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24 September, 2022, 03:02:58 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2510 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:03:05 pm »

G&W: Pretty much. Well, all we can do is wait, I suppose. It'll become obvious, soon enough.

(Sheik opens a window in Pit's room, and silently creeps through. Sheik transforms into Zelda, and Zelda starts stripping, then slides into Pit's bed. Minutes later, Pit enters naked, except for a towel around his waist. He sees Zelda, and drops his towel.)

Pit: Zelda! You're back!

Zelda: And I see you're quite happy about it.

Pit: I'm real happy you're back! I- (looks down, see himself) Well... whatever.

(Pit jumps into bed with Zelda. They giggle and such, then cuddle and kiss and whatnot.)

Pit: So? How was your little mission? More of the same?

Zelda: Pretty much... Some women at the Gerudo fortress, Ruto, Malon twice, and Saria.

Pit: Wait, isn't Saria a, what do you call it? Kokiri? Isn't she... tiny?

Zelda: I checked. She's really older than Link. I know, it doesn't make it any less creepy. What'd I miss?

Pit: Oh, it was so cool! First, Mario introduced TWO newcomers. Bowser Jr. and Mega Man EXE.

Zelda: Really? I would have expected a different Mega Man.

Pit: Yeah, me, too. Anyway, that was all yesterday. Today was even cooler! Everyone gathered in the outdoor training facility, and Mario demonstrated one of the coolest things I've ever seen. See, there's this little coin, called the Smash Emblem, and you crush it, and you're filled with power! Then, you do this thing called a Super Smash. When Mario did it, he shot out these two gigantic fireballs that completely blew away Sandbag! And, over the next few weeks, we're all going to test out our own Super Smashes!

Zelda: My goodness! That sounds like a lot of power! I certainly hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or anything.

Pit: Yeah... But, even if one person does get a lot of them, the rest of us combined will surely be able to take that one person down.

Zelda: Yes, I suppose so.... Oh! What was that?

Pit: What was what?

Zelda: It felt like.... oh, my. You really ARE happy to see me, aren't you?

(Pit and Zelda... yeah.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the 2D world. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: So, you're saying that when he goes psycho, only another beast of the same power can take him down?

G&W: That's right. Although, I'm not sure where we can find another beast like him. I'm not exactly pre-cognitive, but I can tell when something big's going to happen, and my gut is telling me it's going to be him.

Geno: Huh. Do you know when this is going to happen?

G&W: So far, my gut feelings occur a day or two afterwards. Of course, not all of them come true. I seriously hope that's true, in this case.

Geno: I can see why. I'm all for the excitement this place brings, but I don't think I can handle him. If he does lose it, can I hide out here?

G&W: I still need you, so, yes.

Geno: Right. Actually, if he becomes too much... we might have to bring everyone else in here. This is probably the safest place in the whole mansion.

G&W: ........ (sigh) Fine. But, if anyone asks, remember: You're the one controlling the portal, because you're a higher being, and all that.

Geno: ........ Sure. I understand how you feel. Maybe we should work out a plan, for a worst-case scenario.

G&W: Right. Just in case.

(Wario, Luigi, Snake and Samus have just finished lunch, and are heading out again.)

Wario: You know, there's just one thing that I still don't get.

Luigi: What's that?

Wario: How in the hell did Mario get so much power into those little coins?

Snake: I think it's fairly simple, really.

Luigi: What? How do you know?

Snake: Don't you remember, you idiots? He said he had a master smith make them.

Wario: Great, now I'm going to be wondering who this master smith is forever.

Samus: Ugh. Just ask him when we get back. It's not that hard a concept. Say, here's a better question: What the hell are Wario and Luigi doing with us, anyway, Snake?

Snake: (cough) Well, they're my drinking buddies. They're funny as hell when they're smashed.

Wario: I still wish I could remember what I did that was so damn funny.

Luigi: Heh. You were literally rolling around on-a your fat ass, saying over and over again that you're-a the queen of France.

Snake: Ahh, yes. Good times.

Samus: That's all well and good, but why now? Don't tell me you're planning on getting drunk, again?

Wario: Listen, sweetheart, you're not the best company to have, either. You have this annoying habit of smacking people for little things.

(Samus smacks Wario.)

I don't care if that proved his point, I feel better. However, we're pretty far from the hotel, as it is. I think we should start heading back, so we don't miss Captain Falcon.

Luigi: Why bother? If we need to, there's-a the subway. Let's keep going.

