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This is a new, more organized info topic. Gargravarr's and ZeldaFan's Profiles.

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Author Topic: This is a new, more organized info topic. Gargravarr's and ZeldaFan's Profiles.  (Read 1232 times)
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Main Characters:

Marik “Gargravarr” Avalon

Race: Necros
Age: Over 250 (exact age unknown), looks late 20’s/early 30’s
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm (6’0”)
Weight: 71 kg (156.5 lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue

Marik is tall, slim and muscular, with slightly messy black hair, between shoulder and jaw length, and skin that’s pale without being pasty. His eyes are dark blue and, though appearing youthful, somehow give an impression of both how old he really is and all the things he’s seen and experienced in his long life. He has been noted on several occasions as being good-looking. He usually wears dark coloured clothing, though he has been known to wear shirts of lighter colours. These range from casual t-shirts, both plain and with a design on them, to semi-formal button-up shirts. Over this he almost always wears a black longcoat, slightly worn from long years of use and with quite a few cuts that have been stitched back together. It is unknown just how long he has owned this coat, but it seems he’s rather fond of it. His appearance is completed by a pendant around his neck, which until recently served as his primary means of fighting, and two wristbands around his right wrist. One was made by Sheena out of metal and has both their initials engraved in it, and the other was made by his sister Annika out of leather woven around some small coloured beads.

Marik initially comes across as being a rather cold individual with a tendency to distance himself from others and a seeming preference for being alone, but the reality of this is that because he’s been alone for so long, it’s hard for him to get used to the idea that he’s now surrounded by people he can depend on. Once you get past his guarded exterior, however, as some people have managed, you will find a loyal, determined man who wants to protect everyone he can, even if he doesn’t seem particularly close to them. He is prone to criticising himself and feeling weak if he fails to do this. Despite his habit of avoiding company, Marik is a strong believer that people should stick together and help each other. If someone has a problem, they shouldn’t allow it to rule their lives and stop them from being with other people, and they should just deal with it one way or another. He may seem harsh and unsympathetic when enforcing this belief, but it’s only because he speaks from personal experience. He just wishes there had been someone around to tell him to actually try and get over his problems instead of just “whining” about them. He still knows when situations require a more delicate touch, however.
Having seen so many hardships and examples of suffering during his life, both before and after his homeworld was destroyed, Marik has become somewhat bitter. However, these experiences just seem to have toughened him overall and he’s very good at keeping a cool head in difficult situations, even if he’s been angered. He knows that sometimes bad things happen and difficult choices must be made. This leads to some actions that could be – and have been – considered rather controversial by other Dojo members. He’s willing to kill if he deems it necessary, though only if he believes there’s no other option. He also tries to devise strategies to be used against other Dojo members. Not just for sparring matches, but also because, despite the fact that he would trust many of the other members with his life, past experience has taught him that friends can become enemies all too easily. This last point is also one of the few things that can make Marik truly angry. He has an intense hatred for traitors and finds the act of betrayal very hard to forgive, especially if the culprit is someone whom people look up to and depend upon. However strong his feelings are on this matter, however, he very rarely allows them to cloud his judgement if he can help it.
Being the rather serious individual that he is, he is easily irritated by the antics of people like Zeldafan or ILS, and has been known to become exasperated whenever they try to apply “unsuitable logic”, such as memes, tropes or quotes, to real situations. He is also annoyed by people or things that are unnecessarily over the top, like people who are unnecessarily loud or exuberant, or attacks that are unnecessarily showy. This could also be another explanation for why he distances himself from others: he simply enjoys the peace and quiet. Marik is generally quite comfortable around women. However, despite being generally regarded as a good-looking man, he somehow fails to understand why he might be popular among females. He has been known to become awkward, shy, maybe even flustered when an attractive woman indicates she might be interested in him. A fact that is played for laughs, to his annoyance, by some of his female acquaintances, such as Cara and Yoruichi. He enjoys night time walks and frequently engages in meditation. He dislikes spicy food, but he has a great fondness for apples. This is partly simply because he enjoys the tastes, but also for more sentimental reasons, as his sister used to grow them. He also believes they’re a good metaphor for diversity. He’s very athletic and enjoys physical activities, though people are always surprised that he’s willing to join in. He’s not much of a gamer, but he’s a surprisingly big fan of the Final Fantasy series. This is partly because he simply likes the games, but also because they remind him of home.

Marik Regulus Avalon was born in Alexandria, the capital city of the Necros homeworld Angrador, though his family originally came from the forest city of Muscadet. He was the son of Abraxus and Ariana Avalon, the younger fraternal twin brother of Nero Avalon, and the older brother of Annika Avalon. In his late teens/early twenties Marik and Nero were accepted into the Mako Guardians, a somewhat militaristic organisation dealing in law enforcement and peacekeeping. It was here that they first met Lazarus Rookwood, their superior at the time.
Some years later, Angrador saw the start of a series of incidents that were traced to a terrorist organisation known as the Legion of Chaos, such as disappearances, murders, and general acts of destruction. For the first couple of years the incidents were rather uncommon and small-scale, but they gradually escalated over time, until eventually Angrador was almost in a state of war. This turned out to be somewhat a blessing in disguise for Marik and Nero, as the conflict with the Legion gave them plenty of opportunities to prove their worth and they quickly rose through the ranks as a result, eventually achieving the rank of 1st Class. However, soon after this promotion, they returned home to find the bodies of their parents, tortured and murdered by the members of the Legion. It was speculated that the reason they were targeted was because Abraxus Avalon, himself a high-ranking official in the Mako Guardians, had also been a major driving force in the conflict against the Legion. It was soon after this incident that Marik resigned from the Guardians in order to care for his sister Annika, who was only a little over a year old at the time. Eventually it was discovered that the one responsible for the murders was none other than Lazarus, who was also revealed to be the head of the Legion itself. He was apprehended, tried and executed, but Marik’s problems were far from over.
Less than thirty years later, Angrador was destroyed in a great cataclysm and its people wiped out. The exact details of what transpired on that day are still unclear. All that is known is that Marik was the sole survivor, that he had an unwilling hand in the destruction, and that Lazarus was resurrected to kill the rest of the Avalon family, including Annika and Nero. Marik appeared on Earth a day later with no memory of what had happened, only the knowledge that both his people and his home were gone. He wandered Earth and other dimensions for around two centuries before finally, one day, he stumbled upon a certain dojo in the middle of nowhere…

Powers, Skills and Abilities
Necros Physiology – Marik gains certain benefits simply by being a member of his particular species. As a race, the Necros were physically superior to Humans, being stronger, faster, and having better endurance and reflexes. Not by a huge amount, but still enough to be noticeable. Of course, this is comparing Necros and Humans of equivalent size, build and physical condition. For example, a Necros could be roughly up to three to four times as strong as a Human of the same size and build, but a weak Necros could still be weaker than a strong Human. Marik is also immune to many diseases and afflictions that affect Humans and generally heals a little faster.

Excellent Athleticism – Marik is in excellent physical condition. Decades, even centuries of training and exercise have left him with lots of stamina and skill in a wide variety of physical activities.

High-Level Intellect – With the likes of Nestor, Hawk and Mikey around, Marik is far from being the most intelligent inhabitant of the Dojo. He makes up for this, however, with many years of experience and a decent amount of analytical ability. Many of his fights have also required him to use his various powers and skills creatively in order to best his opponent.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant – Marik has been trained in hand-to-hand combat from a young age and has kept his skills fresh all his life. While he’s not the most the most skilled martial artist in the dojo, Marik can definitely hold his own in a fight when no weapons are available.

Master of Close Combat Weaponry – While Marik is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, his true skill lies in the use of various close-combat weapons. He specialises in swords and pole weapons such as staffs, spears and lances, but his various abilities - such as his spirit weapons and more recently his Requip arsenal – have demonstrated his high proficiency in more unusual weaponry as well, such as bladed fans and the notoriously difficult-to-master Gunblade.

Acute Spiritual Awareness – While many other characters are able to interact with the spiritual plain on some level, Marik’s status as a Necros makes him one of the most spiritually aware people in the Dojo. His skill and awareness is such that he can even find and identify the spirits of regular living people, not just spiritual beings or the deceased, with little effort. They don’t even have to be particularly near him or actively releasing spiritual energy. The exact range of his awareness is uncertain, especially if he’s properly focusing, but it also has the bonus effect of making it very difficult for people to ambush or sneak up on him.

Immense Spiritual Power/Pressure – Marik’s natural abilities as a Necros, such as his strength, speed, endurance and reflexes, stem from his high level of Reiryoku, or Spiritual Power. They’re all “passive” enhancements, however, and don’t require any effort on his part to use or maintain them as they’re always constantly active. For more information and a better explanation, I refer readers to these two pages. Marik’s Reiryoku is roughly on a par with the vast majority of Shinigami Captains.

Master Occlumens – Though not strictly speaking a telepath himself, Marik has developed very powerful mental defences over the years. His power is such that he can repel average telepaths with unconscious effort, and he has enough power and skill to block and repel even particularly powerful telepaths, such as Gen or Phoenix, with enough effort and concentration. Marik has stated that a few telepaths have even been sent into comas from the psychic backlash. Marik is extremely touchy about people entering his mind in any shape or form without permission, and it is one of the few things capable of making him truly angry.

Mako Manipulation – Like many other Necros, Marik is capable of harnessing the power of the Lifestream, in the form of Mako Energy, and use it for various purposes, mostly combat-orientated. Marik mostly uses it to enhance his own natural abilities, like strength, speed and endurance, but the full potential of this ability is as yet unknown.

Expert Requip Practioner – Requip is a branch of magic that allows the user to store items, usually weapons, in a sort of pocket dimension and swap them out at will. Marik was taught this by Erza Scarlet, a master of Requip combat, and also uses it to change his clothes quickly if necessary.
Current Requip Weapons
None revealed so far, as Marik has yet to use this ability in a fight.

Katantetsu (Malleable Iron) was given to Marik a long time ago, but he’s only started actually using it fairly recently. When sealed, Katantetsu takes the form of a regular, albeit finely decorated, katana. The sheath is black with a few small silver decorations along it, the handle is black with what appears to be a small silver dragon’s head on the end, and the crossguard resembles a silver serpent or Chinese dragon coiled around itself. It used to look much plainer, but took this form when Marik re-sealed it after “unlocking” Shikai for the first time. No-one seems to know why this is…
Katantetsu’s Shikai is triggered by the command “Adapt”. Upon release, Katantetsu takes the form of a series of armour-like plates of metal. Marik can then control these plates telekinetically, even changing their state between solid and liquid, to create different constructs. In their basic form – i.e. not changing the armour plates at all – Marik can use them to enhance his own strength, speed and agility via telekinesis. The forms the metal can take are only bound by Marik’s skill and creativity. At first he could only create basic structures such as blades and shields, shifting the plates on his body and combining them to create larger constructs, but he’s now capable of controlling them in a more complex way, even separating the metal entirely from his body and creating even more constructs including bindings and various projectiles, even spinning them as they travel. Marik only has a finite amount of metal to work with, however.

Bankai: Not yet revealed.

Marik vs. Michal 1 (Victory)
Marik vs. Michal 2 (Defeat)
Marik vs. Greg (Defeat)


Sheena Nebilim
Probably the most important relationship Marik currently has is with his girlfriend, Sheena. It took a long time for them to confess their feelings to one another, but the two of them have been together for just over three years now, and are still as happy with each other as ever. Marik often has to calm Sheena down or reassure her when she feels insecure, and is occasionally the only one who can do so. He is completely devoted to her, and would gladly give his life to protect her. His concern for her happiness is to such an extent, that if something unpleasant happens to him – whether it’s an injury or just a prank at the hands of a Kitsune – his first thought is how it will affect Sheena. In addition to his love for her, Marik also regards Sheena as his greatest link to humanity and the world he now calls home. Taking into account the heavy losses he’s sustained in his life, Marik considers this a very important thing, and believes that his life would be much darker without Sheena there to “keep him sane”.

Michal “Zeldafan” Ritter
The only other major relationship Marik has formed is with the dojo owner, Michal, though this wasn’t really by choice. Michal, being the huge anime fan she is, decided very early on that Marik would be her rival, and has pestered him about it in various ways ever since. On the outside, this rivalry would seem to be rather one-sided on Michal’s part, with Marik being indifferent towards her and often rather annoyed by her actions, but in reality Marik rather enjoys the challenge, and appreciates having someone to force him to keep his skills sharp and continue improving and getting stronger. That’s not to say the relationship is all positive, however. Though he would never reveal it to anyone, Marik sometimes resents Zeldafan’s power, particularly the parts that come from being a descendant of Link and a part-reincarnation of Justarius. Michal herself is less than one tenth of Marik’s age, so when he suffers a defeat at her hands he is prone to feeling that she got her power “the easy way”, while he has over two centuries of training and hardship behind him that should in turn have granted him victory. These feelings became worse after an event where Justarius, temporarily possessing Michal’s body, heavily wounded Sheena with a single punch and landed her in the Medical Wing after a sparring match, especially when Marik later learned that Justarius wasn’t even using his full strength at the time. This event left Marik with a feeling of helplessness that he still hasn’t fully recovered from. Overall, however, Marik respects Michal as a person, and views her both as a valuable ally and one of his most trustworthy friends.

More to come at a later date.

--My chosen theme for Marik is “Safe and Sound”, a collaboration between Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro and My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way.

