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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1987 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:05:55 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Mansion, in the morning ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has finished breakfast. Pit is lying in bed, in his room, with his arm around Zelda.)

Pit: Zelda, dear?

Zelda: Hm?

Pit: ...... Do you want to be with Peach?

Zelda: What do you mean?

Pit: I mean... I know that you two... I found out that you have been sneaking off with Peach, to, let's say, "indulge" yourself with her.

Zelda: You- you know? Pit, you know about our- indulgences?

Pit: I do, Zelda.

Zelda: ...... Um, if I may ask... how did you find out?

Pit: How? The senses of Angels are somewhat greater than your's. I accidentally overheard you two talking, I was curious, and I wanted to find out what you were talking about.

Zelda: But you didn't ask us.

Pit: I could tell that you were trying to keep it secret. I figured it might look bad if I just came up and asked you what you were talking about.

Zelda: Mm.... I suppose I should be thankful for that, at least.

(Zelda turns onto her side, and looks at Pit with big, apologetic eyes.)

Zelda: Oh, Pit, what am I saying? I've done something awful! I have been unfaithful to you!

(Pit suddenly pulls Zelda close to him, and they embrace. For a long moment, Pit just strokes her hair.)

Pit: Zelda, you know me. I am a reasonable person, and I love you. I don't think I could even fake being angry with you.

Zelda: Are you sure? I feel terrible for this.

(Pit stops mid-stroke, then pulls away.)

Pit: Well, actually, there is just one thing I want to ask. Can you tell me what your relationship is, with Peach? I mean... I know it's physical, but do you want it to be more?

Zelda: I- I'm not sure, all of a sudden. I mean, what we do when we... Well, I admit that I enjoy it, but... Peach is such a good friend, though! I think... that is, I don't really know how she feels about me, you know?

Pit: I think I understand. No, I'm sure she feels the same about you, whatever you feel about her. I guess I'm okay with it, and.... the next time you two get together for that, I'm going to watch, okay?

Zelda: WHAT!? What are you talking about? Wait... watch?


Pit: Well, it's been a while. I'm guessing it's happened, by now. Am I wrong?

Zelda: Nooo...

Pit: Really? Are you sure?

Zelda: .....Yes. Three times, including our first time, in Mute City.

Pit: And you... enjoy it?

Zelda: Oh, I do! Erh, not that you're doing anything wrong, though. I absolutely love being with you, and I truly do love you. But... there are a couple things you could learn from her...

Pit: ...... Hmm.... This is a very odd conversation. Especially since it isn't even ten in the morning.

Zelda: Indeed. Can we not talk, now?

Pit: That's fine with me.


Pit: I still wanna watch.


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Fox and the crew have just returned from their time away. Krystal is in her room, getting ready to sleep off the jet-lag.)

Krystal +Good lord, that was so good. I mean, it's like my mind was... unh! So good! Although, hmmm..... I just realized.... I never got it on with Blue Boy, or Bass. I guess I can try, later.+

(Krystal puts on some flimsy little thing, and crawls into bed.)

Krystal: +Mmm. I'm going to have good dreams, tonight.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Bass has been put into his own copyroid, which is designed to be like Mega Man's.)

EXE: So, this is it. You do all that sort of stuff, and you can use all the basic attacks in your programming.

Bass: So, does this mean I'm a brawler?

EXE: Sorry, no. You're just a civilian, I'm afraid.

Bass: Oh. Well, why did you bring me here?

EXE: Eh? Oh, right, I said I would hand down your punishment, here. We'll take care of that tomorrow.

Bass: But it's still morning. What am I supposed to do until tomorrow?

EXE: Oh-ho, we'll think of something, I'm sure.

(Obviously, Mega Man is talking about sparring in a training room. If you thought otherwise, you're too far in the gutter.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth is in his room with Roy.)

Marth: {Well, Roy, here we are. What did you want?}

Roy: {I recognize that tone, Marth. Please, I know you're a little upset with me, but I want you to hear me out?}

Marth: Hmm... {I just got back, Roy. Can this wait, at all?}

Roy: {I don't think so, Marth. I want to say this, now.}

Marth: (Sigh) {Fine, fine. I suppose I should listen to you, out of courtesy, if nothing else.}

Roy: {Thank you, Marth.}

(Roy goes over his conversation with Geno.)

