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28 November, 2021, 02:41:40 am
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 1987 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« Reply #15 on: 29 January, 2008, 10:17:08 pm »

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, at lunch ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(As per usual, Ganondorf and Mewtwo are stuffing their faces.)

Ganondorf: +So, do you wanna hazard a guess when this is going down?+

Mewtwo: .... <Why are you thinking, instead of talking?>

Ganondorf: +I don't want anyone eavesdropping.+

Mewtwo: <Ah. .... I don't know, to be honest. Apparently, he has some sort of plan, for the day of Brawl, so it's gotta be tomorrow, at the latest.>

Ganondorf: +True. Although, it has to be a time when people aren't tired, or hungry. The afternoon, I think, about half-way between lunch and dinner.+

Mewtwo: <Well, it had better happen soon. Snake holed himself up in his room.>

Ganondorf: +Tired of the delays, is he?+

Mewtwo: <Mm. More power to him, I suppose, just as long as he's there for the final big push.>

Ganondorf: +Careful there, you were starting to sound like a Gerudo, for a second.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Popo: How come Mr. Snake isn't here?

Nana: Because he has to tend to Ms. Samus, remember? She's sick.

Y. Link: Hmm...

Ness: Something on your mind?

Y. Link: Maybe... it's because he's my future self... I'm getting some weird vibes from him.

Jigglypuff: Jiggly, jigglypuff, puff.

Kirby: {What are you talking about, Jigglypuff?}

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff!

Ness: Kirby?

Kirby: {Lucario's vision. I haven't heard anything about it.}

Poo: Nobody told you?

Kirby: {Nope.}

Nana: Sorry Kirby, we didn't mean to keep you out of the loop.

Kirby: {No problem. Can you guys tell me, now?}

(The children describe the vision Lucario shared with them.)

Kirby: ..... {I see.}....

Popo: ..... Kirby?

Kirby: {It's nothing. A little weird, that's all.}

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff!

Kirby: {Hm? Oh, right. Jigglypuff is thinking that Link's strange feelings might be somehow connected to Lucario's vision.}

Poo: ..... How?

Y. Link: I could ask him, you know. I mean, he's me, so it's cool.

Ness: I think you should. Why not right now?

Y. Link: Uh, yeah, I'll go now.

(Young Link gets up, throws his stuff away, and goes over to Link, who is sitting with Pit.)

Link: Hey, there, me. What's up?

Y. Link: We need to talk.

(Link glances sidelong at Pit.)

Link: ‘Bout what?

Y. Link: You know something. I can tell. It's something weird, I can feel it, and I want to know what it is.

Link: ..... (sigh) Trust me, you'll find out. Soon.

(Young Link narrows his eyes a bit, and stares at Link.)

Link: Very soon. Before the end of tomorrow, I guarantee, you'll know.

(Young Link hesitates, then decides that he'd had enough, and goes back to his friends.)

Pit: What was that all about?

Link: (sigh) It's a temporal paradox thing. Even I don't understand it.

Pit: Say whuh?

Link: Exactly. Something to do with existing at the same time as my past self. If I manage to figure it out, I'll tell you about it.

Pit: Eh, alright.

Link: +Oh, Pit. What the hell is going to happen to you? What am I going to have to do to you?+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere, a little later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Wow. I'm genuinely impressed that you managed to stay in one piece.

(Samus is laying on the stone floor, a floppy little rag-doll, barely alive. Bruised, battered, and in all-around bad shape, but still alive. She only stare ahead with clouded eyes. Whether her inability to move is because of the physical abuse, her own exhaustion, or emotional trauma, is not clear.)

TD: Now, do you realize the true beauty of your situation? I didn't do a thing to you! This, everything here, was caused by Ridley! Do you know what that means?

(The Deity crouches down, right next to Samus. She doesn't react at all, when he caresses one of her sorer, um... "areas." When he speaks, it is barely more than a whisper.)

TD: I don't have to heal you. I can leave you like this, for as long as I please. Even if I harm you, in this state...

(The Deity jabs her breast with one pointy claw, drawing only a few drops of blood.)

TD: I only have to heal these wounds I made.

(The Deity presses a finger-tip to the wound, which instantly seals up. The Deity then stands up straight, and walks away a bit, keeping his back to Samus.)

TD: Ridley, you're done.

(The Deity waves a hand, and Ridley disappears.)

TD: As for you... Well, I just want to find out if I broke you, yet.

(The Deity waves his right hand, and suddenly, Samus is completely healed.)

TD: Of course... you will still carry a bit of that shame with you... and I don't mean that figuratively. So, have you learned, yet? Will you bow to me?

(Samus blinks a few times, and very slowly, gets to a kneeling position. She looks down below her, and feels utterly revolted by what she sees.)

Samus: ... I...

TD: Yes?

Samus: .... I.... will destroy you... and then I will feel no more shame. I think I might even laugh about it, later.

(The Deity keeps his back turned. He only breathes deeply. There is a long moment of silence, before he speaks.)

TD: I see.... Then, you have forced me to take drastic measures. I'm almost sorry I have to do this to you.

Samus: Go ahead. Do what you will to me, I still will never submit.

(The Deity turns to Samus. Somehow, someway, he has managed to make his face look apologetic.)

TD: Oh, I'm sorry, Samus. This doesn't involve you. No, this is going to be... different. Be right back.

(The Deity vanishes.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gardevoir: (sigh) +I do love Mewtwo, but if he even thinks about keeping me in this room much longer, I'm going to be very cross with him.+

(Gardevoir suddenly feels a powerful presence, and whirls around to become face to face with-)

Gardevoir: <YOU!>

TD: It's a shame I can't hear psychic speak. Can you speak normally? Ah, no matter. I'm sure I can make you scream.

(The Deity grabs Gardevoir, and they disappear. However, a note appears on the floor, where The Deity stood.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Hey, Samus, I got a playmate for you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ganondorf: I'm just saying, it might be a good idea for you to brush up on fatherhood. Take a trip to your world, for the delivery, at least.

