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06 December, 2021, 11:32:58 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2347 times)
« on: 05 June, 2008, 11:38:51 pm »

1: Part 2
Roll Call

*Scourge dismantles robo*
Bowser: Wow...he's so fast...
Eggman: *adjusts shades* Quite....
Ganon: HA HA HA HAAA!!
Scourge: I'll shove that nose of yours down your throat....
Ganon: HA-!!! What was that? Did Mold say something?
Scourge: You idiot. Mold isn't my shade of green. It's normally brown.
Ganon: Smartass...
Bowser: OK, Everyone get into roll call. Scourge, you sit beside Koopa Bro. Green.
Scourge: *sigh* *walks to seat*
*Sol walks in from door*
Sol: Yo', mighty ruthless combat skills you got. I'm Sol.
Scourge: Scourge.
Sol: So, let's take our seats.
Scourge: Why are you here? You seem....nice.
Sol: I'm only nice to other villains. Heroes get on my wild side. *sits down*
Scourge: Where is "Koopa Bro. Green"? I'm supposed to sit beside him....
Sol: Are they here?
Scourge: "They"?
Sol: Yeah, there's 4 of them, Red, Yellow, Black, and Green. The Koopa Bros.
Scourge: Prolly a squad of losers!!!
Sol: Yeah, they're really ......odd. Suck at fighting.
*Zant strolls by*
Scourge: O_O
Sol: <_<
*the villains are gathered*
Bowser: Okay, first we start with the A's. Ansem from Kingdom Hearts, are you present?
Ansem: *raises hand*
Bowser: Why do you want to become #1 villain?
Ansem: *very bluntly* FOR KINGDOM HEARTS!!!
Bowser: V_V *covers head* Why Kingdom Hearts?
Ansem: It will fill me with the power of darkness!!!
Bowser: When?
Ansem: When I acquire it.
Bowser: *silently to Eggman* You hear this moronic bastard?
Ansem: Umm...sir?
Bowser: *hides laughter* Yes?
Ansem: I would also like a pony....and a garden full of daisies, and birds that sing soft tunes, that would make the most hardened criminal cry...
Bowser: *bursts out laughing*
*everyone laughs at Ansem*
Sol: *falls out of seat*
Scourge: HA HA HHA HA HA HAAA!!!
Huh?: DUDES!!! LOOK OUT!!!
*A red turtle bursts through wall*
KB Red: Oww.....
KB Black: Dude.....he's tubular...
KB Yellow: *throws up*
Scourge: ........uh oh....
Vegeta: THERE YOU ARE!!! *points at Sol*
Sol: *clenches fist*
Vegeta: You're going to get it....
Ansem: WAIT!!!
Vegeta: *reads* IT'S OVER NINE-wait......GOD DAMN!!! IT'S BARELY OVER NINE!!!
Nappa: WHAT??!! A SINGLE-DIGIT?!!??
Vegeta: He's so weak it's terrifying!!!
Ansem: *pimp-smacks Vegeta*
Nappa: Vegeta, VEGETA, VEGETA!! You gonna take that???
Vegeta: Hell no....this calls for..........a......Ranking Battle....
Nappa: OH MY GOD!!
Vegeta: *points at Sol* You, the turtles, and weak sauce over here....versus me, nappa, cell, and Broly.
Sol: I'm going to swap Ansem with someone else..Ansem sorry, but it's your power level. Vegeta didn't say "NINE-THOUSAND" like he was supposed to. I got someone else. He may be new....but he can fight...
Vegeta: *raises eyebrow* Who?
Sol: Mah boi Scourge!!!
Scourge: DAMN SKIPPY!!!

*to be-(is shot)

Sorry I know it sucks, I had to rush.
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