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06 December, 2021, 12:02:16 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1989 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:04:45 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Cyberworld on EXE's world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marth: This is the opposite of fun. What did you say is the name of that guy, in there?

EXE: I didn't say. I suppose I should give you a bit of background.

Falco: But she's in there, with him! We don't have time to listen to a little story.

MK: Wait, Falco. It might be a good idea to hear this. The more we know, the better.

EXE: Thank you. Alright, here's the short version: This guy is one of the very first products of the Cyberworld. He was meant to be a supreme over-lord, but in the name of justice, and all that is good. He was designed to be able to police the whole Net, to be able to take on the worst that net-crime had to offer.

Fox: I'm hearing "was" a lot. What happened?

EXE: We're still not sure. Our best guess is that, somewhere along the way, he decided to not do his programmed duty. He had been given a certain amount of free will, in order to help him do his job. However, that free will is probably what caused him to go rogue, and he's been that way, ever since.

Marth: Huh.... So, what is his name?

EXE: When he was still in development, his codename was Allegro, and before he went rogue, his name was Legato. However, for most of his rogue years, he has been called.... Bass.

MK: Bass? What's with the musical terms?

EXE: It's how most of the programs were categorized. It's like Latin, for the animal kingdom.

MK: Ah, of course. So, what was your name?

EXE: Eh? Oh, I believe my codename was Rock, like rock and roll.

Marth: Fine, fine. Didn't you imply that this guy has changed his name, again?

EXE: Oh, of course. You see, a while back, I defeated Bass, but he apparently fused with a super-virus named Gospel. Recently, his fusion was completed, and he goes by a new name: Forte.

Fox: Forte, terrific. So it's an all-powerful lone-wolf navi, and right now, it's fighting against Krystal.

Falco: Hang on, Fox. We don't know what's going on, in there. All we know is that... Krystal is in there, with that... thing.

EXE: I'm sorry, but I don't know what we can do. The only thing we can do is wait for this to end. All we can do... is wait.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno once again is in the 2D realm with Mr. Game&Watch.)

G&W: So, how goes your little mission with Mario?

Geno: Eh? I told you before, it's in the bag. Don't worry about it.

G&W: Really? Well, then... why are you here?

Geno: ...... I think some of them are catching on, that there's something going on. I'm not positive, but they might be a problem.

G&W: Hm. I see your concern. However...... I don't think it's anything to worry about. Unless, of course, you think they might make a move before you. When are you going to put your little plan into action, anyway?

Geno: Patience, friend. I'm just waiting for the right moment. It involves everyone, in a way, so it would be best if everyone were present.

G&W: Really? Let me guess... You're going to force Mario into a situation where he can't possibly say no, right?

Geno: Perhaps. Just trust me when I say you don't have to worry about Mario.

G&W: Oh, I trust you... I trust you.

Geno: I certainly hope you do......

G&W: Anyway, who exactly is suspecting us?

Geno: So far, it looks like Samus, Snake, and they've called a couple others into this, but I'm not sure who. Proba- (eyes go wide, then narrow) You feel that?

G&W: Yup. Someone's trying to figure us out. (sigh) It's like they think we're enemies.

Geno: Well...... why don't we tell them our intentions? After all, it's for the good of everyone here..... right?

G&W: Hmm....

Geno: I said, this thing with Mario is for the greater good, right?

G&W: I heard that tone. Don't you even try to contest me. You have no chance to survive, against me. Especially in this world.

Geno: ....... Fine. Anyway, it's getting late. I'm going to bed.

(Geno opens the portal, and steps through, closing it after him.)

G&W: ...... Something will be done.... Later.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in Samus' room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: That was quick. So, what did you find out? Anything good?

Mewtwo: <Oh, I should say so. The energy signatures were much larger than expected. Well, to be more accurate, they were larger, but one of them dwarfed the other.>

Ganondorf: It was probably Game&Watch's energy that was larger.

Samus: What makes you say that?

Ganondorf: Think about it: That place where Game&Watch lives is a true 2D world. It only makes sense for him to be master of his own domain. As for Geno, it's different from his own world in even more ways than this place. You said the two powers are similar, though, right?

