taking a massive hit from ILA's hammer, Blue stands once again, ready to fight*

ILA: You're just full of surprises, kid.

Blue: You haven't seen anything yet.

ILA: Heh, same here. In fact, I think I'll show you a few tricks of my own.

Blue: Ah!

*Blue bounces back and braces for ILA's next attack*

ILA: I hope you're ready!

*ILA stomps his left foot, then his right, causing two walls of Earth to rise and form on each side of Blue*

Blue: What the--

ILA: Now you're mine!!

*ILA pushes his hands together, causing the walls to close in on Blue and crush him*

ILA: Hahaha! It's over! ....Huh?

*Blue defends by pushing the walls back with his hands*

Blue: Errrgh! N-not...yet!

ILA: Whoa. Not bad, kid. But I doubt you can hold it together for long.

Blue: (Damnit, he's right...I'm..I'm losing it. I..can't...)

*Blue gives in and the walls close in on him*

ILA: Ha! Done!

*ILA walks up the closed walls and inspects them*

ILA: Yup. Flat as a pancake. He never stood a chance.

Blue: Absolute!!

ILA: What!?

*A chilling mist surrounds the area, and in an instant, the walls are frozen solid and so is ILA's left arm*

ILA: Argh! Another spell! ...And it got my arm... Curse him!

*Blue punches through the frozen walls, causing them to shatter completely. He is freed from the attack, and is ready to fight once more*

ILA: Damn, how did you--

Blue: I'll say it a third time. I'm stronger than I look!!!

*Blue engulfs his fist in flames and delivers a heated punch to ILA's face*

ILA: Uuagh!

Blue: I'm not done with you yet!

*Blue grabs hold of ILA's shirt and pulls him forward into a fierce knee attack. He then follows up with a high kick to the chin that send him airborne*

ILA: Ggyaagh!!

Blue: Now to finish you off!

*Blue casts a final spell*

Blue: Explosion!!

*A ball of fire forms in Blue's hand. He then hurls it up at ILA*

ILA: W-what is that!?

*The fireball connect with ILA, resulting in a devastating explosion the fills the sky with an intense orange light*

ILA: Aaaaaaaaaaaarrggh!!!

*The effects of the explosion fade, and not a trace of ILA is anywhere to be seen. Having been completely disintegrated*

Blue: Heh, sorry. ....Kid.

*Blue stumbles back and falls to the ground from exhaustion*

Blue: *panting* That Explosion...used up the last..of my mana...hah...ha...hah..

*Laying on his back, Blue looks into the sky and sees two twinkles*

Blue: Unh?

*Upon further inspection, the two "twinkles" are Lilia and Jawo hurdling towards Earth, right where Blue is laying*

Blue: Aaah!!

*Blue quickly scrambles out of the way, avoiding Lilia and Jawo's impact. He walks over to check up on them*

Blue: Uhm...guys? Guys? Are you okay?

Lilia/Jawo: *swirly eyes* Uuuuugggh......

Blue: *rubs head* Guess not...

*Blue plays around with his magic while waiting for the two to regain consciousness. A while later, they come to*

Jawo: Ngh... *holds head*

Blue: Oh hey. Good to see you awake.

*Jawo springs to his feet and pulls out his sword*

Jawo: W-where is he!? Where did he go!?

Blue: Whoa! Calm down! It's already taken care of.

Jawo: Is that so? Dang.

Lilia: Did you really beat him, Blue? Oh, I knew you could do it!

Blue: Aw, he wasn't that tough. Once I got cookin' there was no way he could beat me.

Jawo: Whatever you say, Blue. So did he tell you the location to the headquarters or not?

Blue: Uhm...no. I kinda overdid it and...*gulp* burned him to ashes... eheheh...

Lilia/Jawo: *sweatdrop*

Blue: *hangs head* Sorry...

Jawo: *shrugs* Oh well. No use crying about it now.

Lilia: But what do we do?

Jawo: There's still the southern base we can go to.

Blue: You're right. But I think it'd be better if we waited for ILS and Rachel, to see if they discovered anything first.

Lilia: So where are we headed?

Blue: To the place where we all agreed to meet back up.

Jawo: Awedon City?

Blue: Bingo. Let's get going.

*With their mission turning up a failure, the group leaves the eastern base and sets out for Awedon City to await the return of ILS and Rachel*

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*Back to Mads and Rachel as they face off against the prototype Annihilator. Meanwhile, Collin is shuddering in fear, too afraid to help fight*

Collin: G-g-g-guys! B-be careful!

Mads: Don't worry, Collin. I'll take this thing out in one shot!

*Mads runs up to the Annihilator and attempts to cut it, but instead, his sword bounces off without even making a scratch*

Mads: What!?

ILU: You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? The Annihilator is made of a near indestructible metal. You could never hope to damage it with your pathetic weapons.

Mads: Darn it...

ILU: Now, Annihilator! Destroy them!

*The Annihilator revs towards Mads and grabs hold of him with its robotic arm*

Mads: Ah!

ILU: *does cutthroat gesture* Kill him.

*The Annihilator then extends its arm at a great speed, fiercely crushing Mads against the wall*

Mads: Aaaagh!!

Collin: ILS sir! No!

Rachel: *gasp* Mads!

*The Annihilator, still carrying Mads, pulls its arm back, and slams him into the wall again. And it continues to do so again and again*

Mads: Ergh! *slam* Aagh! *slam* Uuwah!

Collin: Aaah, this is terrible! I knew coming here was a bad idea!

Rachel: (If I don't do something quick, he's done for) Mads, just hang on!

ILU: Hah! What do you think you can do? You don't even weild a weapon.

Rachel: Hagansho!!!

ILU: What...

*Rachel's fist is enveloped in a light blue energy. She attacks and punches right through the Annihilator's arm, stopping its assault on Mads and freeing him. Rachel then carries him to safety*

ILU: No! I-It can't be!

Rachel: Collin, take care of Mads, okay?

Collin: Alright.

Mads: N-no. Rach, you can't..take it alone. Let me fi--

*Mads clutches his shoulder*

Mads: Erragh!

Collin: *gasp* Look at all of that blood... Sir, you're badly hurt.

Mads: I don't care! I refuse to let you fight by yourself, Rach!

Rachel: Don't be stubborn. What could you possibly accomplish in your condition? Just stay with Collin and don't move.

*Rachel leaves to return to the battle*

Mads: Rach! Wait!

Collin: Just let her go, sir. She'll be just fine.

Mads: *sigh*

Rachel: Here I come!

ILU: Gah! Annihilator! Don't let her approach you! Stop her!

*The Annihilator unleashes its guns and fires a multitude of rounds at Rachel. But the Annihilator can't keep up with her speed and it misses every shot*

ILU: No!!

Rachel: Take this! Shin Joh-ranbu!!!

*Rachel envelopes both her fists with energy. She then lets loose a massive flurry of punches upon the Annihilator. Each blow leaving a tremendous dent in the body*

Rachel: And here's the finale! Haah!!

*Rachel throws a final devastating punch that sends the Annihilator shooting back into a wall, its various parts flying everywhere*

ILU: Annihilator! Get up! Get up and kill them!

*The Annihilator struggles to get up, but to no avail. It finally shut offs and falls to pieces*

ILU: No! This can't be happening!

Collin: Alright! She did it! Did you see that, sir? She beat the Annihilator!

Mads: Heh, way to go, Rach...

ILU: Damnit. So the prototype wasn't enough to defeat them. No matter. We'll just go back and build the real thing!

Rachel: You're not going anywhere.

ILU: Wha--

Rachel: This is the end of the road for you!

*Rachel walks towards ILU as he backs away*

ILU: No! S-stay back! Get away!

Rachel: Hagansho!!!

ILU: Nooooooo!!!

*Rachel delivers a powerful punch that cracks every bone in ILU's body. He is sent rolling along the ground and crashes into the broken Annihilator. He never gets up*

Rachel: That takes care of him.

Collin: Excellent work, Rachel! You were great!

Mads: Nice job, Rach.

Rachel: Mads, are you feeling any better?

Mads: Not...really...

Collin: I applied some first aid, but he's still heavily injured. It's gonna be a while before he's back to 100%.

Rachel: I see...

Collin: Well, the Annihilator's caput, and we got the info on the headquarters. Let's say we get out of here, huh?

Rachel: Yeah, but I wanna make one little stop first.

Collin: Huh?

Rachel: Let's go to the archive room!

Mads: Hey, Rach. Wait a second.

Rachel: What is it?

Mads: I thought...I thought you didn't like killing?

Rachel: I don't.

Mads: Well ILU looks pretty dead to me...

Rachel: Oh yeah. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about it at the time. All I thought about was you and Collin. I guess..I guess I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends. Even if it means taking the life of my opponent.

Mads: You've come a long way, Rach...

*The group leaves the underground hangar and heads for the archive room. Upon arriving, Rachel searches through the various files*

Rachel: Hmm...where is it...Ah ha! Found it!

Mads: What is it?

Rachel: It's the research data on the Annihilator.

*Rachel tears the files into tiny pieces*

Rachel: And now it's no more.

Collin: Ah, so that's why you wanted to come back here.

Rachel: That's right. Now there'll never be another Annihilator again.

Mads: Okay, Mission Complete! Now let's head to Awedon City and wait for Blue and the others.

Rachel: Right.

Mads: Well, see you later, Collin.

Rachel: Yeah. Be safe.

Collin: W-wait! You can't leave me all alone here! I wanna come with you!

Rachel: Are you sure? It's only gonna get more dangerous from here on out.

Collin: I know...but this is my big chance! If I don't face my fears, I'll never become a great hunter like my hero, ILS!

Mads: Okay then, Collin. Come with us. I'm sure Blue and the others won't mind having you.

Collin: Yes! Thank you, sir!

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*Blue and the others reach Awedon City. They walk through the city looking for any traces of ILS and Rachel, but to no avail*

Blue: Do you guys see them?

Lilia: Hm...nope..

Jawo: Same.

Blue: I guess they're not here yet.

Lilia: What should we do?

Jawo: We wait for them, I suppose. Should we head to the inn, Blue?

Blue: That sounds like a good idea. Let's go.

*As the group makes their way to the inn, a voice calls out to them from the distance*

??: Blue!!! Hey!!!

Blue: Huh? Who said my name...?

*Before Blue can realize what's going on, Rachel comes up from behind and gives Blue a big hug*

Rachel: Blue! I'm so glad to see you!! <3

Blue: Ergh!! G-get off of me!

Lilia: Rachel! You're here! But..where's ILS?

ILS: Right behind you, Lilia!

Lilia: Oh!

*Lilia turns around and sees ILS and Collin standing behind her*

ILS: Hey there.

Collin: *nervously* Hello...

Jawo: Hm? What's the shrimp doing with you?

Collin: Aah! It's him!

*Collin hides behind ILS*

ILS: Collin, it's alright. I know he's a big brute, but he's really a nice guy. Relax.

Jawo: Hey, watch it...

Blue: It's good to see you guys again.

ILS: Same here, Blue. So how did everything go for you guys?

Blue: Uhm...

Lilia: Pretty bad.

Jawo: Yeah, Blue here fried the guy before we could squeeze any info out of him. So we have no choice but to rely on you guys.

ILS: Well worry not, because we got the goods!

Blue: Really!?

Rachel: Yup! Tell him, Collin.

Collin: Uhm, well, we found out that the southern base is really the headquarters. And that's it's located in the Yanju Wastelands.

Lilia: Yanju Wastelands?

Collin: The area on the southern edge of Baldovain. It's barren plain devoid of any plant or animal life.

Jawo: Seems like a good place to stick a headquarters. I doubt anyone would go snooping around there.

Blue: Good work, you guys. I trust you didn't have too much trouble digging up this info.

ILS: Yeah well, we only got attacked by a super powerful battle machine created to destroy you.

Blue: Excuse me?

Rachel: Wouldn't you know it? They actually developed a machine for the sole purpose of fighting against you and your magic, Blue.

Lilia: Wow, that sounds terrible.

Rachel: But we don't have to worry about that anymore. I took good care of it. And I even destroyed the plans for it so they can't make another one.

Blue: Well thanks a lot, Rachel. I owe you one.

Jawo: So Blue, what's next?

Blue: What else? We're going to the Yanju Wastelands to find the headquarters. Then we can settle this.

Jawo: Great. I've been dying to cut something with this blade of mine.

Lilia: Alright! Let's do it, Blue!

Collin: I'm ready!

Jawo: Wait a minute. You're not going, peewee. You'll just get in the way.

Collin: Ah! But..but..!

Blue: Jawo's right. I'm sorry, Collin. But you'll only be a liability to us when things get rough. It's better if you stay behind.

Collin: But...I...I just..

ILS: No way!!

Lilia: ILS..?

ILS: If Collin has to stay behind, then so am I!

Blue: ILS, don't be silly.

Rachel: Yeah, same here! If he's not going, then I'm not going.

Blue: Aw, come on guys, we don't have time for this...

Lilia: Come on, Blue. Just let him come along.

Blue: But Lilia...it's too dangerous...

ILS: Don't worry, Blue! We'll look after him! Isn't that right, Rach?

Rachel: That's right. He'll be safe under our care.

Blue: Hmm...okay. But only if you're going to watch over him. I don't want to see him get hurt because he was caught up in our struggle.

ILS: You can count on us, Blue!

Collin: Gee, Blue. I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble...

Blue: It's okay, Collin. I think it's great that you want to help out. But just promise me that you'll be careful.

Collin: You have my word, Blue!

Blue: Good. Now that that's settled, let's get out of here. We're going southward!

*The group comes together once again and leaves Awedon City behind. With the information that they've gathered, they depart with a new destination in mind, the Yanju Wastelands*

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*Meanwhile, in the IL Guild Headquarters, a messenger hunter enters the Official's quarters to inform him of events thus far*

Hunter: Official sir, I have something to report.

Official: Yes, what is it?

Hunter: Uhm well...you see..

Official: Spit it out!

Hunter: Aah!! B-Blue and his friends managed to overcome both the eastern and western bases!

Official: What!? Are you certain!

Hunter: I'm afraid so. They even laid waste to the Annihilator and destroyed all the research data on it. The project has been deemed a failure.

Official: Where are they now!?

Hunter: They've discovered the location of the headquarters and are on their way here as we speak.

Official: Rrraaaggh!!!

*In his anger, the Official resumes his true form of Mephiles*

Hunter: A-aaah! W-what is the meaning of this!?

Mephiles: Begone!

*In a fit of rage, Mephiles fires a purple bolt at the hunter, destroying him*

Hunter: Aaaaaagggh!!

Mephiles: Curse you, Blue! Curse your eyes! Why can't they defeat you!?!?

??: Hahahahahaha...

Mephiles: What are you laughing at, you pest? I am not in the mood.

*Agaranok emerges from the shadows*

Agaranok: Blue and his friends simply are amazing, are they not? There is only 6 of them, yet they continue to effortlessly bring an entire organization of skilled fighters to submission. Don't you see? Don't you see how sublime it is!?

Mephiles: I think you are enjoying this spectacle a little too much, Agaranok.

Agaranok: What do you mean? My most worthy adversary trudges ever closer to his destined battle with me. How could I not revel in excitement?

Mephiles: What did I tell you about that...

Agaranok: Worry not. For when the time comes, I shall not pull my punches against Blue. Me and him will fight at our very best, as true warriors should!

Mephiles: Hmph, so you say.

Agaranok: Do you not trust my word?

Mephiles: Not that. It's just..I'm beginning to wonder if even you have what it takes to defeat Blue now.

Agaranok: Hmm, I wonder myself.

Mephiles: What...

Agaranok: Perhaps Blue has become stronger than I. Perhaps he hasn't. The only sure way to find out is for us to cross blades.

Mephiles: Agaranok...

Agaranok: Then we will see. If it so happens that I have met my match, and I meet my end on the battlefield, then so be it. At least I will die an honorable death by the hands of a superior opponent. That, is the way of a warrior.

Mephiles: Silence your foolish tongue, Agaranok. There is no honor in being defeated. Only shame and ridicule. To even suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

Agaranok: Hahaha. Ah, Mephiles. You've much yet to learn.

Mephiles: Enough of your babbling. Away with you.

Agaranok: As you wish. I shall return once Blue comes knocking.

*Agaranok disappears*

Mephiles: Agaranok, you whelp. Blue will meet his end. I will have my revenge. Even if I have to bring him to his knees myself!!! *clenches fist*

*Back to Blue and his friends as they head towards the Yanju Wastelands. On their way, they come across the small village of Weyseid, and decide to pass through*

Rachel: Uhm, w-wait a minute, guys...

Blue: What's the matter, Rachel?

Rachel: Would it be okay if we..uhm..skipped pass this town?

Lilia: But why?

Rachel: I...just don't like it here...

Blue: Well gee, Rachel. I'd like to, but it's starting to get late, and we don't know how far off the next town is.

Rachel: *sigh* I understand...

Lilia: Sorry, Rachel...

Rachel: Don't worry about it.

ILS: You know, you can't dodge it forever, Rach.

Jawo: What are you going on about?

ILS: This is where Rachel's boyfriend lives.

Jawo: What!?

Rachel: Mads!!!

ILS: I'm not going to let you hide it anymore, Rach.

Collin: I don't understand. If it's her boyfriend, why is she so afraid to see him?

ILS: It's because--

Rachel: No, Mads. I'll tell them.

ILS: Alright.

Rachel: You see, me and my boyfriend, Mike. We've been together for a long time. So long in fact, that we've decided to get our own place and move in together.

Blue: So then what?

Rachel: Well, we didn't have the money to do that and we weren't getting enough from our current jobs.

ILS: And that's when I offered her the opportunity to become a bounty hunter, since they make a lot of quick cash. She had the fighting ability, so I thought it'd be easy for her.

Rachel: Mike didn't want me to go, but since we were desperate for money, I went ahead anyway.

Lilia: What happened next?

Rachel: I joined the bounty hunters easily enough, but I soon found out that I was never able to acquire any bounties due to my fear of taking lives. I became so distraught by my constant failures that I spent all my focus on becoming better, and after a while, I completely forgot why I was even there in the first place.

Jawo: How long has it been since you've last seen him?

Rachel: Over 3 years...

Lilia: Ah! Oh no!

Rachel: Now do you see? I just can't bare to face him after abandoning him for so long!

ILS: But Rach, if you don't, it's just going to continue eating at you on the inside.

Rachel: I know, but..

Blue: ILS is right, Rachel. For better or worse, you have to go see him and let him know what happened. If his feelings for you are strong, it shouldn't be hard at all for him to forgive you.

Rachel: Okay...I'll do it...

Jawo: Alright. And I'll come with you! Just to make sure everything's okay.

Lilia: Yeah, me too!

Rachel: Heheh, thanks for your support, guys.

Jawo: No problem. That's what friends are for.

Lilia: We'll always be there to lend a hand!

Blue: Good luck, you guys. The rest of us will be at the inn.

Rachel: Okay. See you later.

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*Rachel, accompanied by Jawo and Lilia walk over to Mike's house. They arrive, and the three walk up to his front door*

Rachel: *sigh* Here we are.

Jawo: Okay. Go on.

Lilia: Don't be afraid. Remember, we're here with you.

Rachel: ...

*Rachel takes a deep breath and proceeds to knock on the door. After a moment, Mike answers the door*

Mike: Who's there?

Rachel: Mike...

Mike: Rachel?

Rachel: Yes, it's me. I'm back.

Mike: Hmph. Why did you even bother?

Rachel: Huh?

Mike: You leave me alone for 3 years without a word, and then you have the nerve to show up at my doorstep and act as if nothing's wrong?

Rachel: I'm sorry...

Mike: Do you even know how worried I was? Off throwing yourself into danger everyday just for money. I had thought you were dead!!

Rachel: But I was doing it for us! Can't you see that!?

Mike: I don't care! There are other ways to get money! You didn't have to risk your life like that! What if you had gotten hurt? Did you even think about that?

Rachel: N-no. ...I didn't...

Mike: I know you didn't. And where's this money you've supposedly earned up? I don't see it anywhere.

Rachel: I don't have it. I...never earned any...

Mike: What!? You mean to tell me that you've been gone for 3 long years, putting your life on the line, and you haven't even made a single penny!?

Rachel: ..What have I done...

Mike: You tell me, Rachel.

Rachel: Can you ever forgive me?

Mike: It's too late for forgiveness, Rachel. Much too late. I've already moved on.

Rachel: *shocked* No...

Mike: It's true. I couldn't let myself be worried over you any longer. After the first year, I stopped my sulking and went on with my life. And I suggest you do the same.

Rachel: But Mike! I...I can't--

Mike: You have no choice.

*Mike reaches into his pocket and takes out a ring*

Mike: This...this has no meaning anymore.

*Mike takes the ring and tosses it at Rachel's face. It hits her cheek with a slight thud and falls to the ground by her feet. She then picks it up and glances at it*

Rachel: This..this is..!

Mike: It's nothing. It's garbage. Throw it away.

*Rachel tightly clenches her fist and grits her teeth in anger. She then closes her eyes and walks away*

Lilia: Ah! Rachel wait!

*Jawo turns to Mike and glares at him*

Jawo: You... She didn't deserve that...

Mike: Well I didn't deserve what she did to me.

Jawo: It's true, you didn't deserve it. But even still, she cared enough to come back here and try to apologize. And what do you do? You practically spit in her face! You're even worse than scum...

Mike: Hey, mind your own business, pal!

Jawo: She is our business!!

Lilia: Rachel's our friend! We'll always stick up for her no matter what!

Jawo: Yeah, unlike you. You're the person she cared the most for, yet you wouldn't even address her like a human being. You disgust me!

Mike: Yeah yeah. If you're done, can you kindly get off of my property?

Jawo: Oh oh, just one more thing... *crack knuckles*

Mike: Huh?

*Jawo pulls his fist back and throws a heavy left hook to Mike's jaw. The force of the punch sends him flying back through the doorway and crashing through everything indoors*


Jawo: Heh. There's something you deserved. I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did.

Lilia: Way to go, Jawo! You showed him who's boss!

Jawo: You don't think I overdid it, do you?

Lilia: Nah! If you didn't do it, I would've knocked his lights out myself!

Jawo: Well, I think we're just about done here. Let's go, shall we?

Lilia: I hope Rachel's okay...

Jawo: I do too, Lilia.

*Jawo and Lilia leave Mike's house and heads back to the inn to meet up with the others*

(Author's Note: By the by, this isn't what I really think of Rachel's boyfriend. This was just for the sake of the story. I'm pretty sure Mike's a great guy. >_>)

*Later that night, the group is up in their room, getting ready to go to bed. All except Rachel, who is nowhere to be found*

Jawo: Hey, have any of you guys seen Rachel around?

