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28 January, 2022, 05:15:37 pm
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My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?

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Author Topic: My uninteresting combination of SSBB and Users...Extravaganza?  (Read 1997 times)
Judgment Angel Zero
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Do you earnestly think you can defeat me?

« Reply #45 on: 10 June, 2008, 05:10:19 pm »

Awesome job, Spat.
The sections with Ermine and the Pokemon are always funny.
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« Reply #46 on: 10 June, 2008, 07:50:24 pm »

Awesome job, Spat.
The sections with Ermine and the Pokemon are always funny.
[Ivysaur is strangling Ermine with his vines]

Oh, I agree.

Sorry Ermine, I had to go there <_<
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« Reply #47 on: 11 June, 2008, 04:39:03 pm »

But Pokemon are my friends ;_;

That wasn't very nice =P
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« Reply #48 on: 15 June, 2008, 11:43:52 am »

Chapter 12
Ermine: How the heck do the Pokemon always blow up whenever I'm near? <_<

Snake: No. Go fish.
Wario: >8U Fine...
-911-: Wario, do you have any nines?
Wario: ...*gives away a nine*
-911-: That's right.
Snake: You're out!?
-911-: Mhm.
Snake: Dang it...
Ganondorf: lolgofish
Bowser: lolgofish
Mewtwo: =Hey, what do you know, I'm back in the story..=
SaltyKracka: Anyone up for a game of ping pong?
Parrothair: You gotta love how we all land here in the middle of a rec room, out of nowhere. Freaking awesome...
Dedede: *laughs*
Judg: *sniffs Dedede*
Dedede: <_<

So here, all the villains and Snake landed. They were all too lazy to go search for others, and thus started up games of ping pong. Suddenly...

Parrothair: Um.....
[Fox and Falco's landmasters hover over. UF, Fox, Falco, and Kirby jump out]
Kirby: Hiiiiiiii!
Falco: Can I have some bread?
Parrothair: No...
Wario: My bike is better than your landmaster.
Fox: Oh no you di--
Ganondorf: Shut up.
Fox: -.-...Whatever. Let's go find the others and get united so we can go stop Mama Luigi from killing us all.
[Another landmaster hovers]
Wolf: Can't let you do that, Star Fox.
Fox: What?
[Wolf throws a coin at Mewtwo]
Fox: O.O Bowser, do--
[Wolf bats Bowser away. The coin hits Mewtwo, who begins to glow fiery, as if having grabbed a smash ball.]
Wolf: K, go ahead.
Falco: Don't do it!!!
Wolf: Whatsa matta, scared!?
Mewtwo: lol, fear the power of the hax
[Everyone gets warped into the lylat system]
Fox: Hey, I've been here.
Falco: No way, Einstein...
Fox: Is it me, or are we--
Falco: ...
Fox: I...where are we?
Wolf: Eh, this would just so happen to be Andross' cottage.
Fox: ...>_<
Wolf: Have fun with that...
[Wolf and Mewtwo quickly scale the funnel-shaped building to the top, then several ships, including a couple arwings, come out of a small opening]
Fox: Hey!
Falco: It's Krystal there...and...dang, it's Slippy...whoa, what--...he just fired at me!!
[Peppy does a barrel roll into the ground]
Fox: ...Ok.
[Peppy bursts back out right under Snake]
Snake: O_o *carried away*
Parrot: Snake!
Fox: Snake?
Peppy: Uh...bogey on my tail? *tries to shake Snake off*
Snake: Warrrrrrrrgh!
Fox: NO!! :O
[The rest of the ships start firing at Fox and the entire group]
Falco: Krystal!! What are you doing!?
Krystal: I wanted to be in brawl! D: *blows up Falco's landmaster*
Slippy: ME TOO LOL *blows up Fox's*
Fox: And everyone else...
Panther: We just came along to annoy you.
Fox: Right. But since the story writer knows absolutely nothing about you, *reflects panther's lasers back in his face*
Panther: Crap! *asplodes*
Fox: One down, 7 to go...
[Falcon Flyer suddenly pulls up next to him]
Falcon: Yo.
Fox: Hi.
[Something else explodes]
Falcon: You seem to have a small problem.
Fox: That I do.
Ike: Maybe you wouldn't mind a bit of help. There's that stupid little frog.
Falco: Be my guest.
Ike: GREAT...
Slippy: Wha?
Ike: AETHER!!!
[Slam slam slam slam slam pow boing slam RIBBIT slam slam slam slam]
Slippy: DAGNABBIT *also asplodes*
Wolf: ...I can't let you do that, Stupid Ike. *laser*
Ike: Oh crap. *shields*
[Ike's shield is broken through]
Falcon: Ike!! *tries to get to him* What?
Mewtwo: And that, my dear Falcon, would be a force field only able to be broken by women or extremely girly men.
Spat: ...Well, can I tr--*laser'd*
Falcon: He was our only chance <_<
[Wolf continues descending toward Ike, as Peppy turns to come back for help. Suddenly, Snake breaks through the arwing]
Peppy: Uh oh.
Snake: Gotta love the cypher. *Snaps peppy's neck* Now, how can I turn this into a suicide mission where I don't die...

