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24 September, 2022, 02:30:49 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2509 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:07:19 pm »

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nearby ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the room, at the children's table ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ness: So, does anyone know what happened with Meta Knight?

Nana: I heard he got hurt real bad.

Ness: Yeah, that's pretty much what I heard, too. How ‘bout you, Lil' Link?

Y. Link: Stop calling me that. And I have no idea. Hey, maybe Kirby knows! Kirby, do you know what's up with Meta Knight.

Kirby: Puyo, puyo puyo. Puyo puyo. Puyo puyo puyo. {I know, but I don't think I should tell. It's private. Meta Knight might get upset.}

Y. Link: Aww. You tell us you know, and you're not gonna tell us what you know? That's lame.

Ness: Totally. How come you're holding out on us?

Kirby: Puyo, puyo. Puyo puyo puyo puyo. {Stop it, you guys. This is definitely something you don't need to hear.}

Popo: Totally lame. Hey, has anyone seen Sonic?

Nana: Oh, yeah, I really thought we'd see him, here.

Ness: Who? Who's Sonic?

Popo: Oh, you know how they just threw a couple new-comers into the mix? It turns out that Sonic is the other one, besides Blaziken. I like him. He's real laid back, and stuff.

Pichu: Pichu? Pichu, pi?

Kirby: Puyo puyo puyo, puyo puyo. {He asked if Sonic is blue, and likes to run.}

Nana: That's him! Have you seen him?

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu. Pika pika, chu pika.

Kirby: Puyo? Puyo puyo puyo, puyo. {Really? You showed him the endless field? Oh, dear.}

Y. Link: You showed him the endless field? This can't be good.

Bowser Jr.: Endless field? Speak English.

Y. Link: If you open a special door, you get dropped off in a biiiig field. Some say it really does go on forever, but we don't really know that. (gasp) And he doesn't know how to get back! He could be lost!

Ness: We have to find him!

Popo: But, how?

Y. Link: Umm... We'll have to ask someone, I think. Let's see... Miss Aran is gone... I wonder if Miss Zelda or Miss Peach will help us.

Bowser Jr.: Well of course ma- erh, Miss Peach will help us. Come on.

 (They children all walk over to Peach's table, and crowd around them.)

Y. Link: Um, Miss Peach? Miss Zelda?

Zelda: Yes? What is it, dear?

Y. Link: Well..... Okay, so you know about that newcomer, Sonic? Yeah, apparently, he likes to run, a lot, and so he asked Pichu and Pikachu where he could run freely, and they took him to the endless field, and now, he may be stuck there forever and we don't know how to get him back and we need help.

Peach: ...... And you said all that in one breath?

Y. Link: Uh-huh. Can you two help us? Please?

Zelda: Of course, we will. After supper, though.

Y. Link: ‘K.

(The children all return back to their table.)

Ness: Well, that was easy.

Bowser Jr.: It's cuz' they're girls. It's easy to get them to do stuff.

Nana: Nuh-uh! Everyone knows women are stronger! Why do you think Miss Aran is the new leader?

(Bicker bicker bicker bicker bicker.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In Star Road ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno is floating around Star Road in his will-o'-wisp form.)

Geno: <Let's see... not there, not there... where the hell did she go? Hmm....... ah-HA! There you are!>

(Geno darts over to another light that is glowing mother-of-pearl.)

Geno: <Hey, there. Uh, sorry about the language. It's been a while. Umm... *@)!!#@?>.... Sorry, I'm going to have to stick with this for a while. I'm also going to have to call you by your old name. Is that fine?>

Serenade: <No problem. I just want to thank you again for getting me out of that wretched Net. It's nothing but filth and combat. This is so much nicer, and I'm doing good deeds, you know? I even granted this one wish for someone to be reborn.>

Geno: <That's nice. It was a pleasure, really. However, I'm only going to be here for a bit. I'm on business.>

Serenade: <Really? That's a shame. I was hoping we could do some... wish granting, together?>

Geno: <What? Fine. I'll tend to the business I have here, then stay. But only for one night.>

Serenade: <That's all the time I need. So, what's up?>

Geno: <Okay... this was before your time, but your probably the best, here. That's why I came to you.>

Serenade: <Geno, darling, you flatter me.>

Geno: <Indeed. Anyway... do you remember that Smithy guy I told you about?

