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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2627 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 09:54:28 pm »

You heard right. Here it is. I had it saved on my jumpdrive but I misplaced it. Well I found it now (along with THAT) and I will show it now for everyone to read. Unfortunately, I only have up to part where he finished last while he was on Gamefaqs.


(Mario has just saved Peach from Bowser, again, and was taking a nap in his room in the Brawl Mansion, which is a completely remodeled Smash Mansion, designed to accommodate the new Brawlers. Suddenly, Samus, clad only in her Zero Suit, busts down the door)

Samus: Mario! Trouble!

(With an exclamation, Mario promptly tumbles out of bed. He slowly gets to his feet, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes)

Mario: Samus, what's-a the deal? Why you gotta disturb my victory nap?

Samus: Victory nap? Oh, right, from beating Bowser again. Sorry. Listen, there's something wrong with Roy. He isn't speaking right.

Mario: That's-a because he speaks Japanese. He never bothered to learn English before coming to the Mansion. Something to do wi-
Samus: No, it's not Japanese. Marth says Roy's talking gibberish.

Mario(Raised eyebrow): Marth only knows Japanese, too, doesn't he? I guess he'd know if there was something wrong. Where is-a Roy, right now?

Samus: He's already been taken to see the Doc. I had to come tell you about it, so I didn't hear the Doc's prognosis. Whatever it is, I think it would be a good idea to cure him, soon.

Mario: Why? Do you think it's-a serious?

Samus: I can't be sure. We'd better get going.

(Mario nods, and follows Samus to the infirmary. Inside, they meet Doc, Marth, Kirby, and Roy, who sits on the examination table, wearing just his tights. He's holding an ice-bag to his head.)

Mario: Doc, what's-a going on? Do we know how it happened? There are a lot of-a people who would be upset if he didn't make it into Brawl.

Doc: Roy took a nasty bump on-a the head. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but it seems like he hit his head right where the language part of-a the brain is. Now, I'm-a no brain surgeon, so I'm not sure what we can do. It looks like most of-a the rest of his brain is intact, but he'll be a little loopy for a few days. In about a week, he'll probably have all his skills back. However - and, again, I'm-a no expert on the brain - but... Roy may-a never be able to-a speak normally again.

(Kirby, Samus and Mario all gasp in horror, and the color drains from Marth's face. Roy just looks at everyone with big, unknowing eyes.)

(Doc is walking alongside Marth and Roy, heading for the room the two young swords-men share.)

Doc: Remember, Marth, the important thing is not to rush him. I have-a looked up disorders like Roy's, and they all say to take it slow. My recommendation is to sit him down, once a night, and go over some basics of-a your language. Use the objects in your room to help you, so he knows what each word refers to. Do you understand?

(They arrive outside Marth's and Roy's room. Marth simply nods, and gives a thumbs-up. Then, he and Roy walk in, leaving Doc outside.)

Doc (to himself): Oh, why couldn't I just tell them the truth? I'm a professional. I'm-a not supposed to give my patients false hope. Poor Roy. If he's in there, somewhere, I... I just can't....

(Doc walks away, head down, sobbing quietly)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Kirby is sitting in Mario's office, looking at Mario across the big desk.)

Mario: Kirby... how can I put this? Kirby... just how were you involved in all this? If you saw what happened, Doc might have a better chance at treating Roy.


Mario: Kirby, it's all right. If you think you're in trouble, you're not. You can speak without fear of consequences.

Kirby: {I just happened to find Roy first, that's all.}

Mario: Kirby... I know that's not a-the truth. I saw your face when Doc told us about Roy. You were there, weren't you? You saw a little more than you're-a telling me... didn't you?

Kirby:{I'm telling you the truth. I'm not involved like you think.}

(Suddenly, Mario slams his fist down on the desk, making the wood dent and splinter. Kirby jumps up, and cowers back in his chair.)


(Kirby's eyes start clouding up. Suddenly, he bursts into tears.)

Kirby: {All right! I admit it! It was my fault! I was so stupid, and Roy got hurt because of it!}

(Kirby continues bawling great big tears. Mario sighs, lifts his fist out of the dent, walks around his desk, and embraces Kirby.)

(Princess Zelda is in the library, browsing through the fantasy section for some late-night reading material. She looks up to see Pit walking down the aisle to where she is.)

Zelda: Hello, Pit. Do you enjoy these stories, as well?

Pit: Sort of. I really read these because some of these books remind me of my own adventures.

Zelda: Truly? Could you show me one?

Pit: Well, there's this one here. (Picks out a book bound in worn leather) It's a story about a young lad who has to save his homeland, which is a paradise, from a plague-like evil.

Zelda: Oh, that sounds fascinating! Is it truly like your own story?

Pit (smile): Oh, yes. As a matter of fact, it's entirely possible that this book is based off of my life.

Zelda: Wouldn't that be something?

Pit: Indeed.


Pit: *cough* Say, Princess, would you, by any chance, like to hear my stories? Because, I think it would be better than these books.

Zelda: Why, Pit, I'm surprised you asked! I just-
Pit: Ah, right, of course. I understand. Farewell, Princess.

(Pit turns to go, but stops when Zelda lays a hand on his shoulder.)

Zelda: Pit, I would be honored to hear your tales. I just know it will be wonderful.

Pit (blushing): Um, thank you. You know, while we're at it, er... Where I come from, I was a celebrated chef, on top of being captain of the guard. If you don't mind... May I feed you?

Zelda: (Giggle) I think that would be delightful, Pit. I'll be outside your door at 8, tonight. Is that alright?

Pit (blushing harder): 8 o'clock, then. I'll be ready.

Zelda: Wonderful. (she grabs a book, heads down the aisle, turns a corner, and is gone.)

Pit: Hmm. 8 o'clock... (leaves library.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later that night, after dinner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zelda: Oh, goodness, that was delicious. I'm afraid I ate too much. What is it you call this, Pit?

Pit: Generally, any food that is served to our royalty is referred to as "ambrosia."

Zelda: Ambrosia... I feel like a queen, all of a sudden.

Pit: Erh, well, you are a princess. I would think that you should eat this, all the time.

Zelda: No, not really. In Hryule, I now realize that we don't have much in the way of culinary arts. I wish I could have this every day.

Pit: Well, it isn't that hard. If you like... I could make it that way.

Zelda: Would you? That would be so very kind of you.

Pit: Then it shall be so. Zelda, as long as I'm around, you'll never go hungry again.

Zelda: Wonderful..... Now, Pit... would you please tell me of your adventures? And don't leave out a single detail.

Pit: Well, all right. (Leans back) It all began.... (proceeds to tell story)

(About a half-hour later)

Zelda: I'm sorry to interrupt, Pit, but I'm getting tired. I'd love to hear more of your story, though.

Pit: That's alright. If you'd like, you may lay on my bed, and rest, while I tell you more of my tale.

Zelda: Thank you. (lays on bed, and closes eyes) Pit.... would you join me, please, so I'm not lonely.

Pit: Of course, princess. (lays in bed next to her, and continues telling story, late into the night, and they fall asleep in each other's arms)

(We find all the Brawlers gathered in the conference room. Mario is standing up at the head of the Great Round Brawl Table.)

Mario: I'm-a glad to see everyone here on such short notice. Especially the Fox team, Mewtwo, and Snake, who were all on a mission, and just got back.

(Mario starts pacing back and forth in front of them.)

Mario: The reason I called everyone here is-a because I have a very important announcement that will effect every one of you, probably for a long time to come.

(General murmuring. Mario holds his hand up for silence.)

Mario: You see, the thing is... I realized something, recently. I have just rescued Princess Peach, again, from-a the evil clutches of Bowser.

(Bowser, wearing a sling, covered in burn marks, and with bandages on his head and across his chest, gives Mario the finger.)

Mario: That, and I'm sure you're all aware of Roy's condition. What I'm-a trying to say is.... I'm older than I look. I'm over sixty years old, and.... I'm-a getting a little worn out. I simply can't keep up with the rest of you, for much longer. So, I would like to say that... after Brawl, I'm-a retiring... from everything.

(The entire room erupts with shock and confusion. After a moment, Captain Falcon slams his palms on the table, and stands up, bringing a silence to everyone else. He's breathing hard, and his face is shaking with anger. There is a tense instant where only his shuddering breath could be heard.)

C. Falcon: You... you are... abandoning us?

(Some of the Brawlers look uncertainly at each other. A couple of the young ones look close to tears.)

C. Falcon: You're LEAVING US!?

(Captain Falcon suddenly cracks his neck loudly, startling Yoshi and Ness, sitting next to him. He glares at Mario for another second, then storms out of the conference room. After a few awkward moments, Mario clears his throat.)

Mario: Well... if that was his reaction, I can only guess what the rest of you are feeling. *sigh* I know, it is-a not fair to do this to you, but I have my reasons, and I'm asking all of you to trust me. I have the utmost confidence in all of you. Oh, and Peach-

(Peach, who had her eyes lowered, jerked up, and looked at Mario.)

Mario: -there's-a no need for you to worry about Bowser. We'll work something out, in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, if you will all excuse me, it's-a time for dinner, and I got a hankering for pasta.

(Mario leaves the conference room. All the other characters sit in stunned silence. Peach starts weeping, and Luigi pulls her into a hug, crying along with her.)

Samus: Ahem.

(Everyone looks at Samus. She has her eyes closed, head tilted back.)

Samus: So, without Mario.... what are we going to do?

(Peach sobs louder.)

(Let's see how the Brawlers are dealing with the Mario's... announcement.)

(Marth and Roy are sitting in their room, armor off, going over basic Japanese to try to help Roy recover his vocabulary) note: Anything in brackets, like these {}, is translated.

Marth: {Roy, this is your Sword of Seals. Sword of Seals. Can you say Sword of Seals?}

Roy: (gibberish)

Marth: {Roy, you have to try, please! When we go back to our world, you're going to have to be able to speak.}

Roy: (more gibberish)

Marth: {Oh, I'm sorry, Roy. It's just, Mario was the guy that held everyone together, you know? When there was a problem, he'd do his best to help solve it... he'd always listen to us tell our tales. Now that I think about it... it's all because of him that we're all together.}

(Marth's eyes start clouding up)

Roy: (gibberish in a worried tone)

Marth: *sniff* {No, no. I'm fine. We'll figure something out. We have many bright friends. We'll be just fine.}

(Suddenly, Roy holds Marth's face in his hands. Where tears were on Marth's face, Roy kisses him. Then, he gently kisses Marth on his lips.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit and Zelda had finished eating, and Pit had continued recounting his tales to Zelda)

Pit: ... And that's when I raised my bow, and smote the serpent with my arrow.

Zelda: Wonderful! You're so heroic, Pit!

Pit: ....... Princess Zelda, there's something I want to ask you. It might be a bit private, but it's just been bothering me since last night.

Zelda: What is it? You fed me many times, and told me your own adventures. Please, ask your question.

Pit: Well.... The thing is..... I haven't seen you with Link, except when you're taking on evil, together. Is there something wrong between you two? I mean, it only makes sense to me that the two of you would be a bit, I don't know, closer.

(Zelda drops her eyes and chews her lower lip. She curls one gloved hand on her lap, gripping her gown.)

Zelda: .......... He never pays me any attention. He's always so "busy" saving the day for other people. So, one day, I turned into Sheik, and followed him on one of his adventures, and- (heavy breath)

Pit: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried. If you'd like, I can continue my story, now.

Zelda: No, no, please. I have to speak out. (deep breath) I think it's time someone knew about this, anyway. (deep breath) I followed him, and I saw him going to Lon Lon Ranch, where his horse, Epona, is stabled. I thought he was just going riding, which was okay with me. However, I saw him... with a farm hand! That young girl, Malon! I kept following him on these little "adventures," and I found out he's having affairs with many women at once! Even Ruto, of the Zora people!

(Zelda breaks down and starts to cry. Pit hugs her close. She sobs on his shoulder.)

Zelda: He's such a jerk! I only wish... for someone... (sniffs and quiets down, and looks into Pit's eyes)... to love me.

(They close in for a passionate kiss. Zelda reaches down, and feels Pit between his legs.)

Pit: Urk!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus is in her gun-ship, recording her logs for the day)

Samus: Mario gave us some horrible news... he announced today that after Brawl, he would be retiring, possibly permanently. I can't really blame him. After all, he's been saving princesses, and facing certain peril, for the vast majority of his life. It sounds a lot like my life, but, then again, he's doing everything under his own strength. At least I have my Chozo armor to help me.

(Samus takes a sip of her chamomile)

Samus: I can't help but wonder just two things. What's Mario going to do? And... what are the rest of us going to do? I suppose he could just have Luigi take over, for a while. I'm pretty sure he's younger, and it's not like he sees a lot of action. He probably wouldn't be worn out.

(Sips chamomile)

Samus: On the other hand, Luigi wouldn't do very well, in the face of evil. I've fought him, a few times, and he's the kind to get rattled, fairly easily. No, he wouldn't do. But, now that I think about it... I wonder if the Mushroom Kingdom has any kind of military force? Surely, they wouldn't be so callous as to send Mario out, all alone, to fight entire armies, all by himself.

(Samus presses a couple buttons on her control console)

Samus: Reminder for tomorrow. Suggest to Mario that he train the army of the Mushroom Kingdom. Remind him that, eventually, there won't be anyone to carry on the Mario name, so they need a strong military to help protect their kingdom.

(Samus taps a few more buttons, and resumes her log recording)

Samus: The other issue, of course, is what the other Brawlers are going to do. I can't believe I raised that issue. Now, they're probably all going to look to me for leadership. I've never had experience with leading people, in any way, ever. I've always been alone. Forever..... alone.

(Sips chamomile.)

Samus: Damn, this isn't something I'm good at. Bah, I'm getting myself worked up, when I should be trying to get some sleep. Ah, well. I'll just leave it, for the night.

(Samus switches off recorder, powers down the ship, and heads back to the Mansion for some sleep.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Link is lying in bed with Saria at his side. Both are naked.)

Saria: Is something wrong, Link?

Link: Hmm? Oh, well, you know.... um... it's just that I always have to remind myself that you're actually older than I am. I mean, I love you, but you're body just makes me think I'm doing something wrong.

Saria: ...... That's not all, is it? Something happened, didn't it? Something at the Brawl Mansion? I can tell, you know. I know you.

Link: (sigh) Yeah, something happened. I don't want to talk about it, right now, though. It's not that big a deal, it's just that the future of I and the other Brawlers has been changed, somewhat. We're probably all going to deal with it, together, tomorrow. For now, though, I just want to enjoy being with you.

(They turn over into a "spoons" position, and fall asleep)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ness, Young Link, Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Kirby and the Ice Climbers are all in the room they share. They are all good friends, so they had decided on saving room by just having large bunk beds in one big room.)

Ness: Mario's going to be gone.

Y. Link: Yeah.

Pichu: Pichu, chu, pi pi, pichu pi.

Ness: What's that, Kirby?

Kirby: {He says that he's going to miss how Mario always scratched his head just right, the way no one else could.)

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff.

Pikachu: Pika-chuuuu.

Ness: Kirby?

Kirby: {Jiggly agrees, and it sounds like Pikachu was talking about back-scratching, and tummy rubs. It's a little hazy.}

Nana: I know I'm not the most attractive female here-

Pichu: PI-chuu.

(Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Kirby snort and start chuckling.)

Nana: What was that, Kirby?

Kirby: (cough) {Umm... it doesn't translate well. Sorry. You were saying?}

Nana: Right, well, it's just that Mario would take time to play with me. This one time, he let me freeze him, then Popo and I chipped him out of the ice, and that ended up being the centerpiece to celebrate the first Smash Mansion, for when we came together for Melee.

Y. Link: That was you guys? That was so cool. You two are good.

Popo: Thanks. We try.

Ness: You know, if you could perfect your technique, you won't have any problems... after Brawl is... over. You know, IF we should... happen to... have to... go our separate ways.
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #1 on: 29 January, 2008, 09:56:06 pm »

(Somber silence.)

Nana: But, hey, there's still a whole month before we start Brawl! Why are we getting so down, now?

Y. Link: You're right! We shouldn't be sad. Certainly not yet! Tomorrow, we'll show everyone that we can still enjoy our time together!

Pikachu: Pika-pi! Pikachu!

Kirby: {He said that it's settled. Tomorrow!}

Y. Link: Well, we ought to get to sleep, then! Good night, all.

Ness: Good night.

Popo/Nana: Good night.

Pichu: Chu!

Pikachu: Pika!

Jigglypuff: Puff!

(Jigglypuff sings them all to sleep, then falls asleep herself.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Mewtwo is lounging in his favorite tree. He has foregone an actual room, since he believes he would be stronger if he stays closer to nature. Ganondorf walks under the branch Mewtwo is on.) Note: Anything in between the<> means psychic talk.

Mewtwo: <Ganondorf, it's late. Why are you not in your tower? Wait, I can tell. It's Mario, isn't it?>

Ganondorf: Mm. I will actually regret seeing him go. He may be old, but he's still very strong. It will be hard to let go of such an opponent.

Mewtwo: <True. He is still strong. However, I could sense it in him. On the outside, he has quite a bit of energy, but on the inside... he's slowing down. Pretty soon, it's going to have an impact on his physical state. He probably sensed that in himself, and decided he'd had enough.>

(Ganondorf just nods. A quiet pervades for a while.)

Ganondorf: Well, there's no reason for anything to change, between us. When all this is over, would you consider committing random evil deeds, with me?

(Mewtwo smiles at the moon)

Mewtwo: <It'd be an honor to work with such a great evil being, such as yourself.>

(More silence.)

Ganondorf: Mewtwo, there's something I'd like to ask you about. I felt something odd, earlier, right after Mario told us of his retirement.

Mewtwo: <Does this by any chance have anything to do with Peach and Bowser?>

Ganondorf: Right. I'm pretty sure I felt something coming from those two, and it was different from the shock the rest of us had. I saw the look on their faces, and it sure as hell wasn't shock.

Mewtwo: <You're right, they didn't seem surprised. At least, not completely. The problem is, Bowser has a thick skull, and I only had a second to look in his mind before the feeling was gone. Also... I have a policy against reading a woman's mind... I usually find things I'm not ready to encounter.>

Ganondorf: What? You have a problem with- No, never mind. Did you find anything, at all?

Mewtwo: <I got a pretty strong emotional whiff from Peach, and it closely matched the emotion I got out of Bowser. However... I'm not sure if you'd like to hear it.>

Ganondorf: What, you think I can't handle it? I've felt all kinds of sorrow and pain, in my life. I don't think there's anything I can't handle.

Mewtwo: (sigh) <Alright. Don't say I didn't warn you, though. I got a few mixed emotions, between the two of them, that weren't disbelief. As near as I can place it... is felt like some kind of fear, some shame, even guilt.>

Ganondorf: Fear? Shame? Guilt? (pause) You know what this means, right?

Mewtwo: <I have a vague idea. Remember, I do not know much about "that" sort of thing, but, yes, I know..>

Ganondorf: ..... You're right, I'm not sure if I wanted to know.

(More silence.)

Ganondorf: I think that's all I need. See you tomorrow for training?

Mewtwo: <I'll be there.>

(Mewtwo closes his eyes for sleep, and Ganondorf walks off to his tower.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Fox and Meta-Knight are sitting quietly at a pair of stations next to the pilot's seat on the Great Fox. In the pilot's seat is Falco. Fox and Falco are giving MK a lift back to Pop-Star, so MK could pick up his Halberd and get it ready for Brawl. All three are completely silent.)

All three: ............. (more silence)...

MK: So, what's Mario like? I've heard of him through Kirby, but I can't trust what he says, very much.

(Fox takes a deep breath, and glances at Falco. Falco indicates that Fox should take care of it.)

Fox: I don't think I've ever seen that guy do anything wrong, in every sense of the word. I've never seen him be mean, not a single prank, or anything. Not only that, he also never messes up. Everything he touches seems to go right. Except computers. (chuckle) Mario's a huge technophobe. I once put him in an Arwing, and he was looking at me like I just betrayed him to all his friends, or something. I've never seen someone so scared in my life.

Falco: I remember that. I swear, his mustache was standing on end when he landed. He actually kissed the ground, he was so happy to be back down.

(Meta-Knight and Fox both chuckle quietly.)

Falco: Really, though... He's one of the finest men I've had the honor to fight beside. He's one hell of a guy.

Fox: You know, Falco, when he actually leaves, we're going to have to give him a Team Fox farewell. What do you say? I'll fight you for the light show.

Falco: I've won every light show fight for the past five years. I'm telling you, Fox, your blaster is just too weak. I understand that you like the speed, but it's not nearly powerful enough to do you any real good.

MK: That's funny. I've won with a sword, no matter what kind of blaster I come up against. If it weren't for Kirby literally being born to be a warrior, I wouldn't have a rival in this universe.

(Falco and Fox look at each other, grinning)

Fox: Care to put that to the test, MK? We can put the ship on auto-pilot, and go down to the training area, if you want.

Falco: That is, if you're not a wuss who's going to back down.

MK: Gentlemen, I will write my name in your organs with my sword.

(They exit the bridge.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake, Luigi and Wario are sitting at a bar, drinking heavily. Wario is the most blasted of the three.)

Luigi: Whaat-a the hhhell is-a he thinkin'? Makin' me save-a the purncess? That's...-a just plain selfish is what it is!

Snake (he can hold his liquor best): You know what sucks the most? I wanted to fight that bastard with all my might. Now, I'm going to have to hold myself back, just because I know that this is the last time he's doing anything. Hey, that's it! He's just afraid of gettin' the crap beat out of him, and this is a trick to make us go easy on him! Well, it ain't workin' on this Brawler, nossir!

Wario (hanging from the ceiling): WEEEEEEE!!! I dind know my fingers couh curhl dat way!!! Hey! Whozzup for a game of "make Wario drunker?!"

Snake: Doesn't he have an accent, normally?

Luigi: Him? Yeah. Weird things happen to him when he gets-a wasted.

Wario: HEY! I'MUHNOT WASHTED, YOU ARE!! Damn... Mario... I fin'ly get my ssshhhance to pum'l that guhdy-guhdy, and he triesh to wimp out. COWURD, I BELLOW, COWURD!

Snake (lights up cigarrete): See? Wario agrees with me.

Luigi: Right now, Wario would agree with potted-a plant.

(Luigi suddenly bursts out in a fit of giggling. He downs another shot of tequila, and promptly blacks out. Wario loses his grip on the ceiling, and lands on top of Luigi, and starts snoring.)

Snake: Guh. Everyone at the mansion would be pissed at me if I left them.

(Snake lifts Luigi over one shoulder, and tucks Wario under his other arm.)

Snake: Gah, why is Wario so damn fat? Well, at least Luigi isn't so bad. Oh... heh, heh. Potted plant. You're a funny man, greeney.

(Snake walks out of the bar, carrying the snoring drunkards back to the mansion.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(DK and Yoshi are hanging out in an in-door jungle which serves as DK's room. Yoshi is running about in the open stretches of land, and DK is swinging about in the trees.

Yoshi: {They all seem really upset by Mario leaving. I don't really understand. After all, if they really want to, they can go see him any time they want.}

DK: {Yoshi, you live in the exact same world as him. You live close to Mario. The rest of us don't have that advantage. Everyone is sad because they aren't sure if they'll ever be able to see him again.}

Yoshi: {That's the other thing I don't get. Mario is actually making it sound like he's going into hiding, or something. You don't think he'd do that, do you, DK?}

(DK stops mid-swing, and hangs by one arm)

DK: ..... {I'm not sure. He seems really down about something else. Maybe he's sad because he feels that he's useless, because he's so old, or something.}

Yoshi: {Wow, DK, you're really smart. How come?}

DK: {It probably has something to do with you not being very bright, now doesn't it?}

Yoshi: {I guess. I know I'm not that smart, but I'm really happy, and I have lots of smart friends. So, I'm okay, right?

(DK pauses again. This time, he climbs down, and stands in front of Yoshi.)

DK: {Sure, pal. You'll be fine.}

Yoshi: {Hooray!}

(Yoshi starts Egg Rolling up and down a strip of land. DK goes back to swinging around in the trees.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time (gettin' to the end, folks.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Mr. Game and Watch is sitting in his home in 2D world, enjoying a night of quiet.) Note: Private thought is signified by these +.

G&W (sips cocoa): +What a day... I don't think things are every going to be the same, ever. Of course, I've got at least 10 years on Mario... but, then again, I don't age, at all.+ (sips cocoa) +I guess there's nothing I can really do, though. They don't understand my language at all. Even Mewtwo wouldn't be able to communicate with me. My mind is on a level they simply aren't familiar enough with. It's a shame, really.+ (sips cocoa) +Ah, well. It'll be an even bigger day, tomorrow. I should get ready. I only hope the rest of us can think of what to do, with Mario gone.+

(G&W drains his cocoa, throws the mug against a wall, and goes to bed.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Captain Falcon is racing around Big Blue, on his home-world. He's all alone, and traveling down the road at top-speed. His breathing is agitated, and his face is twisted like he is growling.)

Falcon: That arrogant BASTARD!! Just like that. After so much. After we have ALL been through so much. Just like that! He leaves!? How dare he.... how dare he.... HOW DARE HE LEAVE!!!

(Suddenly, Falcon goes off a jump... but misses a tricky landing. He careens out of control, into a building in the city below. There's a large explosion.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time (almost done, praise the Lord) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Mario and Doc are sitting in the Doc's study. Mario has just told Doc about how Roy's accident came about.)

Doc: Are you joking? That's how it-a happened? That's so... so...

Mario: Stupid and anti-climactic?

Doc: RIGHT! Roy is-a walking around with a big plate of food, Kirby steals it because he's-a hungry, Roy gives chase, falls down some stairs, and lands on his head?

Mario: At least, that was Kirby's story. I'll check it against Roy's interpretation tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll at least be able to physically describe what happened. How long did you say until he gets back all his motor skills?

Doc: At least a week. However, you just brought up another-a point. I don't think you should ask him to try to act out what happened, especially so soon. Such a request could trigger a post-traumatic stress episode, and totally short-circuit his-a brain.

Mario: ......... I thought you were a physician.

Doc: I minored in psychology and-a phsysiology. I did my thesis for psychology on-a Tourette's syndrome. Did you know that not only is the swearing thing true, though it's-a very rare, there's an even rarer variant of the disorder that makes you make inappropriate gestures?

Mario: Hmm. I never-a knew that.

Doc: Nobody ever does. Damn movies only care about-a the swearing.

Mario: They're always like that. So, does Kirby's story help with Roy, at all?

Doc: I think it'll make things a bit easier, yes. If he took damage to other parts of his-a brain, they might be affecting his speech indirectly. One part of the brain could swelling up, but otherwise, isn't damaged. However, this-a swelling could certainly impact the other parts of-a the brain. I've been reading up since you brought him in, and I think I might be able to treat him better, now.

Mario: Excellent. Well, I have a feeling that tomorrow is-a going to be huge. We'd better get some sleep. See you in the morning.

Doc: Right. I'll keep studying a little more, though. I think I ran across something that could be particularly helpful, but I have to take another look.

Mario: Every bit helps.

(Mario exits. Doc hangs his head low.)

Doc: Dammit. I've done it again. All these false hopes. I know it'd be better for them if I didn't-a sugar-coat it. Why the hell can't I tell the truth?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Bowser and Peach are together in Bowser's Keep. Bowser is sitting in a throne-like chair, but Peach is pacing back and forth, a look of fear, shame, and guilt written all over her face. Bowser also looks worried, but is trying to remain calm. Peach is doing no such thing.)

Bowser: Peach, honey, you have to calm down. You can't think straight when you're panicking. How do you think I've been beaten by Mario so many times? Every time I see that look in his eye, I get scared.

Peach: Dammit, Bowser, I can't calm down! This has been going on for years, and now look what it's done to poor Mario! Oh, I knew this was going to happen. I just knew it!

Bowser: No, you didn't, dear-heart. None of us even considered Mario retiring. To be honest, I thought he'd end up dying trying to save you from me.

Peach: AND NOW HE IS!! HE'S DYING, ALL BECAUSE WE COULDN'T STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!! Oh, I've been such a fool, what was I thinking?! "Just keep kidnapping me," I said. "Mario will think you're the evil one, he saves me, and that's that!" How could I have been so stupid?!

Bowser: Peach, don't beat yourself up for it, it was a brilliant plan, and it did work. Do you think Mario would be in the shape he's in right now if he didn't have to save you every month? Hmm? If you ask me, I think we did him a favor.


Bowser: Peach... I'm trying to be calm about this. Please, don't provoke me. You don't want things ending up like they were in the beginning, do you?

Peach: .... (sigh).... I suppose you're right, dear. I'm sorry. You're a brilliant reptile.

Bowser: Damn straight. You know, I think it's a good thing that we did, you know? Who else can say they were saving 20-something princesses into their 50's? His mind's as sharp as a tack, strong enough to whup any ass, and doesn't look a day over 35. Now, he'll be able to live out the rest of his days telling everyone about all his stories.

Peach: Well... I suppose. I still think we were the ones who drove him to this, though.

Bowser: Come now, sweetie, we talked about this, already. The alternatives were just too ugly to consider. We would both become depressed, since our two kingdoms could never be one, and if we tried to tell everyone what we think of each other, my people would revolt, and your people would have a mass heart-attack!

Peach: I- I guess. No, you're right. Maybe what we did wasn't the right thing, but it was the best decision we could have made. Oh, this is why I love you! You know just what to say to me.

Bowser: But that's not all you love about me, is it?

Peach (a very naughty look in her eyes): Oh, no! Don't tell me you're going to ravage me like the brute you are? Anything but that, please!

(Peach and Bowser get kinky, and, well, you get the idea.)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #2 on: 29 January, 2008, 09:58:13 pm »

All around, the Brawlers are dealing with their own pain, in their own way. Unfortunately, it isn't long before they get more sad news.

(Pit and Zelda are laying in bed together, in each other's arms, naked as the day they were born.)

(Suddenly, Mewtwo busts in.)

Mewtwo: <Pit! Big news! Fal->

(Pit leaps out of bed, accidentally exposing himself and Zelda, but then trips on the covers, and falls onto the floor.)

Pit: Mewtwo! What's going on?! What's (looks down at naked self, then at naked Zelda)...... oh, balls.

(Very awkward silence.)

Mewtwo: ......... <I don't suppose you're going to put on some clothes, at some point, are you?>

Pit: (cough) Right, right. Of course (Starts pulling on toga.) So, uh, how's it going?

Mewtwo: <Aren't you forgetting something?>

Pit: Huh? OH!

(Pit gathers up and hands Zelda her clothes, then draws the curtain on his bed, giving her some privacy.)

Pit: Anyway, if you could just forget what you saw... you mentioned big news?

Mewtwo: <I'll never be able to get that image out of my head, thank you. Yes, there has been an accident with Captain Falcon. He's at a hospital in Mute City. We're not sure of his condition, at the moment. Doc is there, and he says he'll be back to tell us how he is a little after noon. For now, Mario has instructed that we should all go about our business, until then, when he'll call us all together.>

Pit: All right. Sounds like a plan. And, um...... you are going to keep this thing secret, right?

Mewtwo: <Remember, I'm evil. Most likely, I'll just hold this piece of information, and blackmail you, later. For now, though, you're secret is safe.>

(Mewtwo floats out of the room, laughing a quiet, evil laugh.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Wario and Luigi are sleeping, face down, on the floor in the Brawl rec room. Snake is over by an open window, lighting up. Samus is practicing at the pool table.)

Wario: Ugghhh. Why does my head feel like got sat on by Bowser? What happened?

Luigi: Please, don't breathe so loud. I'm-a trying to keep-a my brain from exploding through my eyeballs.

Snake: Oh, you two are finally up. Did you both know that you're total lightweights when it comes to drinking?

(Ness and Young Link walk in.)

Ness: Good morning, all!

Wario/Luigi: Uuurrgghhh!

Y. Link: What's with you two?

Snake: That's what happens when you don't go to bed on time. You're punished with big headaches.

Y. Link: Jeez! Ness, remind me to always go to bed on time, from now on, okay?

Ness: Yeah. I don't want to end up like those two.

(Y. Link and Ness walk out of the rec room, towards the mess hall.)

Samus: I didn't know you were good with children. I think you just scared them into never staying up later ever again.

Snake: Hey, I may be a jerk, sometimes, but I don't want them growing up wrong. I would think you'd know all about that.

(Samus twitches, and hops the cue-ball off the table. Wario and Luigi groan at the sound of the ball hitting the floor.)

Samus: ...... Yeah... I guess you're right. (picks up the ball) It's good to see that all the young ones are friends.... they'll need to support each other, as they grow..... (hits 3 balls into the pockets at once.)

Snake: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories.

Samus: No problem. I've been dealing with it all my life. I'm used to it.


Samus: Can I have one of your those?

Snake: I didn't know you smoked. (tosses her the pack and lighter)

Samus: I don't. Well, not regularly. Gives me time to calm down and think. (Samus lights up, and takes a drag.)

Samus: Anyway.... what do you think we should do, without Mario? We can't just split up, after Brawl. The newcomers are good company..... for the most part.

(Samus glances at Wario, who is vomiting into a garbage can.)

Snake: Hmm, right..... Maybe we should have a meeting, or something, within the next few days. Just the Brawlers, no Mario. Hopefully, at least one of us will have a good idea, by then.

Samus: Oh, that reminds me, I've got to talk with Mario. I have a good idea for what he can do for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Snake: Well, don't let me keep you here.

(Samus exits the room.)

(Mr. Game&Watch walks in.)


Wario/Luigi: GRAAAAAHHH!!

G&W: ...... BEEP?

Snake: They're a little sensitive, if you know what I mean. I think they'd appreciate it if you weren't so.... here.

G&W: Beep.

(G&W exits the room.)

Snake: I can already tell..... this is going to be one long-ass day.

(Mewtwo floats into the room.)

Mewtwo: <Big news, everyone!>


(Luigi collapses.)

(Pit and Zelda are walking through the halls of the Brawl Mansion, on their way to the mess hall.)

Pit: Zelda, I really don't think you have to worry about anything. Mewtwo isn't evil enough to go around spreading the truth about us. Besides, all I have to do is make him my friend... I could probably just feed him some of my ambrosia, and he'll become more than a little sedate. (pause) I think the only person we have to worry about is Link. I haven't seen him angry, but I imagine that's something I should be glad about.

Zelda: Oh, don't worry about him. We have the moral high ground, here. Besides, it's not like he ever really loved me, in the first place. Besides, if he even THINKS about getting angry...

Pit: Zelda, woah, settle.

Zelda: Oh, my. That was very unlike me, wasn't it? What I meant to say was that we don't have to worry about him, either.

Pit: Well, then... why are we trying to hide our love? Everyone around here is intelligent enough that they'd except us. They'd be surprised, sure, but I think they would all be fine with our relationship.

Zelda: Pit, I.... I just think we should maybe give it some time. It's never wise to rush into something like this.

Pit: Mm. Point. All right. We'll wait a few weeks, to let our relationship develop. If it looks good, then we'll tell everyone.

Zelda: Very good. For now, though, you're a good friend.

Pit: That's just fine with me.

(Pit and Zelda keep walking. Suddenly, Marth and Roy appear from around a corner.)

Zelda: Oh, hello, you two. How are you doing, Roy?

Pit: Erm... Zelda.... their hands.

(Zelda looks down, and notices that Marth and Roy are holding hands. Marth notices, and quickly pulls his hand away, hiding it under his cape.)

Zelda: .......... Hm.

Pit: Yeah...... wow.

(Awkward silence)

Pit: ...... Well.... See you around, you two.

(Zelda and Pit walk quickly past them.)

Zelda: You know what we just saw, right? Marth.... and Roy...

Pit: Yeah.... This is new..... Suddenly, I'm feeling pretty good about our relationship.

Zelda: Indeed. Then again, they might have someone to go back to, on their world, that they would want to keep this a secret from.

Pit: Yeah. It's not really bad, but... it's a little creepy, somehow.

Zelda: Because we're friends with them, and fight alongside them?

Pit: That's it. Well, no point in stalling. Shall we?

(Pit and Zelda continue on, towards the cafeteria.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(All the young ones have gathered in the mess hall. They're sitting at the large table made just for them.)

Ness: Is it just me, or does the cereal taste different?

Popo: It's not you. There's something funny with it.

(Peach walks by)

Peach: We got the low-sugar cereal. It's healthy!

(Peach walks away)

All the young ones: ...........

Kirby: {I've lost my appetite.}

Ness: Me too.

Y. Link: Yeah, me too.

Pichu: Pi-CHU.

Pikachu: Pi-kaaa

Jigglypuff: Jiggly!

(They all push away their cereal.)

Ness: Who's up for doughnuts?

All: Smiley

(Meanwhile, at the other side of the mess hall...)

DK: {I'm telling you, Yoshi, it's great up in the trees. Swinging around and around... that's what life's all about, I tell you. When you're in a jungle, you forget all your troubles.}

Yoshi: {I don't know... I still prefer a wide-open space. I love running around. And when I do my Egg Roll, I don't think there's anyone faster than me. It's really nice, having so much space to move.}

DK: {Whatever. Remember, I'm smarter than you, so I know what I'm talking about. Besides, you've never even been in a tree.}

Yoshi: {Oh, come on. You know that's because I'm not built for any sort of climbing. Do you think I can climb with these arms?}

DK (raised eyebrow): {Well.... I never thought of that. Maybe you're brighter than you think.}

Yoshi: {Nah. One time, I got hurt trying to climb a tree, and Mario told me that I'm just not meant to climb trees. He's so nice. I think anyone else would have made me climb again, just so they could laugh at me.}

DK: (cough) {I guess.... Hey, they set out the fruit. Wanna get some?}

Yoshi: {You bet!}

(Marth and Roy are in their room, waiting to be summoned to the Conference Room, so they could get the news of Falcon's condition.)

Marth: {Roy, what are we going to do? I love you, I really do... but I'm not sure if I want everyone to know about it, just yet. I know there's something going on between Pit and Zelda, it's just obvious, but we're different. (sigh) Roy, do you even understand what I'm saying?}

Roy: (gibberish)

Marth: {Dammit, can't you give me some sort of sign?}

(Roy leans in, and kisses Marth lightly on the lips.)

Marth: {I guess that's something. Don't worry, Roy. I'll do everything in my power to get your speech back. For now, though.... I think it's okay to just enjoy this.}

(Roy sits on Marth's lap and.... you get the idea.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake and Samus are in the rec room, having a round of pool.)

Snake: So, that's the story of your life? That's harsh.

Samus: Yeah, I suppose it's the kind of story that you only see in a soap opera.

Snake: ....... Yyyeeaahhh. (Snake sinks another ball.) You know, you're pretty good. But... (sinks yet another ball.) I'm better.

Samus: (giggle) That's because I haven't started using my little tricks, yet.

Snake: Oh? Like what? (Lines up another shot.)

Samus: (drops pool cue) Oops! Dropped my stick! (Bends over in "that way" and picks up stick.)

Snake: Urk! (Completely misses.) That's evil!

Samus: Just because I fight the bad guys, doesn't mean I'm all good. My turn. (Lines up shot.) Now... you're going to see how I earned money in my college years.

Snake: How much are you going to charge me? (Stupid grin.)

Samus: ...... (Skips the ball. It smacks into Snakes balls.)

Snake: Hurk! Why don't I have armor there? (Goes into that stance every guy does when they get it in the junk.)

(Suddenly, the PA comes on.)

Doc (over PA): Hello everyone! I'd like everyone to gather in-a the conference room, please. I have the condition of Captain Falcon, as well as another announcement.

Samus: ..... You know, I just realized that Mario and Doc sound exactly the same. So, how can we tell the difference between the two?

Snake (still in that stance): Who knows... and who cares? Let's just go.

Samus: Damn, you're pretty sensitive there, aren't you?

Snake: I'll say you won this game if you shut up.

Samus: Deal.

(Samus and Snake head to the Conference Room.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are heading to the Conference Room.)

Mewtwo: <I'm getting the feeling that something big's going down. Something other than Falcon.>

Ganondorf: Of course something else is happening. He said that he has something else to say.

Mewtwo: <Yes... I know... that's what I mean. It isn't going to be small. They're going to have quite an impact on many of us, possibly all of us.>

Ganondorf: Whatever. I'll listen to what these people have to say. You just keep your mind on the other brawlers. You might get something. Pit seemed edgy when Zelda walked through the room, so make sure you pay extra attention to them.

Mewtwo: Oh, believe me, I won't have to pay attention to them... I know.

Ganondorf: Oh? What are you hiding?

Mewtwo: Sorry. I'm waiting for a need to blackmail them. Don't worry, though. I have a sneaking suspicion that they're going to make it obvious, soon enough.

Ganondorf: Mm. Whatever. Although, I'd like to have some ammo against Zelda, the next time I try to take over the world. No problem, I'll just capture her and torture her. I've been practicing my singing voice.

Mewtwo: You sing?

Ganondorf: No. That's what makes it torture.

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf evil laugh all the way to the Conference Room.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Conference Room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(The brawlers are gathering in the Conference Room. It isn't until most of them walked in that the fact that there are extra chairs became apparent. Within minutes, all the characters had arrived, with no Falcon. Besides Falcon, there are 15 chairs empty.)

(Mario stands up and holds up his hand for silence. He gives a nod to Doc, then takes his seat.)

Doc: All right, now that everyone's here, I will tell you all about Captain-a Falcon. After that, Mario will speak, and then, I have-a something else to say. (Pause) He's alive, but very bed-ridden. I can say with much certainty that-a Captain Falcon will not be able to make it into Brawl.

(General "Oh, no"ing.)

Doc: Calm down, calm down. The physicians in Mute City and I have all agreed that Falcon will be back on his feet in a little under a year. A witness told us that this is how it happened: Falcon was racing alone along Big Blue at insane speeds, missed a landing, and hit a building in-a the city below. The size of the explosion... well... let's-a just say Falcon is-a lucky he's alive. At the moment, that's all I can tell you. Falcon is in a coma, and, to be honest, we don't know when... or if he'll wake up. I will let you all know the instant I learn of any changes.

(Mario: Thank you, Doc. This is very tragic for all of us, but I'm sure that Falcon wouldn't want us to slow down, just because of him. We must go on with Brawl. (Pause) So, I'd like to direct-a your attention to the fifteen unnamed seats. I have been told that a total of fifteen more characters have been added to our roster. I also know that of those fifteen, only two of them will come to us in-a the same way that Snake came to us. One other character seemed questionable, but it was-a decided, in the end, that he comes from our universe. I think you know him. I'd like-a to introduce the first newcomer to join us. My fellow brawlers, give a warm Brawl welcome to... Geno!

