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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1991 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:12:41 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit and Link are sitting next to each other, bedside to Zelda.)

............ (Silence.)

Pit: Link.

Link: Hm?

Pit: ..... I love Zelda.

Link: Mm. So do I, Pit.

Pit: How much?

Link: ..... I'm not sure. We have a different kind of connection, than you have with her. We're just partners in an adventure, me protecting her, and her helping me protect her.

Pit: Is that so?

Link: Pretty much. But, you. You're connection with her is far deeper than anything I could have hoped to achieve. Hell, I haven't even...

Pit: Haven't even what?

Link: ...... Pit, I've never loved anyone.

Pit: What? What about, I don't know, Saria? That Ruto girl? Don't you love them?

Link: I- I don't think that's the kind of relationship I have. It's the same with them, as it is with Zelda. I'm the hero, and.... and nothing more.

Pit: You... want to love, but you don't think there's anyone you can love. Is that it?

Link: I don't know, man. I mean, yes. I mean-! Ah, dammit. I don't think there's anyone I can love, but I don't think...

Pit: Take your time.

(A long moment passes.)

Link: I'm not sure if I want to love.

Pit: You don't want to love? What does that mean?

Link: Hell, even I don't have a clue. I'm not good at psychology, at all.

Pit: Mm. Maybe you should just talk with someone. It might help you understand your emotions.

Link: Heh. Maybe I could go drinking with Snake and Lu- Well, Snake, at least.

Pit: Hey, yeah, I heard he did something weird, after I left. Care to fill me in?

Link: Luigi? Yeah, he certainly scared us all. He was sitting there, looking out of his mind, when he suddenly jumps on top of the table, points at Meta Knight, and yells that he's next.

Pit: Wow. I guess it was a little more than I thought.

Link: What's that?

Pit: Some of us think it's Ridley that scared him to pieces. I know I heard him screech around the time Peac told me Luigi was driven insane.

Link: Huh. Poor guy, he really does get more crap than he deserves.

Pit: That he does, Link. That he does.

Link: That's probably why Doc hasn't been in here, lately. I'll bet Mario has been pressuring him to work on Luigi.

Pit: Yeah, he might do that.

(They lapse into silence.)


Huh??: Hey, Pit.

(Link's head snaps up, and he looks around intently.)

Link: Who's there?

Pit: Relax, Link. He's helping me.

Huh??: Pit's right, Link. Although, I have to talk to him about something. Do you think you could maybe leave the room for a moment?

Link: .... Sorry, but I draw the line at being ordered around by a random voice. I'm sure you can talk with Pit while I'm here.

Pit: Link, I apologize, but I think you should-
Huh??: No.

Pit: .... No?

Huh??: Perhaps it would be best if he stayed. Link, has Pit told you anything about me?

Link: No, he hasn't.

Huh??: Then, here's the short of it. You can think of me as a kind of... private investigator. Right now, I'm trying to find out what happened to Zelda, and more importantly, help her get better. In return, well, I like to keep the bill for the end.

Pit: He tells me that he's got a big lead. Oh! I just remembered. Mario says that he's found someone who knows who attacked Zelda.

Huh??: . . . . What?

Pit: Yeah, it's just a matter of bringing justice to the fiend. Isn't that great? Now, I know this is your job, but I figure if you get the identity of Zelda's attacker from Mario, you can find out what poison they used, and maybe get an antidote. What do you think?

Huh??: Mario..... Thank you, Pit. I'll... get right on that. Oh, and, Link?

Link: .... Yeah?

Huh??: If you want to help out your friend, when the time comes when I give Pit the bill, you can help him pay it. Just a suggestion.

Link: . . . Yeah. Sure, I'll think about it.

(Silence. Then, Link gets up.)

Link: Pit, I'm sorry, but I need a decent night's sleep. I'm going to my room, now, okay?

Pit: Sure thing.

(Link is just about to exit, when...)

Pit: Hey, Link?

Link: Yeah?

Pit: Do you-... Do you think I can trust this guy?

Link: You're mysterious voice friend? ...... Well, he's a very suspicious. Other than that, I don't know.

(Link steps out, closes the door, and heads to his room.)

Link: +My best friend is a moron. I need to talk with Samus, first thing in the morning.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: If you tell him, I will beat you so hard, you're going to wish I was never created!

(Mario is laying on the floor, already bloodied and battered. Slowly, he gets up, and spits some blood out of his mouth.)

Mario: I'm-a past that. Right now, I only wish that you would-a die.

(Mewtwo and Gardevoir are together, in their room.)