Blue: Hmm, the last time I saw her, she was standing out on the terrace.

ILS: She looked pretty sad too. Just what happened over at Mike's anyway?

Lilia: It was awful. He wouldn't even listen to her. He just chewed her out piece by piece.

Jawo: Yeah, I could hardly stand to watch it. But I made sure to leave him with something he'll not soon forget.

Blue: Heh, good old Jawo.

Collin: Gee, if that's what really happened, she can't be feeling too good right now. I think somebody should go comfort her...

Jawo: I'll go.

Blue: Good luck, Jawo.

Jawo: Yeah...

*Jawo leaves the room and walks out to the terrace. There he finds Rachel standing alone, pondering the midnight sky*

Jawo: Hey.

Rachel: Hn? Oh..it's you, Jawo.

Jawo: Mind if I join you?

Rachel: No, not at all. Come on over.

*Jawo walks up to Rachel and stands beside her*

Jawo: Hey uhm...are you feeling alright?

Rachel: *sigh* No. Not really...

Jawo: Well cheer up! You don't need that guy!

Rachel: *sweatdrop* Wow, Jawo. You sure have a way with words.

Jawo: *rubs head* Sorry. What I mean to say is, you deserve much better than him. Nobody should ever treat their loved ones that way.

Rachel: But...he had a right to feel the way he did. I mean, I left him for 3 years and didn't bother to let him know I was even still alive. He's right for hating me...

Jawo: No! That's not true!

Rachel: What..?

Jawo: Yeah, you probably should have been more considerate, but still, at least you came back and tried to make amends. It's his fault for being so stubborn and thinking that his feelings are all that matters.

Rachel: Hmm, yeah. I guess you're right...

*Rachel takes the ring out and glances at it*

Jawo: Oh, I've been meaning to ask you, just what is that ring?

Rachel: It's an engagement ring...

Jawo: What..you mean...

Rachel: That's right. Before I left those 3 years ago, I asked Mike to marry me, and he gladly accepted. It was the happiest day of my life.

Jawo: No way...

Rachel: We agreed to have our ceremony the day I came back with the money. We were going to have a huge wedding with all the fixings, but...I guess that's never going to happen now.

Jawo: Hey, don't think like that. Sure, it may not be to Mike, but you can still have a huge wedding! There's plenty of other guys out there, you know.

Rachel: You know what? You're right, Jawo! You sure know how to cheer a girl up when she's down.

Jawo: Heh, I'm glad to hear it. ...You know, if I was your boyfriend, I'd always treat you right.

Rachel: I bet you'd make a great boyfriend to some lucky girl out there.

Jawo: Yeah, one can hope, can't they?

Rachel: They sure can.

*Jawo places his hand on Rachel's*

Rachel: Uh..?

*They both stare at eachother with a blank expression on their face*

Jawo: Uhm...

Rachel: Er...*gulps*

*The tension breaks when they both move in and have a long, passionate kiss. All the while, Blue, Lilia and ILS are watching the spectacle from afar*

Lilia: Aww! How cute!

Blue: Heh, it is kinda cute, isn't it?

ILS: Hmph, that should be me getting that big sloppy kiss.

Lilia: Hmm, say Blue...

Blue: What's up?

Lilia: Do you think we can kiss?

Blue: What!?

Lilia: I mean, just to see what it's like!

Blue: But Lilia...

Lilia: Oh just come here!!

*Lilia pulls Blue towards her and kiss him on the lips. Shortly after, they remove their faces from eachother*

Lilia: Whoa, that was cool! Now I see why people do it!

Blue: Lilia...*blushes*

ILS: Damnit! How come everybody has someone to kiss but me!?

*Collin runs in*

Collin: I'll kiss you, ILS sir! It'd be my pleasure! Mmmm...*pucker lips*

ILS: Uhm, thanks, but no thanks.

Collin: Aww...

*ILS takes out a **** mag and walks away*

Blue: Where are you going, ILS?

ILS: Eh, just to handle some business. Don't wait up.

Lilia: Weird...

*Meanwhile, Rachel and Jawo finally finish their kiss. They both blush and quickly turn away from eachother*

Jawo: That was...nice...

Rachel: Yeah..it was...

Jawo: ...So uhm...

Rachel: ...This never happened.

Jawo: Noted.

Rachel: It's pretty cold out here. Wanna go back inside?

Jawo: Sure. Uhm...mind if I hold your hand?

Rachel: *giggles* I'd be happy if you did.

Jawo: Alrighty!

*Jawo and Rachel hold hands as they walk back inside the inn. Upon arriving, they notice that Blue and the others were watching them the whole time*

Jawo: Huh!? Blue! Lilia! Collin!? What are you doing!?

*The three stumble about and fall over*

Blue: U-u-uhm!! N-nothing!

Collin: Y-yeah! That's right!

Lilia: We totally weren't spying on you or anything!

Blue/Collin: Lilia!!

Rachel: Hah, you guys...

Jawo: Hey wait, where's ILS? Out of everyone where, I'd expect him to be the most attentive.

Blue: *shrugs* Beats me. He said he needed to take care of some business*


Lilia: What was that?

*ILS' voice can be heard from the distance*

ILS: *dreamily* Aaaaaaaaaah.....

Everyone: o_O

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*The next morning, the group packs up and leaves Weyseid Village. Later in the day, they cross over into the desolate fields of the Yanju Wastelands*

Blue: *sweating* Is it me, or did it just get hotter all of a sudden?

Collin: Well that's to be expected, Blue. As we did just reach the Yanju Wastelands. The temperature often reaches as high as 120 degrees.

Lilia: 120 degrees!? That kind of heat is bad for my complexion!

Jawo: *sips a can of icy cold Sprite* Hah, you girls and your beauty fits.

*The group stops and stares at Jawo's Sprite, licking their lips with dry tongues*

Jawo: Huh? What are yo--Oh, I see! You want my Sprite, huh!? We'll you're not getting it!

*Jawo chugs the rest of the Sprite and crumples the can*

Jawo: Ha HA!

Everyone: Aww....

*The group continues through the scorching wastelands, slogging about at a sluggish pace*

ILS: Ooh...it's sooooo hooooo--..huh? Hey..Collin..

Collin: Yes, sir?

ILS: When did you get a font color?

Collin: Oh that? Yeah, it came to me just last night. I didn't know what it was at first until this weird guy came and explained it to me. I forget his name. Uhm...Billy...Joe...George...

ILS: Bob.

Collin: Yeah, that's it!

ILS: Well congratulations! Welcome to the world of fictional importance!

Jawo: Hmm, I wonder... Hey Blue.

Blue: What?

Jawo: Come over here for a sec.

Blue: Okay...

*Blue walks over to Jawo and he proceeds to whisper something in his ear*

Blue: You want me to what!?

Jawo: Oh come on! Just try it! Please?

Blue: But why me?

Jawo: Because you're the leader!

Blue: Alright, fine. *clears throat* Collin...

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: You're out of the group.

*Collin's font color returns to black*

Collin: OH NO!!!

Jawo: Wow, it actually worked. Now turn it back on.

Blue: Okay, now you're back in.

*Collin's font color goes back to purple*

Collin: Phew. You had me going for a second there...

Blue: Now you're back out. Just for old times sake.

*Collin's font color turns to black*

Collin: Nooo! Oh, why must you torment me!? *sobs*

Blue: Hey, this is pretty cool... *rubs chin*

ILS: Blue! Stop picking on Collin!

Blue: Oh yeah!? Well I say you're out of the group, ILS!

*ILS' font color turns to black*

ILS: Hey! What did I do!?

Rachel: Wow, Blue. You're real mature.

Blue: Bye Rachel.

*Rachel's font color turns to black*

Rachel: Grow up!

Lilia: Blue, stop it! You're being rude!

Blue: You're gone!

*Lilia's font color turns to black*

Lilia: *gasp* Oh Blue! How could you!? *sobs*

Jawo: Alright Blue, enough's enough.

Blue: And last but not least...

*Jawo's font color turns to black*

Jawo: Hey!!

Blue: Hahahahaha! Your fate is in my hands! I've never felt so powerful!

ILS: Blue's abusing his main character status! We have to stop him!

Lilia: But how!?

Jawo: Like this!

*Jawo socks Blue in the jaw and knocks him to the ground*

Blue: Uuurggh....everyone's back in...

*The group's font color goes back to normal*

Everyone: Hooray!!!

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*The day continues on as the group marches on through the heat*

Blue: Hey, Collin.

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: Just how far are we from the headquarters?

Jawo: Yeah, we've been traveling all day and there's still no sign of it. What's the deal?

Collin: Well...the files stated that it's located in the center region. So we shouldn't be too far off.

Blue: Hmm, if you say so. While we're on the subject, why don't you tell us a little about it.

Collin: Okay! Uhm...to begin with, the headquarters is composed of two buildings.

Lilia: Two buildings?

Collin: Yeah, the left tower and the right tower, as they call it. The two towers are both connected by a bridge at the top, acting as a way of transport between the two.

Blue: I see... So where would we find the Official?

Collin: According to the files, the Official's quarters lies at the top of the right tower. But the only way to reach it, is to cross the bridge from the left tower and go from there.

ILS: Wait a minute. Why can't we go there directly from the right tower?

Collin: Because, other than the bridgeway, there is no other entrance into the right tower.

Rachel: So the only way to get into the right tower, is to enter from the left tower? Pretty awkward system they have going there.

Collin: It's a defense mechanism meant to confuse intruders. The target of an infiltration is almost always the right tower, so that makes easier for them to be trapped and picked off.

Jawo: That's pretty elaborate of them, don't you think? Why would they even need something like that?

ILS: Eh, you never know when rival hunters may try to invade and take out the competition. We've had to deal with stuff like that before.

Collin: But we don't have to worry! Thanks to the files in the archive room, I know the place inside out.

Blue: In that case, we'll be counting on you to give us a leg up, Collin.

Collin: You got it, Blue! I won't let you down!

*The group continues traveling through the wastelands. Later on, the two towers of the headquarters come into view*

ILS: Hey, is that what I think it is?

Lilia: It is! It's the headquarters! We found it!

Blue: Great. Let's go!

*The group picks up their pace and trudges toward the headquarters. But they are halted when the ground beneath them begins to crack and crumble*

Blue: W-what the--

Jawo: What's going on!?

Collin: It..it must be-- Guys! Get out of the way! Hurry!

Blue: Okay!

*The group follows Collin's advice and leaps to safer ground. Just then, a giant green serpent emerges from the earth and faces them*

Serpant: Sssssssssssss!

Jawo: What the hell is that!?

Collin: *shivering* I-I-It's the Y-Yanju Snake!!!

Lilia: It's enormous!

Blue: I think it'd be safe to assume that this isn't a defense mechanism.

Collin: You're right, Blue. It's a wild beast native to these lands. And it'll attack anyone who trespasses!!!

*The serpent lunges at the group, but they manage bounce back and avoid the attack*

Blue: Whoa! I'll just have to show it who's boss. Fireball!!

Collin: No, Blue! Don't!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. He launches three fireballs at the Serpent, but it opens its mouth and injests the fireballs, completely unphazed by the attack*

Blue: What!?

Collin: I meant to tell you! The Yanju Snake is impervious to fire attacks!

*The serpent opens its mouth and takes a deep breath. It then spews a violent stream of fire at Blue*

Blue: Aah!

Jawo: Blue, watch out!!

*Blue springs back and manages to avoid being hit by the full attack. Though his leg is struck by the fire and is severly burned*

Blue: *clutches wound* Errgh...

Lilia: Are you okay...?

Blue: No. It...it got my leg....Aaagh...

Jawo: Blue's hurt. Collin, take care of him.

Collin: Got it.

*Collin helps Blue up and helps him to safety*

Collin: Easy, Blue. Easy. That wound is terrible. Let me apply some first aid.

ILS: We'll take it from here, Blue. You just rest and leave everything to us.

Blue: Alright, but be careful. That's no normal flame it's shooting from its mouth. The heat is almost twice as intense.

Jawo: Don't worry, I've got it all under control.

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo: Let's see how he likes a taste of my Crystal Sword.

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*Jawo takes out his sword and holds it in front of him*

Jawo: I'll finish it with this!

*Jawo plunges his sword deep into the ground*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Graveyard!!!

*Just then, a multitude of towering crystal pillars emerge from the ground. The attack continues until the serpent is completely enveloped by the crystals and the entire area is left filled with crystal formations*

Jawo: Hah, that wasn't too bad.

Lilia: Jawo, you did it!

ILS: Don't you think you went a little overboard?

Jawo: Nah, I wanted him to feel the pain.

Blue: Good work, Jawo. But next time....watch where you're aiming that thing...

Jawo: Huh?

*Jawo looks over to see that a pillar came within inches of impaling Blue's body*

Jawo: Oh. Eheheh, sorry. I'll admit, that move still needs a little work.

Rachel: Well I guess that's over and done with. Let's say we get out of here, eh?

Blue: Yeah, let's g--

*Just then, the serpent bursts from the field of crystal alive and well, with shards of crystal still stuck in its skin*

Serpent: Ssssssssss!!!

Jawo: B-but how!? He should be dead!!

Collin: W-well apparently it's tougher than it looks!!

Lilia: What do we do now!?

Collin: We p-p-panic!!!

*Collin attempts to run away, but ILS grabs him by the shirt and pulls him back*

ILS: Oh no you don't! You're facing it with the rest of us!

Collin: Nooooo!!

Jawo: He may've survived this one, but he won't survive another!

*As Jawo prepares another technique, the serpent whips its tail, crushing the surrounding crystal pillars and sending the pieces scattering everywhere. The group manages to dodge it, except for Jawo, who's still preparing to attack*

Blue: Jawo, get out of the way!

Jawo: Wha--!!

*Before Jawo can pull off his attack, a large chunk of crystal strikes him and he's sent rolling along the ground*

Jawo: Uwaaah!! T-taken out...by my own attack. Damnit...ugh..

*Jawo passes out*

Lilia: *gasp* No! Jawo!

Collin: This doesn't look good. Its already gotten Blue and Jawo!

Rachel: Well it won't get anymore! I'm going in!

*Rachel advances on the serpent alone. It retaliates by shooting fire at her, but she swiftly evades every shot. Once in range, Rachel leaps high into the air, above the serpent's head*

Rachel: Taigen Impact!!!

*Rachel descends from the sky at a high speed, feet first. She plows into the serpents head and drives it into the ground with a massive blow. The serpent struggles to get up, but soon stops moving*

Rachel: *dusts off hands* Hah, that'll take care of it.

Lilia: Nice going, Rachel! You did it!

*Just then, the serpent quickly opens its eyes*

Rachel: What!?

ILS: No! Not again!! Rach, get out of there!

*Before she can react, the serpents eyes flash, and Rachel is left completely paralyzed*

Blue: Rachel, what's the matter!?

Rachel: I c-can't...m-move...

*The serpent thens takes the opportunity and swipes Rachel with its tail, sending her flying backwards through the air. She hits the ground with a thud and doesn't get up*

Collin: Rachel! Not you too...

ILS: Looks like it's just me and you, Lilia.

Lilia: ILS, I have an idea.

ILS: You do?

Lilia: Yeah, but I need to get within range of the snake's mouth. Can you get me there?

ILS: You can count on me! Let's do it!

*Both ILS and Lilia advance on the serpent together*

Lilia: Okay, this is far enough. ILS, can you give me a boost?

ILS: Sure, hop on!

*ILS kneels over and cups his hands at the ground. Lilia then gets in front of him and places her heel in his hands*

ILS: Are you ready?

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: Then here you go!! Huaah!!

*ILS uses all his strength and throws his hands up, launching Lilia high into the air*

Lilia: Almost there...

*Lilia comes face to face with serpent and pulls an object out of her satchel*

Lilia: Open wide! Ha!

*Before gravity takes over, Lilia chucks the object into the serpents mouth and proceeds to plummet back to Earth*

ILS: Hang on! I gotcha!

*ILS catches Lilia*

Lilia: Thanks a lot, ILS.

ILS: No problem. Just what did you do anyway?

Lilia: Hah, just watch!

*Seconds later, the bomb inside of the serpent detonates, destroying its internal organs. The serpent, no longer able to sustain its life, crashes to the ground*

ILS: Oh...

Lilia: Yeah! I knew that Nova Bomb would do the trick!

Collin: The Snake...i-it's dead?

Lilia: Yup!

Collin: Whoo! You did it! You did it! You were amazing!

Blue: Nice going, Lilia. I don't know where we'd be without you.

*Jawo walks up to Lilia and places his hand on her shoulder*

Jawo: Great job, Lilia!

Lilia: Uh, Jawo? You're okay!?

Jawo: You know me, I don't stay down for long. I came to just in time to see the fireworks.

Rachel: Yeah. Those bombs of yours really are something.

Lilia: Rachel, you too?

Rachel: Oh come on. That tail attack was nothing!

Lilia: I'm glad you're both okay...

*Blue stands on his feet*

Blue: Well, if we're done here, we should be getting on the headquarters.

Lilia: Blue, your leg. Is it feeling alright?

Blue: Yup. Collin's first aid worked pretty well. I'm feeling as good as new.

Lilia: That's good to hear!

Blue: Alright, let's go! The worst lies yet ahead.

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*The group continues onward and soon arrives at the entrance to the left tower. Guarding it are two simple hunters. Not wasting any time, Jawo cuts through them without a second thought*

Jawo: Out of the way!

Rachel: Must you always be so quick to kill someone, Jawo?

Jawo: *shrugs* Meh. It's fun.

Rachel: *sigh*

Blue: Well, he's got the right idea anyway. Let's move in.

*The group enters the left tower. Upon entering, they come across an office desk with a lone male receptionist sitting behind it. The group moves past him without taking notice, but they are stopped when he calls out to them*

Receptionist: Uh, excuse me! Hello!

Blue: Erm...hi?

Receptionist: Welcome to IL Guild Headquarters. Might I ask why you've visited us today?

Jawo: We've come to put the smackdown on the Official!

Blue: Jawo!

Receptionist: I'm sorry, but the Official has requested that he not be disturbed. Please come back another day.

Jawo: Listen pal, we're going up there whether he wants us to or not. And you're not going to stand in our way. Got it!?

Receptionist: Sir, I'll have to ask you to lower your voice.

Jawo: Make me!

Blue: Jawo, we don't need this kind of trouble right now!

Lilia: Yeah, what's wrong with you!?

Jawo: Hmph, fine. I'm....sorry.

Receptionist: Oh! Sir.

Jawo: Who?

Receptionist: The young man in the blue vest.

Blue: Me?

Receptionist: Yes. You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Blue, would you?

Blue: Yeah, I am. What of it?

Receptionist: Splendid.

*The receptionist reaches under her desk and presses a button*

Receptionist: The staff has just been alerted of your presence.

Blue: What!?

Collin: Ah! Oh no!!

Jawo: Why you...

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword and advances on the receptionist, but ILS grabs him and holds him back*

Jawo: Let me at him! I'll shove this sword down his throat!

ILS: Stop! Nixing him won't do anything! We need to focus on getting through this place before we're up to our necks in guards!

Blue: ILS is right. We need to move! Everyone, to the elevator, hurry!

Jawo: *grumble* You got lucky.

Receptionist: Enjoy your stay. *smile*

*The group hurries and boards the elevator lift*

Blue: Hmm, let's see. There's 20 floors, so I'll set it to 20. We'll head straight to the top.

*Blue operates the lift and sets it to go to the 20th floor*

Jawo: Mmph! This place just gets dumber and dumber. I mean, why do they even need a receptionist? It's a bounty hunter hideout in the middle of a desert!

Blue: Just calm down, would you? Save your energy for when you'll really need it.

Lilia: Blue's right. If you get all tuckered out now, you won't be much help when the fighting starts.

Jawo: Yeah yeah...

*The elevator continues until it reaches the 5th floor and comes to an abrupt stop*


ILS: Whoa! What happened just now?

Rachel: The elevator stopped moving...

*Blue presses every button, but isn't getting a response*

Blue: Argh! Piece of junk!

Lilia: What do we do now, Blue?

Collin: This can't be the only elevator in the tower. I say we should disembark and try to find a working one.

Blue: Good idea, Collin. Let's get looking.

*The group disembarks at the 5th floor. They continue onward until reaching yet another elevator*

Blue: Okay, we've found one. Let's keep going up.

Jawo: Hold on a minute, Blue.

Blue: What's wrong?

ILS: This elevator...is already in use...

Lilia: But by who?

Rachel: We'll find out soon enough.

*The elevator stops at the 5th floor. The door opens, and from it emerges an elderly, yet well-built man wielding a large bo staff*

Elderly Man: I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to proceed.

Blue: Who are you?

ILS: Ah! No way!

Jawo: Huh? What gives, ILS? You know this guy?

ILS: Yeah, he's ILX, a S rank hunter.

Rachel: He's like a legend among us bounty hunters...

ILS: That, and he's our former mentor.

ILX: Ah, ILS and ILJ. It is good to see you two again. But unfortunately it had to be like this.

Jawo: Just let us by, old man. We don't wanna have to hurt you.

ILX: You, hurt me? I must say, that is amusing.

Jawo: Scratch that, you're getting hurt!

ILS: Jawo, no!!

*Jawo reaches his hand up to grab the hilt of his sword, but in an instant, ILX approaches and delivers a quick jab with his staff*

Jawo: Uuaggh!

*ILX then strikes from the side and knocks Jawo to the ground*

Blue: Hey! Back off him!!

*Blue prepares to cast a spell, but ILX appears in front of him and thrusts his staff upwards, knocking Blue up off his feet*

Blue: Aaagh!

Jawo: Ergh..h-how did he do that!?

ILS: I tried to tell you! Trying to attack him head on is useless!

Blue: But...why...?

ILX: Because, I have to ability to read your movements.

Jawo: What!?

ILX: Every move you make, right down to the tenses in your muscles, I can see it all. Allowing me to both percieve and counter your attack, before you even make it.

Lilia: I-if that's true, then how can we fight against something like that!?

ILX: You can't, my dear. This battle shall be won in my favor.

Collin: Oh man...why do these things always happen to us!?

ILX: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking Blue now.

ILS: Can't let you do that, Sta--*shakes head* Egh, I mean, ILX!

ILX: ILS, you would stand against me, despite knowing that you have no chance?

ILS: I know...but I'll do it anyway! Because...Blue's my friend.

ILX: You fool. Very well then! I will just have to take you down first!

*ILS unsheathes his swords and prepares himself*

Collin: Oh gee...Oh gee...Oh gee..!!!

