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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1987 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:12:09 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In Mario's office ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(It has now been approximately 45 minutes since Doc's diagnosis of Zelda. Blaziken had already identified Meta-Knight, and Doc left to research an antidote to the poison that put Zelda in the coma. Mario currently has his head on his desk.)


Mario: +How? How am I going to tell everyone? I really should identify Meta-Knight. He might-a try to attack someone else. But if I do, right now, it'll be utter chaos. Gah, what'll I do?+

(A moment later, there's a knock at the door. Mario lifts his head, composes himself, and takes a deep breath.)

Mario: Enter.

(The door opens, and Peach timidly sticks her head in.)

Peach: Um, Mario, do you have a minute? Well, a few minutes, really.

Mario: Of course, Princess. Come in, please.

(Peach enters, closing the door behind her. She takes a seat in front of Mario's big desk, keeping her eyes down.)

 Mario: So, is this about-a what I think it's about?

(Peach just nods, slightly.)

Mario: ....... I can keep up the act if you can.

(Peach slowly looks up. Mario has a warm, friendly smile under his mustache.)

Peach: Wha-
Mario: Of course, nobody else can-a hear about this.

Peach: Of course.

Mario: Since, you know, it's-a still weird.

(Peach chews on her lip for a moment.)

Mario: What? It is, and-a you know it.

Peach: I... I know. Um, if you don't mind me asking... How long have you known?

Mario: Hmm.... I think it was about the fourth time that I suspected something, and I found out by the sixth time. That-a was my first adventure with Yoshi, remember?

Peach: Oh, yes, yes. So... how did you, er... What gave it away?

Mario: ...... Honestly?

Peach: ... Yes.
(Mario takes a deep breath. He leans back in his big, executive chair.)

Mario: You're smell.

Peach: My.... smell?

Mario: Yoshi was-a with me, and he smelled a koopa's scent on you. I thought he was just talking about him handling you, but he said, er, I think you get the idea.

Peach: Oh... I had no idea. I mean, I took a shower after-
Mario: THANK YOU! That'll-a be enough, Princess.

Peach: Oh, I apologize.

Mario: Quite alright.

Peach: But, there's one other thing.

Mario: Is it about your son? I suppose you want to know how I knew that, right?

Peach: Yes, please. I mean, was it obvious?

Mario: Yes... and no. The fact that Bowser Jr. was-a calling you "mama" in-a the first place raised my suspicions. I figured he wouldn't-a do that if that possibility hadn't crossed his mind. And, since the thought wouldn't-a cross his mind, at all, I figured Bowser had told him. And, since I already knew that you two had been... *cough* ... I just put two and two together.

Peach: Mm..... When you put it like that, it really does seem obvious, doesn't it?

Mario: I'm afraid it really is. Of course, when I actually realized it, my mind died, again.

Peach: So... now what?

Mario: Now? We go on as-a normal.

Peach: Just like that?

Mario: It-a doesn't seem that hard, to me. Besides, I've been doing it for a while, now. The only difference is that Bowser is the one who's-a in the dark. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have some important-a matters to attend to.

Peach: Yes, of course. I understand.

(Peach gets up, and opens the door, but she pauses. She turns back to Mario.)

Peach: Um, Mario?

Mario: Hm? Yes?

Peach: ....... Thank you.

Mario: Of course.

(Peach exits, and heads straight for Samus's room. She knocks, and enters. Samus, upon seeing Peach, immediately puts down her book, and sits up.)

Samus: Peach! Er, are you alright?

Peach: Oh, yes. That thing with Wario is over. Although... I had to tell Mario.

Samus: About... that?

Peach: Yes, abou- How did you know?

(Samus pours out some chamomile for the two of them, gives a cup to Peach, and sits down.)

Samus: Well, it's not complicated. You know that Snake knew, right? Of course. Well, he gives a lot of his information to me. That's how I found out.

Peach: Hm...

Samus: Er, you're not mad, are you? I know, I kept it from you, which was wrong of me.

Peach: Oh, no, no. Don't worry about it. You didn't go around, gossiping, or anything, so it's okay.