Mewtwo: <That's right. I'm not sure why, though. Unless the place where Geno comes from is very similar to the 2D world, there's no reason for their energy to be so... similar... Now that I think about it, though... Help me out, love.>

Gardevoir: <I sensed that Geno's natural, latent power was still there, and very different from Mr. Game&Watch. However, it seemed like an energy similar to Game&Watch is linked with the energy of Geno.>

Snake: Uh, in English, please?

Gardevoir: <Geno came to us as he normally is. However, he met with Mr. Game&Watch, and probably... borrowed... some of his energy.>

Samus: What? Why the hell would Game&Watch give Geno energy? What purpose is there for something like that?

Gardevoir: <I'm.... I'm not sure. Mewtwo? Any ideas?>

Mewtwo: <I don't have a thing.>

Ganondorf: (cough) They have a deal.

Snake: A deal?

Ganondorf: I'm guessing that's what's going on. Geno... he agreed to help Game&Watch with something, and received some energy, for whatever reason.

Mewtwo: <So, what, they're working together? What are you saying?>

Ganondorf: I'm saying they're planning something. And, whatever it is, they want to keep it a secret.

Samus: Wow.... Well, we have quite a bit to absorb. Everyone, get some sleep. We will discuss this further, tomorrow.

Ganondorf: Wait, just like that?

Gardevoir: <Samus is right. This is a serious situation, but we mustn't let ourselves get tired. Otherwise, we might start drawing faulty conclusions, and make rash decisions.>

Snake: ..... Fair enough. (Snake leaves the room.)

Snake: +Tomorrow, again? That concept is starting to become annoying. I can only hope it doesn't happen, anymore.+

 (Fox and the gang are sitting in the Cyberworld, waiting on the impenetrable dome of darkness. Almost an hour has passed.)


Falco: Hey, Mega Man.

EXE: Hm?

Falco: Tell us, honestly... what are her chances?

EXE: (sigh) ........ They're actually improving, I think.

Fox: Really? What do you mean?

EXE: There are two ways to defeat an opponent, in the cyberworld: very quickly, and taking your sweet time. In the case of Forte, he usually makes it quick. He always makes his kills fast. As far as we know, it's possible that he doesn't have the stamina to take it slow.

Marth: So, the longer they're in there... the better a chance she has of surviving.

EXE: I'm sorry, Marth, but I don't know that, for sure. It's more likely that, because of Bass fusing with Gospel, and turning into Forte, he's gained all the energy he needs to take his time with his.... with his deletions. Although, it is quite possible that Krystal is slowly gaining the upper hand. I know that, when I battle him, I always take my time. I analyze his movements, his pattern of attack, to make sure that every one of my attacks hit.

Falco: Hmm....... That doesn't really give us much to go on. It's just another uncertainty.

EXE: I know, I'm sorry. I really wish I could tell you guys more, but the truth is, he's hiding in what is basically the center of this great big stronghold we call the cyberworld. It's hard to gather information on him. All we can do is retaliate as best we can.


Marth: So, they're fighting on that grid in there?

EXE: Yup.

Marth: ..... Then... what's the purpose of the shield?

Fox: ...... What do you mean?

Marth: I mean, when we fought earlier... Mega Man, is it possible to interfere when a battle has been initiated?

EXE: Not really. There's a strong fire-wall that's put up around the field of battle, usually to prevent the stronger combatants from destroying the Net. What are you getting at, Marth?

Marth: So, with a normal battle, outsiders can't interfere?

EXE: No, they can't. Marth, what's going through your head?

Marth: ..... I think they aren't fighting under your normal rules, in there. They're fighting- well, they're fighting like they're in a normal fight. Why else would Forte put up that barrier?

EXE: ..... You know, I think he's got it.

Falco: Maybe, this doesn't really help us, now does it?

MK: Wrong. This bodes well for us.

EXE: Say what, now? How is this good?

MK: You've been fighting under these strict regulations. Every time you get into a battle, it's the same mechanics. When you first fought against us, it was like you were a huge newb to fighting, remember?