Serenade: <He was the reason for you taking a mortal form in the first place, right? I know. He's back. I assume you want to locate him?>

Geno: <Please. It's for my comrades.>

Serenade: <I know... say, isn't Mega Man EXE and Bass with you?>

Geno: <Bass? Hm, he must have appeared after we left... But, yes, I'd like to find him, please.>

Serenade: <Just remember to tell that little program that he's the UnderKing, now, okay? And, make sure you tell him that... he was a fantastic fighter.>

Geno: .... <I'll be sure to tell him.>

Serenade: <Thank you. Okay, Smithy... Smithy. Let's see what we have here.>

(Serenade starts glowing brighter, and her mother-of-pearl colors start shifting quickly. Moments later, they slow down.)

Serenade: <Okay, I got him. He's pretty far off. At- .... Well... I suppose you could say that he is at the edge of the universe.>

Geno: <At the edge of the universe? Geez.... Wait, I thought the universe... Never mind. If I start thinking theoretical physics, now, I'm going to have a headache when I turn mortal, again. Can you give me a direction?>

Serenade: <Hmm.... Knowing the speed at which your spaceships can travel... Okay, aim for approximately 7200 miles right of the Pokemon world, and go straight. The place where Smithy works is constantly moving, but you should more or less intersect the path of movement. You'll be able to locate him, as you get closer.>

Geno: <Serenade, you truly are the best. You know I love you, right?>

Serenade: <Oh, I know. Is that all you needed?>

Geno: <That's it. Now, it's just us. So, how have you been? Oh, right, the rebirth thing. Who got reborn, anyway?>

Serenade: <Oh, it was so emotional! There was a bunch of people and animals alike, all weeping. It's like this creature was a hero among his kind.>

Geno: <Creature? It wasn't human? What's it's name?>

Serenade: <It was actually a reptile, of some sort. It's name is... I believe it's Yoshi.>

(We pick up right where we left off, with Geno and Serenade...)

Geno: ...... <Say what?>

Serenade: <Yoshi. That's the name of the little reptile that has been reborn, under the wish I granted. I couldn't stand seeing so much grief for that little guy, so I had to. Is there something wrong?>

Geno: <Serenade, didn't you see what happened to us brawlers, in Mute City?>

Serenade: <Oh, that.>

Geno: <Yes, that! How am I going to tell the guys?! He killed Captain Falcon! What were you thinking?>

Serenade: ... <Tell me... have you taken a good, close look at Donkey Kong, lately? Don't answer, it was rhetorical. He's the one who's been wishing so hard for Yoshi to return, that we heard him from so far away.>

Geno: <DK? Donkey Kong... Oh, wow. Now that you mention it, he's been totally unlike himself, since that one day. I never thought, though, that a wish could reach that far.>

Serenade: <Which is exactly why I had to grant the wish. Anyone with hopes that strong... he deserves it, don't you think?>


Geno: <Still, it'll be a while before he can join us brawlers. Perhaps->
Serenade: <No. You take him as soon as possible. It was Yoshi's own father who took care of Baby Mario, remember? Well, it's time to return the favor. You must all care for him. Besides, I think it's best for him to grow up among his kind.>

Geno: .... <Fine. But... I don't think any of us know how to raise a baby Yoshi. Do you think you could... help me, a bit?>

Serenade: <Goodness, Geno, did you just ask me to come with you?>

Geno: <Huh? Well, not really. I just asked you to teach me what to do to raise him.>

