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09 December, 2021, 07:44:14 am
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1991 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:01:51 pm »

Mewtwo: <Well, when I focused on Fox, one of the few characters really qualified to be any type of leader, I actually got quite a bit of envy from him.> (sucks down another egg)

Ganondorf: Huh. That sounds about right. (chews another wad of bacon and talks around it) He's probably upset that nobody questions her, even though he's the one who knows how to lead. I can't help but wonder if he's going to let it get the better of him.

Mewtwo: <Nah. He seems a little too level-headed to do something so drastic.> (slams another glass of grape juice) <Besides, if he does try something, I doubt the rest of the brawlers would follow him, and might even defend Samus.> (pushes plates away and leans back) <Well, I think I'm good.>

Ganondorf: Would you defend her? If Fox tries to pull a coup, that is. (shovels more eggs into his mouth)

Mewtwo: <I'm not sure. I don't really need to have a leader, personally, but this mansion would probably go to hell in a handbasket if these people didn't have a leader. If nothing else, these people are pretty damn amusing, with their crazy antics. Eh, maybe if it looked like she really needed help. Other than that, I'm staying back, and watching the fireworks. How about you?

Ganondorf: (slams one more glass of milk, and leans back) ‘Bout the same. Except, I think I'd step in a little sooner. Not sure why, I just like her. Like you said, she's keeping the people here from losing all sanity. That'd be funny as hell, sure, but it doesn't really say anything about the long-term, now does it? I may be evil, and a little crazy, but I am not dumb.

Mewtwo: (standing up) <That makes sense. This place is amusing, and I could do this for a while. Anyway, I gotta meditate, now. See you here for lunch.>

Ganondorf: (stands up as well): Yeah. See ya.

(Mewtwo heads outside, and Ganondorf heads toward his tower.)

(Ganondorf keeps walking. He rounds a corner, and sees Samus.)

Samus: Ah, Ganondorf! Just the guy I wanted to see. Where's Mewtwo?

Ganondorf: He's meditating. You won't be able to reach him for a few hours.

Samus: Hmm.... When are the two of you going to be near each other, next?

Ganondorf: We usually meet for lunch a little before noon, then go for more training. Why?

Samus: I have a request for the two of you. I think you'll like it. Say, do you know where Pit is? I hear he's taking requests, for the banquet. I'd like to collaborate with him on the menu, so we can move on.

Ganondorf: (cough) I couldn't tell you where he is. Mewtwo has some secret about him, but he isn't letting on. I'm afraid you're going to have to look for him the hard way.

Samus: Hmm. This is going to be a long day. I can feel it.

Ganondorf: Yeah... I could just swear that I'm missing something.... something important.

Samus: ..... Your attitude? You're unusually compliant. Let me guess: you just binged on bacon, while gossiping with Mewtwo, right?

Ganondorf: ...... What was this request you had for us? I can pass it on to Mewtwo, later.

Samus: Not a chance. If I know you half as well as I think I do, you're going to twist my little request into something you wouldn't agree to, just because I said the word "gossiping." I'll talk to you two later.

(Samus goes on her way.)

Ganondorf: ... +I don't have time to go after her. I gotta work on my speed training. I refuse to be the slowest character again.+

(Ganondorf heads off to his tower.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, in a different part of the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Doc has finally returned, and is in Mario's office.)

Doc: It's-a very sad to say. I wish I didn't-a have to be the bearer of bad news. He-a really was a great man to-a have around. However, there's-a no doubt about it. I just wish I didn't-a have to tell everyone. It-a was hard enough telling-a you.

Mario: I see.... I'll-a call everyone-a together in a few hours, and I'll-a be the one to tell-a them. For now, would-a you please give-a me the details? Last time I heard, he was-a going to make a full-a recovery.

Doc: All-a right. This is-a everything I know....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus is standing outside Pit's room.)

Samus: Pit? Are you in there? I'd like to see what you have, so far, for the banquet..... Pit?

