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30 November, 2021, 08:34:07 pm
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I can't believe it's not yet another Spat user story..!

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Author Topic: I can't believe it's not yet another Spat user story..!  (Read 554 times)
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« on: 12 April, 2008, 05:56:10 pm »

Whoa. It's not even my birthday (it's tomorrow) and I have $95 in birthday money.

This could be made into a short.

Short 4.
[Spat and LuigiKong are sitting in lawn chairs, looking over the horizon]
LK: Happy Birthday.
Spat: Thanks.
[Spazzy flies over and drops something on spat's lap]
Spat: Huh. Another letter...must be from my grandparents.
LK: Hm. Hey look!
[Spazzy drops a letter on LK's lap as well]
LK: Yay! ...Oh.
Spat: Hm?
LK: It's from Luigi again.
Spat: *rolls eyes* What, he get scared to kill a spider in his room or something?
LK: *reading* "Dear my friend with a similar name,
I ran out of Raid the other day..." Ah, carp.
Spat: What do you know. *opens his letter* Ooh. $50.
LK: What's that, $95 now.
Spat: Yep.
Spat: What am I gonna do. With all this money. Without someone. Telling me what to do. Or without any Guitar Hero to buy. Or something.
LK: *smiles* I got a few ideas.
[Elevator music plays in the background as various clips of other things show]
[One clip comes up showing the two having bought some rock climbing equipment. They climb the side of the cliff, and LK falls off]
LK: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...h....h....h
Spat: Um.
[LK has fallen about three feet onto a branch]
LK: Hm.
Spat: ...Want some rice?
[Another clip pops up, showing the two playing Guitar Hero III]
[Strum strum strum strum strum]
LK: Stupid hammer ons.
[Press press press press press]
Spat: Stupid me being on expert mode...
[LK wins by 400,000]
[Another clip comes up with both playing the newly bought Dogopoly]
LK: I really thought this would be fun--
Spat: Shut up. It's terrible.
LK: Um...
Spat: ...
LK: ...
Spat: ...
Spat: I'll buy Jack Russell from you for $400.
LK: Deal.
[Another clip comes up showing LK having bought himself a squirt gun]
LK: Heh. *shoots Magic4224 with squirt gun*
Spat: *walks over having bought himself a new handgun*
LK: O_o
[Another clip comes, showing the two on a merry-go-round]
Spat: This is definitely the highlight of my life.
LK: Yep.
Spat: How many spins did we buy ourselves again--
LK: 167.
Spat: ...Carp.
Luigi: *Behind them* It's-a melting mah brain!
LK: What!? How'd you get here!?
Spat: This was one bad idea.
[83 spins later]
Luigi: o_-
Spat: -_-
LK: O_O AWHWHHAWHWAHHAH *drinks another cup of coffee* *throws it in the air* *it somehow breaks the merry go round*
Spat: Yay!
Luigi: Yay!
LK: *twitch*
Spat: Uh-oh.
Luigi: Um...how do we get off?
[Cut back to the lawn chairs]
Spat: LuigiKong.
LK: *daydreaming still*
Spat: LK!
LK: Ahh! Oh. Yo.
Spat: ...
LK: Let's get out of here.
Spat: K.
LK: You know, if we just bought some bungee cords...this cliff would be great for--
Spat: Here's 5 bucks, go buy Luigi some Raid.
LK: -_-
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