[As Wolf descends, Marth suddenly appears from nowhere and does shield breaker to break through the force field]
Marth: <Martha for the win.> *ushers Ike into the Falcon Flyer*
Wolf: But...I...can't...loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!!!
[Wolf simply increases his pace, now obviously intending to smash his ship into whoever he can find]
Fox: No! His strength is overwhelming, he'll survive!
Falco: How do yo--
Fox: Scouter.
Falco: Powa level?
Fox: It's over nine THOUSAND
Wario: lolninethousand *Fully charged Wario wafts into the Wolfen, crashing it to the ground*
Krystal: ...Curses. Fly away, poor remains of friends.
[Krystal, Leon and Pigma fly away]
Leon: Silly bird.
Wario: im no bird
[Wolf breaks out of his ship, superpowered]
Fox: ...K. Now what?
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Judgment Angel Zero
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Do you earnestly think you can defeat me?

« Reply #49 on: 15 June, 2008, 01:00:08 pm »

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« Reply #50 on: 16 June, 2008, 11:30:38 am »

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« Reply #51 on: 18 June, 2008, 06:58:59 pm »

Chapter 12.5
Ermine: Good, question, that. Except, I'm actually...SUPER DUPER ERMINE MAN!!!
PT: Say what?
Ermine: HUTTAH! *backflips into Wolf and clings onto his head*
Wolf: What the heck? I can't seeee!

Mewtwo, still weak from the force field, didn't have enough power to throw Ermine-Man off Wolf. Just then...

