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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1989 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:09:34 pm »

Gardevoir: <Stop, Krystal. You need to give him time. If you keep pressing him, right now, he won't have an opportunity to think.>

Krystal: Didn't he have almost six hours to think?!

Gardevoir: <Krystal, please. Let him be, if only for another night.>

Samus: She's right. You can' t help yourself, at this moment.

(Krystal sobs once, and heads inside. The rest follow. Inside...)

Mewtwo: <Alright, I've opened a telepathic link between just us four. Just think what you want to say, and everyone else will hear it.>

Snake: +Excellent. So, what now?+

Ganondorf: +I think our first concern is finding out the others who can use the giga-smash. It's not like we can just pass them around.+

Samus: +Maybe... maybe we can.+

Ganondorf: +What, just pass them around? What the hell are you talking about?+

Samus: +I'm sorry, I'm a little too tired to think, right now. I'll take Yoshi, for now. I'll think of a way to break the news to everyone, tomorrow.+

Mewtwo: <Hm. Everything's happening tomorrow... why does that concept seem familiar?>

Samus: +Who knows, and who cares?+ Oh, look, it's my room. I'm going to bed.

(Samus opens her door, and shuts it loudly behind her.)

Snake: Hm. I guess she really needs her beauty sleep. +Well, I guess there's nothing else we can do, right now. I'll be heading off, then.+

(Snake turns down another corridor. Ganondorf and Mewtwo continue on their merry way.)

Ganondorf: Have I told you what I'm going to do to Vaati when I get my hands on him?

Mewtwo: <Just as long as you leave him intact for me. I'd like to have my own shot at that little punk.>

Ganondorf: First, I'm going to grab him by the head. Right on the forehead. Then, I'm going to squeeze his temples with my fingers until his eyes roll back, and then-
Mewtwo: <Oh, look! It's my room. Bye-bye.>

(Mewtwo quickly gets into his room, and slams the door. Ganondorf is all alone...)

Ganondorf: Huh... Well, might as well get going.

(Ganondorf walks the halls of the mansion, until...)

Ganondorf: CHRIST ON A STICK!!!

(There, in front of him, stands a creature that can only be described as an evil-looking dragon.)
(Note: For those of you who don't know what Ridley looks like, here is a fair representation of him.)
(Other note: Whenever Ridley speaks English, it's really sort of a raspy, airy voice.)

Ridley: hhhhhWho are you?

Ganondorf: ...... Who are you to ask?

Ridley: hhhI am the ravenous one. Never is my hunger sated, nor is my thirst ever slaked....

Ganondorf: ....... And?

(Ridley let's out a loud screech.)

Ridley: Tremble at my name! RIDLEY!!


Ganondorf: Okay, then.

(Ganondorf walks right by Ridley.)

Ganondorf: +Way too damn creepy. I wonder if he's one of those specialized bosses, or an actual new-comer... Well, I'll think about it, tomorrow. Hm, Mewtwo was right. That concept does seem overly familiar.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The next day, at breakfast ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DK: {Did you hear something, last night?}

Diddy: {Of course! You'd have to be deaf or dead, to not hear it.}

DK: {Do you have any idea what might have made that sound?}

Diddy: {It must have been something HUGE!}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peach: Goodness, that was something. I can't believe anything could make that sound.

Zelda: Indeed. It completely disrupted... my sleep.

Peach: Oh, right. I was asleep, too. Until that darn scream, or howl, or whatever.

Luigi: Why the hell do I continue sitting here?

Peach: Because our sweet, sweet voices are soothing to your hangover.

Luigi: Nope. Must be something else.

Zelda: It's a shame Mewtwo isn't here. He would set you straight.

Luigi: Why do you think I went drinking? I knew he'd be gone another day.

Mewtwo: <LUIGI!!>

Luigi: WAAAH!

(Luigi falls over on the ground, curled into a fetal position.)

Luigi: When... will the hurting... stop?

Zelda: Mewtwo! You're back early! Wait, is that Ganondorf? And Bomberman? Has everyone returned?

Mewtwo: <That's right. Oh, and, you might want to be prepared for a little... surprise, or two. By the way, do you know what made that awful noise, last night?>

Ganondorf: I know.

(Mewtwo whirls around to see Ganondorf, with a very serious look on his face.)

Mewtwo: <Oh, come on! We just got back! What now?>

Ganondorf: I'm not sure if it's serious, or not. Let's grab some grub, first.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo head to the buffet line.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: So, when are you planning on telling everyone?

Samus: About... (leans in close) about Yoshi?


Samus: I'm not sure. I might go to Mario, let him know. We can just have him say that he picked him up, or something.

