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17 January, 2022, 10:17:17 pm
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Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)

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Author Topic: Don't credit me for this: This is Shryver's work on GameFAQS. (YOU CAN POST NOW)  (Read 2000 times)
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What's up? I'm back.

« on: 29 January, 2008, 10:08:16 pm »

BM: Interesting. Would you care to fill us in on what phazon is?

Samus: Oh, sorry. In short, phazon is a semi-sentient radioactive material. In it's purest form, which might be what is in the air, here, it's extremely poisonous, and very corrosive, and kills, quickly.

Ganondorf: Wait... Geno, what kind of air are we breathing?

Snake: Relax. Any air that's taken in from the outside goes through very thorough screening and filtering. I seriously doubt you're breathing phazon, right now.

Mewtwo: <Am I the only one who remembers that we have to walk around in that stuff? I'm sure there are suits designed for space-walking, but will they stand up to phazon?

Snake: Of course. Geno, Mewtwo just reminded us that we're going to have to go out there. Are the space-suits able to stand up to the phazon?

Geno: One moment... I estimate about 5 minutes of prolonged exposure before conditions become hazardous.

Snake: That'll be enough to get inside. Hopefully, it won't be as bad. That should be more than long enough to get inside. Now, unfortunately, we only have, er, human-shaped suits. And, Ganondorf, nothing in your size. Samus, can you use your Power Suit, for this?

Samus: I didn't think we would be in such abnormal atmosphere. I don't have the transformation module that holds my Power suit, but I can use the space-walking suit, just fine. Are you saying it's just going to be us?


Snake: Game&Watch? Hold up... you want to come with us?

G&W: Beep.

Geno: Let him. He doesn't need air to live, and his body isn't exactly flesh. I'm sure he'll be able to handle the phazon air at least as long as you.

Samus: Are you sure you want to do this?

G&W: Beep.

Snake: I'm assuming that's a yes. Alright, Samus, let's get suited up.

Mewtwo: <Hang on. We're coming, too. Don't worry. Between me and my love, here, we can put up a barrier that will keep out all phazon. We'll be fine.

Ganondorf: Would it be possible to make room for myself?

BM: If you're all going, so am I.

Gardevoir: <Of course. Samus, is that alright?>

Samus: Hm. I suppose if things start getting hairy, it would be best to have all the help we can get. Geno? How about you? I have your body, right here.

Geno: Er, Smithy might not be as amiable if I'm with you. I'm sorry, but I think I should stay back, for this. But, could you leave my body here? In case things get out of control, and you need back-up, or something. I know how powerful Smithy can be.

Snake: Of course. Alright, everyone. Let's get going.

(A few minutes later, the Geno-ship lands. The hatch opens, and everyone comes out, one by one, with Snake and Samus wearing their suits.)

Snake: (kscch) Alright, this is it. Samus and I will range ahead. The rest of you, stay close, and stay back, a bit.

(They all move in, and come to the front door. Samus and Snake sidle up on either side of the door, guns at the ready. Snake then signals for Ganondorf to bust down the door. Ganondorf moves in, starts charging a Gerudo Punch, and...)

(K-CHAK! EEEeEeeEe... The door opens, and there stands Smithy.)

Smithy: Thank god you're all here! Quick, inside! Now!

(Silence. The dark fire of Ganondorf's Gerudo Punch fizzles, and goes out.)

Ganondorf: Uhhh... What?

Smithy: If you're here, then you know about Mario's creation, right? You're searching for a way to destroy him. If you want to know, then get inside, now.

(After a moment's hesitation, Samus lowers her weapon, though still keeps it at the ready, and walks inside. A moment later, the rest follow, cautiously.)

Geno: ..... Looks like they're fine. I didn't expect Smithy to invite them in. Well, what am I going to do , now? Hmm..... Let's see what we have in Snake's personal files... Oh... oh, my. ..... Wow.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inside Smithy's workshop ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samus: Okay, let's start with the obvious. Why is the air filled with phazon?

Smithy: Who do you think stokes the fire?

