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Title: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights
Post by: Gaffit on 25 July, 2009, 02:13:04 am
This is just a topic where I'm going to store all the fights I wrote for the last seaon's Pop Culture Showdown in case anyone happened to enjoy a particular fight and doesn't want to dig through the media board to find it. I'll post a table of contents here once I'm done pouring the fights in.

Table of Contents! (WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! I guess...)

Page 1:
Bruce Lee vs. The Predator
Adol Christins vs. Vampire Hunter D
Wolverine vs. The Flash
Luke Cage vs. Rukio
Baraka vs. Omega Rugal
Megaman vs. Darth Vader
Hulk Hogan vs. Rey Mysterio
Thor vs. Hiro Nakamura
Blackheart vs. Lobo
Space Ghost vs. Kirby
Jack Bauer vs. Deadpool
Morrigan vs. The Hulk
Raistlin vs. Brock Sampson
Sho Minamimoto vs. T-800

Page 2:
Natsu vs. Scorpion
Gordon Freeman vs. Apocalypse
Jackie Chan vs. Freddy Krueger
Lucy vs. Drizzt
Naruto vs. Akuma
V vs. Shuma Gorath
Dizzy vs. Squall Leonhart
Alucard vs. Sylar
Samus Aran vs. Optimus Prime
Carnage vs. Monkey D. Luffy
Neo vs. HK-47
Lobo vs. Omega Rugal
Alucard vs. Naruto
Brock Sampson vs. The Hulk

Page 3:
Samus Aran vs. Shuma Gorath
Dizzy vs. Apocalypse
Hulk Hogan vs. The Flash
Scorpion vs. Sho Minamimoto
Jackie Chan vs. Lucy
Bruce Lee vs. Deadpool
Darth Vader vs. Luke Cage
Space Ghost vs. Neo
Monkey D. Luffy vs. Vampire Hunter D vs. Thor
Darth Vader vs. Alucard
Apocalypse vs. The Hulk
Space Ghost vs. The Flash
Vampire Hunter D vs. Scorpion
Omega Rugal vs. Deadpool
Lucy vs. Shuma Gorath

Page 4:
Shuma Gorath vs. Apocalypse vs. Deadpool
Vampire Hunter D vs. Alucard vs. Space Ghost
Shuma Gorath vs. Alucard

Title: Re: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights
Post by: Gaffit on 25 July, 2009, 02:13:57 am
Bruce Lee vs. The Predator

Round 1 Day 1:

In a massive Predator training arena within an ancient Aztec temple, Bruce Lee and the Predator meet face-to-face. The chamber is filled with massive bits of fallen debris and huge spiked columns fill the room. Bruce bows before the Predator.

“May we fight with the honor becoming of warrior like ourselves,” Lee suggests.

The Predator gives a slight nod, understanding the jist of the message.

Bruce Lee draws his bow staff and charges the Predator head on. The Predator pulls out its Combi Stick, extending it to its full size. Lee flings himself into the air and brings his staff down on the alien, who blocks the strike with his spear, surprised at the strength of the attack.

Lee doesn’t give the Predator another second and follows up his blow with another aimed at the Creature’s equivalent to a kidney. The Predator catches the staff mid-swipe and shatters it with his powerful elbow. The creature follows up by aiming another swipe at Bruce who rolls a good distance away before launching himself into the air and delivering a powerful kick to the Predator’s chest, causing it to stumble backwards.

The creature quickly recovers from the blow and sends a massive swipe of his spear into Lee’s leg, causing him to tumble to the ground. The Predator then wedges his spear between Lee and the floor, flicking it upward and launching Lee all the way to the other side of the arena.

Lee painfully gets to his feet and looks across the room to see the creature’s shoulder-mounted plasma caster lock on to him. Lee throws himself behind a piece of collapsed roof just as the spot he was standing in is destroyed in a violent explosion.

The Predator walked over to the site of the eruption assuming his opponent to be dead and looking for anything to use as a trophy when a sharp pain shot up his leg. Looking down, the Predator saw an arrow penetrating its hamstring. Sending out a roar of pain, the Predator angrily wrenched the arrow free and lurched at the spot Lee was hiding. Grabbing the surprised Lee by the head, the massive creature hurled him across the room and painfully into a wall.

Lee hit the wall hard, toppling to the floor on top of some sort of switch. A strange clicking sound suddenly filled the arena. Lee saw the Predator glance around in what appeared to be concern. Obviously he had just done something very bad.

The wall in front of the Predator blew inward as the army of Xenomorphs used for young Predator training was released. The Predator shot an angry glance at Lee before cackling lightly and activating his cloak.

Quickly drawing his bow, Lee faced the swarm of incoming aliens, hitting many of them in the head right above the mouth, causing them to screech an unearthly scream before tumbling to the ground; the spray of their blood causing the floor of the arena to melt. Another seventeen of the aliens fell before finally running out of arrows, but the army was still coming unhindered. Lee drew his katana in preparation.

The Predator activated the laser mines he placed at the entrance of the chamber, causing any of the aliens entering to be turned into piles of acidic meat. The Predator then unsheathed his retractable shuriken and set about finishing off the remaining Xenomorph left in the room. On the other side of the arena, the Predator spotted his human opponent surprisingly holding his own against the aliens, though his blade was already starting to melt.

A Xenomorph pounced on the Predator from behind, causing him to collapse onto the acid covered floor. The alien began flailing wildly at the Predator, damaging his plasma caster; the creature was ready to finish the Predator off when the creature’s head split in half down the middle, the spray of blood spattering onto his chest, causing his flesh to burn.

Lee threw down what was left of the melting hilt that was once his sword next to his opponent and waited for the Predator to get to his feet. Nodding at Lee, the creature drew its Combi Stick and tossed it at Lee’s feet while retracting its own massive Wrist Blades. Lee nodded back and picked up the Combi Stick in time to block the oncoming swipe from the Predator. Lee stabbed the spear into the ground and vaulted over his opponent, slicing him across the back as the Predator sent the back of his wrist blades into Lee’s arm.

Bruce quickly did an about-face and sent a finishing blow into the creature’s neck, but the Predator caught the spear between his claws and twisted its forearm, wrenching the spear from Lee’s hand as the Predator sent a powerful punch into Lee with his other arm.

Lee was sent hurtling through the air, catching himself painfully on a spike pillar, he bounced himself back towards the Predator, whose defenses were wide open. Bruce Lee channeled his energy into his fist and sent the Fist of Fury cleanly into the creature’s chest, whose burnt flesh allowed the fist to penetrate through, as Lee literally punched the now-exposed heart of the Predator.

The Predator shuddered once before it fell to his knees and slumped to the ground. Lee gave the beast a single respectful bow before turning to leave.

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Adol Christins vs. Vampire Hunter D

Round 1 Day 2:

Adol Christens walked through the cave, his Livart Sword in hand and a lantern held before him. He didn’t want to be in this stupid cave, but the villagers down in the valley were offering him a lot of gold and a lot more exp. to slay the vampire that had taken residence in these caves recently. The monster hadn’t done anything to the villagers yet, but Adol figured it would only be a matter of time before he did.

“What are you doing here kid?” came a mysterious voice from behind him. Adol dropped his lantern and whirled around swinging his blade at the source, stopping short of the man’s neck. The man didn’t even flinch. “That didn’t answer my question,” the man said in a deep voice.

“I’m looking for an evil vampire that has taken residence here! It is my duty as a hero to slay such evil!” Adol answered back, his sword still at the man’s neck. “What are you doing here?”

“Hiding from the sun, what do you think?” The man replied calmly. He looked down at Adol’s sword, “I don’t think you’re going to have much luck slaying evil with such a poor sword.”

“You are the creature I am here to slay! Though you don’t look like much… Not big enough to be a boss, a mini-boss maybe. Well then minion, where is your master?”

The man’s face turned hard, “Stupid mortals, always judging things by the surface. Trust me kid, where this is going, you don’t want to be here.”

“Shut up and die evil minion!” Adol swung his sword into the man’s neck, but the man was now five feet away. Adol charged towards him and swung again, but the man simply dodged to the right. Adol began swinging at the man wildly, but the man side-stepped every swipe.

Adol charged his energy into the sword and swung the sword into the man with all his might. The man jumped into the air and landed gracefully on his blade mid-swing.

“Who are you?” Adol gasped.

“My name’s D, and I just became your worst nightmare,” he replied with absolute calm.

D drew his massive sword and swung a simple blow into Adol, who used all his strength just to block it with his shield.

“This is not going well…”, Adol muttered as he charged his Livart Sword, sending a powerful cyclone at the man who simply stood in it’s center unphased.

“That it kid?” D said as he slammed his sword into Adol’s Livart sword, sending it flying into a wall of the cave.

Adol channeled a fireball and threw it at D as he jumped for the sword, only to find that it was hopelessly stuck in the wall. D hit the fireball with the side of his blade, causing it to blast behind him as Adol gave up on his sword and drew his rapier, the Ericcil blade.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. You’re using a rapier against a broadsword?” D taunted.

“Not just any rapier…” Adol said as he thrust his rapier towards D, a bolt of lighting shooting from its tip and hitting D square in the chest.

D was sent flying backwards into an opposite wall of the cave, smoke coming from where he’d been hit. D recovered in time to deflect the next bolt launched at him with his sword, getting close enough to knee Adol in the gut, sending him to the ground painfully.

“Don’t be stupid kid, just stay down alright? You’re not my type of kill,” D said while sheathing his sword and walking away.

D made it ten feet when a massive wave of flames hit him from behind. The wave knocked him off his feet and hurt like hell. Getting to his feet, D turned face Adol, who was now holding the Bilrante Sword in both hands.

“I must vanquish all evil, no matter the cost.” Adol said heroically.

“That’s what I was talking about when I said don’t be stupid,” D sneered.

Adol launched himself into the air and brought his sword straight down to the ground, causing another wave of flames to erupt in D’s direction. D raised his forearm to the blast as a shield surrounded him, protecting him from the flames.

D then bolted forward and shattered Adol’s blade with his own and stabbed into him, all in one smooth motion.

“Shoulda stayed down kid…” D said regretfully as he removed his sword from Adol.

“But I haven’t saved in hours! I am so going to kick your ass after I finish level grinding!” Adol said as he blacked out.

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Wolverine vs. The Flash

Round 1 Day 3:

In an empty Metropolis, Wolverine and the Flash stare each other down.

“Is that really your costume? Man, all that yellow and blue, you look like a 60’s band.”

“Listen Bub, keep that up and I’ll do worse than tear you in two.”

“Really? I’d like to see you try.” The Flash taunted.

Wolverine ran at The Flash claws extended, swiping at him as The Flash calmly dodged every offense. The Flash quickly countered the barrage by sending a punch easily going the speed of light into the Wolverine’s chest, the resulting explosion of guts leaving a massive hole in Wolverine’s chest who fell to the ground in pain.

“Well that was a fast fight. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised all things considered.” The Flash commented.

Wolverine quickly kicked into the Flash’s leg, causing him to trip to the ground, the hole in Wolverine’s was chest completely gone. The Feral Fighter followed up by pouncing on his opponent with his claws extended, but the Flash had recovered and was already at the other end of the street when Wolverine slashed pavement.

“Hey! This fight might be more fun than I thought!” The Flash said as he charged towards Wolverine, quickly making circles around him. A red and yellow vortex appeared around the two, creating a small hurricane with Wolverine in the middle.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Bub?” Wolverine asked, unphased by the hurricane.

“I’m creating a vacuum in order to suck the air-“, was all the Flash managed to get out before Wolverine stuck out his arm and clotheslined him. The Flash was sent flying into a wall as Wolverine quickly popped his shoulder back into place from the force of the impact.

“Listen Bub”, Wolverine said as he picked up the near-unconscious Flash, “You’re good, I’ll give you that, but you’re just too cocky,” Wolverine finished as he dropped the Flash onto his adamantium knee. The Flash let out a cry of pain as Wolverine followed up by swinging his opponent around and slamming him into a lamppost. Wolverine unsheathed his adamantium claws slashed at the fastest man alive to finish him off.

The Flash quickly came to his senses as the claws came towards him. Hyper-energizing his atoms, The Flash’s chest phased through the claws as he quickly dodged to the left. As soon as he stopped energizing his atoms, the Flash felt like his organs had been hit by a ton of bricks and simply slumped to the ground weakly.

“Now that was just plain stupid,” Wolverine commented, “You can’t phase through adamantium without some risky side-effects, it’s just too dense.”

Wolverine picked up his collapsed opponent by his costume and was about to end him when he felt something rumbling. Looking around he realized that Metropolis seemed to be melting around him. “What the hell is going on?” Wolverine barked at his combatant.

“We’re taking a little trip to the land before time,” The Flash said, smiling weakly.

The world erupted around the two as Wolverine quickly realized he was in prehistoric Metropolis. Slashing at his opponent he realized that the Flash was no longer in his grip.

“Say ‘Hi’ to Barney the dinosaur for me will ya?” The Flash shouted from the top of a nearby cliff, “I’m a big fan of his work!”

The Flash seemed to fizzle for a bit before disappearing completely, leaving Wolverine alone in the past. Wolverine looked to the sky to see a massive meteor heading straight for him.

“If I get outta this,” Wolverine said, sheathing his claws, “I’m gonna kill that guy.”

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Luke Cage vs. Rikuo:

Round 1 Day 4:

Luke Cage took a massive swing at Rikuo, who dodged the fist by inches. Cage’s fist made a 2-foot hole in the wall where his opponent’s head should have been.

“Get out of my town fish fries, I patrol alone!” Luke Cage warned Rikuo who responded in his own Mermanic language, which Luke didn’t understand, but his stance had all the appearance of someone who was ready for a fight.

Luke Cage charged at the merman, and took a swing at the creature’s chest. Rikuo countered by shape-shifting his chest into a poisoned blow-fish as Cage made contact. Rikuo’s chest collapsed under the force of Cage’s hit and was sent spiraling backwards into an apartment complex; Cage’s hand was completely unharmed by the needles.

Rikuo launched himself from the smoke caused by his crash, taking Luke by surprise and launching a barrage of attacks into him, sending Cage into the air with a powerful kick and following him up, swiping at him viciously to keep him up the air in a deadly combo. Rikuo finished it off by giving his own arm the weight of a blue whale and dropping it down on Cage, whose body made a crater in the streets below.

Cage exited the crater completely unscathed by the vicious attack.

“Congratulations!” Cage exclaimed, “You’ve pissed me off!”

Cage lunged forward and grabbed Rikuo’s face, sending a powerful punch into the merman’s stomach with his other arm, knocking the wind out of him. Cage then lifted his opponent into the air and punted him back into the same apartment complex as before.

A scythe made of water shot from the debris and hit Cage square in the chest, causing him to fly into mailbox and rendering it scrap metal. The scythe vanished and behind it was a very angry Rikuo, who launched a powerful punch into slumping Cage. Cage caught the punch in mid air and pulled himself up, elbowing Rikuo in the face in the process.

“You’re not very good at this fighting thing are you?” Cage asked the bent over Rikuo.

The merman shouted back in his native language and Cage was pretty sure that it was the fish equivalent to a couple F-Bombs. Cage grabbed the merman’s leg out from under him and held the dangling Rikuo before him. Rikuo responded by spewing toxic waste into Cage’s face.

“Poison? That ain’t gonna work on me fish-face.” Cage said as hurled Rikuo into a nearby car with a force that caused the car to fly into the air.

Rikuo got to his feet angrily as his mermanic blood dripped from his wounds. A blue aura pulsed around him as he charged his next attack.

“That don’t look too good.” Cage commented.

A massive wave of ripping water appeared before Luke and hit him full force, the water itself tearing at him as it carried him down the street and into hard obstacles. Rikuo ran out of energy and unsummoned the wave, causing Cage to hit the ground hard.

But he got back up. Cage’s clothes were mostly torn from ravaging attack, but as far as Rikuo could tell, his titanium-hard skin was barely scratched. Cage walked over to Rikuo, who could barely stand after using most of his energy.

“Well that didn’t work out so well fish-face. Got anything else?”

Rikuo spat in Cage’s face.

“Thought not,” Cage said as he sent his fist into Rikuo’s face for the last time.

Cage looked down at his defeated opponent.

“Now where the hell am I gonna find a toilet big enough for you?”

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Baraka vs. Omega Rugal

Round 1 Day 5:

Omega Rugal Bernstein looked at Baraka with disdain mixed with borderline boredom.

“You don’t want to do this,” Bernstein warned the demon.

Baraka responded by rushing his opponent, sending a flurry of jabs into him, which Bernstein blocked with a shield of green energy.

“Oh well,” Rugal said, holding the energy shield against Baraka’s attacks, “To be honest, I probably would have killed you anyway.”

Rugal released his hold on the energy shield, sending it into Baraka who was propelled into the far wall of the chamber.

Baraka recovered himself and locked eyes with his opponent, unsheathing his deadly forearm blades, as Rugal let out a roar of laughter.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been told I can be insensitive, but I just had the funniest notion that you intended to be threatening,” Rugal chuckled.

Baraka let out a demonic snarl and charged his opponent, sending his blade into him. Rugal simply dodged the blade and sent a Genocide Cutter kick into the demon, causing him to fly into the air. Bernstein followed up the attack by launching himself into the air after the beast and pounding him with a destructive combo.

When Rugal decided to let Baraka hit the ground, he sent a Kaiser Wave ball of energy into Baraka’s back, creating a deep hole in the floor where Baraka hit. Rugal finished off by sending another Kaiser Wave into the hole after Baraka, creating a massive explosion in the newly created underground tunnel.

“Well that didn’t exactly fill my afternoon,” Rugal pined, “Maybe I can find someone else to kill in the meantime…”

“ROUND 2! FIGHT!” An ominous voice from nowhere shouted.

Baraka launched himself from the hole in the ground and faced Bernstein, clearly pissed off.

Bernstein glanced around the room in search of the mysterious voice, “Well that was new. I don’t recall installing speakers in my underground chamber.”

Rugal didn’t have time to give the matter much thought as Baraka launched a rapid offensivee against him, swiping at him viciously with both of his blades. The God dodged the blades easily enough sent a Reppuken energy beam rolling across the floor into Baraka who was tripped over painfully by the attack.

Baraka rolled away to put distance between his opponent and himself before striking his blades together, creating an immense spark that traveled across the room into Bernstein. Rugal simply swatted the spark away with his backhand and moved quickly enough to disappear.

Rugal reappeared behind Baraka, who did an about face and slashed at the God with both blades and all his might.

Rugal caught the blades with both hands and calmly planted his boot against the demon’s chest.

“Repeat this after me,” Rugal said, staring into the Demon’s widened eyes, “’I’ll never take on a God again’”, he finished with a smirk.

Bernstein pushed his foot against the demon’s chest while pulling against his blades, which tore cleanly from Baraka’s forearms. The creature let out a scream of pain as Rugal picked the beast up and held it over him. A beam of yellow light ascended from above in the form of skull in agony which tore Baraka to shreds.

Bernstein threw what was left of the demon to the floor and walked away while wiping his hands together.

“Hmm… I still haven’t killed enough time until lunch… Now there’s an idea! To kill Time…” Rugal mused to himself.

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Megaman vs. Darth Vader

Round 1 Day 6:

Mega Man stormed through the base, completely unaware that his teleporter had malfunctioned and sent him to a galaxy far far away.

Blasting away the last batch of Stormtroopers, Mega Man blew open the door leading to what he believed to be the Robot Master’s innermost chamber. Upon entering the massive chamber, Mega Man was brought to the sight of a mysterious cloaked figure whose back was to him and made a sound eerily similar to breathing.

