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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1991 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:08:50 pm »

BM: Well.... I guess that means... what, exactly?

Mewtwo: <It means we wait a bit, and then bust in there. Hopefully, whatever they saw will be done, by then.>

(Twenty minutes later, just outside the cottage.)

Samus: Okay. Ganondorf, bust down the door.

(Ganondorf starts charging a Gerudo Punch, and...)

(click-click! Scree... There stands Link, naked as the day he was born, except for his cap.)

Link: Oh, hello. We weren't expecting anyone, at all... Say, you guys look familiar. Do I know you?

(Krystal comes down the stairs, wearing a short robe.)

Krystal: Link, sweetie, never answer the door when you're wearing nothing! That's... Oh... Um... Wow.

Samus: You have no idea.

Krystal: Um... Link, honey, go put on your clothes.

Link: Okay, mama. I love you.

Krystal: I... love you too, dear.

(Link goes upstairs.)

Geno: ...... Mama?

Krystal: (sigh) I suppose I should explain. Come on in. It's a little small, but it's cozy.

Samus: Bomberman, Geno, Mewtwo, if you want-

(Bomberman, Geno and Mewtwo turn as one, and head back to the ship, quickly. The rest go into the cottage.)

Ganondorf: Why am I still here?

Samus: Because you're needed to brink back Link. Gardevoir, you're here to keep my brain from leaking out of my head.

Gardevoir: <Of course.>

Ganondorf: You seem awfully calm, considering what we just witnessed.

Gardevoir: <Oh, don't worry. I'm going to have a break-down, probably shortly after we leave.>

(They all head into a kind of living room.)

Krystal: Okay, where should I begin?

Samus: From the beginning, of course. When we all left, Link was, well, Link, and nobody called you mama.

Krystal: (sigh) Alright. Here's the story.

Ganondorf: Hang on. Before you do, could you please, you know, put something on?

Krystal: Oh! I'm so sorry! I'll be right back.

(Krystal runs upstairs, and comes back down, clad in her leather suit. Link is right behind her, dressed in his tunic.)

Krystal: Link, sweetie, could you get mama some fresh water?

Link: But the stream is miles from here, and it's dark!

Krystal: Go, Link. Now.

Link: Hmph. Fine.

(Link stomps out the door.)

Krystal: (sigh) I'm so sorry about all this. I didn't intend for all this- (gestures around her) -to happen. Alright, this is how it went.

(Krystal explains Link's memory loss, Argos, the city they were supposed to go to, and how they ended up in the cottage.)

 Ganondorf: Oh, good lord up high. I'm sure my insanity would have been less painful than this.

Samus: Shush. Alright, Krystal. You explained the how. Now, give us the why.

Krystal: ..... I'M SO LONELY!

(Krystal starts sobbing.)

Gardevoir: ..... <Well.>

Samus: Well, indeed.

Krystal: Oh, (sob) I'm so sorry about doing that. (sniff) You see... I've been with so many companions, in my time.

Samus: Yes, we guessed that.

Krystal: The thing is, none of them... loved me. They were all just.... hopeless dreams. But, with Link... after we were done... he told me... (sob) he told me he (sob) loves me. It felt... it was wonderful, to be told that. I could see it in his eyes. He really does love me.

Samus: You took him away. You held him here, even though you knew that his mind is deteriorating... because he loves you?

Krystal: Samus, you... you don't know! I've never been loved! Everyone else, they just did their thing, and left. When Link told me that he loves me, it's like my life came out of the dark, into the light. Even now, every time he tells me he loves me, it's another reason to go on. I've found the meaning of life, in him.

Samus: No... No, I understand how you feel. I understand it, all too well.


Ganondorf: (cough) Well, sure. But... mama?

Krystal: Oh, that... I don't know. It seemed right.

Gardevoir: <Well, we can deal with you, later. For now, we have to get Link back to normal.>

Krystal: Of course. It's best, for him to be... normal.

Gardevoir: <It goes a little deeper than that, I'm afraid. No matter. As soon as Link gets back, we can get this straightened out.>

(About ten minutes later, the door opens, and closes.)

Link: I'm back, mama! Can you please tell me why- ...... What's going on, here?

