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08 December, 2021, 05:17:17 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1991 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:02:25 pm »

Y. Link: He's right. We really need to do more. Besides, I'm starting to get bored with air-hockey.

(Everyone stops.)

Y. Link: ...... What? Don't worry. I'm doing pinball, now.

Pichu: Pichu, pi.

Kirby: {Yeah, don't scare us like that.}

Jigglypuff: Puff, jigglypuff?

Kirby: {She's right. What're we gonna do?}

Ness: Ummm...... We should talk to Samus! She'll have something for us to do.

Samus: Who's asking me for what now?

Y. Link: Oh, Miss Aran! We all want to help out more with Mario's party.

Samus: But, you gave us the idea. That should be enough.

Ness: Please? We really wanna do something. Anything!

(All the young ones gather around Samus and start pleading.)

Samus: Urrgh.... All right! Yeesh. If you want to help that badly, fine. Pit has just informed me that he's decided on what to make for the banquet, so we're going to have a meeting at 7:15. We're going to start assigning jobs, and I'll make sure all of you do something.

Popo/Nana: Hooray! Thank you, Miss Aran.

Samus: Whatever. Just, please, let me go. I have to get dessert.


Ness: Dessert! I almost forgot about it.

 (All the young ones rush to the dessert cart and start loading up on cake, pie, pudding and ice cream, then sit down at their table and start shoveling it in. Samus goes back to her table with Snake.)

Snake: Now, that was funny. There's just something about all those kids hopping around you, and you getting annoyed.

Samus: Har-dee har har. You know, I could tell them to help you with your little projects. Would you like that?

Snake: You wouldn't! Urgh. Fine. I'm sorry.... but you did look quite adorable, when they were crowding around you.

Samus: Dammit. How come every time I get made at you, you say something to make me not mad?

Snake: I'm just good like that. By the way, what is my job?

Samus: Oh, right. Don't worry, we're going to be assigning jobs later. Did you make it known when we're meeting?

Snake: Of course. Don't worry. They'll be there. What about Link and Zelda, though? Are we just going to give them their jobs, once they get back?

Samus: I'm not sure. To be honest, there isn't that much to do. We could probably have everything done in a matter of days, so I'm not worried. I'll figure something out, later.

(Everyone continues eating. At around 7:10, Samus and Snake stand up, and head out. All the others get up and follow.)

(In the halls. Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight are walking together. Geno is in front of them.)

Fox: Say, have you guys noticed that Mario doesn't eat in the mess hall? I don't think I've ever seen him eat there, once.

Falco: Really? Does he eat in his office, or something?

MK: He's probably too busy. I can't imagine all the stuff he has to manage.

Falco: Maybe. But, still, it's not like he has to do a whole lot. He just sits there. Nothing too stressful about that, I think.

(Geno suddenly whirls around.)

Geno: What was that?

Falco (taken aback): Err, about Mario doing nothing? I just said that all he does is sit there, and it's not like he has to work out, or anything.

Geno: Ah... I'm sorry. I thought you said something else.

(Geno walks ahead to where Game&Watch is.)

Fox: Huh. Weird guy. You know, maybe that's why Mario's retiring. He just wants to be lazy for the rest of his life. He is a plumber, after all. They're a lazy bunch.

(Ahead, with Geno and Game&Watch.)

Geno (whisper): Listen, I've got a plan, and I think it's going to work. You can stop worrying about Mario. It's in the bag.

(Geno walks ahead.)

G&W: +A plan, eh? For all our sake, Geno, I really hope it works out.+

 (Everyone gathers in the Conference Room.)

Samus: Alright, looks like everyone's here. Mr. Game&Watch, would you please take your position by the door.

(Game&Watch stands in the doorframe.)

Samus: Right. The reason I gathered you all here is because Pit has made his decision for the banquet. So, at this point, we are going to start assigning other tasks, in preparation of the banquet, according to your own skills and talents.

(Samus starts dolling out tasks. About 20 minutes later.)

Samus: Does everyone understand what it is they're supposed to do?

(General nod.)

Samus: Excellent. Of course, we'll be adjusting, as newcomers are introduced.

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! I know it's-a late, but I'd-a like everyone to-a gather in-a the Conference-a Room, so I can-a introduce someone. That's-a all.

(The PA click off.)