Wario: Yeah! Besides, if we miss FAPtain Calcon, big deal, eh?

Snake: I gotta say, I agree with greeney, but not with fat-ass. I'd like to see what they have, further out.

Samus: (sigh) Fine, fine. You're like children, you know that? Ooh! Awesome clothes!

(Samus walks merrily into a store. The guys sigh heavily as one, and follow.)

Wario: You do realize that by doing this, we're making our cajones shrink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DK and Yoshi are traveling with Bowser and Bowser Jr. It's just before noon. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bowser Jr.: Hey, papa, how come we gotta walk with these dorks?

Bowser: Junior, we're traveling with these dorks because I'm not risking my boy being hurt. And besides, they're not dorks. The proper term is "idgit."

Bowser Jr.: Idgit? What's that?

Bowser: It's like a dork, idiot, moron and numskull all rolled into one, but dumber.

Bowser Jr.: Ha, ha! (Turns to DK and Yoshi) You guys are idgits! You guys are idgits!

DK: {Yeah? Well, your hair looks like idgit hair, to me.}

Yoshi: {Yeah! Idgit hair!.}

DK: {Now, that, little one, is what is known as "getting owned."}

Bowser Jr.: Paaa! They're making fun of me!

Bowser: It's something you gotta expect. The thing to do is just shake it off. When they find out that their insults don't hurt you in the least, that's what is called "pacifist-owning." In all my years, pacifist-owning is one of the best ways to own someone.

Bowser Jr.: Wow, papa, you're so smart!

DK: {It almost breaks your heart to know that Bowser is just another lunk-head without anything in his skull, doesn't it?}

Yoshi: {I may be not smart, but I know when to quit.}

DK: {So very owned.}

(A little later, they themselves stop for lunch.)

Bowser: Come on, Yoshi. Eat some meat! It'll make you less useless.

Yoshi: {I can't. Eating meat isn't good for me, or others.}

Bowser Jr.: Do it, you wuss! Here, I have a lot of hot dogs. You have one!

DK: {Don't do it, Yoshi.}

Yoshi: {I know, I know. It's not going to happen.}

(Thankfully, they get through lunch without Yoshi eating any meat. About an hour later...)

Yoshi: {Hey, I feel funny.}

DK: {Funny? How?

Yoshi: {It's... it's in my belly... I feel..... kind of angry. I feel like I want to fight... Oh, no!}

DK: {What is it?}

Yoshi: {What if I accidentally ate meat? Did one of them put something in my soup? Oh, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't want to do anything bad! DK help-!}

Yoshi: {Oh... it passed.}

DK: {In more than one way, yes.}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Geno and Mr. Game&Watch have just had lunch. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Geno: <So you don't know what's going to happen, either?>

G&W: <Normally, I would, but I'm not even close to a truly 2D world, so I can only get vague feelings. Right now, you're more powerful than I am.>

Geno: <Terrific. But, if I can't feel anything, either, that's a good thing, right? I mean, it means whatever's going to happen isn't going to happen for a while, right?>

G&W: <Yes, it would be safe to assume.... Still, it's pretty much inevitable. I just wish I could see when, where, and all that.>

Geno: <It sucks, I know. On Star Road, I knew virtually everything that happens in the Mushroom Kingdom. The first time I possessed this doll, I became so disoriented, I accidentally wandered into a forest, and ended up- Well, that's a very long story.>

G&W: <I think I see where you were going. It's hard to lose your powers.>

Geno: <It wouldn't have been so bad, but the situation is making things worse. We're being kept on the defensive, unable to anticipate anything. Still, I don't think it will be quite as bad as you say it is. After all, as long as the plan works out, we should be fi- Hey, neat capes!>

(Geno walks into the cape store. Mr. Game&Watch pauses, smacks himself with his bell, and walks in after him.)

 (4 o'clock finally rolls around, and everyone has gathered in the dining hall of the hotel. ......... The minutes tick by.)

Link: Lordy, when is Falcon going to show up? It's been almost 20 minutes.

(Almost as if on cue, Mario walks in. He takes one look at everyone, and holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: I must apologize to everyone. It seems there was a complication at-a the hospital, and Captain-a Falcon will not be joining us, today. Does anyone have any questions?

Link: Yeah, I have one. Are we going to see him at all, and if so, when?

Mario: I have-a spoken with the hospital staff, and they say they can't-a give me an exact time until tomorrow morning. Any others?