ILX: Here I come!! Hyah!!

Collin: *gasp* No! (Plasma!)

ILS: Huh?

*A spark of plasma thunders down over ILX, but he hops back, barely avoiding the attack*

ILX: Where did that attack come from? ...You, the boy! But how come I could not read his movement?

Rachel: Collin...you did that? But...

*Collin expression changes from that of fear, to that of iron-willed determination. He gets into a battle stance and prepares to face ILX*

Collin: Guys...leave him to me!

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Blue: W-was that....Psynergy!?

Lilia: Psynergy? What's Psynergy?

Blue: Psychic Energy, or Psynergy for short, is the ability to conjure sorcerous effects based on the elements and fueled by the spiritual power of the person's mind.

Lilia: A person's...mind?

Blue: Yeah, unlike me, who uses the energy of the body to cast magic instead.

Lilia: That sounds pretty cool!

Blue: It is. But only a particular people can make use of Psynergy. They're known as Adepts.

Lilia: So I guess Collin must be one of these Adepts, huh?

Blue: Yeah. And since he used a Plasma spell, he must belong to the Jupiter Alignment. Their psynergy is based on the powers of wind and lightning.

ILS: Collin! Is...is this all true?

Collin: Yes..it is...

Rachel: But then...how come you didn't tell us there you were a Jupiter Adept? Why did you keep it from us?

Collin: Because I...I was afraid of fighting. I'm not as strong and courageous as the rest of you. I was just a weakling...

ILS: Collin...

Collin: But now...now it's my turn to fight! Now's my chance to contribute to our cause! You guys go on ahead. I'll take care of things here.

Jawo: Come on, Collin. You can't really mean to take him on by yourself. That's just crazy!

Collin: We don't have a choice! I'm the only one among us who can fight ILX without having my attacks read and countered. Only I can do this!

Jawo: But...

Blue: You heard him. We need to move on.

Lilia: But Blue, what if something happens to him!?

Blue: I know...he's inexperienced. But like he said, he's the only one who can fight ILX on fair ground. If we try to help, we'll only get in the way.

ILS: Mmn, I know what you mean, but...I still don't like this.

Blue: I don't either, but this is for the best. Collin, we'll leave it to you.

Collin: Thanks, Blue. And don't worry, I'll be sure to catch up later.

Blue: Heh, you better. Now let's go. We still have a date with the Official.

*The group heads to the elevator lift, but ILX steps in front of them to stop their advance*

Blue: Ergh...

ILX: You're not going anywhere, I'm afraid...

Collin: Not if I have anything to say about it! (Blunt!!)

*Collin casts a blunt spell. A sword of magic appears in front of ILX and shatters, signifying a decrease in strength*

ILX: Oofgh! W-what is the meaning of this? Why do I feel so...weak...?

Collin: Hurry, guys! Get out of here while you can!

Blue: Okay, thanks!

*The group boards the elevator and Blue sets it to go up to the 20th floor*

Jawo: Don't you die on us, Collin! You hear!?

*Collin smiles and waves as the elevator door closes shut and sets about its destination. Once it's out of sight, he turns and faces ILX once more*

Collin: Hm!

ILX: Ah, child. I must say, that is some impressive power you wield. How long have you been praticing its use?

Collin: Uhm...only a month, I suppose.

ILX: Only a month, you say? But you handle it so well! Tell me, lad. How old are you?

Collin: I'm 12.

ILX: Oh, for one so young, you are quite formidable. But I must ask, what makes you think that you, a novice hunter with no rank to speak of, can defeat me, a S rank hunter?

Collin: I don't know. But I do know that for the sake of my friends, I will have to try!

ILX: I admire your strong spirit. But it will take much more than just being able to avoid my ability to best me. Are you ready!?

Collin: I am!

ILX: Then have at you! Well shall see who's abilities trump who's!

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ILX: Come. I'm ready for you!

Collin: Okay, you asked for it! (I know he's probably expecting me to use psynergy, so I'll mix it up, and use a head on attack instead! That'll throw him off)

*Collin charges head on at ILX and attempts to punch him. ILX easily dodges and swats Collin to the ground with a blow from his staff*

Collin: Ugh!!

ILX: Boy, why would you make such a foolhardy attempt!?

*ILX attempts to jab Collin while he's down, but he quickly scrambles out of the way just in time to avoid it*

Collin: *to himself* Uhm okay...that didn't work. Now what to do...?

*ILX runs up to Collin and strikes him in the face, knocking him down on his back*

Collin: Oww!! W-watch where you're swinging that thing!

*ILX then follows up with a continuous volley of attacks. Collin quickly gets to his feet and clumsily dodges the attacks*

Collin: Whoa! *flails arms*

ILX: Come, child! Show me that power of yours! That is the only way you can beat me!

Collin: (He's right, but at this rate...I won't be able to concentrate long enough to pull it off)

*The attacks continue, and Collin keeps dodging until he is backed into a wall*

Collin: Uh oh. Dead end!

ILX: Nowhere for you to run now. This is the end!

*ILX fiercly jabs his staff at Collin, but he ducks and avoids the blow, causing ILX's staff to get stuck in the wall*

ILX: Hmph. You're a slippery one.

*Collin uses the opportunity and scrambles far away to safety*

Collin: *to himself* Okay...now what? Hurry Collin, you only have so much time. ....Alright, I got it!

*Collin balls his fist and pokes out his index finger*

Collin: Come out, Squall!

*Just then, a tiny purple creature appears and stands atop Collin's outstretched finger. It is the Jupiter Djinni, Squall*

Squall: Hey boyo, what's shakin'?

Collin: Squall, I need your help!

Squall: With what?

Collin: With that!!! *points to ILX*

Squall: The muscley grandpa? Wait a minute..Collin, are you in a fight?

Collin: Yes, but I don't have time to explain it right now.

Squall: Oh. *sniff* They grow up so fast...

Collin: Hey, cut it out!

Squall: Alright alright, what do you want me to do?

Collin: I need you to go on standby, just in case.

Squall: Ah, the old last resort, huh?

*ILX finally manages to remove his staff from the wall and he charges at Collin once again*

Collin: Aaaaah! He's coming! Hurry hurry!

Squall: You got it!

*A small burst of light shines from Squall. He then returns inside of Collin for later usage. Seconds later, ILX arrives in front of Collin and prepares to deal a finishing blow*

ILX: Now you die!

Collin: Eep! (I have to buy some time, but... Oh well, here goes nothing...)

*Before ILX can strike, Collin leaps foward head first, tackling ILX to the ground*

Collin: Yaaaaaaaah!!

ILX: Errgh! What a reckless endeavor!

*ILX crashes to the ground, causing him to lose his grip on his weapon as it goes sliding across the floor, out of reach*

ILX: No!

Collin: Ah ha!

*Collin makes a break and scrambles across the room. He grabs ILX's staff and celebrates in triumph*

Collin: Yay, I got it! Now you're defenseless! What do you have to say to that!?

*ILX grabs the chain around his waist and unravels it, unleashing yet another weapon in his arsenal*

Collin: Yikes!

ILX: You see, dear boy, that staff was not my only weapon....

*ILX swings the chain weapon over his head*

ILX: Now the real battle starts!

Collin: Oh man, this ISN'T my day...

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ILX: Now take this!

Collin: *gulp*

*ILX throws his chain and lashes Collin several times. The last hit knocking him to the ground*

Collin: Oof! Ugh...that's gonna leave a mark...

ILX: What are you waiting for, boy? Fight me!

Collin: You see, you'll just have to wait and find out.

ILX: Very well. I'll just beat it out of you then!

*ILX throws his chain and it wraps itself around Collin's right ankle. He then pulls him forwards and slings him into a wall*

Collin: Whoooooa!! Ooof!!

ILX: Not yet. There's more!

Collin: More!? Waah!

*ILX pulls Collin the other way and slings into the opposite wall*

Collin: Yaaaaaaaah! Uungh!

*ILX continues his assault, throwing Collin back and forth against the wall*

ILX: I wonder, how much more can you take before giving up!

Collin: (Oh, this is not good. Squall isn't ready yet..but I'm feeling....faint..)

*ILX swings Collin over his head and prepares for one final toss*

ILX: Now I think it's time we finished this!

Collin: Finish!? C-can't we talk!? You know, with a nice cup of tea or something!?

ILX: Too late for pleasantries now! You've had your chance!

Collin: *to himself* Then I guess it's now or never. (Halt!!!)

*Collin casts a halt spell on ILX. His body flashes as he's immediately frozen in place*

Collin: Alright, it worked!

*Collin loosens the chain around his ankle and frees himself*

Collin: Now this should leave me just enough time to use an attack of my own.

*Collin prepares to attack, but before he can, ILX stops flashing and returns to life*

Collin: Erm....or not..

ILX: Excellent use of your skills, dear boy. But too bad it wasn't enough to save you.

*ILX quickly dashes behind Collin unseen*

Collin: Wha- W-where did he--?

ILX: Over here!!

Collin: Ah!

*Before Collin can react, ILX takes his chain and wraps it around Collin's neck, effectively putting him in a strangle hold*

ILX: Now there's now way for you to escape.

Collin: Aggh!

*Collin tries to break his hold, but he isn't strong enough to overpower ILX*

Collin: (It's...no use. I-I'm too weak!)

ILX: Your life is mine!

*ILX tightens his grip, choking Collin further*

Collin: Ergh! *cough*

ILX: Any last words before I take the victory?

Collin: Y-yeah...as a matter of fact...

ILX: Hm?

Collin: *smiles* Victory...belongs to me!!

ILX: What!?

Collin: I summon: Jupiter! Do it, Squall!!

Squall: You got it, boss!

*An image of Squall appears in the air above ILX and Collin*

ILX: W-what is this? Another spell!?

Squall: Let's see how you like this!!

*Squall attacks, summoning a range of large purple orbs to rain down on ILX*

ILX: No! Aaaaaagggggh!!!

*The attack subsides, rendering ILX a battered mess, collapsed on the ground*

Collin: *panting* Ha...hah...ha...

*The image of Squall disappears, and he returns in his usual proportions on top of Collin's head*

Squall: Are you okay, sport?

Collin: Yeah...I'm fine.

*ILX manages to lift his head and addresses Collin one last time*

ILX: Collin...

Collin: You, are you still gonna try and fight!?

ILX: No, this is it for me. I've been beaten, and you were the only person who has ever done so. And for that...I commend you. ...Farewell...ugh..

*ILX lowers his head, the last of his life fleeting away*

Collin: I...I won...?

Squall: Yeah, you won!

Collin: I won!? I won! I won! I won!

*Collin celebrates his victory by jumping up and down with glee. He then finishes it by holding up a peace sign towards the "screen"*

Collin: Yeaaah!!!

Squall: I always knew you had it in you, Collin. You just had to believe in yourself.

Collin: That's right. I know now that I can anything if I put my mind to it. Literally! Ha ha!

Squall: Hah, you've come a long way since the day we first became partners. I couldn't be more proud.

Collin: Hey Squall, is something the matter? You're looking kinda...weak...

Squall: Oh this? Yeah, this tends to happen after we've been used to summon. But don't worry, I'll be back in tip top shape after a little rest in recovery mode.

Collin: Okay!

Squall: Say, don't you think it's time you got on back to your friends? I'm sure they're worried sick about you.

Collin: Oh yeah, you're right! Come on, Squall. We need to catch up with them!

*Squall returns to Collin's body, and they both board the elevator lift and heads to the 20th floor to rejoin Blue and the others*

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*In Collin's absense, the group manages to reach the bridge connecting the two towers*

Lilia: Blue, it's the bridge! We made it!

Blue: The right tower is just on the other side. We're almost there!

ILS: But Blue, what about Collin?

Rachel: Yeah, shouldn't we wait for him?

Blue: Well, now that you mention it, he has been down there for a while...

Jawo: Hey hey, he said he'd catch up to us, didn't he? Don't tell me you're losing faith in him already.

ILS: No, that's not it...

Jawo: Then what?

ILS: ....You're right. We should trust in him more.

Jawo: Now you're getting it. He'll make it back to us, just you wait and see.

Blue: Okay, let's get across this bridge. Hurry now!

Everyone: Right.

*The group begins to cross the bridge to the right side. When they reach the center, a hunter enters the bridge from the right side and faces the group*

Blue: Huh?

Jawo: They sent one fodder hunter to face us? You've gotta be kidding.

Hunter: *grins* Hehehehe.

Jawo: Oh, I'll give you something to grin about.

*Jawo draws his sword and runs after the hunter himself. When he draws near, the hunter pulls out an object and Jawo stops in his tracks*

Jawo: Hey, what is that, huh?

*The hunter presses a button on the object*

Hunter: Have a blast! Hahahaha!

*The hunter runs away*

Jawo: What are you talking about? Come back here, you!

*Just then, Blue hears a feint beeping noise under where the group is standing*

Blue: Hn? That noise...what is it?

Lilia: *gasp* It's a...! Hurry, get out of the way everyone! It's a bo--


*A bomb under the bridge explodes, blowing away the entire center portion. Jawo, ILS and Rachel manage to avoid the blast, but Blue and Lilia aren't so lucky. Blue is hanging onto the left edge with one arm, and holding Lilia in the other*

Lilia: Aaaah!!!! Bl-Blue, don't let me go!!

Blue: *struggling* Ergh, it's okay Lilia. I...got you...

Jawo: Blue, Lilia! Are you two alright!?

Blue: Yeah...but..not for long. How about some help over here?

Jawo: You got it!

*Jawo attempts to help, but he double takes and notices that the gap between them is far too wide*

Blue: Erragh! W-what's taking you!?!?

Jawo: Damnit!! You're too far out of reach!

Lilia: Do something! Blue can't hold on forever!

ILS: Guys, what do we do?

Rachel: What do we do? What can we do? There's no way we can reach them...

ILS: So, that's it? We just...give up...?

Jawo: No, we can't! We can't let them die! Not on my watch!

ILS: But Jawo!

Jawo: Shut up!!! Nobody's dying!

*Blue's grip begins to loosen*

Blue: Aah..!

Lilia: Aaaaah! No!

Jawo: Blue, Lilia, hang on!

Blue: Jawo...listen to me!

Jawo: Yeah?

Blue: T-take care of the group!

Jawo: W-what are you saying!?

Blue: This is it for us. There's no way we're getting out of this alive.

Jawo: Stop talking like that, you idiot. You'll be okay! You and Lilia...are going to be just fine...

Blue: Don't be stupid! Just do as I asked! My grip...I...I can't hold on anymore. Lilia...I'm sorry...

Lilia: It's okay, Blue. If we have to die, we'll die together...

Blue: Goodbye guys. It's in your hands now...

*Blue let's go of the edge and the two begin to plummet to their eventual demise*

Jawo: Noooooooooo!!!

ILS: Blue!! Lilia!!!

Rachel: This can't be happening!!

Jawo: It...it's over. T-they're gone. I can't believe it...

*Jawo bangs the ground in frustration*

Jawo: Damn!!! I said..I said I wasn't going to let anything happen to them.

ILS: It's okay, Jawo. There was nothing we could've done.

Rachel: Mads is right. We need to pick our heads up and move on. It's what Blue wanted...

Jawo: Are you guys stupid or something!? Blue is dead! There is no reason to go on! They've won!!

ILS/Rachel: ...

Jawo: And it's all my fault. If only...if only I had stayed with them. If only...

*A tear begins to fall from Jawo's eye*

Jawo: If only...*sniff*

??: Teleport!!!

Jawo: Huh?

*Jawo looks up to see Collin standing on the left side of the bridge, along with Blue and Lilia, alive and well*

Jawo: What!?

Blue: H-how did we...?

Collin: Phew. That was a close call. A second later and you guys would've been smashed tomatoes.

Lilia: Collin!? You're here! ...Did you save us?

Collin: That's right! I knew this teleport spell would come in handy sooner later.

Blue: Thanks, Collin. If it wasn't for you, we'd be dead right now. We owe you our thanks.

Collin: Nah, you don't owe me a thing! I was doing what I could to help is all.
I'm just glad you're both alright.

*Jawo runs up the right edge and yells out to them*

Jawo: Blue! Lilia!!

Blue: Jawo! Hey!

*The two wave back at him*

Jawo: Don't you wave at me! Get over here now!!

Blue: Uh...

Lilia: Is he...upset at us...? *rubs head*

Blue: Erm, we'll worry about him later. But first, how the heck do we get over there?

Collin: Leave that to me. I'll handle it! (Levitate!)

*Collin casts a levitate spell. Multicolor disks appear under the three as they are lifted above ground*

Lilia: Whoa!

Collin: Okay, now walk with me. We need to hurry before the spell wears off.

Blue: Alright.

*The three cross the gap in the bridge and rejoin the rest of the group. Upon arriving, Jawo runs up to Blue and begins to violently shake him*

Blue: Yiiiiiaaiaah!!

Jawo: Why you..!! Why aren't you dead!?

Lilia: Aah! Jawo, what's the matter with you!? Stop that!

ILS: Heheh. Jawo here was beating himself up over your "deaths".

Rachel: *giggles* He even started crying like a wittle baby.

Jawo: I'll kill you guys!!

Blue: Jawo, you...cried over us...?

Jawo: Hmph, no! It was the...the heat! The heat was getting to me is all...

Blue: Alright, it's okay if you don't wanna admit it.

Jawo: Admit what!?

Lilia: Yeah, we understand.

*The two stiffle a laugh*

Jawo: You better stop...

Blue: Okay okay, as much I'd love to stay here and pick on Jawo, we need to get moving.

Lilia: Yeah, let's go!

Blue: Come on guys. ...Oh, and Collin...

Collin: Yes, Blue?

Blue: Welcome back.

Collin: Thanks! I'm glad to be back!

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*Meanwhile, in the Official's quarters*

Hunter: Official, sir!

Official: Now what is it?

Hunter: ILX, he's been defeated!

Official: What!? By who!?

Hunter: It was the child, sir.

Official: You mean to tell me that a mere boy defeated a S rank hunter!?

Hunter: It's most unfortunate.

Official: Argh, useless!

Hunter: Uhm, that's not all, sir. I have more to report.

Official: Hmph. Continue.

Hunter: Blue and his companions managed to get past the trap on the bridge. They've reached the right tower and are heading here as we speak.

Official: What!?

Hunter: It seems that nothing can stop Blue's group now. I highly suggest that you evacuate while you can.

Official: Erragh! Pathetic hunters! You can't even fight off a boy and his band of misfits! What good are you!?

Hunter: I...apologize...

Official: Silence! You are of no more use to me. Die!!

*The Official fires a purple bolt at the hunter, destroying him*

Hunter: Aaaaggggh!!!

*The Official resumes his true form of Mephiles*

Mephiles: I cannot believe this! Blue, you ever remain to be a thorn in my side...

??: Things sure have developed, haven't they?

Mephiles: Come out, you ignorant creature.

*Agaranok emerges from the shadows*

Agaranok: Hey hey, what's with all the name calling? You could hurt my feelings.

Mephiles: I care not about your feelings!

Agaranok: Ah, whatever. Hmm, so I see Blue's already on his way here. He's come a lot sooner than I expected. I'm impressed.

Mephiles: Hrmph. I guess we have no choice but to face him here.

Agaranok: Maybe. Or...maybe not...

Mephiles: Hm?

*Agaranok begins to walk away*

Mephiles: Wait, where are you going?

Agaranok: To see if I can...slow them down a bit. Do not worry, I shall return shortly.

*Agaranok disappears. Meanwhile, Blue and the others hurry through the right tower in search of the Official*

Blue: Collin, which way is it?

Collin: Uhm...it's this way! *points the left*

Blue: Down that hallway, huh? Alright, let's go.

*The group makes a left and Collin leads then down the hallway. But he soon comes to a stop, causing the others to stop along with him*

Blue: Hey, what's the matter?

Jawo: Yeah, why did you stop here?

Collin: I'm...sensing something...

Lilia: Like what?

Collin: I don't know. But whatever it is...it's strong. Really strong.

ILS: What could it be?

Rachel: We should stay on guard. It could attack at any moment.

Blue: Rachel's right, guys. Be ready.

*The group ready's their weapons and maintains a vigilant watch for the source of the strong power*

Jawo: You guys see anything?

ILS: No...not yet...

*ILS looks around for a sign of anyone approaching. Just then, Agaranok slowly creeps up from the ground behind him and prepares to strike*

Agaranok: Ha! Behind you!

ILS: Wah!!

Collin: Ah! ILS sir, look out!!!

*Collin runs over to ILS and pushes him out of the way, causing Agaranok's attack to strike him instead. His sword plunges deep into Collin's body, impaling him*

Collin: Nngh!!

ILS: No! Collin!

*Agaranok pulls his sword from Collin's body and takes a step back*

Agaranok: You were not my target...

Collin: Take...this...! (Blue Bolt!)

*Before collapsing to the ground, Collin casts a Blue Bolt spell. Two thick bolts of lightning thunder down on Agaranok, damaging him greatly*

Agaranok: Urrgh! N-no!!

Collin: G..got him...

Lilia: *gasp* No!

*Lilia runs over to Collin gently shakes him*

Lilia: Collin, can you hear me? Collin!!!

Jawo: You! You're gonna pay for this!!

*Jawo quickly draws his sword and charges after Agaranok*

Jawo: Rrraagh!!

*Jawo slashes overhead, but Agaranok easily blows the attack with his sword*

Agaranok: You are not who I want to fight. Go away.

*Agaranok pushes away, knocking Jawo off balance. He then kicks him, knocking him on his back*

Jawo: Aagh!!

Agaranok: Hmph. Even with this injury you are not match for me.

Blue: Agaranok! H-how...

Agaranok: Ah, Blue. So we meet again...

Blue: What are you doing here!? Why are you working with the Official!?

Agaranok: Official? Oh oh! The Official! Eh, well, to put it simply, he wants you gone and he's sent me to do it.

Blue: That's not the answer I wanted.

Agaranok: *shrugs* Oh well. You'll find out the truth for yourself soon enough.

Lilia: Collin! Let me see your wound!

*Collin slowly moves his hand from his wound, revealing a massive amount of blood on his palm*

Lilia: Oh no. This is...terrible...

Rachel: How could you do that!? He was just a kid!

Agaranok: It is unfortunate that the child was struck, as my attack was not intended for him. Had he not tried to save the perverted one, he would still be with you...

ILS: *lowers head* Collin... Is it...my fault...?

Blue: You're not going to get away with this, Agaranok!!

Agaranok: Blue, I would be happy to face you in battle, but now is not the time.

Blue: I'll be the one to decide that! Fireball!!

