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02 December, 2023, 12:23:18 pm
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1141 times)
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« on: 10 April, 2009, 09:49:56 pm »

This is an "enhanced rewrite" of the first story in the series, and also the first of several other rewrites I'll be doing. This is being done not only for the purpose of simply making it better in comparison to the original, but also to sorta "fix" the continuity. Since I didn't really get it completely shaped out until just recently. But anyway, let's get started.


Of course, this first chapter of our story begins with our hero-to-be, Blue, a young 13-year-old boy whose been orphaned from a young age due to tragic events in the past. Thusly, he travels the land alone, seeking a means to carve himself a place above the rest of humanity, which he deems worthy of penance. But for what reasons does Blue seek ascendency over the human race? And how will he succeed in such a lofty ambition...?

Around the continent of Meliore, word has spread of numerous civilians suddenly disappearing without a trace, never to be heard from again. Rumors have lead to the suspected culprit being The Iblis, a powerful and deadly monster of mass destruction known all around for wreaking havoc and mischief on the surface world. Having taken in this gossip, Blue becomes determined to defeat Iblis and claim his power as his own for the purpose of achieving his goals.

Armed with an arsenal of fire magic and a mysterious book, Blue's travels lead him to the Desert Oasis of Nandor where our story unfolds.
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« Reply #1 on: 12 April, 2009, 09:51:51 am »

~~Desert Oasis: Nandor~~

[A bustling city that lies on the edge of a scorching desert, Nandor is the center for trade and commerce in the region amongst consumers and merchants alike. Knowing this, Blue enters the city to barter for information. But upon entering, he is immediately approached by a rather sketchy peddler]

Peddler: Hey!!

Blue: Hm?

Peddler: Welcome! Welcome! You're new in town, aren't you!?

Blue: ...

Peddler: Of course you are! Hey, take a look at this!

[The Peddler reaches into his belongings and pulls out an impressive looking longsword]

Peddler: Here you go, how's this sword grab you, huh? It's a masterpiece from a mystical eastern blacksmi--

Blue: *turns away* I don't want any.

Peddler: Aah! H-Hey! Wait!

[Blue attempts to walk away when in a panic, the Peddler hurriedly runs in front of Blue, cutting him off]

Blue: *annoyed* Mmm...

Peddler: C'mon, just hear me out! I'll cut you a deal on it, hmm?

Blue: You're starting to get on my nerves.

Peddler: Listen listen! I'll make it 20 Gold, all right? Half price, just for you!

[Having grown fed up with the Peddler's vexxing persistance, Blue clenches his fist in anger]

Blue: Aagh...

Peddler: How's that sound, eh?

Blue: I said, I don't...

[About to lash out in a fit of rage, A glowing red glyph opens around Blue's feet, until--]

??: Whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Peddler: Eh?

Blue: Uh?

[Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a teenage girl with brown hair and green clothing rushes in, stepping inbetween Blue and the Peddler. Alerted by her presence, the glyph around Blue fades]

Teen Girl: You just hold it right there!

Peddler: Hey! Can't you see I'm in the middle of an important transaction here!?

Teen Girl: Trying to palm your junk off on some poor, unsuspecting chump, huh!?

Peddler: What!? I don't know what you're talking about! Stop messin' with my business!

Teen Girl: Shut up when I'm talking to you! Hyaah!

[From her bag, the girl pulls out a giant hammer and delivers a smack to the Peddler, sending him sailing through the sky]

Peddler: Yiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaahhh!! *Star KO*

Teen Girl: Hah, that'll learn ya!

Blue: *crosses arms* Hmph...*sweatdrop*

Teen Girl: You there!

Blue: Huh?

Teen Girl: Look, you're an adventurer, right? Take it from me, I'm an expert on swords. And that guy's sword was nothing but a big fake! I mean, if that was really an eastern masterpiece or whatever, it would look more like...um...

[The girl shuffles through her bag, unknowingly defying the laws of physics by pulling out random paraphernalia that couldn't possibly fit. Unable to find what she's looking for, she gives up out of anger]

Teen Girl: Ooooh! Well, it...it wouldn't look like that. Well, anyway, you have to keep your guard up in this town. There are crooked merchants everywhere that'll rob you blind!

Blue: *shrugs* It's not like it mattered. I had no intention of buying his sword to begin with. Because as you can see...

Teen Girl: Oh?

[Blue turns his pockets inside out, showing that he doesn't have a penny to his name]

Blue: I have no money.

Teen Girl: Ah, you don't! Oh...well how silly of me! It's looks like I got all worked up over nothing! Eh heh heh heh... *rubs head*

Blue: Don't worry about it. Besides, if you hadn't whacked that guy, I would've torched him myself.

Teen Girl: Heehee! I like your attitude! Say, my name's Michal, but my friends call me Zeldafan. What's yours?

Blue: Uhm...I go by Blue.

Zeldafan: Blue, huh? Well, I have to say, I'm more of a Green kind of gal myself. Heehee! Anyway, I should get going. It was nice meeting you, Blue! Bye!

[Parting ways with Blue, Zeldafan hurries into the city for reasons of her own]

Blue: Zeldafan... There sure are some odd people in this world. Anyway, back to business.

[Blue continues to make his way deeper into the city. And meanwhile, inside the local bar, a young individual, a teenage boy with dark brown hair, consumes his fill in carbonated beverages]

~~Nandor Bar~~

Teen Boy: *burps* Uuurrp! Aaaah yeah! That hit the spot! Yo barkeep, gimme another round! Over here!

Barkeep: Aww, c'mon, Jawo'! Don't you think you've had enough? I mean, you've already downed 24 glasses in just the last hour! Why don't you save some for the other customers, eh?

[Jawo' shoots the Barkeep an intense glare]

Teen Boy: *angrily* Mmnn...what did you say...?

Barkeep: Guh! *nervously* I...I what I meant was...uhm...

[Feeling angry and restless, Jawo' squeezes his glass with enough force to shatter it to pieces]

Barkeep: *frightened* Aaah!

Jawo': I said get me another glass...NOW.

Barkeep: Aah...y-y-yes sir! Right away!

[Without wasting any time, the barkeep quickly scurries off, returning shortly with yet another glass filled to the brim with Sprite]

Barkeep: Here you go. Nice and chilled, just for you.

Jawo': Yeah! Now that's my style!

[Jawo' guzzles down his lastest glass, slamming it on the table upon finishing]

Jawo': Damn! Now that's the stuff right there!

Barkeep: *melancholic* Hunh...yeah...whatever... (I just recieved this monthly shipment of Sprite, and this guy chugs it down in a matter of hours!) *sigh*

[At that moment, Blue enters the bar, making his way up to the counter]

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: ...*looks around*

Jawo': Hey guy, I don't think I've seen you around these parts before. You new around here or something?

Blue: Mm...you could say that.

Jawo': So you are, huh? Well ain't that a coincidence? I just blew into town myself! What do they call you, chief?

Blue: It's Blue.

Jawo': Blue, eh? Well then, the name's Jawo'. Good to meet ya. How about a round of drinks on me, huh? Whaddya say?

Blue: Thanks, but no thanks...

Jawo': Whuh?

Blue: I didn't come here to make friends, or to drink and be merry. I came here...for some facts.

Jawo': What? Facts?

Barkeep: What kind of facts, sonny?

Blue: I want you to tell me everything you know...about The Iblis.

[Jawo' flares up, rising out of his stool in intrigue]

Jawo': What!? Iblis!?

[The sudden mention of the Iblis' name leaves the entire bar in an eerie silence]

Blue: That's right. I want to know where he's hiding.

Jawo': What are you seeking out The Iblis for, huh guy?

Blue: It doesn't matter. Just tell me where he is! Now!

Jawo': Tsch, not a chance.

Blue: What!?

Jawo': Don't go trying to bite off more than you can chew, kid. The Iblis is a creature who lives only to cause mayhem and destruction. He'll destroy you no matter what your intentions are.

Barkeep: He's right, you know. Many a foolish man have gone out seeking Iblis for their own reasons. And they all ended up becoming his next meal, just like you will if you don't keep your distance.

Blue: *angrily* Mmmn...*clenches fist*

Jawo': Don't be an idiot. The Iblis ain't just some common everyday thug. He can't be defeated by anyone, especially not by some kid. Just give up and go home.

[Jawo's condescending attitude gets a rise out of Blue, as he steps up to his face in anger]

Blue: Don't patronize me!!

[Equally provoked, Jawo' returns the favor]

Jawo': Errggh, listen squirt!! I'm just saying what anyone would say!

Barkeep: Hey hey, settle down. I don't want any fights in here, understood?

Blue/Jawo': Tsch. *turns away from eachother*

Barkeep: But regardless, The Iblis is not one to be trifled with. Don't go throwing your life away for some petty desire.

Blue: Aagh! I don't care about that! I don't recall ever asking for your concern in the first place!

Barkeep: *angered* Have you been listening at all!? If you get involved with The Iblis, you'll only get yourself killed!

Blue: Aah...

Barkeep: For your own sake, I suggest you forget all about ever pursuing Iblis. That's about all you can do anyway...

Blue: *under his breath* You...You humans are all the same...

[Enraged, Blue forms a fireball in his hand, but quickly puts it out by clenching his fist. This act is unnoticed by everyone, expect for Jawo' however...]

Jawo': Huh? (What in the world...?)

Blue: You're spineless cowards! All of you!

Barkeep: But laddy--!

Blue: I've heard enough! I'll find The Iblis with or without your help. And once I defeat him, I'll make you all pay...

[Blue turns his back and begins to walk out of the bar, while Jawo' watches him with unease]

Jawo': ...(That kid...He...He made a fireball in his hands! I don't think I'm just seeing things here...)

Barkeep: Jawo'...?

Jawo': Huh? Oh...yeah... Wh-What is it?

Barkeep: Is something the matter? You seem to have spaced out for a bit there.

Jawo': Uhm...no, I--It's nothing...

[Jawo' looks back towards the exit and resumes his thoughts]

Jawo': (Just who is that kid? And why is he looking for The Iblis anyway? ...There's definitely more to him than meets the eye, and I'm gonna find out what it is!)

[Determined to follow Blue, Jawo' starts towards the exit, but not without leaving a single gold coin on the counter first]

Jawo': That should cover it!

Barkeep: Hey, wait! Jawo', where are you going in such a hurry!?

Jawo': It just occured to me that I've got some business to take care of! Later days, Barkeep!

Barkeep: But Jawo'--!

[The Barkeep's words fall on deaf ears, as Jawo' has already left and taken to the streets]

Barkeep: *sigh* This is only enough to pay for one drink...*holds up coin*

]The Barkeep bemoans in anguish at the sight of a multitude of empty Sprite glasses strewn across the surface of the counter. Meanwhile however, outside the bar, A single old man dressed in odd red clothing has been keeping an eye on the events unfolding]

~~Nandor City Streets~~

[After having just watched Blue and Jawo' pass by, the aged man steps out from an alleyway, observing the two]

Old Man: Hmm... So that one is after The Iblis as well, it seems. Well then, this could prove to be one interesting journey afterall...

[A sudden wind blows a sandy gale over the man, and as it fades, there's no trace of him to be seen]

Old Man: Ha ha ha...What fun...
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« Reply #2 on: 17 April, 2009, 11:10:06 am »

[Blue begins his search through town for another outlet of info about the Iblis. Along the way, he spots several knights stationed around town, a rather unusual sight]

~~Nandor City, Streets~~

Blue: Hm...well that's odd. I wouldn't think any Knights would bother coming all the way out to a border town like this. Could they really be here to "defend the public order"...or is there something more to it than that? ...Eh, whatever. It's none of my business. It's best if I just keep going on my own way.

[Blue continues on, and meanwhile, Jawo' follows far behind, tailing him through the crowded city streets. Though his efforts are slowly futilized, as he becomes bewildered by the large influx of busy civilians]

Jawo': Damnit, where did he go? *looks around*

Man: Sample my goods, sir!

Jawo': What are you talking about!?

[A passing civilian uninitentionally bumps into Jawo']


Jawo': ...Hey, quit pushing!!


Jawo': Umph! Why you...!!


Jawo': ...Hey, who just hit me? I'm gonna remember that!!

[As the crowd thickens, Jawo' begins to lose sight of Blue]

Jawo': (Damn! At this rate, I'll never catch up to him! ...Oh, that's it! I'm shoving through!)

[Having grown frustrated, Jawo' takes matters into his own hands and begins to indiscriminately charge through the crowd, pushing any and everyone out of his path]

Jawo': You're in my way!!

Man: Hey!

Jawo': Move it!!

Woman: Ah, how rude!

Jawo': Make way!!

Man2: Hey, watch it!

Jawo': You're not getting far, Blue!!

[After an excessive amount of bumpin and shouldering, Jawo' finally escapes from the crowd into a less populated area of the city]

Jawo': *dusts off hands* Hah, now that's how you take care of business! Now to find that punk Blue. ...Wherever he's gotten off to.

[Jawo' continues through the city streets, searching for any traces of Blue. After looking through every corner and alleyway he could find, he stops to take a much needed breather]

Jawo': *panting Hah...ha...Damnit, Blue! Where are you!? Agh, this is hopeless!

??: Hmm...lost him already, huh? Ohh, tough luck...

Jawo': ...?!

[Jawo' turns his head to see the shady Old Man from earlier standing directly behind him. This time dressed in a brown hooded cloak]

Old Man: Hello. *waves*

Jawo': *surprised* Waaaah!!

[Startled, Jawo' leaps a fair distance backwards]

Old Man: Ohh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you... *rubs head*

[Infuriated, although still shooken up, Jawo' points an incriminating finger at the man]

Jawo': A-All right, spill it! Wh-Who are you!?

Old Man: Huh? Ah, right... I'm just an old weary traveler. My name isn't important...for now.

Jawo': Tsch. For now, huh? Well old man, you'd do well not to sneak up on people like that. You may give someone the wrong impression.

Old Man: Haha, I meant nothing by it. I merely wanted to approach you was all.

Jawo': Humph, is that right? Well I'd say your tactics are in need of some fine tuning. What do you want with me anyway?

Old Man: Ohh, nothing in particular...

Jawo': Huh, well in that case, it's been lovely. Now buzz off.

Old Man: Aw, come on. ...Oh! Hey! You're chasing after that Blue fellow, right?

Jawo': Huh? How did you--? I don't remember telling anyone about that. Especially not you, old timer.

Old Man: Aha ha. I have my ways...

Jawo': *skeptically* Mmm... (Something's off about this guy...)

Old Man: Say, why are you trailing him anyway? A grudge, perhaps? Or maybe it's something else...

Jawo': I don't think that's any of your business, old man.

Old Man: *shrugs* If you insist. But just a word to the wise...

Jawo': Huh?

Old Man: You won't last long...if you go blindly pursuing that which you cannot fully comprehend.

Jawo': What...? What are you babbling about!?

Old Man: *cryptically* Hmhmhm. You'll see... *smirks*

Jawo': Ah! Hey, wait!

[Another sudden gale picks up, blowing a sandy gust inbetween Jawo' and the old man. Jawo' covers his eyes, and upon reopening them, the man had disappeared from sight]

Jawo': What the--!? He's...He's gone!? ...Just who the hell was that creep?

[Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Blue enters the confines of a rather inconspicuous tent]


Blue: *cautiously* Hello? Is there anyone...here...?

[Blue slowly approaches a table with a crystal ball placed on top. He leans in to examine it when a voice calls out from within the tent]

??: *gasp* Could it be!?

Blue: Huh?

[From the darkness in the back of the tent, a girl clothed in a cloak appears before Blue. Though appearing somewhat dubious, she speaks with a certain familiar cheerfulness in her voice]

Hooded Girl: Hey, it's my first customer! All right!!

Blue: Then I assume you're the keeper of this place?

Hooded Girl: Heehee, you got it! And you're Blue, am I right?

Blue: I am. But how did you know that? I never told you my name.

Hooded Girl: Why, it's because I'm a Fortune Teller, of course! We know everything!

Blue: What? Really?

Hooded Girl: Well, no. Not really. While I AM an all-knowing Fortune Teller, the real reason I know you, Blue, is...

Blue: ...?

[The hooded girl throws off her cloak, revealing herself to be none other than...]

Zeldafan: Tada!

Blue: Ah, it's--!

Zeldafan: That's right, it's me! Zeldafan! Heehee, did I surprise you? <3 *winks*

Blue: ...*blank stare*

Zeldafan: I'll take that as a yes!

Blue: *cough* No, you didn't.

Zeldafan: *angrily* Oh poo! You're such a wet blanket, Blue! Tell you what, since you're my new friend and all, I'll read your fortune for free! How does that sound?

Blue: I'll skip out on that, thanks. To be honest, I didn't really come here for a fortune.

Zeldafan: Oh?

Blue: Yeah. I came here to get some info.

Zeldafan: Hmm...what kind of info, Blue?

Blue: I want to know...about The Iblis.

Zeldafan: The Iblis? You mean that terrible monster that's always making a mess of things on the surface world? Why on Earth would you want anything to do with that guy?

Blue: That's...none of your business.

Zeldafan: Aah! *angrily* Well gee, you don't have to get so stuffy about it! So what did you need to know about him anyway?

Blue: I need to know where he resides.

Zeldafan: Oh, well that's an easy one! The Iblis dwells deep in the forbidden lands of Jahannam.

Blue: Ja...hannam?

Zeldafan: Yeah. Jahannam is a fiery abyss that exists on a plane parallel to Earth. It's a vile place where all sorts of nasty tricky spirits abide. And Iblis, being the most powerful of the spirits, is the ruler of it all. Or at least, that's what the stories tell.

Blue: Great. So how do I get to this Jahannam?

Zeldafan: Wait a minute...you actually want to go to Jahannam? After everything I just told you about it!? Are you insane!?

Blue: Save your concern for someone else. I don't need anyone advising me on what is and isn't safe.

Zeldafan: But Blue...I--! *sigh* Fine. I might know of a way to get to Jahannam...

Blue: You do?

Zeldafan: Yes. But it requires the recital of a very specific gate-opening incantation. And I'll only give it to you...under one condition...

Blue: What? Condition?

Zeldafan: That's right. I'll only impart this knowledge to you, if you complete a task for me first.

Blue: Hmph. What kind of task is it?

Zeldafan: Ohh, nothing too fancy. I just need you to help a few civilians here or there...

Blue: Help civilians? What does that have to do with anything!?

Zeldafan: Heehee, wouldn't you like to know...?

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Never you mind, Blue. So will you do it or not?

Blue: Tsch. *crosses arms* I'm not exactly keen about the idea, but you're not leaving me much of a choice. If I want to continue with my journey, I have to have that incantation.

Zeldafan: So does that mean you'll do it?

Blue: *reluctantly* ...Yes.

Zeldafan: Woohoo!! Great! And according to my crystal ball, the civilian in question is laying in waiting at the local inn.

Blue: The inn, huh?

Zeldafan: Mhm! Once you're done helping the civilian, report back here to me and I'll give you your prize!

Blue: That should be easy enough. Well then, I guess I'm off.

[As Blue begins to walk out of the tent, Zeldafan addresses him one final time]

Zeldafan: Oh, and Blue!

Blue: ?

Zeldafan: Should you try to skip out on your task by cheating, I'll know it. The crystal ball...reveals all. Heeheehee...

Blue: *annoyed* Whatever...

[Blue exits the vicinity of the tent. Not long after, a voice calls out to Zeldafan]

??: Well well, if it isn't the Junior Fortune Teller, open for business.

Zeldafan: Huh? Who was that?

[The man behind the voice is none other than the Old Man, peeking his head in before entering the tent]

Old Man: Hello...Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Ohh! It's just you, boss! Phew, you had me going for a second there. What brings you back here so soon anyway?

Old Man: ...Just dropping in to check up on things. No doubt our little entrepreneur is making the big bucks. The disquieting emptiness of this drab establishment can only be attested to by that fact that everyone in town has already had their fortunes read!

Zeldafan: *angrily* Ugh! Don't make fun of me! ...Running a business is harder than it looks. *sigh* And here I thought I could cash in on the whole "fortune telling" craze...

Old Man: Now now, Zeldafan. Life is all about learning from one's own mistakes.

Zeldafan: Yeah yeah... But what am I going to do with all these boxes of Fortune Cookies!?

Old Man: Hmm...*shrugs* Maybe you could start own chain of Chinese Food restaurants?

Zeldafan: ...Nah. I think I'll just plant my feet and weather the storm. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!? You never know, business could start to pick up anytime now! It might just be because of the economy or something.

Old Man: *patronizingly* Ohh, yeah, sure. Blame everything on the economy like everyone else...

Zeldafan: *angrily* Ugh, are you just about done!?

Old Man: Settle down, Zeldafan. I'm only teasing. Anywho, I trust you've already taken care of the arrangements we discussed earlier?

Zeldafan: Ohh, you mean with Blue, right? Yeah, everything's going just as planned. I just sent him off not too long ago.

Old Man: Hmm, is that so? Excellent work, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: No prob! So what's with the sudden interest in Blue anyway? Is it because he's after The Iblis too?

Old Man: Hmm...perhaps, but that's not all. I...sense potential within him...

