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30 March, 2023, 01:57:16 pm
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My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?

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Author Topic: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?  (Read 2645 times)
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« on: 30 March, 2008, 08:51:40 pm »


I know I shouldn't do two stories at once. This one will *hopefully* be slightly more serious...and interesting maybe.

It was a pretty darn nice day at the BP mansion, other than SA2 pointlessly setting people's closets on fire. That was the norm, though. The funny part? When GSD's had his lifetime supply of gasoline.
Yeah, yeah. Mansion crap all over again. Can't we get more interesting? Ooh, maybe this can be a SUPER MANSION!!!
[Raizor runs off to the left and starts gluing 2 by 4s to the side of the mansion]
Alright! We are good. Let's go see how people are waking up at this good little 9 AM...timeness.

k3v: Meh? *grunts in sleep*
[ILS breaks through the skylight]
k3v: Curse my being on the top floor!
ILS: Curse my fear of heights! *jumps out window*
k3v: wat i dont even get back in h3r na0
ILS: noo! gravity!
k3v: wat
911: It's burning my brains!!!
[Shockwave of 911's yell goes into Ingslayer's room, which makes him fall off the top bunk and land on LuigiKong]
LK: Hey! *chucks Ingslayer out the window, who crashes into ILS and they land in a tree*
Spat: OUT OF MY TREE! *perches on Ing and pecks ILS in the face*
ILS: Ahhh!

...Well, it does start slightly chaotic. Once things calm down a bit it's more easy to follow. Let's take a break from that.
~~~~In the Smash world~~~~
 ???1: Wow. Are you so sure this will work?
 ???2: Of course it will. It's just...taking a while to create.
 ???1: Honestly. A...vortex? What's it supposed to even do?
 ???2: I told you already.
 ???3: *psychic talk is symbolized with =* =He did indeed.=
 ???1: ...Oh. Yeah. Supposed to morph us into stronger beings or whatnot?
 ???3: =I thought after you remembered you'd know it perfectly, you moron.=
 ???2: Cool off and help me put in the power.
 ???1: Tuh. Fine. *sneers* At least I got into Brawl.
 ???3: =Oh, shut up.=
 [Dark purple energy shoots from the three, and creates a whirling vortex]
 ???1: And how does this work again?
 ???2: *rolls eyes* Easy. When it sucks us in, it brings us halfway to a sort of alternate universe. That allows us to gain the powers we would have there. Then it brings us back, so we have BOTH powers.
 ???1: Cool!
 ???3: =You sound like a squealing child.=
 ???2: Get into the portal.
[The 3 figures leap in, one by one. A bright light flashes, and they are gone. The vortex, however, remains.]
[Another figure peers around the corner, but the room, illuminated, shows him; it's Snake. He moves away...]
~Slightly later~
[Cut to the Midair Stadium, where most of the brawlers are gathered.]
Mario: What!? This makes-a no sense!
Snake: It's what I saw....
Samus: That's strange. I thought...how's it even possible to slip into an alternate universe?
[Blue blur runs in at top speed and flattens Snake, then stands on his head]
Snake: Ow!
Sonic: You've been owned by a hedgehog. How do you feel? Anyway, I think I can explain that universe thing. Mr. Gadgets here and I--
Snake: Stop calling me that and please get off my head.
Sonic: No. *starts dancing* Snake and I were in different universes too, technically, right?
Lucario: =That's true, now that you bring it up.=
Sonic: Yeah! *flips* So...maybe these 3 did the same type of thing. For all we know they're now in a Playstation killing Spyro the Dragon.
Young Link: What did he say?
Lucario: =I don't know. It was sort of jumbled. Along the lines of: "Holy crap! Not Spyro! I must save him!=
Young Link: Hm...
Mario: Quiet down, everyone...
[Confused chatter]
Snake: SHADDUP! *stands up and Sonic goes flying*
Lucas: 0_0
Ness: O_o
Snake: Thank you. Look, this portal looked MADE from evil. I don't even think we could comprehend this! *spitball hits him in the ear* GAAAAAAAH!