(Some clattering is heard within. A moment later, Pit opens the door. His hair is ruffled, and his toga is on awkwardly.)

Pit: Oh! Samus. I-I wasn't expecting you. (cough) At least, certainly not at this time. Listen, I was kind of in the middle of something. It's, um... a ritual! To give thanks for our gifts, and to be forgiven for our sins. (cough) So.... could you please come back in maybe a half-hour?

Samus: ........ You have the subtlety of Wario, Pit. I'm not going to ask questions, because I trust you're bright enough to not do anything stupid. You have 10 minutes.

(Samus walks away. Pit closes the door, and looks in the corner.)

Pit: It's clear. You can breathe, now.

(Zelda lets out a big sigh of relief, goes to Pit, and kisses him.)

Zelda: Pit... we can't keep doing this. You know that. (kiss) Eventually, we have to (kiss) come up with some sort of (kiss) solution.

Pit: I know, love. (kiss) However, (kiss) we have about 8 minutes yet, (kiss) before you have to be out of here. Now, I'm not one to (kiss) brag, but I can definitely do it in that time. (kiss)

Zelda: Eight minutes? I'd like to see you try. (kiss)

Pit: I bet you would. (kiss)

Zelda: I'll be counting. Seven minutes, forty-five seconds. (kiss)

(It's almost time for the lunch rush. Samus is hanging out at her usual table, when Snake enters.)

Snake: Hey there, beautiful. How's everything going?

(Snake sits down near Samus. They kiss.)

Samus: Eh. Not bad, but not really good. I almost caught Pit doing something stupid.

Snake: Really? What was he doing?

Samus: I said "almost." I didn't actually see what he was doing. Doesn't matter. He has enough sense that he isn't going to do anything dangerous.

Snake: Ah, well. What else is going on?

Samus: Well, I've noticed that Mewtwo and Ganondorf seem to be quite informed. I'm thinking of asking them for their services. I know everyone trusts me, but it helps to know.

Snake: Samus, I'm hurt. You know that stealth is second nature to me. I could get any piece of information they can. Not only that, but I can do it faster.

Samus: Sweetie, I know you're good, but you're no psychic. And, where Mewtwo goes, Ganondorf goes.

Snake: Isn't that weird? They're always together. (pause) Come to think of it, I've been seeing Marth and Roy being pretty close. I could swear I saw Roy looking at Marth with "that look."

Samus: Which look is that?

(Snake does "that look." Samus bursts into giggles.)

Samus: Oh, my! Now, that's something I'm sure Mewtwo never noticed!

(The brawlers start pouring in as the lunchtime rush hit its peak. One of the last two to arrive are Ganondorf and Mewtwo.)

Snake: There they are. You wanna just go up to them and ask them?

Samus: I think that's best. Ganondorf must've told Mewtwo to expect me. There's no need for subtlety. (turns to Snake) Would you be so kind as to accompany me?

Snake: It'd be a pleasure.

(Samus and Snake get up and head for the table Ganondorf and Mewtwo are sitting at, just as the two plunk down with their usual giant mounds of grub.)

Snake: Hey there, you two. (Pulls up a chair and sits down.)

Samus: I'm sure you two were expecting me. I hope you don't mind me bringing Snake into this. (Turns a chair around, and straddles it.) Anyway, I'm guessing I don't have to build up to anything, so I'm going to just ask you.

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Doc: Hello, everyone! I'm-a back, and I have-a some bad news. Please gather in-a the Conference Room at-a 1:00. That's-a all.

(The PA clicks off. Everyone goes back to chowing down.)

Samus: Hmm. Anyway, this is what I need from you two: You seem to know most of what's going on around here. Mewtwo, I know what your psychic powers can do, and Ganondorf, your perception and deduction skills work very well with Mewtwo. So, I'd like to "hire" you two to get me whatever information I need. That's it. And I'll need an answer before the meeting at 1:00. You know where we'll be.