Mewtwo: <So, you're saying that if I'm not looking at something, the mere possibility of an object being anywhere outside my field of vision means it is everywhere?>

Gardevoir: <That's right. The very simple truth is that reality is- Goodness!>

Mewtwo: <What is it? Did you feel something?>

Gardevoir: <I- I did. Oh my, I have heard about this. It's exactly the same as the others have described it.>

Mewtwo: <Gardevoir, tell me what's going on. Are you alright? Are you hurt?>

Gardevoir: <No, Mewtwo, I'm fine. It's just...>

Mewtwo: <Please, tell me what's going on!>

Gardevoir: <Mewtwo..... I'm pregnant.>

(Breakfast time in the mansion. As usual, almost everyone gathered, but there is the noticeable absence of Peach, Luigi, Zelda and Pit. Ganondorf is just sitting down at his usual table, across from Mewtwo.)

Ganondorf: Oh, goddess, this place is going, no, sprinting to hell.

(Ganondorf actually looks at Mewtwo, and sees that he looks kinduv like he'd just seen someone get hit by a train.)

Ganondorf: Whoa. Mewtwo, no offense, but you look pretty awful. What's wrong?

Mewtwo: .....

Ganondorf: If you don't tell me, I'll make you so mad, you'll shout it for everyone to hear. Again.

Mewtwo: .... <Gardevoir's pregnant.>


Ganondorf: Damn. Just.... damn.

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo sit and eat in absolute silence. However, eventually...)

Link: +Mewtwo? Mewtwo, can you hear me?+

Mewtwo: <Wuh? Link, is that you?>

Link: +You can hear me? Good. Do you remember how The Deity is recruiting others?+

Mewtwo: <I do. Do you know one of them?>

Link: +I think so. It's just... I don't really want to believe it, you know?+

Mewtwo: <Hang on, I'll get Ganondorf, Snake and Samus in on this. It'll be better if you only have to say this once.> ...... <Can everyone hear me?>

Snake: +Mewtwo, next time you do that, could you give us a bit of warning?+

Samus: +Never mind that. What is it?+

Mewtwo: <Ask Link. He's the one with the information.>

 Samus: +Link? You have something?+

Link: +Er, uh, yeah. Yes, I have something you all need to hear. You remember how The Deity is gathering others to his side? I, um, found one of them.+

Ganondorf: +You seem to be uncertain. Is there a problem?+

Snake: +That doesn't matter, yet. Link, tell us who it is, and we'll go from there.+

Link: +Right. It's Pit.+

(There's a long pause between all of them.)

Snake: +Do you know how he did it? Pit certainly doesn't seem the type to align himself with... Did Vaati say anything about how The Deity contacted him?+

Mewtwo: <He didn't. Did you see him, Link?>

Link: +There was nothing to see. There was only a voice. As for how, Pit told me The Deity came to him as a kind of private detective, offering to find Zelda's attacker, and maybe an antidote for whatever put her into that coma.+

Samus: +Pit never asked about a price, or anything?+

Link: +The Deity said that liked to keep the bill for the end. And, well, I think if I were in Pit's state, I'd be willing to except any help from anyone, no matter the price.+

Samus: +Hm, I suppose we can't really blame Pit. He was pretty... depressed... Perhaps The Deity is targeting those who are in a deep depression.+

Ganondorf: +That might not be entirely accurate. I don't think Vaati is the sort of character to be depressed, and The Deity tried to recruit him. He might just be targeting anyone he feels can be persuaded to his side, maybe with promises of whatever they need.+

Samus: +Right, right, good thinking. Link, is there anything else?+

Link: +Yeah, there is. I know that The Deity is evil, but Pit isn't. If we ever have to confront The Deity, as well as whoever he's gathered... if we have to fight, at least let me handle Pit.+

Mewtwo: <You might not have that option, Link. Remember, you are a Giga-Smasher, and you'll have to be ready to fight The Deity.>

Link: +I know that, but-+
Samus: +We understand, Link. If everything goes as planned, we won't have to fight any of our friends.+

Link: +Thank you.+

Samus: +Before Mewtwo cuts off the connection, does anyone else have anything they need to say?+

Ganondorf: +Mewtwo says Gardevoir's pregnant.+

(Mewtwo's eyes flash purple, and the apple he was floating in front of him explodes. )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ About two hours later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(The children are sitting down in one of the training rooms, about to begin another lesson with Lucario.)

Ness: Hey, Link, how come Kirby isn't with us, today?

Y. Link: Dunno. But last night, he was lookin' kinda spaced-out. I wonder what's on his mind?

Popo: Do you think he knows something we don't?

Nana: Obviously. But why doesn't he tell us?

Poo: Who can say? I just wonder if he'll be okay. He knows we work better as a team.