Samus: Huh. I mention newcomers, and Mario says he's about to introduce another one to us.

Ness: Who else saw that one coming?

(Everyone raises their hands. Game&Watch and Samus take their seats. A minute later, Mario walks through the door, and stops.)

Mario: ............ Uh.... huh. I'm-a going to ignore this creepiness. Anyway, like I said, I have-a someone to introduce to you. I'm sure some of you will be happy to meet him, and some of you will be a little-a angry with me. So, please make him feel welcome.... Bowser Jr.!!

(A shimmering M appears on the wall, and Bowser Jr. jumps through, holding his magic paint-brush. Bowser slams his hands on the table, and stands up.)

Bowser: JUNIOR!!

Bowser Jr.: Hey, papa! I'm going to be in Brawl! I'm finally going to have my chance to beat on Mario! (turns to Mario) I hope you're ready for a whupping... from yourself!

(Bowser Jr. waves his magic brush, and transforms into Shadow Mario.)

Shadow Mario: Ha ha! I look forward to seeing all of you in combat!

(Applause. With a wave of the brush, Shadow Mario transforms back to Bowser Jr., and stands proudly.)

Mario: Indeed! Now, if you would please take your place next to Geno, I have another announcement for everyone.

(Bowser Jr. sits next to Geno, and gives a thumbs-up to Bowser. Bowser wipes away a tear.)

Bowser: +Of course, with Junior around, I won't be able to spend time with Peach. Ah, this is going to be torture. But I'm so proud of him!+

 Mario: Now.... at this time... I'd like to introduce another newcomer!

(General whispering of shock. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: We had to go through many troubles to bring him here, much like what we did for Snake. I'm proud to introduce... Mega Man EXE!!

(An orb of light appears, with bands of data around it. The bands shatter and disappear, and the light fades. Standing there, is Mega Man EXE. Big applause.)

EXE: Hey, everyone! Great to meet all of you! When I was invited to be in Brawl, I was all, ‘All right! This is going to completely rock my network!' I'm looking forward this!

Mario: Alright! That's-a what I like to hear. EXE, you're going to be sitting over-a there, next to Bowser Jr.

(EXE takes his seat. He leans over and whispers to Bowser Jr.)

EXE: Hey there, little man. Isn't this cool?

Bowser Jr.: Totally. I can't wait to start pummeling these people.

EXE: Yeah. It's going to be great being friends with everyone.

Bowser: Jr.: ...... I don't think we're on the same page, here.

Mario: Thank you for coming together. I'd love to stay and welcome the newcomers personally, but I have to talk with some people about some major renovations for-a the mansion.

(Mario walks out of the room. Bowser Jr. and EXE start to get up, but see everyone still sitting, looking at Samus, and sit down again, looking confused. When Samus stands up, so do the others.)

Samus: Bowser, you can get your son up to speed on what's going on. Geno, take care of EXE.

(Samus walks out of the room. Everyone else files out, with Bowser Jr. next to his father, and Geno with EXE.)

 (Mario is pacing back and forth in Doc's office.)

Mario: Are you absolutely sure? You have to be one hundred percent-a certain.

Doc: I wish I was wrong, Mario, but I'm absolutely sure. Captain Falcon is-a going to die. He tried to walk, but fell down a flight of stairs. In his already unstable condition... Mario, Falcon may be dead, already. I got-a the call only a half-hour ago, but the accident happened two hours before.

Mario: ....... This is so unfortunate. He had so much life, ahead of him.

Doc: Ah, Mario? There's-a something else I need to tell you.

Mario: What? Oh, it's-a more bad news, isn't it? Well, it can't be as bad as Captain Falcon, can it?

Doc: ..... (cough) I was going over the scans of Roy's head, and I discovered two things. The first is the source of his-a speech problems. It's a simple remove-and-repair job.

Mario: Ooh, that's a relief. What's-a the second thing you found?

Doc: ... You see, after that, I looked at the rest of his-a brain, to check for peripheral damages. That's-a when I discovered that Roy has a very malignant brain-deteriorating tumor, in the deepest part of his-a brain. It's-a gonna kill him, Mario, and we can't remove it, because it's-a wrapped around two very vital parts of the brain. We can't remove the tumor without damaging these bits, and if that happens, even slightly... Even if he doesn't die, Roy will be a vegetable, for the rest of his life.

