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01 December, 2022, 10:47:14 am
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My SSBBSB User Story

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Author Topic: My SSBBSB User Story  (Read 854 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 03 July, 2007, 08:33:36 am »

Chapter 2

Sometime later, everyone is in one room, sitting down on random chairs watching the TV. The phone rings and Blue picks it up

Blue: Hello...noobs attacking? They've taken the tacos? My shelf fell down? We'll be there soon
Magic: What's going on?
Blue: My shelf fell down...oh, and the city is being attacked by noobs
SA2: We must destroy this noob menace, who's with me?

Everyone continues to sit down, watching TV

SA2: Who's with me?...I can still kick you guys out
randomguy44: I'm with you!
Jawo': Ok then
M_M_H: I'll come too, I guess
SA2: Blue?
Blue: Those noobs aren't worthy of fighting me
SA2: Magic! We could use your magic
Magic: Oh the irony...alright
SA2: Great, let's go!

All of them march out the room while the rest continue to watch TV

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the city ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Vehicals are being tipped over and destroyed by the noobs as they steal alot of food. As one of them is emptying food into a bag it is hit by a fire blast. In another small area, 4 noobs are surrounding a small boy. SA2 and Jawo' stop behind the noobs 

SA2: Let that child alone!
Jawo': You said i-
SA2: Yeah, I know what I said

The four noobs charge at SA2 and Jawo'. Jawo' steps to the side as one attacks and punches it in the stomach. SA2 jumps over one and kicks it in the back of it's head, making it fall to the ground. The third noob charges at Jawo' as he takes out a empty sprite can

Jawo': Obey your thirst!

Jawo' chucks the sprite can at the noob's head, knocking it out. The fourth creeps up from behind and SA2 hits it in the back with two shurikens. In another area, Magic, M_M_H and randomguy are still fighting noobs. 911 drops in and helps fight the noobs. One noob tries to punch randomguy but he ducks and -911- throws a iron banana, which hits the noob and knocks it out. M_M_H knocks one out with his head, Magic knocks another one out with a fire blast, and randomguy roundhouse kicks one then punches it through a window. One noob tries to punch Jawo' but he ducks uppercuts it into the air. 911 then jumps into the air and hits the noob with t3h kn33, knocking it into a building. JudgmentAngel shows up shortly after to see most of the noobs have been defeated

JA: What? No tacos?
M_M_H: Might aswell give up
JA: Forget it, I'll be back eventually

JudgmentAngel clicks his fingers and he vanishes. M_M_H throws his head at one noob who is trying to get up again

SA2: Thanks for the help back there 
911: I'm -911-
M_M_H: Nice to meet you 911
randomguy: How can you see and talk with your head not attached?
M_M_H: I choose not to answer that
SA2: Another job well done, let's get back to the others, and you're welcome to come
-911-: Alright
Randomguy: We'll see you round then

They all run back to the mansion, later Yamata_Demon, Bloodmage3, Killer_Spatula, Devicho, sasori1122 and flyguy101 arrive at the mansion. TheRealTBizzle is running through the hallways and runs past the room Blue is still in

TBizzle: Blue, you coming to see the others?
Blue: They can come to me
TBizzle: Alright

SA2, Magic and M_M_H show the others around. Blue meets up with them later and they continue to walk around

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in that base ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Re4Master543 and Heavens_Reaper are in a computer room

Re4: Time to put our plan into action!
HR: Send, the Run?
Re4: Yeah, the Run will do nicely
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