“Give up Wily-Bot! It’s over! Give me the coordinates to Dr. Wily’s position!” The robot threatened.

The mysterious figure turned to face Mega Man, revealing the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

“Why have you come droid? Surely the Rebel Alliance would not be foolish enough… to think that I can be defeated by something so simple as an assassination droid?”

“Rebels? Is that how you see Dr. Light? Listen bucket head, I’m a lot stronger than Dr. Light and Dr. Wily’s other robots, so that means I’m a lot stronger than you!” Mega Man warned, “Come into the authorities quietly or I’ll have to beat you up!”

“No…” Vader breathed as he drew his Lightsaber, its red glow filling the room, “I think not…”

Mega Man’s right arm turned into his familiar Mega Buster as he quickly shot a few plasma blasts at the Sith Lord, who merely deflected them back at Mega Man with his saber.

The Blue Bomber hurled himself sideways while firing a few more shots in mid-air, all of which were easily blocked. “Wow! That’s a cool sword you got! It’s not gonna do you any good though!” Mega Man taunted childishly.

“Enough of this…” Vader breathed, hurling a Force Blast into Mega Man which knocked him into a wall. Mega Man responded by quickly grabbing hold of the wall and firing a charged blast at Vader, who countered it by creating a Force Repulsion bubble.

Vader quickly hurled his lightsaber at Mega Man, who dropped to the ground to dodge it, only to discover that it was following him. Mega Man bolted towards Vader and slid between his legs. Vader grabbed the saber as it was flung towards him and slashed the ground behind him, missing Mega Man by inches.

“Ha ha! Is that all you’ve got bucket head? Man this fight is gonna be easy!” Mega Man chided as he realized that some of the heavier objects in the room began levitating into the air.

“Uh-oh” Mega Man uttered as he summoned Rush by his side.

“Rush! Jet Mode!” he ordered, jumping onto the jet-board dog and gliding through the air as Vader began hurling the levitating objects into him. Rush dodged the flying debris as Mega Man sniped Vader from above, whose mind was occupied with his own assault. Vader drew his saber, but wasn’t quick enough as two shots went through his defense, tearing into his robotic limbs.

The Sith Lord released his anger in the form of a massive Force Repulsion bubble that knocked Mega Man from his Rush board and into the ground. The Dark Lord stood before him.

“You are powerful indeed for a mere droid… Come to the dark side… and become my new apprentice. Together, we can conquer the galaxy! We will topple the Supreme Chancellor… and this Dr. Wily.”

“I would never betray Dr. Light!” Mega Man shouted, “Rush! Activate the Rush Super Adaptor!”

Rush barked in response, jumping onto Mega Man to merge the two together. After the explosion of light, Vader faced a much more powerful looking robot, now colored in red and equipped with a jetpack.

“Fool!” Vader exclaimed, “Your resistance is meaningless… you will join me or die…” Vader threatened as he reactivated his lightsaber.

Mega Man took to the air, firing a barrage of plasma bolts at Vader as if from a machine gun. Vader took a defensive stance and began sent the bolts flying from him with his saber.

Vader levitated a massive piece of debris to protect him as he hurled his lightsaber at the Blue Bomber once more. Mega Man dodged the saber and took the opportunity to launch his Power Fist, which hit Vader with enough force to send him into a wall.

Mega Man touched down next to Vader to see that the force of the hit had taken his helmet off, revealing his human head.

“You’re a human? I’m not allowed to hurt humans!”

At this, the Sith Lord let out a roar of laughter, which was muffled by his harsh breathing.

“What’s so funny oldie?” Mega Man snapped at Vader.

“You’re not allowed to hurt humans… and yet you killed so many just to get to me… Those Stormtroopers are humans in body armor…” Vader laughed.

At this Mega Man’s mind seemed to snap, “I’ve… I’ve killed people?” Mega Man stuttered.

“Yes, tens if not hundreds of people…” Vader said putting his helmet back on and standing before the droid.

Mega Man’s eyes became unfocused as deep within his robotic brain, the Maverick Virus was born.

Sensing the presence of evil within the droid, Vader uttered, “Yes, feel that anger… that emotion… and use it! Come over to the dark side…” Vader said, extending his hand to the bot.

Mega Man raised his buster to kill Vader in rage, but Vader was too quick, slashing off his arm with his saber and lifting him into the air with his Force Grip, Mega Man’s systems reactively teleported him back to Lights Lab for repairs just as Vader swung straight through the teleporting beam.

Vader looked at the spot where his opponent had just been, sensing that his opponent had retreated far beyond the influence of the force, but also sensing that the droid had carried the evil virus with him.

“This is not over…” He breathed roughly.

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Hulk Hogan vs. Rey Mysterio

Round 1 Day 7:

Special Guest chapter brought to you by the greatness that is Ganonfloyd

“Here we are at Wresltemania, and the main event is about to begin! World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio will defend his title against the Hulkster himself! Rey has certainly shown he can handle himself with the big guys, beating wrestlers like Kane, JBL, and even the Big Show to keep this belt. But will he be able to defeat Hulkamania? Let’s find out!”

Hulk Hogan’s familiar theme played through the arena as he ran down the ramp, feather boas around his neck. The crowd went wild as he entered the ring and got focused. He watched as Rey Mysterio appeared at the top of the ramp, his theme music blaring, the World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt around his waist.

Mysterio entered the ring and handed the belt to the ref. He looked at Hogan, who dwarfed Mysterio in comparison. The bell rang, and the match began.

Mysterio moved quickly with a kick to Hogan. The Hulkster grabbed his leg, but before he could react, Msyterio’s other leg flew up and slammed into Hogan’s head in a perfectly executed enzuigiri. Hogan didn’t hit the round but stumbled back. Mysterio knew he needed to take every opportunity he could to down Hogan, so he set him up for a DDT. He landed it, bringing Hogan down to the mat.

Hogan got to his feet, only to have the speedy lucha wrestler slam into him with a diving crossbody. Mysterio went for the pin, but the Hulkster kicked out at 1, not to be beaten that easily. Mysterio backed up, ready to try another crossbody as Hogan got up. However, this time the Hulkster was ready, and when Mysterio rushed forward he rushed right into a big boot from Hogan, stopping any momentum he might have had in the match.

Hogan flexed a bit before slamming his elbow into Msyterio with a brutal elbow drop.  He lifted the hurt Mysterio up and applied a bear hug. For several minutes Mysterio struggled in the hold, trying not to submit as Hogan squeezed his body hard, nearly breaking the little man in two. Eventually, he manged to kick himself out of the hold, but Mysterio was quite tired after the brutal bear hug. Hogan followed it up by landing a powerful vertical suplex on Mysterio. He then ran to the ropes, rebounded towards Mysterio, and went for the Atomic Leg Drop in an attempt to finish the bout.

Mysterio summoned all the strength he had in order to roll away from Hogan, the Leg Drop missing him by mere inches. Hogan stood up, looking a bit annoyed, and walked over to Mysterio as he was getting up. Hulk tried to set him up for a scoop slam, but Mysterio quickly landed another enzuigiri on Hulk. He Irish Whipped Hogan into a corner and followed with a crossbody. It was a success, but Mysterio clutched his side a bit.

“It looks like that bear hug may have hurt the champ a bit more than he thought!” an announcer exclaimed. Mysterio ignored the pain and climbed up on the corner. He put his legs around the Hulkster’s head, did a backflip, and drove the Hulkster to the mat with a brutal Hurricanrana. He went for the pin after landing it.

“1..2..” Hogan kicked out right as the ref was about to make the three count. Mysterio looked as if he was certain it would have worked. There was only one thing left for him to use to down the mighty Hulk Hogan. He Irish Whipped Hogan into the ropes, ran towards the ropes and landed a spinning kick to Hogan through the ropes, knocking him back to the mat. Everyone in the audience knew what was coming. Screams of "619! 619!" could be heard. Mysterio stood on the ropes, celebrated a bit, and lept towards Hogan in an attempt to finish the 619 with his signature Frog Splash pin ending.

The Hulkster managed to roll away from the Frog Splash, leaving Mysterio to land straight on the mat. Both wrestlers rose about the same time. Mysterio rushed Hogan and landed a flurry on punches. Hogan, however, began to Hulk Up, the punches barely having any affect on him. He blocked another of Mysterio's punches and pointed at him, giving him his signature "YOU!!" taunt. He landed several vicious right hands on Mysterio, Irish Whipped him into the ropes, and hit the Big Boot on the rebound. Not content to try another leg drop, Hogan lifted Mysterio and landed a scoop slam. He then ran to the ropes, rebounded, and hit the Atmoic Leg Drop. Hogan went for the pin.

"1..2...3!" Hogan rose in triumph, and was handed the World Heavyweight Championship. After much celebration, he grabbed a mike. "Listen here brother! You put up a good fight for a little guy, but you just found out what happens when these 24 in. pythons come down on you! Hulkmania just ran wild over you!"

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Thor vs. Hiro Nakamura

Round 1 Day 8:

Thor stands in the halls of Asgard, celebrating a recent victory against the giants, when a strange man wielding a katana teleported in.

“Who dares enter the halls of Asgard!? Identify yourself mortal!” Thor demanded, pointing his hammer at Hiro Nakamura.

Hiro looked around him in confusion before saying, “Huh? This is not the bathroom? Why did I teleport here? It must be destiny!” Hiro spotted the God of Thunder standing near him, looking as threatening as possible. “Excuse me nice man! Could you tell me where I am please?” Hiro asked.

“How dare you feign ignorance of my home? Prepare to face the might of Thor!”

Thor’s hammer hurtled a bolt of lightning at Hiro, who promptly vanished into mid-air before reappearing behind the God.

“You are not nice man! This must be my destiny. I will defeat you!” Hiro announced as he charged Thor, slashing his legendary sword into Thor who stood unphased.

“Fool! I cannot be defeated by mortal weapons!” Thor triumphed as he backhanded Hiro across the room. Hiro recovered at the same moment Thor hurtled another bolt of lightning at him.

Hiro teleported away from the bolt as well as the rest of the lightning Thor threw at him, causing the halls around them to explode in a shower of debris. Thor charged Hiro to strike him with his hammer when Hiro disappeared again, reappearing on his shoulders as he grabbed Thor’s hammer and teleported away with it.

Thor heard a loud “thunk” as his hammer hit the ground behind him, with Hiro trying unsuccessfully to wield it.

“Stupid mortal,” Thor declared, “Only I can wield the might of Mjolnir!” Thor held out his hand as the hammer slid across the floor before flying back into the God’s hand once again.

“Not good.” Hiro muttered as he teleported away from another bolt of lightning.

The two continued their battle with Thor maintaining a strong offensive and Hiro reacting defensively. An idea struck Hiro as Thor threw another bolt; Hiro froze the world around him, staring the lightning bolt in the face. Hiro then began reversing time around the lightning only as he sent it flying back into the God as he restored time.

The God of Thunder was sent hurtling into a wall of the great halls by his own might. “How is this possible?” Thor gasped, “You couldn’t possibly wield my lightning?”

“I too have the power to control lightning! I have been toying with you the whole time. Give up now and I will spare your life!” Hiro bluffed.

“It will be a good death to die in battle against such an opponent,” Thor said as he charged Hiro.

“Uh-oh” Was all Hiro could get out before Thor smashed into him, sending him crashing against floor.

Hiro teleported away from the ground just in time to dodge an oncoming blow that would have hammered his face in. Thor followed up his attack by hurling his hammer at the Time Traveler. Hiro teleported away from the attack and faced his opponent.

“You have disarmed yourself! Surrender now!” Hiro demanded.

“Do not judge my actions so harshly. My hammer always returns to me,” Thor smirked as his hammer flew back to him at full power, and in the process, into Hiro’s turned back.

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Blackheart vs. Lobo

Round 1 Day 9:

Blackheart stood over the destruction his army wreaked upon the planet he was ordered to enslave. Standing on top of the cliff overlooking the fierce battle taking place between his troops and the planet’s inhabitants, Blackheart suddenly heard a strange pattering noise coming from above. Before he could look up, a massive motorcycle came crashing down on top of him.

Lobo put down his kickstand and parked his bike while Blackheart still lay underneath it.

“Ugh! Another day, another bounty,” Lobo lamented, “Alright, where’s this Blackheart punk I keep hearing about?”

A massive explosion came from under Lobo’s bike, tearing his hog to ribbons and causing Lobo to fly a good distance away.

“You foolish idiot!” Blackheart spat angrily, “How dare you anger the son of Mephisto! I will devour your soul!”

“If you had any idea how much money was on your head, you’d choose your words more carefully,” Lobo explained, “Doubly so for wrecking my bike,” Lobo said while pointing his thumb at his beloved’s scattered remains.

“You honestly think you can defeat me?” Blackheart nearly laughed.

“I don’t mind tryin’ pal.” Lobo said as he snatched his chain gun from his hip and pumped a clip into the demon lord, the holes it created quickly healing over. Blackheart lunged at the mercenary, ripping him in two and throwing his remains over the side of the cliff.

“Ugh, that hurt…” Lobo complained as climbed back up the cliff, carrying no signs of his wounds. “So you’re going to make this fun for me eh cutie? Alright, I don’t mind playing with my paycheck.”

Lobo launched himself at Blackheart, sending his fist into his face with enough force to send Blackheart sprawling to the ground with his head caved in. The demon got back to his feet as his head wound healed and launched a ball of pure energy at Lobo, the force of it taking the merc’s arm clean off.

With his only arm left, Lobo pulled out an oversized cigar and lit it just as his arm grew back and finished it off with one puff. “So you’re the son of the devil huh? Wow, that’s gotta suck. Boy do I feel sorry for the state you’re in; always having to follow daddy’s orders right? I got over my dad issues the day I was born when I killed the guy. Too bad you don’t have half the guts I do right?”

Blackheart let out a roar at the insult and assaulted Lobo with a flurry of punches as Lobo calmly caught his arms and sent his boot into the demon’s kneecaps, sending him to the ground with a cry of pain.

Blackheart popped his knees back into place and sent a punch into Lobo’s stomach, causing the bounty hunter to topple over from the blow. The son of the devil followed it up with a vicious assault, tearing into the fallen Lobo with all his fury. Lobo attempted swing at Blackheart as the demon’s arm transformed into a blade, lopping both the bounty hunter’s arms off in a single slice.

Lobo planted his boot against Blackheart’s chest and kicked him off him, and bought time for his wounds to heal by saying, “I gotta tell you, I expected more of a fight from you,” Lobo gasped, “I mean, I hate to sound like a critic, but damn you suck at fighting. I thought that with the power of this Mephisto guy at your command, you’d be a lot more powerful, but I guess daddy keeps you on too tight of a leash right? I bet you couldn’t even use the power of hell if you wanted to. Daddy might not like it.” Lobo smirked.

“I’ll show you the power of hell mortal!” Blackheart shouted as he teleported himself and his opponent to the lowest levels of Mephisto’s realm.

“Here I am all powerful with the legions of hell at my command!” Blackheart said, his form glowing with power.

“Bad move junior, looks like you woke up your old man,” Lobo said, pointing behind Blackheart to the massive form of Mephisto.

Blackheart dropped to his knees to bow before the devil, “Father! I am trying to demonstrate to this mortal our true power by showing him the terror of our realm. When his soul is crushed I will-“

“Hey big ugly and little ugly, I hate to interrupt your mother-daughter bonding time but you’re both in a lot of trouble.” Lobo grinned.

Mephisto shot an angry gaze at his son, who turned on Lobo, “What is the meaning of this disrespect!?”

Lobo pulled out an official-looking piece of paper from his back pocket along with a pair of reading glasses before reading, “According to Amendment one, Article four, Sub-Section yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, ‘And the entity known as Lobo shall not be allowed entry into Heaven, Hell or any morally-based alternatives of the two under penalty of immediate execution,” Lobo finished, throwing the paper somewhere behind him.

“So, I’ll make you a deal big n’ smelly,” Lobo compromised, “Make this an even fight between me and your lovely little princess and this won’t go to the higher-ups, you followin’? Just a straight up fight, I won’t even heal my wounds, how’s that?”

Mephisto gave a slight nod as a ball of dark energy hit Blackheart, draining his powers from him.

“Fool! Even without my powers, my physical strength far surpasses-“ Was all Blackheart could get out before Lobo’s punch floored him. Lobo followed up by leaning over and ripping the demon’s jaw apart. The bounty hunter then flipped Blackheart onto his back and sat on him, pinning him to the ground while grabbing a grenade from his belt. Lobo bit off the pin and force fed it down Blackheart’s throat while holding down his arms, legs, and tail.

A massive explosion ripped the demon’s head apart, spewing black goo all over the floor of the hellish realm.

Lobo picked up his prize from the floor and looked up at the massive form of Mephisto.

“Hey buddy? Can you give me a lift? I’m kind of far from what’s left of my bike right now.”

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Space Ghost vs. Kirby

Round 1 Day 10:

“-And boy do we have a great show for you tonight folks, I’ve just been informed that John Malkovich will be making a guest appearance. Isn’t that just special?” Space Ghost said into the camera.
“And finally we’ll have a special surprise with-“ Space Ghost continued until a strange rumbling shook the studio. Space Ghost looked around in confusion as a star-shaped space ship crashed through the roof of the station.

The pink-blobbish form of Kirby leapt from the crashed vessel and coughed up some debris.

“Now just what the hell is going on here?” Space Ghost demanded, training his wrist blaster on the creature, “You realize you’re paying for that right?”

Kirby looked at Space Ghost and inflated himself up in the epitome of cuteness before releasing a booming, “HIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIII!”

“… Yeah… I’m gonna take that as an alien threat and react accordingly.” Space Ghost said as he unleashed a round of blaster rays at the pink blob who reacted quickly by dodging each.

Kirby’s face quickly became serious as he closed the distance between his enemy and himself and delivered a devastating kick to his chest, causing him to fly through the studio wall and into a nearby store room.

Kirby followed up the assault by sending a Final Cutter into the hole in the wall, but Space Ghost had teleported behind it and punted Kirby into a mass of filming equipment before turning invisible.

Recovering from the kick, Kirby attempted to get his bearings when blaster fire came from seemingly nowhere. Dodging the blaster fire as best it could, Kirby ran towards the blaster fire’s origin as flames enveloped his body turning into a ball of flame heading towards the interstellar officer. Space Ghost raised a force field in front of him which Kirby hit dead-on, becoming flat against the invisible field.

Kirby bounced off the shield and launched himself over it, landing behind Space Ghost as he opened his mouth and sucked the officer into his stomach.

“I don’t even want to know where I am right now do I?” Space Ghost asked from inside Kirby.

Space Ghost popped out of Kirby as it absorbed his power, donning his costume and gaining his wrist blasters. Kirby locked its blaster on Space Ghost and opened fire, taking the officer entirely by surprise.

Space Ghost was sent flying across the studio from the blaster fire as he landed painfully against a wall. Space Ghost came to his senses just in time to teleport away from another Final Cutter and reappearing behind Kirby, but the pink hero was ready for him this time and smacked the air behind him with an oversized hammer, smashing the officer in the face.

Space Ghost recoiled from the blow and flew high into the air above his opponent while charging his anti-matter ray. Space Ghost aimed his shot at Kirby and fired the deadly ray creating a massive explosion where it hit.

Kirby launched himself from the smoke having dodged the blast and flew at Space Ghost, placing itself directly above his opponent as it turned into a 10,000 ton stone above its opponent’s head. Space Ghost teleported away from the rock just in time to avoid being crushed and trained his anti-matter ray on his immobile opponent, not missing this time.

Space Ghost stood over the rubble that remained of his combatant and turned to his cameraman, “Please for the love of God Zorak, tell me you got that on tape.”

“Huh? What? Yeah! Ready to start filming when you are!” Zorak exclaimed waking up from his nap.

