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24 September, 2022, 02:56:25 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2510 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:04:03 pm »

Geno: Bowser, when Yoshi eats too much meat, his brain goes primal! He's going to go on a rampage, and kill us all!

DK: {Quick, Yoshi, you have to induce vomiting, maybe then you'll go back to normal!}

Yoshi: {I- I- I- I-} (scrunches eyelids together) {I don't feel like it.}

 DK: {What are you talking about? Yoshi, get a hold of yourself!}

Yoshi: {Don't worry, Donkey Kong. I'm feeling alright. Although... I do feel... a little hungry!}

(Yoshi's eyes open wide to reveal that his irises and corneas are blood red. With a roar that scares all the pedestrians away, he leaps... and lands right on Pichu. However, before Yoshi could do anything, Mr. Game&Watch hits him with the #9 hammer, sending Yoshi flying across the street. Yoshi lands on his feet, and advances menacingly.)

Geno: Quickly, Bowser Jr., your brush! Get us out of here! We'll hold him off! Pikachu, with me!

(Pikachu quickly leaps next to Geno, and charges up an electric attack. Geno aims his Star Gun and starts firing, but Yoshi keeps jumping and rolling out of the way. With his own cry, Pikachu lets loose with a thunder attack, which hits Yoshi dead-on.)

Geno: That's it, Pikachu! Keep it up! How's our exit coming?

Brush: It's set to take us back to the hotel! Everyone, get through!

(All the children, except Pikachu, go through. Geno starts charging up his gun-arm.)

G&W: <Geno, come on!>

Geno: Alright, Pikachu, let's go!

(Bowser, Game&Watch, and Pikachu jump through. Yoshi shakes off the electricity, and charges again.)


(Geno waits until Yoshi is almost on top of him.)


(Geno let's loose with a giant beam of energy that sends Yoshi flying far away. He transforms his gun-arm back to a normal hand, and jumps through the portal. Finally, Bowser Jr. goes through, and the M disappears.

(After skidding to a stop, Yoshi stands up. The entire left side of his body has been burned by the attack.)

Yoshi: {Hmm. Back at the hotel...)

(Yoshi pops into an egg, and Egg-Rolls down the street at blazing speeds.)

 (Back at the hotel, in the dining room, Bowser Jr. lands on the floor, and with a swipe of his brush, the M disappears.)

Bowser: How was I supposed to know?! Why is this not generally known? You'd think this is the sort of thing everyone should know.

DK: {Hey, idgit, that's because no one else is dumb enough to bother with it! They're not all selfish-}

(Game&Watch suddenly rings his bell, silencing the two.)

Geno: There's something else we need to be concerned about. Namely, Yoshi. The first thing we need to do is find the others, and fast.

(Almost as if on cue, the doors open, and some of the other brawlers, including Mario, enter.)

Mario: Ah, you're already-a here! Now, we just have to wait for a few more to arrive, then Captain Falcon. This is going to be great!

Geno: Listen, Mario! Something's wrong with Yoshi! He- he ate meat, and now he's lost it!

(Wario shoulders his way to the front.)

Wario: What?! Yoshi's gone berserk!? How?

Geno: Bowser mixed in meat with his food. Look, that's not important. What we need to worry about in handling Yoshi.

Wario: I see.... Here's what you need to do. Yoshi is built for horizontal movement, speed. Mr. Game&Watch, take the children to the top floor. They'll be safe there, since we're going to be here to meet Yoshi.

Mario: Meet Yoshi.... OH, NO! FALCON!!

(Suddenly, a voice is heard, far away.)


(EXE, along with Krystal and all them, burst through the door.)

EXE: MARIO! Something's wrong with Yoshi! He just attacked Falcon! I- I think he might be dead!

Mario: He's-a that close? Game&Watch, take the children and get out of-a here!

Geno: I will go with you, to cover your back!