Maro: Okay, then. In light of-a these developments, you have the rest of-a the night free. That is all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Things are relatively uneventful, until dinner. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Marth and Roy are sitting together. Marth is talking animatedly, but Roy is looking kind of disinterested.)

Marth: {... And I heard that there is a shop just within walking distance from here where we can get some nice gifts for our friends, back home.}

Roy: {Mm. I'm sure they would like that.}

Marth: {..... Roy, what is it? I know something is wrong, you never had a good poker face.}

Roy: {..... Marth.... I remember everything from while I couldn't speak. I remember... how happy you were, when I was.... like that.}

Marth: {Was? Roy.... Oh, Roy, don't tell me.}

Roy: {I'm sorry, Marth, but I just don't feel that way, anymore. I... can't... feel that way. I just... rediscovered, so to speak, my feelings. My true feelings.}

Marth: {So, that's it? Just like that? Don't you remember how happy you were when we... when we were together? You liked it. You loved it, I know you did.}

Roy: {Well.... I admit, it was enjoyable, but, Marth... I don't love you. That's all there is to it. I'm sorry.}

(Roy gets up, and leaves.)

Marth: {Roy... Roy... Come back here!}

(Marth slams his fist hard on the table, rattling the silverware, and almost knocking over his wine. Marth puts his face in his hands. A moment later, he feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks up.... and sees Mega Man EXE.)

EXE: {If it makes you feel any better... I loved you when I first saw you.}

(They stare into each others eyes.... and Marth gets up, and they walk out, together. Over at the Fox table...)

Krystal: Damn. When he said they're free about sex, he ain't kiddin' around, is he?

Fox: Why is everyone so creepy, around here?

Falco: (sigh) And everyone's falling in love, too. It's going to make communicating with these people very difficult.

Fox: Indeed...... we're so hopeless.

(Fox and Falco both hang their heads, and sigh heavily.)

MetaKnight: Drama queens.

Krystal: Totally. If it helps, I love you both.

Fox: No you don't. We're just comrades. Partners in combat.

Falco: That's how it is. Doomed to a life of looking cool, but feeling miserable.

Krystal: No, really. I like you both.... very, very much.

(Fox and Falco both bring their heads up.)

Fox: Do you really mean it?

Falco: For real?

(Krystal nods, and the three of them walk out together, leaving Meta-Knight all alone.)

Meta-Knight: ....... Why the hell am I here? I'm going to go insane around these people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later that night ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Samus and Krystal are in the room they share.)

Samus: Aah! I can't believe this trip. I thought it would be an opportunity for us to clear our heads, to become sane. Instead, it's like people are looking upon this trip as an opportunity to be as maddeningly crazy as possible.

Krystal: Snake went drinking with Wario and Luigi, again, didn't they?

Samus: Damn right that ass went drinking.

Krystal: Hm. You need to give him some incentive to stay with you. I just gave Fox and Falco a little "show" that I'm sure will make them never stray from me, ever.

Samus: A "show?" You aren't saying... no. Uh-uh. That's out of the question.

Krystal: Why? I'm of the animal kingdom, just like you. The only difference between you and me is I have fur, a tail, and a fox head.

Samus: Hang on.... I see where this is going. Yeah, I can tell already. If this keeps going, we're going to end up in the same bed.

Krystal: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. But, now that you bring it up-
Samus: No! Not a chance.

Krystal: Puh-leeeze? If it helps, I'll give you a show, too.

Samus: Dammit, NO! Krystal, what is with you? What did you hit your head on?

Krystal: (sigh) Fine... but... maybe I should tell you about Zelda and Peach.

Samus: What about them? Hang on... now that you mention it, they did seem a little strange, this morning. I think Snake knows what's going on, but he hasn't told me anything.

Krystal: See? That's something else you'll never have to suffer if you were to give him a show, like I did for my boys.

Samus: ........ No, seriously, what's with you? You're a little too sexual for my comfort. There has to be a reason.

Krystal: ...... (sigh) I'm sorry. It's..... It's a little complicated.

Samus: I have all night.

(Krystal looks calmly at Samus for a long moment, and Samus returns the gaze.)

Krystal: Fine. I'm warning you, though, it might get a little heavy.

Samus: Krystal, between MY experiences, and all the stuff going on around us, I think I can handle it.