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Jack Bauer vs. Deadpool

Day 11 Round 1:

Jack Bauer was working late at the CTU office, finishing up some paperwork from the last mission when he heard a strange “poof” sound. Grabbing his gun from his holster, Jack hid behind a cubicle to investigate the noise, knowing that he was the only man working late that night.

From the far end of the office he heard someone yell, “Where the Hell am I? Stupid Weasel can’t even trust him to fix my stupid teleporter. I’ll have to remember to “fix” his leg benders next time I see him…”

Jack Bauer maneuvered his way around the office, knowing it’s layout like the back of his hand, until he managed to get behind the source of disruption. The man was, to Jack’s surprise, dressed like some sort of ninja, wielding more weapons than most Central American countries. Jack silently snuck up on the man until he was close enough to put his pistol to the back of the man’s head and **** it. The didn’t even stiffen.

“If you were hoping to catch the American Government off guard tonight, I’m afraid you’ve only succeeded in pissing me off. Now take off your weapons or lose your head.” Jack Bauer warned.

Deadpool cocked his head to the side and said, “Do you smell something burning? I think you left your easy-bake oven on. Better go save those muffins!”

Jack Bauer fired as his opponent disappeared from right in front of him, teleporting away.

Suddenly Deadpool’s katana was at his throat, as the mercenary said from behind, “Great! You burnt the muffins. Why didn’t you save the muffins? Why?”

Jack elbowed Deadpool in the crotch, ducking his sword and taking cover behind a cubicle.

Deadpool drew an Uzi from apparently nowhere and opened fire on the cubicle Bauer hid behind, missing him by centimeters. Bauer got out from his cover and took aim, hitting Deadpool right in the heart, dropping him to the floor.

Jack walked up to his fallen opponent to see if the body had any links as to who hired him when the corpse suddenly jumped to its feet. Deadpool coughed up the bullet, pulling the bullet out from under his mask and dropping it to the floor.

“Bullets taste awful. Could you load your gun with candy next time? That’d be way more appreciated.”

Without thinking, Jack raised his gun emptied the clip into his opponent, who withstood the attack without even flinching.

“So you’re going to load it with candy now right?” Deadpool asked as he drew his katana and swung at Bauer.

Bauer rolled to the side as he reloaded his gun, filling Deadpool with bullets as he made for his weapons stash.

Bauer turned the corner of another block of cubicles and ran straight into his mercenary adversary, who’d teleported in front of him.

Bauer aimed his empty gun at his opponent before shouting, “Who are you working for?”

Deadpool looked around him to make sure Bauer was talking to him before replying, “Me? I don’t work for anyone. I’m just the man who thinks in yellow boxes.” He replied with his head cocked at an impossible angle.

Deadpool took a swipe at Bauer who grabbed his arm kneed his elbow in one swift motion, breaking Deadpool’s arm as he ran past him and retrieved a shotgun from his stash.

Bauer turned around to take aim at mercenary whose face was centimeters away from his own. Jack fired his shotgun into the Merc at point blank range, who withstood the attack without phasing.

Deadpool pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Jack’s head, “Game over Muffin Man.”

Jack looked at his opponent’s belt and spied a rack of the Merc’s grenades.

Jack pulled a single pin from a grenade in Deadpool’s collection and threw it behind him, looking Deadpool in the eyes and replying, “Meet you hell.”

Deadpool narrowed his eyes and said, “Oh you’re good Muffin Man, real good,” as his grenade belt went off, blowing the CTU headquarters to rubble in a massive explosion.

Deadpool dragged the upper half of his body through the debris, his lower half completely missing.

“When I find my legs, I’m gonna kick your corpses ass!”

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Morrigan vs. The Hulk

Day 12 Round 1:

Morrigan dodged an incoming blow from the massive green form of The Hulk.

“What’s going on here? One second I make fun of some nerd’s sweater vest and the next he’s a massive green monster.”

The Hulk picked up a nearby car and tossed it Morrigan, who caught it in midair and hurled it back at him. The Hulk caught the thrown car as Morrigan followed up by slamming herself into him, causing the Hulk to fly backwards into a vendor stall.

“I can’t even take one day off in the human realm anymore without getting into a fight,” Morrigan pined as The Hulk launched himself towards her, “Well, I guess I wanted some excitement anyway.”

The Hulk swung his fist into the succubus queen as her wings surrounded her, her shield easily taking the blow. Morrigan took the offensive by transforming her wings into tendrils and wrapping them around the Hulk to painfully squeeze him. The Hulk grabbed one of Morrigan’s tendrils and pulled on it hard, causing Morrigan to fly at the Gamma Beast as he kicked into her with enough force to send her flying through several skyscrapers.

Morrigan rose from the wreckage and shot at The Hulk from above, turning her wings into a drill and slamming it into the Gamma Monster. The Hulk was sent to the ground by Morrigan’s attack, but managed to grab the drill with both hands and lift it off him with his intense strength. The Hulk reached up at Morrigan and snatched her by the hair before whirling her around slamming her into the street creating a massive crater.

Morrigan rose from the crater, obviously the worse for wear and clearly pissed off.

“You son of a ****! You ruined my hair!” Morrigan shouted as a ball of light appeared in her hand. Struggling to contain it, Morrigan charged the ball’s power with all her strength before unleashing it in the form of a massive beam that swallowed The Hulk and about a quarter of the city.

The Hulk landed with a tremendous ‘thump’ on the outskirts of the city, gasping roughly as Morrigan landed nearby.

“How could you have possibly survived that?” Morrigan asked the near unconscious beast.

The Hulk quickly got to his feet as his wounds healed over. His rage was more intense than ever as his muscles expanded. He was about to beat the succubus into mush when she appeared before him and planted a kiss on his lips.

Morrigan’s succubus kiss drained the strength of her Gamma powered opponent, absorbing it into herself for her own use as The Hulk managed to tear her away.

Morrigan countered by punching The Hulk in the jaw with all the strength of the Hulk himself and then some, causing him to fly into the air. Morrigan followed him up and assaulted him with her winged tentacles, each blow from which was as strong as the Hulk’s own punch.

The Hulk hit the ground hard after the assault and struggled to get to his feet before Morrigan.

“Now I will teh finnish u off!” Morrigan sayz.

“Dat wun’t work” sayz da Hulk.

“Y not?” Morrigan asked.

“I dun’t know.” sayz the Hulk.


Morrigan exploded.

Alternate Ending!

The Hulk’s wounds healed before Morrigan could charge herself for another assault, his rage intensifying with each second. The Hulk leapt into Morrigan, taking her by surprise. Morrigan quickly wrapped her wings around her as a shield, but the Hulk tore through them with his strength, unleashing a savage beating before Morrigan could even react.

When the Hulk finished his onslaught, Morrigan was left a pile of pulp.

Note: I’m not actually bitter about Morrigan losing, I just couldn’t resist doing something like that though.

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Raistlin vs. Brock Sampson

Day 13 Round 1:

Raistlin faced a hoard of undead skeletons amidst the graveyard, all of which wielded menacing weapons that could easily tear his form to shreds.

“You think you can overcome the might of Fistandantilus? I have the power of the Gods at my control! Dark Gods from the far corners of the Earth, I command you to send me a minion powerful enough to destroy any such foe!”

A bolt of lightning struck the ground as Raistlin finished his speech as the massive figure of Brock Sampson rose from where the lightning hit.

Brock looked around in half a second of shock before taking Raistlin by the collar and shaking him violently while shouting, “What did you do to Dr. Venture? One second I was in the jet, and now I’m here. If you hurt him, you’re going to seriously regret it buddy.”

Raistlin managed to point at the skeleton hoards that were making their approach through the violent shaking. Brock Sampson assessed the situation before turning back to the sorcerer and saying, “Do you really think your skeleton army can stop me old man? We’ll just see about that.” Sampson finished as he dropped the mage to the ground and unsheathed his knife, charging the undead swarm head-on.

Raistlin barely had time to get to his feet when Brock was back in front of him, covered in dust and rags, with bones sticking out of his hair. The entire skeleton army completely destroyed. “Pfff… You call that an army? The Monarch has better minions than that.”

“Yes, well, thank you for you help, but it is time that you must be off. I unsummon you!” A bolt of energy hit Brock and simply splashed off of him, leaving him unharmed. “That usually works,” Raistlin pined as Brock sent his fist into the mages face, causing him to topple head over heels.

The magician managed to land on his feet and quickly charged a fireball that he sent hurtling at Brock. Brock was hit by the fireball dead-on causing a massive explosion. When the dust settled, Sampson was still standing, simply covered in soot.

Brock reached Raistlin before he could begin a more powerful spell, and pummeled him into the ground hard. Brock continues the onslaught until there was almost nothing left of his opponent but jelly.

Brock stood up to see that he was surrounded by people dressed up in medieval clothing, looking horrified at his violence.

“Larpers…” Brock sneered as he unsheathed his knife again

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Sho Minamimoto vs. T-800

Day 14 Round 1:

Sho Minamimoto was busy throwing together a pile of garbage in the form of another one of his masterpieces in downtown Shibuya when an orb of light appeared behind him.

From the crater created by the orb stepped a massively built man decked out in leather and ammunitions who set his gaze on the Reaper.

“Sho Minamimoto?” The man asked mechanically.

“Yeah, who wants to know?” Sho responded.

“I have been sent by the Composer to terminate you,” The man said as he pulled out a shotgun from underneath his trench coat and opened fire on the Grim Heaper. Sho reacted by quickly teleporting away from the shot and on top of a nearby lamp post.

“What the factor do you think you’re doing? Who are you?” Sho shouted.

“I am the T-800 assassination cyborg, sent to destroy you before you can challenge the Composer,” The cyborg said as he fired another round at the Reaper.

Sho quickly teleported away from the shot and reappeared a few yards away from the droid.

“INFINITY!” Sho shouted as he sent a string of energy orbs into the T-800, causing it to fly into Sho’s recently constructed masterpiece.

“Y’know, for a machine, you’re pretty much garbage. Crunch! I’ll add you to the heap!” Sho said as he flew into the pile after the Cyborg who withstood the blow with ease due to his heavier frame. The T-800 grabbed the stunned Sho by the throat who barely managed to teleport out of his grip before the Cyborg squeezed where his throat should have been.

“Well Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! You’re a couple times better than I thought you were, but anything times zero is still zero. Prepare to be iterated!” Sho threatened as his six Reaper wings sprouted from his back and promptly shattered. Sho took on the form of a massive grey lion on two legs who towered over the Terminator.

But while Sho was busy transforming, the T-800 was firing up his minigun. The shots tore into Sho’s Leo Cantus form, which was tough enough to take the rounds, but was still heavily bruised from the impact.

“Inverse Matrix!” Sho shouted in pain as he teleported behind the cyborg and fired a string of point blank energy orbs into him. The Terminator was sent flying into a building, which after years of dutifully doing its job, promptly decided to quit, collapsing on top of the robot.

The Terminator rose from the debris, now nothing more than a metallic skeleton, it removed its fuel cell battery in order to blow himself and his opponent to dust, but Sho was already in front of him. Sho took the fuel cell bomb in his hands and crushed it before it could blow.

Sho followed up by picking the Terminator up by its skull and staring into its blood red eyes.

“Any machine can calculate an equation, but I can calculate the friggin’ soul,” Sho said as he crushed the skull between his claws.

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Natsu vs. Scorpion

Day 15 Round 1:

Scorpion appeared on the battle field in a ball of flame while Natsu jetted down from above.

“Ready? Fight!” A voice from nowhere demanded.

“What was that?” Natsu asked looking for the source of the narrator.

Scorpion took advantage of his opponent’s recklessness by sending a sliding kick into the back of Natsu’s legs, causing him to trip over as another Scorpion appeared in front of him and sent a punch into his stomach that sent him flying into the floor.

Natsu got to his feet from the surprise attack and noticed that the previous Scorpion had vanished. The remaining Scorpion sent another sliding kick into Natsu, launching him into the air and following up with an uppercut, but Natsu was ready this time and sent a mid-air kick into the face of the hellspawn.

Natsu followed up by summoning the magic known as Dragon Slayer and sending a fireball streaking at Scorpion, who managed to recover in time to counter with his own more powerful ball of flame. Scorpion’s fireball blasted his opponent’s apart, plowing through it and into Natsu. Natsu recovered from the shock in time to activate his magic and eat the Revenant’s fire and add it’s power to his own, sending a massive blue jet of flame at his opponent.

Scorpion instinctively rolled away from the attack and threw himself into the air, throwing his roped spike at his opponent and lodging it deep into his shoulder.

“GET OVER HERE!” Scorpion shouted as he pulled Natsu at him with the force of a freight train and sent a powerful knee into his stomach, which was followed by a loud “pop” as the sound barrier was broken.

Natsu wrenched the blade from his arm and freed himself from Scorpions grip, putting as much distance between his combatant and himself as possible.

“If I can’t beat you, then I’m gonna have to destroy you!” Natsu yelled weakly as blue flames appeared around his body and he entered his Dragon Slayer Mode, his body covering itself dense dragon scales and his power increasing tenfold.

Scorpion quickly vanished into thin air and reappeared behind Natsu to deliver a deadly blow to the back of his neck. Natsu smelled his opponent coming and reacted twice as quickly grabbing Scorpion’s arm and throwing him over his shoulder and into the ground. Natsu followed up by hurtling himself impossibly high into the air and coming down foot-first onto the Hellspawn’s chest.

Scorpion spasmed from the blow before grabbing Natsu’s foot and sending a sweeping kick into Natsu’s back, sending him to the ground. Scorpion got to his feet at the same time as his opponent and the two quickly punched into each other with all their might. Scorpion crumbled to the ground before his opponent from the force of the hit.

Scorpion looked up to see his opponent standing before him with a massive hole in his chest. Scorpion had used the same punch he used to bring down the Dragon King, he knew scales weren’t going to help defend against it.

Natsu fell to the ground with a thump as Scorpion stumbled to his feet, giving a solemn bow before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

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Gordon Freeman vs. Apocalypse

Round 1 Day 16:

Gordon Freeman rode into the ruined city in his dilapidated Dune Buggy armed with all his weapons, prepared for his enemy ahead. Freeman spied the massive form of Apocalypse and trained the buggy’s guns on him before opening fire, the rounds ripping through the air.

Apocalypse saw the bullets coming and simply raised a kinetic force field, stopping the bullets in mid-air.

“Predictable humans…” Apocalypse groaned as he fired a beam of psionic energy back at the Physicist.

The beam hit the buggy dead on, causing it to catapult into the air over Apocalypse. Freeman launched himself from the wreckage mid-air, a rocket launcher in one hand and a strange grenade in the other.

Freeman fired the rocket at Apocalypse, who cleanly dodged to the right, causing an explosion beneath him while Gordon quickly threw the Pheropod at the distracted Apocalypse and braced himself for impact with the ground.

Gordon hit the ground hard, his suit taking the brunt of the damage as he took cover behind a trashed car. Apocalypse coughed as the Pheropod released a spray over his body before he realized he sensed a rumbling from deep below the earth. Apocalypse looked down at the dirt patch exposed by the rocket’s explosion, which was now rumbling fiercely.

A throng of antlions poured from the surface and climbed on top of each other to swarm over Apocalypse’s massive form, biting and scratching into him.

“Enough of this!” Apocalypse shouted as he sent a wave of psionic energy outward, shattering the anlions before sending another beam into the ground, killing any potential backup.

“Do you honestly think any of your petty attacks will destroy me!?” Apocalypse shouted as his wounds quickly healed and he looked up to face Gordon.

Gordon had his Gluon Gun already charged and trained on the massive form of Apocalypse. A beam shot from the end of the cannon and into the surprised Apocalypse, who was hit by the blast and plowed through a number of nearby skyscrapers.

Freeman quickly armed his Hyper Gravity Gun and ran over to the wreckage of the buggy, knowing that explosion wouldn’t be enough to finish his opponent. Gordon used the Hyper Gravity Gun lift a Magnusson Device taped to a grenade he’d strapped to the back of the buggy. Gordon pulled the pin on the grenade and fired it into the air where Apocalypse had landed.

A massive explosion filled the air as Gordon dove behind the remains of the buggy to take cover from the explosion.

Gordon looked up from the explosion to see Apocalypse standing before him completely unharmed.

“You didn’t really think that would work did you?” Apocalypse chided.

Freeman responded by lifting the buggy behind him with the gravity gun and sending it flying into Apocalypse. Apocalypse raised an energy barrier that stopped the car mid-air before launching the car back into Freeman.

The buggy hit Gordon with the fury of a hurricane and pinned him against a wall. Apocalypse followed up the attack by kicking into the buggy, causing the scrap metal to dig into Freeman as his suit gave him dire warnings.

Gordon painfully reached for the Tau Cannon mounted on the buggy and swiveled it towards Apocalypse, firing a volley directly into the mutant’s face. Apocalypse withstood the attack unphased.

“Pathetic,” Apocalypse seethed as he shot a massive beam of psionic energy into the physicist that was powerful enough to create a new Grand Canyon.

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Jackie Chan vs. Freddy Krueger

Round 1 Day 17:

Jackie Chan found himself standing before a pure white house on Elm Street, a strange chant coming from behind it.

“That’s weird, one second I’m in bed, the next second I’m here. Must be dreaming,” Chan said as walked through the house, too tired to notice the blood-spattered walls and the gruesome faces in the portraits that followed him.

“One, two, Freddie’s coming for you…” The ghoulish voice chanted.

“Oh, someone’s coming for dinner?” Chan said sheepishly, “I would have cooked something special if I had known.”

“Three, four, better lock the door…”

“Oh right!” Chan said, whirling around and making his way back to the front door to lock it, ignoring the bleeding walls, “I’d hate for someone to take me as a rude houseguest.”

“Five, six, grab your crucifix…”

“Well, if you insist. I’d hate to offend your religious customs,” Jackie said as he grabbed a small crucifix from the wall and put it in his back pocket.

“Seven, eight, better stay up late…”

“Is it going to be that type of party? I’m really tired…” Chan said as he made his way to the back door, opening it to reveal a barren wasteland with nothing more than a girl on a swing, her back turned to Jackie. Jackie approached the girl slowly.

“Nine, ten, never sleep again!” The girl turned towards Chan to reveal that her eyes had been viciously cut out.

Chan looked at the girl sideways and yawned sheepishly, “Do you need to see a doctor or something? There’s a kitchen in that lovely house back there, I think they have some aspirin or something.”

The scene suddenly changed to the busy streets of Kowloon where row after row of bloody chefs were busy preparing their vile food with their insanely sharp cutlery. Jackie looked down the street to see the shape of a horribly burnt man wielding a clawed glove.

Freddy Krueger grew twice his normal size until he filled the streets and Chan’s view, towering before him, “Run away little man!” Freddy demanded.

Jackie looked around him sheepishly to make sure the massive figure was talking to him. When Chan was sure he was being addressed he responded with, “Run away from you? I’m worried what that would do for your self-esteem, I mean, your burn marks aren’t that bad, and I’d hate for you to take it the wrong way.”

Freddy strength was quickly drained as he shrank to his normal size. Freddy approached his victim, coming face to face with him.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Freddy spat.

“Of you? You’re like seventy, I’m worried about breathing on you too harshly. Listen I had a hard day and I’m really tired, do you want to get something to eat or-“ Jackie said before Freddy interrupted him by slashing at him with his clawed glove. Chan cleanly ducked the blow before standing back up to face Freddy.

“Alright so you’re not hungry, no need to get hostile about it,” Jackie yawned.

Freddy slashed wildly at his opponent, sensing no fear for him to draw strength from. Jackie easily dodged the villain’s blows kicking the monster away from him to put distance between them.