(Geno, Game&Watch and all the children run to the nearest elevator. Young Link frantically presses the "up" button. Yoshi stalks around the corner, sees them, and charges.)

Geno: Dammit! Ness! Charge up your PK Flash! I'll keep him busy!

(Ness jumps to the front, and bunches himself up. Above him, small green sparks start to coalesce. Geno puts forth both hands, and the tips of his fingers open up to reveal small gun-barrels. He spreads his fingers, and starts firing a wide spray of bullets. Yoshi, unable to simply duck and dodge, is forced to encase himself in his egg-shield. Moments later, the barrage stops, and Yoshi pops out of the egg... just in time to be hit by a fully-charged PK Flash. Yoshi is sent flying again, this time, through the wall behind him.)

Geno: Excellent work, Ness. Let's get going.

(Geno and Ness jump into the elevator with the others, and the doors close. It starts moving towards the top floor. A long minute later, Yoshi pulls himself out of the hole in the wall.)

Yoshi: {Damn that Geno! I still feel so hungry! Oh, well... I wonder if there's food waiting for me elsewhere...}

(Yoshi shakes off some dust, and stalks toward the dining hall.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mario: Alright, how do we stop a berserk Yoshi?

Wario: I'm not sure. Although, my first guess would be... another beast.

Samus: Great, just great. Where are we going to get another raging beast?

Mario: Hmm.... Mega Man, come here.

(EXE steps forward.)

EXE: Mario?

Mario: Here. It's-a your turn, today.

(Mario takes out of his pocket... a Smash Emblem! He hands it to EXE.)

Mario: Go find Yoshi, and-a use the Super Smash.

Yoshi: {Who's looking for me? Oh, right! It's my next meal!}

(They all whirl, to see Yoshi standing there, blood dripping from his chin.)

Yoshi: {I tell ya, all his running sure made Falcon's muscles tasty! A little tough, but soooo full of flavor! Still.... I NEED MORE!!}

Mario: Now, Mega Man!

(EXE crushes the Smash Emblem in his hand, the fragments turn to light, and sink into his skin. A moment later, EXE is enveloped in a column of purple light, and he lets out a roar that shakes the whole room. When the light disappears, this is what's left:)
(EXE lets out another roar, and charges at Yoshi.)

Samus: Good lord! What is that?

Wario: I don't believe it! He just transformed into Gregar!

Mario: Gregar?

Wario: It's an ability from his most recent adventure. Gregar is a creature from the cyberworld of horrible power. A Cybeast. And Mega Man has just unlocked his power! I seriously hope he's on our side, because unless you have another of those little coins, we're seriously screwed.

Mewtwo: <You don't have to worry. I can sense it in him... it's like a timer.>

Samus: How can you sense anything? He's a program inside a robot!

Gardevoir: <Our minds are linked. Our power has increased exponentially. This form is fast draining the power of his body. I estimate that he has about 4 minutes before he reverts.>

(Meanwhile, Gregar-EXE and Yoshi are bashing the hell out of each other. Yoshi is biting and kicking, while Gregar-EXE is shooting at him with a chain gun, and slashing with terrible claws. This goes on for 3 long minutes, when suddenly, Gregar-EXE does an upward slash with one claw, forcing Yoshi back. In that instant of vulnerability, Gregar-EXE pulls back his claw, and thrusts it deep into Yoshi's chest. Yoshi stops.... blood pours from his mouth.... he brings his head back down, and for the longest time, he stares into the wild eyes of Gregar-EXE. With a gurgling sigh, Yoshi droops. Gregar-EXE pulls his claw out, and Yoshi's dead form collapses.)

Peach: Yoshi... he's.... (her eyes brim with tears)

Mario: I know...

(Peach falls, sobbing, into Mario. A moment later, Gregar-EXE flashes, and turns back to regular Mega Man EXE. He stands for a moment, then collapses. Mario pulls Peach off her, and she falls onto Luigi, who is crying along with her. Mario, weeping openly, walks over to Yoshi, kneels next to him, and closes his eyes.)

