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06 December, 2021, 11:30:46 am
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1989 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:05:14 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf is eating his usual mountain o' food. Mewtwo is eating light.)

Ganondorf: What's up with you? You're not eating like normal. I know for a fact that I kicked your ass, but you're not eating like it.

Mewtwo: <Eh? Hm. It's nothing.> (crushes a sammich into a tiny ball, and pops into his mouth.)

Ganondorf: Then again, eating like that is bound to be disastrous to the digestive system. (bites burger) Whatever. How's Gardevoir? I haven't seen her for a few days. (sucks soda)

Mewtwo: <Oh, she's fine. It's just that, well, I think there's something troubling her. I can't really figure it out, though. And before you say it, I would never try to pry into her head.>

Ganondorf: I wasn't gonna say that. I was actually going to suggest a vacation.

Mewtwo: <Really? A vacation, eh?>

Ganondorf: Hell, Krystal and all them took a vacation, and I bet they're having lots of fun.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Earlier, in the Cyberworld of Mega Man's world ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Fox: Is it just me, or is she having way too much fun with virus busting?

Falco: It's this, or the "other thing."

EXE: Please, don't remind me. I've never seen anyone tire out so many programs and navis. I'm not sure if Forte and I could keep up with her, even if we did it at the same time.

MK: I really should think of joining another group.

(Later, at lunch in the real world...)

MK: I think I'm getting tired of this world. Well, not really this world, per se. Just Krystal.

Krystal: Jealous? Well, you should have challenged Proto Man faster than me.

MK: You tried to use your feminine wiles to charm him into doing it with you!

Krystal: Anyone with a sword that big has to be good, don't you think?

MK: Me and Marth could have fought him, but nOoOoOoOoO. You made him run away, just by being yourself.

Fox: He's got a point, you know. Maybe this world is getting to you. I think we're done, here. We should head back to the mansion, in our universe. All in favor?

(Fox, Falco, MK, Marth raise their hands. EXE and Forte, who are in a computer screen nearby, vote "aye.")

Fox: So be it. Everyone, be in the Arwings at sundown.

Krystal: Ohhh! I gotta hurry, then!

(Krystal hooks herself up to the Net.)

Falco: ......... Catastro*&^%?

Fox: Catastro*&^%.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion, at about 1:00 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is standing outside Snake's plane. At precisely 1 o'clock, the hatch opens, and Samus beckons him inside. The hatch is closed immediately afterwards. Inside, it's Samus, Snake, Mewtwo, Gardevoir and Ganondorf.)

Geno: A bit cramped, don't you think?

Samus: It's better for everyone to hear it at once, than for me to have to hunt them down, to pass along the information.

Snake: Especially since I'm the one that does the dirty work while she sits in her room and reads.

Geno: Okay, but why are they here?

Gardevoir: <Geno, darling, do you remember feeling like you were being spied on, in the 2D world, last night?>

Geno: Ah, so that was you. Or, rather, I'm guessing it was the two of you. It's pretty hard to get through the barrier, when you aren't invited. So, what's with Ganondorf?

Snake: He's proven to have a level of perception that most of us didn't expect. He was the one who figured out that you have a deal with Game&Watch, in the first place.

Geno: Really? Okay, well then... where were we, Samus?

Samus: I think you were just about to tell me why you came to me for help.

Geno: Right, right. I told you about the possibility of all of this disappearing when Mario leaves, right?

Samus: Right. Although, it goes a little beyond that. I'm sure that, by now, you've realized that without Mario, there's a guarantee of no more Super Smash Brothers. Without his powers, there would be no stages, no items, no mansion, no nothing.

Geno: Yes, that's right. I wonder if Mario took that into account when he said that he's retiring.

Ganondorf: Hmm....

Snake: I recognize that look. What's on your mind?

Ganondorf: I can't help but wonder..... Mario is way too smart to have not realized something like that. In fact, if Mario left, there would probably be more effects on us than just the end of Super Smash Brothers... and he knows what would happen.

Mewtwo: <I think I see where you're going with this.>

Gardevoir: <I don't. Ganondorf, what are you saying?>

 Ganondorf: It's simple... Mario has some secret reasons of his own, for retiring. Reasons that he doesn't want to share with the rest of us. His own secret explanations for why he would want to end Smash Brothers. The question is, what could they be?