Snake: Nah. That might lead to too many questions. I think we should tell at least some of the truth. Geno was called away to the Star Road, he got the news, and we went to Mario's world, to get Yoshi.

Samus: Mm. Hang on, a moment. +Mewtwo, can you hear me?+

 Mewtwo: <Yes, I can. Would you care to explain why you interrupted my eating?>

Samus: +I'm thinking and eating at the same time. I think you're capable of doing that. Do you by any chance know what screamed, last night?+

Mewtwo: <Hang on, Ganondorf was about to tell me. I'll open up the channel to him, as well.... Ganondorf, would you care to reveal just what the hell made that ruckus?>

Ganondorf: Fine, fine. If it'll- Oh, telepathy. +Anyway, the thing I met was a big black dragon looking thing. Very bony, though.+

Samus: +Wait, did it have a very long, whip-like tail?+

Ganondorf: +Now that you mention it, he did. Yeah, it's a guy. Anyway, he said his name is Ridley.+

(Samus suddenly stands up, knocking over her chair. Her eyes appear to have a blazing fire in them.)

Samus: RIDLEY!!

Mewtwo: <It seems you know him. A friend of your's?>

(Samus leaps over to Mewtwo, and grabs him by the tube behind his neck.)


(Samus violently grabs one of Mewtwo's antennae.)

Samus: Tell me, or I break it off!

(Suddenly, Ganondorf delivers a lightning-quick jab into Samus' temple. She goes out like a light.)

Mewtwo: <That took a little long, don't you think?>

Ganondorf: Sorry. I had to swallow my bacon.

(Ganondorf looks around to see everyone looking at them. Most are whispering to each other.)

Ganondorf: (sigh) I suppose I would have to tell them... Everyone, listen up! I'm sure we all heard that loud screech, last night. Well, I'm telling you, I was right in front the creature that made that sound! It is a large dragon-like creature, black, with a whip of a tail, and talons like razors. It's name... is Ridley. And, it seems that our Samus has a history with him. Do not worry. She'll wake up in a few minutes. She'll have a headache, but other than that, she's fine. Oh, and I greatly advise against confronting Ridley. He doesn't seem to be the type to beat around the bush. He will hurt you, badly.

(Ganondorf shoves a giant wad of bacon into his mouth, picks up Samus, and walks out. Snake and Mewtwo follow.)

EXE: Well..... That was... Yeah.

(Just then, Krystal enters. She quietly takes a seat next to Sonic.)


Sonic: Um... you're Krystal?

Krystal: Hm? Oh, you must be one of the new-comers.

Sonic: Rrright. Name's Sonic... Aren't you supposed to be... more energetic?

Fox: Forget that. Didn't you take Link to Argos for some brain thing? Did it work?

Krystal: Oh, um... yes. Yes, he's fine.

Falco: Speaking of, there he is, right now.

(Krystal perks up, and looks at Link, who just entered. Link comes near, sees Krystal, and very quickly turns his back. He heads right for the buffet line.)


EXE: What the hell? Someone isn't telling the entire truth.

Bass: Someone isn't telling anything, at all.

Sonic: Hang on, you guys. Krystal... you did something to Link, didn't you?


Sonic: He got mad, because of it?

(Tears start welling up.)

Sonic: And now, you're very deeply hurt by his anger. Is that it?

(Krystal looks into Sonic's eyes (eye?), and falls against his chest, weeping softly.)

Sonic: It's okay. I know, it hurts. Come on. Let's get you somewhere where you can let it all out.

(Sonic and Krystal walk out of the cafeteria. Every eye is following them. After they leave, Link starts looking sorry, himself.)

Fox: ...... Well.... That's new.

 Falco: I've known that crazy women for years. I don't think I've seen her cry. Not once.

EXE: Whatever happened, it hit her pretty hard. What went on between those two?

Bass: Should I... "question" Link?

EXE: I heard that. Don't do it. Something tells me this is something that should involve less people. Sonic should be able to handle it.

Marth: (Japanese)

EXE: Yeah. He's cool, like that. Really laid back, and all that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere in the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ridley: hhh-I will nh-not be restrained.

TD: Nice try, but this is the way it's going to be. You can't just go around, screaming willy-nilly. If my plan is to go off without a hitch, you have to control yourself. Besides, if you decide to be difficult, you can say good-bye to my end of the bargain.

Ridley: hhh-I will no-
TD: Yes, yes, yes, I get it. You're upset by the fact that I'm stronger than you, and I'm pretty much clipping your wings, so to speak. Deal with it. Deal, or I'll have to make you deal.