Mario: I'm-a so sorry, Yoshi. Truly, you were a great comrade, and an even greater friend. I... You will be missed.

(The funerals for Yoshi and Falcon have just been held in the newly "built" grand hall. It's now two weeks before Brawl.)

(Fox, Falco, Krystal, Meta-Knight, EXE and Marth are in the Great Fox, taking an extra-dimensional trip to EXE's world.

EXE: It's a great idea to go to my world. You guys will love it. We've taken care of a lot of the worst net-crime, and it's nice and peaceful.

Fox: Peace... That's what we need. I'm tired of all the angst. I need a real vacation.

Falco: Here, here!

Krystal: I gotta agree. I become a brawler, and two days later, I witness two brutal murders. Is that the norm?

Meta-Knight: I think those were the first. The angst, however, is thick pretty much all the time. Just what I need.

EXE: Come on, guys! Where we're going, you won't have to worry about a thing! Seriously, relax. And, Krystal, you have to admit that, right up until that incident, it was fun.

Krystal: Hm, yeah. I can't believe how much actually happened, in such a short amount of time. But, it was sooo much fun! Right, Marth?

(Marth grins, and moves his eyebrows up and down rapidly.)

EXE: Exactly. It's going to be great. Hey, I bet I could get Lan's dad to invent a device that'll put your minds into the Cyberworld!

Falco: But, wouldn't that kind of make it so that we could die, if deleted?

EXE: Nah. I'm very strong, in the Cyberworld, and you all have your own ways to defend yourselves.

MK: Hmm...

Fox: What?

MK: Mm... It's probably nothing.

EXE: Nice try, but I've seen too many TV shows and movies where people die because someone says "It's probably nothing."

MK: True. And, it's happened to us. I just can't help but think that something's going to happen, you know?

Fox: He's got a point. Although, it's been a while since anything happened, right?

MK: Wrong. The only reason nothing's happened is because we had the Yoshi incident. It's only a matter of time before stuff starts happening, again.

Krystal: Meta-Knight's right. We should definitely try to relax, but don't really let your guard down.

EXE: I'm telling you guys, nothing's going to happen. Besides, even if something goes wrong, I can activate my Gregar form at any time I want, inside the Cyberworld, so we most certainly have nothing to worry about.

MK: Really? Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just over-reacting.

Marth: (Japanese stuff)

Krystal: What's he saying?

EXE: He said that the only reason for anything bad happening is that it's part of some weird-ass plot in a bad story.

All: ........ Nah.

 (Fox activates the hyper-drive, and they punch through the dimensional divide.)

Falco: Woah. Did anyone else feel that?

Fox: We just crossed dimensions. Of course we're going to feel weird.

EXE: I think I know what Falco's talking about. Don't worry about it. It's only when we visit parallel dimensions that there are major changes. Believe me, we'll be fine.


Krystal: ..... So, if the rest of us can access the Cyberworld... we'll be able to get all the benefits that you will get?

EXE: What do you- Oh, right... I'm not sure. To be honest, though, I'm not sure if you want to experiment. After all, it probably wouldn't be safe for you flesh-bags to do something we don't fully understand.

Krystal: Oh, balls. And here, I was hoping.

(More silence.)

Falco: Are we getting close?

Fox: A few more hours until we get into orbit, and then we go down in Arwings.

Falco: Mm....

Fox: Something up?

Falco: .... Well, it's just that... at the academy, do you remember how our professor kept calling our brains supercomputers?

Fox: Yeah?

Krystal: Right, I remember that. So?

Falco: Well... if our brains are super-computers, and our brains are the ones traveling in the Cyberworld, so to speak, wouldn't that make us, well, kind of omnipotent?

(Stunned silence.)

