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Bokura no Taiyou: Django & Sabata --Rise of the Immortals--

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Author Topic: Bokura no Taiyou: Django & Sabata --Rise of the Immortals--  (Read 387 times)
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« on: 10 January, 2008, 01:11:49 am »

The Next FanFiction is a Shounen-Ai based on the game "Bokura no Taiyou: Django and Sabata", and happens right after the game's ending because I don't see Konami making any sequel in the future.
The dub name is "Lunar Knights", yet I'm sticking with the Japanese concept, I'll put the original names and the dub names between "()". May the Sun be with you.

Django (Aaron)- Heir of the Solar Tribe, wielding the "Knight Model" of Gun Del Sol and a scarf as memento from his deseased father, Trinity, he's determined of giving his all in order to change the world into one of peace.
Sabata (Lucian)- The Dark Swordsman, he once one a member of the Brotherhood of Solar Slingers by the name of Sartana. He died on a battle against a vampire, but the Dark Matter, what gives a vampire a physical body and essence resurected him, becoming a Dhampir, a half-human and half-vampire being. He wields the Dark Sword Ankoku Ken Vanargandr, using the Dark Power that wasn't meant to be used by a human. He claims he is not Sartana, and he saw him die.
Nero- A black cat with Red eyes, Red Demon-like little wings and a "X" like scar in his forehead. He's the Messenger of the Moon and he's been Sabata's best friend since the "Death of Sartana".
Otenko (Toasty)- Messenger of the Sun, he fought along with Django's father. He is also known for fighting along the "Legendary Solar Boy".
Sartana- One of the Best Solar Slingerers who died 7 years ago.
Trinity- The Best Vampire Hunter, he died 7 years ago.
Ellen- She was took away as a "Vampire Bride", even though Sartana tried his hardest, she is now believed to be dead.
Alice-Sabata's assistent and reliable source of information. She always makes the wrong joke, at the wrong time to the wrong person. (Mostly, Sabata)

The Immortals- Rulers of the Cosmos, they swore war to Earth after Django and Sabata slayed all the vampires.

With that Done, Let's Start.


The Stellenium. An age of Lawlessness and chaos. Where man wanders the Stars and Might prevails over Right.

This remote planet on the frontier is no exception.
From time Immemorial, The Dark Tribe --A group of vampires-- have struck frear into humanity and threaten Mankind.

Now, with the help of a new power, obtained from the Realm of the Stars, they've taken the paraSOL --An Environmental Manipulation System-- and summon an Alien Sky and rid the world of Light.

Beneath it's Shadow, the hopes and dreams of an entire planet have slipped into Darkness...

However, from within that Darkness, two young heroes emmerged...

One, wielding the Legendary Dark Sword, fought a never-ending battle against the vampires...

The other, whose power woke up at the right time, yet not at his fullest, holds the essence of the Sun within his very heart...

This two young heroes hunted the Vampires one by one, beggining the downfall of the Dark Tribe.
The discovered the paraSOL was a whole planet-eater known as the Byron, created by the Immortals --beings who control the very cosmos-- in order to help the vampires with unknown reasons...

Another war has yet to be done...

And the only power we have... is Our Sun.

Chapter One: The Cry of the Dark Swordsman
It was an stormy night in Old Culiacan...
It wasn't just any night... it was an important night to the pain of the Dark Swordsman... and the beggining of his like...

Sabata: Nero... you know... you know what day is today? -Said the Dark Swordsman with Pain in his heart-

Nero: ...The first day you became Sabata..? -Answered the black cat in a sad mood-

Sabata: ... Yes... And today was supposed to be the day Sartana would marry Ellen... -His voice went lower... yet he regained a tone of wrath in his voice- THAT GOD DAMN DUKE! IT WAS HIS FAULT EVERYTHING HAPPENED, IT WAS HIS FAULT I... -The Dark Swordsman stopped- Bah!