(At that moment, Dark Samus floats around a corner. Without hesitating, Samus runs forward, brandishing her laser-whip. Smithy suddenly gets in her way.)
(Note: For those of you who don't know what Dark Samus looks like, here's a fair representation.)


Smithy: Wait! It's a victim, just like me! Please, just, hear us out.

Samus: That abomination has given me too much trouble! It's the source of all phazon! It's the reason why the Chozo died out! I must destroy it!

(Snake gets a strong grip on Samus' shoulders, stopping her from rushing at Dark Samus.)

Snake: Wait! Samus, don't! If Smithy is telling us what I think he's telling us, we need Dark Samus!

Smithy: He's right. Between the two of us, we are the ones making the Smash Emblems that you'll need. If you want to take out that thing Mario created, you're going to need them.

Samus: I don't care! It must die!

Snake: Listen, you'll have your opportunity, later. For now, we need it.

Mewtwo: <Wait... I think it's trying to speak, or... something.>

(After a moment of silence, a bunch of blue sparkles coalesce, and form words.)

*Mark my words, mortal. The first chance I get, I will rid the universe of your existence. However, this takes precedence over our own conflict. You will be free of my wrath... for now.*

(For a long moment, Samus stares at the message, hanging in the air. She straightens up, and shrugs Snake's hands off her shoulders.)

Samus: For now.... (sigh) Fine. Alright, Smithy. Start talking. How can we take out The Deity?

Smithy: The Deity? Is that what you're calling it? A fitting name. Very well, listen up...

(Smithy explains how to destroy The Deity.)

Smithy: It's going to take some time to make them, however. We didn't expect anyone would find out about any of this. And, we certainly didn't expect anyone besides Mario and The Deity to be able to come out this far. How did you do it?

BM: As a matter of fact, our friend G-
Mewtwo: <A wizard did it.>

Ganondorf: Yes. A wizard. Look, the way we got here isn't important. You say it's going to take some time? Well, I suggest you get to work.

Smithy: (sigh) Of course, of course. Come, Dark Samus, we have work to do. You can all wait in your ship. This is going to take a few hours, at least.

(After a tense moment of Samus staring into Smithy's eyes, she turns around, and heads out. The rest follow, and they all return to the Geno-ship. Inside, Ganondorf stretches his arms wide.)

Ganondorf: AaaAahh. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for some rest.

Samus: Rest? Right now?

BM: You heard Smithy, Samus. We have a few hours to kill. It's not like pacing about anxiously, wasting energy and whatnot, is going to make them work faster. Besides, if we rushed them, those things won't turn out like they should.

Snake: He's right, dear. The situation is out of our hands, for a while. Let's just relax.

Samus: Snake...

Geno: Hey, have you all forgotten that I'm here, too? Would you care to fill me in?

(And so, they tell Geno everything that happened.)

Geno: Uh-huh. So, that's how it's done. It's pretty obvious, now that we've heard it, isn't it?

Snake: Our thoughts, exactly. That took about 5 minutes. What are we going to do with the next few hours?

Ganondorf: A family walks-
(Mental agony.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Four-ish hours later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BM: .... and then there was the time I stuck a fire-cracker in a frog's-

Geno: Hold that thought, Bomber-Man. It looks like Smithy is headed this way.

Samus: Thank you! Open the hatch, I'll meet him.

(Samus jumps out of the Geno-ship, and walks up to Smithy.)

Smithy: Whew! Alright. We were only able to make five. We tried for one more, but we ran out of material.

Samus: What? What are these made of?

Smithy: The regular ones are made out of a kind of stone. Those are made of a mythic ore, called orihalcon. I think about one-tenth of all the orihalcon in the universe is in this case, right here.

(Smithy hands over a small, leather-covered case. Samus opens it up.)

Samus: .... Silver?

Smithy: I was getting to that. You see, the thing about orihalcon is that when it's made into a specific weapon, only certain people can use that weapon. When that person comes along, the weapon will turn gold.

Samus: So, you're saying that it will turn golden, and be usable, but it can only be used by certain people.

