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Title: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 29 June, 2009, 03:00:57 pm
Saturday June 27th, 2009

Tire tread on burst dog stomach. This city is afraid of me.

Couldn't resist the above sentence. Not much happened. Did the usual internet surfing/videogame playing thing.

Father picked today to cut the grass. He wanted me to go with my mom to a coffee shop poetry performance hosted by my old West African drum and dance group. Mom asked me if I wanted to go and I said no, so she left saying she didn't like how my father always tells me to go with her whenever she leaves the house.

Swept up grass clippings and talked with dad about the issue. Told him about how I don't like talking with old members/parents of members about what "plans I have" or "what I'm going to do in life" because of how awkward and annoying it gets. I told him how I feel like the only one of my friends/family who has striven to not get into any trouble. I'm doing okay academically/financially; better than others, worse than some. Yet people we know still seem worried about me in those aspects and they really shouldn't be.

He told me that "life is about making decisions and dealing with the results of those decisions, nothing more" among other things. He says a lot of good advice that I genuinely try to hold onto and he actually listens to me. I thanked him for being a good father, saying he's too critical of himself. He asks me if I'm talking to myself.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 29 June, 2009, 03:29:54 pm
Sunday June 28th, 2009

Went to Silver Beach by lake Michigan for the day with girlfriend, a friend of hers and that girl's husband.

I got up early to get to gf's house before getting picked up by her friend to go to the beach, but didn't eat anything. Before we left, we made out and were about to get busy before her friend got there, yet we just didn't. I mentioned that I was really hungry and she insisted that she cook me breakfast, which she did. The eggs were okay.

Her friend and her husband were nice; it was odd being around a married couple that were so young (20 and 22). They were cool though and we talked a bit about music and traveling on the way there.

We walked around the town near the beach for a while, taking silly photos and stuff. Once on the beach, we kind of cooked some food and halfway played volleyball, displaying our collective ineptitude to do both well. It was enjoyable overall though.

The other couple went out into the water while my gf and I stayed closer to the beach; this whole thing was relatively spontaneous and we didn't have swimsuits so we built sand castles. There were some incredibly flat, large rocks next to the water and I managed to skip some despite the constant waves which was awesome. I skipped a rock over a particularly large wave. She took pictures of our castles before we destroyed them. She also found a rock shaped like a heart.

We went back to where we ate and stayed there for a little while; the other couple left somewhere and it was just my gf and myself. The sky was clear and the weather hot, yet not too much so. The wind was blowing and we weren't bothered by the silence.

We all walked around some more and walked out to the end of the pier near a lighthouse there. We realized we were actually on the opposite side of where the lighthouse was. We all took photos of one another, some of which were really nice.

After that, we drove back. My gf and I halfway made up for earlier when we were alone which was very enjoyable. By the time her mom got home we had already uploaded the pictures to her computer. She and I were watching the second to last episode Azumanga Daioh and she told me that her brother loved that "I'm on a boat" song that I suggested he see. Her mom didn't believe that the rock shaped like a heart was made solely by the water.

I got picked up and my dad of course said some weird things to my gf. He manages to be charming somehow. My mom, dad and us talked for a little while before we all parted ways.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Fuuka Yamagishi on 29 June, 2009, 03:47:22 pm
Sounds like a fun day.

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Post by: Hawk_v3 on 29 June, 2009, 03:50:27 pm
*reads* Nice.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Jawooooooooooo on 30 June, 2009, 09:46:38 pm
^what they said.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 30 June, 2009, 09:56:59 pm
Monday June 29th, 2009

Ran into an old friend in front of Panda Express at the mall. He had been my best friend since kindergarten and used to be in my West African drumming group. Told me about how our old instructor was putting together an adult group and that he'd call me sometime this week about it. I doubt he'll actually remember to do so and I can just contact the guy; even still, it was cool running into him. It was slightly awkward because I had just spoken with someone the day previous about all the trouble/crap he's been getting into. We both have talked about going back to Guinea, West Africa to take place in the annual drum workshop that we took part in three years ago.