DK: *anything in ## is translated* #Well, that's hilarious.#
Sonic: *runs away, shoots another spitball, runs farther* You're too sloow!!
Diddy: #Something tells me letting in third party characters was a mistake#
Snake: *Death Glare*
Diddy: #Ahhh!# *he hides behind DK*
~At the same time~
[Ganondorf and Bowser land flat on their faces coming out of the portal. Mewtwo quietly hovers down]
Bowser: What happened?
Ganondorf: ...Crap. It must have malfunctioned somehow...
Mewtwo: =Hmm, the intelligence.=
Bowser: So...what, are we stuck here!?
Ganondorf: The type of portal we made only allows for one use.
Mewtwo: =When we get back to where we belong, I'll be sure to send Petey after you.=
Ganondorf: Why would he do that?
Mewtwo: =I'll tell him you stole his nachos.=
[Just then, Dustin sees the three while strolling by]
Dustin: o.0 I have been playing too much Brawl. This is a paradox.
Bowser: ...Word up, homie.
Ganondorf: It's a human that's not pyrokinetic or has arrows or a sword!! *curls up in a ball in fear*
Dustin: ...
Mewtwo: =Hey there.=
Mewtwo: =Cool off, little man. Can you tell me where we are?=
Dustin: H-Here? This is right next to the Brawler's Paradise mansion.
Ganondorf: *glances up* Brawl?
Dustin: Yeah. You are playable characters. *glances at Mewtwo* Well, most of you.
Mewtwo: =A shadow ball will be in your eye within the hour. Now, take us there...=
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« Reply #1 on: 30 March, 2008, 08:54:09 pm »

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« Reply #2 on: 05 April, 2008, 08:23:55 pm »

Chapter 1

The brawlers are all gathered at the Stadium.

Wario: Hold on, then. You and Sonic can make a portal down there, you say?
Snake: Sure, I suppose. As long as I can remember how they did it...
Sonic: You're too sloooow!
Snake: It shouldn't be that hard, once I get this numskull to help me out.
[15 minutes later]
Snake: Done.
Sonic: You're still too sloooow!
Snake: *C4*
Sonic: Ahhhhh!
Snake: Tuh. Alright. We gotta find out where those guys went...
[The brawlers hop into the portal one by one. After all have passed, the stadium darkens. A few unknown silhouettes enter the portal, and it is no more]

Back at the BP mansion

Dustin brought in the 3 villains.

Bowser: Hm, kinda roomy in here, if I say so myself.
Dustin: Yea--*gets shadow ball in the eye* OWWW!
Mewtwo: =Told you. Now, where--=
Sasori: what is this i dont even
Dustin: Sasori!!
Sasori: Someone with a name I forgot!! ... GIANT SPIKED TURTLE!! *curls up in ball*
Bowser: ...Hey!
Ganondorf: *chuckles*
Dustin: Sorry, he has a phobia of evil kings. <_<
Bowser: ...........
Mewtwo: *shadow ball*
Sasori: WHAA--Oh. Um. Dustin. Please explain this confounding...incident.
Dustin: Yeah, um. I was going on a little stroll and these three popped out of nowhere.
Bowser: You see, we made this por--
Mewtwo: =Glitch in the universe.=
Ganondorf: Yeah, it was a glitch in the universe. Even I don't know what happened.
Sasori: Um...cool. You here to stay?
Mewtwo: =I guess.=
Dustin: Sweet. Let's show them around the mansion.
[They walk around for a bit. Eventually, -911- has latched on to Ganondorf's head and won't let go. Mewtwo and Agaranok are walking side by side, and Cads is next to Bowser]
Sas: This here is the rec room...
Ganondorf: *glances at Mewtwo*
Mewtwo: *glances at Ganondorf*
Both: Pool. Now.
[They dash for the table]
Ganondorf: I bet I can beat you in 2:04. No strategies, just shooting as well as I can.