Smithy: Exactly. So, you're going to have to figure it out, on your own.

Samus: Tell me again how they're different from regular ones.

Smithy: The regular ones don't effect The Deity at all. These ones are endowed with powers very similar to his, but different enough that he will be harmed. Also, the users will become invulnerable to most of his powers, but they can still be harmed by regular attacks.

Samus: Excellent. That's all we need. Oh, one last thing. I'm getting the feeling that these things are radiating some kind of energy. Wouldn't The Deity sense them, and do something about them before we can use one of them?

Samus: Way ahead of you. Underneath the leather, is a metal that has power-dampening properties to it. As long as the gaze of The Deity doesn't fall directly on the case, he won't sense it. Keep it hidden. Or, better yet, keep it out, among many other things. Either way, there's a good chance that he won't know about them, until it's too late.

Samus: Alright. I see. Thank you.

Smithy: No, thank you. And, good luck.

 (Samus enters the Geno-ship.)

Mewtwo: <I felt a tremendous power. Are you sure whatever's in there is stable?>

Samus: Don't worry about it.

(Samus tell them about what's in the case, and all that.)

BM: Damn. So, what are we going to call them?

Gardevoir: <Bomberman has a point. Something with this much power needs a name.>

Ganondorf: Hmm.... Nah, that's dumb.

Snake: What's that?

Ganondorf: ..... The Giga-Smash.


Ganondorf: See? Dumb.

Samus: .... I like it.

BM: It's catchy. And, it says everything in just three little words. Well, two, if you don't count the "the."

Geno: Indeed. So be it. They shall be known as "The Giga-Smash" coins

Snake: Fantastic. Alright, now that we got what we came for, let's get back to the mansion.

Geno: Right-o.

(Geno powers up, takes off, and slips into sub-space.)

Samus: (whew) I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that. Okay. Since we're going to be here for a while, I suppose we ought to find out if any of us are capable of using these.

(Samus opens up the case, and takes out a single Gig-Smash coin. It instantly turns a brilliant gold color.)

Snake: Well, well. Right out of the box, we have a winner.

Samus: Oh, my... this is... I can feel the power! It's... amazing!

Ganondorf: Settle down, there. Pass that thing around.

(Samus reluctantly hands it to Snake. It turns back to silver. Snake hands it to Mewtwo, and it stays silver. Mewtwo hands it to Bomberman, and it stays silver. Bomberman hands it to Ganondorf... it shines brightly, again.)

Ganondorf: Holy BALLS! The rush! The absolute power! HAAAhahahah- urgh!

Mewtwo: <Mental agony. It never fails.>

Ganondorf: Alright, alright! I'm done! Stop!

(Ganondorf hands the coin back to Samus, who stares at it for a moment, whistfully, then places it back in the case, and closes it.)

Geno: Um, guys? I figure now would be as good a time as any to tell you something. We gotta make a stop at Mario's world.

Snake: Mario's world? Why?

Geno: Well.... Yoshi has been reborn...

Samus: WHAT?!

Geno: .... and we're going there to pick him up.

Snake/Samus: WHAT!?

Ganondorf: Do we need to remind you of what Yoshi did?

Geno: I know, I know. Listen, I... I have my orders. I am to retrieve Yoshi, take him back to the mansion, where we will all raise him. I'm sorry, but I must carry out these orders.

Snake: Orders? Since when the hell did you take orders from anyone?

Geno: I'll have you know that Star Road has a hierarchy, just like any civilization. I happen to be one of the top... well, I guess you could call us administrators.

BM: Administrators?

Geno: Well, the official title is Seraphim, but that's just a fancy way of saying administrator. Anyway, we're going to Mario's world, and that's that.

Snake: And, if we object?

Geno: Simple. I leave this ship, and take a different form, later. Of course, that would leave you guys stranded in sub-space for all time, because I'm the only one who could possibly know how to get out.


Ganondorf: You would have made a great evil character.

(Krystal's Arwing touches down in a small clearing, near a hut. Krystal and Link, naked as the day they were born, jump out.)

