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31 January, 2023, 02:01:40 pm
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The Brotherhood Chronicles: The Golden Key

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Author Topic: The Brotherhood Chronicles: The Golden Key  (Read 1008 times)
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Chapter 2:

     The boat didn't look like much. It seemed tiny in comparison with the other commercial liners at the pier. Its appearance reminded Moris of a storm-worn dinghy. It appeared as though it had been painted blue at one time, but now its paint had become chipped; worn by years of use at the hands of rather--unscrupulous characters. It had, at one time or another, been a pirating vessel and, thusly, seen plenty of fights in its day.
     The man waiting to meet Moris looked the part: large built, with tattoos running the length of his right muscular arm. The scars covering his face had been hastily sewn up in a rather grungy procedure resulting in most of them being half healed giving the large man a vulgar and unclean appearance. He **** a ratty tank top that clearly was too large for him and showed more of his chest than Moris would have liked. On his belt hung a large, imposing hunting knife that the man fingered as he looked over his newest cargo; "Well wot we gots here?"
     "I was told that this ship would alot me safe passage to England," replied Moris.
     "England, huh? Now what wud ya be go'n there for?"
     "That doesn't concern you," at this point Moris took the ticket he had been given out fo his coat pocket and held it so the dangerous looking man could see, "I was given this and told to meet your ship here. Savy?"
     "Well..." the large man pondered over the situation for a few minutes. it seemed as though he was trying to decide if Moris was incredibly brave or just monstrously stupid. When Moris held the man's gaze the man mad his decision; "Oh, ey, i'm your man! Though i'd think ur friend wud at least have de nerve to show 'is face to see ya off."
     "Unfortunately he's indisposed at the minute. Shall we continue?"
Moris knew he had very little time and he did not want to spend most of it sitting here discussing as mediocre a topic as this. He quickly boarded the vessel and made his way bellow decks. He ignored the Captain's questions (for that was who the large man was) about his business in England that was so important. Instead, he spent most of his time in his private cabin--set as part of the agreement made with the captain--studying charts, trying to determine the exact location of the first marker so he could avoid wasting anymore unnecessary time.
     The trip was relatively uneventful. Except for a brief bought of seasickness, Moris refined most of his time to analyzing charts and reading over ancient manuscripts. By the time they made port, he was certain of the location. He left the ship without even recognizing the captain's last attempts to discern why he had come all this way in the dead of night. But Moris didn't care about the captain. it was inconsequential what happened to him so long as the first marker was left unactivated.
    As Moris left the boat he missed the conversation between the ship captain and a dark man who Moris had mistaked to be one of the crew members:
    "I wasn't able to get any information from him. Why is it so important to know where he's going?" said the captain.
    "If the stories are to be believed," said the man, "He could very well lead us to a very special lock, and an even more important key."
    "You don't need to worry about that. Here's you money. I suggest you stay close. I may need your help again before this is over."
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