Mewtwo: <Hm, perhaps. Hold that thought, I want to look in on her, before we do training. Wait here.>

Ganondorf: Paranoid, much?

(Mewtwo enters his room. He looks around, confused by Gardevoir's absence, then sees the note, and picks it up.)

Greetings, Mewtwo

Since you're reading this note, you have no doubt noticed that your love is gone. I'm also assuming that you know I abducted Samus. You're smart, you can put two and two together. However, I feel I must inform you that, yes, I fully intend to perform some very, very lewd acts with Gardevoir, and Samus, and then make them be lewd, together. I wonder if I'm going to hurt your child, Mewtwo. Oh, if you're wondering, I'm not talking about beating Gardevoir, I'm talking about... "internal damages".


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: Oh, he just thought my name! Ooh, he's pissed, too! I guess he really does love you, afterall

(Gardevoir can only cry. Cry, and pray for it to end.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back to Mewtwo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(As Mewtwo read the note, his eyes turned darker and darker, until they had become almost completely black. Electricity started arcing across his body. He lets the note fall from his hands. With a mighty mental roar, energy explodes outwards, shattering many of the objects in the room. He then vanishes.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elsewhere ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: +What the hell was that?!+

(Mewtwo suddenly appears in front of him. A fierce aura of dark fire burns around him, making the air crackle with power.)


(In response to Mewtwo's anger, Mario has called every single brawler to the conference room, in a hurry. The only ones not there are Meta-Knight and Ridley... and Mewtwo.)

Snake: Do you know where he is?

Mario: Not a clue. That means Meta-Knight is either off-world, or under The Deity's protection. I can't-a sense someone if-a they're blanketed by his influence.

Snake: I was talking about Mewtwo.

Mario: Oh. He's-a waiting beside the entrance to The Deity's lair.

Snake: Still furious?

Mario: I don't think he could be any more furious.

Snake: I kinda hope that's the case. Power like that is going to come in very handy, in the final battle.

Fox: Hey, Mario! What are you guys talking about?

(Mario and Snake glance at each other.)

Snake: We never did figure out a good way to tell them, did we?

Mario: Nope. Well, good luck.

(Mario gives Snake a slap on the back, takes his seat, and looks at him expectantly.)

Snake: Mario, if we survive this, I'll-

Fox: What are we surviving?

(Snake stops talking to Mario, but gives him a "this-isn't-finished" look. He turns his attention to the gathered brawlers.)

Snake: ..... There is a being, within our home, which is a great threat to all of us. It is extremely powerful... For a long time now, it has stayed behind the scenes, but it seems that it has had plans, all along, that are now almost complete. It is extremely powerful, but I and a few others have found a means to bring it down to our level, in the form of suped-up Smash Emblems. However, this being has stolen them, and at the same time, has abducted Samus. That is the real reason why she hasn't been seen, recently.

(A few of them are looking skeptical, with Fox looking almost incredulous.)

Fox: Hold on. You're saying there's this... thing... and it's been living with us for how long?

Snake: We can't be sure. As near as we can tell, though, since before Melee.

Fox: Right, sure. And, we haven't seen this... does it even have a name?

Snake: For now, we are calling it The Deity.

Fox: That's comforting. How come we haven't noticed it? I would think that something so powerful would attract some attention.

Snake: Like I said, it's been working behind the scenes. It doesn't make itself known unless it wants to be known. It- Well, he, I suppose, has become sloppy, most likely because his plan is so close to completion. Samus disappeared right in front of me, along with the weapon we had been planning to use. Now, he has abducted Gardevoir. I think you can guess why Mewtwo isn't here, when all of you were called.

(Here, the other's look at each other, concerned. Even Fox doesn't dare challenge this one. Snake paces, slowly, back and forth.)

Snake: This brings us to now. We can no longer stall. We must make a stand, now, and fight him.

Falco: How? You said he took the special Super Smashes.

Snake: He did, and that makes them our first priority. We had a better plan, but I'm afraid that now, it has been reduced to charging in there, guns-a-blazin', as the saying goes.

Sonic: Do we know where he is?

Snake: Yes. Not too long before he abducted Gardevoir, she and Mewtwo were able to use their combined powers to track down the entrance to The Deity's lair, as well as the way to enter it, which will be handled by Mario.

(Snake pauses, thinking of anything else to say.)

Snake: I wish I could tell you more, but we knew from the beginning that this was going to have to be kept short. However, I think this is all that needs to be known. Now is the time when we take the fight to The Deity, and stop his plans. I know that a lot is being asked, but none of us are really strangers to risk, and I know that everyone here is ready for something as big as this, and- Oh, to hell with it. I'm not good at motivational speeches, so here's the short of it: we either fight The Deity, and destroy him, or we inevitably get annihilated. I'm going to fight it, and anyone else who doesn't like annihilation is welcome to follow. The entrance is across from the door to the Endless Field. I'll see you there.

(Snake walks out. Mario, Peach, Ganondorf, Bomberman, Link, Geno and Mr. Game&Watch all follow without hesitation. Slowly, just like a slow clap, the others get up, and follow.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Asmodeus: Well, their little meeting has just started. I suppose that means the final battle is going to start, soon enough. I should get ready.

(Asmodeus pulls Gardevoir off him, and tosses her carelessly to the side. She crumples on the floor, not moving. Samus immediately rushes to her side.)

Samus: Gardevoir! Gardevoir, please, give me some sign that you're in there!

Gardevoir: .....

Samus: Dammit, I know you're stronger than this! Come on!

Gardevoir: ... <I can feel him.>

Samus: Yes, I know you can. I felt him for a while after, too, but you don't have to suffer anymore.

Gardevoir: <No... I can feel Mewtwo.>

Samus: Mewtwo?

Asmodeus: He's right outside here, but he can't get in. Although, Mario has been brought into the mix, so I'm guessing he's going to help them get in, and I can't close off the entrance. I really wish this could have been held off another day, though.

Samus: What did you think would happen when you took Gardevoir? Did you think Mewtwo would let that go so easily?