Mewtwo: =I'd like to see you try.=
Bowser: ...I'm alone.
Cads: I'm here!
Bowser: ...I assume that's the equivalent--
[Pokemon Trainer breaks down the door]
PT: I FOUND YOU! Go, Poke Ball!
Bowser: ...Um...
PT: Oh, you aren't Articuno.
Bowser: Yeah.
PT: Sorry...
Cads: o_o The crap?
[Mario walks in behind him]
Mario: Word up-a.
Cads: When did you become gangsta?
Mario: I-a--
[The rest of the brawlers pour in, trampling Mario]
PT: Hangin' on to the rafters for no reason at alllllllllll...
Wario: *farts*
Pikachu: *sneezes*
Popo: *hugs Pichu*
Nana: *hugs hammer*
Pichu: *freaks out*
[Chaos ensues]
Mario: SILENCE!!!
Mario: Thank you.
[You're welcome]
Cads: K, I'm scarred for life. *walks away*
[The brawlers disperse through the mansion, each attempting to figure out what to do and where to go]
Ganon: Gaaaaaaaah!
Mewtwo: =I win.=
Ganondorf: Nooooooo...
Mewtwo: =Do it.=
Ganondorf: ...*huggles -911-* D:
Agaranok: ...Whoa.
Mewtwo: =I'm awesome.= *hovers pool stick in front of self*
[Lucario is wandering the halls, Pikachu next to him]
Lucario: =Hmph. I really wish I knew where I was going and what I was doing.=
Pikachu: Pika, Pikaaa? #Well, what should we do then?#
Lucario: ...=Um...I just said I didn't know what I was doing.=
Pikachu: Pika. #Oh.#
[Ermine turns the corner and sees both of them]
Ermine: O_O
Pikachu: Pika pi, pikachu pi pika pi. #Salutations, good sir. Can I buy you a chocolate?#
Lucario: =Hush, Pikachu.=
Ermine: ...It's a dream come true.
Lucario: *turns* =Hey. Can you explain this place to us...?=
Ermine: O_O...*spaces out*
Lucario: ...=Hello in there?=
Ermine: O_O
Lucario: =Give 'em a jolt, Pikachu--=
[Before he's finished, Pikachu's thunderbolted the heck out of Ermine]
Lucario: =Goodness...=

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« Reply #3 on: 06 April, 2008, 09:28:50 pm »

You should of began it with me being viciously killed off for my immovable apathy of brawl.
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« Reply #4 on: 07 April, 2008, 12:09:05 pm »

Haha, awesome story, Spat.

You should of began it with me being viciously killed off for my immovable apathy of brawl.

So.. if you don't mind me asking, how come you've never really seemed to care for Brawl at all?

I'm just wondering.

Apathy of gaming in general. Melee started coming off as dull as soon as I played it for the first time in years during 2006, so I didn't have the high hopes for Brawl that everyone else did, but did have the "Well, this oughta be neat..." mindset until 2007.
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Adol, walking across the Garden of Madness

« Reply #5 on: 07 April, 2008, 12:23:26 pm »

This story is great! =D
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« Reply #6 on: 09 April, 2008, 03:06:19 pm »

Chapter 2

Unreal: Yo S-man, methinks it be way 2 easy if we, y'know, like totally just send all our jolly good guests to the Grand Hall.
Sas: What have you been smoking!?
Unreal: Dunno, Maniac sells some funky stuff.
Sas: <_< At least it's a good idea.
Unreal: WHAT I SAY!?
Sas: We'll have everyone meet in the grand hall...makes things a lot easier.
[Voice over on the intercom]
~10 minutes later~
Sas: Hi everyone.
[General murmur]
Bowser: You kind of look like a raccoon.
Mario: That's not-a nice manners, Bowser.
Bowser: Sorry, mommy.
All of BP: O_________O
Bowser: I've been wanting to do that since the day I was born.
Sas: <_< Yeah, k. Anyhow. Mario?
Mario: Yes, sorry. To all brawlers-a, I'm not quite sure how, but we've been warped to an alternate universe-a.