Ganondorf: Link, it's time for you to come back to us.

Link: What are you talking about? Hey, wait... I remember! You're a bad man! Mama, where's my sword?! I must defend you!

Krystal: No, Link, there's no need-
Ganondorf: No, let him! Of course. The Master Sword. It's so obvious. Where is the Master Sword?

Krystal: .... It's in a chest, in the upstairs hall.

(Ganondorf stumps up the stair, and comes down, carrying the entire chest.)

Ganondorf: Something tells me we should probably have some space, when this happens. Outside, Link. If you wish to fight, we will do it there.

Link: Very well.

(They all go outside. Ganondorf lays the chest on the ground, busts the lock off it, and opens it up. Right there, is Link's shield, and the Master Sword.)

Ganondorf: Pick up your weapon.

(Link straps the scabbard to his back. With his left hand, he picks up his shield, and the Master Sword with his right. Nothing happens.)

 Ganondorf: Switch hands. You must hold your sword with your left hand.

Link: Huh? I'm a righty.

Ganondorf: DO IT!

(Link quickly switches hands. Nothing happens.)

Gandondorf: Hmm.... Raise your sword, high, Link.

Link: This is getting ridiculous. Are we going to fight, or not?

Krystal: Link, please do as he says.

(Link looks very confused, but he raises the Master Sword aloft. At that moment, the Triforce of Courage on the back of Link's hand shines brightly. The blade of the Master Sword suddenly blazes forth with a tongue of blue fire. It shines brilliantly, for a moment, then goes out.)

Link: Wha? What the-.... Oh, god.

Ganondorf: Link? You in there?

Gardevoir: <I believe he is. It feels like his mind is back in one piece.>

Krystal: ..... Link, sweetie...

Link: (deep breath) Get away...

(Krystal steps close, about to place a hand on Link's shoulder.)

Krystal: Link, I'm s-

(Link shoves Krystal away from him, making her fall to the ground, and turns his back. Tears start welling up in Krystal's eyes.)

Krystal: I'm... I'm so sorry.

Samus: .... Come on, Link. Snake has his ship not far from here. Erm, Krystal, you take your Arwing back to the mansion.

(Link walks briskly ahead, holding his sword and shield close. Krystal slowly walks toward her Arwing, gets in, and takes off. The rest of them head to, and get into Snake's plane.)

Snake: Link! Er, are you feeling alright?

Link: ...... Yeah. I'm fine.

(Snake raises an eyebrow, and leans in next to Ganondorf.)

Snake: What's with him?

Ganondorf: Ask Gardevoir to give you guys the story. Take us back to the mansion.

Snake: .... Oookay.

Geno: Samus, don't you have to retrieve your gunship?

Samus: No need. After you told us about Smithy, I instructed it to return to the mansion.

Link: Smithy? What are you guys talking about? Hang on... Geno, Game&Watch, I thought you were going on a vacation. And Snake and Bomberman were- What's going on, here?

Samus: Hmm. I suppose you should know, as well.

(And so, they explain The Deity, Mr. Game&Watch, Smithy and Dark Samus, and the Giga-Smash. It's the Giga-Smash that Link seems to be particularly interested in.)

Link: Giga-Smash, eh? And, it only responds to certain people? May I?

Samus: Of course.

(Samus pulls out the leather case, opens it up, and holds it out to Link. Link picks one up with his left hand... the coin instantly shines a brilliant gold, and the Triforce in his hand shines just as brightly.)

Link: Oh, man... I, I feel like I can take on anything! Nothing can strike me down!

Geno: Good for you, Link. Put it back.

(Link reluctantly replaces the coin, then resumes his somber brooding.)

BM: Uh.... huh. Jus-
Samus: SHH! +Gardevoir, can you hear me?+

Gardevoir: <Yes, Samus. Would you like me to tell them?>

Samus: +Please. And, be gentle. We don't want them completely losing it.+

 Yoshi: Yoshi?

Link: AH!

Geno: Oh, right. I forgot to tell you about Yoshi, didn't I?

Link: I'll kill it before it eats- eh?

Mewtwo: <Can't really do much when your muscles are locked, now can you? Settle down. He's harmless. Unless, of course, you're vulnerable to the women fawning over that little reptile.>

Samus: Jealous.

