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Title: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Doctorworm on 16 January, 2013, 08:51:12 am
Doc: So, Gaffit and I have recently been talking about some more technical/lore based CoS information and while we were actually making some progress (we weren't just beating our skulls together) We agreed it would be better to get more varied perspective, that means you guys! So we ask you to avoid "TL:DR" and find your own ideas in your skulldrives and share them with the rest of us.

(gaffit & I will post our thoughts on the one we talked about in here after a bit)

-what is the JD backed by? (gold, silver, element zero, gummy worms, ect.)
            -how do we get hold of the above materials? (mining, trading, theft?)

-How does CoS stack up in universal trade?
           -do we funnel money in through companies certain clasher own?
           -do we rent ourselves out as mercs., scientists, ect?)
           -do we sell weapons/items/ other stuff to other races & planets?
-What keeps CoS' facilities running?

-How does CoS handle "war"
           -do we consider unregistered being attacking clashers terrorism/acts of war?
           -in a wartime situation, what happens to the Mart/Gym/Battlefields?
                      -(are we giving everyone free dips in the CA goop? or still charging?)
           -Does CoS have signed allies? (TIA? Earth-UN? ect?)
           -are clasher ranks translated into military ranks? do we have compulsory enlistment?

Geographic location(s)
-Where is the CoS flag planted?
           -are there multiple CoS locations?

-what is the actual governmental system of CoS? (Demo, Dictator, Free, other?)
            -How are new leaders chosen? (past and present)

foreign policy
-Do clashers get representation in, say the UN?
            -does that imply some clashers have diplomatic immunity?
            -Is CoS even considered it's own state by countries/races?

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Gaffit on 17 January, 2013, 04:10:31 pm
I have opinions, but I'll see some other's before saying anything.

Also sticky.

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Doctorworm on 18 January, 2013, 09:55:06 am
Doc: i guess I'll start off then... *grabs the sharing stick*  hmmm...

Military: (in my estimation)
1. CoS would probably handle war like a responsible pitbull owner. We keep it on it's leash until it becomes a matter of self defense, at which point we break the chain and let'er rip.
      2. Depends on where it happens & the scale. if someone attacks CoS alone, if they manage to "kill" a clasher they'd just come back immediately, could just be a case of not reading the rules. But if a group comes in and starts blowing up our doods... well then retaliation might be necessary. If it happened somewhere other then CoS then we might have a problem (ex. Say Nik ends up in America, and in an act of self defense/by mistake he virtual blade kills some guy on the street. It'd be hard to not think Nik started the fight if he could do that to someone, so he gets arrested. At that point CoS wouldn't be able to do all that much for Him. But if as a result he ends up in a deep 6 science lab getting his brain scanned for aliens, then we're gonna go get him out)
     3. I'd say we either give discounts (probably festivus level) or just give out some mass produced weapons/items then reclaim them later.
     4. CoS has always kinda been without allies, probably based on our general attitudes & OP scariness to normals. if we have any they'd be the BP group (which i think was mostly for convenience if we applied a universal logic to the Faqs migration) Some clasher might be considered fugitives by their home countries/planets/races after all.
     5. I think our military structure would roughly follow the order of (Creators -> Vets -> regulars -> New bloods) though the idea of being "General Worm the Xth" does sound nice in it's own way... As for enlistment, I don't think we would force all clashers to fight a war, if we're against your home team we wouldn't ask you to fight unless you hate those jerkbags. just don't join their ranks against us -_^ (or I'll show no mercy)

Discuss! *throws sharing stick*

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Davidk92 on 18 January, 2013, 11:25:16 am
Uh... I'm new at this, so I'm still learning all this stuff. I can't really comment...

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Gaffit on 22 January, 2013, 07:35:27 pm
A lot of this is going to be from my character's perspective so hang tight.

1. Still have no idea
2. Well, there's always fusion. As long as we have enough hydrogen, Gaffit could technically just fuse all the elements we need together.

Gamma Corp is run by Lotus (But Gaffit likes to pretend to be in charge) but she makes sure that none of the CoS money and trade is used to keep the business legitimate. However, Gaffit and Lotus both use their powers in order help the world and make the company more successful, with Gaffit inventing free and unlimited wireless energy by having solar-powered nanobots exist in the atmosphere to send harmless electric waves down to the Earth. And Lotus uses her powers to regrow entire rain forests and repopulate endangered species. Rief does hire himself out as a merc though. He travels from world to world in order to pick up more weapons he finds useful and to recieve more training in battles. Beta and W.A.R. help out at Gamma Corp when they're both not out on mission and Drake enjoys the life of a vigilante super hero in New York.