Geno: I can see why you include him. Nice going, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Make no mistake, puppet. I only want to preserve this world because I like the amusement it gives me. Plus, I always get the opportunity to beat the stuffing out of someone.

Samus: THAT'S IT!!

Snake: That was right in my ear, sweetie.

Samus: Sorry, sorry. Ganondorf, you've done it again!

Ganondorf: I have?

Samus: We all know how much Mario cares for all of us. I bet he intentionally wants to end Smash Brothers because we're all beating on each other, and it hurts him.

Gardevoir: <That's very good, but I see one little problem. If he has a problem with everyone fighting, why would he start Smash Brothers in the first place? And, for that matter, why would he let it go on for so long?>

Samus: Ooh, right, right...

Geno: Hold on, there's something else that's bothering me... what was it? Give me a moment, it'll come to me.

Mewtwo: <Well, whatever his reason is, maybe we should focus a little more on Game&Watch. From all we've heard, he might actually be a bad guy in disguise.>

Geno: THERE! (cough) Sorry. Yes, we should think about Game&Watch, but... What if - and this is a big if - what if there's another power, somewhere in the background? Not necessarily more powerful than Mario, but it just tricked Mario into making the first Super Smash Brothers. But, Mario was told it wasn't going to be for fighting, but just for bringing all of us under one roof.

Ganondorf: Hmm.... It's a bit of a stretch... but it makes sense. It could even explain Melee and Brawl, if you look at it the right way. Unfortunately, I can't think of how, at this moment.

Gardevoir: <Mm. Well, it's definitely something to think about. Now, about Game&Watch?>

Geno: Yes, of course. I want to find out his other intentions, for making Mario stay. However, I can't really find out, by myself. That's why I originally came to you, Samus. Because I was sure you could figure out how.

Samus: (sigh) Yeah... I guess that's what comes of being the unofficially appointed (airquote) leader (airquote).

Snake: Remember, dear, we're all here to support you.

Samus: Thank you, love. Hm... Geno, is there any kind of weakness that Game&Watch might have?

Geno: Not off the top of my head...... Hang on.... MUTE CITY!

Mewtwo: <There seems to be quite a bit of yelling, for some reason.>

Geno: When we landed in Mute City, before anything else, I talked with Mr. Game&Watch. Sorry, it was more of a telepathic link, because of the power we shared. Anyway, I asked him why he couldn't sense danger as well as he could here, in the mansion. He then tells me it's because he's so far away from the true 2D realm.

Samus: Really?

Geno: Yes. He even told me that, at that time, I was more powerful than him.

Ganondorf: Interesting..... Mewtwo, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Mewtwo: <I think so, Ganondorf, but where are we going to find that much rubber cement?>

All: ...........

Mewtwo: <Sorry. I loved those two. Seriously, though, I think I know what's on your mind.>

Snake: Fantastic! Would you care to fill us in?

Mewtwo: <I got this. In short, we get Game&Watch far away from the 2D world, then Gardevoir and I gang up on him, and make him sque- err, interrogate him.>

Samus: Now that is a plan I can work with. What do you think, Geno?

Geno: It seems simple enough. He isn't going to choose the easy way, I'm sure, so why not just skip to the hard way?

Ganondorf: Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! Although... it'll have to be you that convinces him to leave.

Geno: Way ahead of you. I already know how I'm going to do it, and I'm almost positive it's going to work.

Samus: Excellent... excellent! This has been very productive, everyone. However, it's almost 2 o'clock, and it's time for some training.

Snake: She means it's time for a round of pool and ice cream.

(Samus nut-taps Snake.)

(Everyone is filing into the mess hall for dinner. Samus sits down with Snake.)

Snake: So, do we know what Geno's plan is?

Samus: He just told me to wait, and not worry. Apparently, he likes surprises.

Snake: Hell, that's what I'm all about. This is gonna be great.

Samus: I hate surprises. The last time I was surprised, an evil Metroid clone of me was involved.

Snake: Really? Interesting. What are the odds we'll see this clone here?

Samus: Very little. I pretty much vaporized it, last time we met. It sucked, though, because I had to chase the bastard all around different planets. Not fun. Can we drop the subject, now?

