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17 January, 2022, 10:27:22 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2000 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:06:25 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back with Mario and Huh?? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Huh??: Oh, that Vaati. He's so adorable, isn't he?

Mario: You just want to eat-a him up. I'm-a wondering if he was a good addition, suddenly.

Huh??: Nonsense. That's something this place needs. A nice jack-ass that everyone can hate. Although, when Ganondorf gets back, it's going to suck, when they have it out. Who do you think would win, in that fight?

Mario: Does it-a matter? Either way, I have to repair-a the damages. But... if Vaati wins, he'll-a never let any of us hear the end of it. Ganondorf wouldn't be too happy, either. He'll-a probably go on his own rampage, which means more work for me. Fine, I'm betting on Ganondorf, just because it's less work, for me.

Huh??: What's wrong, Mario? Oh, wait, let me guess. It's because you regret creating me, right? And now, I'm stronger than you, and that's what's got your panties in a bunch. Am I right?

Mario: I'll do something about you. I will destroy you, eventually. Soon, it will happen.

Huh??: Mario, Mario, Mario... Why do you make me do this?

(A loud smack is heard, followed by what sounds like electricity.)


(It's finally night-fall in Hyrule.)

Ganondorf: This should be good. We will set out, now. Where are they, Snake?

Snake: They're still down by Lake Hylia. It'll be a shame to disturb that place. I keep hearing everyone say this it's very nice, around now.

Ganondorf: Why do you think I wanted to take over this place? In the Gerudo Valley... it is the opposite. By day, the sun will scorch everything under it, and by night, a chill wind will take away the very warmth of your heart.... I suppose... it is the wind I covet, above all.

Mewtwo: ..... <Uh...Huh... Let's get going.>

Ganondorf: (cough) Sorry. I don't know where that came from. I'm better, now. Lake Hylia is this way. Oh, and just ignore the stal-children that pop up. They're too slow to be a threat.

(They all make their way towards Lake Hylia. An hour later, they can see the camp Geno and Mr. Game&Watch have made. Snake signals for them all to stop.)

Snake: Hang on. We have to wait for the signal from Geno. Then, I'll go in, and incapacitate Game&Watch. I'll call for you, when it's safe to come out.

(A few minutes later, a small, flickering light could be seen through the tent.)

Snake: There it is. I'll be only a moment.

(Snake does his stealth thing. In a matter of minutes, a lot of loud beeping and ringing is heard, then, silence.)

Snake: Alright, come on out!

(The rest of the gang comes out of hiding, and join Snake, Geno, and Mr. Game&Watch, who is thoroughly bound.)

Geno: I'm sorry to have to do this to you, friend, but we have a few questions, and we wanted to just go ahead and skip to the part where you answer.


Geno: Nice try, pal, but you forget the part where you are weakened, this far away from a 2D realm.

Snake: Thank you, Geno. I'll take it from here.

(Snake grabs Mr. Game&Watch by his bulbous nose, and pulls him close.)

Snake: Listen up, pal, because this is your only chance to see me nice, before... (pulls out a knife) ... we find out exactly what makes you tick. Now, we all know about your plan to keep Mario here. We also know that you have some other reasons. Start with that, and tell us what they are.

G&W: ..... Beep.

Geno: He'll talk, but only to me. He doesn't want any of you to speak.

Samus: You got all that, from one beep?

Geno: Well, yes. You've heard the phrase, Ďa picture is a thousand words?' One beep is usually about a couple sentences or so.

Snake: .... O-...kay. Mewtwo and Gardevoir, keep a mental eye on him, so he doesn't lie, and, ah, if he does, just... give him a little jolt, you know?

Gardevoir: <If I must.>

Mewtwo: <A little jolt if he lies? Are you sure I can't just give him straight mental agony, right away? I'm sure he'll tell the truth.>

Snake: Don't even think about it, Mewtwo. Come on, let's give these two a bit of room.

(Everyone moves away a little, leaving Geno next to Mr. Game&Watch.)

