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29 November, 2021, 07:03:30 pm
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« on: 16 June, 2008, 01:47:33 am »

1: Part 3

*both teams are across from each other growling*
Vegeta: Well? Make the first move!!
Koopa Bro. Red: I'll teach you not to mess with cute turtles!!
Koopa Bro. Black: Yeah. That wasn't cool what you did dawg!
Cell: Oh shut the **** up, and fight!!
Sol: Hey!! YOU SHUT THE **** UP!!!
Nappa: NO U!!
Scourge: uhhh....wut?
Sol: You fat idiot.
Koopa Bro. Yellow: That was lame fatty...
Nappa: I was referring to his "lower areas".
Vegeta: Ahh....wait.....I thought that was in women?
Nappa: .........uhh....*rubs head* Bulma never told you?
Vegeta: .......No....
Ansem: *yells in the back* VIR-GIN
Vegeta: YOU SHUT UP!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: We turtles gotta reproduce by.....uhh...........damn.....how do we reproduce?
Cell: You obviously can't.
Koopa Bro. Green: Yeah we can!!
Broly: Me don't know....KAKAROT!!!
Scourge: Hmm......it seems we got a little sidetracked...
Ansem: *yells in the back* That's what SHE said!!
Scourge: *whispers to Vegeta* Let's kick his ass afterwards....
Vegeta: Deal.
Nappa: ALRIGHT!!!
*Ganon grabs a radio*
Ganon: Let's play this...

Scourge: *dashes at Vegeta with a clenched fist*
Vegeta: *sidesteps and elbows Scourge in the back of the head* OWW SPINES!!!
Nappa: *swings at the Koopa Bros.* STAY STILL DAMNED TURTLES!!
Koopa Bro. Green: See, yur too slow!! Those donuts put you in bad shape!!
Nappa: *steams* BOMBER DX!!! *throws a yellow orb at Koopa Bro. Green*
Koopa Bro. Green: OH ****!!
Sol: *is fighting Cell across the room* *shoots a fire blast while running at Cell*
Cell: *slaps the blast back at Sol*
Sol: *does a backflip while shooting a fiery lion blast from his sword*
Cell: GUUWOAH!!!
Broly: *pushes Cell out the way and takes the hit* *remains unscathed* KAKAROT!!!
Sol: Aww damn...A little help!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: GREEN!!! Grr..*spins in shell and dashes at Nappa*
Nappa: WOAH!!! *falls over to dodge shell*
Koopa Bro. Red: *spins faster and faster into the back of Cell*
Sol: *sees Cell is vulnerable and rushes in for a 1-2 punch following it up with a mighty beast blast from his sword*
Cell: *gets knocked across the room into a wall*
Ansem: PWND!!!!
Scourge: *flies into Broly*
Broly: *turns around* KAKAROT!!!
Scourge: SHUT UP!!!
Broly: *fire in eyes* *picks up Scourge and flings him into the same wall Cell flew into*
Koopa Bro. Black: *spins in shell and rams into Nappa's vulnerable nuts*
Nappa: GOOD LORD!!! *tears come out of eyes as he screams on the floor*
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *starts to pound on Nappa's head*
Sol: *runs at Vegeta and attempts to punch him in the face*
Vegeta: *flies in the air and shoots a Galik Gun*
Sol: *backflip dodges*
Vegeta: *teleports behind him as he backflips and knees him in the stomach*
Sol: *blood gushes from Sol's mouth* Grr.....
*a series of punches and kicks breakout between Sol and Vegeta as they fly around at breakneck speeds*
Koopa Bro. Red: *gets slung into the ceiling by Broly and gets hammered into the ground*
Broly: KAKAR-
Koopa Bro. Black: *spins right into Broly's wide-open mouth*
Broly: AAUUGHHH!!!! *blood splatters all over his face* *he smacks Koopa Bro. Black into the wall*
Nappa: *finally gets up* Damn turtles....*looks back*
Scourge: *nails him right in the jaw* *spins into a ball and shoots into Nappa's belly while forwarding into an uppercut on Nappa's chin*
Nappa: *gets knocked 20 feet*
Cell: *rushes behind Scourge* KAMEH--HAMEH--
Scourge: OH CRAP!!! *ducks as an incoming Koopa Bro. Green spins into Cell*
Koopa Bro. Green: You owe me!
Scourge: WATCH OUT!!!
Cell: *while spiraling into another wall he unleashes a Kamehameha*
*Scourge and Koopa Bro. Green duck*
Vegeta: *shoots a Galik Gun at Sol who quickly sidesteps*
*Vegeta's blast and Cell's blast colllide causing a mass explosion*
Sol: *rushes at a drained Vegeta and lights him up with a "Heaven or Hell" combo attack that leads into a Fire Dragon Inferno Shot from his sword*
*Vegeta gets sent flying into Cell*
Koopa Bro. Red: *sneaks behind Broly and dropkicks him into a wall*
Broly: KAKAROT!!! *clenches his head* GRAHH!!!!
Koopa Bro. Red: Quick guys, let's finish him!!
*the Koopas stack on each other and spin right into Broly*
Broly: *bursts through the wall and lands into a body of water outside*
Scourge: *knocks Cell outside with a spinning backhand*
Sol: *grabs Vegeta's hair, punches him in the face 5 times and throws him into the water*
Nappa: *still lies on floor* *tries to crawl outside*
Vegeta: Alright, now I'm pissed!! *bloody face* *gets into stance in the air* FINAL!!!!
Cell: *charges a Super Kamehameha* KAMEHAMEH......
Scourge: *pulls a Chaos Emerald from back pocket* *glows red* CHAOS.....!!!!
Sol: *the power of Gears is stored in his body* *eyes glow red* SUPER INFERNO DEMON......
Koopa Bros.: *they all stack again and start spinning SUPER FAST*
Nappa: *crawls and charges a Chosu Daigentsu, (some blast he does from DBZBT3) in his mouth*
Broly: *charges his Super Finisher from DBZBT3*
Cell: HA!!!! *shoots a rainbow kamehameha*
Vegeta: FLASH!!! *a giant yellow beam flashes out at Scourge and crew*
Sol: LION BLAST!!! *shoots a giant volcano-like beam that has the shape of a demonic lion out of his sword*
Scourge: BLAST!!! *a giant blood-red beam flashes out of his hands*
Koopa Bros.: KOOPA BROS. SPECIAL!!! *a giant tornado-like energy blast shoots forward due to their super-fast spinning*
Broly: *unleashes his Super Finisher* KAKAROOOOT!!!!!!!
Nappa: *is badly wounded* *shoots the last of his energy out of his mouth* (xD) GRAHH!!
*all these blasts collide and cause a time rift that alters reality* **the rift is quickly fixed, and the fighters all lie somewhere*
Cell: *floats in the water unconcious*
Vegeta: *lies on the ground near a patch of sunflowers*
Scourge: *lying on stomach near the water*
Sol: *is hanging out of a tree*
Broly: *lying near a road of rocks*
Nappa: *head is in water but body isn't*
Koopa Bro. Red: *lies near Scourge*
Koopa Bro. Green: *is on roof of the Evil Academy* (the villain school they go to)
Koopa Bro. Yellow: *is on shell rocking back and forth with X's in eyes*
Koopa Bro. Black: *crawls out of water with one eye closed, badly injured* Uhh.....*coughs up blood* Did we.....did....di-....did we win? *passes out*

