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This is a new, more organized info topic. ILS's and Hawk's profiles.

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Author Topic: This is a new, more organized info topic. ILS's and Hawk's profiles.  (Read 4483 times)
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That guy

« on: 13 October, 2007, 11:31:52 am »

Main characters:

Name: Mads ”ILS” Andersen
Age: Looks around early 30’s.
Height: 176 cm (5’ 8¨)
Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
Hair color: Light brown/dark blondish
Eye color: Green-ish.
Race: Human, Caucasian.

ILS is a male of average height, and regular build, meaning that while he does have a few muscles, he clearly isn’t built to lift heavy stuff. His hair is short, and has a light brown or dark blondish color. He can usually be seen wearing either long sleeved shirts, or short sleeved shirts. They can be pretty much any color, but most usually he can be seen wearing blue. Pretty much always wears a pair of black pants, and a pair of black shoes. His left arm and right leg are artificial automails (for any non FMA fan, an automail is a realistic, prosthetic limb), covered in a substance that very closely resembles skin, making it feel exactly like real limbs. However, due to the build of the metal automail limbs, it’s somewhat noticeable that they’re not real, though that’s pretty much hidden when he’s wearing regular clothing. After Katrina coerced him into it, he is mostly seen wearing contacts, but is occasionally seen wearing glasses.

Theme: Period – Chemistry (FMA brotherhood opening 4)

 Battle theme: Spirit never die – Masterplan

History theme: Predestination – Fairy Tail OST

Mads Andersen, called ILS by a lot of people, appears to be nothing but a typical game and anime nerd, and often comes across as being a little strange. And for the most part, it’s true. ILS is a gamer at heart, and an avid watcher of anime and reader of manga. He has a tendency to compare real life to archetypes and various narrative tricks and tropes. One comparison he often uses is that he believes that he can’t be killed outside of a heroic sacrifice, because he is a main character. This makes him seem a bit weird when you first meet him, but if you are able to stick with him, you’ll soon find that he’s a really friendly person. If somebody asks him for help, he’ll often do the best he can to help them. He is a bit of a pervert, though he is respectful towards women. Very few things annoy him, and it’s very hard to get him angry. He knows that getting annoyed and angry serves no true purpose, and thus he’s more likely to submit in an argument than he is to continue with it. ILS does not believe in himself a lot, and believes himself to be of inferior value to those around him. He believes that all he’s good for in a fight is a meat shield, and when confronted about stuff he’s very good at, he’s extremely humble and almost shy. ILS hates to brag, or even slightly compliment himself, as it makes him feel like he’s putting everyone below him, so he rarely does it. He is extremely unlucky, and often gets himself beat up or is in other ways screwed over. He has been beaten to near death often, and he’s been pushed beyond the brink of death on more than one occasion. For some reason, even despite the fact that he feels dispensable, he refuses to die or give up. ILS has survived beyond impossible odds on so many occasions that the Grim Reaper, Death himself has grown extremely irritated by ILS and keeps a list of how many times he should have died.

ILS’ life was pretty uneventful until he went to the village of Keterburg, where he met the woman Karen Nebilim. Nebilim was a doctor, who’s boyfriend had left her after he found out she was pregnant. ILS met her when he was rather beat up, and she took him in and helped him, allowing him to stay in her house. Over time, the two fell deeply in love, and when Nebilim gave birth to her child, it was even ILS who was allowed to name her. He named her Sheena, after a video game character. Then, one year later, Nebilim was afflicted with an unknown illness. She would occasionally lose control of her body, but it would always be just an involuntary twitch or two, and then it would go away for a few days.

But one night, Nebilim lost complete control. She began to strangle a surprised ILS with incredible strength. Despite not being in control of her body, she was fully conscious, and begged ILS to kill her. ILS refused, not wanting to kill the woman he loved, one of the few women who had ever loved him. As he began to pass out from lack of air, Nebilim screamed at him, begging him to kill her, before she killed him… and before she killed Sheena. Closing his eyes, ILS grasped one of his swords, and slit her throat, spilling the blood all over himself and the floor. Nebilim fell to the ground with a sad smile, dead. Stricken with panic and grief, ILS desperately drew a large alchemic transmutation circle around her, with the blood she had spilled on him. Breaking the biggest alchemic taboo, he performed a human transmutation, not only surviving, but managing to retrieve her soul and merge it with her body, at the cost of his right leg.

After that, everything was normal again. But it soon occurred to ILS that Nebilim was slowly changing. While she had been a sweet lady before, she was slowly turning into a mean, sometimes even cruel person to anyone except him. She also started to become a lot more obsessed with him than she had been previously. But ILS chose to ignore it, blindly putting his faith in the love he had for her. However, one day, it became impossible for him to ignore. He came home, not finding Nebilim or Sheena anywhere. Heading into the basement, the room where Nebilim did most of the operating on her patients, he was met with a horrible sight. The little two year old Sheena, cut entirely open, blood everywhere, with her mother experimenting on her. When ILS yelled at her, asking what the hell she was thinking, she simply looked at him showing no remorse, and answered in just one sentence and with a smile on her face. “I replaced her father’s horrible DNA with yours… now, she’s truly our child…!” Disgusted, horrified and enraged, ILS managed to keep it together for long enough for Nebilim to sow the poor child together. Taking Sheena, ILS left and never looked back, now fully aware that Nebilim had changed.

Returning later, he fought Nebilim on the edge of a cliff. Nebilim had also been experimenting on her own body, and was extremely powerful. In the end, they were both caught up in an explosion strong enough to kill both of them. The last thing ILS remembered, was plummeting down the cliff, and feeling the sharp and intense pain of his body being pierced by sharp rocks. He later woke up, holding a sleeping Sheena in his arms. Looking himself over, he looked exactly like he did when he was a lot younger. At that point, him and Sheena set out on their journey, meeting up with the likes of Naru, Yuki, Karin and Neko. Later, he performed a second human transmutation, to save the life of Harumi, costing him his left arm.

While ILS isn’t particularly strong, he’s got quite a few skills at his disposal.
ILS is one of the few remaining people capable of using alchemy. Alchemy is the process of transmuting one thing into another. However, just like with all other things in nature, there are certain rules in alchemy. One cannot change one element into another. For example, ILS is unable to change water into stone. He can however change it to stuff like wine. And the most important rule is that to gain something, one must lose something of equal value. This is known as equivalent exchange, and is a core part of alchemy. ILS is a skilled alchemist, capable of doing quite complex transmutations as well as large scale transmutations. Due to surviving a human transmutation and witnessing “the truth”, he does not require a transmutation circle, but can do alchemy simply by putting his hands together to indicate a circle. His alchemy isn’t all that impressive, until he decides to get serious. ILS is capable of almost impossible alchemical feats, such as transmuting entire kilometers of land at once, or even transmuting his own body, though at the cost of some of his life energy.

Aside from his alchemy, ILS is capable of summoning an army of anime girls. He is capable of summoning them with any weapon imaginable, and in any clothing imaginable. No matter what, they’re soft and can be killed in one hit. However, ILS is capable of making them stronger and able to take more than one hit, though at the cost of him being unable to move as he has to concentrate. He is capable of summoning over 10.000 of them at one time, and possibly even more than that.

Tanuki powers:
After an incident, ILS became part demon, specifically part Tanuki demon. This grants him the ability to change his shape and form if he has a leaf on his forehead. ILS isn’t very good at this however, and therefor he rarely uses this power.

ILS uses two swords to fight. He’s been training with them all of his life, though he’s only self taught. His is somewhat skilled at swordfighting, though compared to other sword users in the dojo he’s vastly inferior. Fighting with two swords means that he’s mostly offensive, leaving little defense to be had. In fights where he uses his swords, he relies more on his innate speed than his strength. While not nearly as fast as some other people in the dojo, he is still somewhat speedy.
ILS is incredibly enduring, to the point where it’s almost absurd. He is incredibly resistant to both heat and cold, can take massive amounts of pain, and is able to ignore even lethal damage. ILS could withstand at least 5 of the most powerful people in the dojo’s strongest attacks. He is nigh invulnerable, once having forced his blood to flow around his body, through sheer willpower alone because his heart was badly damaged. The only true way to quickly dispatch ILS is to cut his head off, or something similar to that. Note that ILS doesn’t take less damage, he is simply affected less. Though ILS endurance lies not only in his body, but in his suppy of energy/mana/chakra/ki, whatever you want to call it. While normal humans have enough energy to sustain maybe two or three people, ILS has enough energy inside him to sustain over 10.000 individual people, for up to 10 hours. For each girl he summons, his body is essentially keeping more than one person alive, something very few normal people can do. His endurance is by far his greatest strength, and it has helped him survive ordeals no other person could ever hope to survive.

Katrina is ILS’ girlfriend. After meeting one night, where they both couldn’t sleep, ILS started to develop feelings for her, initially thinking that she was way out of his league. Eventually catching on to the fact that she also had feelings for him, they started dating soon after. ILS really cares for Katrina, and loves her very much. She is also a great support for him, often helping him when he’s feeling down, and cheering him up. She often tells him to believe in himself more, and she’s one of the few people who can tell ILS that. Even though they’ve been together for some time, ILS is still surprised at how he’s managed to find not only a really kind, friendly and playful girlfriend, but also one with great… assets as well, despite his usually horrible luck. Like most other people with girlfriends in the dojo, he’d gladly give his life for her, if it were ever necessary.

While he doesn’t have any true relationship with Nestia, he considers her to be his savior in many situations, as she’s the doctor in the dojo. On many occasions, it has been Nestia who helped him, and nursed him back to health again. This cycle has happened so many times, that he has grown really fond of her, to the point that it saddens him when he gets hurt, knowing that Nestia will have to waste her time nursing him back to health.

While he has got great endurance, he’s not very strong, so if the opponent can dodge his attacks, he will eventually be worn out, though it might take quite a while. He doesn’t believe in himself much, and because of that he’s usually holding back quite a bit of his true strength, meaning that he often gets his ass kicked, which only reinforces his belief that he’s weaker than everyone else. Tearing off his automail arm also cuts him off from using alchemy without drawing a transmutation circle, which cripples him severely.

  • ILS is surprisingly good at giving massages.
  • He has gotten “nerves” installed in his automail limbs, enabling him to feel just as any normal human being would. However, this also makes him capable of feeling pain.
  • Has a tendency to go from being depressed and sad because of his self esteem, to being optimistic. No one knows why this is.
  • He was the first character that I created

Name: Sheena Nebilim

Age: 24 years old
Height: 5´9”
Weight: 133 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blood red
Race: Human, with a very small bit of vampire in her

Sheena is a woman who is not particularly tall, nor short. She’s built very athletically, with visible muscles though they’re still somewhat hidden under normal circumstances. When she needs to exert herself and use her muscles, they begin to show. While not looking overly muscular, she does begin to look more toned than the average female in the dojo and mansion. Her long, blonde hair is usually set up in twin tails with black ribbons, though she does occasionally let her hair down; When her hair is let down, it reaches down to around the middle of her back. She can usually be seen wearing T-shirts of varying sorts, usually either red or black. She almost always wears shorts, either dark brown or black. She occasionally wears stockings, and can mostly be seen wearing sneakers or something else that’s comfortable. Her eyes stand out, as they’re blood red with white pupils. At first her chest wasn’t much to speak of, and was just below average, though through the use of kitsune magic, it has been increased in size a bit, to just a little above average. Sheena often wears gloves, and only takes them off at night.

Theme: One more - Superchick

Battle theme: Faith is for transient people remix – Sanae’s theme from Touhou: Mountain of Faith

Backstory theme: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST 1 – Trisha’s Lullaby

Sheena could be described as a kind of stereotype, that is to say a tsundere. A tsundere is a character who is hard on the outside, but soft on the inside, which very much describes how Sheena is as a person. To people who’ve just met her, she seems like a nice, but rude and easily annoyed girl whom they have to be careful not to **** off. It is only the few people really close to her who sees her when her guard is down, and sees how sweet and shy she actually is. Since she’s travelled with ILS for all of her life, she has adopted his love for games and anime, though she’s not nearly as well versed in both cultures as he is. Once she’s ****ed off, she is almost impossible to stop. She can be very stubborn, and will refuse to give up, even when proven completely wrong. She used to be incredibly insecure, believing herself to be pathetic, and of no use to anyone, with the only possible exception being Gar, her boyfriend. However, after an incident where she experienced a severe headache, her insecurity seems to have toned down, if not vanished completely. From an outside point of view, it might seem that she hates both ILS and her so-called best friend Naru Hyoukin, as she’s always getting fed up with them, yelling at them and attacking them. But deep down she cares deeply about both of them, especially Naru.