Snake: Eh, fair enough. Besides, it sounds like this thing is built for rampant destruction. Not exactly something I want roaming the halls.

(Samus suddenly snorts, and giggles.)

Samus: Sorry, sorry. (giggle) I just had this mental image of my evil clone (snicker) just laying in bed, reading some book.

(Samus keeps giggling as she eats.)

Snake: Yuh-huh. So, anyway, I believe Geno said that he's going to get Game&Watch to come with us, and we should be ready to leave, tomorrow morning.

(Samus stops her giggling, sniffs once, and wipes her mouth.)

Samus: Really? Alright... I think we should maybe take separate ships. It's going to look very suspicious if it's all of us, in one ship.

Snake: Right, right. Well... How about this: First, I carry Game&Watch and Geno, with Mewtwo and Gardevoir on-board, and you follow me an hour later in your gunship with Ganondorf.

Samus: Good, good. Tell Game&Watch that your just dropping him and Geno off at whatever world they settle on, and doing the same for Gardevoir and Mewtwo. Then, drop them off, and set down in another part of the world. We'll meet you there. Oh, you should have a reason for you going back to your world.

Snake: Oh, right. Well, I'll just say I'm taking Bomberman to my world, because I'm intrigued by his explosive technology. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. I should do that, for real, later.

Samus: Good, great. I think we got ourselves a plan. I'll talk with Geno, right after this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Y. Link is sitting with Link.)

Y. Link: There's just one thing I can't get over.

Link: What's that?

Y. Link: It's about these feelings. Don't worry. I talked to Mario, and he answered most of my questions.

Link: So? What's up?

Y. Link: Okay, the thing is... Is it alright for me to be... you know... close? With the girls on Hyrule?

Link: Close? What do you- Oh, I think I see what you mean. Hmm..... Well, it's hard to say, you know? I think if you feel okay with it... I mean, it's not like there are really any laws in Hyrule that state these things. Alright, I'll tell you what I'm'a do for you. I'll take you to my time, in Hyrule, and we'll see Saria. She's your best friend, so if you're cool with her, well, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Y. Link: .. But.... wouldn't that cause some sort of massive paradox?

Link: We're sitting here, together, right now, and that isn't a paradox?

Y. Link: No, I'm pretty sure we'd be doing something very wrong. No, I'll go back on my own. I'll... talk with Malon, or something. Besides, she's been "like that" from the beginning. Well, Saria, too, but not as much.

Link: Yeah, that's probably for the best. But, you might want to take along an adult, in case you screw up, or something. I know I did, my first time.

Y. Link: ..... What was your first time?

Link: Uhhhh...... I forgot?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda and Peach are sitting together.)

Peach: So...

Zelda: So...

(Awkward silence.)

Peach: Tonight?

Zelda: We need some place quiet. Sound-proof, if possible.

Peach: Right. Any thoughts?

Zelda: Well, I doubt anyone's going to be using any of the training rooms, late at night.

Peach: Sounds risky.... Let's do it!

Zelda: 11 o'clock sound about right?

Peach: I'll bring the toys.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Right near them ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pit: +Angelic hearing. My life rules.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in a training room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

G&W: <Tell me again why we're here.>

Geno: It's because they're expecting us in the 2D world. I need to talk to you. However, it's been a while since I really fought, at all. If you don't mind...

G&W: <Fair enough. I haven't had any combat at all, except when I hit Yoshi.>

Geno: Good, good. (turns hand into Star Gun) I'll keep the telepathic link while we fight. You fine with that?

G&W: <Sure, sure.>

(Geno and Game&Watch start fighting.)

Geno: <Alright, here's what's going down. I've decided that I'm going to go ahead with my plan to keep Mario from leaving.>

G&W: <What made you decide that?>

Geno: <Well, there's that thing about this place being exciting, for one. Beyond that, however, I like the people. Up in the Star Road, I didn't really have what you could call "friends." They worked with me, but that was about it. I like having friends.>

G&W: <Hm. I get it. So, was that it?>

Geno: <Oh, no, there's more. You see, I discovered a, um... let's call it an "obstacle." I need to get away for a while, and I'd like you to come with me. Our alibi will be that we are taking a page out of the Fox crew's play-book, and taking a short vacation. It doesn't matter where, I just need a couple days for things to settle down. You in?>