--The basic design of Marik – personality, appearance and spirit weapons – came from a character I had planned to use in Clash of Smash. The only major change from one character to the other was the name. I already had a CoS character called Gargravarr, so the new character was temporarily named Stranger, after the titular character in Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, until I could find a better name for him. Of course, I left CoS before I got a chance to use him, so I just gave him the name Gargravarr anyway when I joined the then-unnamed TIA RPs. The name Gargravarr just comes from my original username on GameFAQs. The whole Necros backstory, along with his real name, was developed some time after his first appearance and wasn’t part of the original character idea.
--When designing Marik’s appearance, I have consistently been influenced by Squall Leonhart (or just “Leon”) as he appears in the Kingdom Hearts games, particularly KH2. Evey and Cara have both commented on the similarities in appearance between the two of them. In addition to this, I originally imagined Gar’s coat to be like a black version of Seifer Almasy’s coat in Final Fantasy VIII, though I have since deviated a bit from that design.

A large number of things associated with Marik are based, to varying degrees, on various elements from the Final Fantasy series of games, namely the “numbered” installments and their direct sequels/prequels. As a result, I’ve come to regard Final Fantasy as a series that doesn’t really “exist” in the TIA world apart from the videogames and related merchandise (unlike, for example, Bleach, Sonic, Legend of Zelda, etc), and is instead “represented” by Marik and his race & homeworld. I consider Angrador to be a collection of different ideas from different FF games thrown together to make something new. If anyone has any issues with this, please feel free to PM me and I’ll be willing to discuss it and try to come to some agreement. If no-one has any problems, I’ll just carry on as I already have been.

Susan Black II

Race: Human (mostly)
Age: 24
Birthday: February 5th
Gender: Female
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 62 kg (136.6 lbs)
Hair Colour: White with a single black streak
Eye Colour: Blue
Cup Size: Large D

Susan is a tall young woman with a rather slender but healthy build (read: toned and athletic but with nice curves), light blue eyes and elegantly pale skin that never seems to burn or tan. Her most striking and distinctive feature is without a doubt her hair, which is shoulder length and pure white with a single black streak running along the right side of the top of her head, which she usually wears up in a simple ponytail with a couple of bangs hanging down at the front. This isn’t just a few hairs at the front that are styled back; if she cut her hair short the full stripe would run all the way from the top of her forehead to the top of the back of her neck. Another curious feature of her hair is that it seems to rearrange and style itself. Most of the time it’s straight, perhaps with a few slight waves, but has also been known to become curly or, to her displeasure, even frizzy. A final unique physical trait is an odd mark on her left cheek that resembles three finger bone-like lines. The origin of this mark is unknown and it only shows when she’s angry, at which time it flares up. Susan is generally regarded as a very attractive woman and has caught the eye of many people over the years.
Her usual style of dress consists of form-fitting jeans with some kind of t-shirt or tank top, both usually in dark colours like black and purple. On her feet she just wears trainers. She never wears skirts if she can avoid it, being a bit uncomfortable with showing off her legs, and only wears dresses for dates or formal occasions that demand it. Though she’s not exactly unattractive in her normal clothes, she comes off as something of a tomboy that cleans up very nicely.

While in cat form, Susan has pure white fur, except for her right ear which is black, and blue eyes.

If Susan’s personality could be summed up in a single word, that word would be “tough”. She doesn’t take any nonsense or back down, something that comes in handy in both her chosen professions, and can handle any insults or barbs that are thrown at her, being very thick-skinned. Dorian has said that in all the years he’s known her, he’s never seen her shed a single tear, no matter how bad things got. That’s not to say she’s hard or unapproachable, however. She’s generally a friendly and good-humoured girl, somewhat remarkable when one considers her past, and is often ready to laugh and joke around with others, though she’s not quite as light-hearted as the likes of Michal or Nestia. She also tries to be friendly and polite when meeting new people, although there are two species she harbours genuine dislike for. She despises Hollows, deeming them to be nothing more than soulless bloodthirsty monsters, and she generally has feelings of resentment towards vampires. Though she has met a few that were decent people, most of the vampires she’s met have been arrogant, self-centred, patronising (mostly with the older ones), cruel and have a firm belief in their superiority over all other races, particularly humans, feeling that they can (or should be allowed to) pretty much do whatever they want as a species. She does realise, however, that this perception of hers is mainly due to that fact that she has to come across this type of vampire as a part of her line of work, and doesn’t condemn them as a species. Her feelings towards Hollows, naturally, stem from her parents’ murders, and while she may not actively hunt Hollows down, she will not have the slightest hesitation in killing them if they cross her path, her normal personality becoming extremely cold in these situations. Due to her tough personality, not to mention a lifetime of paranormal experience, Susan is capable of seeing things that others would consider scary, creepy or gruesome without any problems, just taking them in her stride. The one major exception, one that she tries very hard to keep a secret, is a rather serious case of Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. None of the select few people that are aware of this know where her fear stems from (even Susan herself doesn't know), but she’s had it for most if not all of her life.
Susan has always had a knack for childcare, being likeable and relatable while still being more than capable of putting them in their place, though her methods do sometimes confuse her employers. The most prominent example of this would be her approach to dealing with the “monsters” that children fear who dwell in wardrobes, under beds, etc. Where most carers would simply assure the children that these monsters aren’t real, Susan knows that these creatures are usually very real and doesn’t try to convince her charges otherwise. Instead, she reasons that it’s better to show the children that they have nothing to fear from monsters, usually by beating them up or simply threatening them (it helps that most of them have heard the stories of the “white-haired poker girl” and are horrified to discover that she’s not only real, but all grown up and usually quite irritated), thus demonstrating to the children that the monsters are just as vulnerable and capable of fear as they are. Of course, the parents just believe this to be a psychological ploy of hers and are simply impressed by her seeming ingenuity, which of course Susan is more than happy to play along with.
Though she hides it behind her usual upbeat personality, Susan has been feeling increasingly out of her depth during her time in the Dojo, having seen so many people around her with all these incredible abilities, while she really only has martial arts and swordsmanship to fall back on. This is partly why she has yet to challenge anyone or accept a challenge herself. She has been training hard with a zanpakutō for quite a long time now, but doesn’t seem to have made any progress with it at all, which is a source of great frustration for her. In fact, she doesn’t appear to have any aptitude for the spiritual arts at all, beyond being able to see and interact with spirits. She understands the theories and techniques, but seems completely incapable of putting any of them into practice. One of her greatest wishes is to be able to fight alongside her friends and not have to worry about holding them back or distracting them as they try to defend her and keep her safe.
Contrary to her usual confident personality, Susan is capable of becoming shy. She’s uncomfortable about showing off her legs, possibly due to her pale skin, and as a result never wears skirts or shorts if she can avoid it. She’s also very shy about showing off her musical talents in front of people she knows, and as a result only a very select few people in the Dojo know about her singing voice and guitar skills. Like many others in the Dojo, Susan enjoys playing videogames, with Mario Kart, Ōkami, Kirby and Ace Attorney being among her favourite series. She’s also fond of reading, and she likes exploring and taking naps in her cat form. She even often finds herself climbing up to higher places while in human form, which is presumably a habit she’s picked up from her time spent as a cat. She is fond of seafood and chocolate, but dislikes pears and eggs.

Susan Isabel Black is the granddaughter of Death and his wife Susan Black I, and the daughter of Isabel Black and Ryoji Sugimori, a seated officer in the 13th Division of the Soul Society Gotei 13. She never knew her grandmother, as she had died before Susan was born, and her parents were ambushed and murdered in their home by Hollows when she was just five years old. Susan herself only survived the incident because Marik Avalon intervened, having been tracking this particular group of Hollows and the Arrancar commanding them for some time, drove them off and carried Susan to safety. He delivered her to her grandfather, in whose care she remained until she was old enough to set out on her own. Even from this young age she became rather infamous in paranormal circles. Monsters that came to scare her at night, such as ghouls or bogeymen, were frequently beaten with her bedroom’s fireplace poker, and among these species “the white-haired poker girl” became something of an urban legend or fairy tale that they still tell stories about, and will most likely continue to do so for many years to come. She attended the Aztika Academy, one of the most esteemed schools in the Demon World, and it was here that she first met Dorian Jones, who would go on to become her best and most trusted friend.
Susan’s school life was a rather varied one. She was a gifted student and had no trouble with the work, but the social side of things didn’t go so well for her at first. She was frequently bullied for her strange hair and the fact that she wasn’t a “true demon” (and, by some of the crueller kids, the fact that she had no parents) and spent much of her time alone. But one day, when she was sitting alone after a particularly nasty incident of bullying, she was accosted by a tall, long-haired boy about her age, who comforted her and told her that she didn’t have to just take the barbs and insults. He said that she should just throw the bad stuff back in the other kids’ faces and tell them she wasn’t going to take their crap anymore. This boy’s name was Dorian Jones, and this was the beginning of a long and close friendship. Dorian served as something of an inspiration to Susan. He wasn’t a demon either, just another “mostly-human with powers”, but had managed to become one of the most popular kids in their grade. By sticking with him and taking his advice, Susan was able to turn her social life around. She had always been well-known within the school, but it was no longer due to being the other kids’ emotional punching bag. She had become cool (partly due to the fact that she was an excellent guitarist and performed alongside Dorian), but was genuinely likeable as she didn’t treat others like dirt, and she became rather infamous for frequently butting heads with her grade’s resident queen bee; a vampire by the name of Imelda Harker, who had previously been one of her most prominent bullies.
After graduating in her late teens, Susan travelled the world, both human and demon. Sometimes she was just adventuring, sometimes she was working. In a slightly bizarre combination, her two most frequent job fields were bounty hunting/mercenary work (usually in the Demon World, furthering her fame and infamy), and childcare, acting as a nanny or a supply teacher (usually in the human world). She seemed to have a knack for dealing with children and she always got good results, even if her somewhat unorthodox methods sometimes confused the parents/employers, though they were always appreciative of her services and happy to give her a positive recommendation. It was these travels that eventually brought her to the Dojo, where she has stayed ever since.

Susan would often spend her school holidays in the Soul Society, under the watch of various members of the Gotei 13. She was also given additional training in swordplay, martial arts and general athleticism during these visits. As a result of all this time spent there, the Soul Society has become something of a second home for her, and she has many long-standing relationships with some of the more prominent inhabitants. Over the course of her travels she also became a friend of the exiled inhabitants of the Urahara Shop in Karakura Town, and an acquaintance of the Visored.

Powers, Skills and Abilities
Reaper Abilities – Susan possesses similar powers to her grandfather, though in a much more limited capacity. It is unknown whether or not these powers will ever increase in potency and become more immediately useful to her.
Precognition: Susan has odd flashes of insight into future events, but these rarely make any real sense to her until the events are actually happening, causing her to feel that this power is rather unhelpful.
Intangibility: Susan is capable of phasing through walls and other obstacles, but she usually requires a brief moment of concentration before she does so, to get herself into the right frame of mind and remember that, as a part-Reaper, the wall is much less “real” than she is.
Time Freezing: Susan is capable of briefly stopping time, but she needs to concentrate hard before doing so and the act puts a fair amount of strain on her.
Imperceptibility: Susan can alter the perceptions of people around her and make them ignore her. She can’t become truly invisible, just unnoticed. This is one of the few powers that Susan has managed to develop beyond a basic level. She used it many times to avoid bullies during her earlier school years.
“The Voice”: Susan can alter her voice in such a way that she can intimidate or even command people, having a similar effect to when Death himself speaks.

Spiritual Awareness – Given who her grandfather is, it’s only natural that Susan can see and interact with spiritual entities. Curiously, however, Susan herself doesn’t seem to emanate any kind of spiritual presence or pressure whatsoever. This would explain her failed attempts at learning Kidō or other spiritual arts, and why she has never bothered trying to become a Shaman. It does, however, come in rather handy for stealth.

Excellent Athleticism – Susan has had extensive physical training from a young age, and is in excellent physical condition, with high levels of agility and gymnastic prowess. She is capable of lifting at least her own bodyweight.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant – Thanks to years of training, Susan is an accomplished martial artist. Her skill in this field, along with her athleticism and swordsmanship, enables her to capably fight the likes of vampires and demons without any real superhuman abilities of her own.

Expert Swordswoman – Susan has been receiving sword training from masters in the field since she was less than ten years old, and is very capable in a fight. She originally favoured a longsword as her blade of choice, like her grandfather, but has more recently replaced it with a katana as part of her zanpakutō training.

Knife Throwing – Susan has inherited a set of throwing knives that belonged to her mother. She practices regularly with them and has become very adept in their use, throwing them with great speed and accuracy. She is currently trying to master some trickier techniques.

High-Level Intellect – Susan was a gifted student during her school years, achieving consistently high grades. She is also highly knowledgeable about the supernatural, ranging from spirits to demonology to even general magic.

Skilled Horse Rider – Susan has been riding her grandfather’s steed, Binky, from a young age, and as a result is a very capable rider. She has even fought people on horseback on a few occasions. Binky serves as her primary mode of transportation, possessing the ability to travel virtually anywhere in a matter of seconds. Susan summons him by giving off an unnaturally loud whistle.

Intoxication Immunity – Though not a useful skill in a fight, Susan has an inhumanly high tolerance to alcohol, to the extent that it seems to be impossible for her to become intoxicated.

Skilled Musician – Susan is a highly talented guitarist and has an excellent singing voice.

Animal Transformation – Susan is capable of shifting into the form of a cat for seemingly indefinite periods of time. She retains the ability to speak while in this form.

Susan has yet to fight properly in the Dojo.