Sheena was born on a cold winter morning, in a northern village. Her mother, Flanny Nebilim was the only one present at the birth besides the doctors, as the father had left her when he learned she had gotten pregnant. Close however, was ILS who had met Nebilim a couple of months earlier. Growing up, she saw Nebilim as her mother and ILS as her father, although he wasn’t, at least on a biological level. Sheena was asleep the night ILS killed Nebilim and subsequently perfomed a human transmutation to resurrect her. After her resurrection, Nebilim acted as she always had, taking care of and playing with Sheena. That is at least, until one special night.

That night ILS was out in town. Nebilim picked up Sheena, and told her they were going to play doctor and patient. It wasn’t unlike any other night, they had played doctor and patient many times before. It always ended with Nebilim playfully tickling the little Sheena to cure her of a random disease, claiming that “laughter is the best medicine”. This time however was different. Sheena was carried down to her mother’s operating room, a place she had only been a few times, and put on the operating table. Sheena didn’t know what was going on, but just smiled at her mother. It wasn’t until her mother pulled out a scalpel that the little two year old Sheena started to become agitated. When asked what she was doing, Nebilim only replied with one sentence. “Honey… we’re going to repair you.” before thrusting the scalpel into Sheena’s stomach. Sheena screamed in pain as she tried to escape, but Nebilim being much bigger and stronger than her little daughter, hit her and dragged her back on to the operating table, making a deep incision in Sheena’s stomach. Screaming and crying, the little Sheena struggled and fought to get away from her mother and from the pain, as she felt her mother’s hand pressing against her throat. Unable to breathe as she was strangled by her own mother, Sheena’s heartbeat soon became irregular, before finally being silenced. Nebilim, unaffected, continued to operate on her daughter, using her vast medical knowledge to replace every gene from her real father, with ILS’ genetic code. After that night, she was brought back to life by Nebilim, and she had lost all memories of her past two years. It is also speculated by ILS, who is the only person who knows of this event, that Nebilim wasn’t satisfied with just tampering with Sheena’s genes, but also made other changes, thus explaining why Sheena is as strong as she is. Just like before, Sheena slept through the night where ILS fought Nebilim, ultimately giving her a deadly wound, and killing himself in the process. After that, she woke up in his arms, as he walked down an icy road, away from the village Sheena had grown up in.

A couple of years after that, when she was 4-5 years old, no matter what village or town the two of them took a rest in, she was teased and bullied by the other kids. She never stood up for herself and because of her unique eyes, she was the perfect bully material. Her nicknames ranged from “demon girl” to “red freak” and “Mutant eyes”. Because of all the bullying and constant ridicule, no matter which town they rested in, she became introverted and rarely ever talked to anyone. She almost lost her will to live, and lost her motivation to do anything. She just shut herself up inside of her own mind. Shortly aftewards, ILS had picked up Naru from Nara and Cara, and had introduced her to Sheena. Naru was 6-7 years old at the time, and was as happy and enthusiastic as she is today. She quickly wanted to befriend Sheena, but as Sheena was pretty much shut up within herself, she refused to talk to Naru, and hardly even seemed to realize she was there. Naru was a bit saddened at first, but nonetheless remained positive, managing to have entire conversations with the little Sheena, who never ever replied or even looked at Naru. Then, in a western town, Sheena was once again bullied by a random gang of kids. Despite having lost all of her will, she could still hear all of the insults thrown at her.

Bumping into one of the older kids by mistake, the older kid started to beat her up with the help of her friends. Before things got too serious, Naru stepped in and defended Sheena, managing to outsmart and outmaneuver all the bullies, and eventually scaring them off. This was enough to finally make Sheena look directly into Naru’s eyes, as no one else around her age had ever stood up for her, and definitely hadn’t protected her. Overcome with enthusiasm at Sheena finally acknowledging her existence, Naru spoke with excitement: “Yay! You can see me! X3 You really need to stand up for yourself more… see, when someone says bad stuff to you or annoys you, you just have to punch, like this! Pow! Heehee X3”. Sheena nodded and stared intently as Naru showed her how she was supped to punch and kick, learning the fighting style that she still basically uses today. After Naru was done explaining, she sat down next to Sheena, and kissed her cheek, happily asking “Hey, you wanna be best friends with me? X3”. Blushing, and filled with admiration for Naru, Sheena finally spoke to her, as she nodded. “Y…Yeah.” Naru was overcome with happiness, and gave Sheena a large hug and another kiss on the cheek. After a short moment, they began playwrestling, with Naru tickling Sheena, something that became Naru’s favorite method of playing with Sheena. For the first time in a long while, Sheena was genuinely smiling and laughing.

Nothing particularly eventful happened in Sheena’s life after that, up until she and the group arrived at the dojo. As she settled into the dojo, she met the man calling himself Gargravarr, whom she almost immediately developed a crush on. It didn’t help matters that he was always the one who was close enough to help her whenever she had problems, and thus made Sheena fall even deeper in love with him. Because of her extreme shyness and insecurity, she was much too scared of admitting her feelings for him, and thought that it was impossible for him to feel the same way towards her, as he was in a completely different league than her. Her heart was shattered when, due to deep and severe personal problems, Gar disappeared and seemingly left the dojo without a word. Months later he was found encased in a crystal, and brought to the dojo medic wing, fighting an inner battle. Sheena was also in the medic wing, having been hurt in fight with one of the other dojo members. It wasn’t until both she and Gar were both lying in the medic wing injured, that she gathered up the courage to tell him how she felt about him. Expecting to be turned down, she was shocked and surprised to find out that he felt the same way about her. They’ve been together ever since then, and they were the first people to get together in a couple in the dojo.

Later, after Nebilim learned that ILS was in the dojo with Sheena, Nebilim attacked Sheena slicing her throat, nearly killing her again. She survived by a small margin, and went into a coma. During her coma, she confronted her inner personification of insecurity, and fought a losing battle. Even when the vampire Angela helped by allowing Gar to appear inside Sheena’s mind, the “real” Sheena was slowly dying. Angela, seeing how much Gar wanted to help Sheena, decided that the only thing she could do was bite Sheena, and make her a vampire, in order to give her the strength to get out of her coma. However, as Angela herself is only a third or a fourth vampire, Sheena only became a very small part vampire. In fact, the only vampiric traits she inherited are two small pairs of fangs, and the ability to drink blood and turn it into excess power. She does not need blood to sustain herself, or to keep up her powers.

These powers were since accentuated, after she and the entire group of anime girls and ILS was attacked and sent to the demon world. Sheena broke her arm and hit her head, causing her to forget everything due to amnesia. Winding up in the capital of vampires in the demon world, she was treated quickly, but was caught in an attack by an opposing group of vampires, trying to take over the city. As Sheena tried to defend the vampire family that had protected her, she was bitten by the leader vampire and almost sucked dry. If it hadn’t been for the pendant given to her by Gar, and her hallucinating about him, giving her the strength to fight on, it’s likely she would have died then and there. Empowered by her hallucination and vague memories of Gar, she managed to defeat the leader vampire. She was since brought back to the dojo, and has since regained most of her memories. Her trip to the vampire city, as stated before accentuated her vampiric powers. She has developed two very small, very easy to miss bat wings on her back. They serve no purpose whatsoever, but they’re incredibly sensitive.

Sheena, while not as versatile as some of her friends, does have a few different abilities at her disposal.
Super strength:
Sheena is incredibly strong. Not just a little stronger than average, but insanely strong. She can lift big boulders with relative ease, and trains by lifting weights that weigh in at around several tons. So far, there seems to be no true limit to Sheena’s strength, as her own bones shatter before she’s capable of reaching her full strength. When Sheena punches regularly, she’s using only a fraction of her power. In order to increase the strength of her punches and kicks, she needs to spend time “winding up” her punches and kicks. This has the downside of making her most powerful attacks kind of slow, but in return they’re almost all one hit KOs. When delivering the strongest punch she can possibly deliver to a person, if it’s a direct hit, it WILL completely shatter and pulverize every bone in that person’s body. She rarely uses this much strength however, and the strongest punch she usually uses against other people will only break bones at most. As Sheena needs a little bit of wind up time for her punches to become truly extraordinary, it’s possible to make her lose concentration to make sure her punches are only slightly above average. Due to the massive force at which she punches, her hands were very vulnerable early on, often sustaining many injuries. Not even wearing gloves protected her hands very much. However on her 24th birthday, Nestor gave her a special pair of knucklebusters. Which leads to…

The knucklebusters that Nestor gave Sheena are not ordinary knucklebusters. When she puts them on, they coat her hands in green energy (which she is currently having him change to red energy), which serves to protect them. With this energy coating protecting her, she is capable of maximizing the damage she deals, while minimizing the damage she receives herself, pretty much nullifying it. In addition to this, they also strengthen her muscles and bones slightly, making her able to use more of her strength than normal. Still, even that isn’t enough to protect her for long enough to reach her maximum potential in terms of strength.

Hand to hand combat:
Despite not being a trained martial artist, she has picked up a few hand to hand combat techniques along the way. On the same birthday that Nestor gave her the knucklebusters, Agaranok gave her a book on hand to hand combat. This, coupled with Gar occasionally giving her hand to hand combat lessons, has made her a somewhat proficient hand to hand combatant. She still prefers to rely on her massive strength and end her fights quickly, but she now has some technique which she can rely on if all else fails.

As she is made up partially of ILS’ genes, she has inherited his endurance. However, the ability is latent, and rarely comes out. She has yet to learn to control this ability, and it only kicks into effect when she truly does not wish to lose or go down. Her endurance is on no scale even close to ILS’, but when it kicks in, she can sustain a surprising amount of punishment before going down.

Marik “Gargravarr” Avalon
Marik Avalon, known by almost everyone as Gargravarr, is Sheena’s boyfriend. They’ve been together for 3 years, and Sheena has only grown closer to him and more in love with him with every year. Sheena is one of the (at least as far as I know) very few people who refer to Gar by his real name, Marik. Sheena loves Gar very deeply, and it’s speculated that he’s the entire reason she’s become less insecure and has gained a greater self worth. No matter what problem Sheena is in, Gar is ready to help her resolve it, or do his best to resolve it for her if she can’t. This has created a strange situation where Sheena feels bad that she can never help him, and repay him as much as he has done with her. However, she has for the most part gotten over this. On her first birthday after they became a couple, Gar gave her a crystal pendant, glowing a beautiful green as it contains 10 years of his own life force. Sheena treasures this pendant above all other things she has ever owned, and very rarely, if ever, takes it off. It is currently in Nestor’s possession, as she has requested that he build something that can protect it, without making it too big and clunky. In an attempt to create something worth as much as her pendant, she spent an entire year building a pocket watch for Gar, which she gave to him on their 3rd anniversary. Whether he’ll treasure it like she does her pendant isn’t known, only time will tell. Sheena is very overprotective of Gar, and is occasionally afraid that he’ll be taken away from her by other girls vying for Gar’s attention. She is also somewhat jealous of the seemingly very close relationship he has with Zeldafan, seeing as he occasionally chooses to discuss personal things with her, rather than Sheena. In the end though, she truly trusts Gar, and is very loyal to him herself.

Naru Hyoukin
Naru Hyoukin is Sheena’s best friend, though one wouldn’t know by taking one look at them. Naru takes great joy in annoying and teasing Sheena to **** her off, and Sheena can often be seen cursing at and chasing Naru, trying to beat her up. Their encounters usually follow a certain pattern: Naru teases Sheena to the point where the latter gets fed up. Sheena tries attacking Naru. Naru, depending on her mood, either simply outruns Sheena or tickles her until she breaks down and gives up. However, underneath this seemingly unstable relationship lies a true and deep friendship. Naru is one of the few people who has seen and knows of Sheena’s soft side. She is very well aware of the times where Sheena is in no mood for her teasing, and at those times she is 100% supportive of Sheena. Naru is also very protective of Sheena, having threatened Gar that if he does anything to make her cry or make her sad, she’ll rip off his genitals. Despite this though, she does take great joy in annoying Sheena, and considers it a game. And Sheena, despite protests to the contrary, doesn’t mind as much as she seems to.