Bowser Jr.: Who cares? If that pink blob doesn't want our help, then it's his fault if he gets hurt.

Ness: How come you're always so mean? You're not the best there is, you know.

Bowser Jr.: Aw, am I going a bit too far? If you try anything, I can get my dad to-
(A black paw lands on Bowser Jr.'s head. He looks up to see Lucario, right behind him.)

Lucario: <If you'll recall what I said two days ago, unnecessary violence only leads to unnecessary anguish.>

(Lucario walks around Bowser Jr. to the front of the group. All the children settled down, and look at Lucario.)

Bowser Jr. (under breath): I don't even know what that word means.

 Lucario: <So, who can tell me what the lesson was, yesterday? Ness?>

Ness: Not everyone who looks friendly is a friend.

Lucario: <Good. Pikachu, can you expand on that?>

Y. Link: Ah, Lucario, sir, Kirby isn't here to translate for us.

Lucario: ... <Indeed. Does anyone know where he is?>

Nana: Uh-uh. He only said that he wouldn't be here, cuz he says he has something important to look into.

Pikachu: Chu, pi, pikachu, chu.

Lucario: <No, he's not being selfish, at all. If there is something he thinks is more important that my lessons, it is his right to attend to that. So, I will translate, in his place. Pikachu, please expand on yesterday's lesson.>

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu pi, kachu pi. Chu pika, pikachu, pika, chu.

Lucario: <Very good. Pikachu said that even the kindest person, with the best intentions and an innocent face, can still have the heart of a villain. Now, before we begin today's lesson, there's something else I would like to say.>

(Lucario folds his paws behind him, and starts to pace back and forth, in front of the children.)

Lucario: <I would like to thank all of you for being strong, both physically, and mentally. There were times when the lessons I taught are not normally taught to young ones, such as yourselves. However, I know that all of you have gone through your own hardships, and you have endeavored. Survived. Some of you have faced more than most adults, even. This is why I know you can handle what I say. What I'm trying to say is, though I haven't known you for long, I am... proud... of all of you.>

(The children just look at each other, like they don't know how to handle this.)

Lucario: <So, now that I have that out of the way, I would like to begin the lesson...... What if a friend turns out to be a foe?>

(Silence. They glance at each other, wondering what to do.)

Lucario: <It isn't rhetorical, I'm asking what if a friend has, in fact, been an enemy to you, all along.>

(A moment passes.)

Y. Link: What do you mean?

Lucario: <Of course, the question is vague, I apologize. Perhaps an example is needed.>

(Lucario continues with his lesson on treachery from a friend. About an hour later, he's winding down.)

Lucario: <This brings us to the end of our lesson, for today. Now, you might be asking yourself why I just spent an hour instilling doubt of your friends, in all of you.>

(Lucario looks at the children before him with a particularly intense look.)

Lucario: <I am not a psychic type, like Mewtwo, but I can still get a sense of what will happen in the future. There will come a time, not too long from now, when something very treacherous will happen. I have only heard of what happened with Yoshi, in Mute City, but I think... this might be worse. I know you all trust each other, and you should, but there are certain characters, within this mansion, that are not as good and pure-hearted as you are.

(Again, the children look at each other, not sure how they should react.)

Lucario: <Our time is up. I would like everyone to be here, two days from now, at the same time.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake, Samus, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Geno, Mr. Game&Watch and Meta-Knight have all gathered in Snake's ship.)

Geno: Why is Meta Knight here?

Mewtwo: <He says that he was contacted by The Deity, but he thinks the found out something that we don't yet know.>

Geno: Alright, fine. So, why are the rest of us here?

Samus: Geno, you know the rules. +Unless you want him to hear us, stop talking and start thinking. As for your question, you're here to translate for Game&Watch, who's going to help us make use of what information Meta Knight has. That's why Ganondorf is also here.+

MK: +Thank you, all of you. But, before I say anything, I was wondering if I could hear what you know of this being, so I know if I'm wasting your time or not. I believe you call him The Deity?+

Samus: +That's right, and that's a good point. You should know about The Deity, if he spoke to you.+

(So, they think all the things they know about The Deity.)

MK: +If what you say is true, then The Deity has a great amount of power. How can we hope to stand against him?+

Mewtwo: <Fortunately, we do have a means to fight him. We have been given five extremely power Super Smash coins. They will allow the users of these special coins to have strength like his, and most of his powers will not effect them, at all.>

MK: +This is good to hear. Do they have a name?+

Snake: +We're calling these the Giga-Smash coins.+

MK: Giga-Smash?

