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Title: A Halloween Story (And just in time)
Post by: Fuuka Yamagishi on 31 October, 2010, 10:59:11 pm
So, I got this idea randomly, and wrote it like, just now. Wanted to get this up before midnight, but it's a long ways from being completed. Here's hoping I can keep myself to it.

Stupid notepad having formatting issues grumble grumble. Who writes in notepad, anyway? Losers, that's who. Like me. >_>

- Chapter 1 -

 "...Alright. later, then." Randy said right before closing his phone. His dorm was in the process of planning a Halloween party, and he and some friends were going to put on a little show for the guests, see how many screams they could get out of it. It was some much needed excitement in the fairly dull monotony of the current college life. He still hadn't decided a costume yet, the deadline was coming up and he had to put something together. Well, at worst he could just not be the leader of that little escapade.

 Randy mused at his own indecisiveness over the situation. He's usually much better at this sort of thing. Lack of interest maybe? Given how boring life had been recently, he thought it would be a welcome change of pace, even if it was only for a moment. He shrugged and forgot about it. He had homework to do now and that took priority.

 With a flip of a burger, Jacob sighed. This wasn't exactly the small-time job he had been hoping for, but it was about all he could get himself into in this economy. He sneaked a peek at his cellphone, hoping for a message from, well anyone really. Nothing. Maybe he'd text his girlfriend later, assuming she wasn't in the middle of classes.

 The time passed slowly as he continued work, flipping burgers and throwing greasy fries into cardboard sleeves for the next demanding customer. It seemed that everyone in this city grew restless around Halloween, more irritable. There's never been any particular reason, perhaps it was the pressure to buy so much candy with all the children wandering the narrow, blocked-off streets. The streets in this city are small, proof that this city used to be a small, rural town. Now between all the skyscrapers there is no room for road expansion, leaving the streets crowded and drivers frustrated.

 Before he had realized it, Jacob's shift ended. He packed up, said goodbye to his coworkers and headed home. He pulled out his phone and began to text his girlfriend. A cold wind breezed through the buildings, it felt eerie, as if it was the herald of coming trouble, an omen. Given the time of season, it was entirely appropriate. Jacob arrived at his rather small suburban house. It seemed that no one else was home at the moment.
"Must've gone out..." Jacob mused. He didn't mind that much, though. His family was prone to heading out randomly, usually to eat. HIs schedule tended to not fit well with theirs. He sat down at his computer and turned on the television to the news. He paid minor attention to it droning in the background as he went about his business on the Internet. However, one news story caught his attention, what appeared to be a massacre on the edge of town, blood everywhere, yet not a corpse in sight.

 A disconcerting story, though he quickly forgot about it and turned his attention to his IM conversation that was currently taking place.
"So, what are you doing for Halloween?" his friend asked.
"Not much, probably just handing out candy to kids. I don't even have a costume." Jacob replied.
"What? Not even a party? You gotta tell me at least your girlfriend's coming over."
"Yeah, of course! And by "of course" I mean I'm asking her right now."
"You don't have this much figured out, do you?"
"Shut it."
He looked at his phone, no responses yet. She must be busy or something.
"Speaking of which, I don't have much candy, so I'mma head out to get some more. Later."
The TV displayed a gruesome image, blood spattered on walls, a mystery that baffled the authorities. Jacob stared at it for a few minutes before heading out. The image stuck in his mind and he couldn't shake a feeling of dread...

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Wow I'm slow at getting around to things. Anyway here's chapter 2. My writing style will be inconsistent as I'm basically writing this on the fly. I'm not a professional, after all.

Long and poorly-written ahoy! I could not think of a way to end this better, so maybe I'll fix it later when I'm not tired.