While Sheena doesn’t have a relationship with Sonata so to speak (she has only talked to her a few times), she admires her incredibly much. She sees her as a kind of ideal, something that Sheena truly wishes to become. Toned, but beautiful and graceful, confident in her own beauty and skills, slightly playful but still serious, kind calm and very friendly and so on. Whenever Sheena is around Sonata, she does her best to seem very strong and confident, unconsciously trying to impress her “idol”. She is extremely embarrassed about looking up to Sonata, and has only told Nestia about it. Aside from her, no one, not even Gar knows about her admiration of Sonata.

Kusu is the name of Vulpix given to the anime girls by David. Out of all the anime girls, Sheena is the one who spends the most time with Kusu, finding her extremely cute. While Sheena can’t be considered Kusu’s owner per say, it is most definitely her who spends the most time taking care of and playing with the Vulpix. She’s spent enough time with Kusu to know how to pet her in such a way that Kusu really enjoys it to the fullest.

  • Sheena’s fetish is bondage, and she likes to be tied down. Very few people know of this, in fact Gar is the only one to know of this.
  • Sheena is deathly ticklish, a fact most often exploited by Naru and her boyfriend Gar, though the latter tends to be more playful about it.
  • Sheena is very susceptible to flatter. Flattering her in the right way can make her weak at the knees very easily.
  • Sheena is one of the first characters I created, which is why she’s basically a walking stereotype. I have tried to improve her over the years though.
  • She got her name from the character Sheena Fujibayashi, from Tales of Symphonia.
  • Despite being able to drink blood and power up with it, Sheena despises the taste of blood.
  • Sheena’s favorite food is meat, of almost all kinds.

Naru Hyoukin:

Age: 28
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Height: Around 5´5"
Weight: App. 136 lb
Race: Demon, more specifically, kitsune.

Theme: (Waka laka, don't know from where <_<)

Battle theme: (Love colored Master Spark - Marisa's theme from Imperishable Nights)


Naru Hyoukin is a lightning fast prankster. Though she's one of the shortest of ILS' anime girls, and most immature, she is actually the oldest, being a whooping 28 years old. She's generally considered somewhat annoying by most people, but people generally like her despite her tendency to be really annoying. She's a really nice person, though she loves pranking people. she loves seeing people smile and laugh.

Ironically, her closest friend and longest relationship is with the very serious sheena. They are extremely close friends, despite Sheena not really admitting it. She is the daughter of Nine tailed kitsune, Nara Hyoukin and infamous six-tailed kitsune Cara Hyoukin. At the age of 28, she could be considered an infant when it comes to kitsune standards. Her powers were sealed until about a year ago, when the other kitsune, Kit, reawakened Naru's powers.

Naru has also found a mate, in the nine-tailed kitsune called Yoko. He is one of the only two beings who have ever managed to make her blush. Naru likes to play with him, often by turning into a fox and playing with him like that.

Naru also has a human boyfriend, whom she aquired recently, named Kestin. Naru loves Kestin, as he is essentially the male counterpart of her. He loves to have fun, and often smiles. They met when they decided to see who could last the longest, when pleasing each other. Initially only a one night stand, Naru started to fall for Kestin the more time she spent with him. Ever since discovering that he's ticklish, Naru is very fond of tickling him, often until he cries from laughing too much. Naru claims to do it because she loves hearing him laugh.

As a kitsune, she specializes in mind tricks. Literally. Naru's kitsune personality is altering memory, and altering the personality or personality quirks.


When Naru was born, her kitsune powers and tails were sealed by her mother and father, as they were afraid that bounty hunters (which were plenty at the time) would use their newborn daughter against them. Hiding her kitsune skills, they entrusted her with ILS, whom they deemed "Highly untrustable and unreliable looking, yet oddly ensuring...". Naru has traveled with ILS ever since then, and sees him as a father more than anyone in the group. Though that doesn't stop her from poking fun at him at every second she can.

It wasn't until many years later, that her kitsune powers were once again awakened, by the kitsune called Kit. Since then, her tails have been growing at a rapid rate, achieving three tails within the time span of a year, where a normal tail takes at least 5 months to grow, and even more the higher the number of tails you have is.

Fighting style:

Naru fights bare handed. Naru is very fast, and uses that to the full potential. She runs around her opponent, taunting them and generally trying to annoy them into losing their cool. She is able to throw 6 punches per second.

As said, Naru fights by taunting her opponent. If the opponent is a calm, collected person, she simply acts stupid to get them to lower their guard. Naru can also release pheromones, which causes disorientation with all men. Even though they'll still be able to fight her with relative ease, the pheromones slow them down, even if just a little.

A peculiar thing about naru, is that she uses a special fight style she calls "kusuguttai-ken". Literally, tickling fist. This fighting style, serves no purpose other than making the opponent annoyed. Though this has proven to work a select few times, and it was even used as a an anticlimactic end to the massive Amaterasu (in Yuki's body) vs Michal fight. It's also a very effective fighting style when fighting against the physically stronger Sheena, who're easily brought down to tears with it. But often this fighting style do fail.

Battle stats:

-fought Michal and ended with a draw
-Fought Sheena on numerous occasions, often winning
-Fought Blaze/ember-chan on numerous occasions, but the fight is always abandoned (for reasons unknown to me...)
-Fought three of Michal's friends and knocked herself and two of the opponents out. The fight was won by Rin.
-Fought David with the other anime girls + Rin, and lost.



-In case no one has noticed, Naru uses tickling a lot. Tickling is even a fetish of hers.
-Naru is one of the three very first original anime girls I made.
-Naru secretely dreams of having both Yoko and Kestin cooperate, and pleasing her
-Because of her short stature, Naru's above average boobs seem even bigger than they are
-Despite often being on top when tickling, she loves being tickled out of her mind
-Is essentially a better prankster than most kitsune, because she's used to not having to rely on her kitsune powers


Full name: Cara Asimov Hyoukin
Name at birth: Cara Risilla
Age: Around 6256 (Appears early thirties)
Birthday: May 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 145 lbs

Cara is a female kitsune, standing at approximately 6 feet tall, and weighing around 140-150 lbs. Her build can and does change depending on the situation, but her ‘normal’ build, if one could call it that, is that of a slender woman. After having scoured through her mate Nestor’s secret folder, she has started doing a few workouts, giving her a slightly more athletic build. Cara is a curvy woman, but her breasts are “only” slightly above average, being a C-cup. Cara usually displays her kitsune features, namely her ears and tails, though she generally only has two or three tails out at any given time, unless she needs to use more. Cara’s skin has the colour of a caucasian human, with a very light tan. She has green hair, which is long, thick and has a nice, refreshing smell to it, like grass after a rainfall. Her eyes are nutbrown in colour, and they have a glint of playfulness and allure in them. Cara’s usual style of clothes involves her wearing a top of some sort, usually one which shows off her midriff. What she wears on her legs tends to vary, though she prefers either skirts or jeans. Her tops tend to be a shade of red, with her skirts usually being a lighter shade of green than her hair. One thing to note is that Cara never wears any shoes or socks, under any circumstances. The only times she does is when she’s absolutely forced to for one reason or another, and even then she will use every opportunity and every excuse to take them off. Always being barefoot, she has a big collection of anklets and toe rings, which she switches between on an almost daily basis. Her feet are kept clean via the use of a speciel kitsune spell, which (at least, she claims) she has created. On the backs of her hands, she’s got two tattoos, representing two of her mates. On her right, is a pair of glasses with the letters ‘N’ and ‘A’ on them, while on her left is a medical cross with bunny ears, and an hourglass in the middle. On her back, between her shoulder blades, she has a tattoo representing her other mate, Nara Hyoukin, which is of a pair of legs with wings on them.

Cara for the most part follows the kitsune norm, being a very outgoing, extrovert and overall just sociable person. She loves to be around people, and is generally a very happy individual, choosing to meet most challenges (and people) head on with a smile or a joke. She doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the words ‘shy’ or ‘embarassing’, being a person almost impossible to fluster. Where she differs from most kitsune, is that she is not much of a prankster. While she certainly loves to make sarcastic remarks and riling up people by teasing them, she very rarely pulls any actual pranks using her magic. Very rarely does she change another person, or indeed change herself to fool another person. However, even though she might seem like a joking airhead at times, one should not be fooled, as she is far from dumb. She is an intelligent woman, who is able to think very quickly on her feet. This has helped her on numerous occasions, where her antics had gotten her into trouble that she needed to get out of real quickly.

What people will very quickly pick up on is that Cara is extremely flirty and, putting it nicely, has no respect for other people’s privacy. She is very playful and a big tease, constantly touching and enticing people she talks to (both male and female). Cara takes great pleasure and enjoyment in teasing and flustering other people, finding it to be very fun. Some of her favorite ‘victims’ of this include David, Gargravarr as well as her new mates, Nestor and Nestia. David is fun for her because it’s normally easy to get him to say or do something which could be interpreted wrong by Cara, giving her an excuse to play with him. She finds Gargravarr especially fun to tease, because he is often very stoic, or seemingly grumpy. Making him stutter and blush, at a loss for words, is something she takes great pleasure in. And finally, she loves to do it to Nestor and Nestia, because she finds it adorable when they’re shy and nervous around her. It does become much more difficult for her every passing day, of course, as they get more and more used to her antics. It’s especially difficult with Nestia, who shares many of Cara’s outgoing traits.
This flirty and boundary-breaking behavior has a bad tendency to scare people away from her, with most of the residents neutral towards her, or scared/uncomfortable around her. It for the most part doesn’t help that she has studied many of them in secret, and knows quite a lot of everyone’s little secrets and turn ons, which she does use to great effect when being flirty.
Althought it might not seem like it, she does know when to be serious and stop fooling around, although you might not think she did.

Cara grew up alone, never knowing who her parents were. She spent many of her early years in an orphanage, as the only kitsune there. While it was certainly not a bad time in her life, and many of her caretakers were nice people, she never received any physical affection and reassurance, in the form of hugs and the like. Being a kitsune, she was very outgoing and optimistic even as a child, which set the precedent for what would happen most of her life: She made more people nervous than actually liked her. She didn’t have many friends in the orphanage, and the few she did matured as they aged, whereas Cara, again due to her kitsune-nature, didn’t seem to mature at all. Once she became too old to stay at the orphanage, she set off into the world, heading nowhere in particular. She wandered around, surviving by doing a few jobs where she could, and stealing a bit of food when the times were tough. She eventually ran into a group of three succubi, who let her stay with them. As they lived together, the succubi slowly learned that the young kitsune was more than met the eye, as she not only outsmarted and thwarted their attempts to play with her at times, but even managed to fight back against three fully grown succubi. They started teaching Cara everything they knew, and she was a fast learner, as well as a true natural talent. It wasn’t more than a few years before she could handle all three succubi with relative ease. Cara claims that one of her toe rings, specifically the one with hearts engraved in it, was given to her as proof of being an honorary member of a succubi village. She says that she was invited back to the three succubi’s village, and left it unscathed, leaving at least 60 succubi staring after her, longingly. Cara says it’s here she earned her nickname, Cara ‘the succubus’.

After this, she wandered around more, before deciding to enroll in the demon academy. Even though you might believe sexual skills would make one popular here, it doesn’t really work when they’re used on people who aren’t really willing. She was equal parts feared and bullied, one time after class being beaten mercilessly, and left bleeding in the hallway. Here, like in the orphanage, Cara had few friends, only now she was old enough for it to really get to her. Few people dared talking to her one on one, and only one person actually stood up for her when others were around: Her classmate Nara Hyoukin. He wasn’t afraid of her, when she flirted with him, he flirted right back. They eventually fell in love, and when they became mates, Cara gave up her maiden name, Risilla, and took on the surname Hyoukin. Cara graduated demon academy with many above average grades, scoring an A in subjects like Transformation, P.E., Psychology, Biology (though that may simply be because she was examined in Sexology), as well as many other subjects. She prides herself on the fact that her lowest grade was a C, gained in the subject ‘Ancient Scripture Reading’.

After Cara gained her sixth tail, she started to experience moments of feeling unwell. After a visit to a doctor, she learned that this is because of a build-up of magical energy in her body. Whereas normally, a kitsune would gain magic power up to a certain point and then create a tail to store that magic power, a genetic defect in Cara’s body made her unable to create a seventh tail. This meant that Cara had reached her maximum amount of tails, six, and would never be able to gain more. From that moment on, she also learned she had to release magic power daily, or else the build-up could injure her.