 Geno: I'm sorry about this, really I am. I only do this out of concern for my comrades. After all, without the truth, what do we have, really?

G&W: <Oh, spare me. I can't believe you did this to me, you traitor.>

Geno: Perhaps. Then again, I can't believe you went along with it so easily. You could have at least questioned why I would take you, or anyone, along with me, when I'm the only one who is (air-quote) in trouble. (air-quote) Anyway, as soon as you tell me what I really want to know, we'll let you go, no harm done... assuming what you tell me leaves you as an innocent.

G&W: <Fine. Sure. Whatever. You want to know the real reason why I want to keep Mario in Super Smash Brothers? Well... I guess we're out from under *his* gaze. We should be fine.>

Geno: Who's gaze?

G&W: <Ahh... He doesn't exactly have a name. For now, let's call him... actually, I think you should sit down. What I'm about to tell you... might be a bit much.>

Geno: Really? Alright. (sits down) Now, tell me about him.

G&W: <Alright... for now, he shall be known as......The Deity.>

Geno: What? The Deity?

Snake: What Deity?

Geno: Shush! I'm sorry. Go on, please.

G&W: <The Deity is one of Mario's creations. Or, to be more accurate, The Deity is Mario's greatest creation, and his most disastrous.>

Geno: That's not what I would call accurate.

G&W: <Oh, but it is. Mario created The Deity by putting a lot of his power into a physical form. Mario is well aware that he can't lead us forever. In fact, he planned on leaving after the first Super Smash Brothers. That's why he created The Deity. The purpose of The Deity was basically to do Mario's duty, in his stead. Creating stages, and mansion, and all that. What came out... Mario was successful. The Deity could indeed do all of that, and more. However, there is one thing he couldn't do. He could not feel.>

Geno: Feel? You mean, have feelings? Emotions?

G&W: <Well, perhaps it is a bit more complicated than that, but yes. That's what made The Deity eventually go out of control. You see, when Mario created The Deity, he forgot something. It is the most important part of any living creature.>

Geno: Of course. It's always one little thing. So, what is this crucial component?

 G&W: Simple. The thing that Mario forgot was things like morals. Ethics. A conscience. Mario forgot to give his creation a soul.

Geno: There's something I can understand. So, would I be correct to assume that without this soul, The Deity pretty much went insane?

G&W: <Close. He didn't go berserk, like Yoshi did. It's true that The Deity has no soul, but he still has all the intelligence of Mario.>

Geno: Of course. If this Deity character is as strong as you say he is, then he would have destroyed everything, if he truly did go berserk.

G&W: <Precisely. However, though he didn't go berserk, The Deity became mad with power. It forced Mario to continue, just so he could be amused, with us fighting. It's been that way since the first Super Smash Brothers. However, it wanted to participate. So, he put parts of himself into the battles. A very... certain part.>

Geno: Master Hand and Crazy Hand? Those two are... the hands of The Deity?

G&W: <Precisely, but there's a little more than that. Ask Ganondorf, Samus or Mewtwo about fighting against Giga Bowser.>

Geno: Giga Bowser? How is that monstrosity linked with The Deity?

G&W: <Giga Bowser isn't really that important. He's just The Deity's first attempt at creating a sentient creature. It worked, for the most part, but I think the problem was that, since it was modeled after Bowser, nobody really found it to be much of a challenge.>

Geno: Okay, so Giga Bowser isn't something to worry about. Tell me of the Hands.

G&W: <I was just about to. Don't rush me. I've been fairly cooperative so far, haven't I?>

Geno: Sorry. Please, go on.

G&W: <Alright... When Mario created The Deity, he wanted to balance him out by giving him one hand for creation, and one for destruction. He thought that, if it were that way, then The Deity wouldn't have as much power. It would act as a limiter. Unfortunately, while The Deity couldn't completely change the hand into another destruction hand, he could modify it, giving it weak powers of destruction.>

Geno: With one hand, he creates, and with the other, he destroys. I think I see how that works. Now, why has The Deity gone berserk? I'm sure that no soul thing has something to do with it, but there is always another reason. We both know that, don't we?