Dorian Jones
Dorian is Susan’s oldest and best friend, with many people who know them saying that they act almost like siblings. That’s not to say that their relationship has never gone further than that, however. They had an on-again-off-again romantic relationship throughout their teens and even took each other’s virginity. After leaving school they went their separate ways and remained friends, though they weren’t above having casual flings with each other now and then, becoming what Nestia would refer to as “Sex Buddies” *trumpet fanfare*. This persisted until a couple of months after Dorian arrived at the Dojo, at which point they decided to settle back into just being friends again, with the mutual feeling that it might get complicated if they continued with these bouts of casual sex now that they were living in the same place for the long term, as opposed to only seeing each other on relatively rare occasions. Despite this, however, they have always remained very close and Dorian would most likely be the first person she’d turn to in times of need. He was also the first person to call her “Susie” without her minding it. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where if he calls her “Susan”, she knows it’s one of those rare occasions where he’s being very serious.

Nestor Asimov
Over the years Susan has come to view Nestor as something of a younger brother figure. This stems from helping him to blend in when he was still relatively new to living on his own among humans, so that no-one would figure out what he really is. This big sister attitude led her to be rather wary, even resentful, towards Cara Hyoukin when she first took an interest in him, but she has since mellowed out after seeing how much Cara cares for both him and Nestia, and now supports their relationships. She has even given Nestor some tips from time to time on how women think and what they like and dislike, knowing how awkward he can still sometimes be. She has also become one of Cid and Colette’s (Nestor and Cara’s young twin children) favourite babysitters, being affectionately known as “Aunt Susie”.

Nestia Asimov
Despite being a relatively new face in her life, Nestia has already become one of Susan’s closest friends, probably second only to Dorian. Susan is well aware of Nestia’s attraction to her (though admittedly Nestia doesn’t really do much to disguise it), but she doesn’t really mind or even try to discourage the attention, as she trusts Nestia to respect her boundaries. As a result Susan has no qualms about undressing in front of her, for example. This particular relationship mostly just exists as a kind of inside joke between the two of them, with Susan even occasionally offering to let Nestia “feel her up a bit” to cheer the latter up if she’s feeling depressed. Nestia is also one of the few people Susan doesn’t mind calling her “Susie”.

Marik Avalon
Susan’s relationship with Marik is a rather unusual one. They don’t really have a huge amount to do with each other, or at least they don’t hang out much, but there seems to be a great amount of mutual trust between them that goes largely unsaid. Marik saved Susan’s life when he fought off the Hollows that killed her parents and delivered her to her grandfather, and he remains protective of her to this day. Additionally, Susan is one of the few people Marik is likely to confide in, and she’s one of the few people he doesn’t mind making fun of him.

Susan has spent a lot of her life in the Soul Society, and as a result she’s become a rather well-known figure among its residents. Partly thanks to her family ties (Death naturally carries a lot of weight with the higher-ups, as did her parents), she has forged relationships with many prominent members of the Gotei 13. Though admittedly not all of them are good…

Following the murders of her parents, Death became Susan’s primary parental figure. Though their exchanges may seem awkward from an outside perspective, they both truly care very deeply for each other. That’s not to say their relationship is all good, however, mainly due to Death’s status as an Anthropomorphic Personification. He is supposed to always be completely impersonal and impartial, which can sometimes cause mortals, Susan included, to interpret him as being heartless and uncaring, when in reality Death has often had to struggle between his duties as the Reaper, and his personal feelings for human life. Susan is the last true reminder of his late wife and daughter, and as such he loves her more than anything else in existence. Though his actions might sometimes seem cold, even manipulative at times, he always genuinely has her best interests at heart.

--My chosen theme for Susan is “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.
--One of the most unusual things about Susan, especially given her heritage, is how normal and un-powerful she is. As a result of this, Susan could probably be classified as the Badass Normal of my characters.
--The Blacks have a rather substantial family fortune which, when combined with Susan’s payments from her various jobs over the years, makes her one of the Dojo’s wealthiest inhabitants.
--Susan’s preferred subject when teaching is History, though she has shown aptitude in other subjects as well.
--When I was first creating and naming Susan, I was completely unaware of a film called “Meet Joe Black”, which depicts Death spending some time as a human (called Joe Black) and falling in love with a woman called Susan. I had simply named Susan after the original character I based her on (Susan Sto-Helit, the Discworld Death’s adopted granddaughter) and given her a surname that I simply thought sounded good. As a result of this, I adopted Joseph as Death’s human name, and made it so my Susan was named after her grandmother. In a similar vein, Susan’s middle name is Isabel, after her mother, as a nod to Susan Sto-Helit’s mother (and the Discworld Death’s adopted daughter) Ysabell.

Nestor Asimov:

Age: Appears mid 20’s
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Race: Android/human (often varies)

To be decided

Series Associated With:
I, Robot (Isaac Asimov's stories)
Too many others to list, including various comic series/film adaptations (such as Iron Man) & Doctor Who

Nestor is an android, and potentially one of the most advanced machines on earth. He’s a total geek and extremely intelligent. Beyond genius, but still a nice guy. He’s something of a workaholic, usually requiring someone to make him rest and take a break to enjoy himself. It’s not that he has to always be working, he just gets very absorbed & loses track of things. As a result, he often seems pretty distracted, similar to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

He is currently in a relationship with Cara Hyoukin, a 6-tailed kitsune and Naru’s mother. They first met when she tracked him down (sensing that he was wary of kitsunes) and seduced him into calming down. Soon after, while she was teaching him how to swim, he let it slip that he felt it’d be cool to have a kitsune girlfriend, and she decided then & there that she’d be his girlfriend. They’ve been together ever since and love each other very much, despite Nestor sometimes feeling pretty inferior to Cara’s mate, Nara Hyoukin.

He is close to Susan Black, being almost like a younger brother to her, he’s good friends with Dorian Jones, sharing a similar sense of humour, and he’s also good friends with Evey, sharing similar nerdy personalities. It’s implied that he has a small crush on her, but after talking it over with Cara & reassuring her about his feelings, he and Evey have settled into just being friends.
Despite not having spoken to him much, Nestor knows Michal’s brother Mikey by reputation, and considers him something of a rival, due to being a genius of science while Mikey is a genius of magic.

His relationship with Nestia is a bit complicated. They both find each other attractive, but while Nestia’s willing to act on it, he finds the idea weird. He tries not to think about it too much as it just confuses him. Generally, they act almost like brother & sister.

Not much is actually known about Nestor’s past, other than the fact that he was forced to escape from the company that made him (particularly its president, who is still pursuing him) and kill his creator in the process. Soon after this, he met Susan & gained his first real friend as she helped him to blend in as a human. He also met Marik and worked alongside him a few times.

Some time after this, he arrived at the dojo in search of Susan & Marik, and he’s been there ever since.

Fighting style:
Nestor is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant when in his android form. While certainly not the strongest, fastest or most agile fighter in the dojo, he’s certainly capable of looking after himself. He doesn’t use any particular style, preferring to improvise and use whatever he can to his advantage. He knows lots of actual styles (having uploaded them directly to his brain, Matrix-style), he just doesn’t use them very often.

For all his hand-to-hand skill, Nestor’s greatest weapon is his mind. His intelligence has allowed him to create various weapons to aid him in a fight, the most impressive being an Iron Man-esque suit of armour. Nestor’s inventive ability is great enough to allow him to just look at something (like a videogame weapon) and make plans for his own, real version of it. This is how he constructed his own Sonic Screwdriver (from Doctor Who) and the aforementioned armour. He’s even adapted the armour to utilise various new weapons & CPU systems, making it quite different from Tony Stark’s armour, despite the near-identical external design.

Nestor’s armour:
(Minus the Green Lantern symbols)

Battle Stats:
Nestor has fought a couple of times, but always lost. He hasn’t fought since he constructed his armour.

-Nestor is essentially just me, but much more intelligent and a bit better-looking.
-Nestor’s name is a double-reference. “Asimov” comes from the Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov, who wrote many books about robotics and the potential future interaction between humans & robots, and came up with the “3 laws of robotics”. “Nestor” is a class of robot in Asmiov’s stories (e.g. Nestor-class 5/NS5) and the nickname given to a robot in Asimov’s “Little Lost Robot”.
-Because of his good looks (in a nerdy kind of way), he’s gets a fair amount of female attention. He doesn’t know how to react to this and is a little uncomfortable with it, which has the adverse affect of making him seem cuter & more appealing.
-Nestor is excellent at impressions, even when not in his android form.
-Nestor is secretly fascinated by magic, and is a fan of Harry Potter.
-Nestor secretly collects Lego Bionicle models.

Nestia Asimov:

Age: Appears mid 20’s
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 146 lbs
Cup size: God knows. Very large. (3rd largest in the RP that don't belong to a giantess or something...)
Race: Human/half kistune (4-tails)

To be decided

Series Associated With:
None in particular

Nestia started life as Nestor’s female form, but has evolved into her own character over time. She’s just as geeky & intelligent as Nestor, but isn’t so work-focused. She just likes to have fun. She’s also much more open about… intimate stuff than he is.

Nestia is extremely proud of her extraordinary figure, particularly her breasts. She prides herself on having the third-largest bosom in the dojo/mansion, the only two characters having endowments larger than her being Sonata & Valarye (two kitsunes recently introduced), whom Nestia is friends with. She’s possibly tied with Fuuka, but she doesn’t count Fuuka in the running, since she’s a goddess. Another “rival” is Katrina, who’s figure is a little “smaller” than Nestia, other than height.
At first she thought it was due to the kitsune prank that caused Nestor’s first gender-swap. However, it’s since come to light that Nestor would indeed look like that if he’d just been a female human. She has issues with jealousy with other girls’ looks if their breasts are a similar size to hers, but she’s been working on those issues. She currently sees Katrina as her greatest competition, partly due to pretty similar figures (Katrina’s a bit “smaller” than her), and partly due to Katrina’s relationship with ILS, whom Nestia liked to tease. Despite these feelings on Nestia’s part, however, they seem to get along pretty well.

She gets on very well with both Susan & Dorian, similar to Nestor, but she gets on with the various kitsunes better than him. It’s implied that she might have crushes on Nara & Yoko, but nothing’s been proven.

It’s known that she’s attracted to Nestor and, knowing that he’s attracted to her as well but finds the idea weird, greatly enjoys calling him a pervert & teasing him. They’re close however, and generally act almost like brother & sister.

She has her own Jar of Paradox, generously given to her by David.

Nestia first surfaced when Yoko turned Nestor into a girl in the TIA Mansion. Over time, however, she started getting more of her own personality, and her & Nestor’s consciousness started becoming more & more separate. Eventually, she was able to “possess” Nestor and turn him into a girl so she can walk around on her own. Soon after this, she found herself able to materialise separately from Nestor, albeit in a 5-inch tall winged version of herself.

Nestia started feeling a little insecure when Katrina arrived, and even moreso when she started a relationship with ILS, one of Nesta’s favourite people to “tease”. Eventually, in an effort to make her feel better, Cara suggested that Nestia become a half-kitsune. Nestia accepted, not wanting to feel bad anymore or for Cara to feel bad for not being able to cheer her up. With her transformation into a half-kitsune, Nestia finally became totally separate from Nestor.

Fighting Style:
Nestia hasn’t shown any notable fighting skills, but she’s reportedly working on something.

Battle Stats:
Nestia has yet to fight another dojo member.

Small Notes:
-Although her sprite doesn’t show it, Nestia is very voluptuous despite her short height. Very large breasts, wide & curvy hips, and a round-but-sexy butt, accentuated by very tight and/or revealing clothes.

-In an effort to increase the separate-ness between herself & Nestor, Nestia occasionally considers changing her name and having false memories implanted in her mind. Nothing’s ever come of these thoughts, though.
-Nestia is bisexual, but seems to prefer women.
-While seeming confident and cheerful, Nestia has been revealed to be pretty insecure, and used to hate herself for her jealousy issues.
-She based Marik’s “Marina” form on her own figure. She & Cara are the only ones that know Marik & “Marina” and Sheena & “Shana” are the same people. However, Marik & Sheena don’t even know Nestia & Cara know, or even that Nestia is responsible for the transformations.
-She has a habit of storing things in her cleavage, most notably her Jar of Paradox. No-one’s quite sure how she does this, since it even works if she’s totally naked. Nestia once joked that there was a pocket dimension in there. Or at least, people assume she was joking.

Dorian Jones:

Age: 25
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 176 lbs
Race: Half-human (mother is an ocean goddess)

MGS4 - Theme of Love (SSBB version)

Series Associated With:
Pirates of the Caribbean
One Piece

Dorian Jones is the biological son of the ocean goddess Calypso (a.k.a. Tia Dalma) and Davy Jones, the former captain of the Flying Dutchman, which Dorian now captains. His main job is to ferry the souls of those who died at sea to the next world. But since ocean travel is a lot safer in modern times (apart from the Grand Line and surrounding areas), Calypso has lifted the rule that the captain of the Dutchman can only set foot on land for one day every ten years, enabling him to do other things. Dorian is part of a sort of supernatural mercenary team, along with the ghost rider Daniel Slade, and two other members (yet to be introduced).
He is generally a pretty cheerful guy, very easy to get along with, and has a decent, if a little weird, sense of humour. Though there may be more to this cheerful, upbeat attitude than he lets on…

Dorian isn’t currently involved with anyone, though he has had quite a few flings in the past, and claims not to have ever been in a “serious” relationship. That said, he’s not the type to leave the next morning and “never call”, and he’s actually stayed in touch with most of his “dates” as friends.
He seems to be fairly close to ILS’ sister Jessica (he’s the only one in the dojo she’s told about her “condition”), though whether he actually has feelings for her remains to be seen.
Dorian is pretty close to Susan, having gone to school with her, and he’s very good friends with Nestor and, by extension, Nesta.