Krystal: That's it, no more talking. I can already tell that this is going to take too damn long, and it's going to give me a head-ache. We can discuss this stuff when we're about to hook ourselves up to a computer, okay?

(And so, they speed on towards EXE's home-world, with that thought pounding in their heads.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Pit and Zelda have made their relationship known to everyone, by now. Strangely enough, the only one who seemed upset by it was Young Link. He's sitting with Link in the mess hall, eating lunch together.)

Y. Link: I don't get it! I thought I was supposed to save HER, and then WE live happily ever after? Isn't that how it goes?

Link: Not a chance, kiddo. Don't worry, though. You'll have enough love in your life, believe me.

Y. Link: What's that mean?

Link: ...... Tell me, do you know the facts of life?

Y. Link: What? Oh, you mean Murphy's Law, and all that?

Link: No, no. Didn't anyone teach you the birds and the bees?

Y. Link: What? What are you talking about? Wouldn't you know when you learned about it, anyway? You are kind of me, after all.

Link: Hm. Now that you mention it, I don't remember when I learned it, or who even taught me. I guess I sort of figured it out on my own... no, it wasn't like that.... Man, I wish I could remember.

Y. Link: How come you don't?

Link: I'm not sure. Maybe I should go see the Doc. This is too weird. Yeah, I'm going to see the Doc.

Y. Link: Okay, but before you go, could you answer one last question?

Link: What's that?

Y. Link: I just visited Ruto, Malon, Saria and Nabooru, but in your time. How come they're acting funny around me? They get really close to me. It's kinda creepy. Could you talk with them?

Link: Eh? Uh, can't. You're on your own with this one.

Y. Link: Huh? How come?

Link: Um, here's a life lesson: When you're around grown-up women, be VERY careful what you say. Besides, you're supposed to be courageous. I think you can talk to a few ladies without losing it.

Y. Link: I don't know. I kinda like it, but it's weirding me out. I just don't understand how I'm supposed to feel.

Link: Ah, jeez. You're at that age, that's right. You know what? I'm going to visit the Doc. You go ask someone else, because I'm definitely the wrong person to talk to about this.

(Link walks away. Y. Link goes back over to the other young ones.)

Ness: So, did you find out what's with those ladies?

Y. Link: I'm not sure. I think he gave me a bit of a hint, but that's it. I'm really confused. I really wish someone around here could help me.

Popo: Why not just ask Wario? He knows everything, you know.

Y. Link: I don't know. I get the feeling that he's not the right person to ask.

Nana: Then just ask Mario, or Miss Aran, or Miss Zelda. I'm sure any of them will explain it to you.

Y. Link: Hey, yeah! I'll do that!

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu! Chu, pika.

Kiryby: Puyo. Puyo puyo puyo, puyo.

Bowser Jr.: What'd he say?

Ness: He said that Pikachu thinks it'd be a good idea for all of us to learn this stuff, and I think they're right. Besides, I'm bored, and I won't have to go through this, myself, later!

Bowser Jr.: Great! After this, we'll go to Mario, and Lil' Link can ask him, and we'll all know!

Nana: Okay. But first, dessert!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Roy is sitting alone, picking at his food.)

Geno: Problems?

Roy: (Japanese)

Geno: I'm assuming all that gibberish was just a long "yes." (takes a seat) Wait, hang on, let me guess.... You're definitely down about something... Is it..... Marth?

Roy: (Annoyed Japanese)

Geno: Sounds like I hit a sensitive spot. You... miss him? Because he's on vacation, and didn't invite you?

Roy: (Even more annoyed Japanese)

Geno: I'm getting warmer. Now, this is a complete stab in the dark, but... you're starting to regret breaking up with him. Am I right?

(Roy suddenly stands up, turns over the table, draws his Sword of Seals, and points it at Geno's throat. Everyone stops and stares.)

Geno: I'm just a puppet, Roy. Impaling me will do nothing. Literally.