(Geno busts down the door, and steps into the Conference Room. All the brawlers applaud. Geno walks over next to Mario, crosses his arms, and nods at all of them.)

Geno: Thank you, thank you. It's very good to be on solid ground again. As Mario said before, what universe I come from is questionable. However, it has been decided that, since I am directly involved with Mario's world, I am of this universe. I look forward to being with you all. Also, I assure you that I will try my hardest to whup all of you. Now, Mario, which of these seats is mine?

Mario: You shall be in-a the seat there, next to Pikachu. If you would, please?

(Geno sits next to Pikachu.)

Pikachu: Pi pika! Pika pikachu.

Geno: It's very nice to meet you as well, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikaaa?

Geno: I am a being of a higher plane of existence. My mind can comprehend things that most cannot. Of course I can understand you. Hush, now. Doc is giving another announcement.

Pikachu: Pikaaa.... chu!

(Doc stands up and clears his throat.)

Doc: Now, I have another announcement, and this one will most likely affect all of you very much. I'd like to first say that it's-a been a pleasure and an honor to work with all of you, and- (suddenly, a cell-phone rings.) Oh! I'm-a so sorry. (Presses button on phone.) It's-a me! The Doctor! Yes? WHAT?! (all jump in their seat) .... I see.... Very well..... Yes. I'll come immediately. (Closes phone) I'm so sorry, everyone. It seems that Falcon is having some difficulties. I must go now.

Mario: Of course, Doc.

(Doc leaves the room)

Mario: Well.... Since it seems that no one else has anything else to say, I'd like-a to thank you all for coming. Now, if you'll excuse me, I do believe I feel a craving for a pizza-burger coming on.

(Mario leaves the room.)

(Some of the brawlers get up to leave.)

Samus: Ahem!

(All turn their attention to Samus, and they all take their seats again.)

Samus: I think now is as good a time as any to discuss the question I'm sure we have all been thinking. So, I'd like to ask all of you... What are we going to do without Mario?

Fox: Is there really any need for us to bring that up, so soon? I mean, we waited a month until after the first Smash Brothers, before considering Melee. I think it's way too early to consider such an important matter.

Samus: You're right. We did wait quite a while before talking about Melee. However, conditions are different from so long ago. We're going to have many more characters on our roster than ever, to think about. And, of course, there's the fact that we're going to be missing the administrative skills of Mario. When he was in charge of things, everything was done right. However, without him around, we can't waste any time, if we want our futures to be secure. Any questions?

(Silence. Then, Y. Link raises his hand.)

Y. Link: Miss Aran? Me and the guys think it would be a good idea to maybe think of a way to send off Mario. Some of us might have to say good-bye forever, and if it's going to be that way, we want to give him a big party to remember him.

(General nodding and agreement. Y. Link smiles, proud of himself, and taps his fist against Ness' fist.)

Ness (whispering to Y. Link): It worked! Now they'll never look down on us little ones again!

Samus: That's an excellent idea, boys. And, Fox, you're right. Perhaps it's still too early to be worrying about something so far off. Very well. We will plan Mario's farewell celebration.

Popo: Not before lunch!

(Laughter and good cheer is had by all. They file out of the room, and head for the mess hall.)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #3 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:00:33 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the mess hall. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake and Samus are sitting alone at a table.)

Snake: I thought you were going to wait a few days before you asked that question. (Takes a bit of his sammich.)

Samus: It seemed like a good opportunity. Mario had left, and everyone else was all together. Besides, I still think it's a good idea to not waste time. Who knows what's going to happen next? What if someone else decides to leave? The more brains we have working on this issue, the better. (crunches salad, and talks while chewing) Although, to tell you the truth, I'm glad Young Link interrupted when he did. To be honest, I hadn't given a thought to what we're going to do with Mario. (eats another fork-full) And, as I've probably told you already, I'm not really all that good with leadership. You know, because in every single adventure.... I've been alone.

Snake (puts down sammich): Samus.... you handled yourself very well. I don't think Fox himself could've done better, and he's really the only one who's had a lot of experience with many other people. Believe me (puts a hand on hers).... you were great in there.

(Samus swallows her salad, and looks into his eyes. Snake lingers for a moment, then goes back to eating.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are eating to recover their strength from morning training. Ganondorf chugs a soda, leans back, and belches. Wario applauds him.)

Ganondorf: Heh. That Wario. He's an idiot, but he appreciates a good belch.

Mewtwo: <Feh. He's not nearly bad enough to be considered a villain. In fact, I don't see how he could possibly be a challenge.>

Ganondorf: Yeah? Well, remember when Pikachu, Link, Kirby and Mario were all sparring out in the middle of nowhere? That's when Pit and all them jumped into the scene, and Samus took off her armor. I heard Wario crashed his motorcycle, and when everyone gathered around him, he let one rip that would make me surrender. At least, that's what Link is saying. I don't buy it, myself. I'd just punch him in the face, and send him flying before he knew what hit him.

Mewtwo: <Is it just me, or is everyone here at least a little insane? To even call that an attack. If anything, that's just a mockery of all us real brawlers.>

Ganondorf: Yeah, I don't like him at all. That's why I'm looking forward to beating the holy hell out of him. If nothing else, I hear he's funny as hell when he's drunk. Loses his accent, and everything. (wolfs down a burger, and drinks more soda) Anyway, anything interesting from the meeting we all had?

(Mewtwo hovers a sammich and his soda in front of him)

Mewtwo: <I thought you'd never ask. (bites burger) Right before Doc had to leave, I got an emotion something like what I got out of Peach and Bowser, yesterday. (sips soda) Except, it was more like what I sense when I see someone apologizing. I think he's done something wrong, and wants to confess. (bites burger) The thing is, when his phone rang, he started radiating relief like crazy. (sips soda) I think he really doesn't want to say it, but it's like he's forcing himself to do it. Any idea what he might want to hide?>

Ganondorf: (wolfs down another burger) Hmmmm...... My first guess is that.... he's protecting himself. However, by protecting himself, he might be hurting others, which would explain why he's forcing himself to confess. Is that close enough?

Mewtwo: (crams burger in his mouth) <Sounds about right. I guess that's all we can figure out, for now. (chugs soda) Anyway, I was about to mention Samus, when she was talking, but I think it's being taken care of.>

Ganondorf: How's that? What's up with her?

Mewtwo: <Check it out.>

(Mewtwo gestures at the table where Snake and Samus are sitting, where Snake has just put his hand on Samus' hand.)

Ganondorf: Oh, good lord. Can't these people go two days without falling in love?

Mewtwo: <I think not. There's another feeling in the air, but it's different from the others. That would explain why I can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Oh, well. It'll become obvious, later, I'm sure.>

Ganondorf: That's the other problem with these people. They just don't have a poker-face, you know? I bet if I just stare at any of these people long enough, I can find out all their secrets, just by reading their face.

Mewtwo: <Heh. Don't go looking at others like that. You aren't exactly perfect, yourself.>

Ganondorf: What are you saying? You think I can't hide what I feel? Don't make me have to go Ganon on your ass.

Mewtwo: <Like you could hope to whup me under any conditions. Settle down. I understand. I have my own secrets. The thing that sets me apart is that I've been created to have my emotions constantly under control.>

Ganondorf: Hmph. (wolfs down another burger) Tell me, how is it that you eat so much, but you constantly keep the same weight? I mean, I just have a high metabolism, what's your excuse?

Mewtwo: <You know how I rely mostly on my psychic powers? That energy has to come from somewhere. My body was designed to have a very efficient metabolism, so I am often able to go long stretches without having to fuel up.> (crams burger into mouth)

Ganondorf: Mm-hmm.

(Ganondorf wolfs down yet another burger, and belches again. Wario cheers, then belches louder.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(MK, Falco, Fox and Geno are sitting together.)

MK: Hey, Geno, how exactly are you involved with Mario?

Fox: Right. I never heard the story. What's up?

Geno: Well... (crunches taco) the short version of the story is this: My spirit possessed a doll because I had to fix the mechanism that grants wishes in the Mushroom Kingdom, the thing that makes all good things possible. I met Mario when looking for one of the major components, I thought he was a good ally to have, and I went along with him.

Falco: Was it just the two of you?

Geno: Oh, no, there were others. (bites taco) The former princess, Toadstool, joined us. She had good healing powers, which helped. Oh, and Bowser was apparently sent flying by an explosion, so he helped us, so he could get his Keep back. There was this other fellow, Mallow. Strange character, who actually ended up being a prince of his own kind. I heard some rumors about Mallow maybe becoming a brawler, but I doubt it'll happen, since I'm already here. (bites taco) That's about it.

MK: Weird. How come none of us ever heard anything about this?

Geno: To be honest, I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Mario, or Bowser, at some point. (finishes taco)

Fox: ..... So, you're a puppet right now?

Geno: (sips soda) That's right. What of it?

Fox: Well....... how come you're eating?

Geno: (pause) ....... You know..... I'm not sure. As far as I can tell, I think my spirit is burning all the food and such I put in, which converts it into energy..... or something like that.

(awkward silence)

Falco: (cough) I hear you have some powerful attacks. As soon as we're done here, you wanna show us? Besides, you want to learn your way around this place as soon as you can, so you don't end up lost, and accidently walk in on Samus when she's ****, and you're forced to hide in a dumpster for the next 12 hours.

(even more awkward silence)

Geno: ........... (eats fries) Sure...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit is staring a hole in the back of Link, who is seated across from Zelda.)

Link: So, anyway, like I said, all I was doing yesterday was making a sweep of the shops in all the regions, so I wouldn't miss anything good. That's why I didn't come in until before that big meeting.

Zelda: Really? What did you find? Anything good?

Link: Well, I decided to replace my old Goron tunic. I was starting to really feel the heat when I went to see the Big Goron at the top of Death Mountain. Oh, Saria says hi. She says that everything's still under control in the Kokiri village area, and Ruto says that Hyrule Lake is especially nice at this time of year. We should visit.

Zelda: Oh.... I suppose I should visit Hyrule, eventually....

Link (raised eyebrow): Is something wrong Zelda? You haven't touched your salad.

Zelda: Oh! Umm..... It's just a little bland. I think maybe the lettuce is a little old, perhaps.

Link: You can complain about that, you know. Say, do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched?

(Link turns around. Pit quickly lowers his face, and shovels linguini into his mouth.)

Link: Hmm. Odd. I wonder what's up with Pit?

(Zelda suddenly coughs and chokes a bit.)

Link: Zelda! You need to be more careful with your food.

(Zelda gulps her bottled water, let's out a big breath, and just smiles at Link.)

Zelda: Yes...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Mr. Game&Watch is just sitting in a chair, away from all the others.)

G&W: +Wow. I never knew there was so much going on between these people. Ganondorf and Mewtwo are actually gossiping, Snake and Samus are clearly going to hook up... it looks like Pit and Zelda have something between them, judging by the way they're acting around Link. And Marth and Roy... well, who am I to judge? Then again, it's not like there are many females around here. Man, it sucks being able to know all this, and not being able to do anything about it. It looks like I'm one of the few normal ones. And Doc... what's going on with him? Sometimes, I almost regret being 2D. Then again, it's impossible for anyone to read me, so I guess my own secret is safe...+

(Everyone goes on. Eventually, Samus stands up.)

Samus: Attention, everyone! I want to see everyone here back in the Conference Room at 4 o'clock, sharp. We'll continue where we left off, then. That is all.

(Pit and Zelda are together in Zelda's room. Pit is pacing back and forth.)

Pit: Ugh, he lied right to your face! Twice! And he didn't even try that hard. Seriously, even Yoshi would've been able to tell. It's just disgusting!

Zelda: Please, Pit, settle down! He only lies because he thinks it will protect me! He doesn't want to hurt my feelings, that's all.

Pit: If he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, then why does he sleep around, huh? I know, first-hand, that you're all the woman he would ever need!

Zelda: PIT! My lord!

(Pit suddenly stops)

Pit: Oh... oh... I'm sorry. I got carried away, I guess.

Zelda: It's all right, I understand. You don't want to see me get hurt, and that's why you're angry at Link. Please, don't be.

Pit: Zelda, love, I just want you to understand that it's not your fault that he's doing what he's doing. He's probably just some sicko-pervert. You said he was with a Zora, after all.

Zelda: I know, it's not my fault... The reason I don't want you mad at him... well, I want to be on good terms with him. I mean, if something happens between him and me, he might not save Hyrule, the next time something happens to it. He's a great hero, and if he needs to do this to stay happy, then it's worth it.

Pit: (sigh) I guess. All right, I'll try to not hate him as much.

Zelda: Thank you, love.

(Pit and Zelda kiss)

Pit: Although, we really should think of a way to break the news to everyone. After all, Mewtwo might actually decide to take advantage of his knowledge, and make us do something bad.

Zelda: Yeah, I guess you're right. Oh, well, I'm sure it can wait.

Pit: Oh, yes, definitely for later.

(Pit and Zelda proceed to make out.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno and all the young ones are gathered in the rec room, seated on a series of chairs and couches.)

Ness: No way. I don't believe it. This guy can't understand Pokemon. Only Kirby can!

Kirby: {Yeah, he's right!}

Pikachu: Pika, pikaCHU!

Y. Link: Kirby?

Geno (quickly): Pikachu just said, "I'm telling you, it's true!"


Popo: Kirby.... is he right?

Kirby: ...... {He's right.}

(Shock and awe)

Nana: So, can you do any other neat tricks?

Geno: Well, I do this thing where I turn my hands and arms into guns that shoot small stars.

All: Ooooooh!

Geno: Aaannd..... I do this thing where I turn into a big cannon, and shoot out a giant flash of energy. It's cool because it hits a lot of enemies at once.

(More awe)

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff, jiggly?

Geno: Game&Watch? I'm sorry, which one is that?

Ness: Oh, he's this really cool 2D guy from a long time ago. He's even older than Mario, but he doesn't age! He's the one that's completely black, and talkss with beeps.

Pichu: Pichu pi!

Geno: You know... I'm not sure if I can understand him. Do you by any chance know where he is, at this moment?

Y. Link: We don't know where he is, right now, but I bet Mewtwo would know. He's psychic!

Ness: Hey, I'm psychic.

Y. Link: Yeah, but can you read minds?

Ness: Oh... right.

Geno: (cough) Um, where would I find Mewtwo?

Popo: Oh, he's probably in one of the training rooms with Ganondorf. You know, they pretend to be evil, and all, but they're really good friends. I think they're just afraid people will find out they're big softies.

Geno: Thank you. If you'll be so kind as to point out the training rooms, I'll be on my way.

Nana: Sure. It's down that hall there, you take the last left, and then the second right. Just follow the sounds of them destroying stuff, from there, and you'll find them.

Geno: Thank you.

(Geno exits the room.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Peach is once again pacing back and forth in Bowser's Keep. Bowser is once again sitting in his throne, trying to calm down Peach.)

Bowser: Haven't we been through this before? You being frustrated, me trying to calm you down, and in the end, you admit that I'm right. I'm pretty sure that's how it's going to end.

Peach (stops her pacing and glares at Bowser): Are you done?

Bowser: (sigh) Yes.

Peach (resumes pacing): Good. (sigh) I just can't do it. I can't get up in front of Mario, in front of everyone, give a big speech, and not break down! (deep breath) I have to tell him!

Bowser: WHAT?!

Peach: You heard me! I can't let this go, just like that. To let this charade go on until he dies... I simply cannot do that to him! I have to tell him!

Bowser: Are you insane, woman!? Have you any idea how much damage that could do to him? Do you know what it could do to your reputation? No, I will not allow it!

Peach: Who are you to allow anything? Get out of my way, or I'll get Mario, Luigi, hell, I'll get everyone to beat on you! I will do it!

Bowser: For god's sakes, Peach, slow down! Think about what might happen when you tell him! If you tell him before Brawl, HE will go catatonic, and YOU will just become inconsolable. No, nothing good can come of telling him. Not now.

Peach: Then what can I do? I'm so worried about him! He's been good to me for years, and I've done nothing at all to repay him! I want to do something to ease his pain!

Bowser: Well... I can think of one way....

Peach: What's that?

Bowser: ...... Well.... Nah, that probably wouldn't be a good idea, after all.

Peach: Bowser, out with it. What was your idea?

Bowser: ....... You know that thing you do with your umbrella? He might like that.

Peach: ........ WHAT?!?!

Bowser: Well, I know I do.

Peach: Are you suggesting that I....?

Bowser: Well.... yeah.


Peach: You were right. Not a good idea, at all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is standing just outside the door to a training room. Inside, he can see constant energy blasting, Ganondorf pounding Mewtwo, and Mewtwo throwing Ganondorf with his psychic powers.)

Geno: ....... Maybe I should come back.

(Geno was just starting to walk away, when he runs into Marth and Roy.)

Geno: Oh, hello. You two must be Marth and Roy. I'm pleased to meet you.

Marth: {Geno! How do you do?}

Geno: Oh, that's right, you speak a different language. I'm sorry, I don't understand you.

Roy: (gibberish)

Geno: Odd.

Marth: {What's odd?}

Geno: It seems that you two are speaking different languages... but not really.

Marth: Huh? (Note: that simple sound is universal. That's why I didn't put it in brackets.)

Geno: It's like a garbled version of Japanese, I think. I'm not exactly sure. Does Roy understand what others are saying?

Marth: {I can never tell.}

Geno: Uhh-hhuh..... Why don't you just nod and shake your head, for now?

Marth: (nod)

Geno: Excellent. Now, does he understand what others are saying?

Marth: (shrug)

Geno: I see. (to Roy) Do you understand what I'm saying right now? If you do, please nod your head.

Roy: (confuzzled look)

Geno: (sigh) ........ Do you know if he understands Japanese? Ask him what I just asked him.

Marth (to Roy): {Do you understand what I'm saying right now? If you do, please nod your head.}

Roy: (nod)

Marth: (gasp) {Roy.... you understand me?}

Roy: (nod)

Marth (to Geno): Domo origato! Domo! Domo!

Geno: Now, that I recognize. You're quite welcome. By the way, do you know where Mr. Game&Watch might be? If you do (pulls out pen and paper from beneath his cape) would you please sketch how to get to him?

(Marth takes the pen and paper, scribbles a bit, then hands it back.)

Geno: Domo. You two have fun.

(Marth and Roy walk off in one direction, and Geno walks off to find Game&Watch. Mewtwo and Ganondorf and still beating on each other.)

(Samus and Snake are sitting together in Snake's airship.)

Samus: Why did I say that? I have no idea how to plan a party, or anything. I'm terrible at leading people.

Snake: Come on, now. I told you before, you did great. After all, I'm guessing it was your first time. Why do you keep insisting that your bad with people?

Samus: Because I've never known anyone for all my life. One of my first memories was Ridley killing my parents. After that, with the Chozo, they took care of me, and trained me, but that was it. Even when I was training with my own people, nobody tried to be friends with me. They thought I was some arrogant whiner who only wanted attention. After that... I've been alone... for almost 10 years.

Snake: Ah, geez. That's.... awful.

(Samus glares at Snake.)

Samus: I heard that... what's with the tone? You don't care, do you?

Snake: No, no. I actually kind of know how you feel. Right now, all of my comrades... well, that's all they are. Comrades. Nothing more. Oh, they'll save me if I'm in trouble. I know they'd do that. But the only reason they do it is because they know I'm the person to put out on the front line, and if it isn't me, it's them.

(Snake lights up and takes a long drag.)

Snake: I guess you could say that they're not really comrades. They're just more selfish bastards who care more about their own hides than anything, or anybody else.

Samus: ..... I'm sorry. I didn't know. You know, not many people here know about your background. Maybe that's why you've been so isolated.

Snake: Yeah. Trust issues, and all that. I'm just waiting for someone to come and stab me in the back.

Samus: You know.... they're really not like that. They're all good people. Even the evil characters aren't as bad as they say they are. I could swear I heard Ganondorf laughing, and it was normal, jovial laugh. (pause) They're all happy. They've got each other. It's really something to see.

(Snake lights up another cigarette, and hands it to Samus. She takes a drag, and breathes out the smoke.)

Samus: But... none of them are my friends, either. They like each other, but I always find myself excluded from them, somehow. I guess I'm on my own here, as well.


Snake: You know.... if it helps... (puts a hand on Samus' hand) You can always count on me to have your back. I'll always be your support.

(Samus looks into Snake's eyes. They come together...)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is standing outside the portal to the 2D world.)

Geno: I guess this is the place. If Mr. Game&Watch is anywhere, it'd be here.

(Geno takes a deep breath, and steps into the 2D world.)

Geno: Woah.... this is.... different. I wonder if Mr. Game&Watch felt this weird when he first stepped into the 3D realm. It's like I can perceive everything around me, like in 3D... but at the same time, my senses have been minimized. Totally unexpected.

G&W: Yeah, you get used to it.

Geno: Mr. Game&Watch? Is that you? Wait... how come I can understand you?

G&W: Nobody really knows this, but here in the 2D world, I'm pretty much the master of everything. The only other person who knows this is the other Great Old One, Mario.

Geno: What are you talking about? If I can understand you, how come others can't, even when they're inside the 2D realm? I would think they'd have told me that detail..... Wait, why did you call Mario a Great Old One?

G&W: I'm one of the oldest true characters to exist in 2D. A status like that gives me some power. It's true, I don't let others understand me. That's because they're more equipped to handle the 3D realm, so they can't understand me, at all. You're different. Since you're a spirit from a different plain of existence, you can comprehend my speech. Technically, it's on a much simpler level of intellect than everyone else, but, at the same time, you could say that it's on a level far beyond anything they could comprehend.

(Mr. Game&Watch steps close to Geno)

G&W: Listen to me, Geno. There's a reason why I'm allowing you to comprehend my speech. I need help, in the 3D realm, and you're the only one I can get to help me.

Geno: Wait, wait, wait. First, you still haven't answered my question about Mario. Second, why don't you ask him for help, if he's as great as you? And, third, if you're omnipotent in the 2D realm, how come none of the others have said anything about you being omnipotent whenever they fight you here?

G&W: (sigh) More questions? Fine. I suppose if I want your help, I should at least answer you.

(Mr. Game&Watch turns away)

G&W: You asked about Mario? Why I called him a Great Old One? Let me ask you this: Why is Mario able to do things so perfectly, all the time? He's almost as old as I am. Not only that, but he's the first one to truly step into 3D. That also gives him a certain amount of power. While it's not nearly as much as I hold here, in the 2D world, his mind is far more powerful than anything I've ever seen, when he's in the 3D world.

Geno: So, just because Mario is one of the first to come into being, in both 2D and 3D, he has a great amount of power?

G&W: I know. It doesn't seem to make sense, right away. But, if you think about it, isn't it always the first that is the greatest? It's always the "ancient" evils that are the most diabolical, and it's always the "ancient" heroes that are the most just.

(Mr. Game&Watch turns back.)

G&W: If you want to know the truth... he's weaker than he seems. It's only the powers that comes from being a Great Old One that's kept him going for so long, through all his hardships. Except for his status, he is still an ordinary, weak, human.


Geno: Mr. Game&Watch... this is almost too much to take. I'm not entirely sure I can handle all this. Perhaps I should go.

G&W: Not a chance, Geno. You must get a hold of yourself. You asked the questions, so you must hear the answers. That is the way it works.

Geno: Fine, fine. Go on.

G&W: Thank you. I believe your next question was about why I don't just ask him for help? That one's a little easier to answer. You see Geno, what I'm asking you to do can only be done by someone whose mind is able to comprehend more than is normally possible, for a mere human. I would ask Mewtwo, since he's also very powerful, but I'm not entirely sure I can trust him with this matter. It was really sheer luck that you appeared. Also, I was just pondering how to contact you when you came here. This brings me to Mario. Ah, but this is going to take me a while. Please, have a seat.

(Mr. Game&Watch sits down on a chair he created out of thin air. He creates another one behind Geno. Geno also sits.)

G&W: The reason why I can't ask Mario to help me is because this directly involves Mario. If I go right to him, he'll know something is up right away. He's got his heart pretty well set on retiring. I know it doesn't look like it to the others, but I can tell that he's ready to settle down. The reason why I'm asking you is because you're one of his best companions, and he trusts you very much.

Geno: So, wait, how come you're not asking Luigi, his brother? Or Peach, for that matter?

G&W: I'm sorry, but at this point, I can't tell you that, either. Listen, I can only answer your last question, and then we must go.

Geno: What? Why? I came in here at 2:30, and it's only been maybe 20 minutes, tops.

G&W: That's the other thing about a 2D world: Time travels much quicker. We only have a few minutes before we should head out for the meeting. Now, about your question, why I am not so powerful in the 2D fighting stage, the answer is actually very simple: You see, this is a true 2D realm. Here, I have all my powers. However, the 2D world that we use to fight in was created out of 3D technology and machinery. It is not true 2D, so I only have the power I have in the 3D realm.

(Mr. Game&Watch stands up. Geno quickly gets up, as well.)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #4 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:01:19 pm »

G&W: Our time is up. I will be here, later. I await your answer then. If you accept, then I will tell you what you must do. Come, we have to go.

(Mr. Game&Watch creates a portal to the 3D world, and he and Geno step through.)

(All the Brawlers, except Mario, have gathered once more in the Conference Room. Samus is standing at the front with a large whiteboard.)

Samus: Are we all here? Excellent. We will now commence the planning of Mario's farewell celebration. Before that, however, I'd like to ask G&W to stand guard at the entrance. If you see Mario coming, ring your bell, because we obviously want to keep this a secret from him as long as possible.

(Mr. Game&Watch gets up and stands in the doorway, leaning up against the door frame, his bell at the ready.)

Samus: Good. Now, I'd like to start with the basics, just so everyone is on the same page. First, when are we going to hold the celebration?

Peach: We should have it a few days after the celebration to celebrate Brawl.

Samus: I see. Hands up, who agrees?

(18 hands go up.)

Samus: That's a majority. Unless those who disagree have a good reason, the official date will be 3 days after the Brawl celebration.

(Geno raises his hand.)

Samus: Geno? On what day should we have the farewell celebration, and why?

Geno: I think we should push back the Brawl celebration, and have the farewell celebration earlier. The reason why is because the farewell celebration is going to have a sad overtone to it, because we have to see Mario go. So, if we have the Brawl celebration after the farewell celebration, we can end this on a kind of lighter note.

Link: Hang on, who said anything about ending it after Brawl? Why can't we keep going? It isn't like everything ends, just because Mario is gone.

(Over by the doorway, Game&Watch's head jerks in Link's direction.)

Link: Besides, isn't that what we were talking about, before my younger self brought this up? Weren't we about to discuss how we would manage this place?

Samus: Link has a point, Geno. We never said this is going to end with Brawl. Anyway, that's something we will discuss as Brawl gets closer. For now, we will focus on this.

Geno: Perhaps.... Very well, I change my vote to having the farewell celebration after the Brawl celebration.

Samus: Alright. That makes 19 in favor of the celebration after the celebration. Any other objections.


Samus: It's settled, then.

(Samus writes "three days after Brawl celebration" on the whiteboard.)

Samus: Next order of business: Where will it be held? Keep in mind that we're going to have a total of 45 characters in one room at once.

(Silence. Then, Luigi raises his hand.)

Luigi: Would it-a be a big deal to have an addition to the mansion? Some kind of-a grand hall? We could use it for the Brawl celebration, the farewell celebration, and for anything we do after-a Brawl.

(Silence again.)

Samus: Hmm..... does anyone here know what it would take to do that? The mansion was re-done in our absence, after all. Does anyone know who we should contact for that?

(Deeaad silence)

Samus: Very well. It's a good idea Luigi. Follow up on that, try to get some information to see who can build the addition.

(Samus writes "Grand Hall?" on the whiteboard.)

 Samus: For now, we'll use that idea. We'll look for something else if it doesn't work out. Now, for the next issue, the biggest one: What kind of celebration is it going to be? Snake, I believe you had an idea?

Snake: Yes. It's a fairly simple setup. It's one we've done in my group for years, now. Every time someone of high status left, we held a banquet for them, honoring them. Some people would get up, and give a speech to the guest of honor, in our case, Mario, and then we force our guest of honor to give a speech. It goes into more detail, but that's pretty much all you need to know.

Samus: Duly noted, Snake. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

(More silence.)

Samus: Excellent. It's settled, then. In that case, the next issue is food. How are we going to feed 45 people?

(Silence. Then Pit raises his hand.)

Pit: I have some experience cooking for large crowds. Give me a few hours, I could do it.

Samus: Are you sure you can handle it?

Pit: Well, I have prepared banquets in honor of the goddess of Angel Land, on several occasions.

Samus: Really? (Looks at everyone else) Any objections?


Samus: It's settled, then.

(Samus writes "Pit=chef" on the whiteboard.)

Samus: Hmm.... what else is there? I think everything else can be easily taken care of, later...... Very well. (Turns back to brawlers) I'd like to thank everyone for coming here. Thanks to all of you, this was shorter and easier than I predicted. Luigi, I'd like to you try to get some contact information for the Great Hall. Pit, I want you to start working on a menu. At least 4 courses, I think. Tell me what you'll need, and how long you'll need to get everything prepared. Once you two get the information to me, I'll announce when we hold our next meeting to plan the next step. Does anyone else have any concerns that need to be addressed?

(Silence again)

Samus: So be it. Thank you, again. You're all dismissed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Afterwards, in Snake's airship ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus is sitting on Snake's lap, and Snake is hugging Samus.)

Samus: Was I really good in there? Be honest.

Snake: You were great. Everyone answered you promptly, nobody questioned you, at all... you know, I think you could be a really great leader.

Samus: Really? You think? Nah. You're just saying that to get in my suit.

Snake: No, really, I mean it. Although... would that have gotten you out of your suit?

(Samus smacks Snake, then kisses him.)

Snake: In all seriousness, though, what you did in there is no small feat. You basically gave them all hope, when they thought Super Smash Brothers was doomed. I don't think Mario himself could've handled it better.

Samus: ...... All right, that one would've made me take my suit off.

Snake: Why didn't it?

Samus: Well.... It seems sudden, is all. I love you, I really do. It's just... I think we might be going a little fast.

Snake: Heh. Don't worry, I know all about patience. If there's one thing you learn being a black ops one-man army, it's that you have to take your sweet time with things. And I love you, and I will wait as long as you need.

Samus: Thank you. Really.... it means so much to me to hear you say that.

(Samus and Snake starting making out again.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are going through the halls.)

Ganondorf: Is it just me, or are things slowly getting weirder around here?

Mewtwo: <No, it's not you. There's definitely something fishy going on here. Something big, too. I just can't quite put my finger on it.>

Ganondorf: You know what I did notice? All of this started happening when Mario announced his retirement. It's like those 5 seconds just triggered everything that's going on around here.

Mewtwo: <Now that you mention it, that's exactly what's happening. It's almost like that's some central issue to a big drama story.>

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo stop at the same time.)

Ganondorf/Mewtwo: .......... Nah.

(They continue on. Suddenly, they run into Marth, Roy, Geno and Meta-Knight.)

Ganondorf: Oh, look. It's the "best friends" and the puppet.

Mewtwo: <Have you ever noticed how Marth and Roy are never seen apart? Isn't that weird?>

Geno: Say, Meta-Knight, have you noticed the exact same thing about Ganondorf and Mewtwo?


Meta-Knight: Owned.

(Marth, Roy, Geno and Meta-Knight continue on their way. Ganondorf and Mewtwo just stand there, dumbfounded.)

Ganondorf: ...... Well.... I don't know about you, but in the Gerudo Valley, I have a harem of almost every woman in the tribe. How about you?

Mewtwo: (cough) <Well..... I've never really had any kind of interest in that sort of stuff. I'm too busy with... other things.>

Ganondorf: Uh... huh.

(Awkward silence.)

Ganondorf: Hey, I just remembered, I.... have something to attend to at my tower.... I'll see you in the mess hall, later.

Mewtwo: <Yeah... and... I have meditation to do.... see ya.>

(They go off in separate directions.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit and Zelda are sitting in the rec room.)

Zelda: You're going to cook for everyone? Now I don't feel as special.

Pit: Oh, but you still are. For some reason, every time I cook for a large amount of people, the food isn't nearly as good as when I cook for two. It'll still rock their minds, but it's not even close to what I can really do. (Takes Zelda's hand in his own.) Zelda... I swear, right now, I will only give my best to you.

Zelda: Thank you, Pit. But, should you be doing this? A lot of people pass through here, and they might see us like this.

Pit: So what if they do? Zelda, I've been thinking, and... I don't care at all if anyone finds out. No one is going to get mad at us, and Link has no right at all to get mad, when you consider his little "secret."

Zelda: Pit... I wish it were that easy, but... I'm a princess. I could never be seen falling in love with someone... like you. You're a fine warrior, and you're better than any prince, but I have my kingdom to think about.

Pit: What about Link? Is he "good enough?"

Zelda: Pit, please! (sigh) No, I can't love him, either. He's a great hero, in Hyrule, but it's not possible for it to work out between us, either.

Pit: So, what, you're supposed to marry some guy you don't even care for? Is that how it's supposed to be? Zelda, I love you. But how can it work, if we can't even talk?

Zelda: Pit, don't you have your own world to worry about? What about your queen? What if another evil strikes? You have to be there. Oh, that's our problem! We come from different worlds, and even though we want to be together, we simply cannot leave our homes.

Pit: Then... what can we do?

Zelda: I.... I don't know.

(Suddenly, Link walks in)

Link: Hey, Zelda. I gotta-... what's going on here?

Pit: Link! Uh, er, that is... you see (cough) Zelda here was-

Zelda: I was just asking Pit if he really is as good a chef as he says.

Pit: That's right! I was just describing some of the dishes I make, getting her opinion. You know, for Mario's farewell celebration!

Link: ...... Okay. Just make sure you get some fish in there. I really like a good whitetail.

Pit: Uh, sure. I'll take that into consideration.

Link: Anyway, Zelda, I gotta go back to Hyrule. Saria says that there's an uprising of moblins. I'll probably be back some time late, tomorrow morning.

Zelda: All right. Be careful.

Link: No problem. I handled way bigger than them, before. This'll be a piece of cake.

(Link leaves. Zelda and Pit breathe a heavy sigh of relief.)

Pit: You know... if he's really dumb enough that he doesn't suspect anything, then we REALLY don't have to worry about anything.

(Luigi is standing outside Mario's office.)

Luigi: Okay... I can do this. All I have to do is-a go in there, ask Mario who I call to get a great hall built, and that's it. No problem. (deep breath) Okay, here I go!

(Luigi walks in.)

Mario: Luigi! How are you?

Luigi: Oh, I'm fine. You?

Mario: Not bad. I'm a little down that I have to leave you all. But I'm-a looking forward to relaxing for a while.

Luigi: Oh, yes. We're all-a sad to see you go. But, we're trying to move on. Make-a the best of our time together, and all.

Mario: That's-a good to hear. Was there something you needed?

Luigi: Yes, there is something. (cough) Mario, me and the others thought it'd be a good idea to have some sort of great hall. You know, for our Brawl-a celebration, and for welcoming the newcomers in the next Smash-a Brothers.

Mario: Hm, I see. That's a very good idea. I'll make a few calls. How big do you think we'll need it? (Mario pulls out a notepad, and clicks a pen.)

Luigi: Um, well... I think it should be able to hold at least 50 people, counting some of-a the characters that will be coming in for the next Smash-a Brothers.

(Mario scribbles a few notes.)

Mario: Anything else? Details?

Luigi: Um...... Oh! It should be connected to the kitchen! You know, for banquets, and-a such.

Mario (raised eyebrow): Banquets?

Luigi: Umm.... Well.... we want to make the ones not from our universe feel welcome, right? Besides, I don't know about you, but after the Melee celebration, I had to run to the kitchen, I was-a so starving!

Mario: Right, right. Good thinking. (scribbles more notes) Hmm.... I think that should be good. I'll get in touch with our contractors and-a get back to you. Is-a there anything else, while we're at it?

Luigi: Urr, that should be good. If-a you think of anything, go ahead and include that.

Mario: Okie-dokie! This is going to be great. I'll get right on it.

Luigi: Thanks, Mario.

(Luigi walks out of the room.)

Mario: Hmm... Sounds simple enough. Although, it'll take me more than a day to create all of this. I wonder how I can get them all out of here for a while?

(Geno has returned to the 2D realm, to meet with Mr. Game&Watch.)

G&W: Ah, you're here. Excellent. I assume you've come to a decision?

Geno: That's right.

G&W: Now, before you give me your answer, I'd like to tell you what happens, depending on what you tell me. If you turn me down, I will erase from your memory everything you've experienced in the 2D realm. You'll forget everything, and you will feel like you've just walked in here for the first time.

Geno: Sounds a little drastic, don't you think?

G&W: Perhaps, but I don't want to risk you telling others my secret, if you don't commit yourself to this task. But, that will only happen if you refuse. If, instead, you have decided to accept my offer, I'd like you to know that it isn't exactly a difficult mission, it's just going to take you some time to get it done, if it's to be done right. There will be a reward for you, and I will also tell you why it HAS to be you.

Geno: Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be harder than you're making it out to be?

G&W: Perhaps it will be, perhaps it won't. It's up to you, really.

Geno: Very well. (deep breath) I'll do it.

G&W: Fantastic.

(There's a momentary flash, then the light fades. Nothing has changed.)

Geno: What the hell was that?

G&W: Oh, that? I just gave you a bit of my power. You can affect this 2D realm with your will. Use it as you see fit. Think of it as a reward for what you're about to do.

Geno: Well... I'm honored.

(Geno wills a big easy-chair into existence, and sits down.)

Geno: Not bad. Now, I believe you were going to tell me, finally, what it is I'm supposed to do about Mario, and why I'm the only one who can do it.

G&W: That's right, I was.

(Mr. Game&Watch creates his own chair, and sits down.)

G&W: First, I'll tell you why I chose you, in particular, to do this task. (creates a mug of cocoa, and sips) When I told you that I chose you because you're one of his closest comrades, you asked me why I didn't choose Luigi or Peach.

Geno: I was there, remember? I know what I said.

G&W: Right. The reason I can't ask either of them is because they can't see very far beyond Mario's condition, and his feelings. You don't have this problem. You can see past all that, and only consider logic, fact and truth, not to mention the greater good. I suppose, if you want that shortened up, (sips cocoa) you could say I chose you because you think with your mind, not with your heart.

Geno: Hmm... I see what you mean. Those regular humans are like that. Fine. So, what is it you need me to do?

G&W: (sips cocoa) It's easier said than done, believe me. All I need you to do is make sure that Mario stays here, after Brawl.

Geno: ...... That's it? What for? Why does Mario have to stay here?

G&W: ..... It's not as fun as people would think, being a deity in your own realm. There isn't much for me to do, and I've been trying to amuse myself for the past 10 years, without much luck. Then, a few years back, Mario pulled me into the 3D realm. At first, I missed my powers. When you're omnipotent for almost all of your life, losing a great deal of your strength will do that to you. However, I soon forgot about my strength when Mario told me about Melee. I have to admit... it was the most fun I had ever had in my entire life. (sips cocoa)

Geno: ...... I can understand how you feel. It was the same when I first possessed this doll, to join Mario on his adventures. But, what does all this have to do with Mario?

 G&W: Do you remember when I called Mario a Great Old One? Well, it turns out that he has the same powers as me, only his powers are in the 3D realm. How do you think this Mansion was done in a matter of weeks? It would have taken at least a year if it were just some construction crew.

Geno: Woah, woah. You're saying that Mario... built all this?

G&W: Created, I think, would be a more accurate word. Much like you created that chair with your will, Mario has the same power in the 3D world.

Geno: Huh.... So, let me guess... if Mario leaves with the intention of never coming back, this world blinks out of existence?

G&W: Well, more like everything on this world. Mario isn't QUITE powerful enough to create a whole planet. Besides, it would have taken him an entire year to do it, and he has to keep busy, you know? Anyway, Mario existed in both worlds for a very long time, which is why his strength doesn't measure up to mine.

Geno: I see. And, judging by your rambling before, you like the excitement of the 3D world, and Super Smash Brothers is the only way you can experience it. Is that about right?

G&W: Perceptive. That's another reason why I chose you over everyone else.

Geno: Well, I share your sentiment. I haven't worked with Mario in a very long time, and I kind of doubt I'll be able to, again. I'd be glad to do this. In fact... I think this might be easier than I first thought.

G&W: Excellent. I'm glad to hear it. Now, as you know, time is different, here. I believe it's about 9:00 in the 3D world. You should get moving.

Geno: Right. And, don't worry. I'm sure I'll be able to get this done. I'll be seeing you around.

G&W: Right. I have every confidence in you.

(Geno creates a portal back to the 3D world, and steps through.)

Geno: Woah. There's that loss of power he was talking about. Eh, it's not that bad. Now, how the hell am I going to convince Mario to stay?

(And so, Geno sets off through the hallways of the Brawl Mansion, with this problem weighing on his mind.)

 (Marth and Roy are in their room. It's approximately 10 at night.)

Marth: {Roy, we really-} (kiss) {have to work on-} (kiss) {helping you relearn-} (kiss) {your language.} (more making out)

(Marth suddenly pulls away)

Marth: {Roy! What's with you? I love you, I really do, but we have to focus! You must relearn your language, you just have to!}

(Roy looks into Marth's eyes. Suddenly, it looks like Roy is going to cry.)

Marth: {Roy..... Roy, please don't do this to me.}

(Roy starts sniffing. Tears are starting to well up.)

Marth: ......... {All right.... but I'm not going to let you do this to me, for long. None of this, tomorrow. Got it?}

(Roy nods eagerly. Take a guess what happens next.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Luigi is standing outside Samus' gunship.)

Luigi: Samus? Samus, are you in there? I have news about the grand hall.

(Samus appears out of the top of her gunship.)

Samus: Luigi? Isn't it a little late? How come you didn't tell me earlier? I was just about to get to sleep.

Luigi: Ah, well, I was-a busy. Besides, you told me I should tell you as soon as I could.

Samus: Right, right. Well? What's the deal?

Luigi: I talked to Mario, and told him it's-a for Smash-a Brothers celebrations. He told me that he would take care of everything. I don't-a think he suspects anything.

Samus: I see. That's good news. I'll spread it around, tomorrow. Now, we only have to wait for Pit.

Luigi: That's good to hear. Um, Samus? There's something else I'm-a wondering about.

Samus: What's that?