Several years after the aftermath of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (which is much less fictional than people think), Davy Jones and Tia Dalma were able to settle their differences and rekindled their relationship. Around the same time, William Turner was released from his service as captain of the Flying Dutchman (his father, “Bootstrap” Bill Turner, was also released), and Davy Jones took over again, this time doing the job properly. In recent years, due to the greatly-increased safety of ocean travel, Tia Dalma released the “one day on land out of every ten years” rule, allowing the two of them to spend much more time together. Soon after this, they had a son: Dorian Jones.
Dorian was educated at Demon Academy, where he met Daniel Slade and Susan Black. He has never specified exactly when, after graduating, he became captain of the Dutchman.

Fighting Style:
Being both the captain of the Flying Dutchman and the son of an ocean goddess has granted Dorian a pretty wide range of abilities. He can manipulate water with such power and talent that he can do just about anything you can think of with it (he can even turn himself into water and “teleport” between different bodies of water, as demonstrated when he brought Jessica to the dojo via a nearby lake). As a result, he tends to fight with various waterbending techniques.
He is a very talented swordsman (see the PotC movies for an idea of his style) and a decent improvisor. He can also coat his arms with organic armour like large crab claws (Michal once asked if he knew the pokemon technique “Crabhammer”, to which he replied: “Yep, and Vicegrip”), similar to one of Davy Jones’ arms in the PotC films, which he uses for grappling or simply beating his opponents with. It is rumoured he can sprout or exchange his arms for octopus-like tentacles, though he has never demonstrated this.
Because he’s the captain of the Flying Dutchman, the only way Dorian can actually be killed is if someone stabs his heart, which is placed in the Dead Man’s Chest. Dorian always carries the key with him, but no-one knows the location of the chest. He can still be injured, still feels pain, and can still be knocked out, even though most damage heals within about an hour. Even lost limbs, though it is unknown what would happen if he were decapitated. He also has a large kraken he can call on if needed.

Battle Stats:
Dorian has yet to fight another dojo member.

Small Notes:
-Dorian is very tall, and pretty thin & lanky. He is still pretty muscular, though.
-He has a separate form for whenever a part of him is submerged in water. Overall, it looks essentially like Kit Fisto from Star Wars, but with fully-webbed hands & feet and darker green skin.
-I haven’t gone very in-depth with Dorian’s powers as captain of the Dutchman. Wikipedia is your friend.

-Dorian is a very cultured individual, being an exceptional musician, decent singer, and a rather good artist.
-Dorian used to be something of a womaniser. Notable “conquests” include Nico Robin, back when she was still Miss All-Sunday in Baroque Works.
-Dorian is on pretty good terms with several figures from the One Piece “universe”.
-Dorian appears to have an extremely high tolerance to alcohol, though no-one’s really sure, since it’s very hard to tell if he’s actually drunk or just being his usual, cheerful self.
-In the original design stages, Dorian was originally a much more quiet and downtrodden character.
-His appearance is based on a character from the Ghost Rider movie called Wallow, and his personality (along with his pretty weird sense of humour & tendency to grin a lot) is based somewhat on British comedian Noel Fielding, who stars in & co-writes “The Mighty Boosh”.
-Although he has a lot of connections within the One Piece “world”, Dorian himself doesn’t have an official bounty. This is because the Navy & World Government simply refuse to believe that he, his parents, or the Flying Dutchman are more than mere myths. However, some ranking officers & higher-ups do believe he exists.
-Dorian’s kraken is larger than the one Davy Jones had, making it one of the largest creatures in the sea.
-Similar to Marik & Nestor, Dorian gets quite a lot of female attention. Unlike them, however, Dorian very much enjoys it, being a bit of a flirt. He does respect women, though.
-Dorian has the unusual ability to "summon" music out of thin air. The only other character to have demonstrated this strange skill so far is Agaranok.

Evey Gainsborough:

Age: 22
Hair colour: Pink, fading into red
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 112lbs
Cup size: Large B (looks like a C on her)
Race: Human

To be decided

Series Associated With:
None in particular

Evey is Katrina’s cousin on their fathers' side, so she doesn’t have any succubus genes (much to her occasional annoyance). She’s really an all-round witch, capable of learning pretty much anything, but since she’s focused so heavily on summoning, her skill in other fields of magic has suffered. In short, summoning is the only “offensive” magic she possesses, but she’s quite talented at “utility” spells.

She often feels jealous of Katrina’s looks, especially since Katrina is only a year older than her, but she tries not to let it ruin their friendship, despite feeling inadequate & overlooked when in Katrina’s presence. These feelings seem to have spread over into other aspects of Evey’s life, making her feel like people wouldn’t be interested in her, despite being quite good-looking herself.

She’s not in a relationship with anyone, but has a crush on Nestor. However, she’s promised that she won’t come between Nestor & Cara, and is settling into the role of just being Nestor’s friend. The two get on very well, due to having similar nerdy personalities.

She also seems to have become Marik’s unofficial trainer, summoning people to spar with him and working with Nestor to come up with new ways to help Marik become stronger.

She’s also recently become Bob the Omnipotent’s “disciple”. He was the one that said she had a lot of power & potential as a summoner.

Not much has been said about Evey’s background, other than her parents both being talented & powerful magicians. Her father is Katrina’s father’s brother. She’s the first in her family to take on summoning as a speciality.

She and Katrina got on very well, and this friendship has lasted throughout the years they’ve been separate. Upon meeting Katrina for the first time in several years, Evey was shocked by her cousin’s development, since they’d both had similar figures before they separated (before Katrina’s succubus genes really kicked in).

Fighting Style:
Being a summoner, Evey doesn’t really fight herself. In fact, she tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. She’s a very talented summoner, despite her insecurity in her abilities, and has a huge amount of available summons in the form of cards. Each summon uses up a certain amount of energy, depending on the power of the summon. Evey refers to her summons as “shadow clones, but stronger”, in that she doesn’t summon the person/creature themselves, but a copy of them. These copies know everything the original knows, and both the copy & the original are aware of what the other is doing and learn everything the other learns, like shadow clones from Naruto. However, they can take much more damage than shadow clones.

Apart from her summoning, she can make clothes with various spells “woven” into them. She hasn’t explicitly used any of these magic clothes, but examples she’s given include “a genuine invisibility cloak” and “socks that make you more agile”.

Small Notes:
-Her sprite doesn’t show it, but she has small red glasses like this:

-Evey is a very talented seamstress, a trait inherited from her mother who specialised in making magic clothes & taught Evey everything she knows about making clothes. She makes most of her own outfits, including shoes.
-She’s sometimes reluctant to tell people she’s a summoner, for fear that everyone will start coming up to her and asking her to summon favourite characters just so they can hang out or spar. She’s similarly fairly reluctant to tell people about her abilities as a seamstress.
-Evey is very insecure in her looks and abilities, both
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Main Characters

Michal Elizabeth Ritter a.k.a ZeldaFan

Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 21
Birthday: 2/27
Gender: Female
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 168 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Cup Size: B

Michal is actually a rather plain looking girl. Tall, rather thin, with long brown hair that she frequently ties up into a ponytail and brown eyes with a spirited glow to them, Michal doesn't really stand out in the looks department. It doesn't help that her "jiggles" that she's so proud of actually are rather...unimpressive. While they're certainly noticeable and in no way "tiny", one of the side effects of her years of physical conditioning is that they're rather....average. Not big....not small....just there.
Her style of dress is very casual. She wears lots of green, and is very rarely seen in anything other than blue jeans. Her standard casual outfit is a green t-shirt with a Triforce emblem in the middle of the chest, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
However, she's been known to occasionally wear weird outfits, and she has a strange affinity for unusual hats. One of her favorite hats is a replica of Kisuke's hat that she occasionally wears.

Ahh...Michal's personality. What is there to say about that? The truth is, she's all over the place. One minute, she's calm and serious, the next, hyper and silly. Born in the Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac, it's often said that Horse people are living bundles of contradicting personality traits. Well, Michal follows that description to a T. Still, a lot of her behavior is something of a front...a persona she takes on in front of others because, in her own words, "It's part of who I am, but not all of who I am."
Deep down inside, Michal is a simple girl. She's rather laidback and hates putting needless effort into things. But once something catches her interest, she'll pursue it with a lot of drive....at least until the next interesting thing catches her eye.
She also has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends. Once you've become friends with her, you have a very devoted friend who will go to the ends of the earth for you, and maybe even beyond. She places her bonds of friendship as the most important thing in her life, and would gladly sacrifice herself for the sake of a friend.
She also has a strong sense of "justice", although the way she sees justice is a bit different than others do. She sees justice as "the spirit of the law...the ideals behind the words." So while she believes strongly in justice, she could care less about "the written law" and considers herself chaotic aligned.
That said, she also views justice as "the duty of the strong to protect those weaker than themselves from those who would create injustice."
Most importantly, she also has a very strong moral compass. She believes, wholeheartedly, in the concept of "Good for goodness sake". She strives to be a good person and to always do the right thing. Not out of fear of punishment or expectation of reward. Rather, she does the right thing because it's the right thing to do.
Michal is a tad impulsive. She always follows her instincts, claiming that her gut feelings haven't steered her wrong yet. While sometimes this is a good thing, it occasionally leads to some poor decision making, and she's gotten herself into trouble more than a few times based off of following her instincts.
Michal has two major flaws. The first is her temper. When she was younger, she was incredibly hot-headed. She was prone to getting into fights and was very easy to rile. Since she's gotten older, she usually can keep her temper in check, but every now and then, things get too much for her, and she loses it. And when she's angry, she's reckless, and as big of a threat to herself as she is to her enemies.
Her second major flaw is somewhat odd, because it's not necessarily a bad thing. Michal has a Hero Complex. That is to say, she views herself as a Hero. She feels it's her duty to protect the weak, fight evil, and do heroic stuff. This isn't a bad thing. Her flaw is that she takes this Hero Complex to the extremes, often thrusting herself into the role of The Hero. She often tries to take on too much of a burden, feeling it's her duty to always save the day, that in the end, she's the one the others can rely on. This can lead her to taking needless risks, and for that reason, it has been dubbed her "Fatal Flaw".

An interesting side note: Michal is a geek, of things ranging from video games to anime to tabletop RPGs. She quite frequently sprinkles pop culture references into things, and when she gets obsessed with certain series or franchises, she's been known to emulate them.


It all started with a set of twins. Not Michal and Mikey though. With Justarius and Veritas, the Warriors of Justice and Truth, respectively. Long ago, they were powerful warriors who fought the forces of darkness and evil. But like all great heroes, they had to die. And in dying, they left a legacy. Fast forward thousands of years later, that legacy was bestowed to Michal and Mikey. They were marked as the heirs to Justarius and Veritas's powers, and born as partial reincarnations to the heroes, marking them as individuals with great destinies. But, this isn't Mikey's profile, so lets switch focus to the star of the show, Michal!

As Michal grew older, she developed a keen sense of adventure. One day, at the age of 7, she stumbled upon a thunderbird, a legendary creature infused with the power of pure, elemental lighting. It was intrigued by this unusual girl, who was not intimidated by its presence. It asked her “What would you like more than anything else in the world?” Michal, sensing that it was an important question, thought for a moment and then answered “The strength to always protect my friends!” The thunderbird, pleased by her answer, infused her with the power of elemental lightning. As if that wasn't enough adventure, about a month later, she was exploring again, and ended up being bitten by a werewolf and became one herself.

As she grew older, she met other kids with supernatural abilites, and they formed a team of heroes dedicated to protecting their home town from the supernatural threats that it constantly faced. Eventually, as they grew stronger and more skilled, they drew the attention of a mysterious world hopping wizard by the name of Bob the Omnipotent. He offered to give them the chance to become even stronger. Taking the offer, Michal and her friends began wandering through various dimensions, each going their separate ways to develop their own particular skills.

Eventually, Michal made it to Hyrule, were she found out that the blood of the Hero of Time flowed through her veins. Searching high and low, she eventually found his grave and awakened his spirit. His ghost began traveling with her. She also traveled to several other worlds, including an alternate version of the Naruto world, where they met Tobi and added him to their little group.

Eventually, Michal told Bob that she wanted a place she and her friends could use as a base of operations for their planeshopping adventures. Bob took her to a brand new world he had been working on, and as part of the finishing touches, created a remote spot in the world, deep within a mountain range. A forested valley, and within that valley, a large clearing with a lake and a waterfall. And in that clearing, he brought Michal and all her friends, both old and new. She and her friends worked together, and they built the dojo.

After spending a couple of years in the dojo, making new friends and training, she felt her training there wasn't good enough, so she left on a training journey, taking along with her Link, Tobi and Bob. While she was gone, she formed an organization, sort of like a guild for heroes, called the Blitzwolf Brigade, formed of heroes and warriors from around the multiverse. She then returned to her home in the dojo, ready to put her new skills to the test.

Powers, Skills and Abilities

Physical Abilities- At first glance, Michal seems to be your average human. This isn't entirely true. A number of factors, mainly her lycanthropy, her years of training, and her spiritual abilities, have greatly enhanced her physical capabilities.
Her speed, agility, and reaction speed have all been greatly enhanced. She's capable of moving at Flash Step level speeds in short bursts, and at a sustained run can easily keep up with a car.  Her agility is also top notch, and her reaction speed allows her to counter even the fastest foes.

Her actual physical strength isn't that high, more akin to a normal human athlete than her other more superhuman stats. This is due to the fact that she's developed relatively little physical muscle. This means that her lifting strength reaches barely superhuman levels. However, through some special spiritual training, she's learned to use her spiritual powers to compensate for her lack of muscles when attacking, giving her astonishing striking power. With enough focus, she's able to punch her way straight through some kinds of metal, and she can break stone with her bare fists with little effort.

Her endurance is an odd thing. On one hand, she's very tough. She has a high constitution, and is capable of taking a real beating with little ill effect. It takes a lot of hits to take her down. On the other hand, she has very little stamina, and tends to tire herself out rather quickly. She throws a lot of effort into trying to strike as hard and fast as possible, so she expends a lot of her energy reserves fast. This means that she's seriously weakened in any kind of sustained fight.

