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22 November, 2019, 09:46:52 am
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 on: Today at 03:10:32 am 
Started by Youef - Last post by Youef
So I started FF7 with the intent of actually playing it all the way through and...Iím actually enjoying it a lot.

I really dig the gameís setting. Midgar felt oppressive (in a good way), and the game tackles some darker themes than I thought it would (i.e. prostitution). I actually do like the characters. Kingdom Hearts presented these characters as  one-dimensional (i.e. Cloud being exclusively a moody ****, Aerith being really boring, Sephiroth just being...darkness?) and I think that shaped my perspective of both the characters and this game for the worse. I liked those versions of these characters when I played KH at age 12, but I stopped caring as I got older. But seeing them in this game is actually pretty refreshing, especially given my prior expectations. They actually have some personality, and theyíre all much better than FFXís characters.

And the game is fun to play too. Itís very simple to understand, so there isnít really much of a barrier. The aged, blocky graphics donít really bother me all too much to be honest. I think it adds to the charm for me. Although to be frank, the option to speed up gameplay by 3X and turn off random encounter helped tremendously. I tried playing this game a while on my PS3 without those options, and I didnít get very far. I suppose ďcharmĒ can only take me so far.

There are some interesting areas outside of gameplay where the game clearly shows its age. I donít see many games using the word ďretardedĒ as liberally as this one does, for example.

Iíll definitely be continuing with this one.

 on: 19 November, 2019, 01:13:36 am 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by Youef
The Mandalorian is basically Samurai Jack but Star Wars. Fully onboard with this.
This sold me. Thanks.

 on: 17 November, 2019, 03:14:12 pm 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by Random
He was in the first episode but not the second, so I'm unsure. I think he should appear again? But can't say for sure.

 on: 17 November, 2019, 08:46:17 am 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by ganonfloyd
Is Herzog in it a lot or is he just a bit/one off?

 on: 17 November, 2019, 01:11:25 am 
Started by ganonfloyd - Last post by Random
The Mandalorian is basically Samurai Jack but Star Wars. Fully onboard with this.

 on: 16 November, 2019, 01:18:52 pm 
Started by Masterman - Last post by ganonfloyd
i got sword and its pretty dope so far

 on: 16 November, 2019, 01:11:27 am 
Started by Random - Last post by Random
Road building is my life now. There is no America without the road.

I guess Kojima couldn't resist adding in a little bit of the Peace Walker/MGSV minion management because I just unlocked the ability to send an automated drone on standard deliveries. It's a pair of robotic legs with a shelf on top. A logistics system to surpass Metal Gear.

I joke, but getting the roads set up just makes every other aspect of the game much faster. The sooner I have a highway over a spooky swamp, the sooner I can ignore the ghosts and get to delivering.

 on: 13 November, 2019, 11:28:47 pm 
Started by Random - Last post by Random
Yeah there are meant to be all sorts of cameos in the game. I met Hermen Hulst tonight (former head of Guerilla Games and new head of Sony Worldwide Studios), though he seems to have contributed only his likeness.

I have also figured out what seems to be the shortcut to becoming popular, which is not building bridges but building roads. In the new region I'm in, there are these things called auto-pavers that, when fed materials, will print out a section of highway. I set up the one right outside the distribution center, and the next delivery I made, I gained like 25 ranks off of Bridge Links alone. The pavers seem to get more expensive the farther you get from base, but I'm definitely gonna make it a project to build the whole damn thing.

 on: 13 November, 2019, 04:57:40 pm 
Started by Masterman - Last post by Scourge the Hedgehog
Torn over getting Pokemon Shield.

On one hand, I like that you get Hitmonchan and Croagunk early. And itís got a bunch of QoL features that will help the experience.

On the other hand, I will feel dirty supporting a dev that cuts such corners for virtually no reason and removes options from the player like not being able to turn EXP share off.

 on: 13 November, 2019, 03:14:41 pm 
Started by Random - Last post by ganonfloyd
i legit did not know keighley was in the game but that is extremely funny

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