Mewtwo: =Hmm, no way, genius.=
Mario: And I believe there's no way for us to get back...none we've devised, that is. I can't think-a of a thing.
Charizard: O_O
Squirtle: Squirtle? o.0
Mario: What-a did he say..?
Charizard: ...Chaaaaaaaaar. #It...can't be translated.#
Diddy: #What do you mean--#
Squirtle: #Honestly, just leave it at that. O_o#
Mario: ...Okay-a. I'll just ignore this awkwardness. But we'll make-a our home with these people for now-a, so get acquainted and have fun-a. We'll be sure to figure everything out soon. Questions?
Metaknight: *sneezes* Yeah, um, do you guys know what tissues are by any chance?
Sas: *facedesk*
Spat: They're over here. *Throws box at Metaknight*
Meta: Ahh, thank you--
[Wolf swats it down]
Wolf: Can't let you eat those, Star-Meta.
Metaknight: ...I was not going to eat them.
Wolf: Oh. Have fun, then. [walks away]
Samus: You have a nose?
Metaknight: It's very complicated. See, I--
[Master Hand breaks through the wall]
Gaffit: Holy crap!
Master Hand: Hello! This entire idea of living here is pathetic, meaningless, senseless, and stupid! Go on with it!
Samus: Yeah, um, we don't have a way to get back either.
Master Hand: Ah, fair enough. *belches*
Samus: How did that happen?
MH: Very complicated.
Adol_The_Red: Meh. Whatever. *walks over, fixes wall in an instant*
Cads: I didn't know you were magical.
Adol: I can only use it once a day. Thankfully, we don't have anything else to break through the wall right now.
ILS: Hold on, if Master Hand is here, that can only mean...
[Crazy Hand breaks through the same spot]
Master Hand: Brother, I told you to stay at home with Mom!
Mario: Goodness-a gracious. Keep-a him quiet...
[Several hours later]
[Samus is playing Snake in Brawl]
Snake: Wow, I'm pretty good at this.
Samus: Shut up. *suicides again* Dang it!!
Snake: You lose.
Samus: ;_;...
Snake: Okay then, get rid of the power suit.
Samus: Meh, okay..
[Samus fires her Zero Laser at Snake]
[Snake goes flying out the window]
~Elsewhere, in Gargravarr's room~
Gargravarr: Why...won't...it WORK!?!?
Captain Falcon: Hrrugh, never fear, I can fix anything. FALCOOOOOOOONE--
Gargravarr: Don't do it!!!
[Computer goes flying out the window]
Gargravarr: D:
CF: Oops.
~In the hallway~
Squirtle: *Note: Anything in <> is thought privately* <I really wonder where this random urge to walk down this hallway came...meh, I'll go fetch me some pringles, I suppose. I wonder where everyone is, it's kinda dark over here...>
[The hallway darkens further suddenly. An eerie rumble echoes through]
Squirtle: *eyes wide* Squir...tle?
[Rushing wind is heard. The ceiling above Squirtle collapses, beams breaking.]
Squirtle: *shocked* SQUIRRRRT!
[Squirtle curls into his shell, trembling. One beam lands on him, straight on. The trembling stops...a large dragon-like figure is noticable flying overhead as he blacks out]
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« Reply #7 on: 09 April, 2008, 05:21:41 pm »

Using futuristic technology, I have fused every drug into one. With this, the projected mortality age of the U.S in 10 years will be 25.
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Adol, walking across the Garden of Madness

« Reply #8 on: 09 April, 2008, 06:18:11 pm »

Lol I can magically fix walls
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« Reply #9 on: 14 April, 2008, 06:14:55 pm »

Chapter 3

[Charizard hears the crash, as he is only a short while away. He flies over to save time, when he notices his friend buried. Enraged, he uses rock smash and sheer strength to destroy and lift everything covering Squirtle. He then picks his buddy up and flies to Doc's office]
~15 minutes later~
[Pokemon Trainer, Ivysaur, and Charizard are outside Doctor Mario's office. PT is nervously twiddling his thumbs and rocking back and forth. Charizard looks rather angered, and Ivysaur looks glazed and tired, having been awakened from his nap]
Charizard: *eyes fiery* #I'll find who did it. I'll burn them alive!#
Ivysaur: *topples over and falls asleep*
PT: Way to go, Charizard.