Wario: Ermine-man!? Pah! Wario-man, more liek!
[Wario transforms and starts beating the crap out of Mewtwo]
Ike: I fight for my friends. *slashes at Wolf's legs*
Ermine: Dude! He's too strooooong! *gets thrown off* If only Chairzard were here...
Ivysaur: Ivy, Ivy.
Ermine: What you say?
Wolf: All your base are belong to us!!! *slashes at Spat*
Spat: Oh yeah!? Since I pretend to be a mailman sometimes who gets attacked by dogs, fear pepper spray!!!
[Spat shoots pepper spray in Wolf's eyes]
Snake: Idea get! *throws grenade into Wolf's eye*
Wolf: Gahhh!
Fox: ...What you say?
Mewtwo: =All your bas--=
[Ivysaur sinks into the ground and causes a sudden earthquake]
Mewtwo: =Fiddlesticks.=
Falco: Crap...we'll get murdered like this! Yet, I prefer the air. LANDMASTER!!!
[Falco's landmaster comes down and everyone jumps on except for Ivyfloor for obvious reasons, and Ermine and Ganondorf attacking Wolf and Mewtwo]
Mewtwo: =Pestering worm!!= *shadow ball*
Ermine: Aha, no STAB!
Mewtwo: =Dang it.=
[Falco's landmaster hovers toward the top of the funnel shaped building]
Fox: How will this help?
Falco: I'm not quite sure...but you can throw anything at me. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. The Lylat System. I'll stand up to it. ...Wait, what did I just say?
Spat: Sorry, my cat said that to me in my dream the other night and I--
Falco: This whole scene is based off a dream you had!?
Spat: Stop breaking the fourth wall!!! ...And yes.
Fox: *facebird*
Falco: <_<
Fox: Hey, we stopped hovering.
Falco: That is a problem.
Spat: Everyone jump out!!
Mario: WHAT!?
Ike: He wrote the thing, just listen to him.
[Everyone pointlessly leaps out of the landmaster...and somehow land on the Falcon Flyer]
Marth: <What!?>
Pikachu: <Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...>
Bowser: Dude. Stop making Falcon save our lives. It's degrading, him being so terrible in brawl and al--
Falcon: I heard that! <_<
Bowser: >_>
UF: lol, cat fights
Falcon: Heard that too. Except, we're out of fuel.
Ike: I hate you, Spat...
Spat: ...You'll get no sympathy from--
Ike: Don't make me great aether you.
[Falcon Flyer crashes back into the atmosphere somehow]
Spat: I'm not even gonna try this one...
Mario: Stop. Being. Omnipotent.
Spat: What? It's fun...
Mario: And why didn't you just have this not happen to us if you can control stuff like that?
Spat: I can't control things, I just know what's going to happen. Besides, otherwise there's no story!
Ike: What?
Spat: Fourth wall, sorry.
Falco: And to all our readers, we--
Spat: Stop.
Wario: Where is my ?-man counterpart?
Kirby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txe5UbkbqK0&feature=related
Judg: What?
Kirby: Sorry, wrong copypasta. I meant, where's that stupid fat king?
Dedede: ...*laughs*
Spat: Don't worry, th--
UF: Stop spoiling everything.
Spat: ...'k.
Zelda: Oh...that hurt...
Popo: Ow!
Nana: My face..
Luigi: *is upside down in the grass*
Link: ...
Peach: And that is why I carry a parasol. *floats to ground*
Luigi: Mama mia...where's everyone else?
[Spat breaks through the sky]
Spat: Sorry guys, I had to cut it off. Chapter was way too long. You'll find out where everyone else is next chapter. *fixes landscape and poofs away*
Luigi: Isn't that chapter 13?
Popo: ...lolunlucky
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« Reply #52 on: 18 June, 2008, 09:57:31 pm »

Lol No Stab.

Needs to be more with me and the Pokemon =P
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« Reply #53 on: 23 June, 2008, 10:17:38 pm »

Let me know if I haven't put certain characters in, I'm missing some, I know.