(Samus and Snake head back to their table.)

Samus: Well, that wasn't too bad.

Snake: Meh. I think I should've used some intimidation tactics on them. They would have given us an answer right away.

Samus: I think if you tried to scare them-
Snake: Intimidate.
Samus: Right, intimidate. If you tried to "intimidate" them, they probably would've started beating on you, and that's the last thing we need, right now.

Snake: Mm. Ah, well. What if they turn you down?

Samus: Then, by all means, make their lives a nightmare.

Snake: Have I recently told you how much I love you?

(Snake and Samus kiss, then they get up to grab food.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(DK and Yoshi are sitting at their usual table, chowing down mostly on fruits.)

DK: {Hey, Yoshi, do you eat just fruit? I don't think I've ever seen you eat meat.} (tosses two kiwis into his big maw, and chews.)

Yoshi: {I eat meat. Every couple weeks, I eat a big steak, to help keep my muscles strong.} (crams four different kinds of fruit in his mouth at once, and chews.)

DK: {Hm. How come only every couple weeks? You should try it more often. I hear bacon is really delicious.}

Yoshi: {My friend Boshi says I have to hold back on meats, or else I might lose it. That's why I always have my steak well done.}

DK: {Wait, you lose it? What's that mean?}

Yoshi: {I'm not sure. Boshi just says that I should be glad it's never happened to me. He says that one time, he lost it, and he's been monitored since then. Whatever that means.} (shovels in more fruit.) {That reminds me, it's almost time for my steak. I think I'll have one tonight.}

DK: ..........

Yoshi: {DK? Is something wrong?}

DK: ..... {No, sorry. Nothing's wrong, I think.} (slowly chews a heap of pineapple chunks.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back with Mewtwo and Ganondorf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: What do you think? If she does end up becoming a leader to us, it'd certainly be smart to make sure we're on her good side. (Scarfs burger.)

(Mewtwo hovers Mondo Gulp and two sandwiches in front of him.)

Mewtwo: <Agreed. We should take her up on her offer. However, we can't look too submissive. I think we should do it, but only when certain conditions are met.> (Eats half of one sandwich, and sucks on Mondo Gulp.) <Shows her that we are not to be taken lightly.> (crams the rest of the one sandwich into his mouth, and sucks on Mondo Gulp.)

Ganondorf: Right, right. (Crunches a stack of chips.) What should our terms be? (Chomps burger.) I don't know about you, but I'm going to make damn sure whoever gives us this food gives us better burgers. And that's just for starters. (Eats the rest of the burger, and sucks on his own drink.) I'm'a make sure the training rooms are made stronger. And some holographic training programs. Hell, Samus, Fox, Falco, they probably have access to all that stuff. (Crunches another stack of chips.) You?

Mewtwo: <I'm with you on the food thing. I'm likin' the training room stuff, too.> (crams sammich into his mouth, and takes another suck of his Mondo Gulp.) <I don't know. I'm pretty content with what I have. Although, I think Samus should put in an arboretum.> (crunches chips) ...... <What?>

Ganondorf: An arboretum? ...... You're hiding something. What's going on?

Mewtwo: <Nothing's going on.> (hovers two slices of cheesecake in front of him.) <Just because I hang out with you, doesn't mean I don't appreciate nature.> (eats cheesecake)

Ganondorf: Uh-uh. There's definitely something wrong here. You may be able to hide your emotions, but you're a bad liar. (Chomps burger.) You know, for someone who's just been meditating, you're eating quite a bit. You've been active. Very active.

Mewtwo: <Of course. Then again, you might be paranoid.>

Ganondorf: Noope. No problem with that. It's you. You eat much more than normal, and you've been spending a little too much time "meditating" in nature. In fact, I think I remember the change being pretty sudden.