Luigi: When are we going to start talking about... what to do after-a Brawl?

Samus: (sigh) ...... I think... We'll start talking about that issue... I think about a week before Brawl. We aren't going to be able to talk during Brawl, obviously. And I definitely want to use as much time as we can, so it should be before Brawl.

Luigi: That sounds about right. So, I just wanted you to know that-a Mario will take care of the great hall.

Samus: Thank you. That's going to help me sleep. Good night, Luigi.

Luigi: Good-a night.

(Luigi leaves. Samus sinks back into her gunship. She sits at her console, and taps a few keys.)

Samus: Where was I? Oh, right. Snake and I have slowed down. I know we truly love each other, but I just feel that we should take it a little slow, is all. After all, at the academy, I've seen lives be destroyed because people have fallen in love. I can't remember how many women failed, just because they were broken up over some guy. Right now, I can't really risk the same thing. All the other brawlers are looking to me to keep them together, and I don't think I could do that if I'm heart-broken.

(Samus takes a sip, then looks into her cup. After a moment, she taps a few buttons on her console.)

Samus: Memo to self: Find out if chamomile is the best tea there is. Gather several kinds of tea, both common and rare. (sips chamomile) Anyway... I finally told Mario my idea to help out the Mushroom Kingdom, even if he's retired. He seemed to take it very well. He told me he'd never thought of such a thing. Apparently, he had been planning on... shutting himself in. It's kind of sad, really. It's like he doesn't want to remember his life. Maybe he needs some sort of therapy. His attitude can't be normal for his age.

(Samus pauses to refill her cup.)

I can't help but wonder if there's something else going on, with Mario. I could swear he's got some ulterior reason or his retirement that he's not letting on. (sips chamomile) But, perhaps I'm focusing on Mario too much. After all, if I'm going to lead everyone, I have to pay attention to them, as well. Let's see... I think I have to remember to keep an eye on Mewtwo and Ganondorf. Then again, they could be useful as information centers. For some reason, they seem to know quite a bit. Come to think of it, I bet I could instantly get on their good side by taking advantage of their information. In fact... (sips chamomile) ... they could become downright amiable if I actually approach them for information, and such. It's obvious that they aren't as evil as they want us to believe. ..... Yes.... I think this could work.

(Samus taps a few keys on her console, ending her log recording.)

Samus: Anway... I need to get to bed. I have a feeling that tomorrow isn't exactly going to be easier.

(The next morning, we find Ganondorf and Mewtwo are fueling up on grub after morning training.... just like always.)

Mewtwo: (sucks down an over-easy egg) <So, what do you think about Samus taking charge?> (gulps grape juice)

Ganondorf: (crunches a wad of bacon) Hell, she's better than almost everyone else. (slams a glass of milk and refills it) I mean, she doesn't really have any experience as a leader, but she's doing pretty well. (crunches another wad of bacon)

Mewtwo: (bites buttered toast) <Indeed. You wouldn't believe what emotions I picked up, yesterday.> (eats the rest of toast, and slams a glass of milk)

Ganondorf: Try me. I'm gullible. (shovels scrambled eggs into his mouth)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #5 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:01:51 pm »

Mewtwo: <Well, when I focused on Fox, one of the few characters really qualified to be any type of leader, I actually got quite a bit of envy from him.> (sucks down another egg)

Ganondorf: Huh. That sounds about right. (chews another wad of bacon and talks around it) He's probably upset that nobody questions her, even though he's the one who knows how to lead. I can't help but wonder if he's going to let it get the better of him.

Mewtwo: <Nah. He seems a little too level-headed to do something so drastic.> (slams another glass of grape juice) <Besides, if he does try something, I doubt the rest of the brawlers would follow him, and might even defend Samus.> (pushes plates away and leans back) <Well, I think I'm good.>

Ganondorf: Would you defend her? If Fox tries to pull a coup, that is. (shovels more eggs into his mouth)

Mewtwo: <I'm not sure. I don't really need to have a leader, personally, but this mansion would probably go to hell in a handbasket if these people didn't have a leader. If nothing else, these people are pretty damn amusing, with their crazy antics. Eh, maybe if it looked like she really needed help. Other than that, I'm staying back, and watching the fireworks. How about you?

Ganondorf: (slams one more glass of milk, and leans back) ‘Bout the same. Except, I think I'd step in a little sooner. Not sure why, I just like her. Like you said, she's keeping the people here from losing all sanity. That'd be funny as hell, sure, but it doesn't really say anything about the long-term, now does it? I may be evil, and a little crazy, but I am not dumb.

Mewtwo: (standing up) <That makes sense. This place is amusing, and I could do this for a while. Anyway, I gotta meditate, now. See you here for lunch.>

Ganondorf: (stands up as well): Yeah. See ya.

(Mewtwo heads outside, and Ganondorf heads toward his tower.)

(Ganondorf keeps walking. He rounds a corner, and sees Samus.)

Samus: Ah, Ganondorf! Just the guy I wanted to see. Where's Mewtwo?

Ganondorf: He's meditating. You won't be able to reach him for a few hours.

Samus: Hmm.... When are the two of you going to be near each other, next?

Ganondorf: We usually meet for lunch a little before noon, then go for more training. Why?

Samus: I have a request for the two of you. I think you'll like it. Say, do you know where Pit is? I hear he's taking requests, for the banquet. I'd like to collaborate with him on the menu, so we can move on.

Ganondorf: (cough) I couldn't tell you where he is. Mewtwo has some secret about him, but he isn't letting on. I'm afraid you're going to have to look for him the hard way.

Samus: Hmm. This is going to be a long day. I can feel it.

Ganondorf: Yeah... I could just swear that I'm missing something.... something important.

Samus: ..... Your attitude? You're unusually compliant. Let me guess: you just binged on bacon, while gossiping with Mewtwo, right?

Ganondorf: ...... What was this request you had for us? I can pass it on to Mewtwo, later.

Samus: Not a chance. If I know you half as well as I think I do, you're going to twist my little request into something you wouldn't agree to, just because I said the word "gossiping." I'll talk to you two later.

(Samus goes on her way.)

Ganondorf: ... +I don't have time to go after her. I gotta work on my speed training. I refuse to be the slowest character again.+

(Ganondorf heads off to his tower.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, in a different part of the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Doc has finally returned, and is in Mario's office.)

Doc: It's-a very sad to say. I wish I didn't-a have to be the bearer of bad news. He-a really was a great man to-a have around. However, there's-a no doubt about it. I just wish I didn't-a have to tell everyone. It-a was hard enough telling-a you.

Mario: I see.... I'll-a call everyone-a together in a few hours, and I'll-a be the one to tell-a them. For now, would-a you please give-a me the details? Last time I heard, he was-a going to make a full-a recovery.

Doc: All-a right. This is-a everything I know....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus is standing outside Pit's room.)

Samus: Pit? Are you in there? I'd like to see what you have, so far, for the banquet..... Pit?

(Some clattering is heard within. A moment later, Pit opens the door. His hair is ruffled, and his toga is on awkwardly.)

Pit: Oh! Samus. I-I wasn't expecting you. (cough) At least, certainly not at this time. Listen, I was kind of in the middle of something. It's, um... a ritual! To give thanks for our gifts, and to be forgiven for our sins. (cough) So.... could you please come back in maybe a half-hour?

Samus: ........ You have the subtlety of Wario, Pit. I'm not going to ask questions, because I trust you're bright enough to not do anything stupid. You have 10 minutes.

(Samus walks away. Pit closes the door, and looks in the corner.)

Pit: It's clear. You can breathe, now.

(Zelda lets out a big sigh of relief, goes to Pit, and kisses him.)

Zelda: Pit... we can't keep doing this. You know that. (kiss) Eventually, we have to (kiss) come up with some sort of (kiss) solution.

Pit: I know, love. (kiss) However, (kiss) we have about 8 minutes yet, (kiss) before you have to be out of here. Now, I'm not one to (kiss) brag, but I can definitely do it in that time. (kiss)

Zelda: Eight minutes? I'd like to see you try. (kiss)

Pit: I bet you would. (kiss)

Zelda: I'll be counting. Seven minutes, forty-five seconds. (kiss)

(It's almost time for the lunch rush. Samus is hanging out at her usual table, when Snake enters.)

Snake: Hey there, beautiful. How's everything going?

(Snake sits down near Samus. They kiss.)

Samus: Eh. Not bad, but not really good. I almost caught Pit doing something stupid.

Snake: Really? What was he doing?

Samus: I said "almost." I didn't actually see what he was doing. Doesn't matter. He has enough sense that he isn't going to do anything dangerous.

Snake: Ah, well. What else is going on?

Samus: Well, I've noticed that Mewtwo and Ganondorf seem to be quite informed. I'm thinking of asking them for their services. I know everyone trusts me, but it helps to know.

Snake: Samus, I'm hurt. You know that stealth is second nature to me. I could get any piece of information they can. Not only that, but I can do it faster.

Samus: Sweetie, I know you're good, but you're no psychic. And, where Mewtwo goes, Ganondorf goes.

Snake: Isn't that weird? They're always together. (pause) Come to think of it, I've been seeing Marth and Roy being pretty close. I could swear I saw Roy looking at Marth with "that look."

Samus: Which look is that?

(Snake does "that look." Samus bursts into giggles.)

Samus: Oh, my! Now, that's something I'm sure Mewtwo never noticed!

(The brawlers start pouring in as the lunchtime rush hit its peak. One of the last two to arrive are Ganondorf and Mewtwo.)

Snake: There they are. You wanna just go up to them and ask them?

Samus: I think that's best. Ganondorf must've told Mewtwo to expect me. There's no need for subtlety. (turns to Snake) Would you be so kind as to accompany me?

Snake: It'd be a pleasure.

(Samus and Snake get up and head for the table Ganondorf and Mewtwo are sitting at, just as the two plunk down with their usual giant mounds of grub.)

Snake: Hey there, you two. (Pulls up a chair and sits down.)

Samus: I'm sure you two were expecting me. I hope you don't mind me bringing Snake into this. (Turns a chair around, and straddles it.) Anyway, I'm guessing I don't have to build up to anything, so I'm going to just ask you.

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Doc: Hello, everyone! I'm-a back, and I have-a some bad news. Please gather in-a the Conference Room at-a 1:00. That's-a all.

(The PA clicks off. Everyone goes back to chowing down.)

Samus: Hmm. Anyway, this is what I need from you two: You seem to know most of what's going on around here. Mewtwo, I know what your psychic powers can do, and Ganondorf, your perception and deduction skills work very well with Mewtwo. So, I'd like to "hire" you two to get me whatever information I need. That's it. And I'll need an answer before the meeting at 1:00. You know where we'll be.

(Samus and Snake head back to their table.)

Samus: Well, that wasn't too bad.

Snake: Meh. I think I should've used some intimidation tactics on them. They would have given us an answer right away.

Samus: I think if you tried to scare them-
Snake: Intimidate.
Samus: Right, intimidate. If you tried to "intimidate" them, they probably would've started beating on you, and that's the last thing we need, right now.

Snake: Mm. Ah, well. What if they turn you down?

Samus: Then, by all means, make their lives a nightmare.

Snake: Have I recently told you how much I love you?

(Snake and Samus kiss, then they get up to grab food.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(DK and Yoshi are sitting at their usual table, chowing down mostly on fruits.)

DK: {Hey, Yoshi, do you eat just fruit? I don't think I've ever seen you eat meat.} (tosses two kiwis into his big maw, and chews.)

Yoshi: {I eat meat. Every couple weeks, I eat a big steak, to help keep my muscles strong.} (crams four different kinds of fruit in his mouth at once, and chews.)

DK: {Hm. How come only every couple weeks? You should try it more often. I hear bacon is really delicious.}

Yoshi: {My friend Boshi says I have to hold back on meats, or else I might lose it. That's why I always have my steak well done.}

DK: {Wait, you lose it? What's that mean?}

Yoshi: {I'm not sure. Boshi just says that I should be glad it's never happened to me. He says that one time, he lost it, and he's been monitored since then. Whatever that means.} (shovels in more fruit.) {That reminds me, it's almost time for my steak. I think I'll have one tonight.}

DK: ..........

Yoshi: {DK? Is something wrong?}

DK: ..... {No, sorry. Nothing's wrong, I think.} (slowly chews a heap of pineapple chunks.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back with Mewtwo and Ganondorf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: What do you think? If she does end up becoming a leader to us, it'd certainly be smart to make sure we're on her good side. (Scarfs burger.)

(Mewtwo hovers Mondo Gulp and two sandwiches in front of him.)

Mewtwo: <Agreed. We should take her up on her offer. However, we can't look too submissive. I think we should do it, but only when certain conditions are met.> (Eats half of one sandwich, and sucks on Mondo Gulp.) <Shows her that we are not to be taken lightly.> (crams the rest of the one sandwich into his mouth, and sucks on Mondo Gulp.)

Ganondorf: Right, right. (Crunches a stack of chips.) What should our terms be? (Chomps burger.) I don't know about you, but I'm going to make damn sure whoever gives us this food gives us better burgers. And that's just for starters. (Eats the rest of the burger, and sucks on his own drink.) I'm'a make sure the training rooms are made stronger. And some holographic training programs. Hell, Samus, Fox, Falco, they probably have access to all that stuff. (Crunches another stack of chips.) You?

Mewtwo: <I'm with you on the food thing. I'm likin' the training room stuff, too.> (crams sammich into his mouth, and takes another suck of his Mondo Gulp.) <I don't know. I'm pretty content with what I have. Although, I think Samus should put in an arboretum.> (crunches chips) ...... <What?>

Ganondorf: An arboretum? ...... You're hiding something. What's going on?

Mewtwo: <Nothing's going on.> (hovers two slices of cheesecake in front of him.) <Just because I hang out with you, doesn't mean I don't appreciate nature.> (eats cheesecake)

Ganondorf: Uh-uh. There's definitely something wrong here. You may be able to hide your emotions, but you're a bad liar. (Chomps burger.) You know, for someone who's just been meditating, you're eating quite a bit. You've been active. Very active.

Mewtwo: <Of course. Then again, you might be paranoid.>

Ganondorf: Noope. No problem with that. It's you. You eat much more than normal, and you've been spending a little too much time "meditating" in nature. In fact, I think I remember the change being pretty sudden.

Mewtwo: <Your speaking grows irritating. Knock it off.>

Ganondorf: ....... I'm getting warmer. Now I just have to guess what your secret is.

(The pupils of Mewtwo's eyes glow with a dull purple shine. He slowly hovers a cheesecake in front of him.)

Mewtwo: <No, really. Stop. No secret. Not hiding anything. Shut up. Now.>

Ganondorf: I know you, Mewtwo. You're acting like you still have it together, but any moment now, you're going to lose it.

Mewtwo: <Dammit, Ganondorf, do I have to set you on fire? I can, you know. On a whim. Quickly.>

Ganondorf: Your eye is twitching. We both know that talking will make things easier for the both of us. So, talk.

(Mewtwo's eyes suddenly flash dark purple, and the cheesecake in front of him is squished into a very tiny, very dense ball.)


(Everyone freezes. Ganondorf drops his burger, Marth spits out the soda he was drinking, Kirby's eyes become as large as dinner plates, Luigi drops his spaghetti on the floor, Ness chokes on his cake, Pichu and Pikachu spark a little, Meta-Knight, Fox and Falco all reflexively squeeze hard on their burgers, making the filling shoot out, Pit's wings twitch violently, and Yoshi's mouth hangs open, the fruit he was chewing spilling on the table. Every eye in the cafeteria turns toward Mewtwo.)

Mewtwo: ......... (The tiny ball of cheesecake suddenly bursts into dark psychic flames.) <WHAT!?>

(Slowly, everyone cleans up, and continues eating. Absolute silence prevails. Time passes. Eventually, it gets close to 1:00, and all the brawlers, still without saying a word, head for the Conference Room. On the way out, Ganondorf gets close to Samus, and whispers very quietly.)

Ganondorf: We accept your offer, for now. We'll give you our conditions later.

(Still without saying a word, all the Brawlers file into the Conference Room, where Doc and Mario already are, and take their seats.)

Mario: ......... What's-a going on?

Mewtwo: <Just get on with it!> (Mewtwo closes his eyes.)

(Mario raises an eyebrow, but ignores it.)

Mario: Ohhhkie-dokie. Anyway, as you can see, Doc has-a returned from checking in on Captain Falcon. I'm afraid he's taken a turn for the worse. We're not quite sure what caused his-a dramatic change, but he appears to have stabilized, but he's very slow in recovering. At the moment, it doesn't look like Captain Falcon is going to be able to ever be in Super Smash-a Brothers, again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ However, while Mario was talking, Mewtwo was hard at work. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mewtwo: +Ugh, that sucked so much. It is inexcusable for me to lose it like that. Well, I guess I can only move on. Now, what are these people are feeling. Hmm...... well, I guess I can only describe it as absolute dumbfoundedness. Figures. I'm going to have to concentrate more to get their individual- Woah! Mario must've said something scary. That was a big spike. Let's see... felt like.... mostly shock... there was definitely a lot of worry. Heh. The big idiot must be in trouble. ... This is strange... Oh, it's just Geno. It makes sense that he would feel odd. This is the first time I've been able to feel his energy. ... Strange. There's something not right about him. Damn, I can't put my finger on it. What's this? There's another, similar signal.... Game & Watch!? Oh, of course. It's because they're both from an entirely different plane of existence. Although, Game&Watch seems to... hmmm.... I don't like this. I should find out more before trying to poke around in his head. I wouldn't want to get my psyche tangled with him.+

(Mewtwo opens his eyes, and looks over to see Geno and Game&Watch looking at him. Mewtwo's eyes go wide.)

Mewtwo: +What the-!? How did they feel that? Oh, BALLS! Can they hear what I'm thinking? I have to protect myself!+

(Mewtwo closes his eyes again. This time, he cast his mind in an iron barrier of sheer willpower.)

Mewtwo: +There's no way they're getting through this. Although, my mind is completely shut off from the outside world. I really hope Ganondorf is paying attention, because I can't hear or feel diddly. Well, I guess I just have to wait it out, until Ganondorf wakes me up. Oh, well. Until then, I can think of... her...+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ While Mewtwo is protecting his mind, Mario continues talking. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: Now, I know this comes as a great shock to all of you. But, like I said before, it's-a best to move along, since, again, I know that Falcon, being as fast as he is, would never want us to slow down. However, I still think that we should at-a least all visit him, to let him know that he is in our thoughts, and always in our hearts. Doc, when did you say he would be able to see visitors?

Doc: To see all of us? ....... At his current rate of recovery, barring any incidents.... I think four days should be sufficient.

Mario: Very well. Everyone, this is what's-a happening! In four days, be sure you don't have anything scheduled, and pack your bags, because we're going to Mute-a City, to see Captain-a Falcon.

(General murmuring. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: I know, I know. For many of us, this mansion has-a been our home away from home for a while, now. Don't worry, we will only be away for a few days. So, remember: four days. Thank you all for your time.

(Mario exits the Conference Room. As soon as Mario was out of sight, everyone turns to Samus. Samus looks around her, sighs, stands up, and exits. Shortly after, the rest of the brawlers started filing out.)

 Ganondorf: Oof. That was something. Listen, Mewtwo... I'm sorry for pressuring you like that, earlier. Now, come on. We have to report to Samus, and get her to agree to our conditions. Come on..... Mewtwo? What do you want me to do? It's already out in the open, you just have to live with it. ...... Mewtwo? Wait... you're not.... oh, man. I'm almost scared to find out what would make you withdraw like that. Now... how do I snap you out of it?

Wario: Problems?

Ganondorf: WARIO! Don't do that! And no, there are no problems.

Wario: Hmm... looks like this guy withdrew to protect his mind.

Ganondorf: Listen, shrimp, I- what? What are you talking about?

Wario: When Mewtwo gets spooked by a mental power he's not ready to deal with, he completely shuts out his mind to any outside dangers. Can't imagine what it was, though.

Ganondorf: How- How do you know this?

Wario: I may be annoying, smelly, unclean, and not that pleasant to be around, but I am not dumb.

Ganondorf: ..... Didn't you use to have an accent?

Wario: Didn't you use to be evil beyond comprehension?

Ganondorf: ...... Fine. Do you know what we can do about this?

Wario: No problem! We just have to give him a physical sensation of some sort. One that's really strong..... Hmm.... Got it.

(Wario sticks his finger in his mouth, and pulls it out, dripping in drool.)

Ganondorf: I see what you're fixin' to do, but he doesn't have an ear.

Wario: I know. I'm going for a more sensitive spot.

Ganondorf: What are you- Oh, no. No way in hell.

Wario: What? I was just gonna- oh... OH! Good lord, no! No. I'm talking about his antenna-horns. These are what he uses to sense movements from all around. Very, very sensitive.

Ganondorf: What are you talking about? Wait, how do you know this?

Wario: I know a lot more than you think, Ganondorf.

(Wario curls a finger around one of Mewtwo's antennae, takes a deep breath, and twists his wrist, bending the antenna.)

Mewtwo: <GAH!>

(Mewtwo's eyes fly very wide open, his tail stiffens, and he starts pawing at the air.)

Mewtwo: <OKAY! STOP NOW! nnnNNGgH!>

(Wario withdraws the finger, and Mewtwo's antenna straightens out, again. Mewtwo falls forward, gasping.)

Ganondorf: I can't believe that really worked. Maybe your not such a useless, fat little slob.

Wario: Not at all. If you want to find out anything about people, just remember who to go to.

Ganondorf: Of course.

(Wario exits.)

Ganondorf: Hey, Mewtwo. Are you in there?

Mewtwo: ........ <Ganondorf...... Ah, I'm fine. But... something doesn't quite seem right. I panicked, I think.... No, everything's fine.>

Ganondorf: You sure? I don't think I've ever seen you withdraw like that.

Mewtwo: <Yes... yes, I'm sure. It won't be a problem.>

Ganondorf: Well, alright. Listen, I wanted to apologize for doing that to you, earlier. I didn't know you'd do that. But, well..

Mewtwo: <No, it's fine. I thought about it, and it's okay. Besides, it's out, and there's nothing I can do about it. Geez, it's not like I'm the only crazy one, around here.>

Ganondorf: Good to hear. Come on, we gotta report to Samus.

Mewtwo: <Right.... why does my head feel funny?>

Ganondorf: Uh, must be an after-effect of withdrawing.

Geno: I thought he couldn't read your mind!

G&W: He can't. However, there are things he could have found out, besides just my thoughts. Given enough time, he could have fathomed the powers I hold.

Geno: Well? What are we going to do about him?

G&W: For now, I don't think he's a problem. Besides, our objective is still our main focus.

Geno: ...... There's something I've been wondering about, for some time, about that.

G&W: What's that?

Geno: Well..... I know you want to stay in the 3D world, because it's amusing. Believe me, I can understand that. But.... is that the only reason? It sounds downright selfish, if you ask me.

G&W: Hmm..... Probably. And, yes, I have a couple other reasons.

Geno: Any chance of you telling me?

G&W: ...... Fine. I suppose I owe you that much, since you haven't complained, so far. The real reason I'm going through all this trouble is because-

Stay tuned for the next riveting chapter. All My Brawlers: A Long-Ass Day, part 2!

 (Ganondorf and Mewtwo are in the middle of training. As they fight, Mewtwo keeps a constant mental link open.)

Ganondorf: +It's hard to believe that Samus agreed to all of our demands, just for some information.+

Mewtwo: <Indeed. It's almost as though she couldn't wait to get us out of her room. Can't imagine why.>

Ganondorf: +I think I can guess. That little outburst you had during lunch wasn't what some would call a small event. It changed most people's opinions of you, even if their brains didn't want to except it. I think Samus was one of the ones who need more time than others to comprehend the reality.+

Mewtwo: ..... <I see. So.... You think differently of me, then?>

Ganondorf: +Well.... How long has this been going on?+

Mewtwo: <How long have I been in love? About two weeks. Why?

Ganondorf: +It seems that your fighting abilities haven't suffered from it, so I suppose I'm okay with it. And you still seem as evil as ever.+

(They continue fighting for two hours, then go to the Doc's office to see to the wounds they have inflicted on each other. Inside, they see the Doc, as well as Pit.)

Doc: Ah, it's-a you two! I was-a starting to think you had-a beaten each other into-a comas.

Ganondorf: Feh. This weakling couldn't knock a fly off a wall.

Mewtwo: <At least I can actually hit something. You couldn't punch the broad side of a barn, from the inside.>

Ganondorf: Oh, you wanna go again? I'll be glad to give you another pummeling.

Doc: Gentlemen, gentlemen! I will not-a have fighting within-a my office! Now, sit down over-a there, and I'll-a be with you once I'm-a done with-a Pit.

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf take seats at the other side of the office. Doc carries on, bandaging Pit's wing.)

Mewtwo: ...... <Pit.>

Pit: Hm?

Doc: Did-a you say something?

Pit: Didn't you?

Mewtwo: <I'm speaking to just you. Just think what you want to say, and I'll pick up on it.>

Pit: +Oh, I see. What is it? Wait, let me guess: you just decided on a suitable way to blackmail me and Zelda. Well, guess what? We've decided that we're going to reveal it to everyone after we get back from Mute City, anyway, so go ahead and blab.+

Mewtwo: <No, no... it's not that. I've been thinking... After my outburst today... your secret is safe, until you feel like telling everyone.>

Pit: +Oh... thanks, I guess.+

Mewtwo: <Don't mention it.>

Pit: +Heh. Wait until everyone hears about what a softie you are. It's going to be hilarious.+

Mewtwo: ...... <You see what I did to Ganondorf? I was in a good mood when I whupped his ass. You don't want to know what I would do to you if you pissed me off.>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda is sitting in Link's room. Link is packing up a bunch of his stuff.)

Link: So, anyway, Zelda, I wanted to make sure I purge Hyrule of as much evil as I can, before we go to Mute City. So, I'm going to be gone pretty much the whole time. So, if Samus calls a meeting, or whatever, just take some notes, I guess.

Zelda: Ummm.... sure. I'll be sure to do that.

Link: Thanks, Zel, you're a gem.

(Link continues stuffing things into a large knapsack. Then, he takes the knapsack, and stuffs it into a small pouch, and ties the pouch to his belt.)

Link: Boy, these magic artifacts are something, aren't they? (straps Master sword to his back.) Well, I'm off.

Zelda: Be careful. Don't take any stupid risks.

Link: Zelda, I've survived way worse than any of the common evils of Hyrule. I'll be fine.

(Link exits the room.)

Zelda: Hmm.... I think I should follow him. I'm getting some bad vibes.

(Zelda exits the room, and heads for the rec room. Snake and Samus are playing pool, Y. Link and Ness are playing foosball, surrounded by the other young ones.)

Zelda: Samus, do you know where Pit is?

Samus: Sorry, not a clue. Snake?

Snake: Well, I heard he was sparring with Meta-Knight, and had a bit of an accident. You could probably find him in Doc's office.

Zelda: Thank you. I'm going to be going away for a while. I'm following Link, so I can screw with him, and, um.... I wanted to tell Pit to try to fit some exotic meat or something into the banquet. You know, some kind of rare animal, or something.

Samus: Don't worry, Zelda. I'll be sure to let him know. After all, we have something else in common, now.

Zelda: What on earth are you talking about?

Samus: ........ I'll be sure to pass it on.

Zelda: Thanks. (transforms into Sheik.)

Sheik: Well, I'm off. (Throws down a smoke bomb, and disappears.)

Snake: .... Does she really have to use the smoke bomb? There's a door, not 50 feet away.

Samus: He, dear. Sheik is a he. (Knocks a ball into a side pocket.)

Snake: What? It's Zelda in disguise. It's a she.

Samus: Does it look like there's anything in the chest area? (Knocks another ball into the other side.)

Snake: Believe me, the chest doesn't matter. The only part that matters is downstairs. I don't care if a girl's chest is concave. As long as she's got the vertical smile, all else is moot.

Samus: Well, I guess that's true. Of course, we'll never know, unless we catch him.

Snake: Her.

Samus: It, for now. 8 ball, corner pocket. (Knocks 8 ball into the corner pocket.)

Snake: Damn, woman. That's just not fair.

Samus: A deal is a deal. Do it.

Snake: Ugh.

(Snake does the Chicken Dance and the Macarena all around the rec room.)

 (All the young ones - Y. Link, Ness, Popo/Nana, Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Kirby - are just sitting down to dinner.)

Ness: What's with these people? There's hardly anything good up there.

Y. Link: Tell me about it. At least we can always count on the pizza.

Popo/Nana: Amen!

Pikachu: Pika pika. Pikachu, pi.

Kirby: {He has a point. Broccoli's good with Ranch.}

Nana: Yeah... that's true. Everything's good with Ranch.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff?

Kirby: {Well, almost everything. Nothing goopy, like pudding.}

Popo: Eww. Who would want to ruin pudding like that?

(They all keep eating for a while.)

Ness: Popo? Is something wrong? You've hardly touched your pizza.

Popo: Uh? Oh, I was just thinking about something.

Y. Link: What's that?

Popo: Well.... I was just thinking about Mario's farewell party. I know it was our idea, but I keep thinking that we should be doing more for it. Everything's being done by the grown-ups, but I really wanna help. Don't you?
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Y. Link: He's right. We really need to do more. Besides, I'm starting to get bored with air-hockey.

(Everyone stops.)

Y. Link: ...... What? Don't worry. I'm doing pinball, now.

Pichu: Pichu, pi.

Kirby: {Yeah, don't scare us like that.}

Jigglypuff: Puff, jigglypuff?

Kirby: {She's right. What're we gonna do?}

Ness: Ummm...... We should talk to Samus! She'll have something for us to do.

Samus: Who's asking me for what now?

Y. Link: Oh, Miss Aran! We all want to help out more with Mario's party.

Samus: But, you gave us the idea. That should be enough.

Ness: Please? We really wanna do something. Anything!

(All the young ones gather around Samus and start pleading.)

Samus: Urrgh.... All right! Yeesh. If you want to help that badly, fine. Pit has just informed me that he's decided on what to make for the banquet, so we're going to have a meeting at 7:15. We're going to start assigning jobs, and I'll make sure all of you do something.

Popo/Nana: Hooray! Thank you, Miss Aran.

Samus: Whatever. Just, please, let me go. I have to get dessert.


Ness: Dessert! I almost forgot about it.

 (All the young ones rush to the dessert cart and start loading up on cake, pie, pudding and ice cream, then sit down at their table and start shoveling it in. Samus goes back to her table with Snake.)

Snake: Now, that was funny. There's just something about all those kids hopping around you, and you getting annoyed.

Samus: Har-dee har har. You know, I could tell them to help you with your little projects. Would you like that?

Snake: You wouldn't! Urgh. Fine. I'm sorry.... but you did look quite adorable, when they were crowding around you.

Samus: Dammit. How come every time I get made at you, you say something to make me not mad?

Snake: I'm just good like that. By the way, what is my job?

Samus: Oh, right. Don't worry, we're going to be assigning jobs later. Did you make it known when we're meeting?

Snake: Of course. Don't worry. They'll be there. What about Link and Zelda, though? Are we just going to give them their jobs, once they get back?

Samus: I'm not sure. To be honest, there isn't that much to do. We could probably have everything done in a matter of days, so I'm not worried. I'll figure something out, later.

(Everyone continues eating. At around 7:10, Samus and Snake stand up, and head out. All the others get up and follow.)

(In the halls. Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight are walking together. Geno is in front of them.)

Fox: Say, have you guys noticed that Mario doesn't eat in the mess hall? I don't think I've ever seen him eat there, once.

Falco: Really? Does he eat in his office, or something?

MK: He's probably too busy. I can't imagine all the stuff he has to manage.

Falco: Maybe. But, still, it's not like he has to do a whole lot. He just sits there. Nothing too stressful about that, I think.

(Geno suddenly whirls around.)

Geno: What was that?

Falco (taken aback): Err, about Mario doing nothing? I just said that all he does is sit there, and it's not like he has to work out, or anything.

Geno: Ah... I'm sorry. I thought you said something else.

(Geno walks ahead to where Game&Watch is.)

Fox: Huh. Weird guy. You know, maybe that's why Mario's retiring. He just wants to be lazy for the rest of his life. He is a plumber, after all. They're a lazy bunch.

(Ahead, with Geno and Game&Watch.)

Geno (whisper): Listen, I've got a plan, and I think it's going to work. You can stop worrying about Mario. It's in the bag.

(Geno walks ahead.)

G&W: +A plan, eh? For all our sake, Geno, I really hope it works out.+

 (Everyone gathers in the Conference Room.)

Samus: Alright, looks like everyone's here. Mr. Game&Watch, would you please take your position by the door.

(Game&Watch stands in the doorframe.)

Samus: Right. The reason I gathered you all here is because Pit has made his decision for the banquet. So, at this point, we are going to start assigning other tasks, in preparation of the banquet, according to your own skills and talents.

(Samus starts dolling out tasks. About 20 minutes later.)

Samus: Does everyone understand what it is they're supposed to do?

(General nod.)

Samus: Excellent. Of course, we'll be adjusting, as newcomers are introduced.

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! I know it's-a late, but I'd-a like everyone to-a gather in-a the Conference-a Room, so I can-a introduce someone. That's-a all.

(The PA click off.)

Samus: Huh. I mention newcomers, and Mario says he's about to introduce another one to us.

Ness: Who else saw that one coming?

(Everyone raises their hands. Game&Watch and Samus take their seats. A minute later, Mario walks through the door, and stops.)

Mario: ............ Uh.... huh. I'm-a going to ignore this creepiness. Anyway, like I said, I have-a someone to introduce to you. I'm sure some of you will be happy to meet him, and some of you will be a little-a angry with me. So, please make him feel welcome.... Bowser Jr.!!

(A shimmering M appears on the wall, and Bowser Jr. jumps through, holding his magic paint-brush. Bowser slams his hands on the table, and stands up.)

Bowser: JUNIOR!!

Bowser Jr.: Hey, papa! I'm going to be in Brawl! I'm finally going to have my chance to beat on Mario! (turns to Mario) I hope you're ready for a whupping... from yourself!

(Bowser Jr. waves his magic brush, and transforms into Shadow Mario.)

Shadow Mario: Ha ha! I look forward to seeing all of you in combat!

(Applause. With a wave of the brush, Shadow Mario transforms back to Bowser Jr., and stands proudly.)

Mario: Indeed! Now, if you would please take your place next to Geno, I have another announcement for everyone.

(Bowser Jr. sits next to Geno, and gives a thumbs-up to Bowser. Bowser wipes away a tear.)

Bowser: +Of course, with Junior around, I won't be able to spend time with Peach. Ah, this is going to be torture. But I'm so proud of him!+

 Mario: Now.... at this time... I'd like to introduce another newcomer!

(General whispering of shock. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: We had to go through many troubles to bring him here, much like what we did for Snake. I'm proud to introduce... Mega Man EXE!!

(An orb of light appears, with bands of data around it. The bands shatter and disappear, and the light fades. Standing there, is Mega Man EXE. Big applause.)

EXE: Hey, everyone! Great to meet all of you! When I was invited to be in Brawl, I was all, ‘All right! This is going to completely rock my network!' I'm looking forward this!

Mario: Alright! That's-a what I like to hear. EXE, you're going to be sitting over-a there, next to Bowser Jr.

(EXE takes his seat. He leans over and whispers to Bowser Jr.)

EXE: Hey there, little man. Isn't this cool?

Bowser Jr.: Totally. I can't wait to start pummeling these people.

EXE: Yeah. It's going to be great being friends with everyone.

Bowser: Jr.: ...... I don't think we're on the same page, here.

Mario: Thank you for coming together. I'd love to stay and welcome the newcomers personally, but I have to talk with some people about some major renovations for-a the mansion.

(Mario walks out of the room. Bowser Jr. and EXE start to get up, but see everyone still sitting, looking at Samus, and sit down again, looking confused. When Samus stands up, so do the others.)

Samus: Bowser, you can get your son up to speed on what's going on. Geno, take care of EXE.

(Samus walks out of the room. Everyone else files out, with Bowser Jr. next to his father, and Geno with EXE.)

 (Mario is pacing back and forth in Doc's office.)

Mario: Are you absolutely sure? You have to be one hundred percent-a certain.

Doc: I wish I was wrong, Mario, but I'm absolutely sure. Captain Falcon is-a going to die. He tried to walk, but fell down a flight of stairs. In his already unstable condition... Mario, Falcon may be dead, already. I got-a the call only a half-hour ago, but the accident happened two hours before.

Mario: ....... This is so unfortunate. He had so much life, ahead of him.

Doc: Ah, Mario? There's-a something else I need to tell you.

Mario: What? Oh, it's-a more bad news, isn't it? Well, it can't be as bad as Captain Falcon, can it?

Doc: ..... (cough) I was going over the scans of Roy's head, and I discovered two things. The first is the source of his-a speech problems. It's a simple remove-and-repair job.

Mario: Ooh, that's a relief. What's-a the second thing you found?

Doc: ... You see, after that, I looked at the rest of his-a brain, to check for peripheral damages. That's-a when I discovered that Roy has a very malignant brain-deteriorating tumor, in the deepest part of his-a brain. It's-a gonna kill him, Mario, and we can't remove it, because it's-a wrapped around two very vital parts of the brain. We can't remove the tumor without damaging these bits, and if that happens, even slightly... Even if he doesn't die, Roy will be a vegetable, for the rest of his life.

Mario: DAMMIT! This is-a the very worst time for all this to come up! How could this get any worse?

 (Luigi bursts into the office.)


Mario: What are you talking about?!

Luigi: Donkey Kong explained it. Yoshi ate too much meat, and-a that awakened a beast within him.

Mario: What's he doing?

Luigi: It's-a horrible. He broke into the young one's room, and.... he ate them..... Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Popo. The others were able to run away, but I don't think Yoshi's done yet.


(Luigi, Doc and Mario run through the halls to the children's room. All the remaining children are far down the hall, behind Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight.)

Mario: Where is he? Wait, where's Nana?

Fox: We don't know. She ran off in a different direction.

Y. Link: I think she went crazy after she saw Popo.

Mario: And Yoshi?

Ness: He-(sob) he-(sob) he-(sob)

Falco: He's still in there. We're trying to come up with a plan.

Ganondorf: What do we need a plan for? We go in there and beat the holy hell out of him.

Falco: Normally, I would agree. However, he isn't nearly as dumb as he used to be. According to Young Link, it seems Yoshi's speed and strength have greatly increased. It's like his entire body is working in overdrive. We need a plan, or else one of us could die.

(Suddenly, Yoshi runs into the hall, sees the group, turns around, and starts running very fast.)

Fox: Damn! He's fast! Come on!

(Fox, Falco, Meta-Knight, Luigi and Mario pursued Yoshi, while Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Doc stayed with the children.)

Mario: Hang on.... how long was it since Yoshi attacked the children?

Falco: We showed up about 3 minutes after the attack. From now, 5 minutes.

Mario: How many others know Yoshi has gone berserk?

Fox: Only us. We thought we'd have more time to prepare.

Mario: Alright. Luigi, go around and tell everyone what's going on. Make sure they get into a secure area.

Luigi: Got it.

(Luigi splits off from the group. A few moments later, screams are heard.)

Fox: That's Nana! He's gotten to Nana!

(They run faster, turn a corner, and screech to a halt.)

Falco: Oh, BALLS!

Mario: YOSHI! NOOOO!!!

(In front of them, Yoshi has Nana on her stomach, pinned to the ground. He is raping her violently.)

Mario: THAT'S IT!! WE'RE STOPPING THIS-a NOW! Fox, Falco, start shooting! Meta-Knight, let's-a go!

(Fox and Falco pull out their blasters and start firing. Mario and Meta-Knight charge forward. Mario starts charging up a huge fireball, and Meta-Knight pulls out his sword. Yoshi looks up, but it's too late. Meta-Knight plunges his sword into Yoshi's chest, and Mario releases an enormous stream of fire directly into Yoshi's face. Yoshi screams once, then collapses backwards, his charred, smoldering head thumping against the ground.)

Mario: I'm-a so sorry, my friend.


(Samus jerks awake. A cold sweat stands on her forehead.)

Samus: ....... Goddam. If black chai gives me nightmares like that, I think I'll stick with chamomile, from now on.

(After a while, Samus goes back to sleep.)

(Last time, on All My Brawlers, Samus had a nightmare, and the readers found out how big of an ass I am.)

(It's morning in the Brawler Mansion. Everyone is gathering for breakfast. Samus is at her usual table, head in hands over a bowl of cereal. Snake sits down next to her with a plate stacked with food.)

Snake: Hey, love. You look a little like crap. What's up?

Samus: I feel a little like crap. I had the most horrible nightmare, last night.

Snake: Really? What was it about? (chews wad of bacon)

Samus: You remember when Wario told us about how Yoshi goes absolutely murder-psycho if he eats too much meat?

Snake: I was surprised he actually knew that. (chews scrambled eggs) After he told us everything he knows, I was so pleased, I paid to get him drunk. Remind me to take advantage of his hangover, later. Anyway, you were saying? (shovels in more eggs)

Samus: Well, let's just say that I never could have even thought of such a terrible case of Jekyll&Hyde syndrome.

Snake: Damn. That's harsh. (bites toast) Were you even in it?

Samus: No. But I do remember something else that was strange.

Snake: What was that?

Samus: At the end, Mario and Meta-Knight had to kill Yoshi, because he was... well, Mario hit Yoshi right in the face with this gigantic fireball. Bigger than anything I've ever seen him do.

Snake: Huh. Well, it was a dream, right? Those sorts of things are always exaggerated.

Samus: Mm. Maybe. Thanks for listening. I feel better.

Snake: You still look like crap.

(Samus hits Snake, and they both eat.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Peach and Luigi are sitting at the same table. Luigi has a full plate, but isn't eating, just has his head down, massaging his temples.)

Peach: ...... You got plastered again, didn't you?

Luigi: Snake was buying. Wario is a treasure-a-trove of knowledge, and Snake-a wanted to make sure they're on the same side. Silence, please, now. (slowly chews bacon)

Peach: Hmm..... How much do you think Wario knows? Maybe... some secrets?

Luigi: He knows everyone's strengths, weak points, weaknesses, physical stuff. I don't know about actual secrets. I will give one more answer, and that's it. (continues chewing bacon)

Peach: ....... Could you find out any secrets he knows, take notes, then tell me?

Luigi: Only if you never speak to me after I've been drinking, ever again.

Peach: Deal.

Luigi: Ohhhhh, sweet, a-delicious silence.

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf walk by.)