Jackie noticed a cut on his shirtsleeve where he hadn’t dodged well enough, and a small cut that was steadily bleeding. Realizing that it hurt in real life, Jackie instantly came to attention as the situation came into focus.

Freddy didn’t give Jackie much time to think as his arm twisted and stretched sickeningly towards him, the clawed glove slashing wildly. Jackie dodged the blows with a renewed focus before picking up a nearby chair and breaking it over the stretched arm, creating a loud crack in the process.

Freddy retracted the arm with a howl and menacingly pointed behind Chan at the endless row of chefs who were still chopping their disgusting meals. The chefs looked up in unison and began throwing their razor sharp cutlery at the martial artist. Chan dodged the cutlery madly, catching what he could and throwing it back before giving up and kicking over a table to hide behind, the crucible falling out of his pocket in the process.

Krueger jumped at the distracted Chan, but slightly hesitated for less than a second at the sight of the crucifix. Chan saw the twitch as if it was in slow motion and realized what had happened. Quickly picking up the small crucible at his side, Jackie hurled it at his opponent’s forehead, where it hit its target dead-on. Jackie quickly got to his feet and launched himself into the air, planting a powerful quick to the crucifix on Freddy’s forehead.

Jackie jumped back as Krueger let out a monstrous scream of pain, the crucifix burning into his forehead creating a jet of smoke. Jackie jumped behind a nearby stall and punched out the possessed chef inhabiting it with a quick apology. Chan then unhooked the propane tank connected to the stove and tossed it at the distracted villain’s feet. Chan managed to steal a lighter off the unconscious chef and lit it before throwing it at the propane hose.

Freddy erupted in a shower of flames as he quickly sank into a pile of ash. As the propane tank behind Jackie began to erupt, creating a massive explosion that would consume him as well, he suddenly found himself back in his bed.

“Huh, weird dream…” Jackie said as he rolled over to go back to sleep, mumbling Freddy’s chant.

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Lucy vs. Drizzt

Round 1 Day 18:

Lucy stood on the battlefield before Drizzt, her vectors ready to tear him to shreds.

“Leave Drow,” Lucy warned coldly, “You are not human and I have no qualm with you, but I will not hesitate to kill you if you don’t get out of my sight.”

“You have killed too many to be left alive,” Drizzt said as he drew his scimitars and extended them at Lucy.

Lucy took a simple step forward as her vectors came within reach of his swords tore off the tips of them. Drizzt responded by taking an instinctive step back. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to attack her head on, Drizzt secretly summoned his panther Guenhwyvar behind the Diclonius in order to take her by surprise.

The panther pounced on Lucy seconds before it fell to pieces at the hands of the vectors, its essence being transferred back into its statue for the next twenty four hours.

Lucy stared hard at Drizzt before continuing her walk towards him as the Drow cast faerie fire on her, temporarily blinding her with the bright flash that surrounded her. Just as she was coming back to her senses, Drizzt lunged at her from behind, making a final stab at her.

Lucy merely smirked and converged her vectors on him. Drizzt hit the ground in more than piece.

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Naruto vs. Akuma

Round 1 Day 19:

Naruto had been practicing his ninjitsu when he heard something coming from the trees surrounding the dojo where he’d been training.

A rustle was all it took for Naruto to leap out of the way of a fist that created a massive crater in the field.

“SHORYUKEN!” The man shouted as a spiraling uppercut took Naruto by surprise and sent him rocketing skyward.

Naruto managed to land on his feet, ready for battle. Looking across the battlefield, Naruto saw his opponent, Akuma.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Naruto shouted obnoxiously.

“I have heard that you are an opponent worthy of challenge. I have decided to seek you out and test your might for myself,” Akuma said respectfully.

Akuma barely finished his message before charging at Naruto with a flurry of deadly punches. The young ninja jumped away from the punches while a shadow clone sent its foot into the back of Akuma’s head, causing him to topple forward.

A hoard of shadow clones in the hundreds converged on Akuma, pummeling him from every angle possible.

“HADOKEN!” Akuma shouted as his palms released a massive blast that blew the hundreds of shadow clones to shreds. When the smoke cleared, Shin Akuma stood within the center of his massive crater.

Akuma shot at the real Naruto and unleashed a deadly Tornado Air Kick that slammed into Naruto five times before he hit the ground. Shin Akuma quickly followed up by launching himself into the air and firing two powerful Hadokens at the fallen Ninja.

Naruto reacted just in time to dodge the twin blasts and launched a shadow clone at Akuma that sent a flying kick into the Martial Master. Shin Akuma caught the clone mid-kick and spun it around before releasing it, sending it crashing into the Ninja along with another Hadoken.

Naruto threw the force of a Rasengan into the bombardment, resulting in a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Naruto was covered in a red chakra energy field, with one tail sprouting from it after having unleashed the Nine Tails Fox spirit.

Naruto darted into Shin Akuma, penetrating his defenses and sending a powerful stream of punches into his foes gut that fell to his knees, shell-shocked before his opponent.

“I’ll admit… You’re more powerful than I expected…” Shin Akuma admitted, “But you’re not powerful enough. It ends here,” Shin Akuma finished as his muscles began rapidly expanding and a purple glow surrounded him. Akuma called upon the power that he had stolen from Bernstein, and the power of a God.

Shin Akuma got to his feet and looked at his Ninja Opponent, who now sported 4 tails and looked as savage as possible.

Shin Akuma put his palms together, a massive ball of purple energy emerging between them which created a crater by simply existing.

Two clones appeared around the Four-Tailed Naruto. One began channeling the chakra for the Rasengan as the other began channeling wind energy into it, forming a massive ball of pure white light.

Naruto charged his opponent head on, the ball of light pulled back as Akuma struggled to finish his.



The two forces of energy clashed into each other, resulting in a massive eruption of power that leveled the nearby dojo.

When the smoke cleared, the two opponents stood before each other.

“Huh. You have fought well,” Akuma admitted as he fell to the ground, knowing that he wasn’t getting back you.

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V vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 1 Day 20:

Within his dark lair upon the earth, the tentacled Demon Shuma Gorath sensed a powerful presence heading for him. The Demon twirled around to face nothing more than shadows.

“I apologize if I’m trespassing upon this hell-stained pit, but I find it necessary in order to achieve my ends,” came the voice of a man who stepped from the shadows, revealing a robed figure fitted with a Guy Fawkes mask.

 “And who do you think you are, to invade the realm of a God?” Shuma Gorath asked.

“Some vicariously view the visage of a vicious vengeance-seeking villain, while others veer their gaze towards a virtuously vigilant victor. Verily the vexed yet vast motives of such a vivified vanguard of justice and values remain vigilant. Evil, vice and vermin are the targets of my violence and this vanquishing includes you. You may call me V.”

“You are here to fight me? I will destroy you!” The demon shouted.

“Vainly.” V whispered as he drew two of his daggers.

A ball of energy appeared in front of The Lord of Chaos and shot at V, who dodged it sideways with incredible speed while throwing his daggers at the Demon. Shuma Gorath turned to liquid to dodge the projectiles and re-solidified behind V, grasping him with his tentacles.

V quickly unsheathed another dagger and swiftly cut through the tentacles that held while putting a good amount of distance between them.

Shuma Gorath roared angrily as his removed tentacles quickly sprouted from their stumps, completely healing over.

“This is… unfortunate,” V noted to himself.

The Chaos Demon launched several eyeballs at the revolutionary that blew up as they landed at his feet, resulting in an explosion that blasted V off his feet.

Shuma Gorath launched himself into the air above V and formed his tentacles into a drill, hurling them into V, who rolled away just in time, while slicing all the Demon’s tentacles off with one swipe of his dagger.

Shuma Gorath hit the ground with a thump as a ball of limbless purple goo. V charged the Demon as a blast emitted from his eye into V.

An ungodly scream emerged from the Demon as V planted his dagger dead center in the creature’s eye. V dropped the metal plate he stashed beneath his vest which now had a massive hole blown through the center of it.

Shuma Gorath’s tentacles grew back as he yanked the dagger from his eye, resulting in a violent squirt of demonic blood before he was able to heal it.

V breathed hard as the Demon pulled himself up before him.

“Are you prepared to die mortal?” Shuma Gorath spat.

“I am not mortal, for behind this mask is an idea. And ideas can never die, no matter how many time they are killed,” V said, pulling himself up to his full height.

“We’ll see about that,” The Lord of Chaos stated as ball of energy appeared before him, launching itself into the unprotected V, who calmly closed his beneath his mask.

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Dizzy vs. Squall Leonhart

Round 1 Day 21:

Squall stood over the cliff that led into the endless pit, looking down into a seemingly endless blackness.

Squall turned on his heel and pointed his Gunblade at a sound behind him, aiming it at Dizzy, who had managed to sneak up on him.

“Huh,” Squall grunted, “I didn’t hear the battle music, you couldn’t be any random encounter, you must be a powerful monster.” Squall said to himself.

“Who’re you calling a monster?” Dizzy said indignantly.

Squall responded by simply firing a shot from his Gunblade into the Gear, who was taken by surprise and hit by the blast in the head, tumbling to the ground.

“Well that was weird…” Squall said to himself as he looked over his fallen opponent.

“Big mistake,” Dizzy snickered, with the demon Necro now in control of her body.

Squall fired another shot at Dizzy whose wings covered her in protection. Dizzy shot forward and slammed into Squall, who was launched back towards cliff’s edge. Squall struck his blade into the ground to stop himself and launched a ball of Fira at Dizzy, who strafed left to avoid it.

Squall followed up by casting a summoning spell, summoning the God of Ice, Shiva.

Shiva towered over the form of Dizzy, an icy aura of power surrounding her as a ball of ice formed in her hands.

Shiva threw the ball at Dizzy which quickly took the form of a massive beam of ice that froze everything in its path. Dizzy covered herself in her wings just in time to avoid the force of the blast, but was still pushed back by the collision as Shiva vanished.

Squall launched himself into the air and brought his sword down on the undefended Dizzy. Dizzy’s wing transformed into a powerful arm that struck into Squall’s gut, sending him quickly to the ground while Dizzy followed up by morphing her wing into a claw that latched onto Squall and crushed him into the ground.

Dizzy finished the combo by launching a deadly Gamma Ray at the downed Squall, who reflexively cast a Reflect Spell around himself, sending the beam hurtling back into the Gear, who was blown away by the force of the blast.

Squall painfully got to his feet before searching the area for any sign of his opponent.

Dizzy came down on him from above, pile driving him into the ground with her wings as her wings transformed into a wicked claw and swatted him across the field.

Squall skipped painfully against the ground before rolling to his feet and firing a shot from his Gunblade at the Gear.

Dizzy’s wing quickly backhanded the shot aside with her wing before pounding into Squall with her other. Squall was pushed back against the cliff edge as Dizzy appeared before him, firing a Gamma Ray into him point blank.

Squall was pushed over the cliff edge from the powerful blast and into the oblivion.

10 EXP and 1 Gil gained!

Dizzy found Potion!

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Alucard vs. Sylar

Round 1 Day 22:

Alucard stood high atop the roof of Dracula’s castle, overlooking the barren surrounding countryside.

“Vampirism huh?” came a flat question from behind him. Alucard turned around to face Sylar with blood splattered across his chest. Sylar followed Alucard’s eyes and reassured him, “Don’t worry about the blood, it’s not mine. Your ability, it seems to give you a wide array of other abilities, that’s very interesting, I can’t wait to see how it works,” Sylar said with a smile.

“If you think you can take my powers your welcome to try,” Alucard said calmly as he drew his sword.

Alucard shot at Sylar with the speed of a bullet, but Sylar was faster, moving his fingers and telekinetically flinging Alucard to the ground and away from his blade. Alucard rolled across the ground before landing on his knees and hurtling a fireball at his foe.

The fireball hit Sylar across the chest, melting his skin off as he winced in pain. The wound quickly healed over as Sylar redirected his gaze back at Alucard.

“My turn,” Sylar said as a bolt of lightning flew from his hands into the son of Dracula. Alucard turned to mist before the bolt hit him, causing it to crack through the air harmlessly as Alucard quickly reformed.

“Sublimation,” Sylar stated coldly, “A very interesting power, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

Sylar gripped Alucard by the throat with his telekinesis and lifted him into the air as he positioned his finger to saw his head off.

“This is usually the part where you start screaming,” Sylar taunted with a smile.

Alucard suddenly burst into a swarm of bats as Sylar lost his telekinetic grip. The bats swarmed around Sylar from all directions, biting into the watchmaker and draining him of his life-energy.

“ENOUGH!” Sylar shouted as he manipulated the sound energy in the air, causing it to ripple violently and shatter the bats near him.

What was left of the bats converged together and reformed back into the shape of Alucard, his sword re-drawn.

Several bolts of lightning flew from Sylar’s hands as he angrily threw volley after volley at the Half-Vampire. Alucard used his opponent’s emotion to easily dodge the bolts, getting closer to his opponent with each bolt until he was in strike range before unleashing a deadly slash across his chest.

Sylar recoiled in pain as he made a hand gesture at Alucard, causing him to fly sideways away from the watchmaker.

The slash healed within seconds as Sylar walked over towards Alucard, far more pissed off than before. Alucard quickly reached within his coat and pulled out his Time-Stopping Stopwatch, which Sylar promptly telekinetically wretched from his grip and threw across to the other side of the rooftop.

Sylar was in the middle of making his head-splitting gesture when Alucard summoned The Sword Familiar behind him, which launched itself into the base of Sylar’s neck, causing Sylar to slump to the ground as the sword disappeared.

Alucard quickly threw himself at the Stopwatch, reaching it just as Sylar got to his feet.

Alucard activated the watch as Sylar prepared to decapitate him with a telekinetic blade, causing time around him to freeze. Alucard walked through the frozen world, picking up his sword and calmly planting it through Sylar’s head as time unfroze.

Sylar lurched and spasmed as his body recognized the wound, unable to heal himself from it, he fell to the ground, faintly muttering, “Funny, the former watchmaker… killed by a stopwatch,” he said smiling manically.

Alucard charged a powerful fireball and blew the watchmaker’s head off for good measure.

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Samus Aran vs. Optimus Prime

Round 1 Day 23:

Samus Aran had received a call from the Galactic Federation to investigate strange activity on the planet Cybertron, a planet not well known by the Federation.

Landing her ship in an open field, Samus entered her Power Suit and disembarked onto the wide plain. As she hit the ground her sensors began giving her dire warnings of an extremely powerful being coming from her 3 o’ clock.

Samus turned to her right as her scanner analyzed a massive semi-truck driving straight towards her. Not hesitating, Samus quickly fired a missile at the truck which swerved in the distance to avoid it. The truck now drove at Samus even faster than before with clear intentions of smashing into her.

Waiting ‘til the last second, Samus jumped high into the air as the truck drove harmlessly underneath her while she unleashed a volley of Plasma Beams into the truck, causing it to swerve before flipping over onto it’s side.

Samus walked forward to examine the wreckage when a massive leg flew from the truck and kicked into her, sending her flying through the air.

The semi-truck continued transforming until it reached its full height, revealing the imposing form of Optimus Prime.

Samus landed on her feet and quickly sent a missle into the Autobot before charging her Power Beam. Prime dodge the missile and aimed his shoulder-mounted Laser Cannons at Aran, firing both at the bounty hunter.

Samus finished her charge and fired the beam at Optimus, the two beams colliding in mid-air and resulting in a massive explosion. Optimus Prime drove through the smoke at breakneck speeds in his Semi-Truck form, charging into the bounty hunter. Samus barely jumped into the air as the truck sped underneath her.

Samus hit the truck with her grappling gun and pulled herself to it, landing inside the truck’s cabin. Samus made for the steering wheel, trying to gain control of the Autobot as Optimus Prime changed back into his normal form.

The gears in Optimus’ chest grinded for a second before smoothly locking into place, the Bounty Hunter obviously crushed beneath them.

“I’m not looking forward to cleaning that out…” Optimus Prime grunted as a strange whirring emanated from chest cavity.

A massive explosion erupted from Prime’s chest, blasting a massive hole in it as a small orange ball was propelled from the detonation. The ball unrolled into the form of Samus Aran.

Optimus reeled back from the damage done to him, before recovering his senses and arming his hand cannons as well as his shoulder cannons, sending a barrage of lasers at the bounty hunter.

Samus dodged the main brunt of the attack, but her suit was scraped with laser fire. Aran quickly scanned her opponent for weaknesses, but Optimus sent another round of lasers at her before she could finish, forcing her roll away from his onslaught.

Aran charged her Wave Beam and fired the resulting Wavebuster at the Autobot, the writhing electrical energy crippling his computer systems and electrical components, causing him to spasm as Samus finished scanning her opponent, sensing weak points in the massive Autobot’s joints, but they were still nigh-impenetrable.

While Samus was catching up on her reading, Optimus recovered from the blow, and launched himself into the air, coming down on the bounty hunter with his massive Energon Axe, the force of the blow sending Samus to the ground as her suit gave her vital warnings. Samus rolled away from the next swipe and fired a Diffusion Missile into Optimus Prime’s feet, freezing them to ground. Aran then swiftly charged her Ice Beam and fired the Ice Spreader straight into the trapped Prime, freezing the Autobot in a solid block of ice.

Samus decided to simply hit Prime with her most powerful attack and hope it worked, activating both her Light and Dark beams at the same time, creating the Annihilator Beam. Samus charged the beam as cracks began forming in the ice trapping Prime.

Samus unleashed the powerful Sonic Boom, which hit Optimus as he was about to free himself from his icy prison, the explosion resulting in a shower of frozen scrap metal that littered the field.

The Bounty Hunter reported into her ship that more weaponry would likely be necessary as she continued to explore the planet.

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Carnage vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Round 1 Day 24:

Carnage’s dimensional transporter, which he used to flee from New York City, teleported him to a massive city on the Grand Line before sparking violently and losing power.

“Curse that Spiderman! When I get back there, I’m going to tear off his limbs and eat him alive!” Carnage spat angrily.

“Ew, you look like something that’d come out of my nose,” came an obnoxious voice from behind him.

“I what!?” Carnage shouted as he turned around to face Monkey D. Luffy, “I’ll kill you for that!”

“What? I was just being honest,” Luffy defended as he backed away innocently from Carnage, waving his hands assuredly.

A mass of symbiote shot from Carnage at Luffy. Luffy’s face instantly turned serious as he dodged the symbiote and sent a Gum Gum Pistol into Carnage’s face, sending him reeling back into a nearby building, creating a dent in its wall.

“That was unexpected,” Carnage commented as his forearms turned into massive axes.

The two Symbiote Axes shot at Luffy, slicing wildly. Luffy ducked the blades and caught hold of Carnage’s arm, while sending his foot flying into the Symbiote, causing him to fly through the building he dented.

Luffy felt himself get a little weaker than usual after his attack, wavering a little.

“That’s the effect of my energy drain, you can’t touch me without losing power!” Carnage taunted.

A spear formed out of Carnage’s chest and fired itself at Luffy, who dodged sideways and sent another Gum Gum Pistol into Carnage’s face. The attack hit as Carnage recoiled in pain, but Luffy wasn’t able to pull his fist back.

Luffy’s stretched fist was slowly sinking into Carnage’s Symbiote as his energy began rapidly draining while Carnage laughed manically.

Luffy threw his other arm which grabbed onto the wall behind Carnage as he lifted his legs and launched himself at Carnage, using his momentum to send a powerful kick into him that released his hand.

Carnage angrily shot to his feet and sent a mass of tentacles flying at Luffy, Luffy countered with a Gum Gum Gatling, sending a flurry of fists at the tentacles, matching them blow for blow.