EXE: Hey, yeah... Yeah! And I bet Krystal is used to this free-style combat...

Falco: ... But Forte probably isn't. He's forced himself to fight HER way.

EXE: You're right, Fox. This does bode well for us.

(At that moment, the dark, glossy barrier fuzzes, and turns into a black cloud. The others stand ready, waiting for a target. The cloud dissipates...)

EXE: ...... HUHH?!

Fox: Oh, balls.

MK: Balls, indeed.

 (Krystal is kneeling on the floor.... cradling Forte's crying head against her bosom.)

Forte: WHY DID THEY PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME? It's (sob) not (sob) faaaaiirr-hair-hair-haaaaiiiir!!! (sob)

Falco: W.....T.... goddam-F.

Krystal: Shhh, it's alright, now. No one is putting pressure on you. You can relax, dear. (looks up) Oh... I'm so sorry about this. He told me his story, being the first on the Net, and all that. Apparently... He didn't like having so much pressure, being the only one to police the Net. We talked, and... yeah.

Forte: If I screwed (sob) up, they would have (sob) ... DELETED me! Why put everything (sob) on my shoulders? Haven't they even considered (sob) ME?

EXE: ...... There are levels of wrong here that I can't even begin to comprehend.

Falco: Hm.... Now what?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the morning ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bass: You guys really mean it? All I have to do is come to this brawl mansion, and all's forgiven?

EXE: That's the deal. Your punishment can be given to you, there.

Bass: Punishment? What punishment?

EXE: Oh, you'll find out. Muhaahaahaaa.

Marth: (cough) For now... what do we do?

Krystal: What do we do? I'll tell you what we do: We go to that "special" part of the Undernet.

Fox: Falco, what happens when a catastrophe meets a disaster?

Falco: I think it's called a catastro*&^%

Fox: That sounds about right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time, back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Gardevoir is sitting alone with Pikachu in Mewtwo's room.)

Gardevoir: ... <And so, that's how it works.>

Pikachu: Pika p-
Gardevoir: Pikachu, just think what you wish to say. I'll pick up on it.

Pikachu: +Really? Can you hear me?+

Gardevoir: <Loud and clear, dear.>

Pikachu: +Neat. So, the reason I'm feeling all this is because my body is telling me it's time to make more of me?+

Gardevoir: <No, no. Your body is telling you that you're READY to reproduce. You don't HAVE to, right away, if you don't wish to. It's up to you. However, I'd like to give you this advice: Find a mate that you can be with for a long time. Trust me, it will be worth it.>

Pikachu: +Oh, you mean love? I don't think I'll do that.+

Gardevoir: <Why in the world wouldn't you? It's such a wonderful thing. Ask Mewtwo. You know...> (conspiratorial check) <... he pretends to be bad, and all that, but he's a little sweetie.>

Pikachu: +Really? Well... I just don't want to go through that hassle. I mean, when my friend Butterfree fell in love, she just rejected him. He had to risk his life to get her to give him another chance.+

Gardevoir: <Well, did they fall in love? Did they mate?>

Pikachu: +I think so. But, the point is that I don't want to have to go through something so troublesome, for just a chance.+

Gardevoir: <Hmm..... Tell me... when Yoshi attacked... you protected your friends. Why?>

Pikachu: +Eh? They're my friends. Of course I would- Oh. I see.+

Gardevoir: <You risked your life for your friends, did you not? When you fall in love, it's the same thing.>

Pikachu: ..... +So... why can't I just have friends? Do I have to fall in love?+

Gardevoir: <Of course not, dear. It's all up to you. I can only show you the choices, but you have to make them.>

(Pikachu hops down, and walks out. He wanders the halls for a bit.)

Pikachu: +I wonder if I can be like Krystal. I can smell many mates on her. She seems happy, too. Maybe I'll talk to her. Oh, wait, she can't understand me. Meh, I'll figure something out.+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in the mess hall, where breakfast is wrapping up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are still shoveling food in their mouths, as is their wont.)