--- Chapter 2 ---

 Randy sat back up from his homework. Another set of problems complete. That was enough for today, he thought. He had more to do, but he felt it could safely be put off until tomorrow at least. He quietly closed his book and pulled out his laptop. Time for some internet, got to stay up to date with the latest happenings. He stopped by a news website to see what was going on in the outside world. What was new? not much. Politics in a mess, wars in a foreign land, nothing that he could bring himself to care about at the moment. He shifted his focus to a more local scene. Mostly information about upcoming Halloween celebrations. He noticed his group's party listed in there. Guess they wanted to go big-time. Not too bad, it's known for being a "Bangin' Party." Though the exact meaning of "bangin'" is under debate. An article caught his eye, something about a brutal murder. Given the city's size and it's considerable underground scene, murders over disputes were far too common. But nothing like this. A shocking scene, far worse than some petty squabble over who owed a debt.

 His thoughts were interrupted by his cellphone ringing. He quickly answered it.
"Hey, what's up?" The voice on the other side asked.
"Not much, just finished up some homework."
"You wanna go get something to eat?" His friend queried.
"Sure, why not?"
Randy talked with his friend for a little while, chatting over nothing major in particular. It had been a while since they had any real contact. Randy hung up, put some nicer clothes on and headed out to meet his friend.

 Jacob browsed the Halloween candy isle at the local family-owned grocery store, Allison's. Some Snickers, M&M's, Skittles. The classics, no kid could complain at the windfall of candy they would be receiving. He loaded up a few more bags, enough to sufficiently be the cause of many trips to the dentist, and made his way to the exit.
"Hey! How's it going, Jacob?" The man running the register said as he approached.
"Not much, Robert. Just stocking up for Halloween. I'm going to earn the love and admiration of the entire neighborhood kids!"
"Not gonna be hard with that much candy!" Robert chuckled a little.
"How about you? How's it going with the job hunting?" Jacob asked.
"Urg, not great. You'd think there'd be more people who need a man of my talents, but I'm still stuck working a register at a grocery store!"
"Keep it up! There's got to be someone somewhere who'll need your abilities. You got any particular place you're looking at right now?"
"Not yet, gonna hit up a few more places when I get home tonight." Robert replied.
"As long as you don't give it up. See you later!" Jacob exclaimed as he grabbed his bags.
"Later, Jake!"
Robert had been a friend of Jacob's since they were teens attending the same high school. Robert was older than Jake and consequently had already been through college. Unfortunately, times have been hard and as such had made it difficult to find an occupation relevant to what he had studied for. Jacob arrived home before he realized it, his attention wrapped in his thoughts. He took a look at the outside his house and realized it hadn't quite the spooky feel that Halloween deserved. He set to work to spookify his otherwise quite average home.

  "Alright, later Tek." The voice on the phone said. Tek wasn't his real name, but no one ever called him anything else. Ever since high school the name had stuck, but he didn't mind, it made him feel a little honored that everyone referred to him by a title. The room felt rather chilly in his current dress- a towel wrapped around his waist. He dressed himself with intent to dine. Preparation is key to success, even if it simply to eat and talk with a friend. Dressing in a warm coat, he headed outside and down the street.

 The street was quite populated, given it was approaching the dinner rush hour. It wasn't too bad though, It gave Tek a feeling... A certain sense of security, as weird as it seemed to him. A shriek rang out through the street as he passed an alleyway. Startled, Tek looked down the dark, foreboding pathway, he swore he saw something moving back there. A feeling of dread crept over him, he couldn't explain it. Rather than dwelling on it, he quickly hurried on his way. No one seemed to have heard that terrible noise. Maybe he was hallucinating. He shook the thoughts from his head and greeted his friend Randy who had been waiting for him.
"So, on the way over here, I heard this really weird noise... Kinda creeped me out." Tek said.
"What was it like?" Randy inquired.
"A scream. Like a person's, but the weird thing was, nobody seemed to notice it. There was also something moving back in there, Whatever it was, it was fast, and definitely creepy." Tek replied.
"Huh... Seems like some weird things have been going on all over the city." Randy noted. "There was almost no one on the roads on my way here."
"Strange, cause it was packed coming my way. It's not like there's that much distance between us..." Tek stated.
Randy shrugged "Dunno. Anyway, I got a question I wanna ask you. What do you think I should dress up as for the party...?"

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