Zeldafan: Potential?

Old Man: Yes. This much is certain, but we still don't know everything about him. While he may be after The Iblis, his true motives are still clouded in ambivalence. It is for this reason that I want you to continue to keep an eye on his progress, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: *salutes* You got it! But what will you do, boss?

Old Man: I will continue our investigation of the disappearances.

Zeldafan: Huh? But I thought we already figured out that The Iblis was behind all of it?

Old Man: Not necessarily, Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Wha?

Old Man: While there is no doubt that The Iblis is indeed connected to all of this, he may or may not be directly responsible for the disappearances themselves.

Zeldafan: What's that supposed to mean?

Old Man: I don't know... But in order to be certain, I will have to find more leads. There's no time to waste, so I suggest we both get started.

Zeldafan: Right!

Old Man: All right, then. I will report back if I find anything, and you do the same.

Zeldafan: Okay. See you then.

[As the old man prepares to leave the tent, he gives Zeldafan one last word of advice]

Old Man: Ohh, and one last thing...

Zeldafan: Huh?

Old Man: There's a rather...tenacious individual lurking around town in pursuit of Blue. If we want this to go smoothly, we'll have to keep him off his trail at all costs.

Zeldafan: What? That's crazy! Why would someone be after Blue?

Old Man: I don't know... But still, you needn't worry. The boy, while undaunted, is rather slow-witted. So any potential threat is minimal at best.

Zeldafan: I'm on it!

Old Man: Now...with that said, we'll each be going our own way for now. Good luck, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Same to you, boss.

[The old man throws on his brown cloak and disappears into the city streets. Meanwhile, Blue enters the local inn, averse, yet determined to carry out the charge set upon him]

~~Nandor City, Inn~~

Blue: *to himself* All right, now where's this civilian that Zeldafan said I had to meet up with...?

[Blue looks around the inn, until noticing a young boy across the room, staring at a small locked chest meditatively]

Blue: *to himself* Could that be him? ...Mmm, it has to be. The only other person here is the innkeeper.

[Blue thereby walks up to the boy, who's still concentrated closely on the chest, and addresses him]

Boy: ...

Blue: You can't open that without a key.

Boy: I know.

[Frustrated, the boy grabs the chest and repeatedly slams it on the ground]

Boy: Rrrrrgh! Open open open!!

Blue: That's not going work.

Boy: I knoooooow! Aaagh! Stupid box!

Blue: Don't you think it'd be smarter to, you know, find the key first?

Boy: Don't you think I would have already if I could?

Blue: Huh?

Boy: I have no idea where the key is. I found this box out by the oasis, so it's probably long gone by now.

[The boy lets out a long infuriated groan]

Boy: I think maybe I'll just throw it back in there!

Blue: Are you really going to return it?

Boy: Yes. I am. You got a problem with that?

Blue: Nope...

Boy: Well good!

[Blue walks over and takes a seat next to the boy]

Blue: But if you'd give up that easily, there's a good chance that you'll never achieve anything in life.

Boy: What!?

Blue: You can't give up now. Don't you still want to open that chest?

Boy: Yes, if I can...

Blue: If you can?

Boy: I tried opening it, but...I can't...

Blue: Sure you can, if you want to.

Boy: ...

Blue: Just watch.

Boy: Huh?

[Blue stands to his feet and gets into a stance. Seconds later, a glowing red glyph appears below him]

Boy: Wha!? What's he--!?

Blue: ...Now! Fireball!!

[Blue sends a single fireball towards the chest. It collides, blowing the top off and revealing the contents inside]

Blue: There, that should do it.

Boy: Whoa!! Wh-Wh-What was that!?

Blue: ...Magic.

Boy: Wow, really!? I've never seen anyone use magic before! That's amazing!

Blue: Huh? You mean...you're not frightened?

Boy: What? You're kidding, right!? That power is totally awesome!

[Blue shoots the young boy a concerned look, confused by his enthusiasm]

Blue: ... (That's strange. I thought everyone feared mages like myself...)

Boy: Ohh ohh! Teach me how to do that! Come on, pretty please!?

Blue: Can't do that.

Boy: What!? Why not!?

Blue: Because, it's not something that everybody can do. You have to be born with it.

Boy: Awww...

Blue: Don't pout. See, look here. I've got something for you.

Boy: Huh...?

[Blue hands the boy a majestic clear blue crystal]

Boy: Aah! Was this--!?

Blue: Yeah. That's what was inside the chest. It's yours now.

Boy: Gee, thanks!!

Blue: Don't mention it. Just remember: Never stop trying, not matter what.

Boy: *nods* Okay!

Blue: It's time I got going. Take care of yourself, and stay out of trouble.

Boy: Bye mister!

[With his task complete, Blue returns to Zeldafan's tent, eager to receive his reward]

~~Zeldafan's Tent~~

Zeldafan: Ohh, Blue! Back already, huh?

Blue: Yeah, and I helped that kid just like you asked. Now it's time you held up your end of the bargain.

Zeldafan: Well...okay! A deal's a deal, afterall. Hang on just a sec...

[Zeldafan rummages around through her belongings, until pulling out a large and archaic tome]

Zeldafan: Okay! Let's see...

[Zeldafan opens the tome and begins flipping through the various pages in search of a specific passage]

Zeldafan: Hmm...Necromancy...Pudding Creation...Alchemy...no...

??: Stop it! Let go!

Blue: Hn!?

Zeldafan: Wh-What was that!?

Blue: Zeldafan, stay here!

Zeldafan: What?

[Without delay, Blue dashes out of the tent and out into the streets]

Zeldafan: Ahh! But, Blue! Wait!!

[Meanwhile, outside, the boy from the inn is being confronted by two Knights]

Knight1: Bad boys and girls that break curfew must be punished...

Knight2: And I think this pretty little rock of yours will make a fine compensation! Heheheh...

Boy: No! Give that back! It's mine!

Knight2: Not anymore!

[The Knight pushes the boy the ground]

Boy: Ouch!

Knight2: Ha ha ha! Lousy kid! That'll teach you to mess with grownups.

Knight1: ...Hey! Someone's coming!

Knight2: What!? Well what are we waiting for!?

Knight1: Run...!

[The two knights quickly hop into their wagon and take off, with the boy's stolen crystal in tow]

Boy: Agh! Hey! Get back here!

[Moments later, Blue arrives on the scene, though all too late]

Blue: What's going on?

Boy: Huh? Ohh, Blue, it's you.

Blue: Yeah, I thought I heard you yelling before. What happened out here?

Boy: Ohhhh, it was those damn Knights!!

Blue: What? Knights?

Boy: Yeah! They ambushed me from out of nowhere and made off with my crystal!

Blue: *disquietly* Hrmm...(Damn. I should've known those bastard Knights were up to no good. They were only in town to abuse their authority and smuggle everyone's stuff)

Boy: *sigh* I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me.

Blue: ...Sometimes you have to have shadow where there's light, I guess.

Boy: Aargh! I...I wish I could just go stop them myself! But...I can't. I-I'm powerless...

Blue: Well, you don't need to worry about those guys. Just keep living your life the way you know is right.

Boy: I suppose...

Blue: Now then, good luck.

Boy: Oh, y-yeah, sure.

[Blue begins to walk back towards the tent, when the boy reapproaches him, grabbing hold of his arm]

Boy: Blue, wait!!

Blue: Huh? What is it now...?

Boy: Blue...you can help me get my crystal back!

Blue: What!?

Boy: Yeah! I...I may be powerless...but you're not! You can cook those Knights with your magic!

Blue: ...No can do.

Boy: Ah! B-But Blue, I--!

Blue: It's your problem, so you handle it. I'm done babysitting you. Now let go of me.

Boy: *sadly* Mmmn...

[The boy releases Blue's arm as he continues on his way towards the tent]

Boy: ...Well...well I'm not giving up!!

Blue: ?

Boy: You told me yourself, Blue! You told me...that if I give up, that I'll never achieve anything in life!

Blue: !!

Boy: So that's why...I'm going to go after them! I-I might not succeed...but I'm at least going to try!

[The boy charges off in the other direction, intent on going after the thieving Knights]

Blue: Tsch. What do I care?

[Blue continues on his way, but a sudden feeling of unease takes hold of his mind]

Blue: ...

Blue: ...Just keep living your life the way you know is right...

Blue: Mmmn...

[His own words echo in his head, as he begins to have second thoughts about his actions]

Blue: ...Aaagh! Stupid kid!!

[Blue tears off after the boy. He catches up with him, and stops him from advancing further]

Blue: Damnit, you! Wait!

Boy: Huh? *annoyed*...Hmph, Blue. What do you want?

Blue: Are you sure you're dead set on this?

Boy: I am.

Blue: Then if we're going to head out to look for those Knights...we should do it together.

Boy: *surprised* Aaah!! You...you mean--!?

Blue: Yes, I'll go with you. But only because you're my client, got that?

Boy: Okay! I don't know what you mean by client, but thanks anyway!

Blue: Sure. Now which way did those Knights run off to? If we're going to catch them, we'll have to act fast.

Boy: Oh, right! I thought I saw them heading towards the desert.

Blue: The desert, hm? ...That could be dangerous. We oughta be well-prepared before going out there...

Zeldafan: No problem, Blue!!

Blue: Huh?

[Blue glances over at the tent to see Zeldafan standing just outside of it]

Blue: Zeldafan, what are you--?

Zeldafan: I heard everything, Blue! Here, catch!

[Zeldafan reaches into her bag and takes out an object. She then chucks it at Blue, who catches it flawlessly]

Blue: Hn? What's this?

Zeldafan: It's a water canteen. If you're going journeying through the desert, you'll be needing it for sure.

Blue: Hmm...

Zeldafan: Also, you should be able to get more water from certain types of cacti growing there. If you use them to fill up your canteen whenever you need more water, you should be fine.

Boy: Wow, thanks!

Blue: Yeah.

Zeldafan: Aw, don't mention it! It's the least I could do! ...You know, Blue, you can be a really nice guy when you want to be. Heehee.

Blue: Hmph...*blushes*

Boy: Hey, Blue! You're blushing!

Blue: Rrrgh, quiet!!

Boy: *frightened* Gah!

Zeldafan: Heehee. Now now, Blue. Be nice...

Blue: Hmph, anyway, I think we're ready to go.

Boy: Right.

Zeldafan: Be careful, you two! And come back safely!

Blue: No worries. We'll be back in no time.
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[Following the trail of the conniving knights, Blue and the young boy venture deep into the scorching sands of the Nandor Desert]

~~Nandor Desert~~

[As they travel forward, Blue continues on at a brisk pace, unfazed by the sweltering heat. Meanwhile, the boy is barely slogging along, beaten down by the suns rays]

Boy: *panting*  Hot... It's so...hot... !

Blue: So stop bellyaching and drink some more water.

Boy: But, we ran out of water hours ago! There hasn't been any fresh cacti for miles!

Blue: If you keep your mind focused on the objective, you'll forget all about the temperature.

Boy: But...that's impossible. ...Oh! I know!

Blue: Hm?

Boy: Say, Blue, since you're a mage and all, why don't you conjure up some water for us, huh?

Blue: Are you kidding? Like I would ever waste my mana for such a stupid reason.

Boy: Keeping us alive is a stupid reason!?

Blue: I'll survive just fine without water. You, on the other hand, will be the only one to die.

Boy: W-What!? You can't be serious!

[Blue continues his march, unconcerned about the boy's well-being]

Blue: Now let's go. If we're going to catch up to those knights we'll need to keep moving. Try to keep up, would you?

Boy: B-But Blue--! You wouldn't really let me die, would you!?

Blue: ...

Boy: H-Hey! Are you listening to me!? Hey! ...Blue, you're such a jerk! I can't believe you would--!!

Blue: *angrily* Argh! Put a lid on it, already! Here!

[Annoyed by the boy's incessant whining, Blue pulls out his own personal canteen full of water and tosses it to him]

Boy: Huh...? This is...

Blue: It's water. Drink it.

Boy: Haha! Alright! Thanks, Blue!

[The boy happily gulps down a large portion of the water]

Blue: I had to do something to shut you up. Getting mad was making me hot too. Anyway, are you good to keep going?

Boy: Mhm! *nods*

Blue: Alright, we shouldn't be far now. Let's bag us some crooks.

[Now fully hydrated, Blue and the boy resume their pursuit of the knights and their getaway caravan. Following the tracks they've left in the sand, the duo closes in on their target]

Boy: Blue! Look! It's them!

[The boy points straight ahead to the caravan having entered their line of sight]

Blue: We've got 'em! Hurry now!

Boy: Right!

[The duo increases their pace to a sprint. After closing the distance, Blue leaps up and over to the front of the caravan, cutting off the knight's escape]

Blue: End of the line, creeps!

[The caravan screechs to a halt and topples over, spilling the thieving knights out into the sand of the desert]

Knight1: Grr...! Damn! We were so close! H-How did you catch us!?

Blue: You have something that belongs to my partner here. Hand it over and I'll promise not to hurt you...much.

Boy: Yeah! You tell 'em, Blue!

Knight1: Wh-Who do you think you are, huh!? You're just a kid! You can't order us around!

Knight2: Enough talk! We'll beat the both of you to a bloody pulp and let the desert heat handle the rest!

Blue: Fine! Have it your way!

[The first knight advances on Blue with his blade drawn and held high]

Knight1: Eat this, punk! Yaaaargh!

Blue: Hmph!

[Blue responds by getting into a stance, a red glyph appearing below his feet]

Blue: *chants* O flickering blaze, burn... Fireball!

[Blue casts a Fireball spell, hurling three spheres of flame towards the knight]

Knight2: Aah!

Knight1: Wh-What...!?

[The spell connects, blowing the knight off his feet with a powerful fiery impact]

Knight1: Aaagh!!

Knight2: You...! Y-You're a...m-mage!

Blue: You're next!

[After seeing his partner easily dispatched, the knight's cocky determination quickly  turns to fear as he slowly backs away from an advancing Blue]

Knight2: N-No! Stay back!

Blue: Haa!

[Blue delivers a swift right hook to the knight's face]

Knight2: Ungh!

[Blue then grabs the knight by his arm, and tosses him over his shoulder]

Blue: Say goodbye!

Knight2: Aaaaaaagh...! Oof!

[With that, the two Knights are easily defeated, sealing the victory for Blue]

Boy: Blue... You did it! I knew you could! You really showed those creeps what for!

Blue: Of course. Those guys were just a couple of amateurs.

[Blue walks over to the broken down caravan and sifts through its contents]

Blue: Hey! Present for ya!

[Blue pulls out the recovered crystal and tosses it to the boy]

Boy: Awesome! It's finally mine again! Haha!

[Reunited with his stolen possession, the boy happily caress his crystal tightly]

~~Meanwhile, In Nandor City~~

[Back in town, we rejoin Jawo' as he continues his tenacious pursuit of the elusive Blue. He comes across Zeldafan's tent and decides to check it out for clues]

~~Zeldafan's House of Fortune~~

Jawo': Hm... Doesn't look like anyone's here...

[Jawo' looks around befuddled at the odd decorations set in place around the tent]

Jawo': Ugh... What's with all this crud?

[He then brings his attention to the crystal ball placed atop the table, examining it with distaste]

Jawo': Heh, a crystal ball? Are you serious? What a piece of junk.

[Jawo' leans in and lightly taps the object when a voice angrily calls out from within the back of the tent]

??: Hey! Hands off the merchandise, pal!
Jawo': Huh?

[Out from the darkness of the tent comes Zeldafan in her fortune-telling garb, angered by Jawo's insensitivity]

Zeldafan: Give that to me!

[Zeldafan swipes up her crystal ball and holds it close, turning her back towards Jawo' as if to protect it from him]

Zeldafan: Didn't your mother ever teach you not to touch what's not yours!?

Jawo':  Geeze, sorry. Look, I'm not interested in your cheap paperweight, okay?

Zeldafan: Oh! How dare you! It was on sale, thank you very much!

Jawo': *sigh* Whatever, lady. I only stumbled in here because I was looking for somebody. You're clearly not him, so I'll just be on my way.

[Having spotted an opportunity, Zeldafan's eye twinkles with ambition]

Zeldafan: So... You're looking for someone, eh...?

Jawo': Yeah, but that's my business, not yours. Check ya later.

[Jawo' turns to make his exit, to which Zeldafan quickly objects]

Zeldafan: Hey hey! Don't be so hasty! If there's someone you need to find, I may just be able to help you out. ...For a small fee, of course.

Jawo': Hmm... I'm listening...

Zeldafan: It'll be a cinch! See, all you have to do is tell me the person's name. Then, I'll work my hocus-pocus and the crystal ball will lead you to your destiny!

[Amused by the proposition, Jawo' decides to play along]

Jawo': Heh, is that so? Well then, I guess it's worth a shot. Alright, girlie, let's see your paperweight handle this one. I want you to find me a chump named Blue.

Zeldafan: Heehee, alright. Let's get this magic worki--Wait... Blue? You mean Blue the mage Blue?

Jawo': Eh...? That's right... But how did you know that?

Zeldafan: Blue's a friend of mine, that's how!

Jawo': (What...? Who would've thought that kid had friends?)

Zeldafan: Heck, I won't even need to cook up a spell for this one! Blue and another friend of ours ventured into the Nandor Desert just a few hours ago. If you leave now, you should be able to find him right quick!

Jawo': Nandor Desert, huh? Great! I'm all over it! Thanks again, girly. You ain't half bad afterall.

Zeldafan: Pleasure to be of service! Now about my payment, heh heh...*rubs hands together*

[Zeldafan holds out her hands in anticipation, only to find that Jawo' has already left the tent and taken off towards the desert]

Zeldafan: Wh--Huh!?  ...Aw, poop. I need a new payment policy...

[Having finally discerned Blue's location, Jawo' tears down the city streets once more]

Jawo': Ha ha! I've got you in my sights now, Blue! This time you're going down!

[Returning  to the desert, Blue and the boy prepare to return to town after having made short work of the weak and cowardly knights]

~~Nandor Desert~~

Blue: Well, I'd say we're just about done here. What do you say we head on back, huh?

Boy: Right behind you, Blue!

Knight1: Urggh...

Blue: Hm?

[The knights return to their feet, having recovered from their previous injuries]

Knight2: Oogh... What hit me...?

Blue: Back for more abuse, boys? *cracks knuckles*

Knight1: No! We surrender, already!

Knight2: H-Hey, kid! You didn't tell us you knew a mage!

Knight1: Yeah! That's not fighting fair!

Boy: It wasn't fair when you guys ganged up on me in town either!

Knight2: You got your stupid rock back, didn't you!?

Knight1: D-Don't make him mad! Let's just get out of here while we still have our hides.

Blue: Hold it right there! I'm not finished with you clowns!

[But before anyone can make a move, the sands beneath them begins to shift abruptly]

Knight1: Wh-What's going on!?

Knight2: It's the mage! He's casting another spell!

Boy: B-Blue, y-you're not causing this, are you?

Blue: Of course not. Better stick close to me, I can sense something approaching...

[From below the desert sands emerges an enormous winged scorpion-like creature. It has it's sights set on the group, appearing to be angered by their scuffle]

Knights/Boy: Aaaaaaaah!!! It's a monster!

Blue: Ergh! Damn! Just my luck...
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Yare yare daze

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Is there a problem with me continuing my story, Saltmeister? Anyway...

[Outside of her tent, Zeldafan is busy scribbling on a sign in magic marker]

Zeldafan: There! That should do it! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

[She places the sign in front of her tent where it can be clearly seen. It reads: " NEW POLICY! PAY BEFORE YOU PEER!"]

Zeldafan:  Haha! This is perfect! Nobody'll hornswoggle me again! Especially not that creep with the messy hair. Oooh! Just thinking about him makes me so mad! I could just scream!

[Zeldafan gathers her belongings and prepares to resume business inside]

Zeldafan: *shuffling through bag* I wonder what that baboon wants with Blue anyway...

[As Zeldafan ponders Jawo's motives, the frightening reality of the situation begins to set in and her eyes slowly widen with horror]

Zeldafan: ... *sweats*

[Having now realized her obvious mistake after the fact, she flies into a frenzied panic]

Zeldafan: *shrieks* Eeeeeeeek! Oh no! H-He's the idiot that the boss warned me about! And I led him straight to Blue! Wh-What have I done!? It's all my fault! Ohhhh, I'm so screwed!

[Hanging on the edge of despair, Zeldafan attempts to regain her composure]

Zeldafan: No... Calm yourself, Michal. Now's not the time to get hysterical. You can fix this. ...Yeah, that's right! It's not too late!

[Now determined to set things right, Zeldafan throws off her hooded robe and dons her handbag, ready for action]

Zeldafan: He couldn't have gotten far! Hang on, Blue! I'm coming to save you right--!

[At that moment, a man approaches Zeldafan]

Man: Excuse me, miss. Are you the one in charge of this establishment? If so, I'd like to have my fortune read. I can pay handsomely...

Zeldafan: ...after I help this lovely customer, of course! Now why don't you come with me...Heheh.