Ganondorf: So, tell me (crunches bacon), something I've been wondering, lately. (slams another glass of milk)

Mewtwo: <Whuzzat?> (sucks down an over-easy bacon)

Ganondorf: About Gardevoir. (folds up toast, and bites half off) Didja do it, yet?

Mewtwo: <Do what, now?> (drinks juice)

Ganondorf: You know. It.

Mewtwo: <Speak English.> (starts to drink another glass o' juice)

Ganondorf: Have you mated?

(Mewtwo's eyes flash purple, he spits out his juice, and the glass crunches into shards.)

Mewtwo: <WHAT!?>

Ganondorf: I'll take that as a no. (wipes juice off his face) Dammit, I'm'a have to take another shower, now.

(Ganondorf wolfs down some eggs, and leaves. Mewtwo just sits there, his eyes burning purple, holding the shattered glass in his mental grip. Everyone is staring at him.)

All: .............

(Silence. Quietly, slowly, Wario moves over behind Mewtwo. He wets his finger, and in one, swift motion, bends his antenna. The glass Metwo had been holding starts grinding down into dust.)

Mewtwo: <Ngaahh Hur-hurrrrrrrr!>

(Wario quickly disengages his finger.)

Wario: Don't worry! He's fine!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, in Geno's room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: +Alright, so I know that his other reason isn't exactly the best. However, his desire to stay here... I can understand him. And, if it's true that Mario's absence really means that Super Smash Brothers comes to a halt, that brings the rest of the brawlers into the mix. Hmm.... I can't help but wonder if that's true, though. Since he's lying about his cause being purely benevolent, there are many other things he could be lying about.+

(A knock at the door.)

Geno: Enter.

(Geno gets up from his bed... and meets Roy.)

Geno: Ah, Roy. I was wondering when you would come around.

Roy: {Japanese}

Geno: Watashiwa Nihongoga eyah wakadimas. (Translation: I don't know Japanese.) Ironically, that's the only phrase I know. Don't worry, though. I'm going to do something a bit... drastic. I'm here to help.

(Geno closes his eyes. Suddenly, his entire body starts... vibrating. Geno opens his eyes, which have turned a glowing golden color. A light pours from his eyes, spirals around the room, then steadies in front of Roy. Geno's body has been turned back into a small doll. The sparkling simply bobs up and down, slightly.)

Geno: <Roy, can you hear me? Just think, and I'll pick up on it.>

Roy: +Well, I'll be. Hang on, how come you can understand me? Aren't I thinking in Japanese?+

Geno: <Technically, yes and no. You're thinking in Japanese, but the thing about all sentient creatures, such as you humans, is that your thought patterns speak, as well. So, it's like a universal language all living things have, but you never know about it.>

Roy: +Um, cool, I guess. So... anyway.+

Geno: <You wish to speak about Marth? About the feelings you have for him?>

Roy: +Right. Um... +

Geno: <I see. You're embarrassed that you're even thinking these things.>

Roy: +Hey, I'm not sure I like you being this deep in my head.+

Geno: <Relax, Roy. I assure you, I can only read the thoughts that translate into this mental language. That, and your emotions. It makes things much easier for us when I can tell when you're lying, when I'm pushing you to the edge, and all that. Would you have a seat?>

 Roy: +Oh, thank you.+ (Sits down) +I suppose I should start with the obvious. I can remember everything from those few days when I couldn't speak right, and I really liked those emotions. I mean... I was happy, to be so close, like that. And he was great in bed, too. Certainly better than some of the women I've been with. I mean-+

Geno: <Settle down, Roy. You know, I've noticed something, since coming here: People keeping secrets from one another has been the primary reason for all the drama, and all that crap. You would not believe how many times I've had to stop myself from just yelling at them to get everything out in the open. I can tell it's hurting many of them.>

Roy: (sigh) +I suppose you're right. Now, I know how happy I was, and all that, but... I don't think it's right to be "like that," you know?+

Geno: <Hm, not really, but I can imagine. Here's a bit of advice: If you're getting your panties in a bunch beca->
Roy: +HEY!+

Geno: <Right, sorry. My point is, if you're upset because you think it's wrong, well, Marth seems pretty fine with it. So does Mega Man, in fact.>