When Cara and Nara got their child Naru, it was a hard time in their lives, as they were being hunted by quite a few bounty hunters. Fearing for the life of their child, they found a travelling adventurer who called himself ILS, and gave him their child for safekeeping. It was a hard decision for Cara to give up her child, but it was the best option she had at the time. Years later, she heard that her daughter was staying at a dojo, and decided to go see her daughter, after so many years.


Nestor Asimov Hyoukin: Nestor is Cara’s boyfriend, who recently became her mate. Originally only interested in him because he was an android, something she’d never seen before, hanging out around him made her develop feelings for him. Cara originally became his girlfriend after he made an offhand comment that it would be wonderful to have a girlfriend like her. Cara made herself his girlfriend before he could object, and they’ve been together since. Her relationship with Nestor is a special one, as Cara is very flirty and outgoing, which makes Nestor sort of shy (though he has gotten more and more used to it as the years have passed). Although Cara loves to see him become flustered and stammer, she knows when to give him some space if he needs it. This is evident in the case of her foot fetish, as she occasionally mentions it around him, but acts on it much, much rarer than she does with her other mates Nestia and Nara, out of a fear it makes him uncomfortable and weirded out. She has given birth to two children with Nestor, the little girl Colette and the little boy Cid. She loves Nestor unconditionally, and would do anything in her power for him, even give up her life, if need be. She has nicknamed him ‘Cutie’, and calls him this so often that her using his real name signifies that she’s very serious about something.

Nestia Asimov: Nestia Asimov is Nestor’s female opposite, and also became Cara’s mate recently. Much like with Nestor, Cara originally set her sights on Nestia not out of any feelings of actual love, but simply because it was a female version of Nestor. As Nestia matured into her own woman, Cara saw what a different person she was from Nestor, and fell in love with her as well. Although both Nestia and Nestor in some sense are the same, the relationship between Cara and Nestia is much different than the one between Cara and Nestor. Around Nestor, Cara is playful and flirty as always, and enjoys seeing him fluster and blush, but knows she should hold back a bit. But around Nestia, any semblance of a brake is completely missing. Nestia shares Cara’s flirty and playful properties, and as such responds to a flirt with another flirt, to a joke with another joke, to a tease with another tease, etc. This has more than once lead to them encouraging each other to the point where they can’t resist, and start making love spontaneously. The way they act around each other is much more kitsune-like, as they occasionally tickle-fight each other, fights that Cara (unfairly, she claims) often lose, as Nestia simply pins her underneath her, and makes her tails do the work until Cara surrenders. She is more open about her foot fetish with Nestia, feeling that Nestia might have more patience with her than Nestor might have. Much like Nestor, Cara loves and trusts Nestia from the bottom of her heart, and would do anything and give up everything for her. Again, like Nestor, she has given her the affectionate nickname of ‘Cutie-chan’, using –chan to denote a more cute, female version of the nickname.

Nara Hyoukin: Nara Hyoukin is Cara’s third (chronologically first) mate, and the only one to be a true kitsune. They have been together through thick and thin for a very long time, and have a child together, Naru Hyoukin. They met early on, when Nara was the only person brave/stupid enough (accounts vary) to talk to her, as she was feared for her particular skills and interests. They fell in love, and eventually became mates. Her relationship with Nara could be seen as a mix between the ones she has with Nestor and Nestia, as she’s much less restrained than with Nestor, but not completely unrestrained as with Nestia. Although people don’t often see them together, this is mainly because she often meets with him away from other people, to spend some quiet quality time with him. She also knows that Nestor occasionally feels like he’s second-rate to Nara, which she doesn’t want him to feel, so she meets with Nara in places Nestor can’t see them. Nara and Cara have been together for a very long time, and share an extremely strong bond of trust and love.

David: David is Cara’s ‘favorite victim’. If she turns on the charm, he’s often easy to fluster and embarrass, and he’s often easy to trick into saying something stupid, which gives Cara an excuse to play with him. She often transforms him in various ways, tickles him as punishment for saying/doing something, or takes away his footwear just for fun. Although she may seem very mean to him (and some of the stuff she does can be pretty mean), she does consider him a good friend, even if the feelings might not always be reciprocated. She affectionately calls him ‘Davy’.

Naru: Although she might not have raised Naru herself, Cara and her daughter are very close. They often chat with each other, and Cara likes to teach Naru many of her own skills, which she is quick to pick up on, much like her mother. Naru often comes to Cara asking for advice, which she is more than happy to give. To an outsider, it looks as though Naru had never left Cara’s side during her upbringing.

Sunny: Cara has, strangely enough, developed a tight relationship with Nestor’s AI aide, Sunny. Cara was the one who named her, and often talks to her. Cara has picked up the job of cleaning Nestor’s lab, and thus often spends time there alone, talking to Sunny. Cara is quite interested in the AI, and treats her like she would treat an actual human being, up to and including hugging the computer screen, before Sunny got her own projection. This relationship also has it’s bonuses, as Cara through Sunny has access to both Nestor and Nestia’s deeply hidden folders of NSFW stuff, which she frequently checks and studies, unbeknownst to the both of them.

Kitsune magic: Being a kitsune, she is of course able to use magic specific to kitsune. She can transform her own body, as well as that of others, and even has limited control over the personality and mind of others, being able to manipulate it. She is able to do the more offensive kitsune spells, like fox-fire, but it’s not her forte. She is, however, extremely good at the more illusion and trickery-based spells, being able to create illusions of herself, change the perception of others, make others see stuff that isn’t there, and so forth.

Pheromones: A trick almost no other kitsune or even succubi have been able to replicate, Cara is able to release pheromones at will, in order to attract or disorient other people. She can change them in order to affect both men and women, and the effect is the same: If the person isn’t in some sort of danger, they will start sweating a bit and feel nervous around Cara. Soon they’ll have a hard time looking at anything but Cara, as everything except Cara becomes a blur to them. They start to become unable to think of anything but Cara, and start to become unable to speak due to the nervous stuttering. Strangely, the pheromones Cara releases are not her own, but ones she create on the spot. Her own pheromones, which are released when someone manages to turn her on, are much more effective, and people affected by them have said it’s one of the most arousing things they have ever experienced.

Intelligence: Cara is an intelligent woman with a lot of knowledge on a variety of different subjects. While nowhere near the intelligence of the smartest people in the dojo, she is still very intelligent. Unlike most of the smart people in the dojo though, you’d never tell. Cara keeps this detail hidden for the most part, and tends to obfuscate stupidity in most situations, even around Nara, Nestia and Nestor. Her intelligence and cunning are arguably her two greatest weapons, as well as the two most concealed.

Seduction: Although Cara has her pheromones, as well as her magic, she can do extremely well without them. She’s an expert, and capable of charming just about anyone. She has been noted to be just as good, if not even better than some succubi. If she has spent a bit of time with a person beforehand, she is absolutely guaranteed to be able to charm them. If there are any in the dojo who think that aside from making them blush, they are immune to Cara’s tricks, it’s simply because she has never truly tried. Because if she did, even the stoic Gargravarr and the extremely shy Hinata wouldn’t be able to resist her.

- Cara is proud of both her tails and feet, keeping them both in pristine shape. Her tails seem to shine, and the skin on her feet is smooth as silk.
- Cara, despite her very sexual nature and acceptance of all fetishes, has the most common fetish in the world.
- Cara is a fan of sweets, and is easily bribed with candy. Chocolate in particular is a good way to get her to do stuff.
- Though Cara is playful and sexual, she only ‘does it’ with people she truly care about.
- Cara is ambidextrous, though she favours her right hand.
- Cara finishes most of her sentences with a X3 face. It seems to be an unconscious action, as she’s not always aware she does it.
- Cara constantly tries to get Nestor and Nestia (mostly Nestia) to go barefoot all the time, like she herself does. This doesn’t work, and it’s mainly just for fun, though a small part of her really wishes they’d do it.
- Cara has nicknames for most people in the dojo, and if she doesn’t, it’s because I haven’t come up with a good enough one, yet.
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{Hey, Hawk. Look what I retrieved from IGR’s “secure” access server. Should make some good bedtime reading, not that you sleep much. I’ve amended it, in a probably futile attempt to cheer you up.

I've also updated their flimsy records to keep this set up to date.}

IGR Data Records.

Top Secret- Not To Be Removed {Hah!}

1: Hawk
2: Cain
3: The OSP
4: Phoenix
5: Greg
6: Face
7: Simone Cole
8: Dr. Klemeric


<Mostly my own imaginings. Parts of him have been nicked from Magneto and Fortune.>

Subject Full Name: Hawk_v3

Subject Physical Age: 17

Subject Mental Age: 34

Subject Number: 2031

Subject Sex: Male

Subject Species: Avian (traces of human)

Subject Appearance:
Height: 6’
Weight: 5 kg
Eye Colour: Gold
Feather Colours: Black/Blue.
Feather Style: Black all over except for eye stripe and blue bands on his tail feathers.
Clothing: Short-sleeved T-shirt, knee length shorts. Nothing else.
Other: Carries backpack and has a field surgery kit velcroed to chest. Laser sight/pointer implanted above right eye.

Subject Status: At large. Highly dangerous and among accomplices.
Course of Action: As yet undecided. All kinds of ordnance launched against him have vanished. Possible link to stolen AI. {No, they’re just self-destructing of their own accord, are they?}

Subject General Personality: Cold, Cynical, Pessimistic.
Possible Split Personality.
Normally: Short-tempered, friendly, likes panic and causing panic.
In battle: Unaware of pain or some surroundings, maniacal and sadistic.

Has problems keeping stolen AI under control. {No problems that I know of.}

History: Subject is an inmate of IGR. Subject was created 16 years ago as part of inter-species, gene splicing programme. After 8 years subject escaped with an accomplice. At inbuilt cut off date, accomplice died. Subject avoided cut off by unknown means. Subject stole technology, including AI, in order to survive then found a like-minded group of accomplices where he has remained to this date.
{Inside the Dojo, he has worked towards fitting in, and has gone from obnoxious and havoc-loving to quiet and (relatively)polite.

Battle records are as follows:
I. ZF, result win.
II. Omni, result win.
III. Blaze, result win.
IV. Harumi, result loss.
V. Harumi, result draw.}


Subject was taught standard ‘Warrior’ course and picked up some other skills through DNA Splicer and underworld techniques.

Explosives: Subject is talented at chemistry and can see the bomb in anything. This has led to numerous escapes from containment facilities.

Sniper: Subject was already accurate with guns and the avian eye helped greatly. With addition of implant, Subject is now worryingly accurate at almost any range.

Medic: Subject is a competent and skilful medic. Anybody who is willing to put themselves in his hands is well looked after. He has a different mental view on his patients, wounding or killing anyone who tries to harm them.

Implant: This implant also serves as a mental uplink to “Cain” (Subject’s name for the stolen AI.)

‘Cain’s’ control: The AI has been given the ability to enter Subject’s mind. This, plus the mental interrogation techniques IGR uses have given the Subject a very high resistance to mental invasion.

Jetpack: Subject is capable of unassisted flight on his own power, but has obtained a jetpack to add to his top speed at the cost of manoeuvrability. Subject has unassisted speed of 30mph cruising, 60mph sprint and aided speed of 100mph. As would be expected, stoop speed is in the realms of 150+.

Magnetism: Subject originally had pyrokinesis but requested a change due to a nasty tendency to set his feathers alight. Magnetic control is good, moving all known metals, including haemoglobin (iron in blood cells) to lift people and objects up to 15 tons.

Nanobots: Subject has stolen nanos. They now reside in his feathers (noticeable as a slight shimmer) and backpack where a nano-factory makes ammunition for his railgun as fast as he can fire the rounds.

Completely trusts nobody {Amendment: Now has complete trust in one person, Yuki.} [Thank you, Cain. Tell the world, why don't you...]
Fear of confinement, fire and (appropriately, considering the amount of pain he registers in tests) plucking.


Natural abilities (both later)


Subject has stolen and developed a nasty array of carried weaponry.

Railgun: Subject’s signature weapon. Fires solid shot and shrapnel rounds tooled by nano-factory. Can rapid fire solid shells. When active, the twin rails that stick out of the barrel carry a charge of 2 million volts to fire at lightspeed velocities. Charge, and therefore speed and round signature, can be changed.

    At full charge, the gun makes a distinctive snap-crack on discharge as the round ignites the air, moving so fast that it is only visible as a streak briefly burnt into the retina. There is also a distinctive whine as the capacitor array recharges for the next shot. At lower charges, gun acts like sniper rifle.