Chapter 13
Nana: Wha--
Popo: What's he--
Peach: Just let it be, he'll stop eventually.
DK: *makes noises at Kirby*
Zelda: He said "When's eventually?"
Peach: Tuesday.
Lucas: Well, crap.
Ness: What he said.
Peach: Put this in your mouth and be quiet. *yanks turnip from the ground and stuffs it in Luigi's mouth*
Bob-omb: im no turnip
Ness: ...Well, crap.
Lucas: What he said.
[They all land in some sort of yard]
Lucas: Huh?
[Yoshi, Sasori, Nintendude, Mr. Game and Watch, ROB, Jigglypuff, and more users that I will bring in later all turn around]
Sasori: Shh.
Nintendude: Be very quiet.
Ness: *whispering* Um...why?
[Luigi is covering his mouth in pain]
Nintendude: Yeah.
Peach: What's wrong?
Nintendude: Haven't you ever played DK64?
Lucas: It's that K. Rool island thing...
DK: D:...Grooh!!! Cheesy
Lucas: Stop confusing me...
Zelda: He wants his revenge on Diddy and thinks this is his shot at it.
Lucas: Ah, good luck, DK.
Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi.
Sas: Now, be quiet. Otherwise we won't have the element of surprise--
[Unreal slowly parachutes down from above]
Unreal: I brought Cheez-its.
Sasori: How did you yell!?
Unreal: I'm sorry. I had to make a dramatic entrance because I haven't been here for so long.
Nintendude: If you haven't been here, then--
[22.5 Kremlings run out of the building and charge at them]
Sasori: One of them only has one leg!!
Cube: Cheesy
Unreal: Don't worry, I've been training in secret! UNREAL...PAUNCH!!!
[Void of non-existence opens up and eats 4 Kremlings]
Lucas: ...That was just awesome.
Unreal: Huh, that wasn't what I had in mind.
[Battle between the Kremlings and Protagonists ensues. The Protagonists slowly gain the upper hand, but...]
Sas: My feet!
Unreal: Klaptraps!
[Cranky starts beating Unreal with a cane]
Unreal: o.O
Dixie: I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BRAWL *latches onto LuigiKong's face*
LK: Whoa, whoa, I agree! Stop stealing my earwax!!
[Utter silence for about 8 seconds]
Dixie: ...Sorry?
[Battle resumes]
LuigiKong: Vampires!
Luigi: It's over 9000!!
Link: Where's my girlfriend!?
Toon Link: Me vs. Luigi
Jigglypuff: *turns into Burger King ASCII*
Game and Watch: Wait, what?
Everyone: U R DOIN IT RONG
[flash of light]
Unreal: Did it still work!?
 Huh?: By your confusion combined...I am...
[Iron Man suddenly thuds into the ground in the middle of the Kremling army, creating a shockwave scaring the Klaptraps away]
Unreal: ...How the crap did THAT happen?
Iron Man: Hey, I don't know.
Kremlings: *Generic freaking out noises as they run away*
Iron Man: Since I'm breaking the fourth wall, I gotta go. Bye.
Unreal: ...Riiiiight.
[They enter the place]
Mario: Falcon, didn't you say you had MK and Dr. Mario on this...thing?
Falcon: Yes, I--...Um.
Ike: ...
Spat: Oops.
Spat: I was kidding!!!
Falcon: Where'd they go!?
Wario: You have no time to ponder such things, as we are about to crash into some giant lair.
Falcon: What? Oh--
Snake: Sounds like my kind of woman...Oh, wait.
Falcon: Ugh, Snake...
Snake: Shut up, bottom tier.
Falcon: <_<
Bowser: Get off dah choppa!
Spat: this no choppa!!!
Bowser: Who cares!!11!11
Spat: i doez!!!
Ike: FINE, you'll get sympathy from me! *pulls Spat away from exploding ship*
Falcon: *pulls Bowser away*
Bowser: Dang it, I TOLD YOU
Falcon: Shut up, character who lacks a fiery punch.
Bowser: But I...oh, fine...
Falcon: So. Where is this place--
Samus: Shh.
Falcon: Oh.
Samus: Ridley.
Falcon: Daaaaaang.
Samus: And Dark Samus.
Spat: Well, crap.
Samus: ...I brought friends. Oh, and some of yours dropped by too.
Ike: Do I fight for them?
Ermine: *weakly* I dunno. Do you?
UF: Hey, you're alive!!
Ivysaur: Saur, Ivysaur.
Ganondorf: Yep.
UF: How? What happened?
Ganondorf: Let me try sending a flashback, mentally.
[Flashback happens]
[Wolf shook Ermine off him and began clawing at him viciously]
Ermine: Holy crap!!
Wolf: Can't let you hurt m--
[Ivysaur whisks out his vines to trip Wolf. He shoots a razor leaf, which Wolf reflects. Ivysaur dodges and crawls under the blaster, and continues to use whatever's at his disposal. Ermine picks up on it and attacks Mewtwo, while Ganondorf slowly slips off to the side.]
Ivysaur: Saur, Ivy!!
Wolf: Grr, I hate those vines!! My speed can't beat them!!
[Suddenly, Ermine runs away from Mewtwo at top speed and tackles Wolf from behind. Ganondorf grabs Mewtwo's tail and whips him into the side of the building. Ermine takes something out of his pocket and gives it to Ganondorf]
Mewtwo: =Where did you get a smash ball!?=
Ganondorf: You've no time to ponder, as I have broken it open.
Mewtwo: ...Well, crap.
[Ganondorf uses his final smash. After the ground pound, however, the foundation of the place starts to shake. Ganondorf charges at Mewtwo, knocking him further back. Mewtwo collapses, and the coin shatters.]
Ganondorf: What's going on!?
Mewtwo: =It...Ivysaur and you...earthquake...=
Ermine: ...I think Ivyfloor and a giant beast slamming the ground destroyed it.
Ganondorf: Gah...
Mewtwo: =F...for betraying...I give one last help..=
[The foundation shakes more.]
Wolf: I'm taking you down!
[Wolf becomes a trophy as his coin shatters. Ermine grabs it as the 4 are teleported out. Mewtwo lacked the energy to save himself. As the foundation collapses, Mewtwo is brought with it.]
[End flashback]
UF: Whoa.
Samus: So here we are. Some pretty strong creatures are in there, I'd assume...
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« Reply #54 on: 25 June, 2008, 05:18:45 pm »

