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27 November, 2021, 01:46:58 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1987 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:10:53 pm »

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Wario, Luigi and Peach are all together, in Luigi's room.)

Wario: So, how the hell am I supposed to stop gambling? I mean.... I WAS ABOUT TO WIN! You remember, right? That probability thing? I'm going to be right, and then, I'm going to win it BIG!

Peach: Is that so? Hm... Luigi, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Luigi: I think so, princess, but how do we get-a the raccoon to stay put long enough?

Peach: What? No, no! I'm thinking... about making one last bet. What do you say, Wario? All or nothing. Walk away with all the riches you could have ever wanted, or... nothing.

Wario: Is that so? Hmm..... What's the bet?

Peach: It's simple. You make as many bets as you want, for the entire day, tomorrow, and if you win any one of them, I'll give you anything.

Wario: ...... Anything?

Peach: ....... Even that.

Wario: Wow.... Then again, I don't think I'd want that, after he had it.

Peach: WHAT!?

Luigi: Eh? Did I miss-a something?

Peach: (cough) No. N-No, Luigi. Not a thing.

Luigi: ..... Don't ever play me for a fool, princess. Hey, Wario, I'll bet that you know what's-a got her so worked up. If you know, I'm-a buying for a week!

Wario: DEAL! She's-

(Peach pulls her tennis racket from out of nowhere, and cracks Wario over the head, making his eyes glaze over. Wario stands up, and walks out like he's sleep-walking.)

Luigi: ..... I'm-a going to find out. Mark my words, princess. I will learn your secret.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mewtwo: <What the hell?>

Gardevoir: <I know. That emotion felt a little strange, didn't it?>

Mewtwo: <It was so many negative emotions, rolled into one. It's gone now, though. I can't tell where it came from.>

Gardevoir: <Well... Shall we continue? Where were we?>

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It's mental training, sickos. Anyway, at the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Young Link, Link and Pit are all practicing their archery.)

Pit: So, your memory's back to normal?

Link: That's right. It turns out, I just needed a little divine intervention, in the end.

Y. Link: Divine intervention? What're you talking about?

Link: My Triforce, of course. It was probably for the best, though. I mean, I could have gone through all that medical stuff, but it probably wouldn't have worked nearly as well. And, there's that other thing...

(Link draws his bow, and aims at a moving target.)

Y. Link: What other thing? Wait, does this have anything to do with Miss Krystal?

(Link's eyes go very wide, and, with a yelp, let's go of the string. The arrow completely misses his target.)

Link: NOnonono! This has nothing to do with Krystal! I was talking about... my fever! Yeah, I had fever something awful, and that was cured in a snap.

Pit: Uh... huh. Whatever.

Link: Look, can we just drop it? I'm back, and that's all that matters, okay?

Pit: Sure, sure. Hey, Lil' Link, could you not use the fire? It's bad for the targets, you know?

Y. Link: Call me Lil' Link again, and I'll use you as a target.

Link: Heh! He's becoming just like me!

Pit: That isn't a good thing, you know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Kirby is wandering the halls, pondering Meta-Knight's recent episode, when suddenly...)


(Kirby spins around, and faces...)

Kirby: PUYO! {DEDEDE!}

Dedede: That's right! I'm one of you! Now, I'm going to get you for all those times you got me!

Kirby: Puyo, puyo. Puyo puyo puyo.{Not now, tubby. I have bigger things to worry about.}

Dedede: Say WHAT!? Oh, that's it! You, me, right now!

(Dedede pulls out a giant hammer, and charges at Kirby. Kirby stands still.... then suddenly turns into a rock, at the last second. Dedede's hammer bounces off of rock-Kirby, and smacks him in the face. Dedede is knocked out. Kirby turns back to normal.)

Kirby: Puyo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(The Deity is having another meeting with Ridley and Meta-Knight.)

Ridley: hhI seriously hhope you have a good rhreason for taking me away from me hunting.

TD: Yes, yes, yes, I know. Because, you're little appetite is sooo important. Do you hear yourself talk? I oughta-
MK: Then why are we here?

TD: Uh-hwha? Oh, right. I can't shake this feeling that there's something very wrong. Like.... You know that feeling you get when you think there's a possibility of doom?

MK: Can't really say I've ever felt that.