 Krystal: Right. Well, I haven't been able to piece together the whole story, but I think I have enough for a good story. When I was a child, I was normal enough. But, as I grew up, I realized that, for some reason, boys would pay more attention to me than the other girls. I had to have one of my friends tell me it was because I was much prettier than the other girls. It turns out I was flaunting myself around everyone, and I didn't even know it.

Samus: I hope you understand why I don't believe you, too much.

Krystal: I suppose I could, but I'm telling the truth. I was happy that I had so many "friends" that... I thought it was because of my sunny disposition that the boys flocked to me. I didn't even think about why the other girls didn't like me.

Samus: ...... I apologize. I didn't consider that.

Krystal: That's alright. Anyway, after my friend told me the truth, I was ashamed of myself. Really! I tried hard to tone it down, for a while. I started wearing heavier clothes, I would try to keep myself away from other. I would sometimes even push other away...

(As Krystal is talking, her ears droop lower, and she looks down at the floor.)

Samus: ..... It's okay, dear. Here, let me brew you some tea. It does wonders for me.

(Samus brews some chamomile, and hands Krystal a cup.)

Krystal: Thank you. (sips chamomile) Mm. That's pretty good. Thank you. (sigh) Where was I?

Samus: You were saying you were trying to hide yourself.

Krystal: Right. Well, to make a long story short, this is how it went: A female classmate of mine, who was a lot like what I am, right now, invited me to her room, one night. I was excited, because of the disdain the other women had, for me, and I thought she wanted to be friends with me. Well, I was right, sort of. (sips chamomile)

Samus: Sort of? What does that mean?

Krystal: She- We... made love.... It was my first time... I was fifteen, at the time. (sips chamomile) She taught me so much, that night. After that, I decided that I would no longer hide myself, and that I would be more... inviting, so to speak. (sips chamomile)


Samus:Wow. You were right. That is quite a story. No, I believe you. So, in short.... you had one fantastic night, and that experience changed you into what I see before me, today? (sips chamomile)

Krystal: That's pretty much it. (sigh) Samus, I'm sorry for pressuring you. It's just... you're so tense! I know about you leading the brawlers, after Mario is gone, and I can imagine how much stress you're feeling, but girl, you have to relax! That's really what this trip is for. Mario is taking care of everything, so you don't have to worry. (sips chamomile) Say, here's a thought-

Samus: No.

Krystal: Don't worry. It's not like that. I just want to give you a nice massage. I'll bet your muscles must be sore from being so tense.

Samus: Well..... I suppose a massage wouldn't hurt anything. And I think I can trust you not to go too far.

Krystal: Of course, you can.

(Samus sits at the edge of the bed, Krystal kneels behind her, and starts massaging Samus' shoulders. She draws in a sharp breath, and cringes.)

Samus: Ow, ow! What the hell? I thought this was going to help me relax!

Krystal: It's because I have to work through your knotted muscles! Just try to relax yourself, more.

Samus: I don't see how I could- (her eyes suddenly droop, and a contented smile replaces her irritation) Hmmmmmmmm.

Krystal: See? Now, was this such a bad idea?

Samus: I still think your creepy and perverted. A little lower, please?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ An hour later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Krystal and Samus are lying in bed, naked in each others arms. Samus is asleep.)

Krystal: +Heh. Works every time. Sleep tight, sweetie. I just hope you realize this was for your own good.+

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The next day, at breakfast ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snake: Samus? Hey, Samus.

Samus: Hm? Sorry. Daydreaming.

Snake: Yeah, right. I've never seen you daydream. What's up?

Samus: ..... Is it just me, or is everyone around here too damn easy to read? It makes keeping secrets very difficult.

Snake: Which means you have a secret, and you aren't sure how I'd take it. Oh, wait a minute. It looks like Mewtwo is going to screw with Luigi, again.

 (Mewtwo floats silently next to Luigi, who has his head down, massaging his temples.)

Mewtwo: ..... <GOOD MORNING!>

(Luigi doesn't say or do anything, he just freezes.)

Mewtwo: ..... <Did I get him?>

Peach: Hmm.... Yep. It looks like you short-circuited his brain, this time. He'll probably stay just like that for at least 10 minutes. Very nice work.

Mewtwo: <I try.>

(Mewtwo goes back to his table, laughing evilly the whole way.)

Snake: Heh. We're so horrible to greeny. Anyway, Samus, I believe you were about to tell me your dirty little secret.

Samus: ..... (gives Snake a nut-tap under the table.)

(Over at Mewtwo's table...)