[Zeldafan's greed overrides her sense of duty as she leads the customer into her tent with dollar signs in her eyes, shamefully abandoning her cause]

~~Nandor Desert~~

[Meanwhile, in the Nandor Desert, Blue stares down the menace before him, silently formulating a plan of action. All the while, his three tagalongs can only cower in fear, proving themselves useless]

Boy: Ohhhh! Blue! Wh-What is that thing!?

Blue: Mm... It's a Medusa Butterfly, native to this desert. It looks like our little tete-a-tete earlier disturbed its rest...

Boy: Well what are we waiting for?! Let's hightail it out of here while we still can!

Blue: Don't you move a muscle! Got it!?

Boy: B-But--!

Knight1: W-Way ahead of ya, kid!

Knight2: Run for it!

Blue: No! Stop!

[Blue words fall on deaf ears as the two knights waste no time making their cowardly flight. The butterfly immediately notices this, and takes wing in pursuit. It flies up and over, crashing down in front of the fleeing knights and halts their escape]

Knights: Eeeeeeek!

[The butterfly flaps its wings, releasing a gray powder-like substance. The powder engulfs the two knights, turning their bodies to solid stone in an instant]

Knights: ...

Boy: Ahhhhh! Wh-What just happened!?

Blue: Tsch. Damned idiots. Turned to stone, just like that. If only they had listened to me they wouldn't be museum displays right now.

Boy: *gulp* T-Turned to stone!? What do we do now!?

Blue: What do you think? We fight or die!

Boy: Fight!? B-But--! Blue, you can't! Not by yourself!

Blue: You just be quiet and stay behind me, understood!? I can't guarantee your safety otherwise.

Boy: O-Okay... But what about the knights? Isn't there anything we can do to help them?

Blue: Forget about them! Those tinheads made their bed, and now they're lying in it. Besides, we've got bigger problems. And I do mean big...

[The butterfly swipes the petrified knights aside with its massive tail, clearing the way to its next targets. It stomps towards the two, one large step at a time]

Boy: Ahh! It's coming this way!

[The boy clings tightly to Blue's leg, trembling in fear]

Boy: Ohhhh...! I-I think I'm gonna wet myself...

Blue: Do it, and that butterfly will be the least of your worries. You got me!?

[As Blue prepares to face off against the desert tyrant, Jawo' enters the sandy realm all his own, intent on finding Blue and unraveling his plot]

Jawo': Blast...It's even hotter here than it is in town... Better make sure to stay hydrated.

[Jawo' pulls out a can of Sprite and guzzles it down in seconds, wiping the sweat from his brow afterwards]

Jawo': Ahh...! Just what the doctor ordered! Alright, I'm good to go.

[As Jawo' continues foward, the Old Man appears once again, carefully monitoring his progress from afar]

Old Man: Hmm...it seems Jawo' has come quite a bit farther than expected. Looks like Zeldafan failed to subdue him. Ah well... I'll deal with her later. It's time now that I made a quick intervention.

[The Old Man throws on his hooded cloak and enters the scene, calling out to Jawo']

Old Man: Hey there! Fancy meeting you here!

Jawo': What!? ...Oh, it's you again... You ain't done stalking me yet, senior?

Old Man: Now is that any way to talk to your ol' pal? I was just out for a forest stroll. You know, taking in the nature!

Jawo': Uhh, in case you haven't notice, we're in a desert.

Old Man: Aw, you know what I mean! Anyway, what brings you out here? Not everyday that you see folks traveling through the desert alone, and on foot no less.

Jawo': As if that's any of your business.

Old Man: Ohh...I see. Still chasing after that Blue fellow, are ya? You're so determined to catch up with him that you're willing to brave these treacherous sands? Color me impressed!

Jawo': Heh, you'll be thanking me later. I guarantee it.

Old Man: Now is that so? Well then, whaddya say we go find him together!?

Jawo': What!? Hey, wait a minute!

Old Man: Yeah, yeah! I wanna see what all the fuss is about! If you say no, I'll just follow you anyway.

Jawo': Tsch. Have it your way then, old timer. But don't expect any piggy-back rides if you collapse.

Old Man: Haha! You needn't worry about me, son. This old man is as fit as a fiddle!

Jawo': Whatever. Just try not to slow me down. If you do, you're on your own.

[The Old Man weasels his way into Jawo's company in an effort to lead him off of Blue's trail. Meanwhile, Blue engages the fearsome Medusa Butterfly. The battle begins with the creature swiping at the two with its sharp red claw. Blue quickly grabs a hold of the boy and leaps to the side, dodging the attack]

Blue: Follow me! Hurry!

Boy: Right!

[Blue and the boy scurry behind the butterfly, mananging to remain undetected. It looks left and right, confused as to their whereabouts]

Boy: Blue, I don't think it can see us...

Blue: That's the idea. Now it's open to attack!

[Using this opportunity to go on the offensive, Blue gets into a stance and prepares a spell]

Blue: *chants* O flickering blaze, burn... Fireball!

[Blue launches three fireballs, all of which strike their target dead on]

Blue: Alright! Direct hit! ...Huh?

[But the attack does no noticeable damage, only succeeding in annoying the butterfly. It turns around and locks its sights on the duo]

Blue: Agh, dammit...

Boy: Blue! Watch out!

Blue: What!?

[Enraged, the butterfly retaliates by lashing Blue across the face with its powerful tail, sending him sailing through the air]

Blue: Aaaaaaaugh!

[Worried for his well-being, the boy hurries to Blue's side]

Boy: Blue!? Are you okay!? Say something!

Blue: *weakly* U-Ungh...

Boy: Come on, Blue! Hurry! Please! You have to get up!

Blue: Urgh... Qu-Quit your...nagging...ugh...

[Blue slowly rises to his feet and shakes off his injuries]

Boy: Blue, you're hurt...

Blue: No time for that! It's on the attack!

[The butterfly approaches once more, attempting another tail attack. This time, Blue ducks under the swipe and charges straight ahead]

Boy: Blue, what are you--?

Blue: Here I come!

[Opting for a different tactic, Blue leaps high and lands a devastating punch on one of the creature's eyes, putting it out of commission]

Blue: Haa!

[In shock of its injury, the butterfly gives out and collapses into the sand, temporarily stunned]

Boy: I...I think you did it, Blue! You wasted him!

Blue: Stay where you are! Don't get near it!

Boy: Wh-What...!?

[At the moment, the butterfly recovers from its injury, madder than ever. It immediately targets the boy and stomps towards him]

Blue: No! Get out of there! Now!

Boy: Ahhh!

[The boy attempts to flee, but ends up tripping over himself and falling into the sand. Now flat on his behind, he scoots away from the creature with his hands and heels]

Blue: *to himself* Ergh! That idiot! He's going to get himself killed!

Boy: *frightened* Ahh... Ahh... Ahhh....!

[Once again, the butterfly flaps its wings, releasing its deadly stone powder in the boy's direction. The boy feebly raises his arms in front of his face in a futile attempt to shield himself]

Boy: Blue! Help me!!!

[Facing his doom, the boy lets out a desperate cry for help. At the very last moment, Blue dives in and pushes the boy out of the stone powder's path, saving him from a cruel fate]

Boy: Blue... You...You saved me... Thanks.

Blue: Ungh... Stupid kid. Didn't I tell you to not to leave my side? Now...I'm the one who has to suffer for it...

Boy: Wh-What do you mean? ...Ahh! Your arm!

[Blue's last ditch attempt to save the boy resulted in him heavily injuring his arm. He clutches the wound as it bleeds profusely]

Boy: A-And your leg! It's...It's--!

[Blue's right leg has been petrified up to the knee. The weight of his stoned limb renders him unable to move]

Boy: Your leg... It's been turned to stone! I-I'm sorry, Blue! You got hurt because you had to save me! It's all my fault! *sobs*

Blue: Hey! Stop your crying and listen to me!

Boy: *sniff* H-Huh...?

Blue: I need you to leave this place. Return to town and head home right this minute.

Boy: What...? But Blue, what about you!?

Blue: I'm going to stay here and see this through to the end.

Boy: Are you crazy!? You're asking me to leave you here to die! I won't do that!

Blue: I don't recall ever giving you choice. Besides, I don't plan on dying here. I have one last trick up my sleeve, but first I need you to be as far away from here possible.

Boy: But...but...

Blue: Just shut up and listen. My arm is mangled and I'm now 1/10th statue. I...can't protect you anymore. Don't you understand that?

Boy: Uh...

Blue: That's why I want you to escape. That way, if my plan fails and I can't make it back to Nandor, I'll at least know that you made it to safety.

Boy: Blue, I--

Blue: Hey, don't get the wrong idea. This isn't because I like you or anything. You're my charge, and I'll be damned if I disgrace myself by letting you die on my watch.

[The butterfly turns its attention towards the immobile Blue, eager to finish him off]

Blue: Now quickly! Run away while it's focused on me! I'll hold it off, so go!

Boy: A-Alright... But you better not die, okay!? ...You said I'm your charge, right? So as your charge, I command you not to die!

Blue: Heh... *smirks* Understood. Now get moving, we're out of time.

Boy: ...

[Without a word, the boy reluctantly runs in the other direction, heading back towards town. As expected, the butterfly ignores his flight and remains targeted on Blue]

Blue: Tsch, finally. No more holding back now...

[Making his last stand, Blue stares down the butterfly in defiance, spurring it on with taunts]

Blue: You want me...? Then come and get me! I won't lose to an overgrown roach like you!

[As the butterfly slowly marches towards him, Blue gathers all of his remaining mana for one final spell]

Blue: My journey doesn't end here! As long as I draw breath, I'll keep going. I choose...my own destiny!

[A red glyph appears below Blue as he begins his incantation]

Blue: You're finished. *chants* O merciless conflagration, burn the very souls of my enemies! ...Crimson Flare!
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[Meanwhile, far on the other side of the desert, the unlikely pair continues their trek. The Old Man jogs ahead without a care, unaffected by the heat. On the other hand, Jawo' is having difficulty keeping pace]

Jawo': *panting* Hah...haa... Damn this heat...

Old Man: Hey, son! Plodding along like a zombie is only going to make you more tired! Come on! Pick up your feet!

Jawo': *grumbles* Grr... Why you... How is it that an old fart like you has so much energy anyway? I'm here dying and you look you're out for a walk in the park...

Old Man: Ha ha... You could be as energetic as me too, if you'd stop drinking half your weight in that sugary soda. That stuff is bad for you, y'know.

Jawo': You're telling me to give up my precious Sprite!? Never! I'd die before I stopped obeying my thirst!

Old Man: Heh, suit yourself. *shrugs* Now hustle up! We've still gotta find that Blue! You don't wanna lose his trail again, do ya?

Jawo': *growls* You lousy...

Old Man: Follow me! I know the most wonderful shortcut!

[The Old Man takes point, using this opportunity to lead Jawo' away from Blue's current location. Hours pass, and the two eventually wind up lost with no destination in sight]

Jawo': Hot... S-So...hoooot! Need...refreshment...!

[Having run out of Sprite rations, Jawo' pulls out an empty can and holds it over his tongue, desperate for a taste. One drop forces its way out, only to evaporate before reaching his mouth]

Jawo': Hrohhhh...!

[Disappointed and weary, Jawo' plops down into the sand]

Jawo': H-Hey... Old man... You think we could...y'know...take five...?

Old Man: Hm? What's this? Tuckered out already? And here you said I'd be the one to slow us down. You youngsters today have no stamina, I tell ya.

Jawo': Sh-Shut up... This is all your fault anyway.

Old Man: Ohh?

Jawo': Yeah! What kind of shortcut is this, anyway!? We've been traveling for miles and I haven't seen hide nor hair of Blue anywhere! Face it, old man. Your sense of direction sucks!

Old Man: *gasp* There's no reason to go and stomp on an old man's feelings, is there!?

Jawo': Forget your feelings! You've been nothing but a burden to me this whole time, and I've  had it! I should've never let you follow me!

Old Man: H-Hey now! Settle down! I can fix this, okay!? Hmm...I think we took a wrong turn back at that last cactus...

Jawo': Great. Go find that cactus...and sit on it!

Old Man: *crosses arms* Well now you're just being plain rude. ...Wait! Where are you going!?

Jawo': To find Blue, without you. The fun and games are over, geezer. Get in my way again, and there'll be trouble, are we clear?

[Fed up with the old man's lollygagging, Jawo' severs their rapport and begins to head off on his own]

Old Man: Aw, come on! Relax, would you!? I was only--! ...Hn!?

[Suddenly, the Old Man stops in his tracks, having just felt a tingling sensation throughout his body]

Old Man: (Hmm... That's odd. I can sense mana welling up nearby... like someone is casting advanced level magic. This might just be worth looking into...)

Jawo': Yo! Everything okay, old man? ...You ain't havin' a stroke, are ya?

Old Man: Ah uhh... Hold that thought!

Jawo': Huh?

[The Old Man silently conjures up a sandstorm, sending a rush of dusty gales across the immediate area]

Jawo': What!? Urgh! Not again! You've gotta be kidding me!

Old Man: *to himself* Ha ha... Now to make my exit...

[As Jawo' takes cover behind his arms, the old man takes the opportunity to slip out undetected, heading towards the source of the rising mana. With his disappearance, the sandstorm subsides, and Jawo' finds himself alone in the desert]

Jawo': What the--? Old man...? Looks like he ran off again. Tsch, good riddance.

[Back to the battle, Blue unleashes his final spell. A huge sphere of flame forms high over the butterfly. It then erupts into a large column of fire which engulfs the creature and incinerates it. When the spell fades, the butterfly's charred remains are left behind, signifying its end]

Blue: *panting* Haa...hah...ha... It's finished...

??: Well done, Blue. I'm impressed.

Blue: Wh-What...!?

[The Old Man appears once again. He walks up to the immolated butterfly and examines Blue's handiwork]

Old Man: Hmm, it looks like this fellow is well done too. Aha ha haa!

Blue: Wh-Who are you!? Where did you come from!?

Old Man: Settle down, son. Don't waste your energy getting so worked up. I'm just a weary old traveller, no need to be so cautious.

Blue: ...I don't believe that for a second. You appeared from out of nowhere, casually stepping into what was just a battlefield and making light of what happened. And you knew my name without me telling you first. But that's not all... I can also sense your mana. It's similar to my own, and yet still different somehow. I don't know who you are, but you're no ordinary traveller.

Old Man: Ha ha, is that so? Ahhh, how careless of me to think I could hide from your ability... Very well then, Blue. It looks like you've caught me red-handed. But do not fear, I'm not your enemy.

Blue: Then spill it. Tell me who you really are.

Old Man: Now now, let's not get hasty. All will become clear in time.

Blue: Unfortunately, time is something I don't have. Killing that Medusa Butterfly wasn't enough to free my leg from its petrification. If something isn't done, I won't be leaving this desert alive.

Old Man: Hmm, I see... Well never you worry, Blue. I have just the remedy for that leg of yours.

Blue: Huh...?

[The Old Man reaches into a pouch tied to his waist, pulling a bottle filled with a green fluid]

Blue: What...is that?

Old Man: This is a bottle of Panacea. A very rare concoction that can cure most ailments and illnesses.

Blue: Are you sure that'll work?

Old Man:  Absolutely. I whipped up this batch myself so it has my own patented seal of approval. If this doesn't work, then nothing will.

[The Old Man pulls off the cork and looses a couple drops of Panacea on Blue's petrified limb. Within seconds, his leg returns to normal flesh and blood]

Old Man: Aha! The restoration is a rousing success!

Blue: Ah... I can't believe it... It actually worked!

Old Man: Did you expect any less?

Blue: To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. It's not every day that someone approaches you with what they claim to be a miracle cure.

Old Man: Hah, fair enough. Now let's say we help your friends over there, hm?

Blue: Friends...? Ohh, you can't mean those two rust buckets...

Old Man: I do. They may not be the most upstanding individuals, but it wouldn't be fair to leave them to their fate after I spared no effort in helping you, now would it?

Blue: Hmph, fine...

Old Man: Glad to see that you agree. Now, if you'll excuse me...

[The Old Man teleports in plain sight from Blue's side over to the two petrified knights. This exhibition of his power astonishes Blue]

Blue: Ahh...!

[He then looses several drops on each knight, restoring their bodies to flesh almost immediately]

Knight1: Whoa...c-can it be...?

Knight2: I-I can move again! We're free!

Old Man: Hello, boys. Glad you could join us.

Knight2: Are you the one who saved us? Thank you, kind sir! We knights are in your debt. *salutes*

Knight1: Eeeek! Look!

Knight2: What...? Huh!?

[The two knights look over at the defeated butterfly in shock]

Knight2: I...I can't believe it! It's been roasted!

Old Man: Are you impressed? That, was Blue's doing. His power.

Knight1: Aaah... If Blue can do that, then we really are no match for him. H-Hey, we should be heading back to the capital. We've been found out. There's no point in staying in Nandor anymore. Let's just go before our superiors find out what we were up to.

Knight2: Hrmph. Very well...

Old Man: A wise decision.

Knight2: But you tell that mage that this isn't over, not by a longshot. The next time we meet, he won't be so lucky.

[The knights begrudgingly lay down their arms and leave the desert, returning from whence they came. But not before swearing vengence upon Blue. Afterwards, the Old Man returns to Blue's side]

Old Man: Well well, I'd say you have some new fans, Blue. Yes, they told me that they're very eager to meet with you again.

Blue: Heh, so be it... Next time I'll turn their armor into a furnace.

Old Man: Well, now that that's out of the way, how about I help you to somewhere you can rest up? Your leg may be restored, but in your condition, it'd still be far too dangerous for you to travel on your own.

Blue: Y-You're right... Fine, I'll accept your help once again.

Old Man: Excellent! Now let's just get you up here...

[The Old Man helps Blue onto his back. He suddenly falls unconscious seconds later, weary from his battle and injuries]

Old Man: Hm? Blue...?

Blue: ...

Old Man: ...Ha. Sleep soundly, Blue. You'll be well taken care of.

[With an unconscious Blue aboard his back, the Old Man returns to Nandor City]

~~Nandor City: Streets~~

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan leaves her tent for a break, having just acquired a hefty sum from her last customer]

Zeldafan: Heehee, I finally hit the jackpot! What were the odds of me pulling in one of the wealthiest tycoons in the country!? Every dog has its day, and this dog sure had hers!

[At that moment, the Old Man approaches with Blue in tow]

Zeldafan: Oh! Boss! Check this out! Look at all the dough I just raked in!

[Zeldafan shows off her large pouch of gold coins, holding it up high]

Old Man: Hm, that's quite a haul. Excellent! I'll take it!

[The Old Man swipes the pouch from Zeldafan, evoking a flabberghasted response]

Zeldafan: *gasp* Hey!

Old Man: This should be enough to cover the expense for our inn room. As well as all the necessary supplies to treat Blue's injuries. Good work, Zeldafan. Way to take initiative.

Zeldafan:  But...B-But...!

Old Man: Come along, now. Blue needs our help, so don't dawdle.

Zeldafan: Oh... Y-Yeah...s-sure... *sigh*

[As the Old Man and Zeldafan head to the town inn, the boy rushes in, quick to stop the strangers from taking Blue away]

Boy: *angrily* H-Hey! Stop right there!

Old Man: Hm?

Boy: What are you doing with Blue!? Where are you taking him!?

Zeldafan: Ohh, it's you... It's okay, boss! This is the boy I charged Blue to help!

Boy: Zeldafan, what's going on? Why is Blue not awake? What happened to him?

Old Man: I can answer that, young man. Blue managed to defeat the Medusa Butterfly, but as a result, his body is heavily exhausted and injured. He'll be okay with a little treatment.

Boy: *sadly* Oh... I-I get it...

Old Man: ...I can see that you're deeply concerned for him. We were just about to take him to the inn to rest. Would you care to join us?

Boy: Ah uhhm...sure! Of course!

[Now joined by the boy, the group heads into the inn together]

~~Nandor City: Inn~~

[Once there, the unconscious Blue is gently laid upon the bed to rest. Zeldafan applies a healing solution to his injured arm and wraps it in bandages while the boy watches in silence]

Boy: *sadly* Blue...

Zeldafan: There... That should take care of it. He's been banged up pretty bad, but he'll be okay. What went on out there in the desert anyway?

Boy: After Blue got my crystal back from those knights, we were attacked by a huge monster. It cornered me and was about to turn me to stone, but Blue jumped in and saved me at the last second. That's how he got injured. Because of me, he almost...*sniff*

Old Man: Settle down, Blue will be fine. You needn't trouble yourself over it any longer.

Zeldafan: Yeah, the boss is right. But still, I'm kinda surprised that Blue did something like that. He's always so cold and distant, it's amazing to think that he would ever put his own life in danger for someone else.

Old Man: Just goes to show you that we shouldn't judge by outward appearances. There's much more to Blue than we know...

Zeldafan: Heheh, you're right about that. I knew he wasn't such a bad guy. But I have to wonder what's going on in that head of his.

Boy: Well I'm going to stay by Blue's side until he's well again. He looked after me, and as his char--No...as his friend, I'm going to do the same for him.

Zeldafan: That's the right attitude, kid! Blue's sure lucky to have us, huh?

Boy: Hehe! Right!

Old Man: Zeldafan, will you come with me? I have something I need to discuss with you.