*Blue casts a Fireball spell. Three fireballs are hurled at Agaranok, but he disappears before the attack can hit*

Blue: Damn, he got away...

Lilia: Blue, come quick!

*Blue runs over to Lilia*

Blue: What is it? Will Collin be okay?

Lilia: He's in pretty bad shape. I...I don't think he's going to make it...

ILS: No! Collin, you can't die! You just can't...

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Lilia: The bleeding...it won't stop! What do I do!?

Collin: Just...stop, Lilia. There's nothing you can do..for me...

Blue: We're not going to let you die, Collin.

Collin: You don't..have much of a choice. Just hurry. Go on...without me.

ILS: Collin, why!? Why did you do it!? Why did you save me!?

Collin: What...do you mean? You're my...hero, ILS...sir. I'd do..anything for..you..

ILS: But...but you're too young to die here. I..I can't believe this is happening.

*tears begin to trickle down ILS's face*

Collin: Why are you crying? I...I couldn't be..happier...

ILS: What..?

Collin: I finally...got the chance...to fight side by side with my hero. It was like...a dream come true...

ILS: Collin! I want you to keep fighting alongside us! Please, don't die! Not yet!

Collin: I'm...afraid that can't happen...sir. My time...is up...

ILS: No!!

Jawo: Kid...

*Jawo turns his head in an attempt to hide his tears*

Collin: Jawo...you're..crying again...

Jawo: *sniff* N-no I'm not! It's...it's the heat again!

Collin: Heh..heh. ILS was right about you. You may be all big and tough...but you're just...a big softie on the...inside. That's what I like...about you.

Jawo: Collin...you brat. *sniff*

Lilia: Collin! Please don't go! We need you here with us!

Collin: Li-lia..

Lilia: Uh?

Collin: Your love...for Blue..is very strong...

Lilia: Wha-..but how did you...

Collin: I read your mind. Promise me...that you'll stay by him. Always lend him your support, so that he'll have the strength to make it through...

Lilia: *sniff* I promise...

Collin: Good. Rachel...

Rachel: Yes, Collin?

Collin: I know that...you're a great friend to ILS. Promise me that you'll continue being a friend to him, and watch over him in his times of need. He cares deeply for you...and would be sad if you ever left him...

Rachel: I understand.

Collin: And Blue...

Blue: Collin.

Collin: You're a very strong man. I peered into your heart. I saw all of the hardships you've endured over the years. I saw...how you risked your life day after day for the sake of Earth and its people. Just know...that I was honored to have been able to fight with someone as gallant as you.

Blue: Thank you, Collin. You've been a great help to us too, you know. Had it not been for you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. And for that, you have my gratitude.

Collin: Thanks, Blue. That means...a lot...to me...Nngh! Aaa-aagh!!

*Collin graps his wound in pain*

ILS: Collin!!

Collin: I guess...this is it for me...

ILS: Collin wait!

Collin: It's...okay, sir. I've lived my dream..and I have no regrets. I just wish...that I could've...spent more time...with you...

ILS: Collin, don't go! Wait! Please!

*Collin's body falls limp and his life fades*

Collin: ...

ILS: He's...gone...

*Just then, Squall emerges from Collin's dead body*

Squall: Hey, what's going on!? Kid? Kid!? What happened to you!?

Blue: Uhm...who are you..?

Squall: I'm Squall, Collin's djinni. Now tell me what happened to him, now!

ILS: Collin..he..gave his life...to save me.

Squall: You...you're ILS, aren't you?

ILS: I am.

Squall: I see. Now I'm not surprised at all. The kid would never stop talking about how much of a hero you were and yadda yadda. He really looked up to you, you know.

ILS: I know. He was a good kid.

Squall: In fact, he told me that the one reason he became a bounty hunter, was to be just like his hero. Would you say he lived up to your expectations?

ILS: Oh no. He far exceeded them. He's more than I could ever be...

Squall: Ah, if only he could've heard you say that. That would've really made his year. ...Oh Collin, why did you have to die so soon...?

*Collin's body begins to float*

Squall: I guess it's time for us to go.

Blue: Wait, where are you taking Collin's body?

Squall: To Contigo.

Jawo: Contigo?

Squall: Yeah, it's his home. I figured the least I could do is give him a proper burial.

ILS: Okay. Just..take good care of him.

Squall: You got it, bub. Come on, kid. Let's..get you home.

*Both Squall and Collin's body disappear*

Blue: Well...are you all ready to go?

Jawo: ..Yeah...

Lilia: Mhm.

Rachel: *nods*

Blue: ILS?

ILS: No...I'm not...

Blue: ILS, we need to move on. We can't stay here any longer.

ILS: How could you say that!? Our friend just died!!!

Blue: I know that. But he sacrificed his life, so that we could keep going. Don't forget what he stood for.

ILS: ...Yeah. You're right! I'll...I'll be the hero that Collin believed me to be!

Blue: Okay! Now we're talkin'.

ILS: But one more thing.

Blue: Huh?

ILS: I want...to get revenge.

Blue: You don't have to worry about that.

Jawo: Yeah, we'll make sure that Agaranok get's his for killing Collin.

Lilia: All of us will.

Rachel: Together.

ILS: Thanks, guys.

Blue: Now let's go. We have a friend to avenge.

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*Meanwhile, in the Official's quarters*

Agaranok: I've returned...

Mephiles: Well? How did it go?

Agaranok: I managed to get rid of one of them.

Mephiles: Ah, very good, Agaranok. I knew I could count on you.

Agaranok: But..the one I killed, it was not the target I had in mind.

Mephiles: What difference does it make who you killed?

Agaranok: Taking the life of a child is not what true warriors are supposed to do. It's dishonorable.

Mephiles: Save your dribble about warriors and honor. I've heard enough!

Agaranok: Fine. But I suggest that we leave this place for the time being. I wasn't able to slow them down as much as I had hoped.

Mephiles: Why? Can you not face them here?

Agaranok: I cannot. The boy, before passing, he inflicted a terrible wound upon me. If I was to fight Blue and his companions in this condition, I would surely lose.

Mephiles: Very well. We shall take our leave of this place.

Agaranok: To the Dragonship then?

Mephiles: Yes. Let us go.

Agaranok: Right.

*Both Agaranok and Mephiles disappear. Moments later, Blue and the group storm into the quarters with their weapons drawn, ready for a fight*

Blue: Alright, Official! We've found you! Now give u--huh?

Lilia: There's no one here...

Jawo: Argh, don't tell me they got away again!

Blue: Damn, we can't lost them now. They couldn't have gotten far. Let's look for him!

*Rachel looks out the window in the room*

Rachel: Oh! Hey, Blue! Over here!

Blue: What's up, Rachel?

Rachel: I think you wanna take a look at this. Down there.

Blue: Hm...

*Blue looks downwards out the window. He sees a Dragonship fleeing the vicinity of the headquarters*

Blue: It's a Dragonship!

Rachel: Yeah, the Official's gotta be on it. He must be trying to make a get away.

Blue: In that case, let's go after him!

Lilia: But how? We can't chase them on foot. We'll never catch them!

ILS: Maybe, Lilia. But then again...maybe we don't have to!

Jawo: What are you talking about?

ILS: Back when we first entered the left tower, I saw a garage where there were a bunch of land vehicles stored.

Blue: Oh, I see. You're saying we could snag a Dragonship of our own and follow after them, right?

ILS: Bingo!

Blue: Well then what are you waiting for? Show us the way!

ILS: Okay! Follow me!

*ILS leads the group back to the ground floor of the left tower. From there, they enter the storage garage*

ILS: Hmm, let's see... Ah ha!

Blue: Did you find something, ILS?

ILS: Yeah, over here!

*The group heads over to where ILS is. There they find a smaller land vehicle, not quite as big as Dragonship, and similar in design to that of a modern age car*

Jawo: What is this thing? It sure ain't a Dragonship, that's for sure!

Lilia: Yeah, what gives? Why are you showing us this?

ILS: Because, if we're gonna catch a Dragonship, we're gonna need something faster than one. It may be small, but it'll get the job done.

Blue: Okay fine. Let's just hurry!

ILS: Alright! I'm driving!

*ILS hops into the drivers seat of the vehicle*

ILS: Get in! *makes a hand gesture*

Rachel: I call the passenger seat!

*Rachel hops into the seat beside ILS'*

Jawo: Hey! No fair! I wanted the front seat!

Blue: Oh for crying out loud, Jawo! Just get in!

Jawo: Hmph!

*Blue, Lilia and Jawo jump into the back seats of the vehicle. ILS then starts up the engine*

ILS: Oh yeah! Listen to that engine hum! I think I'm in heaven...

Lilia: So, what, you're attracted to engines now?

ILS: *annoyed* No...

Blue: Is everyone ready!?

Everyone: *nods*

Blue: Then take us out of here, ILS!

ILS: You got it! Just hold on to your seats! This is gonna be a wild ride!

*ILS punches the gas and the vehicle bursts out of the garage at an intense speed. The group leaves the headquarters and blazes through the wasteland in pursuit of the Dragonship*

Jawo: Er, do you have a license to drive this thing or what?

ILS: Nope! Hahahaha!

Everyone: *sweatdrop*

Jawo: Alright, move it. I'm taking over.

ILS: *whiny* Nooooo! I'm driviiiiiiing!!

Jawo: Get out of the way!

ILS: Noo!

Blue: Stop it!!!

Lilia: Uhm...Blue..

Blue: What's the matter, Lilia?

Lilia: Don't look now, but we've got hunters on our tail!

Blue: No way! You've gotta be kidding!

*Blue looks behind them to see a group of hunters tailing the group in vehicles*

Blue: Man, don't they ever let up?

Lilia: They're persistent, I'll give them that.

Jawo: Well hey, look at it this way.

*Jawo stands up in his seat and turns facing the hunters*

Jawo: At least we get to have some fun!

*Jawo draws his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Garden!!

*Just then, large sharp pillars of crystal emerge from the ground*

Hunter: Whoa! What's going on!?

Hunter2: Look out! They're attacking!

*The hunters swerve in every direction in an attempt to avoid the attack. Some manage to get away, but others are struck by the pillars and throw out of the chase*

Hunter: Noooo! Aaaagggh!!!

Jawo: Alright! I got em!!

Blue: Hey, I see what you got going there, Jawo. Let's help him out, Lilia!

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: What's going on back there, huh!?

Jawo: Just shup and keep driving! We'll handle this. *grins*

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*The high speed chase rages on. Blue, Lilia, and Jawo continue to get rid of the hunters on their tail as ILS keeps advancing on the Dragonship*

Rachel: Is everyone okay?

Jawo: Yeah, we're fine back here.

Blue: How about you, ILS? Any sign of the Dragonship yet?

ILS: Not yet, Blue. But I'm sure we'll catch whiff of them in no time.

Blue: Okay, just keep at it.

ILS: Right.

Lilia: Blue, the hunters are gaining on us! Look!

*Blue looks back to see the hunters increasing their speed and inching closer and closer to the group's vehicle*

Blue: Darn it...

Jawo: Hah, there's nothing to worry about. Let em gain, I say. That'll give them the chance to get up close and personal with my Crystal Sword.

*Two hunters ride up to each side of the group's vehicle*

Hunter: Ha ha, now I've got you! Yaaah!!

*The hunter leaps from his vehicle and tries to attack the group*

Jawo: Not so fast, buddy! Take this!

*Jawo intercepts and quickly cuts the hunter with his sword, knocking him away*

Hunter: Aaaaggggh!!

*Meanwhile, the hunter on the right side bats Lilia repeatedly with a club*

Hunter2: Ha ha, take that!

Lilia: Ow! Stop it!

*Lilia retaliates by reaching out and slapping the hunter continuously*

Hunter2: Whoa! C-cut that out! You're gonna make me--

*Lilia's constant slapping causes the hunter to lose his balance and fall off his vehicle, abruptly ending his pursuit*

Hunter2: Arrrrrgggh!!

Lilia: Hehehe *wink*

Jawo: Hey, Blue. I think that was the last of them.

Blue: Really? Perfect. No there's no one to get in our way.

ILS: Hey! Hey guys!

Blue: What's up, ILS?

ILS: Check this out! The Dragonship is just ahead!

*The Dragonship comes into plain view. With each passing second, the group moves in more and more*

Blue: Alright! ILS, can you give it some more juice?

ILS: You betcha! Hang on!

*ILS pushes the cruiser to its max speed. They now advance on the Dragonship at an even faster rate. Within moments, they arrive directly behind it*

ILS: Okay, we're in, Blue. It's all you!

Blue: Yeah.

*Blue prepares to attack the Dragonship with a spell. Meanwhile, Agaranok catches whiff of the presence of the Blue and the others*

Agaranok: Hn?

Mephiles: Agaranok, what is it?

Agaranok: We've got guests...

Mephiles: What!? Who!?

Agaranok: Wouldn't you know it? It's Blue and crew. That was mighty impressive of them to have tailed us so quickly.

Mephiles: Quiet! Just get out there and deal with them!

Agaranok: As you wish.

*Agaranok leaves the interior of the Dragonship and takes the roof. From there he turns and faces the group*

ILS: Uh oh, it's Agaranok!!

Agaranok: Well well, look what we have here. Aren't you a little too young to be commandeering that vehicle?

Jawo: That's what I told him!

ILS: Shut up...

Agaranok: Oh well. It's time for you to go now.

*Agaranok draws his sword and slashes at the air. Seconds later, a burst of slicing energy waves shoot from the ground, just barely missing the group's cruiser*

ILS: Yikes! Did you see that!?

Rachel: Phew, if that hit us, we would've been toast...

Agaranok: Hmm, it seems my aim was a little off...

Lilia: Blue, hurry! Do something!

Blue: I'm on it! Stalagmite!

*Blue casts a stalagmite spell. A group of stalagmites erupt from the ground, but only barely grazes the Dragonship*

Agaranok: Hahaha! You'll have to do better than that!

Blue: Damnit, I missed!

Jawo: Blue, what are you doing? Get it together!

Blue: This is harder than it looks, you know...

Agaranok: I think I'll try my hand at it once more.

*Agaranok slashes at the air once again. A burst of slicing energy waves shoots from the ground again, this time cutting through the engine of the cruiser*

ILS: Ah! No!

Agaranok: Ah ha! I've got it!

Lilia: ILS, what happened!?

ILS: He got the engine! W-we're losing speed!

Agaranok: So long, Blue!

*Agaranok leaves the roof the Dragonship and returns to the interior. Meanwhile, the cruiser slows down more and more*

Rachel: No, we're going to lose them!

Jawo: Blue, hurry up! This is our last chance!

Blue: Alright. One more time! Ground Dasher!!!

*Blue casts a Ground Dasher spell. The Earth cracks, and within it explodes with a staggering amount of energy. The force of the attack knocks the Dragonship over, disabling it from moving*

Blue: Yeah!

Lilia: Blue, you did it!

*Soon after, the cruiser comes to a complete stop, unable to move anymore. The group hops out of the disabled craft and moves in on the Dragonship*

Blue: We've got you this time, Official. There is no escape!

*As the group nears the Dragonship, a blast of purple energy rips through the bottom*

Blue: Huh? W-what the--!!

*The attack causes the Dragonship to go explode and go up in flames. The group barely manages to escape the blast*

Jawo: What the heck was that?

Blue: I wish I knew...

*Two shadowy figures begin to emerge from the flames of the destroyed Dragonship*

??: Well well, if isn't Blue. My loathsome enemy...

Blue: Wait...I know that voice...

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*Both Agaranok and Mephiles emerge from the flames and face the group*

Blue: M-Mephiles!? But..But...

Rachel: Wait a minute...that's not the Official...

ILS: Yeah, no kidding...

Mephiles: Hahaha, you're right, woman. I'm not the Official! It was all a hoax the entire time. I merely assumed his form in order to take control of the IL Bounty Hunters and have them do my bidding. It was much too easy.

Rachel: Then...then if that's true. What happened to the real Official? Where is he!?

Mephiles: The real Official? Oh, that's right. He's dead!

ILS: No, that can't be true. You're lying!

Mephiles: Oh no. This is very true. I would know. I killed him myself! Ahahahahaha!!!!

Rachel: No!!!

ILS: Why you...!!

*ILS draws his swords and attempts to attack Mephiles*

ILS: You'll pay for what you've done!!

Mephiles: Back, fool.

*Mephiles erects a forcefield, in which ILS collides with. The shock sends him flying backwards to the ground*

ILS: Uaaaggh! Oof!!

Lilia: ILS!!

Mephiles: Heheh, those bounty hunters were all fools. They fulfilled my orders without hesitation, not even bothering to question its validity. Like puppets, they danced at the end of my strings. Need I remind you that you too, fell prey to my scheme.

ILS: Er....Shut up!!!

Mephiles: You cannot hide from the truth. You and all the rest were tricked by me. You all fought Blue and in the end, were bested by him. It seems all you were good for was following orders. Too bad your competency was lacking.

Rachel: I can't believe it. This whole time, we...we were...

Mephiles: Just pawns in my elaborate scheme!

Blue: Guys, don't let him get to you. It's true, you were deceived.  But that's all in the past now. We settled our differences and came together in the end. That's all that matters.

Mephiles: Blue...you meddling pest...

Blue: Mephiles...how do you live still? We killed you.

Mephiles: Ah, you say you've killed me, yet I stand before you alive and well.

Blue: How is that possible? There was no way you could've lived through that...

Mephiles: It matters not how I survived. All that matters now is that I'm back and I'm here to take my revenge on you!

Blue: Revenge? That's what this is all about?

Mephiles: Yes. It was my ultimate goal to reunite with other half and become Solaris once again. But now, thanks to you, that can never happen again! Now my only goal is to see you dead and buried. That will be your fate for stealing my destiny from me.

Blue: Heh, if we beat you once, we can beat you again! Bring it on!

Mephiles: Ha, so you say. But I'll have you know that I've gotten much stronger since our last battle. Victory will not come so easily to you.

Blue: Then stop talking and let's fight already!

Mephiles: Hmph, so impatient. But I must ask that you wait, for this will not be where our battle takes place.

Blue: What?

*Suddenly, a large gate rises from the ground behind Mephiles and opens, revealing nothing but a black void inside*

Mephiles: If you wish to face me, then come. Come to my world of Neo Jahannam!!

Blue: Neo...Jahannam...

Mephiles: That is...if you can even make it to me. I'll be waiting, Blue...

Agaranok: I too, look forward to your arrival, Blue. Don't disappoint me.

Blue: Wait, come back here!

Mephiles: Sorry, Blue. But we're playing by my rules now! But do not worry, I'll leave you with a little parting gift. Hahaha!!

*Mephiles and Agaranok disappear into the gate. Afterwards a swarm of demonic creatures fly out of the gate and face the group. The gate then closes and disappears*

Jawo: What the hell!?

Rachel: What are those things!?

Blue: They're demons of Jahannam! Come on, we have to defeat them!

Lilia: But Blue, there are too many!! We'll never beat them all!

Blue: We don't have a choice! We have to get past them if we want to get to Mephiles! Are you ready?

*Jawo draws his sword*

Jawo: I know I am. *grins*

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Blue: Cyclone!

Lilia: Cherry Bomb!

Jawo: Crystal Spear!

ILS: Dual Slasher!

Rachel: Swallow Dance!

*The group unleashes attack after attack on the demons*

Blue: Tidal Wave!

Lilia: Nova Bomb!

Jawo: Crystal Burst!

ILS: Crescent Cutters!

Rachel: Ho Ki Jeiken!

*The clash continues on, but like a plague, the demon's keep coming back for more. After a while, the group grows fatigued from the non-stop battling*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...how's everyone..holding up?

Jawo: Not so good, Blue. My body is fine, but my mana is exhausted. I won't be of much use if I can't use my techniques...

ILS: Yeah, same here. I'm completely tapped...

Rachel: At this rate, it's only a matter of time before they get the better of us.

Blue: I know, but we can't give up now...

Lilia: Blue, we're running out of options here.

Blue: Damn, isn't there anything we can do...?

*As the group is backed against a wall and ready to give in, a voice cries out from the sky above*

??: Storm of Rings!!!

Blue: Huh?

*Suddenly, out of nowhere, a number of chakrams soar through the air, tearing apart every demon in their path with one shot. When the attack finishes, no demons are left alive*

Jawo: Where did those...things come from?

Blue: Chakrams? Could it be...?

??: Make way for the Princess!!!

Lilia: Ah! That voice!

*Just then, Blue's old friend and companion, Mizuna, descends from the sky and lands before the group*

Mizuna: Blue! Long time no see! Ha ha!

Lilia/ILS: Mizuna!!

Mizuna: Well if it isn't Lilia and ILS too. Good to see you all again.

Blue: Likewise. But..what are you doing all the way out here?

Mizuna: I was off training with a colleague of Zeldafan's when I began to feel that you were in a pinch.

Blue: Feel?

Mizuna: Yeah! I've acquired the ability to sense the feelings of those close to me. And I felt a lot of stress and anxiety enamating from you. So since Zeldafan and the others were off doing..stuff, I took it upon myself to come and help you!

Blue: Well I'm glad you came when you did. Had it been any later, you wouldn't have had anyone to save...

Mizuna: Oh, sorry. Us Princesses aren't used to scrambling about, you know. *rubs head*

Blue: You still haven't grown of the Princess thing I see.

Mizuna: *angrily* I am a Princess!! I am I am I am!!

Blue: Okay okay! Geez... *sweatdrop*

Lilia: Hey Mizuna, what was that attack you used earlier? It was amazing!

Mizuna: Oh, you like? It was but one of the techniques I learned during my training. I call it Storm of Rings. It multiplies the chakrams in my possession and I hurl them all at once, using mana to control the trajectory. It's perfect for taking out groups of enemies at once.

Lilia: It was great! Not even the 5 of us could handle the demons, yet you take out all of them in one attack!

Blue: Yeah, that was pretty impressive, Mizuna. I'm glad to see you kept your word of becoming a better fighter.

Mizuna: You know it! I remember, back then...I couldn't do anything to help at all. But now look at me! I'm a fighting machine! And I'm not even finished with my training!

Blue: Well then don't you think you should get on back?

Mizuna: Aw, I'm in no rush! Besides, I think you guys could use some help, so I'll stick around for a little longer, if that's okay with you.

Blue: It's fine with me. How about you guys? Is it okay if Mizuna travels with us?

Lilia: You know it's okay with me, Blue!

ILS: Same here!

Jawo: I'm cool with it.

Rachel: I have no objections.

Blue: Well, I guess that settles it. Welcome aboard, Mizuna.

Mizuna: Goody! You won't regret it, I'm sure of it!

