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Title: *you enter a place of junk*
Post by: ganonfloyd on 09 May, 2015, 12:49:18 am
Junk. Junk never changes.

*all before you is junk. Junk untouched for some time. There are many piles but six stand out like tower ziggurats of an old dynasty. Strewn across the land are topics without replies, topics with the word Jawo in the title, topics for top ten lists of users and topics about lolis. There is no consistency to the junk save that it is all junk, through and through*

What is Junk may never die, but is posted again, weirder and stronger.

*One pile is comprised entirely of body pillows, pictures printed from hentai websites and assorted Ys character figurines. All this junk builds to a towering monolith to a forgotten red god. Another, with the words "Beast Masterful" written on a long discarded billboard on top, is made of discarded bombs, cash and Tekken fight sticks. The third is incomprehensible. The only discernible junk to be seen are entire gallons of fuel, each container bearing the word "Mar" on them*

Junk for the Junk God.

*Across countless topics about beating cads lie the other three piles. One is littered with the corpses of a thousand bees and stoner rock albums not listened to in an age. Next to it stands a pillar of handguns, each of which is miraculously paired with another. Doves adorn the top as if waiting for an unheard but present cue to fly. The final pile is a dark, unseemly thing. Twisted and unrecognizable, it is characterized only by the rats that linger near it and the blades jutting out in droves*

Now you face Junk.

*six towering piles above an endless vista of junk. Phoenix Wright sprites mingle wantonly with implications of sexual deviancy. Jabbering declarations of cause are covered with intentional programming errors like the words of a blasphemer mocking his creator. The names of users spread out as far as they eye can see, simply proclaiming their name and nothing more. Links, Sponsored from a long forgotten and unknowable entity. The peering gaze of guests that are never seen but simultaneously never forgotten.*


"This is our world of Junk."

*you turn to one of the ziggurats to see a figure sitting atop. Crowned with a ring of dinosaur teeth and wearing an amulet made from a Castlevania cartridge, the figure looks out at the other pillars and a look of combined glee and lunacy. The reality that you should not have come here never dawns on you; by the time your mind could process rational thought it has already given in and become one with the Junk. The figure smiles.*

"Junk. Junk never changes."

Title: Re: *you enter a place of junk*
Post by: Ƨɒlƚy on 09 May, 2015, 10:53:13 pm
*I grin, the gel in my hair the only thing keeping me upright. Or downright. Or...ah hell, balanced on my head on this pile of waifus, rage, and fail.*

"Not any more it doesn't. That's the way it goes with things, no, with people like this."

*My tongue flicks down, to either eyeball, then back up to the tip of my nose to catch the bead of sweat forming there. Idly, I cast the sweat and spit out, the droplets forming into three giant letters, none alike in shape.*

*Each letter, a missive of apathy and the unwillingness to act or be heard, bowl through pillars and mountains, over hill and dale and the tortured, twisted body of a fight whose words stretch longer than obituaries*

"All things end. As so too shall we."