Asmodeus: ..... Perhaps it was a mistake, at that.

Samus: Yuh think? Talk about twenty/twenty hindsight, numnuts!

Asmodeus: I'll let that one slide, but only because once I win, I'll make you regret having a mouth.

Samus: You're still holding out hopes for yourself? Face the facts! You're going to die, and that's the end of it!

Asmodeus: That's pretty big talk, coming from a woman who's still naked, and covered in my-
Samus: DON'T... Don't finish that sentence.

(Samus looks down at Gardevoir, and realizes that she's still in a pretty sorry state.)

Samus: And why the hell haven't you healed her yet?

Asmodeus: I thought that would be obvious. I haven't harmed her. Oh, she'll be sore, for a while, but that's negligible. I don't have to do a thing.

Samus: But you-
Asmodeus: Oh, come now, Samus! Did you think that she really is that innocent? I happen to know that Pokemon conception works just like all mammals. She has already mated with Mewtwo a few times. I know. I watched.

Samus: ..... How bored are you?!

Asmodeus: Bored enough to invent a new word to describe how bored I am. Wanna hear it?

Samus: I-
Asmodeus: It's called omnibored. If there ever was a word that could describe the infinite dullness I live in, it's that.


Samus: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Asmodeus: I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

Samus: One moment, you're an evil, manipulative bastard, the next, you're a massively perverted creep, and then, you act like a child!

Asmodeus: What, that? I thought it was obvious that I have serious issues. Besides, I'm a guy. I'll let you in on a little secret. All guys are schizophrenic. I'm fairly normal, when you think about it.

Samus: ..... Fine. I guess I can accept that. But for the love of GOD, would you please clean us up!?

Asmodeus: Hmm.... Fair enough.

(Asmodeus waves a hand, and suddenly, all three of them are clean.)

Samus: Did you get... the rest of it?

Asmodeus: Nope. See? You can see it, right there.

(Asmodeus points at Gardevoir, who has just pulled herself to a sitting position. Both Samus and Gardevoir look down, and recoil at the sight of the fluids running out of her.)

Samus: That's it, it's decided. I will-
Asmodeus: Kill me? Woman, you need to find something else to say. I mean, it's the only thing you can do, and even that doesn't really hold any merit. So, you kill me. What then? You go on with your lives, like all of this was just a bad dream, and killing me was the end of it?

(Asmodeus steps close to Samus. Whether from defiance, or some other reason, she doesn't move.)

Asmodeus: No matter how this turns out, you will always live with the regret that you could do no worse than killing me. I don't need to be psychic to see how I will die. It will be quick, and not that painful. On the other hand, you're going to carry the emotional scars for the rest of your lives. Oh, and let's not forget your... friends. What if they all burst in here, and see you like this? They're never going to be able to look at you the same. And Gardevoir! I can't help but wonder what Mewtwo will think, when he sees you there, with my seed spilling out of you.

(Despite having no mouth, Asmodeus' face looks like it has a malicious grin on it.)

Asmodeus: Do you both understand, now? Even if I die, I still win.

(For a very long moment, they say nothing. They just stare at each other. Finally, Asmodeus turns his back to them.)

Asmodeus: They are here. I will need the help of my underlings.

(Asmodeus waves a hand, and Ridley and Meta-Knight appear. Both of them look at Samus and Gardevoir, with different reactions.)

MK: What is this? What have you done to them?

Ridley: hhI can tell you. Well, I can shhow you, at leasst.

Asmodeus: We don't have time for that, the rest have converged on the outside, and will be through any moment now. I have given the two of you a fraction of my power, to help you hold the line. I will be back here, fending off the more powerful attacks with my will.

Ridley: hWhat of the morsels?

Asmodeus: Samus and Gardevoir? Good point.

(Asmodeus waves a hand. A portion of a wall fades away, revealing a cell. He waves his hand again, and Samus and Gardevoir are thrown into it, and the wall re-materializes.)

Asmodeus: Much better....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Outside Asmodeus' lair ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: Does everyone understand the plan?

(General affirmative)

Snake: Good. First wave, take positions.

(Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Snake, Link, Geno, Bomberman, and Mr. Game&Watch all line up. Bomberman pulls out a two large bombs, Mewtwo's dark aura burns fiercely, and Geno charges his Geno Beam. Mario stands in front of a seemingly blank section of the wall.)

Snake: I'm not sure what we'll find on the other side of this wall, but I can guarantee-
BM: that it's flammable!

Ganondorf: I think that sums it up nicely. Let's do this.

(Mario presses a hand against the wall, and a large arced double-door appears out of it. Mario and Snake each grab a handle. With a last look at everyone, they throw open the doors, and rush it. Immediately, they are bombarded by a barrage of fireballs from Ridley, which are deflected by Mewtwo's psychic barrier, but only barely. Meta-Knight rushes in underneath them, but is forced to jump back when Bomberman throws one of the bombs at him. Geno releases his Geno Beam full-force into Ridley's chest, pushing him away, his claws tearing up the floor as he goes. Ganondorf and Link rush in, but are both stopped by Meta-Knight's blades. For a moment, the battle looks equal, but suddenly, Meta-Knight dashes under Ganondorf's defenses, and slices through his leather armor, and nicks the skin underneath. Ganondorf falls back.)

Ganondorf: Watch out, you guys, they're somehow more powerful than before.

BM: You're telling me?

(Bomberman throws clusters of small bombs at Ridley, and finishes it with his signature over-size bomb, eventually obscuring Ridley in a cloud of dust. When it settles, Ridley seems unscathed. He only stands there, grinning that frightening grin of his.)

BM: Explode, dammit!

(Suddenly, Mr. Game&Watch runs towards Ridley, clicking, as he always does, stops short, and rings his bell. Ridley looks at him, bewildered, for a split second, then starts to chuckle, then starts to laugh. When he stops, he looks down to see that Bomberman and Mr. Game&Watch have stepped to the side. He looks a little further, and sees a strange blue cannon, pointed right at him.)