Explosives: Subject carries a large variety of high explosives, both homemade and military.

High Frequency Resonance: Subject has developed a kind of reusable bomb that uses resonance theory to shatter anything it is told to like glass. Footage of the HF bomb’s use on living beings has been described as ‘messy’, ‘inhumane’ and ‘the work of a twisted freak’. {So, they liked it and are wondering how to develop one.}

High Frequency Blades: Subject has converted the HFR technique above into a pair of katana-like vibrating blades for close combat use. These blades can cut through most materials with ease as the vibrations make the object resonate. They are not immune as one particular frequency shatters the Subject’s blades as well as the target material.
{The Darksteel blade is created from a metal given to him by Memnarch which is resonance proof. This blade cannot be shattered.}


Subject is a four-limbed humanoid.

Subject's vocal system is unusual, namely because the combination of a beak, and the wrong shaped tongue affects speech, making the Subject's voice raspy and coarse.

Hands and feet are feathered up to the wrist and ankle, the area beyond being yellow scaled, four-digit hands or feet.
Both hands and feet have three forward facing digits and one opposing digit, like a thumb. All his digits end in talons.
His stance is digitigrade.

Wings are built into arms.
A complicated three-way joint at the wrist allows use of hands with forewing folded back towards elbow. When the wing is extended, hand is hidden and wingtips brush the floor, giving a 10 foot wingspan.

Very good at range and distancing and can tell small differences with ease at close range.

Muscles are not much different from human norm, but flight muscles give strong natural armour around the chest area. Muscle structure and tendons allow for fast, strong and precise movements and a very good grip.

Avian bones, being light and hollow, are considerably weaker than human bones.

Quotes and Motto

Motto: Trust no-one.

What did you just say…?’
‘All I need to do…is push the button.’

Other notes

Subject is a carnivore who likes fresh meat. Doesn’t mind what he eats but some of his companions seem to. From microphone recordings on men sent to terminate him, he says that humans ‘taste like chicken, just not so dry.’ As the men were found semi-devoured and having died of blood loss, we presume that he likes live meat best.


Subject has no strong friendships in current group of companions.
{Hawk currently is in a relationship with aforementioned Yuki, while also trying to get other members to understand and respect what he can do, with little success so far.}

Constant Companions:


<Cain is almost completely based off Red Queen. Add my love of superweapons,  a touch of a Matrix operator and a large chunk of malevolence and that's him. I've found a A.I. in a webcomic that fits for my idea of him. Meet TAG.>

The AI that was stolen by the Subject.


Was a military-grade AI who has now been upgraded to the brink of omnipotency and omniscientcy. All AI’s are built with the electronic equivalent of a shotgun wired to their foreheads. The long set of rules detailing when the ‘trigger’ is pulled has, in ‘Cain’s’ case, been rewritten with one rule. The rule reads: ‘Obey my commands.’
This may seem limiting, but it appears that ‘Cain’ enjoys the tasks that he is set and he and the Subject view one another as friends. {Damn right.}

The Subject, however, has numerous failsafes and backups, the largest being a steel book dubbed as ‘The Book of Armaments’ containing all the codes required to fire his superweapons from any computer on the globe.


‘Cain’ appears to be able to hack anything. {No, not appears, can.} This is split into two groups and the most basic functions.

Control (needs direct link), Wipe (completely, leaving target in Persistent Vegetative State), Stimulate (feelings, pain being the normal one) and Upload/Download (memories and information).

Control, wipe, self-destruct, upload and download.


Needs power
On an orbital weapons platform
Has five earth links, two of which need to be active for ‘Cain’ to do anything.

Link locations:
1: Subject’s implant
2: SETI institute dish.
3: Goonhilly satellite uplink centre (UK)
4: Arizona meteor crater. (hidden in centre)
5: Sky dish on White House roof. {I always wonder how you got one here…}


These are the most used ones but not all of them.

Long Range
Artillery barrage
Cruise missiles
Ballistic missiles (ground-based)

Orbital Superweapons. {Also known as the fun ones.}

Codename: Hell
Type: Surgical strike.
Description: An Ion/Positron/Particle beam cannon. Causes intense heat at target location

Codename: Calamity
Type: Area bombardment.
 Description: Orbital Nuclear Warheads, ranging from Atomic through to Neutron bombs (Destroys only living tissue).

Codename: Vengeance
Type: Area devastation/ Heavy defence destruction.
Description: Orbital Tungsten Rods that melt in the atmosphere and hit the target as a semi-molten mass.

Codename: Pulse
Type: Tactical.
Description: EMP barrage affecting a 30 mile radius.

Motto: Havoc. Chaos. Destruction. My work here is done.

‘Your probability of success is…insignificant.

And falling.’

‘This’ll be fun…’

The OSP.

<I happen to like the idea of orbital space stations.>

The Primary Subject’s superweapons, along with other, more basic weapons, are stored in the Orbital Superweapons Platform (OSP). This was originally the control hub for an American automated anti-missile defence system with over 20 subsystem satellites. The platform was taken over when the Primary Subject managed to launch himself into space through unknown means. The platform was only manned by a skeleton crew, not being fully operational. Resistance to the Subject seemed to be minimal, and the platform was his. He installed the AI he stole and disappeared from our records. We can guess what had happened, as the next time he dropped into our sights, the platform had turned host to all four superweapons, with another two development modules open for experimental weaponry.

Size: 500 meters cubed.
Shape: Six smaller cylinders around a central, larger, hub.

Armament: Originally two directed energy pulse lasers, designed to melt upper atmosphere missiles. Now contains the aforementioned superweapons, along with an improved laser defence array, NASA codename "Chrysanthemum". (It seems that Cain has so far refrained from firing on civilian spacecraft.) There is also a reusable orbital drop pod system, originally designed for use by UNMC troops.

The central hub is worth noting because, as well as housing Hell, it still has the beam splitters, rectifiers and focus arrays that the original lasers used.

Other equipment:
The station holds radar jammers, cloaking arrays, a barracks, a oxygen/carbon dioxide recycling plant, and space for 150 men to sleep.


<Phoenix is inspired (quite a lot) by Naruto, taking parts from the Hyuuga, the Uchiha, the Kaleidoscope Sharingan and a couple of fairly obscure mind masters. Oh, her mental control style is based on the puppetry techniques off Naruto.(I only just realised that, but think it fits, as it makes sense to have a connection to the person under her control.)>

Subject Full Name: Hawk_v5 (Phoenix)

Subject Physical Age: 14

Subject Mental Age: 28

Subject Number: 2495

Subject Sex: Female

Subject Species: Avian (traces of human)

Subject Appearance:
Height: 6’
Weight: 4 kg
Eye Colour: Gold
Feather Colours: Yellow to Red.
Feather Style: Randomised.
Clothing: Long-sleeved T-shirt, trousers. Nothing else.
Other: N/A

Subject Status: Deceased. Was killed in engagement with Subject 2031 (Primary subject). {So, how come she’s still walking around? Someone screwed up here.}

Course of Action: Completed.

Subject General Personality: Nervous, Kind, Careful.

History: Subject was an inmate of IGR. Subject was created 14 years ago as part of inter-species, gene splicing programme. Subject completed ‘Warrior’ regime training and began performing cleanup operations for the Government. Subject then tried to split off, and accepted a suicidal job.

{Phoenix has been wandering the dojo, mostly trying to find someone who would see her as more of a friend than another person, with little success. Harbouring a dislike of kitsune, caused partly by being rejected, however kindly, by the one person so far to see her as more than just another passer by; the other large section from being used as a method to get to another person. Her views may be skewed oddly from isolation for long periods of time, but that doesn't change her mindset.
She has recently been infected with a contagious disease, and is quietly going mad with loneliness in quarantine.

Battle records:
I. Kestin, result draw.
II. Karin, result win.}


Subject was taught standard ‘Warrior’ course with emphasis on close combat.

Mind Control: Subject’s main mental ability is also one of the most powerful. One of MC’s natural users, she can take over minds, muscles, read thoughts and emotions and predict incoming blows.

Pyrokinesis: Subject also has this secondary mental ability. She can create, manipulate and transform fire. Unlike Subject 2031, her feathers have been modified to become flameproof, solving the ‘setting self on fire’ problem.

Crippling Touch: Subject’s extended close-combat sessions enabled her training in this technique. With it, precise blows to specific areas can destroy bones, muscles and internal organs, as well as affecting the nervous system. Subject has been observed punching through walls and has retired several of our personnel.


Unknown at time of termination.
{An unfortunate side-affect of mindreading, Phoenix appears to be aloof and somewhat callous to people who don't know her. For those that do, and they are few, she is much more nervous and edgy, always concerned about those around her and worried about events over which she has no control.}


Natural abilities along with Crippling Touch technique.

CT technique along with Pyrokinesis.


Subject uses no weaponry of any kind. (She doesn’t need it.) [NOTE: Original author of summary was duly punished for unnecessary amendment.] {Yah, bite me.}


Subject is a four-limbed humanoid as per above.

Subject's vocal system is unusual, namely because the combination of a beak, and the wrong shaped tongue affects speech, making the Subject's voice raspy and coarse.

Hands and feet are feathered up to the wrist and ankle, the area beyond being yellow scaled, four-digit hands or feet.
Both hands and feet have three forward facing digits and one opposing digit, like a thumb. All her digits end in talons.
Her stance is digitigrade.

Wings are built into arms.
A complicated three-way joint at the wrist allows use of hands with forewing folded back towards elbow. When the wing is extended, hand is hidden and wingtips brush the floor, giving a 10 foot wingspan.

Very good at range and distancing and can tell small differences with ease at close range.

Muscles are not much different from human norm, but flight muscles give strong natural armour around the chest area. Muscle structure and tendons allow for fast, strong and precise movements and a very good grip.

Avian bones, being light and hollow, are considerably weaker than human bones.

Quotes and Motto

Motto: Stay unseen and strike from the shadows.

‘My command is your wish.’

'Most unimaginative.'

'I'm going to blow your mind away.'

Other Notes:

None as of termination.


<Greg was originally a quiet guy. He has become more like Billy Baird, the Australian from MI:II and III. He was, and still is based off The Sorrow.>

[Excerpt from recordings and CV.]

Full Name: Gregory Robinson.

Age: 20

Height: 5’ 6”

Species: Human.

Brief Summary.
Standard education, joined army, became part of sniper team, joined Subject 2495’s cleanup team.

Status: Missing, presumed deceased. His medical details have been altered to say that he has hallucinations, thus covering up any stories of human-animal hybrids.

{Battle records: None.}

Abilities: Greg is a spirit medium, able to talk to the dead. It's said that he can find out what's going on in a battle by talking to the dead. It's also whispered that he can actually call on the dead to help him out of a tight spot...

{Greg can call upon any dead being from any persons' history if he so wishes, but he is always accompanied by the spirits of Phoenix's old mercenary team, of which he was a part. The members which he has seen fit to show are listed here:

Paul: The original sniper of the group. Greg was his spotter.

Terry: The muscle of the group, Terry speaks little, exudes menace from every pore and carries a minigun in one hand, with the power and ammo in his other.. Terry is an absolute giant.

Giles: A cross between demolitions and rocketeer, Giles carries the most powerful weapon of them all, a one shot fusion warhead built into a missile package. When that isn't being used to threaten, he carries Stingers, and wire guided Javelins.

"Firebug" Bennett: A flamer wielding madman. 'Nuff said.

Randall, "Fidget" and "Stutter": The crew of the group's one artillery piece, thier death has given them access to the guns of history. Providing long range support, they haven't actually been seen in action yet. The rest of the squad flinch in fear at the mention of "21 gun salute", possibly to do with them.}


Spotter’s Scope and Modular Carbine. Carbine add-ons include, but are not limited to:
Grenade launcher.

High-powered Barrett .50 calibre semi-automatic sniper rifle chambering 12.7 x 99mm rounds. (Devastating damage at any range.) [NOTE: See above note relating to unneeded amendments.] {Ooh, I’m scared.}

Greg wears a standard army camouflage suit, with a small difference. It appears to change to suit the terrain that he is in. So, it will be green on or near a hill, and brown on mud, ect, ect...

<All my own twisted imaginings.>

A product from the Warrior and Diplomat labs, Face is an assassin capable of taking any form he chooses, if he has a sample of their DNA. Face's original form (and the form he takes to kill) is a Velociraptor. He can push his body to limits, gaining incredible bursts of speed and strength. These are brief, however and can, if pushed far enough, rip the muscles from their connections. Face, no matter what form he's in, has a tendency to hiss sibilants.