Serenade: <Oh.... I see.>

Geno: .... <Urgh. Fine. Would you please accompany me back to the Brawl Mansion?>

Serenade: <I'd be delighted! Just remember to have a physical body ready for me to take over. Maybe another doll, or something.>

Geno: <I'll have something ready. Anyway, since the situation has changed, some, I think I'd like to get going now. I'm going to go back to my comrades, and then we'll talk with Smithy. After that, we're coming back here.>

Serenade (giggle) <I'll be waiting, Geno.>

Geno: <Actually, now that I think about it... If Smithy is on the edge of the universe... it would take way too long to get there in a normal ship. Any suggestions?>

Serenade: <How long did it take you to get here, from wherever you were?>

Geno: <Well, I wasn't really traveling in a physical form, so it's hard to say. Maybe an hour, or so. But, even so, since I'm an astral being, I don't really travel through normal space.>

Serenade: <Of course. I see. Hmm.... Here's a thought... could you possibly possess the spaceship? That way, you might be able to make it slip into sub-space.>

Geno: <What? I'm almost positive that's impossible. I'll do it.>

(And so, Geno travels out of Star Road, all the way back to Hyrule, where the rest of his comrades are waiting. A moment later, the Geno doll flashes, and there he stands, full-sized.)

 Geno: I'm back, and I've located Smithy's approximate location.

Snake: Excellent. Where?

Geno: (sigh) At the edge of the universe.

Samus: Say what? I thought the universe goes on forever, or something like that.

Ganondorf: It might just mean that there's no tangible matter beyond where Smithy is. Some might consider that to be a better definition of "edge of the universe."

Snake: I'll go with that. The problem is getting there. Even at max speed, it'll probably take weeks to get there, and there isn't enough fuel.

Samus: What? You don't have a self-renewing energy source?

Snake: Of course I do. The problem is that it can't go for weeks at a time.

Samus: It doesn't need to. You only have to get it up to max speed, and then just steer it. We'll be in zero gravity, so you can just coast your way to the edge of the universe.

Geno: (cough!) I think I might have a solution. You see, it's possible that I can possess Snake's ship, and then I can make it travel in sub-space, which will drastically reduce traveling time.

Gardevoir: <Sounds like it's still just a theory. Do you know if you can even possess the ship?>

Geno: We're about to find out.

(Geno's body flashes, and the doll is left laying on the ground. The scintillating light that is Geno bobs and weaves over to Snake's ship, and disappears inside it. A moment later, the main hatch opens.)

Snake: Wasn't me. This is looking pretty good, so far. Come on.

(Everyone piles into Snake's ship, and buckles in.)

Snake: Geno, are you there? Can you give me a sign?

(Suddenly, the ship roars to life. The hatch closes.)

Snake: Woah, easy there. I want this baby to last a while longer. Alright, let's do this!

(The Geno-ship takes off, slowly, then gains speed, and enters space.)

Snake: (whew) That was something. Alright, Geno, just tell me where to find this guy. I'll take it from there. Hey, what the-?

(Suddenly, a monitor scrambles for a moment, then switches to a polygonal construct of Geno's face.)

Geno: Huh... Am I coming through, alright?

Mewtwo: <Holy balls! What's he doing?>

Samus: Holy balls is right, Mewtwo.

Geno: Did Mewtwo just say something? Great. It looks like psychic talk doesn't work with me. Well, no problem. Okay, I know where to go, from here. I'm going to attempt to slip into sub-space, so... buckle up, because I'm not going to try to make this comfortable.

(A moment later, there's a violent jerk, and a feeling of immense pressure. Then, nothing.)

Geno: Good news. It looks like it worked. It's still going to be a couple hours, so just sit back, and relax.


Snake: Wow. This is... this is something, isn't it?

Ganondorf: Not really. I mean, let's review. There's a little rodent which can store immense amounts of electrical energy within it's body. We have another character which can unleash vast amounts of energy, just by going to sleep. As if that weren't enough, Geno himself is a being from a higher plane. What makes this so special?