Geno: Boom.

(A massive bolt of orange energy fires out of the Geno-cannon, making the air crackle, and slams full-force into Ridley. The instant it does, it expands, looking like a face for a fraction of a second, before completely engulfing him. Geno calmly morphs back to his normal form.)

G&W: <How did you do that? It looked to be of Super-Smash caliber.>

Geno: <Serenade has joined my consciousness, for this battle. It isn't much, but as you can see, it's enough.>

Serenade: <Woo! I remember this! C'mon, let's keep going!>

Geno: <Game&Watch, this is why I love this woman.>

G&W: <I guess. Hang on, it looks like Ridley's getting up. Ganondorf was right, it looks like they really are getting help from The Deity.>

Serenade: <Oh, come on! It's just those two against all of us! Piece of cake!>

 (Within the massive cathedral-like lair of Asmodeus, the sounds of the fighting reverberate off the stone walls. The clang of swords resound, as Meta-Knight, fueled by Asmodeus' power, fends off Link, as well as Marth and Roy, who just got into the fray. Suddenly, Pit jumps in, wielding the dual blades of his Sacred Bow, and all four of them beat back Meta-Knight. For a moment, it looks as though Meta-Knight is beaten, when suddenly, a voice calls out.)

Asmodeus: Pit! Do you recognize my voice?

(Pit stops, mid-strike. Marth and Roy hesitate, wondering what is going on. Meta-Knight takes advantage of this moment, and strikes at Roy, stabbing his sword arm. Before anyone can react, Meta-Knight rips his sword out of Roy's arm in a slashing motion, and connects with Marth's non-sword arm, biting deeply. Roy drops the Sword of Seals, and steps back, holding his bleeding arm. Marth grunts in pain, but lifts his sword.)

Link: Dammit! Marth, get Roy back to Doc!

(Link barely has time to get this out, before being forced to concentrate on Meta-Knight, who has renewed his assault.)

Link: Ergh! Augh! Dammit! PIT!

(Pit only stares dumbly, straight ahead.)

Pit: Is it-? Are you-?

Asmodeus: Yes, Pit! I am the one who is trying to help you! I am Zelda's only hope for recovery, but the others mean to kill me!

(It takes a couple seconds for this to sink in.)

Asmodeus: If you want to see Zelda again, you must help me! Quickly, help Meta-Knight!

(Pit hesitates for only a second. Then, he rounds on Link, and starts to attack, alongside Meta-Knight. Link, who had barely been able to keep up with Meta-Knight, is now forced to hide behind his shield, and can only retreat from the relentless advance.)

Link: +Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT!! I need help, NOW!+

(As if in answer to his silent cry for help, Link finds himself being flanked by Fox and Falco, who go between using physical attacks and their blasters. However, despite the efforts of all three of them, they're still not gaining any ground. Slowly, as if guided by an invisible hand, Fox and Falco begin to concentrate their fire on Meta-Knight, who is forced to dodge the blaster fire. Link and Pit eventually get separated from the others. However, Link's arms are getting tired and sore, from the duel, while Pit is fresh, and not even close to tired. Link hits Pit with his shield, and in that instant of vulnerability, he raises the Master Sword high, and brings it down, hard.... and is stopped by Pit's blades, which he has crossed over him. Both Pit and Link bring their swords down, and step close to each other, each struggling to get the upper hand.)

Link: Dammit Pit, why are you listening to him? He is the evil one!

Pit: Don't you care about Zelda?! Didn't you hear him? He's the only one who can save him!

Link: He's brainwashed you, Pit!! It's all lies, now stop this fighting! This is madness!

Pit: Madness?!

(Pit knees Link in the gut, and kicks him away, sending Link sprawling on the floor.)

Pit: THIS. IS-

(Before Pit can finish, Link chucks his boomerang at him, which Pit swats out of the air, with one of his swords. Pit advances, and raises his swords to finish it. Just as Pit starts to bring them down, he slows to a crawl, barely moving at all. Baffled by this, Link looks around, and sees that everyone else has slowed down.)

Farore: <Link...>

Link: +Whuh? Farore?+

Farore: <Link, it is time. You must confront your friend, and defeat him. If you do not, he will kill you. You are needed, to fight the abomination.>

Link: +But-+
Farore: <No, Link, this is the way it must be. I will now fill you with my influence. I wish you luck, Link.>

(Link looks down, and sees his Triforce glowing, and he can feel himself gaining back his strength. He looks back at Pit, and sees he is still in the middle of bringing down his blades. Link feels that things are starting to return to normal, and hastily brings up his shield, just in time to deflect the crushing blow. Link quickly rolls away, and stands up.)

Link: Pit. You are my best friend, and to that extent, I love you dearly. It is for that reason, that I do this, now.

(Link, Triforce shining brightly, charges at Pit. Link hurls his shield at Pit, who rolls to the side. When he gets to his feet, he sees that Link has already started swinging his sword, aiming right at the side of his head.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Mewtwo and Ganondorf have broken through, and now confront Asmodeus. Mewtwo's aura burns more fiercely than ever, making the air around him crackle with power.)

Asmodeus: It took you guys long enough to challenge me. Mewtwo, I thought you would try to come at me, right away. Now, I'm sure you know what I've done to your precious Gardevoir. I'm sure you could sense the unique energy in me, that comes from what I've done to her. I'm sure you don't care, but I've been doing the exact same to Samus. Actually, you should be grateful to me, because I took it easy on your woman. Now, do you have anything to say to me?

Mewtwo: <Shut up and fight me. I don't have time for you, I must get to Gardevoir.>

Asmodeus: Oh, that's right, I can't hear psychic speak. No matter, I'll just assume you were just thanking me for my benevolence. Still, there must be something you can tell me.

(Silence. Ganondorf's eyes go wide, and he looks at Mewtwo like one would look at a friend who had gotten a sex-change. Ganondorf takes one large step away from Mewtwo.)

Ganondorf: Ooooookay.

Asmodeus: What? What did he say?