Chapter 14, Part 1
Luigi: Well, it's not like I haven't done this before.
Popo: O rly.
Luigi: Haven't you ever played Luigi's Mansion?
Lucas: I love that game...
DK: *bats Kremling into a wall*
Ness: I'm really not liking the lack of activity here.
[Giant snake-like creature flies over]
Luigi: ANACONDA!??!
Nana: Moar liek Rayquaza.
Popo: And you did a good job alerting it.
Zelda: You'd figure they'd know after ROB made a big deal over Unreal.
ROB: Oh, shut up.
Unreal: Yeah, Cheez-its are a big deal. Back off!
[ROB and Unreal continue eating]
Luigi: Heh.
ROB: I heard that!!! *does his down air on G+W, sending him skyrocketing into the top of the building, implanted*
Luigi: Oomph!! Augh...Hey, a button. I wonder...
Zelda: Don't do it!
Luigi: *Pushes button*
[entire wall crumbles away]
ROB: Ooh.
Luigi: I meant to do that.
[They go into the new opening, and soon come upon King K. Rool and Rayquaza]
K. Rool: We meet again, Donkey Kong!
Rayquaza: *generic roar*

Now guys, Spat's off for some pizza. I'll finish typing when I return.

FILLER MATERIAL: I have thought up an idea for my next story after this. So you have more of me to hate! Cheesy
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« Reply #55 on: 25 June, 2008, 08:31:16 pm »

Ok, so we did more than just get dinner. I'm back now. Resume typing.

*This and upcoming scenes will be in different format due to more action scenes

Chapter 14, Part 2
K. Rool donned a pair of boxing gloves and sent out a large army of Kremlings and Klaptraps ahead of him. DK grabbed his glove from Mario Baseball and engaged K. Rool in a fight. Rayquaza took out the trophy gun from SSE and started firing rapidly. Due to his lack of hands, this became a rather large problem, and he was soon attacked by ROB and Game & Watch, who had beaten through the army.

G+W: Thank you for that buff, Sakurai! *spams D-tilt*
Luigi: Too strong!!!
Bloodmage391: HOLD UP A SECOND
Sasori: Hey, you're back!
BM391: Being the smart ninja type dude I am, I have come up with a plan! *talks with Sasori, then backs out of the room*

The fighting splits into two sides, slowly, to make a small path in between the two sides. DK and K. Rool are still fighting it out, but K. Rool is clearly stronger. Rayquaza is completely diverted from battle by ROB and G&W.