G&W: <Hang on, a moment. Are you sure this will help you with your little plan?>

Geno: <Positive. If it turns out it doesn't, at least we got a vacation out of it, though. Oh, and the Mario thing won't be quite as "in the bag" as I had hoped. That's close to the worst case scenario.>

G&W: <Interesting... when are you planning on leaving?>

Geno: <Snake is taking some others around, on his way to his universe. I understand he wants to work with Bomberman, and what-not. We'll leave at 8 o'clock, tomorrow morning. Well?>

G&W: <Hmm..... I'll have to think about it for a moment. Ask me again when we're done fighting.>

Geno: <Fair enough.>

(And so, they fight for about a half-hour. Eventually...)

G&W: <Enough. I have made my decision. I will go with you. However, I determine where we go.>

Geno: Great. Good to hear. Are you going to tell me where, though?

G&W: <I think.... Hyrule. I hear the lake is quite nice at this time of year.>

Geno: Excellent. I'll go tell Snake he has a couple more passengers, then.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere, at the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo are walkin' the halls. Gardevoir is with Samus and Snake, waiting for Geno's reply.)

Ganondorf: You know, I can't help but think there's something wrong with the newest new-comers.

Mewtwo: <Bomberman or Vaati? Ah, doesn't matter. Vaati seems a little crazy, if you ask me, and I have this horrible mental image of Bomberman running around, setting off bombs, laughing like a lunatic.>

Ganondorf: Mm, true. I don't like Vaati, in particular. Not entirely sure why.

Vaati: I can't imagine what you would see wrong with me.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo whirl around to see Vaati standing behind them.)

Vaati: After all, just because I'm the one who's going to destroy Link and Zelda, well, I would think you would want to join me, in that endeavor. I'd be happy to have you as my... second in command? Does that sound good to you?

Ganondorf: Nice try, shorty, but I'm definitely going to be the one to get rid of them, once and for all.

Vaati: Oh, I don't doubt your power. Although... I can't help but think your time here has made you... soft. But anyway... Mewtwo... the male of this couple, obviously. But it seems a little odd... so much power, but you didn't sense me?

Mewtwo: <Tuh! I sensed you, alright. And, when I did, I decided that you're not a threat to me. That's why I ignored you.>

Ganondorf: You know, I think I just thought of the reason why I don't like you.

Vaati: Oh, Ganondorf, you wound me. Well, not really. You can't. Too powerful to be hurt, and all that. Well, it's been nice, seeing you little ones, but I must go. Tah.

(Vaati vanishes, leaving a puff of air, and an evil chuckle.)

Ganondorf: Why, that little... IMPUDENT PUNK!

Mewtwo: <Settle down, man. We'll get him. We'll just invite him to one of our... "training" sessions. Besides, we have bigger things to think about.>

 Ganondorf: Urgh. Fine. Where the hell are we going?

Mewtwo: <To check out a hunch.>

Ganondorf: A hunch? Would you care to elaborate?

Mewtwo: <At dinner, I felt a strong emotion that was different, but very nice. I zeroed in on it, and it was coming from Peach and Zelda.>

Ganondorf: Really? What was the emotion?

Mewtwo: <I'm not sure. I've never felt it, myself. It felt kind of hot, and it made me feel... tight. Like something within me was tightening up. I was confused, but I could tell that it's an emotion born of a basic instinct.>

Ganondorf: Basic instinct.... You've never felt this emotion, before?

Mewtwo: <Can't say I have.>

Ganondorf: Oh, good lord, you're an innocent.

Mewtwo: <What do you mean? Believe me, I'm no innocent.>

Ganondorf: If you can't recognize what they were feeling, you're an innocent. Oh, god. Go talk to Gardevoir about it, later. ..... good LORD, Mewtwo! So, we're going some place, where we will find out if your "hunch" is right? Do you know where?

Mewtwo: <Of course. After I zeroed in on them, and memorized the emotion, I used my powers to bend sound and air, a little, so I could hear what they were saying. They said they were going to meet in one of the training rooms.>

Ganondorf: Oh, ho ho ho. This is going to be great.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo come to the training rooms, and head around a corner to hide. However...)

Pit: AH! Wh-wh... What are you guys doing here?