Mewtwo: <Your speaking grows irritating. Knock it off.>

Ganondorf: ....... I'm getting warmer. Now I just have to guess what your secret is.

(The pupils of Mewtwo's eyes glow with a dull purple shine. He slowly hovers a cheesecake in front of him.)

Mewtwo: <No, really. Stop. No secret. Not hiding anything. Shut up. Now.>

Ganondorf: I know you, Mewtwo. You're acting like you still have it together, but any moment now, you're going to lose it.

Mewtwo: <Dammit, Ganondorf, do I have to set you on fire? I can, you know. On a whim. Quickly.>

Ganondorf: Your eye is twitching. We both know that talking will make things easier for the both of us. So, talk.

(Mewtwo's eyes suddenly flash dark purple, and the cheesecake in front of him is squished into a very tiny, very dense ball.)


(Everyone freezes. Ganondorf drops his burger, Marth spits out the soda he was drinking, Kirby's eyes become as large as dinner plates, Luigi drops his spaghetti on the floor, Ness chokes on his cake, Pichu and Pikachu spark a little, Meta-Knight, Fox and Falco all reflexively squeeze hard on their burgers, making the filling shoot out, Pit's wings twitch violently, and Yoshi's mouth hangs open, the fruit he was chewing spilling on the table. Every eye in the cafeteria turns toward Mewtwo.)

Mewtwo: ......... (The tiny ball of cheesecake suddenly bursts into dark psychic flames.) <WHAT!?>

(Slowly, everyone cleans up, and continues eating. Absolute silence prevails. Time passes. Eventually, it gets close to 1:00, and all the brawlers, still without saying a word, head for the Conference Room. On the way out, Ganondorf gets close to Samus, and whispers very quietly.)

Ganondorf: We accept your offer, for now. We'll give you our conditions later.

(Still without saying a word, all the Brawlers file into the Conference Room, where Doc and Mario already are, and take their seats.)

Mario: ......... What's-a going on?

Mewtwo: <Just get on with it!> (Mewtwo closes his eyes.)

(Mario raises an eyebrow, but ignores it.)

Mario: Ohhhkie-dokie. Anyway, as you can see, Doc has-a returned from checking in on Captain Falcon. I'm afraid he's taken a turn for the worse. We're not quite sure what caused his-a dramatic change, but he appears to have stabilized, but he's very slow in recovering. At the moment, it doesn't look like Captain Falcon is going to be able to ever be in Super Smash-a Brothers, again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ However, while Mario was talking, Mewtwo was hard at work. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mewtwo: +Ugh, that sucked so much. It is inexcusable for me to lose it like that. Well, I guess I can only move on. Now, what are these people are feeling. Hmm...... well, I guess I can only describe it as absolute dumbfoundedness. Figures. I'm going to have to concentrate more to get their individual- Woah! Mario must've said something scary. That was a big spike. Let's see... felt like.... mostly shock... there was definitely a lot of worry. Heh. The big idiot must be in trouble. ... This is strange... Oh, it's just Geno. It makes sense that he would feel odd. This is the first time I've been able to feel his energy. ... Strange. There's something not right about him. Damn, I can't put my finger on it. What's this? There's another, similar signal.... Game & Watch!? Oh, of course. It's because they're both from an entirely different plane of existence. Although, Game&Watch seems to... hmmm.... I don't like this. I should find out more before trying to poke around in his head. I wouldn't want to get my psyche tangled with him.+

(Mewtwo opens his eyes, and looks over to see Geno and Game&Watch looking at him. Mewtwo's eyes go wide.)

Mewtwo: +What the-!? How did they feel that? Oh, BALLS! Can they hear what I'm thinking? I have to protect myself!+

(Mewtwo closes his eyes again. This time, he cast his mind in an iron barrier of sheer willpower.)