TD: Whatever. Listen, I want you two to pay extra attention to what's going on. I really think there's something strange going on here. Ridley, that means you should be inside the mansion, more often. You never know what you might hear. Meta-Knight, be more involved. You're a little too reclusive, as it is.

MK: Whatever. When you are going to-
TD: Soon! Yeesh. You know, for someone so withdrawn, you're awfully impatient. When Brawl starts, I promise to deliver, but not a second before. Until then, you're just going to have to sit on your hands, got it?

MK: Hmph. I certainly hope you do, for your sake.

(Meta-Knight exits.)

Ridley: hyYou said you would give mhme what I want.

TD: Oh, not you, too! Get out of here!

(The Deity waves a hand, and Ridley is instantly teleported out of the room.)

TD: Good lord! Why can't they get it through their heads that I'm trustworthy? Well, maybe it has something to do with me being the bad-guy. Oh, well.

(The Deity's eyes glow for a moment, then he shuts them.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Luigi: Hmph. Why does-a the princess insist on treating me like a moron? It's-a because of Mario. It's-a always him that saves the day. It's-a always him that takes charge. Mario, Mario, Mario!
(Note: Cookie to anyone who knows where that last bit came from.)

Huh??: You seem pretty annoyed by him.

Luigi: WAH! Wh-wh-wh... Who's-a there?

Huh??: Don't worry, Luigi. I'm on your side. I totally understand what you're so mad about!

Luigi: You... you do?

Huh??: Of course. And... I can help you get out from Mario's shadow.

Luigi: ...... I'm-a listening.

(It is now morning, just after breakfast. 8 days until Brawl. Link and Krystal are sitting in the rec room, apart from Wario, who is furiously trying to beat Luigi at foos-ball, to win their own bet.)

Krystal: So.... Why did you want to talk? I thought everything was settled.

Link: Yeah, not really... I'm sorry, Krystal, but I can't love you.

(Krystal's head twitches. She swallows hard, and coughs.)

Krystal: You- you can't? Why's that?

Link: Well, I've been thinking hard, and I've come to a couple conclusions. I know I said screw'em about the others, and my other lovers on Hyrule, but-
Krystal: Of course. I understand.

Link: It's just that we're supposed to be comrades, not lovers. Keeping it professional, and all that.

Krystal: Yes, I know. It's fine. Was that all?

Link: Eh? Oh, the other conclusion. Well... I suppose you could say it would be best for me to, you know, keep all my ladies on one planet, and all that. Besides, I don't think I could bring myself to fight someone I...

(Link's voice trails off, and his face flushes a little.)

Krystal: Oh, dear. Are you embarrassed? Do you have a problem with... sex?

(Link's face flushes further.)

Link: No. Why would I? Not a problem at all..... But that's kinduv another reason. Can't you feel it? There's a lot of sex, around here. The last thing this mansion needs is another... odd pairing.

Krystal: Yeah, I suppose that makes sense.

Link: Great. So, ah... are we still friends?

(Krystal smiles, pats his cheek, and walks out of the room. Link stares at her as she leaves.)

Luigi: GAME!! You lose again!

Wario: DAMMIT! Best 11 out of 20?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In one of the training rooms ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Lucario is practicing his mental sight with the children.) Note: For those of you who don't know what that means, in the movie, Lucario closes his eyes, and he can see his surroundings, along with any people/Pokemon. Kinda like Daredevil.

Lucario: <Come now, surely you can come at me faster than that?>

Poo: What gives? How come I can't hit you?

Lucario: <It is because you make your moves obvious. An experienced fighter, such as myself, could read your moves, and predict what you're going to do, probably before you even think about doing it.>

Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu! Chu pika.

Kirby: Pu-YO!

Lucario: <My Mind's Eye gives me an unfair advantage? Very well. When I open my eyes, I invite all of you to come at me at once.>

(When Lucario opens his eyes, every one of the children jumps at him from all sides. Lucario simply jumps straight up, and the children all collide with each other, in a very comical way. Pichu and Pikachu, both being very surprised by this, instantly discharge a huge amount of electricity. The result is that they're all slightly blackened, and smoking.)

Lucario: ....... <I will teach all of you. If you wish to protect your friends and family, when you grow up, you will need to do better.>

(One by one, the children stand up.)