(Roy's eyes twitch, and suddenly, flames travel down the blade.)

Geno: Ah. I forgot about the Flare Blade. Well, if you want to talk, I'll be around.

(Geno walks away. Roy sighs, sheathes his sword, and walks out a different way. Slowly, everyone returns to their meals. Over by Samus...)

Samus: (sigh) I guess it was only a matter of time.

Snake: (chomps burger) What's that about?

Samus: This peace. I swear, it's been less than a week, but weird crap is starting, again. I'm almost afraid of how it's going to end, this time.

Snake: Don't worry. I'm sure nothing really bad is going to happen, anytime soon.

Samus: What makes you say that?

Snake: Well, for someone else to go berserk, or for someone else to die, or even another Deus Ex Machina like Mega Man EXE turning into Gregar... that's just bad authoring.

Samus: .... What?

Snake: Er, sorry. I mean, for that stuff to happen again, it's like lighting striking twice in the same spot.

Samus: Uh...huh. (slowly chews salad) Anyway... Oh, what's your status with your job?

Snake: Which job? You've got me working at least 3 at once.

Samus: The one involving me being leader. Is it going well?

Snake: Oh, that one. Actually, something strange came up.

Samus: Yeah? What's that?

Snake: Have you been paying close attention to Mr. Game&Watch and Geno, at all?

Samus: I haven't, but now that you mention it, something does seem strange, between them.

Snake: Exactly. I've talked with Wario, and even he doesn't know what's going on. So, I did a bit of snooping, and it seems they're planning something. Something that could be big. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they were communicating, somehow.

Samus: How could they do that? Nobody can understand Mr. Game&Watch, not even Mewtwo.

Snake: Hmm.... Nobody can understand Game&Watch... not even Mewtwo.... not just Mewtwo....

Samus: Okay, you're going all introspective on me. What's up?

Snake: ...... I... have a cunning plan. (Note: Major cookie to anyone who knows what this is from.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Link is sitting in Doc's exam room, and Doc is giving him a once-over.)

Doc: The good news is that I found nothing wrong with-a you. All your vitals are in-a the green, and you're in-a good physical condition. I'd-a have to give you a deeper examination, but so far, I think you're problem is-a psychological.

Link: Really? So, who can I go to?

Doc: Well.... a more thorough physical examination would be costly, and take more time than I'm-a comfortable with. If there is a problem.... it's-a more likely that it's-a psychological. Also, if it is in your head, it'll be faster to have a psychic check you out.

Link: Wait, you're saying... I have to convince Mewtwo to give me a brain exam?

Doc: I'm sorry. I know that it'll-a be hard, but I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off.

Link: Great. Why couldn't you just tell me I have some horrible brain-disease, and I'm guaranteed to die?

(Link walks out of the room. Doc lets out a big whoosh of breath.)

Doc: Well, I think I'm over it. I can finally tell my patients the truth. I can sleep peacefully, now.

(Doc pulls out some documents, leafs through them, and stops on one profile.)

Doc: Mr. Game&Watch.... you're a puzzle, indeed.... you're not like I was-a expecting. Not at all.... What are-a you hiding?

 (The Fox gang, after wading through complication after complication, find themselves on EXE's homepage, in the Cyberworld.)

Fox: And you're sure Lan won't mind just letting you go?

EXE: It's cool. He's got homework, anyway, and he lets me go all the time. It was a simple matter to set a few of my more common battle-chips so that I can use them at will. Of course, if we get into a huge bind, I can get Lan to help me. Although, I checked already, and nothing big is going on. We'll be fine.

Marth: It's a shame that my omnipotence thing didn't work out.


Falco: ..... How?

EXE: I'm not sure.... I think it's because..... I think it's like there's only one universal language, here in the Cyberworld.

Krystal: That's probably not true, at all, but this is something to talk about later. What now?

EXE: Well... I could give you the basic tour, teach you how fighting works in this place, and all that. Ooor... we can meet up with a few of my "friends."