Mario: DAMMIT! This is-a the very worst time for all this to come up! How could this get any worse?

 (Luigi bursts into the office.)


Mario: What are you talking about?!

Luigi: Donkey Kong explained it. Yoshi ate too much meat, and-a that awakened a beast within him.

Mario: What's he doing?

Luigi: It's-a horrible. He broke into the young one's room, and.... he ate them..... Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Popo. The others were able to run away, but I don't think Yoshi's done yet.


(Luigi, Doc and Mario run through the halls to the children's room. All the remaining children are far down the hall, behind Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight.)

Mario: Where is he? Wait, where's Nana?

Fox: We don't know. She ran off in a different direction.

Y. Link: I think she went crazy after she saw Popo.

Mario: And Yoshi?

Ness: He-(sob) he-(sob) he-(sob)

Falco: He's still in there. We're trying to come up with a plan.

Ganondorf: What do we need a plan for? We go in there and beat the holy hell out of him.

Falco: Normally, I would agree. However, he isn't nearly as dumb as he used to be. According to Young Link, it seems Yoshi's speed and strength have greatly increased. It's like his entire body is working in overdrive. We need a plan, or else one of us could die.

(Suddenly, Yoshi runs into the hall, sees the group, turns around, and starts running very fast.)

Fox: Damn! He's fast! Come on!

(Fox, Falco, Meta-Knight, Luigi and Mario pursued Yoshi, while Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Doc stayed with the children.)

Mario: Hang on.... how long was it since Yoshi attacked the children?

Falco: We showed up about 3 minutes after the attack. From now, 5 minutes.

Mario: How many others know Yoshi has gone berserk?

Fox: Only us. We thought we'd have more time to prepare.

Mario: Alright. Luigi, go around and tell everyone what's going on. Make sure they get into a secure area.

Luigi: Got it.

(Luigi splits off from the group. A few moments later, screams are heard.)

Fox: That's Nana! He's gotten to Nana!

(They run faster, turn a corner, and screech to a halt.)

Falco: Oh, BALLS!

Mario: YOSHI! NOOOO!!!

(In front of them, Yoshi has Nana on her stomach, pinned to the ground. He is raping her violently.)

Mario: THAT'S IT!! WE'RE STOPPING THIS-a NOW! Fox, Falco, start shooting! Meta-Knight, let's-a go!

(Fox and Falco pull out their blasters and start firing. Mario and Meta-Knight charge forward. Mario starts charging up a huge fireball, and Meta-Knight pulls out his sword. Yoshi looks up, but it's too late. Meta-Knight plunges his sword into Yoshi's chest, and Mario releases an enormous stream of fire directly into Yoshi's face. Yoshi screams once, then collapses backwards, his charred, smoldering head thumping against the ground.)

Mario: I'm-a so sorry, my friend.


(Samus jerks awake. A cold sweat stands on her forehead.)

Samus: ....... Goddam. If black chai gives me nightmares like that, I think I'll stick with chamomile, from now on.

(After a while, Samus goes back to sleep.)

(Last time, on All My Brawlers, Samus had a nightmare, and the readers found out how big of an ass I am.)

(It's morning in the Brawler Mansion. Everyone is gathering for breakfast. Samus is at her usual table, head in hands over a bowl of cereal. Snake sits down next to her with a plate stacked with food.)

Snake: Hey, love. You look a little like crap. What's up?

Samus: I feel a little like crap. I had the most horrible nightmare, last night.

Snake: Really? What was it about? (chews wad of bacon)

Samus: You remember when Wario told us about how Yoshi goes absolutely murder-psycho if he eats too much meat?

Snake: I was surprised he actually knew that. (chews scrambled eggs) After he told us everything he knows, I was so pleased, I paid to get him drunk. Remind me to take advantage of his hangover, later. Anyway, you were saying? (shovels in more eggs)

Samus: Well, let's just say that I never could have even thought of such a terrible case of Jekyll&Hyde syndrome.

Snake: Damn. That's harsh. (bites toast) Were you even in it?

Samus: No. But I do remember something else that was strange.

Snake: What was that?

Samus: At the end, Mario and Meta-Knight had to kill Yoshi, because he was... well, Mario hit Yoshi right in the face with this gigantic fireball. Bigger than anything I've ever seen him do.