Roy: +Mega Man? Wait, he's... is he?+

Geno: <Well, he hasn't been shouting it from the roof-tops, but he hasn't been trying to hide it. Mega Man is bi-sexual. Although, I understand that since he's a program, he doesn't have to care, anyway. Here's my advice: Talk to Marth and Mega Man. Between the two of them, I'm sure you'll figure this out.>

Roy: +That's it? Huh. Sounds simple enough, really.+

Geno: <Well, like many other things, it's easier said than done, and all that. Either way, it'll be a couple days before they return. Until then, just sit tight, a'ight?>

(Suddenly, the PA clicks on.)

Mario: Hello, everyone! I know it's-a been a while, but I would like everyone to gather in the conference room at 11 o'clock for a couple announcements. Thank you.

(The PA clicks off.)

Geno: <Hmph. It's probably just more newcomers. Ah, well.>

(The sparkling light that is Geno circles around the doll for a bit, there's a big flash, and Geno is standing there, full-sized.)

Geno: Well, I think that's all the advice I can give you. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's someone I'd like to speak with, before the meeting.

(Geno walks out of the room, followed by Roy, who goes in a separate direction.)

Geno: +Alright, now that that's solved, it's time I got some answers.+

(Pit and Link are taking a break from training. After the thing with Zelda was resolved, they have become good friends.)

Link: So, who do you think Mario is bringing in, this time?

Pit: Eh? Mario bringing what with the where-now?

Link: The meeting, later. We haven't had a new-comer since Krystal. It's kind of obvious that he's going to bring someone else in.

Pit: Oh, right.... He's going to bring in all the new-comers before Brawl, right?

Link: Yeah. That's what happened with Melee, anyway. Why?

Pit: I dunno. It's just that we only have 11 new-comers left, and less than two weeks before Brawl.

Link: Less than two weeks? Yeesh, that was fast. Is it just me, or does all of last week seem like a blur, to you?

Pit: Yeah, I know. Hmm... What do you think about Mario... replacing Falcon and Yoshi?

Link: ....... I never thought about that.... It's a possibility, I guess. So, what are you saying, about having less than two weeks left?

Pit: Oh, right. Well, Mario introduced Bowser Jr. and Mega Man at the same time. I thought he might try to speed things up, bring in more, you know?

Link: Two or three at a time? Hmm.... It would be a bit of a strain on everyone if we had to meet a new-comer every day, wouldn't it?

Pit: So, who's your guess?

Link: Me? ........ He might bring in a new Pokemon character. If he brings in two... a Pokemon character, and a villain.

Pit: A villain, eh? Yeah, we need more of them. Although, we might meet someone we don't quite expect. I mean, we've met some of the more obvious characters.

Link: Hey.... wanna bet who's going to be in? It's going to be a villain, and someone else.

Pit: ..... A'ight. If the other character is unexpected, you have to go around for a whole day without your cap.

Link: What? I've never gone a day without my cap. I think I was born wearing this.

Pit: Take it or leave it.

Link: Urrgh. Fine. However, if I'm right, and it's a Pokemon, you cook me whitetail, got it?

Pit: Deal.

Link: Let's see... It's 10:40. Wanna get going?

Pit: Sure. I gotta put on a fresh toga, though. You really ought to think about putting on a different tunic, yourself.

Link: True, true. See ya there.

(Pit and Link head to their rooms.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Wario and Luigi are at the foosball table. The score is 6-8, Luigi's favor.)

Wario: I got twenty bucks that says we get a villain, today.

Luigi: I don't-a wanna listen to you, or your freakish talking money. Besides, he's-a going to bring in more than one new-comer.

Wario: What makes you so sure? (Luigi scores.) BALLSACK!

Luigi: I could-a hear it in his voice. Besides, he said a "couple" announcements. The items are kept a surprise, until the end, as are the stages. If there were some sort of news, we would have heard about it, by now. (drops ball onto table.) It's-a going to be two people.

Wario: If you're so sure, then put your money where your mouth is.