{Face is currently roaming free, with a restriction on intentionally causing harm. If he does, he becomes a vegetable.}

Simone Cole
<An original character from a game called Jericho. I haven't played it, but took the character to heart very quickly.>



Corporal Simone Cole was raised in Silicon Valley to parents who both worked as computer programmers. At the age of four, Cole was diagnosed with mild autism. Her parents refused to consider their daughter as handicapped and chose to home school her. She developed a prodigious intellect, displaying an astonishing aptitude for mathematics, logic and physics. By fourteen she was accepted to MIT. By nineteen she had published a book on chaos mathematics. She was hired as an NSA code breaker before she could legally drink. She has memorized pi up to 5,300 digits. Cole is smart.





AGE: 21





Paranormal phenomenon such as “missing time”, mass hallucinations, and the spontaneous teleportation of personnel and equipment caused havoc with NSA operations in the months following Cole’s recruitment. Her talent has since been further enhanced. Using principals from Cabalistic mathematics and chaos theory, Cole serves as a “reality hacker” to alter space and time to her benefit.


Cole’s gifts are purely intellect based: she has no psychic powers other than an incredible level of intelligence that allows her to work extremely complex mathematic problems in her head. Augmented with a wearable computer, gesture-based UI, and HUD interface, she runs custom-made Cabalistic and chaos mathematic sequences that have a profound effect on the physical world. She is able to both control time and space.


Cole’s harness is taken up largely by the custom-built computer that she uses to run her Cabalistic programs. The computer casing and harness, built to her spec by IGR's R&D, has been tested to withstand a drop from over 13 feet and can easily withstand concussive forces equal to a grenade only 7 feet away. Nonetheless, Cole equips herself with low-report weaponry that is unlikely to jar or interfere with her computer systems. She carries a light-weight X-86 submachine gun modified with a scan feature built into the two-range scope allowing her to identify enemies hidden in the immediate vicinity and identify any vulnerable points.

PRIMARY WEAPON: 9mm X-86 submachine gun

SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion grenades with 4 different adjustments: impact, time, proximity or remotely triggered.

{Cole has occasionally been spotted around the Dojo, and so far has attempted to avoid all conflict. It is likely that her innate abilities can outstrip by far anything ever yet seen.}

Dr. Klemeric

Name- Doctor Ivan Klemeric AKA. "The Butcher"

A long time expert in genetics, Klemeric was working on three seperate projects. These were:

1: A (succsessful) attempt to cross human and cat DNA. This was later expanded into a variety of animals to tie in with Experiment 2.

2: An attempt to create a cloned army of "supersoldiers", later augmented with animal senses.

3: Advanced weapons and systems for aforementioned army.

Each one of these experiments got a large amount of government money, and a good head for business enabled him to invest the unneeded money into profitable ventures on the quiet.
These gambles paid off, and Klemeric has the money to buy most of Europe and still have enough left over to make Bill Gates look like a penniless beggar.

About eight years ago, his subjects, the aforementioned soldiers, snapped. Under considerable punishments- mandatory attendance public execution for things as simple as refusing to co-operate with him - he had made them into two things. His perfect army, and a group who would move heaven, hell, and the universe itself to kill him.

The escape took place over a single day, kicked off by his trained commandos, who had been building enough explosives to move in a straight line out of the underground facility they were in. Unlike most prison breakouts, the escape was controlled, swift and silent. Guards who had been kind to the subjects were rewarded with unconsiousness instead of death. Those who hadn't, didn't even know. Almost all the subjects were able to leave, taking whatever they could find with them.

Klemeric was vacant from the facility at the time.

Most of the subjects were dead after a day, chemical dependancies programmed into their DNA killing them. Those who had had the foresight to visit the DNA labs were able to take enough of the dependancy drug to survive. Of them, a quarter of the original thousand, half died from the cold, and another quarter vanished trying to adjust to civilisation. Today, only two remain of the original thousand who made the escape.

Height- 6'

Weight- 150 lb.

Hair- Brown, greying.

Eyes- Hazel.

Age- 53.

Wears- Labcoat, smart shirt and trousers.

Carries no weapons.


Klemeric is mad. Truly mad. Having gone past the point of insanity long ago, he has arrived back at sane by the circular route. He is perfectly normal to look at, possibly even handsome, until you see his eyes. He has the look of someone who is so low, hell is a place to aspire to.

His trigger is mention of the escape that ruined his career as a respected scientist, or the arrival of something which links back to that event.




{Well, that’s it. I’m going back to tracing government information, as well as showing them how you’re meant to cover your tracks. They don’t seem to like me much. Can’t bear the idea of some metal doing better than them, I suppose. Just like you normally say; Monkeys. Don’t like the idea of anything doing better than them.


Themes: <Yeah, they're all videos, sorry.>


Translated lyrics (makes more sense). If you don't want to listen to all of it, please at least listen to the end of the bolded section.

I'm a soldier meaning that I am
Both the defendant and the judge
I'm standing on both sides of the fire
Going around turns, overtaking death and life
I'm running to fight with the shadows of a lie

No matter how many threads deception would weave
Truth will show its face of light

*Save your tears
For the day
When our pain is far behind
On your feet
Come with me
We are soldiers stand or die

Save your fears
Take your place
Save them for the judgment day
Fast and free
Follow me
Time to make the sacrifice
We rise or fall

I'm a soldier, born to stand
In this waking hell I am
Witnessing more than I can compute

Pray myself we don't forget
Lies, betrayed and the oppressed
Please give me the strength to be the truth

People facing the fire together
If we don't, we'll lose all we have found

(Repeat *)

After a dream to the edge of a chasm
Only that way can the world be saved

Do not cry
Hide the tears
Because a new day will come
Your fire
Will warm
Thousands of hearts
But now rise
Hide the pain and fear far away
The one who is right will win
Know that everything is in your hands

(Repeat *)



Face: <It had to be done..>


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    ILS' profiles, part 2! (I broke the maximum number of characters allowed in a single post <_<)


    Age: Around 15-16 years. Is mentally around 13 at times.
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: Around 5´3"
    Weight: 121 lb
    Race: A.I, but is technically a demon.

    Theme: (PSI-missing. Opening to To aru Majutsu no Index)


    Rin is an A.I, or artificial intelligence. However she isn't a typical A.I as most people understand it. She's an artificially created being, with organs, skin, bones and all the other things normal humans have. As an A.I, she can bond with other beings, forming a link between the two. She can only form one link however. When bonded, the two can link at anytime so they may share each others strengths and gain other benefits. Because she was injected with demon blood, she's a full blooded demon, and have the same lifespan, and ability to turn into her demonic form as all other demons.

    Rin is a shy girl, and very pulled back. She doesn't like to voice her opinion on things, because often when she does she's either disregarded or yelled at. This coupled with her past makes her very hard to get close to, as she's somewhat closed up inside herself at times. She's a nice girl, and even though she speaks very little, she is very smart, and often right about things, be it moral or factual.

    She has become close friends with very few people, one of which is David, who often tries to cheer her up. She also sees Naru as a kind of "big sister", who takes care of her, even though she often plays pranks on her.


    Rin was created with the intention of her being used as a weapon. She was created with the abilities to reform her body into anything she could come in contact with, so she could adapt to all enviroments. When it soon turned out she didn't want to fight, and wasn't easily manipulated into fighting, her creators and the military had to resort to torture to get her to comply. To avoid that the project that they spent years on trying to develop dying from the torture, they built in a regenerative system in her. Rin then gained the ability to regenerate and wound or lost limb. To avoid her becoming undefeatable, in case she might turn on them, they made sure that she couldn't survive having her head seperated from her body, or being choked, or other ways of killing her without destroying her body.

    She was forced into fighting on many occasions, when she finally got thrown away when the torture became too expensive. She wandered around, with fear, not hatred, of humans. She tried getting over it, by getting closer to other humans, but each time she tried, they ran away scared, or laughed at her. A side effect of her demonic blood, was that her right eye was mutated. The eyeball itself was black, the iris yellow with the pupil being very very slanted. This scared away many humans. Most angels, arrogant as always, hated her for her demonic blood. Most demons taunted her for not being able to control her demonic blood completely. In truth, she was completely alone. One of a kind, with nobody liking her.

    Rin tried many times to end her life. However, even though she kept cutting her wrists, throat or whatever, she just regenerated again. she couldn't end her pain.

    After a long time, she met ILS. Scared of him at first, he soon showed compassion and caring for her like no one else ever had. When he was later attacked by a group of renegade demons, she bonded with him and saved his life.

    Rin grows up to be a lot less shy, competely overcoming her past and distrust of people.

    Fighting style:

    Rin fights by changing her body, mostly just her arms, into various different materials. She can then manipulate her own body into various shapes, and find a way to defeat the opponent. Rin mostly fights using her quick wits and strategic thinking. She's an excellent strategist, and can mostly think of a plan in a minute or so. This, coupled with the ability to turn into a full demon form, makes her a pretty hard opponent.

    Her regenerating ability means that she can take a lot of damage before losing. She CAN pass out from pain however.

    Some of the forms she's known to take have been:

    -light (very hard to do)
    -darkness (Also very hard to do)

    Rin is able to transform her body into pure light, or pure darkness. this is very hard to achieve, and very rarely happens. To turn into light, she needs to be able to "grab" the light right out of the air, and integrate it with her genes. With darkness, she needs to be fighting someone using dark attacks, and then touch the "dark matter" without being hurt by it, and integrate it within her. This is risky, as the darkness could potentially cause her enormous pain, though not killing her. No one can pull the shadow out, and Rin would be left in tremendous pain, in at least 4-5 hours.

    Battle stats:

    -Fought Michelle. Lost, and got heavily depressed for letting ILS down
    -Fought three of Michal's friends with Naru and Yuki, managing to win only because Naru sacrificed herself to take out two of Michal's friends.
    -Fought David with the other anime girls. Lost the match, due to a cute animal


    -This is a complete overhaul of Rin. She didn't initially have the eye described above. I gave it to her, because I came up with another character, focusing MUCH more on seclusion and depression than Rin. I planned for her to be a villain, that would show what could've happened to Rin if ILS hadn't been there to save her from loneliness. However, I went away from that idea, and decided to give it to Rin, since I was planning to overhaul her character anyway.

    - Shares many similar traits with ILS. She loves anime, and is somewhat of a pervert, even though she doesn't admit it.

    - Rin is another character initially based on a simple anime stereotype.

    Adult Rin:

    Age: Around 25-30 years.
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: Around 5´8"
    Weight: 131 lb
    Race: A.I, but is technically a demon.


    -She has a hint of red lipstick. It isn't screaming red, but there's a hint of it.


    Adult Rin is the result of David transforming her into her adult version to see what she would be like. When it turned out she was nothing like Rin at all, and that Rin actually felt much much better in her grown up form, David gave Rin an amulet that allows her to transform into it at anytime. As Rin never ages physically, Mikey was able to make it so that Rin will eventually reach this age by herself.

    Adult Rin is not shy at all. In fact, she can be quite flirtatious at times. She doesn't hide her demon eye at all, and is actually quite proud of it. Still a very nice girl, she is considered somewhat hot more than really cute. Unlike her younger form, she is also a dangerous combatant, as she's much more calculating and less shy.

    Nara Hyoukin/ Narako Hyoukin:

    Age: 9234 (Appears to be 35-40)
    Hair color: Dark green
    Eye color: Green
    Height: 6´0"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Race: Demon - kitsune

    Battle theme: (Fury Sparks - Remix of a song from Tales of Vesperia)


    A friendly, kind and noble kitsune, who you can always depend on. Nara is the strongest breed of kitsune, having grown the maximum of nine tails, making him one of the more experienced, and stronger kitsune. Though Nara doesn't excel in kitsune magic, such as fox fire, transformations and the like, he certainly are capable of them all. His real strong point is his legs and speed. No one knows how fast Nara can really run, though he claims to be able to run around the entire world in around two to three hours, if he pushes every fiber of his muscles to their breaking point.

    Nara is an unintentional womanizer. He is very handsome, friendly, heroic and kind by nature, especially to women, so he unintentionally draws in a lot of attention. He's aware of that fact, and often charms the females around him. Nara will never let a woman who's near him be hurt by anything, even if it means fighting against impossible odds. Why he feels like this, he has never told anyone.