(Ridley pulls back one terrible clawed hand, and swipes at The Deity. However, the claw bounces harmlessly off of a shield of light.)

TD: (sigh) Must they always be so difficult? Why can't my allies have brains? Like you, Meta Knight.

MK: Tuh. I'm not your ally. I'm simply working with you until you fulfill your promise.

TD: Yes, yes. All in due time. As for you, Ridley...

(The Deity gives a huge upper-cup right to the chin. Ridley goes down.)

MK: Wow. You know, considering how thin his neck is, I'm surprised it didn't snap.

TD: Heh. If he were that easy to kill, do you think I would have brought him in? He'll be very useful, later... For that day.

(We join Krystal and Sonic in Krystal's room.)

Sonic: Alright, Krystal. It's okay. Just let it all out.

(Weepy weep, weep weep. Eventually, Krystal slows down, and looks Sonic in the eye.)

Krystal: Thank you. I... I feel better.

Sonic: That's it. Now, do you want to tell me what happened?

Krystal: (sniff) Well, it's a bit complicated. Do you mind... if I skip over a few parts?

Sonic: It's your story.

(Krystal tells Sonic an abridged version of what happened.)

Sonic: Hm. And Samus told you to give him time to settle down?

Krystal: That's right. She thinks that, eventually, he'll come to me, and apologize.

Sonic: Well, that's the problem. She's thinking from a woman's perspective. I'm seeing things from Link's side, as well. I caught a glimpse of him, right before we left. I think he's feeling sorry for hurting you.

(Krystal looks at Sonic with big, hopeful eyes.)

Sonic: Yeah, I know. Trust me, Krystal. It's like a wound. Don't give it time to fester. Go after him, now.

Krystal: (sniff) Thank you, Sonic. You're a real friend, you know? How could I... repay you?

Sonic: And, that's where you can stop. (sigh) Normally... maybe. However, I have someone, back home... and I just realized that I've been treating her horribly. Ignoring her at almost every turn. I was awful... But, not no more! You go to your man, and I must go to my woman.

Krystal: Yes, of course. But, what do I say?

Sonic: Tell him everything. Tell him how much you truly love him, and what it felt like, to be loved. After that... it's up to him.

Krystal: Thank you. Thank you, so much. I'll go do that, right now!

Sonic: Of course. But, first, you really do look awful. You go wash up. I have my own affairs to deal with.

(Krystal walks into an adjoining bathroom, and Sonic walks out. He's walking through the halls, until...)

Huh??: <You. Can you tell me where I can get something to eat?>

Sonic: Eh? I think the cafeteria's closed, but... who are you?

Lucario: <Ah, of course. I am Lucario. A Pokemon new-comer.>

Sonic: Another psychic?

Lucario: <Not really. I have had limited training from a mage. That allowed me some psychic abilities, but not as great as a true psychic Pokemon. For instance, my telepathy is only one-way. I'm really a steel/fighting type.>

Sonic: Oh... K. Well, welcome. I'm pretty new here, myself.

Lucario: <Yes. You must be Sonic. Now, I believe you were about to tell me where I might get something to eat.>

Sonic: Well, there are vending machines at a few spots, around here. I'm not sure where one is, exactly, but if you keep wandering, you'll find one, eventually.

Lucario: <Excellent. Thank you.>

(And they go their separate ways.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus is with Snake in his plane. Samus is still coddling baby Yoshi.)

Samus: (sigh) I just don't know how to break it to them. The fact that he's here, among us, now... after what he did...

Snake: Hang on, dear. Technically, it wasn't THAT Yoshi that went berserk. This one is very innocent. It would be wrong of us to pin the actions of the old Yoshi on the new one.

Samus: Mm. You're right. I'm sorry, little Yoshi.

(Samus tickles Yoshi's belly. Yoshi makes with the adorable bit.)

Samus: Besides, how could anyone be mad at anything so cute?

Snake: Oh, gag. ..... Say, we could use that as an advantage.

Samus: How's that? Oh, I see... when we show Yoshi to everyone, hopefully, all the ladies will fawn over him so much, the rest won't have a problem!

Snake: It's so devilishly clever, it has to work.

Samus: It has to! Ooh, wait, no... Where? When?


Samus: ..... I think... it's time for another conference, wouldn't you say?

Snake: You mean... just tell them you have an important announcement, gather everyone, and then bring him out?

Samus: That's pretty much how it works. I can get Mario to make the announcement for everyone to gather, and then I spring this little surprise on them.

Snake: Sounds like a plan. You go to Mario. I'll hold on to Yoshi.