Link: Where is this, mama?

Krystal: This is my little home away from home. We're going to be living here, for a while.

Link: Neat. Will I be needing any of my stuff?

(Link reaches for his Master Sword, but Krystal quickly grabs his wrist, and pulls it away.)

Krystal: Now, now, dear. Let mama take care of this stuff. You grab our clothes, and we'll go inside.

(Link picks up all their clothes, and walks in. Right inside is a lovely sort of dining room.)

Link: This is nice. Did you do all this, mama?

Krystal: Most of it. Now, let me show you where we'll be sleeping.

Link: We're sleeping together? Isn't that... creepy?

Krystal: Don't you love your mama?

Link: Of course I- oh, I get it. Since I love you so much, it's okay.

Krystal: Exactly. Now, do you remember that fun stuff we did in my plane?

Link: Again? Alright!

Krystal: Sweet boy. Except, this time, we're going to have a lot more room. It's going to be a lot more fun.

(On the way up to their bedroom, Krystal takes Link's Master Sword and shield, drops them in a chest, and locks it. She puts the key in a drawer next to the bed.)

Krystal: Okay, dear. Let's get started.

(Figure it out. Some time later...)

Krystal: You're still up?! It's nice to know I have such a strong boy. Well, we're not going to stop until you're all tuckered out!

(2 goddam hours later.)

Link: Unh! Hoo! Okay... I'm ready for a nap.

Krystal: I should hope so. That was amazing. Mama's so proud of you.

Link: Thank you, mama. I love you.

Krystal: I love you, too.

(They fall asleep in each others arms.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the same time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Everyone has gathered just inside the Endless Field. Blaziken and Vaati are squaring off.)

Ness: Who do you think is gonna win?

Y. Link: I don't know. Hey, Wario, who do you think is gonna win?

Wario: My money's on the evil kid!

Y. Link: Right. I'm betting on Blaziken.

Wario: HEY! I might be right.

Luigi: Wario, you haven't-a won a bet since you came here. Don't you think you should stop?

Wario: Never! The Law of Probability states that soon, very soon, I'm going to be right. Besides, this will be a great opportunity to see what they can do.

Luigi: Whatever. You're still-a buyin'

(Over by the combatants.)

Vaati: It seems we've attracted quite an audience. I hope you don't... slip... under the pressure. Of course, it doesn't matter. There's no way you can hurt me.

Blaziken: Blaziken, blaziken. Blaziken.

Vaati: What? Oh, whatever.

(By the audience.)

Peach: Kirby, what did he say?

Kirby: Puyo... puyo puyo, puyo. {Um... I don't think I should repeat it.}


(And so, they start fighting.... and fighting, and fighting, and fighting...)

Mario: What's-a going on here?

All: AH!

Peach: M-Mario! I, er, we weren't expecting you.

Mario: Why are these two fighting?!

Wario: (cough) Oh, you know Vaati. It was only a matter of time before he insulted someone who's going to fight back. It just so happened that Blaziken was that one.

Mario: Hmm..... Who do you think is going to win?

Wario: I'm betting on Vaati.

Mario: Luigi, put me down for 20 coins on Blaziken.

Wario: HEY!

(Blaziken and Vaati exchange blows, for a while. All the while...)

Vaati: +Urgh! How? How could anyone hurt me? Fine. I'm going to have to take this seriously, then.+

Blaziken: +Stupid animal... I'll show this wretched... child what I'm truly capable of.+

(Blaziken bunches himself up, and starts glowing. Vaati dashes at him, holding a ball of dark energy in his hand. Right before Vaati contacts with the energy, Blaziken spreads out, and a field of heat and fire radiates out from him.)

Pichu: PICHU!

Kirby: Puyo?

Popo: Overheat? Wow... and we're going to have to fight that.

(And, so, they fight. Until, eventually...)

Vaati: HU-WAAAAAaaaahh!!!


Luigi: ....... You're-a buying.

Wario: I don't get it... this was supposed to be my turn to win. Curse you, Vaati!

Peach: ...... Now what?