Mewtwo (to Ganondorf): <I'm telling you, it's the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. I'll do it right now. Shh.> (to everyone) <LUIGI!!>


(Luigi's very blood-shot eyes are wide open, and he stands up quickly, knocking over his chair. He stands stock still, for a second, then topples over, and somehow winds up upside-down on his head. There he stays, completely immobile.)

Ganondorf: ........ No worries. He's still breathing.

(Laughter and merriment is had by all.)

 (The rest of breakfast is more or less uneventful. Time passes, until around 11:00.... Peach is in her room, reading some shlocky romance novel with Fabio on the cover. There's a knock at the door.)

Peach: Who is it?

Bowser Jr.: It's me, mama.

Peach: ...... Just a moment.

(Peach opens the door. Standing there is Bowser Jr., who jumps onto Peach.)

Bowser Jr.: Hey, mama!

(Peach puts Bowser Jr. down, and closes the door.)

Peach: (sigh) ...... Sweetie, how many times does mama have to tell you not to jump up on anyone? Really. You fight Mario once, and you think you're the king of everything.

Bowser Jr.: Naw! I know I'm not the king of everything. That's papa! I'm just the prince!

Peach: Did you need something, dear? Mama has her own things to tend to.

Bowser Jr.: Sorry. Miss Aran told me to work on the art for Mario's banquet, and I already drew some stuff, and I want to see if you like it. Here. It's all the stuff after the paperclip.

(Bowser Jr. pulls a sketch book from beneath his shell, and hands it to Peach. Peach starts flipping through it.)

Peach: ...... It's all very good, dear. But, you have to remember, this is supposed to be a banquet in honor of Mario. Many of us aren't going to see him, after this. Try a few more, but keep that in mind. I know you can come up with a design that's perfect. (hands the sketch book back)

Bowser Jr.: Thanks, Mama. I will! (turns to go, pauses, then turns around) Mama?

Peach: What is it, sweetie?

Bowser Jr.: .......... Are you really my mama?

(Peach looks at Bowser Jr. for a while, then takes his hand.)

Peach: Well, you're going to be a brawler, now. I guess you can handle the truth. Let's go see your papa.

 (Peach and Bowser Jr. head to Bowser's tower. Peach bangs the heavy knocker.)

Bowser: What?! I'm busy!

Peach: Bowser, it's about your son.

(Silence. A moment later, Bowser opens the door.)

Bowser: Has he been bothering people, again?

Peach: No, no. May we come in?

Bowser: Sure, of course. (Bowser closes the heavy door after them) So, what's he been up to? Junior, what have you been-
Peach: He asked me if I'm his real mother.


Bowser: Why do you ask, all of a sudden? I told you, on our vacation, she isn't really your mama.

Bowser Jr.: I know... but, I've never seen my real mama! I've never seen you with any female koopas! I don't know if there are any lady koopas, at all. Papa... who is my real mama?

(Silence. Finally, Bowser lets out a big sigh.)

Bowser: You want to tell him, or should I?

Bowser: This is probably something he should hear from his old man. Junior come here, sit on papa's lap.

(Bowser Jr. climbs up onto Bowser's knee, and looks at him with big, expectant eyes.)

Bowser: Junior.... It's true... Peach is your real mama, but not in the normal way. Normally, we koopas make babies in the same way humans do. However, when your mother, Peach, and I decided that we wanted to have you, our scientists told us that it is physically impossible for her to carry you. And so, we went to the top scientists, in Samus's part of the universe. There, we had a procedure called "genetic engineering." It's where a scientists takes the two pieces that make a baby from your mother and I, and messes with it. That's why you look just like a koopa. If we didn't, you wouldn't have turned into the handsome little man you are, now.

(All the time, Bowser Jr.'s eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger, and tears started welling up.)

Peach: ....... Son?

(Like flicking a switch, Bowser Jr. bursts out crying, and leaps into Peach's arms.)

Bowser Jr.: MAMA! I love you, mama!

Peach (tears welling up): Oh... I love you too, son!

Bowser (tears welling up, as well): (sniff) This has to be the happiest day of my life. I love you both, so much!

(They all get into a big, teary family hug.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just outside the window ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: +Damn. Samus sends me on a spy mission, and this is what I find out? Hmm... I wonder if I should tell her? This really seems like a private matter. Then again, if she even thinks I'm hiding something, she'll do that thing she does until I tell her..... I'd better get back to her.+

 (It's lunch-time in the Brawlers Mansion, and, as usual, everyone's just minding their own business, when the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! At 4 o'clock, today, I would like everyone to gather in-a the outdoor training room. I have something everyone will like.

(The PA clicks off. Everyone starts rambling about what it might be Mario has.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the Fox table ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fox: I'm betting he's going to show us some of the stages we're going to be fighting on. (eats potato salad)

Falco: Full-sized stages? I don't think so. He would just have some sized-down models, or something. (slurps the remainder of his soup)

Meta-Knight: Mario wouldn't do it quite like that, I think. If he's showing us stages, why do it outdoors? Wouldn't it be easier to just give us a slide-show, or something? (sticks a straw through is mask, and sucks soda)

EXE: Does it matter? We'll find out when we get out there, and then we all get to be pleasantly surprised. (eats half a burger)

Falco: Point goes to Mega Man. I'm voting for not caring. (burps) ‘Scuse me.

Fox: ......... Aren't you technically just a program? How come you're eating?

Geno: Don't worry. They did the same thing to me, on my first day. (eats fries)

EXE: Oh, it's cool. I was given an instructional program before I came here. Here's how it works. What you see before you is a copyroid, a robot that takes on the form of whatever navi is in it. In this case, me. Normally, the battery life is fairly short, but this one is specially modified for prolonged use, and heavy combat. (stuffs rest of burger in mouth, and talks around it) See, there are solar panels on the copyroid itself, which gives me a fair amount of my energy.

Fox: Still doesn't explain why you eat.

EXE: I was getting to that. See, in order to make me more like you flesh-bags, this copyroid is equipped with a working mouth, plus salivary glands. But, instead of a stomach, I have a liquid collector, which processes any liquids that goes through, and turns it into a lubricant that lets me move easier, longer. Along with that, I have an incinerator which burns solid foods, and a collection grid which absorbs the energy, and distributes it throughout my body. It's like how you meat-bags burn carbs, or whatever. Anything left over is vented harmlessly at my command.

Falco: Huh...... is it just me, or was that needlessly long?

EXE: You asked. I could have given you the long version, which breaks down pretty much every func-
Fox: No! That's quite alright. You answered my question just fine. (eats more potato salad)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Speaking of even more big announcements, when are you going to show off your girlfriend? (wolfs down burger)

Mewtwo: <Good lord, you're never going to give up, are you? Fine. I'll bring her around tomorrow. Now never talk about it again.> (crushes cheesecake into a tiny ball with mind, and eats it.) <I'm surprised I never thought of this before. I'm eating in record time.>

Ganondorf: Ugh. Isn't it a little much for your stomach to take? Of course, if you get sick, I'm just going to laugh.

Mewtwo: <Don't make me set your cape on fire. I could do that, on a whim, and you know it.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ness: Is it just me, or is Bowser Jr. giving us kids a bad name? He's causing random havoc, all the time.

Kirby: {Not now, he isn't. Take a look.}

(All look at Bowser Jr., who is sitting quietly, eating politely next to Bowser.)

Ness: Creepy. I wonder what's come over him?

Y. Link: Hey, check out Miss Peach. Something seems weird about her.

(Peach is sitting quietly with Luigi, glancing frequently at Bowser Jr., occasionally waving at him.)

Pikachu: Pika pika. Chu pika, pi.

Kirby: {He said: Something's definitely up. We should try to find out.}

Nana: But how? Are we going to spy on them, or what?

Popo: Maybe we could ask some of the adults. Ganondorf and Mewtwo know a lot.

Ness: Yeah, but I hear that, lately, Miss Aran knows a lot, too. Probably has something to do with being a leader. When I had my own adventure, I knew almost everything that was going on.

Y. Link: Right. I'll go ask Miss Aran, after Mario's announcement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Oh, damn! You hear that? Something everyone's going to like? It's happening!

Snake: Settle down, dear. What's happening?

Samus: Remember when I told you about my dream? Mario used some giant fireball. I just felt something disturbing in the pit of my stomach. That's what he's going to show us.

Snake: What? He's going to show off a new power? The man's retiring, dear. Besides, I hardly think he would do something like that. It's almost like rubbing our faces in it.

Samus: I'm not sure... (sigh) I guess there's nothing to do but wait.

 (The day is uneventful, until 4 o'clock rolls around. Everyone gathers in the outdoor training room, where Mario is standing on a stage, next to Sandbag.)

Mario: I'm-a so glad everyone's here. I just received a very interesting item, which will be available in Brawl. It's-a very rare, and very hard to manufacture. However, we struck a deal with a master smith, and he's-a cranking them out.

(Mario pulls out an iridescent small disc that is about the size of his palm, with two large lines going through it)

Mario: This... is-a the Smash Emblem. In Brawl, this-a will be used to activate great powers. For this demonstration, I was very lucky to get one that's at full power. Also, Sandbag here was-a kind enough to be my target.

Sandbag: ........

Mario: I will now activate... the Super Smash!

(With those words, Mario crushes the Smash Emblem. The fragments turn into points of colored light, swirl around Mario, then sink into his skin. Mario's eyes flash a bright red-orange, and an aura surrounds him. Mario charges up two swirling fireballs in his hand. With a mighty roar, he brings his hands together in front of him, the two fireballs grow gigantic in size, and spiral around each other. The fireballs hit Sandbag over and over again, and send Sandbag flying out of sight.)

(Complete and utter awe from everyone. Mario takes a deep breath, and smiles at the brawlers.)

Mario: Neat, huh? Of course, these are going to be very rare, in Brawl. All of you will have a chance to try out your own Super Smashes, over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for-a your time.

(Mario leaves. Slowly, everyone gets up, and goes back inside, as well.)

Snake: So, love, was this like your dream?

Samus: Pretty much, yeah. It was a little more intense, here, but other than that, it was the same.

Snake: See? And nothing bad happened. You just drank bad tea, that's all.

Samus: I know... still... I can't shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Oh, what am I thinking? If one person goes berserk, we now have 32 others who would beat that one down. And, we're just going to get more and more. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, at all.

Snake: Exactly. We have a lot of people backing us up, so we have nothing to worry about. Come on, I'll play you again at pool. This time, you're going to lose the bet, and you know what that means, right?

Samus: Not a chance, sparky. This time, I want you to do a ballet. In front of everyone at dinner.

 (Megaman.EXE is walking through the halls. He turns a corner, and sees Marth and Roy making out.)

EXE: +Huh. There's something you don't see every day.... I should go.... Here I go...... Walking away.. .. .. ..... That kinda looks fun.+

(EXE walks away, finally. Eventually, Marth and Roy go on their merry way. They end up at Doc's office.)

Doc: Ah, excellent! I have been waiting for you two. I have wonderful news. I've spoken with all the top doctors in all the sectors, and they think Roy can-a be cured!

Marth: {Roy, this is great! Finally, I'll be able to hear your wonderful words, again.}

(Roy just smiles.)

Doc: Indeed. Now, during our trip to Mute-a City, that's-a when the procedure will be done.

Marth: {Wait, wait. Procedure?}

Doc: I'm assuming you're asking about the procedure. Don't worry, I'll explain it fully.

(Doc explains the full procedure, along with risks, and Marth translates it for Roy.)

Doc: Well, what do you think? I have to get the consent of Roy, in order to go ahead with the operation.

Marth: {Well, Roy? Are you going to do it?}

(Roy smiles, and nods.)

Doc: Very well. If Roy would just sign-a this release form, all we have to do is wait for Mute-a City.

(Doc hands the paper to Roy, points where to sign, and Roy scribbles his signature.)

Doc: Domo origato. Roy, you may go. Marth, would you please stay a little?

Marth: {Roy, please wait outside. Doc and I have something to discuss.}

(Roy steps outside, and Doc closes the door.)

Doc: ....... Marth, there's-a one thing I omitted, when I told you about the procedure. You see... after Roy is cured, he will be able to speak normally, pretty much right away. However, it's-a possible that other... behaviors, may change. Now, even if something changes, it's-a likely to be something minor. Something like, say, different tastes in food. However, I have to let you know, there's a chance - albeit, a slim one - that Roy may become very different. Do you understand?

(Marth pauses, then nods once. He then exits.)

Doc: Whew. That-a was rough. At-a least they're going to be happy, again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, at dinner, the general topic of discussion is the Super Smash ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fox: Do you know if any of us have already tried out the Super Smash? I'm sure at least one person has already done it. (tears into chicken wing)

Falco: You mean you haven't heard? Turns out the very first one, besides Mario, to use the Smash Emblem is Samus, in her power suit. (sucks soda)

EXE: Really? What'd she do? (tosses two grapes in the air, and catches them in his mouth)

Meta-Knight: She was in her power suit, right? I'm guessing it was some kind of giant laser cannon thing. (sticks a straw through his mask, and sucks soda)

Geno: That sounds like Samus. Have any others gone? (cuts steak and eats)

Fox: Feh. Mario's probably going to make go one per day. He's a jerk like that. I bet he could fit all of us into one day, but he just doesn't feel like it. (eats more chicken)

EXE: I doubt it. Remember Sandbag? I bet he's supposed to be the target, so nothing gets destroyed. He probably has someone go get it, every night. (tosses a small potato into his mouth)

Meta-Knight: Finally, someone who makes real sense. Besides, as long was we all get to try it out before Brawl, it's fine by me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bowser: Heh. When I get a hold of that Smash Emblem, I'm going to turn right around, and smash Mario!

Bowser Jr.: Hey! I want to take a shot at Mario! How come you get all the fun?

Bowser: Alright, alright. If you get to try your Super Smash first, then you can clobber Mario. But, if I get to try mine out first, I don't want to hear any complaining from you. Do I make myself clear?

Bowser Jr.: Yes, papa. Hey, look! They just put out more ham! I'll be right back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: So... what was is it like?

Samus: I'm not telling you what happened. There's no way I'm telling anyone that.

Snake: I know, I know. But you can tell me what it felt like, right?

Samus: (sigh) If it'll stop your whining... Fine. (puts chin on hands, and stares off into space) It was something else. When I crushed that little coin, and the light hit me... I felt such a rush of power. And knowledge! I knew exactly what to do, and how to do it. So, I just concentrated my power... and did it. Oh, it was so great.

Snake: Damn... I can't friggin' wait for my turn. I wonder if he's got those things stockpiled somewhere?

Samus: You're not thinking of... No way.

Snake: What? I was just... wondering...

Samus: Don't even think about it. Mario is making us go one at a time for a reason. Can you imagine the devastation if everyone did a Super Smash all at once?

Snake: (sigh) Yeah, you're right. But it's easy for you to say. You actually got to do it!

Samus: Shut up and eat your ham. Yeesh. You win one game of pool, and you think you're on top of the world.

Snake: That's because I know how to bet. What you do to me is humiliating. What I make you do, that's good for just me. And I know you enjoyed it.

(Samus smacks Snake, and eats.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in the 2D world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Game&Watch: I don't like this... these Super Smash things... something doesn't seem right.

Geno: What about them? They're super-powerful attacks. Where's the problem?

G&W: Hmm.... I'm just getting some bad vibes, you know? Maybe it's about something completely different, and I'm just confusing it with all the talk about these little coins.

Geno: Now that you mention it... I do sense something brewing. As if hundreds of voices are crying out, "Oh, *&^%."
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #7 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:03:05 pm »

G&W: Pretty much. Well, all we can do is wait, I suppose. It'll become obvious, soon enough.

(Sheik opens a window in Pit's room, and silently creeps through. Sheik transforms into Zelda, and Zelda starts stripping, then slides into Pit's bed. Minutes later, Pit enters naked, except for a towel around his waist. He sees Zelda, and drops his towel.)

Pit: Zelda! You're back!

Zelda: And I see you're quite happy about it.

Pit: I'm real happy you're back! I- (looks down, see himself) Well... whatever.

(Pit jumps into bed with Zelda. They giggle and such, then cuddle and kiss and whatnot.)

Pit: So? How was your little mission? More of the same?

Zelda: Pretty much... Some women at the Gerudo fortress, Ruto, Malon twice, and Saria.

Pit: Wait, isn't Saria a, what do you call it? Kokiri? Isn't she... tiny?

Zelda: I checked. She's really older than Link. I know, it doesn't make it any less creepy. What'd I miss?

Pit: Oh, it was so cool! First, Mario introduced TWO newcomers. Bowser Jr. and Mega Man EXE.

Zelda: Really? I would have expected a different Mega Man.

Pit: Yeah, me, too. Anyway, that was all yesterday. Today was even cooler! Everyone gathered in the outdoor training facility, and Mario demonstrated one of the coolest things I've ever seen. See, there's this little coin, called the Smash Emblem, and you crush it, and you're filled with power! Then, you do this thing called a Super Smash. When Mario did it, he shot out these two gigantic fireballs that completely blew away Sandbag! And, over the next few weeks, we're all going to test out our own Super Smashes!

Zelda: My goodness! That sounds like a lot of power! I certainly hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or anything.

Pit: Yeah... But, even if one person does get a lot of them, the rest of us combined will surely be able to take that one person down.

Zelda: Yes, I suppose so.... Oh! What was that?

Pit: What was what?

Zelda: It felt like.... oh, my. You really ARE happy to see me, aren't you?

(Pit and Zelda... yeah.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the 2D world. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: So, you're saying that when he goes psycho, only another beast of the same power can take him down?

G&W: That's right. Although, I'm not sure where we can find another beast like him. I'm not exactly pre-cognitive, but I can tell when something big's going to happen, and my gut is telling me it's going to be him.

Geno: Huh. Do you know when this is going to happen?

G&W: So far, my gut feelings occur a day or two afterwards. Of course, not all of them come true. I seriously hope that's true, in this case.

Geno: I can see why. I'm all for the excitement this place brings, but I don't think I can handle him. If he does lose it, can I hide out here?

G&W: I still need you, so, yes.

Geno: Right. Actually, if he becomes too much... we might have to bring everyone else in here. This is probably the safest place in the whole mansion.

G&W: ........ (sigh) Fine. But, if anyone asks, remember: You're the one controlling the portal, because you're a higher being, and all that.

Geno: ........ Sure. I understand how you feel. Maybe we should work out a plan, for a worst-case scenario.

G&W: Right. Just in case.

(Wario, Luigi, Snake and Samus have just finished lunch, and are heading out again.)

Wario: You know, there's just one thing that I still don't get.

Luigi: What's that?

Wario: How in the hell did Mario get so much power into those little coins?

Snake: I think it's fairly simple, really.

Luigi: What? How do you know?

Snake: Don't you remember, you idiots? He said he had a master smith make them.

Wario: Great, now I'm going to be wondering who this master smith is forever.

Samus: Ugh. Just ask him when we get back. It's not that hard a concept. Say, here's a better question: What the hell are Wario and Luigi doing with us, anyway, Snake?

Snake: (cough) Well, they're my drinking buddies. They're funny as hell when they're smashed.

Wario: I still wish I could remember what I did that was so damn funny.

Luigi: Heh. You were literally rolling around on-a your fat ass, saying over and over again that you're-a the queen of France.

Snake: Ahh, yes. Good times.

Samus: That's all well and good, but why now? Don't tell me you're planning on getting drunk, again?

Wario: Listen, sweetheart, you're not the best company to have, either. You have this annoying habit of smacking people for little things.

(Samus smacks Wario.)

I don't care if that proved his point, I feel better. However, we're pretty far from the hotel, as it is. I think we should start heading back, so we don't miss Captain Falcon.

Luigi: Why bother? If we need to, there's-a the subway. Let's keep going.

Wario: Yeah! Besides, if we miss FAPtain Calcon, big deal, eh?

Snake: I gotta say, I agree with greeney, but not with fat-ass. I'd like to see what they have, further out.

Samus: (sigh) Fine, fine. You're like children, you know that? Ooh! Awesome clothes!

(Samus walks merrily into a store. The guys sigh heavily as one, and follow.)

Wario: You do realize that by doing this, we're making our cajones shrink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DK and Yoshi are traveling with Bowser and Bowser Jr. It's just before noon. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bowser Jr.: Hey, papa, how come we gotta walk with these dorks?

Bowser: Junior, we're traveling with these dorks because I'm not risking my boy being hurt. And besides, they're not dorks. The proper term is "idgit."

Bowser Jr.: Idgit? What's that?

Bowser: It's like a dork, idiot, moron and numskull all rolled into one, but dumber.

Bowser Jr.: Ha, ha! (Turns to DK and Yoshi) You guys are idgits! You guys are idgits!

DK: {Yeah? Well, your hair looks like idgit hair, to me.}

Yoshi: {Yeah! Idgit hair!.}

DK: {Now, that, little one, is what is known as "getting owned."}

Bowser Jr.: Paaa! They're making fun of me!

Bowser: It's something you gotta expect. The thing to do is just shake it off. When they find out that their insults don't hurt you in the least, that's what is called "pacifist-owning." In all my years, pacifist-owning is one of the best ways to own someone.

Bowser Jr.: Wow, papa, you're so smart!

DK: {It almost breaks your heart to know that Bowser is just another lunk-head without anything in his skull, doesn't it?}

Yoshi: {I may be not smart, but I know when to quit.}

DK: {So very owned.}

(A little later, they themselves stop for lunch.)

Bowser: Come on, Yoshi. Eat some meat! It'll make you less useless.

Yoshi: {I can't. Eating meat isn't good for me, or others.}

Bowser Jr.: Do it, you wuss! Here, I have a lot of hot dogs. You have one!

DK: {Don't do it, Yoshi.}

Yoshi: {I know, I know. It's not going to happen.}

(Thankfully, they get through lunch without Yoshi eating any meat. About an hour later...)

Yoshi: {Hey, I feel funny.}

DK: {Funny? How?

Yoshi: {It's... it's in my belly... I feel..... kind of angry. I feel like I want to fight... Oh, no!}

DK: {What is it?}

Yoshi: {What if I accidentally ate meat? Did one of them put something in my soup? Oh, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't want to do anything bad! DK help-!}

Yoshi: {Oh... it passed.}

DK: {In more than one way, yes.}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Geno and Mr. Game&Watch have just had lunch. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: <So you don't know what's going to happen, either?>

G&W: <Normally, I would, but I'm not even close to a truly 2D world, so I can only get vague feelings. Right now, you're more powerful than I am.>

Geno: <Terrific. But, if I can't feel anything, either, that's a good thing, right? I mean, it means whatever's going to happen isn't going to happen for a while, right?>

G&W: <Yes, it would be safe to assume.... Still, it's pretty much inevitable. I just wish I could see when, where, and all that.>

Geno: <It sucks, I know. On Star Road, I knew virtually everything that happens in the Mushroom Kingdom. The first time I possessed this doll, I became so disoriented, I accidentally wandered into a forest, and ended up- Well, that's a very long story.>

G&W: <I think I see where you were going. It's hard to lose your powers.>

Geno: <It wouldn't have been so bad, but the situation is making things worse. We're being kept on the defensive, unable to anticipate anything. Still, I don't think it will be quite as bad as you say it is. After all, as long as the plan works out, we should be fi- Hey, neat capes!>

(Geno walks into the cape store. Mr. Game&Watch pauses, smacks himself with his bell, and walks in after him.)

 (4 o'clock finally rolls around, and everyone has gathered in the dining hall of the hotel. ......... The minutes tick by.)

Link: Lordy, when is Falcon going to show up? It's been almost 20 minutes.

(Almost as if on cue, Mario walks in. He takes one look at everyone, and holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: I must apologize to everyone. It seems there was a complication at-a the hospital, and Captain-a Falcon will not be joining us, today. Does anyone have any questions?

Link: Yeah, I have one. Are we going to see him at all, and if so, when?

Mario: I have-a spoken with the hospital staff, and they say they can't-a give me an exact time until tomorrow morning. Any others?


Maro: Okay, then. In light of-a these developments, you have the rest of-a the night free. That is all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Things are relatively uneventful, until dinner. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth and Roy are sitting together. Marth is talking animatedly, but Roy is looking kind of disinterested.)

Marth: {... And I heard that there is a shop just within walking distance from here where we can get some nice gifts for our friends, back home.}

Roy: {Mm. I'm sure they would like that.}

Marth: {..... Roy, what is it? I know something is wrong, you never had a good poker face.}

Roy: {..... Marth.... I remember everything from while I couldn't speak. I remember... how happy you were, when I was.... like that.}

Marth: {Was? Roy.... Oh, Roy, don't tell me.}

Roy: {I'm sorry, Marth, but I just don't feel that way, anymore. I... can't... feel that way. I just... rediscovered, so to speak, my feelings. My true feelings.}

Marth: {So, that's it? Just like that? Don't you remember how happy you were when we... when we were together? You liked it. You loved it, I know you did.}

Roy: {Well.... I admit, it was enjoyable, but, Marth... I don't love you. That's all there is to it. I'm sorry.}

(Roy gets up, and leaves.)

Marth: {Roy... Roy... Come back here!}

(Marth slams his fist hard on the table, rattling the silverware, and almost knocking over his wine. Marth puts his face in his hands. A moment later, he feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks up.... and sees Mega Man EXE.)

EXE: {If it makes you feel any better... I loved you when I first saw you.}

(They stare into each others eyes.... and Marth gets up, and they walk out, together. Over at the Fox table...)

Krystal: Damn. When he said they're free about sex, he ain't kiddin' around, is he?

Fox: Why is everyone so creepy, around here?

Falco: (sigh) And everyone's falling in love, too. It's going to make communicating with these people very difficult.

Fox: Indeed...... we're so hopeless.

(Fox and Falco both hang their heads, and sigh heavily.)

MetaKnight: Drama queens.

Krystal: Totally. If it helps, I love you both.

Fox: No you don't. We're just comrades. Partners in combat.

Falco: That's how it is. Doomed to a life of looking cool, but feeling miserable.

Krystal: No, really. I like you both.... very, very much.

(Fox and Falco both bring their heads up.)

Fox: Do you really mean it?

Falco: For real?

(Krystal nods, and the three of them walk out together, leaving Meta-Knight all alone.)

Meta-Knight: ....... Why the hell am I here? I'm going to go insane around these people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later that night ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus and Krystal are in the room they share.)

Samus: Aah! I can't believe this trip. I thought it would be an opportunity for us to clear our heads, to become sane. Instead, it's like people are looking upon this trip as an opportunity to be as maddeningly crazy as possible.

Krystal: Snake went drinking with Wario and Luigi, again, didn't they?

Samus: Damn right that ass went drinking.

Krystal: Hm. You need to give him some incentive to stay with you. I just gave Fox and Falco a little "show" that I'm sure will make them never stray from me, ever.

Samus: A "show?" You aren't saying... no. Uh-uh. That's out of the question.

Krystal: Why? I'm of the animal kingdom, just like you. The only difference between you and me is I have fur, a tail, and a fox head.

Samus: Hang on.... I see where this is going. Yeah, I can tell already. If this keeps going, we're going to end up in the same bed.

Krystal: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. But, now that you bring it up-
Samus: No! Not a chance.

Krystal: Puh-leeeze? If it helps, I'll give you a show, too.

Samus: Dammit, NO! Krystal, what is with you? What did you hit your head on?

Krystal: (sigh) Fine... but... maybe I should tell you about Zelda and Peach.

Samus: What about them? Hang on... now that you mention it, they did seem a little strange, this morning. I think Snake knows what's going on, but he hasn't told me anything.

Krystal: See? That's something else you'll never have to suffer if you were to give him a show, like I did for my boys.

Samus: ........ No, seriously, what's with you? You're a little too sexual for my comfort. There has to be a reason.

Krystal: ...... (sigh) I'm sorry. It's..... It's a little complicated.

Samus: I have all night.

(Krystal looks calmly at Samus for a long moment, and Samus returns the gaze.)

Krystal: Fine. I'm warning you, though, it might get a little heavy.

Samus: Krystal, between MY experiences, and all the stuff going on around us, I think I can handle it.

 Krystal: Right. Well, I haven't been able to piece together the whole story, but I think I have enough for a good story. When I was a child, I was normal enough. But, as I grew up, I realized that, for some reason, boys would pay more attention to me than the other girls. I had to have one of my friends tell me it was because I was much prettier than the other girls. It turns out I was flaunting myself around everyone, and I didn't even know it.

Samus: I hope you understand why I don't believe you, too much.

Krystal: I suppose I could, but I'm telling the truth. I was happy that I had so many "friends" that... I thought it was because of my sunny disposition that the boys flocked to me. I didn't even think about why the other girls didn't like me.

Samus: ...... I apologize. I didn't consider that.

Krystal: That's alright. Anyway, after my friend told me the truth, I was ashamed of myself. Really! I tried hard to tone it down, for a while. I started wearing heavier clothes, I would try to keep myself away from other. I would sometimes even push other away...

(As Krystal is talking, her ears droop lower, and she looks down at the floor.)

Samus: ..... It's okay, dear. Here, let me brew you some tea. It does wonders for me.

(Samus brews some chamomile, and hands Krystal a cup.)

Krystal: Thank you. (sips chamomile) Mm. That's pretty good. Thank you. (sigh) Where was I?

Samus: You were saying you were trying to hide yourself.

Krystal: Right. Well, to make a long story short, this is how it went: A female classmate of mine, who was a lot like what I am, right now, invited me to her room, one night. I was excited, because of the disdain the other women had, for me, and I thought she wanted to be friends with me. Well, I was right, sort of. (sips chamomile)

Samus: Sort of? What does that mean?

Krystal: She- We... made love.... It was my first time... I was fifteen, at the time. (sips chamomile) She taught me so much, that night. After that, I decided that I would no longer hide myself, and that I would be more... inviting, so to speak. (sips chamomile)


Samus:Wow. You were right. That is quite a story. No, I believe you. So, in short.... you had one fantastic night, and that experience changed you into what I see before me, today? (sips chamomile)

Krystal: That's pretty much it. (sigh) Samus, I'm sorry for pressuring you. It's just... you're so tense! I know about you leading the brawlers, after Mario is gone, and I can imagine how much stress you're feeling, but girl, you have to relax! That's really what this trip is for. Mario is taking care of everything, so you don't have to worry. (sips chamomile) Say, here's a thought-

Samus: No.

Krystal: Don't worry. It's not like that. I just want to give you a nice massage. I'll bet your muscles must be sore from being so tense.

Samus: Well..... I suppose a massage wouldn't hurt anything. And I think I can trust you not to go too far.

Krystal: Of course, you can.

(Samus sits at the edge of the bed, Krystal kneels behind her, and starts massaging Samus' shoulders. She draws in a sharp breath, and cringes.)

Samus: Ow, ow! What the hell? I thought this was going to help me relax!

Krystal: It's because I have to work through your knotted muscles! Just try to relax yourself, more.

Samus: I don't see how I could- (her eyes suddenly droop, and a contented smile replaces her irritation) Hmmmmmmmm.

Krystal: See? Now, was this such a bad idea?

Samus: I still think your creepy and perverted. A little lower, please?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ An hour later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Krystal and Samus are lying in bed, naked in each others arms. Samus is asleep.)

Krystal: +Heh. Works every time. Sleep tight, sweetie. I just hope you realize this was for your own good.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The next day, at breakfast ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: Samus? Hey, Samus.

Samus: Hm? Sorry. Daydreaming.

Snake: Yeah, right. I've never seen you daydream. What's up?

Samus: ..... Is it just me, or is everyone around here too damn easy to read? It makes keeping secrets very difficult.

Snake: Which means you have a secret, and you aren't sure how I'd take it. Oh, wait a minute. It looks like Mewtwo is going to screw with Luigi, again.

 (Mewtwo floats silently next to Luigi, who has his head down, massaging his temples.)

Mewtwo: ..... <GOOD MORNING!>

(Luigi doesn't say or do anything, he just freezes.)

Mewtwo: ..... <Did I get him?>

Peach: Hmm.... Yep. It looks like you short-circuited his brain, this time. He'll probably stay just like that for at least 10 minutes. Very nice work.

Mewtwo: <I try.>

(Mewtwo goes back to his table, laughing evilly the whole way.)

Snake: Heh. We're so horrible to greeny. Anyway, Samus, I believe you were about to tell me your dirty little secret.

Samus: ..... (gives Snake a nut-tap under the table.)

(Over at Mewtwo's table...)

Gardevoir: <Mewtwo, that was horrible! How could you be so mean to that poor guy?>

Ganondorf: He's done that twice, before, and he'll probably be doing it every chance he gets, in the future. Besides, I've done the math. Luigi get over his hangover faster when Mewtwo scares him. He's doing the green guy a favor.

Mewtwo: <Besides, it was funny, and you know it. Come on... laugh.... you know you wanna.>

Gardevoir: ......<Fine. I thought it was funny, and I wanna do it, next time. But I'll feel bad about it afterwards.>

Mewtwo: <Oh, of course.>

(A little later, Mario holds up his hand for silence.)

Mario: Attention! I've-a double-a-checked with the hospital, and they have confirmed that Falcon will most certainly be here today, at 3 o'clock. Again, that's-a 3 o'clock, right here. Thank you.

(EXE and Marth are sitting together.)

Marth: {So, out of curiosity, how come you can speak perfect Japanese? I thought Roy and I were the only ones.}

EXE: {After I found out that you guys spoke ONLY Japanese, I downloaded a patch to allow me to speak, read and write Japanese. It's one of the handy little things that comes from being a program.}

Marth: {Along with never, ever having to use protection. I didn't know it could be so good.}

EXE: {I know. I was wondering why Roy would ever leave you. You're much nicer than any of the other partners I've had.}

Marth: {Eh? You mean.... How many others?}

EXE: {Marth, believe me when I tell you this. It is NOT a big deal.}

(EXE gives an abridged explanation of sexuality in the cyber-world.)

Marth: {Huh. I'm not sure if I really like that. There's no intimacy.}

EXE: {I can see why you might think that. On the other hand, in the cyber-world, we aren't burdened by anything you fleshly beings are weighed down with. We never grow old, we never have to worry about offspring, and someone had to TELL me about the disease thing. From what I understand, these are the things that you worry about when it comes to relationships.}

Marth: {Wow. I... I never really thought about it like that. It's kinduv exciting, really.}

EXE: {Yeah, Krystal said pretty much the same thing. Say, if you want, the three of us could... you know.}

Marth: {Together? Hm..... I never thought of that.}

EXE: {I could bring her over, if you want.}

Marth: {Yeah, this is interesting. Let's see what she thinks.}

(EXE calls to Krystal. She gets up, heads over to their table, leaving Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight.)

Fox: That is the opposite of fair.

Falco: It really is. She teases us with that dance, then leaves while I'm speaking.

Meta-Knight: I can't imagine what the big deal is. Really, if you want to be with her so much, why not just do it? Go over there, and, I don't know, do something. Just don't whine. You're the last people I would ever expect to hear whine.

Fox: You just don't understand, Meta-Knight. Why do you think we focus the video communicators on our faces? If we saw any more of Krystal, we'd get distracted. Geez, don't you get excited, sometimes?

MK: (slurps juice through his mask) Nope.

Falco: Never?

MK: Never.

Fox: ..... Why?

MK: Because, I've already found the woman of my dreams, and I love her so much, I couldn't possibly get excited for anyone else.

Fox: ......... Not quite as shocking as Mewtwo, but I'm still doubting it. Do you have a picture, or something?

MK: Nope. I've got her up here. (taps head) I don't need pictures, if I can remember that beautiful face... and, well, the rest of her, too.

Falco: Can you picture a female whatever-Meta-Knight-is, Fox?

MK: Don't bother. The males and females of our race have veeery different bodies.

Fox: Are we ever going to see her?

MK: (slurps juice) Nope.

Falco: Why's that?

MK: (slurps more juice) She's dead. Tried to save her, but couldn't.

(Falco and Fox look at each other, and sigh.)

Fox: Sorry, we didn't know.

MK: Not a problem. It's been a hundred years or so. I'm used to the pain. (slurps juice.)

(They just eat in silence.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Breakfast goes on quietly, each of them having their own issues to deal with. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(11 a.m.)

(Samus and Snake are walking through a store, Luigi and Wario are off somewhere else.)

Samus: This looks nice, but it's the wrong color. Blue and orange are the only colors I look good in.

Snake: How about clear? You'd look very good in clear.

Samus: That's one. So, are you going to tell me about Peach and Zelda, or what?

Snake: Depends. Are you going to tell me about what happened last night, after dinner? It's pretty obvious that is what it was about.

Samus: ........ Alright. Deal. You go first.

Snake: Fine. It's pretty simple. When you sent me out, the first night, for the standard information gathering, I heard some strange noises. I flipped on my night-vision, turned up my sound amplifier, and found out what was going on. Long story short, Peach and Zelda became extremely good friends, if you know what I mean.

Samus: .... I see. So that's what she was- that is... Peach and Zelda. That's why they seemed unusually close. They usually don't associate with each other.

Snake: Mm. Well, your turn.

Samus: Oh, uh... You really don't want to hear this. I don't think you'll like it.

Snake: Try me. I'm in a good mood.

Samus: Hmm. I'd better make sure you are when I tell you.

(Samus steps up to Snake, kisses him passionately, and puts his hand on her ass. Without hesitating, Snake squeezes, making Samus squeak. Moments later, they parted.)

Snake: Alright. I don't think I could be in a better mood.

Samus: Mm.... Last night... Krystal... she gave me a massage, and it felt good, and...

Snake: Ah. Say no more. I see where this is going. I'm... okay with it.

Samus: You're not mad? Wait, what was that pause for?

Snake: Just trying to think of the right word. I wanted to let you know that I am okay with it, and had to think fast, before you said the whole thing.

Samus: Why?

Snake: I knew what you were about to say, and wanted to save you the embarrassment of having to say it.

Samus: Snake... Thank you. But... You're really not upset at all that I did it with... a furry?

Snake: Sweetheart, I'm a guy. A guy with a lot of free time, between missions. I happen to think it's fairly hot. So.... can I watch?

Samus: That's two. Not exactly the way I was expecting this to turn out, but, I guess it's for the better. So... now what?

Snake: It's only ten-after. Grab that suit, and we'll ask if they have it in the color you want.

Samus: Sounds good. (grabs suit)

Snake: And, while we're at it, let's ask if they have anything that's clear.

(Without a word, Samus gives Snake a nut-tap. Snake grunts and leans over.)

Samus: That's three. And, believe me, it gets worse.

Snake (high voice): I'll be good.


(Bowser, DK, Yoshi, Geno and Mr. Game&Watch are all watching over the children, as they all eat lunch.)

Bowser: Hey, you, the tiny electric one, put that down! Don't make me come over there and whup ya! Don't think I won't! (sigh) How can a guy enjoy a mountain of burgers if these kids aren't going to behave?

Bowser Jr.: Mr. Geno, sir?

Geno: Hm? What is it?

Bowser Jr.: Well, I was wondering if I could ask you a question?

Geno: Of course you may. I might not give you an answer, though.

Bowser Jr.: Well... how come I can understand what Yoshi is saying, but not Kirby?
Geno: ...... Hmm..... (bites burger) My first guess would be it's because both you and Yoshi are reptiles, of sorts. Tell me, can you understand Donkey Kong?

Bowser Jr.: I dunno. I've never heard him try to talk.

DK: {Can you understand what I'm saying, right now?}

Bowser Jr.: Uh, that was at me, right? I don't got a clue what you're saying.

Geno: Hmm, interesting. I'm sorry, young one, but it seems you're at a bit of a disadvantage. I don't understand why, but it seems you can only understand your own language, and other reptiles. If we get another reptile-type newcomer, we'll test it out, then.

Bowser Jr.: Aww. This bites.

(Everyone eats normally, until....)

DK: {Yoshi? Are you okay? You look different.}

Yoshi: {I feel different. I feel... I'm not sure. It's kind of like whenever Baby Mario gets taken away from me.}

DK: {What, angry?}

Yoshi: {A little. I don't really get it.}

(Bowser snickers, and tosses back another burger.)

G&W: <Hey, Geno. You know how those feelings of doom were vague?>

Geno: <Mm. It's getting more and more clear. I think it's going to happen soon. Let's be quiet about it, but stay ready.>

(Geno tucks his left hand under his cape, and slowly transforms it into the Star Gun. He quietly eats with his right hand.)

(About 10 minutes before 3 o'clock, and a few blocks from the hotel. Without any warning, Yoshi doubles over, and collapses.)

Yoshi: {Huuuurrrgh! Whats's going on?}

Bowser: Ha, ha! It must be because your pathetic stomach can't handle it.

Geno: What on earth are you talking about?

Bowser: You remember when I went to the bathroom? I actually went to the chef, and had him hide chunks of meat in with his fruit! It's good, isn't it, Yoshi? Don't deny it, you like being a carnivore!

DK: {You fool! Do you not know what you've done?! There's a reason why Yoshi doesn't eat meat!}
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #8 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:04:03 pm »

Geno: Bowser, when Yoshi eats too much meat, his brain goes primal! He's going to go on a rampage, and kill us all!

DK: {Quick, Yoshi, you have to induce vomiting, maybe then you'll go back to normal!}

Yoshi: {I- I- I- I-} (scrunches eyelids together) {I don't feel like it.}

 DK: {What are you talking about? Yoshi, get a hold of yourself!}

Yoshi: {Don't worry, Donkey Kong. I'm feeling alright. Although... I do feel... a little hungry!}

(Yoshi's eyes open wide to reveal that his irises and corneas are blood red. With a roar that scares all the pedestrians away, he leaps... and lands right on Pichu. However, before Yoshi could do anything, Mr. Game&Watch hits him with the #9 hammer, sending Yoshi flying across the street. Yoshi lands on his feet, and advances menacingly.)

Geno: Quickly, Bowser Jr., your brush! Get us out of here! We'll hold him off! Pikachu, with me!

(Pikachu quickly leaps next to Geno, and charges up an electric attack. Geno aims his Star Gun and starts firing, but Yoshi keeps jumping and rolling out of the way. With his own cry, Pikachu lets loose with a thunder attack, which hits Yoshi dead-on.)

Geno: That's it, Pikachu! Keep it up! How's our exit coming?

Brush: It's set to take us back to the hotel! Everyone, get through!

(All the children, except Pikachu, go through. Geno starts charging up his gun-arm.)

G&W: <Geno, come on!>

Geno: Alright, Pikachu, let's go!

(Bowser, Game&Watch, and Pikachu jump through. Yoshi shakes off the electricity, and charges again.)