Fox: Uh-uh. No sex. I'm sorry, but it's too early in the morning for that.

Krystal: It's never too early.

EXE: Actually, Fox is right.

Fox: I am?

EXE: Well, no. Anytime is a good time, in this place, but it probably would be a good idea for you to familiarize yourselves with the way things work. I think you guys are the very first to experience this, so we should maybe test how far this goes. Come on, we'll start in an area that's not very tough, at all.

(They stand on a warp-point, and are transported to a different area. They head out.)

MK: That's something I don't quite understand, though. How come the strong enemies are never around here? I mean, it looks like an easy job, to just take over this place.

Falco: Dammit, this is a vacation. Thinking is to be kept to a minimum.

Krystal: Falco's totally right. Let's just watch Blue Boy do his thing, and then we'll try it.

EXE: Alright. You guys stay here, and I'll show you a virus battle.

(EXE walks around a bit, initiates a battle, and wins.)

EXE: See? Piece of cake.

MK: Very nice. I think I'll try it first.

EXE: K. You just keep moving until you encounter a virus, and then let it come to you naturally. It's like regular fighting, but with different battle mechanics.

(Meta-Knight initiates a battle. While he's fighting, the rest talk.)

Marth: It seems easy enough. I'd still like to know-
Krystal: Vacation. No thinking.

Marth: No, it's not that. I'm just wondering why the mechanics are like that.

EXE: Oh, that? The reason is pretty simple: A long time ago, these mechanics were agreed upon by a representative of evil, and a representative of good. Since then, every time some area of the Net or any little branch Cyberworld is created, it is automatically put under these strict regulations, kind of like a neutral, middle-ground virus.

Fox: Hm. I can see how that is tactically sound. After all, with a neutral battle-field, the battle is decided solely on the strength of the fighters.

EXE: Exactly.

(Meta-Knight finishes off the virus, and returns to the group.)

MK: Hardly a challenge, but amusing, nonetheless.

Fox: My turn!

(And so, it goes, each with their own turn. Eventually...)

EXE: Well, I think you all know the basics, and you all seem to have a knack with this. You might be at least partially right, Marth. Perhaps your human brains really do lend you some power.

Marth: Meh. It's probably just because we've all faced tougher opponents, several times.

EXE: Well, in that case.... perhaps we should go deeper. Come on, we'll take a shortcut.

(They step onto another warp-point, and flash to a much darker area.)

EXE: Welcome... to the Undernet.

 Krystal: Isn't this where all that creepy stuff happens? I thought we were going to wait on it.

EXE: We are. The creepy stuff happens over there.

(EXE points to a separate area, disconnected from the rest of the area.)

Falco: So? I could probably jump that distance, easily.

EXE: Not a chance. The area off the paths are negative space, and would repel you, violently. Trust me, you don't want to try it.

Fox: That's a little lame.

EXE: Perhaps. Anyway, the battles here are going to be much, much tougher. I'll give you a demonstration, so you can see what you're up against.

(EXE initiates a battle, fights, and wins.)

Krystal: Huh. That's not bad. Lemme try.

(Suddenly, a powerful voice resonates through the area.)


EXE: What? No, it can't be! Everyone, get out! Now!

(Too late. Darkness enshrouds Krystal, and a figure darts into the cloud. A moment later, the cloud "hardens" into a glossy shell.)

Fox: What just happened?! Who is that?!

EXE: Oh, I'm so sorry! I had no idea he was still around, let alone in this area! She was supposed to fight a virus, but now...

Falco: Dammit, man, tell us what's going on!

EXE: I'm sorry. I don't know what's going to happen to her. She's guaranteed to be defeated.

(Marth suddenly grabs EXE by the forehead.)

Marth: NO HYSTERICS! Tell us what's happening!

(Marth lets go. EXE stumbles back, then regains his composure.)