Samus: Are you sure? This isn't a small something, you know?

Peach: Samus, you don't get to be princess of the Mushroom Kingdom by getting upset, all the time. It's fine, really. Anyway, it turns out that he knew the whole time. *sips chamomile* Mm. That's pretty good.

Samus: The best. Good for all situations. *sips chamomile* So, you're all better, now?

Peach: Mmm..... Yes. Yes, I think I'm going to be alright. Oh, I'm going to have to wash me hands, twice, though.

Samus: Why's that?

Peach: Wario... Wario made me...

Samus: Oh, dear. What did that disgusting little man do to you?

Peach: What? No, relax, it's not like that. He just made me... wash his feet.

Samus: Oh.... Well, that's still pretty bad.

Peach: You have no idea. Although...

Samus: What is it?

Peach: ... *sips chamomile* I think he might have been planning something far worse, if you know what I mean. Thank goodness Snake busted down the door, before it happened.

Samus: Mm, that's my Snake, for ya. *sips chamomile* Oh! I almost forgot.

(Samus gets up, goes to a cupboard, takes out Peach's crown, and hands it to her.)

Samus: I believe this is your's, Princess.

Peach: Oh, thank you! I hadn't even realized that I lost it!

(Samus sits back down, and Peach carefully aligns her crown on top of her head.)
Samus: So.... Was there something else you wanted to talk about?

Peach: Well... It's probably nothing.

Samus: Which means it's something. Out with it.

Peach: .... Have you ever gotten a feeling of vague doom?

Samus: Story of my life, sweetie. Tell.

Peach: I don't know. Right before I left Mario's office, it just hit me. And... it feels a lot like it did, that morning, so long ago, before we went to Mute City.

Samus: Oh, my. I had the same feeling! Yes, this is important. Do you remember anything else?

Peach: Umm.... Well, now that I think about it... It felt almost like, um... You know that feeling you get when you have to be somewhere in a half-hour, but you only have twenty minutes?

Samus: Yes. We're running out of time. Right, I'll start calling everyone together.

Peach: Oh, no, you can't!

Samus: What? Why not?

Peach: Um... Snake got drunk with Luigi, and he's sleeping it off, right now.

Samus: WHAT!? At this time of day!? What the HELL was he thinking?!

Peach: Settle down, Samus! He said that... I think he said that Luigi went into hysterics when he found out that Mario knew about me and Bowser. That's all!

Samus: Nope, don't care! I'm going to wake him, right now!

(Samus gets up, and storms out of her room, leaving Peach.)

Peach: ....... I should follow... If only to watch the fireworks.

(Peach goes after Samus.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Hm. It's such a marvelous little play, isn't it?

Ridley: hhI still dohn't know hwhy I'm hhere.

TD: Because I have instructions, for you. AH! NO! I know what you're going to say, and the answer is yes, dammit! I'm going to get you what you want, but you MUST be patient! I mean, really, is it so hard a concept to grasp? You're the general of the Space Pirates, for crying out loud. You must have some brains in there.

Ridley: ..... hhWhat is it hyou need me to do?

TD: There you go. Was that so hard? It's a simple job, really. I just need somebody to feel... threatened, if you know what I mean. Paranoid, scared out of their mind. I want you to stalk this person, make them afraid for their life, get it?

(Silence. Then, Ridley does something nobody has ever seen him do. He smiles. It isn't pretty, at all. It's the sort of smile that would make most people fear for their pathetic little lives. Even The Deity takes a step backwards.)

TD: My word! Either you like my plan, or you just think it's going to involve senseless violence.

Ridley: hhI understand. hhWho is my target?

TD: Ah, that's better. This is the person you will be intimidating.

(The Deity holds up one hand, palm up. A flickering, holographic image pops up over his palm. The person... is Luigi.)

(After the situation with Wario, Peach and Mario had been resolved, the rest of the day passed without event. It is now the next day, seven days until Brawl, a couple hours before lunch-time. Meta-Knight is wandering the halls, inner-monologue-ing.)