The group entered Ridley's lair as quietly as they could. Suddenly, Fooby's watch starts to glow, and Spat's shoe starts to glow.

Spat: Foobs.
Fooby: Spat.
Both: Now.

Fooby and Spat warp out of the lair inexplicably.

Sonic: ....The heck?
K. Rool got the upper hand on DK and smashes him to the ground, dazed, and took the trophy gun from where it lay on the ground.

K. Rool: Prepare to meet your end, Donkey Kong!!
DK: <Something's bound to happen. Stupid story writer won't kill off my whole series.]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song starts playing in the background.

BM: Good, you found the beatbox.
magic4224: That I did.
Sasori: Are you guys about to screw with the plot again?
Spat: Bloodmage and I got bored on AIM.
Sasori: Figures.

G-F-A-QS ninja turtles! G-F-A-QS ninja turtles!

Rayquaza: <This just gets worse as it goes.>

Bloodmage leads the pack

BM: What!? I'm Donatello!!
Fooby: HAH!

Kamikaze's Foobs bane t3h n00bz

Fooby: ...That's lame.

Magic's cool, but shrewd! Killer_Spatula's a party dude!

Magic: Yup. *throws a tree at Rayquaza*
Spat: That's what I'm talking about! Fear the chihuahua!! *attacks K. Rool*

BM: Don't leave me out.
Foobs: What about me!?

Mage aids Spat with K. Rool, and Fooby blasts full force into Rayquaza's face. Rayquaza roars and dives underground, and comes roaring back up, bringing the Ice Climbers with him.

Popo: ...Well, crap.
Nana: You said it.

Rayquaza turned around, abruptly bringing Popo and Nana down at insane speeds.

Popo: Now what!?

Magic4224: *clinging onto Rayquaza's tail*

Nana: Look!!

Rayquaza: Huh?

Magic4224: Mindgamez, son. *nukes Rayquaza*

Rayquaza crashes to the ground, and K. Rool is stabbed straight through by BM as he was blinded by Spat perching on him.



K. Rool somehow slowly stands up, and pulls the sword out from himself, and Rayquaza forces himself into the air.

Spat: What!? *tries to pull out katana* Oh.
BM: Song's over.
Magic4224: ...And we're out.

Everyone made a blind dash for the door as K. Rool and Rayquaza gain their senses.

Samus: Right...I've never seen anything like this, so--

Meta Ridley swoops from above and makes a grabbing motion for Samus.

Samus: As expected as Jinjo. *shield rolls, leaving Falcon wide open to be grabbed*

Falcon: Crap! *taken away*


Dark Samus glances over.

Snake: ...Sounds like my kind of wom--*gets a missle to the face*

SaltyKracka: Fear my katana that has insults engraved on it!! *stabs at Dark Samus*

DS: <Lulz.> *pulls out trophy gun*

Ike: ...Prepare yourselves.

Falcon is now being clawed at by Ridley, and is trying to escape.

Falcon: Help me!
Bowser: No. I'm not playing the role of the hero solely because you saved me.
Sonic: Wait, I have a plan. *puts on bunny hood and uses spring jump*

Sonic grasps onto Meta Ridley's face, trying to block his eyes. Meta Ridley snaps at him viciously, but Sonic slips back and avoids.

Sonic: You're too slow!

Meta Ridley attacks with his claw, thus releasing Falcon but striking Sonic and knocking him to the ground. As Sonic falls, he's hit fully with the trophy gun's arrow, thus becoming a trophy himself. Dark Samus snatches it and throws it backward to prevent others from getting to it, and continues firing.

Mario: Wait...I've got an idea.

As the arrow heads toward Mario, he reflects it with his cape. Dark Samus had no time to ponder such questions as to why a cape overpowered it, and was forced to dodge. The arrow destroyed the gun, thus throwing Dark Samus backward.

