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06 December, 2021, 09:35:54 pm
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Kill Mario

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Author Topic: Kill Mario  (Read 540 times)
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« on: 23 November, 2007, 07:31:32 pm »

*in the Mushroom Kingdom hospital, The Bride lies in a bed in a coma, a woman walks into the hospital wearing a skin-tight, all white suit and an eye-patch over her right eye*

Woman: *begins to whistle this song: http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/music/music03.html *

*she continues to whistle as she walks into a back room of the hospital where medicines and various supplies are kept, she finds a Poison Mushroom and draws some of the poison from it with a syringe, she then places the syringe on a tray and carries it to The Bride's room*


Code Name: SR388 Mountain Metroid

*Samus walks into The Bride's room, checks to see if she's still breathing*

Samus:.......I may never have liked you. Point in fact: I despise you. But that should never suggest that I don't respect you.

*She takes the syringe and inserts it into The Bride's I.V.*

Samus: Dying in our sleep is a luxury that our kind is rarely afforded. My gift to you.

*Samus is about to inject the poison into The Bride when her phone rings, she stops and answers it*

Samus: *sigh* Hello Mario.

*Mario is siting in a low-lighted area with a abnormally long Beam Sword*

Mario: What is-a her condition?

Samus: Comatose.....

Mario: Where-a is she?

Samus: I'm right next to her....

Mario: Way to go......

Samus: *giggles softly*

Mario: Samus, you're-a going to abort the-a mission.

Samus: WHAT?!?!?

Mario: We-a owe her better than that.

Samus: We don't owe her ****!!!

Mario: Will-a you keep your voice-a down?

Samus: *whispering* you don't owe her ****!

Mario: Look, you-a guys bet the crap-a outta that woman, and I put a fireball to her head. We did a hell of a lotta thing to that-a woman, and if she-a ever wakes up, we'll do a hell of a lot more.

*Mario grips the Beam Sword, pulls it part-way out of it's sheath*

Mario: but one thing that we won't do, is sneak into her room in-a the middle of-a the night and kill her in her sleep, like a filthy Pichu.

*he pushes the sword back into the sheath*

Because that would lower us. Okey-dokey?


Mario: So, we-a are-a clear on all this?


Mario: Alright.......I love you!

Samus: I love you too......*hangs up, and turns to The Bride, still in a coma* thought that was pretty freakin' funny, huh? A word of advice, 'shroom head: Don't you ever wake up.

*cont.* in next post*
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