Geno: He's got a point. You know what's really neat? My awareness extends through the entire ship. I know everything that happens, within this hull.

Snake: ...... Goddam, this universe is weird.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Zelda, Peach, and all the children are gathered in the Endless Field, at night.)

Zelda: Alright, remember to stick with your groups. Peach and I will go in this direction. Young Link and Ness, that way, Pikachu, Pichu and Jigglypuff, that way, Ice Climbers and Bowser Jr., go that way. Now, does everyone have their flares? Good. If you find Sonic, ignite the flare. Then, wait for the other flares, so we all know we're safe, then come back to the door. Try to walk in a straight line, so you don't get lost. Any questions?


Zelda: Excellent. Let's get to it.

(Zelda and Peach walk off. After a few moments...)

Peach: Is this going to ruin our plans?

Zelda: Not at all. If anything, after this, I'll need to unwind just that much more. It might be a little later than last time, but that's okay.

Peach: Hm. You know I love you.

Zelda: I love you, too, Peach.

Peach: Mm.... Can I tell you something?

Zelda: What's that, dear?

Peach: Well.... Heh. I'm not even sure if I should be saying this. I have no idea why I'm telling you.

Zelda: Well, you're probably going to tell me, because now that I know you have a big secret, I'm not going to rest until I know what it is.

Peach: Yes, you would, at that.

Zelda: So? What is it?

Peach: ..... Promise you won't tell anyone? Anyone at all?

Zelda: I give you my word as princess of Hyrule.

Peach: ..... I'm in love with Bowser.

(Zelda stops in her tracks. Her left eye is twitching.)

Peach: ..... And... Bowser Jr. is my son.

(Now, both eyes are twitching.)

Peach: .... I didn't give birth to him, if that's what you're thinking. He was... he was made, in a lab.

Zelda: Um... Could you give me a moment?

Peach: Zelda, love... Are we still on for tonight?


Zelda: (sigh) Yeah. I love you too much to let this stop... us.

(They walk on in silence.)

Zelda: Out of curiosity, why did you tell me?

Peach: Oh, I just HAD to tell someone. It was eating me up, to be hiding such a secret from everyone. I'm sorry to do this to you.

Zelda: No, no. I'm glad that you did. It's better, this way. It was either like this, or at a very awkward moment. It could have been worse.

(More silence.)

Zelda: So, what's he like?

Peach: Bowser? Very kinky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pichu: {So, tell me again how this is our fault?}

Pikachu: {It's because we didn't try hard enough to warn him. I know he's a bit of a lunkhead, but I guess he's a cool lunkhead.}

Jigglypuff: {Say, here's a thought. Is the Endless Field curved, or flat?}

Pikachu: {Huh? What kind of question is that? It's curved, like a planet.}

Pichu: {Aren't you supposed to be a kid? How do you know that?}

Pikachu: {The only reason why I haven't evolved into Raichu is because I haven't found a Thunder Stone. I'm really five years old, which is, like, a teenager, to the humans.}

Jigglypuff: {Sure, whatever. Anyway, back to me. If the Endless Field is curved, doesn't that mean that, eventually, we'll end up back at the door? Say, does anyone know how big this place is?}

Pikachu: {They probably call it the "Endless Field" for a reason. It must be very big.}

Pichu: {I still think you're too young to be intelligent.}

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Y. Link: Hey, Ness, how come you never talk about your adventures?

Ness: Uh? Well... Compared to the stuff you've been through, I just didn't think it would be a great story.

Y. Link: Oh, come on. You're a psychic. That's gotta make your story cool, automatically.

Ness: I don't know...

Y. Link: Nope, it's settled. Tonight, we're going to listen to your adventures! And it's going to be really exciting.

Ness: If you say so... You really think being psychic makes it cool?

Y. Link: Of course! I mean, all I can do is add an element to my arrows. How lame is that? But you can blow stuff up with your mind!