(Geno waits until Yoshi is almost on top of him.)


(Geno let's loose with a giant beam of energy that sends Yoshi flying far away. He transforms his gun-arm back to a normal hand, and jumps through the portal. Finally, Bowser Jr. goes through, and the M disappears.

(After skidding to a stop, Yoshi stands up. The entire left side of his body has been burned by the attack.)

Yoshi: {Hmm. Back at the hotel...)

(Yoshi pops into an egg, and Egg-Rolls down the street at blazing speeds.)

 (Back at the hotel, in the dining room, Bowser Jr. lands on the floor, and with a swipe of his brush, the M disappears.)

Bowser: How was I supposed to know?! Why is this not generally known? You'd think this is the sort of thing everyone should know.

DK: {Hey, idgit, that's because no one else is dumb enough to bother with it! They're not all selfish-}

(Game&Watch suddenly rings his bell, silencing the two.)

Geno: There's something else we need to be concerned about. Namely, Yoshi. The first thing we need to do is find the others, and fast.

(Almost as if on cue, the doors open, and some of the other brawlers, including Mario, enter.)

Mario: Ah, you're already-a here! Now, we just have to wait for a few more to arrive, then Captain Falcon. This is going to be great!

Geno: Listen, Mario! Something's wrong with Yoshi! He- he ate meat, and now he's lost it!

(Wario shoulders his way to the front.)

Wario: What?! Yoshi's gone berserk!? How?

Geno: Bowser mixed in meat with his food. Look, that's not important. What we need to worry about in handling Yoshi.

Wario: I see.... Here's what you need to do. Yoshi is built for horizontal movement, speed. Mr. Game&Watch, take the children to the top floor. They'll be safe there, since we're going to be here to meet Yoshi.

Mario: Meet Yoshi.... OH, NO! FALCON!!

(Suddenly, a voice is heard, far away.)


(EXE, along with Krystal and all them, burst through the door.)

EXE: MARIO! Something's wrong with Yoshi! He just attacked Falcon! I- I think he might be dead!

Mario: He's-a that close? Game&Watch, take the children and get out of-a here!

Geno: I will go with you, to cover your back!

(Geno, Game&Watch and all the children run to the nearest elevator. Young Link frantically presses the "up" button. Yoshi stalks around the corner, sees them, and charges.)

Geno: Dammit! Ness! Charge up your PK Flash! I'll keep him busy!

(Ness jumps to the front, and bunches himself up. Above him, small green sparks start to coalesce. Geno puts forth both hands, and the tips of his fingers open up to reveal small gun-barrels. He spreads his fingers, and starts firing a wide spray of bullets. Yoshi, unable to simply duck and dodge, is forced to encase himself in his egg-shield. Moments later, the barrage stops, and Yoshi pops out of the egg... just in time to be hit by a fully-charged PK Flash. Yoshi is sent flying again, this time, through the wall behind him.)

Geno: Excellent work, Ness. Let's get going.

(Geno and Ness jump into the elevator with the others, and the doors close. It starts moving towards the top floor. A long minute later, Yoshi pulls himself out of the hole in the wall.)

Yoshi: {Damn that Geno! I still feel so hungry! Oh, well... I wonder if there's food waiting for me elsewhere...}

(Yoshi shakes off some dust, and stalks toward the dining hall.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: Alright, how do we stop a berserk Yoshi?

Wario: I'm not sure. Although, my first guess would be... another beast.

Samus: Great, just great. Where are we going to get another raging beast?

Mario: Hmm.... Mega Man, come here.

(EXE steps forward.)

EXE: Mario?

Mario: Here. It's-a your turn, today.

(Mario takes out of his pocket... a Smash Emblem! He hands it to EXE.)

Mario: Go find Yoshi, and-a use the Super Smash.

Yoshi: {Who's looking for me? Oh, right! It's my next meal!}

(They all whirl, to see Yoshi standing there, blood dripping from his chin.)

Yoshi: {I tell ya, all his running sure made Falcon's muscles tasty! A little tough, but soooo full of flavor! Still.... I NEED MORE!!}

Mario: Now, Mega Man!

(EXE crushes the Smash Emblem in his hand, the fragments turn to light, and sink into his skin. A moment later, EXE is enveloped in a column of purple light, and he lets out a roar that shakes the whole room. When the light disappears, this is what's left:)
(EXE lets out another roar, and charges at Yoshi.)

Samus: Good lord! What is that?

Wario: I don't believe it! He just transformed into Gregar!

Mario: Gregar?

Wario: It's an ability from his most recent adventure. Gregar is a creature from the cyberworld of horrible power. A Cybeast. And Mega Man has just unlocked his power! I seriously hope he's on our side, because unless you have another of those little coins, we're seriously screwed.

Mewtwo: <You don't have to worry. I can sense it in him... it's like a timer.>

Samus: How can you sense anything? He's a program inside a robot!

Gardevoir: <Our minds are linked. Our power has increased exponentially. This form is fast draining the power of his body. I estimate that he has about 4 minutes before he reverts.>

(Meanwhile, Gregar-EXE and Yoshi are bashing the hell out of each other. Yoshi is biting and kicking, while Gregar-EXE is shooting at him with a chain gun, and slashing with terrible claws. This goes on for 3 long minutes, when suddenly, Gregar-EXE does an upward slash with one claw, forcing Yoshi back. In that instant of vulnerability, Gregar-EXE pulls back his claw, and thrusts it deep into Yoshi's chest. Yoshi stops.... blood pours from his mouth.... he brings his head back down, and for the longest time, he stares into the wild eyes of Gregar-EXE. With a gurgling sigh, Yoshi droops. Gregar-EXE pulls his claw out, and Yoshi's dead form collapses.)

Peach: Yoshi... he's.... (her eyes brim with tears)

Mario: I know...

(Peach falls, sobbing, into Mario. A moment later, Gregar-EXE flashes, and turns back to regular Mega Man EXE. He stands for a moment, then collapses. Mario pulls Peach off her, and she falls onto Luigi, who is crying along with her. Mario, weeping openly, walks over to Yoshi, kneels next to him, and closes his eyes.)

Mario: I'm-a so sorry, Yoshi. Truly, you were a great comrade, and an even greater friend. I... You will be missed.

(The funerals for Yoshi and Falcon have just been held in the newly "built" grand hall. It's now two weeks before Brawl.)

(Fox, Falco, Krystal, Meta-Knight, EXE and Marth are in the Great Fox, taking an extra-dimensional trip to EXE's world.

EXE: It's a great idea to go to my world. You guys will love it. We've taken care of a lot of the worst net-crime, and it's nice and peaceful.

Fox: Peace... That's what we need. I'm tired of all the angst. I need a real vacation.

Falco: Here, here!

Krystal: I gotta agree. I become a brawler, and two days later, I witness two brutal murders. Is that the norm?

Meta-Knight: I think those were the first. The angst, however, is thick pretty much all the time. Just what I need.

EXE: Come on, guys! Where we're going, you won't have to worry about a thing! Seriously, relax. And, Krystal, you have to admit that, right up until that incident, it was fun.

Krystal: Hm, yeah. I can't believe how much actually happened, in such a short amount of time. But, it was sooo much fun! Right, Marth?

(Marth grins, and moves his eyebrows up and down rapidly.)

EXE: Exactly. It's going to be great. Hey, I bet I could get Lan's dad to invent a device that'll put your minds into the Cyberworld!

Falco: But, wouldn't that kind of make it so that we could die, if deleted?

EXE: Nah. I'm very strong, in the Cyberworld, and you all have your own ways to defend yourselves.

MK: Hmm...

Fox: What?

MK: Mm... It's probably nothing.

EXE: Nice try, but I've seen too many TV shows and movies where people die because someone says "It's probably nothing."

MK: True. And, it's happened to us. I just can't help but think that something's going to happen, you know?

Fox: He's got a point. Although, it's been a while since anything happened, right?

MK: Wrong. The only reason nothing's happened is because we had the Yoshi incident. It's only a matter of time before stuff starts happening, again.

Krystal: Meta-Knight's right. We should definitely try to relax, but don't really let your guard down.

EXE: I'm telling you guys, nothing's going to happen. Besides, even if something goes wrong, I can activate my Gregar form at any time I want, inside the Cyberworld, so we most certainly have nothing to worry about.

MK: Really? Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just over-reacting.

Marth: (Japanese stuff)

Krystal: What's he saying?

EXE: He said that the only reason for anything bad happening is that it's part of some weird-ass plot in a bad story.

All: ........ Nah.

 (Fox activates the hyper-drive, and they punch through the dimensional divide.)

Falco: Woah. Did anyone else feel that?

Fox: We just crossed dimensions. Of course we're going to feel weird.

EXE: I think I know what Falco's talking about. Don't worry about it. It's only when we visit parallel dimensions that there are major changes. Believe me, we'll be fine.


Krystal: ..... So, if the rest of us can access the Cyberworld... we'll be able to get all the benefits that you will get?

EXE: What do you- Oh, right... I'm not sure. To be honest, though, I'm not sure if you want to experiment. After all, it probably wouldn't be safe for you flesh-bags to do something we don't fully understand.

Krystal: Oh, balls. And here, I was hoping.

(More silence.)

Falco: Are we getting close?

Fox: A few more hours until we get into orbit, and then we go down in Arwings.

Falco: Mm....

Fox: Something up?

Falco: .... Well, it's just that... at the academy, do you remember how our professor kept calling our brains supercomputers?

Fox: Yeah?

Krystal: Right, I remember that. So?

Falco: Well... if our brains are super-computers, and our brains are the ones traveling in the Cyberworld, so to speak, wouldn't that make us, well, kind of omnipotent?

(Stunned silence.)

Krystal: That's it, no more talking. I can already tell that this is going to take too damn long, and it's going to give me a head-ache. We can discuss this stuff when we're about to hook ourselves up to a computer, okay?

(And so, they speed on towards EXE's home-world, with that thought pounding in their heads.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit and Zelda have made their relationship known to everyone, by now. Strangely enough, the only one who seemed upset by it was Young Link. He's sitting with Link in the mess hall, eating lunch together.)

Y. Link: I don't get it! I thought I was supposed to save HER, and then WE live happily ever after? Isn't that how it goes?

Link: Not a chance, kiddo. Don't worry, though. You'll have enough love in your life, believe me.

Y. Link: What's that mean?

Link: ...... Tell me, do you know the facts of life?

Y. Link: What? Oh, you mean Murphy's Law, and all that?

Link: No, no. Didn't anyone teach you the birds and the bees?

Y. Link: What? What are you talking about? Wouldn't you know when you learned about it, anyway? You are kind of me, after all.

Link: Hm. Now that you mention it, I don't remember when I learned it, or who even taught me. I guess I sort of figured it out on my own... no, it wasn't like that.... Man, I wish I could remember.

Y. Link: How come you don't?

Link: I'm not sure. Maybe I should go see the Doc. This is too weird. Yeah, I'm going to see the Doc.

Y. Link: Okay, but before you go, could you answer one last question?

Link: What's that?

Y. Link: I just visited Ruto, Malon, Saria and Nabooru, but in your time. How come they're acting funny around me? They get really close to me. It's kinda creepy. Could you talk with them?

Link: Eh? Uh, can't. You're on your own with this one.

Y. Link: Huh? How come?

Link: Um, here's a life lesson: When you're around grown-up women, be VERY careful what you say. Besides, you're supposed to be courageous. I think you can talk to a few ladies without losing it.

Y. Link: I don't know. I kinda like it, but it's weirding me out. I just don't understand how I'm supposed to feel.

Link: Ah, jeez. You're at that age, that's right. You know what? I'm going to visit the Doc. You go ask someone else, because I'm definitely the wrong person to talk to about this.

(Link walks away. Y. Link goes back over to the other young ones.)

Ness: So, did you find out what's with those ladies?

Y. Link: I'm not sure. I think he gave me a bit of a hint, but that's it. I'm really confused. I really wish someone around here could help me.

Popo: Why not just ask Wario? He knows everything, you know.

Y. Link: I don't know. I get the feeling that he's not the right person to ask.

Nana: Then just ask Mario, or Miss Aran, or Miss Zelda. I'm sure any of them will explain it to you.

Y. Link: Hey, yeah! I'll do that!

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu! Chu, pika.

Kiryby: Puyo. Puyo puyo puyo, puyo.

Bowser Jr.: What'd he say?

Ness: He said that Pikachu thinks it'd be a good idea for all of us to learn this stuff, and I think they're right. Besides, I'm bored, and I won't have to go through this, myself, later!

Bowser Jr.: Great! After this, we'll go to Mario, and Lil' Link can ask him, and we'll all know!

Nana: Okay. But first, dessert!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Roy is sitting alone, picking at his food.)

Geno: Problems?

Roy: (Japanese)

Geno: I'm assuming all that gibberish was just a long "yes." (takes a seat) Wait, hang on, let me guess.... You're definitely down about something... Is it..... Marth?

Roy: (Annoyed Japanese)

Geno: Sounds like I hit a sensitive spot. You... miss him? Because he's on vacation, and didn't invite you?

Roy: (Even more annoyed Japanese)

Geno: I'm getting warmer. Now, this is a complete stab in the dark, but... you're starting to regret breaking up with him. Am I right?

(Roy suddenly stands up, turns over the table, draws his Sword of Seals, and points it at Geno's throat. Everyone stops and stares.)

Geno: I'm just a puppet, Roy. Impaling me will do nothing. Literally.

(Roy's eyes twitch, and suddenly, flames travel down the blade.)

Geno: Ah. I forgot about the Flare Blade. Well, if you want to talk, I'll be around.

(Geno walks away. Roy sighs, sheathes his sword, and walks out a different way. Slowly, everyone returns to their meals. Over by Samus...)

Samus: (sigh) I guess it was only a matter of time.

Snake: (chomps burger) What's that about?

Samus: This peace. I swear, it's been less than a week, but weird crap is starting, again. I'm almost afraid of how it's going to end, this time.

Snake: Don't worry. I'm sure nothing really bad is going to happen, anytime soon.

Samus: What makes you say that?

Snake: Well, for someone else to go berserk, or for someone else to die, or even another Deus Ex Machina like Mega Man EXE turning into Gregar... that's just bad authoring.

Samus: .... What?

Snake: Er, sorry. I mean, for that stuff to happen again, it's like lighting striking twice in the same spot.

Samus: Uh...huh. (slowly chews salad) Anyway... Oh, what's your status with your job?

Snake: Which job? You've got me working at least 3 at once.

Samus: The one involving me being leader. Is it going well?

Snake: Oh, that one. Actually, something strange came up.

Samus: Yeah? What's that?

Snake: Have you been paying close attention to Mr. Game&Watch and Geno, at all?

Samus: I haven't, but now that you mention it, something does seem strange, between them.

Snake: Exactly. I've talked with Wario, and even he doesn't know what's going on. So, I did a bit of snooping, and it seems they're planning something. Something that could be big. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they were communicating, somehow.

Samus: How could they do that? Nobody can understand Mr. Game&Watch, not even Mewtwo.

Snake: Hmm.... Nobody can understand Game&Watch... not even Mewtwo.... not just Mewtwo....

Samus: Okay, you're going all introspective on me. What's up?

Snake: ...... I... have a cunning plan. (Note: Major cookie to anyone who knows what this is from.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Link is sitting in Doc's exam room, and Doc is giving him a once-over.)

Doc: The good news is that I found nothing wrong with-a you. All your vitals are in-a the green, and you're in-a good physical condition. I'd-a have to give you a deeper examination, but so far, I think you're problem is-a psychological.

Link: Really? So, who can I go to?

Doc: Well.... a more thorough physical examination would be costly, and take more time than I'm-a comfortable with. If there is a problem.... it's-a more likely that it's-a psychological. Also, if it is in your head, it'll be faster to have a psychic check you out.

Link: Wait, you're saying... I have to convince Mewtwo to give me a brain exam?

Doc: I'm sorry. I know that it'll-a be hard, but I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off.

Link: Great. Why couldn't you just tell me I have some horrible brain-disease, and I'm guaranteed to die?

(Link walks out of the room. Doc lets out a big whoosh of breath.)

Doc: Well, I think I'm over it. I can finally tell my patients the truth. I can sleep peacefully, now.

(Doc pulls out some documents, leafs through them, and stops on one profile.)

Doc: Mr. Game&Watch.... you're a puzzle, indeed.... you're not like I was-a expecting. Not at all.... What are-a you hiding?

 (The Fox gang, after wading through complication after complication, find themselves on EXE's homepage, in the Cyberworld.)

Fox: And you're sure Lan won't mind just letting you go?

EXE: It's cool. He's got homework, anyway, and he lets me go all the time. It was a simple matter to set a few of my more common battle-chips so that I can use them at will. Of course, if we get into a huge bind, I can get Lan to help me. Although, I checked already, and nothing big is going on. We'll be fine.

Marth: It's a shame that my omnipotence thing didn't work out.


Falco: ..... How?

EXE: I'm not sure.... I think it's because..... I think it's like there's only one universal language, here in the Cyberworld.

Krystal: That's probably not true, at all, but this is something to talk about later. What now?

EXE: Well... I could give you the basic tour, teach you how fighting works in this place, and all that. Ooor... we can meet up with a few of my "friends."

Fox: Uh-uh. No sex. I'm sorry, but it's too early in the morning for that.

Krystal: It's never too early.

EXE: Actually, Fox is right.

Fox: I am?

EXE: Well, no. Anytime is a good time, in this place, but it probably would be a good idea for you to familiarize yourselves with the way things work. I think you guys are the very first to experience this, so we should maybe test how far this goes. Come on, we'll start in an area that's not very tough, at all.

(They stand on a warp-point, and are transported to a different area. They head out.)

MK: That's something I don't quite understand, though. How come the strong enemies are never around here? I mean, it looks like an easy job, to just take over this place.

Falco: Dammit, this is a vacation. Thinking is to be kept to a minimum.

Krystal: Falco's totally right. Let's just watch Blue Boy do his thing, and then we'll try it.

EXE: Alright. You guys stay here, and I'll show you a virus battle.

(EXE walks around a bit, initiates a battle, and wins.)

EXE: See? Piece of cake.

MK: Very nice. I think I'll try it first.

EXE: ‘K. You just keep moving until you encounter a virus, and then let it come to you naturally. It's like regular fighting, but with different battle mechanics.

(Meta-Knight initiates a battle. While he's fighting, the rest talk.)

Marth: It seems easy enough. I'd still like to know-
Krystal: Vacation. No thinking.

Marth: No, it's not that. I'm just wondering why the mechanics are like that.

EXE: Oh, that? The reason is pretty simple: A long time ago, these mechanics were agreed upon by a representative of evil, and a representative of good. Since then, every time some area of the Net or any little branch Cyberworld is created, it is automatically put under these strict regulations, kind of like a neutral, middle-ground virus.

Fox: Hm. I can see how that is tactically sound. After all, with a neutral battle-field, the battle is decided solely on the strength of the fighters.

EXE: Exactly.

(Meta-Knight finishes off the virus, and returns to the group.)

MK: Hardly a challenge, but amusing, nonetheless.

Fox: My turn!

(And so, it goes, each with their own turn. Eventually...)

EXE: Well, I think you all know the basics, and you all seem to have a knack with this. You might be at least partially right, Marth. Perhaps your human brains really do lend you some power.

Marth: Meh. It's probably just because we've all faced tougher opponents, several times.

EXE: Well, in that case.... perhaps we should go deeper. Come on, we'll take a shortcut.

(They step onto another warp-point, and flash to a much darker area.)

EXE: Welcome... to the Undernet.

 Krystal: Isn't this where all that creepy stuff happens? I thought we were going to wait on it.

EXE: We are. The creepy stuff happens over there.

(EXE points to a separate area, disconnected from the rest of the area.)

Falco: So? I could probably jump that distance, easily.

EXE: Not a chance. The area off the paths are negative space, and would repel you, violently. Trust me, you don't want to try it.

Fox: That's a little lame.

EXE: Perhaps. Anyway, the battles here are going to be much, much tougher. I'll give you a demonstration, so you can see what you're up against.

(EXE initiates a battle, fights, and wins.)

Krystal: Huh. That's not bad. Lemme try.

(Suddenly, a powerful voice resonates through the area.)


EXE: What? No, it can't be! Everyone, get out! Now!

(Too late. Darkness enshrouds Krystal, and a figure darts into the cloud. A moment later, the cloud "hardens" into a glossy shell.)

Fox: What just happened?! Who is that?!

EXE: Oh, I'm so sorry! I had no idea he was still around, let alone in this area! She was supposed to fight a virus, but now...

Falco: Dammit, man, tell us what's going on!

EXE: I'm sorry. I don't know what's going to happen to her. She's guaranteed to be defeated.

(Marth suddenly grabs EXE by the forehead.)

Marth: NO HYSTERICS! Tell us what's happening!

(Marth lets go. EXE stumbles back, then regains his composure.)

EXE: Thank you. I needed that. Alright. The person she's fighting against right now is another navi, but this navi is the most powerful on the Net. He doesn't have an operator, but instead, works on his own, with a few programmed moves, like me, right now. However, his strength is... his power is beyond anything I've seen.

MK: What? I thought you are the most powerful on the Net.

EXE: I am. I mean, I have defeated him, in the past. However, I'm very ill-prepared, this time. And Krystal... I'm afraid she doesn't have a chance.

Falco: Dammit! What gives? When we're in the mansion, there's drama. Everywhere else, we get attacked!

Fox: Alright, Mega Man. We have to think. If what you say is true, then we have very little time. Get Lan over here, and we'll come up with something.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time, back at the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake is hiding out near the portal to the 2D world.)

Snake: +Good lord, that woman gets a hunch, and sends me off right away. I swear, sometimes, I don't even know why I love that woman. She's great company, and all, but... Ah, well. Maybe it would be better to leave it alone. I'm pretty happy with her. Although, I could do without all the ball shots. Hang on, what have we here?+

(Geno turns a corner, and walks right up to the portal. He glances around for a moment, and enters. After he steps through, the portal turns purple, signifying that no one else can enter.)

Snake: +Huh. Yeah, there's definitely something going on. Well, better report back to the boss.+

(Snake heads to Samus' room. Inside, he finds Samus with Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Gardevoir.)

Snake: Ah, excellent. So good of you to join us.

Samus: Alright, Snake. Would you care to tell me what this is about?

Ganondorf: Yeah. Whudja call us here for?

Snake: Samus, do you remember when I said I have a cunning plan, at lunch, today?

Samus: I do. What of it?

Snake: You said that not even Mewtwo can really delve into Game&Watch's mind. The thing is, you forgot that we have TWO powerful psychics. Gardevoir said that when she's linked with Mewtwo, their power is exponentially greater than when they're alone.

Ganondorf: Which means they have the power to crack open any mind...

Samus: ... including the mind of Mr. Game&Watch.

Snake: Exactly!

Mewtwo: <Woah, woah! I'm sorry, but I already got a glimpse of that guy, and I don't want to even risk going back.>

Gardevoir: <Dear, what's wrong? When did you look into his mind?>

Ganondorf: Was that the time you had to withdraw your mind?

Gardevoir: <You had to withdraw? Miss Aran, I'm sorry, but if my love is afraid, then we're not doing anything.>

Mewtwo: <NO! No, not afraid. I told you, Ganondorf, I panicked. I- ... Now that I think about it, Game&Watch isn't threatening. He simply has a mind that I wasn't expecting at all. Now, Geno, on the other hand...>

Samus: What's up with Geno? He's from a higher plane of existence. You got spooked by the unfamiliar mind-set, I bet.

 Mewtwo: <No, there's something else, with him. And, by the way, the two of them shared- well, I don't think shared is the right word... it's more like they had the same kind of power, but... I don't know how to describe it. It felt like this power was... dormant, kind of.>

Snake: Like it couldn't be fully tapped? At least, not in this world?

Mewtwo: <That's it! But, how did you know?>

Snake: I saw Geno go into the 2D realm, where Game&Watch lives. Would it be possible for this dormant power to be awakened, in the 2D realm?

Mewtwo: <I... I suppose it's possible. But, how do we know?>

Ganondorf: Tactical covert analysis from a safe distance. You and Gardevoir "stroll" by, and get a reading. If you even get a whiff of this power, but maybe on a larger scale, then we know. Simplicity in itself.

Snake: Ganondorf... I'm surprised. I didn't know you knew about this sort of stuff.

Ganondorf: At what point in time did I drop hints that I'm dumb? Beneath all the insane evil and muscles, I still have the tactical cunning of a Gerudo. Besides, when a well-thought-out plan comes together, the look on the eyes of the enemy is absolutely priceless.

Snake: Wow. I'm impressed. I might take you drinking, tonight.
Samus: Dear.

Snake: Anyway... does this plan seem sound to the two of you?

Gardevoir: <I see no problem with it. If Mewtwo and I keep our minds linked, we'll be able to handle any attacks they try to use against us.>

Mewtwo: <If she's in, then I'm in. We'll be back in ten minutes.>

(Gardevoir and Mewtwo leave. Samus just stares at Snake.)

Snake: ...... WHAT?!

Samus: You know what.

Snake: I haven't a damn clue what you're talking about.

Samus: Well, if you don't know what's wrong, then maybe I won't tell you.

Snake: Alright, but don't be surprised when it happens again.

(Ganondorf pulls Snake aside, and drops his voice to a very low tone.)

Ganondorf: Don't mess with her, Snake. I can sense it in her. She's on her monthy days.

Snake: Month- Oh. I gotcha.

Ganondorf: Next week, we drink. Remember it.

(All the children are standing outside Mario's office.)

Y. Link: Alright, so we go in there, and ask him about the birds and the bees.

Ness: How come they call it that?

Popo: That's something else to ask him.

Kirby: Puyo puyo, puyo puyo puyo.

Popo: You're right, Kirby. We should maybe build up to that question. I mean, the adults seem to make a big deal out of it. This is something we gotta do non-chalantly.

Bowser Jr.: Non-sha-what?

Nana: I heard Miss Aran say it. I think it means subtle.

Y. Link: Alright...... I got it. Let's go.

(Young Link knocks on the door, and opens up.)

Y. Link: Mario? Do you have a minute?

Mario: Ah, it's-a the little ones! Of course, come in. What can I do for you all?

Ness: Well, we're all a little confused about something, and we were wondering if you could help us.

Mario: Of course. What's-a the matter?

Y. Link: Okay, it goes like this... I visited Hyrule, recently, and I noticed that I feel funny... around some of the girls.

Mario: I... see. Funny, how?

Y. Link: It's like I'm seeing them differently. Like, before, I wouldn't give them a second glance, but now, it's like... I don't know. I talked to my future self, and he just said ‘I'm at that age.' Whatever that means. So, I talked with the guys, and we decided it had something to do with the birds and the bees you adults make such a big deal about.

Mario: Oh, dear. I suppose you want me to explain-a the birds and the bees to you? You feeling funny, and all that.

Ness: Please? Besides, this is probably something we really need to know.

Mario: ...... Not really..... Um, Link, are you the only one who feels-a this?

Y. Link: Uh, I think so. Do any of you guys feel it, too?

(Silence. Then...)

Pikachu: Pika pi. Pikachu.

Y. Link: Kirby?

Kirby: Puyo puyo, puyo. Puyo puyo.

Y. Link: He says that both Pikachu and him are feeling it.

Mario: Hmm..... Well... I'm not sure I'm-a the right person to explain it to Kirby and Pikachu. Link, you stay here. Pikachu, I recommend you find Gardevoir, since she'll-a certainly know what to tell you. Kirby, when Meta-Knight gets-a back, talk to him. The rest of you, you can learn this later, when it's-a your time.

(The other young'ns whine and moan. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: Believe me, this is-a no small matter. This is-a something you should only learn about when you're ready. It seems that these three are ready. The rest of you, you're time will come, eventually. Now, go.

(All the children, except Young Link, leave. Young Link takes a seat in front of Mario's desk.)

Y. Link: So? What's this all about?

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Roy is sitting alone, in the room he shares with Marth. He's just staring at Marth's bed, memories playing over and over in his head.)

Roy: ..... {What the hell am I thinking? I'm not like that, anymore. It's time to stop living in the past, and embrace the man, er, BE the man I am...... it was always so fun around him.... I do miss him, though. I'll bet he's having fun, right now.}
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What's up? I'm back.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Cyberworld on EXE's world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marth: This is the opposite of fun. What did you say is the name of that guy, in there?

EXE: I didn't say. I suppose I should give you a bit of background.

Falco: But she's in there, with him! We don't have time to listen to a little story.

MK: Wait, Falco. It might be a good idea to hear this. The more we know, the better.

EXE: Thank you. Alright, here's the short version: This guy is one of the very first products of the Cyberworld. He was meant to be a supreme over-lord, but in the name of justice, and all that is good. He was designed to be able to police the whole Net, to be able to take on the worst that net-crime had to offer.

Fox: I'm hearing "was" a lot. What happened?

EXE: We're still not sure. Our best guess is that, somewhere along the way, he decided to not do his programmed duty. He had been given a certain amount of free will, in order to help him do his job. However, that free will is probably what caused him to go rogue, and he's been that way, ever since.

Marth: Huh.... So, what is his name?

EXE: When he was still in development, his codename was Allegro, and before he went rogue, his name was Legato. However, for most of his rogue years, he has been called.... Bass.

MK: Bass? What's with the musical terms?

EXE: It's how most of the programs were categorized. It's like Latin, for the animal kingdom.

MK: Ah, of course. So, what was your name?

EXE: Eh? Oh, I believe my codename was Rock, like rock and roll.

Marth: Fine, fine. Didn't you imply that this guy has changed his name, again?

EXE: Oh, of course. You see, a while back, I defeated Bass, but he apparently fused with a super-virus named Gospel. Recently, his fusion was completed, and he goes by a new name: Forte.

Fox: Forte, terrific. So it's an all-powerful lone-wolf navi, and right now, it's fighting against Krystal.

Falco: Hang on, Fox. We don't know what's going on, in there. All we know is that... Krystal is in there, with that... thing.

EXE: I'm sorry, but I don't know what we can do. The only thing we can do is wait for this to end. All we can do... is wait.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno once again is in the 2D realm with Mr. Game&Watch.)

G&W: So, how goes your little mission with Mario?

Geno: Eh? I told you before, it's in the bag. Don't worry about it.

G&W: Really? Well, then... why are you here?

Geno: ...... I think some of them are catching on, that there's something going on. I'm not positive, but they might be a problem.

G&W: Hm. I see your concern. However...... I don't think it's anything to worry about. Unless, of course, you think they might make a move before you. When are you going to put your little plan into action, anyway?

Geno: Patience, friend. I'm just waiting for the right moment. It involves everyone, in a way, so it would be best if everyone were present.

G&W: Really? Let me guess... You're going to force Mario into a situation where he can't possibly say no, right?

Geno: Perhaps. Just trust me when I say you don't have to worry about Mario.

G&W: Oh, I trust you... I trust you.

Geno: I certainly hope you do......

G&W: Anyway, who exactly is suspecting us?

Geno: So far, it looks like Samus, Snake, and they've called a couple others into this, but I'm not sure who. Proba- (eyes go wide, then narrow) You feel that?

G&W: Yup. Someone's trying to figure us out. (sigh) It's like they think we're enemies.

Geno: Well...... why don't we tell them our intentions? After all, it's for the good of everyone here..... right?

G&W: Hmm....

Geno: I said, this thing with Mario is for the greater good, right?

G&W: I heard that tone. Don't you even try to contest me. You have no chance to survive, against me. Especially in this world.

Geno: ....... Fine. Anyway, it's getting late. I'm going to bed.

(Geno opens the portal, and steps through, closing it after him.)

G&W: ...... Something will be done.... Later.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in Samus' room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: That was quick. So, what did you find out? Anything good?

Mewtwo: <Oh, I should say so. The energy signatures were much larger than expected. Well, to be more accurate, they were larger, but one of them dwarfed the other.>

Ganondorf: It was probably Game&Watch's energy that was larger.

Samus: What makes you say that?

Ganondorf: Think about it: That place where Game&Watch lives is a true 2D world. It only makes sense for him to be master of his own domain. As for Geno, it's different from his own world in even more ways than this place. You said the two powers are similar, though, right?

Mewtwo: <That's right. I'm not sure why, though. Unless the place where Geno comes from is very similar to the 2D world, there's no reason for their energy to be so... similar... Now that I think about it, though... Help me out, love.>

Gardevoir: <I sensed that Geno's natural, latent power was still there, and very different from Mr. Game&Watch. However, it seemed like an energy similar to Game&Watch is linked with the energy of Geno.>

Snake: Uh, in English, please?

Gardevoir: <Geno came to us as he normally is. However, he met with Mr. Game&Watch, and probably... borrowed... some of his energy.>

Samus: What? Why the hell would Game&Watch give Geno energy? What purpose is there for something like that?

Gardevoir: <I'm.... I'm not sure. Mewtwo? Any ideas?>

Mewtwo: <I don't have a thing.>

Ganondorf: (cough) They have a deal.

Snake: A deal?

Ganondorf: I'm guessing that's what's going on. Geno... he agreed to help Game&Watch with something, and received some energy, for whatever reason.

Mewtwo: <So, what, they're working together? What are you saying?>

Ganondorf: I'm saying they're planning something. And, whatever it is, they want to keep it a secret.

Samus: Wow.... Well, we have quite a bit to absorb. Everyone, get some sleep. We will discuss this further, tomorrow.

Ganondorf: Wait, just like that?

Gardevoir: <Samus is right. This is a serious situation, but we mustn't let ourselves get tired. Otherwise, we might start drawing faulty conclusions, and make rash decisions.>

Snake: ..... Fair enough. (Snake leaves the room.)

Snake: +Tomorrow, again? That concept is starting to become annoying. I can only hope it doesn't happen, anymore.+

 (Fox and the gang are sitting in the Cyberworld, waiting on the impenetrable dome of darkness. Almost an hour has passed.)


Falco: Hey, Mega Man.

EXE: Hm?

Falco: Tell us, honestly... what are her chances?

EXE: (sigh) ........ They're actually improving, I think.

Fox: Really? What do you mean?

EXE: There are two ways to defeat an opponent, in the cyberworld: very quickly, and taking your sweet time. In the case of Forte, he usually makes it quick. He always makes his kills fast. As far as we know, it's possible that he doesn't have the stamina to take it slow.

Marth: So, the longer they're in there... the better a chance she has of surviving.

EXE: I'm sorry, Marth, but I don't know that, for sure. It's more likely that, because of Bass fusing with Gospel, and turning into Forte, he's gained all the energy he needs to take his time with his.... with his deletions. Although, it is quite possible that Krystal is slowly gaining the upper hand. I know that, when I battle him, I always take my time. I analyze his movements, his pattern of attack, to make sure that every one of my attacks hit.

Falco: Hmm....... That doesn't really give us much to go on. It's just another uncertainty.

EXE: I know, I'm sorry. I really wish I could tell you guys more, but the truth is, he's hiding in what is basically the center of this great big stronghold we call the cyberworld. It's hard to gather information on him. All we can do is retaliate as best we can.


Marth: So, they're fighting on that grid in there?

EXE: Yup.

Marth: ..... Then... what's the purpose of the shield?

Fox: ...... What do you mean?

Marth: I mean, when we fought earlier... Mega Man, is it possible to interfere when a battle has been initiated?

EXE: Not really. There's a strong fire-wall that's put up around the field of battle, usually to prevent the stronger combatants from destroying the Net. What are you getting at, Marth?

Marth: So, with a normal battle, outsiders can't interfere?

EXE: No, they can't. Marth, what's going through your head?

Marth: ..... I think they aren't fighting under your normal rules, in there. They're fighting- well, they're fighting like they're in a normal fight. Why else would Forte put up that barrier?

EXE: ..... You know, I think he's got it.

Falco: Maybe, this doesn't really help us, now does it?

MK: Wrong. This bodes well for us.

EXE: Say what, now? How is this good?

MK: You've been fighting under these strict regulations. Every time you get into a battle, it's the same mechanics. When you first fought against us, it was like you were a huge newb to fighting, remember?

EXE: Hey, yeah... Yeah! And I bet Krystal is used to this free-style combat...

Falco: ... But Forte probably isn't. He's forced himself to fight HER way.

EXE: You're right, Fox. This does bode well for us.

(At that moment, the dark, glossy barrier fuzzes, and turns into a black cloud. The others stand ready, waiting for a target. The cloud dissipates...)

EXE: ...... HUHH?!

Fox: Oh, balls.

MK: Balls, indeed.

 (Krystal is kneeling on the floor.... cradling Forte's crying head against her bosom.)

Forte: WHY DID THEY PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME? It's (sob) not (sob) faaaaiirr-hair-hair-haaaaiiiir!!! (sob)

Falco: W.....T.... goddam-F.

Krystal: Shhh, it's alright, now. No one is putting pressure on you. You can relax, dear. (looks up) Oh... I'm so sorry about this. He told me his story, being the first on the Net, and all that. Apparently... He didn't like having so much pressure, being the only one to police the Net. We talked, and... yeah.

Forte: If I screwed (sob) up, they would have (sob) ... DELETED me! Why put everything (sob) on my shoulders? Haven't they even considered (sob) ME?

EXE: ...... There are levels of wrong here that I can't even begin to comprehend.

Falco: Hm.... Now what?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the morning ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bass: You guys really mean it? All I have to do is come to this brawl mansion, and all's forgiven?

EXE: That's the deal. Your punishment can be given to you, there.

Bass: Punishment? What punishment?

EXE: Oh, you'll find out. Muhaahaahaaa.

Marth: (cough) For now... what do we do?

Krystal: What do we do? I'll tell you what we do: We go to that "special" part of the Undernet.

Fox: Falco, what happens when a catastrophe meets a disaster?

Falco: I think it's called a catastro*&^%

Fox: That sounds about right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time, back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Gardevoir is sitting alone with Pikachu in Mewtwo's room.)

Gardevoir: ... <And so, that's how it works.>

Pikachu: Pika p-
Gardevoir: Pikachu, just think what you wish to say. I'll pick up on it.

Pikachu: +Really? Can you hear me?+

Gardevoir: <Loud and clear, dear.>

Pikachu: +Neat. So, the reason I'm feeling all this is because my body is telling me it's time to make more of me?+

Gardevoir: <No, no. Your body is telling you that you're READY to reproduce. You don't HAVE to, right away, if you don't wish to. It's up to you. However, I'd like to give you this advice: Find a mate that you can be with for a long time. Trust me, it will be worth it.>

Pikachu: +Oh, you mean love? I don't think I'll do that.+

Gardevoir: <Why in the world wouldn't you? It's such a wonderful thing. Ask Mewtwo. You know...> (conspiratorial check) <... he pretends to be bad, and all that, but he's a little sweetie.>

Pikachu: +Really? Well... I just don't want to go through that hassle. I mean, when my friend Butterfree fell in love, she just rejected him. He had to risk his life to get her to give him another chance.+

Gardevoir: <Well, did they fall in love? Did they mate?>

Pikachu: +I think so. But, the point is that I don't want to have to go through something so troublesome, for just a chance.+

Gardevoir: <Hmm..... Tell me... when Yoshi attacked... you protected your friends. Why?>

Pikachu: +Eh? They're my friends. Of course I would- Oh. I see.+

Gardevoir: <You risked your life for your friends, did you not? When you fall in love, it's the same thing.>

Pikachu: ..... +So... why can't I just have friends? Do I have to fall in love?+

Gardevoir: <Of course not, dear. It's all up to you. I can only show you the choices, but you have to make them.>

(Pikachu hops down, and walks out. He wanders the halls for a bit.)

Pikachu: +I wonder if I can be like Krystal. I can smell many mates on her. She seems happy, too. Maybe I'll talk to her. Oh, wait, she can't understand me. Meh, I'll figure something out.+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in the mess hall, where breakfast is wrapping up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are still shoveling food in their mouths, as is their wont.)

Ganondorf: So, tell me (crunches bacon), something I've been wondering, lately. (slams another glass of milk)

Mewtwo: <Whuzzat?> (sucks down an over-easy bacon)

Ganondorf: About Gardevoir. (folds up toast, and bites half off) Didja do it, yet?

Mewtwo: <Do what, now?> (drinks juice)

Ganondorf: You know. It.

Mewtwo: <Speak English.> (starts to drink another glass o' juice)

Ganondorf: Have you mated?

(Mewtwo's eyes flash purple, he spits out his juice, and the glass crunches into shards.)

Mewtwo: <WHAT!?>

Ganondorf: I'll take that as a no. (wipes juice off his face) Dammit, I'm'a have to take another shower, now.

(Ganondorf wolfs down some eggs, and leaves. Mewtwo just sits there, his eyes burning purple, holding the shattered glass in his mental grip. Everyone is staring at him.)

All: .............

(Silence. Quietly, slowly, Wario moves over behind Mewtwo. He wets his finger, and in one, swift motion, bends his antenna. The glass Metwo had been holding starts grinding down into dust.)

Mewtwo: <Ngaahh Hur-hurrrrrrrr!>

(Wario quickly disengages his finger.)

Wario: Don't worry! He's fine!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, in Geno's room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: +Alright, so I know that his other reason isn't exactly the best. However, his desire to stay here... I can understand him. And, if it's true that Mario's absence really means that Super Smash Brothers comes to a halt, that brings the rest of the brawlers into the mix. Hmm.... I can't help but wonder if that's true, though. Since he's lying about his cause being purely benevolent, there are many other things he could be lying about.+

(A knock at the door.)

Geno: Enter.

(Geno gets up from his bed... and meets Roy.)

Geno: Ah, Roy. I was wondering when you would come around.

Roy: {Japanese}

Geno: Watashiwa Nihongoga eyah wakadimas. (Translation: I don't know Japanese.) Ironically, that's the only phrase I know. Don't worry, though. I'm going to do something a bit... drastic. I'm here to help.

(Geno closes his eyes. Suddenly, his entire body starts... vibrating. Geno opens his eyes, which have turned a glowing golden color. A light pours from his eyes, spirals around the room, then steadies in front of Roy. Geno's body has been turned back into a small doll. The sparkling simply bobs up and down, slightly.)