Ganondorf: You know what, why don't we just fight?

Asmodeus: ........ ‘K.

(With absolutely no warning, Mewtwo releases a massive amount of dark energy, in one concentrated blast. The force of it hurls Ganondorf off his feet, and sends him skidding across the smooth floor.)

Ganondorf: *&^%!! How long have you been waiting to do that?

Mewtwo: <Too long. But I'm not even close to done yet. ..... Neither is he, it seems.>

(The cloud of dust kicked up by the energy wave settles, revealing Asmodeus, still standing there. For a moment, it looks as though he was completely unharmed. However, it soon becomes apparent that parts of his skin were severely burned, and are now festering sores.)

Asmodeus: ..... Not bad. I didn't even have time to counter it with my will. Still, you have lost the advantage. Your next attack won't-
(Out of nowhere, Ganondorf jumps at Asmodeus, about to bring his fist - charged with his black magic - down with devastating force. No more than one foot from Asmodeus' head, though, Ganondorf is stopped when Asmodeus catches the burning fist in the palm of his hand, the flames still fizzling.)

Asmodeus: -surprise me.

(Without so much as a grunt, Asmodeus swings Ganondorf around, holding onto his fist, and hurls him towards Mewtwo. Mewtwo catches him with a mental hold, and sets him down.)

Mewtwo: <What happened to getting assistance from your goddess?>

Ganondorf: +I'm not sure. I guess we just haven't met the requirements, yet.+

Mewtwo: <Fine. Until then?>

Ganondorf: +We kick his scrawny ass.+

(Ganondorf and Mewtwo launch into a relentless frenzy, giving Asmodeus everything they have.)

Asmodeus: +Fascinating. I hadn't counted on Mewtwo having a level head. After all, that was the reason I taunted him with Gardevoir, so that he would be easier to beat. Of course, it doesn't exactly help that they're working very well, as a team. If I weren't so powerful, this might be a bad situation. However...+

(Asmodeus' form blurs for an instant, then vanishes. He reappears some distance away. Before Mewtwo or Ganondorf can close in on him, though, Asmodeus raises his right hand. Seemingly out of nowhere, and out of nothing, a small army of Wireframes rise out of the floor, forming a guard around Asmodeus.)

Mewtwo: <Wireframes..... I hate Wireframes.>

Ganondorf: +So do I.+

(Ganondorf charges the Wireframe closest to him, a male one, looking for a shoulder-tackle. The blow connects, but the Wireframe barely slides back. Ganondorf looks up at the blank face, with very wide eyes.)

Ganondorf: Cruel Wireframes!

Asmodeus: Who do you think created them? And who do you think controls them?

(Asmodeus snaps his fingers. Instantly, the fifty or so Wireframes turn to face Ganondorf. The big male he tried to take down grabs Ganondorf by the buckle of his cape, and throws him far away. They advance, marching with a steady, drone-like, intimidating pace. However, they stop when Mewtwo teleports in between them.)

Ganondorf: +Cruel Wireframes. I should have seen this coming. Some tactical master I am.+

Din: <Do not despair, my avatar.>

Ganondorf: +DIN! ..... What took you?+

Din: <Silence. Now is the moment. Take my power. Take it, and use it to defeat your enemies.>

Ganondorf: +I thought my purpose was to get the Giga-Smash coins!+

Din: <Think, Ganondorf. Do what you do best, and you will understand.>

Ganondorf: +Din, I still don't- Din? Damn.+

Mewtwo: <Ganondorf, what the hell are you waiting for?! I can't hold them off forever!>

(Ganondorf snaps out of his daze, and gets up off the floor, only to be knocked down again by a flying Wireframe, female. Ganondorf hits the floor, hard, but what really confuses him is what he sees when he lifts his head.)

Ganondorf: ..... +I really don't know what to think of this.+

Mewtwo: <GANONDORF!!>

Ganondorf: +Right, of course.+ Watch where you're hurling these things, dammit!

Ganondorf shoves the unmoving Wireframe off him, and gets to his feet. After a short survey of the remaining twenty-five or so Cruel Wireframes, he moves closer to Mewtwo.)

Mewtwo: <Well?! Aren't you going to fight? This is starting to take its toll on me.>

(Mewtwo glances at Ganondorf, and does a double-take. Ganondorf has a big grin on his face. Slowly, Mewtwo grins as well.)

Mewtwo: ..... <I know that look.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Gardevoir and Samus are trapped in the cell. There is air, but no light is apparent. Samus is still naked. Gardevoir is sitting with her back against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest.)

Samus: ..... Gardevoir?


Samus: It's horrible, isn't it?

(Gardevoir sniffs.)

Samus: I'm sorry, Gardevoir. I could have done something to prevent this. It was my own selfishness that got you here.

Gardevoir: ... <I don't understand.>

Samus: Well, at least you spoke. Er, you know what I mean. But... if I had just bowed to him.... that's all I had to do. Just that, and you would have been spared.

Gardevoir: <Samus, you cannot blame yourself for what that monster did to me.>

Samus: But it's true! It was my damned pride! Some leader I'm turning out to be. I can't even save one of my best friends from a fate worse than death.

Gardevoir: <No, I mean.... I don't think it would have made a difference.>

Samus: Whuh? What do you mean?

Gardevoir: <I mean, I think The Deity would have raped me, even if you had bowed to him. He... I think it has something to do with Mewtwo. He would have violated me, eventually, anyway.>

Samus: But... how can you be sure about that?

Gardevoir: <I'm not. But, I think it's better than thinking this is your fault.>

Samus: ..... Thank you, Gardevoir. (sigh) Still, I can't help but think that he's right, about one thing.

Gardevoir: <What is that?>

Samus: He must be destroyed. There is no other way. The Deity will be destroyed, and it will be quick. I can't give him the payback he deserves. I can't make him suffer for what he did to us... to all of us.

Gardevoir: <Yes.... Most unfortunate.>

(They sit for a long minute, in absolute silence. Samus zones out, eventually, but is slowly brought to reality by the growing sounds coming from across the lightless cell.)