A final note on her senses. While its true that her lycanthropy has enhanced her senses of sight, hearing, and smell, this mostly is only true in her were form. In her normal human form, she has above average sight, hearing, and smell, but nothing too extreme.

Mental Attributes- While her behavior might not always hint at it, Michal is quite intelligent. She's very cunning, and is good at making on the fly plans and figuring things out. She also has a freakishly good memory that allows her to memorize most of the stuff she reads.

Michal's instincts are very honed from a combination of years of combat experience, and her enhanced animal instincts granted by her lycanthropy. She's very good at reading situations, and more than once has her intuition gotten her out of danger.

Most prominent is Michal's intense force of personality, or her charisma. She's got this natural quality to her that draws people to her. A natural leader, her very presence can be inspiring to her allies and very intimidating to her foes. She's also very easy to get along with, and almost everyone she knows agrees that she's probably one of the most likable people they know. Her force of personality is so great, she's even able to use a couple of supernatural abilities based off of it, which are discussed in more detail below.
Worth mentioning here is her resistance to any kind of  psychic intrusion. Between actively honing her skills from having a psychic for a twin brother to the sheer force of her personality, Michal is highly resistant to any attempts to psychically intrude into her mind without her permission, and is capable of repelling the efforts of even the most powerful psychics out there.

Master Swordswoman- Partially from her years of training, and partially from inherited experience from her past life as Justarius, Michal is a prodigy with swords. She's mastered fighting with almost every kind of sword there is out there, although she specializes in longswords, with katanas being her second favored weapon.
Michal's skill with swords is so great, she's capable of utilizing sword pressure with almost any kind of sword. Sword pressure is the ability to transfer the force of a sword's blow through the air itself. Most commonly, this is manifested as a "shockwave" fired from the blade of the sword, although it can take other forms.

Gift of the Thunderbird- From a young age, Michal has been gifted with the powers of a thunderbird, a powerful creature tied to the forces of pure elemental lightning. Her main ability gained from this is the ability to produce and manipulate lightning/electricity. She can use this as either a projectile attack in the form of blasts of lightning, or she can focus the lightning around a body part or even her whole body to add an electrical shock to her attacks. As a side effect, she's incredibly resistant to lightning based attacks. She's able to absorb an unlimited amount of ambient, not-attack based electricity, but when an actual "attack" is fired against her, the "fighting intent" behind it prevents her from completely neutralizing the power of the attack. Still, only the most powerful of lightning based attacks will phase her at all.

Michal gains two main sub-abilities based off of her lightning powers. The first is magnetism. But manipulating electrical currents in her own body, she can create and manipulate magnetic fields. This allows her to attract, repel, and levitate magnetic metals, although she can also weakly effect non-magnetic metals.
The other ability is technopathy. Michal has a latent psychic gene. While it wouldn't have normally manifested any abilities, combined with her electrical powers, its given her the ability to mentally control technology by translating her thoughts into Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other types of electronic signals. She's even capable of calling a person's cell phone with her mind.

Lycanthropy- Shortly after gaining her lightning powers, one night on a full moon, Michal was bitten by a werewolf, and was infected with Lycanthropcy, also known as the werewolf virus. Lycanthropcy (or at least the version of it in Michal's native dimension) is a magical retrovirus that alters the DNA of the victim, particularly causing the adrenal gland to produce a special kind of hormone called Lycanthadrine.
When she morphs into her werewolf form, Michal becomes a fully anthropomorphic human-wolf hybrid, essentially a humanoid body with a wolf's head, human like hands ending in claws, a tail, and wolf-like feet, completely covered in silver-gray fur and wearing a tanktop and very short ripped jean shorts. (For modesty reasons.)
Michal is in full control of her werewolf form, although it does heighten her aggression and makes her a tad more violent. She can transform back and forth at will, although she must transform every night of the full moon for at least a short period of time.

In her were form, Michal loses access to most of her other abilities, but her strength is slightly boosted, while her pain tolerance, speed, agility, and stamina are greatly boosted. She gains natural weapons in the form of teeth and claws, and she gains a slight regenerative factor, although its not too terribly noticeable most of the time because of how relatively slow it is. Her senses of smell, hearing, and sight are greatly boosted, especially her low-light vision, and she can actually switch her vision over to a heat-sensing infrared mode. She's also capable of communicating with other werewolves via empathic howl messages, and can "mark" her territory with a complex system of pheromone based flags that can only be detected by an animal-like sense of smell.

Contrary to popular belief, werewolves in Michal's universe are not weak to silver, and the metal has no adverse effects on her at all.
As mentioned before, Michal's were form enhances her aggressive urges, and if she's not careful, she's been known to lose control to her predatory instincts and slip into what she calls her Feral side. In this form, she's little more than a wild animal, a savage beast that acts on its first instincts while still retaining a strange degree of human intelligence, including the ability to speak.

Michal is of course capable of spreading Lycanthropcy. She can secrete a special saliva that contains a large concentration of the virus. However, she can control when she secretes this saliva, so not all of her bites will necessarily transfer the disease.

Warrior of Justice- Michal is the partial-reincarnation of Justarius, Warrior of Justice, and is therefore the new Warrior of Justice. She carries within her a small fragment of divine power that she can use to greatly enhance her powers. However, she can only use this power sparingly, as it exhausts her very quickly because of her inexperience at using it.

She also has living within her a small portion of Justarius's soul that can serve as a conduit to the original Warrior of Justice. This allows him to advise her within her mind, and under certain extreme situations, he can even possess her. When this happens, he gains full mastery over the divine power granted to him as Warrior of Justice. Justarius is a warrior to be reckoned with, and is quite possibly one of the most powerful beings to dwell in the dojo, even if he only exists within it in a severely limited fashion.

Spiritual Awareness and Shamanic Training- Descended from a long line of heroes and various supernatural warriors, Michal is naturally very spiritually aware. She is easily able to detect, communicate, and interact with spiritual entities normal humans can't see, such as ghosts, shinigami, kami, and other such beings.

To hone these powers, she's undergone various forms of shamanic training. She's capable of preforming "Spirit Unity" to allow a ghost or spirit to share her body so she can use their skills, and can create an "Oversoul" by fusing a ghost or spirit with the proper shamanic focus. Her spirit ally was Link's ghost, and the focus for her Oversoul was the Master Sword, but she's currently looking for a new spirit companion due to the fact that Link never spends any time in his ghost form anymore.

Shinigami Powers- During one of their many inter-dimensional voyages, Bob and Michal stumbled upon the world of Bleach, and as a result, Michal gained shinigami powers. Michal rarely ever takes her full shinigami form, so just about the only benefits she gains from this are her zanpakuto and her hollow mask, which she can access while still in her normal human form. It's speculated she can do this because of her shamanic training, essentially preforming Spirit Unity with her own shinigami form. However, this hasn't been truly confirmed.

When she is in her Shinigami form, Michal possess an amount of spiritual power/pressure comparable, but not quite on the same level, as a Captain. She's very skilled in Flash Steps, but she's utterly hopeless when it comes to kido.

Michal eventually, in a bid for more power when she does use her shinigami powers, convinced Kisuke to do two things: Teach her bankai, and make her a Vizard. As such, she is capable of "Hollowfiying" herself. Her Hollow mask is shaped like a wolf's face, and increases her physical abilities on a similar scale to her entering her were form, while still allowing her to retain her powers. Her nails also become sharp, hard, and very claw like in this form. Her time limit for her hollow form is 7 minutes.

Her zanpakuto is called Chidori (One Thousand Birds) and will be discussed in further detail in the "Weapons" section.

Spiral Power: Swords- During a recent inter-dimensional training journey, Michal came across the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann universe, and awakened her own Spiral Power. However, instead of manifesting in the form of a drill, Michal's Spiral Power manifests in the form of the ability to create mundane swords out of nothing. Michal's commented that this is very appropriate, because, in her words "That's a perfect representation of me. My soul....is A SWORD!" However, as this is a relatively new ability, its full potential has yet to be realized.

Supernatural Charisma- As mentioned before, Michal is very charismatic, with a very strong force of personality. During her recent training journey, Michal studied several techniques based off of force of personality. This has led to the development of several abilities of her own.
While visiting the world of Toriko, she gained the ability to use “Intimidation”. She is able to project an aura of power and intimidation that causes her opponents to hallucinate, creating the image that Michal is not human, but a huge feral looking werewolf. Against weak, mook-level opponents, she can cause them to pass out from her sheer force of will, and even some experienced warriors can't help but be shaken by the ability.
Another ability she's gained is the ability of “Persuasion” By focusing her will, she can put a certain tone into her voice that makes it very pleasing on a subconscious level, making people want to listen to her and believe her. With enough willpower, it's not hard to resist the effects of this ability, but for the weak willed who fall under it, she can cause them to believe almost anything she says, making her very good at lying to people. She can also subtly influence people's actions by making suggestions. Of course, this power has severe limits, as it can never force a person to do anything they wouldn't be willing to do. However, it can push people into doing things and making choices they wouldn't  normally make as long as it doesn't oppose their morales and character.
Her final ability is “Inspiration”. By using this ability, she can inspire her friends with her mere presence. This ability stirs up something in their souls, enhancing their abilities. It's not that she actually gives them a power boost, she just allows them to use their full potential, allowing them to use their powers to the fullest level they're currently capable of achieving.
Of course, these abilities are only a start. Who knows what other abilities she could eventually develop?

Requip-like Magical Enchantment- Technically, Michal is not a user of Requip magic. Rather, Mikey created a special enchantment that functions similar to requip magic, without requiring the user to have any real proficiency with magic. As such, Michal stores most of her weapons in an extra-dimensional storage space, and can summon them when she needs them.


Michal's personal sword, forged just for her. It's a European style longsword, with a “hand-and-a-half” handle length that makes it usable either two-handed or one-handed (Michal's preferred style). It's magically attuned to her and her powers, being perfectly balanced and weighted to be used by her. It's also very good at channeling her lightning powers, enhancing them when they're channeled through it. It's her preferred weapon in life-or-death situations that don't specifically call for her other swords, as it's her most straight-forward and balanced sword.

Justron, Sword of Justice:
An heirloom from Justarius, this is the personal sword of the Warrior of Justice. A large "buster sword", it has a six foot long blade that is about two feet wide, and the handle looks like little more than a foot-and-a-half long stick sticking out of the bottom of the blade. Even more curious, the blade itself is made of a brown material that looks almost to be a hybrid of stone and metal, and there is a line of indecipherable runes running along the center of the blade. The blade exists on two levels, both physically and spiritually, and is capable of striking either kind of being. The Sword of Justice, it is capable of passing harmlessly through those it deems "innocent", but is extremely lethal against those it deems "guilty". Michal is rather inexperienced with Justron, and it eats up a decent chunk of her energy to just manifest it, let alone wield it effectively, and she has to wield it with two hands.

If Justarius is possessing her body, the Sword responds to him much better than it does to Michal. It takes almost zero energy for him to summon the sword, and he swings it around with one hand with no problem. Its actually a rather intimidating sight, Michal's body wielding a sword as long as her and as wide as her with one hand.

Chidori (One Thousand Birds):
Michal's Zanpakuto. In its sealed state, its a rather plain looking katana with a lightning pattern on the handle, and an image of a flying bird on the sheath. 

Its release command is "Spread your wings and soar!" In its shikai, is appears as a Chokuto. It has the ability to generate electricity along the length of the blade that in addition to adding an electrical shock to the blade's attacks, it enhances the cutting power of the sword. This is actually useful, because in her shinigami form, Michal is unable to use her normal abilities. However, the electricity cannot be launched from the blade, with the exception of a single technique, the Raikiri (Lightning Cut), which fires a sword pressure shockwave charged with electricity.

Bankai: Tobuchidori (Soaring One Thousand Birds)
When Michal unleashes bankai, her sword dissolves into lightning that is then absorbed by her body. She then gains the ability to create weapons, shields, and armor out of lightning. These lightning constructs can waver between being solid enough that Michal can use them to block physical objects, to being insubstantial as actual electricity, just coursing through anything that tries to stop it. She can control their size and appearance, and she's even capable of making fully functional complex, modern weapons, such as a pistol or a bazooka. She's capable of creating large quantities of these weapons, and she can either wield them by hand, or control them with her mind.

Other Weapons:
Michal has a large collection of mundane weaponry that she collects, and can use in combat if she so desires. This not only includes swords, but also axes, hammers, spears, polearms, and some more exotic weapons, all of which she can wield more or less proficiently.
She also has a couple of magic weapons with random minor enchantments she sometimes uses, although not too frequently.
Also in her possession are several replica pop culture weapons. And they're functioning replicas, duplicating any property or power the original have. Her prized possession is her duplicate Master Sword, which she sometimes uses since Link uses the real Master Sword.