Ness: That's true. ‘Splosions rock!

Y. Link: Totally.


Ness: Hang on, is that him?

Y. Link: Where? Oh, wait, that might be him! Wait, no... nope. Not him.

Ness: Darn. At this rate, I think we're going to be late, getting to bed. Remember Luigi and Wario?

Y. Link: No, I think we're safe. We're doing something meaningful, after all. Those two just goof off.

Ness: Yeah. I feel sorry for Luigi, though.

Y. Link; Yeah? Why's that?

Ness: Well, cuz he was always just that other guy, you know? He's always in Mario's shadow. It must be tough, for him.

Y. Link: Maybe. But, then again, there was that one time when Luigi saved Mario. Now, that's no small thing, to have to save Mario.

Ness: Well, sure, but that was just one time.

Y. Link: I don't know. Call it a hunch, but I think Luigi's going to have another adventure.

Ness: You think?

Y. Link: I just think it's about time, you know?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Across the field ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sonic: +Man, how big is this planet? Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have taken that one turn, back there. I'm sure I would have circled this place at least once, by now.+

(Suddenly, growling is heard.)

Sonic: Shut up, stomach! I know you're hungry, but I can't do anything about it. Oh, man. Now I'm starting to get tired! Well, maybe I'll feel better in the morning. No, not yet! I know I can keep going.

(Sonic runs a little longer.)

Sonic: Say, what's that? Could it be? A person? Yes, it is! HEEEEYYY!!!

(Sonic runs up to the Ice Climbers and Bowser Jr.)

Sonic: Boy, am I glad to see you guys! I've been running for ages! Say, do you know which way to get out of here?

Popo: Hey, Sonic! Oh, hang on. Nana, where's the flare.

Bowser Jr.: Right here. Just a moment...

(Bowser Jr. sets off the flare. Moments later, the other flares go up.)

Nana: That's it! Okay, let's get going.

(About ten minutes later, everyone has met up at the door.)

Peach: Hello, Sonic. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you.

Sonic: Not a problem. Thanks for coming after me. Now, can we please get out of here? Really, I need a chili-dog. Like, fast.

(We join Link and Krystal, about half-way through their journey to Argos, a city on Samus's world, where Link is to have a procedure to check out his brain. It's a little cramped, inside the Arwing...)

Link: Um, is they any particular reason why we're in this little ship? Don't you have something, you know, a little bigger?

Krystal: No, I don't, and I apologize if we're a little... close... for comfort. Although, I would think that our closeness is comforting, to you. To be near a comrade you can trust...

Link: Oh, I trust you... but you're not making this any easier on me.

Krystal: Why in the world is that?

(Krystal bends backwards, around her seat, and looks at Link upside-down. This also has the effect of making her bust strain against the fabric of her suit.)

Link: (cough) Well, er, you're, um... ahem. Never mind. Shouldn't you keep your eyes on- er, well, forward?

(Krystal just raises an eyebrow, and rights herself.)

Krystal: Hm. You're not much fun. You know, I could... put this ship on auto-pilot and give you a massage. You're awfully tense. It makes me feel bad, seeing a friend so worked up. Why don't you let me help you... relax?

Link: See? Right there. That's not helping.

Krystal: (sigh) Link... My sense of smell is pretty strong. I can smell many women on you. I thought you wouldn't have a problem with me.

Link: WHAT!? Oh, lord, um, no, yeah. What? Listen, Krystal, the reason I... what's that thing I do with them? Whatever. I do it because I have a special connection with them.

(Krystal turns around, making her bosom stretch the fabric again, and looks at Link with big, sad eyes.)

Krystal: So, I'm not special, to you?

Link: Exactly. I mean, no. I mean, yes! I don't know! This isn't helping, either! I'm losing my memory, and all you can think of is... what exactly were you thinking of?

Krystal: Oh, you don't even remember what I'm suggesting? Mmm, then this will be like your first time. Link, all I want to do is help you relax. Really. Honest.