Energy: *Looks around* I think we have more than enough energy to last a couple universal lifetimes.

1. The CoS should not be engaged in war at all. If the conflict is on a world not associated with the CoS, only one Clasher should be allowed to interfere with the conflict, preferably whoever gets there first. Could you imagine what would happen if the CoS was split over an issue and the war spilled over to the CoS? We get enough collateral damage from one on one fights.
2. If war is declared against the CoS then God help whoever did the attacking because then it's open season.
3. TIA is an official ally with the CoS. An attack on TIA is an attack on the CoS and the CoS will offer aid upon request. Other planets are allowed to submit a request for an alliance with the CoS, but gaining an alliance is difficult.
4. I'm assuming the CoS military would be a primarily volunteer endeavor, however, I'd be surprised if anyone turned it down. Not sure how we'd pick a military leader though. We could probably divide our forces up through teams.

Geographic Locations:
1. The CoS is located directly between everything. It is one hell of a hassle to find.
2. Yes, technically there are unlimited CoS locations. The one we've discovered is meant to fit our limited dimensional consciousness.

1. I thought the Creator System was pretty set in stone. Though they didn't actually create anything, they just sort of run the bureaucratic side of things.
2. A new Creator is chosen when the majority of current creators agree to the establishment of a new seat. There should never be less than 3 Creators at any one time. A tie between Creators on the matter of a new seat results in decision by popular election.

Foreign Policy:
1. Hey, anyone who wants to try sending nukes our way is more than welcome to try. Other than that, I say we'll mind our business, the rest of the universe can mind its.

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Doctorworm on 23 January, 2013, 08:08:32 am
Doc: ah, answers to questions hooo! (Oh and David, we're trying to decide what the answers to these questions are, so if you have any ideas we'd still like to hear them)

Economy: *skip Uno card*

Energy: basically, the mart is fusion/solar nanobots, the gym runs off electricity, the battle topics don't usually require power except for the virtual ones & CH hasn't turned the lights on for a while.

Military: *already answered*

Geographic location:
-CoS "Faqs" was on earth, somewhere in the USA (based on the server location i think) CoS "BP" is wherever BP takes place (alternate earth, different planet, space station), & CoS "prime" is on a different planet (TB calls the planet "Nina")
-i agree with gaffit's "unlimited" CoS locations.

-The Creator system is what we use, but is it more like a democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, ect?

-I agree with Gaffit's way of naming new creators. "Back in the day" the first 3 creator were the clashers who "tamed" CoS each of them contributing a new idea to the whole (battle topics & new rules, Profile storage, the Stadium) then the "2nd gen" creators were simply appointed (though each of them either created a new CoS idea, or kept one of them from falling apart).

Foreign Policy:
-I agree. Though i would go further and say that CoS tries to "hide" itself from the universe, ensuring only those who really want to find it can (the clashers who arrive every so often)

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: NPC Overlord Nikoleis on 15 June, 2013, 03:43:25 pm
Just for fun, my opinion on that matter

-what is the JD backed by? (gold, silver, element zero, gummy worms, ect.) -> Magic. I mean, specifically, the magic of fighting floating around the Clash of Smash
            -how do we get hold of the above materials? (mining, trading, theft?) -> Fighting, duh!

-How does CoS stack up in universal trade?
           -do we funnel money in through companies certain clasher own? -> ★This advertisement brought to you by StarCola! StarCola, the drink that gives you something for your money★
           -do we rent ourselves out as mercs., scientists, ect?) -> Case by case basis?
           -do we sell weapons/items/ other stuff to other races & planets? -> See above
-What keeps CoS' facilities running? -> A good pair of shoes! ... Ahem, I mean an undisclosed top secret youshouldn'tevenask power source

-How does CoS handle "war" -> Badly
           -do we consider unregistered being attacking clashers terrorism/acts of war? -> Who would be that stupid?
           -in a wartime situation, what happens to the Mart/Gym/Battlefields?
                      -(are we giving everyone free dips in the CA goop? or still charging?) -> Ask Gaffit
           -Does CoS have signed allies? (TIA? Earth-UN? ect?) -> Better question, who would put that lunatic group that is the Clash of Smash crew on their list of enemy?
           -are clasher ranks translated into military ranks? do we have compulsory enlistment? -> Since when the X-Men have a military rank?