Ness: You... teach us? Teach us what?

Lucario: <That... is the very first lesson.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Hmm. I didn't expect my chat with Luigi to turn out quite like that. This could alter my plans, a little.

MK: You talked with Luigi? Wow, you're really reaching, aren't you?

TD: Don't start, Meta-Knight. Everyone around here is just too damned content. I can't work with them, literally. You're a smart.... whatever you are. You know that the easiest way to get people to your side is to play on their emotions, and make promises. And before you start, as I've stated several times, I WILL deliver on the promise I made to you. However, I can't do it until the Day of Brawl.

MK: Make sure you do. But, while I'm at it, how did you get Ridley to your side?

TD: That overgrown lizard? His mind is weak. I actually tweaked his personality to be more subservient to evil overlords, such as myself. He's a pawn.

MK: Which makes me...?

TD: You're quite a bit more than a pawn, I assure you. You're going to be a very good ally- sorry, you don't like that word. You're going to be a valuable person to have... by my side.

MK: ..... I'll ignore the obvious significant pause there. What about Luigi?

TD: Him? I don't know yet. Like I said, it was an interesting conversation. When I said it might alter my plans, I meant it. Incidentally, I have a task for you. I suspect that Samus' group knows quite a bit more than they're letting on. I want you to gain their confidence, and find out what you can. Report back right after.

MK: Hmph. Give me a good reason why I should, first.

TD: It's simple: If you don't, I'll cause you more agony than my dear "father" has ever felt. This was a part of our agreement, remember? You standing by my side means the occasional task.


MK: What if I don't feel like doing this?

TD: ..... Try me.

(For a very long moment, The Deity and Meta-Knight stare each other down. The tension suddenly becomes very thick.)

MK: Fine.

(Meta-Knight exits.)

TD: ....... He's such a good minion. I'll do him the favor of making his death painless.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, at lunch ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Peach, Zelda, Wario and Luigi are all sitting together. Wario's eyes keep twitching.)

Peach: How's it going? Did you win a bet, yet?

Wario: *grunt* *cough* *fidget* *twitch*

Luigi: We played 30 straight games. He lost all of ‘em. He's buying for a month.

(Wario's entire head twitches so hard, his neck cracks.)

Wario: You- You must be... getting tired! Hands getting weak! I'll get you- Yes, I'll get you. After this, we're going right back! I'll win, dammit. I'll win it all! The odds are on my side!!

(Wario suddenly notices that most of the people in the room is looking at him.)


(Wario shoves the rest of his sandwich in his mouth, and quickly waddles out.)


Zelda: You're not actually going back, are you?

Luigi: Of course not.

Peach: Are you going to go drinking with him?

Luigi: .... Nah. He would probably do something really-a stupid, like bet that he can drink 20 shots of-a tequila.

Peach: Ugh. It's like he's going through withdrawal. Would he really do that?

Luigi: That's why I'm-a not going. I know he can do it. He has to be taken to the hospital, after, but he can do it.

Zelda: Mercy. It almost hurts me to see him like this. What was the bet you made with him?

Peach: I would give him anything he could ask for, if he won a single bet.

Zelda: ...... Anything?

Luigi: Heh. Even that. That reminds me... Princess, he said he wouldn't, after what "he" did. Would you care to tell us what that means?

(Peach looks taken aback. It takes here a moment to recover.)

Peach: Luigi... How- How dare you inquire about something so private!

Zelda: What the-? Peach, what's going on?

Peach: It's nothing, Zelda. Never mind.

Luigi: There! You did it again! You look down on me, pretend I don't know anything. You think I'm some moron.

(Heads are starting to turn.)

Peach: Luigi! (Quiet hiss) Would you keep it down? If you're so worked up, we can go somewhere so nobody hears you whining!

(Zelda's eyes widen at Peach's harsh voice. Luigi's eyes widen, as well, then narrow to little slits.)

Luigi: ..... Whining, eh? You know... I think I'm-a going to go see what Wario knows... Make a bet with him, you know?

(Before Peach can say anything, Luigi gets up, and runs to the entryway. He pauses, turns around, and speaks loudly.)

Luigi: And when I know, so will EVERYONE else!

(Luigi runs out. A few stunned moments later, Peach follows, fast.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: ...... I really thought this might be a normal day.