The tentacles quickly melted and covered Luffy’s fist, draining more of Luffy’s energy as Carnage fired an axe from his chest into the pirate. Luffy barely dodged sideways, getting a vicious cut on his side in the process before pulling his fists from the symbiote liquid, and dropping to his knees from a lack of energy.

Carnage laughed at his fallen opponent while transforming his arm into a wicked blade, “You’re too weak to defeat me. This fight was over before it started,”

“No,” Luffy said as he got to his feet, “I can’t lose to you. I need to be the best!”

“Words little man, simply words sputtered from a dead man,” Carnage taunted as he raised his blade and brought it down on Luffy.

Luffy shot a pistol at the Symbiote Blade, the force of his blow shattering the Symbiote substance as Carnage screamed in pain. Luffy then inhaled a massive amount of air and twisted his body, releasing the pressured air to launch himself high into the air over Carnage.

“GUM GUM STORM!” Luffy shouted as his arms simply moved fast enough to turn invisible, launching his fists into Carnage and removing them too fast for the drain to take effect. The flurry of fists pushed Carnage into the sewer below and deep into the bedrock beneath that, going further and further into a massive crater. By the time Luffy finished his barrage, there wasn’t enough left to bury.

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Neo vs. HK-47

Round 1 Day 25:

Neo landed within a massive city inside the Matrix, feeling the world shape around him to his will. The One wasn’t even surprised to see two standard Agents before him, guns drawn.

“Give yourself up Mr. Anderson,” one of the agents demanded. Neo simply smirked before lunging at the Agents, easily dispatching both of them with two basic punches that launched them into a wall.

Neo sensed something odd within the Matrix coming towards him very quickly; it was almost as if whatever it was didn’t even exist, like a vacuum within the system.

Neo ducked side-ways as a beam hit a wall behind him and caused a large chunk of the building to collapse into flames.

“Statement of Disappointment: It is a shame that you did not allow yourself to be killed by the Agents or that round, it would have been much simpler that way,” A large red droid stepped from a nearby alley, revealing the form of HK-47, “Recommendation: You should probably stay very still, this will all be over quickly,”

HK-47 aimed its blaster rifle at Neo and fired another round, which Neo dodged with ease. Neo tried to dismantle the robot with his mind, but found that he couldn’t, hitting the same void as the round it fired.

“You don’t really exist… How is this possible?” Neo asked.

“Clarification: But I do exist, I am merely a private contractor, working for what you meatbags would call “The Source”, I am not constructed by those primitive machines, but they have offered me a lot of power in order to rid them of you.”

Neo took a step towards HK-47 but was blasted into the air by a mine hidden beneath the street, which launched him into the air; Neo recovered by hovering in the space above the droid.

“Self-Congratulation: I planted that mine myself; I figured my lack of connection to The Source would make you blind to my attacks,” HK-47 chimed proudly.

Neo flew at HK-47 who released another blast at The One. Neo dodged the fire and flew into the Assassination Droid, slamming him into a wall.

“Veiled Threat: You are far more powerful than previous foes I have faced, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough,” HK-47 buzzed as he activated one of his ice grenades at a point-blank distance from his foe, freezing Neo solid.

Neo easily broke from the ice and stared into HK-47’s red eyes.

“Correction: I have just realized that I must be in the wrong place, I am not here to kill Neo, I’m here to kill Eno.  I must have had the card upside down or something. I’ll just be going now,” HK-47 bluffed.

Neo pulled back his fist and granted himself immense strength, punching through the droid’s head in a shower of sparks.

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Lobo vs. Omega Rugal

Round 2 Day 26:

Rugal Bernstein was in the process of eating an extremely costly meal that he didn’t particularly care for within the confines of his castle when a loud roaring filled his ears.

“What is that annoying noise?” Rugal asked to the air.

The response was a mass of rock that came down on the table from the ceiling, crushing it and several other very valuable artifacts to rubble. Lobo rode into the dining room from above aboard his motorcycle before leaping on top of the pile of rubble he created.

“You a guy named Rugal Bernstein?” Lobo asked while shoving his pointer finger in Rugal’s face.

“It’s unfortunate for you that I am,” Rugal replied coldly.

“Heh, I’m here to cash in on the bounty on your head, or what’ll be left of it if you decide to do this the hard way. The bounty’s the same dead or alive,” Lobo threatened as he unsheathed his ridiculously large machine gun.

Rugal removed the napkin from his collar and wiped his mouth with it before tossing it aside and sighing, “I’m ready to start when you’re ready to die.”

Lobo aimed the gun at Rugal and pulled the trigger when Rugal suddenly vanished, the bullets harmlessly hitting a column that was behind him.

“Genocide Cutter!” Rugal yelled from Lobo’s right as his leg sliced easily through the machine gun, causing the barrel to crash to the ground.

“You’re fast little man,” Lobo observed as he dropped the other half of his gun and pulled out a wicked machete from his belt, “But I bet I’m faster.”

Lobo took a massive swipe at Bernstein, but Rugal merely took a step to the left and kicked the machete out of Lobo’s hands, causing it to stick into the ground several yards away.

“No,” Rugal said simply, “You’re not.”

Lobo dove for the machete, but Rugal sent a Reppuken rolling across the ground and into the machete, causing it to shatter just as Lobo reached it.

Lobo rose from the spot where his weapon was to find Bernstein standing calmly before his towering form.

“Alright,” Lobo said, pumping himself up for a fist-fight, “We’ll do this your way, mono a mono. It’s not like you can even hurt me.”

Rugal responded by flying into Lobo in the blink of an eye and kneeing him in the stomach with enough force to topple a building.

“Yes,” Rugal said as if talking to a child, “I can.”

Lobo vomited blood, but recovered from the strike in time to backhand Bernstein across the face and send him flying into a wall.

“Genocide Cutter!” Bernstein yelled as he suddenly appeared behind Lobo, slicing him in half across the chest, the two pieces of Lobo toppling to the floor with a sickening thump. Rugal turned his back to the mess and began walking away from his defeated opponent when Lobo shouted from behind, “Hey! Get back here ya’ coward! I ain’t down with ya!”

Rugal turned around to see Lobo’s top half pull itself onto its bottom half, the two halves quickly healing together.

“Most interesting,” Bernstein said to himself.

“I told you.” Lobo said as he got to his feet, “You can’t hurt me.”

Rugal suddenly appeared before Lobo and with one arm lifted Lobo high into the air, Rugal’s hand burning with dark energy as he launched Lobo and himself into a nearby wall, smashing into it at breakneck speeds. A column of metallic-white death ki blasted forth from the heavens into the two combatants as Lobo was disintegrated by the Godly blast.

“I told you,” Rugal said, addressing the spot where Lobo used to stand, “Yes, I can.”

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Alucard vs. Naruto

Round 2 Day 27:

Alucard strode through a field near Dracula’s Castle, admiring the view when he heard a rustle from a group of nearby trees.

Alucard moved to the side as half a dozen kunai flew past him, hitting the ground where he was standing only moments ago. Alucard swiftly moved to the other side as a swarm of shurikens flew harmlessly past him from the other side.

Alucard calmly drew his sword and shouted, “You’d might as well come out now, God knows that you’ve thrown enough projectiles for me to identify their source,” Alucard said as he stared into the forest where he knew the ninja’s weapons were coming from.

A rustling came from behind Alucard as Naruto dropped to the ground, stepping out onto the trail in front of the son of the Dracula. Alucard, turned to face the ninja.

“I’ll admit, your speed is impressive, even by my standards to be able to throw those weapons and then move to the other side of the forest without me seeing you,” Alucard admitted as he readied his sword against his foe.

“That’s because I didn’t throw ‘em,” The ninja said with a smile as a Shadow Clone dropped on top of Alucard from above with a devastating kick.

The kick forced Alucard to the ground, who recovered by rolling across the trail and sending several fireballs into the clone, causing it to vanish in a puff of smoke. Alucard looked back at the real Naruto to see another clone standing next to him, charging a whirring blue ball in his hand. The clone suddenly disappeared as Naruto lunged for Alucard, energy ball in hand.

“Rasengan!” Naruto shouted as he flew at the vampire. A medusa’s head was summoned before Alucard and sent flying into the ninja, hitting him square in the stomach and sending him skipping across the floor as his attack made a massive crater where it hit.

Alucard planted a boot on Naruto’s grounded back and planted his sword against the back of his neck.

“I’d like to no how you intend to pay for the damage done to my beautiful field,” Alucard snapped at his opponent.

A swarm of shadow clones appeared around the two and converged on top of Alucard, violently kicking and punching into him. Alucard summoned his flame shield as a sea of flames erupted around the clones, causing them to vanish on contact with the flames.

Alucard launched himself from the smoke and charged at the ninja, sending a powerful swipe of his sword into him. Naruto caught the blade in his hand, a red chakra aura surrounding his body and four tails sprouting from his back. The four-tailed demon fox calmly snapped the blade in two.

Naruto sent a powerful kick into Alucard’s gut, sending him flying into a nearby tree, which crumpled to the ground. Two shadow clones appeared on either side of Naruto, one filling his hand with chakra energy and the other charging it with wind energy. The two clones disappeared as Naruto ran at Alucard.

“RASEN SHURIKEN!” Naruto shouted as he hurled the might of his most powerful attack at Alucard.

Alucard quickly reached inside his coat and pulled out a stopwatch before clicking it, bringing the world around him to a standstill. The Vampire calmly got to his feet and adjusted Naruto’s body, so he was now throwing his attack into himself.

Alucard put a good amount of distance between his opponent and himself as time started up again, a massive explosion going off where his opponent once stood.

The son of Dracula stepped up to the crater to see his opponent no longer in his Fox Demon form and badly wounded. Naruto weakly reached for a kunai and threw it at Alucard who simply turned to mist as the blade passed harmlessly through him.

“Stupid,” Alucard said as he pulled out another sword and brought it down on the ninja.

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Brock Sampson vs. The Hulk

Round 2 Day 28:

The Hulk rampaged through the abandoned streets of downtown New York, wreaking havoc wherever he went when the Hulk’s super hearing alerted him to a car speedily approaching him.

The Hulk turned around to face his foe when an orange 1969 Dodge Charger rammed into his face at 120 mph, its driver, Brock Sampson, being thrown from the windshield and onto the pavement.

The Hulk was sent tumbling backwards from the force of the blow, crashing into a building before falling clumsily to the ground.

Brock Sampson unsheathed his knife and pounced on his Gamma Radiated foe, slashing into him, his near superhuman strength being surprisingly effective against his opponent. The Hulk roared out in anger as he grabbed Brock by his shirt and lifted him into the air as his wounds healed over and his body was re-fortified, becoming stronger than before.

The Hulk braced his arm back and hurled Sampson into a nearby skyscraper, the force of Sampson’s collisions causing the skyscraper to collapse on top of him.

The Hulk looked over the wreckage as a massive concrete flock was pushed over next to him. Brock Sampson rose from the ground, covered in soot but seemingly unharmed.

Brock launched himself at the Hulk’s leg, which was the size of his body and lifted it with all his strength, causing the massive beast to fall over. Sampson then ran towards a massive piece of the building that was left standing and pressed his shoulder against it, causing it to topple over on top of the downed Hulk.

The concrete exploded in a shower of rock as The Hulk tore through Sampson’s trap and roared at Brock with a savage ferociousness.

Brock Sampson opened his mouth and matched the Hulk’s roar, his eyes containing a wild look in them.

The two foes ran towards each other, Brock swinging his fist into the Hulk as the Gamma Beast simply swatted the Swedish Murder Machine aside, sending Brock flying into the air and landing next to his totaled vehicle.

Brock jumped to his feet and dove for his the remains of his car, pulling a modified RPG from the back seat and setting its crosshairs on his opponent before pulling the trigger, sending the deadly warhead into the Hulk and creating a massive explosion that shook the city.

Brock Sampson stood on the edge of the explosion and pulled out a celebratory cigarette, lighting it with his Zippo when he felt the ground shaking under his feet.

The Hulk lunged from the fallout of the explosion and tore into Brock picking him up with one massive hand and pinning him into a wall. Brock pulled a stick of dynamite from his pocket and lit it with his cigarette before stuffing it into the Hulk’s mouth. The explosion sent The Hulk flying backwards while the force of it sent Brock through the wall he was pinned against.

Brock Sampson and the Hulk rose from the wreckage at the same time, with Brock obviously the worse for wear. The two charged at each other, fists pulled back as Brock’s punch went into the Hulk’s gut with enough power to make even the Hulk flinch. The Hulk’s punch on the other hand landed straight to the Swedish Murder Machine’s jaw, causing his head to rocket from his body.

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Samus Aran vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 2 Day 29:

Samus Aran explored the bleak planet that she had set out to explore, her scanners telling her that the entire planet was overflowing with powerful magic energy.
Samus’ scanners suddenly went wild as she strafed away from a shot of magical energy that was sent streaming towards her. The ball creating a massive explosion as it hit the ground behind her. Samus hit the ground with a thump as she looked to the sky to see a tentacled demon completely filling her vision on the horizon as far as she could see.

Shuma-Gorath shrunk until it was close to her size, holding itself up on its tentacles, it screeched in an ancient language before saying, “You have a lot of nerve entering my realm Chozo Warrior. I promise you will not leave alive,”

Samus quickly raised her cannon and fired a Plasma Shot at Shuma, just as he turned his body into a viscous liquid and moved behind her before reforming. The Demon fired another ball of energy into the bounty hunter from a point blank range, creating a massive explosion that forced her into the air.

One of Shuma’s tentacles flew into the air and shape-shifted into a massive hammer that swatted Samus to the ground with enough force to create a crater where she landed.

Samus slowly got to her feet and fired another Plasma Shot at the Demon. Shuma simply re-liquefied, but Samus was ready for him, changing her cannon to it’s Ice Beam, she fired a charged shot at Shuma’s puddle, freezing it solid before launching a missile at it, which caused it to blow and shatter into thousands of pieces.

The pieces of shattered Shuma thawed out and reformed back into the Demon’s normal shape. The blast didn’t kill Shuma, but it had hurt like hell, and Shuma was pissed.

The Demon grew twice its own size and used its tentacles to summon a massive ball of magical energy before it. Shuma released the ball, which took the form of a enormous beam that fired itself at the bounty hunter.

A ring formed around Samus’ cannon which glowed with a blazing blue light before releasing the Zero Laser.

The two beams collided in mid-air, with Samus’ Zero Laser winning out and hitting Shuma-Gorath with its full force, nearly disintegrating every part of his body.

Samus’ suit broke apart, revealing her blue Zero Suit as she took her emergency pistol from its holster and aimed it where Shuma used to be. A small purple mass that managed to survive the blast began growing and spreading until it finally reformed back into Shuma.

Samus fired a charged Paralyzer shot at the demon, but Shuma simply swatted the bolt away with his tentacle. Another tentacle took the form of an axe that slashed into Samus who had barely enough time to dodge the attack, taking a small cut to the side.

Samus realized she didn’t have the defense to fight against her foe and pulled her communicator out of her suit and hit a number of anonymous buttons. The sound of a jet engine filled the battlefield as Samus’ ship appeared on the horizon, its weapons trained on Shuma.

The Chozo Ship opened fire on Shuma, pounding the Chaos Demon with artillery of every type for half a minute before jetting back into orbit. When the ship left, Saumus found herself standing on the edge of a smoking field.

A massive tentacle shot from the smoke and swatted into Samus, sending her flying the ground. A badly damaged Shuma-Gorath emerged from the smoke, bleeding purple ooze from its open wounds.

Two of its tentacles formed into deadly blades and flew into the defenseless hunter.

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Dizzy vs. Apocalypse

Round 2 Day 30:

The May Ship was bombarded with a series of blasts that blew holes in its hull and caused it to slowly drop from the sky.

Dizzy responded by rushing to the deck of the ship in order to locate the attacker. Looking over the side of the airship, she saw the menacing face of Apocalypse, rushing up to meet the ship head on.

Dizzy’s Angel Wing summoned a massive icicle above the ship and threw it into the oncoming Apocalypse.

Apocalypse charged an energy blast and hit the icicle with it just as it touched him, resulting in an explosion that rocked the injured ship. Apocalypse appeared on the deck of the ship and glared fiercely at Dizzy before firing another energy blast from the palm of his hand.

The blast hit Dizzy full force, knocking her backwards into the ship, creating a twisted wreckage of metal where she hit. Dizzy got to her feet as a small oval appeared from her wings that transformed into a twisted mouth which fired a powerful laser into the mutant.

Apocalypse quickly raised an energy field against the laser to hold it off as Dizzy appeared above him, delivering a powerful kick to the base of his neck that sent him into the wooden flooring of the deck.

Dizzy flew at him with another kick, but Apocalypse simply caught her leg in mid-air and threw her against the rails of the ship that was now quickly losing altitude.

Dizzy summoned a string of explosion that traveled across the ground before crashing into the mutant, causing him to stumble back before catching himself as two more ovals appeared from Dizzy’s wings and fired into the mutant, taking him by surprise and blasting him from the deck of the ship with a red explosion.

When the smoke cleared, the mutant was nowhere in sight. Dizzy looked over the rails where Apocalypse fell off when a massive fist enclosed itself around Dizzy’s entire upper body and pulled her from the airship.

Apocalypse hovered high in the air with Dizzy locked in his grasp as he painfully attempted to squeeze the life out of her, pinning her wings to her back.

A massive worm-like monster with razor sharp teeth appeared in place of Dizzy’s tail and crashed itself into Apocalypse’ abdomen, causing him to reel in pain and release his grip on the Gear. The monster quickly latched its sharp teeth into Apocalypse’ shoulder causing the mutant to scream in pain as Dizzy used her tail fling herself in the air above Apocalypse.

Dizzy’s Angel and Death wings sprouted clearly from her back as they glowed with a brilliant white light, two powerful lasers flying from both of them as they enveloped the distracted Apocalypse, hitting him with full force and ramming him into the ground only to keep going.

Dizzy fell to the ground, landing the fall painfully, but not worse for wear. Apocalypse’ smoking arm appeared on the edge of the crater as the mutant pulled himself from the site of the blast, breathing heavily.

Dizzy quickly got to her feet, charging another blast in her wings, but Apocalypse surrounded her in tight force field that wrapped itself around her, cutting off her air supply and paralyzing her wings.

Apocalypse’ still burning form stood before Dizzy as he coldly crushed the field into a ball before blasting it with a powerful beam of energy, ending the Gear’s existence.

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Hulk Hogan vs. The Flash

Round 2 Day 31:

Hulk Hogan lifted the defeated Rey Mysterio high above his head tossed him from the ring out into the crowd.

“Is there no one here that can face me?” Hulk shouted as he looked at the other wrestlers at the event, all of whom shied away.

Suddenly a burst of wind followed by a red streak filled the stadium as The Flash ran into the ring opposite Hulk Hogan.

“I’m willing to give it a shot,” The Flash said with a smirk.

“You’re going to regret this Spandex,” Hogan warned as he charged The Speedster, who dodged the blow with ease, quickly running to the other side of the ring.

“Try to keep up puddin’,” The Flash taunted while leaning against the rope with his arms crossed.

Hogan let out a savage scream as he charged The Flash again, who began running past Hulk. But Hogan was ready this time, and quickly raised both of his arms as The Flash ran past, brutally clothes-lining him and sending him painfully to the ground.

Hogan quickly took advantage of the situation and savagely kneed The Flash in the gut with enough form to send him reeling as Hogan lifted him off his feet and threw him onto his knee.

Hulk didn’t to give The Flash enough time to come to his senses and followed up by climbing on top of the corner of the ring and slamming down on the Flash, causing him to spasm briefly.