G&W: <Indeed, we do. Unfortunately, I don't know of any oth-HURGH!> BEEP BEEP!! <Fine! You impudent... I have a small clue... The short of it is this. The Deity, quite simply, felt that his power was meant for more than what he deemed to be a shameful misuse of his strength. So, he rebelled. I know, it doesn't make sense, but that is how it is. Does that satisfy?>

Geno: Hmm......... I think it will do. One last question. The one we went through all this for. Why do you want Mario to stay? Mario wants to leave, but you wish to hold him back. What do you gain from this?

 G&W: <Ah, finally, the big question. Alright, listen up. Mario, at this stage, doesn't really want to leave. The Deity wants Mario to leave. The reason for this... Um, there's a tektite behind you.>

Geno: A what? Oh.

(Geno whirls about, and blasts the hell out of the tektite, which was jumping up behind him.)

Geno: Sorry about that. You were saying?

G&W: <Right. When Mario created The Deity, he made two other limiters. The first is a simple one where The Deity cannot kill. Cannot kill. Try though he might, even if he does kill, he absolutely must raise whoever he kills.>

Geno: What's stopping him from not raising?

G&W: <That's the other limiter. Mario is the other limiter.>

Geno: What!?

G&W: <It's true. I didn't get a shock. Mario is the final limiter on The Deity. I wish I knew exactly how it works, but I don't.>

Geno: .... I suppose you don't. No shock, again.

G&W: <Right. Anyway, that's the reason why he wants Mario to leave. With Mario far away, away from the rest of us, The Deity is free to do as he pleases.>

Geno: Alright. I can see why you want him to stay, then. But, why didn't you tell us, before?

G&W: <The Deity is powerful. Even in the 2D world, I think he could see me. That's why I tried to never speak of the true reason, even in private.>

Geno: Ah, I get it. Then, why didn't you say anything to me in Mute City?

G&W: <.... It was because of Yoshi. He was a more immediate danger, I thought. Besides, I didn't think you were ready to hear everything, quite yet. To be honest, I would have told you, in another week, but, here we are.>

Geno: Hmm..... I think that answers all my questions. Oh, wait, one more.

G&W: <Can we make this quick? This rope's starting to chafe.>

Geno: I didn't even know you had a central nervous system. What I want to know is, aren't you only delaying the inevitable, by keeping Mario? He'll die, eventually, so how does this solve our problem with The Deity?

G&W: <Again, I don't know... I figured if I delayed Mario leaving for as long as possible, we would eventually gather enough forces to be able to take on The Deity.>

Geno: He's that powerful? Geez, just give the right people some Smash Emblems, and it's done like that.

G&W: <Who do you think holds them all?>

Geno: Ah, of course... say, while we're here... do you know who made the Smash Emblems?

G&W: <....... You won't like the answer.>

Geno: Try me. I'm in a good mood.

G&W: <Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. ....... Smithy made them.>

Geno: WHAT!?!?

G&W: <Don't worry. He's being controlled under the strictest conditions. The Deity would do it himself, since it's his creation, but he can't get it right, like Smithy can.>

Geno: Good lord.... that evil bastard is making something that we are going to use? I... I think I'm going to be sick. I can't be sick, but I feel like I'm going to hurl.

G&W: <I told you that you wouldn't like it. Now, if we're quite finished, could you please release me?>

Geno: Huh? Oh..... Fine. Hey, everyone, I'm done. Come on back.

(Snake cuts Mr. Game&Watches bonds. Geno then tells everyone everything.)

Samus: .......... Goddam.

Snake: Damn right... I don't care what time it is when I get back. I'm drinking, a lot.

Samus: Ditto.

Bomberman: Umm..... Now what?

Ganondorf: Now? Now, we get some goddam sleep. Tomorrow, we come up with a plan, then head back.