Luigi: Fine. If I'm-a right, and it's-a two people, you're-a buying, tonight.

Wario: Deal! If it's one person, and it's a villain, the drinks are on you!

Luigi: Good. (scores game point) Let's get going.

Wario: You cheated!

Luigi: You must have been distracted by your talking money. Let's-a go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the conference room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has gathered, except the Fox gang, who are still in the Cyberworld on Mega Man's world. Speaking of which...)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Cyberworld ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Krystal: My cup doth overflow'eth! This is so cool!

Forte: Wow. I've terrorized the whole Net, but I've never be- OOH! KITTY-

Marth: And the guys here are all HAWT!

EXE: I know, it's cool, isn't it? Come on, let's get going!

(Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight hang back as the others race into the raunchiest place in all the universes.)

Fox: Why am I hesitating? Every single fantasy can be fulfilled in an instant. Why do I stay?

Falco: Remember that word? Catastro*&^%.

MK: That's the only way to describe this place.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: I'm-a sure you've all guessed what I've gathered you for. It's-a been a while, I know. That's why I have two new-comers, today.

(Wario thumps his head on the table. Luigi snickers.)

Mario: And now, without further ado... The next two new-a-comers!

(An explosion knocks out one of the walls. On the other side is a small man, with a square-ish head, wearing a white mask and a blue suit.)
(Standing next to the small man, is what appears to be a young boy with gray-blue skin, gray-blue hair, and is wearing a blue cloak and tunic, and a blue hat with a red gem on it.)

Mario: I'd-a like you all to meet Bomberman and-
Link: VAATI!

Vaati: Hello, Link. It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, this is my chance to beat you. You and that stupid princess! Both of you will pay.

Bomberman: I think you need to settle down.

(Bomberman pulls a large bomb from seemingly out of nowhere. The fuse is already lit.)

Vaati: ..... Tch. Stupid heroes. Just wait, Link, I'm not going to let this rest.

Mario: ....... Well, this is going to be interesting. It's-a time for my lunch, now. Toodle-oo!

(Mario heads out. Bomberman puts his bomb away, and starts to head out, but stops when he sees everyone looking at Samus.)

Samus: ....... You all have your jobs. Ganondorf, you get Vaati up to speed, I'll take care of Bomberman. That is all.

 Geno: +Okay, Geno, you can do this. You've been meaning to do this since last night, and you have to do it. Otherwise, you could cause a lot of damage. Dammit, what if Game&Watch really does have benevolent reasons for what he's doing? No, that doesn't make sense. If it really is a good thing, that I'm doing, then I should have no problem telling... Dammit! What should I do?+

(The door opens.)

Samus: Oh! Geno.... do you want something?

Geno: Oh, erh... do you have a minute?

Samus: I was just heading to the cafeteria. Walk and talk?

Geno: I suppose.

(They head off.)

Samus: So, what's up?

Geno: (cough) The thing is.... Oh, how can I say this? I'm still not sure I can.

Samus: Is it about Mr. Game&Watch?

Geno: What? .... What do you know?

Samus: Only that you two are plotting something diabolical.

Geno: No! No, nothing diabolical. At least, I think it isn't diabolical. That's the thing I'm confused about.

Samus: I'm not really the person to talk to. Why don't you go to Mario? I'm sure he can help you.

Geno: Somehow, Samus, I doubt that.

Samus: Hmm...... So?

Geno: (sigh) According to Mr. Game&Watch, if Mar-
Samus: He can talk?

Geno: Eh? Oh, sure, but only in the 2D world. That is, the true 2D world. Everywhere else, it's beeps and such.

Samus: Damn. I think I just got more information in those 10 seconds than I did in the past couple weeks. Go on, please.

Geno: Okay, it's like this.

(Geno outlines the plan with Mario, and Mr. Game&Watch's reasons, plus everything about Mario. By the time he finishes, they've already reached the mess hall.)

Samus: I'm going to have to stop you, Geno. I think this place is a little too open for this topic. Besides, you've just told me some pretty mind-blowing things. Tell you what. We'll meet in Snake's plane at 1:00. We'll continue there.

Geno: Got it.
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