[Doc comes out with a clipboard]
PT: Way to go--Oh, I mean, hi Doc. How is he?
Dr. Mario: Well, I'm-a sorry to say your Squirtle has-a suffered quite a severe trauma. He suffered wounds to the head and his shell is cracked, his leg looks in bad shape. Plus--
Charizard: #Cut the crap and tell us if he'll be okay.#
[Dr. Mario raises an eyebrow]
DM: Do you THINK he'll be okay? He suffered-a some pretty bad injuries. If he even recovers, he won't be in any shape to brawl for a long time--or ever. You'll also notice a lot of differences in his...personality. The way he acts...
Charizard: #What do you mean?#
Doc: Oh-a, he'll pretty much be-a mentally retarded.
Charizard: ...-_-
Doc: Well, sort of. I don't know. I'm no doctor. Oh, wait. But still, it's too early to tell. Also...I was forced-a to induce a coma so that his brain would be as normal as possible after he awakens.
Ivysaur: *awake now* Saur, Ivysaur. #Won't it take shorter for him to be back to brawl if you just let him go on as he is?#
Doc: Perhaps-a, but that's putting his life at risk. He's suffering from some intercranial swelling.
Ivysaur: #Try to revive him. If he gets screwed up, he can go catch another one.#
[Charizard whips Ivysaur through the wall]
Doc: *glances at PT* You're-a paying for that.
PT: Way to go, Charizard. <_<
[Wario bikes through a door, into Upgraded-Form's room]
UF: What the crap?
UF: O_o
[Judgment breaks down the bathroom door]
UF: What were you doing in ther--
Judg: Halt! Stop in the name of awesomeness!
[Judg throws a tennis ball at Wario]
Wario: *eats it*
Judg:  Shocked My alter-ego!! *runs over and pats Wario on the head*
Wario: Heh heh, it's okay. Any time.
UF: ........Yeah. I'm...I'm not even gonna try that one.
[Wario releases a fart and he goes ripping through the wall into the next room]
UF: Gahhh!
Judg: And I'm out. *levitates out the window*
UF: My room...it's been completely destroyed. Why...why me.
[Wolf's landmaster breaks through the other wall]
UF: -_-
Wolf: It smells in here! Should you not accomodate me better!?
UF: *throws a rock at Wolf*
Wolf: Agh! My foot! What the heck!? I don't believe it!
[Pegs it back and hits UF in the stomach]
UF: Ahh!
Wolf: You're good, but I'm better.
[Fox breaks through the other wall in his landmaster and runs Wolf over]
Wolf: I can't looooose!
UF: <_< >_> How is my room not fallen over.
[Back in Sas's office]
Sas: So Mario, about that idea Luigi had...
Mario: Yeah. You see-a, he thinks it could be an interesting idea to hold a series of brawl-a tournaments, as well as even make-a our own stadium; a brawl here with all of you as well, if you will-a.
Sas: Hm...it sounds like an interesting idea...I think Spat will be too addicted to Target Smash though...we'll never get him back.
[Peach and Zelda walk in]
Peach: Um, excuse me.
Zelda: There's a severe lack of women around here.
Sas: Um...yeah.
Mario: It's-a like that in brawl-a too, you know. The only girls were like...You two, Samus-a, and Jigglypuff. I don't-a think she counts either.
Zelda: Oh, yeah, good point.
Peach: I'm used to it. Thanks!
[They leave]
Sas: ...Um...
Mario: They're blonde-a.
Sas: Oh, right...
[Jigglypuff stumbles in and falls over, struggles up, and then eats some yarn]
Mario: What-a the heck!?
Jigglypuff: Hello, mortals.