Samus: Ganondorf is right. We all need to take time to absorb this.

Snake: Fine... but first, I'm hungry. Who wants seafood?

(Bomberman pulls out a small explosive, unlit.)

BM: Just point me to the fish.

(Back at the mansion, it's only the afternoon. Link is sitting in his room, going through inventory.)

Link: +Alright... 75 arrows... check.+ (stuff arrows in magic pouch) +125 bombs... I'm counting only 115... That should be enough, but I'll have to go to Hyrule... where do I get bombs in Hyrule, again?+

(Link gets up, and starts pacing.)

Link: +Let's see... I think... there's a place near a big castle... oh, balls!+

(Link sprints through the halls, and bursts into the Doc's office.)

Link: DOC! It's getting worse!

Doc: Settle down, Link. What's getting worse?

Link: My memory is going. I can't even remember where to get bombs, in Hyrule.

Doc: I see. Hmm.... Perhaps I was wrong... perhaps it isn't-a psychological... Alright. Link, I'm going to schedule for a flight to Samus's world, where you will undergo an MRI. It's a simple procedure, and if there's-a anything wrong, anywhere in your body, chances are good that the MRI will find it.

Link: Thank you, Doc. What should I do, until I leave?

Doc: Actually... you can probably leave pretty soon. That is, if you're willing to have Krystal take you.

Link: Ulp. Uh, couldn't I get Fox or Falco to do it?

Doc: I'm afraid not. They got called away for a personal emergency, on their world. I can't-a get a hold of Meta Knight, for some reason. The only available character licensed for space-a-flight is Krystal.

Link: Crud... Fine.

Doc: I'm-a sorry. I wish I didn't-a have to do this. Once you get Krystal to agree to take you, I'll contact the hospital.

Link: (sigh) Got it.

(Link exits, and heads for Krystal's room. He stops right outside.)

Link: (sigh) +Here goes something.+ (knock, knock)

Krystal: Who is it?

Link: It's Link. I have come to ask you... a favor.

(A moment later, the door opens to reveal Krystal in a not-too-concealing robe.)

Link: Uh.....huh... Can I come in, please?

Krystal: Of course.

(Link walks in. He jumps when he hears the door shut.)

Krystal: So, what can I do for you?

Link: (cough) Did I come in at a bad time?

Krystal: Not at all. I was just hoping for... something... to happen.

Link: Right, um, anyway, I need to have a medical procedure done, on Samus's world, and... I was wondering...

Krystal: You're asking me to fly you to Samus's world? Of course, I'll do it. Anything for a dear friend.

(As Krystal speaks this last part, she brushes her fingers against Link's cheek. Link's eye twitches, and he coughs loudly.)

Link: Er, uh- That is, thank you. Um, when- When would you be planning on leaving?

Krystal: Depends on you.

Link: Well, I can leave as soon as you're ready, if you like.
Krystal: I can do that. Just let me get changed.

(Krystal grabs one of her skin-tight suits, and steps behind a curtain. Link can clearly see the silhouette of Krystal, as she drops her robe.)

 Link: (cough) Well, I'll just wait outs-
Krystal: So, what's this for?

Link: Uh? Oh, right... um.... I knew it. I can't remember, all of a sudden.

Krystal: Really? Could it possibly be... forgetfulness?

Link: Right! Forgetfulness. That's it. Erh, you can see why I need to be checked out.

Krystal: Mm, yeah. It seems pretty bad. Can you think of what might be wrong?

Link: Heh. For all I know, I might have just taken one too many hits to the head. It happened to Roy, and we all know what happened, because of that.

Krystal: Right.

(Krystal steps out from behind the curtain. She strikes a sexy pose.)

Krystal: How do I look?

Link: Very, um (clears throat) Very nice.

Krystal: Sweet boy. Come along.

Link: Yeah... Oh! No, I have to tell Doc, first, so he can call ahead.

(Link and Krystal head towards Doc's office. Along the way...)