The Flash recovered and planted his feet into Hogan’s chest, using his speed to send hundreds of kicks into the wrestler in the span of a second, sending Hogan flying against the ropes.

The Flash got to his feet and leaned against the ropes opposite Hogan, cradling his chest and feeling his sore ribs. Hulk tried to think of another way to get The Flash off his feet, but he was too late, The Flash rushed at him with a punch traveling 200 m.p.h. in the abdomen, causing Hogan to crash helplessly into the ropes and back into another of The Flash’s punches, this one hitting him square in the jaw.

Hogan sprawled across the ground as The Flash planted a foot on his back.

“Say ‘Uncle’,” The Flash taunted, as Hogan quickly reached out and grabbed the Flash’s leg and pulled it out from under him, taking him by surprise as he fell over.

Hogan quickly crawled towards The Flash and dropped his elbow into the Speedster’s face, causing a squirt of blood to emerge from his chin.

“That’s it, we’re done here,” The Flash said angrily and he pulled himself to his feet.

The Flash lifted Hogan into the air and spun him around as fast at the speed of light, the wind speeds tearing into the wrestler as The Flash suddenly let go of his grip, sending Hulk flying through the roof of the arena and into the night sky.

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Scorpion vs. Sho Minamimoto

 Round 2 Day 32:

Scorpion appeared within a vast junkyard, where towers of stereos blared rock music in all directions.

Scorpion stood at the base of a massive pile of garbage that soared hundreds of feet high with a lone figure standing at the top of the mountain of junk.

“Well please excuse my dear Aunt Sally!” Sho shouted through his megaphone from the top of the monument, “What took you so long you stupid hectopascal? I could have spent my time in a decillion better ways,”

A small blade attached to a string shot from Scorpion’s sleeve at Sho, The Reaper smoothly catching the blade in mid-air. Sho pulled the string with all his strength launching Scorpion from the ground and into Sho’s raised foot.

Scorpion disappeared in puff of smoke and reappeared behind Sho, using the momentum to deliver a powerful kick to the back of his head that threw him from his mountain-top into the junkyard below.

Scorpion teleported into the junk basin and scouted the area Sho landed, searching for signs of life when a blast of energy was sent into his back, sending him flying headfirst into a pile of cars that tipped over on top of him.

“Listen Ninja-Punk, you’re out of vector,” Sho taunted as a ball of energy appeared in his hand, “Class is dismissed,” Sho finished as he launched the energy ball into the pile of cars, causing a massive eruption as their gas tanks exploded.

The fires from explosion quickly twisted into a single stream that combined together and flew into Sho, blasting him off his feet and painfully into a wall. Scorpion rose from the wreckage, having suffered nothing more than a few scratches while Sho was covered in burns.

Sho’s six Reaper Wings sprouted from his back before shattering from his own power as his body took on his Leo Cantus form.

“Stupid zero, any lighter can burn garabage, I can torch the frickin’ world,” Sho taunted as he teleported behind Scorpion and sent a powerful kick into his back.

Scorpion teleported in a cloud of smoke, appearing above Sho and once again using his momentum to deliver a powerful strike into the Reaper. But Sho was ready for him, grabbing his arm and twisting Scorpion into the ground before planting his massive foot on top of the Hellspawn, cracking the concrete beneath him.

Scorpion surrounded himself with a powerful flame that burned into Sho’s foot, forcing the Leo Cantus to remove his foot from the heat, but not before punting Scorpion into another pile of garbage.

Scorpion flew from the wreckage, his summoned Ninja Sword in hand as he slashed at Sho who teleported away and released a hail of energy missiles that flew at Scorpion. Scorpion quickly teleported away from the attack and countered by swinging into Sho, who blocked the blade with his powerful forearm.

Scorpion teleported away before Sho had a chance to counter, once again using his built up momentum to send a powerful slash across the Reapers back.

Sho cried out in pain before grabbing the Hell-ninja and hurling him into the ground with enough force for him to bounce upwards, allowing Sho to send a powerful punch into Scorpion’s side that caused him to skid across the concrete ground.

“Brain-dead binomial!” Sho shouted as he felt the gash across his back, “Die radian! LEVEL i FLA-“ was all Sho managed to get out before Scorpion sent a powerful kick into Sho’s gut that that sent him crumpling to the ground.

“Get over here!” Scorpion shouted as he threw his spike that lodged itself into Sho’s chest as he pulled on the string attached to it, sending Sho flying into a roundhouse kick that crashed the Reaper into the ground.

Scorpion pulled off his mask, revealing his flaming skull beneath as Scorpion spewed hellfire from his mouth onto the downed Reaper, the heat of the flames disintegrating the Reaper on contact.

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Jackie Chan vs. Lucy

Round 2 Day 33:

Jackie Chan stood on the crowded streets of Tokyo when he heard screams of terror coming from down the street. People panicked past Chan from all sides, some covered in blood that wasn’t their own, and some covered in blood that was.

Jackie ran towards the source of the confusion to be confronted by a horrific sight of the dead and mutilated filling the street. Holding back his gag reflex, Jackie found the small form of Lucy standing amidst the carnage.

“Who are you?” Jackie demanded as Lucy simply looked in his direction, “Did you do this? I demand an answer!” Jackie shouted at the girl.

Lucy turned towards Jackie and took a step towards him as a rip suddenly ran across Jackie’s shirt, barely missing the skin as Jackie quickly took a couple steps back from Lucy’s deadly invisible Vectors.

Jackie picked up a small rock and experimentally threw the stone at Lucy only to see it get cut in half and swatted away from the girl by her fast moving vectors 2 meters away from her. Jackie used the test to guess the length of the field and from it, the area he’ll have to avoid.

Lucy took another step towards Jackie who quickly took two steps back and picked up a large staff that he hurled towards the girl. Lucy simply used her lightning fast vectors to catch the pike and throw it back at Jackie while multiplying its force. Jackie barely dodged it as the stick flew past him and shattered through the concrete wall behind him.
Lucy rose from the ground and slowly floated towards Jackie who threw himself through a window into a nearby car mechanic shop to take cover. Jackie quickly pulled a pair of jumper cables from a shelf and kicked over a bucket of soap water, spilling its contents across the floor.

The storefront of the shop tore open as Lucy’s vectors ripped the front to shreds and Lucy touched down on the ground, feeling the soapy water at her feet as she confronted her opponent standing atop a car with its hood up, the jumper cables attached and the engine running. Jackie dropped the cables to the ground as the electricity traveled through the water and into Lucy, delivering a massive shock that almost knocked her out before her vectors managed to lift her off the ground.

While his opponent was stunned, Jackie quickly turned off the car and detached the battery while picking up several wrenches and tools from the ground as Lucy recovered.

Jackie threw the tools with deadly aim at the girl whose vectors cleanly cut through them before they could get anywhere near her. When Chan ran out of tools, he lunged for the battery and hurled it directly at Lucy, who instinctively cut through the massive battery, spilling its acidic contents all over the Diclonius, causing her to scream in pain as the acid worked its magic on her flesh.

The acid hurt, but it wasn’t fatal. Not giving Chan anymore time to react, Lucy charged the martial artist with her vectors spinning wildly, slicing through him before he could think of defending himself.

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Bruce Lee vs. Deadpool

Round 2 Day 34:

Bruce Lee trained in his dojo, beating his fists against a punching bag while throwing in the occasional kick when a loud explosion blew a hole in the dojo’s wall opposite of him and filled Lee’s view with a temporarily blinding light.

When the dust settled, Lee saw a red and black figure stumble through the smoke as he waved his hand in front of him in order to clear his masked face of the dust.

“Man, they don’t build secret dojo bases in the heart of a volcano surrounded by death-guards like they used to huh?” The figure said as he made his way towards Lee.

Lee pulled half a dozen shurikens from his robe and hurled them with deadly aim into his masked foe, the ninja stars almost completely burying themselves in his flesh as his opponent staggered back.

The masked assassin simply dug the shurikens from his chest and held them against the light.

“Ooooh… Shiny! And they’ve even got a little hole in the middle! These things were made for my Christmas Tree!” Deadpool announced.

Lee was on top of the Mercenary in a second, sending a rib-cracking kick into Deadpools chest that sent him tumbling to the ground. From the ground, Deadpool had a good view of the walls of the dojo that were lined with every martial arts weapon imaginable.

“I think you might be taking your work home with you,” Deadpool chided as he got to his feet.

Bruce took a cautionary step back before asking, “How could you have survived my attacks? Any mortal man would be dead by now!”

“I’m not a mortal then am I?” Deadpool said as his wounds healed before Lee’s eyes.

“What are you?” Lee asked.

Deadpool dropped to the ground and sent a sweeping kick that knocked Lee off his feet and sent him sprawling to the ground as he rolled on top of Lee, his face inches away from his opponent.

“I’m Spiderman,” Deadpool whispered.

Lee kicked Deadpool off of him and ran to a wall holding a wide array of swords, grabbing his personal favorite katana as Deadpool got to his feet.

“Wait, that’s not right! I always get us confused,” Deadpool chuckled, “It’s a funny story actually, one time my own mother-“ was all Deadpool got out before he had to duck a swing from Lee’s sword.

Deadpool immediately unsheathed his duel katanas and blocked a second blow from Lee. Deadpool went on the counter-offensive by sending a powerful hit into Lee that caused him to stumble back a bit as Deadpool entered a ridiculous fighting stance.

“You interrupted my story,” Deadpool seethed, “On my Goldfishes honor, you will pay for that,” Deadpool shouted as he charged towards Lee, sending a flurry of strikes into the martial artist from all sides that Lee struggled to block with his one sword, receiving nicks and scrapes all over his body.

Lee spotted an opening in Deadpool’s offense and quickly launched his knee into the Merc’s abdomen, causing him to stagger back just enough for Lee to swipe into Deadpool diagonally, cutting through Deadpool from shoulder to chest.

The wound healed in a matter of seconds as Deadpool recovered from the blow and sent a quick glare at Lee.

“You really suck at this whole, ‘Kill the badguy’ thing don’t you?” Deadpool taunted.

Lee let out a roar as he launched his sword straight through Deadpool’s heart. Deadpool simply stood there before pulling the sword deeper into himself and lodging it there.

“Well, this has been fun, but I’ve got a 4 o’ clock appointment I have to keep so I’m gonna have to wrap this up. Thanks for the laughs,” Deadpool said as he pulled one of his Uzi’s from his back and unloaded the machine gun into Lee from a point blank range.

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Darth Vader vs. Luke Cage

Round 2 Day 35:

Luke Cage wandered into the bowels of the Death Star, searching for a starship to return home with before stumbling into a massive lair, a tall man covered in a black suit standing in the middle of the room.

“Who dares to disturb me… during my meditation?” Darth Vader angrily muttered.

“My name’s Luke, now give me a ship or something to get home with before I kick your ass!” Cage shouted in frustration.

“Luke!?” Vader shouted in surprise, “I did not expect you to be here for some time yet my son; you must be powerful in the force indeed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Luke said in confusion.

“Yes, I cannot even sense your power in the force… In order to hide it from me it must be monumental… Come… let me test your strength,” Vader stated as his lightsaber flew to his hand and sprang to life, filling the room with a red pulsing aura.

“You picked the wrong pissed-off dude to fight with,” Luke shouted as he entered his fighting stance.

“Where is… your lightsaber?” Vader asked.

“Don’t know what that is and I certainly don’t need one!” Cage shouted as he charged into Vader, sending a powerful punch at him.

Vader quickly blocked with his lightsaber, swinging into Cage’s forearm to chop it off. Luke’s arm made contact with the lightsaber and locked in place with it briefly before Cage pulled it back.

“Damn man! What’s that thing made out of!? That hurt!” Cage shouted as he examined his arm for any damage, finding none.

“That’s impossible!” Vader gasped between heavy breaths, “Blocking a lightsaber with flesh! You must be truly great in the force… to attempt such feats,” Vader gaped.

“Whatever,” Cage said as he swung a kick into Vader’s head that sent the Dark Lord of the Sith sprawling to the ground.

“Your lack of tradition is appaling!” Vader roared as he got to his feet and lifted Cage into the air with the Force before slamming him into a wall and grinding him against it until he crashed into a computer terminal.

Through the dust, Vader saw the computer terminal being lifted into the air before flying at Vader. Vader quickly caught it in mid-flight using the Force as Cage used his speed to rush towards him.

“Thanks for handing me a distraction!” Cage bellowed as he delivered an uppercut into Vader’s mask that sent the Sith Lord flying into the air.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” Vader shouted as he got to feet, “You do not use the traditional lightsaber… and you do not use the force in combat... You are a disgrace to the remnants of the Jedi Order,” Vader announced as he lifted Luke into the air.

“Your punishment for such ignorance… is death,” Vader coldly stated as hurled Luke through the Death Star’s observation window into the vacuum of space as the emergency seal closed behind him.

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Space Ghost vs. Neo

Round 2 Day 36:

Neo landed roughly in the middle of the streets of New York City, creating a crater where he hit. Stepping from the pit, Neo faced the anomaly he had travelled so far to confront.

Space Ghost was ordering a hotdog from a vendor who didn’t quite speak English when Neo walked up to him behind and tapped him on the shoulder.

“You don’t belong here,” Neo said as Space Ghost turned to face him.

“What are you talking about? I paid for this dog didn’t I? I can at least enjoy it,” Space Ghost said in his defense.

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about,” Neo said coldly taking a step closer towards the officer.

“Oh, you mean that machine I hooked myself up to on that abandoned space ship? Yeah, this place is great isn’t it? It feels just like a real world! It’s a great vacation getaway.”

“Get out before I make you leave,” Neo warned.

“No! I don’t wanna,” Space Ghost said as he folded his arms, closing the matter.

Neo’s fist hit Space Ghost’s face with an incredible amount of force, sending the interstellar officer flying off into the distance.

Neo began walking away from the area when a blast hit him square between the shoulders, knocking him off his feet and painfully throwing him into the concrete. Neo calmly rose to his feet and turned around to see Space Ghost hovering a few feet above the air with his Wrist Band pointing at The One.

“You wanna rumble? Be ready to tumble!” Space Ghost bellowed in an attempt to appear confident.

Neo launched himself from the ground and flew into Space Ghost at the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom followed by a sharp crack as Neo smacked flat against the ground only moments after take-off, having ran straight into an invisible force-field that Space Ghost created directly in front of him.

“That had to hurt,” Space Ghost said simply.

Neo rose to his feet once again, blood trickling from his mouth as he turned to face his foe.

“What are you?” Neo asked.

“I’m just your ordinary super-powered interstellar patrolman and part-time talk show host,” Space Ghost replied, “Now calm down before I have to bust out my Anti-Matter Ray!”

Neo flew underneath Space Ghost’s force field and shot straight up underneath him, dragging the ghostly figure into the air as he slowed his ascent and began flying straight towards the ground, holding Space Ghost beneath him.

A massive explosion erupted as the ground was hit with the force of a small bomb, toppling the nearby skyscrapers of New York. Neo rose from area where he hit, looking for any signs of his opponent’s remains, knowing there probably wouldn’t be any.

“You know, it that had worked, it would have hurt,” Space Ghost stated as he stood on the edge of the crate, “Like… A lot.”

“How?” Neo asked in confusion.

“Teleporter!” Space Ghost announced as he pointed to his wrist band, “Never leave spaceport without one!” The officer finished as he disappeared from view.

“You expect the Teleporter to work twice?” Neo shouted to the air around him, trying to sense Space Ghost within the Matrix code but failing as the intruder wasn’t a natural part of it.

“No… but invisibility does nicely.” Space Ghost chided from the position he disappeared in. A blast emitting from the spot and hitting the unsuspecting One dead on, causing him to become paralyzed.

Neo fought the effects of the Stun Ray as Space Ghost reappeared before him, pressing a number of unlabeled buttons on his wrist band before pointing it at Neo.

“Face it,” Space Ghost chided, “You fought the law. The law won.”

An Anti-Matter Ray shot from the Wrist Band and into Neo, disintegrating every atom in his body simultaneously, leaving a black burn mark where he stood.

“Now where the hell did I put that hotdog…” Space Ghost mumbled as he sought out his victory lunch.

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Monkey D. Luffy vs. Vampire Hunter D vs. Thor

Round 2 Day 37:

“GUM GUM PISTOL!” Luffy shouted as he sent his rubbery fist flying into D who quickly sidestepped the attack, the rubber fist punching a hole through the wall of the underground cavern.

“Strong arm kid,” D admitted, “But you’re no match for me. Get out of my way before I get annoyed,” the dhampir warned.

“GUM GUM STAMP!” Luffy responded, sending his rubber feet into D’s chest, knocking him painfully against a pillar within the cave.

“So that’s how it’s gonna be then,” D smirked as he drew his longsword from his back and rushed at Luffy head on preparing a powerful slash as Luffy wound up his arm for another blown. Their attacks were interrupted by a bolt of lightning that appeared directly between the two opponents as Thor appeared, floating majestically in the center of the cavern.

“Who dares enter the domain of the God of Thunder! Such disrespect must be punished!” the God bellowed.

A quick glance between Luffy and D was all that was needed for the two to agree with each other. D raised his sword towards Thor in a defensive stance as Luffy launched himself into the air.

“I did,” D calmly said, “You have a problem with that?”

“Watch out,”D’s Left Hand warned, “This guys strong, I’m not even sure of the extent of his power.”

“Gotcha,” D responded as Thor charged a bolt of lightning in his hand and hurled it at the dhampir, D barely dodging the bolt with his vampire reflexes.

“GUM GUM AXE!” Luffy shouted as he brought his leg down on top of the God, his rubbery body making the Thunder God all the more vulnerable to his attacks as Thor was pushed into the floor of the cavern.

Thor responded by hurling another bolt into Luffy, hitting the pirate full force while having no effect.

“You can’t hurt me!” Luffy exclaimed, “Cause I’m a rubber man!”

Thor responded to the claim by slamming Mjolnir into Luffy’s face and sending him crashing through the rock wall of the cavern.

D used his vampiric speed to jump at Thor from behind and deliver a painful slice across the Thunder-God’s back. The slash caused the God to howl in pain before turning and charging a bolt of lightning in his hand when he found his arms and legs wrapped in rubber limbs.

“GUM GUM BELL!” Luffy shouted as his head flew from the hole in the wall on the other side of the cavern he was launched into by Thor, and delivered a powerful headbutt to the back of Thor’s skull that caused the God to fall forward on top of D’s waiting sword, skewering him through the heart.

Thor fell to the ground with a weighted thump as D and Luffy looked over the defeated foe.

“Well that was unusual,” D commented.

“I’ll say!” Luffy shouted.

“Now then, where were we?” D smirked as he pointed his sword back at the Straw Hat Pirate.

“Oh yeah!” Luffy smiled as he readied his arm for a punch, but D was already on top of him, slashing fiercely into the Pirate faster than he could dodge. D finished by using the blunt end of his blade to swing Luffy into the ceiling.

Luffy exploded into a cloud of steam in mid-air as his body took on a pinkish color and landed gracefully on the ground.

“Watch it D, I’m sensing something different about that Straw Hat guy,” Left Hand warned, “He’s suddenly gotten a lot stronger for some reason,”

“Interesting,” D mused.

D launched himself at Luffy as he slashed into the Rubber Man, while Luffy used his amazing speed to seemingly disappear into thin air and reappear behind D, with his fist pulled back.

“GUM GUM GAT-“ but Luffy was cut off when D planted his Left Hand against Luffy’s face.

“You’re good kid,” D admitted, “But like everyone else, you’re just not better, no matter how strong you get,” D finished as Left Hand’s eyes stared into Luffy’s planting a powerful trance that instantly put Luffy to sleep.