Zelda: This seems to be a bit anti-climactic, doesn't it?

Pit: Are you joking? Vaati's been humbled! Blaziken's done something to shut that little kid up. I don't know about the rest of you, but Blaziken's a hero, to me.

Ness: He's got a point... three cheers for Blaziken! Hip-hip!


Blaziken: Blay? (cough) Blaziken.

Kirby: Puyo, puyo. Puyo.

Y. Link: Totally! Thank you for taking him down. I bet he's never going to act all high-and-mighty again. Serves him right, getting beat, like that.

Pit: Hey, Blaziken, if you're interested, I make a steak that you would not believe.

Blaziken: Blay? Blaziken...

Pit: Uh, sure. I'll show you where I get my meat.

Blaziken: Blaziken!

Zelda: I daresay, you just found the right button to push.

 (And, so, everyone leaves the Endless Field, leaving Vaati lying there, unconscious. About an hour later...)

Vaati: Uuunnh.... what happened? Where did everybody go?

Huh??: You were defeated, Vaati. You were beaten, and the rest of them left you

Vaati: That's right... I guess they're stronger than I thought. At least, that one is.

Huh??: Or, maybe you're not strong enough. Did you ever think of that?

Vaati: Impossible. I'm extremely powerful. I just underestimated my opponent. That's all there is to it.

Huh??: Perhaps.... But, why take that chance? Wouldn't you like to be absolutely sure of your strength?

Vaati: I was. That hubris was my downfall.

Huh??: You're wrong! And I can prove it to you. I can help you become stronger. Stronger than all of them. Of course, I'll need something in return...

Vaati: Hmm.... Who are you? Or, more importantly, why am I only hearing a disembodied voice?

Huh??: If you agree to help me, then I'll show myself. The greatest power can be your's, Vaati! Do not throw this chance away!

Vaati: ....... Nice try, but I don't "help" anyone. Now, stop speaking to me.


Vaati: That's right. And stay away.

(Vaati walks back into the mansion.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Somewhere within the mansion ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TD: I'm impressed. I really thought he would be swayed by the thought of revenge, and ultimate power.

Mario: Shows what you know. He's-a too smart to give in, just like that. And, he's-a too proud to except help.

TD: ..... Mario... father... Do you think I enjoy doing this?

(Huge smack, and stomping.)

TD: You (stomp) think (stomp) I (stomp) enjoy (stomp) doing (stomp) this? (sigh) (stops stomping) Well... perhaps I do.

(Maniacal laughter and more stomping.)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just outside Yoshi Island ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Geno has returned to his body.)

Geno: Okay. I'm only going to be a little bit. I doubt it'll take long, you guys just sit tight.

(Geno heads into Yoster town, the city of Yozards. He goes right up to a blue Yozard.)

Geno: Greetings. I am here to see a certain Yozard. He's green, and was hatched not too long ago. May I ask your name?

Boshi: {The names Boshi, and I know who you're looking for. You know, he looks really familiar. Kind of like an old friend...}

Geno: ..... Exactly. That's Yoshi, reincarnated.

Boshi: {Say what!?}

Geno: I know. I said the same thing when I found out. Anyway, I have come here to retrieve him, and take him to his new home. Would you please take me to him?

Boshi: {Wow... reborn... amazing.}

Geno: Yes, it's amazing. Would you please?

Boshi: {Uh, sure.}

(Boshi takes Geno to a large incubator.)

Geno: Excellent. There you are... Yoshi.

(Geno pulls out the tiny, adorable, baby Yoshi.)

Geno: Come along, little guy. I'm going to take you to meet your friends. You don't know what I'm talking about, but you'll see, soon enough.

Boshi: {Say, uh... we never found out what happened to him. We know he died, but how?}

Geno: Hmm. I think it would be better for you to not know. Besides, there's really no need, now is there?

Boshi: ..... {He went berserk, didn't he? Damn. It's a strange thing to see, isn't it? He's one of the sweetest guys you could ever know, then he turns absolutely blood-thirsty.}

Geno: Yes... Of course, now everyone knows about it, so we'll be extra careful. Uh, say, how do we care for him?