Nero: Sabata... I... -The black cat took a deep breathe- I believe you should tell... Django... you not only knew his father... tell him you ARE Sartana...

Sabata: -The Dark Swordsman glared at the cat in anger, and told to him in a menacing voice- Do NOT call me by that name EVER AGAIN, Nero! I am NOT Sartana! Sartana it's dead! He's dead and so are Trinity and Ellen!

Nero: ...Understood Sabata... I'm sorry... -the black cat lowered his head-

Sabata: Meh... Sorry... I just... hate this day... I have nothing... I am not human. Nor a vampire... I'm not dead or alive...

Nero: Hey there, pal... you're wrong... You'll always have me... Even since that day, we share the same life and destiny... And there's also Django... Trinity's Legacy continue within him... You're never alone...

Sabata: Thanks... I'll... go check on Django... Go sleep if you wish to, Nero...

Nero: Okay... And... Sabata...

Sabata: -Sabata stopped walking to hear Nero's words-

Nero: ... The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow...

Sabata: Thanks for trying Nero... But there is no Sun for a Dark Being... There is no Sun for Sabata... -Sabata slowly closed the door and went towards Django's room thinking about his whole life... through Sartana's demise and the rise of Sabata- I wonder if that kid... -He entered Django's room, he saw him as he never did before. Django never left him alone. Django was always loyal by his side. This child... was more than an annoyance to him. He became someone special to him-

Django: Sa...Sabata-sama... -Django woke up after a thunder- You... can't sleep?

Sabata: M-me?... No... I can't...

Django: Sabata-sama... would you like to... sleep with me? -Django smiled softly and cheerfully, while Sabata's expression became an impacted one. Even though Sabata called Django by many names such as "Mentally Challenged" or "President of all Idiots", Django remained loyal-

Sabata: Okay... -Sabata went to Django's bed, Django hugged him and stayed in Sabata's chest- Kid...

Django: Yes.. Sabata-sama? -Asked the child hugging the man happily-

Sabata: You're a moron... -Said Sabata- But you know what? -Keep saying while rubbing the child's hair- You're my moron now...

Django: Sabata-sama..? Do you mean that... you... I... Us...

Sabata: I know you always desired it...

Django: How... how did you...

Sabata: It's blatantly obvious... You never tried anything with that Lizabeth girl.

Django: Sabata-sama... -Django couldn't hold himself, he just couldn't, he went away and kissed the Dark Swordsman, Sabata was impressed- Something wrong..? I did it... wrong..?

Sabata: No.. It's just... it's been... So long since I've... Someone... ... Since I've loved...

Django: Sabata-sama... -Sabata began to kiss Django's chest. Sartana was dead, but that didn't meant Sabata couldn't be happy-


Alice: Such a boring day... I wonder if those two are... heh, doing "wiggy-wiggle"...  Oh I think I'll just spy th-  -Alice saw a ship Armada headding towards the Earth, a whole Army- Oh God no... They are here... The... The Immortals...

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« Reply #1 on: 10 January, 2008, 01:27:12 pm »

I was gonna get this game once, I don't know why I didn't...
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« Reply #2 on: 10 January, 2008, 10:34:40 pm »

IMPORTANT!! At this point, all the Immortals are Based on Boktai 2 Bosses. <_< Yes, I'm unoriginal.

Chapter Two: The Arrival of the Immortals

Sabata: -Answering his Cell Phone- What is it now, Sunflower Girl?


Sabata: -Sabata dropped his phone in fear. He still remembers the Immortal he once fought, Inspector Polidori. He was stronger than any vampire he ever fought.- Django... Wake up...

Django: -Still sleepy, he yawned and asked on a low voice- What is it, Sabata-sama..?

Sabata: The Immortals... They are here...

Django: -The child acted in instant fear, the Immortals are no laughing matter- T... The Immortals...

-The two Hunters ran quickly outside, the whole armada was decending, a deep menacing voice was heard-

??: Attention Humans. I am the King of the Immortals! Who... Who are Django and Sabata?