Samus: .... Gardevoir?

(Samus listens hard, and realizes that there are a few different sounds. There is a kind of wet, fleshy sound, and what almost sounds like little gasps. Slowly, quietly, Samus crawls toward the sounds.)

Samus: .......... Gardevoir, what are you-?

(Samus stops when she feels Gardevoir's arm. She gropes Gardevoir's arm, steadily moving down, until... When Samus realizes, she pulls back her hand, with a sound of surprise.)

Samus: Gardevoir! Are you-!?
Gardevoir: <I am cleaning- ..... I must... remove his seed.>

Samus: But.... you're-

Gardevoir: <Yes. I hate this, but it must be done.>

Samus: Can't you... use your psychic powers for that?

Gardevoir: <It doesn't work like that. I cannot... use my psychic powers on myself, internally.>

(Silence... except for those sounds.)

Gardevoir: <Curses.>

Samus: What? Did he hurt you afterall?

Gardevoir: <No, I-..... I'm having trouble... getting the rest.>

(The air is filled with a thick, suffocating tension. There is an extremely long pause.)

Samus: Then.... I must help you.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf has charged directly into the fray, and is fending off the Cruel Wireframes, which are constantly being replaced by Asmodeus. Mewtwo, however, has taken to hovering above the battle, just out of reach of the blank-faced soldiers.)

Asmodeus: +What is he doing up there? Not fighting at all... it doesn't make sense. What is their plan?!+

(Ganondorf does a huge 360 degree leg-sweep, and immediately starts charging up a Gerudo Punch, which he lets go into the first group to charge him, sending them all flying.)

Ganondorf: +They're getting weaker. Any idea what that means?+

Mewtwo: <They're not getting weaker. You yourself said that you have come into contact with your goddess. You're getting stronger.>

(Ganondorf jumps above the horde, and thrusts his feet downward, clearing out all the Wireframes beneath him.)

Ganondorf: +I suppose that's true. Any luck, yet?+

Mewtwo: <It's hard to tell, but- hang on.... 45 degrees clockwise, female, approximately 20 feet.>

Ganondorf: +Got it.+

(Ganondorf does another huge leg-sweep, and ends up 45 degrees clockwise from where he was. He then crouches, and launches into the Wizard's foot, gliding just above the floor, knocking out Wireframes along the way, and coming to a halt just before a female wireframe. Suddenly, Ganondorf feels a mighty pulse around him, but he isn't affected. Ganondorf looks around, and sees that everything has slowed down.)

Ganondorf: +Then... it's time.+

Din: +Now, Ganondorf.+

(Ganondorf focuses energy into his fist, far more than a normal Gerudo Punch. In the first split second, after the flow of time is returned to normal, Ganondorf propels himself upwards, connecting with the chin of the Wireframe, launching it high off the floor. Ganondorf jumps after it, and punches again, this time, full in the face. Also, this time, Ganondorf releases all the pent-up force, sending the Wireframe hurtling towards the floor. The impact cracks and craters the floor, as well as throwing all the nearby Wireframes far away.)

Ganondorf: +That should do it.+

(Strangely, all the Wireframes suddenly stop... and sink back into the floor. Mewtwo touches down next to Ganondorf, in front of the crater. Right in the middle... is Asmodeus!)

Mewtwo: <You have to admit, it was a brilliant plan.>

Ganondorf: In the middle of summoning an army of Wireframes, we didn't notice you switching your body with a Wireframe. You were among them, this whole time. Mewtwo just happened to see that you were the only one not mindlessly moving in to be whupped by me. We would tire ourselves out, and you wouldn't have to do a damn thing. Very clever.

(Asmodeus' charred body suddenly heals, and he sits up, then stands up.)

Asmodeus: And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling-
(Mewtwo conveniently chooses this exact moment to flick a pellet of energy at Asmodeus, silencing him.)

Ganondorf: I'll finish up here. You help the others. It looks like they're starting to fatigue.

Mewtwo: <You sure?>

(Ganondorf holds up his right hand. The Triforce of Power is resonating with the divine influence of Din.)

Mewtwo: <Right. Got it.>

 (Mewtwo floats away to join the others, who are still being held off by the super-powered Meta-Knight and Ridley. By now, everyone who was fighting them has switched out. Now, it is Snake and Simon Belmont fighting Ridley, Snake using his trusty 9mm pistol and knife, Simon with the spiked whip, and bottles of liquid that explode with green flames.)

Mewtwo: ..... <Maybe.>

(Mewtwo looks away, at Meta-Knight. He is fighting Mega Man, who is flanked by Sonic and Blaziken. Mega Man is blasting away, in between Blaziken and Sonic's fervent melee attacks.)

Mewtwo: ...... <They'll be fine.>

(Mewtwo lunges at Ridley, swiping at him with a charged paw, and takes him by surprise. In the moment of vulnerability, Simon lashes out with his whip, wraps it around Ridley's bony neck, and yanks hard. With a kind of squawk, Ridley is pulled close to Simon, who dashes an extra-large bottle of fire-water against Ridley's face, engulfing most of his head in emerald-green flames. Ridley screeches in pain, for the first time in the whole fight, a thing that causes all the other combatants to pause, and watch the spectacle.)

Asmodeus: Ridley! NO!

(Ridley wrenches away from Simon, jerking the whip out of his hands, and stumbles about, clawing at his face in an attempt to get the fire off. However, all this does is leave gashes in his reptilian skin... and the fire burns there, as well, redoubling the agonizing pain Ridley is in.)

Asmodeus: +I can't have him dying on me, now! I still need him!+

(Asmodeus steals a glance at Ganondorf, who, like the others, is looking at Ridley.)

Asmodeus: +Perfect. While Ganondorf is distracted, I can fix all this.+

(Something catches Ganondorf's attention, out of the corner of his eye. He turns his head, and realizes that Asmodeus has just extended his right hand. Before Ganondorf can realize what's happening, and react accordingly, Asmodeus closes his fist. Just like that, the blaze on Ridley's head goes out, and the self-inflicted gashes close up, leaving terrible scars.)