Snake: Not a chance. Name two consecutive days that have been normal.

Samus: *sigh* I suppose. +Mewtwo, can you hear me?+

Mewtwo: <You have 5 seconds to tell me something important, before I ignore you.>

Samus: +Don't you think this is something I should know about? Why don't you go do some snooping?+

Mewtwo: <Hmmm..... Nah. Snake is perfectly capable of doing that. So are you, for that matter. Mewtwo out.>

Samus: +Mewtwo? Mewtwo?+ ....... Dammit.

Snake: What's that?

Samus: ...... Sweetheart... Darling...

Snake: Maybe. What is it?

Samus: Could you go spy on Peach and Luigi, for me?

Snake: ...... Lemme finish my sammich.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in the rec room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Peach runs in. Luigi, who is standing in front of Wario, whirls on her.)

Peach: Luigi, I-! ..... Did he tell you?

Luigi: ..... You lost, Princess. Wario won the bet. He knows. He-a told me.

(Silence. Peach looks down at the floor, her hair covering her face. Her crown slips, and clatters on the floor. Tears glisten in her eyes.)

Peach: Luigi, please.. You must understand-

Luigi: Don't. I understand.

(Peach slowly lifts her head. A single tear trickles down her face.)

Peach: You- You do?

Luigi: That's-a right. Perfectly. That's why I'm not-a going to tell everyone.

Peach: Luigi... Oh, bless-
Luigi: I'm-a just going to tell Mario.

(Peach gasps sharply, her eyes widening with fear. She lifts one gloved hand to cover her mouth, which is hanging open. Another tear runs down her face.)

Luigi: See you around... Princess.

(Luigi walks out, his footsteps echoing in the silent din within the room.)

Wario: Princess.... (A nasty grin spreads over his face) You're not going to try to get out of our deal, are you?

(Peach puts her face in her hands, sobbing softly. She slowly shakes her head. Wario coos.)

Wario: Good girl.

(Luigi is alone in his room. Despite his cold resoluteness, earlier, he is looking forlorn.)

TD: <Hey, Luigi, why so glum?>

Luigi: WHA-!? Oh... It's-a you. What do you want?

TD: <Oh, come now, we're working together, we have to look out for each other. Part of that involves me listening to your woes. Come on, Luigi, spill it. What's bothering you?>

Luigi: ..... I just-a learned something very disturbing, about Princess Peach. I said that I would tell Mario, but-

TD: <Mario? What's this about Mario? What are you telling him?>

Luigi: ..........

TD: <Oh, sorry, I interrupted. Go on.>

Luigi: ..... If I tell Mario, I can't imagine how badly it-a would hurt him. He's-a my brother! I can't tell him something that would-a hurt him.

TD: ..... <If I were you, I'd tell him. Remember how Peach treated you? Does she really deserve the sympathy she didn't give you?>

Luigi: It's-a not her. This is about Mario. He's seen a lot, but this... this could be really bad, for him.

TD: <Oh, please. How bad could it be? It's not as though she was sleeping with Bowser, is it?>

(Luigi looks up at nothing in particular, and raises an eyebrow.)

TD: ..... <Oh. Wow. Yeah, that's pretty bad. Er, do you know why?>

Luigi: Why what? Why she was doing... that... with Bowser? All this-a time, she really loved him. It's-a been an act, the whole time.

TD: <Huh. Hmm... Luigi, do you know what that means? It means she's played you AND Mario as the fool. Ooh, you should definitely tell Mario.>

Luigi: I just-a don't know... He's-a been through so much, as it is. Does he really need to know this?

TD: <Luigi, listen to me. Mario has put his heart and soul into all those years, saving princesses. Don't you think he DESERVES to know? He risked his life, what, six times, more, to save that one princess? This is definitely something that->

Luigi: .... What is it?

TD: <I just had a very disturbing thought. ....... Bowser Jr.>

Luigi: What? What about- Oh, no.... No, no, no, no, no... no. You think?

TD: <It's possible.... Luigi, Bowser Jr. tried to destroy Mario, too. If he really is Peach's son... Luigi, you HAVE to tell Mario.>

Luigi: ..... *sigh* Yeah, I suppose I should. Later, though. I need a nap.

TD: <That's fine. Glad to be of help.>

Luigi: One more thing, though.

