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Kill Mario

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Author Topic: Kill Mario  (Read 540 times)
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« on: 23 November, 2007, 04:42:38 pm »

World 1-3

*The Bride pulls up on Wario's motorcycle, looks at her "Death List Five" to see Zelda's name crossed off, walks up to a quaint little house in the middle of Corneria's suburbs, she knocks on the door*

Krystal: Oh, hello! What can I do for yo-

*they recognize each other, The Bride gets a flashback of Krystal beating the crap out of her;The Bride punches her in the face*

Krystal: *gack!!*

*The Bride advances with a series of blows which Krystal mangaes to block, Krystal grabs The Bride and throws her into the glass picture frame behind her, Krystal runs into the living room as The Bride gets up after her*

The Bride:.....hah.......

*The Bride runs forward, Krystal grabs her and throws her through a glass table as she picks up a broken table leg, The Bride staggers up and blocks the table leg with a fire-place poker, The Bride kicks Krystal in the stomach back into the kitchen*

Krystal: *hurk!!*

*The Bride goes around the corner after her just as Krystal swings at her with staff that she got from the kitchen, The Bride dodges it a few times and falls back onto a table, Krystal stabs at her, but misses, the end goes through the table as The Bride rolls under it and kicks her backwards into the living room as The Bride pulls a frying pan from out of nowhere*

Children: Yayayyy!!!

*The two fighters glance out the window at a school bus pulling up in front of the house, Krystal, without speaking, looks at The Bride in a pleading way, The Bride hesitates, grimacing, but nods as she and Krystal both hide their weapons behind their backs, a kid walks in*

Marcus: Mom, I'm hom- *sees the destruction*.....what happened?

Krystal: Oh, hey baby!! You see, that dog of yours came in here and acted a damn fool!

Marcus: *steps forward* Andy did this?

Krystal: Now, be careful baby, there's broken glass in here, and I wouldn't want you to cut yourself.

Marcus: *looking at The Bride* Who's that?

Krystal: Yeah......her name's *coin-get sound*

The Bride: I'm a friend of your mom's. How old are you?

Marcus: I'm four.

The Bride: Huh. I had a kid.....he would've been four by now.....

*Krystal tells Marcus to go upstairs, turns to The Bride*

Krystal: You want some coffee?

*continued in next post*
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