Geographic location(s)
-Where is the CoS flag planted? -> Drifting in the infinite featureless plane of Death Fight
           -are there multiple CoS locations? -> More like multiple location to enter the universal law-breaking dimention that is the Clash of Smash

-what is the actual governmental system of CoS? (Demo, Dictator, Free, other?) -> "WHERE IS THE CREATOR?"
            -How are new leaders chosen? (past and present) -> See above

foreign policy
-Do clashers get representation in, say the UN? -> Anyone sane enough to send anywhere requiring paying respect to a protocol? I mean, for real?
            -does that imply some clashers have diplomatic immunity? -> Implied by the general rule "Don't screw with thing that can kill you before they have to think about it"
            -Is CoS even considered it's own state by countries/races? -> Well, considering the Cos is everywhere and nowhere at the same time...

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Doctorworm on 15 June, 2013, 03:56:02 pm
Doc: hooray! more information to crunch into system permutations

...Dmax never posted his answer... odd...

Title: Re: CoS social geometry questions
Post by: Azure Jon on 21 January, 2014, 12:43:22 am
Hey guys. How is it going? This is Judg (I lost my account info and deleted my old email, so I just made another)  What’s it been, like two years or something?  This place hasn’t been on my mind lately, but I am getting back into drawing, and needed some inspiration for myself.  Then I got to thinking: “Man, that CoS thing was a really big part of my life way back,” and I decided, why not do some pictures based on it? And if I liked the outcome, maybe I could even write a comic.
It was during my brainstorming for the comic that I actually came up with a lot of ideas of how exactly such a “community,” one based on fighting for sport and involving super powered beings, would work. Then, yesterday, I actually came out here; saw this topic and thought, “Great, maybe I can share.”
Now, I’m not the greatest writer around the block, and can struggle to come up with coherent ideas that don’t have huge flaws in them, so these might not be the best. And these ideas take place in a CoS that is 6000 years in the future, and has greatly evolved into a community with thousands, if not millions of fighters from different parts of space, dimensions, universes, etc.

-What is JD backed by?
   I view “JD” (which in the story is going by “CC - clash currency”) as being backed by nothing. Actually, nothing might be bad phrasing. Think of it as similar to the US Dollar, which is backed by “full faith and credit to the United States.” The reason for is the fact that CoS is the domain of creatures from several different worlds and universes, and the elements in each dimension may not exist in others. Therefore, if the standard was gold, and someone came from a universe without gold, then that person is at a disadvantage financially than someone who came from a world with gold.
   With all that said, JD/CC cannot be used anywhere but the dimension that COS exists in. And most places in COS will only accept the JD as the only form of currency. Money that anybody brings with them into COS can be converted into JD upon arrival into the dimension. The conversion is not an immediate process, as conversions need to be done by researching the currency of the dimension the combatant came from. This is done to determine exactly how much JD the combatant would need to have equal wealth when the conversion is done.
   After that, representatives of CoS are sent to the world of the now registered clasher in order to find ways to get the currency (or whatever it is backed by) from that universe. This is done in order to ensure that the clasher has something to convert back to in case they end up with more money than before when returning home.
-How does CoS stack up in universal trade.
   Actually, pretty much all the ways you listed above.  Since JD is unable to be used outside of CoS, it needs to make sure it has a variety of other valuables in order to 1. Make sure clashers can exchange JD for their own currency with equivalent value and 2. Trade with those same nations and worlds for goods and resources.
-Funnel money through other clashers’ company
   I’m gonna be honest, my economy skills are weak. Although, you probably already inferred that if you read that mess up above, lol. But sure, I can imagine that there is a more powerful clasher (hierarchy-wise anyway) with access to that sort of deal.
-Rent merc services, etc.
   This is actually the one I pictured most happening. In the story, officials would send representatives to different worlds in order to rent out military services and “protection.” Think of it as insurance with the mob, except we’re not breaking any fingers. Subscribers would be ensured protection from dangerous threats immediately and would receive regular visits from guardians to make sure there is order. The one thing that CoS does not do is assist in conquest. This is to preserve an identity of peace keeping so that other worlds to not fear CoS and would be more willing to ask for help.
   I never thought of the whole scientist thing, but it actually strikes me as a good idea. In fact, I can just picture the representatives who go into the different worlds just trying to help in any sort of way: scientific innovations, medical breakthroughs, etc. With all the different kind of people that compete in CoS (in my vision, anyway) surely all of those things can be provided to other places as a sign of goodwill and a way to trade. Not only does this help CoS obtain outside resources, but it would make CoS popular with outsiders as well, and give the worlds a reason to want to have an inhabitant enter CoS.
-Sell weapons, items, etc.
   My only problem with this is that selling weapons to certain areas or governments could lead to the whole aiding in conquest thing. I never really put much thought into, but maybe there are regulations on how powerful weapons can be if sold. Or maybe there is a system in which all weapons that are sold are kept track to insure they aren’t misused. And if they are, there should be people strong enough in the CoS system to take care of the people who misuse them.
   Yeah, plenty of brilliant scientist type characters. After 6000 years, there are plenty of fortified hyper energy-sciency-over-my-head power plants to keep everything running.