Jawo: Say Blue, it's getting late. Don't you think we should head back now?

Blue: Yeah, you're right. We'll just have to head to Neo Jahannam in the morning. Let's go, everyone.

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*With their task finished, the group picks up and leaves the Yanju Wastelands. But soon, night falls and they are forced to stop for the evening*

Blue: Hmm, no town in sight. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to set up camp here.

Lilia: Oh no. We're camping out again!?

Blue: Well yeah. You know it's too dangerous to travel at night.

Lilia: But...but..!!

Mizuna: What's the matter, Lilia? You're not afraid of sleeping on the range, are ya?

Lilia: Oh it's just..it's...Oooh nevermind!

Blue: Okay. Jawo, you set up the sleeping bags while I get the fire started.

Jawo: Yeah, I'm on it.

*Jawo grabs the sleepings bags and lays them out. Meanwhile Blue uses fire magic to start up a flame. Afterwards, the group gathers and sits around the campfire*

Mizuna: Hey Blue.

Blue: What's up, Mizuna?

Mizuna: I don't think you've introduced me to your two friends there. Who are they?

Blue: Oh yeah, that's right! This is Jawo.

Jawo: It's a pleasure.

Blue: And that's Rachel.

Rachel: Hello. *waves*

Blue: They've been helping me throughout this whole journey.

Mizuna: Is that so? Well then, nice to meet you! As you should already know, I'm Princess Mizuna--

Blue: *annoyed* Mizuna...

Mizuna: Alright alright. Former Princess...

Jawo: Former Princess? What happened?

Mizuna: Uhm...*looks away*

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: Er...it's a long story...

Jawo: Eh, fine then.

Rachel: You don't have to tell us if you don't want to.

Mizuna: Okay! So can somebody give me a quick recap of what's been going on? I'm kinda in the dark here.

Blue: Alright, long story short, bounty on my head wasn't so much a bounty anymore, so we set out to uncover the conspiracy behind it. Our travels led us to their headquarters and then...uhm...

Mizuna: Then what?

*Everyone's expression turns to sadness*

Mizuna: Hey, why the long faces?

Blue: Oh um..sorry. It's just we...lost a friend back there...

Mizuna: *gasp* You're kidding!

Blue: I wish I was. It was thanks to him that we got as far as we did, but in the end, he was slain...

Mizuna: That's...awful...

Blue: Yeah, I...probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Now I've gotten everyone down...

Mizuna: Oh, well I know what'll cheer us up! How about we fix some dinner? I'm starved!

Blue: Hey, now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry.

Lilia: Who gets to cook this time?

Blue: Good question. Any volunteers?

Rachel: Ooh! I will, Blue!

Blue: You cook, Rachel?

Rachel: Not really, but a while back I tasted this great dish that I just have to try and recreate. Trust me, you'll love it!

Blue: Well, okay. It's all yours, Rachel.

Rachel: Great! I'll get started now!

*Rachel pulls out a pot and places it over the fire. She then dabbles through the group's ingredients and adds them as necessary, stirring them into a fine mix*

ILS: Mmm, that smells divine, Rach! What are you making over there?

Rachel: It's a secret! But don't worry, it'll be done in just a bit.

*Rachel taste tests the dish*

Rachel: Hm...almost there...but it's missing that kick the last one had...

*Rachel shuffles through her belongings in search of another ingredient*

Rachel: Ah ha! This should do it!

*Rachel pulls out a can of Sprite and quickly despense it into the dish. She then mixes it in and tastes it once more*

Rachel: There! Perfect!

Jawo: Is it ready, Rachel?

Rachel: It sure is! Here, you can have the first bowl, Jawo.

*Rachel hands Jawo a bowl of Sprite Beef Stew*

Jawo: Thanks a bunch!

*Jawo tastes the stew. The familiarity leaves him with a puzzled look on his face*

Jawo: Hm!?

Rachel: Is something wrong?

Jawo: This tastes just like my Sprite Beef Stew...

Rachel: You mean...that was your recipe!?

Jawo: Well yeah. I made it for dinner a few weeks ago.

Rachel: Oh my! I must know, did I recreate your masterpiece okay?

Jawo: I'll say! It's spot on, Rachel!

Rachel: Oh yay! I'm so happy! Eat up everyone! Have a taste of Heaven in a bowl!

Blue: *under his breath* Hmph. More like Hell in a bowl...

Lilia: Mmm! Yummy! Just as tasty as always!

ILS: Wow, this is some good stuff. Who would've thought that Sprite could make Beef Stew taste so good?

Blue: It doesn't!

Mizuna: Amazing! Jawo, I must have the recipe! The guys back at the hideout will just love this!

Lilia: Ooh, give me the recipe too, Jawo!

ILS: Yeah, me too! I gotta have more!

Jawo: Everyone can have the recipe!

Everyone: Hooray!!!

Blue: What is wrong with you people!?

*The next morning, the group awakens bright and early, ready for departure*

Blue: Are you guys ready to shove off?

Mizuna: Yup, we're all set! Chant the incantation, Blue!

Blue: Okay. I haven't used this in a long time. I hope I still remember it...

*Blue recites the incantation to gain entry to Jahannam, but nothing happens*

Blue: ...

Jawo: Well? Shouldn't a big hellish looking gate be appearing right about now?

Blue: It should, but...nothing...

Lilia: Are you sure you said it right, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, I'm pretty sure...

ILS: Maybe you should try it again.

Blue: Alright, here goes nothing.

*Blue recites the incantation once again, but like last time, nothing happens*

Blue: Well that's strange. *scratches head*

Rachel: Gee, I wonder what the problem is.

Blue: I don't know. But until we find out, we're stuck.

Mizuna: Hmm...*thinks*...Oh! I know!

Blue: What's up?

Mizuna: I'll call Zeldafan! She knows all about this kind of stuff!

Blue: Really? But how are you going to do that? Who knows where she could be now...

Mizuna: It's true, I don't know where she is, but I can always just summon her here.

Lilia: Can you really do that, Mizuna?

Mizuna: Well sure! ...I think. Bob showed me the basics of summoning a while back. If I can summon creatures from other dimensions, surely I can summon a regular person from this world.

Blue: Okay. Give a shot.

Mizuna: I will!

*Mizuna places her hands together and gathers her mana*

Mizuna: I summon: Zeldafan!

*Mizuna's summon attempt proves successful when Zeldafan materializes in front of the group*

Blue: Uhm...*gulp*

Lilia: Oh...*looks in another direction*

Mizuna: Guys, what's the matter? Why are you looking all funny like that?

Jawo: Er....*points*

Mizuna: Oh!!! *covers eyes*

*Mizuna looks over to see Zeldafan soaking wet and ****, scrubing herself with a loofa with her eyes closed, completely oblivious to her current surroundings*

Zeldafan: La laaaaa la laa lala laaaaaa! (LoZ Main Theme)

ILS: Yowza!!! *pants like a dog*

Lilia: Oh no you don't!!

*Lilia jerks ILS by his collar and covers his eyes*

Zeldafan: La laaa la laa lala laaa--uh? *opens eyes* Hey, who was that?

*Zeldafan observes her surroundings*

Zeldafan: Hey! This isn't my bathtub! What am I doing here!?

*She then turns around to see Blue and the group staring right at her*

Zeldafan: *gasp* Blue!?

Blue: Uhm...hi. *blushes*

*Zeldafan looks down at her naked body and then quickly covers herself with her arms*

Zeldafan: *shrilly* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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Zeldafan: How did I get here!?

Mizuna: Uhm, I kinda..summoned you and...

Zeldafan: You what!?

Mizuna: Erm..this isn't a bad time..is it? *twiddles thumbs*

Zeldafan: Well, I'm kinda dripping wet in my birthday suit out in the middle of nowhere. WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!?

Mizuna: Aaah, I'm sorry!

Zeldafan: *to herself* Okay, Zeldafan. Calm down. Remember your therapy. Now why did you bring me here? And it better be good, or else!

Mizuna: Yikes! *flails arms*

Jawo: Psst, ZF. Don't you think you wanna get decent first?

Zeldafan: Oh right!

*Zeldafan snaps her fingers, instantly reappearing covered in a towel*

Zeldafan: Thanks for reminding me. And what are you doing here anyway, Jawo?

Jawo: What do you mean?

Zeldafan: I mean exactly what I said.

Jawo: I'm here giving Blue a hand. What of it?

Zeldafan: My, that's a strange development. I thought you hated Blue.

Jawo: Meh, that's old news now. He needs my help and I'm going to stick by him.

Zeldafan: Well thanks for being a friend to him! Blue could always use a little extra support, so it's good that you're there for him now. Blue, did you even thank Jawo for helping you this far?

Blue: Well gee, I don't think I did... Egh, thanks Jawo.

Jawo: You don't need to thank me.

Blue: Huh? Jawo being modest?

Jawo: What's so weird about that?

Lilia: Are you feeling sick?

Jawo: Ugh, whatever! Just get on with it!

Blue: Ah, yeah, right. Anyway, Zeldafan, don't be upset with Mizuna for bringing you out here.

Zeldafan: Huh?

Blue: She was just doing it for us. If you need to be angry with someone, it should be me.

Zeldafan: *sigh* Oh, Blue-kun. You know I could never be mad at you. Now tell me, just what's going on?

Blue: Well, you see, we're having some trouble with a certain incantation spell.

Zeldafan: Incantation spell? What are you trying to do?

Blue: We need to get into Jahannam.

Zeldafan: Jahannam!? Why there!?

Blue: It's Mephiles...

Zeldafan: Mephiles!? But...isn't he supposed to be dead...?

Blue: That's what I thought, but now he's back, and seeking revenge against me.

Zeldafan: Oh boy. Blue, what kind of mess did you get yourself into this time?

Blue: Well, I'd love to explain, but time really isn't on our side.

Zeldafan: I understand. So, you need to get into Jahannam, eh? Well let me try out that old incantation.

*Zeldafan recites the incantation, but as with Blue, nothing happens*

Zeldafan: Hm? That's not supposed to happen...

Blue: See? The same thing happened to me when I tried it out. We brought you here to see if you knew what the problem was.

Zeldafan: Well...*rubs chin* the only explanation I can think of is that the internal structure of Jahannam has been shifted since the last time we've been there. Perhaps that's why the old incantation doesn't work.

Blue: Shifted?

Zeldafan: Yeah. My guess is that Mephiles has been doing some renovating.

Blue: Can you fix this?

Zeldafan: Sure. All I need to do is whip up a new incantation spell for you to use.

Blue: You can do that?

Zeldafan: Of course! It'll be easy! Just give me a few minutes and I'll have one ready.

Blue: Really? You're the best, Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Heehee, I know.

*Zeldafan does as promised and begins to prepare a new incantation spell for Blue. She grabs various books and potions from her bag and works among them. Moments later, she completes her task*

Zeldafan: And with that, I'm done!

Blue: Finished already?

Zeldafan: Yup! Here you go.

*Zeldafan hands Blue a book already open to the page with the new incantation*

Zeldafan: Just recite that spell and the gate to Jahannam should open.

Blue: Alright, I'll give it a whirl.

*Blue immediately recites the new incantation spell. Seconds later, the gate to Neo Jahannam opens, proving Zeldafan's efforts successful*

Zeldafan: Voila!

Blue: It worked! I can't believe it!

Zeldafan: Hehehe, did you expect any less?

Blue: Come on guys, let's go in.

*The group begins to walk into the gate, but it won't allow them to enter, pushing them back*

Blue: Egh!!

Jawo: Hey, what's the deal!? Why can't we get in?

Zeldafan: Oh yeah...uhm..I forgot to mention something...

Blue: And that is...?

Zeldafan: Due to the spell being brand new, its capacity is somewhat limited...

Lilia: What does that mean?

Zeldafan: Only a max of 4 people can enter the gate. Try to go over that limit, and it will repel you, like it just did.

Blue: Damn. Well then I guess we have no choice.

Jawo: Who's gonna go, Blue? Make a decision.

Blue: Alright, Jawo, I want you to come with me.

Jawo: Ha, as expected! You just love having me around, don't you?

Blue: Well that didn't last long...

Jawo: What?

Blue: Nothing. You come too, ILS.

ILS: Yeah! Let's do it!

Lilia: Oh oh! And me, right Blue?

Blue: Uhm...actually...

Lilia: Huh?

Blue: I thought it would be better if Rachel came instead.

Lilia: But why!?!? ....Oh, I know. It's because she's a better fighter, huh?

Blue: Well...

Lilia: It's okay. I understand. *sniff* You don't have to say it.

Blue: Oh Lilia...

Rachel: Actually, Blue...

Blue: What is it?

Rachel: I think Lilia should go with you.

Blue: But...

Rachel: I know, I'm more able. But it seems to me that the four of you have a history with this Mephiles person. I know you all have a score to settle, including Lilia, so I don't think it'd be right for me to take her place.

Blue: Rachel...

Rachel: I've made up my mind. I'm not going.

Blue: Fine. I guess that means you're with us, Lilia.

Lilia: Yay! Thanks, Rachel!

Rachel: No problem. Us ladies have to look out for eachother, you know.

Lilia: Mhmm!

Blue: Well, now that that's settled, I guess we'll be leaving.

Zeldafan: Wait, Blue! Before you go...

Blue: Hm?

Zeldafan: I just wanted to say...be careful.

Mizuna: Yeah, I wish I could go with you, but what can you do? Just make it back here alive okay?

Rachel: Good luck, all of you.

Zeldafan: We'll be waiting right here for you! Come back safely!

Blue: Okay, we will. And thanks, you guys.

Zeldafan: Bye! *waves*

Blue: You guys ready?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Then let's go! To Neo Jahannam!

*The group enters the gate. Once they've gone in, it closes behind them*

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*After the group enters through the gate, they arrive in the middle of a red, dusty plain. Above them is a sky, colored black with gray clouds*

Jawo: So, this is Jahannam, eh?

Blue: Yeah, but I don't remember it looking like this. I guess Zeldafan was right. Mephiles really did do some renovating afterall.

ILS: If that's true, then how do we get to him?

Mephiles: *voice over* Allow me to explain that!

Lilia: Ah, that's Mephiles' voice!

Mephiles: *voice over* Welcome to Neo Jahannam! I hope you enjoy your stay....or not! Hahahaha!

Blue: Mephiles, where are you hiding? Come out now!

Mephiles: *voice over* But what fun would that be? As with last time, I await in the depths. But THIS time, the only way to get to me is to unlock the path leading deeper in.

Blue: And how do we do that, huh?

Mephiles: *voice over* You must locate and obtain the keys I've given to my loyal minions. There are only 2, but they will not be so easily gotten.

Blue: We don't have time for these games!

Mephiles: *voice over* Then you'll just have to make time! I'll be waiting, Blue and crew. Hahahahaha!!

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Blue: Darn it!

Lilia: Don't get upset, Blue.

Jawo: Yeah, I know it's stupid, but we'll just have to play his little game. And win.

ILS: Then let's get started, shall we?

Blue: Yeah, looks like it's Jahannam: Take 3.

Jawo: Take...3?

Blue: Oh uhm, yeah. This would mark my third time coming here.

Lilia: Really?

Blue: Yeah, the first time was back when me and Bob took on the Iblis, the second was when me and ILS came to rescue you, Lilia.

ILS: Oh yeah, I remember that!

Blue: And the third time is now.

Jawo: So I guess you're a veteran, huh Blue?

Blue: I suppose. But it's nothing to write home about. Anyway, we should get going.

Jawo: Right.

*The group begins their venture through the hellbound realm of Neo Jahannam. After a while, they come across a strange village at the northern edge of the plain*

Blue: Hm, what's this?

Lilia: I can't believe it. ...There's actually a village here!

ILS: What kind of people live in a place like this? *scratches head*

Blue: Demons, I'd reckon.

Lilia: D-d-demons!? *gulp*

ILS: Gulp is right. I think I've had enough demon fighting for one lifetime.

Jawo: Aw, what are you two so scared of? If any demons come at us, I'll just cut em to pieces!

Blue: Maybe it won't have to come to that, Jawo.

Jawo: Oh yeah? And why not?

Blue: You'll see. Come on guys, let's go in.

*The group enters the demon village of Gulgar. Upon entering, every demon in the streets stops in their tracks and stares in awe at the group as they walk through town*

Lilia: W-what are they staring at...?

ILS: *picks tooth* Is there something in my teeth, or what?

Jawo: I think they're looking for a fight!

Blue: No, it's not that.

Jawo: Then what?

Blue: Did you forget already? I'm the Lord of Jahannam. These guys can't attack me.

Lilia: Hey, you're right! Phew! *wipes forehead*

*Suddenly a demon approaches the group*

Demon: Uhm...hey...

Blue: Er, hey there. What do you want?

Demon: *covers up* Don't hurt me!

Blue: Uhm...I wasn't going to...

Demon: Oh. Well uhm, I just wanted to say that all of us here have been awaiting your triumphant return, milord.

Blue: Triumphant...return?

Demon: Oh yes. Ever since you left that last time, Mephiles came back and started making a mess of things. We remained loyal to you, but some turned traitor and went to Mephiles' side.

Blue: Is that right?

Jawo: I bet they were the demons that attacked us earlier.

Demon: Yeah. We've held out all this time, waiting for the day that you'd come back, defeat Mephiles and reclaim your throne!

Demons: Yay!!!

Blue: Hey hey, settle down. Sure, I'll defeat Mephiles, but I don't plan on reclaiming anything.

Demon: What?

Blue: I...don't really wanna be the lord of Jahannam.

Demon: Oh no! Our Lord has forsaken us! Oh what have we done to deserve such a cruel fate!?

Blue: It's not you. It's me, really. *rubs head*

Demon: So you...haven't forsaken us?

Blue: No...

Demons: Yay!!!

Blue: *sweatdrop*

Jawo: Wow, these guys are goofballs.

ILS: Tell me about it...

Blue: Well anyway, while you're here, do you think you could give us a little help?

Demon: Sure, anything for Lord Blue.

Blue: You see, we're looking for the keys to get to the lower levels, but...we don't really know where to look.

Demon: Ah, say no more! I know who's in possession of the keys you seek!

Blue: Oh really?

Demon: Yes! Even now, they are in the hands of the wicked Black Dragon Borgan.

Blue: Black Dragon Borgan?

Demon: Yes, Sir Borgan is the Lord of the Manor in the north area of town. He's a cruel man who sided with Mephiles when he took over.

Lilia: A black dragon is the Lord of the Manor? *scratches head*

Demon: Oh no, mistress of Blue. Black Dragon is just a title he uses. Sir Borgan is just a mortal man, but with terrible magic power. If you plan on facing him, you had better be careful.

Lilia: Ah, I see. ....Hey wait! Mistress of Blue!?!? I'm not--!!

Blue: Not now, Lilia.

Lilia: Hmph!

Blue: Well, thanks for the advice, demon guy.

Demon: Yes, of course! Now go show that Borgan what for!

Blue: Come on guys. Let's go pay the "Black Dragon" a visit.

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*The group heads for Borgan Manor to the north of the village. Upon arriving, they are stopped by two demon guards*

Guard: Alright, where are you going, buddy!?

Guard2: Yeah, this is Lord Borgan's Manor! No visitors allowed!

Jawo: Out of the way.

*Jawo steps up and backhands one of the guards*

Guard: Ouch!!

Blue: Jawo, wait!

Jawo: What now?

Blue: Let me.

*Blue walks up to the guards and addresses them*

Blue: Hey, you wouldn't try to hurt your Lord and Master, would you?

Guard: Yikes, it's Blue!

Guard2: W-what do we do!?

Guard: We...we...p-panic!

Guard2: Run away!

*The two demons guards run far away, leaving the entrance unguarded*

Blue: See? You don't have to use violence to solve all of your problems, Jawo.

Jawo: Aw, why do you get to have all the fun...?

*The group enters the Manor. As they walk through, every demon maid and butler and such flees in terror at the sight of Blue*

Maid: Aaaaaah! It's Blue!!

Maid2: He'll set you ablaze!

Maid3: He'll blow you away!

Butler: He seeks retribution! Run for your lives!


Blue: Uhm...*rubs head*

Jawo: Okay, this is getting REALLY annoying.

*Jawo quickly grabs one of the fleeing butlers and begins to interrogate him*

Jawo: You! Tell us where Borgan is, now!

Butler: Hmph, I'll never tell! I do not fear Blue's lackey.

Jawo: LACKEY!? I'll...!!!

*Jawo angrily draws his sword and prepares to kill the butler*

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo no!!

Jawo: You won't stop me now, Lilia!

*Blue steps in and saves the butler from Jawo*

Jawo: Hey!

Blue: I told you to let me handle it.

Jawo: Hmph. *crosses arms* Well I'm not your lackey...

Blue: Okay butler guy, now tell ME where Borgan is hiding.

Butler: Aaaaah! Blue! Oooh....

*The Butler falls limp, dying in fear*

Blue: Hm?

ILS: *pokepoke* He's dead. Geez, Blue. What did you do to him?

Blue: I didn't do anything! I..I..

Jawo: You should've just let me kill him. It would've saved us some time.

Blue: *sigh* Let's just go.

*The group continues through the Manor, until reaching a large door in the north area. They go in, and inside, they find a room full of elegant displays, but no one inside*

Lilia: There's no one here...

Blue: Really? Darn, and this looked like the place too...

Jawo: Should we turn around then?

Blue: Yeah. Let's go.

??: Who dares to trespass in my Manor!?

Blue: What?

*The group, alerted by the mysterious voice, turns around. Then, a man materializes in front of them. It is Borgan, a rather portly man wearing a black robe with intricate designs all over it. He stands on a small floating contraption of sorts, which he uses to get around*

Jawo: Who are you, huh!?

Borgan: I am the Black Dragon Borgan! Lord of the Manor and servant to Mephiles.

Blue: Oh yeah? Well I'm Blue!!

Borgan: Yeow! Blue!! *regains composure* Hmph, so you're Blue, eh? You don't look so tough.

Blue: I think my magic says otherwise.

*Blue engulfs his hand in flames*

Borgan: (Oh dear! Oh dear! He looks serious!) Uhm..Hah! You think your magic can stand up to mine!? I'll have you know that I'm the most powerful magician to ever live!

Blue: Take this! Fireball!

*Blue hurls three fireballs at Borgan. He stumbles about in a panic, but manages to avoid the attack*

Borgan: Wagnabit! Wait you!

Blue: Huh?

Borgan: Erm, I mean...! Ah ha! Did you see how I skillfully dodged that spell!? You are no match for me! Ha ha!

Jawo: You know, I'm starting to think this guy is full of it.