Snake: Huh. Well, it was a dream, right? Those sorts of things are always exaggerated.

Samus: Mm. Maybe. Thanks for listening. I feel better.

Snake: You still look like crap.

(Samus hits Snake, and they both eat.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Peach and Luigi are sitting at the same table. Luigi has a full plate, but isn't eating, just has his head down, massaging his temples.)

Peach: ...... You got plastered again, didn't you?

Luigi: Snake was buying. Wario is a treasure-a-trove of knowledge, and Snake-a wanted to make sure they're on the same side. Silence, please, now. (slowly chews bacon)

Peach: Hmm..... How much do you think Wario knows? Maybe... some secrets?

Luigi: He knows everyone's strengths, weak points, weaknesses, physical stuff. I don't know about actual secrets. I will give one more answer, and that's it. (continues chewing bacon)

Peach: ....... Could you find out any secrets he knows, take notes, then tell me?

Luigi: Only if you never speak to me after I've been drinking, ever again.

Peach: Deal.

Luigi: Ohhhhh, sweet, a-delicious silence.

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf walk by.)

Mewtwo (to Ganondorf): <I'm telling you, it's the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. I'll do it right now. Shh.> (to everyone) <LUIGI!!>


(Luigi's very blood-shot eyes are wide open, and he stands up quickly, knocking over his chair. He stands stock still, for a second, then topples over, and somehow winds up upside-down on his head. There he stays, completely immobile.)

Ganondorf: ........ No worries. He's still breathing.

(Laughter and merriment is had by all.)

 (The rest of breakfast is more or less uneventful. Time passes, until around 11:00.... Peach is in her room, reading some shlocky romance novel with Fabio on the cover. There's a knock at the door.)

Peach: Who is it?

Bowser Jr.: It's me, mama.

Peach: ...... Just a moment.

(Peach opens the door. Standing there is Bowser Jr., who jumps onto Peach.)

Bowser Jr.: Hey, mama!

(Peach puts Bowser Jr. down, and closes the door.)

Peach: (sigh) ...... Sweetie, how many times does mama have to tell you not to jump up on anyone? Really. You fight Mario once, and you think you're the king of everything.

Bowser Jr.: Naw! I know I'm not the king of everything. That's papa! I'm just the prince!

Peach: Did you need something, dear? Mama has her own things to tend to.

Bowser Jr.: Sorry. Miss Aran told me to work on the art for Mario's banquet, and I already drew some stuff, and I want to see if you like it. Here. It's all the stuff after the paperclip.

(Bowser Jr. pulls a sketch book from beneath his shell, and hands it to Peach. Peach starts flipping through it.)

Peach: ...... It's all very good, dear. But, you have to remember, this is supposed to be a banquet in honor of Mario. Many of us aren't going to see him, after this. Try a few more, but keep that in mind. I know you can come up with a design that's perfect. (hands the sketch book back)

Bowser Jr.: Thanks, Mama. I will! (turns to go, pauses, then turns around) Mama?

Peach: What is it, sweetie?

Bowser Jr.: .......... Are you really my mama?

(Peach looks at Bowser Jr. for a while, then takes his hand.)

Peach: Well, you're going to be a brawler, now. I guess you can handle the truth. Let's go see your papa.

 (Peach and Bowser Jr. head to Bowser's tower. Peach bangs the heavy knocker.)

Bowser: What?! I'm busy!

Peach: Bowser, it's about your son.

(Silence. A moment later, Bowser opens the door.)

Bowser: Has he been bothering people, again?

Peach: No, no. May we come in?

Bowser: Sure, of course. (Bowser closes the heavy door after them) So, what's he been up to? Junior, what have you been-
Peach: He asked me if I'm his real mother.


Bowser: Why do you ask, all of a sudden? I told you, on our vacation, she isn't really your mama.

Bowser Jr.: I know... but, I've never seen my real mama! I've never seen you with any female koopas! I don't know if there are any lady koopas, at all. Papa... who is my real mama?

(Silence. Finally, Bowser lets out a big sigh.)

Bowser: You want to tell him, or should I?

Bowser: This is probably something he should hear from his old man. Junior come here, sit on papa's lap.

(Bowser Jr. climbs up onto Bowser's knee, and looks at him with big, expectant eyes.)