Link: +Good lord, this is creepy... hang on, why do I feel like this? I've done... stuff... before. At least, I think I have. Wait... yeah, I have! I think one of the girls was even weirder than Krystal. At least she's an actual mammal. I don't know what... Argh! I don't remember her name! Relax, Link, think about it. There's Saria, one of your best friends, since all the way from childhood. Wait, I... doesn't that make me... Oh, wait, she's cool. I think... yeah, I'm safe.+

Krystal: Something on your mind, Link?

Link: AH! Uh, (cough) I'm just trying to, you know, not lose more of my memory. Trying to remember names, and such.

Krystal: Don't strain yourself.

Link: Right. +What the hell is she talking about? She tells me not to strain myself, but she's done almost everything except throw herself at me. This is not fair. Not fair, at all.+

(They finally reach Doc's office.)

Link: Hey, Doc.

Krystal: I agreed to fly him to the Samus's world.

Doc: Excellent. I'll-a contact them, let them know you're coming. You two get going whenever you're ready.

Krystal: Right... I'll just... prep this guy for flying under my command.

Link: +Why do I suddenly have this feeling of intense doom?+

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Sonic is wandering the halls, again.)

Sonic: This place is pretty nice. It's a shame there aren't any places where I can really run. I just gotta find a place to cut loose, or I'm gonna lose it.

(Sonic turns a corner, and bumps into Pichu and Pikachu.)

Sonic: Oh, hey, little buddies. Wait, don't tell me... you, with the black ears, you're jigglypuff.... which makes the bigger one ness.

(Pikachu looks at Pichu)

Pikachu: Pika pikachu? {Is this guy for real?}

Pichu: Pichu pichu. Pichi, pi, pi pichu. {I think he's the other new-comer, like Blaziken. I wonder why he doesn't know who we are?}

Sonic: OH! You're Pichu and Pikachu, aren't you?

Pikachu: Chu pikachu. {Took ya long enough.}

Sonic: Hey, you two look like you like speed. I'm feeling cooped up, here. Do you know anywhere where I can just run?

Pichu: Pichu. Pichu, pi. {Of course, follow us.}

(Pikachu indicates for Sonic to follow. They walk the halls for about five minutes, before they come to a big door.)

Sonic: Just on the other side?

(Pikachu nods.)

Sonic: Thanks, guys! Well, see ya!

(Sonic opens the door, and heads through. Outside...)

Sonic: It's... it's so open... it's like a dream come true. Well... here goes!

(Sonic starts running... and running and running and running and running and running and running and running and running and.....)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just inside ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pichu: {Should we have told him that it goes on forever, and the only way back is to turn around?}

Pikachu: {Nah. I think he's bright enough to figure that out, eventually. Besides, it's not like he would have understood us.}

Pichu: {Point. I wonder what Blaziken is doing.}

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in Hyrule ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(It's already the next morning, in Hyrule, and everyone has gathered to figure out what they are going to do about The Deity.)

Samus: Okay, so this thing has enough power to control Mario, and it can basically wipe out every one of us at once, but it can't truly kill us. Anything else?

G&W: <Geno, we're going to have to find a better way for me to speak to these people.>

Geno: He says that he's thinking. Give him a moment.

G&W: <Yeah, whatever. Alright, here's something else. The absolute worst he can do to us is transport us very, very far into that infinite plane. You know, that big field that goes on forever and ever. Now, I've never been there, myself, but I don't think it's on a curved surface, so one could possibly see the door back to the mansion, from wherever they are. However, The Deity could transport someone so far out, that no amount of running will help, since that person would eventually die of... thirst, I think, if not exhaustion.>

Geno: <Well, that's pleasant, isn't it?>

(Geno relays this to the others.)

BM: Oh, that's lovely, isn't it?

Geno: That's pretty much what I was thinking.

Gardevoir: <So, the first question we should be thinking about is how to get close enough to The Deity to hurt him.>

Ganondorf: It sounds like this guy isn't all there, in the head. Perhaps if we make with the all-out assault, we'll be able to overwhelm him. Would that work, Game&Watch?