Link: Really? Well, I do feel pretty tense... I- I suppose it can't hurt.

Krystal: Quite the opposite, Link. It's going to help you feel very, very nice.

Link: Are you sure?

Krystal: Very sure.

Link: Well... okay, I'll do it. What do I do?

(Krystal gets a smoldering look in her eyes. A smile plays over her muzzle. The kind of smile that would make normal men fear for their lives. Her voice becomes as smooth and sensual as silk.)

Krystal: All you have to do is lie back... and let me take care of you.

(Figure it out. About a half-hour later, they're naked, with Krystal in Link's lap.)

Krystal: See, Link? Wasn't that nice?

Link: Something doesn't quite seem right about this. Buuut... it was really fun, and I feel much better, now. Do you think can we do that again, please?

Krystal: Of course, dear. Just let me plot a new course.

Link: A new course? Where were we going, in the first place? I think it was kind of important.

Krystal: It can wait, sweetie. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Link: Oh, that's right. We're going to do more of that stuff that was really nice. This is really fun. I have a lot of fun with you. .......

Krystal: Is something wrong?

Link: I..'m not sure. I feel kinduv bad, though, because I can't remember your name.

Krystal: That's alright, dear. Just call me mama.

Link: Mama? I like that... I love you, mama.

Krystal: Mmm. Mama loves you, too.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back at the Brawl Mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(It's morning, at the mansion. Sonic has joined EXE, Bass, Marth and Roy. Meta-Knight, Blaziken and Vaati are nowhere to be seen.)

Sonic: Hey, do either of you know where Blaziken and that short one are? Vaati?

EXE: No clue. Blaziken probably doesn't know when to eat, and Vaati probably thinks he's too evil and high and mighty for our cafeteria.

Bass: I'm not sure about Blaziken. I bet he likes to hunt. He just seems like one of those people.

Sonic: Are you sure?

Bass: I used to hunt, for a long time. Trust me. He's a hunter, to the finger- ah, claw-tips.

Roy: (Japanese)

EXE: A problem? How?

Marth: (More Japanese)

EXE: Oh, right. Nothing to hunt, around here.

Sonic: Well, it's their loss. This place is great. I haven't had chili dogs this good in a while.

Roy: (More Japanese)

EXE: He's got a point. Don't you get sick from eating so much?

Sonic: Nah. I gotta eat a lot, if I want to keep my endurance up. Chili dogs work best, and they taste really good.

Roy: (Even more Japanese, but sounds like a question)

EXE: No. Don't even think about it.

Sonic: What's he asking about?

EXE: Trust me. You don't want to know. Something to do with endurance.

Bass: Hey, where's Meta Knight? What's going on with him?

Marth: (Japanese)

EXE: Still in his room? Good lord, what happened to him?

(Suddenly, a small monkey in a red tank-top and red cap swings in, and drops onto the floor.)


Diddy: {DONKEY!}

(The red-shirt'ed ape called Diddy flies into Donkey Kong's arms. General confusion reigns.)

DK: {Oh, right. Everyone, I'd like you all to meet a good friend of mine. Diddy Kong. Diddy, don't tell me...)

Diddy: {Ya darn right I'm a brawler!}

(Suddenly, again, a small boy in a white karate gi jumps in, and goes into a battle-ready stance. His head is mostly bald, except for a short, black lock of hair, on top.)

Ness: POO!

(Snicker snicker.)

Poo: Hello, Ness! Guess who's your other brawler?

(The two friends hug. Bowser Jr. bursts out laughing.)

Ness: What's the big deal?

Bowser Jr.: (snicker snicker snicker) .... POOOO!!! (falls out of chair, laughing)

Poo: Don't laugh, turtle! I could kick you right out of your shell!

(Bowser Jr. just keeps laughing.)

Ness: Whatever. Come on. Let's get you some doughnuts, and I'll tell you about what's going on.