EXE: Thank you. I needed that. Alright. The person she's fighting against right now is another navi, but this navi is the most powerful on the Net. He doesn't have an operator, but instead, works on his own, with a few programmed moves, like me, right now. However, his strength is... his power is beyond anything I've seen.

MK: What? I thought you are the most powerful on the Net.

EXE: I am. I mean, I have defeated him, in the past. However, I'm very ill-prepared, this time. And Krystal... I'm afraid she doesn't have a chance.

Falco: Dammit! What gives? When we're in the mansion, there's drama. Everywhere else, we get attacked!

Fox: Alright, Mega Man. We have to think. If what you say is true, then we have very little time. Get Lan over here, and we'll come up with something.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time, back at the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Snake is hiding out near the portal to the 2D world.)

Snake: +Good lord, that woman gets a hunch, and sends me off right away. I swear, sometimes, I don't even know why I love that woman. She's great company, and all, but... Ah, well. Maybe it would be better to leave it alone. I'm pretty happy with her. Although, I could do without all the ball shots. Hang on, what have we here?+

(Geno turns a corner, and walks right up to the portal. He glances around for a moment, and enters. After he steps through, the portal turns purple, signifying that no one else can enter.)

Snake: +Huh. Yeah, there's definitely something going on. Well, better report back to the boss.+

(Snake heads to Samus' room. Inside, he finds Samus with Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Gardevoir.)

Snake: Ah, excellent. So good of you to join us.

Samus: Alright, Snake. Would you care to tell me what this is about?

Ganondorf: Yeah. Whudja call us here for?

Snake: Samus, do you remember when I said I have a cunning plan, at lunch, today?

Samus: I do. What of it?

Snake: You said that not even Mewtwo can really delve into Game&Watch's mind. The thing is, you forgot that we have TWO powerful psychics. Gardevoir said that when she's linked with Mewtwo, their power is exponentially greater than when they're alone.

Ganondorf: Which means they have the power to crack open any mind...

Samus: ... including the mind of Mr. Game&Watch.

Snake: Exactly!

Mewtwo: <Woah, woah! I'm sorry, but I already got a glimpse of that guy, and I don't want to even risk going back.>

Gardevoir: <Dear, what's wrong? When did you look into his mind?>

Ganondorf: Was that the time you had to withdraw your mind?

Gardevoir: <You had to withdraw? Miss Aran, I'm sorry, but if my love is afraid, then we're not doing anything.>

Mewtwo: <NO! No, not afraid. I told you, Ganondorf, I panicked. I- ... Now that I think about it, Game&Watch isn't threatening. He simply has a mind that I wasn't expecting at all. Now, Geno, on the other hand...>

Samus: What's up with Geno? He's from a higher plane of existence. You got spooked by the unfamiliar mind-set, I bet.

 Mewtwo: <No, there's something else, with him. And, by the way, the two of them shared- well, I don't think shared is the right word... it's more like they had the same kind of power, but... I don't know how to describe it. It felt like this power was... dormant, kind of.>

Snake: Like it couldn't be fully tapped? At least, not in this world?

Mewtwo: <That's it! But, how did you know?>

Snake: I saw Geno go into the 2D realm, where Game&Watch lives. Would it be possible for this dormant power to be awakened, in the 2D realm?

Mewtwo: <I... I suppose it's possible. But, how do we know?>

Ganondorf: Tactical covert analysis from a safe distance. You and Gardevoir "stroll" by, and get a reading. If you even get a whiff of this power, but maybe on a larger scale, then we know. Simplicity in itself.

Snake: Ganondorf... I'm surprised. I didn't know you knew about this sort of stuff.

Ganondorf: At what point in time did I drop hints that I'm dumb? Beneath all the insane evil and muscles, I still have the tactical cunning of a Gerudo. Besides, when a well-thought-out plan comes together, the look on the eyes of the enemy is absolutely priceless.