Mario: O_o Didn't you used to be...speaking in...puffs and jigglies?
Sas: There is so much innuedo in that sentence--
Jigglypuff: Oh, well, you see, some nice little dude over here sold me some cool stuff--
Sas: Curse you, Maniac...and by the way, Mario, that brawl here is a good idea. I'll have Adol start tomorrow.
Mario: Adol-a?
Sas: No. Not a dollar. Adol.
Mario: That's-a what I said, Adol-a.
Sas: No. He's...not...money. Um...how do I explain...anyway, he has magic of some awkward sort and could do something.
Mario: Great-a. I'll have-a all my minions--I mean, friends, help him-a out tomorrow morning.
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« Reply #10 on: 14 April, 2008, 06:40:16 pm »

Haha, My lifetime supply of gasoline. *continues to read*
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« Reply #11 on: 15 April, 2008, 12:13:11 am »

I'm making a killing off of this business. I plan on getting rich, or die trying.
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« Reply #12 on: 15 April, 2008, 04:36:17 pm »

Tell me who I'm leaving out, leave some suggestions too, please.

Chapter 4
[Snake is walking down the hall]
Snake: Why do I get this imminent feeling...
[GSD turns the corner]
Snake: Of doom.
GSD: Hi, hi, hi. I'm like your biggest fan how'd you get here it's so awesome--
Snake: Yeah, calm down--
GSD: I mean it's really really cool it's just--
Snake: Shut up.
GSD: But I only want to be your friend--
Snake: SHUT UP! *does grab attack on GSD, who falls unconscious*
Snake: O_O *looks left* *looks right* Holy. Crap. I just killed a 14 year old.
GSD: *is still alive*
Snake: Uh...no one can find out about this.
[Captain Falcon runs over]
[Sees GSD]
CF: ...Falcon doesn't comment. *runs away*
Snake: V_V *hides in box*
[Kirby comes over]
Kirby: #Snake? What are you doing in that box?#
Snake: Shh.
Kirby: Oh, come on out.
Snake: No.
Kirby: Why?
Snake: You'll yell at me.
Kirby: No I won't. You won't get into trouble.
Snake: Really?
Falcon: Yeah he will.
Kirby: Shut up, you're just making things worse.
Falcon: Tuh. *runs over and falcon punches a hole through UF's bathroom door*
Kirby: Come on, Snake. *takes the box off*
Snake: Make me! *pulls another box on*
Kirby: Snaaake...*takes it off*
Snake: Nyeh. *hides under another box*
Kirby: Where do you keep getting these things!? Come on out!
Snake: Meh, fine.
[Snake throws the box off, and it hits Spat, knocking him unconscious]
~Elsewhere, outside~
Adol: Yeah, sure Mario. I'll start up. Let's see...get the dimensions..mumble mumble...okay, I'm all set!! I'll start in 3...2...1--
[Zero Suit Samus walks by]
Adol: *raises eyebrow* Hellloooooooo.
Mario: >_<
Adol: Hey! Wait! Come back!
Mario: Adol-a! *stops him* I need-a you at work!
Adol: Well, yeah, the work isn't a sexy chick with no suit on, so I don't give a crap right now--
Mario: -.-
ZSS: *winks*
Adol: *twitches violently*
Mario: >_>
Luigi: *standing to the side* Uh...are we ever going to get started...?
Adol: Trust me, we have.
ZSS:  Kiss
Adol: O.O
Mario: Samus, get-a out of here!
ZSS: Oh, fine.
Mario: You NEVER act like this! You should be ashamed!!
ZSS: I don't know. I got stopped by this one guy in the hallway and he gave me this thing that smelled really good...
Mario: I can't-a express my disgust. Adol-a, please continue with your work-a.
Luigi: Finally. We can start on this.
Raizor: Cheesy I can't wait to bomb some dodongoes!!
[10 foot square explodes right next to him]
Raizor: O_o
Adol: ...Huh. I guess we both have powers...whenever I think of Nurse Joy from Pokemon, that's what repairs stuff. I'm not so sure why.