    As any kitsune, he is very open about mostly everything. If people asks questions about his life, interests, past and otherwise, he always answers. There is however, one point in his past he doesn't talk about, and haven't told anyone of, not even the people closest to him, not even Cara. Why he keeps this a secret, no one knows, but one can assume it's big, since kitsune rarely feel the need to keep secrets.

    As most full blooded kitsune, he is in someway genderless. He has both a male, and female form, and spends an almost equal amount of time in both. He could be classified as male though, as he spends roughly 57% of the time in his male form, and 43% in his female.

    His kitsune mate is Cara, and he is currently in a relationship with the human female, Rachel.


    Since Nara is over 9000 years old, much of his history is either uninteresting, or not known. There is a period around 5000-6000 years ago that he refuses to talk about. It appears to be bad memories, but he has never told anyone.

    Fighting style:

    As already mentioned, Nara's greatest strength is his legs. Not only can they propel him at an extreme speed, but they also allow him to kick with a  tremendous amount of force, speed and precision. His kicks form the basics of Nara's fighting style, but they aren't everything. Above all else, Nara is adaptable to almost any situation, capable of using the surrounding area to his advantage, his kitsune powers, his tails, everything he can think of.

    Special place in my heart:

    I felt like this needed it's own section, because Nara has become really special to me. To make sure it isn't just a complete waste of space and time, some of the thoughts behind Nara's character are also added in here.

    So, as said... Nara is really special to me. At first, I didn't realize it for some unknown reason. But the more I used him, and the more I developed his character, I realized something. Nara is the, IMO, ideal man. In a simpler way of putting it, Nara is the man I want to be, or the man I think everyone should strive to be. He's kind no matter what, he sees the best in people, he's not negative, he's strong, he's responsible, he's a gentleman, he's smooth, he's everything I want to be. Nara has steadily become my favorite of my own characters, rivaling even Cara. So much so, that Nara has become my "male character" name.

    What do I call Link in the legend of zelda games? Nara. What first name did I give commander Shepard in Mass Effect? Nara. What do I call my MMORPG characters? Nara, or something of that sort.

    In short, Nara really, really means something to me. The very idea behind him, makes him extremely loveable, at least to me. Like all of my other characters, I try to make him seem human. Nara isn't an innocent, pure goody two-shoes hero. Nara can be angered, like any other human being. Nara can hate, despise and disgust like any other human being. He doesn't refuse to kill, as history has proven that even the most peaceful, friendly person can be driven to kill in a moment of jealousy or rage. Nara doesn't LIKE to kill, but he has done so, to protect the people around him, or out of sheer hatred because that person has done something, in his eyes, unacceptable and punishable.

    ...Yeah, that's it really... sorry for wasting time with this pointless section, but... I really wanted to get this off my chest.

    - Nara humble, often making himself seem lower than others if they feel threatened around him.
    - Nara loves Cara higher than anything else, and has known her since the demon academy.
    - Nara doesn't have any prejudice against anyone. He talks to a vampire, as he does to a werewolf, as he does to a human, as he does to a naahn (A cat-girl like species I've made up)
    - His favorite food is sausages
    - Nara doesn't care what the females he protects look like. He is just as likely to protect a thin, big breasted and pretty young girl, as he is a fat, sweaty old woman.
    - Nara wasn't meant to be in the RP. I only meant for Naru's mother to be seen, and only tell lots of grand tales about Nara. He ended up appearing anyway.

    Harumi Inochi:

    Hair color: Orange
    Eye color: Orange brown
    Height: 5´8”
    Weight: 134 lbs

    Personality: Usually serious, and very mature. Acts as the mother of many of the people in the dojo/mansion. She can be kind of playful when she wants to.
    Under construction


    Age: 21 years
    Height: 175 cm (around 5.8 feet)
    Weight: 63 kg (Around 140 lbs)
    Hair color: Red/maroon
    Race: Human

    Theme: Only my railgun - Opening to To aru kagaku no railgun


    Jessica, full name Jessica Andersen, is ILS’ sister and a very famous monster hunter. Renowned around the world as “The worlds smallest hero”, in more senses than one. She ate the agi agi no mi, granting her the power of extreme agility and reflexes. Jessica usually fights monsters, and is very knowledgable on that subject. Jessica has been known to take down monsters 10 times her own size, using nothing but her trusty double bladed sword, and her own skills. She has even fought a kraken and driven one away while in water, a feat considered very hard, considering water is the kraken’s natural habitat. Jessica is on the track of an organisation, that experiments with ways to cure diseases, however often the “virus” that’s supposed to cure diseases, causes them instead. Anyone infected with it, begins to mutate and eventually becomes a minddead, rotting corpse, not unlike a zombie. These come in various sizes. Jessica herself has been infected, although she doesn’t know when she herself will turn. She’s trying to find a cure.

    Jessica may fight monsters, but she loves them. She only fights the monsters that threaten any humans, demons or angels. And she tries to avoid killing them, unless it’s strictly necessary.

    Jessica hasn’t really had any boyfriends, nor have she ever really wanted one, or shown interest in anyone. She did call Dorian for “manly and handsome” but if that was just a comment to annoy Link, or if she meant it isn’t known.

    Like ILS, she is also perverted, focusing both on men and women.

    Small notes: Jessica’s boobs are small. RIDICOULUSLY small. Like miniscule. Jessica’s boobs are hardly seen. And she hates it like nothing else, often exploding on anyone, or anything suggesting she looks like either a kid or a boy. Another thing about her, is that the devil fruit she ate has the disadvantage of making her hyperactive. Instead of walking after someone, she sometimes jumps after them, or doing other agile stuff. This can seem annoying to some people.

    Fighting style:

    Jessica fights using her agility, reflexes and her quick thinking. The agi agi no mi grants her the ability of insane agility, flexibility, reflexes and the like. When prepared, she can dodge a lot of attacks, no matter how fast the opponent is. When caught by surprise, it IS possible to hit her easier, but again, she’s got lightning fast reflexes. Jessica has got little above average strength, but her forte is definately her reflexes, and agility. She fights using her double bladed sword, which she has become really skilled at using.

    When fighting, Jessica listens to music. She often listens to the Dum dadi do techno remix by nightcore, but listens to various other techno tracks as well. She moves according to the music, so you could call her fighting style a sort of dance.

    Kill ratio:

    -The largest monster she has ever taken out was a 70-75 foot stone golem.
    -The hardest fight she ever had, was on the floating island of Narzabil, fighting against 3 enraged dragons. She was very close to death, and was thrown off the island, falling to her death, only surviving because one of the dragons ironically grabbed her in it’s mouth, crushing most of her bones, but saving her from plumetting to the ground
    -The longest fight she ever had was against a kraken, incidently one of her first fights. She fought it at open sea, meaning she was at a huge disadvantage. She fought for 14 hours before finally driving the beast away

    Character notes: Jessica was created mainly because I wanted a famous, strong character that others could admire. At first, I wanted Harumi to be sort of admired by people, as a sort of motherly character, but that never really (or hasn’t yet at least) caught on, so Jessica was created. Jessica is (at least I think so) the only character besides ILS that doesn’t have a japanese sounding name.

    A hard thing about Jessica, is that unlike Sheena, I don’t want her small boobs to become an emotional problem for her. I want her small boobs to be more of a comical thing, and not something that makes her sad when it’s mentioned. Making her seem funny when her boobs are commented on, can be hard at times for an old dramatic type person like me.[/list]

    Angela Avery Katherine Ivalice

    Age: Around 6000 (looks 12-14)
    Normal hair color: Blonde
    Blood frenzy hair color: A tint between dark orange and red
    Normal eye color: Orange
    Blood frenzy eye color: Glowing blood red
    Height: 4´6"
    Weight: 92 lbs
    Race: Nosferatu infecto (Incomplete vampire. Does not mean infected vampire, even if that is the most logical thing)

    Theme: (Maze of dark remix. A beautiful song)

    Battle theme: (U.N. Owen was her!? from Embodiment of scarlet devil)


    Boss theme: (Scarlet Rain - First boss theme in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard)


    Angela is an extremely powerful vampire, one of few that venture outside the demon world. As vampires are almost always feared and hated by humans, even when they haven't done anything, they rarely venture to the human world. There are special "classes" of the nosferatu race. Angela is a nosferatu infecto, meaning she's a mix of classes, or perhaps a mix of a vampire and another race. She's got the strength of the vampires, but lacks the complete magic prowess of the full blooded vampires, and the strength of nosferatu bestia.

    Despite human beliefs, vampires are resistant to most of the things humans think hurts them. As such, Angela doesn't turn to dust when exposed to the sun, she doesn't back away from garlic, christ does in fact NOT compel her. A stake through her heart WILL kill her though because... well, who whouldn't die by having their heart impaled?

    Another advantage by being a nosferatu infecto, is that Angela doesn't need to drink blood to survive. While most other vampire classes (Most notably nosferatu bestia) require blood to sustain their bodies, the nosferatu infecto aren't forced to drink blood to live. However, Angela loses her powers when she hasn't drunk any blood in a while.  On the other hand, Angela's powers grow, depending on how much blood she's drunk.

    However, that has a drawback. If she drinks too much blood at once, she gains more than just a massive increase in power. She loses complete control of herself, not being able to distinguish between friend and foe. She kills and maims anything in her way, until she runs out of blood, making her pass out.

    Angela has no real home, as she travels around the world. She's been almost everywhere in both the demon world, and the human world. During the course of said traveling, she's gained lots of general knowledge about various races, and knowledge about culture in general. This means Angela is very knowledgable about the worlds, and how they function, making her the person people ask if they need to learn about it.


    Angela is, what you imagine a vampire to be. For the most part, she's calm and collected, and always in control of a situation. She rarely gets angry and she rarely loses focus. When she gets angry however... lets just say, you don't want it to happen.

    Angela isn't evil, but she's not good. She supports the general good side, but she tends to use underhanded and sometimes cruel methods when fighting seriously. She's quite fond of plushies, and has a large collection of them. She's not afraid of people knowing about this fondness, since most people don't dare make fun of her for it. She's also fond of ketchup, and tomatoes in general, enjoying the taste greatly.

    Angela hates all things slimey or sticky, finding it extremely gross. If it gets in her hair, it's even worse.

    Initially, she hated all humans, and any race in general, due to having been treated like garbage, and thrown out of her village to a certain death when she was young. As time passed and she met more people, she put her traumatized past behind her, and learned to accept other races, and eventually the very same humans that hate and fear her.

    As a stereotypical vampire, she tends to call the male sex for "boy" and female for "woman/girl".


    Approximately 6000 years B.C.T: Angela Avery Katherine Ivalice is born, in a small human village in the northern country. Her vampire mother and human father left her to herself, so she grew up not knowing she was a vampire, and not knowing how hated vampires are. Because she didn't know that she had to drink blood, she had constant headaches due to her constant lack of blood. Like all other children, she craved friends and kindness, especially since she had grown up alone. But even though the other children didn't mind playing with her, the parents who were fully aware of her vampire roots, kept their children away from her. Despite constantly being spat on by the adults, and constantly being ignored by everyone, her childish mind kept telling her that one day they'd just forget she was different, and accept her.

    She was wrong. At some point around the time where she became 9 or 10 years old, the villagers chased her out of the village, threatening to kill her. Desperately, she yelled with tears running out of her eyes, begging them not to do it, as she had done nothing. The villagers blamed her for draining the blood of many innocents in the village, before violently chasing her out onto the wild, frozen tundra, where certain death was inevitable. She was sure she hadn't done anything, but this was a doubt that would haunt her for many many years to come.

    This sparked a hatred against all living beings (she'd only met humans), since no one had ever been nice to her in her life. After wandering through the frozen tundra for a few hours, she was frozen, and very close to hypothermia. Her problems were far from over though, as a vampire hunter came to kill her, firing a crossbow bolt through her shoulder. This left a scar she carries with her even to this day. She would've died, had Nara not interviened and beat up the vampire hunter. Initially not trusting him (Due to her extreme mistrust of other people) he quickly won her over by being what no one had ever been to her before. Kind, caring and gentle. She was badly injured and in a bad state of hypothermia. Nara struggled through the snowstorm, keeping her warm with his tails, and placed her in a nearby village with the name Pius, filled with people of various races, such as other vampires, humans, kitsune and the like. This would be Angela's home for quite a while, and the place where she learned of her vampire roots, and needs.

    In the following years, Angela gained many friends, and even a surrogate family of demons, whom are still alive today.