Ganondorf: That's it, I'm finishing this.

(Asmodeus doesn't even glance, when Ganondorf charges him, he just vanishes, leaving Ganondorf to stumble to a halt. Asmodeus' voice comes from behind him.)

Asmodeus: How can you hope to finish it? You can't even touch me.

Ganondorf: I assure you, I'm going to touch you, real hard.

(Awkward silence.)

Asmodeus: I don't swing-
(Asmodeus vanishes, and Ganondorf's punch hits nothing but air. Again, Asmodeus' voice comes from behind.)

Asmodeus: This is getting old, you know. Can we please hurry this up?

(Ganondorf grins. With impossible speed, Ganondorf appears right in front of Asmodeus. Ganondorf savors the look on his face for but an instant, before driving a straight, flat palm into his chest, forcing him back several feet. Asmodeus collects himself, and glares at Ganondorf.)

Asmodeus: Where did that come from?

Ganondorf: A wizard did it.

Asmodeus: Aren't you a wizard?

Ganondorf: Exactly.

(Without another word, Ganondorf surges forward, and uses the formidable momentum to land a thunderous kick to the side of Asmodeus, sending him flying into the side-wall, right on the section hiding where Samus and Gardevoir are held captive. The solid stone wall explodes with chips of rock, at the impact, and Asmodeus is left buried part-way in the wall.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the darkness of the cell ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Did you hear that?

Gardevoir: <How could I not?>

Samus: Something's going on. Do you think they got their hands on the Giga-Smash coins?

Gardevoir: <I don't think so, but there is a massive energy signature, and it feels familiar... I can't remember, though, where I sensed this before.>

Samus: Do you think they know we're in here?

Gardevoir: <I hope so. There is some sort of barrier around this cell, preventing any psychic contact, at all. If Mewtwo made a sweep of the room, then he would have noticed it.>

Samus: And from there, Ganondorf probably would have deduced that we are here..... But they would have broken us out by now, don't you think?

Gardevoir: <Perhaps they were held off by The De- ah!>

(Samus pulls her hand away from Gardevoir, very quickly.)

Samus: I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?

Gardevoir: <No! Ah, er, no, I am fine.>

Samus: Did I do something wrong?

Gardevoir: <You did nothing wrong, Samus. I think it is alright, now. It's all out.>

Samus: Are you sure? I don't even want to think about what might happen if they saw us filthy, like this.

(Suddenly, there is another dull thump, the cell walls shudder, and sounds of crumbling pebbles are very faintly heard.)

Samus: I think that's them! Oh, but we're still naked!

(Samus stares blankly into the utter darkness, at where she thinks Gardevoir is sitting.)

Samus: Gardevoir? Are you not concerned?

Gardevoir: ..... <Yes, this is a problem. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do, in our situation.>

Samus: Yeah, I suppose you're right. I hate it, but we just have to wait it out.

(Another thump, this time, much louder.)

Samus: Gardevoir.... is that... do you see it?

Gardevoir: <I.... yes! Light!>

Samus: They're about to break through! Gardevoir, can you get through, yet?

Gardevoir: ...... <I can!>

(Samus and Gardevoir scramble to their feet. Gardevoir accidentally bumps her face against Samus's chest, but Samus doesn't notice it.)

Samus: Can you contact someone, yet?

Gardevoir: <Wait.... Yes! It will be faint, but I can do it.>

Samus: Excellent! Can you call Mario?

Gardevoir: <Mario? Why him?>

Samus: (cough) Because he can send my Zero Suit in here, before the wall breaks completely.

(Yet another thump. Spider-web cracks start to become visible, with tiny points of light around them.)

Samus: Quickly, please!

Gardevoir: <Of course. ..... Mario, can you hear me?>

Mario: <Gardevoir? Is that you?>

Samus: Thank god!

Gardevoir: <Mario, Samus and I are being held in a cell within the wall of the room you are fighting in.>

Mario: <Are you two alright? Did The Deity hurt you?>

Gardevoir: <He... He healed us. We are fine.>

Mario: <Well, stay right there. I will-a contact Ganondorf, and have him break you out.>

Gardevoir: <Wait, Mario!>

Mario: <Hm? What is it?>

Gardevoir: <Umm.... Samus would like to ask something of you.>

Mario: <Anything. What is it?>

Samus: .... +While he was torturing me, my Zero Suit became severely damaged, and I don't think I can fight, as I am. In my room, there is a spare. Do you think you can send it directly into the cell?+

Mario: <Why there?>

Samus: +Because I have to change, and-+
Mario: <Of course, sorry I asked. I understand. Just a moment.>

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Outside the cell ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Ganondorf is just lining up another shot, getting ready to send Asmodeus flying into the same massive crater in the side of the wall, as he has started to make a kind of game out of it.)

Mario: <Ganondorf, wait!>

(Not wanting to give Asmodeus a chance to rest, Ganondorf instead hops into the air, flips once, and drives his heel into the crook of the neck of Asmodeus, causing the shoulder to audibly pop loose, and him to crumple to the floor.)

Ganondorf: +What is it, Mario? I don't know how long I'm going to have the strength to pummel this guy. I don't know what you made him out of, but he just keeps coming back for more.+

(Asmodeus stands back up, and holds his dislocated arm to the side. Asmodeus whirls the arm, slightly, and with a sickening, crunching crack, pops the joint back into place. He twists the arm a bit, then continues glaring at Ganondorf.)

Asmodeus: I tire of this.

(Asmodeus attacks. Now, the fight isn't nearly so one-sided. Instead, Asmodeus and Ganondorf go back and forth, each gaining the upper hand for only a few seconds at a time, before the other does a counter, and attains the advantage.)

Ganondorf: +Say it quick!+

Mario: <Right. Stop-a throwing The Deity into that crater you made.>

Ganondorf: +No problem!+

(Ganondorf catches Asmodeus' fist in his hand, and grabs his other shoulder. Ganondorf rears back, and delivers an oppressive head-butt. Asmodeus is reeling from the concussive force of the blow.)