Django: -The child hid quickly behind the Dark Swordsman, he was shivvering in fear- H-he is Django and Sabata

Sabata: Wuss...

??: You... You two are the ones who defeated our dear Inspector and destroyed The Byron... Now, you have two choices. Give up with your lives or let this whole planet die in your hands...

Sabata: ****. We will not give up... We defeated Polidori, so we will be able of defeat you, so HAH!

??: Heheh... Kid... you are brave but... Polidori was the weakest among all us Immortals...  -Sabata Shoked in fear... His most powerful and fearful enemy was the weakest of His kind- But you know... I like you both, so I'll give you a Third Option. My 4 Immortals. Try to... "hunt" them like you did with the vampires. If you fail, we will destroy your world. If you manage to defeat them all... Well.. You'll have a chance to face me.

Sabata: -Sabata was in a deep Shock, but quickly regan his cool- We accept.

Django: We do? I... I mean, we do!

??: Heh, Alright... Let's see if you can take the first one... This Immortals... have absorbed the powers of the most strongest foes the Legendary Solar Boy ever fought.

Django: We're so screwed...

??: Try to go the forest near Santa Cecilia Train Station... And prove yourselves... Gyahahahahahahah! -The Armada dissapeared in a Flash. There was No Turning Back. Fight or Die.-

Sabata: Alright Django. To the Forest near Santa Cecilia.

Django: We're all going to die... We're going to die and then we won't be alive anymore...

Otenko: Django, Get a hold of yourself, damnit. Think. What would your father say if he was in this situation? -Said the Messenger of the Sun-

Django: He... He would say... -Django's eyes were filled with determination, He was sure what must be done- He would say... May The Sun Shine Forever In Our Hearts.

Sabata: Good Enough. -Sabata rised his hand to the sky and called his Spaceship- Laplace, come forth!

-The Laplace appeared from the Skies, Django and Sabata went aboard it and flied at the Forest-

Sabata: We're here... Immortal... Appear now.

-The brushed movied and suddently Tentacle Plants appeared from the ground and began to strange Django and Sabata together, chest at chest-

Durathror: Heheh... The Vampire Hunter Sabata... And the son of Trinity, Django... I am the Immortal that absorbed the power of Red Durathror, Earth Ruller being. -This Immortal has the physic of the original Durathror, looking like a little girl in Black clothing and long red hair and long green gloves in her arms.-

Otenko: Django! Sabata! -Yelled Otenko the Sunflower-like being-

Nero: Why you little... Release them now!

Durathror: Heh... Messengers of the Sun and the Moon. You are not enemies for us Immortals. -Tentacles grabbed Otenko and Nero choking them until they both Faint-

Django: S-Sabata-sama... -Said the child, almost fainting- I... Don't want this... to end like this... not... now... -With his last breathe, he licked Sabata's neck and fainted in his chest-

Sabata: D-Django... Please... Don't...

Nero: S-Sabata... -Nero regained conscienciousness and used his Dark Power to free Himself, Otenko, Django and Sabata from the Tentacle Plants-

Durathror: What?! How can this be?! How can a human control Dark Power?! It's imposible!!

Sabata: Y-you... you hurted Django... you made him faint... you hurted everyone... and for this... I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!

Durathror: I will Kill You! -Durathror tried to Attack Sabata, every move she made was a fail, the Dark Power gets stronger every time Sabata is at his full wrath.- God... God Damn... How could you...

Sabata: Prepare to die, "Immortal"...

Durathror: I will never die! -Durathror Hid herself in giant black bulbs, everyone looked exactly the same, Sabata could not tell where is Durathror fighting... at least not as a human-

Sabata: Nero, are you feeling okay?

Nero: Yes... Do you plan to...

Sabata: We don't have any choice...

Nero: ...Understood...

Durathror: DIE, BASTARDS! JUST DIE!! -More tentacles arose, but they suddenly died when they reached Sabata's Dark Aura- What?!