Marth: {So, you had a little chat with Geno, and now you want to be with me, again?}

Roy: {That's not what I'm saying. I... I just want to... talk. Do you think it's right? I mean, our law doesn't really say anything against people like us, but we're still frowned upon by society. I don't think I can live a life of secrecy, like that.}

Marth: {Hang on... you're saying that you love me, again, but you're afraid of the consequences of our world's society? Is that it?}

Roy: (cough) {Not quite how I would have put it, but, yeah.}

Marth: {Roy, you have nothing to worry about. I promise you, right here, right now, that no one will ever look down at you, no matter how you act, in our world. I only want you back.}

Roy: {Oh... Marth... I love you!}

(Roy falls into Marth's arms, and rests his head against Marth's chest. They both eventually fall asleep, content in each other's embrace. It's a rather romantic thing, really.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Vaati is sitting in his room, meditating.)

Vaati: +Tch. I've been here less than a full day, and I already hate this place, and everyone in it. None of the so-called "evil" characters just aren't evil, and all the heroes are just goody-goody weaklings. Nobody here is worth my time.+

(Vaati opens his eyes, and looks around his room.)

Vaati: +Ugh, I forgot about this... horrendous excuse for a domicile. It's so... frilly. What I wouldn't give for a dank, stone tower or dungeon. Oh, wait... Ganondorf has a tower. Heh, I'll fight him for it. That pansy couldn't possibly win against my might. I just have to find him.+

(Vaati vanishes in a puff of smoke, and reappears in the rec room, where Luigi and Wario are playing foosball, surrounded by the children.)

Vaati: You! Green one! Tell me where Ganondorf is.

Luigi: He's-a not here. He's on a different world.

Vaati: What? Not here!? Don't lie to me, worm!

Luigi: Not lying. He's-a not here. (Wario scores) Nuts!

Wario: Yeah! In your face!

Vaati: Tuh. Children.

Luigi: Said the shrimp who's the same size as-a Young Link, over here.

Vaati: Ahh, yes... Young... Link. So, what happens if... something were to "happen" to him? What would happen to adult Link?

Ness: Ah, I heard that! Don't even think about it, mister.

(Ness and the other children gather around Y. Link, who has his arms crossed, looking Vaati right in the eye.)

Vaati: ..... Insects.

(Vaati poofs out.)


Wario: Nonononononon- (Luigi scores the winning point) CRAP!

Luigi: Yeah! I win again! You're buying!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Meta-Knight is in his room, alone.)

MK: +Good lord, that sucked. The battle was kind of enjoyable, even though I never got a chance to fight anyone truly powerful. The rest of it... was just dumb. I'll have to convince Mega Man to take me back, some time, so I can fight Proto Man. I'm sure Marth would like to, as well. And this Colonel, he sounds a lot like me.+

(Knock at door.)

MK: Enter.

(Kirby enters.)

Kirby: {Hello, Meta Knight. I have something... I'd like to discuss.)

MK: What are- Oh, the old language. It's been a while... Um.. {I'm rusty, but I think I got it. Now, what is it you need?}

Kirby: {Oh, I said that I have something I'd like to talk with you about.}

MK: {Of course. I have plenty of time before the jet-lag hits me. What is it?}

Kirby: ..... {What are the birds and the bees? I'm old enough to know... at least, I think I am.}

MK: {Ah, yes, you are at about that age. Very well, I will teach you.}

(Meta-Knight teaches Kirby about "that" among their kind.)

Kirby: {That seems needlessly complicated. I hear that humans have it a lot easier.}

MK: {They do, but it's not nearly as enjoyable as what our race can do. They only have three or four sensitive regions, at the most, but our females only have two. Of course, we males only have two areas,

Kirby: {You know what I just realized? I don't think I've ever seen a female. Do you know what one looks like?}

MK: {Well... it's hard to explain, and I don't have any images... I'll tell you what I'll do. After Brawl, I'll take you to our home planet, and you can finally see our women. They're all quite lovely.}

Kirby: {Thank you. Um..... Meta Knight... were you ever in love?}

MK: (sigh) {Once. She was the most beautiful of them all... and she could fight. Oh, lord she could whup my ass, bad. And.... she... I'm sorry, this is getting delicate. I'd appreciate it if you would go, now.}

Kirby: {I'm sorry. I didn't know. Of course I'll go.}

(After Kirby leaves, Meta-Knight takes off his mask and cape, lays on his bed, and weeps.)

(EXE and Bass are walking through the halls. It's about an hour before lunch.)

Bass: I see... So that's how it is to be.

EXE: I'm sorry. I understand your pain. I mean, I haven't been forced through what you have, but I do understand why it is that you've rampaged through the Net. I wish I didn't have to do this to you.

Bass: No, no. I know that I must pay for my crimes. I accept the sentence you have handed down.

EXE: Very well. That's good to hear.

Bass: There's something I don't quite understand, though. Why was I put in a Copyroid that's designed for combat and such, like you?

EXE: Oh, well, I called in a couple favors, pulled some strings, and got it for you. I did it because I really think you can work as a specialized boss.