Unreal: Weird.
Fooby: Hey, maybe we ALL have powers like that. Let's see here...*closes eyes, thinks*
[Raizor, Unreal and Luigi suddenly warp miles away]
Fooby: Oops.
Adol: <_< I hate you.
[The group begins work on their new stadium, with some of their newfound powers. Oh, minus Raizor's, I suppose.]
~10 minutes later, in some barren wasteland~
Raizor: Fooby. Is. An. Inconsiderate. Jerk.
Luigi: I need water! Need...water...
Raizor: We haven't even been out here 15 minutes!!
Luigi: Oh, I know, I'm practicing for later.
Raizor: Wait. Don't you have an accent?
Luigi: I think I lose it when I panic. It also kind of makes me sound like an Englishman....
[A giant shadow suddenly encompasses them]
Raizor: Whoa.
Luigi: Ooh! Rain!
Raizor: I don't think that's a cloud. *points up*
Unreal: O_o Whoa! What's that thing!
[A purple colored dragon with shimmering, razor-sharp teeth flies above them at incredible speed]
Luigi: What-a the heck was that-a!?
Unreal: I thought you said you lost your accent when you panicked!
Luigi: I know-a. I suppose it cancels itself out-a when I panic twice-a.
Unreal: Which is also why you sound Australian?
Luigi: Precisely, mate-a.
[Blue blur suddenly runs in]
Unreal: It's a ball!
Raizor: It's a popsicle!
Luigi: No...it's a hedgehog!
Sonic: Sonic's the name, speed's my game!
Raizor: :O Hi!!
Luigi: Yay! You've-a come to save us-a, mate!
Unreal: But how do you bring us back all at once...?
Sonic: You see, some random shady fellow in the hall sold me something that gave me super strength. It makes me feel REALLY weird, though.
Raizor: *facepalm*
Unreal: He's probably an enterpreneur by now.
[Sonic heaves them all up and dashes back to the mansion]
~5 minutes later~
Fooby: Raizor! Unreal! Luigi! You're back! How'd you get here so fast?
Luigi: Well-a, you see mate, our friend Son--
Raizor: Magic.
Unreal: Yeah, magic. We found a way to counter your teleport.
Fooby: Awesome. Are you alright?
Luigi: Yep-a. Except...
[The 3 recount their tale of the big purple dragon]
Fooby: Hmm. I wonder what it could be...sounds scary, though.
Samus: *stops digging* Hm....
Fooby: What is it, Samus?
Adol: *hopeful glance*
Samus: I don't know. That purple dragon thing sounds really familiar...I just can't put my finger on it...
Adol: V_V *goes back to stadium building*
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I wanna be the minority!

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XMFD @ Snake
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Its all pointless now.
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Chapter 5
Ermine: D: I suck at Solitare so much...
Lucario: =Hm...maybe I can try.=
Ermine: You've never done it before. You'll probably fail miserably--
Lucario: =Just let me try.=
[Lucario beats Solitare in 3 1/2 minutes]
Lucario: Interesting puzzle....
Ermine: -.-?
[Days pass, the stadium is mostly done. Mario gathers everyone into the grand hall]
Mario: Hello-a everyone, and thank you for attending-a.
Mewtwo: =You have 3 seconds to say something interesting before I go back to clubbing Ganondorf with a pack of sardines.
Ganondorf: I object.
Mario: Anyhow. The stadium is nearly finished, and we want to have the same type of effect the crowd had back at brawl...however, we have a lack of a crowd now, so we simply have SURROUND SOUND built in! Cheesy
[Some excitement, some confusion. Some just aren't impressed]
Marth: [Japanese]
Mario: Ike? What-a did he say-a?
Ike: He said he's going to go get an abortion.
Marth: -_- [Strained Japanese]
Ike: Oh. He said he's going to go get some croutons...
Roy: [Japanese]
Ike: No. They're like square, hard pieces of bread, you see.
Roy: [More Japanese]
Ike: <_< No.