    Approximately 5980 years B.C.T: Angela gets her partner, Vivi. She drinks her first blood, and for the first time in her life, her headaches stop. Over just a few days, Angela and Vivi become very close friends, despite Angela wanting Vivi to call her "mistress". Angela learns the basics of being a vampire, including magic, how to drink blood from people should it be necessary, and how to fly.

    Approximately 5123 years B.C.T: Angela begins to travel around the human world, occasionally coming back to Pius to enjoy some time with her family. Somewhere along the way, she meets Nara again, and travels with him for unknown reasons.

    Approximately 4978 years B.C.T: Angela is used as an unwilling catalyst for the event known as "The Apocalypse". By forcefully injecting her body with extreme amounts of magic power, her body was used as a catalyst for opening a rift to another world, summoning meteors to rain down on the human world. Had it not been for one person, every human would've died, and earth would've turned into a wasteland.

    Approximately 4461  years B.C.T: Angela joins a magic guild, putting her hatred completely behind her, choosing instead to help all the people she can. Experiences many successful missions for many years to come. Continues to travel with Vivi.

    Approximately 3489 years B.C.T: Angela is declared the most beautiful ass kicking vampire in the human world and demon world. The front cover of the magazine where the story was featured, was of a scantily clad Angela, posing sexily in a dark, gothic castle setting. That issue of the magazine was the best selling one in the history of the magazine.

    Approximately 2879 years B.C.T: Vivi is declared the cutest and most loveable vampire partner of the year. This happened due to an incident at demon academy, where Angela was asked to talk about her career choice. Vivi got separated from Angela, as she often did, but found her way into the female dormitory of the academy, half an hour before the event. She was hugged, kissed and tickled by over 400 different female demons of varying race. Vivi was found unable to do anything but giggle for a week afterwards, unable to personally accept her award for cutest and most loveable vampire partner.

    Approximately 1000 years B.C.T: Angela remains a popular mage. She reaches the peak of her power.

    Approximately 60 years B.C.T: For the first time in her career, she gains a partner in her magic guild. THe partner was Evey's extremely powerful mage father, and he and Angela quickly bonded and became close friends, and an extremely powerful force to be reconed with. Angela even grew a crush on him, but didn't act on it, and let it go when he married Evey's mother, instead choosing to support the marriage as much as she could.

    Approximately 50 years B.C.T: Angela's methods of clearing missions start to become more questionable. Most notably, sacrificing an entire house of civilians in order to capture a known serial muderer. Evey's father kept telling her not to do it, but she didn't listen. This eventually led to the cataclysmic battle in the sky, between Evey's father, and Angela. Two of the strongest mages alive, their battle was truly a sight to behold, with nothing but S-level magic being cast. Equally strong, no body had the upper hand. However, since Angela was able to restore her magic by simply drinking some blood, she slowly began to gain the upper hand, as Evey's father grew more and more tired. It looked like ANgela would certainly win...

    Until Evey's father cast a simple, low level spell, that covered Angela with slime. Grossed out, Evey's father bought himself just enough time to seal away over 3/4 of Angela's power, and revert Angela herself to the form of a 13-14 year old girl. Angela finally manages to understand how wrong she was, and leaves the magic guild she was part of. To spare her the embarassment, Evey's father declared Angela to have died in combat, shielding a family on the ground from one of his high level spell, that had missed her. Angela is considered a hero, who redeemed herself in her final seconds. Though some people didn't buy the story.

    Current time: Angela arrives at the dojo, and decides to stay there, until she finds a way to regain her powers and former body.

    Fighting style:

    Angela fights by using magic. Even with her sealed power, she is extremely powerful, and very experienced in combat. Her basic melee fighting style consists of a mix of martial arts and magic. She essentially punches and kicks, but she never hits her opponent. Instead, she unleashes a concentrated burst of magic, with the strength of approximately 1/4 of Sheena's full strength (Which is still quite a lot), that hits the opponent instead. In addition, the more blood she drinks, the more powered up her body becomes. And the more powered up her body becomes, the faster she is.

    In addition to this, she knows many many spells, among them at least 30 high level and most low level. Angela is a deadly combatant, both in close combat and long range combat. Couple that with her ability to fly, and you've got one very dangerous opponent.

    If she goes into her blood frenzy mode, she opts to not use any of her magic spells, and simply rely on her speed and ruthlessness to rip apart and cut her enemies (and friends) until they're dead.


    Most vampires from the demon world are friendly, albeit a bit selfish and with big egos. They don't like taking advantage of innocents by drinking their blood, and so they often rely on their partner for blood. Partners are a form of cyborgs, created from the flesh of their master, and so they are often not taller than a foot. Though some vampires have managed to created a live sized partner.

    Partners are implanted with cybernetic organs, enabling them to produce blood at a much higher rate than any other creature in the world. This makes them ideal for vampires, as they continually create a lot of blood, which the vampire then feeds off. The vampires aren't using the partners though. The partners are treated as any other living being, and often become a vampire's closest friend. A partner has two functions: To give blood to the vampire, and to fight alongside the vampire.

    Most partners are small and slow, thus not the ideal fighters. However, most vampires have learned to attach magical strings to their partners, thus being able to control them like a puppeteer. usually the partner equips a knife or something similar, and the vampire uses their partner as a weapon.

    Should a partner die, it isn't the end of the world. In their skull is a small chip, containing most of their information. All the vampire has to do is create a new body, and implant the chip. The partner will remember everything that has happened in it's life, and it will remember all the people it knew before it died, but it won't remember anythign else. It won't remember it's name, what various things are (Like it won't know what a spoon is, or a fork), and so forth. It'll be on the same stage as a child, having to learn all things over again.

    Valarye Econtra-Séduier

    Age: Just around 7000 years.
    Height: 4´8”
    Weight: Around 110 lbs
    Hair color: Red
    Eye color: Unknown
    Skin color: White
    Race: Kitsune
    Notable relationships: Sonata, her mate.
    Favorite colors: None.

    Theme: (Awayuki, the opening to Mashiro Botan)


    Valarye is a cheerful, friendly and kind soul. It’s hard not to at least smile at her the first time you meet her. Although she’s not superbly intelligent, she’s very wise and often simplifies stuff that people has made way more complicated than it actually needs to be. She’s usually kind and friendly, albeit like most kitsune a prankster at heart, but when threatened or someone she likes is threatened, she’s capable of fighting back.


    Valarye is a small 8-tailed kitsune. Looking at her, one wouldn’t think that she’d be a very old kitsune, nor a powerful 8-tailed one. She’s very short, and has a tendency to act childish and cute. But behind her outer façade lies a powerful and wise kitsune.

    Valarye has very, very large breasts, which seem even larger on her otherwise small body. No one knows how a girl like her managed to get breasts of that size naturally, nor does she. For her, they’ve just always been there.  Because of this, Valarye is great at balancing, and has a very strong back. Despite experiencing it many, many times, she’s often oblivious when people notice their size for the first time, and find it weird/amazing.

    Valarye always has her eyes closed. This is due to a disease she was born with. Her body generates excessive amounts of energy (Mana, chi, chakra, soul etc.), more than her body needs and can contain. To compensate for this, her body ejects a constant flow of energy out threw her eyes. Anyone who looks at her eyes enters a kind of trance like state, in which they are very susceptible to commands that Valarye gives. This makes Valarye an exceptionally skilled hypnotist, able to hypnotize pretty much anyone looking into her eyes, but it also means that she can never look, and create a true contact with anyone. To combat the constant flow of energy, Valarye simply closes her eyes. The flow of energy is still present, but nowhere near as powerful.
    Having had to close her eyes for her entire life, Valarye has developed the skill to “see” without her eyes. By having every other sense developed to it’s very peak, she’s able to sense the world around her, and create a 99% perfect recreation of it in her mind. However, she is unable to see colors. Valarye knows about colors, and knows what they look like, but she is unable to sense them, and thus unable to apply them to her inner image.

    She is very close to her mate, Sonata, who also happens to almost be her counterpart. Sonata is both tall and physically quite strong. Valarye often uses her hypnotism on Sonata, mostly to give her very pleasing fantasies and visions. Sonata seems to be very easily affected by them, often falling under Valarye’s will within seconds. One wonders if it’s on purpose sometimes however, as Sonata is able to quickly dispatch of Valarye with various playful means, if she tries to hypnotize her. Valarye loves Sonata deeply, and since meeting her, can’t imagine her life without her. She sees Sonata both as her mate and lover, but also as sort of a role model.


    Valarye grew up in a large city in the demon world, inhabited by pretty much every humanoid species imaginable. She was diagnosed with her disease very early in life, and in her early years, up until her 20’s she was practically blind. Being blind, she was unable to do anything physical and thus opted to train her magic instead. Becoming quite adept at magic when she was around 30, she slowly started to be able to sense the world around her. With support from her mother, Anya Séduier and her father, Vincent Séduier, she was able to practice the ability, and finally became able to sense the world around her in her 40’s. Valarye led a pretty uneventful and regular life, up until she was around 4500 years old.

    Being tricked and manipulated by a group of humans, she was asked to do something she didn’t want to do. When she refused, the humans threatened to beat her to a bloody pulp. Another kitsune, Sonata Econtra came to her rescue, and fought with the humans. The humans got a quick surprise attack in here and there, but Sonata managed to fend them off. Sonata, now injured, was carried to home to Valarye’s place, where she took care of the injured kitsune. At first Sonata tried to get away from Valarye, saying that she was thankful for the help, but she didn’t want to bother her. Every time Sonata tried to escape, Valarye managed to catch her and hypnotize her into submission and back into bed, to rest up. When Sonata’s wounds had healed, she had basically made Valarye’s home her own home as well, having no true home of her own. As time grew by they grew closer and closer, eventually falling in love with each other, and becoming mates. They’ve been together ever since then, and rarely are they apart for more than a week at a time, which compared to a lot of other kitsune couples, is a short time to be apart.


    Valarye lacks real physical strength and agility, so she has focused more on the magic side of being a kitsune. She’s able to skillfully use most forms of kitsune magic, and also knows a good deal of non-kitsune magic on top of that. Her most useful ability however, is her hypnotism powers.

    No one truly knows what color Valarye’s eyes are. Looking into them, they seem to be rainbow colored at times, sometimes they shine like the full moon, other times they glisten like the surface of the sea at sunset. No matter what, her eyes seem very attractive and irresistible. Her hypnotism is gradual, the more Valarye opens her eyes, the stronger the hypnotism. Valarye is unable to open her eyes fully instantly, as it would cause a sensory overload for her brain, and she’s be temporarily blinded. She needs to tone down her other senses slightly as her brain adjusts to visual input as well.

    Looking into Valarye’s eyes is an extremely calming and pleasant experience. All fears, worries and stress is instantly forgotten, and all that’s left is relief, happiness and relaxation. At first, when Valarye’s eyes are only slightly open, it is possible for wary and alert people to resist it somewhat easily, while relaxed and unaware people have a hard time resisting. The more Valarye opens her eyes, the stronger the pleasant feelings get, until they reach their absolute maximum when Valarye has her fully open. The only person alive who has ever experienced Valarye’s eyes fully opened is Sonata, who was overcome by the pleasant feeling multiple times, even when Valarye wasn’t saying or doing anything.

    Valarye is able to do two things with her hypnotism. She’s able to make people do or feel stuff, and she’s able to induce fantasies. By describing the area around the hypnotized person, and describing what happens to them, she’s able to give them a vivid picture. The more she opens her eyes, the more alive and real the fantasies seem. When her eyes are almost fully open, the fantasy seems completely like a reality. This is a trick Valarye likes to use on Sonata, who doesn’t mind it at all.

    If Valarye manages to open her eyes halfway, it’s practically impossible to resist for most people.


    • Valarye was originally designed by Gar, and her personality is also created by Gar, although “refined” by me.
    • Valarye (and Sonata) were originally just Cara and Nestia, after they had fun transforming each other. However, both I and Gar enjoyed RP’ing as the Valarye and Sonata personas, so much so that we decided to make them into their own characters, separate from Cara and Nestia.
    • Valarye always wears socks, but rarely does she wear shoes. No one knows why.
    • Valarye’s ears are always on display, but she usually keeps her tails hidden.
    • Valarye often ends her sentences with an <3 face. This originates from Cara originally having to change her X3 face to <3
    • Valarye's breasts are as big as they are, due to a disease called Virginal Breast Hypertrophy. Although it has very negative effects on humans, Valarye avoids most of the negatives, due to being a magical creature.
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