Gardevoir: <Mewtwo, that was horrible! How could you be so mean to that poor guy?>

Ganondorf: He's done that twice, before, and he'll probably be doing it every chance he gets, in the future. Besides, I've done the math. Luigi get over his hangover faster when Mewtwo scares him. He's doing the green guy a favor.

Mewtwo: <Besides, it was funny, and you know it. Come on... laugh.... you know you wanna.>

Gardevoir: ......<Fine. I thought it was funny, and I wanna do it, next time. But I'll feel bad about it afterwards.>

Mewtwo: <Oh, of course.>

(A little later, Mario holds up his hand for silence.)

Mario: Attention! I've-a double-a-checked with the hospital, and they have confirmed that Falcon will most certainly be here today, at 3 o'clock. Again, that's-a 3 o'clock, right here. Thank you.

(EXE and Marth are sitting together.)

Marth: {So, out of curiosity, how come you can speak perfect Japanese? I thought Roy and I were the only ones.}

EXE: {After I found out that you guys spoke ONLY Japanese, I downloaded a patch to allow me to speak, read and write Japanese. It's one of the handy little things that comes from being a program.}

Marth: {Along with never, ever having to use protection. I didn't know it could be so good.}

EXE: {I know. I was wondering why Roy would ever leave you. You're much nicer than any of the other partners I've had.}

Marth: {Eh? You mean.... How many others?}

EXE: {Marth, believe me when I tell you this. It is NOT a big deal.}

(EXE gives an abridged explanation of sexuality in the cyber-world.)

Marth: {Huh. I'm not sure if I really like that. There's no intimacy.}

EXE: {I can see why you might think that. On the other hand, in the cyber-world, we aren't burdened by anything you fleshly beings are weighed down with. We never grow old, we never have to worry about offspring, and someone had to TELL me about the disease thing. From what I understand, these are the things that you worry about when it comes to relationships.}

Marth: {Wow. I... I never really thought about it like that. It's kinduv exciting, really.}

EXE: {Yeah, Krystal said pretty much the same thing. Say, if you want, the three of us could... you know.}

Marth: {Together? Hm..... I never thought of that.}

EXE: {I could bring her over, if you want.}

Marth: {Yeah, this is interesting. Let's see what she thinks.}

(EXE calls to Krystal. She gets up, heads over to their table, leaving Fox, Falco and Meta-Knight.)

Fox: That is the opposite of fair.

Falco: It really is. She teases us with that dance, then leaves while I'm speaking.

Meta-Knight: I can't imagine what the big deal is. Really, if you want to be with her so much, why not just do it? Go over there, and, I don't know, do something. Just don't whine. You're the last people I would ever expect to hear whine.

Fox: You just don't understand, Meta-Knight. Why do you think we focus the video communicators on our faces? If we saw any more of Krystal, we'd get distracted. Geez, don't you get excited, sometimes?

MK: (slurps juice through his mask) Nope.

Falco: Never?

MK: Never.

Fox: ..... Why?

MK: Because, I've already found the woman of my dreams, and I love her so much, I couldn't possibly get excited for anyone else.

Fox: ......... Not quite as shocking as Mewtwo, but I'm still doubting it. Do you have a picture, or something?

MK: Nope. I've got her up here. (taps head) I don't need pictures, if I can remember that beautiful face... and, well, the rest of her, too.

Falco: Can you picture a female whatever-Meta-Knight-is, Fox?

MK: Don't bother. The males and females of our race have veeery different bodies.

Fox: Are we ever going to see her?

MK: (slurps juice) Nope.

Falco: Why's that?

MK: (slurps more juice) She's dead. Tried to save her, but couldn't.

(Falco and Fox look at each other, and sigh.)

Fox: Sorry, we didn't know.

MK: Not a problem. It's been a hundred years or so. I'm used to the pain. (slurps juice.)

(They just eat in silence.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Breakfast goes on quietly, each of them having their own issues to deal with. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(11 a.m.)

(Samus and Snake are walking through a store, Luigi and Wario are off somewhere else.)

Samus: This looks nice, but it's the wrong color. Blue and orange are the only colors I look good in.

Snake: How about clear? You'd look very good in clear.

Samus: That's one. So, are you going to tell me about Peach and Zelda, or what?

Snake: Depends. Are you going to tell me about what happened last night, after dinner? It's pretty obvious that is what it was about.

Samus: ........ Alright. Deal. You go first.