Zeldafan: Uhm, sure thing. Watch over Blue for us, okay kid? We'll be right back!

Boy: You got it! I won't let him out of my sight for a second!

[The boy sits at Blue's bedside, watching over him as he rests. Meanwhile, Zeldafan and the old man set out of the room for an exchange]

Zeldafan: So boss, what's up? Did you manage to dig up anymore clues about who's behind the disappearances?

Old Man: No... Unfortunately, I did not. In fact, it doesn't look like we'll discover any more leads on the surface.

Zeldafan: What does that mean?

Old Man: It means the time has come for me to enter Jahannam myself and continue the investigation there. If we're to unearth the truth and put an end to this, I'll have to confront the Iblis himself.

Zeldafan: So it's time for a house call, huh? The Iblis doesn't seem like the kind of guy that welcomes solicitors though. What'll you do if it comes to blows? You sure you're ready for a showdown?

Old Man: I am, but if my hunch is correct, I don't believe I'll be fighting this battle alone.

Zeldafan: Huh...? Do we have another ally laying in wait?

Old Man: Perhaps, perhaps not. In any case, you needn't concern yourself with the details. What I need from you, Zeldafan, is to continue watching over Blue. Keep and eye on his progress and help him as needed, is that understood?

Zeldafan: Crystal, boss! Rest assured, you can leave Blue to me! *salutes*

Old Man: Glad to hear it. Anyway, it's time I headed off. I must begin my preparations for the journey ahead. If this operation is to succeed, I'll have to plan carefully. You have your orders, Zeldafan. Good luck.

Zeldafan: Same to you, boss. Come back safe, okay?

Old Man: No worries, this'll all be over soon.  ...Farewell.

Zeldafan: Right...

[Having wrapped up their discussion, Zeldafan and the old man go their seperate ways. Inside the room, Blue finally comes to, slowly rising from his bed]

Blue: N-Nngh...

Boy: Blue...?

Blue: Wh-What just happened to me...? *rubs head*

Boy: *happily* Blue! You're awake!

Blue: ...Huh!? Kid!? Why are you here!? What's going on!? Wh-Where am I!?

??: Hey! Calm down! You're in good hands!

[Zeldafan re-enters the room]

Zeldafan: Your wounds are healing right now! Keep thrashing around like that and you'll reopen them!

Blue: It's you...

Zeldafan: Anywho, my boss brought you here to rest after you collasped in the desert. ...And on my tab.

Blue: Your boss...? You mean that old man? Quick, tell me where he is! I need to speak with him!

Zeldafan: No can do, Blue. He's already left and it'll be a good while before he returns. Besides, you're in no condition to be moving about. You need to stay here and build your energy back up.

Blue: Damnit...

Zeldafan: We were all worried about you, you know. Especially this kid here.

[Zeldafan jerks her thumb towards the boy]

Zeldafan: He's been at your side watching over you for the whole day. Talk about dedicated, huh?

Blue: Hah, is that true, kid?

Boy: *scratches cheek* Er, well, yeah... And uh, please, call me Myles. That's my name, anyway.

Blue: Well then, I guess I should say thanks. That is, if you weren't the one responsible for me winding up here in the first place.

Myles: Aw come on! I said I was sorry!

Zeldafan: Haha! You two sure have an interesting relationship.

Blue: By the way, Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Huh? What is it?

Blue: There's still the matter of our agreement. I have to have that incantation if I'm going to continue my journey. I can't leave here without it.

Zeldafan: Hmm, that's right... So much has been going on that I haven't had the time to prepare it. Alright, Blue, tell you what. You stay in bed and rest up for your trip, and I'll have your incantation ready for you first thing in the morning. Deal?

Blue: Deal.

Myles: ...

[Meanwhile, outside, night falls on the city. Jawo' arrives in town after finally making his way out of the desert]

Jawo': Arggh... About damn time. Because of that stupid old man I lost Blue's trail, again! Now after all that effort, I'm back at square one... *deep sigh* It's late, so I think I'm just gonna call it a night. Now where's that inn...?

[Jawo' enters the town inn to purchase a room for the night. He is given the key to a room on the second floor directly beside Blue and his company]

~~Nandor Inn: 2nd Floor~~

Jawo': *yawns* Aaaaaaaah...! I'm beat. It's straight to bed with me.

[Jawo' enters his room and shuts the door behind him. Seconds later, Blue comes out of his room]

Zeldafan: Blue, what's the matter? Having trouble getting to sleep?

Blue: Yeah, I'm just gonna head outside for some fresh air. Don't worry, I won't be long.

Zeldafan: Okay, just be careful.

Blue: Right.

[Blue shuts the door and heads down the stairs. Moments later, Jawo' awakens and peeks his head out of his door, that last exchange having piqued his curiosity]

Jawo': Hm...? Did I just hear someone say 'Blue'? ...Aaagh, what am I doing? I've had Blue on my mind for so long that I think I'm starting to develop a psychosis. I really need some sleep...

[Jawo' shuts his door and returns to bed. Minutes later, Blue comes back into the inn and returns to his room]

Myles: Blue, you're back.

Zeldafan: Are you feeling any better now?

Blue: Yeah, I just needed to clear my head for a bit. I'll be fine.

Myles: Well that's good enough for me! Goodnight, everyone.

Zeldafan: G'night, Myles! Blue!

Blue: Night.

[As the group heads to sleep, Jawo' awakens once again and comes out of his room, certain that he heard Blue's name spoken]

Jawo': Hrrgh! Alright, I know I heard it this time!

Blue/Zeldafan/Myles: QUIET!!!

Jawo': Eee! Uuh...sorry... *rubs head*

[The next morning, Blue and Zeldafan awaken bright and early, getting ready for the important day ahead. Zeldafan has her tome open to the passage with the incantation, ready to give Blue his long awaited prize]

Zeldafan: Ah! Here we are!

Blue: Hm? Have you found it?

Zeldafan: Sure did! It's a doozy so I think I'm just gonna give you the passage itself to hold onto.

[Zeldafan rips the page out of the book and hands it to Blue]

Zeldafan: It's all yours now, Blue! No need to thank me.

Blue: Hmm... Seems to be written in what appears to be an ancient language.

Zeldafan: Nah, not really. It's just German.

Blue: What...? German?

Zeldafan: Err...nevermind... Anyway, I'm not the best when it comes to incantations, so I haven't had the chance to test this baby out myself. But I have no doubts that it'll work perfectly provided that the ritual is performed correctly.

Blue: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Zeldafan: Well, looks like our little exchange is finally complete. I guess this is goodbye then, huh?

Blue: ...Yeah...

Zeldafan: ...Good luck, Blue. It's in your hands now.

[Blue turns towards the door and reaches for the handle, but stops when he hears Myles' snoring]

Myles: Zzzzzzzz...

Zeldafan: You're not going to say goodbye to him?

Blue: The road the two of us have travelled together is over. Myles doesn't need to know where I'm headed now. It'd be better for both of us if I just slip out quietly.

Zeldafan: You're worried you'll upset him, aren't you?

Blue: ...Don't be silly.

Zeldafan: Blue, why can't you just be honest with yourself? What are you trying to suppress?

Blue: Just...stop it! The next time we meet, things may not be the same. Remember that.

Zeldafan: ...

[Blue decidedly leaves the room and shuts the door behind him]

Blue: *to himself* Myles... Zeldafan... I'm sorry.

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Zeldafan: Mmm... No! I can't let things turn out this way!

[Determined to convince Blue to stay, Zeldafan rushes out of the room in a hurry]

Zeldafan: Blue! Wait a minute! I--!

[...only to find that he's already disappeared]

Zeldafan: Uh...? He's gone...

??: What!? Blue!?

[But unbeknownst to her, Jawo' was just around the corner and heard Zeldafan blurt out his name loud and clear. He quickly approaches, demanding to learn what she knows]

Zeldafan: Huh!?

Jawo': Did I just hear you right!? You said Blue, didn't you!? So my mind wasn't playing tricks on me afterall... Blue was here, wasn't he!?

Zeldafan: Eep! *sweats* N-No! I don't know what you're talking about!

Jawo': No use trying to hide it now, girly. Tell me where he went! Right now!

[Startled, yet unwavered, Zeldafan stands firm and refuses Jawo']

Zeldafan: I-I'm not telling you anything, so just shove off!

Jawo': Why the sudden change in attitude? You were pretty damn eager to tell me where he was yesterday! ...Look, if this is about your pay, then I'll--!

Zeldafan: Forget the money! If I had known you were after Blue to persecute him, I wouldn't have told you in the first place, whether you had paid me or not!

Jawo': What!? How did you know that!? Hrrrgh... Fine! Forget it! I don't have time for this! If you won't tell me, then I'll just hunt him down myself! He couldn't have gotten far anyway.

[Jawo' tears past Zeldafan and darts out of the hotel to follow Blue's hot trail. After he's gone, Zeldafan slinks down against the wall, disappointed in her performance]

Zeldafan: Ugh, me and my big mouth... Oohn, I can't believe I screwed things up again!

[Outside, near the city's exit, Jawo' prepares to follow Blue out of town when he's halted by an order to stop]

~~Nandor: City Entrance~~

Jawo': He's definitely left town. This time you're mine, Blue.

??: Stop!

Jawo': Hm...? What's--

[Jawo's turns around to see the old man standing before him once again]

Jawo': Hrrgh... it's you again. Look, old man, I don't have time for any of your games. I'm in a hurry, so why don't you--Huh!?

[Jawo' is stunned when he discovers that the old man's demeanor has changed]

Old Man: ...

Jawo': (What's going on...? There's a different look in his eyes now)

Old Man: Where are you going?

Jawo': Hmph, isn't it obvious? I'm going to find Blue. I know that he's close, and I'm not going to let you get in my way this time.

Old Man: I'm going to give you one final warning... Go down this road and you're not going to like what you find.

Jawo': Hn...!? What are you talking about!? ...Wait, now I get it... I've pieced it all together! Now that I have Blue within my sights, you've decided to drop the act and show your true colors. Go on. Come clean, old man! Why are you two trying to protect him from me!? You and that girl!

Old Man: Blue is currently on the path to realizing a new destiny. Your interference isn't wanted nor necessary.

Jawo': Pfft, what destiny? Conquering us all, you mean? Yeah, I heard him...back at the bar. Blue wants to steal the Iblis' power and use it to enslave humanity! And you're going to allow it!

Old Man: That's not true.

Jawo': Then what are you up to? Tell me!

Old Man: Blue isn't just some terrorizing beast like the Iblis. He's human! Just like you!

Jawo': Aah...!

Old Man: It's true that Blue does hold a grudge against the people of this world, but my subordinate and I have been helping him to uncover his own humanity locked away deep within himself. Even now, he's struggling to come to terms with his feelings. He needs to be given a chance. A chance to realize where he's gone wrong.

Jawo': And...And what if that doesn't happen...? Then what, huh!?

Old Man: ...Then I will take care of Blue.

Jawo': Like hell you will! You expect me to just step aside and leave my fate...the fate of all people, in the hands of a couple of weirdos like you!? Over my dead body!

Old Man: ...

Jawo': I won't do that, do you hear me? I refuse to be a helpless bystander...not when there's so much at stake. I'll make Blue answer for his actions!

Old Man: Jawo', you're making a grave error.

Jawo': If I am, then so be it. Nothing's going to stop me from following my convictions.

Old Man: So there's nothing I can do to persuade you?

Jawo': Nothing short of killing me. My mind is already made up. If Blue really is discovering his humanity like you believe, then I will see it with my own eyes.

Old Man: ...Very well, then.

Jawo': Is that all you have to say?

Old Man: You do realise that if you go through with this, you won't be able to turn back?

Jawo': I do. And I'm prepared for whatever may happen. This confrontation will decide which of us is right, and which of us is wrong.

Old Man: ...

Jawo': I have nothing left to say to you. Catch ya on the flipside, old man.

[Determined to follow through, Jawo' leaves the city of Nandor and sets off after Blue. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the city, Blue stands alone, silently contemplating his actions]

~~Outskirts of Nandor~~

Blue: So...this is it. Once I walk through this gate, it's do or die.

[Blue takes out the passage from the tome, and is reminded of what he went through to receive it]

Blue: ...But am I really making the right choice? This path of retribution... *shakes head* No! I can't falter here. I'll never defeat the Iblis with a mind full of doubt. I must press on!

[With his mind made up, Blue prepares to chant the incantation when Jawo' arrives on the scene. He lets out a shout, breaking his focus and attracting his attention]

Jawo': Hey!

Blue: What...?

Jawo': I've finally found you! Show's over, you foolish pyro!

Blue: Huh...It's you, that simpleton from the bar. You know, you really shouldn't stalk people like that.

Jawo': Very funny, punk. You and your scheme are out of the bag, so drop everything!

Blue: Is that so?

Jawo': Yeah... So listen up, twerp. I've giving you one opportunity to stop what you're doing and run on home. I'd take it if I were you.

Blue: And you think I'll give up just because you said so? You're the one that's funny.

Jawo': For your sake, you had better. The old man and that chick may see the good in you, but right now, all I'm seeing is a brat that needs to be cut down to size!

Blue: *surprise* They what...? Mmmn... And all I see is a moron that's in over his head! I suggest you save your breath and draw your blade, because I'm not about to make this easy for you.

Jawo': Eh? You mean this blade?

[Jawo' jerks his thumb towards the blade on his back, wrapped up in cloth]

Jawo': My special sword? For a chump like you? Ha! Not a chance! All I need, are the good old fisticuffs!

Blue: Fine, it's your funeral. Now bring it!

Jawo': Heh, as you wish, princess. ...You know, I've been wanting to get my hands on you ever since the bar yesterday. Yeah, they're gonna be calling you black and blue after I'm finished with ya.

Blue: The feeling's mutual, bonehead. I guess I should be glad that you were kind enough to drag your sorry carcass over to me.

Jawo': Well, guess there's only thing left to do then...

[Jawo' pounds his fists together and stands at the ready]

Blue: Yes...

[Blue responds by doing the same]

Blue: Die!

[As Blue and Jawo' face off, Zeldafan remains slouched in the halls of the inn, uncertain of how she should proceed]

~~Nandor: Inn~~

Zeldafan: *sadly* Mmmn...what do I do now...?

[Seconds later, Myles, having just awoken, comes out from the room, concerned about the absence of his roommates]

Myles: *yawns* Ahhhhh...! Ohh, Zeldafan, there you are. What's going on?

Zeldafan: Myles...

Myles: Where's Blue? Wasn't he with you?

Zeldafan: ...

[Reminded of Blue's current dilemma, Zeldafan reinvigorates herself on the spot, resolute to fulfill her duty and aid him]

Zeldafan: I'll explain later! For now, I need you to gather your things and come with me!

Myles: Huh!? But--!

Zeldafan: You want to see Blue again, don't you!?

Myles: Uhm... Well, y-yeah--

Zeldafan: Then come on! Grab your things and let's mosey!

Myles: O-Okay!

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[As Zeldafan and Myles set off to find Blue, he and Jawo' begin their battle at the shoreside of Nandor Beach]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

Jawo': Here I come, little man!

[Making the first move, Jawo' starts a mad dash towards Blue]

Blue: Hm!

Jawo': Don't worry, I'll make this quick!

[Upon approach, Jawo' pulls back his fist back to throw a heavy punch]

Jawo': Now! Hold...still! Erragh!

Blue: ... (What? Could this idiot be anymore obvious?)

[Blue easily dodges the blow by slipping to the side, taking Jawo' by surprise]

Jawo': What!? Rrgh! Slippery one, aren't ya? Well why don't you try this on for size!?

[Jawo' continues to throw overcommitted punches at Blue. He parries each one with ease, while taking note of Jawo's lack of technique]

Jawo': Ha! Yaah! Rguh!

Blue: ... (Doesn't he know that he's telegraphing all of his punches? He's strong, but his skill is poor. Obviously not a disciplined fighter. This could work to my advantage)

Jawo': One more! Daaaah!

[Jawo' throws a straight punch to Blue's face. Blue responds by parrying the blow with his forearm, bumping Jawo's arm upwards and leaving him open to attack]

Jawo': Ugh! No way!

Blue: Prepare yourself!

[Blue counters a vulnerable Jawo' by landing a crushing back kick to his jaw]

Jawo: Ungfh!

Blue: ... (Bullseye!)

[Despite landing a direct hit, Jawo's sturdy build is mostly unfazed by the attack. He looks back towards Blue with his head still turned and taunts him]

Jawo': ...Heh, is that all you got?

Blue: What!? But--!

Jawo': Let me show you real power, kid! Ha!

[Jawo' quickly gets back into stance and lands a powerful punch to Blue's gut]

Blue: Uugnh!

[Blue stumbles backwards to catch his breath, kneeling over from the pain]

Blue: Gah! *panting* Hah...haa...ha...

Jawo': What's the matter, buttercup? Don't tell me you're done in already!?

Blue: Grrgh...! (Doesn't look like I can finish this with just melee. That means it's time to break out the magic!)

[Blue recovers to his feet and gets into a stance. A red glyph appears around his feet as he prepares a magic spell]

Blue: ... (Let's see how you handle this...!)

Jawo': Back for more punishment? Fine! I'm just gettin' started with you!

[Jawo' charges towards Blue once more. In the middle of casting a spell, Blue is taken by surprise]

Jawo': Lights out, punk!

Blue: ... (Uh oh!)

[Jawo' attacks with another barrage of hamfisted punches. Blue shifts his priorities to dodging, but still attempts to cast]

Jawo': C'mon! Stand still and fight me like a man!

Blue: ... (This isn't good! His relentless attacking is spliting my focus! I-I can't cast like this! Dammit!)

[With Blue struggling to cast while dodging, his lapse in dexterity makes it easy for Jawo' to blindside him and take the advantage]

Jawo': Got you now, loser! Take this!

Blue: Uh!

[Jawo' attacks Blue with a well-placed elbow to the back, knocking him flat to the ground]

Blue: Aagh! Ungf!

Jawo': I ain't finished yet! C'mere!

[Jawo' continues his assault, lifiting Blue up by his clothes and hurling him overhead, sending him smacking dead on into a rock formation]

Jawo': Here you...GO! Haah!

Blue: Uaaaaagh...! Aaungh!

Jawo': *dusts off hands* And that takes care of that.

[Blue is left lying face flat into the sands of the beach. Down, but not out, he struggles to collect himself and devise a plan]

Blue: U-Un-gh... (I can't believe I'm being bested by this buffoon! ...But it's not over yet. I still have one more trick up my sleeve!)

[Blue rises to his feet and scurries to the other side of the rock formation, out of Jawo's sight. Once there, he pulls out from his belongings a strange book]

Blue: ... (Here it is... The summoning spell. I wanted to save my energy for this until I was face to face with the Iblis himself, but it looks like I'm out of options. I won't run from this fight!)

[Meanwhile, Jawo' stands tall in the middle of the beach, cocky and proud of his brief victory over Blue]

Jawo': Ha, stupid kid. Was never a match for me, much less the Iblis! Now where'd he scamper off to...?

[Jawo' looks back and forth, surveying the area for Blue's whereabouts]

Jawo': *shouts* Hey, Blue! It's not too late to grovel and beg for forgiveness, you know!

Blue: ... (It's only a matter of time before that oaf catches wind of me. I need a plan...)

Jawo': Hmm... Aha! Think you can hide from me behind that rock, huh? You ain't gettin' off that easy, Blue! C'mere and get your lumps!

[Having sniffed out Blue, Jawo' makes his way towards the rock formation where he hides]

Blue: ... (Okay, for this to work, I'll first need to draw a pentagram. But how can I accomplish that without bonehead screwing it up? ...The sand! That's it! If I can't draw a pentagram on my own, I'll have him draw it for me!)

[Having concocted a plan of action, Blue rips a page out of the book, grabs a handful of pebbles, and steps out into the open to confront Jawo' again]

Blue: ...

Jawo': Ha, finally decided to show up, eh? Nice to see you still have some dignity left. Now let's end this!

Blue: ... (Well, here goes nothing!)

[Blue reaches for one of the pebbles and tosses it at Jawo's face. It hits, bouncing square off his nose]

Jawo': What the--!?

Blue: If you want me so bad, then come and get me!

[Blue takes off running in the other direction, intent on baiting Jawo' into chasing after him]

Jawo': He's...running away? Ohhh no you don't! Blue, you spineless dog! Come and face me! Hrgh!
[Angered by Blue's seemingly cowardly behavior, Jawo' takes after him in pursuit, falling straight into his clever ruse]

Blue: ... (That's it, lug nut. Follow the birdie)

[Blue turns around and chucks another pebble at Jawo's face]

Jawo': Throwing rocks? Is that all you've got left, Blue!? Man, you really are desperate!

[Ignoring his taunts, Blue continues running in a different direction as Jawo's follows as planned. Moments later, Blue stops once more and launches another pebble at Jawo', further increasing his anger and annoyance]

Jawo': Grrgh...! You think this is going to defeat me, huh!? I'm going to break you in half, Blue! Just you wait!

Blue: Hah! You'll have to catch me first! ... (Come on, it's just a little more now...)