Ganondorf: +Any reason why?+

Mario: <Ah... Samus and Gardevoir are-a being held, there. If-a you shatter the wall, they might-a get hurt. I will have Mewtwo break down the wall.>

Ganondorf: +Fair enough, I suppose.+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inside the cell ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Oh my, that is MUCH better!

Gardevoir: <I am glad to hear that. Do I look all right?>

Samus: Well, it's a little hard to tell, but.... yes... I think you won't have any problems. Except.... well, hopefully, no-one will look.

Gardevoir: <What? What is wrong?>

(Gardevoir looks herself over. Then, realization slowly dawns on her face, and so does a furious blush.)

Gardevoir: <Is it noticeable?>

Samus: Well.... I know it's there. No, I don't think anyone will see it. Actually... can't you teleport? As soon as the barrier is all the way down, I mean?

Gardevoir: <Er, yes, I can, can't I?>

Samus: Good. As soon as you can, get out of here. I'll tell Mewtwo you escaped.

Gardevoir: <Yes.... Thank you, Samus.>

Samus: For what?

Gardevoir: <When he was... I was scared. More scared than I had ever been, in my life. He wasn't just inside my body, Samus.... he was in my mind!>

(Tears suddenly flood out of Gardevoir's eyes. Without hesitation, Samus draws Gardevoir close to her, giving her a shoulder to cry on. Gardevoir holds on to Samus like death was after her, the final wall of her emotional barrier breaking down.)

Gardevoir: <I- I blocked out the pain, became numb to it, but he was in my MIND! I had never felt so... so-...>

(For the first time, Gardevoir makes a sound. It starts out as a few loud sobs, but it doesn't take long before she voices her pain. It is a long, loud wail, filled with agony and sorrow the likes of which one could never think possible. In that moment, Samus feels her heart break, not just into pieces, but into bloody shards, that turn into tears of unparalleled sadness. Gardevoir sobs once, takes a deep breath, and wails again. This time, her knees give out, and they sink to the cold stone floor, sharing in each other's pain.)


(With a terrible wrenching noise, the entire wall of the cell is ripped off, flooding the tiny chamber with light, but neither Gardevoir nor Samus notice. Gardevoir, mindless to everything except the need to make her pain known, cries out once more. This time, the sound echoes in the cavernous chamber of Asmodeus' lair, filling everyone's hearts with her sorrow. Everyone, except Asmodeus, of course. However, Meta-Knight seems to have been hit the worst, by Gardevoir's cries of despair.)

 MK: +Her sorrow, it is so... familiar. Yes, I had felt something much like this, when my wife...+ What have I done?

(Mega Man, Blaziken and Sonic turn their focus on Meta-Knight, but he takes no notice. Instead, he sprints toward Asmodeus, wielding his terrible blade, stopping just short of him. By now, Gardevoir's wails had died down, and are not just pitiful sobs.)


(Many of the heads turn towards Meta-Knight.)

Asmodeus: Meta-Knight? What are you doing? Get back to your post, and defend this place against those who would stand in my way!

MK: I will not!

Asmodeus: .... Go, now, Meta-Knight.

MK: I can't believe I didn't see it until now. You were controlling me! Well, no more! I will now take my rightful place, beside my comrades, and we will vanquish you!

Asmodeus: Fascinating. And, just what do you hope to do? You know you cannot hurt me.

MK: Perhaps not physically, but I know something you don't want them to know.

Asmodeus: And what could that be?

(Meta-Knight turns to Ganondorf.)

MK: He hid the Giga-Smash coins inside himself, in his stomach.

Ganondorf: What?!

Asmodeus: WHAT!?

MK: I will prove it, by removing them, now.

(With that, Meta-Knight leaps at Asmodeus, bringing his wicked blade to bare, ready to carve the precious coins out of his former master's body. However, Asmodeus casually grabs Meta-Knights sword with his right hand, effectively bringing him to a halt.)

Asmodeus: Pathetic.

(Asmodeus raises his left hand, point-blank, in front of Meta-Knight's face. Without even trying, he releases a huge bolt of pure destructive force full-on into Meta-Knight, sending him rocketing backwards, hitting the wall on the far side of the massive chamber. Kirby, who just switched with Blaziken, runs to his side. In this surreal moment, it is like they are alone, together.)

Kirby: {Meta-Knight! How badly are you hurt?!}

MK: K-k-... Kirby...

Kirby: {That's right, it's me, Kirby. I'm here, my friend.}

MK: .... {Kirby... I am dying.}

Kirby: {What? No... no! No, you'll be just fine, Meta-Knight! We'll get you to Doc's lab, and-}

MK: {No, Kirby, I can feel it.}

(Meta-Knight coughs hard, twice, and draws a shuddering breath.)

MK: {I'm afraid I b-betrayed... all of you. Do you-} (cough, hack) {Do you think... you can forgive me?}

(Tears are standing in Kirby's big, round eyes.)

Kirby: {Yes... I forgive you... We all forgive you.}

(Behind the heavy mask, Meta-Knight closes his eyes. For the first time in a long time, he smiles.)

MK: {Good.... thank you, Kirby. I am glad.}

(Meta-Knight coughs hard, and draws Kirby even closer to him.)

MK: {Kirby.... there is... something you must know... before I die. In the Halberd... the passcode is... Marova.... you will know what to do, from there...}

Kirby: {Th-thank you, Meta-Knight.}

(Meta-Knight opens his eyes, and gasps.)

MK: {I can see her.... my wife... my love. Goodbye, Kirby. I can rest, knowing that... my people... are. . . .)

(Before Meta-Knight can finish his sentence... his breath leaves his body.... leaving Kirby to hold his still form, and weep for his passing.)

Ganondorf: ....... What the-?

(Ganondorf looks around frantically.)

Ganondorf: He's gone! The Deity is gone!

Mario: Ridley too. They both escaped.
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