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Kill Mario

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Author Topic: Kill Mario  (Read 540 times)
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« on: 23 November, 2007, 10:09:15 pm »

*four years later, The Bride is still in her hospital bed, a tiny koopa-bug lands on her face and begins to suck blood from her when The Bride suddenly awakens to find herself alone in a hospital room, she gets a flashback of the day she was put into a coma*

*sounds of him standing up, sounds of a fireflower power-up are heard*

Mario: No Princess, this-a is-a me at my most masochistic.

The Bride:.....Mario.......it's your baby-*BLIP*

*she is shaken as she reaches up to her head to feel where the fireball hit her, she then reaches down to feel her stomach, which no longer has the baby that she remembers inside, she begins to cry as realization strikes her, but she is cut short by the sounds of footsteps approaching her room; she immediately falls back in bed and slows her heart rate as two people walk in*

Wario: Alright my friend, here she is. Are those the nicest mushrooms you've ever seen or are those the nicest mushrooms you've eva seen???

*Wario leads another man inside the room and motions to The Bride's supposedly unconscious body*

Waluigi: I've seen better.

Wario: Whatever.....it's 75 coins per go, my friend. You gettin' your freak on, or what?

*Waluigi hands Wario a bag of coins, Wario counts it*

Wario: Oh yeah, I got some ground rules for ya.

1. Press A to charge your laser.

2. No leaving any marks of any kind. If the nurse sees bruises, the jig is up. Got it?

Waluigi: Heh heh.....yeah.

Wario: Alright. *turns to walk out, remembers something* Oh yeah, that chick's plumbing can get pretty out of wack, so take this if you need some.

*Wario tosses Waluigi a banana peel*

Wario:......yeah. I'll be back in twenty. *he leaves*

Waluigi: Well well.....I've been looking forward to this......

*he goes to kiss her, The Bride springs into action and bites Waluigi's lip and........yeah.......The Bride throws his body off of her; she tries to get out of bed and falls, realizing that her legs had atrophied while she was in a coma, she then hears more footsteps; she grabs a scalpel, crawls, and waits beside the door, Wario walks in*

Wario: Hey buddy, times up, you gotta-*sees Waluigi's destroyed body and the empty bed*........Holy ****.......

*The Bride cuts the Achilles tendon in his foot, Wario falls to the floor and she pushes his head into the doorway*

The Bride: Where's Mario!?

*cont. in next post*
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