Mewtwo: +There's no way they're getting through this. Although, my mind is completely shut off from the outside world. I really hope Ganondorf is paying attention, because I can't hear or feel diddly. Well, I guess I just have to wait it out, until Ganondorf wakes me up. Oh, well. Until then, I can think of... her...+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ While Mewtwo is protecting his mind, Mario continues talking. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: Now, I know this comes as a great shock to all of you. But, like I said before, it's-a best to move along, since, again, I know that Falcon, being as fast as he is, would never want us to slow down. However, I still think that we should at-a least all visit him, to let him know that he is in our thoughts, and always in our hearts. Doc, when did you say he would be able to see visitors?

Doc: To see all of us? ....... At his current rate of recovery, barring any incidents.... I think four days should be sufficient.

Mario: Very well. Everyone, this is what's-a happening! In four days, be sure you don't have anything scheduled, and pack your bags, because we're going to Mute-a City, to see Captain-a Falcon.

(General murmuring. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: I know, I know. For many of us, this mansion has-a been our home away from home for a while, now. Don't worry, we will only be away for a few days. So, remember: four days. Thank you all for your time.

(Mario exits the Conference Room. As soon as Mario was out of sight, everyone turns to Samus. Samus looks around her, sighs, stands up, and exits. Shortly after, the rest of the brawlers started filing out.)

 Ganondorf: Oof. That was something. Listen, Mewtwo... I'm sorry for pressuring you like that, earlier. Now, come on. We have to report to Samus, and get her to agree to our conditions. Come on..... Mewtwo? What do you want me to do? It's already out in the open, you just have to live with it. ...... Mewtwo? Wait... you're not.... oh, man. I'm almost scared to find out what would make you withdraw like that. Now... how do I snap you out of it?

Wario: Problems?

Ganondorf: WARIO! Don't do that! And no, there are no problems.

Wario: Hmm... looks like this guy withdrew to protect his mind.

Ganondorf: Listen, shrimp, I- what? What are you talking about?

Wario: When Mewtwo gets spooked by a mental power he's not ready to deal with, he completely shuts out his mind to any outside dangers. Can't imagine what it was, though.

Ganondorf: How- How do you know this?

Wario: I may be annoying, smelly, unclean, and not that pleasant to be around, but I am not dumb.

Ganondorf: ..... Didn't you use to have an accent?

Wario: Didn't you use to be evil beyond comprehension?

Ganondorf: ...... Fine. Do you know what we can do about this?

Wario: No problem! We just have to give him a physical sensation of some sort. One that's really strong..... Hmm.... Got it.

(Wario sticks his finger in his mouth, and pulls it out, dripping in drool.)

Ganondorf: I see what you're fixin' to do, but he doesn't have an ear.

Wario: I know. I'm going for a more sensitive spot.

Ganondorf: What are you- Oh, no. No way in hell.

Wario: What? I was just gonna- oh... OH! Good lord, no! No. I'm talking about his antenna-horns. These are what he uses to sense movements from all around. Very, very sensitive.

Ganondorf: What are you talking about? Wait, how do you know this?

Wario: I know a lot more than you think, Ganondorf.

(Wario curls a finger around one of Mewtwo's antennae, takes a deep breath, and twists his wrist, bending the antenna.)

Mewtwo: <GAH!>

(Mewtwo's eyes fly very wide open, his tail stiffens, and he starts pawing at the air.)

Mewtwo: <OKAY! STOP NOW! nnnNNGgH!>

(Wario withdraws the finger, and Mewtwo's antenna straightens out, again. Mewtwo falls forward, gasping.)

Ganondorf: I can't believe that really worked. Maybe your not such a useless, fat little slob.

Wario: Not at all. If you want to find out anything about people, just remember who to go to.

Ganondorf: Of course.

(Wario exits.)

Ganondorf: Hey, Mewtwo. Are you in there?

Mewtwo: ........ <Ganondorf...... Ah, I'm fine. But... something doesn't quite seem right. I panicked, I think.... No, everything's fine.>

Ganondorf: You sure? I don't think I've ever seen you withdraw like that.