[Blue continues running in another direction as Jawo' trails close behind. Blue's strategic game of cat and mouse continues on until the pentagram is completed]

Blue: ...There! It's done!

[Blue leaps into the full pentagram. Certain that his plan has succeeded, he stares down Jawo' with a confident smile as he closes in]

Jawo': Nowhere to run now, Blue! Time to die!

Blue: That's what you think!

Jawo': Huh...?

Blue: Pentagram Protection Seal!

[Blue activates the properties of the pentagram, forming an impenetrable magic barrier around the perimeter that bars all access from the outside]

Jawo': What...? What the hell is this!?

Blue: A special protection field provided to me by the pentagram's magical properties.

Jawo': What are you talking about? I don't see any damn pentagrams!

Blue: Look below!

[Jawo' scans the scenery, below him he sees the trails in the sand left behind by his and Blue's frantic chase that come together to form the pentagram]

Jawo': Aargh! No!!

[The realisation leaves Jawo' visibliy stunned, as Blue revels in his despair with a devilish smirk]

Blue:  Heh heh... Do you understand now, you oaf?

Jawo': So the pebbles...and the chasing... It wasn't out of desperation! It was you duping me into a trap!

Blue: Ha! I really must thank you for being so gullible. Yes, thanks to your generous contribution, the ritual can be performed without interruption!

Jawo': Rrgh! Damn you, Blue! You think I'm gonna just sit here and let this happen!? I'll teach you to make a monkey out of me!

[Jawo' rams his body into the barrier, determined to shatter it with brute force]

Blue: I suggest you save your strength. You'll need it for what's coming next!

Jawo': Shut up! I'll smash this barrier and you along with it!

[Jawo' continues to attack the barrier with all his strength, as Blue begins to read the summoning incantation aloud]

Blue: *chanting* Ifalas zaras I e zaraq. Ifalas zaras I e zaraq...

[As Blue's chant goes underway, mystical energies surge wildly from the pentagram as magic runes fill a darkening sky. This unreal event draws Jawo's attention away from the barrier as he readies himself for what's to come]

Jawo': *to himself* God damn... What the hell...is happening...?

Blue: ...Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by Iblis! ...Iz Afrit!

[Meanwhile, on the roads leading from Nandor City, the extreme visual effects of Blue's summoning ritual are witnessed by Zeldafan and Myles, still on the path towards his location]

~~Road: Nandor Area~~

Myles: Huh...? *looks around* The sky is pitch black...but it's still the early afternoon! I'm not just seeing things, am I, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: No, Myles, you're not. Something's happening out there... Something really bad.

Myles: Ah! And look!

[Myles points upwards into the sky, at the array of magic runes]

Myles: What are these weird symbols? They're everywhere!

Zeldafan: Wait a minute... I've seen these before. They're...magic runes! And runes of this sort can only mean one thing!

Myles: And that is...?

[At that moment, an enormous column of light tears through the blackened sky from the direction of Nandor Beach]

Myles: Yikes!

Zeldafan: Tell ya later, Myles! For now, we need to get moving! That light is calling our name!

Myles: Uhm, even I'm savvy enough to know that's a very bad idea...

Zeldafan: You'd think so, but not this time! That light is what's going to lead us to Blue! Yup! Today, the Ominous Beam of Death is our Shining Beacon of Hope!

Myles: ...You don't even believe that yourself, do you?

Zeldafan: *sigh* No... But this story needs our everyman perspective, so we're going anyway.

Myles: That's what I thought you said...

[The daunted duo press on towards Nandor Beach. Meanwhile, at the scene of the battle, Blue completes the summoning ritual]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

[From the pentagram emerges a trio of gigantic mechanical monstrosities wreathed in heat haze, the last of which hoisting Blue high up upon it's shoulder]

Jawo': Aahh...! Maaan, I need a vacation...

[The three behemoths gaze downwards upon a miniscule Jawo' with red eyes ablaze. Blue too, looks down upon him, with arms crossed and a wicked sneer, finally having attained the superiority he so longed for]

Blue: Hmph! Feast your eyes upon the fearsome Ifrit Golem, human! Spirits possessing absolute control over the power of fire. In times of old, these beasts once threatened to burn the world itself to ash, and now, their immense power is mine to command!

Jawo': Cut the theatrics, Blue! Your posturing doesn't faze me! I'll break your toys with my bare hands! Rrraaagh!

Blue: You dolt! Fine! Come and die! Ifrit, go!

Ifrit Golem: Rrroooaaar!

[In a foolish display, Jawo' charges headlong towards the first golem. The Ifrit attacks by firing a seering beam from its eyes. The beam makes contact with the sand, exploding the area under Jawo's feet]

Jawo': Aaaaaaagh...! Ungh!

[The explosion sends Jawo' sailing through the air, smacking into the sand below]

Jawo': Hng...g-guh...

Blue: Ha! And that was just a taste of the Ifrit's strength! What do you expect do against the full might of their power!?

Jawo': It's not over yet, you...p-pyro...

[The impact causes Jawo' to lose hold of his belongings. Crawling along the sand, he reaches for the first, a mysterious blue ring...]

Jawo': Uh...! (It's that ring from the bazaar... I had forgotten all about it!)

[Jawo' reminsces to his time in Nandor City before his fateful meeting with Blue]

~~Flashback: Nandor City Bazaar~~

[Having just entered town, Jawo' passes into the city's bazaar, an enchanting center with a mazelike network of shops and eateries]

Jawo': Ugh. Man, talk about congested... Get me the hell out of here!

[Jawo' turns around to take another route through town when a voice calls out to him amongst the endless banter]

??: Hey guy!

Jawo': Hm? Who said that?

??: Over here, guy! Over here!

[Jawo' is directed over to a small, shabby shop stand tended by a mysterious figure who's visage is obscured entirely by lengthy robes]

??: Ahem! Welcome to Misty Fye's House of Knicks and Knacks! Can I interest you in anything today?

Jawo': Err... Sorry sir, ma'am...whatever you are. I ain't interested in anyone's junk.

Misty: Ah! How dare you! I'll have you know that my inventory is comprised entirely of one-of-a-kind treasures from this world and the next!

Jawo': One of a kind junk is still junk.

Misty: Oooh! Just look, you idiot!

Jawo': Fine fine, already! Geez...

[Jawo' reluctantly glosses over Misty's line up of trinkets when the blue ring catches his eye]

Jawo':  Hmm... Hey! That ring looks pretty cool!

Misty: Ahhh...! You have an eye for quality, my good man. This here is the coveted Water Blue Ring.

Jawo': The Water Who What?

Misty: The Water Blue Ring, one of the Seven World Rings, ancient artifacts that house unfathomable power...

Jawo': Ya don't say...?

Misty: Prayers, sadness, rage, hatred, joy, pleasure, wishes... Each of the seven rings contains one of the emotions that embodies the human spirit.

Jawo': So...what's this one got?

Misty: The Water Blue Ring holds within the essence of pleasure. It also has the power to call forth storms and rain!

Jawo': Storms and rain...? Pfft, weak.

Misty: Ohh, but not just any rain! These mystic waters have the power to extinguish all flames. Even the fires of rage! And who knows how far its control over water can reach?

Jawo': ...

Misty: I have a feeling that the destinies of you and this ring are intertwined.

Jawo': You what...?

Misty: Yes! That's why I want you to take it. No payment necessary! It'll be worth it if I can witness the true potential of the ring realized. Here...

[Misty hands Jawo' the Water Blue Ring. As he touches it, a rush of water swirls over his hand as he feels a rush of emotion]

Jawo': Whoa!

Misty: The Water Blue Ring is yours now. Use it recklessly, and your emotions will grow wildly unstable and consume you! But use it wisely, and the waters of pleasure will wash away any foe!

~~End Flashback~~

Jawo': (If what that...thing said is correct, then this ring may just be my only shot at winning this!)

[Jawo's grabs a hold of the Water Blue Ring and stands to his feet, ready to place his final bets]

Jawo': Okay...I'm ready!

[Jawo' raises the ring high over his head]

Jawo': This better work, you man-lady-thing, or else you owe me a Sprite!

Blue: *to himself* What...? That ring...

Jawo':  Now, Ring of Water! Bring forth a mighty storm!
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[Jawo' invokes the power of the Water Blue Ring. The ring shines brightly in his hand, issuing forth a localized rain of mystic waters]

Jawo': Wow...I can't believe it... It really worked! Heh! Drink up, boys!

[The rain drenches the three Golems, steam rising into the air from the extinguished flames spurting from their exhausts]

Blue: Aagh! This can't be happening! My Golems are weakening! Why... Why did he of all people have to be in possession of the Water Blue Ring!?

Jawo': Ha! Didn't expect that one, did ya, pipsqueak!? That about evens the playing field, I'd say!

Blue: Grr...! Not likely! Even in their weakened state, my Ifrits are more than a match for you!

Jawo': But hold on! I'm not done. I've got another card to lay on the table...

Blue: ...?

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles arrive at Nandor Beach in time to witness Round 2 about to commence. They take cover behind a rock formation a safe distance away from the conflict to process the events occuring before them]

Myles: Zeldafan, what's going on out there? Wh-What are those humungous beasts!? And where is Blue!?

Zeldafan: Just second, Myles... We're about to find out!

[Zeldafan grabs a telescope from her messenger bag to get a better look at the scene]

Zeldafan: Well there's that creep Jawo'... Hmm... No sign of Blue though. But those creatures...

Myles: What are they?

Zeldafan: I've read about them before. No doubt about it, those are Ifrit Golems! Djinns that control fire! Those things aren't of this world at all.

Myles: They're not? Then where did they come from!?

Zeldafan: They were summoned here from another world. But by who...?

[Zeldafan continues observing through the telescope until she spots Blue high atop one of the Golems shoulder]

Zeldafan: Ahh! Up there! It's Blue!

Myles: Really!? Let me see!

[Myles takes the telescope for himself. He spies Blue alongside the Ifrits and makes his own deduction]

Myles: What's Blue doing up there...? Ahh! He was captured by the Golems, wasn't he!? Oh no! He needs our help!

Zeldafan: Not so fast, Myles! Blue wasn't captured by the Ifrits... He's controlling them!

Myles: What!? That's...amazing!

Zeldafan: You're telling me. I don't know how he did it, but Blue's got his hands on some incredible power there...

Myles: Sooo... who exactly is in need of help again?

Zeldafan: Good question.

[Back to the battle, Jawo' reaches for the hilt of his cloth-wrapped sword, reminiscing once again to his excursion at the Nandor Bazaar]

~~Flashback: Nandor City Bazaar~~

[After recieving the Water Blue Ring from Misty, another object catches Jawo's eye: An enchanting sword with a crystal clear blade]

Jawo': Ohh... Check out that sword...

Misty: Ahh! Does this treasure also tickle your fancy? This blade, forged from the fang of the Mythical Crystal Dragon King, bestows the wielder with his unique power over the growth of crystalline solids! A precious priceless artifact, this--!

Jawo': *disinterested* Yeah, that's fascinating. Can it cut things?

Misty: Err... Yeah, sure.

Jawo': I'll take it!

Misty: ...*sigh*

~~End Flashback~~

Jawo': The ace up my sleeve is right...

[Jawo' draws the crystal sword from its sheathe of cloth, finally revealing its lustrous blade]

Jawo': Here!


Zeldafan: Cool sword.

Myles: Mhm. *nods*


Blue: So that's it? That's going to be what saves the day? Ha ha ha! You've gotta be kidding!

Jawo': I dunno, geek. I'm feelin' pretty confident today! Yeah... I think I'm gonna enjoy this one!

[Responding to Jawo's feelings of pleasure, the Water Blue Ring gives off a faint glow, secretly instilling him with power]

Pleasure is the power to make things happen. The drive to do what we feel. Harness this emotion's strength and move ever forward...

Blue: Let's see how much you enjoy being razed into the ground! Ifrits! Attack him!

Jawo': I've let you play around more than enough for one day, Blue! It's time I put you and your ambition to bed!

[As Jawo' dashes towards the three Golems, they respond by firing a laser from their eyes. The beams converge and erupt upon the sand, creating a wall of fire that ensnares Jawo's within]

Jawo': You think that's going to stop me!? Rrrraaaagh!

[Enhanced by the power of the ring, Jawo' cuts a path through the flame wall and continues his rapid advance]

Blue: What!? Ergh! That can't be!

[Now within reach of the first Golem, Jawo' leaps high, landing atop its arm. He jams his sword into the Ifrit's arm and drags it along with him, shredding the arm as he ascends. The completely bisected arm falls into the sand below]

Jawo': Whoops. Dropped your arm!

Blue: Blast! Ignorant beast! Don't just sit there! Get rid of him nooow!

[Outraged, Blue orders the Ifrit to remove Jawo' immediately. In response, the Ifrit reaches towards Jawo' with its remaining hand]

Jawo': Uh oh...! Mmmn... Come on then! I can take ya!

[As the Golem's hand approaches, Jawo' readies his sword to retaliate. With one swing, the Ifrit's entire hand is sent hurdling towards the sand]

Jawo': Anyone need a hand? Haha!

Blue: Dammit!

Jawo': Okay, now let's finish him off!

[From atop the Ifrit's shoulder, Jawo' sets his sights on the light coming from its head]

Jawo': That light's gotta be the weak point. Better make this one count...

[With his sword drawn, Jawo' leaps into the air and dives down towards the Ifrit's head. With both hands, he unleashes a mighty swing at the Golem's weak point, shattering it with one blow]

Jawo': What? Finished already!? Oh well.

[With the Ifrit's source of power destroyed, the defeated creature ceases all function and dismantles, all it's scattered pieces falling into the sand below]

Jawo': One down, two to go! Bring it on, Blue! I've got beatdowns to spare!

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles witness the swift defeat of the first Ifrit Golem, astonished at Jawo's impressive display]

Myles: Did you see that!? That guy just took out the Ifrit with one blow! Unbelievable!

Zeldafan: He may not be on our side, but... I gotta give him credit! Blue may have his work cut out for him even with his summoning power!

[Back to the battle, Blue bemoans the loss of his Golem to Jawo'. But he seems to know something that Jawo' doesn't...]

Blue: Ugh, how could it be defeated...!? (Hah, that's okay. My Ifrit may be destroyed, but it made sure to leave a little parting gift for your trouble, Jawo'...)

[From amongst the scattered remains of the Ifrit, a small circular part silently leaps from the debris and lands near Jawo', drawing his attention]

Jawo': Come on! Who's next!? ...Huh?

Thump... thump... thump...

Jawo': What the...? What is this thing? Is something...about to hatch?

[Jawo' walks over and picks up the object, examining it further]

Jawo': I can hear something...like a heartbeat.

[Suddenly, the beating begins to grow faster, making Jawo' grow exceedingly cautious]

Jawo': Uh oh... I think this might be some sort of time bomb!!

[Jawo's anxiety elicits a joyful response from Blue. He smirks evily as Jawo' panics for his life]

Jawo': Oh no! This can't be good! I gotta get rid of this thing somehow!

Blue: Heh heh hee...! (So you figured it out... But it's too late to save yourself now! Die, Jawo'!)

Jawo': Ahh! It's gonna explode! What to do...? What to do...!? ...That's it!

[With little time to think, Jawo' does the first thing that comes to mind. He kicks the time bomb sky high towards the second Ifrit Golem]

Blue: Noooo! He didn't...!!

Jawo': Lights out, tin can!

[The Ifrit is caught in the center of the time bomb's explosion and is torn to pieces in an instant, its smoldering remains scattering all across Nandor Beach in a fiery display]

Zeldafan: Whoa... Check out the fireworks!

[At that moment, the Ifrit Golem's disembodied cranium crashes down next to the two bystanders, eyes still glowing red]


Myles/Zeldafan: Aaaaaaahhhh! Fiery wreckage!!

[The Golem's eyes flicker on and off until slowly fading out forever]

Myles: ...H-Hold me!

Zeldafan: Only if you hold me!

[Back at the battle, Blue drops to his knees in shock. With only one of his Ifrit Golem's still standing, the fight is quickly turning against his favor]

Blue: I...I don't understand it. How could my Ifrit's have been defeated so easily!? Their power is supposed to be absolute! Unparalled!

[Jawo' points his finger at Blue, calling his imminent defeat]

Jawo': I'm closing in on you, Blue! You hear me!? Your justice is at hand!

Blue: *sweats* (Damn you, Jawo'... I won't let you take me alive! I have to make my escape before I'm cornered! ...The gate! I'll summon the gate to Jahannam!)

[Unable to continue fighting, Blue reluctantly decides to cut his loses and flee the battlefield. He pulls out the tome passage given to him by Zeldafan and begins his preparations]

Blue: Ifrit, I need time to complete this incantation, so you must keep him at bay by any means necessary. Understood?

[The Ifrit Golem's eyes shine a bright red, signaling its compliance to Blue's demands. Meanwhile, Blue gets into a stance and gathers his energy, a white glyph appearing around him]

Jawo': What the...? Trying to cast magic, are ya? Not on my watch! Here I come!

[Jawo' quickly takes notice to Blue's action and advances on him and the Golem]

Blue: Stop him now, Golem! I must begin the incantation!

[Following Blue's command, the Ifrit fires an eye laser down at Jawo'. Jawo' counters by blocking the beam with his sword. The surface of the crystal blade reflects the laser back towards the Golem, slicing off its arm, along with a portion of its torso and face]

Blue: Ungh! (It's no use, it'll be defeated soon! I have to hurry!)

[Blue begins reciting the gate-opening incantation]

Blue: *chanting* Alte Kräfte, verleihen mich deine Energie und öffnen dieses Gatter...

[As he chants, intense bolts of energy begin to converge behind Blue, opening a wormhole in space]

Jawo': What...is that? ...Forget it, it doesn't matter! I just know I have to stop it!

[Jawo' closes in, leaping into the air atop the Golem's head. He wastes no time jamming his sword its weak point, putting it out of commission]

Blue:  ...das meinen Weg versperrt!

[At this time, Blue completes his incantation. The wormhole opens wide, allowing passage into the spirit world of Jahannam]

Blue:  It's finished!

Jawo': Hold it right there, Blue!

Blue: Ahh...!

[Just mere feet away, Jawo' makes a dive for Blue with his blade drawn. But the defeated Golem begins to dismantle in mid-air, further seperating the two and causing Jawo' to botch his attempt]

Jawo': Nooo! Aaargh!

Blue: Hah! So long, Jawo'!

[Blue leaps from the collapsing Ifrit, into the gate which immediately seals shut behind him. Meanwhile, Jawo' is left to fall face first into the sand, having ultimately failed to subdue Blue and prevent his escape]

Jawo': Uugrnh... Dammit!

[Full of anger and disappointment, Jawo' pounds his fist into the sand. Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles come out from hiding, relieved that the fighting is over]

Zeldafan: Well, that ended rather painlessly, wouldn't you say so, Myles?

Myles: No kidding... But what was that...door, that Blue disappeared into? Is he going to be okay?

Zeldafan: I...really wish I could say so, Myles, but...

[Before Zeldafan can finish her thoughts, a ring almost identical to Jawo's Water Blue Ring rolls its way to Myles' side]

Myles: Huh? Hey, look at this!

Zeldafan: Is that what I think it is?

[Myles grabs a hold of the ring, a burst of fire engulfing his hand]

Myles: Ahh! I feel...rage!

Zeldafan: Myles! Be careful with that!

Myles: Whoo... That was intense! But I think I feel alright now. What's the matter, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: I know what this is... This is one of the Seven World Rings! Treasures that can transform our emotions into awesome power!

Myles: Our emotions...?

Zeldafan: Yes! The seven rings have various emotions sealed within them. You felt it yourself, Myles. This one carries the power of rage!

Myles: But how did such a powerful artifact get here?

Zeldafan: It's said that the Red Ring allows one total command over the fires of rage. This must extend to the power the Ifrit Golems wield as well.

Myles: So Blue was using this ring to control the Ifrits?

Zeldafan: Looks like it! It's pretty amazing though. According to the lore, using the power of the rings can cause your emotions to swell and overwhelm you, but Blue seemed to be handling himself just fine out there. It must take great dedication to channel a negative emotion like rage without losing control.

Myles: I wonder how he did it...

Zeldafan: Perhaps...learning to respect your feelings of anger as part of a full range of emotional expression can help you tap into its power and make them work for you! I think, in the right hands, rage isn't just a surge of violent anger, but the strength to stand your ground and fight for what's rightfully yours! Maybe Blue realized this too!

Myles: Wow, Zeldafan... That was really profound!

Zeldafan: Haha! Naaah! I'm just rambling over here! *rubs head*

Myles: But I still wonder, to control this amount of power means Blue must harbor a lot of rage inside himself. What's the source of it all...?

Zeldafan: *disquietly* Maybe...it's his rage against the whole of humanity...

Myles: Hm? What was that you said, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: N-No... It's nothing.

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[Now safely past the gate, Blue spirals amidst the interdimensional void between realms. Reaching the other side, the gate opens once more, flinging Blue into his destination]

Blue: Whoooooa...! Oofungh!