MK: +Get close to Samus? That bald, skinny, conniving, rotten-to-the-core, bastard of a creation doesn't have any sense of reality. How in the hell am I supposed to get into Samus's little gang? If I even suggest that I know something about him, I know they'll interrogate me, and I'm guessing Snake is proficient in that skill. Still, if I ever want to see my wife, again, I have to go along with-+

(Meta-Knight turns a corner, and stops, because Ridley is crouched low, and peeking around another corner.)

MK: +What the-?+ Ridley, what are you doing there?

(At the sound of Meta-Knight's voice, Ridley whirls around, smashing his tail into one of the walls, in the process.)

Ridley: Be qhhuiet! I am hwaiting for my preeey.

MK: Prey? If you're hunting down my friends, I'll-
(Ridley suddenly laughs, a raspy, halting laugh, that makes his head bob up and down on his thin neck.)

Ridley: fFriends? You claim to hhave friends?

(Ridley laughs again. Despite his mask, Meta-Knight manages to look annoyed.)

MK: I do. Do you have a problem with that?

Ridley: I didn't think you would hhave ffriends, after what you did to that tasty-looking little princess.

(Meta-Knight's irritation grows, but there are now a couple other emotions. Ridley's continued laughing is muted, to Meta-Knight.)

MK: Answer my question! If you are not hunting my-.... If you are not hunting, then what are you doing here?

Ridley: I hhave been instructed to stalk a sscertain individual. hhI can never pass up the chance to give someone a good sscare!

MK: Is that it? Fine.

(Without waiting for a response, Meta-Knight walks by Ridley, turns a corner, and disappears.)

Ridley: hHmm. I guess hhe's a bit touchy.

(Ridley crouches down, waiting for his prey to come by. Eventually....)

Luigi: I was strolling down the hall, one-a daaaay, in a very mer-ry waaaay.... When I was taken by-a-
(Ridley jumps out at Luigi, lands just short of him, and screeches, making sure to show all his teeth. Luigi screams once, and runs down the hall, pissing himself along the way. Ridley rubs his claws together, and does an evil giggle.)

Ridley: Oh, this is going to be ffun.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later, elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Link is watching Krystal play against Roy in pool. Roy has three, Krystal has zero.)

Krystal: DAMMIT!!

Roy: (Happy Japanese.)

(Four- no, five.)

Link: You weren't joking around, were you? He's quite the prodigy, alright.

Krystal: The worst part is that I know I'm good at this, but I just can't do it like I used to.

Link: Can I try? I mean, I have no idea how to really play this, but I'd like to give it a shot.

Krystal: Sure, fine, go ahead. You can't possibly do worse than me. Just remember to aim the solid white ball at any of the other solid-colored ones.

(Link looks hard at the table, walks around it a couple times.... chalks the stick... lines up, hits the cue-ball....)

Krystal: ...... *&^% me.

Link: You're lucky none of the children are in here. Was that good?

Roy: (Slightly annoyed Japanese.)

Krystal: (sigh) Yes, Link, that was very good. +Damn prodigies. Oh well. At least Roy has someone giving him a run for his money, now.+

(Just then, Blaziken walks in.)

Krystal: Hey, Blaziken. How's it going?

(Blaziken pauses for a moment, and stares at Krystal. Krystal raises an eyebrow, and glances at Link.)

Krystal: Why? Did I say something wrong?

(Blaziken shakes his head a little, then shakes his head no.)

Krystal: Okay, I can't understand anything you say, but I can still tell when something's bothering you. What is it?

(Blaziken looks strangely at Krystal, and spreads his hands as if to say, ‘You expect me to do this?')

Krystal: Right, of course, I just said I can't understand anything you say. Wellll (glances at Link and Roy, who are now thoroughly involved in their game) I have some time to kill. Why don't we sit down, and we'll try to figure out some way to communicate.

(Blaziken looks away, at nothing, for a long moment. He looks at Krystal, and nods once.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ness and Poo are outside, in one of the mansion's many beautiful courtyards, catching up on old times.)

Ness: Poo? There's something I need to tell you.

Poo: You already told me about Mario and Samus, Ness.

Ness: Yeah, I know. This is something else. I have to warn you about something.