Poo: Something's going on? I thought it was just us fighting, or something.

Ness: It goes a little deeper than that. Donkey Kong, you got Diddy, right?

(DK just gives a thumbs-up.)

Ness: Okay. Poo, you like jelly, right?

Popo: Wait, there's something I'm confused, about.

Ness: What's that?

Popo: ..... Where is that thing Diddy swung in on?

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Blaziken is roaming the halls.)

Blaziken: +I can't stand this! These people are trying to domesticate me. Don't they have any Stantler? Even a Miltank will do. Hell, I'd settle for a frickin' Goldeen! Urg. I gotta hunt for something!+

(Suddenly, he comes upon Vaati.)

Vaati: What the? What the hell are you?

Blaziken: Blaziken. Blay, ziken

Vaati: Oh. You're one of those animals. This place just keeps getting dumber and dumber, doesn't it?

Blaziken: +Animal? Dumb? I do believe I just found my first prey.+

(Blaziken curls his claws into a fist. He holds it in front of Vaati's face, and it bursts into flames.)

Vaati: What's this? You want to fight me? Hmph. You're still below me, but I suppose it'll shut the rest of them up, if I make an example out of you. Let's go.

(Just out of sight.)

Pit: +Hoo hoo. This is going to be great. I'll just see where they're going, and then I'll tell the rest of them.+

(Pit follows the two until they reach the Endless Field.)

Vaati: This should do nicely. It'll have plenty of room for our... spectators.

Pit: +And, that would be my cue to leave.+

(Pit runs all the way to the cafeteria.)


(Pit runs out. After a moment of silence, the rest of them follow.)

Wario: Alright. This time I'm bound to win! If Vaati wins, you're buying for a week!

Luigi: Deal! If-a Blaziken wins, you're-a buying for a week!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Meta-Knight is sitting in his room... just sitting, staring into space. He is not wearing mask or cape.)

......... (silence)

MK: ....... (sniff)

Huh??: You miss her?

(Meta-Knight nods)

Huh??: Wish you could have her back, don't you?


Huh??: ..... I could help you, if you would be willing to help me.

(We join Samus and all them, on their way to find Smithy, at the edge of the universe.)

................ (Silence.)

Ganondorf: ......... A family walks-
Mewtwo: <That's it! Mental agony!>

(Mewtwo's eyes flash, and suddenly, Ganondorf's head starts jerking around, violently.)

Gardevoir: <Dear, please don't. I'm aware that you're only trying to protect me, but he's going to snap his neck.>

(Mewtwo's eyes go back to normal, and Ganondorf's head stops shaking.)

Ganondorf: Never, ever do that again. Good lord, I think my neck just stretched an inch.

Mewtwo: <Stop trying to say that disgusting story.>

BM: If you two don't stop, I'm going to shove some cherry bombs down your throats! Now, shut it!


Geno: Attention, all! We're coming up on the edge of the universe. I don't know what's going to happen when we come out of sub-space, so brace yourselves.

(Everyone buckles in, and holds tight. A moment passes.... then another... a minute passes, without any noticeable change.)

Snake: Umm.... Are we out?

Geno: Scans indicate that we're in normal space. Interesting. It seems like it's only rough going into sub-space. Well, whatever. I have Smithy's workshop on short-range sensors. We'll be there in a couple minutes. Look, you can see it, now, out the window.

(Samus unbuckles herself, and floats over to a window. In the distance, there is what looks like a factory built into an asteroid.)

Samus: Smithy... Should we be prepared for battle?

Geno: I'm not sure what kind of defenses there are. However, it would be best to be prepared for the worst. Everyone, get ready.

Snake: Terrific. So, is there an atmosphere, or something?

Geno: Hang on.... scans show an artificial atmosphere, with typical air. Wait, there seems to be something else, in the air. One moment.... What the hell is phazon?

Samus: PHAZON!? What's it doing here?
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