“Sweet dreams,” D said as he raised his sword over his unconscious foe.

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Darth Vader vs. Alucard

Round 3 Day 38:

Alucard lingered sitting calmly at his dining table within his father’s fortress, waiting patiently for the powerful presence that was quickly approaching him. Heavy footsteps along with heavy breathing only served to confirm what his senses told him hours ago.

“You sure took your time getting here,” Alucard said to a closed door at the far end of the hall. The door suddenly blasted itself open as Darth Vader filled its shattered frame. “I hope the minions didn’t give you too much trouble,” Alucard smiled.

“They posed… an interesting threat,” Vader breathed, “But I am here… for you…”

“Come to defeat me in combat?” Alucard asked, “Well that merely reflects your poor decision making skills,” Alucard finished as he drew his sword from his sitting position.

“No… I’ve come to recruit you…” Vader explained, “Come with me… join the Dark Side as my ally… Your strength without The Force… would make you a great assassin.”

“Thanks,” Alucard smiled, “But I’ll pass. So much family business to attend to, I really can’t be bothered with being a henchman. Who would keep the Belmont family on their toes?”

“If you will not join me… then you will face the true power of The Force!” Vader shouted as he hurled a Force Push into the dining table, tearing it to shreds. Just as the Push reached Alucard, the Vampire vanished, appearing to the side of the destroyed table with his blade pointed towards Vader.

“Very, very poor decision making skills,” Alucard commented as he rushed his foe, slamming into Vader with his shoulder, sending the Sith Lord stumbling backwards. The Dark Lord composed himself as he drew his Lightsaber and activated it, filling the room with its red glow.

“Such… a waste…” Vader lamented. The Sith Lord’s Lightsaber swung into Alucard who raised his sword to block the blow, only to find his sword cleanly cut in half. The surprised Alucard ducked the rest of the swing and flew backwards a safe distance.

An army of Medusa Heads appeared around Alucard and quickly flew towards Vader. The Sith Lord calmly sheathed his Saber and aimed both of his hands at the oncoming swarm. Without a moment’s hesitation, the entire Medusa swarm was crushed into debris by a powerful Force Crush, leaving nothing but a bloody mess in the middle of the dining hall.

Vader followed up by raising his hand Alucard and used The Force to lift the vampire into the air.

“Do you see now… the true power of The Force?” Vader shouted as he began crushing Alucard’s throat.

The Vampire suddenly blasted into a shower of mist that flew through the air before reforming behind Darth Vader.

“The Force? Is that what the local clowns are calling their parlor tricks these days? How cute,” Alucard chided as a fireball detonated behind Vader, sending the Lord of the Sith flying forward with his cape in flames.

Vader angrily threw his cloak to the ground as the flames continued eating away it. Drawing his Lightsaber again, Vader charged Alucard who quickly turned to a shower of mist and began floating away, but the Sith Lord was ready, throwing his Lightsaber and using the force to keep it right inside the cloud of mist.

The cloud moved away to dodge the Lightsaber as Vader used The Force to move the Lightsaber along with the cloud.

“It is useless,” Vader laughed, “You can’t reform without getting skewered… You will die once you reform!”

The cloud suddenly reformed into a vampire bat, which reformed higher than where the Saber was swinging.

The bat caught the Lightsaber in its claws as it changed back into Alucard, holding the Saber in his hands.

“You won’t be needing this anymore will you?” Alucard asked as he crushed the Lightsaber in his powerful grip.

Vader gasped in astonishment as Alucard drew Crissagrem.

“I’m sorry you’ve traveled so far only to find you’ve wasted both my time and yours,” Alucard apologized as he pointed his sword at Vader, “But this has been a most sporting bout.”

Alucard suddenly dashed with enough speed to vanish as he sliced into Vader hundreds of times before appearing behind the Sith Lord, sheathing the Crissagrem as Vader fell to the floor in sloppy pieces.

“It’s going to be hell getting the Twins to clean up this mess,” Alucard pined as he left the dining hall to search for better uses of his time, perhaps finding some way of bugging the Belmont family.

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Apocalypse vs. The Hulk

Round 3 Day 39:

“HULK SMASH!” The voice screamed as it was accompanied by a green fist smashing into Apocalypse’ face at the speed of sound.

“Such impetuousness!” Apocalypse bellowed as he reeled from the blow, sending a bolt of psionic energy into the Hulk that sent the beast stumbling backwards.

The city was quaking with each blow the titans threw at each other as the battle raged on, both opponents showing no signs of tire.

The Hulk leapt into the air and put both of his fists together, bringing them down on top of Apocalypses head and pushing him through several meters of bedrock and sewer system.

Apocalypse countered with a psionic wave that pushed Hulk from the crater and sent the Gamma Monster flying high into the air. Apocalypse teleported above the Hulk in mid-flight and grabbed a hold of his leg, whirling his foe around before releasing his grip, sending the Hulk flying into a skyscraper that quickly collapsed on top of him.

“That should hold him for awhile,” Apocalypse muttered to himself.

A green mass took hold of the mutant from behind as the Hulk used its incredible speed to grab onto the mutant in midair before using his massive weight to slam Apocalypse painfully into the ground.

Hulk sat on top of his mutant foe’s fallen body and began bombarding him with his bestial punches, sending shockwaves through the city with every blow.

“Nothing can stop the Hulk! Hulk strongest!” The green giant yelled as he continued his onslaught.

“Enough!” Apocalypse yelled as another wave of psionic energy pushed the Hulk off of him. Apocalypse got to his feet in the crater of Hulk’s creation as he used his molecular manipulation to remove his wounds.

“You cannot stop me! My strength rivals the Gods them-“ Apocalypse bellowed before the Hulk recovered from the blast and sent another powerful punch into the mutant’s stomach, sending him through a couple of skyscrapers before managing to catch himself in mid-air.

The Hulk flew into Apocalypse with a powerful leap, with his arms ready to deliver their muscular payload when Apocalypse snatched the Hulk out of the air, keeping the beast’s head in his grip. The Mutant channeled energy through his body before blasting it through his arm, sending the full force of the eruption directly into the Hulk’s skull, causing the Gamma Beast to writhe in pain.

Apocalypse raised the Hulk above his head before hurling him into the ground, creating yet another crater.

“You only making Hulk angry!” Hulk shouted as he weakly got to his feet, the signs of his wounds quickly disappearing. The Hulk’s muscles spasmed briefly before doubling in size.

“Don’t worry, I’ll quickly fix that,” Apocalypse said grimly, “You’ll have your peace in Hell.”

The Hulk shouted furiously before running to a nearby skyscraping and ripping it from it’s foundation before tossing the mass of concrete into his foe.

Apocalypse simply teleported behind Hulk and sent a powerful elbow into the back of The Hulk’s neck, causing the beast to crash to the ground.

“I have full control over my body,” Apocalypse bragged, “I can match your muscular growth infinitely,” the mutant finished as his muscles grew in size to match The Hulk’s.

“You can’t beat Hulk’s strength! Hulk strongest!” The beast roared as he quickly got up to deliver a powerful backhand before realizing that his opponent was no longer there.

“Some people never learn,” Apocalypse sighed from behind Hulk as he sent his Energy Empowered Knee to the Hulk’s spine, causing the beast to cry out in pain.

A powerful column of energy crashed down on top of The Hulk from the heavens, devouring him in enough energy to destroy a small country.

The Hulk weakly grunted as the column dispersed, leaving him in a smoking hole in the ground as his flesh slowly began regrowing.

“Hulk… Strongest!” Hulk shouted.

“No,” the mutant said simply, “Apocalypse is,” as another column of energy enveloped The Hulk, finishing the beast off.

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Space Ghost vs. The Flash

Round 3 Day 40:

Space Ghost strolled through the streets of Metropolis with hotdog in hand as he toured the area.

“You know, I like this city. Fresh air, clear skies, and this delicious completely-not-nutritious hotdog.” Space Ghost chimed as he prepared to take a bite out of the object of his desires.

Suddenly a red-gold blur filled the street as Space Ghost bit flavorlessly into the air. Space Ghost looked along the sidewalk to see similar reactions amongst other citizens who were holding food only moments before. On the opposite side of the street, a man wearing entirely gold-red spandex stood contentedly.

“Stop law-breaker!” Space Ghost shouted at The Flash as he ran across the street, his wrist band pointed at the perpetrator, “Give me back my wiener!”

“Your what?” The Flash asked, his eyes going wide.

“My hotdog damnit! I know you have it,” Space Ghost proclaimed, his wrist band pointing threateningly at the fastest man alive.

“Oh thank God,” The Flash said in relief, “I thought you were talking about, er… nevermind. Anyway, I can’t give it back. I already ate it, that’s the drawback to a hyper-fast metabolism,”

Space Ghost’s eyes narrowed with the pure hatred of a cop deprived of his lunch as he prepared his wrist band, “Then prepare to be prosecuted to the fullest and most ridiculous extent of the law!”

The wrist band glowed briefly before releasing a deadly ray that blasted a decent sized hole in the building.

“Wow,” The Flash said as he leaned on the building’s wall a couple feet away, “Don’t you think this is going a little far?”

“Nah, killing someone over a stolen hotdog is like, five minutes of paperwork tops,” Space Ghost assured as another blast was fired at the Speedster.

The Flash cleanly ducked the blast as he threw his fist into Space Ghost, sending the Officer tumbling through the air before he managed to catch himself mid-flight.

“That’s assaulting an Officer!” Space Ghost shouted as he cast an accusing finger.

“Aren’t you already gonna kill me?” The Flash defended.

“Good point!” A quick volley of blasts flew at the Flash as he dodged the oncoming fire with ease before picking up a rock and hurling it at the airborne Space Ghost, causing him to tumble to the ground.

“Face it! You can’t hit me ‘cause I’m the fastest thing alive! Blue Hedgehog’s got nothin’ on me despite popular belief,” The Flash bragged.

“Oh yeah?” Space Ghost said as he got to his feet, “Well now you see me, now you don’t!” Space Ghost said as he disappeared from view. The Flash glanced around in all directions as he looked for his opponent. His search was interrupted by a blast that hit him square in the back, causing him to fall forward.

“Up here scumbag!” Space Ghost shouted from the top of a nearby building. The Flash quickly got to his feet and ran through the building to the roof in seconds flat. Reaching the top to see Space Ghost on the roof of the building on the opposite side of the street.

“No? Must be over here then!” Space Ghost shouted, giving The Flash a wave. The Flash quickly ran over to the other roof, only to once again find Space Ghost nowhere in sight.

“Where are you now!?” The Flash shouted in annoyance.

“Still here,” Space Ghost whispered from behind as he delivered a blast point-blank to the back of The Flash’s head, causing the Speedster to fall to the floor as Space Ghost deactivated his invisibility.

“Ugh! Can’t… move…” The Flash grunted.

“That’s because of the Kinetic Energy Force Field I covered your sorry ass with you villainous nave!” Space Ghost bragged, trying to use impressive words.

Space Ghost armed his Anti-Matter Ray and aimed it at the entrapped Flash, firing the final shot that ended the hero.

“But alas,” Space Ghost pined, “Though avenged, my hotdog was still lost. I may never again come across such a delicious sight as- hold on, is that a pretzel vendor?”

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Vampire Hunter D vs. Scorpion

Round 3 Day 41:

The caves sprawled for miles beneath the Earth’s surface, D traveling constantly downwards deeper into the planet’s abyss before finally reaching a dead end.

“Well that’s a bit anticlimactic isn’t it?” A voice murmured nonchalantly.

D examined the dead end closely, finding it to be nothing more than solid bedrock before he was satisfied and turned to leave. The ground beneath his feet crumbled as he fell into a pit-trap falling far enough to kill any mortal man.

D landed harmlessly utilizing his dhampiric grace, barely straining a muscle from the fall as he quickly observed his environment. The world around him appeared to be in the pits of Hell, with lava flowing around the small rocky island he stood on.

From the lava rose a single man clad in black and yellow who jumped from the lava’s surface onto the island, facing D in a battle position, his invitation clear.

“Careful D,” A voice muttered, “This guy is definitely not human. I can sense extreme hatred coming from the remnants of his soul.”

D clenched his left hand into a fist as he drew his sword and pointed it at Scorpion.

“Ready when you are,” D said smoothly.

Scorpion launched himself at the dhampir, sending a powerful flying kick that D barely dodged before hitting the Hellspawn in the kidney with the side of his blade. Scorpion hit the ground and made a sweeping kick, knocking D’s leg out from under him as he followed up by stabbing a kunai at the dhampir’s throat, only to find D blocking the blade with his sword.

D smoothly kicked the ninja off of him before calmly getting to his feet, dusting himself off.

Scorpion flew at his opponent again, sending a low punch that D blocked with his sword’s side as he kicked the Hellspawn away from him and batted the ninja’s head with his sword’s blunt edge.

The two opponent’s stood facing each other on their opposing ends of the small island, D finally breaking the silence.

“I’ll start fighting seriously if you’re prepared to fight seriously.”

Scorpion gave a respectful bow in response as he drew his katana.

D swung at his opponent, his blade ready as Scorpion entered a defensive stance, only to disappear just before the blades struck. D turned around just in time to block Scorpion’s strike from behind as the ninja sent another Kunai attached to a rope flying at the dhampir.

“Get over here!” Scorpion shouted as D calmly sidestepped the flying kunai and severed the rope attached to it with his sword.

“We’re getting there,” D commented, “But I know you’re still holding back. Don’t.”

Scorpion struck from above as he launched a powerful kick downwards on top of D who caught the Hellspawn’s foot on the side of his blade before catapulting the ninja into the river of lava flowing around the rock.

“Consider it punishment for not recognizing my skill,” D told his engulfed opponent.

A stream of fire blasted from the river and dove for D, who barely rolled away from it before another launched itself at the dhampir, forcing him to jump away from the stream and losing ground on the rocky island.

Scorpion rose on a column of fire as his arms surrounded themselves in flames. The Hellspawn pointed both of his arms at D before releasing the blazing streams.

“Impressive,” D noted as he removed the glove on his Left Hand, revealing the face beneath it, “But overall ineffective.”

D struck his Left Hand out against the streams, which absorbed both into the face’s mouth and fed D the stream’s power.

“Looks like you simply can’t be trusted to play with fire,” D said as he stuck his Left Hand into the river of lava, absorbing the intense heat from it as the river turned to rock for miles.

Scorpion launched a last desperate attack and teleported behind D, punching him in the back with the fist that killed the Dragon King the moment D’s blade came to the Hellspawn’s neck. Scorpion looked down to see that D had completely sidestepped the punch.

“Finally get serious huh?” D asked, “Too be honest, I’m not that impressed.”

D’s blade cut through the Hellspawn’s neck, separating the head from the body as the ninja slumped to the ground.

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Omega Rugal vs. Deadpool

Round 3, Day 42:

Rugal stood waiting in his fortress for the powerful presence he sensed coming towards him.

“Why has my palace been so busy as of late? It’s not like killing unworthy challengers is something I signed up for…” Rugal sighed as he waited, “Maybe it’s time I put a sign out front or something.”

A vent smashed out from the ceiling as Deadpool dropped to the ground quickly looking around the impressive chamber.

“Hey! How’d you get everything so damn shiny?” Deadpool asked.

“By covering everything with solid gold. Now who may I ask are you?”

“Just your perfectly normal psychotic bounty hunter. And boy do you have a pretty penny on your head.” Deadpool announced, “Though I think someone may be ripping me off. Never taken a job for a penny before…”

“Another bounty hunter? Like lambs to the slaughter, they keep coming,” Rugal pined.

Rugal jumped away as a rocket slammed into the area he was standing moments ago, detonating in a fiery explosion.

Deadpool dropped the smoking rocket launcher to the ground as he pulled out two Uzis from behind his back, “Oh yeah!? Well this lambs got fleece!” Deadpool shouted back as he sprayed the bullets into the God.

Rugal quickly dodged the hail of fire as he sent a Reppuken rolling across the floor into the mercenary.

“You know, I’m not even sure what that means,” Rugal admitted.

Deadpool quickly teleported behind Bernstein to dodge the energy wave as he put a combat knife to the God’s throat.

“It means,” Deadpool seethed, “That I’m fluffy.”

Bernstein reached behind his back and grabbed Deadpool by the head as he swiftly threw the mercenary over himself and into a wall.

The Merc painfully scraped himself from the wall as he pulled a small ball from his belt.

“Do you know what this is?” Deadpool asked, holding the ball up.

“A smoke bomb?” Rugal guessed in a bored tone.

“Aha! That’s exactly what I knew you’d think it was cause it is!” Deadpool shouted in glee as he threw the smoke bomb to the ground, detonating it in a cloud of smoke.

“I’m not quite sure how to respond to that,” Bernstein admitted as he held out his hand and instantly snatched a teleporting Deadpool out of thin air, his neck in his grasp.

“This has been fun, but I’m afraid your life’s over,” Rugal sighed as the air around the two began glowing with yellow energy.

“Gigantic Pressu-“ Was all Rugal was able to get out before the grenade dropped at their feet detonated, creating a massive explosion that blasted the two apart as a column of blazing yellow energy blasted down from the heavens onto the spot the two were standing on moments before.

Deadpool’s healing factor quickly recovered his wounds from the explosion as he got to his feet and drew his dual katana and faced Rugal.

Rugal calmly got to his feet, hiding the pain of the shrapnel wounds that covered his body.

“An interesting attack,” Bernstein admitted, “I didn’t even see you drop that grenade. I was too caught up in my own offensive; I didn’t expect you to react to it offensively,”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t rely on trying to read my attacks in a fight. Mostly cause I can’t read myself.” Deadpool retorted.

Bernstein nodded before jumping high into the air, raining dozens of Kaiser Waves down on top of Deadpool and creating a cloud of dust, before turning around in mid-air and sending a powerful Genocide Cutter into the air where he predicted Deadpool would teleport to.

The Cutter hit nothing as Rugal landed on the ground and looked around for where Deadpool teleported to.

Two swords skewered through Rugal’s chest as he gasped in surprise. Rugal turned to see Deadpool standing behind him, his wounds still recovering from the Kaiser Waves.

“Heh, you never teleported at all,” Rugal cackled, “You took ever single wave I threw at you in order to gain the element of surprise. Well played.”

Deadpool removed his swords from Rugal before swiping them at Bernstein’s neck, ending the God’s life.

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Lucy vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 3 Day 43:

A green liquid oozed into the street from the gutters, sensing a disturbance in the chaos within the city streets. The Ooze combined into the form of Shuma-Gorath.

A crowd of frightened humans ran from the end of the street screaming and waving their arms in all directions before finally laying eyes on the demon in front of them and being temporarily stunned by the thought of being trapped between two horrifying sights before finally deciding to scatter in all directions.

Shuma slid in the direction of the body parts that were sent flying in all directions to catch the site of a young woman in the middle of the carnage.

Lucy finished cutting a man into pieces with her vectors before turning her attention to Shuma-Gorath.

“Leave demon, I have no qualm with you. It is merely these humans that I wish to slaughter.” Lucy said calmly as she continued tearing the surrounding environment to pieces.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” Shuma echoed, “When it comes to chaos and destruction against mankind, you are entering my realm little girl.”

Lucy shot a glare at Shuma before quickly sending one of her vectors at the demon. Shuma detected the vector with his magic and quickly moved out of its range before sending a large ball of energy into the Diclonius. Lucy swiftly caught the sphere with one of her vectors before sending it flying harmlessly off into the distance.

“I see you are no normal human opponent,” Shuma noticed.

“People who underestimate me have a nasty habit of losing vital body parts.” Lucy shot back.

“What’s funny is that a truly worthy opponent would be able to clearly see the difference in our level of power and opt not to fight at all. Battle me and you will be crushed,” Shuma warned.