Boshi: {Oh, it's not that hard. Just toss it some fruit, and such, and he'll grow like a weed. That's the great thing about Yozards. Anyway... I suppose that's really it. Oh, make sure he has plenty of room to run around, in. We Yozards love to run.}

Geno: Yes... Thank you, Boshi. I promise, we will raise him right.

Boshi: {I'm sure you will.}

(Geno returns to the ship.)

Samus: Is that him? Awwww! He's so cute! Come here, you!

(Samus swipes Yoshi away, and coddles him mercilessly. Yoshi seems to be eating it up.)

Geno: (cough) Right. Well, I think we're done, here. Shall I take control of the ship?

Snake: Nah. I got it, this time.

(They head into the ship, and buckle in.)

G&W: <Geno, can you hear me?>

Geno: <It's good to be back. It sucked, not being able to hear things telepathically.>

G&W: <Mm. Anyway, I have something to ask you abo->
Samus: Oh! I almost forgot! Geno... (opens up the Giga-Smash case) we have to test you.

(Geno reaches out, and picks up a Giga-Smash coin. It stays silver. Geno puts it back.)

Geno: Eh. No big deal. Of course, it'll be difficult finding out who the other users are.

Samus: Mm. We'll think of something, I'm sure.

G&W: <What a shame. Anyway, I have to ask you something.>

Geno: <Shoot.>

G&W: <It's about Smithy... can we trust him? What if these little coins don't work, or something?>

Geno: .... <Well... It's hard to believe that he wants to help us. However, I think it's easier to believe that he wants The Deity dead. So, yes, I trust him... just this once.>

Samus: Gitchy-gitchy-goo!

Mewtwo: <Am I the only massively creeped out by the way Samus is acting?>

Ganondorf: Not by a long shot.

Gardevoir: <Oh, but he's just adorable! Let me hold him, Samus. Yes, you're the sweetest little thing I've ever seen! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!>

Mewtwo: <Can you taste the bile?>

(Everyone is finally returning to the mansion, for the final showdown with The Deity.)

Samus: So cute!

Mewtwo: <So help me, God, if either of you make one more little comment about that reptile, I will cause mental agony for the both of you.>

Gardevoir: <You're just mad because I think he's cuter than you.>

Mewtwo: <I don't care. I know it's not my looks. I wasn't created to win any beauty contests. Now, stop doing that!>

Samus: Hmph. He's definitely just jealous that he's not getting any attention.

BM: No, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the two of you continuously flapping your noise-holes.

(Silence. Snake glances back from the cockpit.)

BM: What? It's true, isn't it?

Ganondorf: This walking explosive has a point. You two are-

(Suddenly, the Triforce mark in the back of Ganondorf's left hand glows brightly. A moment later, there's a brilliant flash, and Ganondorf is floating amongst whiteness. All the others are gone.)

Ganondorf: What the? Is this... The Sacred Realm?

Huh??: Ganondorf, we are in need of your aid.

Ganondorf: Such power. Who, no, what are you?

Din: I am Din, Goddess of Power, and creator of the Triforce of Power. The Triforce that you hold. Ganondorf, though I and my sisters frown upon your actions, we are in need of your aid. Link is in great danger of losing himself.

Ganondorf: So? That's good for me. Let him get lost.

Din: Ganondorf, if Link should be lost, then the balance will be out of control. You will be so overcome by power, you will go insane.

Ganondorf: There was not one part of that sentence I didn't like.

Din: When you go insane, you will destroy everything you see.

Ganondorf: Aaaand...?

Din: Ganondorf, you will eventually destroy yourself. In a very, very horrendous way.

Ganondorf: Uh-huh. Why didn't you say that in the first place?

Din: I thought you were smarter than that. Now, if you wish to stay in balance, and keep your sanity, you must find Link, and restore his mind.

Ganondorf: Yuh-huh. How do I do that?

Din: That is something I cannot tell you. Only you can figure it out.