Will work on later...I swear. >_<

-She has adventured quite a bit in various universes, making a name for herself in several anime/manga, video game, and other pop culture worlds. A list of some of these accomplishments:
           -is quite the accomplished Pokemon trainer, having battling skills on par with the various League Champions.
      -has adventured in large portions of the digital world, allying herself with two Digimon partners, a Tentomon and a Gaomon
           -has explored large sections of the Digital World with her Digimon partners, Tentomon and Gaomon.
           -participated in the Shaman Tournament, making it to the Patch Village before being disqualified because she couldn't form a three person team.
           -has explored Hyrule, discovering many of its secrets and gaining a reputation as a hero, although no one seems to be aware of her connection to Link.
           -has visited the Star Wars galazy, and actually owns two green lightsabers
      -has explored Faerûn rather extensively, adventuring and training alongside the legendary hero Drizzt Do'Urden.
-Because of her family's genetics, she would have ended up with glasses if it weren't for her Lycanthropcy, which actually improves her vision to slightly better than 20/20 in her human form.
-She suffers from acrophobia, an irrational fear of heights. Depending on how bad the heights are, and whether or not she's in battle and her adrenaline is pumping, she can sometimes push aside this fear momentarily to get the job done. However, most of the time she's absolutely paralyzed when exposed to high places. This is especially absurd when you realized that she owns a collapsible metal disc similar to the one used by the superhero Static Shock that she can use to magnetically levitate herself.
-Her favorite animal is the squirrel, her favorite color is green, her favorite food is seafood, especially tuna and shrimp, and her favorite drink is Mountain Dew Throwback.
-If you look closely at her Physical Abilities and Mental Attributes sections, you'll notice a certain pattern. Each section focuses on three specific subcategories, that when you think about it, make a fairly obvious geek reference. This was actually a coincidence in the Physical Abilities section, but when I realized what I had done, I rolled with it and did it on purpose in the Mental Attributes section. *cough* The two sections basically describe Michal's abilities in the form of the 6 main stats in D&D: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. *cough*
-When questioned about her religion, she claims to be a worshiper of Thor, Norse God of thunder. No one can really tell if she's joking or not....
-Michal's Character Song: "By The Sword" - Slash, featuring Andrew Stockdale

-Michal's Theme: Cornered! (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) - can be remixed to suit the situation
- Main Version


Race: Hylian
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Physically, appears 25, mentally, ghost has existed for 1000s of years, but was in a come like state for most of them.
Birthday: 11/21
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 174 lbs
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue

*see above image*

When trying to blend in, he wears a pair of blue jeans, brown sneakers, a plain white undershirt, and a green hooded sweatshirt.

To most people, Link is a kind, determined, sort of quiet, and courageous man. He's very much exactly what you would expect from a hero.

But that's only how people who don't know Link see him. And while it's true that he's very caring, very determined and courageous, there's also a whole side of Link that only those who really know him ever see.

This side of Link is rather talkative, with something of an ego. He's snarky and sarcastic, always quick to make a quip or a one-liner.
After all, if you were the only sane man in a group consisting of Tobi (Brain-damaged), Bob the Omnipotent (Eccentric, all-knowing, all-powerful wizard), and Michal (Seems normal at first, but becomes a hot-blooded determinator at the drop of a hat), then you certainly would become snarky. Link is often the voice of reason for the group, pointing out the stupidity and absurdity of their plans and behavior. While he tries his best to keep his cool, he's also known to fly into fits of mock rage, futilely yelling at his teammates to act normal. However, despite all this, he cares deeply about his teammates, and he believes that his life would be much more boring without them.

Well aware of the success of his video games, particularly, the two starring him (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), Link has a very high opinion of himself. (Read as: inflated ego.) He is often quick to sing his own praises, and loves telling stories about his various adventures, assuming everyone else finds them as fascinating as he does.

Similar to his descendant, Michal, Link has a hero complex. When he sees a person in trouble, he goes out of his way to help them. This occasionally leads him to get in over his head, but as a famous hero, he believes he has a certain image to live up to.

This is the Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. So the events of those games happened to him. After the events of Majora's Mask, he continued to wander the land, searching for Navi. Eventually, boy and fairy reunited and returned to Hyrule. There, Link quickly rose to fame as a mighty hero. (See, the events of Ocarina of Time never happened because Zelda sent Link back in time. So nobody in Hyrule knew Link as the Hero of Time. It wasn't until after he died that the true story was told, and the Legend of the Hero of Time became well known in Hyrule. ) Eventually though, Link died, killed in an assault on Hyrule Castle, defending Princess Zelda's life.

He was buried with the highest honors. His grave was placed deep in a grove in the Lost Woods, where the Master Sword was then placed over it.

Fast forward thousands of years later. Michal Ritter, on a journey to discover her heritage, visits Link's grave. Pulling the Master Sword free, she awakens Link's ghost, and the two decide to travel together.

For a few years, Link served as Michal's Spirit Companion while Michal trained for, then participated in the Shaman Fight in Tokyo. They advanced all the way to the Patch Village, but then were disqualified for being unable to assemble a team of three shamans for the team rounds.

After that, sometime before they built the dojo, Michal and Link met Urahara Kisuke, Kisuke designed a special gigai for Link to possess. By possessing the gigai, Link basically has a second chance at life, an opportunity he's glad for.

At some point during his time spent in the dojo, Link began to date Silhouette the Hedgehog.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

Physical and Mental Attributes- Compared to many of the other dojo inhabitants, Link is actually rather normal. His strength and speed are, without the aid of any magical object, about on par with peak human physical condition. He's found a lot of Heart Containers throughout his life, so he's highly resistant to pain, and can take a lot of damage.
Because of the Golden Gauntlets, Link has supernatural lifting strength, and can very easily lift very, very heavy objects without any real effort. However, the Gauntlets only boost his lifting strength, and the strength of his hits is still limited to peak human condition.
Link can boost his speed by wearing the Pegasus Boots, which allow him to move at flash step equivalent speeds.

Link is very bright, with a particular aptitude for puzzle solving. He's also a very tactical combatant, able to easily analyze the fighting style of his opponents and figure out correct counters. He's had years of adventuring and combat experience to draw upon, and is very good at coming up with sensible plans.

Requip Magic- During his recent travels, Link trained with Erza Scarlet from the world of Fairy Tail on mastering requip magic for accessing his horde of Zelda items. Link's tunic is an extra-dimensional storage space, so he already had some experience with it, and quickly mastered it. He's even capable of requipping different tunics and/or armor if he needs to, in addition to his weapons.

Magic- While it's hardly his strong point, Link does know a little magic. Originally, he had three spells: Din's Fire, an expanding dome of fire. Farore's Wind, which can either be used as a waypoint based teleport or a short range teleport. Nayru's Love, a powerful barrier spell. Recently, he's also gained the ability to cast the spells from Zelda II: Adventure of Link: Shield, Jump, Life, Fairy, Fire, Reflect, Spell, and Thunder. He also owns the three Spell Medallions from LttP: Ether, Quake, and Bombos.

Link also uses his magic to increase the power and range of his spin attack and fuel the powers of some of his items. Every day, he drinks a bottle of Chateau Romani so he can have infinite magical power, allowing him to use his magic without any worries.

Swordsmanship- Link is a master swordsman, having wielded a blade ever since he was 10. In fact, he's so skilled with his sword, he's actually a match for Michal, who's considered just about unbeatable in sword combat. He can preform a number of special sword techniques, even beyond the ones he's seen using in his own games. Link is primarily left-handed, but has actually trained himself to fight almost as well right-handed if he needs to.

Weapons Master- Link is also highly skilled with many other types of weapons, including such Zelda classics as the bow and arrow, boomerang, bombs, hammers, and magical staffs and rods. He's also quick to adapt to unfamiliar weapons if the situation calls for it.

Hero of Time- As the Hero of Time, Link has a natural affinity for magical items that manipulate time, and can often coax the best results out of them. He's able to freeze time with the Phantom Sword using only his own power, and can manipulate time with the Ocarina of Time, although the full extent of his ability to do this is somewhat situational.
Time based magic is also shown to affect him slightly differently than normal people, although the exact specifics of how depends on the spell in question.

Musical Skill- Link is quite skilled with a number of musical instruments, with his specialty being the ocarina. While this may not seem like an impressive ability, it should also be noted that Link knows a number of magical songs that, when played, produce a variety of effects.

Horsemanship- Link is very skilled at riding horses, with his skill reaching its peak when riding Epona, his personal horse. He's also skilled at horseback combat, including being rather accurate with a bow from the back of a galloping horse.

Double Jump- A skill he picked up from the Smash Bros. series, Link is capable of preforming a double jump, that is, after jumping once, he is able to push off of the air to jump even higher. He can further increase the height of his jump with a Midair Spin Attack.

Triforce of Courage- Link is the rightful bearer of the Triforce of Courage. This gives him a connection to his patron Goddess, Farore. He can sometimes draw upon the divine power of the Triforce of Courage to enhance his attacks.

This is also what enables him to use the Triforce Slash technique from Brawl.

Ghost Form- Technically, Link is dead. Using his gigai, Link can take physical form. However, when the need calls for it, Link can separate his soul from his body and take on his ghost form. In this form, he's unable to interact with the physical world, but is capable of traveling through walls and flying and he's invisible to people who can't sense spiritual beings. Link can also possess living beings by entering their body and overpowering their mind.

With the aid of a shaman, Link can potentially be used to create an Oversoul by possessing an item. With Michal, Link forms an Oversoul by possessing the Master Sword. In Oversoul mode, Link becomes a green aura that surrounds the Master Sword, with the aura concentrating to form a ball around the hilt of the Master Sword, and a trailing aura that resembles Link's hat extends from this ball. Link's face is visible on this ball, but he's unable to communicate in this form, except for telepathically with Michal or whoever is forming the Oversoul. In addition to being able to extend the reach of the Master Sword's blade, Link's aura can also be used to duplicate to effects of several classic Zelda items. It can fire arrows of spiritual power, create spheres of spiritual power that explode after a few second, launch a chain of spiritual power from the sword that can either be used to real stuff in or grapple to another point, or launch a boomerang of spiritual power.


Arsenal of Zelda Items:
Link possess a either the original version or a copy of every single item from every single Zelda game ever. This includes weapons, utility items, tunics, boots, shields, and swords. Some of his more important and most used gear will be detailed further, but keep this in mind: If an item appeared in a Zelda game, Link has it.
While these items generally work a lot like they do in the games, some of the items have additional powers. This is because the versions of these items Link owns are not limited by being objects programmed into a video game. For the most part, these additional abilities are just logical extensions of the item's in-game power. A good example is the Sand Wand from Spirit Tracks. In game, it can be used to raise patches of sand up into walls. That's pretty much it. Link's version, however, can just manipulate sand however Link wants, similar to Gaara's powers from Naruto.

A special mention should go out about Link's tunic. Link's tunic functions very similarly to a Bag of Holding. It's an extra-dimensional storage space that is much, much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and no matter how much you put into it, it never gets heavier. Also, when Link reaches into it, the thing he is looking will automatically be the next thing he grabs. (Although, due to his requip magic, he no longer has to physically reach into his tunic to draw stuff out of it, but just magically summon it.) This same storage space is shared across any version of his tunic he wears, and can even be accessed by reaching into the front pocket of the hoodie he wears in his modern/casual outfit.

Master Sword:
Link's main weapon of choice, the Blade of Evil's Bane. It's a very powerful magical sword, and Link is highly attuned to it, meaning that his swordsmanship is a lot better when he uses the Master Sword. Its capable of firing blasts of magical energy, called "Sword Beams". It also has a powerful evil repelling aura, and is extremely harmful to evil beings. It is also notable for its ability to deflect magical blasts.
This is Link's go to sword, and is the one he wears strapped to his back.

Four Sword:
Link's second favorite sword. The wielder of this sword is able to split themselves into four copies, with one being the original, and the other three highlighting aspects of the wielder's personality. For this Link, the Green Link is normal Link, the Red Link represents Link's courageous hero side, the Blue Link is Link's wise tactician side, and Purple Link is Link's powerful warrior side.
Like the Master Sword, the Four Sword also can fire sword beams, deflect magical blasts, and has a powerful evil repelling aura. It also splits Link's arsenal into 4 copies.

Phantom Sword:
Link's third main sword. The Phantom Sword, like the other swords on the list, can also fire sword beams, deflect magical blasts, and it has an evil repelling aura.
The main special ability of the Phantom Sword is the ability to momentarily freeze time. While normally, the sword would require a Phantom Sphere to do this, Link is able to do this without one because of his status as Hero of Time. However, Link is limited to how long he can freeze time. He has about 5 minutes worth of sand in the Phantom Hourglass set in the hilt, and every time he freezes time, sand begins to fall to the bottom until time is unfrozen, which means he can only freeze time for a total of 5 minutes, spread out however he wants, before he has to renew the power of the Phantom Hourglass with a special ritual that at least partially involves the Ocarina of Time, and is time consuming enough that he can't do it in the middle of battle.

Lokomo Sword:
Another sword Link owns, this sword is the least used of Link's main swords because it's identical to the Master Sword in what it can do, only Link isn't as strongly attuned to it.
Link mostly uses it during the rare occasions where he duel wields swords.

Biggoron's Sword:
One of Link's secondary swords, its the most used of his secondary swords. A humongous sword forged by Biggoron, it's so large and awkward that Link usually wields it two handed, although, thanks to the Golden Gauntlets, he is technically capable of lifting it one handed. Despite its awkwardness, its still very powerful, and is certainly a weapon to be feared.

Hero's Bow:
Link's trusty bow. Using it, Link can fire either normal arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Bomb Arrows, or Light Arrows. Bob has upgraded Link's quiver so Link has infinite arrows.

Link possesses multiple boomerangs. His two best ones are the Gale Boomerang from TP, which is a boomerang imbued with the power of wind, and the Magical Boomerang from the Oracle games, which Link can control its path after throwing it.

Link has access to an infinite supply of various bombs from different Zelda games, including normal Bombs, Water Bombs, Remote Bombs, OoT-style Bombchus ( Set it, and it travels forward until it detonates), and PH style Bombchus (Which, for this Link, are remote control). He can even use Powder Kegs outside of his Goron form, lifting them with the Golden Gauntlets.

Link possess several large hammers. Of special note are the Megaton Hammer, the Skull Hammer, and the Hammer from PH, which Link calls the Fairy Hammer.
Link is capable of wielding the Megaton Hammer one handed, like he did in Soul Caliber II.
The Skull Hammer, like the Biggoron's Sword, can be lifted one handed, but is large and awkward enough that Link needs two hands to effectively wield it.
The Fairy Hammer is a remote control hammer. A nameless fairy carries this hammer for Link, and Link can use it to hammer stuff from a distance.