(Mr. Game&Watch pauses, then slowly nods.)

Snake: Alright, good. However, I think it'll take quite a bit to take this guy down. Is there any certain weaknesses we should know about?

G&W: <Weaknesses? Hmm..... I wonder...>

Geno: <What is it?> Seems like he's pondering something.

G&W: <Well...... those Smash Emblems... the Super Smashes.>

Geno: The Super Smash?

Samus: Of course! Something with that much power is bound to do some damage.

Snake: Sure, it could work. But, how do we get to them? It's not like we can politely ask Mario, you know.

Geno: Hang on, I think there's more. What's on your mind, Game&Watch?

G&W: <Well.... this might be a bit of a stretch, but I think there's something more to the Super Smash, and those little coins, than we originally thought.>

Geno: More to the Smash Emblem than we thought? Like what?

Ganondorf: He's right. It makes sense. If Mario went to Smithy, without The Deity tagging along, then Mario might have instructed Smithy to build something into the Super Smashes that will be able to completely destroy The Deity.

Samus: Slow down, Ganondorf. We don't know really know that, do we? Sure, the Super Smash could destroy The Deity, but what if it doesn't? If The Deity was there when Smithy started, then the Smash Emblems we use might not work at all. Or worse, they'll work against us.

Mewtwo: <Good point. Right now, however, I think the Super Smash is our best bet. How can we find out if it's safe?>

Geno: Fortunately, that won't be a problem. All I have to do is go to Star Road, and ask around. We watch over the Mario world, but we get news form all around this universe. If Smithy is somewhere in here, I'll find him. Then again... he could be in an area that is outside this universe.

Snake: Like, perhaps in my world? Or Mega Man's world?

BM: It's possible that another new-comer from another universe has arrived, by now. Smithy could be there, too.

Samus: Alright, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Geno, go to Star Road, and check around. If you can't find him... we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

Geno: I'll do it right now. Keep my body safe, while I'm gone.

(Geno flashes out of his body, leaving the small doll. Samus picks it up. The small, scintillating ball of light that is Geno bobs once, and blinks out.)

Samus: Okay... as for the rest of us...

Ganondorf: Breakfast. Food. Grub.

Snake: More fish?

(Bomberman is already holding a bomb in his hand.)

BM: Way ahead of you.

(It's supper time, in the Brawl Mansion. Over by Peach and Zelda...)

Peach: Is it just me, or is this place a little emptier than usual?

Zelda: Well, let's count who's gone... Mewtwo, Gardevoir, Game&Watch and Geno have all gone on a short get-away vacation. Snake took Bomberman back to his world, and I can only assume Samus went with them because Snake and Samus love each other...

Peach: Doesn't really explain Ganondorf, does it?

Zelda: Meh. He was probably feeling lonely, so he decided to go back to his place in Hyrule.

Peach: Any idea where Link is?

Zelda: I'm not sure, but word on the grapevine is that he went somewhere for some medical emergency.

Peach: That would explain why Meta Knight is gone. He's the only other licensed flier, other than... Krystal... who isn't here, as well.

Zelda: You don't think... did they?

Peach: Link is smarter than that. He wouldn't do anything with her. Besides, he's got all those ladies in Hyrule, after all.

Zelda: I'm not exactly happy about that, but it's a little reassuring, nonetheless.

Peach: Mm. Oh, and Fox and Falco are gone, too. But, you know, I hear Meta Knight isn't actually gone.

Zelda: Really? He's still in the mansion? Why isn't he with us, then?

Peach: I don't know what happened, but I think he's locked himself in his room, or something.

Zelda: Huh. I never thought he would be the sort to do that. Whatever it was that did that to him, it must have been really bad.

Peach: Mm. Do you think... someone should intervene?

Zelda: I know what you mean. I'm starting to get worried, too.

Peach: Hmm......

Zelda: Tonight?

Peach: Same time, same place?

Zelda: It's my turn with the toys.
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