Poo: Huh? Warn me about what?

Ness: Well.... This place is really, really weird.

Poo: What do you mean? It can't be worse than when we traveled through time, as robots, can it?

Ness: It's way worse. It's like we're stuck in some big story, and it just keeps getting more and more depressing.

Poo: I think I understand. I've been getting premonitions, and I think something's about to happen. Something bad.

Ness: You haven't been wrong, so far. Do you know when it's going to happen?

Poo: Not sure. It could be today, it could be a week from now. We just have to be ready.

Ness: Of course, Poo. We'll be ready.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lunchtime, in the cafeteria ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peach: Luigi... What happened to you?

Luigi: Can't blink, or it'll eat me.... Can't blink, or it'll eat me.... Can't blink, or it'll eat me....

Peach: I just wish Zelda was here, so we could figure this out. Where is she, anyway? Zelda just isn't the type to be late for anything.

Luigi: Can't blink, or it'll eat me.... Can't blink-

Peach: (sigh) I guess if you're muttering to yourself, that means I'm really just talking to myself. Oh, there's Pit!

(Peach gestures to Pit, who just entered. Pit sits down, near Peach.)

Peach: Pit, do you where Zelda is? I've never known her to just disappear.

Pit: Zelda is... She's not feeling too well. She told me... She thinks it's because she's been away from Hyrule, for too long.

Peach: Mm, I understand. I always have to go back to Mushroom Kingdom, just so I can- um- So I don't get sick.

Pit: Right, right....

Peach: ..... Is something wr-
Pit: What's the deal with Luigi? I thought he wasn't hungover, this morning.

Peach: Hm? He wasn't. I don't know what's wrong with him. I think he was scared by something, a couple hours ago. I can't imagine what would make him withdraw, like this. Even when Mewtwo scares him, it wears off in less than fifteen minutes.

Pit: I know. This doesn't seem like a joke, at all, though.

Peach: What do you mean?

Pit: You said he might have been scared a couple hours ago? Well, I heard a screech, about the same time. It sounded an awful lot like the screech from that Ridley character.

Peach: Really? Oh, my, this could be serious! I must speak with Mario about this.

(Peach gets up, and hurries out of the cafeteria..)

Luigi: ......Can't blink, or it'll eat me....

Pit: Tuh. Sorry, Luigi, but I can't spare any sympathy for you. I'm all out of that, right now.

(Luigi stops his ravings, and looks at Pit.)

Luigi: Don't-a let him help you.

Pit: What was that!?

Luigi: ..... Can't blink, or it'll eat me....

(After an intense moment, Pit leaves. However, what was said wasn't exactly private....)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nearby... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Did you get all that?

Mewtwo: <Of course. I used my power to bend air and sound before, remember?>

Ganondorf: I do, I just wanted to be sure you didn't miss anything important.

Mewtwo: <Hm. I might have tuned out a bit of it, after listening to Luigi repeat himself, over and over.>

Ganondorf: What was he saying?

Mewtwo: <Can't blink, it'll eat me.>

Ganondorf: .... That's it?

Mewtwo: <Didn't you hear the screech, earlier? It was Ridley, again.>

Ganondorf: I thought I heard something out of the ordinary. I suppose he was trying to scare Luigi.

Mewtwo: <That's what I was thinking, and Peach too, apparently. Actually, there was something odd about Pit.>

Ganondorf: There's something odd about everyone in this mansion.

Mewtwo: <Which is what makes this so odd. There was some sort of absence, within Pit. I can't describe it, very well, other than saying that there's something missing, and that is what's odd.>

Ganondorf: Did he say anything in particular, to catch your attention?

Mewtwo: <He did, actually. He said that he couldn't spare any sympathy for Luigi, because he's out of that.>

Ganondorf: Interesting...... So, you searched for any sympathetic feelings, after that?

Mewtwo: <Naturally.>

 Ganondorf: Anything?

Mewtwo: <No, and I mean that, in the most literal way possible.>

Ganondorf: Wait.... Did you just say that Pit-

(Suddenly, life returns to Luigi. He jumps on top of the table, and stares and points a finger right at Meta-Knight.)

