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Chaos Emerald Z: The Saiyan Saga

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Author Topic: Chaos Emerald Z: The Saiyan Saga  (Read 843 times)
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Thank you for the compliments.  Smiley

Chapter 2: The Reunion

A cooling breeze with the sun's rays beating down upon the island, upon which a small pink house sat. It seemed like paradise, but to the residents of Kame House, this was everyday life. A small plane-like craft cut through the cloudless sky, landing on the island's beach. A pink hedgehog lept from it, and entered after taking off her boots at the door. Amy Rose was met with the sight of two of her closest friends.

A red armadillo looked up from his card game with an overweight man with a grey moustache. He wore an orange martial arts uniform, the front and back of which had the Japanese Kanji for "Turtle" on it. Across the table, the man he was playing wore sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and a large purple turtle shell on his back. He also turned around to look at her, but not in the face.

"Amy!" greeted the armadillo. "Long time no see!"

"Hi, Mighty! How have things been?"

"Same as always: completely boring without Sonic!"

Amy giggled, then turned to the old man. "Master Gerald, how are you doing?"

No response.






Gerald finally tore his eyes from Amy's breasts and looked her in the eyes. "Huh? What is it? What'd you say?"

"Hmph! You're still the same old, dirty man you always were!" snapped the hedgie, turning her back on him.

Mighty decided it would be best to change the subject. "So, Ames, how's Bark doing?"

Bad move.

"GRRRRR!!! That insensitive jerk! He's playing baseball for one of the pro-teams in Station Square!" Amy started pacing angrily. "He must be happy with all those adoring fans, most of which are FEMALE! I've had it! I'm through with him! Let's see how he does with Little Miss 'Can I have your autograph?' Huh!"

"Breaking up is hard to do." muttered Gerald.

"I wouldn't know..." replied Mighty.

Amy seemed to calm down slightly, and turned to Mighty. "hey, Mighty, where's Sonic? He said he's be here today."

"He hasn't arrived yet." he answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Don't worry, Amy," advised the grey haired martial arts master. "He'll be here soon, I'm sure of it."


The alien hedgehog let out a chuckle as his computerised eye-patch began showing readings of an extremely high power level. "So, you're heading South, are you?" The emerald-coloured creature muttered. "It doesn't matter how fast you are, I'll still catch you! I'M COMING FOR YOU, FAKER!" And with that, he raced forward with a massive burst of speed.


A small yellow cloud zoomed through the sky, doing loop-de-loops and twirls much to the amusement of it's passengers: a blue hedgehog, who wore the same outfit as Mighty, and a small fox, whose apparel consisted of a red and green outfit with the Kanji for "Son" on the front and a red hat with a green gem stitched into it.

"Look, Tails, we're here!" cried the hedgehog, pointing at the Kame House as they neared it. He lept off, with the fox in his arms, and the cloud (which was named "the Flying Nimbus,") flew off. The sound of this attracted the others, and they rushed out.

"Sonic!" cried Mighty happily. "You made it!"

Amy glanced at the young fox in his arms. "Hey, Sonic, who's the kid? Have you been babysitting?"

"Nope. He's me and Sally's son."

Immediately, Mighty, Gerald and Amy's jaws hit the ground, all in unison.

"Pretty wild, huh?" chuckled the cobalt warrior, as he set the young cub down. "Say hi, Tails."

The young fox bowed politely. "H-hello, everyone..."

The trio before him returned the gesture, with a quick "Oh, my back!" from Gerald.

Sonic smiled approvingly, then turned to his friends. "This is Miles, but we call him Tails because he has two of them."

As if on cue, Tails turned to watch a small crab scuttle along the beach, giving everyone a good view of them. This instantly sparked Amy's interest, and she walked up to Sonic, lowering her voice slightly.

"Hey, Sonic, has anything strange ever happened to Tails at night?"

"What do you mean?" asked the blue hedgehog in confusion.

"She means has Tails ever looked at the moon when it's full!?" explained Gerald, rushing over with a speed to rival Sonic's.

"No, we all go to bed pretty early. Why do you ask?"

Gerald simply laughed, a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Oh, nothing, I'm just monkeyin' around with ya!"

"Hey, Tails," asked Amy, kneeling down to Tails's height. "How old are you?

"Uh... four years old." answered the kitsune, counting on his fingers.

"Do you want to be a brave fighter like your dad?"

"Um, Sally doesn't let him train." said Sonic, answering for his son.

"Oh... no martial arts, huh? Well, what do you want to be when you're older?"

"An orthopedist."

"An onthropianist, huh? Isn't that a pretty big word for a four year old" asked Mighty, secretly not knowing what an orthopedist is.

"Yeah, Sally makes him study all the time and she says 'Martial arts is a waste of time and energy!" explained Sonic, doing an unnatuarally good impression of his wife.

Mighty, however, looked quite offended. "Oh, really? Well, what does that make us?"

"Settle down, son." said Gerald, patting Mighty on his shoulder. "You can't expect everyone to agree with what you're doing."

Sonic let out a chuckle, but suddenly seemed to snap to attention, and began looking around agressively.

"What's wrong, Sonic?" asked Amy, concerned.

Sonic didn't turn to face her. "I sense someone coming. I've never felt a power like this, and it's an utterly horrible power, too!"

"He's right... I fell it too, now." clarified Mighty.

Everyone began looking up, down, left, right, all searching for the cause of this power. Gerald began frantically pointing at a speck in the distance, which was quickly getting closer.

"Huh? It can't be Knuckles..." muttered Mighty, using one hand to sheild his eyes from the sun.

The newcomer was now in sight, and landed on the beach. Sonic, Mighty and Gerald assumed fighting stances, as they looked over their opponent: the green hedgehog who Knuckles faced earlier.

"Long time, no see... Faker." he said, looking directly at Sonic.
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