Samus: +Meta Knight, don't slip. The Deity can see what's going on, anywhere on this planet, and further.+

MK: +My apologies. Now that I know about The Deity, and how to defeat him, I can tell you what I learned. You see, he has already gathered a few minions. One of them is Ridley.+

Samus: +What? He got to Ridley? I always thought Ridley would stay alone, no matter what.+

MK: +I guess he changed his mind, then. When The Deity talked to me, he seemed to be interrupted by Ridley, because he suddenly started sounding annoyed, and was yelling at someone. It was right near the end that I heard him say Ridley's name.+

Snake: +Interesting. I wonder who else The Deity could have brought over to side, besides Pit?+

MK: +Ah, yes, it is a tragic thing that Pit would fall for his manipulations.+

G&W: <Geno.>

Geno: +Hold on, guys, Game&Watch wants to say something.+

G&W: <I'm wondering if Meta-Knight agreed to work with The Deity.>

Geno: <Got it.> +Game&Watch wanted to know if you accepted The Deity's help.+

MK: +I did not accept. I only told him to give me time to think about it.+

Samus: +That's good, you said the right thing. This will change our game-plan, a little. For now, everyone should go back to the mansion, to avoid having people wonder where we all disappeared to.+

(They all get up, and start filing out of Snake's ship. As Meta-Knight jumps off, he turns to Samus.)

MK: I apologize for not being more helpful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: That's quite alright, Meta-Knight, I got what I need. ...... Of course, this means I no longer need you.

(The Deity paces in his chamber a little.)

TD: Hmmm.... Giga-Smash.....

(It's lunchtime, in the mansion, still only six days before Brawl. Peach, Luigi, Pit and Zelda are still nowhere to be found. Fox enters, and takes his usual seat.)

Fox: Hey.

Falco: Hey.

Fox: Where's Meta-Knight?

EXE: Not here yet, I guess. He usually isn't the first one to get here, anyway.

Fox: No. I mean, I know that, I was wondering if anyone has seen him at all, since this morning?


Fox: Nobody?

Sonic: Why do you ask? Do you think something might have happened to him?

Marth: (Japanese)

EXE: Ooh, yeah, that's right! Marth just mentioned Luigi's episode, yesterday.

Fox: Exactly. Luigi said that he's next, and we don't know what that means. I'm a little worried about him.

Krystal: Worried about who now?

(Krystal takes her seat next to Sonic.)

Sonic: None of us have seen Meta-Knight, and we're worried because what Luigi said, yesterday.

Krystal: Meta-Knight? I saw him. He was walking with Samus, apparently going somewhere.

Falco: Is that so?

Fox: Walking with Samus? Hmm...

Krystal: Something on your mind, Fox?

Fox: Maybe.... Do you think something might be going on?

Roy: (much Japanese)


Sonic: Mega Man?

EXE: .... Roy, that can't be right, it doesn't make sense.

Fox: What did he say?

EXE: It's nothing. Forget it.

Marth: (Japanese)

EXE: I still think it's wrong, and I stand behind my statement.

Fox: Wrong or not, tell me what he said!

(Silence. A few confused looks go to Fox.)

Fox: Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice. Please tell me what Roy said.

EXE: .... Roy just thought that... maybe Samus is plotting something.

(A long moment passes between them. Sonic takes a big bite of his chili-dog.)

Sonic: You're right. That doesn't make sense, does it?

Fox: Mmm....

Krystal: Oh, come on, Fox. Are you actually considering it?

Fox: Hm? Uh, no. Well, yes, I thought about it, but not seriously.

Roy: (sheepish Japanese)

EXE: Yes, it does sound a little silly, when you really think about it.

MK: What's silly?

Krystal: Meta-Knight! You're later than usual.

MK: Training went a little longer than I thought.

(Meta-Knight hops into his chair, and notices a couple of them giving him odd looks.)

MK: What? Were some of you worried, or something?

Falco: Luigi did play the part of the soothsayer, yesterday. We were just worried that whatever he was raving about would come true.

MK: I appreciate your concern, but I think I can handle a measly little bit of doom.

Krystal: So, you're not worried?

MK: I have yet to see a reason why.

Marth: (questioning Japanese)

EXE: Bass? He was asked to go to Mario's office. I can't imagine what it could be for.

Fox: So, Meta-Knight, I heard you were with Sa-
(Suddenly, the PA speakers click on.)

Mario: Good day, everyone. I have something I would like everyone to please gather in the Endless Field, at one-thirty, today. Thank you.

(The PA clicks off. The room is a-buzz with excitement.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: Another new-comer?

Mewtwo: <Doubtful. While it has been a while since one has been added, I think Mario is going to stick with just setting the new-comers to wander in the halls, until they bump into someone.>

Ganondorf: True. What else is there, though?
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