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Chaos Emerald Z: The Saiyan Saga

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Author Topic: Chaos Emerald Z: The Saiyan Saga  (Read 883 times)
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Chapter 4: Brotherly Love

"That can't be true!" shouted Sonic, unable and unwilling to believe such a tale.

"Yeah!" agreed Mighty, backing him up. "Why would Sonic have lived his live on Earth if he's an alien?"

The green hedgehog, now known as Manic, chuckled. "The answer is very simple.

You see, we Saiyans could be described as 'pirates-for-hire': we travel from planet to planet, wiping out the inhabitants in order to prepare them for sale. Adult fighters are sent to planets with strong natives but, even as a baby, practicing combat is essential. Therefore we send newborns to planets with weaker lifeforms. This was your case, Faker."

"That's horrible!" cried Amy.

"If that's true, even Knuckles is better than you guys!" barked Mighty.

Manic ignored them. "You know, Faker, it's fortunate that this planet had a moon. Only when a moon is full is a Saiyan's true power is unleashed!"

"What do you mean?" asked Sonic. His friends, however, were horrified, knowing exactly what Manic meant.

"What do I mean?" echoed Manic. "I mean..." he stopped short, noticing Sonic's elbow

"...what happened to your tattoo?"

"Sonic glanced at his shoulder, where he used to have a tattoo, before answering. "I had it removed a long time ago. Why?"

The so-called brother of Sonic growled. "So that's why you've been able to live peacefully with these earthlings!"

"Shut up!" Sonic by now had heard enough. "I don't care what you say! My name is Sonic, and I'm from Earth! Even if what you say is true, this is my home and nothing's gonna change that!"

"You tell him, Sonic!" cheered Gerald.

Mighty stood by his side. "That's right! Sonic even saved this planet once from King Locke!"

"Go back to wherever it is you came from!" piped in Amy.

At that last comment, Manic let out a small, eerie laugh. "It's impossible for me to go back.

You see, some time ago, the Saiyan homeworld, Shadow, was struck by a large asteroid. Only a handful of us escaped; to my knowledge, only you, me and two others." To everyone's surprise, Manic bowed his head and looked sullen. "Not even Mother or our sister, Sonia, made it..."

Manic returned his gaze to Sonic. "That's why I've come for you, Faker. You see, we've happened upon a planet with a particularly high price, but the inhabitants are not letting it go without a fight. Even all three of us working together are having trouble... but with you, we might gain the advantage."

Manic took a step forward, causing everyone to take their combat stances again. "Come with me, Faker! Join us, we'll be sure to give you a cut of the profits! And besides, you're a Saiyan! The bloodshed and carnage of such powerful opponents is a reward in itself! You'll love it!"

"I'd DIE before I did anything like that!" was the reply.

Manic returned to his former position and folded his arms.

"I was afraid you might say that." he muttered, turning his attention to the two-tailed fox Amy was holding protectively. "I take it he's your son?"

Sonic realised what Manic was planning. "No!"

"Oh, I think he is!"

"You'd better stay away from him!"

"I have no choice." said Manic, begining to walk towards them. "If the father won't cooperate, I'll have to force the son to."

"Stay away!" screamed Sonic, leaping at manic. To everyone's horror, however, Manic also leapt forward, and struck Sonic dead in the chest with his knee. The cobalt warrior flew backward from the impact, landing a few feet away, groaning in pain.

Everyone froze. Sonic, possibly Earth's strongest fighter, had just been incapacitated in one blow!

"Daddy!" shouted Tails, breaking free of Amy's hold and rushing towards his father, ignoring Amy's cries for him to return.

Before Tails even reached Sonic, the gloved hand of Manic snatched him up by his collar. Terrified, the two-tailed cub burst into tears while Manic adjusted his position so Sonic could see his face without Manic having to bend over.

"Listen very closely, Faker. If you want your son back alive, then you'll follow my orders. Kill one hundred earthlings in 24 hours. And I want the corpses piled right here, on this island, as proof." Manic's mouth then pulled itself into a despicable grin.

"Oh, how I do hope you comply, Faker. After all, I'd hate to kill my only nephew!"
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