Lilia: Yeah, now that you mention it, he does seem a little...odd...

Borgan: (Oh no! They're on to me!) I'll show you who's full of it! Are you ready to face me, now that you've pushed me this far!?

Blue: I'm ready for you.

Borgan: Uhm....good bye!!

*In a panic, Borgan opens a portal and disappears into it. But as he leaves, he drops a small shining object*

ILS: Hey! He ran away!

Jawo: I knew it! That coward!

Lilia: Come on, Blue! We have to chase after him!

Blue: But how?

Lilia: Oh...right...

ILS: Hm...what's this...?

*ILS walks over to the object Borgan dropped and picks it up*

Blue: Hey, what's that you got there, ILS?

ILS: I saw Borgan drop this as he fled. It looks like a key of some sort.

Lilia: A key? Do you think it could be--

Jawo: It must be the key to the second level! Talk about lucky.

Blue: Hah, Borgan isn't getting far. Let's go the second level and catch him.

*The group nods in agreement*

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*Blue uses the key to open a portal to the second level. The group disappears inside, and the next moment, they reappear in an area with a large pool of lava in the center*

Blue: Now where did you run to, Borgan?

Lilia: There, Blue! *points*

Blue: Huh?

*Blue looks over to see Borgan floating away just ahead of them*

Blue: We have to stop him!

ILS: Don't worry, I'll cut him off!

*ILS runs forward and takes a giant leap, jumping high over Borgan and landing in front of him, halting his escape*

ILS: Stop right there.

Borgan: Yeow! Where did you come from!?

*Seconds later, Blue and the others come up from behind Borgan, surrounding him*

Blue: The game's over, Borgan. You're trapped!

Borgan: Oh no!! Impossible! How did you get here!? I have the key!!

Blue: You mean...THIS key?

*Blue holds up the key*

Borgan: Aaaah! How did you get that!?

Blue: You dropped it when you tried to run away from us. I guess you should learn to keep a better hold of your belongings.

Borgan: Grr, you brat...

Blue: Now hand over the second key...

*The group gets into fighting position*

Jawo: Or else.

Borgan: Yargh! This isn't good. I'm outnumbered!

Mephiles: *voice over* Borgan, you imbecile!!

Borgan: Ah! L-Lord Mephiles!

Blue: Mephiles...

Mephiles: *voice over* How could you let them get the key so easily!?

Borgan: I-I'm sorry, milord! It was an accident!

Mephiles: *voice over* Now that you've blundered, it is your responsibility to keep them from advancing further. Deal with them now!

Borgan: Y-yes, milord!

Mephiles: *voice over* Don't...disappoint me.

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Blue: Well, what's it gonna be?

Borgan: It seems I have no choice but to take you all out.

Jawo: In other words, you're going to run away again.

Lilia: Well we won't let you!

Borgan: Oh no, I won't be running away this time. Ehehehehe.

*Borgan puts his hands together and concentrates his energy*

ILS: I think he's up to something...

Borgan: You should remember this very well, Blue! And you too, Jawo!!

Blue/Jawo: Huh?

Borgan: Ifalas zaras I e zaraq. Ifalas zaras I e zaraq...

Blue: No way!

Jawo: He can't be!

Lilia: What's going on, guys?

ILS: Yeah, what's he doing?

Borgan: Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by Iblis!

Blue: He's..he's summoning...

Borgan: Iz Afrit!!!

*As Borgan completes his summoning, three Afrits emerge from the pool of lava and let out a mighty roar*


Lilia: Aaaaah! What are those things!?

Blue: They're djinnis that control fire!

Jawo: And I know from personal experience that they aren't be taken lightly...

Borgan: Hahaha! Now I'M in control of the Afrits awesome power! Go Afrit! Burn them alive!


*The first Afrit reaches its gargantuan hand out and tries to smash Lilia beneath it*

Lilia: Aaah!!

Blue: Lilia, watch out!

*Lilia jumps out the way in time, but she is burned by the massive amount of heat the Afrit is giving off*

Lilia: *grasps wound* Ergh...

Blue: Lilia, are you okay?

Lilia: Yeah, I'll be alright. Those things, they're so hot. Even getting close to them could prove fatal.

Borgan: HAHA! You cannot fight the Afrits! They're too hot for you to approach! Try as you might, but you will only be burned to a crisp!

Blue: Damn, isn't there anything we can do?

Jawo: Well...there is one thing.

Blue: Huh?

*Jawo pulls out an old object from the past. The Water Blue Ring!*

Blue: It's...the Water Blue Ring! I can't believe you still have that!

Jawo: Did you think I'd really get rid of it? I needed it just in case you started acting up again.

Blue: Hmph.

Borgan: The WATER BLUE RING!?!? Where did you get that!?!?

Jawo: None of your business, porky. Now I think it's time your Afrits took a little dip.

Borgan: Noooo! Don't do that!!!

*Jawo raises the Water Blue Ring into the air*

Jawo: Now, Water Blue Ring! Bring forth a mighty storm!!

*Jawo calls out to the heavens. Moments later, as if from nowhere, rain begins to fall dousing the Afrits in water, and signficantly weakening them*

Afrits: Rrrrrggh!

Borgan: No! What have you done to my precious Afrits!?!?

ILS: Nice going, Jawo!

Jawo: We shouldn't have any problems now.

Blue: Now let's finish them off.

Borgan: No! Stop! Oh why me...?

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Jawo: Then allow me to start things off. Hyah!!!

*Jawo draws his sword and runs after the first Afrit. He tries to smash Jawo with its hand, but it misses*

Jawo: Thanks for the boost, buddy! I could use that.

*Jawo takes the opportunity to jump on the Afrits hand and run up along its arm until reaching the top of its shoulder*

Afrit1: Rrrrrgggh!!!

*In an attempt to get Jawo off, the Afrit shoots flaming barrels at him. But with no way to shoot directly at him, the barrels completely miss their target*

Jawo: Time for the finale!

*Jawo raises his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Enlarge!

*Jawo's sword doubles in size. He then makes uses of its increased mass to slice the Afrit's head clean off its shoulders. Its head tumbles down into the lava, soon followed by its body. Jawo then leaps back to safety, rejoining the group*

Borgan: My Afrit! How could you do that!? You're a monster!

Jawo: *sheathes sword and dusts off hands* Hah, piece of cake. I'll leave the rest to you guys.

Blue: Okay! I'm gonna make short work of this next one. Just watch!

*Blue advances on the second Afrit. It shoots lasers from its eyes in an attempt to stop him, but Blue easily dodges the attacks. He then leaps directly on top of its shoulders*

Afrit2: Roooooooaaarr!!!

Borgan: Afrit, what are you doing!? Stop him now!

*The Afrit flails its arms wilidly, but despite that, it cannot land a direct hit on Blue*

Blue: Time to end it. Thunder Blade!!

*Blue casts a thunder blade spell. A sword made of pure lightning falls from the sky and plunges into the Afrit's weak spot on its head, instantly killing it. The Afrit's lifeless body falls into the lava and Blue jumps to safety*

Blue: Alright, I did it. Now who wants the last one?

Lilia/ILS: Oooh! Me me!!

*Lilia and ILS glare at eachother*

ILS: We'll flip for it.

Lilia: Fine!

Borgan: Hey, you kids! Stop making a game of this! *flails arms*

ILS: I call heads! *flips coin*

Lilia: No fair! I wanted heads!

*The coin plops on ILS' hand, he takes a peek at the outcome*

Lilia: Well, what is it?

ILS: Uhm...it's heads!

Lilia: Really? Let me see.

ILS: You can't.

Lilia: Why not!? Is it because you're lying!?

ILS: N-no. Of course not. *nervous laugh*

Lilia: Then show me!

*Lilia runs up to ILS and begins reaching for the coin, but ILS holds it up out of reach*

Lilia: Gimme!

ILS: No!

Lilia: I said give it to me!

ILS: Nobody's going to see it ever again! Hah!

*ILS blindly chucks the coin behind him. But unbeknowst to him, the coin flies up and plucks the last Afrits weak spot, taking it down*

Afrit3: Rrrrrrgh....

Borgan: *facepalm* Ugh...

ILS: Oops.

*The coin then falls back near ILS' feet, revealing it to have landed on tails afterall*

Lilia: *gasp* It was tails! You stole my kill!

ILS: It was an accident I swear!

Lilia: *smacks fist against hand* You're gonna pay for that...

Blue: Later, you guys! We still have business to take care of.

*Blue looks over at Borgan*

Borgan: *gulp* Y-You mean me?

Blue: Oh yes. You.

*The group slowly advances on Borgan*

Jawo: *cracks knuckles* I've been waiting for this.

Borgan: H-hey! C-can't we talk this over like gentlemen?

Lilia: The time for talking is over.

ILS: You're going down.

Borgan: Noooo! P-please!

Mephiles: *voice over* Oh Borgan. I see you've failed again...

Borgan: Ah, Lord Mephiles! Quickly, save me from these urchins!

Mephiles: *voice over* I don't think I'll be doing that.

Borgan: But why!?

Mephiles: *voice over* You've messed up one too many times, Borgan. I think it's time for you to go.

Borgan: N-no! You can't mean that, Lord Mephiles! I'm your most faithful follower! Give me another chance!

Mephiles: *voice over* You've had your chances and you wasted them. I have no need for a pathetic simpleton like you. Blue, you may finish him.

Blue: Hah, at last we agree on something.

Borgan: Lord Mephiles, wait!

*Mephiles' voice fades*

Jawo: I think you know what time it is...

Borgan: Please, have mercy...

*The group runs up to Borgan and begins pummeling the daylights out of him*

Borgan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghh!!!!

*After the beating ceases, Borgan is left a battered bloody mess on the ground, and his floating machine in pieces. Blue then retrieves the second key from him*

Blue: Yeah, I got it!

Borgan: Mmurrgh...

Lilia: So, we can get to the final level now, right Blue?

Blue: That's right.

Jawo: Alright! I can't wait!

Blue: Let's go. Mephiles and Agaranok are waiting for us. I think it's time we settled this.

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*Blue uses the second key to open a portal to the deepest level of Neo Jahannam. The group heads in, and the next moment, they find themselves falling through an abyss until reaching the space-like area with floating orbs scattered about*

Blue: So, I guess this is it, huh?

Jawo: Yeah, but why does it look so...spacey? And what's the deal with those orb thingies? Just where are we anyway?

Blue: We're still in Jahannam. As to why it looks like this, well, I've always wondered that myself.

ILS: Speaking of, it looks the same as when we were here last time. I guess for one reason or another, Mephiles couldn't change the structure of this area.

Lilia: Hmm, I wonder why that is...

Jawo: No time to ponder over it now. We need to get going, right Blue?

Blue: You're right. Let's go.

*As Blue steps forward, the orbs line up, forming a pathway for the group to traverse. Jawo runs ahead as usual, and the group follows, except for Lilia, who seems reluctant*

ILS: Lilia...?

Blue: Lilia, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, or you'll be left behind.

Lilia: Oh..ooh...alright...

*Lilia steps lightly on the path of orbs. She begins to lose her balance and quickly steps back*

Lilia: Eeep!

Jawo: Hey! Any day now, grandma!

Lilia: You shut up!

Blue: *sigh* Hang on, Lilia. I'll help you.

*Blue walks back over to Lilia and kneels down with his back facing her*

Blue: Alright, get on.

Lilia: You mean..you're going to carry me?

Blue: That's right. If you're too scared to cross, I'll just do it for you.

Lilia: Thanks, Blue! You're a sweetie!

*Lilia jumps on Blue's back. He struggles to get up, but manages to do so*

Blue: Urk! Gee...you're pretty heavy, Lilia...

Lilia: *gasp* Blue! You're so rude!

Blue: What?

Jawo: Can we move it along now? Agaranok and Mephiles will die of old age before we can get to them!

Blue: Yeah yeah. Coming...

*The group arrives at the end of the pathway, reaching a swirling vortex of light*

Jawo: What gives? We can't go any further!

Blue: Oh yes we can.

Jawo: Huh?

ILS: *gulp* This is the part where we jump in there, isn't it?

Blue: Yes it is. Here we go!

Lilia: Blue, wait a minute!

*Blue, carrying Lilia on his back, jumps into the swirl of light*

Lilia: Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

ILS: Oh man. I hate this...

*ILS begins to backstep*

Jawo: Hey, where are you going?

ILS: N-nowhere...

Jawo: Then get in there!

*Jawo grabs ILS and throws him into the light*

ILS: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

Jawo: Now it's my turn! Yahoo!!!

*Jawo dives headfirst into the light. The group enters the mysterious portal, landing in a dark, temple-like room on the other side. Before them stands Mephiles, sitting patiently on his throne*

Blue: Mephiles!!!

Mephiles: So Blue, you finally made it! Oh how I anticipated your arrival.

Blue: It's time to settle this once and for all.

Mephiles: I agree. Heheheh...

Jawo: Hold up, Blue. I get dibs on him first.

Mephiles: Hm? And who might you be? I don't recall your face.

Jawo: Oh yeah? Well I recall yours. Or maybe it was the little flower girl?

Mephiles: Ah...! So you were that brat who tried to fight me with water.

Jawo: Hah, well this time, I've got a more...solid weapon.

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Mephiles: Haha! What a joke! You should just be thankful that I didn't kill you on the spot! Hahahahaha!!

Jawo: I'll make you eat those words!

*Jawo runs forward and leaps into the air. He quickly draws his sword and slashes overhead*

Jawo: Diiiiiiiiiie!!!!


*Mephiles grabs hold of Jawo's blade and snaps it in half*

Jawo: N-no way!!

Mephiles: How dare you try to fight me with a novelty weapon like that!

*Mephiles blasts Jawo at point blank range in the gut with a purple bolt. He is send flying backwards*

Jawo: Huuaaaggh!

Lilia: Jawo!

Blue: Jawo, are you okay?

Jawo: Y-yeah...that attack was nothing...*panting*

Mephiles: Nahahaha!

Blue: Mephiles, you won't get away with that!

Mephiles: Blue, I'd love to cut you to ribbons. But...I promised my dear friend Agaranok that he could have a turn first.

??: That's my cue.

*Agaranok appears in front of the group*

Agaranok: Welcome, Blue. So good to see you.

Blue: Too bad I can't say the same.

Agaranok: Aww, are you still sore?

Blue: What do you think? You murdered our friend. You stole his life before my very eyes. I'll never forgive you for that!!

Agaranok: Yes! You are fueled by vengence! I can feel the anger and hatred deep inside of you. I can feel your power!

*Agaranok draws his sword*

Agaranok: Now come. Give me the fight I've been waiting for.

Blue: Guys, I want you to stay out of this. Leave Agaranok to me.

Jawo: Fine.

Blue: Huh?

ILS: We understand.

Blue: You're...not going to argue?

Lilia: Well yeah, we'd rather be fighting with you, but we've come to learn that some things you just have to do on your own.

ILS: Besides, we know full well that you can take him without our help.

Jawo: Just make sure you hit him once for me. ...Okay, maybe twice...

Blue: Heh, thanks guys.

Agaranok: Are you ready, Blue?

Blue: I am. But just one more thing...

Agaranok: ?

Blue: This is neither anger nor hatred. I'm not fighting only to avenge Collin, but for the sake of everyone that believes in me. My strength comes from them!

Agaranok: Ah, I see. It seems I've misjudged you...

Mephiles: Agaranok, get on with it!

Agaranok: Very well...

*Agaranok point his sword at Blue*

Agaranok: Fight me!!!

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Blue: Here I come!

*Blue dashes forward and throws multiple punches at Agaranok. He dodges them by stepping backwards, then avoids the last punch by side stepping. He then counters with a swipe of his sword, but Blue anticipates it and bounces back*

Blue: Nice try!

Agaranok: *surprised* You...you're faster than before.

*Agaranok dashes at Blue and delivers three slashes in quick succession*

Agaranok: But still not faster than me.

Blue: Urgk!!

Agaranok: Had those been killing strokes, this fight would've been over.

Blue: Don't...play games with me...

Agaranok: These are no games. I am holding nothing back, Blue. If I had come at you with the intent to kill, you would've surely dodged it. That is why I must catch you off guard, if I ever hope to land such a blow.

Mephiles: Agaranok!

Agaranok: Yes?

Mephiles: Shut up and fight! No more words!

Agaranok: *sigh* You're a real pain, do you know that?

Mephiles: What did you say...?

Agaranok: Nothing, master. *addresses Blue* Well then, Blue. Shall we get back to it?

Blue: Yeah, let's go.

Agaranok: Very well!

*Agaranok rushes Blue once more and unleashes a volley of quick slashes, finishing with a blow from the hilt of his sword that sends Blue stumbling back*

Blue: Nngh!!

Agaranok: I'm not done with you yet. Come here!

*Agaranok grabs Blue by the front of his vest and lifts him into the air. He then delivers a flip kick to his chin which sends him upwards and then falling flat on his back*

Blue: Uaagh!!

Lilia: Blue!!

*Lilia steps forward, but Jawo grabs and restrains her*

Jawo: No, Lilia. We have to let him do it.

Lilia: But...

Agaranok: You'd best listen to the brash one. Lest you desire a painful end.

Lilia: *softly* Urgh... *clenches fists and grits teeth*

Blue: Lilia...

Lilia: Blue..?

Blue: I told you...to stay out of it...

Lilia: I know, but how can you expect me to do that?! I can't just stand by and watch you get hurt. Not when I can do something about it!

Blue: You have to believe in me!

Lilia: But Blue..I...

Blue: You have to, Lilia!

Lilia: *sigh* Fine. But if he gets you on the ropes again, I'm stepping in whether you want me to or not!

Blue: Heh, you don't have to worry. That won't be happening.

*Blue springs to his feet and unbuttons his vest*

Blue: Now it's time to get serious.

Agaranok: Serious you say? Well, since you put it that way...

*Agaranok throws off his cape*

Agaranok: Then allow me to get "serious" as well.

ILS: Come on, Blue! You can do it!

Jawo: Yeah, there's no way you can lose to that guy!

Blue: I've got it, guys. No need to worry.

Agaranok: Well aren't you the confident one? Care to show me exactly what you've "got"?

Blue: Alright, you asked for it! Eruption!

*Blue clenches his fist and pounds it into the ground. Moments later, a pillar of lava bursts from the ground in under Agaranok*

Agaranok: W-whaa--!!

*Agaranok bounces back, barely managing to avoid the fierce spell*

Agaranok: Darn. I wasn't expecting that...

*Agaranok looks forward and notices that Blue is no longer there*

Agaranok: What!? Where did he--

*At that moment, Agaranok is struck from behind by a sideways flying kick from Blue, having used the Eruption as a decoy*

Blue: Tah!!

Agaranok: Aaarggh!!!

*The force of the blow sends Agaranok flying and then rolling along the ground*

Blue: Hah! I bet you weren't expecting that either!

Lilia: Ah! Awesome move, Blue!

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*Agaranok's body lays on the ground, not moving at all*

Jawo: Alright, Blue! You got him! Now finish him off!

Blue: Yeah! Hrraggh!!

*Blue runs towards Agaranok and prepares to deal the finishing blow. But when he approaches, Agaranok's body disappears in a puff of smoke*

Blue: Huh? What the--

ILS: He...disappeared...

Blue: But where did he get to? *looks back and forth*

Agaranok: I hope you didn't think it would be that easy...

Blue: What!?

Lilia: Blue, above you!

*Blue looks upwards to see Agaranok flying above him*

Blue: !!!

*Agaranok holds his sword up into the air. It becomes coated in purple electricity and grows longer and longer*

Agaranok: Now I'll show you real power! Hyaah!

*Agaranok lands and stabs Blue with his powered up blade. The attack sends currents of electricity surging through his body, frying him from within*

Blue: Nnnnaaaggggh!!

*Agaranok pulls the blade from Blue's body, and it returns to normal. Afterwards, Blue kneels to the ground, grasping his wound. Still with electrical charges coursing through him*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Agaranok: Shocking, isn't it? Ahahahah! I made a funny!

Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Mephiles: *sweatdrop*

Mephiles: Argh! Idiot!

Agaranok: *rubs head* Hmm, tough crowd...

Blue: Haah!!

Agaranok: Bwah...

*Blue takes advantage of Agaranok's lapse in focus and lunges forward with punch, but Agaranok disappears, avoiding the attack*

Blue: Damnit, I missed.

*Agaranok then reappears behind Blue and slashes him*

Agaranok: Ha! Too slow!

Blue: Gah!!

Agaranok: You'll never beat me like that. I thought you were getting serious?

Blue: I haven't lost yet.

Agaranok: But you will if you can't dodge this!!

*Agaranok stabs at Blue with his sword. But instead of dodging, Blue grabs hold of the blade with his bare hands*

Agaranok: What?!

Blue: Heheheh. I got you now.

Agaranok: But how are...how are you not damaged at all!?

Blue: Who said I wasn't?

Agaranok: Huh?

*Agaranok looks at Blue's hand to see blood spilling down from them*

Agaranok: Hmph! You...

Blue: Yeah, it hurts, but it's a small price to pay for this!!!

*Blue pulls Agaranok forward and unleashes a powerful punch on his face, sending him careening straight into a wall*

Agaranok: Uaagh!

Blue: Now, Spiral Flare!

*Blue follows up the attack with a Spiral Flare spell. A large bolt of flames shoots towards Agaranok at a high speed. The spell collides, causing an explosion upon impact*

Agaranok: Aaaaaaaaggggh!!!

Blue: *pumps fist* Yeah!!

*When the smoke clears, Agaranok is seen smashed up against the wall. He then falls and smacks to the ground*

Agaranok: Urgh...

Mephiles: Mmph! Agaranok, you better get up!

Lilia: Blue, I think you've got him this time!

ILS: Yeah, now's your chance! Do it!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue runs foward and leaps into the air. He then engulfs his fist in flames and decends at a great speed*

Blue: Here it comes!!!

Agaranok: ...Hah!

Blue: What!?

*As Blue nears, Agaranok quickly springs up and grabs hold of him*

Agaranok: I got you! Hmhm, you fell for it...

Blue: *struggles* Aagh! How could you--

Agaranok: I'll admit, you almost had me. Almost. But now it's over!

Blue: Ergh...

Agaranok: I think it's time you got reacquainted with....Shun Goku Satsu!!!

*The entire area goes pitch black*

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*After the area grows dark, rapid slashes of dark energy are seen all across the room*

Jawo: What's going on!? What is that!?

ILS: I remember, this is the attack he used on Blue last time we fought him!

Lilia: It was the attack that beat him too.

Jawo: It beat him!? Damnit...do something, Blue...