Snake: Fine. It's pretty simple. When you sent me out, the first night, for the standard information gathering, I heard some strange noises. I flipped on my night-vision, turned up my sound amplifier, and found out what was going on. Long story short, Peach and Zelda became extremely good friends, if you know what I mean.

Samus: .... I see. So that's what she was- that is... Peach and Zelda. That's why they seemed unusually close. They usually don't associate with each other.

Snake: Mm. Well, your turn.

Samus: Oh, uh... You really don't want to hear this. I don't think you'll like it.

Snake: Try me. I'm in a good mood.

Samus: Hmm. I'd better make sure you are when I tell you.

(Samus steps up to Snake, kisses him passionately, and puts his hand on her ass. Without hesitating, Snake squeezes, making Samus squeak. Moments later, they parted.)

Snake: Alright. I don't think I could be in a better mood.

Samus: Mm.... Last night... Krystal... she gave me a massage, and it felt good, and...

Snake: Ah. Say no more. I see where this is going. I'm... okay with it.

Samus: You're not mad? Wait, what was that pause for?

Snake: Just trying to think of the right word. I wanted to let you know that I am okay with it, and had to think fast, before you said the whole thing.

Samus: Why?

Snake: I knew what you were about to say, and wanted to save you the embarrassment of having to say it.

Samus: Snake... Thank you. But... You're really not upset at all that I did it with... a furry?

Snake: Sweetheart, I'm a guy. A guy with a lot of free time, between missions. I happen to think it's fairly hot. So.... can I watch?

Samus: That's two. Not exactly the way I was expecting this to turn out, but, I guess it's for the better. So... now what?

Snake: It's only ten-after. Grab that suit, and we'll ask if they have it in the color you want.

Samus: Sounds good. (grabs suit)

Snake: And, while we're at it, let's ask if they have anything that's clear.

(Without a word, Samus gives Snake a nut-tap. Snake grunts and leans over.)

Samus: That's three. And, believe me, it gets worse.

Snake (high voice): I'll be good.


(Bowser, DK, Yoshi, Geno and Mr. Game&Watch are all watching over the children, as they all eat lunch.)

Bowser: Hey, you, the tiny electric one, put that down! Don't make me come over there and whup ya! Don't think I won't! (sigh) How can a guy enjoy a mountain of burgers if these kids aren't going to behave?

Bowser Jr.: Mr. Geno, sir?

Geno: Hm? What is it?

Bowser Jr.: Well, I was wondering if I could ask you a question?

Geno: Of course you may. I might not give you an answer, though.

Bowser Jr.: Well... how come I can understand what Yoshi is saying, but not Kirby?
Geno: ...... Hmm..... (bites burger) My first guess would be it's because both you and Yoshi are reptiles, of sorts. Tell me, can you understand Donkey Kong?

Bowser Jr.: I dunno. I've never heard him try to talk.

DK: {Can you understand what I'm saying, right now?}

Bowser Jr.: Uh, that was at me, right? I don't got a clue what you're saying.

Geno: Hmm, interesting. I'm sorry, young one, but it seems you're at a bit of a disadvantage. I don't understand why, but it seems you can only understand your own language, and other reptiles. If we get another reptile-type newcomer, we'll test it out, then.

Bowser Jr.: Aww. This bites.

(Everyone eats normally, until....)

DK: {Yoshi? Are you okay? You look different.}

Yoshi: {I feel different. I feel... I'm not sure. It's kind of like whenever Baby Mario gets taken away from me.}

DK: {What, angry?}

Yoshi: {A little. I don't really get it.}

(Bowser snickers, and tosses back another burger.)

G&W: <Hey, Geno. You know how those feelings of doom were vague?>

Geno: <Mm. It's getting more and more clear. I think it's going to happen soon. Let's be quiet about it, but stay ready.>

(Geno tucks his left hand under his cape, and slowly transforms it into the Star Gun. He quietly eats with his right hand.)

(About 10 minutes before 3 o'clock, and a few blocks from the hotel. Without any warning, Yoshi doubles over, and collapses.)

Yoshi: {Huuuurrrgh! Whats's going on?}

Bowser: Ha, ha! It must be because your pathetic stomach can't handle it.

Geno: What on earth are you talking about?

Bowser: You remember when I went to the bathroom? I actually went to the chef, and had him hide chunks of meat in with his fruit! It's good, isn't it, Yoshi? Don't deny it, you like being a carnivore!

DK: {You fool! Do you not know what you've done?! There's a reason why Yoshi doesn't eat meat!}
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