Ganondorf: Hang on, why don't you just have the Courage Goddess - what's her name? Farore? - Why doesn't she go after Link?

Din: Link's mind is already too far gone for my sister to be able to contact him. It must be you. Now, you must go.

Ganondorf: Wait! Where the hell is he?

Din: Follow the pull of your Triforce.

(There's another great flash, and Ganondorf finds himself back in his seat, on Snake's plane, with Snake's wet finger in his ear.)

Ganondorf: INNA NERTS!

(Ganondorf punches Snake right in the junk. Snake goes down, squealing.)

Mewtwo: <Told ya that would bring him back!>

Geno: I know that look you had in your eyes, Ganondorf. Did you have a vision?

Ganondorf: Ya damn right! Come on. We can't go back to the mansion, just yet.

Samus: What? Are you insane?

Ganondorf: No, but I will be if Snake do- Snake?

(Snake is curled into a fetal position, holding his balls.)

Yoshi: Yoshi?

Gardevoir: <Oh my god! Was that his first word?>

 (So, after a few long minutes, Snake regains his composure, and Ganondorf tells his vision.)

Snake: (cough) Yeah, I see why this is so important.

Ganondorf: Yeah, um, hey, about that shot... you probably deserved it. Karma, and all that.

Snake: Yeah? Well, if that's true, that means you're going to get a sledge-hammer right where it hurts. And for all you know, it'll be me on the other end.

Samus: Hey, could we please go find Link, then? It'd be kind of nice if we didn't have to see Ganondorf go berserk. Did Din give you any kind of time frame?

Ganondorf: Now that you mention it, she didn't. That probably means I should go, quickly.

Geno: And, she said to follow your Triforce? Huh. It probably means you can use it as a homing beacon. Try concentrating on Link, and see what you feel.

Ganondorf: Ugh. This is not how I want to spend my day. Fine.

(Ganondorf closes his eyes, and focuses. A moment later...)

Ganondorf: There he is... Alright, Snake. I got a lock on him.

Snake: Excellent. Point the way.

(And so, Snake homes in on the spot Ganondorf points out. Snake finds it on his charts, and realizes it isn't the planet the mansion is on.)

Snake: What's he doing there? Why the hell isn't he at the mansion?

Mewtwo: <I could sense it in him. Something seems to be wrong with him mind.>

Gardevoir: <Yes, I could feel it, as well. It was like parts of his brain were slowly dropping away.>

Samus: Yeesh. That explains the "losing himself" bit. How did he get there?

BM: Hopefully, we'll find out when we get there.

(A couple hours later...)

Snake: Are you sure it's from that planet?

Ganondorf: Positive.

Snake: Hmm... Hang on, I'm picking up some heat signatures. What the-?

BM: What's up?

Snake: He's living in a... a cottage. An actual, liveable domicile. It looks like a nice one, too.

Samus: That must mean he's either not as crazy as we thought, or he's with someone.

Snake: I can't tell. This ship was built mostly for transportation and combat. It isn't equipped with scanners sensitive enough to give me more than what we know, right now.

Ganondorf: No problem. Just set us down close, and we'll take a closer look, ourselves.

(Twenty minutes later, they touch down, and are all outside.)

Samus: Alright. It's night. I think we should take this opportunity to see what's going on, in there. For all we know, Link might be tearing something up.

Snake: Got it. Game&Watch, with me?

G&W: Beep?

Snake: Why you? (cough) You, er, blend in with the night.


Geno: Did... did you just...

G&W: <Let it slide. Just... dammit, let it go.>

(Snake and Game&Watch sneak over to the hut. About five minutes later, they return.)

Samus: What did you guys see?

Snake/G&W: ...............

Ganondorf: Come on. Out with it.

Snake: I'm done. I'm getting in the plane, and I'm staying there.

Geno: Good lord. Game&Watch? Are you broken?

G&W: <I've witnessed things... I've seen things.... I've CREATED things that would scare anybody. But, that... that is just... I'm going with Snake.>

(Snake and Game&Watch go into the plane, and shut the hatch.)

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