Geno: <Roy, can you hear me? Just think, and I'll pick up on it.>

Roy: +Well, I'll be. Hang on, how come you can understand me? Aren't I thinking in Japanese?+

Geno: <Technically, yes and no. You're thinking in Japanese, but the thing about all sentient creatures, such as you humans, is that your thought patterns speak, as well. So, it's like a universal language all living things have, but you never know about it.>

Roy: +Um, cool, I guess. So... anyway.+

Geno: <You wish to speak about Marth? About the feelings you have for him?>

Roy: +Right. Um... +

Geno: <I see. You're embarrassed that you're even thinking these things.>

Roy: +Hey, I'm not sure I like you being this deep in my head.+

Geno: <Relax, Roy. I assure you, I can only read the thoughts that translate into this mental language. That, and your emotions. It makes things much easier for us when I can tell when you're lying, when I'm pushing you to the edge, and all that. Would you have a seat?>

 Roy: +Oh, thank you.+ (Sits down) +I suppose I should start with the obvious. I can remember everything from those few days when I couldn't speak right, and I really liked those emotions. I mean... I was happy, to be so close, like that. And he was great in bed, too. Certainly better than some of the women I've been with. I mean-+

Geno: <Settle down, Roy. You know, I've noticed something, since coming here: People keeping secrets from one another has been the primary reason for all the drama, and all that crap. You would not believe how many times I've had to stop myself from just yelling at them to get everything out in the open. I can tell it's hurting many of them.>

Roy: (sigh) +I suppose you're right. Now, I know how happy I was, and all that, but... I don't think it's right to be "like that," you know?+

Geno: <Hm, not really, but I can imagine. Here's a bit of advice: If you're getting your panties in a bunch beca->
Roy: +HEY!+

Geno: <Right, sorry. My point is, if you're upset because you think it's wrong, well, Marth seems pretty fine with it. So does Mega Man, in fact.>

Roy: +Mega Man? Wait, he's... is he?+

Geno: <Well, he hasn't been shouting it from the roof-tops, but he hasn't been trying to hide it. Mega Man is bi-sexual. Although, I understand that since he's a program, he doesn't have to care, anyway. Here's my advice: Talk to Marth and Mega Man. Between the two of them, I'm sure you'll figure this out.>

Roy: +That's it? Huh. Sounds simple enough, really.+

Geno: <Well, like many other things, it's easier said than done, and all that. Either way, it'll be a couple days before they return. Until then, just sit tight, a'ight?>

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! I know it's-a been a while, but I would like everyone to gather in the conference room at 11 o'clock for a couple announcements. Thank you.

(The PA clicks off.)

Geno: <Hmph. It's probably just more newcomers. Ah, well.>

(The sparkling light that is Geno circles around the doll for a bit, there's a big flash, and Geno is standing there, full-sized.)

Geno: Well, I think that's all the advice I can give you. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's someone I'd like to speak with, before the meeting.

(Geno walks out of the room, followed by Roy, who goes in a separate direction.)

Geno: +Alright, now that that's solved, it's time I got some answers.+

(Pit and Link are taking a break from training. After the thing with Zelda was resolved, they have become good friends.)

Link: So, who do you think Mario is bringing in, this time?

Pit: Eh? Mario bringing what with the where-now?

Link: The meeting, later. We haven't had a new-comer since Krystal. It's kind of obvious that he's going to bring someone else in.

Pit: Oh, right.... He's going to bring in all the new-comers before Brawl, right?

Link: Yeah. That's what happened with Melee, anyway. Why?

Pit: I dunno. It's just that we only have 11 new-comers left, and less than two weeks before Brawl.

Link: Less than two weeks? Yeesh, that was fast. Is it just me, or does all of last week seem like a blur, to you?

Pit: Yeah, I know. Hmm... What do you think about Mario... replacing Falcon and Yoshi?

Link: ....... I never thought about that.... It's a possibility, I guess. So, what are you saying, about having less than two weeks left?

Pit: Oh, right. Well, Mario introduced Bowser Jr. and Mega Man at the same time. I thought he might try to speed things up, bring in more, you know?

Link: Two or three at a time? Hmm.... It would be a bit of a strain on everyone if we had to meet a new-comer every day, wouldn't it?

Pit: So, who's your guess?

Link: Me? ........ He might bring in a new Pokemon character. If he brings in two... a Pokemon character, and a villain.

Pit: A villain, eh? Yeah, we need more of them. Although, we might meet someone we don't quite expect. I mean, we've met some of the more obvious characters.

Link: Hey.... wanna bet who's going to be in? It's going to be a villain, and someone else.

Pit: ..... A'ight. If the other character is unexpected, you have to go around for a whole day without your cap.

Link: What? I've never gone a day without my cap. I think I was born wearing this.

Pit: Take it or leave it.

Link: Urrgh. Fine. However, if I'm right, and it's a Pokemon, you cook me whitetail, got it?

Pit: Deal.

Link: Let's see... It's 10:40. Wanna get going?

Pit: Sure. I gotta put on a fresh toga, though. You really ought to think about putting on a different tunic, yourself.

Link: True, true. See ya there.

(Pit and Link head to their rooms.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Wario and Luigi are at the foosball table. The score is 6-8, Luigi's favor.)

Wario: I got twenty bucks that says we get a villain, today.

Luigi: I don't-a wanna listen to you, or your freakish talking money. Besides, he's-a going to bring in more than one new-comer.

Wario: What makes you so sure? (Luigi scores.) BALLSACK!

Luigi: I could-a hear it in his voice. Besides, he said a "couple" announcements. The items are kept a surprise, until the end, as are the stages. If there were some sort of news, we would have heard about it, by now. (drops ball onto table.) It's-a going to be two people.

Wario: If you're so sure, then put your money where your mouth is.

Luigi: Fine. If I'm-a right, and it's-a two people, you're-a buying, tonight.

Wario: Deal! If it's one person, and it's a villain, the drinks are on you!

Luigi: Good. (scores game point) Let's get going.

Wario: You cheated!

Luigi: You must have been distracted by your talking money. Let's-a go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the conference room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has gathered, except the Fox gang, who are still in the Cyberworld on Mega Man's world. Speaking of which...)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Cyberworld ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Krystal: My cup doth overflow'eth! This is so cool!

Forte: Wow. I've terrorized the whole Net, but I've never be- OOH! KITTY-

Marth: And the guys here are all HAWT!

EXE: I know, it's cool, isn't it? Come on, let's get going!

(Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight hang back as the others race into the raunchiest place in all the universes.)

Fox: Why am I hesitating? Every single fantasy can be fulfilled in an instant. Why do I stay?

Falco: Remember that word? Catastro*&^%.

MK: That's the only way to describe this place.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: I'm-a sure you've all guessed what I've gathered you for. It's-a been a while, I know. That's why I have two new-comers, today.

(Wario thumps his head on the table. Luigi snickers.)

Mario: And now, without further ado... The next two new-a-comers!

(An explosion knocks out one of the walls. On the other side is a small man, with a square-ish head, wearing a white mask and a blue suit.)
(Standing next to the small man, is what appears to be a young boy with gray-blue skin, gray-blue hair, and is wearing a blue cloak and tunic, and a blue hat with a red gem on it.)

Mario: I'd-a like you all to meet Bomberman and-
Link: VAATI!

Vaati: Hello, Link. It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, this is my chance to beat you. You and that stupid princess! Both of you will pay.

Bomberman: I think you need to settle down.

(Bomberman pulls a large bomb from seemingly out of nowhere. The fuse is already lit.)

Vaati: ..... Tch. Stupid heroes. Just wait, Link, I'm not going to let this rest.

Mario: ....... Well, this is going to be interesting. It's-a time for my lunch, now. Toodle-oo!

(Mario heads out. Bomberman puts his bomb away, and starts to head out, but stops when he sees everyone looking at Samus.)

Samus: ....... You all have your jobs. Ganondorf, you get Vaati up to speed, I'll take care of Bomberman. That is all.

 Geno: +Okay, Geno, you can do this. You've been meaning to do this since last night, and you have to do it. Otherwise, you could cause a lot of damage. Dammit, what if Game&Watch really does have benevolent reasons for what he's doing? No, that doesn't make sense. If it really is a good thing, that I'm doing, then I should have no problem telling... Dammit! What should I do?+

(The door opens.)

Samus: Oh! Geno.... do you want something?

Geno: Oh, erh... do you have a minute?

Samus: I was just heading to the cafeteria. Walk and talk?

Geno: I suppose.

(They head off.)

Samus: So, what's up?

Geno: (cough) The thing is.... Oh, how can I say this? I'm still not sure I can.

Samus: Is it about Mr. Game&Watch?

Geno: What? .... What do you know?

Samus: Only that you two are plotting something diabolical.

Geno: No! No, nothing diabolical. At least, I think it isn't diabolical. That's the thing I'm confused about.

Samus: I'm not really the person to talk to. Why don't you go to Mario? I'm sure he can help you.

Geno: Somehow, Samus, I doubt that.

Samus: Hmm...... So?

Geno: (sigh) According to Mr. Game&Watch, if Mar-
Samus: He can talk?

Geno: Eh? Oh, sure, but only in the 2D world. That is, the true 2D world. Everywhere else, it's beeps and such.

Samus: Damn. I think I just got more information in those 10 seconds than I did in the past couple weeks. Go on, please.

Geno: Okay, it's like this.

(Geno outlines the plan with Mario, and Mr. Game&Watch's reasons, plus everything about Mario. By the time he finishes, they've already reached the mess hall.)

Samus: I'm going to have to stop you, Geno. I think this place is a little too open for this topic. Besides, you've just told me some pretty mind-blowing things. Tell you what. We'll meet in Snake's plane at 1:00. We'll continue there.

Geno: Got it.
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #10 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:05:14 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf is eating his usual mountain o' food. Mewtwo is eating light.)

Ganondorf: What's up with you? You're not eating like normal. I know for a fact that I kicked your ass, but you're not eating like it.

Mewtwo: <Eh? Hm. It's nothing.> (crushes a sammich into a tiny ball, and pops into his mouth.)

Ganondorf: Then again, eating like that is bound to be disastrous to the digestive system. (bites burger) Whatever. How's Gardevoir? I haven't seen her for a few days. (sucks soda)

Mewtwo: <Oh, she's fine. It's just that, well, I think there's something troubling her. I can't really figure it out, though. And before you say it, I would never try to pry into her head.>

Ganondorf: I wasn't gonna say that. I was actually going to suggest a vacation.

Mewtwo: <Really? A vacation, eh?>

Ganondorf: Hell, Krystal and all them took a vacation, and I bet they're having lots of fun.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Earlier, in the Cyberworld of Mega Man's world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Fox: Is it just me, or is she having way too much fun with virus busting?

Falco: It's this, or the "other thing."

EXE: Please, don't remind me. I've never seen anyone tire out so many programs and navis. I'm not sure if Forte and I could keep up with her, even if we did it at the same time.

MK: I really should think of joining another group.

(Later, at lunch in the real world...)

MK: I think I'm getting tired of this world. Well, not really this world, per se. Just Krystal.

Krystal: Jealous? Well, you should have challenged Proto Man faster than me.

MK: You tried to use your feminine wiles to charm him into doing it with you!

Krystal: Anyone with a sword that big has to be good, don't you think?

MK: Me and Marth could have fought him, but nOoOoOoOoO. You made him run away, just by being yourself.

Fox: He's got a point, you know. Maybe this world is getting to you. I think we're done, here. We should head back to the mansion, in our universe. All in favor?

(Fox, Falco, MK, Marth raise their hands. EXE and Forte, who are in a computer screen nearby, vote "aye.")

Fox: So be it. Everyone, be in the Arwings at sundown.

Krystal: Ohhh! I gotta hurry, then!

(Krystal hooks herself up to the Net.)

Falco: ......... Catastro*&^%?

Fox: Catastro*&^%.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion, at about 1:00 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is standing outside Snake's plane. At precisely 1 o'clock, the hatch opens, and Samus beckons him inside. The hatch is closed immediately afterwards. Inside, it's Samus, Snake, Mewtwo, Gardevoir and Ganondorf.)

Geno: A bit cramped, don't you think?

Samus: It's better for everyone to hear it at once, than for me to have to hunt them down, to pass along the information.

Snake: Especially since I'm the one that does the dirty work while she sits in her room and reads.

Geno: Okay, but why are they here?

Gardevoir: <Geno, darling, do you remember feeling like you were being spied on, in the 2D world, last night?>

Geno: Ah, so that was you. Or, rather, I'm guessing it was the two of you. It's pretty hard to get through the barrier, when you aren't invited. So, what's with Ganondorf?

Snake: He's proven to have a level of perception that most of us didn't expect. He was the one who figured out that you have a deal with Game&Watch, in the first place.

Geno: Really? Okay, well then... where were we, Samus?

Samus: I think you were just about to tell me why you came to me for help.

Geno: Right, right. I told you about the possibility of all of this disappearing when Mario leaves, right?

Samus: Right. Although, it goes a little beyond that. I'm sure that, by now, you've realized that without Mario, there's a guarantee of no more Super Smash Brothers. Without his powers, there would be no stages, no items, no mansion, no nothing.

Geno: Yes, that's right. I wonder if Mario took that into account when he said that he's retiring.

Ganondorf: Hmm....

Snake: I recognize that look. What's on your mind?

Ganondorf: I can't help but wonder..... Mario is way too smart to have not realized something like that. In fact, if Mario left, there would probably be more effects on us than just the end of Super Smash Brothers... and he knows what would happen.

Mewtwo: <I think I see where you're going with this.>

Gardevoir: <I don't. Ganondorf, what are you saying?>

 Ganondorf: It's simple... Mario has some secret reasons of his own, for retiring. Reasons that he doesn't want to share with the rest of us. His own secret explanations for why he would want to end Smash Brothers. The question is, what could they be?

Geno: I can see why you include him. Nice going, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Make no mistake, puppet. I only want to preserve this world because I like the amusement it gives me. Plus, I always get the opportunity to beat the stuffing out of someone.

Samus: THAT'S IT!!

Snake: That was right in my ear, sweetie.

Samus: Sorry, sorry. Ganondorf, you've done it again!

Ganondorf: I have?

Samus: We all know how much Mario cares for all of us. I bet he intentionally wants to end Smash Brothers because we're all beating on each other, and it hurts him.

Gardevoir: <That's very good, but I see one little problem. If he has a problem with everyone fighting, why would he start Smash Brothers in the first place? And, for that matter, why would he let it go on for so long?>

Samus: Ooh, right, right...

Geno: Hold on, there's something else that's bothering me... what was it? Give me a moment, it'll come to me.

Mewtwo: <Well, whatever his reason is, maybe we should focus a little more on Game&Watch. From all we've heard, he might actually be a bad guy in disguise.>

Geno: THERE! (cough) Sorry. Yes, we should think about Game&Watch, but... What if - and this is a big if - what if there's another power, somewhere in the background? Not necessarily more powerful than Mario, but it just tricked Mario into making the first Super Smash Brothers. But, Mario was told it wasn't going to be for fighting, but just for bringing all of us under one roof.

Ganondorf: Hmm.... It's a bit of a stretch... but it makes sense. It could even explain Melee and Brawl, if you look at it the right way. Unfortunately, I can't think of how, at this moment.

Gardevoir: <Mm. Well, it's definitely something to think about. Now, about Game&Watch?>

Geno: Yes, of course. I want to find out his other intentions, for making Mario stay. However, I can't really find out, by myself. That's why I originally came to you, Samus. Because I was sure you could figure out how.

Samus: (sigh) Yeah... I guess that's what comes of being the unofficially appointed (airquote) leader (airquote).

Snake: Remember, dear, we're all here to support you.

Samus: Thank you, love. Hm... Geno, is there any kind of weakness that Game&Watch might have?

Geno: Not off the top of my head...... Hang on.... MUTE CITY!

Mewtwo: <There seems to be quite a bit of yelling, for some reason.>

Geno: When we landed in Mute City, before anything else, I talked with Mr. Game&Watch. Sorry, it was more of a telepathic link, because of the power we shared. Anyway, I asked him why he couldn't sense danger as well as he could here, in the mansion. He then tells me it's because he's so far away from the true 2D realm.

Samus: Really?

Geno: Yes. He even told me that, at that time, I was more powerful than him.

Ganondorf: Interesting..... Mewtwo, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Mewtwo: <I think so, Ganondorf, but where are we going to find that much rubber cement?>

All: ...........

Mewtwo: <Sorry. I loved those two. Seriously, though, I think I know what's on your mind.>

Snake: Fantastic! Would you care to fill us in?

Mewtwo: <I got this. In short, we get Game&Watch far away from the 2D world, then Gardevoir and I gang up on him, and make him sque- err, interrogate him.>

Samus: Now that is a plan I can work with. What do you think, Geno?

Geno: It seems simple enough. He isn't going to choose the easy way, I'm sure, so why not just skip to the hard way?

Ganondorf: Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! Although... it'll have to be you that convinces him to leave.

Geno: Way ahead of you. I already know how I'm going to do it, and I'm almost positive it's going to work.

Samus: Excellent... excellent! This has been very productive, everyone. However, it's almost 2 o'clock, and it's time for some training.

Snake: She means it's time for a round of pool and ice cream.

(Samus nut-taps Snake.)

(Everyone is filing into the mess hall for dinner. Samus sits down with Snake.)

Snake: So, do we know what Geno's plan is?

Samus: He just told me to wait, and not worry. Apparently, he likes surprises.

Snake: Hell, that's what I'm all about. This is gonna be great.

Samus: I hate surprises. The last time I was surprised, an evil Metroid clone of me was involved.

Snake: Really? Interesting. What are the odds we'll see this clone here?

Samus: Very little. I pretty much vaporized it, last time we met. It sucked, though, because I had to chase the bastard all around different planets. Not fun. Can we drop the subject, now?

Snake: Eh, fair enough. Besides, it sounds like this thing is built for rampant destruction. Not exactly something I want roaming the halls.

(Samus suddenly snorts, and giggles.)

Samus: Sorry, sorry. (giggle) I just had this mental image of my evil clone (snicker) just laying in bed, reading some book.

(Samus keeps giggling as she eats.)

Snake: Yuh-huh. So, anyway, I believe Geno said that he's going to get Game&Watch to come with us, and we should be ready to leave, tomorrow morning.

(Samus stops her giggling, sniffs once, and wipes her mouth.)

Samus: Really? Alright... I think we should maybe take separate ships. It's going to look very suspicious if it's all of us, in one ship.

Snake: Right, right. Well... How about this: First, I carry Game&Watch and Geno, with Mewtwo and Gardevoir on-board, and you follow me an hour later in your gunship with Ganondorf.

Samus: Good, good. Tell Game&Watch that your just dropping him and Geno off at whatever world they settle on, and doing the same for Gardevoir and Mewtwo. Then, drop them off, and set down in another part of the world. We'll meet you there. Oh, you should have a reason for you going back to your world.

Snake: Oh, right. Well, I'll just say I'm taking Bomberman to my world, because I'm intrigued by his explosive technology. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. I should do that, for real, later.

Samus: Good, great. I think we got ourselves a plan. I'll talk with Geno, right after this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Y. Link is sitting with Link.)

Y. Link: There's just one thing I can't get over.

Link: What's that?

Y. Link: It's about these feelings. Don't worry. I talked to Mario, and he answered most of my questions.

Link: So? What's up?

Y. Link: Okay, the thing is... Is it alright for me to be... you know... close? With the girls on Hyrule?

Link: Close? What do you- Oh, I think I see what you mean. Hmm..... Well, it's hard to say, you know? I think if you feel okay with it... I mean, it's not like there are really any laws in Hyrule that state these things. Alright, I'll tell you what I'm'a do for you. I'll take you to my time, in Hyrule, and we'll see Saria. She's your best friend, so if you're cool with her, well, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Y. Link: .. But.... wouldn't that cause some sort of massive paradox?

Link: We're sitting here, together, right now, and that isn't a paradox?

Y. Link: No, I'm pretty sure we'd be doing something very wrong. No, I'll go back on my own. I'll... talk with Malon, or something. Besides, she's been "like that" from the beginning. Well, Saria, too, but not as much.

Link: Yeah, that's probably for the best. But, you might want to take along an adult, in case you screw up, or something. I know I did, my first time.

Y. Link: ..... What was your first time?

Link: Uhhhh...... I forgot?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda and Peach are sitting together.)

Peach: So...

Zelda: So...

(Awkward silence.)

Peach: Tonight?

Zelda: We need some place quiet. Sound-proof, if possible.

Peach: Right. Any thoughts?

Zelda: Well, I doubt anyone's going to be using any of the training rooms, late at night.

Peach: Sounds risky.... Let's do it!

Zelda: 11 o'clock sound about right?

Peach: I'll bring the toys.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Right near them ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pit: +Angelic hearing. My life rules.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in a training room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

G&W: <Tell me again why we're here.>

Geno: It's because they're expecting us in the 2D world. I need to talk to you. However, it's been a while since I really fought, at all. If you don't mind...

G&W: <Fair enough. I haven't had any combat at all, except when I hit Yoshi.>

Geno: Good, good. (turns hand into Star Gun) I'll keep the telepathic link while we fight. You fine with that?

G&W: <Sure, sure.>

(Geno and Game&Watch start fighting.)

Geno: <Alright, here's what's going down. I've decided that I'm going to go ahead with my plan to keep Mario from leaving.>

G&W: <What made you decide that?>

Geno: <Well, there's that thing about this place being exciting, for one. Beyond that, however, I like the people. Up in the Star Road, I didn't really have what you could call "friends." They worked with me, but that was about it. I like having friends.>

G&W: <Hm. I get it. So, was that it?>

Geno: <Oh, no, there's more. You see, I discovered a, um... let's call it an "obstacle." I need to get away for a while, and I'd like you to come with me. Our alibi will be that we are taking a page out of the Fox crew's play-book, and taking a short vacation. It doesn't matter where, I just need a couple days for things to settle down. You in?>

G&W: <Hang on, a moment. Are you sure this will help you with your little plan?>

Geno: <Positive. If it turns out it doesn't, at least we got a vacation out of it, though. Oh, and the Mario thing won't be quite as "in the bag" as I had hoped. That's close to the worst case scenario.>

G&W: <Interesting... when are you planning on leaving?>

Geno: <Snake is taking some others around, on his way to his universe. I understand he wants to work with Bomberman, and what-not. We'll leave at 8 o'clock, tomorrow morning. Well?>

G&W: <Hmm..... I'll have to think about it for a moment. Ask me again when we're done fighting.>

Geno: <Fair enough.>

(And so, they fight for about a half-hour. Eventually...)

G&W: <Enough. I have made my decision. I will go with you. However, I determine where we go.>

Geno: Great. Good to hear. Are you going to tell me where, though?

G&W: <I think.... Hyrule. I hear the lake is quite nice at this time of year.>

Geno: Excellent. I'll go tell Snake he has a couple more passengers, then.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere, at the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are walkin' the halls. Gardevoir is with Samus and Snake, waiting for Geno's reply.)

Ganondorf: You know, I can't help but think there's something wrong with the newest new-comers.

Mewtwo: <Bomberman or Vaati? Ah, doesn't matter. Vaati seems a little crazy, if you ask me, and I have this horrible mental image of Bomberman running around, setting off bombs, laughing like a lunatic.>

Ganondorf: Mm, true. I don't like Vaati, in particular. Not entirely sure why.

Vaati: I can't imagine what you would see wrong with me.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo whirl around to see Vaati standing behind them.)

Vaati: After all, just because I'm the one who's going to destroy Link and Zelda, well, I would think you would want to join me, in that endeavor. I'd be happy to have you as my... second in command? Does that sound good to you?

Ganondorf: Nice try, shorty, but I'm definitely going to be the one to get rid of them, once and for all.

Vaati: Oh, I don't doubt your power. Although... I can't help but think your time here has made you... soft. But anyway... Mewtwo... the male of this couple, obviously. But it seems a little odd... so much power, but you didn't sense me?

Mewtwo: <Tuh! I sensed you, alright. And, when I did, I decided that you're not a threat to me. That's why I ignored you.>

Ganondorf: You know, I think I just thought of the reason why I don't like you.

Vaati: Oh, Ganondorf, you wound me. Well, not really. You can't. Too powerful to be hurt, and all that. Well, it's been nice, seeing you little ones, but I must go. Tah.

(Vaati vanishes, leaving a puff of air, and an evil chuckle.)

Ganondorf: Why, that little... IMPUDENT PUNK!

Mewtwo: <Settle down, man. We'll get him. We'll just invite him to one of our... "training" sessions. Besides, we have bigger things to think about.>

 Ganondorf: Urgh. Fine. Where the hell are we going?

Mewtwo: <To check out a hunch.>

Ganondorf: A hunch? Would you care to elaborate?

Mewtwo: <At dinner, I felt a strong emotion that was different, but very nice. I zeroed in on it, and it was coming from Peach and Zelda.>

Ganondorf: Really? What was the emotion?

Mewtwo: <I'm not sure. I've never felt it, myself. It felt kind of hot, and it made me feel... tight. Like something within me was tightening up. I was confused, but I could tell that it's an emotion born of a basic instinct.>

Ganondorf: Basic instinct.... You've never felt this emotion, before?

Mewtwo: <Can't say I have.>

Ganondorf: Oh, good lord, you're an innocent.

Mewtwo: <What do you mean? Believe me, I'm no innocent.>

Ganondorf: If you can't recognize what they were feeling, you're an innocent. Oh, god. Go talk to Gardevoir about it, later. ..... good LORD, Mewtwo! So, we're going some place, where we will find out if your "hunch" is right? Do you know where?

Mewtwo: <Of course. After I zeroed in on them, and memorized the emotion, I used my powers to bend sound and air, a little, so I could hear what they were saying. They said they were going to meet in one of the training rooms.>

Ganondorf: Oh, ho ho ho. This is going to be great.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo come to the training rooms, and head around a corner to hide. However...)

Pit: AH! Wh-wh... What are you guys doing here?

Ganondorf: Uh... huh. What are you doing here?

Pit: Depends on you two......

Ganondorf: .... Well... I don't know about you, but we're... waiting... for a couple people.

Pit: Right. But... you're not going to... make yourselves known, I'm guessing.

Ganondorf: Nope.

Mewtwo: <What the hell are you two talking about?>

Ganondorf: Sorry, he... he's evil, but he doesn't know about... it... and them.

Pit: Oh, I see.

Ganondorf: Really, Mewtwo, go to Gardevoir, right now. Besides, this is something that shouldn't be witnessed by you. We're fine, you're not.

Mewtwo: <And why, pray tell, is that?>

Ganondorf: Because, this is something only us single folk can really appreciate. And, before you say anything, Pit is a special case, because Zelda is involved. Go. No, really, go. And remember to ask Gardevoir about those emotions.

Mewtwo: <I swear...> (mutter mutter mumble)

(Mewtwo just floats away.)

Pit: Now... shall we hide and wait?

Ganondorf: Let's.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere in the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Huh??: Well? Is it... taken care of?

Mario: Possibly. There are a couple small obstacles, but nothing foreseeable that could cause me trouble.

Huh??: Good, good. I don't want another Yoshi incident, you hear me? It took me a long time to set things right, after what he did.

Mario: Of course. The Yoshi thing snuck up on me. I assure you I have everything under control, this time.

Huh??: And the coins? What of the Smash Emblems?

Mario: They have all been made. He's making more, for the actual Brawl. The number we have will suffice, for now.

Huh??: Very good. You see? This is going just as planned. You are doing very well, Mario.

Mario: Thank you, my lord...

(Geno is standing outside with Snake, next to his ship, waiting for Mr. Game&Watch.)

Snake: So I'm supposed to take you two to Hyrule? Good. It's closer than the Pokemon world. That way, I don't have to waste time, going back for Mewtwo and Gardevoir.

Geno: Speaking of which, where are they?

Snake: From what I understand, Mewtwo asked Gardevoir a few questions, and they got... frisky.

Geno: Say what with the where now? Did you just tell me...

Snake: No. They're getting close, though.

Geno: How do you know?

Snake: I'm trained for stealth. I know a lot of stuff.

Geno: Yeah? Like what?

Snake: Wellll.... Do you know about Peach and Zelda?

Geno: I sensed it, but I'm still surprised.

Snake: Mm. Sucks to be you.

Geno: Eh?

Snake: Well, you don't have the stuff, you know? The junk, kibbles and bits. Sausage and meatballs? One-eyed wonder worm?

Geno: ....... So, at what point do you plan on speaking English?

(Snake grabs his crotch.)

Snake: This stuff. Come on, you observe the entire Mario world all at once, and you don't know about the stuff what dangles between the legs?

Geno: That's right, I do see everything. But, yes, I know what you're talking about, and I don't have any. By the way, did you know about... Peach and Bowser?

Snake: Their little secret? Yeah. Not really sure what the hell is going on, there.

Geno: Simply put, they're in love, and they do get freaky.

Snake: (gag) What?!

Geno: Oh, you didn't know that part? Anyway, it's been going on for a while. Although, it didn't start until not long before Toadstool retired, and Peach took over.

Snake: Oh... my... a-god.

Geno: Yes, it's been real fun talking about it, up in Star Road. I was actually the one who granted the wishes for them to get together, and make Bowser Jr.

Snake: Oh, holy hell. Samus is going to goddam lose it when I tell her.

Geno: Oh, you'll get over it. Hey, look, it's Bomberman.

 Bomberman: Hey, all. What're you doing here, Geno?

Geno: Erh, Snake is dropping off me and Game&Watch at Hyrule. I understand he's taking you to his world, since you're the foremost expert on explosives in any universe.

BM: Pretty much.

Geno: Snake... does he know?

Snake: Actually... he should know, shouldn't he? And I would tell him, but Game&Watch could show up, any moment, now.

Geno: No matter. I will take care of it.

(Geno flashes out of his body, and floats into Bomberman's body. A moment later, he floats out, and flashes back into the doll.)

Snake: Jesus H. Christ! What was that?!

Geno: I just told him everything. You know what's going on, right, Bomberman?

BM: Woah, did I just get laid?

Geno: Oi, Bomberman.

BM: Eh? Oh. (cough) Er, that is, yes. I know about Game&Watch, now. I- I'll be glad to lend you my bombs.

Snake: Good timing. Here he comes.


Geno: Good morning. We just have to wait for a couple more passengers, and we'll be out of here.

G&W: Beep?

Geno: Mewtwo and Gardevoir. They want to visit the Pokemon world. Probably have something intimate to do.

BM: You can understand him?

Geno: Hm? Not really. However, I can read... not sure if this is entirely accurate, but I can read his emotions, kind of, and the, um, tones, I guess you could call them. I just guessed that he asked who else is coming.

Snake: Huh. That's handy. You all might as well get in. I'll wait out here for them.

(Geno, Mr. Game&Watch and Bomberman all step inside, find seats, and buckle in.)

G&W: <Geno, can you hear me?>

Geno: <Loud and clear. What's up?>

G&W: <There's something odd about Bomberman. Would you please ask him?>

Geno: <Gotcha.> Hey, Bomberman, you seem nervous. What's up?

BM: I feel nervous. A bit excited, too. I'm really looking forward to Brawl, and all that. And, of course, I'm basically being transported to Snake's world, so his people can poke and prod me.

Geno: Hardly. It sounds more to me like he just wants to understand your special technology. You know, the ability to pull large bombs out of nowhere, and the fuses are always lit.

BM: Hey, Link does the same thing, doesn't he?

Geno: Yeah, but he has a magic pouch that hold many things at once, and he uses some sort of magic to light them really fast. Or, at least, that's what he says.

BM: Mm, I see.

Geno: <Satisfactory?>

G&W: <Thank you, yes.>

(They waited in silence for another 10 minutes, when Mewtwo and Gardevoir walk in, and strap in.)

Gardevoir: <Oh, my, this is something! I've never been in a, what do you call it? A starship?>

Mewtwo: <How is this different from the craft we used to go to Mute City?>

Snake (from the cockpit): For one thing, I'm not an insane pilot, like Krystal is. It still won't be too comfortable, though. This baby ain't designed for commercial transportation, after all. Everyone strapped in? Good. Here we go.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Good lord, how can you stand being so cramped?

Samus: This thing is built for one, and that one is about half your size. Me. So, stop whining.

Ganondorf: I'm losing circulation, as we speak. My ass is going numb!

Samus: So help me god, I will dump you in the middle of space. Do you know what happens when someone is ejected into a vacuum, without any protection? The short version is that you will be spread very, very thin, over the entire galaxy. Who knows? If you're lucky, your intestines might somehow reach the next galaxy. That's certainly something to brag about, in Hell.

Ganondorf: Fine, fine. I'm still going to be bored. How long is the flight? Four hours?

Samus: Five, and I guess you're just going to have to find some way to amuse yourself.

Ganondorf: ........... A family walks into a talent agent's office...

Samus: Oh, balls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ One long-ass journey later... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: Here we are. Hyrule. Okay, Geno, I'm going to be back in about three days. I'll give you this pager, to let you know when I'm close. You just make sure you're in Hyrule field, because that's where I'm landing.

Geno: Gotcha. See you in three days.

(Moments later, Snake's ship takes off.)

G&W: <So, what are we supposed to do?>

Geno: I told you, I just have to lie low, for a couple days. At the moment, my plan is to enjoy this vacation. Come on, I'm in need of sustenance. It's time to go fishing.

G&W: <This is going to be the longest three days of my life.>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere, about an hour later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: God, that sucked!

Samus: You're just mad because mine was way more disgusting than your's. Ah, there's Snake, now.

(Snake lands, and they all get out.)

Snake: Hey, honey. It's done. Now all we have to do is confront him.

Samus: Very good. You have a trace on them?

Snake: Of course. We'll wait until night-fall, and then do this.

Bomberman: Super. What do we do, until then?

Ganondorf: Perhaps I can help with that. So, this family walks-
Mewtwo: <I will give you mental death! We are not going to hear one of those. Besides, Gardevoir wouldn't be able to handle it.>

Gardevoir: <Handle what, love?>

Samus: Trust me, sweetie, you do NOT want to know.
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #11 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:05:55 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Mansion, in the morning ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has finished breakfast. Pit is lying in bed, in his room, with his arm around Zelda.)

Pit: Zelda, dear?

Zelda: Hm?

Pit: ...... Do you want to be with Peach?

Zelda: What do you mean?

Pit: I mean... I know that you two... I found out that you have been sneaking off with Peach, to, let's say, "indulge" yourself with her.

Zelda: You- you know? Pit, you know about our- indulgences?

Pit: I do, Zelda.

Zelda: ...... Um, if I may ask... how did you find out?

Pit: How? The senses of Angels are somewhat greater than your's. I accidentally overheard you two talking, I was curious, and I wanted to find out what you were talking about.

Zelda: But you didn't ask us.

Pit: I could tell that you were trying to keep it secret. I figured it might look bad if I just came up and asked you what you were talking about.

Zelda: Mm.... I suppose I should be thankful for that, at least.

(Zelda turns onto her side, and looks at Pit with big, apologetic eyes.)

Zelda: Oh, Pit, what am I saying? I've done something awful! I have been unfaithful to you!

(Pit suddenly pulls Zelda close to him, and they embrace. For a long moment, Pit just strokes her hair.)

Pit: Zelda, you know me. I am a reasonable person, and I love you. I don't think I could even fake being angry with you.

Zelda: Are you sure? I feel terrible for this.

(Pit stops mid-stroke, then pulls away.)

Pit: Well, actually, there is just one thing I want to ask. Can you tell me what your relationship is, with Peach? I mean... I know it's physical, but do you want it to be more?

Zelda: I- I'm not sure, all of a sudden. I mean, what we do when we... Well, I admit that I enjoy it, but... Peach is such a good friend, though! I think... that is, I don't really know how she feels about me, you know?

Pit: I think I understand. No, I'm sure she feels the same about you, whatever you feel about her. I guess I'm okay with it, and.... the next time you two get together for that, I'm going to watch, okay?

Zelda: WHAT!? What are you talking about? Wait... watch?


Pit: Well, it's been a while. I'm guessing it's happened, by now. Am I wrong?

Zelda: Nooo...

Pit: Really? Are you sure?

Zelda: .....Yes. Three times, including our first time, in Mute City.

Pit: And you... enjoy it?

Zelda: Oh, I do! Erh, not that you're doing anything wrong, though. I absolutely love being with you, and I truly do love you. But... there are a couple things you could learn from her...

Pit: ...... Hmm.... This is a very odd conversation. Especially since it isn't even ten in the morning.

Zelda: Indeed. Can we not talk, now?

Pit: That's fine with me.


Pit: I still wanna watch.


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Fox and the crew have just returned from their time away. Krystal is in her room, getting ready to sleep off the jet-lag.)

Krystal +Good lord, that was so good. I mean, it's like my mind was... unh! So good! Although, hmmm..... I just realized.... I never got it on with Blue Boy, or Bass. I guess I can try, later.+

(Krystal puts on some flimsy little thing, and crawls into bed.)

Krystal: +Mmm. I'm going to have good dreams, tonight.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Bass has been put into his own copyroid, which is designed to be like Mega Man's.)

EXE: So, this is it. You do all that sort of stuff, and you can use all the basic attacks in your programming.

Bass: So, does this mean I'm a brawler?

EXE: Sorry, no. You're just a civilian, I'm afraid.

Bass: Oh. Well, why did you bring me here?

EXE: Eh? Oh, right, I said I would hand down your punishment, here. We'll take care of that tomorrow.

Bass: But it's still morning. What am I supposed to do until tomorrow?

EXE: Oh-ho, we'll think of something, I'm sure.

(Obviously, Mega Man is talking about sparring in a training room. If you thought otherwise, you're too far in the gutter.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth is in his room with Roy.)

Marth: {Well, Roy, here we are. What did you want?}

Roy: {I recognize that tone, Marth. Please, I know you're a little upset with me, but I want you to hear me out?}

Marth: Hmm... {I just got back, Roy. Can this wait, at all?}

Roy: {I don't think so, Marth. I want to say this, now.}

Marth: (Sigh) {Fine, fine. I suppose I should listen to you, out of courtesy, if nothing else.}

Roy: {Thank you, Marth.}

(Roy goes over his conversation with Geno.)

Marth: {So, you had a little chat with Geno, and now you want to be with me, again?}

Roy: {That's not what I'm saying. I... I just want to... talk. Do you think it's right? I mean, our law doesn't really say anything against people like us, but we're still frowned upon by society. I don't think I can live a life of secrecy, like that.}

Marth: {Hang on... you're saying that you love me, again, but you're afraid of the consequences of our world's society? Is that it?}

Roy: (cough) {Not quite how I would have put it, but, yeah.}

Marth: {Roy, you have nothing to worry about. I promise you, right here, right now, that no one will ever look down at you, no matter how you act, in our world. I only want you back.}

Roy: {Oh... Marth... I love you!}

(Roy falls into Marth's arms, and rests his head against Marth's chest. They both eventually fall asleep, content in each other's embrace. It's a rather romantic thing, really.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Vaati is sitting in his room, meditating.)

Vaati: +Tch. I've been here less than a full day, and I already hate this place, and everyone in it. None of the so-called "evil" characters just aren't evil, and all the heroes are just goody-goody weaklings. Nobody here is worth my time.+

(Vaati opens his eyes, and looks around his room.)

Vaati: +Ugh, I forgot about this... horrendous excuse for a domicile. It's so... frilly. What I wouldn't give for a dank, stone tower or dungeon. Oh, wait... Ganondorf has a tower. Heh, I'll fight him for it. That pansy couldn't possibly win against my might. I just have to find him.+

(Vaati vanishes in a puff of smoke, and reappears in the rec room, where Luigi and Wario are playing foosball, surrounded by the children.)

Vaati: You! Green one! Tell me where Ganondorf is.

Luigi: He's-a not here. He's on a different world.

Vaati: What? Not here!? Don't lie to me, worm!

Luigi: Not lying. He's-a not here. (Wario scores) Nuts!

Wario: Yeah! In your face!

Vaati: Tuh. Children.

Luigi: Said the shrimp who's the same size as-a Young Link, over here.

Vaati: Ahh, yes... Young... Link. So, what happens if... something were to "happen" to him? What would happen to adult Link?

Ness: Ah, I heard that! Don't even think about it, mister.

(Ness and the other children gather around Y. Link, who has his arms crossed, looking Vaati right in the eye.)

Vaati: ..... Insects.

(Vaati poofs out.)


Wario: Nonononononon- (Luigi scores the winning point) CRAP!

Luigi: Yeah! I win again! You're buying!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Meta-Knight is in his room, alone.)

MK: +Good lord, that sucked. The battle was kind of enjoyable, even though I never got a chance to fight anyone truly powerful. The rest of it... was just dumb. I'll have to convince Mega Man to take me back, some time, so I can fight Proto Man. I'm sure Marth would like to, as well. And this Colonel, he sounds a lot like me.+

(Knock at door.)

MK: Enter.

(Kirby enters.)

Kirby: {Hello, Meta Knight. I have something... I'd like to discuss.)

MK: What are- Oh, the old language. It's been a while... Um.. {I'm rusty, but I think I got it. Now, what is it you need?}

Kirby: {Oh, I said that I have something I'd like to talk with you about.}

MK: {Of course. I have plenty of time before the jet-lag hits me. What is it?}

Kirby: ..... {What are the birds and the bees? I'm old enough to know... at least, I think I am.}

MK: {Ah, yes, you are at about that age. Very well, I will teach you.}

(Meta-Knight teaches Kirby about "that" among their kind.)

Kirby: {That seems needlessly complicated. I hear that humans have it a lot easier.}

MK: {They do, but it's not nearly as enjoyable as what our race can do. They only have three or four sensitive regions, at the most, but our females only have two. Of course, we males only have two areas,

Kirby: {You know what I just realized? I don't think I've ever seen a female. Do you know what one looks like?}

MK: {Well... it's hard to explain, and I don't have any images... I'll tell you what I'll do. After Brawl, I'll take you to our home planet, and you can finally see our women. They're all quite lovely.}

Kirby: {Thank you. Um..... Meta Knight... were you ever in love?}

MK: (sigh) {Once. She was the most beautiful of them all... and she could fight. Oh, lord she could whup my ass, bad. And.... she... I'm sorry, this is getting delicate. I'd appreciate it if you would go, now.}

Kirby: {I'm sorry. I didn't know. Of course I'll go.}

(After Kirby leaves, Meta-Knight takes off his mask and cape, lays on his bed, and weeps.)

(EXE and Bass are walking through the halls. It's about an hour before lunch.)

Bass: I see... So that's how it is to be.

EXE: I'm sorry. I understand your pain. I mean, I haven't been forced through what you have, but I do understand why it is that you've rampaged through the Net. I wish I didn't have to do this to you.

Bass: No, no. I know that I must pay for my crimes. I accept the sentence you have handed down.

EXE: Very well. That's good to hear.

Bass: There's something I don't quite understand, though. Why was I put in a Copyroid that's designed for combat and such, like you?

