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Title: my musicshake
Post by: NubChaos/Little Raven on 25 September, 2012, 05:15:43 am
I've been using musicshake since shortly after it started (it started in 2007 I think; I joined in December of that year)

And I still occasionally make songs to this day

So, if you're bored, listen to my ****.
Most of it probably isn't that great, but I can recommend some of the better ones.


For my most recent songs, I'd recommend Waiting and Beneath. Maybe I Long For You.

Going back further, I'd recommend Sword of Justice, The End, Fly, Insanity, Night Raid, and Smileless. Feel free to listen to any of them though. Doesn't matter to me! :D

I have two multi-part songs as well (both are split into four parts and at least 20 minutes total each). One is The One, and the other is The Lost Continent. My most recent track is True Strength, though I might be making and posting another one or two in the coming days. I've also considered doing a third multi-part song.

I used to have many more songs, but I once went through and deleted a lot of the poorer/less successful ones, so the 80 or so that remain are among the better ones (though I haven't deleted anything since that initial deletion spree, so some of my newer tracks might be too poor to last long.)

If you want, you can also go to my Youtube. I do my best to post any Musicshake songs I create there as well.

Over the years I've ended up with some favorite instrument patterns that tend to show up multiple times in multiple songs. I should really branch out more... OH WELL.