[Blue makes a harsh landing in the center of a monumental desert full of black sand. It stretches on as far as the eye can see, the landscape shrouded in the gloom of eternal twilight]

~~Jahannam: Desert of Black Sand~~

Blue: *spits* Ppftbt! Just what I needed...another lousy desert. At least there's no sweltering heat here, oddly enough.

[Blue stands to his feet, struggling to process the surreality of his surroundings]

Blue: *dusts off clothing* Is this place really Jahannam...? I expected infernal hellishness, not...noir ambiance. I must've fallen way off the map... Ah well. Better get moving.

[Blue starts his treck through the desert, but the vast silent sands present no path forward or back. As more time passes with no apparent progress, Blue begins to grow discouraged]

Blue: Aargh, this is hopeless! This sand goes on forever! Is there no way out of this desert!?

[Frustrated, Blue howls out in rage towards the Iblis, urging him to reveal himself]

Blue: Come on, Iblis! I know you're out there! Show yourself, and face meeeeeee...!

[Blue's voice echoes through the landscape, but it's not the Iblis whom answers the call... His shouts alert his presence to the inhabiting spirits of Jahannam. Three djinns appear before Blue, angered by the intrusion]

Blue: What the--!? Wh-Where did you come from!? What the hell is this!?

Djinns: ...!

Blue: Hmph. Iblis' minions, no doubt... I don't have time to waste on you! Get out of my way!

Djinns: ...!? !!!

[A single djinn responds by expelling a stream of fire from its mouth towards Blue. He just narrowly dodges the unexpected attack]

Blue: Gaah! Guess I can take that as a no... Alright, have it your way! I'll make an example out of you for the Iblis!

[Without delay, Blue leaps into battle, engaging one of the djinns. He throws a punch, but his fist passes through the djinn's body, causing it no harm]

Blue: Ah! That can't be! These creeps are intangible!?

[Failing his attempt, Blue hops back to compose himself and restrategise]

Blue: Just my luck...  Fine! Let's see how you like a little magic!

[A red glyph appears around Blue's feet as he gets into a stance]

Blue: *chanting* O flickering blaze, burn...! Fireball!

[Blue casts a fireball spell, launching a ball of flame at each of the djinns. The spell connects, but quickly proves ineffective, as the djinns merely absorb the fire with no harm, baffling Blue]

Djinns: ...??!

Blue: What!? I-Impossible! How could--!?

[Left in disarray by his thwarted assaults, Blue is easily overtaken when a djinn retaliates by coiling its wispy form around his body, restraining him]

Blue: *straining* Urrrngh! L-Let me go, y...you, lousy--!

[With Blue restricted and left open to attack, the remaining djinns take in air and inflate their bodies, preparing to loose a deadly flame to put an end to Blue]

Blue: Urngfh! Not...good! (Damn! Am I really gonna bite it here!?)

[Helpless before the unnatural power of the djinns, Blue prepares for the worst when...]

??: *chanting* O frozen blades, fly sharply across the heavens...! Freeze Lancer!

Djinns: ...!!!

[From the distance, a flurry of ice spears soar past, tearing through the djinns and dispatching them with ease]

Blue: That was...magic! Someone intervened, but who?

??: That'd be me, of course!

[Through a gust of black sand appears the Old Man once again, having rescued Blue with a well-timed magic spell]

Old Man: Your friendly neighborhood Red Mage, at your service! *bows* No need to thank me.

Blue: Well good, because I wasn't planning to.

Old Man: Hmph. Ever the grateful one, aren't you, Blue...?

Blue: What are you doing here? I never asked you to follow me! If you think I'm going to let you beat me to the Iblis, then we're going to have some problems...

[Blue's magic begins to flare when the old man quickly interjects]

Old Man: Calm yourself, Blue. There's no need to get riled up. Though I am pursuing the Iblis for reasons of my own, I don't intend to compete with you. In fact, I was hoping we could cooperate...

Blue: Hm, is that so...?

Old Man: Absolutely. You must be aware that the Iblis is no meager foe, much more powerful than those lowly djinns you were having complications with.

Blue: Mmmn...

Old Man: It's evident that your power alone will not be enough to vanquish the Iblis. But should we combine our efforts and pool our strength together, I'm certain we'll have what it takes to rid this world of his terror for good. Wouldn't you agree?

Blue: ...

Old Man: So what say you, Blue? Shall we call a truce and work as a team?

[The old man extends a friendly hand to Blue in hopes that he'll accept his offer of an alliance]

Blue: ... (Blast it, he's right. If I was bested by mere minions, there's no way I'll be able to defeat the Iblis on my own...) ...Bah!

[Blue hesitates for a moment, then responds by smacking away the old man's hand out of frustration]

Old Man: Hm?

Blue: I...accept. But don't think this makes us friends or anything. You may have saved me twice, but I still don't trust you!

Old Man: ...Very well.

Blue: Whatever it takes, the Iblis is mine! I trust you have no objections...?

Old Man: None at all, Blue. Shall you lead the way?

Blue: You know, as a matter of fact, I will. Follow behind me, *way* behind me.

Old Man: As you wish.

[Blue takes point and leads the way forward with the old man remaining stationery in his original position. Though it's not long before Blue remembers that he doesn't know the way out and bashfully backtracks to the old man]

Blue: ... *sweats*

Old Man: Something the matter, Blue?

Blue: *reticently* I...don't know the way out of here...

Old Man: Aha! As I surmised! But never fear, for I have the solution you seek! Behold!

[The old man reaches into his coat and pulls out a white ring, presenting it to Blue]

Blue: It's...a white ring. And from the looks of it, it's one of the seven.

[Blue slowly reaches out and relieves the old man of the ring. A burst of light shines from the ring, filling Blue with its concealed emotion]

Blue: Uh! This is definitely one of the World Rings! It feels...like light!

Old Man: It's an astounding little thing, isn't it? Such great power can bring either happiness or misfortune to the one who wields it. For instance, within this ring is the power of desire. Perhaps the most potent of all emotions, it could mean aspiration, or even greed and ambition.

Blue: Ah...

Old Man: I wonder which lies inside of you, Blue.

Blue: Hmph. I think it'd be in your best interest not to pry.

[Blue holds the White Ring high over his head. Responding to his inner desire, the ring shines bright, revealing a hidden gateway the leads further into the realm of Jahannam]

Desire is the power that moves our entire world and directs the course of destiny. Every desire carries with it the will to bring it to fruition. Drive your story and succeed!

Blue: Heh, now that's more like it. Leave it to the rings to take care of business. Who's idea was it to create a desert that leads to nowhere, anyway?

Old Man: This wasn't always a desert, you know.

Blue: Huh?

Old Man: Black sand is created when lava contacts water.

Blue: What...? Wait, so, all this black sand...

Old Man: Yes, it was once a wide open ocean. The undefiled realm of the water djinns. That is, until the Iblis' arrival ten years ago.

Blue: So what happened?

Old Man: When the Iblis made his descent into Jahannam, he brought with him an apocalyptic deluge of lava that flooded into the waters, reducing the entire ocean to an ebon wasteland and destroying the water djinns that once lived there. With their civilization decimated, the fire djinns now rule the land. No one knows where the remaining water djinn fled to, or if any even managed to survive the catastrophe.

Blue: Hunh, just hapless victims of the Iblis' wrath. Too bad for them.

[Meanwhile, on the surface world...]

~~Surface: Nandor Beach~~

[Desperate to follow after Blue, Jawo' paws his way through the sand, perhaps hoping that he'll somehow open his own gate to Jahannam]

Jawo': C'mon, c'mooooooon...! Argh! Dammit!

[Myles and Zeldafan watch on in disbelief, mildly amused by his antics]

Myles: Wow, that guy's a bit of a nutjob, ain't he?

Zeldafan: I'll say.

Jawo': *stops digging* Hm!?

[Alerted by their banter, Jawo' stops his digging and sets his sights on the two]

Jawo': What the...? ...You!?

Zeldafan: Eep!

Myles: *scared* Uwaaah! H-He heard uuuus!

Jawo': Ohhh, I've got a few bones to pick with you! Just you wait!

[Jawo' storms over to the two interlopers, angered by the role they played in Blue's current success]

Zeldafan: *nervously* Well, f-fancy meeting you here! Eeeheheh...ugh...

Jawo': Well? Are you happy now!? Blue's on his way to taking over the world and you gave him the tools to do it! You make me sick...!

Zeldafan: Hey! Settle down! Blue's not going to conquer the world! A-At least, I don't think he's going to...*scratches head*

Myles: Huh...? I don't get it. Zeldafan, what's going on? Blue's not a bad person, is he?

Zeldafan: Of course not, Myles! Blue's a good guy! Just like us!

Myles: He...He has to be! He helped me get my stuff back... He saved my life...! There's no way Blue's a bad guy. I just won't believe it!

Jawo': Aww, well isn't that precious? Sorry to break it to ya, kid, but Blue's nothing but bad news. Always has been, always will be. And that's all there is to it.

Zeldafan: No! You're wrong! M-Maybe...Maybe it's like...like--!  Like a movie! Yeah, that's it! In every great movie, when the chips are down, there's always a twist of fate that leads to the best possible outcome! For instance, just as Blue gains the power of the Iblis, he'll realize the goodness inside of him and turn his back on evil! ...Or something or other... *twiddles thumbs*

Jawo': ...I have no idea WHAT you just said...

Myles: Ditto...

Zeldafan: *sadly* Ooohh...

Jawo': But anyway, Blue's not going to change his mind. No way, no how. And when he comes back, I'm going to finish him off for good, Iblis' power or not!

Zeldafan: Now you just wait a minute! Blue is--!

Myles: Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Myles, what's the matter?

Myles: What that guy is saying is true, isn't it? Blue really is trying to take over the world, isn't he...?

Zeldafan: W-Well...it's, it's a bit more complicated than that...

Myles: I-I don't know what to think anymore... I mean, I consider Blue my friend, but--

Zeldafan: If Blue's your friend, then believe in him!

Myles: Huh...?

Zeldafan: Friends are there to support one another, are they not? You hafta have faith that Blue will make the right choice in the end! If his friends don't stick by him, who else will!?

Myles: Y...You're right, Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Of course I am! ...Buuuuut, in the off chance that Blue *does* turn out to be a fiend, we could always just give up and join him!

Myles: Uhhh... *sweat*

Zeldafan: C'mon, Myles! Think about it! There's gotta be some place out there that you've always wanted for you own!

Myles: Hmmm... Well there is the amusement park in Altamira! They said I was too short for the rides, but I'll show them! *clenches fist*

Zeldafan: Noooow you're thinking like an evil overlord! *thumbs up*

Jawo': *crosses arms* ...I don't think you want to do that.

[Meanwhile, back in Jahannam, Blue and the old man prepare to venture forth past the revealed gate]

~~Jahannam: Scorched Ocean~~

Old Man: Well, Blue, shall we proceed?

Blue: Hold on a minute.

Old Man: Hm?

Blue: If we're going to be working together like this, I think it's time I learned your real identity. I don't feel quite at ease traveling with someone I can't attach a name to.

Old Man: So it's like that, is it...?

Blue: That's right. I've waited long enough. Ready or not, you'll tell me now.

Old Man: Hmhmhm... So, the time has finally come, has it? Very well! I've been waiting for this moment!

[The Old Man leaps backwards, setting the stage for his spectacular debut. He covers himself with his cape, evoking a shroud of mystery]

Old Man: ...Who am I, you ask? I am the man capable of piercing the veil between this reality and the next... The greatest Summoner this side of the Multiverse! I am...

[With a dramatic flourish of his cape, the old man finally reveals his name]

Old Man: Bob...the Omnipotent!!!

Blue: ...That's it?

Bob: ...Yes. Yes it is.

Blue: You mean after all that needless tension, all we get is a "Bob"? Geez, talk about anticlimactic. What a letdown.

Bob: Heeeey...! Show a little appreciation why don't you!? Do you know how hard I've worked on this!? I spent all story trying to get that reveal just right!

Blue: Yeeeah... Don't quit your day job.

Bob: Hmph! Well fine then, Mr. Stuffy Pants! *haughtily* I'll just talk to someone that appreciates my elegant theatrical flair.

Blue: ... *rolls eyes*

[Bob puts his hand to his head and focuses his mind, calling forth telepathical power to establish a mental link with his subordinate on the surface]

~~Surface: Nandor Beach~~

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles are carefully examining a map of the world, delving a little too deeply into their ideas of global conquest]

Zeldafan: ...After claiming Altamira, we'll make our way east to the Andersonian Empire and perform a direct siege on its capital city, bringing down the entire--! ...Oh!!

Myles: Zeldafan? What's up? Evil beckons!

Zeldafan: Excuse me for a moment, Myles. My boss senses are tingling!

[Zeldafan taps into the mental link, allowing Bob's voice to be projected into her mind]

Bob: This is Bob, calling in for a progress report. Zeldafan, can you hear me?

Zeldafan: Loud and clear, boss! How are things on your end?

Bob: Entry into Jahannam is a success. The gateway to Jahannam's inner reaches is open, and preparations are being made to enter the Iblis' Temple as we speak.

Zeldafan: Wonderful! So...this is it, huh?

Bob: Yes... Our confrontation with the Iblis is imminent. It won't be easy, but one way or another, I will get to the bottom of this mystery. Rest assured.

Zeldafan: Huh? Our? Is someone else there with you?

Bob: Ah, yes! I almost forgot to mention. In my travels, I stumbled across the young Master Blue.

Zeldafan: Really? So he made it okay!?

Bob: Blue is quite alright. He had a minor scuffle with the inhabiting spirits, but I managed to quell the conflict without any trouble. He was apprehensive at first, but the two of us have agreed to face the Iblis together to enhance our odds of victory.

Zeldafan: That's perfect! With you two fighting together, the Iblis hasn't got a chance! But please, be careful out there. I don't want to see you or Blue get hurt.

Bob: Never you worry, Zeldafan. Blue and I can handle ourselves quite well on the field of battle. But regardless, your concern is always of value.

Zeldafan: ...Take care, boss. I'll see you soon.

Bob: Likewise. And please, give my regards to Master Myles as well.

Zeldafan: You got it.

Bob: I'm breaking contact.

~~Jahannam: Scorched Ocean~~

Blue: What was that all about?

Bob: Merely updating Zeldafan on recent events. She's very worried about you, you know.

Blue: Hmph...

Bob: Are you prepared to advance, Blue? After we pass through this gate, we'll be in the vicinity of the Iblis' Temple. I can take you back to the surface if you're having second thoughts.

Blue: Trying to get me to chicken out so you can have the Iblis for yourself? It's not going to work. Or maybe you're the one who's scared. Either way, I'm seeing this through to the end, with our without your help.

Bob: I admire your strength of will, Blue. You continue to press forward despite the odds being stacked against you.

Blue: Forget the odds. I didn't get this far by being a coward. Anyway, save the chit-chat for later. The Iblis awaits, and I'm not the type to be fashionably late.

[Undeterred by Bob's ominous warning, Blue heads into the gate, eager to face the Iblis once and for all]

Bob: ...

[Soon after, Bob follows silently behind, the gate closing shut and vanishing after his entry]
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[From the other side of the gate, the two appear within the confines of a massive stone temple, illuminated by the light of many lit torches]

~~Jahannam's Core: Iblis' Temple~~

[Immediately upon arrival, Blue scours the area, expecting to be greeted by the menace, but the Iblis is nowhere to be seen]

Blue: Well? This is it, the Iblis' Temple, right?

Bob: It would appear so...

Blue: So then where is he!? I don't see him anywhere! Don't tell me he's not here!

Bob: Careful, Blue. Things are not as they seem. I can sense an overwhelming malevolence nearby...

Blue: Hmm...

[Blue and Bob continue to monitor their surroundings, keeping a watchful eye out for any trace of the Iblis' whereabouts. Meanwhile, off in the distance, one of the torches begins to burn brighter than usual]

Bob: ...Hn!?

[Bob is alerted by the subtle change and delivers an urgent warning to Blue]

Bob: On your guard, Blue! That torch's light is the Iblis!

Blue: What!?

[The ruse now revealed, the flame rises, taking on a vaguely monstrous form. It leaps from the sconce towards Blue, threatening to engulf him whole]

Blue: Aahh!

Bob: Blue! Watch out!

[Acting quickly, Bob grabs a hold of Blue and whisks him out of the flame's trajectory to a safe distance]

Bob: He was aware of our presence here since the very beginning... That was a pretty close shave, wouldn't you say?

Blue: You saved me again. ...Why?

Bob: Hm, good question. But if I had to guess... probably the same reason why you risked your life to save Myles.

Blue: *flustered* Ah...!

Bob: You can think about that one later. For now, let's get back to the battle, shall we? It'd be rude to keep our opponent waiting.

Blue: Right.

[Blue and Bob direct their attention to the ball of flame that is the Iblis' primordial form. In order to face the two, Iblis begins to transform. The ball of fire shifts to a humanoid shape with a reptilian-like face, comprised entirely of magma. Along his arms and head, he is adorned in a casing of invulnerable rock armor]

Blue: So, the beast finally rears its ugly head...

[The Iblis speaks, producing a deep, gravely, almost unintelligible tone that could only belong to a monster like itself]

Iblis: How nice of my meal to present itself to me. And it's a twofer, no less. *licks* Excellent... My servant has been slacking lately, and my hunger groooooows...

Blue: Iblis--!

Bob: Please, Blue, allow me.

Blue: Huh?

[Bob steps forward ahead of Blue, determined to have the Iblis shed some light on the disappearances]

Bob: Iblis... who is your "servant"? Is he the one responsible for abducting the surface dwellers and bringing them here to be devoured? What purpose does he serve? I demand to know.

Iblis: You daaaaaare interrogate me in my domaaaaain!? And what makes you believe that I'll just tell you, hmmm? The Iblis answers to no man! Especially not an appetizeeeeeer!

Bob: Hmph, I knew it would come to this... So be it then. I'll find out who's pulling your strings, Iblis, even if it means I have to slay you here!

Iblis: Hurhurhuurrr...! Pulling my strings? You speak nonsense, human! Every one of my minions submits to my will entirely, lest they suffer by my hand, like you soon shaaaaall! The reward for challenging my might will be death beyond death! Yeeees...after I dine upon your souls, you will cease to exist for eternity~~~~!

Bob: Blue, this is it. Are you ready?

Blue: *nod* Yeah, you needn't worry about me.

Iblis: Aaaah... It's been a long time since I've had to fight for my meal. Hurhurhur... They say souls taste better when you kill the bodies yourself...! Let's see if that holds uuuuuuuuuup!!!

Blue: Ggh! He's attacking!

[Iblis makes the first attack, extending his viscous lava arm towards Blue. His rocky hand seizes Blue tightly around his neck]

Blue: Aaagh...!

Bob: Blue! No!

Iblis: Hurhurhurrrrr! Like catching fish in a barreelll...! Now cooooome!

[Iblis retracts his arm, pulling Blue directly to his face]

Blue: Ngh...ungh...! Take this, you creep! Yaa!

[Blue throws a hard kick against the Iblis' face, but all blunt force is useless against his rocky hide]

Blue: Aah!!

Iblis: Hurhuuuurrr! Did you reeeeeally think that would woorrk?

Blue: F-Fine...! I've got something you can eat, Iblis! Hope you like your food served hot!

[Mana begins to rise from Blue's body as he prepares a spell]

Blue: *chanting* O flickering blaze, burn...! Fireball!

Bob: No, Blue! You mustn't!

[Too late to heed Bob's warning, Blue launches a trio of fireballs towards Iblis at point blank range. Unsurprisingly, this has no effect on a beast composed of the hottest fire]

Iblis: Hurrhurrr! What do you think you're doing, you clumsy fooooool? Are you thaaaat desperaaaate...?

Blue: Urngh! S-Son of a--!

Bob: Your magic will have no effect on the Lord of Flames, Blue! You cannot fight fire with fire!

Blue: N-Now he tells me! Agh...!

Iblis: *licks* I'm famished... Time to eeeeeeaaaat! Rraaaaa...!

Bob: Hang tight, Blue! Help is on the way! *chants* Awake, O unmerciful and unnamed queen of thorns...! Ivy Rush!

[As the Iblis opens wide to consume Blue whole, Bob calls forth a mass of thorny ivy to entwine him from all sides. The ivy coils around Iblis' reptilian snout, sealing it shut]

Iblis: *struggles* Grrguh! Grraaaugh...!

Bob: Now, Blue! Break away while he's restrained! The ivy won't hold him down for long!

Blue: G-Got it!

[Blue squeezes out of the Iblis' loosening hold and makes his way back to Bob's side]

Blue: Phew. Nice save.

Bob: Why thank you.

Blue: So what's next? There's gotta be a way we can fight against this guy on equal terms.

Bob: It's true that the Iblis' power is bordering on godlike... But even so, supernatural beings like him always have weak points. What we must do is find it, and exploit it.

Blue: Huh? ...Hmm...

[Blue analyses Iblis as he thrashes amongst the ivy, eventually taking note of his armored exterior]

Blue: ...That rock armor of his. Is it really there to just absorb blows, or is there something hidden underneath...?

Bob: Are you suggesting that the Iblis is vulnerable beyond his rock armor?

Blue: Well, it's plausible, at least. I say we crack the surface and get a closer look, if you catch my drift.

