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Title: Some Half-Life fanfic.
Post by: Mr. Death on 09 October, 2007, 08:38:11 am
Scroll down to begin reading Chapter 1 of my Half Life fanfic.

Title: Re: Some Half-Life fanfic.
Post by: Mr. Death on 10 October, 2007, 08:40:07 am
 Chapter 1: And so it begins...

"Hey! Hey Buddy! Wake up! We're almost there!
"You must have been exhausted from city 16,huh?"

*Gordon stands up to find himself on a train and looks out the window*

Citizen:Ten years......The combine have had control of Earth for TEN YEARS!!!!

*The smell of rotten flesh and decay fills the air*

*Gordon keeps looking out the window to see a pack of bullsquid run by and get gunned down by Combine turrets*

Citizen: The Combine.....The Alien Race that took over the earth....Of course we fought back, with everything Earth had,Tanks,Soldiers,explosives.....our fight lasted seven hours.

Intercom: Now Arriving at City 17

Citizen:Ah crap.... Well, it was good talking to ya...

*train arrives at City 17 and the doors on the train slide open*

Gordon walks out of the train car to see a desolate city, sad faces and an overall sense of turmoil and depression in the air.

Combine Soldier: Citizen! This way, now!*A combine Soldier directs Gordon to the center of what once was a beautiful town, now lying in ruins and being controlled by Combine*

Combine Soldier: Go! Get out of my sight before I destroy you!

Gordon walks away to try and find a way out of this desolate place.

Whilst walking around, Gordon watches as citizens get beaten with batons or directed where to go.

Gordon was not going to stay here, upon seeing the destruction wraught on by the Combine, he knew that there was one man behind all this tragedy, and Gordon was going to find him.

Citizen: Psst! Hey you, over here!

*Gordon sees two citizens standing over a man-hole leading to the sewers*

Citizen1: Hey buddy, c'mon, help us escape! We're gonna go under the sewers and get the hell outta this place. I suggest you do the same.

I will continue this later today, for now I have schoolwork.

Title: Re: Some Half-Life fanfic.
Post by: Mr. Death on 28 December, 2007, 08:38:39 am
New update coming very soon, I promise.