Bowser: Well......Sol's Team wins!!!
Ansem: Damn, that was nerve-racking......../sarcasm
Bowser: Nice match guys, okay let's get them to the infirmary pronto.
*Nurse Waddle Dees come out and put them on stretchers*
Vegeta: We still gonna kick.....A-Ansem's.....A-A-As-Ass.....?*twitching with a black eye and scarred face, ripped up clothes, and a bald spot in his hair* *half dead*
Scourge: *black eye, ripped jacket, torn shoe, and busted lip* O-Oh yeah...Most definitley..
King K. Rool: Hmph...I would've won that one with my hands behind my back!!
Dedede: *Fog-Horn Leg Horn voice* Oh yeah right...
K. Rool: *raises eyebrow* (o wate)
Meta Knight: Simpletons....
Dedede: *mouth drops* WHY ARe YOU HERE? YUR NOT A-
Meta Knight: *covers DDD's mouth* One more word fatass penguin, or I'll use your ****in' Waddle Dee's as my toilet paper*
DDD: They're almost as big as you!!!
MK: You've much yet to learn...
Reptile: *licks DDD* MMM....*rubs stomach*
DDD: O_O *slowly steps away*
MK: *does the same*
Ace Hardlight (from Ratchet Deadlocked): HA HA HA!! *shoots at Bass (Megman games)*
Ace: Bring it, scrapmetal!!!
Bass: *unloads on Ace*
Prometheus: *starts to slice Ace with his Scythe*
Blues (also from Megaman): *comes through and starts to bash Ace upside the head with his shield*
Ace: *falls to ground with severely injured face*
Bowser: Oooooo.......damn.....*clasps mouth*
Bass: Y'know...I think us three should start a clan or something!!!
Prometheus: I'm down.
Blues: Coolio.
Bass: Yeah, we'll take over this place by storm...whoever gets in our way......is as good as dead!!!
Prometheus: Sweet.
Blues: So, who's our first victim?
Bass: *looks around* Let's start with.....
Sephiroth: *walks through*
Bass: Him....He looked at us funny!!!
Sephiroth: *stops and turns around to see the three reploids dashing at him*
Sephiroth: *jumps backwards* So, you want to fight? *draws blade* Alright, let's just say, today isn't your lucky day...I'm in a bad mood...and I have NO intentions on sparing you when I beat you down. If you don't surrender in the next 5 seconds, It will be my pleasure to introduce you three to oblivion. So, what's it gonna be?
Bass: You don't scare me!! *legs are trembling*
Prometheus: *grasps scythe* This guy means buisness...
Blues: Yeah...
Sephiroth: I gave you a chance to live....what a foolish choice you've made. Your pride will lead you to death. How pathetic. Know when you've been beaten. It's that quality that makes you a REAL man...
Blues: Errr....he's strong....I can tell and I haven't even fought him yet...
Prometheus: Bass is gonna get us killed....let's fight for a while, and when things get nasty, let's ditch him.
Blues: Sounds good to me...
Bass: You guys gonna help me?
Sephiroth: *holds hand out* *the academy begins to shake*
Bowser: Uh-oh....
Ganon: He asked for it...
Wario: *farts across the room*
*everyone watches*
Sephiroth: Show me your strength...
Bass:*gulp* *blasts repeatedly out of his cannon*
Blues: *slides forward on his shield*
Prometheus: *walks forward cowardly*
Sephiroth: *slashes all the cannon rounds at breakneck speed*
Bass: ****!!
Sephiroth: You two. Prometheus and Blues....I see you are not consumed by pride...
you may leave. You know your place.
Prometheus: You ain't gotta tell me twice...See you in Hell Bass...*runs off*
Blues: I'll pray for you Bass!! *dashes off*
Sephiroth: Now....to end your existence....GET READY!!!!

To be continued
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