Bowser: Junior.... It's true... Peach is your real mama, but not in the normal way. Normally, we koopas make babies in the same way humans do. However, when your mother, Peach, and I decided that we wanted to have you, our scientists told us that it is physically impossible for her to carry you. And so, we went to the top scientists, in Samus's part of the universe. There, we had a procedure called "genetic engineering." It's where a scientists takes the two pieces that make a baby from your mother and I, and messes with it. That's why you look just like a koopa. If we didn't, you wouldn't have turned into the handsome little man you are, now.

(All the time, Bowser Jr.'s eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger, and tears started welling up.)

Peach: ....... Son?

(Like flicking a switch, Bowser Jr. bursts out crying, and leaps into Peach's arms.)

Bowser Jr.: MAMA! I love you, mama!

Peach (tears welling up): Oh... I love you too, son!

Bowser (tears welling up, as well): (sniff) This has to be the happiest day of my life. I love you both, so much!

(They all get into a big, teary family hug.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just outside the window ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: +Damn. Samus sends me on a spy mission, and this is what I find out? Hmm... I wonder if I should tell her? This really seems like a private matter. Then again, if she even thinks I'm hiding something, she'll do that thing she does until I tell her..... I'd better get back to her.+

 (It's lunch-time in the Brawlers Mansion, and, as usual, everyone's just minding their own business, when the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! At 4 o'clock, today, I would like everyone to gather in-a the outdoor training room. I have something everyone will like.

(The PA clicks off. Everyone starts rambling about what it might be Mario has.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the Fox table ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fox: I'm betting he's going to show us some of the stages we're going to be fighting on. (eats potato salad)

Falco: Full-sized stages? I don't think so. He would just have some sized-down models, or something. (slurps the remainder of his soup)

Meta-Knight: Mario wouldn't do it quite like that, I think. If he's showing us stages, why do it outdoors? Wouldn't it be easier to just give us a slide-show, or something? (sticks a straw through is mask, and sucks soda)

EXE: Does it matter? We'll find out when we get out there, and then we all get to be pleasantly surprised. (eats half a burger)

Falco: Point goes to Mega Man. I'm voting for not caring. (burps) ‘Scuse me.

Fox: ......... Aren't you technically just a program? How come you're eating?

Geno: Don't worry. They did the same thing to me, on my first day. (eats fries)

EXE: Oh, it's cool. I was given an instructional program before I came here. Here's how it works. What you see before you is a copyroid, a robot that takes on the form of whatever navi is in it. In this case, me. Normally, the battery life is fairly short, but this one is specially modified for prolonged use, and heavy combat. (stuffs rest of burger in mouth, and talks around it) See, there are solar panels on the copyroid itself, which gives me a fair amount of my energy.

Fox: Still doesn't explain why you eat.

EXE: I was getting to that. See, in order to make me more like you flesh-bags, this copyroid is equipped with a working mouth, plus salivary glands. But, instead of a stomach, I have a liquid collector, which processes any liquids that goes through, and turns it into a lubricant that lets me move easier, longer. Along with that, I have an incinerator which burns solid foods, and a collection grid which absorbs the energy, and distributes it throughout my body. It's like how you meat-bags burn carbs, or whatever. Anything left over is vented harmlessly at my command.

Falco: Huh...... is it just me, or was that needlessly long?

EXE: You asked. I could have given you the long version, which breaks down pretty much every func-
Fox: No! That's quite alright. You answered my question just fine. (eats more potato salad)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Speaking of even more big announcements, when are you going to show off your girlfriend? (wolfs down burger)

Mewtwo: <Good lord, you're never going to give up, are you? Fine. I'll bring her around tomorrow. Now never talk about it again.> (crushes cheesecake into a tiny ball with mind, and eats it.) <I'm surprised I never thought of this before. I'm eating in record time.>

Ganondorf: Ugh. Isn't it a little much for your stomach to take? Of course, if you get sick, I'm just going to laugh.

Mewtwo: <Don't make me set your cape on fire. I could do that, on a whim, and you know it.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ness: Is it just me, or is Bowser Jr. giving us kids a bad name? He's causing random havoc, all the time.

Kirby: {Not now, he isn't. Take a look.}

(All look at Bowser Jr., who is sitting quietly, eating politely next to Bowser.)