EXE: Oh, well, I called in a couple favors, pulled some strings, and got it for you. I did it because I really think you can work as a specialized boss.

Bass: Say what, now?

EXE: Oh, there's this one thing that we do, it started with Melee, but it's going to be in Brawl, as well. Basically, we fight the representative of different worlds, on their own turf, and end with a big boss. In Melee, I think they all faced a giant version of Bowser. Not sure why, but that's the way it was. However, in Brawl, there are going to be bosses that are just for the fighter. So, for Mario, it's going to be Bowser, and for Link, it's going to be Ganondorf. For me, it's you.

Bass: Ohhhh..... Wait, do I fight just you?

EXE: I think so. It's not like there are any others, like me.

Bass: Aren't there... well, it's like Link and Young Link. Aren't there other versions of you?

EXE: I was actually wondering that, myself, for a while. When I checked it out, it turns out that it's true. I actually do have other incarnations of me, but they exist in a different dimension.

Bass: Dimension? Is that different from a universe?

EXE: Ah, geez. It's like I'm the one getting stuck with the long explanations. Don't you know?

Bass: Can't say I do. Remember, I was created for one purpose, and it's not like my rampage was a quest for knowledge, or anything.

EXE: (sigh) Whatever. Okay, here's the very short version. A universe is just something we exist in. A dimension is like a different version of one universe. For example, an alternate dimension of this universe would have, I don't know, Luigi as the dominant brother, saving the princess, and all that. In our universe, in this alternate dimension, there are versions of me that are similar to me, but still different. If I understand it right, I think there would be an alternate version of you.

Bass: Woah... that's deep.

EXE: Hey, just because I COULD have sex all around the clock, doesn't mean I do.

 Bass: Right, right. So... where are we going?

EXE: Well, we were going to a training room, but I had to explain things, so we circled around a couple times. See? This is the second time we passed that vending machine.

(Suddenly, they come upon a mysterious figure.)

EXE: Eh? Umm..... who are you?

Huh??: Who, me? Who are you?

Bass: We belong here, but we're not sure if you do. Now... (levels buster at the figure) ... what is your name?

Huh??: Hey, relax! There's no need for violence, here. Besides, (heh) there's no way you could hit me.

EXE: Perhaps not. That's why I took this opportunity to get close to you.

(EXE is standing right beside the mysterious character. His buster is charged, and pointed at the character's head.)

EXE: Last chance. Identify yourself.

Huh??:Alright, alright. Calm down. I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm the newest - and the best - brawler. Now, who are you?

(EXE hesitates, then his buster flashes, and turns back into a hand.)

EXE: My name is Mega Man EXE. This is another from my universe, Bass.

Sonic: Cool! You're like me, then! I'm from a different universe, too.

EXE: Why are you just wandering the halls? Mario always calls us together for the new-comers.

Sonic: He does? Oh, yeah. He told me that it would be better for me to just jump in. Something to do with how it's only a matter of time.

Bass: A matter of time? Oh, he must mean that we only have about a week and a half until Brawl.

Sonic: Yeah, that's probably it. Oh, and there's another new-comer, walking around.

EXE: What?! Yeesh, he's really speeding things up. Do you know what the other new-comer looks like?

Sonic: Yeah. He's pretty tall. Red all over, with claws, a beak, and a white thing on his head. Kinda like your's (points at Bass) except it goes straight.

EXE: Really? Hm.... That could be a Pokemon. And you say this thing is stalking the halls?

Sonic: I can only assume. Watch out for it, though, cuz' it looks kinda mean, you know?

Bass: Ah. Well, thank you, Sonic. We'll keep an eye out.

EXE: Yeah. Oh yeah, welcome to the roster. I look forward to beating the snot out of you.

Sonic: Not while I'm running circles around you, slow-mo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth and Roy are once again strolling through the halls, mostly in silence... mostly.)

Marth: {Geez, Roy, would you just drop it with the whole ‘they're going to cast me into fire for being gay' shtick? I'm telling you, don't frickin' worry about it!}

Roy: {Ha! Easy for you to say. You're a damn prince! Me? I'm hardly worth a second glance! I don't get to be special, like you.}

Marth: {Idiot! All we have to do is get married, and you're safe, too!}

Roy: {Oh, so you suddenly w-...... what?}

Marth: {So now you're pretending to be deaf? I don't have to take this.}

Roy: {Wait, no... I just want to make sure my ears aren't playing tricks on me. Did you just say that.... you would marry me?}

Marth: {Huh? Oh... I did, didn't I?} (cough) {Well... we could, you know. It's not illegal, or anything, and by marrying you, you would instantly become a prince, yourself.}

Roy: {Is... Are you sure? It seems like a big step. I love you, I do, but... }

Marth: {We should discuss this more, later.}

Roy: {Right. Later.}

(They stroll a bit longer, more in a reverie than usual. Suddenly, they come upon the character Sonic was describing.)

Marth: {Good lord, what is that?}

Roy: {Looks like... is that a Pokemon?}

(The character turns his glaring gaze on the two.... Silence...... Then, Marth steps forward, slowly, and extends his hand. After staring at the hand for a while, the character shakes it for a moment, then holds a fist against his own chest.)

Huh??: Blaziken.

Roy: Blaziken? {That must be his name.}

Marth: {Sure. Remember, though, a Pokemon does not say it's name. Instead, it is named after what it says.}

Blaziken: Blay, blaziken, ziken.

(Marth just shrugs his shoulders. After a moment of awkwardness, Roy signals that Blaziken should follow them. He does.)

Marth: {Um, where are we going?}

Roy: {To look for Kirby. If he can understand the other Pokemon, maybe he can understand Blaziken. Any idea where he might be?}

Marth: {No problem. All we have to do is wait for lunch, and he'll be there.

Roy: {Well, sure, but... we still have almost an hour. What do we do with him, until then?}

Marth: {Hmm.... I honestly have no clue. Let's check out the rec room. I'll bet they're watching Wario and Luigi play foosball, or something.}

Roy: {Sounds right. Let's go.}

(They lead Blaziken through the halls until they reach the rec room. Just as they had expected, Kirby and the Pokemon are watching Ness and Y. Link playing air-hockey. They stop and look at Blaziken when he enters.)

Ness: Wow... he looks really cool.

Y. Link: Hey, Kirby, I bet Marth and Roy want you to translate what he's saying.... what's his name, anyway?

Blaziken: Blaziken. Blay, Blaziken. Ziken Blaziken.

Kirby: Puyo puyo. Puyo puyo puyo, puyo. {It's a little hazy. It sounds like he has a dialect, or something.}

Nana: A dialect? What's that mean?

Kirby: Puyo puyo, Puyo puyo - puyo puyo puyo. Puyo puyo, puyo puyo puyo puyo. {Short version is this. For every type of Pokemon - electric, fire, whatever - there's a different accent. His is weird though, because it sounds like two types at once.}

Popo: Oh.... So, what's he saying?

Kirby: Puyo puyo puyo puyo puyo. {He just asked what language Marth and Roy speak.}

Ness: Oh. Hey, Blaziken, they're speaking a different language called Japanese. That's why they sound weird to you. Are you a brawler?

(Blaziken simply nods his head.)

Ness: Neat. So, what type of Pokemon are you?

(Blaziken holds out one hand, claws open, facing upward. He clenches his fist, and it bursts into fire.)

Nana: Ooh! A fire-type! I always wanted to see one of those! What's the other type? Kirby says that you have two types.

(The flames on Blaziken's claws goes out. He steps next to a table, raises one leg all the way up, and brings it down on the table with lightning speed, and bone-crushing force. The table splits into four pieces, and collapses.)

Y. Link: THAT WAS COOL! That must mean you're a really powerful fighting-type, too! I'm really happy to have you here. Oh, wait... do you know about Mario?

Blaziken: Blay?

Ness: Hey, Pikachu, could you tell Blaziken about Mario, and all that?

(Pikachu gives a salute, scampers over to Blaziken, and they walk off, together.)

Y. Link: Man, that's so cool.

(Ness suddenly scores the winning point.)

Y. Link: You cheated!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Somewhere in the mansion)

Mario: Are you sure about this? Was it a good idea to just set them loose?

Huh??: Of course. I just checked, and they're doing fine. Oh, look, Pikachu is talking with Blaziken. How cute. Oh, hey, Sonic is about to come upon Vaati. This is going to be funny as hell. Let's listen in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the halls ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sonic: Oh, hey little guy. Are you lost, buddy?

Vaati: Don't bother me, insect.

Sonic: Insect? Are you sure you should be talking like that? I mean, you're just a kid.

Vaati: Funny. With the brain that you have, I would have thought the same thing about you.

Sonic: You really are looking for a taste of my speed, aren't you?

Vaati: Oh, you're a fast one, you say? Let me guess. You don't have a girlfriend, do you?

Sonic: ....... Okay, that's it. Keep it up, and I'm going to hurt you in ways that will make you say ‘oh, so that's what true pain is.'

Vaati: Ooh, good one. I like that little jab.

Sonic: Take it. I've got a bunch. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go on my way, and pretend that this didn't happen. Why? Because I don't want to incapacitate one of my opponents on the first day.

Vaati: Of course. You just tell yourself that.

(Sonic moves on.)

Vaati: Tuh. As if anyone could possibly even scratch me.
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #12 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:06:25 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back with Mario and Huh?? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Huh??: Oh, that Vaati. He's so adorable, isn't he?

Mario: You just want to eat-a him up. I'm-a wondering if he was a good addition, suddenly.

Huh??: Nonsense. That's something this place needs. A nice jack-ass that everyone can hate. Although, when Ganondorf gets back, it's going to suck, when they have it out. Who do you think would win, in that fight?

Mario: Does it-a matter? Either way, I have to repair-a the damages. But... if Vaati wins, he'll-a never let any of us hear the end of it. Ganondorf wouldn't be too happy, either. He'll-a probably go on his own rampage, which means more work for me. Fine, I'm betting on Ganondorf, just because it's less work, for me.

Huh??: What's wrong, Mario? Oh, wait, let me guess. It's because you regret creating me, right? And now, I'm stronger than you, and that's what's got your panties in a bunch. Am I right?

Mario: I'll do something about you. I will destroy you, eventually. Soon, it will happen.

Huh??: Mario, Mario, Mario... Why do you make me do this?

(A loud smack is heard, followed by what sounds like electricity.)


(It's finally night-fall in Hyrule.)

Ganondorf: This should be good. We will set out, now. Where are they, Snake?

Snake: They're still down by Lake Hylia. It'll be a shame to disturb that place. I keep hearing everyone say this it's very nice, around now.

Ganondorf: Why do you think I wanted to take over this place? In the Gerudo Valley... it is the opposite. By day, the sun will scorch everything under it, and by night, a chill wind will take away the very warmth of your heart.... I suppose... it is the wind I covet, above all.

Mewtwo: ..... <Uh...Huh... Let's get going.>

Ganondorf: (cough) Sorry. I don't know where that came from. I'm better, now. Lake Hylia is this way. Oh, and just ignore the stal-children that pop up. They're too slow to be a threat.

(They all make their way towards Lake Hylia. An hour later, they can see the camp Geno and Mr. Game&Watch have made. Snake signals for them all to stop.)

Snake: Hang on. We have to wait for the signal from Geno. Then, I'll go in, and incapacitate Game&Watch. I'll call for you, when it's safe to come out.

(A few minutes later, a small, flickering light could be seen through the tent.)

Snake: There it is. I'll be only a moment.

(Snake does his stealth thing. In a matter of minutes, a lot of loud beeping and ringing is heard, then, silence.)

Snake: Alright, come on out!

(The rest of the gang comes out of hiding, and join Snake, Geno, and Mr. Game&Watch, who is thoroughly bound.)

Geno: I'm sorry to have to do this to you, friend, but we have a few questions, and we wanted to just go ahead and skip to the part where you answer.


Geno: Nice try, pal, but you forget the part where you are weakened, this far away from a 2D realm.

Snake: Thank you, Geno. I'll take it from here.

(Snake grabs Mr. Game&Watch by his bulbous nose, and pulls him close.)

Snake: Listen up, pal, because this is your only chance to see me nice, before... (pulls out a knife) ... we find out exactly what makes you tick. Now, we all know about your plan to keep Mario here. We also know that you have some other reasons. Start with that, and tell us what they are.

G&W: ..... Beep.

Geno: He'll talk, but only to me. He doesn't want any of you to speak.

Samus: You got all that, from one beep?

Geno: Well, yes. You've heard the phrase, ‘a picture is a thousand words?' One beep is usually about a couple sentences or so.

Snake: .... O-...kay. Mewtwo and Gardevoir, keep a mental eye on him, so he doesn't lie, and, ah, if he does, just... give him a little jolt, you know?

Gardevoir: <If I must.>

Mewtwo: <A little jolt if he lies? Are you sure I can't just give him straight mental agony, right away? I'm sure he'll tell the truth.>

Snake: Don't even think about it, Mewtwo. Come on, let's give these two a bit of room.

(Everyone moves away a little, leaving Geno next to Mr. Game&Watch.)

 Geno: I'm sorry about this, really I am. I only do this out of concern for my comrades. After all, without the truth, what do we have, really?

G&W: <Oh, spare me. I can't believe you did this to me, you traitor.>

Geno: Perhaps. Then again, I can't believe you went along with it so easily. You could have at least questioned why I would take you, or anyone, along with me, when I'm the only one who is (air-quote) in trouble. (air-quote) Anyway, as soon as you tell me what I really want to know, we'll let you go, no harm done... assuming what you tell me leaves you as an innocent.

G&W: <Fine. Sure. Whatever. You want to know the real reason why I want to keep Mario in Super Smash Brothers? Well... I guess we're out from under *his* gaze. We should be fine.>

Geno: Who's gaze?

G&W: <Ahh... He doesn't exactly have a name. For now, let's call him... actually, I think you should sit down. What I'm about to tell you... might be a bit much.>

Geno: Really? Alright. (sits down) Now, tell me about him.

G&W: <Alright... for now, he shall be known as......The Deity.>

Geno: What? The Deity?

Snake: What Deity?

Geno: Shush! I'm sorry. Go on, please.

G&W: <The Deity is one of Mario's creations. Or, to be more accurate, The Deity is Mario's greatest creation, and his most disastrous.>

Geno: That's not what I would call accurate.

G&W: <Oh, but it is. Mario created The Deity by putting a lot of his power into a physical form. Mario is well aware that he can't lead us forever. In fact, he planned on leaving after the first Super Smash Brothers. That's why he created The Deity. The purpose of The Deity was basically to do Mario's duty, in his stead. Creating stages, and mansion, and all that. What came out... Mario was successful. The Deity could indeed do all of that, and more. However, there is one thing he couldn't do. He could not feel.>

Geno: Feel? You mean, have feelings? Emotions?

G&W: <Well, perhaps it is a bit more complicated than that, but yes. That's what made The Deity eventually go out of control. You see, when Mario created The Deity, he forgot something. It is the most important part of any living creature.>

Geno: Of course. It's always one little thing. So, what is this crucial component?

 G&W: Simple. The thing that Mario forgot was things like morals. Ethics. A conscience. Mario forgot to give his creation a soul.

Geno: There's something I can understand. So, would I be correct to assume that without this soul, The Deity pretty much went insane?

G&W: <Close. He didn't go berserk, like Yoshi did. It's true that The Deity has no soul, but he still has all the intelligence of Mario.>

Geno: Of course. If this Deity character is as strong as you say he is, then he would have destroyed everything, if he truly did go berserk.

G&W: <Precisely. However, though he didn't go berserk, The Deity became mad with power. It forced Mario to continue, just so he could be amused, with us fighting. It's been that way since the first Super Smash Brothers. However, it wanted to participate. So, he put parts of himself into the battles. A very... certain part.>

Geno: Master Hand and Crazy Hand? Those two are... the hands of The Deity?

G&W: <Precisely, but there's a little more than that. Ask Ganondorf, Samus or Mewtwo about fighting against Giga Bowser.>

Geno: Giga Bowser? How is that monstrosity linked with The Deity?

G&W: <Giga Bowser isn't really that important. He's just The Deity's first attempt at creating a sentient creature. It worked, for the most part, but I think the problem was that, since it was modeled after Bowser, nobody really found it to be much of a challenge.>

Geno: Okay, so Giga Bowser isn't something to worry about. Tell me of the Hands.

G&W: <I was just about to. Don't rush me. I've been fairly cooperative so far, haven't I?>

Geno: Sorry. Please, go on.

G&W: <Alright... When Mario created The Deity, he wanted to balance him out by giving him one hand for creation, and one for destruction. He thought that, if it were that way, then The Deity wouldn't have as much power. It would act as a limiter. Unfortunately, while The Deity couldn't completely change the hand into another destruction hand, he could modify it, giving it weak powers of destruction.>

Geno: With one hand, he creates, and with the other, he destroys. I think I see how that works. Now, why has The Deity gone berserk? I'm sure that no soul thing has something to do with it, but there is always another reason. We both know that, don't we?

G&W: <Indeed, we do. Unfortunately, I don't know of any oth-HURGH!> BEEP BEEP!! <Fine! You impudent... I have a small clue... The short of it is this. The Deity, quite simply, felt that his power was meant for more than what he deemed to be a shameful misuse of his strength. So, he rebelled. I know, it doesn't make sense, but that is how it is. Does that satisfy?>

Geno: Hmm......... I think it will do. One last question. The one we went through all this for. Why do you want Mario to stay? Mario wants to leave, but you wish to hold him back. What do you gain from this?

 G&W: <Ah, finally, the big question. Alright, listen up. Mario, at this stage, doesn't really want to leave. The Deity wants Mario to leave. The reason for this... Um, there's a tektite behind you.>

Geno: A what? Oh.

(Geno whirls about, and blasts the hell out of the tektite, which was jumping up behind him.)

Geno: Sorry about that. You were saying?

G&W: <Right. When Mario created The Deity, he made two other limiters. The first is a simple one where The Deity cannot kill. Cannot kill. Try though he might, even if he does kill, he absolutely must raise whoever he kills.>

Geno: What's stopping him from not raising?

G&W: <That's the other limiter. Mario is the other limiter.>

Geno: What!?

G&W: <It's true. I didn't get a shock. Mario is the final limiter on The Deity. I wish I knew exactly how it works, but I don't.>

Geno: .... I suppose you don't. No shock, again.

G&W: <Right. Anyway, that's the reason why he wants Mario to leave. With Mario far away, away from the rest of us, The Deity is free to do as he pleases.>

Geno: Alright. I can see why you want him to stay, then. But, why didn't you tell us, before?

G&W: <The Deity is powerful. Even in the 2D world, I think he could see me. That's why I tried to never speak of the true reason, even in private.>

Geno: Ah, I get it. Then, why didn't you say anything to me in Mute City?

G&W: <.... It was because of Yoshi. He was a more immediate danger, I thought. Besides, I didn't think you were ready to hear everything, quite yet. To be honest, I would have told you, in another week, but, here we are.>

Geno: Hmm..... I think that answers all my questions. Oh, wait, one more.

G&W: <Can we make this quick? This rope's starting to chafe.>

Geno: I didn't even know you had a central nervous system. What I want to know is, aren't you only delaying the inevitable, by keeping Mario? He'll die, eventually, so how does this solve our problem with The Deity?

G&W: <Again, I don't know... I figured if I delayed Mario leaving for as long as possible, we would eventually gather enough forces to be able to take on The Deity.>

Geno: He's that powerful? Geez, just give the right people some Smash Emblems, and it's done like that.

G&W: <Who do you think holds them all?>

Geno: Ah, of course... say, while we're here... do you know who made the Smash Emblems?

G&W: <....... You won't like the answer.>

Geno: Try me. I'm in a good mood.

G&W: <Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. ....... Smithy made them.>

Geno: WHAT!?!?

G&W: <Don't worry. He's being controlled under the strictest conditions. The Deity would do it himself, since it's his creation, but he can't get it right, like Smithy can.>

Geno: Good lord.... that evil bastard is making something that we are going to use? I... I think I'm going to be sick. I can't be sick, but I feel like I'm going to hurl.

G&W: <I told you that you wouldn't like it. Now, if we're quite finished, could you please release me?>

Geno: Huh? Oh..... Fine. Hey, everyone, I'm done. Come on back.

(Snake cuts Mr. Game&Watches bonds. Geno then tells everyone everything.)

Samus: .......... Goddam.

Snake: Damn right... I don't care what time it is when I get back. I'm drinking, a lot.

Samus: Ditto.

Bomberman: Umm..... Now what?

Ganondorf: Now? Now, we get some goddam sleep. Tomorrow, we come up with a plan, then head back.

Samus: Ganondorf is right. We all need to take time to absorb this.

Snake: Fine... but first, I'm hungry. Who wants seafood?

(Bomberman pulls out a small explosive, unlit.)

BM: Just point me to the fish.

(Back at the mansion, it's only the afternoon. Link is sitting in his room, going through inventory.)

Link: +Alright... 75 arrows... check.+ (stuff arrows in magic pouch) +125 bombs... I'm counting only 115... That should be enough, but I'll have to go to Hyrule... where do I get bombs in Hyrule, again?+

(Link gets up, and starts pacing.)

Link: +Let's see... I think... there's a place near a big castle... oh, balls!+

(Link sprints through the halls, and bursts into the Doc's office.)

Link: DOC! It's getting worse!

Doc: Settle down, Link. What's getting worse?

Link: My memory is going. I can't even remember where to get bombs, in Hyrule.

Doc: I see. Hmm.... Perhaps I was wrong... perhaps it isn't-a psychological... Alright. Link, I'm going to schedule for a flight to Samus's world, where you will undergo an MRI. It's a simple procedure, and if there's-a anything wrong, anywhere in your body, chances are good that the MRI will find it.

Link: Thank you, Doc. What should I do, until I leave?

Doc: Actually... you can probably leave pretty soon. That is, if you're willing to have Krystal take you.

Link: Ulp. Uh, couldn't I get Fox or Falco to do it?

Doc: I'm afraid not. They got called away for a personal emergency, on their world. I can't-a get a hold of Meta Knight, for some reason. The only available character licensed for space-a-flight is Krystal.

Link: Crud... Fine.

Doc: I'm-a sorry. I wish I didn't-a have to do this. Once you get Krystal to agree to take you, I'll contact the hospital.

Link: (sigh) Got it.

(Link exits, and heads for Krystal's room. He stops right outside.)

Link: (sigh) +Here goes something.+ (knock, knock)

Krystal: Who is it?

Link: It's Link. I have come to ask you... a favor.

(A moment later, the door opens to reveal Krystal in a not-too-concealing robe.)

Link: Uh.....huh... Can I come in, please?

Krystal: Of course.

(Link walks in. He jumps when he hears the door shut.)

Krystal: So, what can I do for you?

Link: (cough) Did I come in at a bad time?

Krystal: Not at all. I was just hoping for... something... to happen.

Link: Right, um, anyway, I need to have a medical procedure done, on Samus's world, and... I was wondering...

Krystal: You're asking me to fly you to Samus's world? Of course, I'll do it. Anything for a dear friend.

(As Krystal speaks this last part, she brushes her fingers against Link's cheek. Link's eye twitches, and he coughs loudly.)

Link: Er, uh- That is, thank you. Um, when- When would you be planning on leaving?

Krystal: Depends on you.

Link: Well, I can leave as soon as you're ready, if you like.
Krystal: I can do that. Just let me get changed.

(Krystal grabs one of her skin-tight suits, and steps behind a curtain. Link can clearly see the silhouette of Krystal, as she drops her robe.)

 Link: (cough) Well, I'll just wait outs-
Krystal: So, what's this for?

Link: Uh? Oh, right... um.... I knew it. I can't remember, all of a sudden.

Krystal: Really? Could it possibly be... forgetfulness?

Link: Right! Forgetfulness. That's it. Erh, you can see why I need to be checked out.

Krystal: Mm, yeah. It seems pretty bad. Can you think of what might be wrong?

Link: Heh. For all I know, I might have just taken one too many hits to the head. It happened to Roy, and we all know what happened, because of that.

Krystal: Right.

(Krystal steps out from behind the curtain. She strikes a sexy pose.)

Krystal: How do I look?

Link: Very, um (clears throat) Very nice.

Krystal: Sweet boy. Come along.

Link: Yeah... Oh! No, I have to tell Doc, first, so he can call ahead.

(Link and Krystal head towards Doc's office. Along the way...)

Link: +Good lord, this is creepy... hang on, why do I feel like this? I've done... stuff... before. At least, I think I have. Wait... yeah, I have! I think one of the girls was even weirder than Krystal. At least she's an actual mammal. I don't know what... Argh! I don't remember her name! Relax, Link, think about it. There's Saria, one of your best friends, since all the way from childhood. Wait, I... doesn't that make me... Oh, wait, she's cool. I think... yeah, I'm safe.+

Krystal: Something on your mind, Link?

Link: AH! Uh, (cough) I'm just trying to, you know, not lose more of my memory. Trying to remember names, and such.

Krystal: Don't strain yourself.

Link: Right. +What the hell is she talking about? She tells me not to strain myself, but she's done almost everything except throw herself at me. This is not fair. Not fair, at all.+

(They finally reach Doc's office.)

Link: Hey, Doc.

Krystal: I agreed to fly him to the Samus's world.

Doc: Excellent. I'll-a contact them, let them know you're coming. You two get going whenever you're ready.

Krystal: Right... I'll just... prep this guy for flying under my command.

Link: +Why do I suddenly have this feeling of intense doom?+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Sonic is wandering the halls, again.)

Sonic: This place is pretty nice. It's a shame there aren't any places where I can really run. I just gotta find a place to cut loose, or I'm gonna lose it.

(Sonic turns a corner, and bumps into Pichu and Pikachu.)

Sonic: Oh, hey, little buddies. Wait, don't tell me... you, with the black ears, you're jigglypuff.... which makes the bigger one ness.

(Pikachu looks at Pichu)

Pikachu: Pika pikachu? {Is this guy for real?}

Pichu: Pichu pichu. Pichi, pi, pi pichu. {I think he's the other new-comer, like Blaziken. I wonder why he doesn't know who we are?}

Sonic: OH! You're Pichu and Pikachu, aren't you?

Pikachu: Chu pikachu. {Took ya long enough.}

Sonic: Hey, you two look like you like speed. I'm feeling cooped up, here. Do you know anywhere where I can just run?

Pichu: Pichu. Pichu, pi. {Of course, follow us.}

(Pikachu indicates for Sonic to follow. They walk the halls for about five minutes, before they come to a big door.)

Sonic: Just on the other side?

(Pikachu nods.)

Sonic: Thanks, guys! Well, see ya!

(Sonic opens the door, and heads through. Outside...)

Sonic: It's... it's so open... it's like a dream come true. Well... here goes!

(Sonic starts running... and running and running and running and running and running and running and running and running and.....)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just inside ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pichu: {Should we have told him that it goes on forever, and the only way back is to turn around?}

Pikachu: {Nah. I think he's bright enough to figure that out, eventually. Besides, it's not like he would have understood us.}

Pichu: {Point. I wonder what Blaziken is doing.}

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in Hyrule ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(It's already the next morning, in Hyrule, and everyone has gathered to figure out what they are going to do about The Deity.)

Samus: Okay, so this thing has enough power to control Mario, and it can basically wipe out every one of us at once, but it can't truly kill us. Anything else?

G&W: <Geno, we're going to have to find a better way for me to speak to these people.>

Geno: He says that he's thinking. Give him a moment.

G&W: <Yeah, whatever. Alright, here's something else. The absolute worst he can do to us is transport us very, very far into that infinite plane. You know, that big field that goes on forever and ever. Now, I've never been there, myself, but I don't think it's on a curved surface, so one could possibly see the door back to the mansion, from wherever they are. However, The Deity could transport someone so far out, that no amount of running will help, since that person would eventually die of... thirst, I think, if not exhaustion.>

Geno: <Well, that's pleasant, isn't it?>

(Geno relays this to the others.)

BM: Oh, that's lovely, isn't it?

Geno: That's pretty much what I was thinking.

Gardevoir: <So, the first question we should be thinking about is how to get close enough to The Deity to hurt him.>

Ganondorf: It sounds like this guy isn't all there, in the head. Perhaps if we make with the all-out assault, we'll be able to overwhelm him. Would that work, Game&Watch?

(Mr. Game&Watch pauses, then slowly nods.)

Snake: Alright, good. However, I think it'll take quite a bit to take this guy down. Is there any certain weaknesses we should know about?

G&W: <Weaknesses? Hmm..... I wonder...>

Geno: <What is it?> Seems like he's pondering something.

G&W: <Well...... those Smash Emblems... the Super Smashes.>

Geno: The Super Smash?

Samus: Of course! Something with that much power is bound to do some damage.

Snake: Sure, it could work. But, how do we get to them? It's not like we can politely ask Mario, you know.

Geno: Hang on, I think there's more. What's on your mind, Game&Watch?

G&W: <Well.... this might be a bit of a stretch, but I think there's something more to the Super Smash, and those little coins, than we originally thought.>

Geno: More to the Smash Emblem than we thought? Like what?

Ganondorf: He's right. It makes sense. If Mario went to Smithy, without The Deity tagging along, then Mario might have instructed Smithy to build something into the Super Smashes that will be able to completely destroy The Deity.

Samus: Slow down, Ganondorf. We don't know really know that, do we? Sure, the Super Smash could destroy The Deity, but what if it doesn't? If The Deity was there when Smithy started, then the Smash Emblems we use might not work at all. Or worse, they'll work against us.

Mewtwo: <Good point. Right now, however, I think the Super Smash is our best bet. How can we find out if it's safe?>

Geno: Fortunately, that won't be a problem. All I have to do is go to Star Road, and ask around. We watch over the Mario world, but we get news form all around this universe. If Smithy is somewhere in here, I'll find him. Then again... he could be in an area that is outside this universe.

Snake: Like, perhaps in my world? Or Mega Man's world?

BM: It's possible that another new-comer from another universe has arrived, by now. Smithy could be there, too.

Samus: Alright, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Geno, go to Star Road, and check around. If you can't find him... we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

Geno: I'll do it right now. Keep my body safe, while I'm gone.

(Geno flashes out of his body, leaving the small doll. Samus picks it up. The small, scintillating ball of light that is Geno bobs once, and blinks out.)

Samus: Okay... as for the rest of us...

Ganondorf: Breakfast. Food. Grub.

Snake: More fish?

(Bomberman is already holding a bomb in his hand.)

BM: Way ahead of you.

(It's supper time, in the Brawl Mansion. Over by Peach and Zelda...)

Peach: Is it just me, or is this place a little emptier than usual?

Zelda: Well, let's count who's gone... Mewtwo, Gardevoir, Game&Watch and Geno have all gone on a short get-away vacation. Snake took Bomberman back to his world, and I can only assume Samus went with them because Snake and Samus love each other...

Peach: Doesn't really explain Ganondorf, does it?

Zelda: Meh. He was probably feeling lonely, so he decided to go back to his place in Hyrule.

Peach: Any idea where Link is?

Zelda: I'm not sure, but word on the grapevine is that he went somewhere for some medical emergency.

Peach: That would explain why Meta Knight is gone. He's the only other licensed flier, other than... Krystal... who isn't here, as well.

Zelda: You don't think... did they?

Peach: Link is smarter than that. He wouldn't do anything with her. Besides, he's got all those ladies in Hyrule, after all.

Zelda: I'm not exactly happy about that, but it's a little reassuring, nonetheless.

Peach: Mm. Oh, and Fox and Falco are gone, too. But, you know, I hear Meta Knight isn't actually gone.

Zelda: Really? He's still in the mansion? Why isn't he with us, then?

Peach: I don't know what happened, but I think he's locked himself in his room, or something.

Zelda: Huh. I never thought he would be the sort to do that. Whatever it was that did that to him, it must have been really bad.

Peach: Mm. Do you think... someone should intervene?

Zelda: I know what you mean. I'm starting to get worried, too.

Peach: Hmm......

Zelda: Tonight?

Peach: Same time, same place?

Zelda: It's my turn with the toys.
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #13 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:07:19 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nearby ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room, at the children's table ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ness: So, does anyone know what happened with Meta Knight?

Nana: I heard he got hurt real bad.

Ness: Yeah, that's pretty much what I heard, too. How ‘bout you, Lil' Link?

Y. Link: Stop calling me that. And I have no idea. Hey, maybe Kirby knows! Kirby, do you know what's up with Meta Knight.

Kirby: Puyo, puyo puyo. Puyo puyo. Puyo puyo puyo. {I know, but I don't think I should tell. It's private. Meta Knight might get upset.}

Y. Link: Aww. You tell us you know, and you're not gonna tell us what you know? That's lame.

Ness: Totally. How come you're holding out on us?

Kirby: Puyo, puyo. Puyo puyo puyo puyo. {Stop it, you guys. This is definitely something you don't need to hear.}

Popo: Totally lame. Hey, has anyone seen Sonic?

Nana: Oh, yeah, I really thought we'd see him, here.

Ness: Who? Who's Sonic?

Popo: Oh, you know how they just threw a couple new-comers into the mix? It turns out that Sonic is the other one, besides Blaziken. I like him. He's real laid back, and stuff.

Pichu: Pichu? Pichu, pi?

Kirby: Puyo puyo puyo, puyo puyo. {He asked if Sonic is blue, and likes to run.}

Nana: That's him! Have you seen him?

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu. Pika pika, chu pika.

Kirby: Puyo? Puyo puyo puyo, puyo. {Really? You showed him the endless field? Oh, dear.}

Y. Link: You showed him the endless field? This can't be good.

Bowser Jr.: Endless field? Speak English.

Y. Link: If you open a special door, you get dropped off in a biiiig field. Some say it really does go on forever, but we don't really know that. (gasp) And he doesn't know how to get back! He could be lost!

Ness: We have to find him!

Popo: But, how?

Y. Link: Umm... We'll have to ask someone, I think. Let's see... Miss Aran is gone... I wonder if Miss Zelda or Miss Peach will help us.

Bowser Jr.: Well of course ma- erh, Miss Peach will help us. Come on.

 (They children all walk over to Peach's table, and crowd around them.)

Y. Link: Um, Miss Peach? Miss Zelda?

Zelda: Yes? What is it, dear?

Y. Link: Well..... Okay, so you know about that newcomer, Sonic? Yeah, apparently, he likes to run, a lot, and so he asked Pichu and Pikachu where he could run freely, and they took him to the endless field, and now, he may be stuck there forever and we don't know how to get him back and we need help.

Peach: ...... And you said all that in one breath?

Y. Link: Uh-huh. Can you two help us? Please?

Zelda: Of course, we will. After supper, though.

Y. Link: ‘K.

(The children all return back to their table.)

Ness: Well, that was easy.

Bowser Jr.: It's cuz' they're girls. It's easy to get them to do stuff.

Nana: Nuh-uh! Everyone knows women are stronger! Why do you think Miss Aran is the new leader?

(Bicker bicker bicker bicker bicker.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In Star Road ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is floating around Star Road in his will-o'-wisp form.)

Geno: <Let's see... not there, not there... where the hell did she go? Hmm....... ah-HA! There you are!>

(Geno darts over to another light that is glowing mother-of-pearl.)

Geno: <Hey, there. Uh, sorry about the language. It's been a while. Umm... *@)!!#@?>.... Sorry, I'm going to have to stick with this for a while. I'm also going to have to call you by your old name. Is that fine?>

Serenade: <No problem. I just want to thank you again for getting me out of that wretched Net. It's nothing but filth and combat. This is so much nicer, and I'm doing good deeds, you know? I even granted this one wish for someone to be reborn.>

Geno: <That's nice. It was a pleasure, really. However, I'm only going to be here for a bit. I'm on business.>

Serenade: <Really? That's a shame. I was hoping we could do some... wish granting, together?>

Geno: <What? Fine. I'll tend to the business I have here, then stay. But only for one night.>

Serenade: <That's all the time I need. So, what's up?>

Geno: <Okay... this was before your time, but your probably the best, here. That's why I came to you.>

Serenade: <Geno, darling, you flatter me.>

Geno: <Indeed. Anyway... do you remember that Smithy guy I told you about?

Serenade: <He was the reason for you taking a mortal form in the first place, right? I know. He's back. I assume you want to locate him?>

Geno: <Please. It's for my comrades.>

Serenade: <I know... say, isn't Mega Man EXE and Bass with you?>

Geno: <Bass? Hm, he must have appeared after we left... But, yes, I'd like to find him, please.>

Serenade: <Just remember to tell that little program that he's the UnderKing, now, okay? And, make sure you tell him that... he was a fantastic fighter.>

Geno: .... <I'll be sure to tell him.>

Serenade: <Thank you. Okay, Smithy... Smithy. Let's see what we have here.>

(Serenade starts glowing brighter, and her mother-of-pearl colors start shifting quickly. Moments later, they slow down.)

Serenade: <Okay, I got him. He's pretty far off. At- .... Well... I suppose you could say that he is at the edge of the universe.>

Geno: <At the edge of the universe? Geez.... Wait, I thought the universe... Never mind. If I start thinking theoretical physics, now, I'm going to have a headache when I turn mortal, again. Can you give me a direction?>

Serenade: <Hmm.... Knowing the speed at which your spaceships can travel... Okay, aim for approximately 7200 miles right of the Pokemon world, and go straight. The place where Smithy works is constantly moving, but you should more or less intersect the path of movement. You'll be able to locate him, as you get closer.>

Geno: <Serenade, you truly are the best. You know I love you, right?>

Serenade: <Oh, I know. Is that all you needed?>

Geno: <That's it. Now, it's just us. So, how have you been? Oh, right, the rebirth thing. Who got reborn, anyway?>

Serenade: <Oh, it was so emotional! There was a bunch of people and animals alike, all weeping. It's like this creature was a hero among his kind.>

Geno: <Creature? It wasn't human? What's it's name?>

Serenade: <It was actually a reptile, of some sort. It's name is... I believe it's Yoshi.>

(We pick up right where we left off, with Geno and Serenade...)

Geno: ...... <Say what?>

Serenade: <Yoshi. That's the name of the little reptile that has been reborn, under the wish I granted. I couldn't stand seeing so much grief for that little guy, so I had to. Is there something wrong?>

Geno: <Serenade, didn't you see what happened to us brawlers, in Mute City?>

Serenade: <Oh, that.>

Geno: <Yes, that! How am I going to tell the guys?! He killed Captain Falcon! What were you thinking?>

Serenade: ... <Tell me... have you taken a good, close look at Donkey Kong, lately? Don't answer, it was rhetorical. He's the one who's been wishing so hard for Yoshi to return, that we heard him from so far away.>

Geno: <DK? Donkey Kong... Oh, wow. Now that you mention it, he's been totally unlike himself, since that one day. I never thought, though, that a wish could reach that far.>

Serenade: <Which is exactly why I had to grant the wish. Anyone with hopes that strong... he deserves it, don't you think?>


Geno: <Still, it'll be a while before he can join us brawlers. Perhaps->
Serenade: <No. You take him as soon as possible. It was Yoshi's own father who took care of Baby Mario, remember? Well, it's time to return the favor. You must all care for him. Besides, I think it's best for him to grow up among his kind.>

Geno: .... <Fine. But... I don't think any of us know how to raise a baby Yoshi. Do you think you could... help me, a bit?>

Serenade: <Goodness, Geno, did you just ask me to come with you?>

Geno: <Huh? Well, not really. I just asked you to teach me what to do to raise him.>

Serenade: <Oh.... I see.>

Geno: .... <Urgh. Fine. Would you please accompany me back to the Brawl Mansion?>

Serenade: <I'd be delighted! Just remember to have a physical body ready for me to take over. Maybe another doll, or something.>

Geno: <I'll have something ready. Anyway, since the situation has changed, some, I think I'd like to get going now. I'm going to go back to my comrades, and then we'll talk with Smithy. After that, we're coming back here.>

Serenade (giggle) <I'll be waiting, Geno.>

Geno: <Actually, now that I think about it... If Smithy is on the edge of the universe... it would take way too long to get there in a normal ship. Any suggestions?>

Serenade: <How long did it take you to get here, from wherever you were?>

Geno: <Well, I wasn't really traveling in a physical form, so it's hard to say. Maybe an hour, or so. But, even so, since I'm an astral being, I don't really travel through normal space.>

Serenade: <Of course. I see. Hmm.... Here's a thought... could you possibly possess the spaceship? That way, you might be able to make it slip into sub-space.>

Geno: <What? I'm almost positive that's impossible. I'll do it.>

(And so, Geno travels out of Star Road, all the way back to Hyrule, where the rest of his comrades are waiting. A moment later, the Geno doll flashes, and there he stands, full-sized.)

 Geno: I'm back, and I've located Smithy's approximate location.

Snake: Excellent. Where?

Geno: (sigh) At the edge of the universe.

Samus: Say what? I thought the universe goes on forever, or something like that.

Ganondorf: It might just mean that there's no tangible matter beyond where Smithy is. Some might consider that to be a better definition of "edge of the universe."

Snake: I'll go with that. The problem is getting there. Even at max speed, it'll probably take weeks to get there, and there isn't enough fuel.

Samus: What? You don't have a self-renewing energy source?

Snake: Of course I do. The problem is that it can't go for weeks at a time.

Samus: It doesn't need to. You only have to get it up to max speed, and then just steer it. We'll be in zero gravity, so you can just coast your way to the edge of the universe.

Geno: (cough!) I think I might have a solution. You see, it's possible that I can possess Snake's ship, and then I can make it travel in sub-space, which will drastically reduce traveling time.

Gardevoir: <Sounds like it's still just a theory. Do you know if you can even possess the ship?>

Geno: We're about to find out.

(Geno's body flashes, and the doll is left laying on the ground. The scintillating light that is Geno bobs and weaves over to Snake's ship, and disappears inside it. A moment later, the main hatch opens.)

Snake: Wasn't me. This is looking pretty good, so far. Come on.

(Everyone piles into Snake's ship, and buckles in.)

Snake: Geno, are you there? Can you give me a sign?

(Suddenly, the ship roars to life. The hatch closes.)

Snake: Woah, easy there. I want this baby to last a while longer. Alright, let's do this!

(The Geno-ship takes off, slowly, then gains speed, and enters space.)

Snake: (whew) That was something. Alright, Geno, just tell me where to find this guy. I'll take it from there. Hey, what the-?

(Suddenly, a monitor scrambles for a moment, then switches to a polygonal construct of Geno's face.)

Geno: Huh... Am I coming through, alright?

Mewtwo: <Holy balls! What's he doing?>

Samus: Holy balls is right, Mewtwo.