Bass: Say what, now?

EXE: Oh, there's this one thing that we do, it started with Melee, but it's going to be in Brawl, as well. Basically, we fight the representative of different worlds, on their own turf, and end with a big boss. In Melee, I think they all faced a giant version of Bowser. Not sure why, but that's the way it was. However, in Brawl, there are going to be bosses that are just for the fighter. So, for Mario, it's going to be Bowser, and for Link, it's going to be Ganondorf. For me, it's you.

Bass: Ohhhh..... Wait, do I fight just you?

EXE: I think so. It's not like there are any others, like me.

Bass: Aren't there... well, it's like Link and Young Link. Aren't there other versions of you?

EXE: I was actually wondering that, myself, for a while. When I checked it out, it turns out that it's true. I actually do have other incarnations of me, but they exist in a different dimension.

Bass: Dimension? Is that different from a universe?

EXE: Ah, geez. It's like I'm the one getting stuck with the long explanations. Don't you know?

Bass: Can't say I do. Remember, I was created for one purpose, and it's not like my rampage was a quest for knowledge, or anything.

EXE: (sigh) Whatever. Okay, here's the very short version. A universe is just something we exist in. A dimension is like a different version of one universe. For example, an alternate dimension of this universe would have, I don't know, Luigi as the dominant brother, saving the princess, and all that. In our universe, in this alternate dimension, there are versions of me that are similar to me, but still different. If I understand it right, I think there would be an alternate version of you.

Bass: Woah... that's deep.

EXE: Hey, just because I COULD have sex all around the clock, doesn't mean I do.

 Bass: Right, right. So... where are we going?

EXE: Well, we were going to a training room, but I had to explain things, so we circled around a couple times. See? This is the second time we passed that vending machine.

(Suddenly, they come upon a mysterious figure.)

EXE: Eh? Umm..... who are you?

Huh??: Who, me? Who are you?

Bass: We belong here, but we're not sure if you do. Now... (levels buster at the figure) ... what is your name?

Huh??: Hey, relax! There's no need for violence, here. Besides, (heh) there's no way you could hit me.

EXE: Perhaps not. That's why I took this opportunity to get close to you.

(EXE is standing right beside the mysterious character. His buster is charged, and pointed at the character's head.)

EXE: Last chance. Identify yourself.

Huh??:Alright, alright. Calm down. I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm the newest - and the best - brawler. Now, who are you?

(EXE hesitates, then his buster flashes, and turns back into a hand.)

EXE: My name is Mega Man EXE. This is another from my universe, Bass.

Sonic: Cool! You're like me, then! I'm from a different universe, too.

EXE: Why are you just wandering the halls? Mario always calls us together for the new-comers.

Sonic: He does? Oh, yeah. He told me that it would be better for me to just jump in. Something to do with how it's only a matter of time.

Bass: A matter of time? Oh, he must mean that we only have about a week and a half until Brawl.

Sonic: Yeah, that's probably it. Oh, and there's another new-comer, walking around.

EXE: What?! Yeesh, he's really speeding things up. Do you know what the other new-comer looks like?

Sonic: Yeah. He's pretty tall. Red all over, with claws, a beak, and a white thing on his head. Kinda like your's (points at Bass) except it goes straight.

EXE: Really? Hm.... That could be a Pokemon. And you say this thing is stalking the halls?

Sonic: I can only assume. Watch out for it, though, cuz' it looks kinda mean, you know?

Bass: Ah. Well, thank you, Sonic. We'll keep an eye out.

EXE: Yeah. Oh yeah, welcome to the roster. I look forward to beating the snot out of you.

Sonic: Not while I'm running circles around you, slow-mo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth and Roy are once again strolling through the halls, mostly in silence... mostly.)

Marth: {Geez, Roy, would you just drop it with the whole ‘they're going to cast me into fire for being gay' shtick? I'm telling you, don't frickin' worry about it!}

Roy: {Ha! Easy for you to say. You're a damn prince! Me? I'm hardly worth a second glance! I don't get to be special, like you.}

Marth: {Idiot! All we have to do is get married, and you're safe, too!}

Roy: {Oh, so you suddenly w-...... what?}

Marth: {So now you're pretending to be deaf? I don't have to take this.}

Roy: {Wait, no... I just want to make sure my ears aren't playing tricks on me. Did you just say that.... you would marry me?}

Marth: {Huh? Oh... I did, didn't I?} (cough) {Well... we could, you know. It's not illegal, or anything, and by marrying you, you would instantly become a prince, yourself.}

Roy: {Is... Are you sure? It seems like a big step. I love you, I do, but... }

Marth: {We should discuss this more, later.}

Roy: {Right. Later.}

(They stroll a bit longer, more in a reverie than usual. Suddenly, they come upon the character Sonic was describing.)