Mewtwo: <Yes... yes, I'm sure. It won't be a problem.>

Ganondorf: Well, alright. Listen, I wanted to apologize for doing that to you, earlier. I didn't know you'd do that. But, well..

Mewtwo: <No, it's fine. I thought about it, and it's okay. Besides, it's out, and there's nothing I can do about it. Geez, it's not like I'm the only crazy one, around here.>

Ganondorf: Good to hear. Come on, we gotta report to Samus.

Mewtwo: <Right.... why does my head feel funny?>

Ganondorf: Uh, must be an after-effect of withdrawing.

Geno: I thought he couldn't read your mind!

G&W: He can't. However, there are things he could have found out, besides just my thoughts. Given enough time, he could have fathomed the powers I hold.

Geno: Well? What are we going to do about him?

G&W: For now, I don't think he's a problem. Besides, our objective is still our main focus.

Geno: ...... There's something I've been wondering about, for some time, about that.

G&W: What's that?

Geno: Well..... I know you want to stay in the 3D world, because it's amusing. Believe me, I can understand that. But.... is that the only reason? It sounds downright selfish, if you ask me.

G&W: Hmm..... Probably. And, yes, I have a couple other reasons.

Geno: Any chance of you telling me?

G&W: ...... Fine. I suppose I owe you that much, since you haven't complained, so far. The real reason I'm going through all this trouble is because-

Stay tuned for the next riveting chapter. All My Brawlers: A Long-Ass Day, part 2!

 (Ganondorf and Mewtwo are in the middle of training. As they fight, Mewtwo keeps a constant mental link open.)

Ganondorf: +It's hard to believe that Samus agreed to all of our demands, just for some information.+

Mewtwo: <Indeed. It's almost as though she couldn't wait to get us out of her room. Can't imagine why.>

Ganondorf: +I think I can guess. That little outburst you had during lunch wasn't what some would call a small event. It changed most people's opinions of you, even if their brains didn't want to except it. I think Samus was one of the ones who need more time than others to comprehend the reality.+

Mewtwo: ..... <I see. So.... You think differently of me, then?>

Ganondorf: +Well.... How long has this been going on?+

Mewtwo: <How long have I been in love? About two weeks. Why?

Ganondorf: +It seems that your fighting abilities haven't suffered from it, so I suppose I'm okay with it. And you still seem as evil as ever.+

(They continue fighting for two hours, then go to the Doc's office to see to the wounds they have inflicted on each other. Inside, they see the Doc, as well as Pit.)

Doc: Ah, it's-a you two! I was-a starting to think you had-a beaten each other into-a comas.

Ganondorf: Feh. This weakling couldn't knock a fly off a wall.

Mewtwo: <At least I can actually hit something. You couldn't punch the broad side of a barn, from the inside.>

Ganondorf: Oh, you wanna go again? I'll be glad to give you another pummeling.

Doc: Gentlemen, gentlemen! I will not-a have fighting within-a my office! Now, sit down over-a there, and I'll-a be with you once I'm-a done with-a Pit.

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf take seats at the other side of the office. Doc carries on, bandaging Pit's wing.)

Mewtwo: ...... <Pit.>

Pit: Hm?

Doc: Did-a you say something?

Pit: Didn't you?

Mewtwo: <I'm speaking to just you. Just think what you want to say, and I'll pick up on it.>

Pit: +Oh, I see. What is it? Wait, let me guess: you just decided on a suitable way to blackmail me and Zelda. Well, guess what? We've decided that we're going to reveal it to everyone after we get back from Mute City, anyway, so go ahead and blab.+

Mewtwo: <No, no... it's not that. I've been thinking... After my outburst today... your secret is safe, until you feel like telling everyone.>

Pit: +Oh... thanks, I guess.+

Mewtwo: <Don't mention it.>

Pit: +Heh. Wait until everyone hears about what a softie you are. It's going to be hilarious.+

Mewtwo: ...... <You see what I did to Ganondorf? I was in a good mood when I whupped his ass. You don't want to know what I would do to you if you pissed me off.>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda is sitting in Link's room. Link is packing up a bunch of his stuff.)