TD: <What's that?>

Luigi: You said in exchange for you helping me, that I would have to do something for you. What is it?

TD: <Oh, that? Heh. Don't you worry about that. You've already helped me, quite a bit. I gotta go now. Good luck with Mario.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Yes... Good luck, and thanks for the help...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in Samus's room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: So, whadju find out?

Snake: Not a whole lot. It was pretty much over, by the time I got there. But what I did see was not pretty, at all.

Samus: This whole mansion is a breeding ground for wrongness. Was it really that bad?

Snake: I'm afraid so. I had to sit down, just to let the reality of the situation sink in.

Samus: Good lord. Well, you might as well not hold back. Lay it on me.

Snake: Don't say I didn't warn you. *deep breath* All I saw was Wario leading Peach out of the room, by the hand. Wario had a nasty grin on his face, and Peach was hanging her head, looking, for lack of a better word, submissive, even beaten. I don't think I've ever seen her look so defeated.

Samus: Submissive? This is bad. Very bad... Wait, what's that?

Snake: I was about to mention it.

(Snake pulls Peach's crown out of his belt, and holds it out to Samus, who takes it from him.)

Samus: Peach's crown... What the hell is going on?

Snake: I think I should start spying in Wario's room, and maybe Peach's.

Samus: Right. I'll keep an eye out for Peach, and if I can, I'll sit down with her and talk.

(Snake turns to go, but pauses, and turns back.)

Snake: Say... if it looks like, you know... if things get bad... should I intervene?

(Samus looks at Snake, then down at Peach's crown, then back at Snake.)

Samus: Please.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is in his room, holding the completed doll-body for Serenade.)

Geno: So, what do you think?

Serenade: <Took you long enough. But... I like it. A little too much flesh, for my taste, but I like the hair. So... I just go into it, and that's it?>

Geno: It's a little more complicated, but that's the gist of it.

(Geno places the doll on the floor, and Serenade floats into it. There's a bright flash, and there stands the new Serenade.)

Serenade: ...... Neat. Weird... but neat. Thank you... love.

Geno: You're welcome. Although, it's a little weird that you're almost twice my size.

Serenade: Bah. No matter. Sooo..... Now what?

Geno: Hmm.... Good question. I suppose we could... Nah.

Serenade: What? Wait... that?

Geno: No, no. Not that. Forget it.

Serenade: Eh. I suppose that's not something we have to think about, right now. More importantly, how are you going to introduce me to everyone? It's not as though you could just bring me out, and that's it.

Geno: ...... You know what? I'll worry about that later. For now, let's just enjoy our physical selves.

Serenade: What? You don't mean... Geno!

Geno: What? No! I mean we should... you know... cuddle, or something.

Serenade: Oh.... Well, I just hope I don't get splinters.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Fox, Falco and Sonic have just finished training, and are walking back to the rec room.)

Sonic: Whew! You guys don't kid around, do you? I haven't had a workout like that since I fought Shadow on the Arc cannon.

Fox: What'd we tell you? It might seem like it's non-stop weirdness, but we certainly know how to fight.

Falco: It's a shame Marth, Megaman and Bass couldn't join us. I wonder what they're up to?

Fox: Probably something we don't really want to know about.

Falco: True. So, Sonic, what's the deal with Krystal? I haven't seen her since yesterday, when you talked to her.

Sonic: Ask her yourself. She's right over there.

(As they walk into the rec room, they can see Krystal in a round of pool against Roy.)

Fox: Krystal! Hey! Um... How are you?

Krystal: Relax, you guys. I'm fine. I was having a little problem, but it's been taken care of.

Falco: You sure? You were really scaring us, for a moment.

Krystal: I've mellowed out, some, but other than that, I'm the exact same as before.

Sonic: That's good to hear. Who's winning?

(A clack is heard, and they look over just in time to see Roy sink three balls at once.)

Roy: (Excited Japanese)

Krystal: This kid is good. Like, too good. And as far as I know, he's never played before.

Roy: (More Japanese)

Fox: You know, one of these days, we're going to learn some Japanese, and know what the hell they're talking about.

Falco: I thought we never, ever wanted to know what they're talking about.

Fox: That's true.

Sonic: Now what are you guys talking about?