Ness: Creepy. I wonder what's come over him?

Y. Link: Hey, check out Miss Peach. Something seems weird about her.

(Peach is sitting quietly with Luigi, glancing frequently at Bowser Jr., occasionally waving at him.)

Pikachu: Pika pika. Chu pika, pi.

Kirby: {He said: Something's definitely up. We should try to find out.}

Nana: But how? Are we going to spy on them, or what?

Popo: Maybe we could ask some of the adults. Ganondorf and Mewtwo know a lot.

Ness: Yeah, but I hear that, lately, Miss Aran knows a lot, too. Probably has something to do with being a leader. When I had my own adventure, I knew almost everything that was going on.

Y. Link: Right. I'll go ask Miss Aran, after Mario's announcement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Oh, damn! You hear that? Something everyone's going to like? It's happening!

Snake: Settle down, dear. What's happening?

Samus: Remember when I told you about my dream? Mario used some giant fireball. I just felt something disturbing in the pit of my stomach. That's what he's going to show us.

Snake: What? He's going to show off a new power? The man's retiring, dear. Besides, I hardly think he would do something like that. It's almost like rubbing our faces in it.

Samus: I'm not sure... (sigh) I guess there's nothing to do but wait.

 (The day is uneventful, until 4 o'clock rolls around. Everyone gathers in the outdoor training room, where Mario is standing on a stage, next to Sandbag.)

Mario: I'm-a so glad everyone's here. I just received a very interesting item, which will be available in Brawl. It's-a very rare, and very hard to manufacture. However, we struck a deal with a master smith, and he's-a cranking them out.

(Mario pulls out an iridescent small disc that is about the size of his palm, with two large lines going through it)

Mario: This... is-a the Smash Emblem. In Brawl, this-a will be used to activate great powers. For this demonstration, I was very lucky to get one that's at full power. Also, Sandbag here was-a kind enough to be my target.

Sandbag: ........

Mario: I will now activate... the Super Smash!

(With those words, Mario crushes the Smash Emblem. The fragments turn into points of colored light, swirl around Mario, then sink into his skin. Mario's eyes flash a bright red-orange, and an aura surrounds him. Mario charges up two swirling fireballs in his hand. With a mighty roar, he brings his hands together in front of him, the two fireballs grow gigantic in size, and spiral around each other. The fireballs hit Sandbag over and over again, and send Sandbag flying out of sight.)

(Complete and utter awe from everyone. Mario takes a deep breath, and smiles at the brawlers.)

Mario: Neat, huh? Of course, these are going to be very rare, in Brawl. All of you will have a chance to try out your own Super Smashes, over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for-a your time.

(Mario leaves. Slowly, everyone gets up, and goes back inside, as well.)

Snake: So, love, was this like your dream?

Samus: Pretty much, yeah. It was a little more intense, here, but other than that, it was the same.

Snake: See? And nothing bad happened. You just drank bad tea, that's all.

Samus: I know... still... I can't shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Oh, what am I thinking? If one person goes berserk, we now have 32 others who would beat that one down. And, we're just going to get more and more. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, at all.

Snake: Exactly. We have a lot of people backing us up, so we have nothing to worry about. Come on, I'll play you again at pool. This time, you're going to lose the bet, and you know what that means, right?

Samus: Not a chance, sparky. This time, I want you to do a ballet. In front of everyone at dinner.

 (Megaman.EXE is walking through the halls. He turns a corner, and sees Marth and Roy making out.)

EXE: +Huh. There's something you don't see every day.... I should go.... Here I go...... Walking away.. .. .. ..... That kinda looks fun.+

(EXE walks away, finally. Eventually, Marth and Roy go on their merry way. They end up at Doc's office.)

Doc: Ah, excellent! I have been waiting for you two. I have wonderful news. I've spoken with all the top doctors in all the sectors, and they think Roy can-a be cured!

Marth: {Roy, this is great! Finally, I'll be able to hear your wonderful words, again.}

(Roy just smiles.)

Doc: Indeed. Now, during our trip to Mute-a City, that's-a when the procedure will be done.

Marth: {Wait, wait. Procedure?}

Doc: I'm assuming you're asking about the procedure. Don't worry, I'll explain it fully.

