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01 December, 2022, 10:55:26 am
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My SSBBSB User Story

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Author Topic: My SSBBSB User Story  (Read 854 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 03 July, 2007, 08:33:12 am »

Chapter 1 

Eventually the users in the mansion get bored and decide to invite more. SA2, Raizor_Blaid, Duprav are in one room, on a computer. Jawo' is walking through the hallway's, walking past a room where Blue is making a shelf, Jawo' then takes out a Sprite

Jawo': Still busy with that shelf?
Blue: Should be done later
Jawo': Sprite?
Blue: No than-

Jawo' throws Blue the sprite

Jawo': Drink it
Blue: I-
Jawo': NAO!!!

SA2, Raizor_Blaid and Duprav are in one room, _Koover_ walks into the room while they are using a computer

_Koover_: What you guys doing?
Duprav: We're on Gamefaqs
_Koover_: Doing what?
SA2: Inviting more people, let's get six
Duprav: What about the bio's?
SA2: Bio's? Screw the bio's, I got money
Raizor: Why six?
SA2: Why not?
Duprav: Get Yamata
SA2: K, then Killer_Spatula, we need a chef
_Koover_: You should then get sasori1122
SA2: Three more then...flyguy101
Raizor: Who's this Devicho guy?
Duprav: Devicho is a girl
SA2: Girls on the internets? Nonsense
Raizor: Who cares, she's in!
Duprav: What? You c-
Raizor: I said she's in!
Duprav: SA2?
SA2: You heard the man
Duprav: Fine...but I pick the last one. Bloodmage3 then
SA2: We'll do more of his tomorrow...I guess 

Later, Magic and TheRealTBizzle are in a room, throwing a ball to each other while randomguy44 sits down, watching

Magic: So this one time, this guy thought he could KO me, I wasn't having that
TBizzle: What did you do?
Magic: I nuked the son of a-
randomguy44: Whoa! Watch it there

Blue then runs past the room with Jawo' following him, holding a sprite bottle. SA2, Raizor, Duprav and _Koover_ then walk into the room

SA2: K, more are coming
TBizzle: Great, when?
_Koover_: Sometime this afternoon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in another random location ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
JudgmentAngel0 and some noobs are walking through a forest and are near the city

JA: Go noobs! We will need supplies! Attack!

Dozens of noobs run off into the city
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