Falco: *sigh* Forget about it, Sonic. It's too early for you to lose your innocence.

Fox: It would probably be better if you never, ever found out, really.

(Sonic shakes his head.)

Sonic: I swear, you people make less sense now, than when I first came in.

(Sonic, Falco and Fox leave. On the way out, they pass Blaziken.)

Krystal: Hey there. You're Blaziken, right? You're the one who defeated Vaati?

(Blaziken simply nods.)

Krystal: That's pretty slick. Name's Krystal. Hang on.

(Krystal lines up a shot, shoots, and misses.)

Krystal: Dammit! Anyway, you're a Pokemon, right? Are you like the others?

(Blaziken does a grunt/laugh, and shakes his head.)

Krystal: A Pokemon who takes things seriously? Good to know. It's nice to have someone more mature, around here.

(Krystal shoots, and sinks one ball.)

Krystal: I'm sure I was better at this. Whatever. *eyes Blaziken up and down* So... Are you reclusive on purpose, or are you just misunderstood? I've never seen you in the cafeteria, that's for sure.

(Blaziken pauses, then pinches his bicep.)

Krystal: Arm? Muscle? .... OH! Not enough red meat?


Krystal: Huh. You're quite the carnivore, aren't you? You really should be seen more, though. I bet you're a nice guy, underneath all the fire and claws.

(Blaziken hesitates, then gives a thumbs-up.)

Krystal: Cool. *turns back to pool table, and sees Roy sink the 8 ball* Wha- DAMMIT! I thought you said this was your FIRST time!

(Blaziken exits. While walking through the halls, he has an inner monologue.)

Blaziken: +That was weird. Even most Pokemon shy away from me. I wonder if most of the people around here are like her. It would be kinda nice to have someone I can call a friend. Of course, it'll have to be someone who knows what the heck I'm saying. Then again, she didn't seem to have much of a problem understanding me. I wonder-+

(Blaziken suddenly stops, just before a corner. A moment later, he jumps high, and digs his claws into the wooden beams of the rafters. Beneath him, Meta-Knight passes. After Meta-Knight turns another corner, Blaziken drops down.)

Blaziken: ....... +Something doesn't seem right... at all.+

(Silently, Blaziken follows Meta-Knight.)

 (It's been only two hours since Snake spoke with Samus. They are once again in Samus's room.)

Samus: Well? How bad was it?

Snake: I'm a little surprised. I really thought it was going to be a lot worse.

Samus: Really? Huh. I guess we didn't give Wario enough credit. What happened?

Snake: ..... He made her wash his clothes... all of it... by hand.

Samus: So? That doesn't sound too bad.

Snake: Not really, until you remember how much of a slob Wario really is, and, um, his... Weren't you there when you saw his Super Smash?

Samus: His Supe- (eyes go wide) Oh.... Goodness.

Snake: Yeah.... So, now what?

Samus: I don't know... I think you should keep on eye on them, a little longer. I still wouldn't put it past Wario to try something lecherous.

Snake: Yeah, I thought that would be best. Still, though, there's something bothering me.

Samus: What's that?

Snake: Well... I saw her washing his clothes, and her mood hasn't changed at all from when Wario led her out of the room.

Samus: And? If I had to do that, I'd be feeling pretty down.

Snake: No, no... This goes beyond feeling down. She looked depressed, almost to the point to where she might become like Meta-Knight.

Samus: Hm, good point. (sits back in chair) Well... I wish I could be of more help. Unfortunately, I have quite a bit more to think about. There's... "that" issue, and then there's the thing about Mario's farewell celebration.

Snake: That thing is still going on?

Samus: I'll keep it up as long as I have to. If I suddenly stop the planning, just because I, err, know better, everyone will get suspicious. That's the exact sort of thing that would throw a wrench into the works.


Snake: Okay, then. I'll go look in on Peach, once more, and then I gotta meet with Lu- (eyes widen) That green BASTARD!

Samus: What? What are you yelling about?

Snake: How could I have not seen it?! When he went running out of the cafeteria, earlier, he said he would know, and then everyone else would know. He must have... He must have learned Peach's secret from Wario, and that's what has Peach so depressed, because he's going to tell everyone!

Samus: Are you sure?

Snake: No, but I'm going to find out. Now.

(Snake storms out of the room.)
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