Mewtwo: <Nauseous, I think, is the word.>

(Geno tells Link about Yoshi. Then, in the silence after, Gardevoir starts privately telling everyone everything else.)

Link: ........ I see that! I see how you're looking at me! You, Gardevoir, you're telling them, aren't you? Well, that's fine! Go ahead! I'm the victim! I'm the one who had severe brain problems! She's the one who took advantage of me! It's all her *&^%ING FAULT!


BM: Dude, she loved you. She loved you like no other. She took care of you, like a mother takes care of her child.

Link: What do you know? She took advantage of me.

BM: Yeah, and I'm sure you hated every minute of it.

(Link just goes back to his brooding. And they travel to the mansion... to The Deity.)

(It's getting on toward evening, in the Brawl Mansion. Vaati is in his room, meditating.)

Vaati: +Just who the hell was that? Hmm. Some kind of higher being, I think, but not really. Certainly a lot of power.+

Huh??: Hey, Vaati.

Vaati: Oh, you again. Go away.

Huh??: Wouldn't you at least like to see me? To know who I am?

Vaati: Uh-huh, sure. Then, when I meet you, you're going to blast me because I turned you down, and I know to much, now.

Huh??: Tuh. All you know is that I'm a disembodied voice.

Vaati: You're a disembodied voice with a lot of power, and you're in need of minions.

Huh??: ..... What makes you think that?

Vaati: Simple. You offered me power beyond what I have, now. The only way you could do that is if you were more powerful than I could comprehend. Although, I'm guessing it's a fairly generic god-of-all-things-on-this-planet kind of power. Unfortunately, you can't read minds. Otherwise, you would have already known that I know your power, because that's what I was just thinking about.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: I gotta hand it to him. He's-a got you fairly licked.

TD: Shut up, Mario.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in Vaati's room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vaati: Mario? You're with Mario?

Huh??: Who said I'm with anybody?

Vaati: You just said "shut up, Mario." I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I imagine it isn't exactly to your liking. So, tell me, just how is Mario connected to you? Is he your master? Or, is it the other way around? Oh, wait, that's right. You're the powerful one. Then again, Mario does seem to do things a little too perfectly, I hear. Hey, Mario, just how powerful are you?

Huh??: Listen, I'm giving you one last chance. Come with me, be my comrade, and you will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Vaati: That's funny. The last time someone said that, they died. Still not caring. Go away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back with The Deity and Mario ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Dammit, Vaati! Don't you thirst for more? Do you not hunger for the strength to rule them all? The strength to bind them?

Mario: Face it. You lost him. He has-a beaten you, and he didn't even have to power up.

TD: Shut UP father!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In Vaati's room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vaati: Father? Now, that's just creepy. Oh, by the way, did you know that I can still hear you?

Huh??: SHUT UP!!

Vaati: Hey, you're the one who keeps talking to me.


Vaati: I hate this place. So much.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, at dinner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

EXE: So, Fox, how come you guys left?

Fox: Slippy was injured pretty badly. It's looking like he'll make it, but we wanted to be there, for him.

Falco: Poor little amphibian. Of course, I don't care, that much. As long as he pulls through, I don't see any reason to get upset.

Fox: Sure, whatever. Say, where's Meta Knight? Don't tell me he's still locked in his room.

EXE: Alright. He isn't locked in his room.

Falco: Dammit. He's still in there, isn't he?

Sonic: Say what?

Bass: Long story short, something happened to Meta Knight, and now, he's trapped in his room.

Sonic: Well, someone already tried talking to him, right?

Marth: (Japanese.)

Bass: I'm not sure you count.

EXE: Since when could you understand Japanese?

Bass: Remember when we were connected, this morning? Then.

Fox: Connected? Oh, to exchange information, like through a LAN.

EXE: ....... Sure.

Marth: (More Japanese.)

Bass: It's because he doesn't know Japanese, dur.

Roy: (Even more Japanese.)

Bass: What? What're y- Ah.

EXE: Wow.

Sonic: Did I miss something?

Bass: You seriously don't want to know.

Sonic: Huh. Whatever. Say, you two are friends with him, right? Why don't you try to go talk some sense into him?

