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Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters

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Author Topic: Mondays: My Story about the Lives of Nintendo Characters  (Read 599 times)
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Liberty or Death

« on: 17 March, 2008, 07:52:50 pm »

Chapter Three: Give and Take, or The Other Way Around

“Bwhaha! This thing is great!” Dedede’s small amount of hair swayed through the wind. “So fast! How did you catch up with it Dedede? You must be a genius.” The penguin often referred to himself in third person in moments of triumph.

“Yes you are sir, yes you are.” The Waddle Dee named Steve was eternally loyal to Dedede, and was his right hand man. “The smartest in the world, I’d say, sir. Whoa!”

Dedede swooped him up his left hand and extended it out over the side of the ship. He leaned his head back and bellowed out, “You see all this kid? Some say it’ll all be mine! All of it! Ha ha!”

“Sir, I see a mountain. A large, icy mountain which is probably tearing a hole in our hull by now sir. Sorry to burst your bubble, sir.”

Dedede’s eyes widened and his pupils shrunk. Pulling a rope seemingly out of nowhere (his hammer, perhaps) he rappelled down the side of the Halberd to see the mountain puncturing the fuel tank. It would be a long way down.

“I hate Mondays.” And the king fell.

“You got the soup ready, Popo? “ Nana looked up excitedly. Popo’s soup was the best.

Popo had a pot of boiling soup in his hand. Nana eagerly held her specialty eggplant bread. “Right here, Nana. Oh, that smells great, doesn’t it?” He set the steaming pot down on the cold, rock ground. It was certainly cold at the top.

Setting there hammers down for the first time in a long time, the Elite Ice Climber Team of Popo and Nana set up camp and had decided it was time for dinner. Nana was getting ready to dip the bread it when Popo stopped her.

“Wouldn’t it be better to eat in the tent? It’s hard to eat in the mittens…”

Nana giggled. “You’re probably right, I’ll take the table and the bread.” And she walked in.

Popo looked up, sensing something was wrong. Shrugging it off he walked into the tent. One half was blue, and one half was pink. The Ice Climbers removed there mittens and dug in. It was the best food they’d had in ages. After living off condensed food for a while, carrot soup and eggplant bread was perfect.

“Weird, isn’t it,” Nana started between bites, “How eggplants and carrots grow on this mountain?”

“I suppose someone left them here for Ice Climbers like us. I wonder how many other teams are up here. Speaking of which, how’s the map coming?”

“Good, we just have to get to the top, and then we can head down for a good break. Eight months!”

“Eight, really?” Popo hadn’t had a break that long since before The War. Ever since it’s been cartography missions up the wazoo, wouldn’t want another surprise enemy attack. The longest break they’d had was a week, maybe more when other teams from their sector were out.

The Climbers heard a crash. Thankfully, they had just finished, so, throwing on their mittens and grabbing their trusty hammers, they dashed outside. What they saw was a huge

battleship, the Halberd crashing through the side of Icicle Mountain. They also saw a large form hurtling towards them at what seemed like high downward velocity.
It landed with a thud. A hammer landed next to it. “An Ice Climber?” Nana suggested. “Nah, never seen a guy this big on the listing.”

The body sprang to life, grabbing his hammer and Popo all at once. “Who you callin’ big, runt?” Dedede wound up his hammer menacingly.

“Put him down, you lugnut!” In an instant King Dedede had a sore on his head and Nana was standing on his belly. Popo was standing next to him.

“Listen, I’m sorry for insulting you by your weight, but that’s no reason to threaten killing someone, I’m afraid!” Popo was never spiteful, and neither was Nana, unless Popo was endangered. Popo was the same way about her.

“No kid is gonna tell me what to do! Steve! Where are ya?” Steve appeared at his side. “Private Steve Miller, reporting for duty! What’s your bidding, sir?”
“Tell these runts what for! They called me fat!” thundered Dedede.

“Yessir, right away sir, shall I call the army, sir?”

“Naw, I’m sure you can handle ‘em yourself, I trained you well. I’m off to look for gold, hear Icicle Mountain is rich with it!” With a snap, a single-wheeled bike appeared out of nowhere and Dedede was off with it. Steve was terrified.

“Listen guys, I really don’t want to fight you, I can’t fight for beans, I can hardly break a target… My master, he’s a bit controlling…”

“We’re not going to hurt you, we’re friendly people.” Nana comforted him.

Popo took a heroic pose. “Yeah, we just want to get to the top of this mountain, map it out, and get back down. You with us?”

“Yeah, I’d love to get out of that cursed Waddle Dee Army!”

“Good, we leave in the morning. Want some soup?”

And so a friendship was formed.

I liked how this one turned out, I though it was fairly actiony with some character dev. in there too. I always fancied the idea of the Ice Climbers being some organization which made maps and performed other work, some times mercenary in the seedier sides of the group. Also, I love Steve.
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