*The darkness begins to clear from the room. Lilia then covers her eyes*

Lilia: I...I can't look! Please, someone tell me when it's over.

Jawo: Oh, it's over alright.

Lilia: Huh..?

ILS: You might wanna look at this, Lilia...

*Lilia uncovers her eyes*

Lilia: Ah...AH!!

*The darkness is gone, but Agaranok is layed out on the ground instead, with Blue standing over him*

Agaranok: Urk!!

Blue: Hmm. Shun Goku Satsu, eh? Pretty cool attack, if I must say so myself. *dusts off hands*

Lilia: Blue!!

Blue: Oh, hey Lilia! *waves*

Agaranok: You! H-how did you--

Blue: Heh, did you think I didn't see that coming? I knew you were going to try that attack before this fight was over, and I was prepared for it!

Agaranok: How did you counter my Shun Goku Satsu!? It's supposed to be unbeatable!

Blue: A magician never reveals his secrets! *winks and gives a thumbs up*

Jawo: You're not that kind of magician, ding dong!

Blue: Well you know what I mean!

Agaranok: Ergh...agh...

Blue: Are you coming back for more?

*Agaranok struggles to get up, but his energy is depleted and can no longer fight*

Agaranok: Ugh..no. It's..it's over. I can't fight anymore...

Blue: Hm.

Agaranok: I commend you, Blue. Perhaps I was just cocky, but I thought I had it all in the bag. But you've proven me wrong, and in the most humiliating way no less. Never in all my years has anyone been able to use my Shun Goku Satsu against me. You truly are one of a kind...

Blue: Well thanks. I hate to say it, but that means a lot coming from you.

Agaranok: You don't need to thank me, I merely speak the truth. You...are the better warrior. And as such, you have the honor of doing this...

*Agaranok hands Blue his sword*

Blue: Wh-what's this for...?

Agaranok: For you to kill me.

Blue: What!? But..why?

Agaranok: It is the warrior's way, Blue. As the victor of our duel, you must take my life with my own blade. Only then, will I be able to die with honor.

Blue: But...

Agaranok: Why do you hesitate? Am I not your enemy? Did I not take the life of your comrade? Come, you been waiting for this, haven't you? Now destroy me. Give me an honorable death.

Jawo: Come on, Blue! Just jam it right in there!

ILS: Yeah, do it for Collin!!

*Blue looks at the sword with uncertainty*

Blue: Hmm....

Agaranok: What are you waiting for? Kill me now.

Blue: ...No.

*Blue drops Agaranok's sword*

Agaranok: What!?

Jawo: Blue, what are you doing!? He said he wants to die, so why won't you nix him!?

Blue: You just said it, Jawo. He wants to die.

Jawo: Huh?

Blue: It's exactly what he wants. For everything that he's done, I don't think it'd be right for me to give him an honorable death. Instead, I've decided to let him live in shame.

Lilia: Oh, I got it! For someone like Agaranok, that's sure to be a fate worse than death!

Blue: See, now you're getting it!

Jawo: Hmph. I still wanna see him rot...

Agaranok: Ha ha...Blue, you're quite cunning. I thought for sure that you would kill me to avenge your friend. But you've proven me wrong once again.

Blue: Heheh, well, you know... *shrugs*

Agaranok: But I hope you're aware that by letting me walk away from here, you allow me the chance to challenge you again.

Blue: Well, that doesn't mean I have to accept.

Agaranok: What?

Blue: To add insult to injury, I'll never accept another challenge from you. This fight was our last, pal.

Agaranok: So you would deny me the opportunity to redeem myself?

Blue: Well yeah. You didn't think I'd let you off that easy, did you? Just consider this payback for killing Collin.

Agaranok: Hmph. You're a shrewd customer, Blue. Very well then. I...accept this punishment. It's not like I have a choice anyhow...

Blue: Let this be a lesson to you.

Agaranok: Oh please. But...I guess I do deserve this. *sigh* Oh well. Mephiles, it looks like you're on your own now. I'm outta here.

Mephiles: *grumbles*

Agaranok: So long, and good luck. You'll need it. Hahahahaha!!!

*Agaranok disappears*

Mephiles: Mmph! Agaranok, you waste of flesh.

*Blue turns and faces Mephiles*

Blue: Mephiles! Now it's just you and me!

Mephiles: *sigh* Sometimes dealing with barbarians can be such a bother.

*Mephiles slowly rises from his throne*

Mephiles: But as they say, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Lilia: Don't forget us, Blue!

*Lilia, Jawo, and ILS grab their weapons and join the fray*

ILS: We're here with you!

Jawo: And ready to fight.

Blue: But Jawo...what about your sword? I thought it was broken?

*Jawo holds up his sword to show that blade is fully reformed*

Jawo: You know, the thing about crystal is...it always grows back.

Blue: Great.

Jawo: You're telling me. Now let's kick some ass!

Mephiles: Excellent. The more the merrier! Now I can take you all out at once! The end is near, Blue!!

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Mephiles: My dark power will be the end of you! Hah!

*Mephiles outstretches his hand and continuously shoots purple orbs at the group*

Jawo: Here it comes!

Blue: Break, everybody!

*The group splits off to avoid the attack. Jawo goes in for the attack, and rushes towards Mephiles*

Jawo: I'm going to get you this time!

Mephiles: You again? I thought I broke that toy of yours?

Jawo: It's no toy. And I'll show you why! Hyah!

*Jawo slashes overhead, but Mephiles blocks the attack with his arm*

Jawo: Ergh...

Mephiles: Like I said, just a toy.

ILS: Then let me show you some real blades!

*ILS joins in and attacks Mephiles from the opposite side. But he too blocks the attack with his other arm*

Mephiles: Ha! If that's all you got, you're just wasting your time!

Jawo: Then I say we show him what else we can do. How about it, ILS?

ILS: Yeah, let's do it.

*The two continuously attack Mephiles from all sides, but he still manages to guard against their every strike*

ILS: Damn, he blocks everything we throw at him.

Jawo: Don't give in now, he can't keep it up forever!

Mephiles: You pests. Get away! Aaargh!!

*Mephiles raises his arms and field of energy erects around him, forcing Jawo and ILS way, sending them sliding backwards*

Jawo: Looks like we're going to have to try another approach...

Lilia: Then let us try! Are you ready, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, go for it.

Lilia: Okay!

*Lilia rushes in and attacks Mephiles with her twin daggers, but he easily dodges by stepping out of the way*

Mephiles: You were a fool to challenge me, little girl.

*Mephiles stops Lilia's attack and grabs her by the neck*

Lilia: Agh!

Mephiles: Now I'll do something I should've done a long time ago!

*Mephiles charges a purple bolt to finish Lilia off*

Blue: Fireball!!

Mephiles: What?

*Blue intervenes by using a Fireball spell to attack Mephiles' hand, freeing Lilia. Once free, she then makes an unseen gesture and backs off*

Lilia: Thanks Blue!

Mephiles: Argh! Blue! You're always getting in my way. I think I'll come after you now.

*Mephiles begins to float towards Blue*

Blue: Do it, Lilia!

Lilia: Alright! ...Now!!

*Nothing happens*

Blue: Hey...what's going on?

Lilia: I don't know! My remote bomb...it should've exploded!

Mephiles: Oh, you mean THIS remote bomb? Heheh.

*Mephiles holds up the bomb and crushes it in his hand. He then releases the broken pieces to the ground*

Lilia: Aah!

Mephiles: Nice try, Lilia. But if you thought you could fool me with a childish trick like that, then you're sadly mistaken. Now take this!!!

*Mephiles shoots a stream of purple lightning at Lilia*

Blue: Lilia, look out!

Lilia: Aaaaggh!!

*The lightning strikes Lilia, knocking her out*

Lilia: Unh..I..I thought I could do it...

Blue: No!!

Mephiles: Hahahahaha! Pathetic girl. You were never a match for me.

Jawo: Mephiles...you're gonna pay!

Mephiles: Then come. Give me a fight! I'm just getting warmed up over here.

Jawo: Okay, you asked for it!

*Jawo holds up sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal Berg!

Mephiles: Huh?

*Suddenly a huge chunk of crystal forms over Mephiles' head and drops on him, concealing him in crystal*

Mephiles: Eraggh! You...release me from this at once!

Jawo: Not a chance! I'm just getting started!

*Jawo runs up to Mephiles and begins rapidly slashing at him, breaking apart the crystal prison with each hit. The final strike completely shatters it, greatly damaging Mephiles as well*

Mephiles: Oof! M-my body...*grumble* Why you...that hurt you little brat..

Jawo: Hah, how's that for a toy!?

Mephiles: Argh! That's it! I'm going to destroy all of you!

*Mephiles raises his hands into the air*

Mephiles: Hahahahahaha! You won't escape this! Blood Rain!

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*A red sphere of energy emerges from Mephiles' hands. And it soon bursts into hundreds of tiny bolts that begin to rain upon the group*

Blue: Damn. ILS, hurry and protect Lilia!

ILS: I'm on it!

*ILS runs over to Lilia and slings her over his shoulder*

ILS: Easy now. Are you okay?

Lilia: Yeah, I'm fine...

ILS: Oops, no more time, now get ready!

*ILS twirls his blades over his head like a propeller, in an attempt to shield both himself and Lilia from the blood rain. Meanwhile, Jawo takes cover with Blue as he erects a barrier around himself*

Mephiles: You think that's going to save you from my blood rain? Well here! Have some more! HAH!

*Mephiles unleashes another wave of Blood rain upon the group*

Blue: Urgh, no!

Jawo: Come on, Blue! Keep that barrier up!

Blue: I...don't know if I can. If he continues that attack, it'll give in after a while...

Mephiles: Take this! And that! And some of these! Hahaha!

*Mephiles continuously attacks with blood rain, shooting wave after wave. Meanwhile, ILS is beginning to tire and lose control*

ILS: *panting* Hah...ha....

Lilia: ILS...are you alright..?

ILS: I'd be lying if I said I was. I hate to say it, but if something isn't done, we're through!

*ILS calls out to Blue*

ILS: Hey Blue! Do something, would you!? I can't hold out forever!

Blue: Ooh, darnit! We can't lose now! Gotta think...hm..Jawo!

Jawo: What?

Blue: Can't you make us a shield with that crystal of yours?

Jawo: Huh? But..I never praticed any defensive techniques...

Blue: Well you're gonna have to try something. Because if you don't...

Jawo: Yeah, I think I got that part. *sigh* Alright, just leave it to me.

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares a new technique*

Blue: Hurry! The barrier is breaking!

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystal...uhm...Fortress!!!

*Jawo's blade shatters. And the next moment, a massive tower of crystals surround the group, providing them with ample cover from the blood rain*

Mephiles: Hah, that won't save you! How about this!?

*Mephiles stops using blood rain and attacks head on with purple bolts. But it can't penetrate the crystal fortress*

Mephiles: *grumble* Damn, it's too strong. Curse that boy and his toys!

ILS: Whoohoo! Jawo, you did it!

Jawo: Phew. That was a close one. Took a lot out of me too...

Blue: Can't you still fight?

Jawo: Of course I can! Don't count me out yet.

Blue: How about you, Lilia? Are you feeling alright?

Lilia: Y-yeah. I'm not at 100%, but I think I can still help out.

Blue: Okay. Then let's use this opportunity to pull off a surprise attack.

*The group nods in agreement*

Mephiles: Argh! Come out of there! You can't hide forever! Haaah!

*Mephiles futily attacks the fortress with purple bolts*

Mephiles: Hmph. It's no use. I have to stop or I'll exhaust my power...

ILS: Plasma Array!

Mephiles: Hmm!?

*ILS bursts out of the fortress towards Mephiles and slashes at the air. The swing of his sword generates a wave of plasma that cuts through Mephiles*

Mephiles: Aaargh!

ILS: Ha, got ya! You're up, Lilia!

Lilia: Alright! Chain Bombs!

*Lilia pulls a group of bombs in a pack from her satchel and tosses it at Mephiles. One detonates, causing a chain reaction that results in a wide explosion*

Mephiles: Erragh! Err...

Lilia: Go for it, Jawo!

Jawo: Try this, Mephiles! Crystal Formation: Duster Trap!

*Jawo blade explodes, causing a spread of crystal powder to cover the entire ground. The powder under Mephiles' feet reforms and hardens around his legs, trapping him*

Mephiles: What!? This can't be!

Jawo: Finish it, Blue!

Blue: Here we go! Flame Lance!

*A lance of pure flames shoots towards Mephiles and impales him through the gut*

Mephiles: AAArgggh!!

Blue: It's not over yet!

*Blue pulls back his arm, causing the flame lance to explode, engulfing Mephiles in a plume of burning fire*

Mephiles: Noooooooooo!!!!

*A silhouette of Mephiles in the flames is seen falling to the ground*

Lilia: Is it...over?

ILS: I think it is, Lilia. ...I think we did it!

Jawo: He's toast, Blue!

Blue: Phew. Good. Now let's get out of here, guys. Lilia.

Lilia: Mhm!

*The group turns around to leave, when suddenly...*

Mephiles: Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuue!!!!

Group: !!!

Mephiles: You're not going anywhere!!!

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*Mephiles emerges from the flames, badly burned and injured, but still up and about as if at 100%*

Blue: Mephiles!

Jawo: You're still alive? Do you ever stay dead!?

Mephiles: I won't die. Not until I've dragged Blue to Hell!

Lilia: You can't beat us! Just give up already!

Mephiles: Shut up! Stupid girl. This fight...is FAR from over. Now let me show you my REAL power!

ILS: R-real power...?

Mephiles: I didn't expect it to come to this, but you've left me no choice. It's time I crush you beneath my heel!

*Mephiles begins to magnify his power*

Mephiles: Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!

Lilia: W-what's he doing!?

Blue: I...I can feel his power. It's growing to unimaginable heights!

Jawo: He's changing shape! Stay alert!

*The effect of Mephiles' power amplification transforms his shape into that of an enormous dark horned demon. His body is now brimming with energy, causing the ground to crumble beneath him*

ILS: Check out that power! It's insane!

Lilia: Unh! It's so strong...I can hardly stand!

Mephiles: Hehehehe. How do you like me now, Blue? Are you afraid yet? You should be!

Blue: I'll never be afraid of you. I don't care how big you get.

Jawo: You tell im, Blue! We can take him!

Mephiles: You talk a big game, but I doubt you can back it up! To show you what you're up against, let me give you a taste of my new powers.

*Mephiles pounds his fists into the ground, creating an intense energy wave that shoots towards the group*

Blue: Uh oh!

Lilia: It's too big, we can't get away!

Jawo: Brace yourselves!

*The energy wave collides with group, sending them sky high and slamming into a wall*

Blue: Urgh!

Mephiles: Oh no, the fun doesn't stop there! Eat this!

*Mephiles opens his mouth and fires a spritz of purple bolts at the group*

Blue: Hurry, move it!

*The group runs leaps to the side, avoiding the attack*

Mephiles: So it's a game of cat and mouse, huh? Then so be it! I've got energy to spare, so let's play! Hahahahaha!!

*Mephiles' eyes begin to glow with a golden light. He then shoots rays of light from his eyes that explode on contact. The group scurries frantically to avoid the constant attacks*

Mephiles: Scurry, little mice! Hahahahaha!!!

Jawo: Blue, we can't run forever! We have to fight back!

Blue: Yeah, you're right. It's time to go on the offensive!

Jawo: Now we're talkin', I'll go first!

*Jawo dives to safety and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Formation: Crystalline Meteor!

*Jawo's sword explodes, and moments later, a giant crystal sphere plummets from the sky towards Mephiles*

Jawo: I think that's big enough for you!

*Mephiles reaches out and catches the meteor in his hand with no effort at all*

Mephiles: Hmph. Pathetic.

*He then crushes the meteor to pieces in his palm, rendering the attack ineffective*

Jawo: What!? That's impossible!

Mephiles: No, it's entirely possible. Especially when you're as strong as I! Now disappear!!

*Mephiles outstretches his hand and releases an onimous wave of energy from his palm. The wave passes by Jawo, and he begins to feel funny*

Jawo: Kch!!

Lilia: Jawo, what's the matter?

Jawo: My...my body. *kneels down* It's like it sapped all of my strength...

*Jawo begins to collapse when ILS catches him*

ILS: I gotcha, buddy! Just hang in there, alright?

Blue: ILS, you take care of Jawo. I'll handle Mephiles.

Mephiles: You, handle me? You must be joking. What do you think you can do by your lonesome self?

Blue: This! Explosion!!!

*Blue forms a fireball in his hand and hurls it at Mephiles. It collides and causes a huge explosion of flames, engulfing Mephiles entirely*

Blue: Yeah, take that!

Lilia: Blue, you got him!

Mephiles: Not quite, hahahahaha!!

Blue: Huh!?

*The blast fades, revealing Mephiles completely unharmed by the spell*

Mephiles: You fool. Your weak magic can never harm me! You're as good as dead!

*Mephiles points out his index finger and carves a star-like symbol into the air*

Mephiles: Satan Cross!!!

*The symbol shines and fills the room with a blinding light. When the light dissipates, Blue and the others are layed out on the ground, seemingly hurt*

Blue: Agh..damnit. What the hell was that.. Urk...

*Blue struggles to get up, but can't manage to*

Blue: Ugh, it's..it's no use...

Lilia: Blue..is it...is it over? Have we lost?

Jawo: No! It can't be over! We have to get up and fight!

*Jawo tries to stand, but the pain pulls him back to the ground*

Jawo: Aagh!!

Blue: I don't know, Lilia. But I refuse to give up...not until we've beaten him.

ILS: But how? Our attacks can't even hurt him. How can we beat someone...so strong, so powerful...?

Mephiles: You can't, that's how! I am the ultimate power! There's no force alive that can defeat me!

Blue: M-Mephiles...I'll..defeat you!!

Mephiles: Nice try, Blue. But there's nothing you can do! Now to exact my final revenge! It's over! For all of you!

*Mephiles holds up his hands and begins to slowly charge one final attack*

Mephiles: Hahahaha. The end...it's coming soon....

*Meanwhile, Zeldafan and the others have been watching the battle taking place from a magic crystal ball*

Rachel: *gasp* No! He's going to finish them off!

Zeldafan: Oh man, they're in big trouble...

Mizuna: ZF, can't you do something to help them!?

Zeldafan: Uhm..I don't know if I can, Mizuna...

Mizuna: And why not!?

Zeldafan: It's just...I don't know what to do. I don't think there's anything that can defeat Mephiles now.

Mizuna: You're kidding, right!? You have to at least try! Come on! Blue and the others need you!

Rachel: Zeldafan, please...

Zeldafan: Well...there might be one thing we can try...

Rachel: Hm?

Zeldafan: But Blue has to be the one to do it. Once I give it to him, it'll all rest on his shoulders.

Mizuna: Okay! Just hurry before it's too late!

Zeldafan: Alright. I'll contact him now. I just hope this works...

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Zeldafan: Blue!

Blue: Huh...?

Zeldafan: Blue, can you hear me!?

Blue: Zeldafan...is that you?

Zeldafan: Yes. I'm speaking to you through telepathy.

Blue: Well, then I'm pretty sure you can see that we're in a bind here. So I don't really have time for small talk.

Zeldafan: Blue, I'm here to help, you dork!

Blue: You are? How?

Zeldafan: I have something that can possibly bring down Mephiles, but only you have with it takes to use it.

Blue: Okay, what is it?

Zeldafan: It's the purifiying blades, the light magic spell Prism Sword.

Blue: Light Magic!? But Zeldafan, you know--!!

Zeldafan: I know, you don't have an affinity for light magic, but you have to try! This is our only hope!

Blue: *sigh* I...understand.

Zeldafan: Thanks Blue. Just chant the words "I call upon the power of the holy blade" and do what you do best, okay?

Blue: Got it.

Zeldafan: Alrighty! Give it your best, Blue. We're counting on you.

*Zeldafan ends her transmission*

Blue: Okay, it's time to do it.

*Blue gathers his strength and rises to his feet*

Lilia: Blue..w-what are you doing?

Blue: Everyone's hope lies with me now. I have to do it!!

Jawo: What? Do what, Blue?

ILS: Have you gone crazy?

Blue: No. I now have the power to defeat Mephiles!

Mephiles: Ha! You speak nonsense, Blue. Death is the only thing that awaits you! Your end is now!!

*Mephiles finishes charging his final attack*

Blue: I call upon the power of the holy blade. ...Prism Sword!!!

Mephiles: Die, Blue!!!

*Mephiles prepares to unleash his attack when a strange symbol appears below his feet*

Mephiles: What...?

*Then four swords of light rain down and plant into the four corners of the symbol, trapping Mephiles in place and neutralizing his attack*

Mephiles: Nooo! My attack! W-what is this!? What have you done to me!?

*And finally, one final giant sword crashes down and stabs directly into Mephiles' skull*

Mephiles: Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggh!!!  

Jawo: *astonished* Whoa...

Lilia: That's..amazing...

Mephiles: No! This cannot be happening!! I'm the ultimate power! I cannot be beaten like this!! WHY!? MY REVENGE....!!!!

Blue: Will never come to fruition! Die, Mephiles! Hah!!

*Blue slams his hand down, causing the sword to plunge deeper into Mephiles. The swords then explodes in a huge burst of light, engulfing Mephiles and destroying him once and for all*

Mephiles: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaggh!!!

*The light fades and the symbol disappears, as does Mephiles' body*

Blue: Phew. Heh..heh...

*Blue falls over from exhaustion when Jawo catches him*

Jawo: Whoa there. Are you okay, Blue?

Blue: Now...it's truly over.

*Blue falls unconscious in Jawo's arms with a smile on his face*

Jawo: Ugh, I guess now I'm gonna have to carry him back. *sigh* Consider this a favor, Blue.

Lilia: Blue...you did it.

ILS: I always knew he could. I mean, he's Blue afterall. Haha!

Jawo: Ah well. I think it's time we got out of here. Let's go.

*Meanwhile on the surface*

Mizuna: Yeah! He did it! Blue did it! He won!!

*The three girls cheer and share a 3-man high five*

Zeldafan/Rachel/Mizuna: YES!!!

*Back below, the group returns to the upper level after a gruesome battle. They pass through the demon village when the demon from earlier approaches them again*

Demon: Lord Blue! Did something happen to my liege?

Jawo: Nah, don't worry. He's just tired is all.

*Blue comes to*

Blue: Hey..w-where am I..?

Demon: Lord Blue!!

Jawo: Ah, so the sleeping beauty awakens. Now you can get off my back!

*Jawo leans over, causing Blue to fall the the ground*

Blue: Ow, hey! *rubs head*

Demon: *gasp* How dare you do that to my liege!