Link's trusty hookshot is a retractable chain launching device that he can use to grab items or enemies and reel them in, or to grapple to distant spots. His favorite model is the Majora's Mask hookshot.

Figurine of Wondrous Power - Epona:
A magical figurine given to him by Bob the Omnipotent, by placing it on the ground and playing, or at least whistling, Epona's Song, he can summon his horse Epona to his current location.

He's dating Silhouette the Hedgehog, and Michal Ritter is his distant descendant.
I'll improve this later.....eventually.

-Is his original lifetime, he was in love with Zelda, and Zelda was in love with him. However, they never hooked up because they knew that with Zelda being royalty and Link being perceived by general populace as a simple hero, it would cause an uproar. Eventually, Link settled down with Malon, they had one child together, and a second was on its way when Link was killed. This is how Link and Zelda's bloodlines remained separate in later games.
-Is very good at video games, especially the Legend of Zelda games. He also is quite skilled as Super Smash Bros. and Mario.
-His pet peeves include being called an elf (I'M NOT AN ELF, I'M A HYLIAN!), being told he's wearing a skirt (IT'S NOT A SKIRT, IT'S A TUNIC!), or being told compared to the CD-I Link or Cartoon Link (THOSE GUYS AREN'T REAL!).
-His favorite animal is horses, especially Epona, his favorite color is green, his favorite food is Octorok Steaks (They're....actually really tasty) and his favorite drink is milk.
-He celebrates his birthday on the same day as Ocarina of Time's original launch date. Truthfully, the modern calender and the Ancient Hyrulean Calender are very difficult to match up, so he just picked a symbolic date.
-Is good friends with several other video game characters, especially the casts of the various Smash Bros. games.
-Owns a couple of Transformation Masks besides the ones from Majora's Mask, including a Hedgehog Mask that turns him into a Sonic style Hedgehog. In this form, he appears as a green hedgehog, completely naked except for his green hat, brown boots, and his gloves/gauntlets from OoT. He can still requip his various items in this form.

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Please post any profile changes in the main profile topic.
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I'm sharing with Zeldafan?

Cool bananas...
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*separate post for non-main profiles*

Other Characters


Age: 76 (Appears 17)
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5'0", has been know to shift to 6'0" if she feels like it.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Race: Kitsune (Fox Demon)

Kit has had a pretty normal life for a kitsune. Born to two kitsune parents, she was raised by them until developing her third tail. At that point, she began to live on her own, wandering around. learning about the world and its inhabinants. At around the age of 30, she traveled from Mythaca to modern Earth. Fascinated by modern humans and their culture, she chose to intergrate herself into their society, learning as much about them as possible.

Eventually, she met Dameon Hiro and Canro Yuki. Befriending them quickly, she decided to travel with them because "interesting things happened around them." Since them, she's joined their quest to defeat Jangien, despite having no personal reasons to despise him. In fact, compared to the other members of Dameon's group, Kit doesn't seem as concerned about the goal of the quest, but rather, she seems to care about the interesting stuff the is happening during the quest.

Kit's personality is mischivous, playful, and flirty. She rarely takes things seriously, and seems to always be in a relaxed, cheerful mood. When she does get serious, usually it's a pretty dangerous situation, and she can be pretty fierce when she has to be.

Kit has created an interesting relationship with just about every single dojo member due to her constant pranking of them.
She does have some special relationships with other characters, but it's been a while since I used her, so I can't remember them.
Yoko Kitoro is her ancestor.

Fighting Style:
Kit's weapon of choice is a collapsable staff. She's fairly proficient with it, and can take on multiple enemies at once with it.

Her staff fighting skills are combined pretty flawlessly with her kitsune powers. A yonbi no kitsune ( Four-Tails), she's one of the weaker kitsunes of the dojo. However, she still shouldn't be undersetimated. She's pretty skilled at using illusions in battle, creating very realistic illusions that most opponents fall for. She's also been known to use her shapeshifting powers to avoid moves and hide.

Her foxfire skills are pretty good as well. Besides basic foxfire projectiles, she's also skilled at focusing foxfire around her fists, feet, and staff to increase their melee damage.

Kit's fighting style tends to be very indirect. She prefers to use her illusions and shapeshifting to fool her opponent, creating a hole in their defense which she'll quickly strike at. She's also known to occasionally transform an opponent as a distractionary tactic, and can even cast a minor luck curse that can either give a person slightly better or slightly worse luck. However, because of the nature of luck, this ability is unreliable.

Kit's most powerful skill is her high level of proficency with sealing techniques. By placing special pieces of paper with magic seals written on them, or even using foxfire to burn special symbols directly onto her opponent's body, she can temporarily seal certain abilities. She can reduce an enemies strength, prevent them from using certain abilities, or even rob them of their ability to move.

Battle Stats:
-Can't really remember, other than being part of a group fight of Dameon's group versus Dark Lead. I think Dameon's group barely won, or the fight ended in a draw. Not entirely sure.

Small Notes:
-Her fox ears and tail are supposed to be yellow, and her fox form has yellow fur, similar to the Keaton of Legend of Zelda fame. She usually will only display one of her tails.

-Like all kitsune, she's bisexual, but shows a strong preference for guys, no matter what form she takes.
-She prefers her female form, and actually spends about 90% of her time as a girl.
-Because of all the years she spent as a member of modern human society, she actually is considered pretty tame for a kitsune.
-Usually flirts with both Canro and Risu of Dameon's group, and actually has kissed them both. She's kissed Dameon as well, and once even kissed Tsura, the only other female of the group. Oddly enough, both Kit and Tsura were male when they kissed.
-Has an unatural obsession with the color pink, yet interestingly enough, neither her hair nor her fox fur is pink. Her reason? "I dunno. They just aren't."
-Has an unusually low tolerance for alcohal. Gets drunk easily, and while drunk, is known to be very...random and crazy.
-Like many kitsune, she has a favored physical quirk for when she transforms others. Hers is a finger snap.

Yoko Kitoro:

Age: Well over 9,000, exact age unknown because Yoko lost count, and doesn't know whether or not to count the years he was in his sword.
Hair colour: Various shades of Red
Eye colour: Green
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs. (All muscle)
Race: Kitsune (Fox Demon)

Yoko Kitoro is an ancient kitsune from long ago. Alive well before even Justarius and Psycal were born, Yoko has seen a lot and experienced a lot. A kitsune who decided to become a warrior, he gained his tails quickly as he trained to his limits, gaining his 9th tail by the age of 2,265, a relatively young age.
Having lived a long time, he's taken place in many famous conflicts. He's perhaps most famous for aiding Justarius and Psycal in their war against the Dark Generals.

Over his long life span, he's also had numerous mates and lovers. Unfortunately, he seems cursed and often bad things happen to those he loves. However, he still has had many children, and many kitsunes can trace their family back to him.

One day, Yoko was critically injured in an ambush by several powerful demons. Knowing he would die if he didn't do something, he sealed his soul into his sword before he could technically die. Throughout the years, his sword would fall into the possession of many. While it allowed the holder to draw upon the power of a Nine-Tailed Kitsune, if you drew upon too much power, Yoko could easily possess you and temporarily be alive again. Because of this, his sword became known as the "Cursed Sword of Nine-Tails."

Eventually, this sword fell into the possession of Mikey Ritter, who used it to aid his battles against the Dark Generals. After coming to the dojo, Mikey eventually allowed Yoko to possess a gigai, or artificial body. Initially, Yoko was let loose upon the Mansion, but he eventually made it to the dojo.

Yoko is most notable for the fact that he has taken Naru as his latest mate, and seems to be very much in love with her. Although, like most kitsune, he isn't above loving others on the side. He's best friends with Naru's father, Nara, and is also well acquainted with his mate, Cara. Also, Kit is his descendant, and he's known to have an unusual relation with her.

Yoko is very ancient, and is very set in his ways. His personality is what you would expect from a kitsune male. He's a charmer/seducer who loves to use his charisma to get his way. He's very playful, and loves to think of interesting pranks. In fact, he doesn't like to prank that often because when he does a prank, he wants it to be memorable. He's very wise, but choses to hide it behind a mask of goofiness. He also has a noticeably twisted and severe idea of justice. He's very much an "eye for an eye" kind of person, and if you get on his bad side, he'll find some way to torture you with his powers. Michal considers his brand of punishment a "dark justice" and actually gets noticeably upset about it.

Fighting Style:
As a Kyuubi no Kitsune, Yoko uses all his kistune powers to their fullest.
His foxfire is very deadly, and he's able to produce silver flames that are much hotter than the normal blue flames most kitsune produce.
His illusions are almost completely indistinguishable from reality, and people have been known to die because their body believes in the illusion so strongly, when it makes them think they die, their body inflicts that damage upon itself and they really do die. He's also been known to create illusions so terrifying, they give people heart attacks. He's said to be the inventor of the kitsune "solid illusion" technique that involves channeling enough power into it to temporarily make it real.
His shapeshifting powers are unbelievable, and he can assume a multitude of powerful forms.
His sealing powers are legendary, his most famous example being sealing his own soul to a sword.
His ability to transform or curse others is also legendary, and he's been known to pull very creative curses from his mind. The things he can turn his opponent into are truly varied when he feels like it, and it's impossible to guess what he might do next. He also knows some other powerful curses that can effect things such as luck and even reincarnation.
Finally, he's trained himself to be an expert in both unarmed and armed combat. His age has allowed him to master well over 1,000,000 different martial arts and master almost every weapon in existence.

If he were to take a fight seriously, you would be hard pressed to beat him.

Battle Stats:
His only fight has been against Cara, and I can't remember the outcome.

Small Notes:
-His tails are supposed to be all red.

-Like all kitsune, he is bisexual, and has no strong preference for either gender. In fact, he has no strong preference for either gender when it comes to himself, although he noticeably always has a distinct, very masculine personality, even as a female, unless he feels like being feminine. Spends about 60% of his time as a male, 40% female.
-Considers being a sword "Quite a thoroughly boring experience."
-He actually wrote the Kama Sutra out of boredom one day, and then decided to show it to some humans. It somehow wound up on Earth. Yoko considers the reputation it is known by now as a huge joke, commenting that "those are actually my boring moves."
Then again, all his interesting moves are impossible for humans to do.
-Considers most fetishes to be mostly boring, and likes to think up the most bizarre or adventurous ones possible. Has a immense soft spot for shemales and hermaphrodites because they appeal to both sides of his bisexual nature.
-Enjoys modern children's television for reasons he never explains. And by children's television, I mean stuff like Barney.
-Like many kitsune, he has a favored physical quirk he likes to make when using his cursing and transformation abilities. For him, it's either a clap, or a unique stare.

Yukiko Yuki:

Age: 19 (Sort of. Her soul has existed for less than a year, but she's physically and mentally 19)
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Icy Blue
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 168 lbs. (Mostly muscle)
Race: Half-human, Half-inugami (Dog demon)

Yukiko is the sort-of clone of Canro Yuki. After a kitsune prank gone wrong, Canro's soul was sealed inside of his body, which had been made female. A substitute soul began to form, and developed into Yukiko. At first, she had no clue about who she used to be, but when it was revealed, she became very scared. However, it was thanks to the kindness of David that she eventually got over her fear of being someone who shouldn't exist. Eventually, she began to develop feelings for David, culminating in the two of the dating. And eventually, David and Yukiko used the Dragonballs to separate her from Canro's body and give her a body of her own.

Yukiko is in love with David. She sees him as the person who helped her forge her own identity, and as the person who has always been there for her. She also has an unusual relationship with Canro. The two act as if they get on each others nerves, and argue a lot, but in reality, they see each other as family, sort of like really close cousins. Other than that, she doesn't really know any one else that well to have formed a special bond with them.

Originally, Yukiko was scared, nervous, and shy, but as she spent more time with David, she discarded those behaviors. Now, she's trying to define herself and find her personality. She seems to be slowly adapting some of Canro's personality traits, such as stubbornness and a bad temper, but she doesn't display them as badly as he does....at least, as long as Canro isn't around.

Fighting Style:
Being a clone of Canro means she has all the same powers as him. As a half-dog demon, she's stronger, faster, and more agile than normal humans, and has a lot of stamina. She also has really sensitive hearing and smell. Further more, like Canro and the rest of his family, she has the ability to control freezing arctic winds. However, like Canro, she's unable to just create this winds out of nowhere, and instead must channel them through a weapon.

Yukiko's weapon of choice is a bow and arrows. She's a very good marksmen, and can hit a bullseye from about 100 feet away. Besides firing normal arrows, she can fire "freezing arrows" that are surrounded by an aura of icy wind that freeze their target on contact. She can also use "guided freezing arrows", although they take more energy and focus.

At close range, she relies on her superior strength to take down enemies. While she may not be an expert at close range fighting, she's by no means a pushover.

Battle Stats:
She's had one fight, a fight against Sheena that she won thanks to her ability to attack from a distance.

Small Notes:
-Although the sprite doesn't show it, she has a pair of dog ears on top of her head like Inuyasha. They are covered in brown dog fur. These are her ears, and as such, she doesn't have ears on the side of her head.

-Yukiko is very carnivorous, and loves meat. She prefers her steaks a bit rare.
-Whenever she's very, very happy, her legs twitches, kind of like how a dog's leg twitches when you scratch it in the right spot. However, she can sometimes control this urge, and instead make her ears twitch.
-Scratching the area right between her ear and her scalp is very pleasurable to her. It doesn't make her leg twitch, but it causes her eye lids to half close and she instantly relaxes and just kind of goes into a daze.
-She's very resistant to the cold, and can stand around in the snow with just a shirt and pants on with little problems.
-Her name is a giant pun. Yukiko = "Snow Child" and Yuki = "Snow" in Japanese.  