Dark Samus: =Gah! Ridley! Now!!=
Meta Ridley: =Right.=

Ridley roars, causing the brawlers to cover their ears in pain. The roar translates to:

Falcon: Oh no!
Ike: We're doomed!!!

A giant slab of meat lands in front of everyone.

Ermine: ........It's not very effective.
Lucario: =That DEFINITELY had no stab bonus.=
Dark Samus: *facepalm* =Let's get out of here.=

There's a bright flash of light, and Dark Samus and Meat Ridley vanish. The lair itself is gone, as is Sonic's trophy.
Falcon: YES!

Voice: =Oh, don't be so sure.=

Falcon: ...No?

Meta Ridley and Dark Samus come back down from above.

Falcon: Something smart. Now. Ermine, come here.

[Ermine, Falcon, Pikachu, Lucario, and Samus rush off]

DS: I'm just gonna stay here to see what hap--


DS: ...Wow.

Lucario: =I really think this is a bad idea..= *aura spheres Dark Samus*
Ermine: Come on! You even got to be the blue one!! *Bites at Ridley's tail*
Pikachu: <Guess what, Ridley? Electric's good against flying.> *Zap*
Ridley: *ROAR*
Pikachu: <Ooh, and I got STAB bonus.>
Falcon: FALCONE...
Ermine: Ahem.
Falcon: Right. RANGER PAUNCH!
[Park Rangers start flying out of Falcon's arm]
Falcon: Good crap!
DS: It's no use! Out now!

BM: Why? They won't come...Oh, don't tell me.
Spat: Yep.
Fooby: This whole entire scene is based off another one of your dreams!?
Spat: Yep. Except the antagonist was a guy named Dave Williams, not King K. Ro--
Fooby: Get more creative.
Spat: You're jealous of my dreams.
[Ceiling starts caving in]
Spat: ...I don't remember this part. Up the staircase then?
[The brawlers are forced to run upward instead of down, due to the ceiling beam creating a blockade in front of them.]

In other news, Spat has developed severe pain in his wrist and must stop now. This keyboard actually reads, "To reduce risk of serious injury, read Safety & Comfort guide

I'm in a lot of pain though. Sorry. Gotta stop

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« Reply #56 on: 26 June, 2008, 02:25:34 am »

That format makes the story a hell of a lot easier to read, especially IMO, considering that I tend to get lost in large walls of text. And I have less of an urge to skim through it as is.
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« Reply #57 on: 26 June, 2008, 11:00:16 pm »

Many apologies to that sudden ending. I don't know where that pain came from. o.o

Anyway, to finish that off.

Chapter 14, Part 3
Fooby: Grah, when do we be stop nao?
Spat: K. Rool and Ray should be after us soon.
Fooby: But...ok, right.

As the brawlers and users turned the corner, K. Rool's swooping figure passed by above the staircase.

Magic: ...'k. Foobs, can you warp us to where the other dudes are?

**Cue Warp**
So thus, all brawlers and users were gathered where Ridley's lair had once been; save Dr. Mario and Meta Knight. Captain Falcon still doesn't know where they air.

Falcon: WHERE!? *looks under his shoe*
Mario: ...
Wolf: Woot.
Spat: Gah, I can't do this at midnight.

Suddenly, a cartoon version of Luigi's mansion crops up in front of everyone.

BM: Hey, that wasn't too bad.
Spat: Hm...maybe my mind goes into weird spasms of recongesture and stuff, thus falling back upon all the crap I've learned and throwing sentence structure into awkward combinations.
SpazzyPeanut: ....Whats recongesture?
Spat: I have absolutely no idea, it just sounded cool.

**Guys, forgive me if that's actually a word. I'm sorry.**

Everyone enters Mama Luigi's mansion.
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« Reply #58 on: 28 June, 2008, 11:23:17 pm »

Lol good stuff XD
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« Reply #59 on: 29 June, 2008, 10:16:16 am »

Sorry about that total randomness. I had absolutely no idea what I was writing. I again blame the car ride <_<

Next chapter within a couple days.
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