Link: So, anyway, Zelda, I wanted to make sure I purge Hyrule of as much evil as I can, before we go to Mute City. So, I'm going to be gone pretty much the whole time. So, if Samus calls a meeting, or whatever, just take some notes, I guess.

Zelda: Ummm.... sure. I'll be sure to do that.

Link: Thanks, Zel, you're a gem.

(Link continues stuffing things into a large knapsack. Then, he takes the knapsack, and stuffs it into a small pouch, and ties the pouch to his belt.)

Link: Boy, these magic artifacts are something, aren't they? (straps Master sword to his back.) Well, I'm off.

Zelda: Be careful. Don't take any stupid risks.

Link: Zelda, I've survived way worse than any of the common evils of Hyrule. I'll be fine.

(Link exits the room.)

Zelda: Hmm.... I think I should follow him. I'm getting some bad vibes.

(Zelda exits the room, and heads for the rec room. Snake and Samus are playing pool, Y. Link and Ness are playing foosball, surrounded by the other young ones.)

Zelda: Samus, do you know where Pit is?

Samus: Sorry, not a clue. Snake?

Snake: Well, I heard he was sparring with Meta-Knight, and had a bit of an accident. You could probably find him in Doc's office.

Zelda: Thank you. I'm going to be going away for a while. I'm following Link, so I can screw with him, and, um.... I wanted to tell Pit to try to fit some exotic meat or something into the banquet. You know, some kind of rare animal, or something.

Samus: Don't worry, Zelda. I'll be sure to let him know. After all, we have something else in common, now.

Zelda: What on earth are you talking about?

Samus: ........ I'll be sure to pass it on.

Zelda: Thanks. (transforms into Sheik.)

Sheik: Well, I'm off. (Throws down a smoke bomb, and disappears.)

Snake: .... Does she really have to use the smoke bomb? There's a door, not 50 feet away.

Samus: He, dear. Sheik is a he. (Knocks a ball into a side pocket.)

Snake: What? It's Zelda in disguise. It's a she.

Samus: Does it look like there's anything in the chest area? (Knocks another ball into the other side.)

Snake: Believe me, the chest doesn't matter. The only part that matters is downstairs. I don't care if a girl's chest is concave. As long as she's got the vertical smile, all else is moot.

Samus: Well, I guess that's true. Of course, we'll never know, unless we catch him.

Snake: Her.

Samus: It, for now. 8 ball, corner pocket. (Knocks 8 ball into the corner pocket.)

Snake: Damn, woman. That's just not fair.

Samus: A deal is a deal. Do it.

Snake: Ugh.

(Snake does the Chicken Dance and the Macarena all around the rec room.)

 (All the young ones - Y. Link, Ness, Popo/Nana, Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Kirby - are just sitting down to dinner.)

Ness: What's with these people? There's hardly anything good up there.

Y. Link: Tell me about it. At least we can always count on the pizza.

Popo/Nana: Amen!

Pikachu: Pika pika. Pikachu, pi.

Kirby: {He has a point. Broccoli's good with Ranch.}

Nana: Yeah... that's true. Everything's good with Ranch.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff?

Kirby: {Well, almost everything. Nothing goopy, like pudding.}

Popo: Eww. Who would want to ruin pudding like that?

(They all keep eating for a while.)

Ness: Popo? Is something wrong? You've hardly touched your pizza.

Popo: Uh? Oh, I was just thinking about something.

Y. Link: What's that?

Popo: Well.... I was just thinking about Mario's farewell party. I know it was our idea, but I keep thinking that we should be doing more for it. Everything's being done by the grown-ups, but I really wanna help. Don't you?
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