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Rief's Story

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Author Topic: Rief's Story  (Read 1214 times)
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« on: 17 March, 2008, 05:19:39 pm »

Chapter 2:

Rief enter elaborate gates into the city of Gemini. Gemini City was an unusual place because the river that ran down the center of it gave the city life, but it was also the city’s downfall. The entire city was surrounded by towering walls which kept conflict both out and in. The city had two sides, a poor side on one side of the river and a rich side on the other. The two were in a constant state of flux over the course of the city’s history. Inevitably, the citizens in the poor side would become unruly and rebel against those in the rich half, a revolution would take place, a few heads would roll and the poor side would now be the rich side. Then the whole process would take place again a few years later.

Today Rief was visiting the poor side, where business was good and the guards were scarce.

Rief passed by the bakery he and his associate always discussed deals at and ordered a slice of sweet bread from a pretty waitress, paying in advance in case he had to make a quick get-away. Rief looked amongst the crowds until at last he spotted the friendly face of his business partner Jack Hawker. Jack was a big man with a hoarse voice and not a lot of muscle to him. He was basically the brains to Rief’s muscle, minus most of the brain. Rief stood for a friendly handshake before Hawker gave him a bear hug.

“Rief! Good to see you made it out alive!” Hawker lowered his hoarse voice as much as he could, “I hope you didn’t step on too many toes yeah? Bad for business.”

Jack let go of Rief, allowing him to slump against his chair while Jack took his own. Rief made a point of checking his pockets for signs of Jack’s loose hands before responding.

“Well, I lost some of my best knives taking out of group of guards, and I lost three good arrows to the kneecaps of the target, overall the mission was a success.”

Rief dug into his pouch and pulled out the small statue of a gargoyle hugging it’s knees.

“Excellent news!” Jack snatched the gargoyle from Rief’s hands with surprising grace and examined it closely. “So, you made sure to finish off the magician yeah? I’d hate to have a pissed off magician after me. There are only two ways to deal with magicians. The first is to make him unconscious, the second is to make him dead!” Jack laughed hoarsely at his own joke before quieting down.

“Nope, this one was a healer, I made it a point to get out of there as fast as I could. Don’t worry though, he didn’t follow me into the forest, I’m sure of it.” Rief assured him.

“Ah well, nothing we can do about that yeah?” Jack examined the statue more closely, feeling the magic in his veins to make sure the statue was legit. “You didn’t happen to grab anything else you’d like to show me did you?”

“I think you already know the answer to that after that bear hug maneuver you pulled on me.” Rief replied as a mischievous grin came on Jack’s face. “I had just grabbed the statue when the target confronted me, I didn’t really have time to take my pickings.”

“Aw, that’s a shame yeah? Well at least we have got the statue.” Jack tossed the statue back at Rief who stuffed it back in his pouch. “By the way, I almost forgot. I have another job lined up for you. A client recently discovered that a family heirloom he’s been looking for is in the possession of a powerful magician. He’s asked for help from the only thief brave enough to steal from one.”

Rief stared across the table at Hawker. Jack would only use flattery if he knew the mission would be dangerous.

“What’s the job Jack?” Rief asked bluntly.

“The client wants you to steal a magical artifact from Thaum Cigruta. The same client that’s paying us so handsomely for the statue.”

“No.” Rief said flatly. “You can’t honestly expect me to possibly be able to steal from Cigruta, he’s the best magician there is if the rumors are true. I’d be a dead man to take this job.”

“Rief.” Jack said, staring Rief down,” He’s offering you and I both enough money to retire and live luxuriously for the rest of our lives. Besides, rumors are just rumors yeah?”

Rief sighed. “What’s the job?”

A large grin came upon Jack’s face. “The client wants you to infiltrate Thaum Cigruta’s fortress and steal a shield that apparently grants the wielder flight or something. He said you should take the statue with you.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” Rief said irately pushing himself away from the table.

“I knew you’d come through for me! I know my partner yeah? When should I tell our client to expect delivery?”

“I’ll make the run tomorrow”, Rief replied. “I need to pick up some new daggers and arrows first.”

“You’re a good man Rief, take care of yourself yeah?”

“That’s gonna be difficult.”

The waitress came back with sweet bread to an empty table and a tip for her trouble.
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