Ganondorf: Uh... huh. What are you doing here?

Pit: Depends on you two......

Ganondorf: .... Well... I don't know about you, but we're... waiting... for a couple people.

Pit: Right. But... you're not going to... make yourselves known, I'm guessing.

Ganondorf: Nope.

Mewtwo: <What the hell are you two talking about?>

Ganondorf: Sorry, he... he's evil, but he doesn't know about... it... and them.

Pit: Oh, I see.

Ganondorf: Really, Mewtwo, go to Gardevoir, right now. Besides, this is something that shouldn't be witnessed by you. We're fine, you're not.

Mewtwo: <And why, pray tell, is that?>

Ganondorf: Because, this is something only us single folk can really appreciate. And, before you say anything, Pit is a special case, because Zelda is involved. Go. No, really, go. And remember to ask Gardevoir about those emotions.

Mewtwo: <I swear...> (mutter mutter mumble)

(Mewtwo just floats away.)

Pit: Now... shall we hide and wait?

Ganondorf: Let's.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere in the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Huh??: Well? Is it... taken care of?

Mario: Possibly. There are a couple small obstacles, but nothing foreseeable that could cause me trouble.

Huh??: Good, good. I don't want another Yoshi incident, you hear me? It took me a long time to set things right, after what he did.

Mario: Of course. The Yoshi thing snuck up on me. I assure you I have everything under control, this time.

Huh??: And the coins? What of the Smash Emblems?

Mario: They have all been made. He's making more, for the actual Brawl. The number we have will suffice, for now.

Huh??: Very good. You see? This is going just as planned. You are doing very well, Mario.

Mario: Thank you, my lord...

(Geno is standing outside with Snake, next to his ship, waiting for Mr. Game&Watch.)

Snake: So I'm supposed to take you two to Hyrule? Good. It's closer than the Pokemon world. That way, I don't have to waste time, going back for Mewtwo and Gardevoir.

Geno: Speaking of which, where are they?

Snake: From what I understand, Mewtwo asked Gardevoir a few questions, and they got... frisky.

Geno: Say what with the where now? Did you just tell me...

Snake: No. They're getting close, though.

Geno: How do you know?

Snake: I'm trained for stealth. I know a lot of stuff.

Geno: Yeah? Like what?

Snake: Wellll.... Do you know about Peach and Zelda?

Geno: I sensed it, but I'm still surprised.

Snake: Mm. Sucks to be you.

Geno: Eh?

Snake: Well, you don't have the stuff, you know? The junk, kibbles and bits. Sausage and meatballs? One-eyed wonder worm?

Geno: ....... So, at what point do you plan on speaking English?

(Snake grabs his crotch.)

Snake: This stuff. Come on, you observe the entire Mario world all at once, and you don't know about the stuff what dangles between the legs?

Geno: That's right, I do see everything. But, yes, I know what you're talking about, and I don't have any. By the way, did you know about... Peach and Bowser?

Snake: Their little secret? Yeah. Not really sure what the hell is going on, there.

Geno: Simply put, they're in love, and they do get freaky.

Snake: (gag) What?!

Geno: Oh, you didn't know that part? Anyway, it's been going on for a while. Although, it didn't start until not long before Toadstool retired, and Peach took over.

Snake: Oh... my... a-god.

Geno: Yes, it's been real fun talking about it, up in Star Road. I was actually the one who granted the wishes for them to get together, and make Bowser Jr.

Snake: Oh, holy hell. Samus is going to goddam lose it when I tell her.

Geno: Oh, you'll get over it. Hey, look, it's Bomberman.

 Bomberman: Hey, all. What're you doing here, Geno?

Geno: Erh, Snake is dropping off me and Game&Watch at Hyrule. I understand he's taking you to his world, since you're the foremost expert on explosives in any universe.

BM: Pretty much.

Geno: Snake... does he know?

Snake: Actually... he should know, shouldn't he? And I would tell him, but Game&Watch could show up, any moment, now.

Geno: No matter. I will take care of it.

(Geno flashes out of his body, and floats into Bomberman's body. A moment later, he floats out, and flashes back into the doll.)

Snake: Jesus H. Christ! What was that?!

Geno: I just told him everything. You know what's going on, right, Bomberman?