Recently found out that my college transcripts were withheld because of "extraneous charges" on my bursar account. By teh time those were taken care of and the transcripts came in, it was after the date that two of my scholarships I had won wanted said transcripts by. $2,500. My mom was pretty torn up about it; she felt responsible, yet I insisted that it was entirely my responsibility. If she did make a mistake and told me the wrong date/whatever, it was still my fault. She took it really hard and began to talk about a lot of personal issues related to parenting and how she felt she never had a good example. I listened and just kept quiet instead of trying to come up with something comforting. She managed to regain her composure and ended up comforting me; it's always difficult to watch your parents cry or be unsure of themselves.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 05 July, 2009, 12:28:13 am
Tuesday June 30th, 2009

Found out that I could still turn in the transcripts and not lose the scholarship money. Much to my mom's relief. Went to the place, dropped them off. Had some Wendy's I believe.

Wednesday July 1st, 2009

Went to Chicago with my mom, dad and girlfriend to see Femi Kuti at the Ravinia Faestival in Highland Park. So much incredible amazingness. Femi was...I'll just say that I would be gay for him if ever he needed me to.

Also before the show, we ran into an old friend who had taught the dancers in my West African drumming group a few years back. Their drum/dance group opened for the show and I participated in the dance they showed everyone. I did a RUN DMC pose after the dance was over. They were awesome; really energetic and able to mix traditional music with some modern beats at appropriate times. My girlfriend and mom danced for a bit; my dad got footage of them and of me, but only about 10 seconds worth.

We were in the third row, so people were pretty hype there. Kuti gave the most awesome sex talk I've ever heard during his final number "Beng, Beng, Beng". Everyone was up dancing and did my little routine to the song where I act the different lyrics out...wonderful. The dancers were hot and I tried to take pictures of them, but she kept grabbing the camera from me.

King Sunny Ade performed after Femi, and my girlfriend and I left to walk around the venue. It was a very nice night (albeit a bit chilly). We did stuff and went into an empty tent a fair distance away from the main path around the lawn area to do more just as a guard came walking down the path. He didn't say anything and we walked past him awkwardly; we all knew what was going on, but the silent understanding we all had kept talking from being a necessity. We went back after the show had ended and made our way home.

Thursday July 2nd, 2009

Nothing that I can even remember happened.

Friday July 3rd, 2009

Did 80 sit-ups and watched a Super Mario 64 speedrun, a Super Mario Sunshine Speedrun and some Metroid Prime speedrun.

Saturday July 4th, 2009

Lit very few fire works. Lied about having a shopping cart of death comprised of M-80s and Artillery Shells in the hopes someone would try it. Thought about finishing an article I'm "working" on.

Title: Re: Spring presents: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 12 July, 2009, 01:01:35 pm
Last Thursday, we picked up my girlfriend and brought her to town. We had been going out a lot when we visited theh other, so she just wanted to watch movies/play videogames. Since the TV, that was hooked up to a surge protector and not left on for long periods of time, had inexplicably decided to blink out and not work, we just watched The Cable Guy and Raising Arizona on her laptop. She really enjoyed both and since I hadn't seen them in a long while, so did I. Intermission between the movies wasn't exactly what I had planned on, but it was still phenomenal.

Over the last year, I've found that virtually nothing happens as I expect it to. That isn't to say that things happen better or worse than what I planned for, but it's always something different. Even when I've planned out what will happen and events unfold according to plan, the experience, the way I perceive the situation itself, won't be the same as what I expected.

I just accept that as reality; no matter what, you can never fully know what is to come. The future is forever dynamic.

I also had a dream last night. I was at the studio with all of the old jenbe group members. We were discussing another trip to Guinea and were sitting close to one another. Jonathan, a kid from high school who had nothing to do with the jenbe group was sitting nearby for some reason; he had a phone that was shaped like his own face/head which has always been infamously large since birth. A few other people from high school were there and they laughed at the phone as well. Bruce and Alexa, members of the group, sat right next to me but I couldn’t really tell who was in front of us all talking.