Bob: Sounds like a plan.

Blue: Yeah, but I doubt it'll be easy... My hardest kick didn't even make it budge. My fireballs didn't leave a scratch either. I have a feeling it's gonna take something special to break away that armor.

Bob: Well if you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

[At that moment, the Iblis breaks free of the ivy. Retaliating, he makes a wild charge towards Blue and Bob, intent on smashing them with a brutal tackle from his sharp rocky horns]

Blue: Uh oh... Tell you later! He's on the move!

Iblis: I'll pulverise your very boooooones! Maaaaashed humans sounds delicious!

Bob: Here he comes! Break, Blue! Quickly!

Blue: Right!

[As the Iblis closes in, Blue and Bob leap to opposite sides. His momentum continues to carry him forward until he collides with the walls of the temple]

Bob: Well, looks like that maneuver bought us some time. It'll be a minute before he can dislodge himself from that wall.

Blue: Perfect. And I think I have a plan!

Bob: Care to share?

Blue: Certainly, listen up. A cycle of freezing and thawing can break down any rock, no matter the density! I believe we can simulate the weathering process with our magic, Bob! You put the Iblis on ice while I follow up with a fire spell! Understood?

Bob: Magnificent plan, Blue! Let's put it into action!

[The Iblis removes himself from the wall and sets his sights on the duo, angrier than ever]

Iblis: *growls* Grrrrruuugh...! I will not be made a fool of! I command you to buuuuuuurn!!

[Iblis inhales deeply and spews an enormous wave of hellfire from his bowels, threatening to incinerate both Blue and Bob]

Blue: Bob, it's yours!

Bob: Leave it to me!

[Facing down the approaching flame with confidence, Bob gets into a stance, a light blue glyph appearing around his feet]

Bob: *chanting* Furious maiden of icy snow born on the strains of the storm, rain down...! Blizzard!

[Bob casts Blizzard, calling forth an intense snow storm that fights back the Iblis' fire wave. The blizzard moves on to sweep over the Iblis himself, rendering him covered completely in a thick coating of ice]

Iblis: ...

Bob: Ha! Not too shabby, eh?

Blue: You did it! Alright, I'll take it from here!

[Blue steps forward to follow up the assault. He gets into a stance, preparing a spell of his own]

Blue: *chanting* O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me...! Spiral Flare!

[Blue casts Spiral Flare, thrusting a ball of pure, focused fire at the frozen Iblis. The spell collides, shattering the Iblis' icy prison, along with his armored shell]

Blue: Haha! It worked! Exactly as planned!

Bob: That was brilliantly executed, Blue!

[In disbelief over his broken shell, the Iblis howls out in rage and despair]

Iblis: Gruuuuuh! My...My armooooor! This can't be! My armor is indestructible! H-How dare you! Look what you've done to meeeeeeee!!!

Blue: No use getting all in a tizzy now, Iblis! Maybe next time you'll think twice before underestimating us!

Iblis: Cocky worms! I'll make you pay for this insuuuuult!

[The Iblis attacks by extending his rocky fists to pummel the duo]

Blue: Now's our chance, Bob! Look there! At his forehead!

[Bob directs his gaze to the Iblis' head. There lies a large third eye now exposed]

Bob: I see! His armor was concealing a third eye! That must be his vulnerable spot! Your deduction was correct, Blue!

Blue: Now let's take him down!

[Blue and Bob advance together towards the Iblis, easily dodging his incoming arm attack]

Iblis: Whaaaaaat!?

Blue: Come on, Bob! Together now!

Bob: Right!

Blue/Bob: Yaaaaaah!

[Closing in on their target, the duo unleashes a devastating double punch on the Iblis' third eye, dealing him a fateful blow]

Iblis: Groooooah...!

Bob: We've got him!

Blue: Heh! Consider yourself finished, Iblis!

[Covering his ruptured eye, the Iblis reels back in pain, screaming loudly in anguish]

Iblis: Grraaaaaaaaaauuuugggghh!!!

[The Iblis' screams echoes throughout the area, the power of his voice upsetting the structure of the temple]

Bob: This can't be good... At this rate, the entire temple will collapse on our heads!

Blue: What...? Damn! Can't anything go right for once!?

[Brick by brick, Iblis' Temple begins to crumble and fall. Soon, the ground beneath their feet starts to give out as well, revealing a dark abyss below. Blue is caught off guard by this and falls through]

Blue: Whooa!

Bob: Blue!

[Blue manages to latch on to the floor's edge with one arm, saving himself from an uncertain fate]

Blue: Urgh...unh! Man, nobody cuts me any slack! ...Well don't just stand there, Bob! Help me up!

Bob: *mockingly* Ohh, so noooow we want help, hm? You're quite the fickle individual, Master Blue.

Blue: Agh...! W-What is this? The Comedy Hour!? Get a move on! I can't hold on much longer!

Bob: *sigh* Would it kill you to ask more politely...?

[Bob makes his way to Blue to pull him to safety when the brick holding him up gives out, dropping Blue into the darkness below]

Bob: Blue! Noooo!

Blue: Aaaaaaaaagh...!

[At that moment, the temple completely demolishes, sending both Bob and the Iblis tumbling after]

Bob: Uwaaaaaaah...!


[An unspecified amount of time later, Blue awakens to find himself atop the back of a winged horse-like creature]

Blue: Ugh... What...what happened...? Where am I?

Bob: Glad you could rejoin us, Blue.

Blue: Bob...? What's going on? Did this horse...thing, save us?

Mashgar: I am Mashgar, young mage. One of the twelve Rogress.

Blue: It can talk...!?

Bob: Haha! No need to be alarmed, Blue. Mashgar here is under my servitude. I summoned him to break our fall and lower us to safety.

Blue: I...see...

[Reaching the bottom of the abyss, Mashgar descends upon a large rock platform in the center of a pit of molten lava]

~~Jahannam's Core: Depths~~

Bob: Thank you, Mashgar. We are in your debt, my friend.

Mashgar: No thanks is necessary, master. My Logos of Solitude will serve you always.

[In a flash of lightning, Mashgar disappears, returning to parts unknown]

Blue: So, where are we now...?

Bob: It would appear we've descended into the very depths of Jahannam.

Blue: And what about the Iblis? He's dead, is he not? Our attack killed him, right?

Bob: I...wish I could say so, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Iblis fell here along with us, and even now, I can sense him lurking in the vicinity. His form is changing yet again.

Blue: What!?

[Suddenly, the Iblis makes himself known once again, this time in the form of a serpent, donning a new set of jagged rock armor. He leaps from the lava pit and lunges forward at the two]

Blue: Aah! The Iblis!

[Bob manages to dodge the Iblis' charge without harm, but Blue is not so fortunate. His sharp horn tears at Blue's shoulder as he passes by, issuing a nasty wound]

Blue: Guh...!

[With his attack complete, the Iblis resubmerges into the pit of lava, biding his time for the next assault]

Blue: Ngh...gah...

[Blue clutches his wound as it drips with blood, obviously in great pain]

Bob: Blue, you're injured...

Blue: I-It's nothing...! I'll be fine, really.

Bob: If you insist. But you must stay on guard. The Iblis lives still and his desire for a feast is not yet sated. From here on, he'll only grow more powerful.

[Iblis' new form ascends once more, issuing a taunt towards Blue]

Iblis: Hurhurhuuuuuuurrr...! How did you like that, Bluuuue? You thought you could defeat me so easily? Once I'm finished with you, your entire body will be torn to shreds!

Blue: Grr...!

[The Iblis swims through the lava pit, picking up speed for his attack. He lunges yet again, threatening to impale the duo]

Iblis: I will make mincemeat out of the both of yooooooou!

Bob: He's coming, Blue! Watch yourself!

Blue: I got it!

[Bob and Blue both successfully parry the Iblis' attempt. He returns to the lava pit and circles around the platform continuously, maintaining a menacing presence]

Bob: Blue, do you have any ideas on how best to combat the Iblis' new form?

Blue: I can't say for sure. He has the advantage in this terrain, so it's going to be a difficult fight. Though I have noticed that he's got himself a new set of armor.

Bob: Might I suggest the redux of our ice and fire maneuver then?

Blue: That won't do us any good here. He's traveling much too fast to use the effects of weathering against him. But perhaps...we can turn that velocity to our advantage!

Bob: Hmm... I'm intrigued. Go on, Blue.

Blue: At the rate of speed the Iblis is going, his kinetic energy must be massive! At the very least it's enough to shatter his armor upon impact with a sufficient solid.

Bob: Are you sure that'll work...? Drawing him in could prove to be arduous.

Blue: No worries. As long as Iblis can't resist his urge to attack head on, we'll have him right where we want him. All we need is something big and sturdy enough to throw in his path!

Bob: Big and sturdy, hmm...? *snaps fingers* I know the perfect slab for the job!

Blue: Do you really?

Bob: Of course. Leave this to me!

[Bob gets into a stance and begins a summoning chant]

Bob: *chants* Earth-minded soul, protect us! I call forth the Earthen Wall: Golem!

[From the ground beneath their feet rises a vaguely humanoid creature made purely of stone, mildly adorned in green foliage]

Iblis: Is that the best you can dooooo? Go ahead... Call all the beasts you want! I shall devour them aaaaaand yoooouu!! Rrraaaaaah!

[The Iblis tears through the lava pit, closing in for another attack]

Blue: Here he comes, Bob. Do your stuff!

Bob: I'm counting on you, Golem! Wall of Earth, prevent all harm!

[Following Bob's command, Golem positions himself in front of the two with arms folded across, steeling himself for impact. Meanwhile, Iblis bursts from the lava pit, rushing headlong towards Golem]

Iblis: Raaaaaagh! Face my might, you worthless creatuuuure!

Golem: ...

[Underestimating Golem's stout strength, Iblis slams headfirst into the immovable stalwart. His rock armor shatters upon impact, leaving him in a daze while Golem remains unbudged]

Iblis: Gruungh...uuuhg...

Bob: Excellent work, Golem!

Blue: There! His third eye is exposed!

Bob: This is your chance, Golem! Attack while the Iblis is vulnerable! Now!

[Complying with Bob's command, Golem winds up his stoned fist and throws a massive punch to the Iblis' third eye, the sheer force of the impact sending him sailing backwards into the lava pit]

Iblis: Goooooaaauughh...!


[Drained of his strength, the Iblis silently sinks to the depths of the lava]

Blue: Phew... And round two goes to us.

[Blue falls to one knee, his injury from earlier beginning to take its toll on his well-being]

Blue: *panting* Hah...haa...ha...

Bob: Blue...? You've lost a lot of blood... That shoulder wound is sapping your energy, you'll be in no condition to carry on if it's not tended to soon.

[Bob reaches into a coat and pulls out a nearly empty bottle]

Bob: Here, there's still some Panacea left from the last batch. It might not be enough to fully heal your wound, but it'll help.

[Bob applies the last bit of Panacea to Blue's injury, getting him back in fighting shape]

Blue: Aaah... Much better. So what now, huh? The Iblis has gotta be kaput this time, right? There's no surviving a blow like that.

Bob: ...Perhaps. At the very least, I can no longer sense his life energy.

Blue: Well that's as good an answer as any, I guess. Only thing left to do is claim my reward!

[But just as the dust begins to settle on the battlefield, a massive arm emerges from the lava pit, reaching out towards Blue with the intent to crush him]

Blue: Aaah!

Bob: Blue! Get away from there!

[Acting on his protective instincts, Golem rushes in and pushes Blue out of the way, taking his place instead. The hand slams down on Golem and slowly drags him into the burning lava, sealing his fate while securing Blue's]

Blue: G-Golem...!

[A monstrous head bursts from the lava, revealing itself to be Iblis, returning once again in a new giant-sized form. He glares at Blue with all three eyes, delivering an insidious toothy grin]

Blue: I-Iblis! But how...!? We killed you!

Iblis: Hurhurhuuuuuuur...! What's the matter, Blue? Scaaaaaared? But why should you be? The fun has only just begun!!!
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[Meanwhile, upon the surface world...]

~~Nandor Beach: Shores~~

[Unable to aid her friends as they risk their lives in battle, Zeldafan's feelings of unease continue to escalate]

Zeldafan: Mmmmn...

Myles: Zeldafan... You've been pacing back and forth like that for hours. What's eating at you?

[Incapable of containing her worry, Zeldafan's anxiety boils over as she yells out in distress]

Zeldafan: Aaaargh! I can't take it anymore!

Myles: Huh?

Zeldafan: Ooohh...! Sorry to be such a hopeless wreck, Myles, but I have to know what's going on down there! ...Now where's that blasted...thing...!?

Myles: Ah, I see how it is. You're worried about Blue and your boss.

Zeldafan: Come on... Come on... Come ooooooon...! ...Aha! There you are! This'll solve all our problems!

[After shuffling through her bottomless handbag, Zeldafan pulls out her trusty crystal ball]

Myles: What's that?

Zeldafan: My most coveted crystal ball, of course! With a little luck, magic--and a paid subscription to Crystal Cable TV--we can peer into concurrent events with HD reception!

[With a sprinkle of gold newt dust, Zeldafan fires up the crystal ball. She continuously taps lightly on the ball, searching for the correct frequency]

Zeldafan: C'mon, I know I get Channel 666 on this thing...

[Meanwhile, Jawo' callously interjects]

Jawo': Pfft. Why even bother, girlie? With any luck, the Iblis would've fried the both of them to a crisp by now.

Zeldafan: How could you be so spiteful, Jawo'!? If the Iblis works one over on Blue and the boss, we're all in big trouble! I can't believe you'd condemn everyone just because you lost to Blue!

Jawo': What!? Now you wait just a damn minute! That fight was a draw, do you hear me!? If I--!

Myles: Hey, uhh, guys...?

Zeldafan/Jawo': Huh?

Myles: I...think there's something showing up on the crystal!

[Zeldafan and Jawo' rush over to tune in. The three gaze into the crystal ball's depiction of Blue and Bob, alive, yet battleworn]

Jawo': Hunh... So they ain't dead afterall.

Zeldafan: Blue! Boss! Haha! They're okay!

Myles: Uhhm! But not for long...! Look!

[The crystal's picture expands to reveal the evil Iblis in his final form, towering over the duo with malicious intent]

Myles: Wh-What's that monster!? It's enormous!

Zeldafan: *gasp* Is that humungous beast...the Iblis?

Jawo': Eyup. They're goners.

Myles/Zeldafan: Shhhh!

Jawo': ...*grumble*

[As the gang on the surface continues to watch events unfold, we switch focus to the battle in Jahannam. Iblis, now at full power, faces Blue and Bob in one final confrontation]

~~Jahannam's Core: Depths~~

Iblis: Aaaaah... You should consider yourselves privileged... Never before has anyone forced me to unleash the full might of my power. To be pushed this far... It's almost unfathomable!

[Iblis turns his demonic leer upon Bob, intending to intimidate with bold claims]

Iblis:  ...Weeeell? How does it feel, Summoner? To be faced with power even greater than that of the Blood Pacts? Not even their hallowed strength can save you noooow...!

Bob: ...

Iblis: And yoooou, Blue... You pathetic mage... Do you realize now that you never stood a chance against my terror? The moment you chose to oppose me was when you chose to diiiiie!

Blue: Grr...! Take on any form you want, Iblis! Mark my words, I'll defeat you here!

Iblis: Deluded foooool! Enough of your prattle! Periiiiiish!

[Preparing to attack, Iblis raises his mighty arms high overhead]

Bob: Ah! Blue, attend me! Quickly!

Blue: Uh! Understood!

[Blue hurries to Bob's side as he readies a magic spell with haste]

Bob: *chants* O' brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms...! Force Field!

[A dome of holy light materializes around Blue and Bob. Meanwhile, Iblis balls his hands into fists and proceeds to slam his arms down upon the stone platform, breaking the landscape into many sizeable chunks. The duo is subsequently stranded on seperate footholds, but remain unharmed by the courtesy of his spell]

Iblis: A protection spell...? But why!? You're only delaying your inevitable deathsss...!

Blue: That was a little too close for comfort...

Bob: Blue... I'm afraid our situation has taken a turn for the worse. The Iblis' power...is greater than I imagined...

[Bob cluthes his chest and begins to breath heavily, experiencing extreme fatigue]

Blue: Huh...? Bob, you've grown tired!

Bob: F-Forgive me...Blue... This body of mine...isn't what it used to be. Between the summonings and magic spells, my stamina just won't hold up...

Blue: No! Get a grip, Bob! You can't give out on me now! Not when we're so close!

Bob: Never fear, Blue. This old man hasn't struck out yet! I'll continue to aid you til my last breath!

Iblis: Hurhurhur! How looooong will that be, I wonder? You've become weak, Summoner! And thus, you shall be the first to faaaaaall!

[Commencing another assault, Iblis extends his giant arm towards Bob, attempting to seize him while he's vulnerable]

Bob: ...!?

Blue: ... (No! He's in no condition to defend himself!) Bob, get out of the way!

[Leaping from stone to stone, Blue hurries to Bob's aid. As Iblis' hand closes in, Blue jumps in its path, allowing himself to be grabbed instead]

Blue: Ungh! Aaagh! Aaaaaaungh...!

Bob: Blue! No! Don't endanger yourself for me!

[Now caught within the Iblis' inescapable grasp, Blue is left at the mercy of his fearsome foe]

Iblis: Hurhur! What a delicious twist! You would sacrifice yourself for the sake of a feeble whelp that can't control his own power!? Bold, but foolish!

[Desperate to break away, Blue struggles with all his might, but to no avail]

Blue: *struggles* Urrrrngh! Unh! Agh!

Iblis: Wiggle all you want, you spineless worm! No one escapes the clutches of Iblis!

Blue: ... (Well this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into, Blue! Putting your fate in someone else's hands! This stall had better work!)

Iblis: For your folly, you will suffer a most horrible end! I will squeeze the very life out of you! Yeeeesss... I cannot wait to revel in the sound of every fragile bone in your body breaking in unisoooooon!

[Following through with his threats, The Iblis begins to tighten his grip around Blue. He cries out in pain as he's slowly being crushed to death]

Blue: Uuuuaaaaaaaaggh!

Iblis: I just looooooove my meat tenderized! Hur hur huuuuuuur!!

[Meanwhile, Bob looks on, horrified by the grisly display]

Bob: Aahh...! Blue!

Blue: Guaaaugh...! B-Bob! ...Don't just stand theeeeere! You have a chance!

Bob: Wh-What!?

Blue: Hrrrnggh...! Gather your energy! A-And fight back! If I die for nothing, I'll...make you sorry!

Iblis: You waste your breath, you insect...! Just give up, and surrender your soul to meeeeeee!

Bob: ...! (Blue... Now I understand. He threw himself into harms way so that I'd have an opportunity to recover my strength and carry on!)

[Shaky, yet determined, Bob calls forth his remaining strength and stands tall]

Bob: ... (Even though...you've closed off your heart and refuse to rely on others, you still chose to believe in my power to end this fight!)

[Bob gets into a stance, deciding to use what remains of his mana to make one final summoning]

Bob: I will not let you down, Blue! I will use all the power I have, to ensure our future!

Iblis: Hrrrm!?

Blue: *weakly* B-Bob... You... Ungh...

[Fatigued from his injuries, Blue falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Bob begins chanting an incantation]

Bob: ... (My friend... the time has come once again. Please, lend me your power...) *chants* Conqueror of the skies, soaring on the wings of night! I summon the Hallowed Father: Baha--!! ...Hn!?

[But before Bob can apply the finishing touches to his chant, a mysterious voice calls out from within his consciousness]

Bob: What...? What is this? I can feel a presence in my mind... It calls out to me...

??: ...You are the one they call Bob, the Mutiversal Summoner, are you not?

Bob: I am... But what is the meaning of this intrusion? State your purpose.

??: May I request that you summon me into battle? I can sense that you are in dire straits, and I feel that my blade might be of use to you.

Bob: ...You'll have to forgive me if I'm not too eager.

??: Can we not discuss this at a later time? The life of your comrade is fleeting, he will not last for long.

Bob: Blue... Hmph, very well. ...Come forth!

[Faced with no other option, Bob uses his energy to bring forward the enigmatic stranger. From a flash of light appears an imposing figure, fully encased from head to toe in dark armor, robed in a heavily tattered black cape]

??: Well met, Bob. I am Agaranok, a Fell Knight of Daemonium and master of Arcane Lore. It's a pleasure...

Bob: Daemonium...? Then you are a demon...!

Agaranok: Discard your unease, Summoner. I am a demon like you say, but unlike my baneful brethren, I am bound by the warrior's code of honor. You have my word, I will not betray you...

Bob: Hrmm...

Agaranok: You are still not swayed? Then allow me to prove my worth. I shall liberate your comrade from the Iblis' foul grasp at once!

[With a flourish, Agaranok's cape transforms into a pair of bat-like wings. He takes to the air, soaring towards the captured Blue]

Iblis: Grrmm!? What is this...? Has another bug appeared to be squashed!?

[Agaranok approaches, drawing his blood-stained greatsword in preparation for battle]

Agaranok: I've been waiting for this for a long time, Iblis. I came here solely that I might test my skill against your full strength. You will give me a good fight, will you not?