Geno: Did Mewtwo just say something? Great. It looks like psychic talk doesn't work with me. Well, no problem. Okay, I know where to go, from here. I'm going to attempt to slip into sub-space, so... buckle up, because I'm not going to try to make this comfortable.

(A moment later, there's a violent jerk, and a feeling of immense pressure. Then, nothing.)

Geno: Good news. It looks like it worked. It's still going to be a couple hours, so just sit back, and relax.


Snake: Wow. This is... this is something, isn't it?

Ganondorf: Not really. I mean, let's review. There's a little rodent which can store immense amounts of electrical energy within it's body. We have another character which can unleash vast amounts of energy, just by going to sleep. As if that weren't enough, Geno himself is a being from a higher plane. What makes this so special?

Geno: He's got a point. You know what's really neat? My awareness extends through the entire ship. I know everything that happens, within this hull.

Snake: ...... Goddam, this universe is weird.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda, Peach, and all the children are gathered in the Endless Field, at night.)

Zelda: Alright, remember to stick with your groups. Peach and I will go in this direction. Young Link and Ness, that way, Pikachu, Pichu and Jigglypuff, that way, Ice Climbers and Bowser Jr., go that way. Now, does everyone have their flares? Good. If you find Sonic, ignite the flare. Then, wait for the other flares, so we all know we're safe, then come back to the door. Try to walk in a straight line, so you don't get lost. Any questions?


Zelda: Excellent. Let's get to it.

(Zelda and Peach walk off. After a few moments...)

Peach: Is this going to ruin our plans?

Zelda: Not at all. If anything, after this, I'll need to unwind just that much more. It might be a little later than last time, but that's okay.

Peach: Hm. You know I love you.

Zelda: I love you, too, Peach.

Peach: Mm.... Can I tell you something?

Zelda: What's that, dear?

Peach: Well.... Heh. I'm not even sure if I should be saying this. I have no idea why I'm telling you.

Zelda: Well, you're probably going to tell me, because now that I know you have a big secret, I'm not going to rest until I know what it is.

Peach: Yes, you would, at that.

Zelda: So? What is it?

Peach: ..... Promise you won't tell anyone? Anyone at all?

Zelda: I give you my word as princess of Hyrule.

Peach: ..... I'm in love with Bowser.

(Zelda stops in her tracks. Her left eye is twitching.)

Peach: ..... And... Bowser Jr. is my son.

(Now, both eyes are twitching.)

Peach: .... I didn't give birth to him, if that's what you're thinking. He was... he was made, in a lab.

Zelda: Um... Could you give me a moment?

Peach: Zelda, love... Are we still on for tonight?


Zelda: (sigh) Yeah. I love you too much to let this stop... us.

(They walk on in silence.)

Zelda: Out of curiosity, why did you tell me?

Peach: Oh, I just HAD to tell someone. It was eating me up, to be hiding such a secret from everyone. I'm sorry to do this to you.

Zelda: No, no. I'm glad that you did. It's better, this way. It was either like this, or at a very awkward moment. It could have been worse.

(More silence.)

Zelda: So, what's he like?

Peach: Bowser? Very kinky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pichu: {So, tell me again how this is our fault?}

Pikachu: {It's because we didn't try hard enough to warn him. I know he's a bit of a lunkhead, but I guess he's a cool lunkhead.}

Jigglypuff: {Say, here's a thought. Is the Endless Field curved, or flat?}

Pikachu: {Huh? What kind of question is that? It's curved, like a planet.}

Pichu: {Aren't you supposed to be a kid? How do you know that?}

Pikachu: {The only reason why I haven't evolved into Raichu is because I haven't found a Thunder Stone. I'm really five years old, which is, like, a teenager, to the humans.}

Jigglypuff: {Sure, whatever. Anyway, back to me. If the Endless Field is curved, doesn't that mean that, eventually, we'll end up back at the door? Say, does anyone know how big this place is?}

Pikachu: {They probably call it the "Endless Field" for a reason. It must be very big.}

Pichu: {I still think you're too young to be intelligent.}

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Y. Link: Hey, Ness, how come you never talk about your adventures?

Ness: Uh? Well... Compared to the stuff you've been through, I just didn't think it would be a great story.

Y. Link: Oh, come on. You're a psychic. That's gotta make your story cool, automatically.

Ness: I don't know...

Y. Link: Nope, it's settled. Tonight, we're going to listen to your adventures! And it's going to be really exciting.

Ness: If you say so... You really think being psychic makes it cool?

Y. Link: Of course! I mean, all I can do is add an element to my arrows. How lame is that? But you can blow stuff up with your mind!

Ness: That's true. ‘Splosions rock!

Y. Link: Totally.


Ness: Hang on, is that him?

Y. Link: Where? Oh, wait, that might be him! Wait, no... nope. Not him.

Ness: Darn. At this rate, I think we're going to be late, getting to bed. Remember Luigi and Wario?

Y. Link: No, I think we're safe. We're doing something meaningful, after all. Those two just goof off.

Ness: Yeah. I feel sorry for Luigi, though.

Y. Link; Yeah? Why's that?

Ness: Well, cuz he was always just that other guy, you know? He's always in Mario's shadow. It must be tough, for him.

Y. Link: Maybe. But, then again, there was that one time when Luigi saved Mario. Now, that's no small thing, to have to save Mario.

Ness: Well, sure, but that was just one time.

Y. Link: I don't know. Call it a hunch, but I think Luigi's going to have another adventure.

Ness: You think?

Y. Link: I just think it's about time, you know?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sonic: +Man, how big is this planet? Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have taken that one turn, back there. I'm sure I would have circled this place at least once, by now.+

(Suddenly, growling is heard.)

Sonic: Shut up, stomach! I know you're hungry, but I can't do anything about it. Oh, man. Now I'm starting to get tired! Well, maybe I'll feel better in the morning. No, not yet! I know I can keep going.

(Sonic runs a little longer.)

Sonic: Say, what's that? Could it be? A person? Yes, it is! HEEEEYYY!!!

(Sonic runs up to the Ice Climbers and Bowser Jr.)

Sonic: Boy, am I glad to see you guys! I've been running for ages! Say, do you know which way to get out of here?

Popo: Hey, Sonic! Oh, hang on. Nana, where's the flare.

Bowser Jr.: Right here. Just a moment...

(Bowser Jr. sets off the flare. Moments later, the other flares go up.)

Nana: That's it! Okay, let's get going.

(About ten minutes later, everyone has met up at the door.)

Peach: Hello, Sonic. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you.

Sonic: Not a problem. Thanks for coming after me. Now, can we please get out of here? Really, I need a chili-dog. Like, fast.

(We join Link and Krystal, about half-way through their journey to Argos, a city on Samus's world, where Link is to have a procedure to check out his brain. It's a little cramped, inside the Arwing...)

Link: Um, is they any particular reason why we're in this little ship? Don't you have something, you know, a little bigger?

Krystal: No, I don't, and I apologize if we're a little... close... for comfort. Although, I would think that our closeness is comforting, to you. To be near a comrade you can trust...

Link: Oh, I trust you... but you're not making this any easier on me.

Krystal: Why in the world is that?

(Krystal bends backwards, around her seat, and looks at Link upside-down. This also has the effect of making her bust strain against the fabric of her suit.)

Link: (cough) Well, er, you're, um... ahem. Never mind. Shouldn't you keep your eyes on- er, well, forward?

(Krystal just raises an eyebrow, and rights herself.)

Krystal: Hm. You're not much fun. You know, I could... put this ship on auto-pilot and give you a massage. You're awfully tense. It makes me feel bad, seeing a friend so worked up. Why don't you let me help you... relax?

Link: See? Right there. That's not helping.

Krystal: (sigh) Link... My sense of smell is pretty strong. I can smell many women on you. I thought you wouldn't have a problem with me.

Link: WHAT!? Oh, lord, um, no, yeah. What? Listen, Krystal, the reason I... what's that thing I do with them? Whatever. I do it because I have a special connection with them.

(Krystal turns around, making her bosom stretch the fabric again, and looks at Link with big, sad eyes.)

Krystal: So, I'm not special, to you?

Link: Exactly. I mean, no. I mean, yes! I don't know! This isn't helping, either! I'm losing my memory, and all you can think of is... what exactly were you thinking of?

Krystal: Oh, you don't even remember what I'm suggesting? Mmm, then this will be like your first time. Link, all I want to do is help you relax. Really. Honest.

Link: Really? Well, I do feel pretty tense... I- I suppose it can't hurt.

Krystal: Quite the opposite, Link. It's going to help you feel very, very nice.

Link: Are you sure?

Krystal: Very sure.

Link: Well... okay, I'll do it. What do I do?

(Krystal gets a smoldering look in her eyes. A smile plays over her muzzle. The kind of smile that would make normal men fear for their lives. Her voice becomes as smooth and sensual as silk.)

Krystal: All you have to do is lie back... and let me take care of you.

(Figure it out. About a half-hour later, they're naked, with Krystal in Link's lap.)

Krystal: See, Link? Wasn't that nice?

Link: Something doesn't quite seem right about this. Buuut... it was really fun, and I feel much better, now. Do you think can we do that again, please?

Krystal: Of course, dear. Just let me plot a new course.

Link: A new course? Where were we going, in the first place? I think it was kind of important.

Krystal: It can wait, sweetie. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Link: Oh, that's right. We're going to do more of that stuff that was really nice. This is really fun. I have a lot of fun with you. .......

Krystal: Is something wrong?

Link: I..'m not sure. I feel kinduv bad, though, because I can't remember your name.

Krystal: That's alright, dear. Just call me mama.

Link: Mama? I like that... I love you, mama.

Krystal: Mmm. Mama loves you, too.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(It's morning, at the mansion. Sonic has joined EXE, Bass, Marth and Roy. Meta-Knight, Blaziken and Vaati are nowhere to be seen.)

Sonic: Hey, do either of you know where Blaziken and that short one are? Vaati?

EXE: No clue. Blaziken probably doesn't know when to eat, and Vaati probably thinks he's too evil and high and mighty for our cafeteria.

Bass: I'm not sure about Blaziken. I bet he likes to hunt. He just seems like one of those people.

Sonic: Are you sure?

Bass: I used to hunt, for a long time. Trust me. He's a hunter, to the finger- ah, claw-tips.

Roy: (Japanese)

EXE: A problem? How?

Marth: (More Japanese)

EXE: Oh, right. Nothing to hunt, around here.

Sonic: Well, it's their loss. This place is great. I haven't had chili dogs this good in a while.

Roy: (More Japanese)

EXE: He's got a point. Don't you get sick from eating so much?

Sonic: Nah. I gotta eat a lot, if I want to keep my endurance up. Chili dogs work best, and they taste really good.

Roy: (Even more Japanese, but sounds like a question)

EXE: No. Don't even think about it.

Sonic: What's he asking about?

EXE: Trust me. You don't want to know. Something to do with endurance.

Bass: Hey, where's Meta Knight? What's going on with him?

Marth: (Japanese)

EXE: Still in his room? Good lord, what happened to him?

(Suddenly, a small monkey in a red tank-top and red cap swings in, and drops onto the floor.)


Diddy: {DONKEY!}

(The red-shirt'ed ape called Diddy flies into Donkey Kong's arms. General confusion reigns.)

DK: {Oh, right. Everyone, I'd like you all to meet a good friend of mine. Diddy Kong. Diddy, don't tell me...)

Diddy: {Ya darn right I'm a brawler!}

(Suddenly, again, a small boy in a white karate gi jumps in, and goes into a battle-ready stance. His head is mostly bald, except for a short, black lock of hair, on top.)

Ness: POO!

(Snicker snicker.)

Poo: Hello, Ness! Guess who's your other brawler?

(The two friends hug. Bowser Jr. bursts out laughing.)

Ness: What's the big deal?

Bowser Jr.: (snicker snicker snicker) .... POOOO!!! (falls out of chair, laughing)

Poo: Don't laugh, turtle! I could kick you right out of your shell!

(Bowser Jr. just keeps laughing.)

Ness: Whatever. Come on. Let's get you some doughnuts, and I'll tell you about what's going on.

Poo: Something's going on? I thought it was just us fighting, or something.

Ness: It goes a little deeper than that. Donkey Kong, you got Diddy, right?

(DK just gives a thumbs-up.)

Ness: Okay. Poo, you like jelly, right?

Popo: Wait, there's something I'm confused, about.

Ness: What's that?

Popo: ..... Where is that thing Diddy swung in on?

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Blaziken is roaming the halls.)

Blaziken: +I can't stand this! These people are trying to domesticate me. Don't they have any Stantler? Even a Miltank will do. Hell, I'd settle for a frickin' Goldeen! Urg. I gotta hunt for something!+

(Suddenly, he comes upon Vaati.)

Vaati: What the? What the hell are you?

Blaziken: Blaziken. Blay, ziken

Vaati: Oh. You're one of those animals. This place just keeps getting dumber and dumber, doesn't it?

Blaziken: +Animal? Dumb? I do believe I just found my first prey.+

(Blaziken curls his claws into a fist. He holds it in front of Vaati's face, and it bursts into flames.)

Vaati: What's this? You want to fight me? Hmph. You're still below me, but I suppose it'll shut the rest of them up, if I make an example out of you. Let's go.

(Just out of sight.)

Pit: +Hoo hoo. This is going to be great. I'll just see where they're going, and then I'll tell the rest of them.+

(Pit follows the two until they reach the Endless Field.)

Vaati: This should do nicely. It'll have plenty of room for our... spectators.

Pit: +And, that would be my cue to leave.+

(Pit runs all the way to the cafeteria.)


(Pit runs out. After a moment of silence, the rest of them follow.)

Wario: Alright. This time I'm bound to win! If Vaati wins, you're buying for a week!

Luigi: Deal! If-a Blaziken wins, you're-a buying for a week!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Meta-Knight is sitting in his room... just sitting, staring into space. He is not wearing mask or cape.)

......... (silence)

MK: ....... (sniff)

Huh??: You miss her?

(Meta-Knight nods)

Huh??: Wish you could have her back, don't you?


Huh??: ..... I could help you, if you would be willing to help me.

(We join Samus and all them, on their way to find Smithy, at the edge of the universe.)

................ (Silence.)

Ganondorf: ......... A family walks-
Mewtwo: <That's it! Mental agony!>

(Mewtwo's eyes flash, and suddenly, Ganondorf's head starts jerking around, violently.)

Gardevoir: <Dear, please don't. I'm aware that you're only trying to protect me, but he's going to snap his neck.>

(Mewtwo's eyes go back to normal, and Ganondorf's head stops shaking.)

Ganondorf: Never, ever do that again. Good lord, I think my neck just stretched an inch.

Mewtwo: <Stop trying to say that disgusting story.>

BM: If you two don't stop, I'm going to shove some cherry bombs down your throats! Now, shut it!


Geno: Attention, all! We're coming up on the edge of the universe. I don't know what's going to happen when we come out of sub-space, so brace yourselves.

(Everyone buckles in, and holds tight. A moment passes.... then another... a minute passes, without any noticeable change.)

Snake: Umm.... Are we out?

Geno: Scans indicate that we're in normal space. Interesting. It seems like it's only rough going into sub-space. Well, whatever. I have Smithy's workshop on short-range sensors. We'll be there in a couple minutes. Look, you can see it, now, out the window.

(Samus unbuckles herself, and floats over to a window. In the distance, there is what looks like a factory built into an asteroid.)

Samus: Smithy... Should we be prepared for battle?

Geno: I'm not sure what kind of defenses there are. However, it would be best to be prepared for the worst. Everyone, get ready.

Snake: Terrific. So, is there an atmosphere, or something?

Geno: Hang on.... scans show an artificial atmosphere, with typical air. Wait, there seems to be something else, in the air. One moment.... What the hell is phazon?

Samus: PHAZON!? What's it doing here?
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« Reply #14 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:08:16 pm »

BM: Interesting. Would you care to fill us in on what phazon is?

Samus: Oh, sorry. In short, phazon is a semi-sentient radioactive material. In it's purest form, which might be what is in the air, here, it's extremely poisonous, and very corrosive, and kills, quickly.

Ganondorf: Wait... Geno, what kind of air are we breathing?

Snake: Relax. Any air that's taken in from the outside goes through very thorough screening and filtering. I seriously doubt you're breathing phazon, right now.

Mewtwo: <Am I the only one who remembers that we have to walk around in that stuff? I'm sure there are suits designed for space-walking, but will they stand up to phazon?

Snake: Of course. Geno, Mewtwo just reminded us that we're going to have to go out there. Are the space-suits able to stand up to the phazon?

Geno: One moment... I estimate about 5 minutes of prolonged exposure before conditions become hazardous.

Snake: That'll be enough to get inside. Hopefully, it won't be as bad. That should be more than long enough to get inside. Now, unfortunately, we only have, er, human-shaped suits. And, Ganondorf, nothing in your size. Samus, can you use your Power Suit, for this?

Samus: I didn't think we would be in such abnormal atmosphere. I don't have the transformation module that holds my Power suit, but I can use the space-walking suit, just fine. Are you saying it's just going to be us?


Snake: Game&Watch? Hold up... you want to come with us?

G&W: Beep.

Geno: Let him. He doesn't need air to live, and his body isn't exactly flesh. I'm sure he'll be able to handle the phazon air at least as long as you.

Samus: Are you sure you want to do this?

G&W: Beep.

Snake: I'm assuming that's a yes. Alright, Samus, let's get suited up.

Mewtwo: <Hang on. We're coming, too. Don't worry. Between me and my love, here, we can put up a barrier that will keep out all phazon. We'll be fine.

Ganondorf: Would it be possible to make room for myself?

BM: If you're all going, so am I.

Gardevoir: <Of course. Samus, is that alright?>

Samus: Hm. I suppose if things start getting hairy, it would be best to have all the help we can get. Geno? How about you? I have your body, right here.

Geno: Er, Smithy might not be as amiable if I'm with you. I'm sorry, but I think I should stay back, for this. But, could you leave my body here? In case things get out of control, and you need back-up, or something. I know how powerful Smithy can be.

Snake: Of course. Alright, everyone. Let's get going.

(A few minutes later, the Geno-ship lands. The hatch opens, and everyone comes out, one by one, with Snake and Samus wearing their suits.)

Snake: (kscch) Alright, this is it. Samus and I will range ahead. The rest of you, stay close, and stay back, a bit.

(They all move in, and come to the front door. Samus and Snake sidle up on either side of the door, guns at the ready. Snake then signals for Ganondorf to bust down the door. Ganondorf moves in, starts charging a Gerudo Punch, and...)

(K-CHAK! EEEeEeeEe... The door opens, and there stands Smithy.)

Smithy: Thank god you're all here! Quick, inside! Now!

(Silence. The dark fire of Ganondorf's Gerudo Punch fizzles, and goes out.)

Ganondorf: Uhhh... What?

Smithy: If you're here, then you know about Mario's creation, right? You're searching for a way to destroy him. If you want to know, then get inside, now.

(After a moment's hesitation, Samus lowers her weapon, though still keeps it at the ready, and walks inside. A moment later, the rest follow, cautiously.)

Geno: ..... Looks like they're fine. I didn't expect Smithy to invite them in. Well, what am I going to do , now? Hmm..... Let's see what we have in Snake's personal files... Oh... oh, my. ..... Wow.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inside Smithy's workshop ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Okay, let's start with the obvious. Why is the air filled with phazon?

Smithy: Who do you think stokes the fire?

(At that moment, Dark Samus floats around a corner. Without hesitating, Samus runs forward, brandishing her laser-whip. Smithy suddenly gets in her way.)
(Note: For those of you who don't know what Dark Samus looks like, here's a fair representation.)


Smithy: Wait! It's a victim, just like me! Please, just, hear us out.

Samus: That abomination has given me too much trouble! It's the source of all phazon! It's the reason why the Chozo died out! I must destroy it!

(Snake gets a strong grip on Samus' shoulders, stopping her from rushing at Dark Samus.)

Snake: Wait! Samus, don't! If Smithy is telling us what I think he's telling us, we need Dark Samus!

Smithy: He's right. Between the two of us, we are the ones making the Smash Emblems that you'll need. If you want to take out that thing Mario created, you're going to need them.

Samus: I don't care! It must die!

Snake: Listen, you'll have your opportunity, later. For now, we need it.

Mewtwo: <Wait... I think it's trying to speak, or... something.>

(After a moment of silence, a bunch of blue sparkles coalesce, and form words.)

*Mark my words, mortal. The first chance I get, I will rid the universe of your existence. However, this takes precedence over our own conflict. You will be free of my wrath... for now.*

(For a long moment, Samus stares at the message, hanging in the air. She straightens up, and shrugs Snake's hands off her shoulders.)

Samus: For now.... (sigh) Fine. Alright, Smithy. Start talking. How can we take out The Deity?

Smithy: The Deity? Is that what you're calling it? A fitting name. Very well, listen up...

(Smithy explains how to destroy The Deity.)

Smithy: It's going to take some time to make them, however. We didn't expect anyone would find out about any of this. And, we certainly didn't expect anyone besides Mario and The Deity to be able to come out this far. How did you do it?

BM: As a matter of fact, our friend G-
Mewtwo: <A wizard did it.>

Ganondorf: Yes. A wizard. Look, the way we got here isn't important. You say it's going to take some time? Well, I suggest you get to work.

Smithy: (sigh) Of course, of course. Come, Dark Samus, we have work to do. You can all wait in your ship. This is going to take a few hours, at least.

(After a tense moment of Samus staring into Smithy's eyes, she turns around, and heads out. The rest follow, and they all return to the Geno-ship. Inside, Ganondorf stretches his arms wide.)

Ganondorf: AaaAahh. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for some rest.

Samus: Rest? Right now?

BM: You heard Smithy, Samus. We have a few hours to kill. It's not like pacing about anxiously, wasting energy and whatnot, is going to make them work faster. Besides, if we rushed them, those things won't turn out like they should.

Snake: He's right, dear. The situation is out of our hands, for a while. Let's just relax.

Samus: Snake...

Geno: Hey, have you all forgotten that I'm here, too? Would you care to fill me in?

(And so, they tell Geno everything that happened.)

Geno: Uh-huh. So, that's how it's done. It's pretty obvious, now that we've heard it, isn't it?

Snake: Our thoughts, exactly. That took about 5 minutes. What are we going to do with the next few hours?

Ganondorf: A family walks-
(Mental agony.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Four-ish hours later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BM: .... and then there was the time I stuck a fire-cracker in a frog's-

Geno: Hold that thought, Bomber-Man. It looks like Smithy is headed this way.

Samus: Thank you! Open the hatch, I'll meet him.

(Samus jumps out of the Geno-ship, and walks up to Smithy.)

Smithy: Whew! Alright. We were only able to make five. We tried for one more, but we ran out of material.

Samus: What? What are these made of?

Smithy: The regular ones are made out of a kind of stone. Those are made of a mythic ore, called orihalcon. I think about one-tenth of all the orihalcon in the universe is in this case, right here.

(Smithy hands over a small, leather-covered case. Samus opens it up.)

Samus: .... Silver?

Smithy: I was getting to that. You see, the thing about orihalcon is that when it's made into a specific weapon, only certain people can use that weapon. When that person comes along, the weapon will turn gold.

Samus: So, you're saying that it will turn golden, and be usable, but it can only be used by certain people.

Smithy: Exactly. So, you're going to have to figure it out, on your own.

Samus: Tell me again how they're different from regular ones.

Smithy: The regular ones don't effect The Deity at all. These ones are endowed with powers very similar to his, but different enough that he will be harmed. Also, the users will become invulnerable to most of his powers, but they can still be harmed by regular attacks.

Samus: Excellent. That's all we need. Oh, one last thing. I'm getting the feeling that these things are radiating some kind of energy. Wouldn't The Deity sense them, and do something about them before we can use one of them?

Samus: Way ahead of you. Underneath the leather, is a metal that has power-dampening properties to it. As long as the gaze of The Deity doesn't fall directly on the case, he won't sense it. Keep it hidden. Or, better yet, keep it out, among many other things. Either way, there's a good chance that he won't know about them, until it's too late.

Samus: Alright. I see. Thank you.

Smithy: No, thank you. And, good luck.

 (Samus enters the Geno-ship.)

Mewtwo: <I felt a tremendous power. Are you sure whatever's in there is stable?>

Samus: Don't worry about it.

(Samus tell them about what's in the case, and all that.)

BM: Damn. So, what are we going to call them?

Gardevoir: <Bomberman has a point. Something with this much power needs a name.>

Ganondorf: Hmm.... Nah, that's dumb.

Snake: What's that?

Ganondorf: ..... The Giga-Smash.


Ganondorf: See? Dumb.

Samus: .... I like it.

BM: It's catchy. And, it says everything in just three little words. Well, two, if you don't count the "the."

Geno: Indeed. So be it. They shall be known as "The Giga-Smash" coins

Snake: Fantastic. Alright, now that we got what we came for, let's get back to the mansion.

Geno: Right-o.

(Geno powers up, takes off, and slips into sub-space.)

Samus: (whew) I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that. Okay. Since we're going to be here for a while, I suppose we ought to find out if any of us are capable of using these.

(Samus opens up the case, and takes out a single Gig-Smash coin. It instantly turns a brilliant gold color.)

Snake: Well, well. Right out of the box, we have a winner.

Samus: Oh, my... this is... I can feel the power! It's... amazing!

Ganondorf: Settle down, there. Pass that thing around.

(Samus reluctantly hands it to Snake. It turns back to silver. Snake hands it to Mewtwo, and it stays silver. Mewtwo hands it to Bomberman, and it stays silver. Bomberman hands it to Ganondorf... it shines brightly, again.)

Ganondorf: Holy BALLS! The rush! The absolute power! HAAAhahahah- urgh!

Mewtwo: <Mental agony. It never fails.>

Ganondorf: Alright, alright! I'm done! Stop!

(Ganondorf hands the coin back to Samus, who stares at it for a moment, whistfully, then places it back in the case, and closes it.)

Geno: Um, guys? I figure now would be as good a time as any to tell you something. We gotta make a stop at Mario's world.

Snake: Mario's world? Why?

Geno: Well.... Yoshi has been reborn...

Samus: WHAT?!

Geno: .... and we're going there to pick him up.

Snake/Samus: WHAT!?

Ganondorf: Do we need to remind you of what Yoshi did?

Geno: I know, I know. Listen, I... I have my orders. I am to retrieve Yoshi, take him back to the mansion, where we will all raise him. I'm sorry, but I must carry out these orders.

Snake: Orders? Since when the hell did you take orders from anyone?

Geno: I'll have you know that Star Road has a hierarchy, just like any civilization. I happen to be one of the top... well, I guess you could call us administrators.

BM: Administrators?

Geno: Well, the official title is Seraphim, but that's just a fancy way of saying administrator. Anyway, we're going to Mario's world, and that's that.

Snake: And, if we object?

Geno: Simple. I leave this ship, and take a different form, later. Of course, that would leave you guys stranded in sub-space for all time, because I'm the only one who could possibly know how to get out.


Ganondorf: You would have made a great evil character.

(Krystal's Arwing touches down in a small clearing, near a hut. Krystal and Link, naked as the day they were born, jump out.)

Link: Where is this, mama?

Krystal: This is my little home away from home. We're going to be living here, for a while.

Link: Neat. Will I be needing any of my stuff?

(Link reaches for his Master Sword, but Krystal quickly grabs his wrist, and pulls it away.)

Krystal: Now, now, dear. Let mama take care of this stuff. You grab our clothes, and we'll go inside.

(Link picks up all their clothes, and walks in. Right inside is a lovely sort of dining room.)

Link: This is nice. Did you do all this, mama?

Krystal: Most of it. Now, let me show you where we'll be sleeping.

Link: We're sleeping together? Isn't that... creepy?

Krystal: Don't you love your mama?

Link: Of course I- oh, I get it. Since I love you so much, it's okay.

Krystal: Exactly. Now, do you remember that fun stuff we did in my plane?

Link: Again? Alright!

Krystal: Sweet boy. Except, this time, we're going to have a lot more room. It's going to be a lot more fun.

(On the way up to their bedroom, Krystal takes Link's Master Sword and shield, drops them in a chest, and locks it. She puts the key in a drawer next to the bed.)

Krystal: Okay, dear. Let's get started.

(Figure it out. Some time later...)

Krystal: You're still up?! It's nice to know I have such a strong boy. Well, we're not going to stop until you're all tuckered out!

(2 goddam hours later.)

Link: Unh! Hoo! Okay... I'm ready for a nap.

Krystal: I should hope so. That was amazing. Mama's so proud of you.

Link: Thank you, mama. I love you.

Krystal: I love you, too.

(They fall asleep in each others arms.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has gathered just inside the Endless Field. Blaziken and Vaati are squaring off.)

Ness: Who do you think is gonna win?

Y. Link: I don't know. Hey, Wario, who do you think is gonna win?

Wario: My money's on the evil kid!

Y. Link: Right. I'm betting on Blaziken.

Wario: HEY! I might be right.

Luigi: Wario, you haven't-a won a bet since you came here. Don't you think you should stop?

Wario: Never! The Law of Probability states that soon, very soon, I'm going to be right. Besides, this will be a great opportunity to see what they can do.

Luigi: Whatever. You're still-a buyin'

(Over by the combatants.)

Vaati: It seems we've attracted quite an audience. I hope you don't... slip... under the pressure. Of course, it doesn't matter. There's no way you can hurt me.

Blaziken: Blaziken, blaziken. Blaziken.

Vaati: What? Oh, whatever.

(By the audience.)

Peach: Kirby, what did he say?

Kirby: Puyo... puyo puyo, puyo. {Um... I don't think I should repeat it.}


(And so, they start fighting.... and fighting, and fighting, and fighting...)

Mario: What's-a going on here?

All: AH!

Peach: M-Mario! I, er, we weren't expecting you.

Mario: Why are these two fighting?!

Wario: (cough) Oh, you know Vaati. It was only a matter of time before he insulted someone who's going to fight back. It just so happened that Blaziken was that one.

Mario: Hmm..... Who do you think is going to win?

Wario: I'm betting on Vaati.

Mario: Luigi, put me down for 20 coins on Blaziken.

Wario: HEY!

(Blaziken and Vaati exchange blows, for a while. All the while...)

Vaati: +Urgh! How? How could anyone hurt me? Fine. I'm going to have to take this seriously, then.+

Blaziken: +Stupid animal... I'll show this wretched... child what I'm truly capable of.+

(Blaziken bunches himself up, and starts glowing. Vaati dashes at him, holding a ball of dark energy in his hand. Right before Vaati contacts with the energy, Blaziken spreads out, and a field of heat and fire radiates out from him.)

Pichu: PICHU!

Kirby: Puyo?

Popo: Overheat? Wow... and we're going to have to fight that.

(And, so, they fight. Until, eventually...)

Vaati: HU-WAAAAAaaaahh!!!


Luigi: ....... You're-a buying.

Wario: I don't get it... this was supposed to be my turn to win. Curse you, Vaati!

Peach: ...... Now what?

Zelda: This seems to be a bit anti-climactic, doesn't it?

Pit: Are you joking? Vaati's been humbled! Blaziken's done something to shut that little kid up. I don't know about the rest of you, but Blaziken's a hero, to me.

Ness: He's got a point... three cheers for Blaziken! Hip-hip!


Blaziken: Blay? (cough) Blaziken.

Kirby: Puyo, puyo. Puyo.

Y. Link: Totally! Thank you for taking him down. I bet he's never going to act all high-and-mighty again. Serves him right, getting beat, like that.

Pit: Hey, Blaziken, if you're interested, I make a steak that you would not believe.

Blaziken: Blay? Blaziken...

Pit: Uh, sure. I'll show you where I get my meat.

Blaziken: Blaziken!

Zelda: I daresay, you just found the right button to push.

 (And, so, everyone leaves the Endless Field, leaving Vaati lying there, unconscious. About an hour later...)

Vaati: Uuunnh.... what happened? Where did everybody go?

Huh??: You were defeated, Vaati. You were beaten, and the rest of them left you

Vaati: That's right... I guess they're stronger than I thought. At least, that one is.

Huh??: Or, maybe you're not strong enough. Did you ever think of that?

Vaati: Impossible. I'm extremely powerful. I just underestimated my opponent. That's all there is to it.

Huh??: Perhaps.... But, why take that chance? Wouldn't you like to be absolutely sure of your strength?

Vaati: I was. That hubris was my downfall.

Huh??: You're wrong! And I can prove it to you. I can help you become stronger. Stronger than all of them. Of course, I'll need something in return...

Vaati: Hmm.... Who are you? Or, more importantly, why am I only hearing a disembodied voice?

Huh??: If you agree to help me, then I'll show myself. The greatest power can be your's, Vaati! Do not throw this chance away!

Vaati: ....... Nice try, but I don't "help" anyone. Now, stop speaking to me.


Vaati: That's right. And stay away.

(Vaati walks back into the mansion.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: I'm impressed. I really thought he would be swayed by the thought of revenge, and ultimate power.

Mario: Shows what you know. He's-a too smart to give in, just like that. And, he's-a too proud to except help.

TD: ..... Mario... father... Do you think I enjoy doing this?

(Huge smack, and stomping.)

TD: You (stomp) think (stomp) I (stomp) enjoy (stomp) doing (stomp) this? (sigh) (stops stomping) Well... perhaps I do.

(Maniacal laughter and more stomping.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just outside Yoshi Island ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno has returned to his body.)

Geno: Okay. I'm only going to be a little bit. I doubt it'll take long, you guys just sit tight.

(Geno heads into Yoster town, the city of Yozards. He goes right up to a blue Yozard.)

Geno: Greetings. I am here to see a certain Yozard. He's green, and was hatched not too long ago. May I ask your name?

Boshi: {The names Boshi, and I know who you're looking for. You know, he looks really familiar. Kind of like an old friend...}

Geno: ..... Exactly. That's Yoshi, reincarnated.

Boshi: {Say what!?}

Geno: I know. I said the same thing when I found out. Anyway, I have come here to retrieve him, and take him to his new home. Would you please take me to him?

Boshi: {Wow... reborn... amazing.}

Geno: Yes, it's amazing. Would you please?

Boshi: {Uh, sure.}

(Boshi takes Geno to a large incubator.)

Geno: Excellent. There you are... Yoshi.

(Geno pulls out the tiny, adorable, baby Yoshi.)

Geno: Come along, little guy. I'm going to take you to meet your friends. You don't know what I'm talking about, but you'll see, soon enough.

Boshi: {Say, uh... we never found out what happened to him. We know he died, but how?}

Geno: Hmm. I think it would be better for you to not know. Besides, there's really no need, now is there?

Boshi: ..... {He went berserk, didn't he? Damn. It's a strange thing to see, isn't it? He's one of the sweetest guys you could ever know, then he turns absolutely blood-thirsty.}

Geno: Yes... Of course, now everyone knows about it, so we'll be extra careful. Uh, say, how do we care for him?

Boshi: {Oh, it's not that hard. Just toss it some fruit, and such, and he'll grow like a weed. That's the great thing about Yozards. Anyway... I suppose that's really it. Oh, make sure he has plenty of room to run around, in. We Yozards love to run.}

Geno: Yes... Thank you, Boshi. I promise, we will raise him right.

Boshi: {I'm sure you will.}

(Geno returns to the ship.)

Samus: Is that him? Awwww! He's so cute! Come here, you!

(Samus swipes Yoshi away, and coddles him mercilessly. Yoshi seems to be eating it up.)

Geno: (cough) Right. Well, I think we're done, here. Shall I take control of the ship?

Snake: Nah. I got it, this time.

(They head into the ship, and buckle in.)

G&W: <Geno, can you hear me?>

Geno: <It's good to be back. It sucked, not being able to hear things telepathically.>

G&W: <Mm. Anyway, I have something to ask you abo->
Samus: Oh! I almost forgot! Geno... (opens up the Giga-Smash case) we have to test you.

(Geno reaches out, and picks up a Giga-Smash coin. It stays silver. Geno puts it back.)

Geno: Eh. No big deal. Of course, it'll be difficult finding out who the other users are.

Samus: Mm. We'll think of something, I'm sure.

G&W: <What a shame. Anyway, I have to ask you something.>

Geno: <Shoot.>

G&W: <It's about Smithy... can we trust him? What if these little coins don't work, or something?>

Geno: .... <Well... It's hard to believe that he wants to help us. However, I think it's easier to believe that he wants The Deity dead. So, yes, I trust him... just this once.>

Samus: Gitchy-gitchy-goo!

Mewtwo: <Am I the only massively creeped out by the way Samus is acting?>

Ganondorf: Not by a long shot.

Gardevoir: <Oh, but he's just adorable! Let me hold him, Samus. Yes, you're the sweetest little thing I've ever seen! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!>

Mewtwo: <Can you taste the bile?>

(Everyone is finally returning to the mansion, for the final showdown with The Deity.)

Samus: So cute!

Mewtwo: <So help me, God, if either of you make one more little comment about that reptile, I will cause mental agony for the both of you.>

Gardevoir: <You're just mad because I think he's cuter than you.>

Mewtwo: <I don't care. I know it's not my looks. I wasn't created to win any beauty contests. Now, stop doing that!>

Samus: Hmph. He's definitely just jealous that he's not getting any attention.

BM: No, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the two of you continuously flapping your noise-holes.

(Silence. Snake glances back from the cockpit.)

BM: What? It's true, isn't it?

Ganondorf: This walking explosive has a point. You two are-

(Suddenly, the Triforce mark in the back of Ganondorf's left hand glows brightly. A moment later, there's a brilliant flash, and Ganondorf is floating amongst whiteness. All the others are gone.)

Ganondorf: What the? Is this... The Sacred Realm?

Huh??: Ganondorf, we are in need of your aid.

Ganondorf: Such power. Who, no, what are you?

Din: I am Din, Goddess of Power, and creator of the Triforce of Power. The Triforce that you hold. Ganondorf, though I and my sisters frown upon your actions, we are in need of your aid. Link is in great danger of losing himself.

Ganondorf: So? That's good for me. Let him get lost.

Din: Ganondorf, if Link should be lost, then the balance will be out of control. You will be so overcome by power, you will go insane.

Ganondorf: There was not one part of that sentence I didn't like.

Din: When you go insane, you will destroy everything you see.

Ganondorf: Aaaand...?

Din: Ganondorf, you will eventually destroy yourself. In a very, very horrendous way.

Ganondorf: Uh-huh. Why didn't you say that in the first place?

Din: I thought you were smarter than that. Now, if you wish to stay in balance, and keep your sanity, you must find Link, and restore his mind.

Ganondorf: Yuh-huh. How do I do that?

Din: That is something I cannot tell you. Only you can figure it out.

Ganondorf: Hang on, why don't you just have the Courage Goddess - what's her name? Farore? - Why doesn't she go after Link?

Din: Link's mind is already too far gone for my sister to be able to contact him. It must be you. Now, you must go.

Ganondorf: Wait! Where the hell is he?

Din: Follow the pull of your Triforce.

(There's another great flash, and Ganondorf finds himself back in his seat, on Snake's plane, with Snake's wet finger in his ear.)

Ganondorf: INNA NERTS!

(Ganondorf punches Snake right in the junk. Snake goes down, squealing.)

Mewtwo: <Told ya that would bring him back!>

Geno: I know that look you had in your eyes, Ganondorf. Did you have a vision?

Ganondorf: Ya damn right! Come on. We can't go back to the mansion, just yet.

Samus: What? Are you insane?

Ganondorf: No, but I will be if Snake do- Snake?

(Snake is curled into a fetal position, holding his balls.)

Yoshi: Yoshi?

Gardevoir: <Oh my god! Was that his first word?>

 (So, after a few long minutes, Snake regains his composure, and Ganondorf tells his vision.)

Snake: (cough) Yeah, I see why this is so important.

Ganondorf: Yeah, um, hey, about that shot... you probably deserved it. Karma, and all that.

Snake: Yeah? Well, if that's true, that means you're going to get a sledge-hammer right where it hurts. And for all you know, it'll be me on the other end.

Samus: Hey, could we please go find Link, then? It'd be kind of nice if we didn't have to see Ganondorf go berserk. Did Din give you any kind of time frame?

Ganondorf: Now that you mention it, she didn't. That probably means I should go, quickly.

Geno: And, she said to follow your Triforce? Huh. It probably means you can use it as a homing beacon. Try concentrating on Link, and see what you feel.

Ganondorf: Ugh. This is not how I want to spend my day. Fine.

(Ganondorf closes his eyes, and focuses. A moment later...)

Ganondorf: There he is... Alright, Snake. I got a lock on him.

Snake: Excellent. Point the way.

(And so, Snake homes in on the spot Ganondorf points out. Snake finds it on his charts, and realizes it isn't the planet the mansion is on.)

Snake: What's he doing there? Why the hell isn't he at the mansion?

Mewtwo: <I could sense it in him. Something seems to be wrong with him mind.>

Gardevoir: <Yes, I could feel it, as well. It was like parts of his brain were slowly dropping away.>

Samus: Yeesh. That explains the "losing himself" bit. How did he get there?

BM: Hopefully, we'll find out when we get there.

(A couple hours later...)

Snake: Are you sure it's from that planet?

Ganondorf: Positive.

Snake: Hmm... Hang on, I'm picking up some heat signatures. What the-?

BM: What's up?

Snake: He's living in a... a cottage. An actual, liveable domicile. It looks like a nice one, too.

Samus: That must mean he's either not as crazy as we thought, or he's with someone.

Snake: I can't tell. This ship was built mostly for transportation and combat. It isn't equipped with scanners sensitive enough to give me more than what we know, right now.

Ganondorf: No problem. Just set us down close, and we'll take a closer look, ourselves.

(Twenty minutes later, they touch down, and are all outside.)

Samus: Alright. It's night. I think we should take this opportunity to see what's going on, in there. For all we know, Link might be tearing something up.

Snake: Got it. Game&Watch, with me?

G&W: Beep?

Snake: Why you? (cough) You, er, blend in with the night.


Geno: Did... did you just...

G&W: <Let it slide. Just... dammit, let it go.>

(Snake and Game&Watch sneak over to the hut. About five minutes later, they return.)

Samus: What did you guys see?

Snake/G&W: ...............

Ganondorf: Come on. Out with it.

Snake: I'm done. I'm getting in the plane, and I'm staying there.

Geno: Good lord. Game&Watch? Are you broken?

G&W: <I've witnessed things... I've seen things.... I've CREATED things that would scare anybody. But, that... that is just... I'm going with Snake.>

(Snake and Game&Watch go into the plane, and shut the hatch.)

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