Sabata: Let's go Nero... ANKOOOOOOOOKU! -Nero and Sabata fused together, becoming a vampire being known as the Dark Sabata.-

Durathror: So what?! Vampires are far weaker then us Immortals!! -The attack continued but the tentacles died as soon as they touched Sabata- No! That's Imposible!

Sabata: I am not a Vampire nor a Human. I am not Dead nor Alive. I exist. Yet I do not. I am Sabata! -Sabata could see beyond the Bulbs, he could destroy the one Durathror was hidding and bit her in the neck and beggining to suck her blood-

Durathror: I... can not... Die... I... am an... Immortal... I... am... -Durathror perished, but to fully destroy her being, Sabata put her body on a Dark Coffin to contain her-

Sabata: Django... -Sabata and Nero's fusion was over, he ran where Django was lying and picked him up- Django... Don't... Please Don't Die...

Nero: Hey... Otenko... Are you okay..?

Otenko: -The old messenger of the Sun regain Conscienciousness, coughed a bit after the choke and began to float along with Nero- I... am okay... how are Django and Sabata?

Nero: Sabata is okay, he got rid of the vampire... But... Django... -Nero pointed sadly at Sabata holding Django in his arms, screaming "Don't go away!"... Sabata already knows how is it to loose someone beloved... He fears that pain within his very heart...-

Otenko: Sabata... Please... put him down... I think I can help Django... -Sabata put Django on the grass, Otenko began to Transfer him energy- TAIYOOOOOU...!! -Otenko stopped... Django didn't moved... it would seem everything was lost for him... but then... he woke up-

Django: Sa...Sabata-sama... Otenko-sama... Nero-sama... Wha... What happened to the Immortal..?

Sabata: It's okay, Django... -Sabata hugged Django- I destroyed her... you don't have to worry anymore...

Otenko: ... Do you think those two...

Nero: I'd really wouldn't like to know...

Sabata: Let's go purify the vampire... Into the Laplace...

Django: Whee! Space Traveling Time!

Sabata: Shut up and get on.

Nero: ... He wasn't like that a while ago...

-They flied into the space, to the Space Colony Sunflower-

Sabata: Sunflower Girl, better start activating the Purifex

Alice: Aye aye, Cap'n. By the way... I saw everything, heheh... You two are such a cute coulpe...

Sabata: -Sabata blushed a bit but then his face became one of anger- Shut the **** up or I'll rip your arms myself, ya heard me?!

Alice: Woah, chill out "Dark Boy".

-Laplace was inserted into the Space Colony, activating the machine known as the Purifex, The machine began to shoot Sun Rays into the Coffin into the point it Exploded. Durathror's yell could be heard-

Alice: Purification Completed!

-Django and Sabata were returning to Earth, Nero and Otenko were in the Engine Room of the Ship, so they were alone...-

Sabata: Django... Are you ok? Are you hurt or anything

Django: I'm all better now, Sabata-sama... Thank you...

Sabata: I'm sorry... I was caught off guard...

Django: Sabata-sama, don't worry...

-Django stood up his chair and went near Sabata. The two Hunters hugged and began to kiss softly and slowly... they were happy they found each other... and wont let anyone take that happiness away... Suddenly they got a Signal. Sabata Turned the screen on and there was nothing in it but a black shadow, and the voice of the Immortal King-

??: Well done, Vampire Hunters. You could actually defeat someone that was stronger than Polidori. That, of course, doesn't mean the next one will be so easy... You better hurry... She's on Old Culiacan -The Immortal King quickly changed the Monitor image to Old Culiacan being attacked by a Moth-like being- Hurry up, Hunters. -The Signal stopped-

Sabata: Damn it... He's attacking Old Culiacan, we have to hurry! Nero, all power into the engines!

Nero: Leave it to me!

Sabata: We can't let anyone in Old Culiacan die... LET'S GO!!

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