Marth: {Good lord, what is that?}

Roy: {Looks like... is that a Pokemon?}

(The character turns his glaring gaze on the two.... Silence...... Then, Marth steps forward, slowly, and extends his hand. After staring at the hand for a while, the character shakes it for a moment, then holds a fist against his own chest.)

Huh??: Blaziken.

Roy: Blaziken? {That must be his name.}

Marth: {Sure. Remember, though, a Pokemon does not say it's name. Instead, it is named after what it says.}

Blaziken: Blay, blaziken, ziken.

(Marth just shrugs his shoulders. After a moment of awkwardness, Roy signals that Blaziken should follow them. He does.)

Marth: {Um, where are we going?}

Roy: {To look for Kirby. If he can understand the other Pokemon, maybe he can understand Blaziken. Any idea where he might be?}

Marth: {No problem. All we have to do is wait for lunch, and he'll be there.

Roy: {Well, sure, but... we still have almost an hour. What do we do with him, until then?}

Marth: {Hmm.... I honestly have no clue. Let's check out the rec room. I'll bet they're watching Wario and Luigi play foosball, or something.}

Roy: {Sounds right. Let's go.}

(They lead Blaziken through the halls until they reach the rec room. Just as they had expected, Kirby and the Pokemon are watching Ness and Y. Link playing air-hockey. They stop and look at Blaziken when he enters.)

Ness: Wow... he looks really cool.

Y. Link: Hey, Kirby, I bet Marth and Roy want you to translate what he's saying.... what's his name, anyway?

Blaziken: Blaziken. Blay, Blaziken. Ziken Blaziken.

Kirby: Puyo puyo. Puyo puyo puyo, puyo. {It's a little hazy. It sounds like he has a dialect, or something.}

Nana: A dialect? What's that mean?

Kirby: Puyo puyo, Puyo puyo - puyo puyo puyo. Puyo puyo, puyo puyo puyo puyo. {Short version is this. For every type of Pokemon - electric, fire, whatever - there's a different accent. His is weird though, because it sounds like two types at once.}

Popo: Oh.... So, what's he saying?

Kirby: Puyo puyo puyo puyo puyo. {He just asked what language Marth and Roy speak.}

Ness: Oh. Hey, Blaziken, they're speaking a different language called Japanese. That's why they sound weird to you. Are you a brawler?

(Blaziken simply nods his head.)

Ness: Neat. So, what type of Pokemon are you?

(Blaziken holds out one hand, claws open, facing upward. He clenches his fist, and it bursts into fire.)

Nana: Ooh! A fire-type! I always wanted to see one of those! What's the other type? Kirby says that you have two types.

(The flames on Blaziken's claws goes out. He steps next to a table, raises one leg all the way up, and brings it down on the table with lightning speed, and bone-crushing force. The table splits into four pieces, and collapses.)

Y. Link: THAT WAS COOL! That must mean you're a really powerful fighting-type, too! I'm really happy to have you here. Oh, wait... do you know about Mario?

Blaziken: Blay?

Ness: Hey, Pikachu, could you tell Blaziken about Mario, and all that?

(Pikachu gives a salute, scampers over to Blaziken, and they walk off, together.)

Y. Link: Man, that's so cool.

(Ness suddenly scores the winning point.)

Y. Link: You cheated!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Somewhere in the mansion)

Mario: Are you sure about this? Was it a good idea to just set them loose?

Huh??: Of course. I just checked, and they're doing fine. Oh, look, Pikachu is talking with Blaziken. How cute. Oh, hey, Sonic is about to come upon Vaati. This is going to be funny as hell. Let's listen in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the halls ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sonic: Oh, hey little guy. Are you lost, buddy?

Vaati: Don't bother me, insect.

Sonic: Insect? Are you sure you should be talking like that? I mean, you're just a kid.

Vaati: Funny. With the brain that you have, I would have thought the same thing about you.

Sonic: You really are looking for a taste of my speed, aren't you?

Vaati: Oh, you're a fast one, you say? Let me guess. You don't have a girlfriend, do you?

Sonic: ....... Okay, that's it. Keep it up, and I'm going to hurt you in ways that will make you say ‘oh, so that's what true pain is.'

Vaati: Ooh, good one. I like that little jab.

Sonic: Take it. I've got a bunch. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go on my way, and pretend that this didn't happen. Why? Because I don't want to incapacitate one of my opponents on the first day.

Vaati: Of course. You just tell yourself that.

(Sonic moves on.)

Vaati: Tuh. As if anyone could possibly even scratch me.
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