Snake: Wow. I'm impressed. I might take you drinking, tonight.
Samus: Dear.

Snake: Anyway... does this plan seem sound to the two of you?

Gardevoir: <I see no problem with it. If Mewtwo and I keep our minds linked, we'll be able to handle any attacks they try to use against us.>

Mewtwo: <If she's in, then I'm in. We'll be back in ten minutes.>

(Gardevoir and Mewtwo leave. Samus just stares at Snake.)

Snake: ...... WHAT?!

Samus: You know what.

Snake: I haven't a damn clue what you're talking about.

Samus: Well, if you don't know what's wrong, then maybe I won't tell you.

Snake: Alright, but don't be surprised when it happens again.

(Ganondorf pulls Snake aside, and drops his voice to a very low tone.)

Ganondorf: Don't mess with her, Snake. I can sense it in her. She's on her monthy days.

Snake: Month- Oh. I gotcha.

Ganondorf: Next week, we drink. Remember it.

(All the children are standing outside Mario's office.)

Y. Link: Alright, so we go in there, and ask him about the birds and the bees.

Ness: How come they call it that?

Popo: That's something else to ask him.

Kirby: Puyo puyo, puyo puyo puyo.

Popo: You're right, Kirby. We should maybe build up to that question. I mean, the adults seem to make a big deal out of it. This is something we gotta do non-chalantly.

Bowser Jr.: Non-sha-what?

Nana: I heard Miss Aran say it. I think it means subtle.

Y. Link: Alright...... I got it. Let's go.

(Young Link knocks on the door, and opens up.)

Y. Link: Mario? Do you have a minute?

Mario: Ah, it's-a the little ones! Of course, come in. What can I do for you all?

Ness: Well, we're all a little confused about something, and we were wondering if you could help us.

Mario: Of course. What's-a the matter?

Y. Link: Okay, it goes like this... I visited Hyrule, recently, and I noticed that I feel funny... around some of the girls.

Mario: I... see. Funny, how?

Y. Link: It's like I'm seeing them differently. Like, before, I wouldn't give them a second glance, but now, it's like... I don't know. I talked to my future self, and he just said I'm at that age.' Whatever that means. So, I talked with the guys, and we decided it had something to do with the birds and the bees you adults make such a big deal about.

Mario: Oh, dear. I suppose you want me to explain-a the birds and the bees to you? You feeling funny, and all that.

Ness: Please? Besides, this is probably something we really need to know.

Mario: ...... Not really..... Um, Link, are you the only one who feels-a this?

Y. Link: Uh, I think so. Do any of you guys feel it, too?

(Silence. Then...)

Pikachu: Pika pi. Pikachu.

Y. Link: Kirby?

Kirby: Puyo puyo, puyo. Puyo puyo.

Y. Link: He says that both Pikachu and him are feeling it.

Mario: Hmm..... Well... I'm not sure I'm-a the right person to explain it to Kirby and Pikachu. Link, you stay here. Pikachu, I recommend you find Gardevoir, since she'll-a certainly know what to tell you. Kirby, when Meta-Knight gets-a back, talk to him. The rest of you, you can learn this later, when it's-a your time.

(The other young'ns whine and moan. Mario holds up a hand for silence.)

Mario: Believe me, this is-a no small matter. This is-a something you should only learn about when you're ready. It seems that these three are ready. The rest of you, you're time will come, eventually. Now, go.

(All the children, except Young Link, leave. Young Link takes a seat in front of Mario's desk.)

Y. Link: So? What's this all about?

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Roy is sitting alone, in the room he shares with Marth. He's just staring at Marth's bed, memories playing over and over in his head.)

Roy: ..... {What the hell am I thinking? I'm not like that, anymore. It's time to stop living in the past, and embrace the man, er, BE the man I am...... it was always so fun around him.... I do miss him, though. I'll bet he's having fun, right now.}
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