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07 December, 2021, 10:08:11 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2353 times)
« on: 30 May, 2008, 09:23:59 pm »

1: Part 1

Huh?: #97, it's your turn.
Scourge: Finally!! *gets out of chair and begins walking to podium* *three judges sit across from the podium flipping through papers*
Bowser: *sitting in judges chair* So...you want to become #1 villain in the world, new blood? Well, it takes a lot of time and determination. You up to it?
Scourge: Yeah.
Bowser: Good. Aren't you a little too small to become #1 villain?
Scourge: Nah, smallness isn't a factor when it comes to kicking ass.
Bowser: Hrumphh..
Ganon: *crosses arms*
Eggman: Name please.
Scourge: Scourge the Hedgehog.
 Eggman: HEDGEHOG??? You aren't kin to Sonic are you? *has a remote in hand*
Scourge: Hell no. He's my enemy. Sides' I'm wayy cooler than that fraud.
Eggman: Hmph...
Scourge: Well?
Bowser: Abilities?
Scourge: Anything Sonic can do, x2.
Judges: *gasp*
Scourge: Is that all?
Ganon: No, we will test your physical skills. You shall fight Emerl 2008. Prove to us you can dismantle a simple mech fighter.
 Scourge: I'd be happy to.

*meanwhile behind the curtain*
Koopa Bro. Red: Guys, he's good!! They're gonna let him in!!
Koopa Bro. Black: These lines, I can't remember them!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: Black, it's only 5 words you have to say...
Koopa Bro. Black: .....Wut?
Koopa Bro. Green: Oh no....he's beating the **** outta that robo, homies!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: Dawg, we could floor that thing easy.
Koopa Bro. Red: Yeah, I can't wait!
Huh?: YOU!! I'm looking for....Scourge!!!
Koopa Bro. Yellow: What's it to ya, dawg?
Huh?: ......Answer my question, I don't like repeating myself...
Koopa Bro. Black: Whatever. Yea homie, **** off you ugly excuse for a.......umm.....uhhh.....guy with a gadget on his eye.
Koopa Bro. Red: You stupid ****er....
Huh?: ......Wrong answer, *****-ass turtles...
Koopa Bro. Black: What did we win dawg?
Koopa Bro. Green: We didn't win anything. We're gonna lose our heads!!!
Huh?: GALIK!!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: Wait.... is that you Vege-AHHHHH!!!!! RETREAT INTO YOUR SHELLS HOMIES!!!
Koopa Bro. Black: Wut?
Huh?: GUN!!!!! *blasts a beam at the 4 of them*

To be continued....
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