Jawo: Meh. *shrugs*

Blue: It's okay. He's just being Jawo, afterall.

Jawo: Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?

Blue: Forget it.

Demon: So is it true? Did you really defeat Mephiles?

Blue: That's right. He'll never torment anybody ever again. He's gone, for good this time.

Demon: Hooray! I knew nobody could defeat you, Lord Blue. You're the strongest!

Blue: Heheheh. *blushes*

Jawo: Just don't let it get to your head. I'm still better than you.

Lilia: *sternly* Jawo...

Jawo: Hmph. Okay fine. I'm sorry...

Demon: So what now, Lord Blue? Are you going to remain here with your loyal subjects?

Blue: We already went over this. I'm going back home to the surface world. I can't stay here with you. I have no desire to rule.

Demon: Oh..I see. I had thought you would've changed your mind, but I guess not...

Blue: I apologize.

Demon: No, it's okay. I know that up above, you have people that love and care for you. I wouldn't wanna tear you away from them.

Blue: Thanks. But, I don't think it's right to leave this place without a ruler, so...

*Blue takes out the Jahnnam jewel and hands it to the demon*

Blue: Here. This is yours now.

Demon: What!? B-but...it's your royal jewel! I cannot take this!

Lilia: Yeah, Blue. Didn't you say that jewel was a testament to your change? You can't give up something so precious!

Blue: I know, but I'm reminded of just how much I changed by you guys everyday. I don't wanna part with the jewel after so long, but, I don't need it anymore.

Demon: Oh, Lord Blue. I'm so honored! I'll cherish it everyday! I'll clean and polish it and place it on a pedestal and--

Blue: Hey hey, enough of that. I'm not Lord Blue anymore, okay?

Demon: Okay. ...I, Gilliam, will do everything in my power to be the best ruler I can be!

Blue: And that's all I could ever ask for.

Gilliam: So Lo--I mean, Blue. Your friends on the surface are waiting for you. Shall I send you back?

Blue: Yes, please.

Gilliam: Okay, here you go!

*Gilliam uses his powers and a tractor beam appears over the group, pulling them into the air and back up to the surface*

Gilliam: Goodbye, Lo--er, Blue! And thanks for everything!

Blue: Bye, Gilliam! Take care!

*The tractor beam takes the group out of sight*

Gilliam: *to himself* You'll always be my liege, Lord Blue.

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*The tractor beam appears on the surface, and from it, Blue and the group comes down*

Blue: Hey guys. We're back.

Zeldafan: Blue-kun!!

*Zeldafan runs up and hugs Blue tight*

Blue: Whoa!

Zeldafan: I'm so glad you're all safe.

Blue: Yeah well, it was all thanks to you and your spell, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Aw shucks, I don't deserve the credit. All I did was give it to you. You did all of the work, Blue.

Blue: Well thanks anyway. I know I can always count on you when things get rough.

Zeldafan: Heehee, that's what I'm here for!

*beepbeep beepbeep*

Zeldafan: Oh!

Blue: What was that?

Zeldafan: It's my watch. And would you look at the time! We have to get going, pronto!

Mizuna: Okay, see you later, ZF!

Zeldafan: I said WE! Come on you!

*Zeldafan grabs Mizuna's arm and pulls her away*

Blue: Hey wait, where are you two going?

Zeldafan: Hmm, how should I put it...? Well, Bob is working on a..project..of sorts, and he really needs our help.

Mizuna: *sigh* Yeah, ZF is right. I'd love nothing more than to stay and chat with you Blue, but as you know, we've got a job to do.

Blue: Okay. Hope to see you all soon.

Zeldafan: It'll be sooner than you think! Heehee.

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Oh nevermind. Bye Blue!

Mizuna: Goodbye! *waves*

*Both Zeldafan and Mizuna disappear*

Blue: Well that was cryptic...

Rachel: So, it's all over now, huh?

ILS: Yeah, it is. We can finally get back to bounty hunting now!

Rachel: Alright! But hold on..!

ILS: Hm?

Rachel: What are we going to do? Mephiles killed the real Official. We can't operate without a leader...

ILS: Oh...you're right...

Lilia: Then you'll just have to get a new leader!

Rachel: A new leader? But who?

Blue: Oh, I think I have someone in mind.

*Blue walks up to ILS and places his hand on his shoulder*

ILS: Huh? Me!?

Blue: Yup!

ILS: Oh no, you can't mean that, Blue. I mean...I'm no leader...

Rachel: But you're the only one who can! I don't have the right stuff, and nobody else is cut out for the job, so that only leaves you.

ILS: But...

Lilia: Go ahead, ILS. You'll make a great leader!

ILS: Gee, do you really think so, Lilia?

Lilia: I know so! Rachel's right, only you can!

ILS: Uhm...what do you think, Jawo?

Jawo: Huh? You're asking me?

ILS: Well yeah, I'd like everyone's opinion.

Jawo: *shrugs* Do whatever you want.

ILS: *sarcastically* Gee, thanks...

Jawo: Although, I think Collin would really like to see his hero running the joint. If not for anyone else, do it for him.

ILS: Collin... Alright! I'll do it!

Blue: Really?

ILS: Yeah! I know, I'm not the brightest nor do I have the most work ethic. But I'll do my best, darnit! It's...what Collin would've wanted...

Rachel: And I'll be right there with you, Mads.

ILS: You're...going to stay with me, Rach?

Rachel: Of course! I'm not too keen about the idea of staying a bounty hunter, but..it was Collin's last wish, and I'm going to honor that. Besides, you can't run the company by yourself. You're going to need some backbone!

ILS: Thanks, Rach...

Blue: So, I guess you two are leaving us now, huh?

ILS: Yeah. As the new leader, I've got a lot of work to do to try and rebuild the guild. We need to replace the members who've died, reconstruct all of the bases, and lots of other stuff. With all the damaged caused, we'll be at it for a long time.

Rachel: That's true, but I'm sure we can do it. Under our guidance, the IL Guild will be better than ever! Just you watch!

Blue: Haha, I'm sure it will!

ILS: Well, I guess this goodbye again, Blue.

Blue: Yeah...for now.

*ILS and Blue clapse hands*

ILS: Ready to go, Rach?

Rachel: Yes.

*ILS and Rachel begin to part ways with the group*

Lilia: Jawo...

Jawo: Hm, what?

Lilia: Are you just going to let her go like that?

Jawo: What do you mean?

Lilia: I mean, she's your girlfr--

Jawo: Don't even finish that statement.

Lilia: Aw come on. I know you like her.

Jawo: Hmph.

Lilia: Well at least go say goodbye! Geez!

Jawo: I don't want to.

Lilia: Get out there!!

*Lilia gets behind Jawo and pushes him towards Rachel*

Jawo: Whoa! Lilia..you..

Rachel: Jawo?

Jawo: Ah, Rachel!

Rachel: Is there something you wanted to say to me?

Jawo: *stammers* I..uhm..I-I..er..w-w-wanted to s-say...

Rachel: Heehee, it's okay. You don't have to say it.

Jawo: I..don't?

Rachel: Nope. This'll say it all.

*Rachel pulls Jawo forward and the two share one last kiss*

Jawo: Uhm, wow. Heheheh. *blushes*

Rachel: Goodbye, Jawo.

*Rachel hugs him*

Jawo: ...Bye, Rachel.

*Jawo hugs her back*

ILS: Rach.

Rachel: Ah, right. Coming.

*Rachel pecks Jawo on the cheek and then walks off with ILS. He then places his hand where she kissed him*

Jawo: *sigh*

Lilia: See? Now was that so hard?

Jawo: Oh shut up.

Lilia: Hmph!

Blue: Hey guys, are you coming or what?

Lilia: Oh right, Blue. So, where are we going now?

Jawo: What are you talking about? We gotta go back to Gen-*gasp*

*The three then pause and slowly turn towards the "screen"*

Blue/Lilia/Jawo: GENE!!!!

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*The group quickly heads back to Gene's store. They go inside to find Gene tapping his desk with a scowl on his face, along with hundreds of undelivered packages behind him*

Blue: *panting* Gene, we're sorry!!

Gene: Blue...

Lilia: We didn't mean to do it!

Gene: Lilia...

Jawo: Yeah uhm..something just came up and..!

Gene: Jawo...

Blue: So, how about we deliver those packages, huh? Eh heh heh...

Gene: You know what's coming, don't you?

Blue: *gulp* Yes...

Gene: YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!

*The group cringes at the roar of Gene's voice*

Blue: *sigh* Oh man...

Gene: But regardless, here's your pay.

*Gene hands them each a bag full of gold coins*

Gene: NOW GET OUT!!!

Blue: Yikes!

*The group leaves the store. They look through the window to see Gene put up a help wanted sign as he glares at them with intense fury*

Blue: *sigh* Let's go.

*The group leaves the vicinity of the store and then checks their earnings*

Blue: Hm...

Jawo: So how about it, Blue?

Lilia: Did we earn enough money?

Blue: Yes! We did!

Lilia: *gasp* Really!?

Blue: Yeah! We've finally gotten enough to start travelling again!

Lilia/Jawo: YES!!

*The two share a high five*

Blue: Jawo, thanks..for your help.

Jawo: Huh?

Lilia: Yeah, I guess we'll be seeing ya.

Jawo: Wait, what are you talking about?

Blue: Uhm..aren't you leaving us now?

Jawo: Are you kidding me? No way!

Lilia: But..you told us that you were a Promotion's something something of a company.

Jawo: You're right, I am. What of it?

Blue: Then don't you think you should get back to them?

Jawo: I should, but...I'm not. It's true, it's an important job, but they can manage without me. Besides, traveling with you two just too much fun to give up!

Lilia: So that means...you wanna come with us?

Jawo: Yeah! That is...if you'll have me.

Lilia: Well, I have no objections. What about you, Blue?

Blue: ...

Jawo: Eh?

Blue: ...Sure. Be our companion, Jawo.

Jawo: Alright! Now you're talkin my language!

Lilia: It's good to have you with us, Jawo. It's a lot of fun having you around, so I'm glad you decided to stay.

Jawo: Of course! Though, even if Blue had said no, I would've came anyway! Hahaha!

Blue: Hmph.

Jawo: So, where are we going now, huh?

Blue: Who knows?

Jawo: What?

Lilia: We just go wherever the wind takes us, isn't that right Blue?

Blue: Exactly right, Lilia.

Jawo: Aw, well that's lame. I wanted to go on another journey!

Blue: You're a little too eager to start trouble, Jawo...

Lilia: Well, as they say, a new day brings new adventure!

Jawo: Hmm, a new day brings new adventure, huh? I like the sound of that, Lilia! Those are definitely words to live by.

Lilia: Yeah, besides, trouble always seems to follow Blue wherever he goes. So I reckon it's only a matter of time before something starts again.

Blue: Hey, what's that supposed to mean, Lilia!?

Lilia: Oh, I think you know, Blue. Heehee.

Jawo: Now that you mention, that DOES seem to happen, doesn't it? Oh man, I'm never leaving your side now, Blue!

*Jawo grins and puts his arm around Blue*

Jawo: Hehehe!

Blue: Uhm...Jawo? ...I don't like that look on your face...

Lilia: Come on, guys! There's a whole world out there for us to explore! So let's get started!

Jawo: Yeah! A new day brings new adventure, right?

Lilia: Right!

Jawo: That's so going to be our new phrase.

*Both Lilia and Jawo run ahead of Blue*

Blue: Hey wait! W-where are you going!?

Lilia: Hurry up, Blue!

Jawo: Yeah, or we'll leave you behind!

Blue: *sigh* Why do these things always happen to me?

*Blue hurries to catch up with Lilia and Jawo*

Blue: *to himself* A new day....brings new adventure. ..I'm starting to take a liking to that myself...

And this is where we bring this story to a close. After a long and painful journey, Blue, with the help of his trusting friends, finally puts an end to Mephiles the Dark and his vengeful grudge. The group now sets off into the unknown, joined again by Jawo, though not as an antagonist, but as a friend. Wherever their travels take them, they'll always know one thing...

A new day brings new adventure.

The End

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*Character Profiles (Part 2)*

Name: ?? "Jawo" ?? (Keeps real name a secret, but Blue and friends know of it)

Age: 21

Occupation: Promotions Head Leader of an unspecified company

Weapon: Crystallic Sword

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180lbs

Blood Type: Doesn't know

Hobbies: Playing Cards, battle-rapping.

Appearance: Caucasian, medium length brown hair with blond ends. Wears a white T-shirt, black pants, and white shoes. Also wears a white hat.

Description: Jawo is a promotions head leader of an unspecified company (Probably Sprite), who joins Blue in his quest to uncover the truth behind the IL Guild's sinister scheme.

First meeting Blue way back in the first story, Jawo appeared as an antagonist to hinder his plans for world domination. After Blue reforms his ways, Jawo instead remains a bitter rival towards him and seeked to challenge him to a duel to see who's truly better, badly enough that he even opted to travel alongside him to get that chance. But he soon forgets all about it, and as the adventure goes on the rivalry between to the two begins to blossom into a friendship.

A very brash and hot headed man, Jawo is always the first to jump into action when there's fighting to be done, and as such is the most competent fighter of the group. Though sometimes his eagerness leads the group into more trouble than they bargained for. He can also be very emotional and often tries to hide his more "un-manly" displays from the group. Though his attempts always prove unsuccessful, to which the others ridicule him for.

Despite his shortcomings, Jawo is a determined and fiercely loyal friend. Willing to sacrifice anything and everything for their sake.

Name: Collin Maeger

Age: 12 (deceased)

Occupation: Novice-level bounty hunter, President of the ILS Fan Club

Weapon: Jupiter Psynergy (Wields no actual weapon)

Height: 4'10

Weight: 102 lbs

Blood Type: A+

Hobbies: Weather reading, playing Chess, following ILS

Description: Collin is but one of a group of trainee hunters assigned under ILS to assist him in capturing Blue. He later joins Blue in his quest after he sees that ILS had done the same. Collin is a very meek and timid boy, seemingly lacking any kind of physical ability, and constantly cowering at the sight of danger. Though even still, he always tries his best to help out.

Collin looks up to ILS and deeply idolizes him, having joined the bounty hunters so he could become as great a hunter as he is. As such, he is ecstatic when he is first assigned to work with him and pledges to do all in his power to make ILS proud of him. His devotion to ILS is unshakable, and he'll go to any length to see him safe and happy.

It is later revealed that Collin is an Adept of the Jupiter Alignment, those who can manipulate the power of wind and lightning using only their mind. He shows his power when the group comes up against the fearsome ILX, an opponent who can read the muscle movements of his enemies. In a rare moment of courage, Collin opts to fight ILX by hiself, being the only one that can deal with his special ability. And despite his lack of combat prowess, Collin triumphs over ILX and proves himself as a capable fighter.

Though shortly after, Collin sacrifices his life to save ILS from a deadly strike by the summoned creature Agaranok. As his life bled away, ILS finally acknowledged Collin as being a greater hero than he could ever be, fulfilling his one and greatest desire.

More to come. And if anybody could help with Bass' info, that'd be great. >_>

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*Omissions and Changes*

- ILS was going to join the group in his "Sli" persona when he first met back up with them in Huran City in order to remain incognito and regain their trust. He also was not reveal himself until they reached the headquarters, to which the group would respond by saying they knew it was him the whole time.

- ILJ was not going to be Rachel, but just a ordinary high level female hunter that fights the group twice. Once in Baldovain City and the other in the northern base. After losing the second time, she would reveal the location of the Official and not join up with the group.

- Thus the result of that would lead to every scene involving her never happening. (IE, No Rachel and Jawo kiss scene)

- The "Substitute Teacher" Arc wasn't going to happen at all.

- Collin wasn't going to join the group, but instead remain hopelessly loyal to the bounty hunters and get easily beaten in another encounter.

- Thus, every scene where he plays a major role would've never happened. Expect the bridge scene, where instead, Jawo would've saved Blue and Lilia.

- I intended to have a fight scene between Blue and Jawo, but I didn't know why or how to work it in there, so I left it out.

- Collin was going to use PSI powers, instead of Jupiter Psynergy. But, I thought that was cheesy, so I opted for the later.

- The night before the group was going to journey to Neo Jahannam, Jawo was going to betray the group and go over to Mephiles' side. When the group reached Mephiles' lair, Jawo would've turned back, revealing it to have been a double double cross. But I didn't know exactly what he'd do it for, so I left out.

- Zeldafan wasn't going to teach Blue Prism Sword, but instead was going to have already known it, but lacked the confidence to use it. But I thought, why not let her do something else. I always think of Zeldafan as the trusty utility girl.

- I also intended for Jawo to recieve mortal wounds during the Mephiles fight and then succumb to death after it was over. Resulting in a very emotional scene.

- And lastly, as the original plot, Mephiles was going to instead assume the form of the King and reinstate the bounty on Blue, having both the kingdom knights and the all the bounty hunters under his control.

*Also some things I didn't intend to happen, but thought about*

- Collin living through the journey and joining Blue for good at the end.

- A flip flop in which ILS was the one to die protecting Collin from Agaranok.

- Jawo receiving an invitation to join Blue and Lilia at the end, but refusing. Wanting to travel on his own instead.

*Some other stuff*

- After the first usage, I had forgotten all about Jawo's Chaos Control...

- I really REALLY hate sword users. Thinking of original moves for them is near impossible. When I was in the planning stages of the story, I imagined Jawo using a bo staff. But instead of just giving him that, I asked him what his weapon was, and he just HAD to say a sword. So to make things easier on myself, I thought about the crystal, and had him use it for some crazy techniques instead of just hacking and slashing, which he rarely does.

- It's also the reason why ILS either

1. Loses very quickly or..
2. Doesn't fight at all.

Aaaaand, that's all. Feel free to post any comments/questions if you want.

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You would be surprised at the kinds of techniques one can come up with for sword users.

-Sword Pressure Techniques: Sword techniques that allow one to attack from a distance with the air itself
-Speed Based Techniques: Techniques that use the sword/swords in a particularly fast manner, such as Sword Rain, a fast barrage of thrusts, or Brook's Three-verse Humming: Arrow Notch Strike, a super fast slash that takes a while for the opponent to even realize they were slashed.
-Power Based Techniques: Really powerful sword slashes and thrusts
-Combo based technique: Unique combinations of sword maneuvers.
Non-swordsmanship related powers that one combines with swordsmanship: Like for example, a pyrokinetic that combines their fire powers with their sword attacks.

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: BlueAnnihilator on 13 July, 2008, 11:32:09 pm
See, that's exactly what I mean though. All of that has been done before. It's not the coming up with techniques that's the problem, it's coming up with ORIGINAL ones. When everybody and their grandma swings a blade, you just start to run out of viable ideas.

It's become so stale that the only way I could be original was by having Jawo not even attack with the actual blade.

No offense to you of course, because I know swords are your thing, but I personally like to steer clear of them.

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: zeldafan42 on 13 July, 2008, 11:34:29 pm
Hey, I come up with original sword techniques. I'll admit, it is harder, but possible. It helps to have a sword with unique properties, like Jawo's.

For example, my "Sword Armageddon" technique. After summoning exactly 42 swords and positioning them around an opponent, my character uses magnetism to first levitate the swords, then zoom them in on the opponent from all sides.

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
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Yeah, I know. Jawo told me that his sword was made out of crystallized Sprite (blech) but I decided instead to turn that around and make into something cool, thus, the crystal (no Sprite) manipulating sword.

And don't you see how drawn out and elaborate you had to make that technique just for it to be original? I'll pass on that, thanks. My brain is wracked enough already.  :-\

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: zeldafan42 on 13 July, 2008, 11:48:27 pm
<_< But...it's a cool move!

With swords, and more swords...and a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Reference!

But yeah, I agree. Martial arts and element manipulation is much easier to design moves for.

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And it's more fun to do fights for too, imo. Because when a character has an unconventional style of fighting, the possibilities go a long way, and you never know what to expect.

But with sword users, it's almost always...


"Ha, I blocked it!"

"Ah ha! I'm behind you! Let me stab you now!"

"You missed! Ha ha!"

"Then I'll just do the same thing again!"

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: zeldafan42 on 14 July, 2008, 12:28:37 am
At least my character mixes things up.

"Ha! I blocked you!"

"Ok, then I'm going to spin around, slash at you again, and when you inevitably block it, I'm going to use my momentum to continue forward and punch you in the jaw! Therefore opening you up to a quick stab with my sword!"

*made that entire maneuver on the spot*

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Post by: Jawooooooooooo on 14 July, 2008, 06:57:34 am

If you're looking to expand my moveset for later stories, you could throw in some combinations with that water ring I still possess.
Just another friendly suggestion from me... ;D

Also, ZF was actually reading the story too?

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Post by: BlueAnnihilator on 14 July, 2008, 05:52:34 pm
At least my character mixes things up.

"Ha! I blocked you!"

"Ok, then I'm going to spin around, slash at you again, and when you inevitably block it, I'm going to use my momentum to continue forward and punch you in the jaw! Therefore opening you up to a quick stab with my sword!"

*made that entire maneuver on the spot*

Well you just keep up the good work then, ZF. I'll leave the swordplay in your hands. >_>


If you're looking to expand my moveset for later stories, you could throw in some combinations with that water ring I still possess.
Just another friendly suggestion from me... ;D

Also, ZF was actually reading the story too?

Well now that you mention it, I was starting to run dry on the crystal techniques. Maybe I'll do a little studying on how crystal reacts to water and work with that.

And I guess she was. Though I wasn't quite aware of it.

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Well, of course I was reading it! I love Blue's stories!

And before you ask Blue, I'm working on the next episode of my story. I have some of it typed, but I keep on getting writer's block. T-T

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: BlueAnnihilator on 15 July, 2008, 02:02:06 pm
Well, of course I was reading it! I love Blue's stories!

And before you ask Blue, I'm working on the next episode of my story. I have some of it typed, but I keep on getting writer's block. T-T

Huzzah! I've been waiting ages for that thing. You took so long that I was able to finish my entire story beforehand. >_>

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I knew how I wanted it to start, and I know the end....I'm just not sure how I want to connect the two sections. It's the middle part that has me stuck! Curse you middle part!

Title: Re: AoB Gaiden: Shadow of Corruption (Complete)
Post by: BlueAnnihilator on 15 July, 2008, 03:14:08 pm
I knew how I wanted it to start, and I know the end....I'm just not sure how I want to connect the two sections. It's the middle part that has me stuck! Curse you middle part!

I know, middle parts are killer. But for once, I actually have everything fully planned out, so I can't wait to get started. I have to get on with the short story first though.