-How does CoS handle war?
   It only intervenes when asked and paid to. Unless an allied nation is asking for assistance in self defense. Other than that, the community wants to keep fighting within its bound and only for sport.
-How does it respond to attacks on clashers?
   That’s a toughie because of all the different circumstances it implies.
-Clasher on Clasher within bounds of CoS
   Not a huge deal, because of the special properties within CoS that allow rebirth after death. However, since a peaceful society is still wanted within CoS, there is punishment in the form of either JD loss, fighting penalties, and even jail time depending on the severity of the crime.
-Non-Clasher on Clasher invading CoS
   Bigger deal. Threat is either removed by a strong member of police or military, or put in jail within CoS. If the threat is serious enough (example, threatens/has already returned multiple times to kill or damage property), it is removed and then exterminated outside of CoS, ensuring permanent erasure.
-Non-Clasher waging war on CoS
   There is a military for this sort of thing. More info later.
-Clashers’ uprising against the government
   Military matter. Threat is defeated then banned from the dimension, physically unable to return.
-Military uprising against CoS government
****. The “president” of CoS usually has enough allies and is powerful enough to ensure that this isn’t an issue.
-Attack on Clasher outside of CoS.
   Unfortunately, if this ever happens, CoS won’t go through great lengths to get them back. Especially if the person attacked is new or unknown. However, if a veteran or popular fighter is attacked outside of dimension CoS, then yeah, we try to help. Any clasher who is no longer welcome in their homeland anymore almost always takes residence in CoS though.
-World waging war on CoS
   Military gets involved and world is usually wiped out or beaten to an inch of complete nonexistence. It’s almost a matter of pride that CoS doesn’t lose wars.
-Do we consider attacks on clashers an act of war
   As I said earlier, depends on who or how many are involved. If it is a very well known Clasher or a citizen Clasher who actually lives in the dimension, then we will most likely get them back or get revenge. While we try to keep the peace, it is necessary that attacks on our citizens will not be taken lightly.
-What happens to facilities?
   Usually wars try to be taken outside of the dimension. That way we can keep all those places open and keep citizens and buildings safe from the battlefield. If war inside CoS cannot be helped, then facilities such as the marts and gyms are used as shelters.
   Very few, if any. Again, war is really avoided unless we are being paid by a world for self defense. Certain worlds may be allied with CoS due to long time trade/trust, or being associated with a powerful clasher (ex. The world of angels Judg hails from).
-Military rank/system
   Powerful clashers are usually noticed due to the high profile nature of the fights. They are then asked by the government to join the military, usually with a large reward in JD and benefits if they do.  Based on strategic knowledge and power level, they are ranked accordingly. The purpose of the military has pretty much been laid out above. The commander-in-chief of this military is also the “president” of CoS and makes the decisions to go to war. Anybody who wants the join the military at a grunt level is also free to enlist.

   There is only one location of CoS in my vision, and it is a dimension that intersects and is accessible to all others. The entrance to the dimension usually is placed in an area where the person wishing to find CoS must endure a trial in order to prove they are a capable enough fighter to enter in the tournaments. To exit CoS you must leave via an exit gate by simply setting the coordinates of your dimension into the dial pad. As for the actual physical content of the dimension, the majority of clashers live in CoS, so the land is large enough to contain the several thousand fighters. The land is also large enough to be a host to several different types of terrain for fighting in.

   Yeah, I can imagine my government system won’t really work the way you would want it. The same person has had control as “president” for 6000 years, and has elected several hundred of his own government officials for aid in decision making and societal policies based on personal experience and power level.

Foreign Policy
   I can’t really say anything about this that I haven’t already.

If you actually read all that, wow! Thanks! Anything I went into detail with is likely detailed because I planned on explaining these elements in my story. Maybe this will inspire me to actually really hash  out the details, so I can finally get started on writing this thing. Don’t intend to return to CoS, though. I’ve already done enough damage here, lol. Wish you guys the best in this, and in life in general if I don’t check back. ^_^