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A nostalgic wind blows....

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Michael Joseph Ritter a.k.a Mikey

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 22
Birthday: 2/27
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

Michal's twin brother, he's rather plain looking, similar to his sister. Tall and thin, his short brown hair is neatly combed, and his dark brown eyes have a deepness to them that makes him seem wise beyond his years. His physique is rather on the scrawny side, but he's still mildly athletic. So while he doesn't even begin to look muscular, he's in decent shape and doesn't have any flab either, being entirely lean and bony. He wears a simple pair of black glasses with a square frame.
He dresses in a kind of “casual scholar” look. Collared shirts are a favourite of his, both polo tees and long sleeved button up shirts. He combines these more refined shirts with simple blue jeans that are well ironed and cared for, and finishes his look off with some practical runners. He favours no single colour over others, but the colours white, silver, and purple tend to recur frequently in his outfits.

To put it simply, Mikey is an egghead. Very intelligent, hard-working and studious, Mikey is a scholar and a gentleman. While many people comment on how different his personality is from his sister's, deep down inside the two of them are rather more alike than most people see.
Mikey's greatest driving factor is his insatiable curiosity. He has this great desire to know things, so he's constantly looking for new things to learn. This causes him to approach situations from a scholarly standpoint, constantly analyzing the things occurring around him.
Of course, with as curious as he is, it should come to no surprise that Mikey has a genius level IQ. A polymath, he possess extensive levels of knowledge in fields ranging from Magical Theory and Application to Biology to Modern Literature to Foreign Languages. This of course, causes him to come across as very intelligent and wise to people who know him. He often takes a “mentor” like role when dealing with others, and is prone to launching into lectures about whatever subject is currently interesting him. In fact, it should be mentioned that Mikey has a similar habit of bouncing from interest to interest like his sister. But while Michal will completely change gears and switch entirely from one subject to another, Mikey is a multitasker who usually has several different areas of interest that he's exploring simultaneously. He's also just as big of a geek as his sister, and similarly is known for making many pop culture references.
Mikey occasionally comes across as a bit emotionally cold, having an overly logical and scholarly personality. This isn't quite accurate. Mikey is a low level but powerful empath. Being around people causes him to “feel” whatever emotions they are feeling, especially strong emotions. This power is passive and Mikey can't turn it off, so he's constantly receiving emotional feedback from others. As a coping mechanism, he developed this aloof personality that keeps a tight lid on his emotions. However, once you get to know him well, his powers will start to adjust and be able to filter your emotions away from his much easier. This causes him to open up, and then you get to see how warm and caring he really is.
Mikey's biggest personality flaw is probably his curiosity. Much like how Michal's Hero Complex is a positive trait that's taken to a negative extreme, Mikey's curiosity can often spill over into obsession. Sometimes, he becomes too focused on learning new facts, causing him to become neglectful, and occasionally even reckless as he abandons all caution to try to learn something. When this happens, it usually takes a smack in the head from Michal to bring him back down to earth. Mikey's other major flaw is his occasional know-it-all attitude. Mikey is very intelligent, and while usually this causes him to come across as a sort of mentor figure, occasionally he can take it too far and become obnoxious about it. He's also sometimes too clever for his own good, overthinking things and taking too long to analyze something before taking action.


Mikey is Michal's twin brother, and just like his sister, he was marked as the heir to an ancient legacy, the legacy of Veritas, Warrior of Truth, from the time he was born. In fact, Mikey has always been exceptional from the moment of his birth, as he was born with a rare genetic mutation that gifts him with psychic powers.

As Michal and Mikey grew older, they each found their own skills. While Michal gained lightning powers and began to train her body to become a master warrior, Mikey trained his mind to further develop his psychic powers. As his mental powers grew, he also discovered his inherent talent for magic.

When Bob the Omnipotent first came to their town, Mikey was ecstatic. Here was a very powerful magic user, offering him a chance to learn magic from multiple worlds. He joyously accepted Bob's offer to join him.

Since then, Mikey has travelled to numerous worlds to study both magic and psychic ability. He's trained extensively in both fields, before settling in the Dojo.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

Physical and Mental Abilities- Physically, Mikey isn't much. Since he relies on his magic and his powers more than physical combat, he isn't anywhere near as physically capable as Michal or the others. But at the same time, he's not out of shape. Mikey has the athletic level of, say, your average amateur athlete. He's in decent shape and can hold his own, but when compared to the super human abilities displayed by some of the other Dojo residents, he's weak in comparison.
Rather, Mikey's real strength lies in his mind. Mikey possess a super-genius level intellect, with a truly photographic memory that can perfectly recall anything that's happened to him if he thinks hard enough. On top of his vast stores of knowledge, Mikey is also a quick thinker, and possess plenty of common sense and great judgement when it comes to utilizing his knowledge. However, it should be noted that he's a bit socially awkward and aloof at times, so he doesn't have the same inspiring force of personality that his sister possess, and in fact often comes across as rather brilliant, but plain to most people who know him. But what he lacks in charisma, he makes up in raw willpower. As a psychic and mage, he's used to using nothing more than his mind to will things into effect, and in a battle of wills, he's a mighty foe.

Psychic Powers- Mikey was born with a genetic mutation that caused his brain to become hyper-developed, granting him psychic powers. Passively, his powers give him a genius level intellect and a photographic memory as a side effect of how efficiently his brain is wired. More actively, his powers can be classified into two distinct branches: Telepathy and Telekinesis.
Mikey is a very powerful telepath. He's a skilled mind reader, and is capable of extracting all sorts of information from an opponent's mind, even just by skimming the surface thoughts. With his rather high level of willpower, he's also fairly skilled at breaking mental defenses, being able to beat all but the strongest minds. In addition to mind reading, he can also broadcast his thoughts, and is able to create a telepathic “network” that allows him to link multiple individuals and allow them to communicate with each other as well as himself. He's also capable of modifying the neural processes of others. This has a variety of uses. He's capable of blocking or removing memories, or even restoring lost memories. He's capable of creating powerful hallucinations in his subjects, capable of tricking multiple senses. And he's capable of telepathically projecting his senses, a sort of “astral projection” type ability that allows him to remotely observe a situation.
A related ability is his psychic empathy. Mikey's empathy takes the form of a low level psychic field that's always on for him. It constantly detects the emotions of those around him and causes him to feel them. The more intense the emotion, the more intensely Mikey feels it.
Mikey has a high level of control over his telekinetic powers. He can exert just enough force to delicately manipulate a small glass figurine without breaking it, or he can lift something the size of a bus and hurl it at an enemy with a lot of force. He's even capable of levitating himself with this power. In addition, he's capable of creating blasts of kinetic energy, semi-visible beams of pure kinetic force pushing in a single direction that impact with blunt force. He's also capable of creating kinetic barriers. Similar to his kinetic blasts, these are semi-visible fields of kinetic energy that push away incoming attacks. His telekinetic abilities tend to manifest as a purple glow, either as an aura around the object he's manipulating, or as light glow in the air when using his kinetic blasts or barriers.
His most complex ability is what he calls his “kinetic shell.” By surrounding himself in a bubble of telekinetic energy, he's capable of improving his physical combat skills. He does this by adding a kinetic push to every thing he does, whether he's pushing off the ground to accelerate suddenly or he's adding a powerful push to his punches to enhance their striking power. It also acts as a defensive boost by pushing away weak attacks, and slowing down and weakening powerful attacks. However, it requires intense concentration, and renders him incapable of using most of his other abilities. Therefore, he uses it sparingly. However, he can easily use a smaller version of it by surrounding just his fists with a kinetic field, allowing him to enhance his blows and still use his other powers.

Magic- Mikey is a magical prodigy. This can be largely credited to two major things: his ability to visually perceive magic and his intuitive aptitude for magic. Mikey was born with an ability that is rare on his world know as True Sight. Its kind of a sixth sense that allows one to visually perceive the true nature of things, including being able to see magic. Anything witnessed by True Sight becomes permanently burned into Mikey's memory, as fresh and vivid as when he first saw it, with a kind of clarity even more intense than his normal photographic memory. On top of this gift, Mikey has an intuitive understanding of the metaphysical workings of magic. He intuitively knows just how to work and manipulate magic, and if he has a clear goal in mind, it's not difficult for him to work out how to achieve it.
As such, Mikey knows an incredibly wide range of spells, many of which have been adapted from other spell casters. To try to list every spell Mikey knows would take a lot of time. However, Mikey does have certain preferences. He prefers elemental magic, and is particularly skilled in wind, water, and ice magic, and somewhat skilled in metal magic. He's also very skilled at teleportation magic.
In addition to his skill with spell casting, he's quite good at brewing potions and crafting minor magical items.

Stand: Ramble On- During the course of his adventures, Mikey was stabbed with a Stand arrow and developed a Stand named Ramble On. His Stand possess the power of “Adjective Manipulation.” By passing its hands through an object, it can remove an “adjective” describing that object and store it on a card. Mikey can then use Ramble On to insert that “adjective” into another object. For example:
Ramble On passes its hand through a fire and removes the adjective “hot.” Ramble On now has a card inscribed with the word “hot.” If a person were to touch the fire, it would not be hot, but it would still have all the other usual properties of fire. Then, Ramble On could take the “hot” card and insert it into a sword. The sword would then become “hot.”
However, there are a few restrictions to what Mikey can do with Ramble On. First, Mikey can't use Ramble On on himself. He can't remove any adjectives from himself, nor can he infuse himself with them. Similarly, Ramble On can't have any adjectives removed from or added to itself. Secondly, a living soul has a sort of “adjective memory”. If Ramble On removes an adjective from an individual with a soul, the adjective will naturally return after a period of time. While its not an exact science, it's generally been observed that the stronger one's spiritual power and awareness, the faster it returns, but even then it can take several minutes. On a similar note, beings with souls who have adjectives added to themselves will reject them after so long, returning to their normal state. The stronger the individual's spiritual power and awareness, the faster the adjective is rejected, although it will always at least stick for several minutes. Finally, it should be noted that the absence of an adjective doesn't necessarily lead to its opposite. A fire that loses the “hot” adjective doesn't become “cold.” Rather, it just lacks heat.

Warrior of Truth- Like Michal, Mikey is the heir to the ancient power of a mighty warrior. Mikey is the partial reincarnation of Veritas, the Warrior of Truth. It is this heritage that granted Mikey with his True Sight. It means he also has a shard of divine power within him that he can call upon to enhance his own powers. While slightly better at utilizing this power source than his sister, it still tires him out relatively quickly and is usually only used as a last resort.

Mikey also has a small portion of Veritas's soul dwelling within him, and in times of great danger, Veritas can possess Mikey. Veritas was a mighty wizard back in his day, and his mastery of arcane forces is one of the most impressive out of the dojo inhabitants.

Spiritual Awareness- Mikey also has a similar high degree of spiritual awareness like Michal. While Mikey theoretically possesses Shamanic powers, he has never been seen using them in the dojo.

Weapons and Magical Implements

The Book of Truth:
An ancient spell book that originally belonged to Veritas, the Warrior of Truth, this Book is Mikey's prized possession. It has passed from many a skilled wizard, down the line, master to apprentice, over thousands of years. In this time, it has collected numerous spells, potion recipes, arcane formulas, magical item crafting blueprints, obscure knowledge, occult secrets, and magical theories. It is a treasure trove of information, and it is a large part of what makes Mikey such a magical genius.

Staff of Arcane Might:
Mikey's magic staff, crafted by his own hands, based off of several blueprints and formula he found in the Book of Truth. Using alchemy, he created a magical alloy of gold, silver, platinum, iron, and copper. He then shaped this alloy into a 7 foot tall, five sided staff with perfect symmetry and slightly rounded edges for ease of grip. He then proceeded to meticulously carve symbols of arcane power from several cultures along the length of the staff in his tidy, small hand writing. Norse runes, Japanese kanji, Egyptian hieroglyphics, alchemical symbols, if it had an arcane meaning, he carved it on the staff. Finally, he took a set of five gems: a ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl, and jet, and embedded them near the top of the staff, one gem per side. He then repeated the process on the bottom, matching the bottom gems with the top ones.
The main advantage of this staff is the sheer versatility. The combination of numerous sigils means that no matter what spell he casts, at least one or two of the symbols should correspond to the spell and enhance it. The five gems also represent broad categories of magic, and similarly enhance his casting power. While the boosts offered by the staff are relatively minor compared to the major boost you would get by using a more specialized staff, the sheer versatility of spells the staff can enhance is where its real worth lies.

Wand of Magic:
While Mikey's staff is great for enhancing spells that rely on raw power, when it comes to more subtle magics, Mikey prefers to use wands. This wooden wand is carved from wood taken from Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse Myth. The core is a unicorn hair, taken from Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic. While simple looking when compared to Mikey's staff, it is an excellent tool for his more complex and subtle spells.

Sword of Nine Tails:
A former “cursed” katana that once housed the spirit of a mighty kitsune named Yoko. Yoko now dwells freely within the dojo, but Mikey has held onto the sword that was once the fox's prison for thousands of years. This is because deep down within the sword, Mikey knows there still dwells a fraction of Yoko's power, which the sword inevitably soaked up during Yoko's long imprisonment.

Other Weapons:
With his preference for magic, Mikey doesn't own many weapons. However, he does have a fondness for Orbitar type weapons similar to the ones found in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and in addition to owning most types of Orbitars from the game, he has developed several custom ones of his own. He also owns a couple of the Staff type weapons from Kid Icarus: Uprising as well.

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