Mario: So do I have any volunteers-a?
Yoshi: Yoshi?
Mario: I'll take-a that as a yes.
Yoshi: <_< Yoshi.
Ike: No, Roy. Those are really big things...*emphasizes by raising hand high*
Mario: Thank you, Ike!
Ike: Um...what?
[Later, Mario, Sasori, Luigi, and -911- are watching the demonstration of the 'crowd' on Yoshi]
Mario: He'll-a usually taunt when it makes him happy-a.
Sasori: I'll play the tape.
[Yoshi looks up with his eye twitching]
[Yoshi curls into a ball, trembles, and whines]
Mario: O_o-a
Luigi: Marioooo?
-911-: This is not a good thing.
Mario: V_V I'll-a go help him.
[Tape shuts off and Mario carries Yoshi away]
Sas: Right. Moving on to Ike...
[Ike is at the very top-most platform of the Skyworld remake]
Ike: 'k.
Sas: *plays tape*
[We like Ike!]
Ike: What?
[We like Ike!]
Ike: Um.
[We like Ike!]
Ike: Who said that!?
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: I'll kill you! [starts attacking and swinging sword randomly]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: AHHHHH!! *destroys all the platforms*
Sas: O_O *turns off the tape*
Luigi: Okay, screw-a the crowd idea.
[Ike and Yoshi come back to the grand hall, now calmed down, though Ike is still at the ready to slice open something]
[We like Ike!]
Ike: WHAT!?
Sas: I couldn't resist.
Ike:  Angry
Mario: Sorry-a everyone, but the crowd-a does not work-a as planned.'
Ike: Oh, really. *glares at Sasori*
Mario: So-a--
[Power suddenly goes out]
Mario: What-a the crap-a!??
[Wall gets ripped off from the side and UF goes plummeting through]
UF: I'm cursed!!!
[He crashes into Jigglypuff and they go flying]
Jigglypuff: Puff, Jiggly Jigglypuff! D:
UF: I'm not that heavy, moron.
[Giant purple dragon sweeps in and carries off Young Link and Unreal]
Raizor: Hey! It's that purple dragon again!
Luigi: What could it be!?
Raizor: Wait--oh.
Luigi: Yep, panicking.
[Wall seals itself backup]
Luigi: What the--
Adol: Not me.
Luigi: Hmm...
[Meanwhile, this giant dragon carries those two away]
Unreal: Who are you anyway?
Young Link: *panics*
Dragon: *smiles oddly, and in his raspy voice* Riiidley.
Unreal: Hm...sounds familiar...
Young Link: *panics*
Unreal: Wait. If Fooby and Raz and Adol...
Riiidley: <_<
Unreal: >_>
Riiidley: <_<
Unreal: >_>
[Cut back to the grand hall]
Sasori: How do we get out!? We're stuck!!
[Cut back to two people in the back]
Magic4224: You know what to do.
Bloodmage391: <_< >_>
Bloodmage391: FOR NARNIA!!!
[He breaks through the wall and chases the dragon]
[Crowd chant]
[We like JT]
[We like JT!!]
BM: How do they know my name!?!
[We like JT!!]
Magic4224: *breaks sound system* Go on, young cricket! Save him from the Russians!!
Bloodmage391: *finds Unreal on the ground* Weren't you supposed to be killed off?
Unreal: Don't worry, I'm fine on weekends. And spring break. *dusts self off* I burned off the dragon's arm, all's well.
[Everyone else comes out through the hole, one by one]
Samus: Hey...did you catch that dragon's name?
Unreal: Huh? Oh yeah! ...It sounded like Riddle, or something...
Samus: Tom Riddle?
Unreal: Maybe...
Samus: No, only he can have that name...he must mean Tom Sawyer.
Unreal: Of course!
Samus: *runs off* Link! Link! Tom Sawyer kidnapped your younger self!!
[Screeches to a halt]
Samus: Wait. Riddle...Riiidel...Ridellly...RIDLEY!
Everyone: *collective gasp*

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