I went outside and was walking down the sidewalk in downtown Chicago. The sun was setting the sunlight was a warm orange glow, yet there was also plenty of dark shadows, yet not so much to remove color from within them. I saw Guillermo from high school up on a street light over the middle of the street. It was like a “walk/don’t walk” sign, yet it was hanging like a traffic light. There was something on the light that he was pulling off. I took out my camera and took a picture of him up there.

He dropped down and when he did, Connor from high school ran by and snatched whatever it was the Guillermo had. A chase ensued. Connor was really fast, yet I was able to match him. Guillermo and another kid were running behind me. I realized that I was wearing my tan plaid banded jacket and the nameless kid was wearing a tweed suit, Guillermo some plaid shorts and white shirt and Connor had on a tweed overcoat with trilby hat.

We went through countless alleyways and down the middle of streets between mild traffic. A couple times, Connor would duck inside some warehouse and we have to jump over and around machinery, cargo and the like. He was frequently darting out of my field of vision. I had slid under a high-from-the-ground fence and saw him run into the convention hall a couple blocks away from the music/dance studio.

We ran in through the back and came across a lot of people in formal business wear talking with one another. The hallways we were moving through didn’t have a high ceiling and we all were wearing plaid and tweed clothing that somewhat fit with what everyone else was wearing. I turned to the kid that I didn’t recognize, but knew and he just gave a bewildered shrug.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 15 August, 2009, 12:10:14 pm
Saw the title to this topic:


And was reminded of this pic I took of one of my traveling companions/ex-president of our chapter:


I have much packing to do and have lately been frustrated at myself for not finishing the articles I've been working on. I have a story due today and haven't even spoken to anyone I need to yet. It may or may not get done; considering I still have to find contact info. And this is the beginning.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: ganonfloyd on 15 August, 2009, 12:11:52 pm
*enters topic, sets up chair, sits*

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Post by: Spring-Loaded on 15 August, 2009, 12:17:22 pm
I've come to appreciate this site more in recent days. It almost serves as a Pensive (that thing from Harry Potter in which memories can be held), as lame as that may sound; by typing out issues and posting them here, it's facilitates solving them through having them become manifest outside your own life in some form.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 17 August, 2009, 11:30:45 pm
I had an article due today and I waited to interview everyone until today. I couldn't really go anywhere except to go buy a phone card for my pre-paid cell phone (with two ****ing minutes on it). All I ate today was a handful of cereal, a pop-tart, ramen; sniper food.

It was only an hour ago I ate something substantial: Homemade barbecue chicken pizza.

I'm actually greatly comforted about going back to campus. I feel trapped inside my home, as if it's some massive beast that does everything in it's power to keep me locked inside it. It rained a bit today and I stepped outside in order to be rinsed clean; washed of my laziness, my filth, my guilt and my emotional self-flagellation.

Just me and the rain.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 13 September, 2009, 10:04:52 pm
Moved out of the putrid dorm I was staying in and into the second newest hall on campus. A guy moved out at the same time I asked if there were any openings. The rooms are a good size, have air conditioning and loft-able furniture. The lounges have TVs in them. You can sign up for laundry room e-mail alerts that let you know when particular washers/dryers are available. Which is weird.

It sounded too good to be true; I got to move into one of the nicest halls on campus, be closer to all my classes/girlfriend's dorm. It was.

I never thought about why the guy who moved out of my current room left. Until I heard my roommate speak. He just keeps going, trying to start conversation where there need be none at all. He's also always in the room as opposed to my roommate in my old dorm who I literally had only seen once a week for about an hour at a time. He's on the verge of creepy. He's a  ice guy though; he has original records of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan. He has a copy of Abbey Road that has the picture on the record itself.

I finally got around to purchasing and playing Batman: AA. It's truly wonderful and chock full of moments that make me laugh/cheer.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: HyperOmar on 13 September, 2009, 10:07:34 pm
He's a  ice guy though;
Means he's cool.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 09 November, 2009, 10:01:03 am
I'm free from my old roommate. May he be roommate-less forever so that no one else must know my pain.

Title: Re: An Excuse for Vanity
Post by: ganonfloyd on 09 November, 2009, 05:15:14 pm
I'm free from my old roommate. May he be roommate-less forever so that no one else must know my pain.

I was roommate-less last year.