(Doc explains the full procedure, along with risks, and Marth translates it for Roy.)

Doc: Well, what do you think? I have to get the consent of Roy, in order to go ahead with the operation.

Marth: {Well, Roy? Are you going to do it?}

(Roy smiles, and nods.)

Doc: Very well. If Roy would just sign-a this release form, all we have to do is wait for Mute-a City.

(Doc hands the paper to Roy, points where to sign, and Roy scribbles his signature.)

Doc: Domo origato. Roy, you may go. Marth, would you please stay a little?

Marth: {Roy, please wait outside. Doc and I have something to discuss.}

(Roy steps outside, and Doc closes the door.)

Doc: ....... Marth, there's-a one thing I omitted, when I told you about the procedure. You see... after Roy is cured, he will be able to speak normally, pretty much right away. However, it's-a possible that other... behaviors, may change. Now, even if something changes, it's-a likely to be something minor. Something like, say, different tastes in food. However, I have to let you know, there's a chance - albeit, a slim one - that Roy may become very different. Do you understand?

(Marth pauses, then nods once. He then exits.)

Doc: Whew. That-a was rough. At-a least they're going to be happy, again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, at dinner, the general topic of discussion is the Super Smash ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fox: Do you know if any of us have already tried out the Super Smash? I'm sure at least one person has already done it. (tears into chicken wing)

Falco: You mean you haven't heard? Turns out the very first one, besides Mario, to use the Smash Emblem is Samus, in her power suit. (sucks soda)

EXE: Really? What'd she do? (tosses two grapes in the air, and catches them in his mouth)

Meta-Knight: She was in her power suit, right? I'm guessing it was some kind of giant laser cannon thing. (sticks a straw through his mask, and sucks soda)

Geno: That sounds like Samus. Have any others gone? (cuts steak and eats)

Fox: Feh. Mario's probably going to make go one per day. He's a jerk like that. I bet he could fit all of us into one day, but he just doesn't feel like it. (eats more chicken)

EXE: I doubt it. Remember Sandbag? I bet he's supposed to be the target, so nothing gets destroyed. He probably has someone go get it, every night. (tosses a small potato into his mouth)

Meta-Knight: Finally, someone who makes real sense. Besides, as long was we all get to try it out before Brawl, it's fine by me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bowser: Heh. When I get a hold of that Smash Emblem, I'm going to turn right around, and smash Mario!

Bowser Jr.: Hey! I want to take a shot at Mario! How come you get all the fun?

Bowser: Alright, alright. If you get to try your Super Smash first, then you can clobber Mario. But, if I get to try mine out first, I don't want to hear any complaining from you. Do I make myself clear?

Bowser Jr.: Yes, papa. Hey, look! They just put out more ham! I'll be right back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: So... what was is it like?

Samus: I'm not telling you what happened. There's no way I'm telling anyone that.

Snake: I know, I know. But you can tell me what it felt like, right?

Samus: (sigh) If it'll stop your whining... Fine. (puts chin on hands, and stares off into space) It was something else. When I crushed that little coin, and the light hit me... I felt such a rush of power. And knowledge! I knew exactly what to do, and how to do it. So, I just concentrated my power... and did it. Oh, it was so great.

Snake: Damn... I can't friggin' wait for my turn. I wonder if he's got those things stockpiled somewhere?

Samus: You're not thinking of... No way.

Snake: What? I was just... wondering...

Samus: Don't even think about it. Mario is making us go one at a time for a reason. Can you imagine the devastation if everyone did a Super Smash all at once?

Snake: (sigh) Yeah, you're right. But it's easy for you to say. You actually got to do it!

Samus: Shut up and eat your ham. Yeesh. You win one game of pool, and you think you're on top of the world.

Snake: That's because I know how to bet. What you do to me is humiliating. What I make you do, that's good for just me. And I know you enjoyed it.

(Samus smacks Snake, and eats.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in the 2D world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Game&Watch: I don't like this... these Super Smash things... something doesn't seem right.

Geno: What about them? They're super-powerful attacks. Where's the problem?

G&W: Hmm.... I'm just getting some bad vibes, you know? Maybe it's about something completely different, and I'm just confusing it with all the talk about these little coins.

Geno: Now that you mention it... I do sense something brewing. As if hundreds of voices are crying out, "Oh, *&^%."
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