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Title: Star Fox: The Search for Fox's Father
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 09 September, 2007, 05:25:25 pm
Alright, I wrote this some time ago, and when I did, it wasn't really thought out. I was realizing just how much I want a sequel to Star Fox that is as good as or better than SF64.

I was also getting excited just by thinking about how great this could be. :P

This is also written as a hybrid fan-fic/game-creation, so just bear with it.  There might be some parts that don't have enough derail, so just fill in the gaps with your imagination.  ;D

And.....here ya go.

control: You hold the remote and nunchuck like you do in Twilight Princess. You aim the the screen to shoot.
A: smart bomb
B: shoot
Spin Nunchuck: barrel roll!
Control Stick: movement
C-Button: press and pull up/down/left/right to do loop/u-turn/weird sideways spin respectively

story: Years after defeating Andross for the first time and having saved the Lylat system three times over, The Star Fox team has achieved a celebrity/hero status.

Slippy is a top engineer and inventor, Krystal is a successful bounty hunter (just work with me here), and Falco is just living the "high life".

Fox however can't just kick back and relax, for in the back of is mind he knows his father is out there somewhere.

One fateful day, Fox is sent a message on his scouter  . It's from an anonymous person who says that they have all the information that he is looking for. Feeling intrigued and suffering from a little boredom, Fox takes up the offer.

Once at the meeting place (which happens to be an estremely tall hotel/office building/whatever) Fox is confronted by this mysterious person.....

(cont. in new post)

Title: Re: Star Fox: The Search for Fox's Father
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 09 September, 2007, 05:25:59 pm
This person says to Fox "you know why I'm hear don't you?"

".....It's about my father, isn't it?'

"Heh. Yes it is. You see, your father never died, for he had a alterior motive other than defeating Andross. We had to make it look like he was dead so that he could go undercover with-"

Suddenly, a laser blast flies out from the shadows and hits the wall nearby blowing large pieces out of the wall.

Fox instinctively dives into the informant down as he shoots the would-be assassin.

Out of no where, windows burst in and armed mercenaries rapell from the skylights. Spotlights shine in through the windows. Aircraft is seen hovering outside the windows.

"......never a dull moment"

The gameplay starts here. You're on foot, but it's on rails so all you have to do is dodge and shoot as you try to make it to the elevator and protect the informant from the mercenaries bursting in from windows and such.

Suddenly you hear explosions outside. You see the Great Fox blasting enemies and Krystal calls ou up on your scouter.

"Falco and I got curious as to where you were going, so we followed you! Good thing, huh?!" Krystal shouts past the commotion.

You see Falco spiraling past smoking enemies left and right as he says "Yeah Fox! You got 'sum 'splaining to do!!"

You make it to the elevator and it goes all cutscene.

Catching his breath, Fox asks "Who were those guys?"

"They don't want me to tell you!! they don't want me to tell anyone!!!!!"

"Tell me what?.....whatever, got more pressing matters at hand....we're going up."

"What?! Why!"

"They will definitely be waiting at the bottom."

You make it to the top floor and Fox calls for his Arwing. No one is around.

"Alright, get by the window, my ship will be here in a moment. Now what were you gonna tell me?"

"*gasping* Fox......your father....he's working for-"


The informant gets blasted from behind Fox. Fox spins around, points out his blaster and gets hit in stomach. There is a hooded assassin getting ready to attck him again. He counters the next blow and (*more fighting*) after both of them knocked each other down, Fox notices that the assassin's hood had come off in the scuffle.

They both grab there blasters, spin and end up pointing their guns in each others faces. Fox's jaw drops.


(*cont. in next post*)

Title: Re: Star Fox: The Search for Fox's Father
Post by: Spring-Loaded on 09 September, 2007, 05:27:16 pm
Fox's dad Sparta kicks him out of the window.

Fox, too awestruck to comprehend what has just happened falls right past the mercenaries' ships outside the floor below. The city is full of other flying ships and Huge flashy neon signs (think Blade Runner).

It then switches to gameplay, where Fox is falling and it's still on rails, you just dodge, aim and shoot at some of the mercenaries in jetpacks chasing him down to the street (this building is really tall).

Suddenly, Fox' Arwing swoops out of nowhere and Fox's flips inside.

"It's game time." 

You then are flying downward's around the building shooting the countless ships and mercenaries inside and outside the building helping Falco and Krystal clear them out. The building will get blown apart and you'll have to dodge chunks of it as you fly through and around it (on rails!).

After you're done, Falco asks, "That was fun. So, what the heck were you doing here in the first place?"

Fox remebers his father and just sees a Arwing-like ship flying of the roof of the building into the city.

You jet after him and try to follow him like at the end of SF64. He says stuff to you and you dodge other ships and stuff, but he gets away.

Fox meets back up with Falco and Krystal and they ask what this was all about.

Krystal asks "Goodness Fox, if you're in trouble, you should ask us for help....."

She looks at the markings on one of the destroyed ships and recognizes it.

"Hey,......I know these guys. I took a bounty on one of there assassins once."

"Do you know where there headquarters are?" Fox asks urgently.

"Why the heck would you want to go into the freakin' base of the people that just tried to kill you?!" Falco remarks.

".............Because I need to speak with my father."

*Epic Music*

*title screen*

STAR FOX: The Search for Fox's Father

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I was reading stories cuz theyre good and now i see i want


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They Good!!!!!!!