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02 December, 2021, 01:47:40 am
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The Green Antagonist

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Author Topic: The Green Antagonist  (Read 2332 times)
« on: 01 July, 2008, 05:26:01 pm »

2: Part 1

Sol: *lying in bed* Red......do you know anything about the reproductive system?
Koopa Red: Nope. I never paid attention in Sex Ed.
Koopa Yellow: You were always asleep. <_<
Koopa Red: hee hee
Scourge: Don't they have a Sex Ed course here?
Vegeta: Possibly. But, I don't need to go. I know almost everything about sex.
Nappa: *falls off of top bunk* Yeah right Vegeta!!!
Vegeta: Nappa!! SHUT UP!!
Nappa: *climbs up on bunk again* Vegeta, you didn't even know how to "go out" with women at first.
Nappa: Ahh....I still remember that time we both got some for the first time..


Vegeta: *in room beside Nappa on top of Bulma* IT'S ****IN' OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
Piccolo: *floating above* YES YES, I FEEL GOOD!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! YES YES!!!
Vegeta: GET OUT!!!!
Piccolo: *flies out* Hey Goku, the balls are inert.
Goku: Seems Vegeta unleashed his Galik Gun.....
Piccolo: LOL, now he's using his Final Flash!!!
Goku: O_O

*end flashback*

Vegeta: Good times....
Sol: XD Is that your trademark?
Vegeta: What?
Sol: That "OVER-NINE THOUSAND" stuff.
Vegeta: Heh, sort of. Some idiots on the internet turned that into a fad. I just decided to roll with it.
Sol: I see.
Scourge: I've had romances with many women myself.
Cell: I absorbed #18. I guess that counts...
Broly: KAKAROT!!!
*everybody looks at Broly*
Broly: What? What did I say?
Sol: I'm planning on getting married soon...
Scourge: Fo realz? To who?
Sol: Justice.
Scourge: ................Really?
Sol: Yeah....
Koopa Black: Us koopas don't need women!! Right dawgs??
Koopa Green: DAMN SKIPPY!!!
Koopa Yellow: Amen to that.
Vegeta: You guys couldn't get any anyway!!!
Koopa Black: More than you, wannabe Prince of Saiyans!!!
Vegeta: *eyes boil with anger* *clenches fist*
Nappa: Uh oh...
*someone walks in*
Blues: *walks in* Hey guys. Do you think I could, hang with you guys?
Sol: Why not? You saved us from that madman. You can hang with us. Speaking of Sephiroth, where is he?
Blues: Therapy session.
Sol: Good. He needs it.
*fighting is heard outside*
Cell: Oh, look!! A fight's breaking out!!
Scourge: God, I just want to go to sleep....
Koopa Black: Who is that?
*they walk outside to hallway*
Huh?: *throws a long spear-rope at Prometheus* GET OVER HERE!!!
Prometheus: Aww ****!!! *gets pulled into a fiery uppercut*
Blues: Prometheus!!!
Prometheus: Ow, this dude's tough!!! Stay back!! *pulls out digital scythe*
Huh?: Come on!!
Blues: Prometheus!!
Prometheus: *throws purple energy orbs at the unknown fighter then slashes at his stomach*
Huh?: *dodges alll the orbs matrix-style and fire storms out of eyes that hit Prometheus in the face*
Koopa Red: Hey, wait......that's Scor-
Goro: *bursts through wall* *points at Red and roars*
Koopa Red: HOLY ****!!! 4-ARMS???
Goro: *runs at Red*
Shao Kahn: *drops through ceiling*
Scourge: Who is that?!?!!?
Prometheus: *is getting brutally smashed*


Prometheus: What's going on? Why is it so dark?
Scorpion: GET THE **** OVER HERE!!! *spear is ready to strike Pro in the head*
Huh?: NOOOOO!!!!! *jumps in front of spear that gets struck into head*
Prometheus: BLUES?!!?
Blues: Sorry dude....I should've helped earlier....
Pro: BLUES!!! What's going on??
Blues: I don't know....but, I told you. Think of others before you think of yourself. I want you to remember that...
Pro: WHAT?? WHY???!?! BLUES!!! BLUES?!?!?!
Scorpion: TIME TO END YOUR MISERY!!! *rips Blues' head off*
Pro: *watches Blues' head fly off with a smile on Blues's face* *runs over to head while everything gets clear again*


Scourge: BLUES!!! Agh, we'll help him later. I've got my hands full...
Shao Kahn: *rams Scourge into wall*
Reptile: *bursts though door* *licks lips*
Koopa Yellow: *jumps on Goro's head* PEEKABOO!!!
Goro: *grabs Yellow and throws him into an incoming Vegeta*
Nappa: *trades blows with Goro* You think you can best me?
Goro: .........
Nappa: *headbutts Goro and slams him into ground and repeatedly bashes his face in*
Baraka: *comes out of nowhere and slashes at Sol*
Sol: *blocks with sword and pushes Baraka back* Who are these people?
Scorpion: *kicks Sol in the back and then punches him into ceiling*
Koopa Black: *spins in shell and smacks Reptile in the face*
Reptile: *recovers and catches Black with tongue* *slings him into walls repeatedly with stretchy tongue*
Koopa Green: *spins in shell and trips Shao Kahn, who rolls into Scorpion*
Scourge: *comes out of wall and punches Scorpion in the face following with a spindash into the stomach*
Baraka: *runs at a falling Sol and slashes him across his leg*
Sol: *hits ground* *gets up and unleashes a fiery eruption that incinerates Baraka's arm*
Baraka: ROAR!!!!
Sol: That's what you get you BASTARD!!!
Goro: *pushes Nappa off and throws him into Cell* *Goro repeatedly jumps on Nappa's stomach*
Vegeta: GALIK GUN HAAAA!!!!!! *fires a purple blast at Goro*
Goro: O_O *gets molested by blast*
Koopa Black: *spins faster and twists Reptile's tongue into a complex knot* HA HA!!! *begins to beat the crap out of Reptile*
Scorpion: *swings at Scourge*
Scourge: *dodges swing, but gets rammed by Shao Kahn*
Cell: *gets up and tackles Baraka and starts to punch him in the face repeatedly while they fly in midair*
Sol: *slashes Scorpion three times and uppercuts him into ceiling*
Koopa Red: *spins into a falling Goro and backflip kicks him in the face*
Nappa: *lies on ground gasping for air*
Vegeta: *fires a Galik Gun at a midair Baraka* Whew, how ling is this going to last? Where did they come from?

*the battle ensues*


Pro: Blues.......I'm so sorry.....I'll.......I'll avenge you......I promise....*tears roll down Pro's eyes* Robots aren't supposed to have emotions.....but I'm feeling anger and sadness right now....I'll mourn for you when we kill our target....*voice becomes filled with anger* Scorpion........I'll-ARGGHHHH!!!! I'LL KILL HIM!!!! ERAAGHHHHHH!!!!!! *looks back at Scorpion who is lying on ground* *clenches teeth* GRAHHHH!!!! *flies forward at unbelieveable speed* SCORPION!!! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!!!

*to be continued*
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