“I was just about to say the same thing!” Lucy shouted as she shot at Shuma in an attempt to engulf the demon into her two-meter radius. The Diclonius quickly caught Shuma with three of her vectors, pulling him further into her radius.

A fourth vector came up on the caught demon almost cutting him in half when Shuma suddenly turned into a pool of liquid, the vectors losing grip on him as he slid across the ground outside of her radius before reforming.

“As entertaining as you have been,” Shuma chided, “I am a very busy overlord with lots of work to do before the end of eternity.”

A massive ball of energy enveloped before Shuma and shot towards Lucy, engulfing her in the flaming ball. Lucy’s vectors managed to keep the energy from entering the radius, but they could not stop the heat, which fried Lucy within seconds.

When the ball dissipated, nothing was left of the Diclonius but ash.

“No matter how far humans evolve,” Shuma roared, “I will always rule them.”

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Apocalypse vs. Shuma Gorath vs. Deadpool

Round 4, Day 44:

Within the dark hell-stained pit of Earth, Shuma-Gorath bided his time in his lair as he concocted further plans to cause chaos amongst humanity.

Shuma stood over his globe replica in concentration when a bright purple flash filled the lair. Apocalypse’s being lit the room like a roaring flame as he marched towards the Lord of Chaos.

“I see you have come at last,” Shuma noted, his gaze remaining on the globe.

“We have business that needs attending to,” Apocalypse stated simply.

“Indeed, but truly there is nothing to discuss. Mankind belongs to me and that is that.”

“You are wrong!” Apocalypse shouted, “Mankind has evolved! We have grown too big for your fist to contain! I shall free us from your rule, and in doing so, secure humankind’s future under my own supervision.”

“Most amusing,” Shuma chuckled, “You wish to liberate your species from me only to rule it yourself. Humans are so contradictory, but that’s a good thing. It adds to the chaos that is my power.”

“Your power is meaningless now that we have evolved. It is impossible for you to hold us,” Apocalypse warned grimly.

“Is it?” Shuma asked honestly as he turned his attention to mutant, “Well then, why don’t you give us a demonstration?”

“Of course,” Apocalypse agreed, “This confrontation was only inevitable.

The aura’s around the two god-like beings flared fiercely as they prepared for battle, both unleashing their true power when a massive explosion set the ceiling of the lair ablaze, choking it with smoke and debris as it collapsed.

Deadpool stood in the center of the fallen debris, his hand still holding the detonator.

“I followed the map and I am not seeing any half-naked chicks with swords. If Weasel was lying to me I’m gonna take his leg-benders off.” Deadpool muttered.

The two Godly forces stared down Deadpool for interrupting their confrontation as he continued muttering to himself incoherently. Apocalypse finally clearing his throat in order to get the Merc’s attention.

“Oh sorry, I’m not interrupting your tea party am I? And here I left my dress at home…” Deadpool apologized.

“Such benightedness,” Shuma growled as a small eyeball detached from his tentacle and flew towards Deadpool.

“Wow… that’s really gross, so do you still have to put eye drops on that or…” Deadpool sputtered as the eye exploded on top of him, sending the Merc flying into the wall while still smoking from the flames.

“Where were we?” Shuma asked as he turned his attention back to where Apocalypse was supposed to be only to find a distinct emptiness.

A massive beam of energy pierced through Shuma from behind, leaving a smoking hole as it cut through the demon like butter. The demon closed his eye in pain as it concentrated on the wound, forcing it to close up and heal over.

“A cheap shot. Somewhat telling of mankind as a whole wouldn’t you say?” Shuma asked as he turned around towards the source of the beam, only to find nothing there either. Another beam came down on top of Shuma, crushing him into the ground as he was forced between the beam and the bedrock beneath him.

After the energy subsided, Apocalypse marched towards the newly created crater only to find a green liquid left at the bottom.

“I didn’t intend to liquidize him, but it is a nice enough end I suppose.” Apocalypse muttered.

A dozen tentacles suddenly shot from puddle and quickly wrapped themselves around Apocalypse before twisting and crushing him with their surprising strength. The mutant roared in pain as he teleported a few feet away to a safe location. Shuma-Gorath slithered out from the crater showing no damage as Apocalypse’s wounds healed over as well.

“I see, so I’ll merely have to summon a beam of energy large enough to disintegrate you, an easy enough-“ Was all Apocalypse managed to say before a Katana struck him through the skull and dove deeply into his body.

“Surprise!” Deadpool shouted as he removed the sword and showingly swept to ground between the two.

The wound cleanly closed up as Apocalypse refocused his attention on Deadpool.

“A healer eh? Well I can fix that,” Apocalypse grimly spoke as he placed his massive hand on Deadpool’s shoulder, both disappearing in a flash of purple light a second later.

The two reappeared in space, orbiting around the Earth as Deadpool quickly began having a seizure as he attempted to reach for the teleporter at his belt. The Merc finally became still as he fell into the Earth’s atmosphere.

“That solves that problem,” Apocalypse proudly said into the vacuum as he dusted off his hands.

A green orb of mass appeared before him, stretching and lashing out in all directions until it reformed back into Shuma-Gorath.

“We shall continue our fight then?” Shuma suggested.

“I can’t think of a better place to hold the battle that will decide the ruler of this world,” Apocalypse confirmed.

“Then perhaps it’s time to get serious,” Shuma said as his body began rapidly expanding until his massive size ruled over Apocalypse’ frame; the demon’s full form stretching out into the horizon from Earth’s viewpoint.

“You consider this to be problematic?” Apocalypse said as he charged a ball of pure energy in his palms, “This will rob your entire body of its potential and kinetic energy, rendering your mass into nothingness. Prepare yourself for the end demon!”

“I will not let that happen!” Shuma shrieked as his massive tendrils formed into enormous blades and soared into the mutant.

The two collided instantaneously. Neither of the Godly figures moved a molecule for seconds before the ball of energy in Apocalypse’ hand slowly faded and dimmed into nothingness, hundreds of slash marks appearing all over the mutant’s body.

Apocalypse slowly drifted into thousands of pieces as Earth’s gravity pulled the pieces into its atmosphere, consuming them in flames.

Shuma let out a roar of laughter as its tentacles stretched around the planet.

“Evolve as far as you wish dear planet. But you will always belong to me!”

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Vampire Hunter D vs. Alucard vs. Space Ghost

Round 4, Day 45:
D wandered through a flowering meadow amidst his travels when something strange caught his vampiric senses.

From the surrounding forests ran a tall, blond-haired, man with a ghastly pale face and a drawn sword. Blasts of energy appeared behind him from thin air as the man swiftly dodged them.

From across the field, Alucard looked over at D, both of them instantly sensing each other as half-vampires. D nodded at Alucard, who immediately jumped over to him.

Alucard and D stood back to back, their swords drawn as they waited for any sign of their mutual enemy.

“He’s attacking from my side!” Alucard shouted over his shoulder as a beam of energy emanated from thin air, aiming at the two who quickly leapt in different directions to avoid the blast before jumping back.

“It’s bad,” Alucard muttered.

“I sense it too,” D agreed, “Not only can this guy turn invisible, he seems to be able to teleport as well.”

Another blast flew from the air, but this time the two found that they were unable to move, surrounded by an energy barrier that held them still as the beam flew towards them.

“Can you survive the blast?” Alucard quickly asked.

“I think so,” D muttered.

“Good. Distract him,” Alucard barked as the blast hit them both creating a large explosion that choked the air with dust.

Space Ghost deactivated his invisibility as he hovered over to the cloud of dust he had recently made. D’s silhouette being barely visible.

“Well I didn’t mean to incinerate the poor guy, but I guess that’s case closed,” Space Ghost muttered.

“Not quite,” D wheezed as his vampiric regeneration helped him quickly recover from his minor wounds.

“Another vampire huh? Damn, this area must be filled with ‘em. Well, it’s a living I suppose,” Space Ghost said as he raised his gauntlet at D and prepared to fire.

D quickly took off his left glove, revealing a hole on his Left Hand that expanded rapidly as he dashed towards Space Ghost. The officer let off a shot just as D came upon him, shoving Left Hand’s mouth onto Space Ghost’s forearm as the Symbiote quickly began sucking Space Ghost into itself.

Space Ghost instinctively planted his foot on D’s chest and kicked himself off the vampire, freeing his arm in the process.

“Well that was just gross. Eat Light-Ray vampire scum!” Space Ghost shouted as he raised his arm to fire, but found that his gauntlet was nowhere in sight.

“My Left Hand thanks you for the meal,” D smirked.

“Ah sugar babies,” Space Ghost muttered.

Suddenly a squirt of blood shot from Space Ghost’s chest, as a reformed Alucard stabbed him through the back with his sword. The officer being dead before he had a chance to hit the ground.

Alucard wiped his sword clean as he looked over at D.

“Thanks for the assist. I’m sure I could’ve done it myself, but you simply made it happen faster,” Alucard nodded, “Funny thing to run into a fellow halfbreed like myself.”

D nodded gravely, “I sense you have powerful blood in your veins. Alucard correct? The son of Dracula?”

“Right on target. Let me guess, you’re a vampire hunter then? So many halfbreeds are these days,” Alucard sighed, “Well if you’re out for blood, then you should have nothing against me. I’m as much a vampire as you are.”

“True,” D agreed, “But I’m after your father, and I think killing you would help bring him to me.”

Alucard smiled before drawing his sword, “Not exactly a solid plan, but I’m perfectly willing to let you give it a try.”

D charged into Alucard as their steel clashed, Alucard parrying but D countering it, the two half-breeds fought with equal skill and will.

After swiftly blocking D’s counter, Alucard placed his boot on the side of D’s blade and cleanly kicked off, unleashing a dozen fireballs as he flew.

D quickly raised his Left Hand, which opened its mouth wide and consumed the flames, absorbing the power and feeding it into the Hunter.

“So it absorbs energy as well as matter,” Alucard noted, “Very interesting.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” D smirked as he flew into Alucard with his renewed power, moving faster than Alucard could raise his sword in order to cut through him, ending up at his back in an instant.

Alucard fell to the ground in pain as he attempted to nurse the massive slash across his chest.

“Even the son of Dracula can best me with this symbiote inside me. Now do you see the difference in levels beneath us? There’s simply no way you can beat me,” D coldly stated.

“You want to talk about differences in level?” Alucard said as he pulled himself to his feet, “Allow me to show you my true capabilities, then you can talk, if you are still able to.”

Weapons formed around Alucard as he summoned his Mablung Sword and the Alucard Shield.

“More weapons? Those won’t work against me,” D stated.

“No?” Alucard asked as he quickly sprinted into the Vampire Hunter and swiftly knocked him to the ground with shield using unparalleled speed.

The son of Dracula fell on top of the Hunter and held him to the ground with his shield, the combination of his two weapons tearing D apart and absorbing D’s health into Alucard.

D was defenseless against the searing pain and damage caused by the shield as he finally dispersed into a cloud of lifeless dust.

Alucard got to his feet as he looked at the dust.

“That is the difference in power between the son of Dracula, and some third-rate vampire hunter. Thanks for the help, but if you’ll excuse me, I must take my leave, not that you mind I’m sure.”

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Shuma Gorath vs. Alucard


A bright flash appeared at the top of Dracula’s castle, on the balcony that leads to the vampire’s lair. From the flash stepped a tall pale man, with black dyed hair and wearing a modern business suit.

“Who could possibly wish to resurrect my father again?” Alucard muttered as he looked around the resummoned castle, appearing exactly the same as it had almost 300 years ago when Alucard had destroyed it last.

“What mortal would dare interrupt my plans?” A deep gurgling voice uttered from the darkness within Dracula’s chamber. The creature stepped into the light to reveal the tentacled figure of Shuma-Gorath.

“If you think me to be a ‘mere mortal’ then you’re about to be in for a surprise,” Alucard coolly responded as he analyzed his opponent.

“Ah, I sense your cursed blood,” Shuma noticed, “You must be his son! Am I not mistaken Alucard?”

“It’s been almost a hundred years since someone’s addressed me with that name, but you’re right. That’s my father you’re trying to bring back, and I’m afraid I can’t allow you to do that.”

“Ah, but you’re part vampire yourself!” Shuma responded, “You should be helping me, even thanking me for my efforts here! When my plans are complete, your kind shall usher in an era of absolute rule!”

“And how do you intend to do that?” Alucard asked.

“Being the ruler of Mankind is a hobby of mine, but I’m afraid I’ve grown tired of this pitifully weak species that serves me no purpose. But vampires on the other hand, are powerful creatures that can live forever! That is something I can use! Imagine it, an entire planet of such beasts under my command. I’d be all powerful!” Shuma shouted.

“And what of the humans?” Alucard asked simply.

Shuma’s eye glint deviously as he replied, “They will finally serve a purpose. An army must be fed after all.”

“Unacceptable,” Alucard said while drawing his blade, “You will not resurrect my father and such harm will not come to these humans. That is simply that.”

“You honestly think you can defeat me?” Shuma gasped in genuine surprise, “The difference in power between the two of us is beyond your comprehension!”

“Others have said that much to me before,” Alucard smiled as he rushed towards the Lord of Chaos and swung his Crissaegrim into the demon. Shuma cackled as his body turned to liquid, rendering the swipes entirely ineffective.

Multiple razor-sharp tentacles erupted from the puddle and shot into Alucard, who barely had time to block them with his Alucard Shield. The demon slowly reformed from the puddle, appearing far more daunting than before.

“Do you see now how useless it is to fight against me? Give it up! Nothing will work,” Shuma taunted.

“You think all I have is sword and shield?” Alucard asked as he teleported through Shuma’s defenses and slashed into it again, with Shuma simply turning into liquid to dodge his blows. As tentacles were springing from the puddle once again, a Demon Familiar was summoned from the thin air as it charged at the puddle from behind.

“Ice Spear!” The demon shouted as it propelled its spear deep into the puddle of ooze, freezing it over completely and causing the room to fall silent.

A long crack appeared in the puddle, followed by hundreds more, eventually shattering the puddle as Shuma Gorath turned his body back into liquid before reforming, roaring with fury.

“You think it would be that easy to defeat me!?” Shuma shouted, as dozens of his tentacles shot into the son of Dracula. Alucard charged into the demon’s tentacles, allowing himself be impaled by them while wielding a blood red sword, different from before.

Alucard weakly plunged the sword into Shuma, who turned to liquid to dodge the blade while Alucard continued swinging. The demon suddenly felt a burning pain in the liquid around the sword as he realized his soul was being sucked into it.

“The Mourneblade,” Alucard clarified with a smile, “It drains your soul in order to heal my wounds. Meaning the more I’m hurt, the more of your soul it takes,” The half-vampire finished as his wounds from being impaled healed over.

Shuma quickly smashed into Alucard with a massive tentacle, sending him and his sword flying off of him as he weakly got back on his tentacles. The Demon charged a massive ball of energy in front of him before unleashing it on Alucard, who stood in front of the onslaught patiently.

The explosion that followed demolished the lair, sending wood and stone flying for miles and filling the area with a thick cloud of dust.

“You put up an interesting fight vampire,” Shuma muttered, “But my plans cannot be halted by someone as insignificant as-“ but the Demon was interrupted by the outline of Alucard calmly walking towards him through the dust cloud.

“Was that your finishing attack? I’m sorry but I was prepared for something far more powerful,” Alucard taunted as he exited the dust cloud, revealing his business suit that had been torn to shreds, and the yellow armor that was beneath it.

“How?” Was all Shuma was able to stutter.

Alucard pounded on his yellow armor proudly, “The Walk Armor,” he explained, “It raises my defense the more I travel. After exploring about 1 square mile, no mortal can possibly harm me, and I’ve been walking for 300 years.”

Shuma-Gorath angrily threw a razor-sharp tentacle at Alucard, only to have it harmlessly bounce off of the half-vampire. Next several eyeballs flew from the demon’s body and detonated at Alucards feet without even phasing him.

“Give it up,” Alucard shrugged, “You can’t defeat me. How did you put it? ‘The difference in power between the two of us is beyond your comprehension’?” Alucard smirked.

“NO!” Shuma shrieked, “I cannot be defeated so easily! Prepare yourself mortal, for my true might!”

Shuma floated into the air, eventually rising into the heavens themselves as his body quickly began expanding and growing at a rapid rate, filling the horizon in a matter of seconds.

“How do you intend to defeat me now that I’m in this form!?” Shuma boomed as he looked down upon Alucard’s small frame.

Alucard’s response only took one second. From his equipment, Alucard pulled out a watch, an orb, a helmet and a dull blade, placing the four items in front of him and addressing the Demon Lord.

“I intend to defeat you with these,” Alucard simply replied gesturing at the equipment.

Shuma-Gorath let out a roar of laughter that shook the Earth as he looked back down at the son of Dracula, “Very well, we shall see!”

A massive ball of energy the size of Dracula’s castle began charging in front of Shuma as he prepared to fire down upon Alucard when the Half-Vampire swiftly picked up the dull blade before disappearing in a flash of red light.

Alucard reappeared high up in the Earth’s atmosphere, his lack of need for oxygen allowing him to safely stand on top of Shuma-Gorath’s massive form as he struck the dull blade deep into the Demon’s flesh before teleporting back to the balcony where his items lay.

From the balcony, Alucard watched as Shuma began writhing in pain.

“The Stone Sword,” Alucard said while the ball of energy Shuma was charging dissipated, as the Lord of Chaos quickly turned to rock.

“Normally, the effects only last 30 seconds,” Alucard continued as he picked up the watch, “Which isn’t nearly long enough, which is why I brought this,” He motioned to the watch and clicked it.

“That’ll slow down the stone effect, allowing it to last about 3 minutes. Usually, you’d simply stay where you were frozen at for three minutes,” Alucard said as he placed the Dragon Helmet atop his head, “But with your massive body, you’ll be sucked into Earth’s atmosphere. But don’t worry, as a mass, you’re far too big to be completely engulfed in it.”

Suddenly cracks began appearing all over Shuma’s stoned body, spreading until they completely covered the demon.

“Which is why I’m wearing this helmet that will make your body too weak to hold itself together,” Alucard finished as he picked up the orb and used it to summon the Sword Familiar.

The floating sword nodded at Alucard before flying up into the heavens to meet the falling Shuma, splitting into dozens of identical swords along the way. There was a bright flash as the swords made contact, piercing through the Demon’s statue, which stood perfectly intact for a few moments before crumbling apart into smaller pieces that burned up as they entered the atmosphere.

“I’m not entirely sure what you were,” Alucard said to the flaming pieces of rock, “But I know that you will no longer be a threat to the human race.

With that, Alucard disappeared in a bright flash of blood red light while Dracula’s castle collapsed on top of itself.

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Feel free to use the rest of this topic to talk about the fights and post questions/comments/concerns.

As for my personal favorite fight, I'd have to say it would be Brock Sampson vs. The Hulk, I can just see them going at it so easily hit for hit in the beginning.

For my favorite character to write, it's probably a tie between Space Ghost and Omega Rugal, I always looked forward to writing their fights.

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Luffy should have beaten D. He was in Gear 2nd.

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Thanks for making them easier to find.

*eagerly awats next battle*

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Luffy should have beaten D. He was in Gear 2nd.

D's surprisingly tough regardless, especially if he absorbs some of his opponent's power. Plus Luffy's weakness has always been bladed weapons.

Thanks for making them easier to find.

*eagerly awats next battle*

I'm about 1/5 of the way through the profiles. 100 profiles is a lot of writing...

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I'd imagine.

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Though it does suck that I'm moving at such a slow pace. Hopefully it'll be up and running before school starts, and even then I'll have to find the time to write the Adamantium Division, God help the Steel.