BM: Woah, did I just get laid?

Geno: Oi, Bomberman.

BM: Eh? Oh. (cough) Er, that is, yes. I know about Game&Watch, now. I- I'll be glad to lend you my bombs.

Snake: Good timing. Here he comes.


Geno: Good morning. We just have to wait for a couple more passengers, and we'll be out of here.

G&W: Beep?

Geno: Mewtwo and Gardevoir. They want to visit the Pokemon world. Probably have something intimate to do.

BM: You can understand him?

Geno: Hm? Not really. However, I can read... not sure if this is entirely accurate, but I can read his emotions, kind of, and the, um, tones, I guess you could call them. I just guessed that he asked who else is coming.

Snake: Huh. That's handy. You all might as well get in. I'll wait out here for them.

(Geno, Mr. Game&Watch and Bomberman all step inside, find seats, and buckle in.)

G&W: <Geno, can you hear me?>

Geno: <Loud and clear. What's up?>

G&W: <There's something odd about Bomberman. Would you please ask him?>

Geno: <Gotcha.> Hey, Bomberman, you seem nervous. What's up?

BM: I feel nervous. A bit excited, too. I'm really looking forward to Brawl, and all that. And, of course, I'm basically being transported to Snake's world, so his people can poke and prod me.

Geno: Hardly. It sounds more to me like he just wants to understand your special technology. You know, the ability to pull large bombs out of nowhere, and the fuses are always lit.

BM: Hey, Link does the same thing, doesn't he?

Geno: Yeah, but he has a magic pouch that hold many things at once, and he uses some sort of magic to light them really fast. Or, at least, that's what he says.

BM: Mm, I see.

Geno: <Satisfactory?>

G&W: <Thank you, yes.>

(They waited in silence for another 10 minutes, when Mewtwo and Gardevoir walk in, and strap in.)

Gardevoir: <Oh, my, this is something! I've never been in a, what do you call it? A starship?>

Mewtwo: <How is this different from the craft we used to go to Mute City?>

Snake (from the cockpit): For one thing, I'm not an insane pilot, like Krystal is. It still won't be too comfortable, though. This baby ain't designed for commercial transportation, after all. Everyone strapped in? Good. Here we go.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Good lord, how can you stand being so cramped?

Samus: This thing is built for one, and that one is about half your size. Me. So, stop whining.

Ganondorf: I'm losing circulation, as we speak. My ass is going numb!

Samus: So help me god, I will dump you in the middle of space. Do you know what happens when someone is ejected into a vacuum, without any protection? The short version is that you will be spread very, very thin, over the entire galaxy. Who knows? If you're lucky, your intestines might somehow reach the next galaxy. That's certainly something to brag about, in Hell.

Ganondorf: Fine, fine. I'm still going to be bored. How long is the flight? Four hours?

Samus: Five, and I guess you're just going to have to find some way to amuse yourself.

Ganondorf: ........... A family walks into a talent agent's office...

Samus: Oh, balls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ One long-ass journey later... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: Here we are. Hyrule. Okay, Geno, I'm going to be back in about three days. I'll give you this pager, to let you know when I'm close. You just make sure you're in Hyrule field, because that's where I'm landing.

Geno: Gotcha. See you in three days.

(Moments later, Snake's ship takes off.)

G&W: <So, what are we supposed to do?>

Geno: I told you, I just have to lie low, for a couple days. At the moment, my plan is to enjoy this vacation. Come on, I'm in need of sustenance. It's time to go fishing.

G&W: <This is going to be the longest three days of my life.>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere, about an hour later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: God, that sucked!

Samus: You're just mad because mine was way more disgusting than your's. Ah, there's Snake, now.

(Snake lands, and they all get out.)

Snake: Hey, honey. It's done. Now all we have to do is confront him.

Samus: Very good. You have a trace on them?

Snake: Of course. We'll wait until night-fall, and then do this.

Bomberman: Super. What do we do, until then?

Ganondorf: Perhaps I can help with that. So, this family walks-
Mewtwo: <I will give you mental death! We are not going to hear one of those. Besides, Gardevoir wouldn't be able to handle it.>

Gardevoir: <Handle what, love?>

Samus: Trust me, sweetie, you do NOT want to know.
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