Luigi: You're-a next! You're-a neeeext!!

(Just as suddenly as it started, it stops, again. Luigi collapses on top of the table, holding his head, and shivering a little.)

Luigi: Can't blink, or it'll eat me.... Can't blink, or it'll eat me....

(Long. Tense. Silence.)


(Then, Mario walks in, followed by Peach. Mario takes one look at Luigi, and with a saddened look on his face, picks up his brother, and carries him out of the cafeteria, with Peach staying close beside them.)


(Longer. Tenser. Silence. Samus and Snake are the first to get up, and leave. Slowly, without saying anything, the others start to clean up. Everyone stops and turns when they hear something drop. Young Link looks very red in the face, as he quickly retrieves the fork that fell and clattered loudly on the floor.)

(The silence is deafening.)

(It's late at night, but it seems like some people are still busy. For example...)

Snake: So, you had a bit of a break-down?

Samus: Yes. I don't know what happened, I think it's like everything just hit me at once. There's just- It feels like I haven't yet had an easy day, you know? For everyone else, they can rest easy, but I don't have that luxury. It's like I kept saying, it's just not fair.

(Snake holds Samus close, stroking her hair.)

Snake: I know, dear, I know. It's never fair to be asked to do everything, by yourself. But that's just it. You are not alone, remember? You have me, for one, and we both know that almost everyone else is on your side.

(Samus looks into Snake's eyes, for a long moment.)

Samus: Thank you.

Snake: Welcome. By the way, how come you didn't come to me earlier?

Samus: Oh, dear. I was hoping you wouldn't ask me that.

Snake: Why not?

Samus: Well- I just... It's complicated. It would take to long.

Snake: I got nothing but time.

Samus: (sigh) You're always there for me. I know that. But for how long?

Snake: You're being cryptic. Come on, what's the problem?

Samus: Well, I- Hey, you're being awfully blunt, you know. What's with that?

Snake: Samus, love, if you haven't noticed, a lot of the bad things that happen is because of someone not telling the truth, right away. I apologize if I sound insensitive, but I'm just trying to get to the heart of the problem, so we can fix it, sooner.

Samus: ..... Alright. I'm sorry for being suspicious. I didn't want to come to you, earlier, because I realized how I mostly just use you.

 Snake: Use me? How- Oh, wait, I don't think you need to explain, I get it. You think it's because you ask me to do all these missions, for you, and I don't exactly get much, in return. Is that about right?

Samus: It frustrates me, but yes, that's pretty much it. If I do all that, and then come to you crying and being all depressing- Snake, I was afraid you might...

Snake: Might, what? Love you less? Stop loving you, altogether?

Samus: ..... Uh-huh.

Snake: (sigh) Well, I suppose, since I said that thing about being honest, I should hold myself to that. I think you might be right, a little. I don't know if I would have loved you less, but I certainly would have been a little upset if you came to me just to cry.

(Samus starts to look incredulous, and starts to tear up.)

Snake: Truth be told, I was starting to tire of you always asking me to do these little missions.

(A little closer to tears...)

Snake: And all those nut-taps? That got old, before the first one. That has to stop.


Snake: Don't even get me started on those little things you do, when you eat. It's not disgusting, just annoying.

(Nearly there....)

Snake: Which is why I'm glad we're having this talk.

Samus: ...... What?

Snake: This. What we're doing, here. This is a talk, which, when we get through it, will make our bond stronger.

(The tears start to fade.)

Samus: Really? I- had thought it was something else...

Snake: Did you think I was mad at you? How could I be mad?

(Tears fading more...)

Snake: After all, I'm a realistic kind of guy, and I know that we all have our emotional episodes.

(Tears are gone.)

Snake: The important thing to remember is that you never have to suffer alone. Okay?

Samus: (sniff) Thank you.

Snake: Welcome, again. Now, there's one last thing that I need to talk to you about.

Samus: What's that?

Snake: Remember how you would send me out on missions, and I wouldn't get anything in return? It's time to collect.

Samus: What do you mean?

Snake: Honk.
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