Fox: Well... That doesn't sound too bad.

Falco: Yeah. Not tonight, though. I already have something to do that can't be ignored.

Fox: Right. And I have clean all my weapons. It's the only way to make sure they're working right.

Sonic: Whatever works. (scarfs down yet another chili dog.)

EXE: Okay, seriously, I can understand eating those for breakfast and lunch, but why at dinner? What, do you run all the time?

Sonic: Nah. I just really like chili dogs. Duh.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ On the Snake plane ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: So, you got this, right?

Snake: Of course. I know where to go, from here.

Geno: Good. You keep going. Keep my body safe.

(Geno flashes out of his body, and leaves.)

Samus: What the hell? What's he doing?

Snake: Not a clue.


BM: So, you're still sulking?

(Link turns a very ugly glare on Bomberman.)

BM: That would be a big yes.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, in Star Road ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: <I have returned, my dear.>

Serenade: <I noticed that you don't have something to put me in.>

Geno: <Nonsense. I told you I would take care of it, and I will. Or, more accurately, it's already taken care of.>

Serenade: <Is that so? Then what, praytell, am I going to be living in?>

Geno: <Who. You're going to be staying in a person. Yoshi, to be exact.>

(Serenade stops. The shifting mother-of-pearl colors grind to a halt. Silence.)

Geno: <It's temporary. You're right, I bungled it. But, hey, can you blame me? It's not like I've been doing absolutely nothing, since I invited you to the mansion.>

Serenade: <Yes, well... I suppose. But, what about Yoshi? Wouldn't he be harmed by me taking over his body?>

Geno: <Not really. If anything, he'll benefit from your presence. Your non-violent, friendly, out-going type of personality can only help. Besides, it'll only be for a few days. As soon as we get back, I'll get to work on getting you a real body.>

Serenade: <Hm. I don't like this, much.>

Geno: <Yes. Neither do I, really. But, I kind of backed myself into a corner. Shall we go, then?>

Serenade: <I suppose. To the mansion, or to your friends?>

Geno: <The mansion, I think.>

(Geno and Serenade leave Star Road, slip into sub-space, and go to the mansion.)

Geno: <Well, here we are. Er, we should probably keep a low profile. I don't think the mortals would respond well to a couple of floating points of light.>

Serenade. <Say, this place is nice. I was expecting it to look something like a dungeon.>

Geno: <That's because the dungeons are hidden.>

Serenade: ....... <Oh, that's a joke.>

Geno: <Right. Well, it looks like most everyone's gone to bed, or whatever. Come on. We'll stay in my room until the others get back. It'll be a few hours, assuming they don't stop for the night. Come along.>

(Geno and Serenade float through the halls for a bit. However...)

Geno: <WAIT! Get back!>

Serenade: <What is it?>

Geno: <There's something else in the halls. I'm not sure what it is. Come on, we'll take another way.>

Serenade: <Shouldn't we investigate?>

Geno: .... <I don't think that would be a good idea. Whatever it is, it's very malevolent, and I don't feel like dealing with it, right now.

(Geno and Serenade float down a different hall... Out from the shadows, a clawed, reptilian foot sets down. A black, draconic eye glimmers in the darkness...)

(It's the dead of night, when Snake's ship finally touches down, outside the mansion. They all step out of the plane.)

Samus: OhHhHhHhHh. Man, its good to be back. I can really streetch.

(Samus stretches... Oh, boy, does she stretch.)

Snake: (cough) Right, well. We're all glad to be back. Now, Game&Watch, correct me if I'm wrong, but he can't hear psychic talk, can he? Not over long distances?


Snake: Excellent. That's all I needed to know.

Mewtwo: <Oh, lord. We're going to be busy, for a while, aren't we?>

Snake: +It's a necessary sacrifice, I'm afraid. Just think of it as doing your part to take down a competitor for the most evil position.+

Ganondorf: Which reminds me, I'm going to have a long talk with Vaati, tomorrow.

BM: Exactly. Tomorrow. Good night, all.

(Nearby, Krystal, in her Arwing, lands. Krystal gets out, and walks toward the group.)

Link: Well, I'm going inside, now. See you in the morning.

Krystal: Link, wait! Please!
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