Iblis: Hrmph! Useless... You are not worth the time it'd take to swat you! A lowly demon such as yourself doesn't even possess a soul to be devoured. Away with you, Fell Knight! Leave my sight while you still cling to life...

Agaranok: Let it be known that a knight never flees his foe! Now taste the naked blade of death!

[With one blindening stroke, Agaranok slashes off the Iblis' arm, freeing the unconscious Blue from his clutches]

Iblis: Grrruuuuugh...!?


Myles: Whoa! Did you just see that!? Whoever that guy is, he's got some serious skills!

Zeldafan: You're tellin' me! That Iblis better watch his back! Go get em', demon guy!

Jawo': *crosses arms* Feh. He's not so tough...


[Agaranok catches Blue as he falls, delivering him to safety upon the stone footholds below. Bob rushes to his side, worried for the young mage's condition]

Bob: Aah! Blue! Are you alright!?

Blue: ...

Agaranok: His injuries are grave... but there is no cause for alarm. I shall impart a portion of my strength unto him.

[Agaranok places a hand upon Blue's chest, calling upon his arcane magic]

Agaranok: My power shall become a shining beacon, bestowing healing upon your broken wings... Drain!

[Agaranok's life energy flows into Blue's body, healing his wounds and rejuvenating his spirit. Moments later, he begins to come to]

Blue: Uh..unh...

Agaranok: Arise, warrior mage. Your path has yet to end...

Blue: H-Huh...? What the--! W-Who are you!? Another one of Iblis' minions!?

Agaranok: What is the cause for this outrage? You and I share the same goal: To crush the menace Iblis. I am the Fell Knight, Agaranok.

Blue: Trying to muscle in on my territory, huh? Well take a hike! We don't need any help!

Agaranok: ...Does he always speak so curtly to those who would save his life?

Bob: Er...yes, unfortunately...

Blue: Bob, what's going on here? What's the deal with this guy!?

Bob: Relax, Blue. I...called him here to provide us assistance. It's because of him that you are still breathing.

Blue: So...he's one of your summoned creatures?

Bob: Well, not exactly...

Agaranok: The circumstances of our meeting is not important. All that matters now is the swift defeat of the Iblis.

[Agaranok steps forward, readying to continue his duel against Iblis]

Blue: Hey wait! Where are you going!? Iblis is mine, you got that!?

Agaranok: You've done well to make it this far, warrior mage, but your power is far too diminutive to make a difference at this stage. For your own safety, I'm asking you to stand down.

Blue: What did you say!? Why you dirty, rotten--!

[Disregarding Blue's whims, Agaranok takes wing and engages the Iblis in battle yet again]

Iblis: Grrrghh...! Accursed devil! How dare you strike me!?

[Melding with the magma from the pit below, Iblis reforms his lost arm, undoing the damage dealt]

Agaranok: Hmph, so you can regenerate...

Iblis: Hurhur! Are you impressed, demon? In this form, my body is indestructible! Hack and slash to your heart's content! I will simply return again and again!

Agaranok: I wouldn't be so confident if I were you. You have yet to witness the full extent of my Arcane Arts!

Iblis: *roars* Rrraaaaaaagh!

[Iblis summons forth a mass of flaming boulders to batter Agaranok. Faced with an incoming flurry of earth and fire, he skillfully maneuvers past each while advancing on his target]

Agaranok: Let this sword scatter the feathers of death! ...Bloody Plume!

[Empowering the blade of his sword with a dark red energy, Agaranok plunges it deep into the Iblis' third eye, dealing him a crushing blow]

Iblis: Gooooaaaaauggh...!

[Inflicted with a heavy wound, Iblis reels back in pain and thrashes about, unable to focus on his surroundings]

Agaranok: A clean hit, but it'll take more than that to destroy him. And I have just the trick for that.

[Agaranok returns to the footholds below to prepare for his final assault on the Iblis]

Blue: Well? ...Is he--?

Agaranok: Not yet. I gave him a wound he'll not soon forget, but it's not enough to finish him. I must now call upon the Six Seals of Darkness!

[Agaranok slams his palm into the ground, beginning his ritual]

Agaranok: Dark Seals One, Two, and Three! Sorrow, Envy, and Greed!

[Three circular purple glyphs appear on the ground where Agaranok stands. Meanwhile, Blue watches on, amazed by this foreign display of power]

Blue: What...kind of sorcery is this? It's unlike anything I've ever seen!

Bob: Nether Magic... Forbidden fell arts of destruction that can only be wielded by those seeped in darkness.

Agaranok: Dark Seals Four, Five, and Six! Anger, Hatred, and Death!

[Agaranok slams his other palm into the ground, calling upon the last of the six seals. The glyphs rise from the ground and form a perimeter around Iblis, binding him with their power]

Agaranok: Collapse and crawl into the never-ending depths of darkness! ...Unholy Judgment!

[A massive sphere of chaotic energy forms overtop the Iblis and combusts, engulfing him in a catastrophic explosion]

Iblis: Gruuuaaaaauuugh!! You...w-will not...defeat meeeee!

[Tapping into his full power, Iblis attempts to fight his way out of the seal's bind, slowly forcing it apart]

Agaranok: ...!?

Blue: Ah! ...Alright, Bob, things are starting to get serious! We've gotta step it up too!

Bob: You're right, Blue! Let's finish this now! Together we'll put the people's future back in their own hands!

[Blue and Bob both get into a stance, a large red glyph encircling their feet]

Blue/Bob: *chants* Roar, O conflagration, and command all impure souls to their ashen ends...! Ancient Nova!!

[Combining their magic, Blue and Bob conjure a sphere of primordial fire and launches it into the ensuing eruption. The combination of energies creates an even greater explosion of indescribable proportions, tearing away at the Iblis piece by piece]

Iblis: Oooooooauuugh...! Noooooo! My body is being torn apaaaaart! C-Curse you aaaaall! I am the Immortal Flame! I cannot be extinguiiiiiiiiiis--!!

[Iblis' body is atomized, and the eruption of energy dissipates, leaving no traces behind]

Blue: Did...did we do it? Is it...over...?

Bob: Yes, Blue. At long last...

[With the Iblis' death, the lava pit instantly cools and hardens, calming the surroundings in an almost symbolic fashion]

Agaranok: And thus the lava bed cools and forms a gentle crust over the fires of rage. With this, the Iblis is truly no more. ...A worthy opponent, but in the end, he was no match for the work of my blade.

Bob: Congratulations, Blue. You've fought long and hard to win this day. And a special thanks to our guest as well. I must admit, your skills were integral to our victory.

Agaranok: No need to express gratitude, Summoner. I simply live for the fight.

Blue: You...weren't so bad yourself, Bob.

Agaranok: Aaah... To receive such words of praise from the warrior mage! How unlike you.

Blue: Hmph. *crosses arms* How would you know what I'm like, you windbag?

Agaranok: I merely speak in the spirit of jest, young master...

[Just then, a small flame flickers into existence where the Iblis once stood, drawing the group's attention]

Bob: Ohh? And what's this...?

Blue: It's...a flame! Ah, it can't be! Is the Iblis attempting to resurrect himself!?

Agaranok: Be at ease, warrior mage. This is merely a parting gift, if you will.

[The flame then slowly descends, presenting itself before the trio]

Blue: Ahh...! I can feel overwhelming energy enamating from this light!

Bob: Ohooo... So this would appear to be...

Blue: This...This has to be...the Iblis' soul! The source of all his power!

Agaranok: ...
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[Meanwhile, atop the surface, Myles and Zeldafan celebrate over the defeat of Iblis, marveling at their friends' impressive feat]

~~Nandor Beach: Shores~~

Myles: Ahhh...! Wow... The Iblis is really dead, isn't he? I would've never believed it if I didn't see it! Just wait til everyone back home gets a load of this!

Zeldafan: Hahaaaa! I just knew they could do it! No one's a match for my boss! And Blue was pretty impressive himself!

Jawo':  Grrr...! *clenches fist*

[Seething with bitter jealousy over Blue's victory, Jawo' silently fumes]

Jawo': ... (Damn you, Blue! How do you always manage to one-up me!? Who the hell do you think you are, huh!? I was supposed to take down Iblis! I was supposed to be the hero! You...you've ruined everything for me, and I won't forget it!)

Zeldafan: Heh, well, Jawo'? Whaddya have to say to that, huh?

Jawo': Tsch! Don't count your chickens yet! Blue still has a choice to make. Until then, he's not off the hook!

Zeldafan: Uh! You're right... (Come on, Blue! We're all counting on you! Please, do the right thing!)

[Back in Jahannam, the group deliberates over the matter of Iblis' soul]

~~Jahannam's Core: Calmed Abyss~~

[Eager to begin, Agaranok breaks the uneasy silence]

Agaranok: To the victor goes the spoils, as they say. It'd be a shame to leave behind such ample quintessence.

Bob: You are correct...

Blue: ...

Agaranok: So? What shall it be? Which of us will be the one to claim this most esteemed prize?

Bob: I believe Blue should be the one to make that decision. After all, this was his fight.

Agaranok: Hmph, fair enough. ...Warrior mage?

Blue: *nods* Right...

[Faced with the culminating point of his journey, Blue's heart beats rapidly with both anticipation and anxiety as he approaches the flame]

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...haa...*gulp*

[Blue slowly reaches out towards the flame, his arm shaking violently]

Blue: ... (This is it, the moment I've been striving for all along! But why? What is this feeling of hesitation? What's holding me back...!?)

[Alone in his thoughts, images of unknown origin begin to flash by. A sad and broken woman cries out in despair and rage, cursing an unseen figure]

You're nothing but a killer! Your power only takes and destroys! Give him back! Give me back my husband, you murderer...!

Blue: ... (I don't understand? Why does this moment keep playing back in my mind...? Why does it continue to haunt me so!?)

[Another image appears, this time of a hopeful young man, speaking to the same unseen figure]

Those humans... They are all of the same ilk. Jealous and fearful of our birthright, they would seek to detain and eradicate our kind! ...But it shall not come to pass, for we are destined for far greater things!

Blue: ... (He said... He told me that humans despise us, that they fear our strength! I believed it! I witnessed it with my own eyes! But...)

[More images continue to appear. Blue recalls the characters met in his travels, treating him with respect and helping him along his way]

Why would I be scared? Your magic is totally awesome! C'mon! Teach me how to do that!

You know, Blue, you can be a pretty nice guy when you wanna be! Hehe!

You're asking me to leave you here to die!? I won't do that! Are you insane!?

He's been here at your side watching over you the entire day. He's really attached to you, huh?

Well, looks like our little exchange is complete. Good luck, Blue! I know you can do it!

Why did I save you? Come now, do I need a reason to help someone?

Blue: ... (But Bob, Zeldafan, and Myles... They're different! Even though they knew I was a mage, they still put everything on the line to help me. They believed in me! Without them...I wouldn't have made it this far. Do I really want to betray their trust? Betray them...like I was once betrayed...)

[An image appears, showing the man from before, now crazed and hysterical]

You fool! We, as superior beings, are meant to rule! It is our fate to obliterate the common race and rule the planet! Don't you understand!? I saved you, took you in... taught you magic and honed your skills, all for this very purpose! You cannot escape your destiny!

Blue: ... (He never cared about me. I trusted him... But in the end he just used me to satisfy his own selfish ambition, and I'll never forgive him for it...)

[One last image appears in Blue's mind. A mob of villagers stand gathered with torches and other improvised weaponry, rallying against a lone figure]

There he is! Get him!

Leave us be, you vile sorcerer!

There's no place for you here!

Slay the mage! Make him pay for what he's done!

Blue: ... (The villagers... They chased me away. Cursed me as a monster... Only capable of bringing death and destruction to all... And to claim the Iblis' power now...would only prove them right)

[Concerned about Blue's inward struggle, Bob calls out to him]

Bob: Blue...? Are you okay?

Blue: ... (No! I won't do it! This isn't what I am! I refuse to walk down the path he chose for me! I'll free myself of this cycle of pain, loneliness, and despair! Today...I create my own destiny!)

[Resigning himself to a new fate, Blue lowers his hand, rejecting claim to the Iblis' soul]

Blue: ...

Bob: Blue, can you hear my voice?

Blue: ...It's over, Bob. I'm tired of trying to conceal my doubts. I'm finished with all of this. ...Do what you will with Iblis' soul. I don't need it...anymore.

[Relieved by this revelation, a comforted smile appears across Bob's face]

Bob: Blue... Your righteousness warms this old man's heart.


[Atop the surface, Zeldafan happily exclaims, having had full faith in Blue from the very start]

Zeldafan: Blue, you've done it! Ohhh...*sniff* I feel like a proud mother. *wipes tear*

[Meanwhile, Jawo' grits his teeth in anger and resentment. Unable to bear the burden of his shattered convictions, he silently walks off without a word]

Jawo': ...

Zeldafan: Uh...? Ah! Jawo', wait! Where are you going!? Don't leave!


[Back below, Bob provides Blue with moral support, aware that he's entering a turbulent time]

Bob: Blue, I know this was a difficult decision for you to make. It may not be the best compensation, but...I would like for you to have this.

[Bob reaches into his coat and pulls out a crimson colored gem, presenting it to Blue]

Blue: Huh...?

Bob: Before our paths met in the black desert, I procured this gem along a different route. Keep it, as a momento of sorts...

Blue: ...I'll hold on to it.

[Accepting Bob's offering, Blue takes the gem and places it into a pouch tied to his hip]

Bob: Now that our business here is finished, I think it's time we returned to the world above. I'm sure Zeldafan and Master Myles would be most pleased to have to you back.

Blue: ...

[With a snap of his fingers, Bob calls forth an interdimensional gateway leading back to Earth]

Bob: After you, Blue.

Blue: Fine.

[As Blue walks towards the open gate, Agaranok leaves him a few parting words]

Agaranok: ...May a path of virtue lead you to your future, warrior mage. I...look forward to seeing you grow.

Blue: ...Right.

[Blue enters the gate, leaving both Bob and Agaranok to themselves]

Agaranok: Worry not, Summoner. I will promptly dispose of the fiend's soul.

Bob: Hm. *smirks* What makes you think I'm worried?

Agaranok: ...

Bob: Farewell, Agaranok...

Agaranok: May we meet again, Summoner.

[Bob enters the gate, closing it behind him. Alone now in the depths of Jahannam, Agaranok gazes upon the abandoned flame, now his to claim]

Agaranok: ...

[Meanwhile, the gateway opens again at its destination, releasing Blue and Bob onto the surface]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

Bob: Zeldafan, Master Myles, it's good to see you both well.

Myles: Haha! Bob! You made it back! We were watching you guys the whole time!

Bob: Ohhh, so you were? Haha! I didn't embarrass myself too badly, did I?

Myles: Not at all! You were great!

Zeldafan: *unenthused* Oh... Hey boss...

Bob: What's the matter, Zeldafan? You look troubled...

Zeldafan: I don't get it, Bob. Why would Jawo' just up and leave like that...? It doesn't make sense to me...

Bob: Perhaps... Jawo' couldn't stand to face the fact that he was wrong about Blue in the end. Call it a wounded ego.

Zeldafan: But that's...just stupid! So he's upset that Blue overcame his hatred!? Where's the sense in that!?

Bob: I don't think it's that simple, Zeldafan. I believe Jawo' has deep seated issues of his own to sort out. I imagine he departed to do some much needed reevaluating.

Zeldafan: Well darn... I was hoping that we could all be friends now, seeing as there's no reason for us to be fighting one another anymore...

Bob: Don't fret, Zeldafan. I have a feeling we'll be crossing paths with Jawo' again in the future.

Zeldafan: Oh fine. ...Hm?

[Zeldafan turns over to the sullen Blue, greeting him with accolades]

Zeldafan: Ah! Blue! I'm so happy to see you! You were really something down there, you know that?

Blue: ...

Zeldafan: Why the long face? You defeated the once invincible Iblis! You're a hero now! Aren't you excited!?

Blue: I...never wanted to be anyone's hero.

Zeldafan: Blue...what's wrong? You should be overjoyed! You have a new lease on life now! You don't have to act this way anymore! You can start over--with us!

Blue: ...I'm not interested.

[Curtly rejecting Zeldafan's proposal, Blue turns his back to her and begins to walk away from the area]

Zeldafan: Uh! But Blue...!

Bob: Zeldafan, let him go.

Zeldafan: *angrily* Bob, why!?

Bob: Blue just abandoned the philosophy that governed his life; now he feels his existence lacks purpose. We must allow him to find his own way.

Zeldafan: I...I know, Bob. It's just...it's so hard to let go after all we've been through these last couple of days...

[Bob calls out to the departing Blue, choosing to impart a few words of wisdom]

Bob: Blue...

Blue: ...?

Bob: Just a little sage advice before you goh. I recommend journeying to the city-state of Soleanna. Should you choose to go, a colleague of mine, the Patriarch, might be able to aid you in your time of need.

Blue: ...

[Giving an ambiguous response, Blue closes his eyes and continues to walk along his path]

Bob: ... (This is it, Blue. Whether you choose to heed my words or no, it's up to you now to discover what truly matters and create the life you want for yourself)

[Having remained silent since Blue's return, Myles rushes forward and shouts a familiar phrase to his fleeting friend]

Myles: Bluuuuue!

Blue: ...*stops walking*

Myles: "Never stop trying...no matter what!"

[Though the act goes unseen by all, a warm smile appears across Blue's face for the first time since it all began]

Myles: *sniff* ...Goodbye, Blue. I'll never forget you...

[Myles bids a tearful farewell to his dear friend, clutching the clear blue crystal that brought them together. Meanwhile, a dusty gale blows past, removing Blue from sight as he ventures now to parts unknown]


[After the events that just took place, Zeldafan and Bob reconvene to discuss their plans]

Zeldafan: So boss, what's next for us, huh? Now that Iblis is pushing up daisies, our mission is complete, right?

Bob: Not quite, Zeldafan. We may have put a stop to the disappearances, but there are still many questions that need to be answered. For instance, we still don't know who is truly responsible for supplying Iblis with the souls of innocents. And for what reasons.

Zeldafan: Hm, bummer. Looks like we've still got a long way to go before this mystery is solved.

Bob: Perhaps, but we are not without direction. Through my confrontation with Iblis, I managed to acquire a new lead.

Zeldafan: Oh?

Bob: Yes. I knew it from the start but... that Agaranok character...raises many suspicions.

Zeldafan: You mean that Fell Knight?

Bob: Correct. His actions did not escape my view. I will not inform you of what he did...but one would be surprised how much I can learn by reading their posts...

Zeldafan: What? Posts...? Hey! Wait a minute!

Bob: Hm? What's the matter?

Zeldafan: Uhh, reality check, Bob! That line won't work anymore! This a rewrite, remember? Get with the program!

Bob: What!? D'ooh! Darn those blasted retcons! Always meddling with my precious memories...

Zeldafan: Bob, pay more attention next time! You're compromising our integrity, so get it together!

Bob: Baah...! Ahem... Anyway, by devisings of my own, we'll be keeping a close eye on Agaranok from here on. He'll soon find that Bob the Omnipotent is not so easily deceived! Zeldafan! Are you ready for the next phase?

Zeldafan: Always, boss! I'm with ya every step of the way!

Bob: Excellent! Now then, onward to adventure!

Zeldafan: Yes sir! *salutes*

[And thus, Bob and his trusted subordinate depart from the desert oasis to continue their rousing investigation. Meanwhile...]


[An unspecified amount of time later, amidst the shadowy depths, the Fell Knight Agaranok appears before a mysterious figure shrouded in darkness]

Agaranok: I've returned, master...

??: Agaranok... I trust you've completed your task...?

Agaranok: Yes. The deed is finished. As you requested, I have recovered Iblis' soul.

[Agaranok calls forth the Iblis' flame. From the darkness, the shadowy figure reaches out and relieves him of the item]

??: Ahahahaha...! Good, good! And what of the vessel? Deliver it unto me!

Agaranok: What...is this vessel of which you speak?

??: *angrily* Hrnh!? The vessel, you fool! The gem that Iblis kept hidden within Jahannam! The catalyst needed for the restoration! Without Solaris' Vessel, my plan is doomed to failure! I must have it noooooow!

Agaranok: Forgive me, master. I never came across such a gem...

??: Blast! Who has it...!? I demand to know!

Agaranok: Well...now that you mention it, I did bear witness to the Summoner relinquishing a peculiar jewel unto the young mage.

??: What...!?

Agaranok: If this is indeed the gem you require, then he is the one you seek. ...Blue, is what I believe they called him...

??: Bah! So Solaris' Vessel is in the hands of a child? Blue, was it? ...Hrmph! That impertinent upstart... This is a grudge I'll not soon forget...!

Just as Bob had earlier surmised, even though the flames of Iblis' rage have been quelled, the true mastermind still lurks in the shadows, forging an insidious plot. With his eyes set on Blue and the gem he now holds in his possession, what cruel tricks does he have in store for our young mage? And what will his wicked machinations mean for the fate of the world? A new journey unfolds, as the Adventures of Blue continues!

To Be Continued in... Adventures of Blue II: The Encroaching Umbra
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