(Samus exits the ship. Snake just sits there, holding Yoshi at arm's length. They stare at each other....)

Snake: ....... I will never blink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: It's an interesting development, wouldn't you say?

MK: It is, indeed, unusual. I can't wait until I hear their explanation.

Ridley: Mmmm. hhhWhat a tasty-looking mhhmorsel. I just rrremembered that it's been a while since I last... feasted on anything.

TD: Oh, for the love of little green apples. (gesture) There. There's some wild deer in the Endless Field. Eat to your heart's content.

(Ridley screeches once, and leaves.)

TD: Honestly, he'd better keep it together. I'm good, but I can't resurrect something that's been digested. And, frankly, I like those small Pokemon. I think I'll put them in cages. They'll be adorable... or else.

MK: Uh...huh. So, I assume you have no problem with Yoshi?

TD: Not at all. Quite the opposite... You know, I bet I could speed up his growth, and turn him berserk, just like- (snap of the fingers) -that.

MK: Hmph. Do as you wish. Just make sure-
TD: Yes, of course, Meta Knight. I promise you, I will bring back your wife. It's just... I want to make sure you hold up your end of the bargain.

MK: What's there to hold up? I stand by your side, and that's it.

TD: Well, I've been thinking about that. Our deal, I mean. You know, resurrecting your wife, from nothing more than memories, is not an easy job. I think it would only be fair if you did some - let's call them odd jobs - for me, in return.

MK: What kind of odd jobs?

TD: Oh, I don't know. We'll just have to wait, until I need you to do one. Fair enough?

MK: Hmph. Whatever. I'm going to get ready for this "meeting." Let's see if they can come up with a convincing story, on short notice.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: I see... an announcement?

Samus: A very important one. Well, not THAT important, but I think everyone should be together, for it.

Mario: Hmm. Alright. But, only if-a you tell me, first.

Samus: .... Fine..... I'll be right back.

(Samus rushes to Snake's ship, where the two of them are still staring at each other, grabs Yoshi, and runs back to Mario's office.)

Samus: Okay... Did you know that, if someone wishes hard enough, that wish can reach Star Road?

Mario: Mmm?

Samus: Well, it turns out that one of our brawlers wished so hard... that Yoshi has been reincarnated.

(Samus pulls Yoshi out from behind her back. Mario jumps up, and comes over to Samus. A look of wonderment in his eyes.)

Mario: Yoshi! Is it... is it-a really him?

Samus: Well, it's not like he remembers his past life, but, yeah, it's him. In a couple years, I bet he's going to be Egg-rolling around, just like before. Watch what he does when you tickle him.

(Samus tickles Yoshi's belly, and Yoshi, again, makes with the adorable bit. Mario's eyes start clouding up.)

Mario: ..... Yoshi!

(Mario swipes Yoshi out of Samus' arms, and hugs him close.)

Yoshi: Yoshi? Mmm.... (hugs back)

Mario: (sniff) Okie-dokie. You take him... I'll call everyone together, after lunch, about one o'clock.

Samus: Thank you, Mario.

Mario: No... Thank you.

Samus: Oh, well, technically, you should be thanking Geno, for telling us about him in the first place, and Donkey Kong, for making the wish.

Mario: (sniff) Of course.

(Samus heads back to Snake's ship. In there, she finds Mewtwo and Ganondorf.)

Samus: Erm, any particular reason for why you're here?

Snake: +It's because of The Deity, of course. We thought it might be a good idea to start thinking about how we can locate the other Giga-Smash users.+

Mewtwo: <If I recall, you were about to have an idea, last night.>

Samus: +Right, right... Well, we all know that he's not truly omnipotent. Well, if we surprise everyone with the Giga-Smash coins... Tell them they're specialized Smash coins. Hand out all five, and, hopefully, we'll find the other two, before The Deity has a chance to react.+

Ganondorf: +It gets better, I think. I doubt that The Deity even thinks that anything could possibly take him down. Even if he got wind of these things, I bet it's going to take some time before he figures out that the's in trouble.+

Snake: +That's right! Then, after we find our other Giga-Smashers, we pretty much force him to make his move. We'll have him on the defensive.+

Samus: +Hang on, how does this put The Deity on the defensive? Technically, he can always stay in hiding, and continue pulling the strings, behind the scenes.+

Snake: +That's just it, don't you see? If The Deity wants to have his ultimate power, and all that, he MUST go through us.+

Mewtwo: <Hang on... Why don't you just attack him one at a time? Use the Giga-Smash, beat the holy hell out of him, and when one wears off, go right to the next. Between you two, and Link, we'll have plenty of time to find the other two Giga-Smashers.>

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